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By Nina Patel.

About Us

1 Our History. 3 Timeline. 5 Our vision.

Brand Platform

7 Our Values. 9 Our Position. 11 What do we stand for? 12 Our Personality.

Who are our Consumers? 13 Profiles. 15 Segmentations.

Branding Guidelines 17 Logo Overview. 19 Our Colour Palette. 21 Our Typefaces. 23 Characters.

Communication Guidelines 25 Packaging. 27 Advertising.

31 The End Bit



M&Ms was founded by Forrest Mars in 1941. We started in one man’s kitchen and since then have grown into an international brand. Forrest Mars Sr. visited Spain during the Spanish Civil War and met soldiers who were eating pellets of chocolate in a hard, sugary coating, which stopped the chocolate from melting.


Mr, Mars was inspired by the idea and invented the recipe for M&M’S Plain Chocolate Candies. We are now proud to be the official candy of the new millennium.

TIMELINE. 1948 Post-war, US fell in love with M&M’s and the factory moved into larger quarters. Our packaging got a makeover and the Ms were enclosed in a classic brown bag. The first black “M” was imprinted on the candies.


1941 Forrest Mars, entered a partnership with Bruce Murrie (son of a Hershey executive who had a 20% share which allowed the candy to be made with Hersheys chocolate), The two M’s represent their names. During the war, only the military was allowed access to our precious cargo of M&M’s.

1954 We introduced the Peanut M&M’ also including the tagline “melts in your mouth, not in your hand” and the M&M’s characters made their television debut. 1976 Red M&M’s were banned in 1976 due to concerns that the food dye was a carcinogen, and the orange M&M made its debut. Red returned later and orange stayed on.

2000’s, M&M’s ran a ton of promotions around movies, including: Star Wars Episode III, Shrek 2, Indiana Jones, Transformers, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Now M&M’s are sold in more than 100 countries and continue to launch varieties, recently releasing an m&m chocolate bar.


1980 - 1999 We introduced our presence internationally and along with Peanut Butter M&M’s, Crispy M&M’s were released.

In 2008 we introduced a new line of “M&M’s Premiums” not candy shell, but instead coated with classy carnauba wax and M&M’s limited addition in “Strawberried Peanut Butter” and “Coconut”. Recently launching “Pretzel” in 2010.

OUR VISION. Objectives

So much more than chocolate. M&M World stocks more than just chocolates, there is a large variety of different colours and combinations of M&Ms chocolates, the true diversity

of the brand lies in the category

additions outside of

chocolates. There are soft toys, clothing, home wares, sporting


goods, children’s toys, pyjamas and even stationery.


Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom. We bring the best quality of products to our customers.

Only M&M delivers Milk Chocolate that Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand.





M&M represents superior quality and enjoyment to customers. The appeal of our chocolate candies is universal, crossing age, gender, and national boundaries, bringing colour chocolate fun to everyone.


Friendly Sweet, Emotion Hedonist Motivation. Joy Happiness. Carefree while eating.



Envy. Tasty. Chocolate addict . Crunch.


OUR POSITION. We target a large, diverse market of young, adventurous individuals who consider themselves always looking for the fun rather than a follower of standard trends. We’ve taken the concept of positioning ourselves at a reasonable price with the highest quality possible. We pack our products in recyclable packaging making our brand ecofriendly in

Ranges of colours, flavours and textures have been created in our chocolates, creating an original halo to our brand to fit our consumer’s needs. Our marketing is 70% advertisements 30% social media which has an effective result.


as many ways as possible.


ESSENCE. CHOCOLATE, FUN and COLOUR are the key elements of the brand.



ful Kind Outgoing

Fun Loyal






M&M’s are sold worldwide in over 100 countries.


I’m 16, when I finish school at 3pm I always go to the local shop to buy a bag of M&M’s, they are a good snack for after school.

I’m 25 and love purchasing a big bag of M&M’s before a movie at the cinema with my girlfriend.


SEGMENTATIONS. Geographics Home: Apartment with family, friends or siblings in vibrant city. Prefer urban environment to rural. Demographics Age: 13-50+ Female and Male. Middle Class Status. Occupation: All fields

Behavioural Amount of purchases/month: 2-3 Very brand loyal. Satisfied with products, Never bad quality.


Psychographics Personality: Outgoing, Sociable, Unique, Energetic. Lifestyle: Student, Young professional.



Our logo has not evolved drastically; the font has continuosly been improved since 1954. Our logo is the one element that unifies and represents our organization and our brand. It has been specially put together to symbolize not only our name, but also what we stand for‌ fun!

|18 2.8mm


OUR COLOUR PALETTE. At M&M’s we have a large variety of colours used in our products. Our colors are what gives us our personality. We’re bright, bold and colourful.

M&M Blue

M&M Red

PANTONE 151 CS CMYK 0|61|98|0

PANTONE 2935 CS CMYK 99|49|0|0

PANTONE 1797 CS CMYK 0|96|78|4


M&M Orange

Our colours give emotions and feelins to the viewers. Orange radiates

warmth and happiness bringing a positive outlook on life, our yellow also has an association with joy and energy. The colour blue symbolizes trust and loyalty something many of our customers have for us. Red is a emotionally intense colour, often related to anger and war for us it stands for passion. Green is the colour of nature, the most restful colour for the human eye, also showing as a brand we grow.

PANTONE 000C CMYK 0|0|0|0

M&M White


Brown and white are our two main logo colours, of course the colour

brown represents chocolate and white creates a cleanliness to the logo.

M&M Green

PANTONE 347 CS CMYK 75|0|86|0

M&M Yellow

M&M Brown

PANTONE 3945 CS CMYK 5|0|100|2

PANTONE 7519 CMYK 0|39|45|70


Typography is an important element of our brand. The typeface for our logo is Aachen typeface that is clear and highly legible. The type alignment for our logo is centered on the packaging.


The typeface is used in cases where Aachen is not

available. For web-based application, we use Calibri for graphics, HTML text, including body text, headers, captions and links.




M&M’S Characters are the key to the success for us. Each color, with its individual personality this is an vital part of the brand’s equity that enables the brand come to life. The characters reinforce the distinctive product quality and final brand essence as well as creating a powerful bond between M&M’S Candies and consumers.

Cool Clumsy Paranoid




We are fun, quirky, appeal to both sexes and all ages.


PACKAGING. Our packaging comes in all sizes and features our main colours including the logo. M&M’s can be just for yourself or shared. We have interactive packaging online where you canmake original gifts for your loved ones and develops packaging to celebrate special events! We also vary our packaging according to the seasons, for example Christmas and Easter holidays.


“Lets us Out!”


We use above the line advertising, publishing adverts through Television, Magazines, and Billboards. Our adverts become viral and well known, they demonstrate the sense of fun we create with our brand. We combine humans and our characters in our TV adverts to create a personal relationship between our consumers and products.






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