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wyndham city council

studio: air MOIRÉ Moiré patterning is an optical phenomenon that may a p p e a r a s a w a v y, r i p p l e d o r c i r c u l a r p a t t e r n u n d e r certain lighting conditions. This illusion of movement in a still object can be achieved by an interference pattern caused by two surfaces an angles with each o t h e r. T h e m o i r é f e a t u r e i s i n s t i l l e d i n t h e d e s i g n proposal for the Western Gateway Project.

moiré patterns at different frequencies

site map


he chosen cuts where laser cut on ivory card in order to see how they would react with light from multiple sources shinning onto and through them. This imitated cars driving from one and multiple directions. The shadows generated by two particular overlapping patterns where creating the moire effect very well.

LIGHT AND SHADOW For hundreds of years ar tists and architects have been fascinated by cast shadows and perspective – the two shaping factors of spatial representation. The form was developed by integrating the chosen CUT (Image Sampler and Rotation) on a more dynamic shape with many plans, and observing how the moiré patterning would cast. Keeping in mind that the object was to blend into the landscape and not be seen, and the form more experiential than iconic. By developing a script in Grasshopper a form of contours was created, that reflected the landscape around. But the form didn’t show the moiré pattern as well as expected but instead cast a raindrop appearance. The result was unexpected and further investigation was undertaken.


he Wyndham City has been addressing the issue of its image by undertaking significant works to upgrade the condition and aesthetics of its streetscapes, open spaces and parks. Hence the Gateway Project, where the installation will enhance the physical environment through the introduction of a visual arts component. A new architectural discourse introduced by computing design through the c o m b i n a t i o n o f s p a c e , n a t u r e a n d m a t e r i a l i t y. The Western Gateway installation offers a high exposure location to those entering the urban precinct of the munici p a l i t y, a s w e l l a s t o t h o s e t r a v e l l i n g a l o n g t h e f r e e w a y. The key considerations brought forward in the development of the design and carried out towards the design discourse is the consideration of how the installation integrates with in with the immediate and surrounding landscape whilst being original and engaging in form. This object-centered individual sculpture creates a more experiential approach with both daytime and night time viewing.


hen traveling at 100 kilometers per hour on the freeway you will travel approximately 277 meters per 10 seconds. This means that the site takes aproximatley 45 seconds to pass and 20 seconds of which you pass the chosen location for the sculpture.

western gateway project

studio: air

3d modeling

patterned surface

The final design was created using former aspects of the previous experiments.This new form had a overlapping hanging layer beneath the top surface. This enabled the moire effect to take place whilst also portraying the increasing intensity as from a single surface to overlapping planes. Hence creating a smooth and delicate structure.

hanging surface

metal poles

axonometric:model construction

detail: wire connection



he sculpture was lasercut using perspex which deemed the most suitable material to portray the glass and polished metal surface that is to be used in real scale. The slender metal poles hold the structure well whilst blending into the surrounding landscape. The final design outcome of a delicate, modern and natural sculpture.

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Final Presentation  

Wyndham City Council Gateway Project

Final Presentation  

Wyndham City Council Gateway Project

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