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It's time for Detox Marc Newson Gina Tricot Remake ALSO: 10 Meals in L.A / Geometric Shapes / Nilorn Product Development / The Exchange Hotel / We Like...






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�ontent� #1/2012: 6 It's Time For Detox

26 Nilorn Product Development

Chronicle by Stefan Nilsson.

New collections.

10 Marc Newson

32 Sleep in Fashion And Wake Up in Style

A portrait of the extremely productive designer.

The Exchange designer hotel in Amsterdam blends fashion and architecture.

14 Design Classic

Grand Prix Chair by Arne Jacobsen.

36 10 Meals in L.A.

16 Focus: Geometric Shapes

Everything from cheap breakfasts to fine dining.

We take a look at products with shapes inspired by geometry.

40 We Like...

20 Remake

News, trends and inspiration from the world of design.

Gina Tricot has launched Remake – a unique collection of born-again fashion.

Nilorn Worldwide is an international company, established in 1977, focused on adding value to brands using branding and design in the form of labels, packaging and accessories. Customers principally represent the fashion and ready-to-wear industry. Nilorn Worldwide offers complete, creative and tailored concepts in branding, design, product development and logistic solutions. Satisfied customers are our principal asset, and it is therefore important to establish, maintain and enhance customer relations through first-class service. Nilorn Worldwide is one of the leading European players, with turnover of over SEK 300 m. The group operates through its own companies in Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Portugal, Hong Kong, India and Turkey. In addition, there are partner companies in Switzerland, India, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Romania and China.


HEADQUARTERS NILÖRNGRUPPEN AB Alingsåsvägen 6 Box 499 503 13 Borås SWEDEN Tel. +46 33 700 88 88 Fax +46 33 700 88 19

Dear Reader, We take great pleasure in releasing the first issue of our branding magazine for 2012. Summer has arrived, and although spring and summer so far have been exceptionally cold, this is a delightful time of year. Everything is blooming, and it’s probably the best time of the year for both nature and people. In the fashion and textile business, spring is often a very creative and intensive period – it’s fascinating to see designers develop completely new ideas and creations in order to attract their customers’ attention. Within the Nilorn group, we have been working on our new collections for several months, and you would be astonished how much attention our designers give to the “small” details in order to find a unique touch that will be part of a full concept where everything fits together in a perfect match. We use a wide range of different tools when working on branding today, and our methods are more subtle, but also more complex, than ever before, because the future will be very varied when it comes to branding: you can be very understated or very open in the way you decide to use your branding. We have chosen to give just a little “taste” of our forthcoming concepts in this issue, but we hope you will recognise the new trends and materials that will be presented immediately after the summer holidays are over. We have also put together an interesting combination of articles and features covering everything from an inspiring trip to LA to the highly productive designer Marc Newson and some new trends and sources of inspiration from the world of design. The Nilorn team are totally devoted to developing a unique design and a strong branding concept for you in order to help your brand be even more successful in the competitive fashion market We hope you will find our magazine full of interesting insights. Enjoy!

subsidiarIES & PARTNERS NILÖRN AB Alingsåsvägen 6 Box 499 503 13 Borås SWEDEN Tel. +46 33 700 88 00 Fax +46 33 700 88 48 BALLY LABELS AG Schachenstrasse 24, CH-5012 Schönenwerd SWITZERLAND Tel. +41 62 855 27 50 Fax +41 62 855 27 59 NILORN BANGLADESH LTD. Millennium Castle,12th fl. House 47, Road 27 Block A, Banani Dhaka -1213 BANGLADESH Tel. +88 02 8835912 Fax +8835913 NILORN BELGIUM NV Brusselsesteenweg 525 9090 Melle BELGIUM Tel. +32 9 210 40 90 Fax +32 9 252 55 73 NILORN DENMARK A/S Vestergade 48, 5000 Odense C DENMARK Tel. +45 70 23 16 23 Fax +45 66 13 48 31

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Best wishes

Claes af Wetterstedt CEO



�t's Time for Deto� This year, we are going to do away with everything unhealthy and unnecessary. Facebook will be replaced by healthy berries, and drinks with cups of green tea. Our homes will also have a detox, and we will surround ourselves with rustic and authentic materials which age beautifully. And this is all bisected by a colourful, energetic sporty trend...

T STEFAN NILSSON Trend spotter, Trendgruppen.

his is the year of the cucumber. It may sound strange, but 2011 was the year of meat, and it is now time for a healthier season. In 2011, restaurants specialising in meat really took off. Every newspaper and magazine featured pictures of celebrity chefs at the barbecue, and the boys all wanted to be the one who made the best grilled steak. Now we are moving into a period when food is the new inspiration. And in many different ways. Not just cooking itself, but methods, influences from the kitchens and different vegetables – such as the cucumber. Fashion designers shouldn’t be completely disregarded as trend setters, but television chefs are clearly overtaking fashion icons in the celebrity stakes.


Healthy food is important. This will be a year to detox. We have fed our bodies meat, Béarnaise sauce and far too much red wine. Now it’s out with the bad 6

and in with vitamins and healthy stuff. This is what I call the ”Pure” trend. Detox is an important reference and we are searching for things which will make the body clean and fresh, just like a detox. But we don’t simply detox our food, but the whole approach to all the unnecessary junk we surround ourselves with. We detox the TV, Facebook and maybe even the mother-in-law. It is all about removing what make us feel bad and fill the body with what is healthy. Scandinavian berries, teeming with antioxidants, fit right into this trend – things that make the skin glow and the eyes sparkle. Better, healthier and more beautiful! ”Pure” is about everything genuine and healthy. It is about weeding out the bad. As far as food is concerned, we eat more healthily than we have in a long time, and prefer vegetarian food. Rumours have it that major celebrity chefs around the world are busy experimenting with completely vegetarian menus, and bookshelves are rapidly filling with specialist vegetarian cookery books. The same trend affects our surroundings, and is


1 1. Dennis Cotter has produced a number of beautifully written, thoughtful books about vegetarian food. 2. Cast Iron Herb and Spice Grinder. 3. Oiled oak chair from Norrgavel.


brought to life with genuine materials such as wood, leather and the patina of metals. It’s clearly a continuation of the rustic trend we’ve seen before, but now with a light Asian touch, such as paper and wrought iron. And we are not just detoxing – we will also be going to spas again, to get physically clean. ”Pure” is a longing for a peaceful environment and relaxing activities. This doesn’t necessarily mean silence, but calm and meditation are absolute essentials. We want that cosy feeling. Health is also important again, and wellness is the keyword. Visiting spas to combat knotted neck muscles and give the skin a beautiful sheen again. The body is our temple and we want to look after it. And exercise within reason... No-one wants to look like an exercise addict – we want healthy bodies. A bit of a tummy is quite alright, just as


long as it is healthy and in balance. So why has a trend like Pure emerged now? Well, there may be several reasons. Looking back, we are emerging from a long period of girls’ shopping sprees, Sex and the City and some kind of Paris Hilton ideal. Yes, it can be fun to socialise, hit the shops together and drink pink Cosmopolitans, but Pure is all about an alternative lifestyle. Here, we get together over a cup purifying green tea, and maybe go out for a massage session together.

»A bit of a tummy is quite alright, just as long as it is healthy and in balance.« SUPERSPORT

In contrast to the relaxing, healthy trend, there is also an sporty, colourful and active trend. I call this the “Supersport” trend, inspired by a wide range of sporting events. It is all about the London Olympics, the European football championships, the ice hockey world cham7




LEFT PAGE: People walk along a path along the newly-opened second section of the High Line park in New York City.

pionships and so on. We hinted above that exercise is best enjoyed in moderation, and that also applies here. No-one wants an muscle-bound or excessively skinny body – balance is the secret of attraction. It is already obvious that the fashion world is being inspired by the sport world. We see stripes, new materials and lots and lots of colour. There is no need to be too explicit in the link to sports - inspiration is enough. Stella McCartney has designed dresses inspired by the tennis skirts of the 1920s and Chloe has revived the stripes of the 1980s. The precise reference is not really important. The exciting thing is that it is there at all. The 1980s was a decade when we dressed in colour-coordinated shell suits made from shiny materials, and there is a hint of this emerging again. Day-Glo colours are back in fashion – maybe it’s time for an energy drink in neon-coloured packaging? FUTURE PERFECT

But food is also the key to the future. How will we be eating tomorrow? A more futuristic trend gives us an idea of the future approach to diet and growing our own food. “Future Perfect” is a trend of trials and experimentation. One of the major kitchen suppliers has looked at concepts which may become a reality in a few years. Now that we use induction hobs in the kitchen, does the cooker have to be located against the wall? Imagine if instead we turned the table into a cooker where we prepare food with our family. It’s certainly possible. There is no risk of anyone getting

burned. It could be like sitting around a campfire, eating, cooking food and talking. The same company has also looked at the refrigerator – a rather inefficient, clumsy kitchen appliance. Dairy products, meat and vegetables are all stored in the refrigerator, but really require different temperatures. Wouldn’t a large number of smaller units be more effective? And since we’ve already demolished the wall between the kitchen and living room and are doing away with all the large appliances – do we really need a kitchen at all?

LEFT: Caroline Wozniacki wearing Adidas by Stella McCartney at the Sony Ericsson Open tennis tournament. ABOVE: Glamorous garden hose by Garden Glory.

»the trendiest thing a city dweller can do in 2012 is turn into a beekeeper« This third trend is dominated by experimentation, a daring approach and thoughts on future living. And it’s not just about how our kitchens look – it takes in “urban gardening”. We need to feel the earth between our fingers and produce our own fruit and vegetables. And the trendiest thing a city dweller can do in 2012 is turn into a beekeeper. The rooftops of cities like New York and London are rapidly turning into apiaries. There is apparently a shortage of bees in Sweden – that won’t be the case after 2012! So 2012 looks like a really exciting year, with lots of vegetables, beehives and talk about sport. 9


Photo: Roméo Balancourt

Marc Newson There are not many things that Marc Newson has not designed. Known for his luxurious, industrial design idiom, he is one of the world’s most celebrated industrial designers. Marc Newson (1963-) is one of the world’s most

successful and influential industrial designers. The almost unbelievably long list of famous brands Newson has worked with spans a broad range of products: bicycles, clothes, hotels, cars, cameras, jets, watches and champagne. Many of the products designed by Newson has achieved iconic status, won awards and turned into top-sellers for his clients. A partnership with Newson is almost guaranteed to attract media attention, and result in products and interiors which make their mark on the world of design. His furniture fetches record prices at auctions all over

the world. His objects are part of permanent exhibitions at a number of significant museums, including the MoMA in New York, London’s Design Museum, the V&A, the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Vitra Design Museum Marc was born in Sydney, Australia, but has lived and worked in many parts of the world. Even as a child, Marc travelled far and wide with his mother as they explored Europe and Asia together. While studying at the Sydney College of the Arts, with an eye to jewellery design and sculpture, Newson started experimenting with furniture design. At 10


»Marc Newson is a designer who approaches every project with the intention of making things better.« the time, Australia was almost isolated from the design world, a fact which explains Newson’s intuitive and unlimited approach to the appearance and use of products. As Newson himself says: "If I’d been studying design in Italy, I’d have been taught by people who’d been taught by Ettore Sottsass or Mario Bellini, and I’d have found having that tradition stuffed down my throat really stifling", he said. "Coming from Australia and studying jewellery and sculpture, my design was self-taught and instinctive." On graduation in 1984, his talent attracted a lot of attention and he received scholarships and was given the opportunity to exhibit at a Sydney gallery. It was at that point he had his breakthrough with the Lockheed lounge chair, which was featured in interior design magazines the world over. Over the next few years, Newson survived on odd jobs and scholarships while designing and developing furniture prototypes. The Embryo chair saw the light of day, and Newson adopted the stripped-down, futuristic idiom which was to become his hallmark. Marc Newson is a designer who approaches every project with the intention of making things better. It is important to Marc that he gains complete understanding of the technology behind the projects he is



Photo credits : Tom Vack

Ford Motor Company


Photo: Erreti

4 Courtesy of Marc Newson Limited

Photo: Fabrice Gousset

1. MN Bicycle 1999 - Biomega. 2. 021C Concept Car 1999 - Ford Motor Co. 3. Kitchen Appliances 2008 - SMEG. 4. 2DH01 Door Handles 2000 - Erreti.


5. Embryo Chair 1988 - Idee.





Photo: Rafael Vargas

Photo credits : Tom Vack

Photo: Roberto d'Addona


involved in. Marc would never consider modifying an existing design. Newson finds poorly-designed products and poorly thought-through solutions extremely irritating. In him, this triggers a desire to find his own solution to problems. A method rooted in lateral thinking. He is also known as a relaxed person who is easy to work with, while still being extremely productive and focused. He is incredibly thorough and examines everything in the minutest detail. As mentioned earlier, he is self-taught and has not been moulded by a style linked to traditions. Newson’s style can be described as stripped-down, luxurious industrial design, sometimes futuristic with a technical, organic expression. He focuses firmly on removing “excessive rubbish” and mask or hide ugly technical details, such as cables. Newson continues to be inspired by an eclectic group of designers, including Joe Colombo, Achille Castiglioni, Enzo Mari and Buckminster Fuller. Newson has lived and worked in Tokyo and Paris, and is currently based in London. In addition to his core business as an industrial designer, he has set up and runs a number of successful companies, including an exclusive watch brand and a consulting company for the aerospace industry. Newson has also held leading positions at his client companies, and is currently the Creative Director of Qantas Airways.

Courtesy of Marc Newson Limited

Courtesy of Marc Newson Limited


6 Courtesy of Marc Newson Limited

7 1. Nimrod Chair, 1997 - Magis. 2. Hotel Puerta America, 2005 - Madrid. 3. Lever House Restaurant & Bar, 2003 - New York. 4. Scope luggage range, 2004 - Samsonite. 5. Spring-Summer 2010 Limited Collection, 2009 - G-Star. 6. Drinking Glasses, 1998 - Iittala. 7. Horizon, 2006 - Ikepod Watch.


shop online at


�rand Prix Chair

The Grand Prix™ by Arne Jacobsen

was introduced by fritz hansen at the Spring Exhibition of the Danish Museum of Decorative Art in 1957. Later that year, the chair was displayed at the Triennale in Milan where it

received the Grand Prix – the finest distinction of the exhibition. After which the chair has always been called the Grand Prix Chair™. Originally, the Grand Prix chair was introduced with a wooden and steel base and was 14


in production for a number of years. Today, the chair is available with a chromed base. It is lightweight and stackable and comes in walnut and beech and 9 painted versions.

I don’t wear a label, I AM the label.

15 H



Wood wool cement-bound panels are environmentally-friendly, damp-resistant and noise-absorbing wood wool – ideal for use in schools and stables. A partnership between the design agency Form Us With Love and the manufacturer, Träullit, has improved the form of the material, so that it appeals to new target groups. Typical is the new Hexagon collection, with hexagonal panels in a range of attractive colours, combining function and creative design. The collection expand every year, with the addition of new colours and shapes.

Secret Compartment

Organise your receipts or hide your valuables in House Doctor's new file boxes. Available in three models.

Many designers are inspired by GEOMETRI C SH A P E S Here are our current favourites.

Tavolo XZ3

Tabletop in MDF on a frame of chrome-plated or painted steel.


For the walls

Cole & Son has launched the Geometric collection consisting of fifteen designs. The Geometric collection was designed to reflect the trend for modern living. With the use of clean edges, clever repeats and trompe l' oeil effects, Geometric revives the mood of the 60's with it's 'Op Art' geometry and explorations of colour, line, movement and illusion.



Create a decorative object with the Molecule Building Set from Ferm Living. The set comes in an attractive little box, which makes it easy to store. www.ferm-living

Etch Light Brass Triangular

Triangle Tea Towel made of 100% Organic Cotton. By Ferm Living.


from Commune de Paris, 1871 with illustration by Munchausen.

An acid-etched pendant light inspired by the logic of pure mathematics. Etch Light is made up of 0.4mm digitally etched brass sheets. The detailed pattern creates a mass of intricate shadows when lit. Etch can be used with any standard fitting. Also available as a candle holder.

Amazing Vase


A travelling gypsy, Matthew Cleland of Score + Solder, crafts each beautiful handmade glass and lead free soldered terrarium by hand. Steeped in the traditional skills and knowledge of generations before him, and armed with a flask in one hand and a soldering iron in the other, he brings you these one-of-a-kind pieces of art. Crafted by Score + Solder.

Martin Azua’s new beautifully geometric Union Suiza vases are absolutely stunning! 17


Spring / Summer 2012

Signature Store, St. Regnegade 3, Cph


Yesterday’s fashion is given new life by the designers of tomorrow. In a unique project, the Gina Tricot fashion chain has joined forces with the Nordic School of Design to create an exclusive collection made from surplus products.


he fashion chain, Gina Tricot, is working in partnership with the Nordic School of Design in the Swedish town of Borås. In a joint project with the fashion-orientated design school and its students, Gina Tricot has launched Remake – a unique collection of born-again fashion. The Remake collection, which was launched earlier this year, is strongly influenced by the designers of tomorrow. “The staff at Gina Tricot is excited about what this project could generate. We hope

that it will deepen our partnership with our local design school. We’re also really pleased that it has found an interesting way of reusing surplus stock”, says Anna Appelqvist, Purchasing and Design Manager. The Remake collection will consist of around 2,500 garments in total, produced from surplus stock from Gina Tricot. The Remake collection was created in Borås over two creative weeks in January and February. All the garments in the collection, which have been released to a small number of selected outlets, were specially designed and produced in these two short 20

weeks. The aim of the partnership is to use a short-term project to illustrate the basis of the design process, manage ideas, work with limited resources and focus on the target group. This project was particularly exciting since it reflected the high-pace fashion world which the students will graduate into. “Creating a collection of inspired, personal yet commercially-viable products is a highly dynamic addition to other cutting-edge projects the students are involved in during their training”, says Minna Engström Heino, Principal of the Nordic School of Design.


»This project was particularly exciting since it reflected the high-pace fashion world which the students will graduate into.«



»a fantastic opportunity that you don’t often get« Name: Cecilia Kvamme Age: 22 years Education/course: Design Student at the Nordic School of Design.

What was your role in the Gina Tricot Remake project? – My role involved everything from research and idea drawings to the actual implementation - sewing, printing and decorating. Like many others, I was involved in the whole process. This was really cool, since you are usually only responsible for one area. How was the project set up? – We were divided into small groups, and we organised the work to reflect each group’s vision. Before we started on the practical side of the project, we researched what people want to wear and what the current trends are. Then we started to draw and plan on the basis of these. Research and planning is the be-all and end-all of success. Were you given a completely free rein or were there limits for the creative work? – We were given a completely free rein, which was a fantastic opportunity that you don’t often get. It makes the work very straightforward, since you are 22

not locked in by guidelines or frameworks. But obviously, we took the Gina Tricot customer into consideration, since she is the one who will visit the shop. And hopefully, our Remake collection will attract new customers! What was the greatest challenge? – To make the most of the time available. There were a lot of garments to make in a very short period. I really enjoyed this challenge! And there was an endless stream of clothes, so we could have kept going for quite some time, particularly since we came up with so many great ideas. We never ran out of creativity! The tight deadlines also required excellent planning. If you could pick any brand for a similar partnership, which one would it be? – My choice would be Gant, since I love their clothes and would enjoy creating something completely new with their stylish, timeless, classic look. I believe that a remake partnership with them could generate a load of fantastic new ideas.


Name: Emily Clark Age: 23 Education/course: Fashion design/ focusing on footwear at the Nordic School of Design.

What was your role in the Gina Tricot Remake project? – I was planning coordinator for my group. But, apart from going through the garments at the end of the day, roles really didn’t matter. Everyone just pitched in to get the work done and reach our target. How was the project set up? – The project was unveiled in mid-December, and we were given about a month to find some inspiration on our own. Before the start, the four of us in our group member met up, discussed our ideas, created various themes and dug through mountains of clothes to find the materials we wanted to use. A whole range of ideas bubbled up, and we developed them as we worked. Were you given a completely free rein or were there limits for the creative work? – The only limits were the garments we were sent. We could do whatever we wanted with them, but the challenge was to either create a design around the existing garment, or to pick it apart completely and start from square one. Where did you find inspiration? – All of us were inspired by different things. We looked at future trends, and which ones we believed would be big/suit Gina Tricot’s target group. At the same time, we looked to previous DIY movements (primarily the 1970s and 1990s).

»the challenge was to either create a design around the existing garment, or to pick it apart completely and start from square one.« 23

What was the greatest challenge? – Time. When a group of 4 people is tasked with producing 60 garments a day, there isn’t time to use all the ideas you come up with. We decided to mix “mass production” days with days for creating fewer, unique garments. If you could pick any brand for a similar partnership, which one would it be? – That’s a difficult one. Our uninhibited experimenting with Gina Tricot’s garments, which came in such great quantities and which we didn’t have to be very careful with, was a great experience. Obviously it would be fun to do the same with a brand which uses more exclusive materials, but it would probably be very difficult to throw a McQueen dress on the floor and cover it in paint.

�ilorn Product Developmen� Nilorn’s internal product development is an important part of its business. We work continuously to refine design solutions and find new materials and production techniques.





The Dunmore Brothers collection “mixes and matches” the old with the new: tweed with jeans, tartan with stripes. The result is a unique British style that unites Bohemian aesthetics with thorough craftsmanship. A style that many fashion metropolises outside the United Kingdom try to emulate. Vintage style plays an important role in the British fashion and styling industry. Dunmore Brothers reflects the past without becoming too sentimental. Timeless discreet design and high functionality are mixed with denim and coarse flannels. It can be summed up as British Casual – well dressed in a relaxed way.





02. Tingling, bubbly first love, hard to concentrate. Furtive glances at the nicest-looking girl or boy in the class, daydreams about the future. Doodling enlivens an otherwise grey lesson until break-time. Sweets, films, computer games and clothes are things that bring people together. Everything is documented in social networks, weeks, days, hours and minutes. Mustn’t risk missing out on the best fun or hearing the latest. The teenage years are fantastically bitter-sweet. The clothes are fashionable yet comfortable, they have to work for everything, school, watching a film on the sofa and hanging around on a Friday evening. There's a wide range of clothes, basic items such as jeans, T-shirts, hoodies, chinos and tops chime with the latest trends.



03. Artichoke offers furnishing products for the whole home. The concept is simple details, straight lines and nothing unnecessary. Important elements are colour and industrial influences that offer a surprising contrast to the pared-down concept. But the most important ingredient is personality. Your home is your castle, you choose what it should look like. Materials used are genuine and natural, such as wood, wool, cast iron and paper.Clean living, sustainability and a serene existence are the foundations of the brand’s philosophy. Create a pared-down but beautiful base and add your personal favourites.




TRAVEL WORDS: Henrik Lindén

�leep in fashion and wake up in styl� Last autumn, The Exchange Hotel opened its doors in Amsterdam. Or rather, it stepped out on the catwalk. The common theme of the 61 rooms is fashion, with each room dressed and styled like a catwalk model

The project is the brainchild of dutch designers Suzanne Oxenaar and Otto Nan, aided by students from AMFI who created an interior design concept based on fashion metaphors and references to the creations and style icons of the fashion world. Before the work of decorating the empty shells started, unique fabrics were created under the leadership of the Dutch studio INA MATT, in partnership with the Dutch Textile Museum. The students found inspiration in objects abandoned in the building, such as mattresses, boxes and facades, and created unique fabrics which

have been used to dress the rooms and public areas. The hotel blends fashion and architecture, and the result is both beautiful and playful. Guests will discover a wealth of exciting details and accessories during their stay, from embroidered room numbers to sewing machines put at the guests’ disposal in case they feel inspired by their surroundings. Many visitors notice the 20 metre long, illuminated necklace – an excellent example of how the hotel has been accessorised rather than decorated. The styles include everything from luxurious 32

drapes and 18th Century Romance inspired by Marie-Antoinette, to denim and ascetic white. Fabric is the dominating material, and has been used widely. Visible seams, knots and pleats from an important part of the structure. Some rooms feature graffiti artwork, like a tattoo. This unique hotel is also unconventional when it comes to room standards, with guests able to choose from one- to five-star rooms. The Exchange Hotel Damrak 50, Amsterdam



welcome to the family



Forget formal dinner parties and suits. In Los Angeles the tide has turned in favour of casual gourmet food, most restaurants

meals in L.A.

have dropped their jacket requirement and

The Farmers Market has been a Mecca for foodies for more than 75 years. This food market with restaurants serves all kinds of food. There are lots of affordable options and plenty of seating, so you can load up before a shopping spree at The Grove shopping centre next door. Free guest parking. The market also has shops specialising in food and cooking, don't miss the hot sauce shop, worth a visit just for the fun labels on the bottles. 6333 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90036

The furnishing is shabby chic and a touch overdecorated. The restaurant's signature drink is The Ivy Gimlet, which is considered an almost mandatory order on any visit. 113 N Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Ocean Park Omelette Parlour Eggs-actly what you'd expect. A genuine breakfast/brunch spot with delicious, hearty food that will keep you feeling full. Lots of different omelettes and breakfast menus make it hard to choose but the friendly staff are happy to help. Large portions and super-fresh produce guaranteed. If you're an early bird try the happy hour between 6 and 7 in the morning. 2732 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405 Ooops, been warming up your credit card on Rodeo Drive? The lunch-time solution is In-N-Out Burgers, a little hamburger chain that has refined the concept of beef in a bun. The secret to their success is only using the very freshest ingredients. Transport between the main storage and restaurant takes no more than an hour. The menu consists of three alternatives: hamburger, cheeseburger and double-double. The Ivy is the place to see and be seen. The pack of paparazzi gathered outside are waiting to spot a celebrity who likes good, classic American food.

you can enjoy fantastic food in your most comfortable clothes. Here are some tips on dining in the city of angels. Everything from cheap breakfasts to fine dining.

JiRaffe Raphael Lunetta has the perfect Californian lifestyle. He surfs during the day and in the evening he creates innovative and stylish food, using the best ingredients from local producers. The food is a fusion of French and Californian cuisine, rich in flavour and well cooked with a relaxed attitude. 501 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401 Cup Cake ATM Fancy a luxury cupcake in the middle of the night? No problem, there’s a 24 hour vending machine for those with a sweet tooth in Los Angeles. Celebrityfavourite Sprinkles bakery in Beverley Hills has installed the machine, which dispenses eight kinds of cupcakes as well as company branded clothing, cake mixes and dog treats. The machine stores 600 fresh cupcakes and is replenished during the day. 9635 Santa Monica Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Sunny Blue isn't much more than a hole in the wall but it has a large number of loyal customers. Mostly because of its omusubi. Omusubi are Japanese rice balls with a choice of filling: meat, fish, seafood or vegetables. They make a great quick lunch or light dinner. Finish your meal with Sunny Blue's popular grapefruit frozen yoghurt. 2728 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405 36

Make an Ivy Gimlet 1. Crush mint leaves in your shaker (or bar glass) with the pestle. 2. Combine ice, 1 shot vodka, 1/2 shot simple syrup and a dash of lime juice in the shaker. 3. Cap your shaker and give it a good shake for about 15 seconds. 4. Pour the drink into a chilled martini glass. 5. Garnish the drink with a fresh mint sprig. Serve, relax and enjoy.


Gourmet Foodtrucks Small mobile gourmet kitchens are dotted around the streets. Fortunately, they sometimes gather in one place so food-lovers can get together to enjoy everything from sushi to Indian to tacos. If you find yourself in Santa Monica on a Tuesday evening don't miss Gourmet Foodtruck Tuesday. 2612 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90405

»The machine stores 600 fresh cupcakes and is replenished during the day.« Cup Cake ATM

Firehouse After a morning walk on Venice Beach, head towards Firehouse on 213 Rose Avenue. Near the famous Gold's Gym, the place is teeming with hungry body builders and the menu is designed for "the fitness lifestyle" rather than the connoisseur, but is balanced. Don't miss out on the blueberry pancakes, they're fantastic. 213 Rose Ave, Venice, CA 90291 Urth Caffé If you're a tea or coffee-lover, dare to resist the big chains and head to Urth Caffé, the organic coffee company. Here they serve Urth's own coffee, of course, but also food, salads, baked goods and fabulous waffles with fresh fruit. Don't be put off by the winding queue, the staff are efficient and you don't have to wait too long to be served. You’ll find Urth in West Hollywood, Beverley Hills, Santa Monica and Downtown. 37

erdmannpeisker / Robert BĂśsch

Summit meeting. The first peak has been climbed! Mammut is celebrating its anniversary with the biggest peak project in history. In one year, 150 rope teams are climbing 150 peaks all over the world. Equipped with the new Peaks Collection, a symbol of team spirit, solidarity and reliable rope teams in the mountains. Information about the project and status of the climbs can be found at

38 Mammut – Worldwide Partner of IFMGA

Fire up your

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Garden Glory

Gardening can be much more fun with specially designed garden hoses and accessories. Garden Glory hoses, nozzles and wall attachments can be combined in all possible ways and are offered in five different colours: white, black, turquoise, pink and traditional Swedish Falun red.

Clarion Post

Gothenburg’s most exciting hotel opened earlier this year. A modern hotel with roots in the past has become the place to meet in the new, creative Gothenburg. The design reflects the interface between the old, industrial city and the modern society. The classic interior design is offset by a spectacular reception desk with crystal prisms. The world-famous chef, Marcus Samuelsson, is in charge of everything to do with food and drink at Clarion Post.

Liquid Courage

Handmade flasks to match every personality! Liquid Courage flasks are brand new stainless steel liquor hip flasks that fit perfectly in your pocket or purse. Each flask is a unique piece.


Stylish and practical

Let’s face it, there are never enough electrical sockets for laptops, tablets and smartphones. Plug Lamp is more than just an attractive light, it puts an electrical socket within easy reach as well. The lamp is made from aluminium and opalescent glass, and is fitted with a dimmer switch. Form Us With Love designed Plug Lamp on behalf of Studio Lyktan.

Upcycled billboard lunch bag

The Brand Spirit Project

shows just how important branding is. Brand strategist Andrew Miller is behind the exciting blog project. Every day for 100 days, he will be painting a branded product white, removing all visual identity signs and reducing the object to its purest form. Follow his work on


This spring, the fast-food chain Chipotle Mexican Grill is offering an exclusive and specially-designed lunch bag made from upcycled Chipotle billboards. Billboard Ecology collects these materials, and with Loomstate’s design direction, transforms what would be waste into ultra-durable, one-of-a-kind bags. Made from an almost indestructible waterproof polymer, it has reinforced side seams and handle, a classic top-roll Velcro strap closure, and a convenient extra-large side pocket.

NN•07 Summer 2012. The Ibiza Tour. Model: Sandra from Madrid. Works as a waitress in Ibiza