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pariah products Research a product/object which has pariah status, meaning one which partially performs or fulfils a function but always annoys for a variety of reasons.

bathroom hand dryer

function Yes functions Alternative uses: Dry clothes, hair and face. Sweat patches. Hand heater Saves you from using a towel. Disguise noises

expectation Dry hands

failing Slow, too hot, Strength, hygene. not enough time, pressure, surface aea too small, on/off auto confusion, cannot see how long/how much time you have to dry.



Industrial. Looks like Eventually drys hands. Spreads remaining bacteria a toilet cistern. due to heat. Universal, saves the use of towels

competitions xelerator, longer different nozzle placment, design air blade



White, metalic to fit fan nozzle for air association with direction and heater, hyegen and hospitals pertrudes out of the wall blue logo/font

multiple user dryer Motion sensor activated leds. Interactive and fun to use. All heights and sizes. Cold air and no need to touch any surface for hygenic purposes. Stand alone for acess or wall panel for smaller rooms.

chopping board




Yes functions. Provides hard surface Protects the table undernearth

Protect table Solid Does not move when you are cutting Food slides off

Heavy Food slides off all over the place no control Only good for first process

success Provides area for cutting and organising Protects tables Rarely moves or slides

archetype competitions Block Classic wooden Square or round Chunky

Plastic Foldable ‘V’ shape boards

colour Wooden White Black All kitchen colour trends

affordance Chunky block Thick Lays flat

chopping board + strainer = bowl

blender/smoothie maker




Yes functions. Blends fruit, nuts, hard and soft. Different speeds Cleanable Pours well Dismantles easily

Blend fruit and/or veg into drinkable consistancy

Large quantity always made. Lots of parts to clean. Takes up space in kitchen. Hard to clean inside under blade. Bulky.

success Blends food. Large amounts. Quick and easy.

archetype competitions Industrail Sterile Appliance Classic Jug like

Hand blender Slim line blenders Smoothie makers with nozzle for pouring Juicers

colour Steel White Classic kitchen or current trend colours

affordance Bulky bottom for the mecanical parts. Pourable detached jug. Large base aread Usually 3 seperate parts Plug to wall

blender + glass = smoothie

Copyright Nikki Scott 2010

Pariah Products  

This was a week long brief to research a product/object which has pariah status, meaning one which partially performs or fulfils another fun...

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