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How do I manage my Time?

Session Objectives  

Priori%ze and   Plan    

Overcome Procras%na%on  

First Lets think What are your biggest time wasters? What are you currently doing to manage your time?

What could you be doing better?

Prioritizing Your  Goals  

“If I had a heart attack and could only work 2 hours a day, what would I do?” “If there was one thing I had to do today that would get me closest to my goal what would it be?”

Prioritizing Your Time

“Being busy is a form of laziness: lazy thinking and indiscriminate action� Timothy Ferris

Believe it or not, it is only possible to accomplish more by doing less. It is MANDATORY!

The 80/20 Rule

Results 80%  

-Timothy Ferris

Ac%ons 20%  

The Urgent/Important  Matrix   Urgent   and   Important  

Important, But  Not   Urgent  

Urgent, But  Not   Important  

Not Urgent   and  Not   Important  

Knowing what you are saying YES to!

Planning Wisely

A work  well   begun  is   half  ended.     Plato    

The hallmark of successful time management is being consistently productive each day. .

Creating Your  Productivity   Journal   Notebook   Priori%ze  tasks   Cross  off  completed  items   Carry  over  unfinished  tasks  

Maximizing the  Power  of  Your   Personal  Productivity  Journal   Plan  the  night   before   Keep  your  journal  with   you   Sense  of  sa%sfac%on   Remove  tasks  postponed  three   %mes  

Ready, Fire,  Aim!   Do  not  over  plan   Just  take  ac%on   Adjust  your  aim  

Tackling Procrastination

Procrastination means delaying a task (or even several tasks) that should be a priority. Remember – “You may delay. But time will not.”

I  am  a  great  

believer in   luck,  and  I  find   the  harder  I   work,  the   more  I  have  of   it.     Thomas   Jefferson  

Why We  Procrastinate   No  clear  deadline   Inadequate  resources  

Where to  begin?  

Feel overwhelmed   Lack  of  passion  

Fear of  failure  

Nine Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Delete Ask  for   advice   Clear   deadline  


Do it  

Chop it  up  

15 minute   rule  


Remove distrac%ons  

Eat That  Frog!   "If  you  have   to  eat  two   frogs,  eat   the  ugliest   one  first!"    

Using Calendars   Organize   tasks  

Iden7fy pa;erns  

Improve workflow  

Setting a Ritual

Rituals and routines can actually help increase the spontaneity and fun in your life.

Discipline is   the  bridge   between  goals   and   accomplish-­‐ ment.     Jim  Rohn  

What is  a  Ritual?   Iden%fy   the   %me  

Ritual Iden%fy   the  task  

Sub-­‐ tasks

Using Rituals  to  Maximize  Time   During  a  break  read  for  ten  minutes   Deep  breathing  and  stretches   Clean  off  a  small  area   Update  your  journal   Set  aside  a  lunch  hour  for  personal  errands  

What will I do now to manage my time better?

Time Management  

Time Management