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LEAD Mentor Induction Booklet

Why LEAD Mentorship?     1.  LEAD  for  TMP  Par/cipants     2.  Customizing  LEAD  to  impact   every  member     3.  Ensuring  an  individuals   development  contributes  to   organiza/onal  growth.      

Qualities of a good mentor     Honest            Personally  Involved                Good  Listener     Con/nues  to  Learn  and  Grow   himself     Leads  by  example     Pa/ent      

What competencies are we looking to develop through LEAD Mentorship? Responsibility: Self-­‐Awareness:       -­‐  Awareness  of  my  Leadership   -­‐  Personal  Effec/veness  on  a  team   -­‐  Personal  Performance   style,  leadership  stand,  strengths   Management   and  weaknesses    

Team Management  and  Development:     -­‐  Delega/on   -­‐  Interpersonal  rela/onships   -­‐  Working  together  to  achieve  success   -­‐  Empathy  and  effec/ve  listening  

Entrepreneurship:   -­‐  Awareness  of  Leadership  and  Global   Issues  and  connec/on  with  AIESEC   -­‐  Managing  Diversity   -­‐  How  am  I  contribu/ng?   -­‐  Impact  Orienta/on  

Being a mentor is as important as anything else you do because it’s the best way to create the RIGHT LEADERS for AIESEC and in turn for INDIA.



AIESEC India - LEAD Mentor Induction Booklet  

This is an Induction booklet for all EB members who are mentors in LCs and something that will help them through the LEAD Mentorship process...