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“Inspiring and motivating people to find and follow their passion�

Yearbook 2019


Alis Shumanova​ has a focus on ​Education, Innovation, and Web Design. She is also a Cognitive Science Master Candidate.


Anna Schmitzberger is an artist, a traveler and a systemic coach, who always tries to look beneath the surface of life. She was born and grew up in Salzburg, Austria, and studied graphic design in Berlin. After a year in Rome where she worked in a publishing agency and a photography studio, she became self-employed in the field of photography. Through that profession she visited regions such as the middle east, India, Australia or Central & South America, was published by magazines such as Zenith Berlin or Vice UK, and her pictures were shown in Melbourne, Berlin, Vienna, Rome, Venice and Bogotà. Today she is living and working in Vienna, where she also studies Social and Cultural Anthropology. She runs her own agency and label called PINC. (​​)



Lelia Castellucci, MA, MPH, CHHC is a multilingual, multicultural holistic health and wellness coach. She has traveled the world on a mission to empower women and girls to be true to themselves, and to guide them along their paths. She inspires, motivates and serves them to reach their ultimate goals, be that to overcome issues in a relationship, to make a career move, or simply to look and feel ten years younger! She is a fitness instructor, motivational speaker, and creative mastermind, but above all, a woman on a journey to inspire. She could lift you out of your comfort zone and put some courage in your gut and soul! If you’re ready to transform a standardised mindset and explore the infinite possibilities that await once you let go of negative self-talk, then why not ... The time is NOW!


Gwyneth Letherbarrow​ ​is a professional development coach and personal branding strategist whose passion is to help people be the best version of themselves. She spent 25 years working throughout Europe and the Balkans building and managing multi-cultural teams. After gaining her MBA and qualifying as a coach she established her own consultancy based on her understanding and experience of complex workplace challenges. She now lives in Austria and provides specialist consultancy services and workshops to help people working in an international environment discover their personal brand and transform the way that they market themselves.

Kanchhi Maya Tamang

Kanchhi Maya Tamang on Mount Everest. Photo courtesy of Kanchhi Maya Tamang


Krista Goon​ is a partner and co-owner at Redbox Studio, a company based in Penang, Malaysia, that helps business owners leverage their websites as marketing tools. With 20 years of experience in copywriting, PR and marketing, Krista is regularly sought after to speak and present on women and entrepreneurship. She also trains and consults specifically on using websites to market. She is the co-founder of WomenBizSENSE, a women entrepreneur organisation in Penang, Malaysia. She was its president until 2016 and is currently its advisor.


Louise Deininger​ is a conceptual artist whose work focuses on providing elegant answers based on consciousness. This includes an emphasis on the mind, and modifications to it. She carries out extensive research on how Spiritual Science, Metaphysics, and Quantum Theory affect Human Development, These various disciplines can influence your understanding of your role in the Universe, and by changing limiting beliefs and better understanding the workings of the sub conscious mind, one can live more in harmony with nature and one another.


Matanat Rahimova​ is a Career​ ​Transit​ion Coach, Performance Consultant and International Speaker. She​ uses a ​ unique approach combining leadership, business discipline and impact achievement ​approaches from the Western business culture with the established Eastern impact mind-set, so that people can make career transition and performance success through a positive transformational change in their own career life and at work. ​She has more than 18 years of non-linear, but progressive managerial and HR career in the private sector, the United Nations and intergovernmental organizations in various domains (from artificial intelligence, IT, social development, nuclear security, to HR and Learning Technologies). As a founder of ​​ she now delivers engaging learning programmes that support people all over the world to achieve their career, leadership, and life dreams!


Naomi Isaacs was born in London shortly before the end of WW2. “I feel that I have lived several lives, each with its own special passion:- First Life: - Growing up in postwar London with a shellshocked German Mother (ballet dancer) and an emotionally absent Father (pianist), my passion was „calling people’s bluff“. The values of the adult World didn’t make much sense to me at the time – still doesn’t sometimes. Second Life: - Studying and Teaching School (teenagers). Loved teaching, hated school. My passion? Encouraging neglected teenage girls to make choices about the way they wanted to live; to take their lives into their own hands and create their own future. Third Life: - Marriage and relocation to Munich. Learning German and „how the real World functions“. Became a good typist and „the perfect wife“. My passion during this phase? Housekeeping, entertaining guests, my vegetable garden, our three cats, „getting „it“ right“! Interesting phase. Learnt a lot! Sixth Life: - Now, way past retiring age, I feel I am only just beginning. My pupils and coachees range from people who believe they can’t sing to experienced singers, actors, business executives and all who wish to enhance their charisma and maximize their communications skills, whether for professional or private reasons.”


Radina Veliova​ is a dedicated vocal coach, singer, songwriter and artist. At the age of six, she started playing cello but soon the instrument voice became her main passion. Since 2001 Radina has studied different vocal techniques and trained with the best teachers from all around the world. In 2010 she created her own singing program Vocals-on-Stage. Vocals-on-Stage is a vocal training program for all levels and ages, with a focus on the Voice and Vocal Health. Vocals-on-Stage is based in Los Angeles and lessons can be booked at two different studio locations, as well as for online lessons. Radina is also known as songwriter and front singer of the award winning and internationally touring electronic music duo Fatmagic and therefore knows the demands and needs for a healthy vocal technique for performers and any singer in general.


Rita Isiba​ is Founding Director of Aphropean Partners. She is passionate about forging global partnerships in business to establish a common purpose.


Trina Roach​ highlights:- Native of Pennsylvania, USA – Academic higher education in France and Germany -Coaching training: International Coach Academy – Licensed Insights™ Practitioner - Business languages: English (native speaker), German (fluent) & Dutch (good business comprehension) – Proud mother, grandmother and life partner. – Enjoy writing, genealogy, travel, and my dachshunds – HR Development professional with a strong background in marketing and advertising – Emphasis: Leadership Development - Special Areas of Expertise: Presentation Skills, Storytelling, Negotiation Skills, Diversity Management – Passionate about supporting (future) leaders step outside of their comfort zone and undertake the exhilarating journey to (self-)mastery and professional excellence – Style: Empathetic but persistent, conscious and intuitive, knowledgeable and straightforward – Experience with local, regional and global players.


Mag. Phil Valéria Mac Knight – ​is a psychologist and experienced teacher of English as a foreign language whose passion is to foster creativity in children and grown-ups, increasing self-esteem by means of colorful and fun moments at The Vienna Workshop Gallery. She is also a specialist in helping people evaluating their point of view about their challenges and support them on finding our different points of view to approach the hard situations that life offers us. This is part of the frustration seminar and is offered on a one-to-one basis. Born in Brazil and with lots of international experience, she is keen on working in multicultural and multilingual professional environment where people are accepted as they are. Check what she is up to at

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Women with Passion 2019  

Yearbook profiling Women with Passion as role models for inspiration and motivation

Women with Passion 2019  

Yearbook profiling Women with Passion as role models for inspiration and motivation