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Vienna Hub Creative Circles Education Team One

( dear team, please update and take ownership of your two pages )

Proposal ( for 11 March at 1600 hrs ) - VH CC Education Team One Proposed hosts, with venue Laszlo Kovacs - ip center, ​ Tristan Sage - OUBS, ​ Wolfgang Ziegler - ​ Timing ? 1600 to 1730 ? Welcomes, 1600 to 1605 Christian introduces Host/Guests Host - 15 minutes to present themself, their company, Goals and Objectives 5 minutes Q & A Then each salesperson gets 3 minutes to present self and updates, and 3 minutes Q&A 10 x 6 is 60 minutes… 2 minute summary, and close meeting. 90 minutes of Hosts time, and out the door ( if needed ) Attendees planned. ( rsvp …… Alex,Ola, Maja, Tahira, Nigel, Christian, Khurram, Gilles, Axinia, Uwe, Mike, Florian)

Suggested Host, either of ….

Tristan Sage MED Management Education & Development Ltd Management & Education Services GmbH Client Centred Consulting Spezialgebiete: International Strategic Marketing for Higher Education; Management Training in Leadership,Organisational Behaviour, Client-Centred Communication

Laszlo Kovacs PREMIUM

Geschäftsführung GmbH​ Wien, Austria Entrepreneur

Wolfgang Ziegler Geschäftsführer bei togain - Zentrum für Trennungsbewältigung togain - Zentrum für Trennungsbewältigung Alaska Pacific University Vienna, Vienna, Austria Mir ist ein verantwortungsvoller Umgang mit meiner Umgebung wichtig. Seien es Mitarbeiter, Kunden, Lieferanten oder die Umwelt. Ein besonderes Augenmerk lege ich auf das Management von Erwartungshaltungen und auf eine Work-Life Balance der Mitarbeiter/innen.

Johannes Zeitelberger BLUE CODE - Smart Payment Technologies for Smart People, Merchants and Banks. SECURE PAYMENT TECHNOLOGIES GmbH HTL Mödling

Guest ?

Eng. Soul Imina Osemwegie... ITS specialist IO - Tec KG Vienna AI-MS Vienna, Austria Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz Demonstrated ability to think strategically, analytically and creatively while applying sound business judgment and quantitative analysis on product, goods and services, with strong interpersonal skills and an ability to adapt to working in team and in any environments. Motivated by challenges, an astute and dedicated ability in working to meet the highest and most possible and effectively managing condition with ultimate goal to achieving the challenges an employee demand

Director Of Business Development AI-MS Vienna, Austria 2014 – Present •

Strategic Business development ● ●

Director, I​ O - TEC KG

Dates EmployedJun 2007 – Dec 2014

● ●

Text Pilot, ​Mobiletourch Austria GmbH

Sep 2012 – Dec 2012

Vice President International Relation and Business Development

Exim Group Investment

Feb 2009 – Dec 2012

General Director / Export Manager

Novak and Novak GmbH

Dates EmployedDec 2008 – Dec 2012

Employment Duration4 yrs 1 mo

LocationVienna, Austria

See descriptionSee more about General Director / Export Manager, Novak and Novak GmbH

Export Manager, ​ S ​ chrack Technik GmbH

Mar 2005 – Jun 2007

Maintenance Department, ​MA 48 Vienna

Dates EmployedApr 2003 – Sep 2005

Project Manager, Workshop Manager

Comptec Systems and Management Services,

Jan 1994 – Oct 2002

LocationLagos State, Nigeria and Ghana

● ● ●

Physics Teacher, Lab Assistance & Electrical Engineer

N.Y.S.C. Police Secondary School. Minna Niger State

Oct 1998 – Sep 1999

First Industrial Attachment

Federal University. Of Technology. Minna,

Jun 1993 – Nov 1993

Maja Sekulic Experience Traffic and Sales Manager

Company Name​UnitCargoDates EmployedApr 2016 – Oct 2016Employment Duration7 mos LocationVienna, Austria § Traffic operation and process management:Responsible for smooth traffic management in order to achieve flawless process, solving all shipment problems (delays, customs, missing documents, etc.). In every situation found the best possible solution for clients as well for forwarders.

Promotion, Supervisor, Event Management

Company Name​NS Promo TeamDates EmployedJan 2012 – Apr 2015Employment Duration3 yrs 4 mos LocationNovi Sad, Serbia ​§ Achieved promotional and sales targets § Managed team of promoters, set targets and coordinated their activities in order to achieve sales goals International Sales Consultant

Company Name​Big Media GroupDates EmployedJan 2014 – Feb 2014Employment Duration2 mos LocationLommel, Belgium Training for International Sales Consultant See lessSee less International Sales Consultant, Big Media Group

Associate for control, reconciliation, preparation and archiving contracts

Company Name​NIS Gazprom NeftDates EmployedApr 2012 – Dec 2013 Employment Duration1 yr 9 mos LocationNovi Sad • Controlling documents • Advising participants about legal, economic and corporative issues • Legal and Corporative analysis Strategic and process support


Goal. – ... job with red-white-red card, 40 hr - OR 20 hour job at same pay, 2000 euros ( thats 40 hours coaching /training at 50 euros ) Objective



1 interview with people with jobs and job potential

list of ten to interview with - logistics - sales and marketing ( fill the list of sales mgrs on vh cc sales )

maja lists nigel lists - dieters list of SM on 10th Feb - JLZ list - christoph, feedback ? due 10th Feb

2 Women with Passion, business plan to Elisabeth on 15th Feb

create the plan with Nigel 1 year book entry - ( 100 by end Dec 2017. plus each company/employer buys 100 books for 1000 euros ) 2 video profiles - bi-monthly film dates, regular shootings, release films weekly, see - - for listing 3 VH CC WWP create membership value, and sell memberships. to members and sponsors. Coach training Deliever coaching to earn money

3 Yoga for Babies

create business plan and offer for mums and babies yoga

review dates. 14.2 at 1600 with VH CC Education 13.2 in happiness circle 17.30pm 13.2 present WWP plan at impact hub for wwp recruiting 15.00? one hour? 10.2 with Dieter 12-1430

Khurram - Experience

draft yearbook, monthly updates discuss filming with Tahira, Stu, Nigel, Jeli, Moritz

pilot circle 13.2 at 15:00

- draft plan by

● ●

Asst. Manager Sales

Company Name​Service Industries Limited

Dates EmployedJul 2012 – Present

Employment Duration4 yrs 8 mos

LocationGujrat Pakistan

Dealing With the all domestic orders from receipt to dispatch

To find the new customers and sell them our products in profitable way

Maintaining the delivery schedule and ensuring the commitments described in the same

Dealing with all new developments relating to domestic Sales

Checking the inventory and decreasing the stock by selling it to the customer

Working on the complaints of the customer and ensuring compliance on the corrective actions

Act as a ISO,BSCI & SA-8000 internal auditor.

See lessSee less about Asst. Manager Sales, Service Industries Limited

Production Engineer

Company Name​Service Industries Limited

Dates EmployedMar 2012 – Jul 2012

Employment Duration5 mos

LocationGujrat Pakistan

See descriptionSee more about Production Engineer, Service Industries Limited

Production Engineer

Company Name​Service Industries Limited

Dates EmployedMay 2011 – May 2012

Employment Duration1 yr 1 mo

LocationGujrat, Pakistan

See description

Christian Bauer

Manager - Büro André Heller GmbH, Vienna Christian Bauer is a creative consultant and successful problem solver for companies starting projects, promoting products or seeking for problem solutions. He is an art director and creative consultant in projects mostly connecting art and culture with technology - with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience. The last 20 years were dedicated to manage projects for Austrian artist André Heller (see Christian Bauer was a pioneer and early entrepreneur for 3D technologies like 3D Online Communities, Virtual Reality and Web3D / VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) and in the early day a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and CAD (Computer Aided Design) expert. He is CEO of the creativity agency and art production company Atlans GmbH (projects at and a senior project manager of Artevent GmbH, based in Vienna, Austria. Christian Bauer is consultant to the European Commission in Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) as well as in Future Internet Research (FIRE) and he is a Member of the Board of Directors at the non-profit initiative Architects of the Future. He was from 1998 to 2002 year a assistant professor at the University of Innsbruck, Austria, the Institute for Urban Design and Regional Planning of Prof. Christoph Langhof, then teaching from 2003 to 2008 at the Institute of Experimental Architecture of Prof. Volker Giencke and since 2012 he is teaching at the University of Applied Sciences, the Institute of Renewable Energies, in Vienna. Christian Bauer is holding a "Recognition of Service Award" from the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the most influential non-profit group in the computing business, located in New York.

Experience CEO, ​Atlans GMBH, Vienna - Austria 2008 – Present Atlans is a creative agency and is inventing, planning and realising elaborate projects synthesising art, technology and renewable energy topics. The people of Atlans are creative consultants to international corporations, brands, NGOs and governments. Atlans projects are often cross-cultural and international. Projects in development: Berlin (Germany), Copenhagen (Denmark), Paro (Bhutan) and Vienna (Austria).

Manager, ​Artevent GMBH, Vienna - Austria 1998 – Present

Owner, ​Bauer & Associates, Vienna - Austria

1991 – Present

CEO, ​Artesian GmbH, Vienna 2008 – Oct 2012 Employment Duration4 yrs 10 mos

Project Manager, ​ICNM Dates Employed2001 – 2003

Education University of Innsbruck, ​1987 – 1989 Technical Highschool Degree NameIng. / Eng. Dates attended or expected graduation1982 – 1986

Volunteering Experience & Causes Assistant to the Director of Athletes Coordination, ​2004 Summer Olympics Greece Coordinator

Company Name​Ferdinands Boy School (a school for street children) in Khartoum, Sudan Dates volunteered2007

Alexander Hartveld Using technology and economic thinking to reform and innovate the way we learn and creae in the 21st century refugees code A 23-year old Economics Major who realised that creativity, adventure and reflection is worth more than money, comfort, and status. My 2015 goal is to build a language-learning application / system that get people out of their comfort zone and into a learning experiment. How will we learn stuff in 10 years, that's my biggest question right now.

Curriculum Development​refugees code Dates EmployedSep 2016 – Present Creating a scalable curriculum to prepare displaced people for a career in Software Engineering. This requires coming up with solutions for: - What space do our students need to collaborate, focus, and learn individually? - What MOOCs and other Online Ressources can we blend together into an effective yet manageable curriculum? - What system can motivate and direct our students through the vast resources available. And what skills and training do potential employers value? - What extra workshops and mentoring do our students need to be ready for learning through online courses? See lessSee less about Curriculum Development, refugees code

Founder, ​Lingophant Dates Employed2016 – Present Employment Duration1 yr See descriptionSee more about Founder, Lingophant

Elected Student Representative and Policy Advisor

Company Name​University of Amsterdam Dates EmployedJul 2013 – Aug 2014

Alex passion - Learning and living in the 21st century dream - An international Sabbatical Foundation that provides everything needed for a productive, creative, and social sabbatical. Do this by having community residencies in global capitals, develop a project platform, and providing a basic income to people. A social investment fund in real-estate, enterprise, and human capital will be behind this. happiness 1 to 10 - 9 Goal. – Begin the journey by innovating the way people learn languages through Lingophant. Our aim is to create tailored language courses with which we guarantee you a certain level of proficiency in a foreign language, and support you with the tools, strategy, and motivation to achieve this. Objective



1 get 1000 users for our MVP

Develop MVP for Android as well, iOS is finished. A proper landing page with video and backgrounds FB Tandem Groups campaign get a sticky post in the huge European Tandem Groups

Present yourself the way you are, a bunch of language passionates who missed a certain tool and built it. By tandem learners for tandem learners

2 - Devise the Lingophant Suite. A system with a HQ, WebApp, and Mobile App that synchronise

Make the concepts and relations easy to grasp. Get an overview of the projected costs for the full suite.

Graphically formulate it. Create work packages Ask for price quotes from developers, to estimate costs, then develop it ourselves. Refined presentation and Pitch

3 - Shortcut: Funding to build the full suite. Organic growth: Build the elements and connections step in a lean way.

Either way, a good team is a precondition for success. HQ Team: 1/4 Developer Team: 1/4 Marketing Team: 1/4

AWS Social Business Grant applied for €100k Got the first people on board and got them excited for the product.

Current Projects: refugees{code}​ - Curriculum development for the most modern and effective coding school for integration. Red Cross - Fundraising through sales in a door2door campaign Lingophant - Founder and visionary behind the product. UniWien - Bildungswissenschaften - following relevant courses on Project Management, Counseling, and general didactics / / - Prototyping a self-organised learning space in Vienna, with 5 roommates and a community of around 50 active participants in our offers. We are tending the concept of a saloon, hosting artists, and offer residency to people wanting to build a life in Vienna.

Michael L. Finnan Latest work experience CEO Startup Sike Company Name:​ Sike Employment duration:​ 1 year, still counting Location:​ Vienna, Austria Sike is an All-in-One e-learning platform for students and life-long learners. We combine learning behavior with leisure time activities and work towards a future in which every human being is provided with a good education. Our business model was designed to be free of charge for students of all ages. PR Manager for G. Trumler Location:​ Vienna, Austria Employment Duration:​ 6 months, still counting G. Trumler is one of the old generation of photographers. His pictures are mainly in black and white, and did great works for Austria, capturing the culture over the years. My tasks include selling his pieces and work on a concept to distribute his work internationally. Advisor for people who suffer from psychosis Company:​ Verein für alternative Beschäftigungsmöglichkeiten Werkstätte OPUS Employment duration:​ 2 years, still counting. Werkstätte OPUS creates what we call a second employment market. We train human beings who suffer from psychosis in order for them to begin working in the first employment market. My tasks include the management of the sales outlet, training clients, direct costumer interactions […]. Other employments: Henry am Zug 02/2014 – 07/2014 Service employee Construction Worker renovating an old farming house (electricity, dry construction, […] 01/2011 – 08/2012 Wintermeier GmbH 02/2007 – 12/2009 manufacturing systems engineering and milling technology Personal skills

Personal interests

1.​ ​Analytic thinking 2.​ ​Psychological negotiation 3.​ ​Organization & Planning thinking 4.​ ​Leadership 5.​ ​Information management

6. Problem solving 7. Creativity 8. Goal orientated

1.​ ​Social entrepreneurship 2.​ ​Education 3.​ ​Culture and traditions languages 4.​ ​Politics and economics 5.​ ​Digital Natives

6. Diving 7. Leadership styles 8. Traveling and

9. Holistic thinking 10. […]

9. History 10. […]

“Creating a world of equality, a world in which every human being has the chance to strive towards their dreams and hopes.” -​ ​Dream Michael L. Finnan 2017

Goals for 2017 1. Finish Psychology Bachelor

2. Find funding for Sike

3. Develop Sike and finish content for psychology

4. Find paying clients for Sike

5. Find a job in the coaching area to give back and create value

6. Learn more about leadership and develop own skills




Finish psychology bachelor

Finding teachers for different subjects to enable interactive learning

Identify candidates and motivate them

Develop Sike


funding ​Find paying clients ​Finish Content



Learning by observing and doing

Identify great leaders and implement behavior in my own actions.

Creating Value

Advertising Sike and expanding in other study areas

Work on a general posting plan for Facebook and motivate students to create content

management ​Improve selling skills ​Team is already working on it on their own

Contact details: Michael Leonhard Finnan Tel.: +43699173030393 E-Mail: ​ Web: ​ ​ Find & like us on Facebook: “Transforming Knowledge Into Education”

Ola Mostafa

Name - ​ Career

University administrator English instructor Work Experience Administrative coordinator at Pharos University Have been promoted as an English Language Center administrative coordinator in May 2013. My job responsibilities are to: §​ Communicate all findings to the Director of the ELC; ​ Document all pertinent administrative reports and documents, and share them with the Director of the ELC; §​ Plan timetables and allocate instructors for the English language courses; §​ Coordinate and follow up with faculties in issues related to time table and control work; §​ Prepare teachers’ class schedules, and teachers’ self-assessment forms; §​ Prepare weekly administrative progress reports; English Instructor at Berlitz institution (July 2010 project based program up till September 2012) §​ Have been promoted as mentor at Berlitz May 2012. § ​ Have been working in governmental projects just as Edu-Egypt and MCIT with ministry of communications and information technology. §​ Teaching IELTS and TOEFL IBT preparation courses from 2012 till now. §​ Have participated in TOT (Training of Trainers) course for new instructors at Berlitz in July 2012.

English Teacher at Taymour English school, American division §​ Teaching American English curriculum to upper grades. §​ Developing English curriculum standards


English, skills,people

Dream Own NGO that help develop refugees qualifications and skills

Goal Network with people with common interest Prepare customized materials and teaching methods Note ( this comes from a fantastic graphic which didn’t transport in cut and paste, )

Uwe Chrisian Plachetka’s Nanosolex solar power water pump​November 2012– Present

A project I am consulter for on a cheap solar-powered water pump with no moving parts which I had constructed first in Thailand by 2011 – as a proof of concept engine. Since then a viable version for developing resilient regions e.g. in Africa is on the way.

European Commission – Project “Focus”, assistant content manager for Vienna / Institute for Risk Research 2011 – 2012 Vienna – Warsaw - London Development of macrohistory as a tool for strategic foresight, special focus on strategies for sustainable development as risk mitigating policy and presentation in London (Planet under Pressure) and Davos (Global Risk Summit – a satellite of the World Economic Forum).

Project Content Manager​ – European Fusion Development: Socio-economic foresight on thermonuclear fusion: Institute for Risk Research, Uni of Vienna – Cusco and Huancayo / Peru Elaboration of comparative world system analysis and assessment of resilient socio-economic systems for foresights in non-linear systems such as our human ecologic systems. (and demonstration tool of the Nanosolex pump as tangible example for resilience by knowledge based regional resilience).

Frontier Research project: Deciphering Vavilov’s last issue: 2005-2009 Vienna – Lima – Cusco – Puno - Cocchabamba Frontier research project on how do agricultural areas of original crop evolution and crop diversity (backup for the future of our food) developed resilience against climatic turmoil – first sponsored within an FAO frontier research project. University lecturing activities in 2009 (Vienna) and 2012 (Cusco) were spin-offs. Freelance field trips and expedition leader 2003-2005 Financial manager Austrian Association for Continental America and the Caribbean 2003-2005 Research project “Autonomías y Sociedad pluricultural” grant Project development European Commission 5​th​ framework program

1999-2001 2000-2001

Publications:​ ​,_Mag._Dr._Uwe-Christian Projects before 2012 endorsed by BOKU (institutional bureaucracy): 01343

Other Activities Lectures on developments in Latin America (History), programs of information based rural development (Association: Globally Integrated Village Environment) – Ramayagala technological University, Isaan campus – Thailand on solar-thermal power in 2011. Uwe Christian Plachetka: skype ID: uwe.christian Passion – people, internet, research, English, Spanish, Quechua Language, travelling Dream – solving the riddles of socio-economic resilience, merging cultural anthropology with appropriate technology, and computer programming Goal – 2017 blue sky academy / development –​ ​infrastructure / putting that idea with affordable energy autarky by solar-thermal power into action in South American of African or South-East Asian countries –​ ​Content / as many people as possible getting involved in that concept of do-it-yourself solar energy systems, teaching the nexus between cultural anthropology and global history with appropriate technology to make that “humanities” presenting tangible results. Objectives


Infr and content

Find infrastructure partners Find content partners

blue sky stuff academy

Mobilizing the Institute of Risk Research as some of them have the required technological skills at least I can mobilize their brain power. get partners and fundings

infrastructure – pilot and grow content – pilot and grow

content get partner communities and partner NGOs, teach them on online cooperation



Creativity Entrepreneurship Languages Perhaps a system of crowdfunding / subscription

Motto: Intelligence is the property of any logical system to solve problems which are out of the box of programmed problem solving routines (constructivist interpretation of Kurt Gödel’s incompleteness theorem) The merger between cultural anthropology viz. World System research and appropriate technology seems viable due to Latin American approaches especially in Mexico, anyway, these gigantic knowledge bases are there but not in Africa or other parts of the world. These links could be elaborated with the EC foresight projects but don’t match some academic boxes in Austria. Hence, hitherto my work depended on “extreme funding sources” such as those of the European Union. Consulting activities were done my most extreme anthropological field trip – that into the otherworld (while I was in hospital in 2013, the doctors there said I was dead, but I returned and didn’t got that I was dead, because there were too many actions over there) based on an academic business partnership for the solar thermal power issue.- Personal mutuality with President Donald Trump: foible for foreign girlfriends J

Jakob Kiblböck ( Sales Trainer, American Methods) Digital Transformation at SAP, Solution Sales | SAP HANA | Digital Business | Cloud SAP

WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) Austria area

As a passionate technology enthusiast and innovative mind at SAP it is my mission to help organizations seize future opportunities and "Run Simple". Is your company riding the wave and transforming to a Digital Business? Very much looking forward to getting in touch and discussing ideas & opportunities. Jakob Kiblböck E: ​​ M: +43 664 8289639 I am passionate about driving positive change and development. I strongly believe that right set of people and technologies are able to achieve great results: "One person cannot build a house - yet ten people can surely build ten houses." ( Jakob here as sample of sales manager in vh cc sales, but of course he is also a sales trainer, educate in Holland by CISCO and draws a parallel between Germanic and Anglo American sales techniques !!! )

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