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“Welcome ( to my ) Home!” from Nigel - “One exPat’s story, in brief!” As an expat I moved here in 1999, from island England to Continental Europe. For 4 years I lived in Vienna “ City of my dreams!” and had perhaps the best time of my life. I then moved to Mödling where it took me about 18 months to feel at home, having moved to “Austria”. Initially I branded my new home town with “Wien ist anders, aber Mödling ist besser” which I later simplified to ”Mödling - Happiest City on Earth”. During my English coaching sessions, often on the topic of Happiness since a day I remember clearly in 2006 when added happiness to my passion coaching. I regularly amused my clients with the “happiest city on earth” tag, and with other things such as my promotion in 2008 to Chief Happiness Officer of my organisations. Mödling is simply a crown. The people here are jewels. I warmly invite you to come and share my home with me this February, and to have a smashing Fasching in the happiest city on earth. They have lots in common with you, they know how to party! Key events: Fasching Procession, Sunday 19th Fasching Party - 18:30 til almost dawn on 21st nigel:founded First Tuesday Vienna in 1999, Women with Passion in 2004, Vienna Hub in 2005, blue sky stuff in 2008, and launched the Vienna Happiness Project in 2011. Currently focussed on - a. building economic, social and educational infrastructures through the non profit organisation blue sky stuff, - b. raising happiness / promoting optimism / spreading happiness thorugh the Vienna Happiness Project. -c. connecting people with passion through Vienna Hub.

Welcomes from Mayor, Landehaputman and Fasching Chief


Rio, Nottinghill and Köln....

Projects:Miles of Smiles blue sky stuff academy content and access. for example at Thika in Kenya, sustainable farming project

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“all at MHC Business Language Training wish you a smashing Fasching, and look forward to meeting you at the party!” - Mark Heather, Managing Director

“Smashing!� spread the word and read the news! - Michael Leidig, Central European News

Smashing Fashing  
Smashing Fashing  

in Möding.