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st!ARTpainting „happiest moment in my life“ event engaging audiences, spreading happiness happiness is a choice – nick – video – patrick-web – mr happy , video and worksheets Life! Play for real. Choose happiness.

„Whats your happiest moment?“ - draw a sketch or paint it or whatever on the entry form ( at the angel or download and print pdf here scan it and send it back to (US here) we arrange them into books like below.... and you see your drawing online. Monthly prize of an original artwork ( all subject to agreements and sponsoring etc )) in conjunction wiht wetherspoon , the angel islington, we are happy to launch the uk program, with a small event featuring mr men readings from the st!ARTreading team in london... see us in partners, dutch embassy, air miles miles , etc , susanne/silvia in vienna, ( running parallel there , colt, landrover-miles!, castrol, bp, „yet another „ project from

sample images, as would appear in online book

by little, jimmmy, december 1st,

by maria, london

sample december prizewinner in february ,,,, here it is :-

kindly supported by vidafone and whetherfork .. thank you .

Possible partners artkids islington volunteer agency school on pentonville road netsphere internet cafe suraya cafe the hub islington candidarts trust ( final exhibition !! ) wetherspoons, the angel, and other pubs action for happiness a newspaper.... ( also austrian times ) in austria ( smiles ) - austrian partner, kids page. Lots of opportuniteies there. Silvia, reini and susanne in vienna, art therapists, and artists... space for painting exPat agency from stadtwien. Happiness among expat kids in the #1 city for quality of life MAK, Albertina, Essl – art museums with space for painting and displying...

happines moment  

of my life, competition, engaging audiences

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