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Foreign Rights Catalogue 2014

Foreign Rights Catalogue


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SUMMARY Geography






Languages and Thematic Dictionaries


Illustrated Non Fiction


Black and White Non Fiction




Children Books 0-6 Years


Children Books 6-8 Years


Young Adult Fiction


Great Atlases

Great Atlases

Precious atlases of great size, with elegant packages and detailed contents. Unique works to know the world in all its geographic and historical features, thanks to impressive cartographic representations, beautiful satellite photos, thematic maps and timelines. The most renown reference for all the other atlases. • AGDA: De Agostini long-seller, with updated and improved physical and political maps; • The Earth: brand new infographic representations, new maps of the unstable geopolitical areas, stunning satellite images; • The World: unique representations in scale 1:1 250 000 of all Europe; • Great atlas of world history: History, from the beginning of civilization until today, in 93 historical tables; • Great atlas of contemporary history: the last 200 years of history in 91 historical maps.

La Terra 2013 - 2014 The Earth 9788851117528 - pp. 528 - € 90,00 size: 27 x 36,8- binding: hardbound with jacket in slipcase

Atlante storico del mondo Great atlas of world history 9788851117412 - pp. 248 - € 39,00 size: 27 x 36,8 - binding: sewn hardbound with jacket



Atlante geografico De Agostini De Agostini geographical atlas 9788851117474 - pp. 368 - € 29,90 size: 27 x 36,8 - binding: hardbound with jacket

The World 9788851117313 - pp. 512 - € 120,00 size: 26,8 x 36,8 binding: hardbound with jacket in slipcase

Atlante landscape De Agostini Great landscape atlas

Polvere di stelle Stardust

A brand new great size atlas, with a beautiful photo gallery as introduction. These images, chosen for their spectacular details, illustrate all the various environments of each continent, all displayed to create an imaginary journey to discover the wonders of the world. A new visual-photographic approach that is also enhanced by the in-depth analysis of the geographical and political maps, always quality guaranteed by De Agostini.

Leafing through the pages of this volume and gazing at the fascinating photographic galleries mainly branded NASA, one could talk about the “aesthetic splendor of space”. Besides these beautiful images, an encyclopedic section describes the solar system, stars, galaxies, constellations and the oncoming technologic innovations to plumb the depths of extragalactic spaces.

9788851117429 - pp. 368 - € 29,90 size: 26,8 x 36,8 - binding: sewn hardbound

9788851116453 - pp. 168 - € 34,00 size: 21 x 36,8 - binding: hardbound with jacket

Homo Sapiens

UNESCO – World heritage Atlas

Physical isolation, expansions and migrations have been the key features of human evolution. Two millions of years ago, Homo species started to spread out of Africa at various times, putting together the mosaic of our diversity. The young Homo sapiens species, the last one to be born in Africa, who spread all over the world, is one of the main characters of this choral score. This fascinating journey of humanity is told in this first geographic atlas of the human peopling of Earth.

“Heritage is our link to the past, what we live today and what we will hand on future generations”. These words, that UNESCO tell to the world, sum up the meaning of what was decided 40 years ago, when the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization agreed on the protection of those places in the world that could represent, for cultural or natural criteria, a heritage to humanity. On this important occasion, UNESCO commissioned De Agostini to make this outstanding atlas to map and illustrate the sites.

9788851116422 - pp. 192 - € 34,90 size: 24,5 x 33,5 - binding: hardbound with jacket

size: 27,8 x 36,8 - binding: hardbound with jacket

9788851117177 - pp. 278 - € 39,00

Atlante della storia contemporanea Great atlas of contemporary history 9788851116040 - pp. 160 - € 29,90 size: 26,8 x 36,8 - binding: sewn hardbound



pocket atlases

Junior atlases Flip Flap

Atlante geografico micro World - Micro geographical atlas

Compact - Atlante del mondo Compact Atlas of the world

A complete geographic handbook that describes all the continents and Italy as well, with updated cartography and the national flags’ list. Useful to satisfy doubts and curiosities, it’s an out-and-out atlas in miniature: a nice present for all occasions.

A brand new world atlas characterized by handy size and a totally renewed physical and political cartography. Besides geographical maps, there are also thematic ones showing the most important countries and world data. Readers can also make comparisons between the 150 world countries looking at the economic and social data listed in the statistical pages. A complete index of places is also included.

9788851117269 - pp. 208 - € 6,90 size: 6 x 8,5 - binding: sewn hardbound with jacket

These new illustrated atlases tailor-made for children have a surprise feature: lots of flaps to open in order to discover the key concepts in astronomy, geography and history. Each atlas has colorful pages with drawings and comics that show the mysteries of the universe, the peculiar features of

the world’s countries and the most important historical events. A fun way to approach these three subjects.

size: 21,5 x 27,5 - binding: hardbound pp. 16 - € 12,50

9788851117450- pp. 256 - € 9,90 size: 12,5 x 15,5 - binding: hardbound

La geografia Flip flap geographical atlas 9788851116439

La storia Flip flap historical atlas 9788851117092

L’astronomia Flip flap astronomy atlas 9788851117078

Sulle orme di… On the trail of… Atlanti tascabili Pocket Atlases

A brand new collection of illustrated books which tells about the greatest conquests or expeditions made by the greatest protagonists of history. In these volumes, we will follow the trail of three memorable explorers: Alexander the Great, the greatest leader of ancient times, who led his army through the Middle East with the sole purpose of expanding to infinity his dominion; Marco Polo, the young Venetian who ventured into the Cathay kingdom, getting to know a new

Essential volumes that join complete and reliable contents to a handy size: physical and political cartography to study geography, astronomic maps to observe the sky, thematic maps to understand History.

size: 13,5 x 19,5 - binding: hardback with jacket - € 11,90

Atlante geografico tascabile Pocket geographical atlas 9788841886045 - pp. 216



Atlante di astronomia tascabile Pocket astronomy atlas 9788841886038 - pp. 232

Atlante storico tascabile Pocket historical atlas 9788851116057 - pp. 224

Sulle orme di Alessandro Magno On the trail of Alexander the Great 9788851116408

civilization; James Cook, the admiral of the Queen of England, who reshaped the maps of the southern seas, discovering new lands such as Polynesia and Patagonia. A new way to learn about the wonders of the world and oncient life and culture.

size: 18 x 29,5 - binding: sewn hardbound pp. 40 - € 9,90

Sulle orme di James Cook On the trail of James Cook 9788851116392

Sulle orme di Marco Polo On the trail of Marco Polo 9788851116415



School atlases

School atlases

De Agostini, who has always been leader in the scholastic branch, has many types of school atlases fit for all the teaching plans: • Atlante goegrafico di base, made for primary school kids, with a link to on-line contents about Italy regions. • Atlante geografico moderno, made for students and their families, with brand new encyclopedic and cartographic sections made for an easier approach to geography, and the link to the on-line edition; • Atlante geografico metodico, the best one for students, with a link to on-line thematic contents and geopolitical in-depht analysis; • Atlante storico, a massive collection of historic maps to study history.



Giocamondo. Gli ambienti naturali Giocamondo. The natural environments A funny world atlas for children to play and learn, with comics, funny illustrations and animal shapes stickers. Each continent has been matched to a specific habitat (wood, mountain, savannah, tundra, forest, desert, arctic) and has two spreads: one that shows the animals’ miniatures and one that illustrates their natural environment. Kids will have fun pasting the colorful stickers on the blank pages, while learning by matching them with the right habitat. 9788851117627 - pp. 16 - € 12,50 size: 21,5 x 27,5 - binding: hardbound

Giro giro mondo Basic junior atlas

Atlante geografico di base 2013-2014 Primary school atlas 9788851117276 - pp. 192 - € 15,90 size: 22,5 x 29,7 - binding: flexi bound

Atlante geografico moderno 2013-2014 Moderno school atlas 9788851117290 - pp. 240 - € 22,90 size: 20,5 x 30 - binding: hardbound

Made for junior school children, this atlas features a simplified but comprehensive cartography. Two planispheres, a physical and a political one, highlight world’s and continents’ records, while each continent is represented by maps with lots of information and friendly symbols. A section with all the countries’ and continents’ flags and their relative data follows.

Atlante storico per ragazzi Junior atlas of history



A new atlas made for recapping and illustrating expressively the most important historic events from the dawn of civilization to our present days. History is presented in tables enriched by hundreds of maps, texts and illustrations. The atlas deals not only with the chronological sequence of the events and the territorial changes, but also with characters, battles, economic situations, social and ethnic conflicts and religious and cultural features. Moreover, it has a link to the on-line timeline, which offers kids and students a chronological comparison of the great historical events.

Conoscere le tappe della storia dell’uomo è un’avventura ricca ed entusiasmante. Questo volume ripercorre il cammino dell’umanità dai suoi albori fino ai giorni nostri guidandoci attraverso carte, testi e immagini di grande qualità e affidabilità. Un percorso che si snoda sotto i nostri occhi, pagina dopo pagina, collegando fatti e personaggi in una cornice ricca e piacevole, dove le illustrazioni fanno da corredo all’apparato cartografico e alla presentazione testuale delle principali tappe storiche. Incontriamo così diversi aspetti economici, religiosi, culturali, presentati come momenti fondamentali per comprendere la ragione di tante battaglie e di importanti avvenimenti politici. Il volume è chiuso da una serie di tavole cronologiche che ripercorrono le tappe salienti della storia dell’umanità fino ad oggi.


€ 14,90

ATL Storico ragazzi 6/2013.indd 1

ATL Storico ragazzi 6/2013.indd 1

€ 14,90


Atlante geografico metodico 2013-2014 Metodico school atlas 9788851117283 - pp. 336 - € 36,90 size: 24 x 34 - binding: hardbound



Atlante storico Historical atlas 9788851115791 - pp. 192 - € 25,00 size: 24 x 34 - binding: hardbound

9788851117481 - pp. 360 - € 14,90 size: 23,2 x 27,8 - binding: sewn hardbound with jacket

fino ad oggi. che ripercorrono le tappe salienti della storia dell’umanità Il volume è chiuso da una serie di tavole cronologiche e di importanti avvenimenti politici. per comprendere la ragione di tante battaglie culturali, presentati come momenti fondamentali Incontriamo così diversi aspetti economici, religiosi, delle principali tappe storiche. all’apparato cartografico e alla presentazione testuale e piacevole, dove le illustrazioni fanno da corredo pagina, collegando fatti e personaggi in una cornice ricca Un percorso che si snoda sotto i nostri occhi, pagina dopo carte, testi e immagini di grande qualità e affidabilità. dai suoi albori fino ai giorni nostri guidandoci attraverso Questo volume ripercorre il cammino dell’umanità è un’avventura ricca ed entusiasmante. Conoscere le tappe della storia dell’uomo






9788851115500 - pp. 68 - € 12,90 size: 27,5 x 28,7 - binding: paperback with flaps


ATLANTE STORICO R A G A Z Z I accesso incluso NE digitale ELI alla TIM

12/06/13 10:49

12/06/13 10:49

alla TIM ELI incluso NE digitale accesso




Wall maps and geoposter Carte murali Wall maps

Astronomic maps


Cartographic items of De Agostini tradition, always up-todate and technically granted: • anti-glare plastic coating; • fine linen coating on the whole surface; • flexible PVC poles with shock absorbent caps for safety; • nylon strings for an easy display; • highly unalterable colors; • washable waterproof surfaces

High quality cartographic items with unique features beautiful representations, maxi size (The world), glow in the dark effect (La carta del cielo) - that make them exquisite pieces of furniture for home and office. The smallest posters are supplied with stickers to hang them directly on the wall.

binding: rolled in tubes

binding: rolled in tubes

These fascinating and stunning posters allow us to discover and admire the entire universe in all its vastness and beauty. The detailed map of the moon makes us learn all the features of our satellite throughout its lunar phases. The sky and the solar system maps tell us about constellations and the planets gravitating around the sun. The astrolabe helps us find out which stars shine in the sky according to the day and the hour of our sky-watching. These posters have large scale cartography, yet they are easy to handle. They can be folded and stored in their slipcases.

size: 13 x 25 binding: folded in carton pack


L’astrolabio The astrolabe 9788851115784 - € 9,90 size: ∅ 26

Africa fisica e politica Physical and politcal map of Africa 9788851114640 - € 34,90 size: 100 x 140

Europa fisica e politica Physical and politcal map of Europe 9788851117375 - € 34,90 size: 140 x 100

America meridionale fisica e politica Physical and politcal map of Southern America 9788851114633 - € 34,90 size: 100 x 140

Italia fisica e politica Physical and politcal map of Italy 9788851114602 - € 34,90 size: 100 x 140

Italia politica amministrativa Political map of Italy 9788851113995 - € 24,90 size: 100 x 140

Oceania fisica e politica Physical and politcal map of Oceania 9788851117382 - € 34,90 size: 140 x 100

Italia stradale 1:1 100 000 Road map of Italy in scale 1:1 100 000 9788851102579 - € 15,00 size: 96 x 116

Planisfero fisico e politico Physical and political planisphere 9788851117191 - € 34,90 size: 140 x 100

Il mondo da satellite Satellite world map 9788851114961 - € 17,00 size: 120 x 80

America settentrionale fisica e politica Physical and politcal map of Northern America 9788851117368 - € 34,90 size: 100 x 140 Asia fisica e politica Physical and politcal map of Asia 9788851114657 - € 34,90 size: 140 x 100



La carta del cielo – fosforescente Map of the sky - glow in the dark effect 9788851114947 - € 17,00 size: 100 x 70

Planisfero anticato Old planisphere 9788851112264 - € 15,00 size: 120 x 80

Planisfero politico Political planisphere 9788851117115 - € 17,00 size: 120 x 90 The World – planisfero fisico The World physical planisphere 9788851114930 - € 24,50 size: 200 x 140 The World – planisfero politico The World political planisphere 9788851117108 - € 24,50 size: 200 x 140 Gli stati del mondo per bambini Countries of the world map for children 9788851116156 - € 11,90 size: 100 x 70 binding: rolled in a box

Il cielo The sky 9788841885949 - € 6,90

La luna The moon 9788851115760 - € 6,90

Il sistema solare The solar system 9788851115777 - € 6,90



calendario atlante

calendario atlante DeA WING – World Indicators for a New Geography

Calendario Atlante 2014 e DeA WING World Almanac “Calendario Atlante”

DeAWING is the innovative on-line application of De Agostini World Almanac Calendario Atlante, the most authoritative and up-to-date publication about geography. DeAWING has had the honour to open De Agostini geography on-line era: over one million available data for an updated point of view and a better understanding of the world through hundreds of topics and studies.

With more than 1200 pages, World Almanac “Calendario Atlante 2014” has reached 110 editions, giving to its passionate readers a detailed and authoritative compendium that represents for many people an actual worth collecting book. A dense content in a compact volume that collects widen information about every country in the world, from economics to geopolitics, with a great degree of update and reliability. A book used and appreciated in Italy and abroad by journalists, editors, students and everyone who’s keen on geography. 9788851117511 - pp. 1296 - € 17,90 size: 7,5 x 15,4 - binding: hardbound


World Indicators for a New Geography World Indicators for a New Geography





Browsing DeaWING The language of images is powerful. You can select a specific topic - such as society, economy, energy, and so on - among the 400 world ones and the 300 Italy ones, and you can also create thematic on-the-fly maps with charts and tables, so to have a clear vision of the geographical spread of events and their peaks.

Un’applicazione dinamica e interattiva che mette a confronto gli stati del mondo rispetto a centinaia di argomenti, dagli indicatori sociali all’economia, dalle produzioni agricole all’energia con un approfondimento dedicato all’Italia Sono disponibili on line tutti i dati aggiornati Con l’acquisto del volume, grazie al codice personale riportato all’interno, si accede ai contenuti on line dell’applicazione DEA WING


Si attiveranno 12 mesi di consultazione dal momento della registrazione

w w


w w



Country DB For each one of the 195 Main Countries and the most of their dependences there is a Country-Card enriched by a lot of specific topics and some comparisons with other countries about general features. Data are organized into 14 different categories and completed by current events. Particular attention is given to all those countries with a difficult geopolitical situation.

dal momento della registrazione Si attiveranno 12 mesi di consultazione on line dell’applicazione DEA WING riportato all’interno, si accede ai contenuti Con l’acquisto del volume, grazie al codice personale


Calendario Atlante 2014 - International edition World Almanac “Calendario Atlante” International edition



World Indicators for a New Geography


On the occasion of the anniversary that celebrates 110 years of publishing, De Agostini offers for the first time the english version of the world almanac “Calendario Atlante”. This renown volume is packed in an elegant box together with the access code to the on-line database DEAWING and the brand new volume “Compact atlas of the world”. 9788851117580 - pp. 1296 + 256 - € 27,00 size: 17 x 24 - binding: box



World Indicators for a New Geography

tutti i dati aggiornati Sono disponibili on line all’energia con un approfondimento dedicato all’Italia dagli indicatori sociali all’economia, dalle produzioni agricole gli stati del mondo rispetto a centinaia di argomenti, Un’applicazione dinamica e interattiva che mette a confronto


Geographic Records The most important records of the world and the five continents are divided into 14 categories, such as main islands, mountains, volcanos, rivers, harbours, airoports, big towns, and so on.

Maps Each Country has got a summarizing political map, a detailed phisical-political map and the national flag. Maps and flags can be immediately downloaded by the user.



road atlases

road ATLASES In moto per l’Italia - Nord Motorbike - Northern Italy

Unique travel companions, handy and always up-to-date, made for those who travel across Italy and Europe. The wide De Agostini collection offers a cartography with different scales so that every item can perfectly fit each traveler’s necessities. These atlases stand out for being easily readable and for having many detailed cartographic and touristic info on viability. Some titles stand out for their size and for their specific contents, dedicated to those who travel by motorbike or camper.

From Valle d’Aosta to Emilia Romagna, twenty itineraries to find out the most beautiful places and roads of northern Italy. Each itinerary comprehends a road map, main stops and deviations, a roadbook, an altimetric table, and many others suggestions and pieces of information to live exciting adventures on the motorbike. 9788841864975 - pp. 160 - € 14,90

size: 14,5 x 23 binding: paperback with inner spiral

Atlante stradale Italia 1:250 000 2013-2014 9788841885932 - pp. 560 - € 18,90 size: 16,7 x 26,4 binding: paperback Atlante stradale Italia 1:400 000 9788851112844 - pp. 64 - € 16,00 size: 12 x 26,4 binding: spiral bound Atlante stradale Italia 1:600 000 9788851117597 - pp. 144 - € 9,90 size: 20,5 x 28,2 binding: stapled

Atlante stradale Italia 1:400 000 per motociclisti 9788851116743 - pp. 64 - € 19,90 size: 12 x 26,4 binding: spiral bound

Atlante tascabile di città - Roma Road pocket atlas – Rome

Atlante stradale Italia 1:1 000 000 9788851116361 - pp. 64 - € 5,90 size: 10,6 x 16 binding: spiral bound

This pocket atlas of Rome is a handy guide to easily move around the city. Bypasses, entry roads and crossings are all listed. Moreover, there are detailed pages about the historical center in scale 1:8.000, the city map in scale 1:13 000 and an index of places that lists roads, monuments and facilities.

Atlante stradale d’Europa 1:800 000 9788851115401 - pp. 312 - € 22,90 size: 23 x 29,7 binding: spiral bound

9788851116644 - pp. 136 - € 8,90 size: 11,5 x 19 - binding: spiral bound

Italia dei camperisti 1:400 000 9788851115562 - pp. 168 - € 19,90 size: 12 x 30 binding: spiral bound





road maps

road maps

Carte regionali d’Italia Regional maps Italy

Piante di città d’Italia Italy city maps

Italy’s top selling 1: 200 000 scale regional road maps are accurate, constantly updated, quick easy reference: the best items to make your journeys across Italy simply delightful. These particular scale and size allow you to have the whole territory at your finger tips, thus offering a constant overview of the whole region and letting you know about panoramic routes, turistic places and day-trip itineraries. A booklet with the index of places is included.

A collection of detailed city street maps that will help you make your way around the most important towns and cities in Italy. The maps have different scales according to the extension of the represented centre, they are always easy to read and they have lots of information. Each item also includes crossing maps, province and hinterland maps and an index of places. Rome and Milan also have subway maps.

size: 13 x 25 - binding: maps folded with laminated cover + index booklet

size: 11,5 x 24,2 - binding: concertina folded and laminated

Abruzzo e Molise 1:200 000 9788841885925 - € 7,50

Lazio 1:200 000 9788851115968 - € 6,90

Puglia 1:200 000 9788841886014 - € 7,50

Calabria 1:200 000 9788851107307 - € 6,90

Liguria 1:200 000 9788851115630 - € 6,90

Sardegna 1:200 000 9788851116606 - € 7,50

Campania e Basilicata 1:200 000 9788851115944 - € 6,90

Lombardia 1:200 000 9788841885970 - € 6,90

Sicilia 1:200 000 9788841886021 - € 6,90

Emilia-Romagna 1:200 000 9788851115623 - € 6,90

Marche e Umbria 1:200 000 9788851115913 - € 6,90

Friuli-Venezia Giulia 1:200 000 9788851115937 - € 6,90

Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta 1:200 000 9788851116583 - € 7,50

Spiagge della Sardegna del Nord 1:200 000 9788851115746 - € 8,90 coll. 005 Toscana 1:200 000 9788851116620 - € 7,50

Tre Venezie 1:250 000 9788851115364 - € 7,50 coll. 002 Trentino-Alto Adige 1:200 000 9788851115920 - € 6,90 Valle d’Aosta 1:100 000 9788851108915 - € 7,50 coll. 005 Veneto 1:200 000 9788851115951 - € 6,90

Ancona 1:8 000 e Provincia 9788851109417 - € 6,50

Catania 1:10 000 9788851110185 - € 6,90

Modena 1:12 000 9788851111779 - € 6,90

Aosta 1:4 000 9788851104696 - € 5,90

Como 1:7 500 9788851113032 - € 6,90

Napoli 1:9 000 9788841885987 - € 6,90

Asti 1:6 500 9788851110581 - € 5,90

Como 1:7 500 Varese 1:8 000 9788851107536 - € 6,90

Novara 1:7 500 9788851115869 - € 6,90

Bari 1:9 000 9788851111847 - € 6,90 Belluno 1:4 500 9788851104184 - € 5,90 Bergamo 1:9 000 9788851113483 - € 6,90 Bologna 1:9 000 9788851113735 - € 6,90

Carte stradali d’Italia Italy road maps Easy to read and detailed, these maps are made for those who are planning an itinerary in Italy thanks to the representation of the entire expressway network, and main and secondary roads, that also features the main tourist attractions.

size: 13 x 25 - binding: concertina folded and laminated Autostrade d’Italia 1:700 000 9788851114985 - € 7,50

9788851116378 - € 6,50

Italia 1:800 000 9788851115371 - € 6,90

Italia Nord – Centro 1:500 000 9788841885956 - € 6,50

Bolzano 1:7 500 Trento 1:10 000 9788851107499 - € 6,90 Brescia 1:12 000 9788851117122 - € 6,90 Brindisi e provincia 1:6 000 9788851109288 - € 6,50 Cagliari 1:9 500 9788851112639 - € 6,90

Cremona 1:7 500 Mantova 1:7 000 9788851105730 - € 6,50 Firenze 1:10 000 9788851109455 - € 5,90

Palermo 1:10 000 9788851110383 - € 6,90 Parma 1:7 500 Piacenza 1:9 000 9788851107512 - € 6,90

Siena 1:5 000 Arezzo 1:6 000 9788851110833 - € 6,50 Siracusa 1:8 000 9788851110710 - € 6,90 Taranto 1:6 000 9788851111809 - € 6,90 Torino 1:16 000 9788841886007 - € 6,90 Treviso 1:7 000 9788851111793 - € 6,90

Perugia 1:9 500 9788851111823 - € 6,90

Trieste 1:10 000 9788851111786 - € 6,90

Lecce 1:5 500 9788851111830 - € 6,90

Ravenna 1:6 500 Ferrara 1:7 500 9788851110826 - € 6,50

Venezia 1:5 000 Mestre 1:10 000 9788851110208 - € 6,90

Livorno 1:11 000 9788851110703 - € 6,90

Reggio Emilia 1:8 500 9788851111755 - € 6,90

Verona 1:11 000 9788851109486 - € 5,90

Milano e circondario 1:16 000 9788851115357 - € 7,50

Roma 1:13 000 9788841885994 - € 7,50

Vicenza 1:9 000 9788851100582 - € 5,90

Genova 1:10 000 9788851109479 - € 6,90

Milano e provincia 1:12 000 9788851116910 - € 7,50

Roma Centro 1:8 000 9788851116576 - € 6,90

Italia Centro – Sud 1:500 000





road maps

road maps

Carte stradali estero International road maps

Piante di città estero International city maps

A complete range of meticulously updated road maps, rich with information to meet the needs of different kinds of travellers. Thanks to their size and the extremely detailed cartography, they are the perfect reference maps for all those who want to discover a country around the world. The maps highlight main and back roads, (up to ten different road typologies have been pinpointed), total and partial mileages, national parks and reserves, viewpoints, cultural, historical and nature sites.

Detailed maps to travel across the main cities of the world, thanks to their exceptional representation of the urban reality. The maps have different scales according to the extension of the represented centre. All the info a tourist or a business man would know are clearly highlighted: cultural and historical sites, exhibition complexes, expressways, parking areas, subway lines, etc.

size: 11,5 x 24,2 - binding: concertina folded and laminated

size: 13 x 25 - binding: concertina folded and laminated

Austria – Svizzera – Slovenia 1:800 000 9788851116903 - € 8,00

Gran Bretagna – Irlanda 1:1 000 000 9788851103170 - € 7,50

Spagna – Portogallo 1:800 000 9788851115883 - € 8,00

Amsterdam 1:12 000 9788851116651 - € 7,90

Budapest 1:16 000 9788851105129 - € 7,50

Praga 1:17 000 9788851110215 - € 7,90

Europa 1:3 000 000 9788851109219 - € 8,00

Grecia 1:800 000 9788851116712 - € 8,00

Stati Uniti. Costa Atlantica 1:1 250 000 9788851105204 - € 8,90

Atene 1:12 500 9788851103026 - € 7,50

Londra 1:17 500 9788851116675 - € 7,90

Vienna 1:13 000 9788851111922 - € 7,50

Francia – Benelux 1:800 000 9788851116699 - € 8,00

Messico – Guatemala 1:3 000 000 9788851112684 - € 10,00

Barcellona 1:11 000 9788851115579 - € 7,90

Madrid 1:11 000 9788851110772 - € 7,90

Germania 1:800 000 9788851116705 - € 8,00

Rep. Ceca – Slovacchia – Ungheria Polonia 1:800 000 9788851111915 - € 7,50

Berlino 1:20 000 9788851115906 - € 7,90

Parigi 1:12 500 9788851116682 - € 7,90







size: 28,7 x 23,3 - binding: hardbound

Made in collaboration with Coldiretti, this book is an essential benchmark for those who want to spend a good time in touch with nature and to enjoy well eating. More than 1.000 farms to rest and to eat divided by region, and 5.000 places to buy fresh food from farmers, all supplied with a photography and lots of useful information. Each chapter opens with the list and the description of wine and food roads. The thematic cartography allows a quick location of the places of interest. 9788851117443 - pp. 576 - € 19,00 size: 12,5 x 18,5 - binding: flexi bound

mangiare & dormire in campagna

Striking photo books that present wonderful views of some of the most representative places of Italy. Large size aerial photos are matched with detailed and unique images of the territory. The texts in two languages (Italian - German and Italian - English depending on the title) highlight toponyms and sites not to be missed. Practical locator maps allow a quick orienteering.

Agriturismo 2013 Farm holiday 2013


Album fotografici Photo books

Questa pubblicazione è stampata su carta prodotta con materie prime fibrose ricavate da foreste gestite nel pieno rispetto del territorio.

mangiare & dormire in campagna

Agriturismo Una selezione delle migliori tavole e delle migliori aziende agrituristiche

ter ra no str a The




a str no ra ter


size: 12,5 x 18,7 - binding: paperback


angapma c ni erimrod & eraignam

Lago di Garda Lake Garda 9788841877869 - pp. 216 - € 24,50

Made in collaboration with Regione Lombardia, these two guides offer a detailed overview of Brianza territory, Monza and Lecco provinces, towns and resorts on the Lombardia lake bank, with an eye to Varese and its lakes. You may create your favorite itinerary starting from tips and in-depth articles about protected sites, museums, viewpoints, green areas and other places of interest, without forgetting good restaurants.


U7252481 euro 19,00


Guide Go


U7252481 euro 19,00

nel pieno rispetto del territorio. ricavate da foreste gestite su carta prodotta con materie prime fibrose Questa pubblicazione è stampata

Lago Maggiore Lake Maggiore 9788841877876 - pp. 216 - € 24,50

L’ospitalità, i prezzi e i prodotti, oltre a precise indicazioni su come arrivare

Agriturismo e delle migliori aziende agrituristiche Una selezione delle migliori tavole

a precise indicazioni su come arrivare L’ospitalità, i prezzi e i prodotti, oltre

in campagna mangiare & dormire

Voci di Toscana Voices of Tuscany A journey across Tuscany, among tastes, scents, art, mysteries, following and looking for the pleasant stories hidden beneath great landscapes, great gardens, great monuments… Andrea Bocelli and Giorgio De Martino, together with the great characters who loved it, follow us through the discover of this secret extraordinary Tuscany. 9788841879528 - pp. 144 - € 19,00 size: 17 x 22 - binding: paperback with flaps

Monza e Lecco 9788851115302 - pp. 120 - € 7,90



Lago Maggiore Maggiore Lake 9788851116859 - pp. 144 - € 8,00





Dizionari tascabili Pocket dictionaries

Dizionari Midi Medium dictionaries

Dizionari Maxi Maxi dictionaries

With their detailed definitions of terms and their rich phraseology of key entries, De Agostini’s pocket dictionaries are the best reference tools for all the travellers who wish to speak, read, write and understand the most widespread languages in the world.

Particularly appreciated for their handy size, these dictionaries are essential to speak, read and write foreign languages, to study Latin, and to erase any grammatical doubt. Each one has a summary of the main grammatical rules, with lots of examples and tips on pronunciation. There are also annexes about irregular verbs, phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions.

size: 8,2 x 11,5 - binding: flexi bound

size: 13,3 x 19,2 - binding: hardbound with jacket

Fit for students, businessmen and families, these dictionaries are handy reference books that satisfy any doubts about written and spoken Italian, English, Spanish and French. Updated and complete, these volumes can solve various problems about spelling, grammar, syntax, text analysis and production.

Albanese Italiano - Italiano Albanese Albanian-Italian Italian-Albanian 9788841847657 - pp. 448 - € 9,90

Greco moderno Italiano - Italiano Greco moderno Modern Greek-Italian Italian-modern Greek 9788841578957 - pp. 512 - € 9,50

Americano Italiano - Italiano Americano American-Italian Italian-American 9788841552247 - pp. 512 - € 7,50

Inglese Italiano - Italiano Inglese English-Italian Italian-English 9788841864746 - pp. 314 - € 7,50

Arabo Italiano - Italiano Arabo Arabic-Italian Italian-Arabic 9788841847640 - pp. 512 - € 10,90

Polacco Italiano - Italiano Polacco Polish-Italian Italian-Polish 9788841894200 - pp. 300 - € 8,90

Dizionario dei sinonimi e dei contrari Synonyms and contraries 9788841864791 - pp. 852 - € 7,50

Portoghese Italiano - Italiano Portoghese Portoguese-Italian Italian-Portoguese 9788841894187 - pp. 216 - € 7,50

Dizionario della lingua italiana Italian 9788841864753 - pp. 928 - € 7,50

Rumeno Italiano - Italiano Rumeno Rumenian-Italian Italian-Rumenian 9788841894194 - pp. 576 - € 8,90

Dizionario della lingua latina Latin-Italian Italian-Latin 9788841864760 - pp. 704 - € 7,50

Russo Italiano - Italiano Russo Russian-Italian Italian-Russian 9788841837887 - pp. 448 - € 8,90

Dizionario grammaticale Italian grammar 9788841836651 - pp. 768 - € 6,20

Spagnolo Italiano - Italiano Spagnolo Spanish-Italian Italian-Spanish 9788841864777 - pp. 308 - € 7,50

Filippino Italiano - Italiano Filippino Filipino-Italian Italian-Filipino 9788841588710 - pp. 448 - € 9,81

Tedesco Italiano - Italiano Tedesco German-Italian Italian-German 9788841864784 - pp. 318 - € 7,50

Francese Italiano - Italiano Francese French-Italian Italian-French 9788841864739 - pp. 332 - € 7,50

Turco Italiano - Italiano Turco Turkish-Italian Italian-Turkish 9788841584798 - pp. 448 - € 8,26

size: 16,5 x 23,5 binding: hardbound with jacket Dizionario di Italiano Italian 9788841895856 - pp. 928 - € 9,90

Rumeno Italiano - Italiano Rumeno Rumeno Italiano - Italiano Rumeno 9788841895276 - pp. 576 - €12,90

Dizionario dei sinonimi e dei contrari Synonyms and contraries 9788841879481 - pp. 752 - € 9,90

Francese Italiano Italiano Francese French-Italian Italian-French 9788841896679 - pp. 332 - € 9,90

Russo Italiano - Italiano Russo Russian-Italian Italian-Russian 9788841847626 - pp. 448 - € 12,90 size: 10,6 x 15,2 - binding: flexi bound

Dizionario di Italiano Italian 9788841897027 - pp. 1536 - € 14,90

Inglese Italiano - Italiano Inglese English-Italian Italian-English 9788841895849 - pp. 314 - € 9,90

Sinonimi e contrari Synonyms and contraries 9788841896631 - pp. 864 - € 9,90

Latino Italiano - Italiano Latino Latin-Italian Italian-Latin 9788841896624 - pp. 736 - € 9,90

Spagnolo Italiano Italiano Spagnolo Spanish-Italian Italian-Spanish 9788841896600 - pp. 708 - € 9,90

Portoghese Italiano Italiano Portoghese Portoguese-Italian Italian-Portoguese 9788841895283 - pp. 448 - €12,90

Tedesco Italiano - Italiano Tedesco German-Italian Italian-German 9788841896617 - pp. 704 - € 9,90

Dizionario grammaticale Italian grammar 9788841824221 - pp. 656 - € 17,90 size: 14,2 x 21 - binding: flexi bound Francese Italiano - Italiano Francese French-Italian Italian-French 9788841897041 - pp. 1472 - € 14,90 Inglese Italiano - Italiano Inglese English-Italian Italian-English 978884197034 - pp. 1462 - € 14,90 Spagnolo Italiano - Italiano Spagnolo Spanish-Italian Italian-Spanish 9788841897010 - pp. 702 - € 14,90

Giapponese Italiano - Italiano Giapponese Japanese-Italian Italian-Japanese 9788841847633 - pp. 512 - € 9,90


Languages and thematic dictionaries

Languages and thematic dictionaries




Dizionari del viaggiatore Dictionaries for travellers

L’Italiano perfetto The perfect Italian

When you are abroad, you need something handy to quickly get info or to understand indications. These practical phraseological dictionaries are perfect to get to know and to correctly use common expressions and key words for various scenarios. Each chapter is about a specific topic (from clothing to vehicles) and is in alphabetical order. Practical colored bases highlight the phraseological repertory to understand the most common indications and questions.

A simple and handy guide with rules, examples and explanations to erase any doubts about the punctual use of each linguistic element, to refresh your memory about tenses and moods, to learn how to express properly and to avoid the most common mistakes.

size: 10 x 14,5 - binding: paperback

9788841873236 - pp. 224 - € 12,00 size: 13,3 x 19,2 - binding: paperback

pp. 200 - € 7,50

Il libro dei caratteri cinesi The book of Chinese characters Each graphic character hides a fascinating secret. Scholars identify 6 families, among which there are ideograms (which represent a concept in a symbolic way) and pictograms (which describe reality in a graphic way). The composition follows precise rules, highlighted in this book. You can quickly learn how to recognize the constitutive elements of the characters and this thousand-year old writing technique. Il francese in viaggio French for travellers 9788841876312

Il tedesco in viaggio German for travellers 9788841876299

9788841894217 - pp. 336 - € 12,00

size: 13,3 x 19,2 - binding: paperback

Il tuo inglese senza errori Your English without mistakes A handy guide to solve any doubts about words and phrasing, and to get to speak and to write English correctly in every situation. More than 1.800 common mistakes collected in 150 thematic data-sheets, with examples and explanations that help you correct the mistake. Moreover, 200 common expressions to understand and be understood, 35 in-depth analysis and curiosities about the Anglo-Saxon culture and a concise brief of the main grammar rules. 9788841855133 - pp. 224 - € 12,00

L’inglese in viaggio English for travellers 9788841876329


Lo spagnolo in viaggio Spanish for travellers 9788841876305

Languages and thematic dictionaries

size: 13,3 x 19,2 - binding: paperback

Languages and thematic dictionaries




Grammatiche essenziali Essential grammars

Tutto The “Tutto” series is constantly updated and is now a well-established reference tool for humanistics and scientific disciplines. Each book allows students to easily understand, memorize and revise the key concepts of the main subjects and disciplines. Texts are always clear and concise, they are arranged by sections and supplied with introductory summaries, in-depth analysis boxes and synoptic tables.

Reliable reference tools for an easy and effective study of languages, made for supporting students, teachers and those who speak English, French, Spanish and German due to their job. Each volume offers a summary of the main grammatical rules enhanced by examples, and also punctual tips on pronunciation, on how to use irregular and phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions. 100 exercises with solutions are also included.

size: 12,5 x 18 - binding: paperback

size: 13,3 x 19,2 - binding: paperback pp. 256 - € 9,50

Grammatica essenziale Francese Essential French grammar 9788841897447

Grammatica essenziale Italiano Essential Italian grammar 9788841867235

Grammatica essenziale Spagnolo Essential Spanish grammar 9788841862964

Grammatica essenziale Inglese Essential English grammar 9788841895795

Grammatica essenziale Latino Essential Latin grammar 9788841878927

Grammatica essenziale Tedesco Essential German grammar 9788841896662

Tutto Architettura / Tutto Architecture 9788841861998 - pp. 256 - € 11,90

Tutto Inglese / Tutto English 9788841863817 - pp. 316 - € 11,90

Tutto Astronomia / Tutto Astronomy 9788841870112 - pp. 288 - € 11,90

Tutto Latino / Tutto Latin 9788841858394 - pp. 512 - € 11,90

Tutto Biologia / Tutto Biology 9788841863268 - pp. 320 - € 11,90

Tutto Letteratura francese Tutto French litterature 9788841847671 - pp. 368 - € 11,00

Tutto Botanica / Tutto Botanic 9788841873212 - pp. 256 - € 11,90 Tutto Chimica / Tutto Chemistry 9788841858905 - pp. 256 - € 11,90 Tutto Cinema / Tutto Cinema 9788841858257 - pp. 256 - € 11,90 Tutto Diritto / Tutto Law 9788841864869 - pp. 352 - € 11,90
















Tutto Filosofia / Tutto Philosophy 9788841855102 - pp. 288 - € 11,90 ALUTAZI


Tutto Fisica / Tutto Physics 9788841855119 - pp. 336 - € 11,90




tedesco REGOLE







Tutto Francese / Tutto French 9788841855096 - pp. 640 - € 11,90 Tutto Geografia economica Tutto Economic Geography 9788841588758 - pp. 288 - € 11,00 Tutto Illuminismo Tutto Age of Enlightment 9788841870105 - pp. 224 - € 11,90


Languages and thematic dictionaries

Tutto Letteratura inglese Tutto English litterature 9788841833117 - pp. 416 - € 11,00

Tutto Poesia italiana del ‘900 Tutto Italian poetry of the 19th century 9788841864883 - pp. 256 - € 11,90 Tutto Psicologia e pedagogia Tutto Psychology and pedagogy 9788841863251 - pp. 256 - € 11,90 Tutto Religioni / Tutto Religion 9788841864890 - pp. 256 - € 11,90 Tutto Rinascimento / Tutto Renaissance 9788841864906 - pp. 256 - € 11,90

Tutto Letteratura italiana Tutto Italian litterature 9788841870099 - pp. 400 - € 11,90

Tutto Risorgimento e Unità d’Italia Tutto Risorgimento and unification of Italy 9788841863923 - pp. 160 - € 11,90

Tutto Letteratura latina Tutto Latin litterature 9788841878934 - pp. 304 - € 11,90

Tutto Sociologia / Tutto Sociology 9788841863275 - pp. 288 - € 11,90

Tutto Letteratura spagnola Tutto Spanish litterature 9788841837559 - pp. 256 - € 11,00





Tutto Economia politica e scienza delle finanze / Tutto Political Economics and Financial Science 9788841598740 - pp. 288 - € 11,00






Tutto Economia aziendale Tutto Business Management 9788841863244 - pp. 256 - € 11,90

Tutto Letteratura greca Tutto Greek litterature 9788841598764 - pp. 224 - € 11,00

Tutto Ottocento Tutto the nineteenth century 9788841870082 - pp. 512 - € 11,90

Tutto Letteratura tedesca Tutto German litterature 9788841598757 - pp. 320 - € 11,00

Tutto Spagnolo / Tutto Spanish 9788841858912 - pp. 608 - € 11,90 Tutto Storia / Tutto History 9788841864913 - pp. 500 - € 11,90 Tutto Storia dell’arte / Tutto History of Art 9788841870075 - pp. 320 - € 11,90

Tutto Medioevo / Tutto Middle Age 9788841864876 - pp. 300 - € 11,90

Tutto Teatro / Tutto Theatre 9788841862858 - pp. 256 - € 11,90

Tutto Musica / Tutto Music 9788841855126 - pp. 416 - € 11,90

Tutto Tedesco / Tutto German 9788841854082 - pp. 288 - € 11,90

Tutto Novecento Tutto the twentieth century 9788841873229 - pp. 700 - € 11,90

Tutto Zoologia / Tutto Zoology 9788841873205 - pp. 160 - € 11,90

Languages and thematic dictionaries




Frecce Tricolori Italian Air Force acrobatic team The Frecce Tricolori, the Italian elite formation flying team, are one of the most beloved and representative emblems of our country. Their spectacular maneuvers amaze us every time we admire them flying. But how did they get such a precision? Who are the men, which are the means? Who are those who put pilots in a position to fly safely? What is the history of the Air Force acrobatic team? All these questions and many others are met in these volumes, made in collaboration with Frecce Tricolori. Besides the illustrated book, updated on the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy, there is also a DVD edition, with over 170 minutes of unreleased footage, some of which shot with the spectacular GO-PRO movie camera.

Orologi da polso Wristwatches The updated and expanded edition of a book dedicated to collectors’ wristwatches, written and developed by two experts in the field. From Patek Philippe to Rolex, from Omega to Vacheron Costantin, all the wristwatches that made an age and the most advanced technology: the best pieces of the most popular brands, the models that left a trace in the twentieth century history, the most wanted and appreciated pieces by collectors and evaluators. A great illustrated volume made for all those who are keen on worldwide clock-making, with lots of curiosities, in-depth analysis, and a glossary of watch terminology. 9788841872963 - pp. 304 - € 39,00 size: 26 x 30 - binding: hardbound with jacket

Frecce Tricolori 9788851116101 - pp. 128 - € 39,50 size: 44 x 30 - binding: hardbound with jacket

Frecce Tricolori 2 DVD-video 9788851116200 - pp. 24 - € 24,90 size: 18 x 26 - binding: booklet + 2 DVDs

Aeronautica Militare Air Force

Trattato di scenotecnica An essay on stagecraft

Made in collaboration with the National Italian Air Force, two titles that offer a privileged insight of the mission, the organization, the history, the military operations, the international efforts, the staff, the facilities and the technology which made the Air Force a leading strength in the international scene. The book also showcases tables of all the divisions and the airplanes: from the Eurofighter 2000 Typhoon to the F-16A, from the Tornado to the C-2J7 and the C-130J, until the very last flying tests on the T-346A. The deluxe edition also features two 1:100 scale models of the C-130J and the Eurofighter 2000 Typhoon.

Originating in the 5th century BC, the art of stagecraft has evolved and improved over the centuries to reach levels that are difficult to overtake. After some historical notes on set design, the book describes in detail the various features that have a part in stagecraft: costumes, layout, architectural design, curtain, stage, etc. A variety of explanatory drawings help understanding all the individual elements. An essential text that has no equal on the Italian scene. 9788841857267 - pp. 384 - € 50,00 size: 21,4 x 28,6 - binding: paperback

Aeronautica militare Air Force 9788851116170 - pp. 128 - € 39,90 size: 44 x 30 - binding: hardbound


Illustrated NON FICTION

Aeronautica militare Edizione lusso Air Force - Deluxe edition 9788851116194 - pp. 128 - € 79,90 size: 33 x 63 - binding: box with Aeronautica militare volume + 2 1:100 scale models

Illustrated NON FICTION




Cucina e pasticceria Cooking and patisserie This brand new collection dedicated to good Italian cuisine offers classical and original recipes based on regional traditions, tips and lots of ideas to make easy, tasty dishes for ordinary and holiday feasts meals. Each recipe includes a list of ingredients, a detailed explanation of the making process and the best match with DOC and DOCG Italian wines. All the cookbooks, full of beautiful photos, have sections dedicated to the “cookery school”, to learn all the secrets and the tricks of great chefs.

size: 23,5 x 22,5 - binding: hardbound

size: 19,3 x 25,9 - binding: hardbound

pp. 192 - € 9,90

pp. 192 - € 9,90 Antipasti Starters 9788841870174 Pasta Pasta 9788841866573 Riso, orzo, farro e altri cereali Rice, barley, spelt and other cereals 9788841866559 Minestre, zuppe, gnocchi e polenta Soups, gnocchi and polenta 9788841872581

Pizza, focacce, calzoni e torte salate Pizza, focaccia bread, calzone and savory pies 9788841866566 Carni bianche White meat 9788841873045 Carni rosse Red meat 9788841872598

Pesce, crostacei e molluschi Fish and shellfish 9788841870204

Biscotti e piccola pasticceria Biscuits and patisserie 9788841897485

Dolci al cucchiaio Creamy desserts 9788841870181

Dolci light Low calories desserts 9788841872611

Salumi, formaggi e uova Salami, cheese and eggs 9788841873076

Cioccolato Chocolate 9788841866528

Dolci dal mondo International desserts 9788841866511

Gelati, sorbetti e granite Icecream, sorbets and water ice 9788841873069

Verdure e contorni Vegetables and side dishes 9788841866542

Crostate Tarts 9788841897492

Dolci delle feste Holiday desserts 9788841870198

Torte Cakes 9788841897508

Dolci alla frutta Fruit desserts 9788841873052

size: 19,3 x 25,9 - binding: hardbound with jacket

size: 23,5 x 22,5 - binding: hardbound with jacket

pp. 192 - € 9,90

pp. 192 - € 9,90

Antipasti - Deluxe Starters - Deluxe 9788841884478 Pasta - Deluxe Pasta - Deluxe 9788841884621 Riso, orzo, farro e altri cereali - Deluxe Rice, barley, spelt and other cereals - Deluxe 9788841886458


Minestre, zuppe, gnocchi e polenta - Deluxe Soups, gnocchi and polenta - Deluxe 9788841897881 Carni bianche - Deluxe White meat - Deluxe 9788841897898 Carni rosse - Deluxe Red meat - Deluxe 9788841897904

Illustrated non fiction

Pesce, crostacei e molluschi - Deluxe Fish and shellfish - Deluxe 9788841884638

Biscotti e piccola pasticceria - Deluxe Biscuits and patisserie - Deluxe 9788841884485

Dolci al cucchiaio - Deluxe Creamy desserts - Deluxe 9788841884515

Dolci delle feste - Deluxe Holiday desserts - Deluxe 9788841884539

Salumi, formaggi e uova - Deluxe Salami, cheese and eggs - Deluxe 9788841897911

Cioccolato - Deluxe Chocolate - Deluxe 9788841884492

Dolci dal mondo - Deluxe International desserts - Deluxe 9788841884522

Torte - Deluxe Cakes - Deluxe 9788841884669

Crostate - Deluxe Tarts - Deluxe 9788841884508

Illustrated non fiction




Papaveri e pistacchi Poppies and pistachios

Super piccante Super hot

Peanuts, cashews, pine nuts and pistachios, but also almonds, chestnuts and walnuts... without forgetting sprouts and sunflower, pumpkin and poppy seeds. Edible seeds in nature are the main ingredients for natural cooking. Unlike cereals and pulse crops, mainly constituted by carbohydrates, oily seeds are rich in fats that are important for the nervous system’s development; that is why they are always included in balanced and natural diets. This original book showcases seeds’ and sprouts’ virtues and 50 recipes to cook nutritious and savory dishes.

A book to learn about up to 90 varieties of chili pepper. Lots of news about their features, fragrance and heat intensity, tips on how to use them and grow them in pots at home, and also curiosities such as popular beliefs. Full of original photographs, this book showcases lots of recipes to cook with chili pepper, from starters to desserts. 9788841868843 - pp. 206 - € 18,00 size: 17 x 24 - binding: hardbound

9788841897478 - pp. 206 - € 16,00 size: 17 x 24 - binding: hardbound

Coltivo e cucino Growing and cooking

Dolce e salato Sweet and salty

Onions and potatoes, but also carrots, beetroots, garlics and radishes… and what about Jerusalem artichokes, celeriac, ginger, parsnips and truffles? These are all roots, bulbs, tubers and rhizomes to grow with satisfaction and to be used to make original and tasty courses. A cookbook full of unique and refined recipes, but also an useful reference book to get to know the main features and the techniques to grow undergrand crops, following the new trends about do-it-yourself vegetable gardens and cooking local natural products.

Short crust, choux, brisée or puff pastry are the starting point to make lots of delicious dishes. This original cookbook gives stepby-step directions to make dough, listing all the ingredients, explaining techniques and cooking methods and offering lots of tips. It also features lots of sweet and salty recipes, all illustrated by full-page photos. 9788841896655 - pp. 208 - € 18,00

size: 22 x 24 - binding: hardbound

9788841879580 - pp. 206 - € 18,00 size: 17 x 24 - binding: hardbound

Crudo e poco cotto Raw and lightly cooked

Le tue torte d’autore Your own designer cakes

In search of a new perspective on healthy and natural eating, we step into the world of raw food. This book will teach you how to prepare delicious dishes made from raw or lightly cooked ingredients, from fruits and vegetables to marinated, pan-smoked or saltcured meat and fish, always keeping unchanged their properties and organoleptic features. All the recipes are a savory and stylish mix of Asian cuisine and Mediterranean tradition.

Paola Azzolina, young and talented Italian cake designer, tells us how to make dreamy cakes for parties, anniversaries and children. Made for both experienced home cooks and those just starting out in the cake design, a simple and funny cookbook which explains the basic techniques to make fillings and decorations. Recipes have different difficulty levels and step-by-step directions.

pp. 208 - € 16,00 size: 17 x 24 - binding: hardbound

size: 22 x 24 - binding: hardbound

9788841896860 - pp. 256 - € 22,00


illustrated non fiction

illustrated non fiction




Il grande ricettario The great cookbook

Il grande ricettario verde The great green cookbook

Il grande libro dei dolci The great book of desserts

From the most classical recipes to the most dressy ones, from the regional cuisine to the most original specialties, more than 2.300 Italian and international recipes that renown chef Gualtiero Marchesi has selected for all the lovers of well eating. From starters to desserts, a comprehensive resource with clear directions about cooking and lots of tricks of the trade: a complete cooking course of haute cuisine made for experienced chefs and those just starting out.

A cookbook made for all those who have chosen to eat healthy. Starters, main courses, vegetable dishes, salads, pizza and savory pies: more than 1.400 recipes with difficulty levels, lists of ingredients, making and cooking times. A specific symbol will point out vegan recipes, that is to say recipes that do without animal products, such as eggs and dairy products.

All the pastry making art in a great illustrated book. More than 800 recipes sorted by variety (pastries and biscuits, creamy desserts, crepes and omelettes, cakes, ice creams, fried cakes) and sections dedicated to the cookery school, where there are lots of tips about how to make basic dough and how to decorate your cakes. Each recipe has a list of ingredients, step-by-step directions to make professional desserts, difficulty level and making times.

9788841884577 - pp. 1080 - € 14,90 size: 16,7 x 23,5 - binding: hardbound with padded cover

9788841893531 - pp. 760 - € 14,90 size: 16,7 x 23,5 - binding: hardbound with padded cover

9788841877944 - pp. 384 - € 19,90 size: 23 x 28,5 - binding: hardbound

È dolce far dolci It’s sweet making sweets

Un sapore nel cuore Favorite flavour

Guida alle carni A guide to meat

What’s behind a celebrity? Success, anecdotes, passions and… a favorite flavour related to an intimate memory. The author tells about the lives of twenty Italian vips (Paolo Bonolis, Camilla Raznovich, Antonio Ricci…) whom she shared feelings with due to her work. Each portrait ends with their favorite flavor and the recipe described in detail. A book for all those who love taking a closer look to celebrities.

When you are in a butcher shop, can you distinguish different meat cuts? And what about matching them with the plate you’re going to cook? Here you will find out all the beef, veal and pork cuts, their tenderness scale, the perfect cooking methods and times and the best pairing with various second courses. Lots of savory recipes are also included.

9788841873151 - pp. 224 - € 12,90 size: 13 x 20 - binding: hardbound

9788841879856 - pp. 176 - € 12,00 size: 17 x 24 - binding: hardbound

Designed by PANEANGELI pastry chefs specifically for this book, 80 recipes of the most famous desserts to make a good impression in every occasion. The recipes, each one illustrated by a beautiful full-page photo, are arranged by occasion: everyday, special days (birthdays, anniversaries, etc…), children, bag lunches, romantic dinners, friends, feasts and holidays. 9788851117139 - pp. 192 - € 9,90 size: 23,7 x 23,7- binding: hardbound

Dolci passioni Sweet passions A complete cookbook dedicated to the Italian patisserie, with more than 200 recipes to make soft and stuffed cakes, tarts with jam or fruits, and traditional and holiday desserts. Each recipe has a full-page photo and features the difficulty level, making and cooking times, ingredients, making stages. There is also a section dedicated to the “cookery school”, to learn the basic techniques to make dough, fillings and decorations. 9788841897515 - pp. 552 - € 19,90 size: 23,5 x 22,5 - binding: hardbound with padded cover


illustrated non fiction

illustrated non fiction




Piccole dolcezze Pocket sweetness

Il libro completo del vino The complete book of wine

Il libro dell’aceto The book of vinegar

A new collection of illustrated pocket books dedicated to the great Italian patisserie, with traditional but also original desserts. Each title showcases more than 40 recipes to make cakes, tarts, pastries and other desserts that share a common feature: a special ingredient, such as fruit, coffee or chocolate, a particular size or consistency – pastries or creamy desserts -, the regional origin. Each recipe has a full-page photo and features difficulty level, making and cooking times, list of ingredients, making stages.

An updated edition of a great De Agostini success, where you can find everything you want to know about wine, from vine varieties to grape harvest, from tasting to reading labels. In the final section, more than 300 pages dedicated to DOC, DOCG and IGT wines. A must both for experts and beginners, but also for those who simply have a passion for wine.

A book about vinegar, its history, its making process, its secrets and its use. An exhaustive guide to learn all about this product, which everyone simply considers a cooking ingredient, while it has a great variety of industrial, medical, and domestic uses. Historical news, anecdotes, scientifically rigorous contents and creative recipes make this book really unique.

9788841872574 - pp. 552 - € 35,00 size: 18,5 x 24,5 - binding: hardbound with jacket

9788851115296 - pp. 224 - € 25,00 size: 28,7 x 23,3 - binding: hardbound

Il libro completo della birra The complete book of beer

Il libro completo del whisky The complete book of whisky

A complete overview of the sparkling world of beer in a compact, handy and elegant book: history, ingredients, brewing techniques, social activities and traditions, together with the descriptions of 300 beers.

A complete and fully illustrated book that leads the reader into the world of whisky: from its history to its making process, from tasting to distilleries and bottlers, everything you need to know about this precious distilled beverage. More than 300 varieties of whisky from all over the world are here described and reviewed.

size: 15 x 14,5 - binding: hardbound with padded cover pp. 96 - € 5,90

Tuttifrutti All fruits 9788841897607

Dolci in miniatura Petit patisserie 9788841897591

Sapor di cioccolato Chocolate flavor 9788841897584

9788841825570 - pp. 216 - € 19,90 size: 22,5 x 22 - binding: hardbound

9788841837665 - pp. 216 - € 19,90 size: 22,5 x 22 - binding: hardbound with jacket

Morbidi e gustosi Creamy and delicious 9788841897560


Aroma di caffè Coffee aroma 9788841897553

illustrated non fiction

Dolce Italia Sweet Italy 9788841897577

illustrated non fiction




Guide Compact Compact guides

Mini Compact These thematic guides offer the maximum amount of info about a wide variety of subjects in the smallest and most handy size. They are arranged into data-sheets, each one dedicated to a single subject, so that consultation can be really quick and easy. The practical spiral bound makes these pocket books real field guides.

A wide variety of thorough and exact contents, quick and easy to consult: this is the strength of the Compact Guides, illustrated books that meet and satisfy all kind of studying and researching demands. For each subject the books deal with, there is a data-sheet that looks like an id card with photos and full-color illustrations that sums up its main features.

size: 14,5 x 23 - binding: hardbound

size: 10 x 15,3 - binding: paperback with inner spiral

Alberi / Trees 9788841843727 - pp. 320 - € 18,90

Fiori di campo / Wild flowers 9788841859919 - pp. 320 - € 18,90

Piante d’appartamento / Houseplants 9788841864838 - pp. 304 - € 18,90

Alberi / Trees 9788841854044 - €  8,90 - pp. 192

Erbe / Herbs 9788841861882 - €  8,90 - pp. 192

Pesca / Fishing 9788841835067 - €  8,90 - pp. 190

Astronomia / Astronomy 9788841873793 - pp. 320 - € 18,90

Flora mediterranea Mediterranean flora 9788841861912 - pp. 320 - € 18,90

Piante grasse / Succulent plants 9788841847572 - pp. 256 - € 18,90

Cavalli / Horses 9788841872840 - €  8,90 - pp. 192

Fiori di montagna / Mountain flowers 9788841854051 - €  8,90 - pp. 192

Piante grasse / Succulent plants 9788841861875 - €  8,90 - pp. 192

Fotografia / Photography 9788841849071 - pp. 312 - € 18,90

Piante per balconi e giardini Potted plants 9788841857274 - pp. 320 - € 18,90

Cocktail / Cocktail 9788841859988 - €  8,90 - pp. 192

Fotografia digitale / Digital photography 9788841847558 - €  8,90 - pp. 192

Uccelli / Birds 9788841872857 - €  8,90 - pp. 192

Funghi / Mushrooms 9788841879863 - pp. 320 - € 18,90

Treni / Trains 9788841864821 - pp. 264 - € 18,90

Orchidee / Orchids 9788841850695 - pp. 240 - € 18,90

Vini / Wines 9788841885536 - pp. 312 - € 18,90

Birra / Beer 9788841857298 - pp. 240 - € 18,90 Cani / Dogs 9788841854068 - pp. 320 - € 18,90 Cavalli / Horses 9788841854075 - pp. 256 - € 18,90 Cocktail / Cocktail 9788841855164 - pp. 224 - € 18,90 Erbe / Herbs 9788841864845 - pp. 256 - € 18,90


Orologi da polso / Wristwatches 9788841857281 - pp. 320 - € 18,90 Pesca / Fishing 9788841843710 - pp. 320 - € 18,90

illustrated non fiction

illustrated non fiction




Il libro completo dei nomi The complete book of names

Allattamento al seno Breastfeeding

Il bambino felice Happy child

A book that showcases over 500 names, describing their origin, listing the Saint’s day, the colour and the stone related to each one of them. Ample space is dedicated to their meaning and to the famous historical characters who had a part into their spread, without forgetting curiosities and anecdotes.

There are a lots of difficulties when breastfeeding. To overcome them, you just need the right advice. Paola Paschetto and Giorgia Cozza, primarily moms rather than experts, clearly and comprehensively explain to first-time moms the various stages of breastfeeding, and even when to stop nursing.

An invaluable guide that tells you without beating about the bush what to do and what to avoid to correctly support your child’s growth, from his birth to the 6 years of age, debunking common places, preconceptions and bad habits.

9788841896068 - pp. 360 - € 9,00 size: 12,5 x 17,2 - binding: hardbound

9788841868690 - pp. 256 - € 14,90 size: 14 x 21,6 - binding: hardbound with jacket

9788841878057 - pp. 272 - € 16,00 size: 14 x 21,6 - binding: paperback with flaps

La mamma felice Happy mother From the child’s birth to his first year of age, everything you need to know to raise him in the best way and make him grow strong, healthy and serene. In-depth answers to 501 questions meet all the problems that parents may have.

In forma dopo la gravidanza Shaping up after pregnancy

Adolescenti: istruzioni per l’uso Adolescents: instructions manual

This comprehensive guide full of advice and recipes is made to support first-time moms during breastfeeding and the following period. Besides the weekly proper diet, there are also lots of tips to get back to a healthy and dynamic life style, that can help draining excess liquids, restraining fatigue, favoring sleep and bettering physical performances.

What happens when teens’ exuberance turns into aggressiveness and lack of respect for parents and family? Availing themselves of the instruments of psychology, communication and interpersonal dynamics studies, the authors give parents real advice to restore the order and get back to discuss with their own teenager sons.

9788841867075 - pp. 256 - € 16,90 size: 14 x 21,6 - binding: hardbound with jacket

9788841858592 - pp. 304 - € 14,00 size: 14 x 21,6 - binding: paperback with flaps

9788841855294 - pp. 256 - € 14,90 size: 14 x 21,6 - binding: paperback with flaps

I bambini crescono nonostante gli adulti Children grow up despite parents Giuseppe Ferrari, a renown pediatrician with more than 50 years of experience, dares to say what others just think: childrens’ problems are often created by their own parents. To overcome little and great daily life challenges – from weaning to sleeping, from school integration to tv managing, from choosing sport activities to language problems – you need to choose the point of view of your children, challenging common places. If you listen to your kids, if you make an effort to respect them as persons, you will become a good parent. 9788841869444 - pp. 480 - € 21,00 size: 14,5 x 22,5 - binding: hardbound with jacket


black and white non fiction

black and white non fiction


informative Mani in alto, questa è una banca! Hands up, this is a bank! This book unveils all the secrets of financial institutions: what are the services and products they offer, how to negotiate costs, terms and conditions, how to spend less and earn more. A guide for all clients, and especially for people who have been misled. “Getting lower costs and improved services from a bank seems almost impossible, but we just need to understand who it is we are facing, and if there’s a scam…and it’s a done deal.” 9788841878040 - pp. 192 - € 8,90 size: 13,3 x 19,2 - binding: paperback

Il Consuma Calorie Burning calories Eating healthy, eating well, having a correct life-style are the main rules to fight overweight and cardiovascular diseases. Knowing the right balance between weight and calories, between our body’s demands and its consumption of nutrients, is the premise of a healthy and balanced life. In this book, lots of advice to get to know our body, to avoid bad habits and to get to the target weight, burning calories with sport and daily activities.

informative Eureka! How many things we use and come across in our daily routine! They’re part of our everyday but we don’t pay much attention to them: we take them for granted, as if they had always existed. In fact, the things around us come from somebody who has created, invented, turned ideas into real things. This book is much more than an encyclopedia of inventions. It’s a collection of fascinating tales that tell about each item’s discovery and anecdotes. 9788841855317 - pp. 224 - € 3,90 size: 13,3 x 19,2 - binding: paperback with flaps

Eureka! 2 After the success of the first Eureka!, a new book dedicated to the very last inventions that have become part of our everyday life. A small encyclopedia to answer each and every question we might have about these items, which all tell a different story of intelligence, creativity, dedication, intuition and luck. 9788841862377 - pp. 192 - € 11,00 size: 13,3 x 19,2 - binding: paperback with flaps

9788841876367 - pp. 256 - € 16,90 size: 14 x 21,6 - binding: hardbound with jacket

Qui mangiava Garibaldi Here ate Garibaldi Beyond victories and defeats, the heroes of the Unification of Italy had also a normal life. For example, they ate. This book tells about the daily life of fifteen Risorgimento characters, but most of all, unveils to us what kind of food there was on their table: typical products, local wines, recipes from that age, and even some of the taverns and restaurants they frequented and which have stood up to the present . A collection of atypical biographies, but also a real gastronomic guide to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy. 9788841868355 - pp. 288 - € 14,00

size: 14,5 x 22,5 - binding: hardbound with jacket


black and white non fiction

Seconda stella a destra Second star on the right A certain Copernico turns forever the tables. Then follow the turns of events of Keplero, Galileo, Newton and all the others, until we get to the Big Bang and parallel universe theories. Astronomy, which is nothing else than the story of the immeasurable and constantly expanding universe, is a tale that Balbi enjoys sharing with us, together with the incredible personal stories of those great thunderstruck main characters who set out to conquer the mysteries of space. 9788841878033 - pp. 208 - € 9,90 size: 13 x 19,2 - binding: hardbound with jacket

black and white non fiction




In mongolfiera contro un albero Riding on a hot-air balloon against a tree

Il mio cuore ti appartiene My heart belongs to you

Il volo di Caterina The flight of Caterina

The analysis of Grassia, journalist for La Stampa, is more or less this: 4000 articles; travels to fifty countries; hundreds of interviews to famous people like Henry Kissinger, Kofi Annan, Leah Rabin; two space launches (watched) and a ride on a hot-air ballon (done). The reporter’s memories interchange with the apparent quiet of the newsroom and the humour daily news offer, so that we can get to know the feelings and the emotions of those people who make and read newspapers.

There’s a new comer in Alex’s class, the beautiful and serious Ylenia. The boy is struck by her and starts doing everything he can to please her: he shows reliable, he stops being late with friends, he studies and does well. But Ylenia keeps a terrible secret and, even though she feels the same way, she decides to keep a distance from him. After long ups and downs of emotions, love explodes and leads us to the final turning point, where life and death engage in fierce battle. A romantic and touching story, a slice of life of small-towns teenagers, with their wishes, naivety and dreams.

The neurosurgery ward of the Bellaria hospital in Bologna. Caterina is two years and eight months old. She has a brain tumor. How can you bear such pain? You need to hold back your fear and fight. Caterina has had surgery. She can barely move her left arm and leg, she cannot sit down and she has esotropia in her left eye. Yet, despite all, she is alive. Chemotherapy now begins. Her father Lorenzo stays with her throughout the treatment. In a sequence of “sliding doors” interweaving with the illness, Lorenzo tells us about Caterina’s story and imagines her future. To survive, to pay homage to life, to never forget and to look forward.

9788841897522 - pp. 192 - € 12,90

size: 13 x 20 - binding: hardbound with jacket

9788841879009 - pp. 336 - € 16,00

size: 13 x 20 - binding: hardbound with jacket

9788841870310 - pp. 192 - € 16,00

size: 13 x 20 - binding: hardbound with jacket

Altri naufragi Others shipwrecks Islands, prisoners of the seas, are microcosms that create stories that would never have born anywhere else. There, you can meet walking idols, not so much regretful cannibals, elephants as small as dogs and birds 4 meters tall. Viviano Domenici considers about thirty islands more or less famous and tells about their anecdotes, curiosities, tales and chronicles. A unique and fascinating journey that mix the pleasure of discovery with a passionate storytelling. 9788841878026 - pp. 296 - € 9,90 size: 14 x 21,6 - binding: hardbound with jacket

A cena coi cannibali A dinner with cannibals It was 1981 when Viviano Domenici was asked by “Corriere della sera” board of direction to follow an archaeological exploration in central America. From that time onwards, he traveled around the world more than once in search for isolated tribes, buried dinosaurs, proofs of civilizations. In this book he collected some of his news reports to allow readers to meet far away worlds, to see the wonder of diversity and to learn to respect all those ethnic groups who try to survive in the dramatic conflict against white people.

Il coniglio bianco The white rabbit Jan is thirty-seven years old. He has a wife, two children he can be proud of and a CV which should easily grant him the grail of modern capitalism. Eventually, he accepts the offer of a mobile communication company based in Munich. His very first mission involves the dismantling of the company’s facilities in Bangalore, but soon Jan understands that something’s wrong and that they are using him as a pawn in a lethal game that goes far beyond the borders of old Europe. A high adrenalin fast-paced thriller that will captivate you until the very last scene. 9788841870426 - pp. 384 - € 9,90 size: 14,5 x 22,5 - binding: paperback

Andrea Bocelli La musica del silenzio Andrea Bocelli. The music of silence Andrea Bocelli puts the task of telling his own story, passions and loves into the hands of Amos, a fictional character. An introspective story that goes through crisis, growing pains and hesitations until it gets to the success which led Bocelli up to the people’s plaudits. This book gives us the portrait of a complex and unforgettable great personality, whose life has also experienced pain and disappointments. 9788851115319 - pp. 320 - € 19,00 size: 14 x 21,2 - binding: hardbound with jacket

9788841868829 - pp. 224 - € 18,00 size: 14 x 21,6 - binding: hardbound with jacket


black and white non fiction



paranormal Implosion It’s not an ordinary day. Destiny pushed the “on” button. When Katherine meets Armand for the first time, she doesn’t know that under the guise of a beautiful and damned boy hides one of the most powerful Kurann general. She can’t imagine that he will be her salvation or her ruin. Armand has a cruel, ruthless plan, obscure as darkness. He’s not the only one to hide the threat of an unmentionable secret or the echoes of a damned past. A dreadful truth is about to be unveiled. No one can allow himself to fail, no one is safe anymore. The only certainty: when it overtakes itself, love can kill. If nothing is what it looks like, how can you choose the right path? A paranormal romance with the pace of a thriller. 9788841886809 - pp. 382 - € 9,90

size: 13,5 x 21 - binding: hardbound with jacket

romance È scritto nel corpo It’s written in the body Sveva is an attractive and successful woman, married to Arturo, a quiet and devoted man. Their marriage protects her from herself and from her past, but their lives are separated by the deeper crack of her continuous betrayals. But when Camilla, a journalist and a sexually unscrupulous writer arrives, an ungovernable passion sparks off between them and slowly starts to change their destiny. In the meantime, during an auction, Camilla’s husband, Corrado, wins an important work of art that conceals the story of a forbidden true love ended in tragedy. Too focused on this research, he does not realize what’s happening to his wife. Also, a strange presence comes between Sveva and Camilla and spies on them: maybe a disappointed lover, maybe a stalker, maybe a ghost of the past. A novel which celebrates the potentialities of love and its capacity of subverting every convention. A magical, free and creative vision of Eros and of sexuality, beyond deceptions and prejudices. 9788841896853 - pp. 285 - € 12,90

size: 13,5 x 21 - binding: hardbound with jacket

M.J. Heron

Eugenia Romanelli

M.J. Heron was born twenty-eight years ago under the sign of Scorpio, in a land where the fogs of mystery enshroud the breathing and ancient legends reshape the landscape’s outline. Lover of thrill and of everything that is new and exciting, she finds it impossible to live without a good novel by her side (either a classic, a thriller or a romance – according to her mood). About her college choice, she prefers studying Interpreting and Translation instead of Journalism, but she dreams to keep on writing until the end of her days. She would like to travel in time, to go back to the past, see the future and have 48-hour-long days. In the meantime she enjoys the present, which can anyhow hold great surprises , and she entertains herself with the characters that enter her mind without even knocking...

Eugenia Romanelli, freelance journalist, teaches writing at LUISS University and at Accademia d’Arte Drammatica Silvio d’Amico. She has directed the Italian edition of Time Out magazine, the culture insert Smartime for the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano and has founded and directed the online magazine, coedited by Rai Eri and La Stampa. She has been published by Rizzoli, Castelvecchi, Borelli Editore, Giunti and De Agostini.





properties Ragazzi Crescere un

properties Ragazzi

libro alla volta

Chicco, one of the world’s leading experts on children, and De Agostini are proud to present BabyBoo, the first book-series organized into five age groups - from 6 months to 3 years -, the only one to offer illustrations, narrative content and play activities carefully designed to progressively encourage sensory, motor, cognitive and language development. The format of BabyBoo books grows just like children do. Each book has a tab on the cover to help babies lifting it.

size: 16 x 20 – binding: hardbound with rounded corners, flaps and tabs Ciuccio ciao! Bye bye pacifier! 9788841866252 - pp. 12 - € 9,90

Giochiamo in campagna Let’s play in the country 9788841866245 - pp. 12 - € 9,90

Evviva la città! Hurrah for the city! 9788841866238 - pp. 12 - € 9,90

Pronti, partenza, via! Ready, steady, go! 9788841873366 - pp. 12 - € 9,90

Una bella giornata A beautiful day 9788841873359 - pp. 12 - € 9,90

size: 14 x 14 - binding: hardbound with rounded corners and touch-and-feel pages size: 18 x 22,5 – binding: hardbound with rounded corners Cuccioli Puppies 9788841873311 - pp. 12 - € 6,90

Eccomi qui! Here I am! 9788841873328 - pp. 12 - € 6,90

Cucù settete Peekaboo 9788841866290 - pp. 12 - € 6,90

Intorno a me Around me 9788841866313 - pp. 12 - € 6,90

Mi piace la pappa I like babyfood 9788841866306 - pp. 12 - € 6,90

Gioca con me! Play with me! 9788841866283 - pp. 12 - € 7,90

È l’ora della pappa! It’s time to eat! 9788841873335 - pp. 12 - € 7,90

Tutti a nanna Going to bed 9788841866269 - pp. 12 - € 7,90


children books 0-6 years

Lavarsi è bello It’s fun to wash 9788841873373 - pp. 22 - € 11,90

Piccolo Buio Little dark 9788841866214 - pp. 22 - € 11,90

Il mio vasino My potty-chair 9788841866221 - pp. 22 - € 11,90

size: 16 x 16 – binding: hardbound with rounded corners and touch-and-feel pages or flaps Drin drin, toc toc! Ring ring, knock knock 9788841873342 - pp. 12 - € 7,90

Il coraggio del leoncino The little lion’s courage 9788841866207 - pp. 22 - € 11,90

Una giornata al nido A day at the nursery 9788841866276 - pp. 12 - € 7,90

size: 20 x 25 – binding: hardbound with rounded corners Avrò un fratellino I’ll have a brother 9788841866320 - pp. 22 - € 12,90

Mia, mia, mia! Mine, mine, mine! 9788841866191 - pp. 22 - € 12,90

No, no, sì, sì No, no, yes, yes 9788841866184 - pp. 22 - € 12,90

Ciao, siamo amici! Hi, we’re friends! 9788841873304 - pp. 22 - € 12,90

children books 0-6 years


properties Ragazzi

properties Ragazzi

A brand new collection made for preschool children, with colorful pages animated by the lovely stuffed animals of Trudi world. All the main characters live simple funny stories full of values, becoming friends the children can identify with, sharing emotions, joys, discoveries and fears. Cardboard books with soft padded covers, flaps to lift, stickers to paste, sounds to listen to and stories to tell, that captivate children and inspire them to be creative.

binding: hardbound with smoothed corners

Maya, the most famous bee in the world, is back with a brand new layout and a collection of books based on the new 3D animated TV series. Handy and colorful books made for preschool children to learn while having fun together with Maya and her friends!

Che bella giornata! / What a beautiful day! 9788841874424 - pp. 12 - € 7,90 size: 20 x 30 - binding:cardboard with flaps

Buon compleanno Ettore! Happy birthday Ettore! 9788841884317 - pp. 32 - € 8,90 size: 16 x 20

size: 21 x 21 - pp. 14 - € 11,90

La festa per Lucy The party for Lucy 9788841884270


La palla di Lucy Lucy’s ball 9788841884324

La gara di Marcus Marcus’s race 9788841884300

Il fantasma del bosco The ghost of the wood 9788841884294

Il temporale The storm 9788841884331

children books 0-6 years

Dolci che passione! Sweets, what a passion! 9788841884287

La bottiglia di Willy / Willy’s bottle 9788841885246 -pp. 14 - € 5,90 size: 15,5 x 19 - binding: hardbound with padded cover

Il mio primo libro puzzle / My first puzzle book 9788841885239 - pp. 12 - € 4,90 size: 15 x 15 - binding: cardboard with padded cover

Un orso nel bosco / A bear in the wood 9788841885253 -pp. 14 - € 5,90 size: 15,5 x 19 - binding: hardbound with padded cover

Il mio libro puzzle / My puzzle book 9788841874387 - pp. 12 - € 8,90 size: 24 x 24 - binding: cardboard with padded cover

I colori / Colours 9788841874394 - pp. 12 - € 7,90 size: 16,5 x 17,5 - binding: foam

Allegri pastelli / Crafty crayons 9788841874400 - pp. 24 - € 5,90 size: 21,6 x 28 - binding: paperback + 12 crayons

I numeri / Numbers 9788841874417 - pp. 12 - € 7,90 size: 16,5 x 17,5 - binding: foam

Acquerelli / Watercolours 9788841879795 - pp. 40 - € 6,90 size: 22 x 29,5 - binding: paperback + brush and watercolour set

Il mio mondo / My world 9788841874370 - pp. 24 - € 7,90 size: 15 x 15,6 - binding: cardboard with padded cover

Stickerstorie / Stickertales 9788841886281 - pp. 20 - € 4,90 size: 21 x 28 - binding: stapled

children books 0-6 years


properties Ragazzi

properties Ragazzi

Insieme a Rosie Everything’s Rosie

Le nuove avventure di Peter Pan The new adventures of Peter Pan

A new collection of colorful and handy books made for preschool children, so that they can keep on embarking on journeys of discovery, fun and everyday conundrums together with Rosie and her buddies. Children will have fun coloring, pasting stickers and reading simple stories based on the 3D animated series, which helps them understand the importance of friendship and of asking for help.

Neverland stayed exactly the way it was once upon a time. And also Peter Pan, the famous kid who didn’t want to grow up, didn’t change. When he gets to nowadays London, he doesn’t find his Wendy, but her grandnephews: little John, Micheal and obviously the new Wendy, equipped with lots of technologic items and a bit annoying. This collection of activity books and stories based on the 3D animated series allows children to keep on playing with Peter and his new friends.

Il grande libro puzzle / The big puzzle book 9788841874301 - pp. 12 - € 15,00 size: 32,5 x 23 - binding: hardbound

Il nascondiglio perfetto The perfect hideout 9788841874219 - pp. 22 - € 4,90 size: 11 x 11 - binding: cardboard with padded cover

L’avventura della penna magica / The magic feather’s adventure 9788841887035 - pp. 24 - € 4,90 size: 11 x 11 - binding: hardbound with padded cover

Il mistero delle quattro piume The four feathers’ mistery 9788841886359 - pp. 32 - € 8,90 size: 16 x 19 - binding: cardboard with padded cover

w glothe in ark d Stickerstorie / Stickertales 9788841887042 - pp. 24 - € 4,90 size: 21 x 28 - binding:stapled

Gli acquerelli / Watercolours 9788841879733 - pp. 40 - € 6,90 size: 22 x 29,5 - binding: paperback + brush and watercolour set


Allegri pastelli / Crafty crayons 9788841879801 - pp. 24 - € 5,90 size: 21,6 x 28 binding: paperback + 12 crayons

children books 0-6 years

Stickerstorie / Stickertales 9788841886298 - pp. 20 - € 4,90 size: 21 x 28 binding: stapled

Festa a sorpresa / Surprise party 9788841874318 - pp. 96 - € 7,90 size: 21 x 28 - binding: paperback

w glothe in ark d Il potere dell’amicizia / The power of friendship 9788841874325 - pp. 96 - € 7,90 size: 21 x 28 - binding: paperback

Le nuove avventure di Peter Pan / The new adventures of Peter Pan 9788841874332 - pp. 64 - € 11,90 size: 19,8 x 28 - binding: hardbound with jacket

children books 0-6 years


fairy tales Ragazzi

Fairy tales Ragazzi

L’albero delle fiabe The tree of fairy tales

Magiche fiabe Magic tales

The tree of fables is a magic tree: on its branches there are not leaves, but tender fables and fairy tales conceived by the lively imagination of Roberto Piumini, one of the most famous children’s author in Italy. All the tales are illustrated with the fresh and original brush strokes of young Italian illustrators. Xylophones, teddy bears, robots and funny animals are the main characters of these beautiful tales that make children travel with their own imagination.

The classic traditional fairy tales beautifully illustrated, with simple texts made for children to approach reading. These handy books all have a colorful cover with glittered titles and decorations.

size: 12 x 16 - binding: hardbound with padded cover pp. 64 - € 3,90

L’albero delle fiabe The tree of fairy tales 9788841896563 - pp. 352 - € 16,90 size: 22,5 x 22,5 - binding: hardbound with padded cover Biancaneve e altre fiabe Snow White and other tales 9788841865026

size: 20,3 x 20,3

Cappuccetto Rosso e altre fiabe Cenerentola e altre fiabe Little red riding hood and other Cinderella and other tales 9788841865019 tales 9788841865033

Il gatto con gli stivali e altre fiabe Puss in boots and other tales 9788841865040

Favole e fiabe Fables and fairy tales Two great size books richly illustrated that collect the magic of the most popular traditional fairy tales and fables. Precious books with an elegant design and lively dialogues that will hold the attention of young readers.

size: 20 x 25 - binding: hardbound with padded cover pp. 320 - € 12,90

L’albero delle fiabe. Storie tenere The tree of fairy tales. Tender stories 9788841875018 - pp. 192 - € 8,90 binding: paperback

L’albero delle fiabe. Storie divertenti The tree of fairy tales. Funny stories 9788841875025 - pp. 192 - € 8,90 binding: paperback

L’albero delle fiabe. Storie curiose The tree of fairy tales. Curious stories 9788841864418 - pp. 192 - € 14,90 binding: hardbound

Il tesoro delle favole / The fables’ treasure box 9788841896945


children books 0-6 years

Lo specchio delle fiabe / The fairy tales’ mirror 9788841896938

children books 0-6 years


pop-up Ragazzi


activitY books Allegre finestrelle Merry flaps

Dario Cestaro’s pop-up Created by one of the most renown Italian paper engineer, Dario Cestaro, a trilogy of highly striking pop-up books that help children overcoming their fear of monsters, aliens and ghosts. Each spread comes to life thanks to brilliant paper engineering techniques, that literally make come out from the pages book-eating monsters and dragons, aliens as big as planets or as small as bugs, ghosts and undeads. Spectacular books who even adults like.

Two books filled with surprises! Lifting the flaps that hide items and answers, children will be able to spend their time looking around the city or enjoying Christmas magic.

size: 23 x 29 - binding: hardbound with flaps

size: 22,9 x 24,5 - binding: hardbound pop-up pp. 10 - € 22,90

Alieni Aliens 9788841870365

Mostri Monsters 9788841863572

Fantasmi Ghosts 9788841874899

Allegre finestrelle della città Merry town’s flaps 9788841871164 - pp. 12 - € 9,90

Casa trendy Trendy house

Il libro dei nonni The book of grandparents

Two lively girls are having fun moving around this beautiful doll house. Four rooms full of details, furniture and hidings are the set of the story. Little girls can have fun helping the two girls choosing the best outfit for every occasion: doing jogging, going to school, meeting with friends, going to an elegant party.

Story and guide as well, this book offers grandparents and nephews funny stories and useful tips on how to spend time together, from growing tomatoes to baking a cake. Moreover, lots of spaces to write down your thoughts, add photos and details of your family.

9788841857342 - pp. 16 - € 21,90 size: 31 x 28,1 - binding: hardbound, carousel pop-up

9788841874295 - pp. 96 - € 14,90 size: 21,5 x 28- binding: hardbound


children books 0-6 years

Allegre finestrelle di Natale Merry Christmas’s flaps 9788841871188 - pp. 12 - € 9,90

children books 0-6 years


activity books Ragazzi


activity books

Libri sonori Sound books

Libri puzzle Puzzle books

Written by Roberto Piumini, one of the most talented and appreciated Italian children’s author, two delicate and funny stories with beautiful full page illustrations and a button sound. By pushing it, children will listen to Cipo’s and Cornelia’s calls.

Great size books with clear and simple illustrations and lots of puzzles to build and undo over and over. Children will be amazed by the beautiful drawings and will learn lots of curiosities about the fascinating world of prehistory and dinosaurs.

size: 21,5 x 21,5 - binding: hardbound pp. 10 - € 5,90

size: 32,5 x 23 - binding: hardbound pp. 12 - € 15,00

Cipo il pulcino piccolo piccolo Cipo the little chick 9788841871133


children books 0-6 years

Cornelia la mucca coraggiosa Cornelia the brave cow 9788841871140

Il più grande libro puzzle dei dinosauri The biggest puzzle book of dinosaurs 9788841864999

Il più grande libro puzzle degli animali preistorici The biggest puzzle book of prehistoric animals 9788841873465

children books 0-6 years







Become a true fashion designer with these colorful albums and create your own fashion collection! You can choose to take the cue from the clothes worn by the Trendy Models or to create brand new clothes on your own: all you need to do is to cut the paper pattern you like, color it, put it on the outlines, and give the finishing touch choosing among a wide range of fashion accessories stickers. Match colors, shapes and accessories, and create your own trendy style together with Alice, Gaia, Mya, Cleo and Rebecca, the most trendy models in the world!

Have fun creating your own fashion style by dressing up Trendy Models’ outlines with the removable stickers. Personalize your creations and choose what is the best outfit for each occasion: hanging out with your friends, having a romantic dinner with your boyfriend, playing tennis, and many others.

Unleash your imagination and color the black and white Trendy Models’ outlines to create a fabulous fashion collection! These great size albums are full of trendy clothes and accessories you can have fun personalizing with pencils, markers or whatever you like.

size: 21 x 24 - binding: spiralbound

size: 21 x 28 - binding: paperback

size: 21 x 28 - binding: paperback

pp. 60 - € 9,90

Christmas 9788898073313

Glamour 9788890690075

Dance 9788890690051

Holiday 9788898073368

T-shirt 9788890690068


Etoile 9788898073306

Masked ball 9788898073016

Wedding 9788890690099

children books 6-8 years

Fashion 9788890690020

Stars 9788898073009

Winter 9788898073023

Fitness 9788890690044

Summer 9788890690037

World 9788898073290

Casual 9788898073047 pp. 32 - € 4,90

Party 9788898073054 pp. 32 - € 4,90

Arancio / Orange 9788898073085 pp. 32 - € 3,90

Fuxia / Fuchsia 9788898073078 pp. 32 - € 3,90

Shopping 9788898073030 pp. 32 - € 4,90

Sport 9788898073061 pp. 32 - € 4,90

Verde / Green 9788898073092 pp. 32 - € 3,90

Viola / Violet 9788898073108 pp. 32 - € 3,90

Fashion 9788898073399 pp. 64 - € 6,90

Glamour 9788898073474 pp. 64 - €6,90

Fashion 9788898073344 pp. 64 - € 4,90

Glamour 9788898073351 pp. 64 - € 4,90

children books 6-8 years





Le storie di Alice / Alice’s adventures

Five shaped sketch books, each one dedicated to one of the Trendy Models, full of outlines to color, beautiful illustrations and lots of tips that every smart girl should follow. Choose the model that best fits your style and personality or simply collect them all to know everything about fashion and outfits.

“Trendy Models” are not only activity books, but also stories to read. In the first volume, girls will find out how Alice turned the school Christmas Party into a charity event to help the homeless puppies of the local animal shelter. In the second one, they will follow her tour of the “Cembri Nature Park”, where she will be guided by a fascinating American boy named Alex. At the end of the stories, there are also lots of pages full of tests, recipes, crosswords and quizzes.

size: 9 x 14,5 - binding: spiralbound pp. 160 - € 4,90

size: 14,5 x 18,5 - binding: paperback pp. 120 - € 7,90

Cuccioli in passerella / Puppy runway show 9788890690082

Alice 9788898073221

Cleo 9788898073276

Gaia 9788898073238

In cima a un sogno / On the top of a dream 9788898073375

Special editions Three special editions full of surprises. “Trendy Model Bag” is a fashionable portable kit that contains all you need to create your personal haute-couture collection: point paper, cloth samples, paper patterns, and lots of outlines to be colored. “Trendy Model History” showcases the most interesting styles of the last one hundred years, giving inspiration to create and personalize new outfits. “Trendy Model Deluxe” is a super stylish book filled with activities and brand new accessories.

Mya 9788898073245


children books 6-8 years

Rebecca 9788898073252

Bag 9788898073320 - pp. 56 - € 14,90 size: 30 x 28 - binding: spiralbound

History 9788898073283 - pp. 128 - € 12,90 size: 24 x 28 - binding: hardbound

Deluxe 9788898073337 - pp. 80 - € 16,90 size: 23 x 29 - binding: hardbound

children books 6-8 years


reference non fiction Ragazzi Missione cuccioli. Una scelta importante Mission: puppies. An important choice Written by the tv host of “Missione Cuccioli”, the new updated edition of a thorough illustrated handbook, made for all those who want to bring a puppy at home, both children and parents. All the secrets of the canine world are here unveiled. Thanks to focused advice and photos, you will learn how to choose a puppy, what are the best games to play with him, which is the best diet, where to place his kennel, how to manage his behavior and your daily life together.


reference non fiction I Grandi Libri Big books Reference books to meet children’s curiosities and to help students with their research for school projects. Exhaustive and updated texts, illustrated with beautiful colored tables and striking photos, offer clear children-oriented answers, and are perfect to start fascinating journeys to discover history, geography, sciences and many other subjects.

size: 21,5 x 28,5 - binding: hardbound

9788841871041 - pp. 128 - € 12,90 size: 17 x 22 - binding: flexi bound

Il grande libro degli animali The big book of animals 9788841893609 - pp. 240 - € 16,90

Il grande libro dei record The big book of records 9788841864425 - pp. 240 - € 19,90

Il grande libro degli esperimenti The big book of experiments 9788841859124 - pp. 240 - € 19,90

Il grande libro dell’Antica Roma The big book of ancient Rome 9788841867471 - pp. 240 - € 19,90

Il grande libro dei dinosauri The big book of dinosaurs 9788841867464 - pp. 240 - € 19,90

Il grande libro dell’antico Egitto The big book of ancient Egypt 9788841896556 - pp. 240 - € 16,90

Dinosauri Dinosaurs

Il grande libro dei perché The big book of whys 9788841862506 - pp. 240 - € 19,90

Il grande libro della natura The big book of nature 9788841874264 - pp. 240 - € 19,90

An updated and scientifically accurate book about the great creatures that lived in the prehistoric era, enriched with photos and explicative tables. Thanks to the most recent theories and the latest discoveries, paleontological studies have uncovered new secrets. The most important and sensational one is that dinosaurs have evolved in the order of birds. This volume’s theories are based on the modern models of biomorphologic analysis, which have allowed a better understanding of the different dinosaur species’ habits, social behaviors and features, and of their evolution. Furthermore, lots of precious information about the dinosaur hunting techniques, parental care, and social life.

Il grande libro dei personaggi The big book of characters 9788841872703 - pp. 240 - € 19,90

Il grande libro della Terra The big book of Earth 9788841872697 - pp. 240 - € 19,90

pp. 128 - € 16,90 size: 23,5 x 31,5 - binding: hardbound

Il grande libro delle domande e delle risposte The big book of questions and answers 9788841862490 - pp. 240 - € 19,90 Il grande libro delle invenzioni The big book of inventions 9788841895788 - pp. 240 - € 16,90 Il grande libro dello sport The big book of sports 9788841862032- pp. 240 - € 19,90


05/04/13 11.44

05/04/13 11.53

05/04/13 11.44


profondamente le condizioni di vita della gente. come ogni scoperta ha contribuito a cambiare sugli aspetti tecnico-scientifici, ma raccontando delle invenzioni, soffermandosi non solo Un libro che ripercorre la storia

05/04/13 11.53




sviluppo. che hanno contribuito al suo impetuoso mondo della scienza e dei “cervelloni” e curiosità, alla conoscenza dell’affascinante di approfondimento, rubriche, domande il volume guida il lettore, attraverso box Riccamente illustrato con foto e disegni,


Riccamente illustrato con foto e disegni, il volume guida il lettore, attraverso box di approfondimento, rubriche, domande e curiosità, alla conoscenza dell’affascinante mondo della scienza e dei “cervelloni” che hanno contribuito al suo impetuoso sviluppo.

Gr_Libri_Invenzioni@Cart.indd 1

e storia dei rapporti tra animali e uomo. In più, curiosità su stili di vita, comportamento i dati essenziali. informazioni. Una carta d’identità evidenzia tagli e altri 650 di cui sono fornite rapide oltre 160 animali descritti con ricchezza di detl’opportunità di approfondire la loro conoscenza: e illustrazioni suggestive, il lettore avrà In questo libro, corredato da fotografie

children books 6-8 years

Un libro che ripercorre la storia delle invenzioni, soffermandosi non solo sugli aspetti tecnico-scientifici, ma raccontando come ogni scoperta ha contribuito a cambiare profondamente le condizioni di vita della gente.

Gr_Libri_Invenzioni@Cart.indd 1

Il_Grande_Libro_degliAnimali@Cart.indd 1


Chi ha inventato la ruota? E chi l’acqua calda? Chi ha trovato il modo di lanciare gli astronauti nello spazio?


Il_Grande_Libro_degliAnimali@Cart.indd 1



In questo libro, corredato da fotografie e illustrazioni suggestive, il lettore avrà l’opportunità di approfondire la loro conoscenza: oltre 160 animali descritti con ricchezza di dettagli e altri 650 di cui sono fornite rapide informazioni. Una carta d’identità evidenzia i dati essenziali. In più, curiosità su stili di vita, comportamento e storia dei rapporti tra animali e uomo.

Accendi la tua lampadina


Dal calabrone alla cicogna, dal leone al panda… Piccoli o grandi, carnivori o erbivori… Di animali, nel mondo, ce ne sono tantissimi e di tutti i tipi…



Qual è l’animale che assomiglia a un drago? Qual è il più feroce predatore dei fiumi? Perché la mantide è chiamata “religiosa”?





Alla scoperta degli esseri viventi che popolano la Terra





children books 6-8 years e di tutti i tipi… Di animali, nel mondo, ce ne sono tantissimi Piccoli o grandi, carnivori o erbivori… Dal calabrone alla cicogna, dal leone al panda… Perché la mantide è chiamata “religiosa”? Qual è il più feroce predatore dei fiumi? Qual è l’animale che assomiglia a un drago?



che popolano la Terra Alla scoperta degli esseri viventi

nello spazio? Chi ha trovato il modo di lanciare gli astronauti E chi l’acqua calda? Chi ha inventato la ruota?

Accendi la tua lampadina




reference non fiction Ragazzi


reference non fiction

Dalla A alla Z From A to Z

I monumenti Monuments of the world

A new divulgation collection of handy-format and affordable books to explore the various fields of human knowledge with lots of photos and in-depth analysis. “Flags” analyzes all the world’s nations starting from the history and the symbology of their banners. “Dinosaurs” avails itself of an expert paleontologist’s contribution to describe the main features of the most famous prehistoric animals. “Animals” showcases records and peculiar social behaviors of world animals. “Quiz” makes learning a moment of fun with its “tit for tat” and “true or false” sections. “The world” lets children discover the planet we live in thanks to geoquizzes and curiosities.

Divulgation books that tell about the different civilizations and cultures of the world starting from their most representative monuments. Each book has a 3D cardboard model stick to the original one and beautifully illustrated, that children can have fun assembling. Each monument is described through its building stages and the stories of the characters related to it. The historical and cultural context is also discussed, together with lots of curiosities and practical info about how to get to and visit the monument for real.

size: 21,5 x 28 - binding: hardbound with 3D cardboard model to be assembled pp. 64

size: 14,5 x 23 - binding: flexi bound

Animali Animals 9788841886762 - pp. 228 - € 9,90

Dinosauri Dinosaurs 9788841874059 - pp. 256 - € 9,90

Bandiere Flags 9788841874066 - pp. 240 - € 9,90

Il Mondo The world 9788851117306 - pp. 256 - € 9,90


children books 6-8 years

Quiz Quiz 9788841874042 - pp. 256 - € 9,90

Il castello di Neuschwanstein Neuschwanstein castle 9788841861646 - € 6,90

Le Piramidi d’Egitto The Pyramids 9788841864616 - € 16,90

Il Colosseo The Colosseum 9788841858110 - € 16,90

L’Empire State Building The Empire State Building 9788841861653 - € 16,90

Notre-Dame di Parigi Notre-Dame 9788841858127 - € 6,90

children books 6-8 years


reference non fiction Ragazzi


reference non fiction

Atlanti fotografici degli animali Animals photo books

Primi dizionari First dictionaries

Four simple and quick reference books with extraordinary photos for an emotional approach to the varied world of animals. A journey through images to discover mammals (felines, monkeys, giraffes, whales, deers, dolphins, etc…), birds (hummingbirds, owls, eagles, flamingos, condors, sparrows, cranes, storks, etc…), invertebrates (insects, spiders, jellyfishes, mollusks, snails, octopuses, crabs, etc…), reptiles (snakes, crocodiles, iguanas, etc…), amphibious (frogs, salamanders, newts, etc…).

Up-to-date, handy format, lightweight books, made to meet all the needs of primary school children who are learning to use a dictionary. The Italian dictionary has more than 8.000 words, 13.000 meanings and 18 illustrated tables of terminology, plus descriptions of idiomatic expressions, sayings, and words’ peculiar features. The English dictionary has more than 6.200 words, 11.000 translations, 200 full-color drawings, 19 illustrated tables of terminology and the complete list of paradigms of irregular verbs, plus explanations of “false friends” and sayings.

size: 19 x 23 - binding: hardbound with jacket

size: 14 x 18,5 - binding: paperback

Il dizionario elementare di inglese My first English dictionary 9788841884461 - pp. 352 - € 12,00

Invertebrati Invertebrates 9788841874974 - pp. 352 - € 12,90

Mammiferi Mammals 9788841874950 - pp. 432 - € 12,90

Il dizionario elementare di italiano My first Italian dictionary 9788841884430 - pp. 544 - € 12,00

Made for children who are just about to start primary school, two essential reference books, illustrated with big full-color tables and more than 600 drawings. Easy to use at home, at school, with family and friends, they have more than 7.000 entries with clear, simple and exhaustive definitions. The English dictionary also features 150 grammar data-sheets and 60 nursery rhymes, sayings, tongue-twisters.

size: 17 x 24

Rettili, anfibi, pesci Reptiles, amphibious, fish 9788841874936 - pp. 272 - € 12,90


children books 6-8 years

Uccelli Birds 9788841874912 - pp. 432 - € 12,90

Il mio primo dizionario di inglese illustrato My first illustrated English dictionary 9788841863688 - pp. 352 - € 9,90 binding: paperback

Il mio primo dizionario di italiano illustrato My first illustrated Italian dictionary 9788841863701 - pp. 448 - € 14,90 binding: hardbound with padded cover

children books 6-8 years


Horror Ragazzi


Science fiction Cyboria

Gli Invisibili / The Invisibles Douglas, Crystal and Peter are the Invisibles, a group of thirteen years old kids who get involved into paranormal adventures full of mysteries. A collection of standalone highstandard novels, which stands out for its movielike plots and dialogues and its compelling mix of thriller, paranormal and horror features.

Il risveglio di Galeno Galeno’s awakening

size: 13 x 21 - binding: paperback with flaps

At the dawn of World War I, a group of University teachers and students with a passion for knowledge and peace launches the Cyboria project, whose final goal is the creation of a New City, inhabited by the perfect citizens. Almost a century later, thirteen-year-old Otto Folgore Perotti together with his archaeologist aunt, Medea, and her friend Jago, starts a journey on its trail, passing through Florence, Pisa and Paris. He will find traces of a futuristic technology, the friendship of Galeno the automaton, and, finally, an apparently forsaken island. In the background, there’s a world conspiracy about an unlimited energy source, Lumen, and awkward questions to select tomorrow’s best youth. 9788841873748 - pp. 320 - € 9,90 size: 14 x 21 - binding: hardbound with transparent jacket Il segreto di Misty Bay The secret of Misty Bay 9788841857199 - pp. 224 - € 12,90

La strega di Dark Falls The witch of Dark Falls 9788841857182 - pp. 304 - € 12,00

Il castello di Doom Rock Doom Rock castle 9788841861738 - pp. 336 - € 12,90 GIOVANNI DEL PONTE


Ultima fermata: fine del mondo Last stop: end of the world The city of Cyboria has been left abandoned amidst the seas, but its secrets aren’t over yet: there are others automatons and machines, some of which deadly. Amongst them, there’s one weapon who might still be able to have the whole Europe in a corner. Evil Count Liguana knows about it and decides to kidnap Galeno. While dealing with chases, mysteries and passions, Otto and his new companions cross the country looking for their lost friend and carrying out a mission: to save the world. 9788841867976 - pp. 302 - € 14,90 size: 14 x 21 - binding: hardbound with jacket

L’Enigma di Gaia Gaia’s enigma 9788841863015 - pp. 352 - € 3,90

Il paese del non ritorno The noncomeback land 9788841864500 - pp. 272 - € 13,90

Acqua tagliente / Cutting water A fastpaced, compelling thriller, set in a newlyopened water fun park built on a land sacred to Hopi Indians. Building works have reopened an ancient portal between worlds, which lets unutterable horrors come out and threatens the existence of the entire planet. Water is the key element of this story: an essential resource become bearer of death. A group of young documentary makers and web activists, who were there to report land speculation, starts investigating, but what they find out goes well beyond what they expected. A thrilling novel, whose plot resembles in some ways to Stephen King’s and Jules Verne’s ones, but also food for thought about globalization, traditions and sustainability. 9788841867600 - pp. 384 - € 12,90 size: 12 x 20,5 - binding: paperback with flaps



La ragazza fantasma The ghost girl 9788841886748 - pp. 280 - € 13,90

Il re dei lumi The king of enlightment LA RAGAZZA FANTASMA


Otto, Anna, Grace, Albert and the two automatons Galeno and Amodeo have a precise mission: to rescue aunt Medea and Jago, who are trapped in Cyboria, before the War Protocol triggers the last defense of the city. But first of all, they have to help out two strange Russian guys, who got in touch with them and who claim to be prisoners in one of Ettore Zap’s constructions. Otto and Galeno will have to deal with chases around the world and new exciting discoveries in order to continue their adventure. 9788841874998 - pp. 320 - € 14,90 size: 14 x 21 - binding: hardbound with jacket



Miscellaneous Ragazzi Specchio specchio Mirror mirror Two Cinderellas, Sleeping beauty, Seventh: Tom Thumb, Black Snow White, Bella and the beast. 5 popular fairy tales’ contemporary reinterpretations dealing with the theme of dualism with an original and ironic narrative language. Cinderella is no longer a helpless victim, but doubles in two sisters who have to deal with the evil stepmother and the halfbrother crown prince. As for the Sleeping Beauty, we here have a beautiful and kind prince afflicted by narcolepsy. Tom Thumb, who has been left in the wood by his desperate parents together with his brothers, is a detective investigating mysterious kidnappings. Snow White is a beanpole and clumsy black girl, just the opposite of the ideal beauty the Queen pretends. Bella is an archeologist who infringes an Egyptian tomb, releasing an ancient curse and a monstrous creature… A new original novel by Paola Zannoner.


Miscellaneous 2BX - Essere un’incognita 2BX. To be a variable Tessa is sixteen years old, she has a computer, an iPhone, and would like to have an iPad. That’s why she gets involved in a huge treasure hunt throughout the city of Rome, whose missions are assigned only through the Internet. Participants do not know each other in person, but their paths cross from a distance. Tessa falls for Yo, a boy who seems to share her tastes and knows everything about her… A novel about the Internet’s risks and potentialities and about a personality disorder: Tessa will find out that Yo is herself, to whom she has given life while losing sight of reality. She will manage to put all the pieces together and grow up with the help of her friends and some adults. 9788841873823 - pp. 304 - € 9,90 size: 13 x 19,8 - binding: hardbound

9788841879153 - pp. 288 - € 14,90 size: 14 x 20 - binding: hardbound with mirror-like cover

Voglio fare la scrittrice I want to be a writer

100 incanti 100 spells

Mia, a thirteenyearold girl, finds the secret diary she had lost years before with the account of her family life and adventures. This discovery rekindles her deepest aspiration: she has always wanted to be a writer. It is her own school that gives her the chance to stand out: a handful of students will be chosen to participate in a Creative Writing Course. Mia must not miss the appointment with her own destiny!

Walking around Rome looking for a book, Aurora bumps into a strange book shop, where the clerk can fly! It’s a magical world that has to be kept secret; to tell her why, the lady sovereign gives her the power to fulfill 100 wishes. Only the last one will be hers to make. The requests she receives get her in trouble, but also allow her to discover unexpected features of her friends’ character and find love.

9788841841099 - pp. 400 - € 14,90 size: 14 x 20 - binding: hardbound with transaparent cover

9788841897300 - pp. 224 - € 9,90 size: 14 x 20 - binding: hardbound

Voglio fare la giornalista I want to be a journalist

Fra le stelle e il cielo Between stars and sky

Mia has grown up and has begun to write. Before engaging in writing novels though, she decides to start telling about real life, by reporting news and information. She wants to be a journalist! Her “career” as an aspiring journalist mingles with her love story with Sean, which goes on amidst small tiffs and mutual jealousy, reconciliations, projects and promises.

1816. In the enchanted land of Algovia, inside a majestic castle, lives Annalisa, the young princess adverse to the palace etiquette. His father, the king, is always busy ruling his kingdom, her mother died when she was little, and the only one who can take care of her is Gertrude, her annoying teacher. Annalisa longs for freedom, but her dream looks impossible. Until when she meets the ghost of one of her ancestors, who will help her growing, saving the kingdom and even finding love.

9788841870624 - pp. 352 - € 15,90 size: 14 x 20 - binding: hardbound with transaparent cover

9788841879818 - pp. 224 - € 13,90

size: 14 x 20 - binding: hardbound


young adult fiction

young adult fiction


Miscellaneous Ragazzi Storia di Ismael Ismael’s story Ismael and his father are fishermen along the north African coast but when his father mysteriously disappears at sea, the young boy decides to embark on a journey towards the so yearned Italy in search of fortune. His voyage, though, soon turns into a nightmare: crammed in a boat together with other destitute people, he is shipwrecked and lives a terrible night which scars him bodily and mentally. Luckily, he is miraculously saved and taken to a shelter for people in need, where he will start to see his future and rediscover the importance of his origins. 9788841855799 - pp. 160 - € 9,90 size: 14 x 19,5 - binding: hardbound


Miscellaneous Tempo da lupi Filthy weather Giovannino did not expect to spend Christmas in this way, that is to say with his successful brother, Otello, stranded by the snowstorm of the century in an abandoned industrial complex on the outskirts of Milan. It seems just a piece of cake shooing a few stray dogs away and then going back to the Christmas cake: until Giovannino will have to defend himself from a pack of wolves in a stormy night… A suburban coming-of-age story with a new unforgettable character who finds out how one can grow up just being himself. 9788841873564 - pp. 128 - € 7,90 size: 13 x 19,5 - binding: paperback

Radio Niente Radio Nothing A rebel and illegal radio station, the only one in the world with no listeners, broadcasts only vinyl music and only at night. No computer, no technology, a telephone that never rings, a microphone and a coffee maker. One radio host only, Morning Star, tells the stories she collects walking around the city, where nobody dares going. Stories like the one of Lupo Omega: a horrible suburban school, a gang of bullies, an impossible love, beatings, escapes, chases, and a final duel in the car cemetery at midnight, to prove that love can bring about changes. 9788841859858 - pp. 264 - € 12,90 size: 13,5 x 21 - binding: hardbound with jacket

Lasciatemi in pace! Leave me alone! Gioele wants to be left alone! So when the teacher asks him to tell about himself and his family, he snorts and complains. But then he gets to like it and he ends up writing a composition, shooting a clip, and even writing a poem in the form of a rap song. That’s how we get to know the slice of life of a thirteen-year-old who might not be very studious, but who’s curious, interested in lots of different things and an acute observer of what surrounds him.

Una gallina a Hong Kong A hen in Hong Kong Polina is a little girl who lives in Hong Kong. One day, her aunt Dora gives her a very strange present: a chick! At first, she’s puzzled, but as time goes by she grows fond of it and together they meet lots of new friends who teach her how to take care of birds and other pets greatly beloved in China. Polina, her chick and her new friends will also be involved in a mysterious adventure: will they find out the secret that lies beyond the Red House in Ship Street? 9788841869000 - pp. 144 - € 7,90 size: 13 x 19,5 - binding: paperback

9788841869017 - pp. 176 - € 7,90 size: 13 x 19,5 - binding: paperback


young adult fiction

young adult fiction


Fantasy Ragazzi

Paranormal Ragazzi


Primal Spirit Immortal

The peaceful life of three 15 year old boys, Jo, Zack and Eve is shaken by some mysterious and disturbing events. A strange professor reveals the incredible truth lying beneath: one of them is an angel and is unaware of it. Moreover, he’s unaware of holding in his heart the Flame of Life, one of the two fundamental entities that allow to rule the Universe. But who’s the one? What is his story and what will be his destiny? All the answers lie in another world and dimension: that of Sefira, the angels’ valley, where they will learn the story of the charming angel warrior Unika, who sacrificed herself for the sake of mankind. In an incredible sequence of plot twists, the three boys will live an exciting adventure that will end in Adlivun, the epic battle between Good and Evil with an uncertain outcome and an unpredictable end.

size: 14 x 21,5

La Fiamma della Vita The flame of life 9788841869871 - pp. 512 - € 9,90 binding: paperback with flaps


Angel, a restless girl from Somerset countryside. Fesh and Angus, two young musicians from London. She wants to run away from the cage that bridles her seventeen years and they want to fly on the wings of music. What does it link them? Apparently nothing. But a chain of inexplicable murders, performed with inconceivable cruelty, traces an invisible thread that leads everyone to Primal Spirit, the talent school founded by an enigmatic rockstar. The veil of surreal calm that enshrouds the school is soon shattered when the boys uncover a terrible secret. Hovering between life and death, Angel, Fesh and Angus will have to face unavoidable decisions. 9788841878583 - pp. 368 - € 9,90 size: 14,5 x 22 - binding: hardbound with jacket

La trilogia The trilogy 9788841897232 - pp. 1280 - € 13,90 binding: paperback

L’Ultima Porta The last door 9788841874288 - pp. 464 - € 9,90 binding: paperback with flaps

young adult fiction

Il Capitolo Segreto The secret chapter 9788841893555 - pp. 304- € 9,90 binding: paperback with flaps

young adult fiction


notes Ragazzi


notes Ragazzi

77 - 8/2013

Foreign Rights Catalogue 2014

Foreign Rights Catalogue


De Agostini Libri S. p. A.

corso della Vittoria 91, 28100 Novara, Italia phone 0039 0321 424894 - 0039 0321 424 133

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Deagostini foreign rights catalogue 2014  
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