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The Barn Door Four (BD4) is a fun, educational, interactive Mobile Application designed specifically for Children, ages 2-7, with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other evelopmental/ intellectual disabilities or learning challenges. This innovative, user-friendly program teaches a broad continuum of functional skills utilizing 29 different learning exercises.

Barn Door Four is customizable and comprehensive, supporting common treatment plan goals and skill acquisition. Based on the scientific and empirical evidence of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), this program supports data based decision making through its data collection methods that allow educators to track, monitor and asses each child’s progress over time. Utilizing the touch, motion and sound the iPad technology offers, children are engaged by barnyard characters As they venture out onto the farm with “Mac” and his friends. This dynamic learning experience teaches; • Imitation skills, • Fine Motor skills, • Visual Performance skills, • Receptive Language,

• Intraverbals, • Play and Leisure Skills • Functional Routines

all while utilizing best practice prompting, fading and error correcting techniques.

Supports Therapists in Efficient Data Based Decision Making • Assists in assessing skills commonly measured in ABA assessment tools • Data tracking over time provides daily updates and ensures treatment & programming decisions are based on data • Treatment plan updates are easier to compile saving time and money • Can be incorporated into daily lesson plans

Developed using Evidence Based Resources

• Based on the scientific and empirical evidence of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) • Designed, tested and reviewed by BCBA’s with extensive experience working with children in center and home-based environments for over 20 years • Field tested by parents, special education expert, teachers and therapists

Individualized & Customizable

• Customize Lesson Plans and Skill Levels • Recommended Plans Developed by ABA Expert Pre-Programmed Scope • and Sequence • Customize Prompts, Trials and Reinforcement (1-1) with Feedback after Every Trial

Advanced Data Collection & Reporting

• Track and Manage Performance, Individualize Curriculum, Analyze Data and Share Progress with anyone in your support network • Data collected and reported by Lesson, Skill and Exercise, Report provides data based on the following fields: correct vs. incorrect trials, percent correct, prompted trials and problem cards • Data may be viewed as a graph or a table and is easily emailed to a third party for additional analysis Quantitative data allows educators to look for emerging trends and help determine the future direction for each child’s program

Fine Motor Skills Mac the Farmer

These are skills that teach the child the functionality of using a mobile device. These include movements such as Tracing, Pointing, Pinching, Sliding, Dropping and Puzzles.

Visual Performance Skills Pepe the Pig

These are skills that teach the child the ability to interpret and respond to stimuli visually. The skills include Identical Matching, Non-identical Matching, Category Matching, Color Matching, Shape Matching, and Exclusion.

Communication Skills Lucy the Sheep

These are skills that teach the child the ability to understand language and respond to language in new ways; such as answering questions. The skills include Receptive Instructions, Receptive Labels, Receptive Functions, Receptive Body Parts, Receptive Colors, Receptive Shapes, Receptive Categories, Receptive Emotions, and Intraverbal Skills.


Ace the Rooster

These are skills that teach the child to expand their understanding of language and utilize their problem solving skills to predict the sequence of everyday events. The types of skills include Object Oriented, Self-Help and Leisure sequences.

Just Pennies a Day and Includes Access at School & Home One Year License (per student) $19.99 Volume Discount 10 Licenses: 5% 25 Licenses: 10% 50 or More Licenses: 15%

Training Webinar (optional one hour webinar): $150 Training Webinar with Staff from your organization, a Barn Door Four technical representative and also includes a 15 minute Q & A session with BCBA BD4 developer

Contact Barn Door Four for more information or for a free trial of the program (717) 979-9987 /barndoorfour /BarnDoorFour


Barn Door Four School Edition  

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