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The Precious Book - a wonderful diamond jewellery story

We are delighted to invite you into the world of Jan Maarten Asscher diamond jewellery. A new jewellery brand, steeped in history, with a contemporary twist. Our press pack introduces you to the fascinating story of a dynasty of diamond specialists.

WELCOME The name Asscher will always be synonymous with the iconic diamond cut developed by the Asscher family, but delving into the rich heritage behind the name reveals so much more. This is an intriguing story of master craftsmen transforming some of the most precious gems, in the world, into legendary stones set into royal regalia, past and present. The Asscher family have been ‘diamond people’ since the 19th century, and hold a very special position in the history of the important gems of the world. JMA bring to life the essence of this heritage in their new collection, in a blend of classic and contemporary. In tune with their legacy, they have produced timelessly elegant creations, which will delight their owners for generations.

Jan Maarten Asscher’s collection is inspired by the immense heritage of the family, who were trusted to cut the largest diamond in the world. The collection is epitomised by an unwavering commitment to excellence from the entire company, who have created jewellery of heirloom quality, using certified diamonds. In the collection you will find elements from the Arts and Crafts movement, hints of elegant Art Nouveau, and settings which nod toward the Art Deco movement together with elegant designs, which draw their inspiration from the Crown Jewels. JMA’s commitment to originality, craftsmanship and excellence, combined with their immense experience and heritage, introduce an exciting new presence in the world of designer jewellery.


LEGACY JMA epitomises the excitement which always surrounds iconic jewellery, and in the case of the Asscher family, the legendary gems they have produced.

Above: The factory when it first opened in 1907.

Jan Maarten Asscher is a descendant of one of the most famous diamond dynasties in history. The Asscher legacy is one of innovation, excellence and craftsmanship developed by successive generations of master craftsmen. Innovation – with cutting-edge diamond manufacturing technology and advanced techniques culminating in unique diamond shapes and cuts. Excellence – with skills honed over decades of knowledge and uncompromising quality learnt through creating some of the most famous diamonds in the world.

Left: Joseph Asscher in 1908 cleaving the Cullinan diamond. Below: A visit to the Asscher diamond factory in 1911 by President Falliéres of France and Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.

Jan Maarten’s grandfather, Jacob Asscher marking a rough diamond circa 1950.

Craftsmanship – with inexorable attention to detail expressed through crowning cut, symmetry and finish. All this finesse is melded with original designs which have been inspired by classical and iconic influences. These, to subtly re-create elements that have delighted in the past, yet hold the promise to be heirlooms of the future. The distillation of these key elements results in the creation of JMA’s collection of exquisite pieces, which like all the best fine jewellery in the world, have an air of gravitas that cannot be ignored.

Above: The Asscher brothers discussing a polishing strategy for the Cullinan diamond circa 1907. Right: The studio specially installed for the polishing of the Cullinan. Left: Esteemed visitors to the Asscher diamond factory after 1920

in diamonds

EXCELLENCE In their new collection, JMA celebrate their heritage and craftsmanship, in an original and innovative style. We are all inspired by beautiful diamonds, by the mystery of their depth, colour and history. A breathtaking stone, is a rarity, and JMA seek perfection in shape, colour and clarity, for all their jewels. The result is the unparalleled brilliance and excellence, that is the watchword of the company. Artistic interpretation, and exceptional knowledge in high jewellery, have been combined to create prestigious contemporary pieces. In the new retail ranges, we find a modern interpretation of the heritage of JMA in a collection of sumptuous jewellery, that fills one with wonder a new twist to the idea of the sceptre, To highlight this, in the coloured stone collection, JMA have given a new twist to the idea of the sceptre, by turning it into something to be worn as an elegant pendant, A glorious combination of textures, colours and light characterises this quintessentially regal piece. It epitomises their treatment of the marriage of old and new, heritage and innovation. Whilst materials, craftsmanship and bespoke design, can add up to a hefty price tag, JMA designs will still be worth the splurge. After all, the pieces of jewellery from their collection can be worn every day, yet are guaranteed to turn the head of any jewellery aficionado.

by turning it into something to be worn as an elegant pendant


ERNEST JONES Jan Maarten Asscher has been a diamond connoisseur for a lifetime, and it follows that his exceptional expertise has been integral in creating collections for JMAsscher, which feature magnificent diamond engagement rings. From this has sprung a natural extension for the JMAsscher brand, and we are delighted to

announce the launch of an exclusive collection of 16 designs in select Ernest Jones stores. The distinctive JMAsscher logo on its regal purple ground, stands proudly alongside the likes of Tolkowsky and Le Vian, as an elegant new presence in ten chosen outlets. The Ernest Jones collection is comprised of a diversity of sumptuous rings, earrings and pendants, which cater for all preferences and price points. These are representative of the innovative brilliance of this heritage brand. The rings in the collection include timeless traditional solitaires, delicate pavé-set clusters resplendent with regal motifs from the crown jewels, and JMAsscher’s signature, “touch of ruby fire” designs. For these signature pieces, the diamond solitaires sport delicate ruby accent stones, that tease the eye to dwell on the detailed cathedral settings. Each certified diamond is perfectly mounted in a setting, which, be it classic or contemporary, will always illustrate the originality attributed to the JMAsscher brand.

Together with these, the collection includes, a selection of matching earrings and pendants, created to complement the engagement rings, which together form heirloom quality suites of jewellery. A dedication to their Heritage, Craftsmanship, Excellence is JMAsscher’s promise. Add to that the fact that they are a sound investment in certified diamonds - and our felicitations to Ernest Jones!


For more information about the Asscher heritage, visit our website.

For the fascinating story of Jacob Asscher’s role in the cutting of the biggest diamond in the world, read A Memoir by Jacob Asscher.

Find more JMAsscher news on our blog.

Visit the blog set up to support the collection available exclusively at Ernest Jones.

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