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Friday, September 18, 2015

Thompson, Manitoba

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Made for walking Nickel Belt News photo by Devan C. Tasa The Norman Northstars were one of the groups that walked in bright red high heel pumps during the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event put on by the YWCA Sept. 12. The event raised $8,000.



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Nickel Belt News •

Friday, September 18, 2015



Almost two years ago Edward Palmer moved to Thompson from Winnipeg, and since his arrival he’s thought that Thompson was in need of a different type of promotion. From that, then the idea of creating a Thompson based app started. The idea was to have a tour guide in your pocket, says Palmer. Palmer started learning about app building in April, and officially launched the app “The Thompson Tourist” in the ‘Google Play’ Android store on Aug. 30. Palmer says it hasn’t fully kicked in that he has created the app, but thinks when it is released in the iTunes store, hopefully by the end of the month, it will. “The app is not connected in anyway to Chamber

of Commerce, not the City of Thompson, Spirit Way or North Central Development. It’s a product of Thompson Tourist. I did it on my own, as in my company, and I did all the work because it seems so fascinating.” The Thompson Tourist has a lot of different features, but Palmer says one of the main features is that everything is included in it, from all the hotels in the city, to all of the restaurants. There are different levels he explained, from standard to enhanced. If a business pays to be included in the enhanced level, the app will have a full description of the business, more pictures, and can be placed at the top of the list for the different categories. In the standard category the name, phone number

NOW OPEN ON SATURDAYS 8:00 am - noon DR. CHELSEA LILLBECK consulting Call 204-677-4912 for an appointment.

Incorporated Community of Nelson House Youth Inc. $

15,000 Monster Bingo Friday, September 18, 2015 Doors open at 5 pm, Royal Canadian Legion

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• Postage Stamp Any Corner, • Top or Bottom Line

REGULAR BINGO Down The B’s or Across the Bottom Cont ......................... $400 Letter L the Right Way ................................................... $500 One Line and 4 Corners ................................................ $400 Letter X ........................................................................ $500

BONANZA #1 BLACKOUT [70% PAYOUT] Nine in a Bed ............................................................... $400 2 Outside Lines Cont..................................................... $400 All Around the Outside Cont ........................................... $400 Blackout .................................................................... $3,000

INTERMISSION DOUBLE ACTION BLACKOUT [50% PAYOUT] Triangle Shaded............................................................ $250 Triangle Unshaded ........................................................ $200 Half Diamond Cont ....................................................... $400 Full Diamond ................................................................ $500 One Line Any Way Cont.................................................. $400 Two Lines Any Way ........................................................ $500

BONANZA #2 BLACKOUT [70% PAYOUT] One Line the Hard Way.................................................. $400 One Postage Stamp Cont............................................... $400 Two Postage Stamps ..................................................... $500 Small House Cont .........................................................$400 Large House Cont ......................................................... $500 Blackout .................................................................... $5,000

and map are included to the business, but has a static picture of a wolf, and doesn’t have a proper description of the service. Palmer says he already has clients paying for their businesses to be in the enhanced area, as well as he received an offer from an individual to buy the app from him. The Thompson Tourist is free to download, and is ever changing and improving Palmer says. The hope is to have posters and signs in different businesses as well as the airport, Greyhound depot and the train station suggesting that tourists download the app, to have all the information they may need at the tips of their fingers while they stay in the area. For businesses wanting to be included in the app or for more information the app can be downloaded on Google Play, and the app includes a frequently asked questions page, as well as a contact page for Palmer.

Nickel Belt News photo by Molly Gibson Kirby An app created by resident Edward Palmer shows tourists all around Thompson with the click of a download. The app showcases restaurants, businesses, lodging, services, festivals and all you can do in the City of Thompson.

PR 280 updates to continue next year BY DEVAN C. TASA A $48 million project to upgrade the highway between Thompson and Gilliam will continue into next year. Steve Ashton, the provincial transportation minister, said PR 280 has been a priority to upgrade for his government. “I think it’s important to note that this will be one of the biggest single highway investments in the province,” he said. “It was pretty clear last year given the very significant increase in traffic, particularly the heavy traffic related to Keeyask,

we, back in July, made a major commitment to upgrade the highway.” There are three projects underway on the highway. The road is being graded and strengthened for 22 kilometres, starting south from the Split Lake junction. That’s expected to be finished next summer. Spot repairs are being done on the road between the Keeyask junction and Limestone. For a 40-kilometre stretch between Gillam and Limestone, milling and base layering is underway. As well, the Split Lake Ac-

work, we’ve done it and I want to stress that we’re not done yet,” he said, “There’s a lot more work that will be required to upgrade the highway.” The highway’s maintenance budget will also be doubled. The costs for the project and extra maintenance are being shared with the provincial government and Manitoba Hydro. “We made a commitment, we’re living up to it, people have seen the construction and it’s going to continue as we continue to make that investment,” Ashton said.


A small plane on its way to Winnipeg from Thompson crashed near the runway on Sept. 15, just before 7 p.m. The plane, a Navajo Chieftain aircraft left Thompson but turned around shortly after experiencing problems. Six

attention hunters Trophy Country Taxidermy is where your hard earned trophies and memories are brought back to life.

TRophy country taxidermy 200 MAIN STREET KENVILLE, MB 204-734-3793 Garry Nemetchek




START UP DATE For Thursdays, September 17 and for Saturdays, September 19

HOUSE RULES 1. Each player must purchase a regular game booklet (9 face) for any and all special games in order to play. 2. No one under 14 allowed unless accompanied by an adult and they must play bingo. 3. Bingo paper can not be cut, shared or altered. Booklets must be marked by a dabber. Numbers must be visible. 4. Players are responsible to check booklets before start of play. 5. Players must call bingo loud enough and raise hand to stop play. 6. In case of multiple winners, payment will be divided equally for all games. 7. House reserves the right to cancel bingo due to inclement (bad) weather or any unforeseen circumstances. 8. House reserves the right to refuse entrance. 9.All volunteers may play bingo except the caller. 10.The caller must state clearly that the game is closed before dropping or continuing on to the next game. 11. Minimum payout for the regular games will be $20.00. 12. Cellphone must be turned off or put on vibrate. LGA #4536

REGISTER at the bowling alley or at the Leisure Mart, September 11 & 12

cess Road will be surfaced, with work starting this fall and expected to be finished in summer 2016. Ashton said that should help control dust in Split Lake. PR 280 is considered to be a strategic highway on the continent, yet the Canada Automobile Association has ranked it one of the worst highways in the country. That’s why the provincial government increase its budget on the highway from $28 million to $48 million, said Ashton. “We’ve listened, we’ve made a commitment to significantly increase the

NEW THIS YEAR Registration $35/person Ages: 3 - 19 yrs old Men’s leagues also forming for Monday nights

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, GIVE US A CALL OR SEE YOU AT THE LEISURE MART! N.C. Crossroad Lanes 3 Station Road • Call 204-677-4415

passengers and the two pilots of the Keystone Flight 408 were able to exist the aircraft and were all taken to hospital. There is no word on conditions, but there have been no fatalities reported. The plane may have been filled with jet fuel, when in fact the aircraft should have been filled with Avgas by the aircraft refuelers, states the Keystone Air Service Ltd. press release. The Transportation Safety Board is continuing to investigate.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Nickel Belt News •

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Employee wins human rights case against NRHA BY MOLLY GIBSON KIRBY MOLLY@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET

Linda Horrocks, an employee of the Northern Regional Health Authority (NRHA) in Flin Flon filed a complaint against her employer on Oct. 25, 2012. The complaint alleged that the NRHA discriminated against her because of a disability she had, which was an alcohol addiction. In 2012 Horrocks arrived at work under the influence of alcohol and was asked to leave, eventually being suspended, says Yvonne Peters, the Board of Commissioners Chairperson for the Manitoba Human Rights Commission. After negotiating with the union and the employer Horrocks agreed to sign an agreement requiring her to seek counseling and treatment, which she was already doing, and was

asked to sustain from alcohol both on and off the job. A while after the agreement was signed, Peters says, two co-workers on two different occasions say they saw Horrocks under the influence on her own time and told the NRHA. Horrocks denies this happened, but was fully terminated after the reports were made. Peters says Horrocks then made the compliant with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission saying she was being discriminated against. “What they are doing is imposing their own views, their own stereotypes on alcohol addiction and what the human rights code requires is that once a disability has been identified the onus is on the employer to determine if they can accommodate the employee

with the disability. They did not engage a proper accommodation process and that’s where the case fell down.” Once the complaint was filed an investigation started, which meant trying for mediation, but that was not resolved. An independent adjudicator was brought in and during a public hearing hear from both the employer and the employee and reviewed all evidence. “What she has found was that the employer had discriminated against this employee, primarily because of failing to engage with an accommodation,” explained Peters. Horrocks won the case against the NRHA and being discriminated against, and will be back paid for the three years she was out of the job, as well as paid $10,000 in damages

Lynn Lake remains found by search party BY JENNA DULEWICH SPECIAL TO THE NICKEL BELT NEWS

The remains of what Lynn Lake police suspect to be of missing person Sheldon Cook were found by a search party made of his friends and family. The Citizen spoke to Belinda Cook, who was part of the search party. “The very first time that they found the remains it was with Ernest Halkett, myself and friends and family members (of Sheldon Cook),” Cook said. The search party found human remains within the first day and contacted police, who brought in officers from Winnipeg to investigate. The family and friends search party paused during the official investigation.

“(The RCMP) searched for about a day and I don’t know if they found any remains – I think they found a few,” Cook said. After the Winnipeg RCMP left, friends and family of missing person Sheldon Cook, continued to search the area just outside of Lynn Lake. “Ernest Halkett found the skull and I found the jaw,” Cook said. “They just keep on finding remains and remains – and it was the family members (and friends) that did that.” Currently DNA has yet to be confirmed on the remains that have been located but yet local RCMP “strongly suspect” the remains belong to Sheldon Cook. The police do not suspect foul play.

Northstars excited by upcoming season BY ROBIN WARK SPECIAL TO THE NICKEL BELT NEWS

Norman Northstars head coach Doug Korman has been pleased by what he has seen from his team so far. “It is early, but I am impressed with the goaltending and the potential strength of our forwards,” Korman wrote in an email interview. “I need a little more time to evaluate our defence, but I am confident that with some good coaching we will be fine.” Things got going for the regional, Thompson-based midget AAA hockey team with their annual training camp, which ran from Aug. 28 to Aug. 30. About 75 players tried out. Last season the Northstars went 5-38-0-1 in the Manitoba AAA Midget Hockey League. The squad is looking to climb the ranks in the 12-team league. The Northstars will open the regular season on Oct. 2 on the road against the Win-

nipeg Thrashers. Norman’s first home game is Oct. 10 against the Brandon Midget AAA Wheat Kings. Judging from what he has seen early on, Korman and his staff have assembled a quality group of young men. “I am very impressed with how the players conducted themselves off of the ice, respectful and well behaved,” Korman wrote. The Northstars return nine players from last year’s squad. Korman said all “will and must bring a year’s experience to the dressing room.” “Third-year player Mikey Marcus will lead the way on offence,” Korman wrote. “The development of Ethan Stuckless has really caught my eye! Mike Venne will be leaned upon to help out our young defense group.” Marcus, a forward from Thompson, was second on the team last season with 37 points, including 11 goals. Stuckless is a winger from Flin Flon who has made strides. Venne is

a veteran defenceman from Thompson. The Northstars have lost the likes of Daylon Campbell (29 points), J.R. Keeper (32 points), and Brandon Spence (21 points). Korman said those are huge shoes to fill. “I think we have chosen some talented players, energy players, some good size, good speed, and role players who will be exciting to watch,” he said. The coach is optimistic about this year. “It’s going to be an exciting season, so I encourage fans to come out and support the best midget players from the North!” Korman also sees a bright future for the Northstars. At the same time as his midget squad held its training camp, so did the bantam AAA Norman Northstars. “With the numbers and talent that was on the ice, Northstars look good for the years to come,” Korman wrote.

for loss of self respect, humiliation, and emotional damage. The remedy for the case also calls for the employee to be reinstated at the position, which has never happened in the history of Manitoba. The NRHA will also have to create an accommodation policy. Peters says the NRHA has the right to appeal the decision, but in an email comment from the media relations department, the employer says they’re disappointed in the decision. “The Region is disappointed in the Commission’s decision, however we respect the office of the Manitoba Human Rights Commission. We are reviewing the decision to assess its impact. We will take steps to ensure patient safety is not compromised, as that remains a top priority for us.” Horrocks will undergo an assessment by an addictions expert before she can return back to work.

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$40 REWARD W O L F S I G H T I N G S If you have seen a wild wolf recently within 90 miles of Thompson, or taken a photo, please report it on: The BEST wolf photo in the Thompson region & submitted monthly will win a $40 prize*. Any wolf photo submitted may be displayed on our website. Your text or photo of wolf sightings help Thompson and region build a wolf economy based on education, research, conservation, eco-tourism, art & culture, and conferences. “Developing excellence in all things wolf.” * Conditions apply.

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Nickel Belt News •

Friday, September 18, 2015


Strength to forgive Spiritual Thoughts Sister Andrea Dumont

Izzdlin Abuelaish, a Palestinian doctor, teaches us many things about how to make our life worth living. His life wasn’t easy. He had every reason to be impatient, bitter, resentful and envious. Yet as a good Muslim, he lived his life with God’s guidance as he knew it in the Koran. Though getting to work at a hospital in Israel was a daily source of frustration, though his wife died of leukemia leaving him and their children without her loving presence, though three of his daughters were killed and others in the family critically injured by Israeli tanks firing shells at their house, still, the title of his autobiography, “I

Shall Not HATE” tells us that even while broken by loss and deep sorrow, he gave us a strong example of forgiveness and reconciliation. To me, he is a modern day saint – a model for all of us. It’s easy to be good when you have a carefree happy life. But how hard it is when you are born and raised in a Refugee camp in poverty, and discriminated against in every way as was Izzeldin? Would you have been a virtuous person? It takes a strong faith-filled man or woman to live a life of love, patience, forgiveness and joy in those circumstances. Such a man is Izzeldin. He firmly believes understanding, hope, compassion and open communi-

cation are the tools to bridge the divide between peoples. He met his personal tragedy positively by establishing a fund in honour of his three dead daughters. While he is Muslim, you’ll find role models in every faith, like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa and many, many others. Each of these persons followed a path laid out by their faith in God. It’s not easy when the chips are down, but it does make your life worth living and the rewards are heavenly. The easy road of greed, selfishness, anger, powerseeking and indulgence will end not in happiness, but in corrupting your heart and soul and poisoning you and whomever you influence. St. Paul told the Colossians in his letter to them, to lead a life worthy of the Lord. “You will be endowed with the strength needed to stand fast, even to endure joyfully whatever may come,” he wrote (Col 1:11). God will do his part but you have to do yours and don’t expect it to be easy. We know that Jesus did not

Lucky Time Saturday: Six Lucky Time draws of $100 between 2 pm - 10 pm.

Sunday: Ten Lucky Time draws of $50 between 2 pm - 10 pm.

See Trapper’s Club desk for details.

Wild Wednesday Xtra Credit Giveaway

Every Wednesday from 2:30 - 6:30 pm. Draws of $20 Xtra Credit every 15 minutes.

Don Constant - Tribute Artist

September 26, 2015 Buffet: 6 pm Show: 7 pm Dinner & Show $25 Show Only $10

find his crucifixion easy. Thinking about it filled him with fear and distress (MK 14:34). In the garden of Gethsemane he prayed, “Father, if it be possible, take this suffering away

Spiritual Thoughts Morgan Serger Fishing. Now if there is something most people in Northern Manitoba know something about, it’s fishing. I personally love to fish. I like sitting on a dock or in my boat; off the shore or from a canoe; by myself or with some company, fishing is good. I like catching fish, and I don’t even mind cleaning fish. Then of course there’s eating fish. (Almost my favourite part!) Peter, Andrew, James and John were professional fishermen. That’s what they did for a living. One day, Peter and Andrew were busy fishing, dropping their nets and hoping for a good catch. A man named Jesus walked by and said “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed him. You see, they knew who Jesus was. They had heard about him and they listened to John the Baptist who was telling people about Jesus. Similarly, James and John were on the shore

MLA Report

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fixing their nets when Jesus called them. The Bible says, “Immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed Him.” They followed Him for three years, during which time they saw blind people receive sight, lame people walk after decades of sitting and many other miracles performed by Jesus. Jesus was extraordinary, but His disciples were not. They were regular people, with regular jobs like you and me. Also like you and me, they were far from perfect. Jesus saw in them a desire to know more about God and to make good decisions. They were willing to give up their jobs to learn from a Man who was turning the world upside down, doing things that went against the flow of society. This Man – Jesus – was despised and His disciples took some of that as well, but they believed that Jesus was sent from God and following Him was the right thing to do. What are you willing to

give up to follow Jesus? He doesn’t walk around like he did in person 2,000 years ago, but He is here. He wants us to believe that He came, died and rose again in order for us to spend eternity with Him in Heaven. If we know this and choose not to believe it, we are going to be eternally separated from God. It doesn’t cost anything to say in your heart “I believe,” to tell God you’ve sinned and that you want to follow Him! After you do this, as it says in the chapter 10 and verse 9 of the book of Romans, you will be saved! Once you’ve decided, get plugged in somewhere. There are places to go in Thompson where other believers get together every week and help each other follow God, because just as those fishermen faced persecution for following Jesus, you will too; only you can know that all of that is going to work out for good in the end! Jesus is coming back, and He’s going to call His children home to Him. Speaking from personal experience, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made! “If we confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in our heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” – Romans 10:9

Investing in new ambulances

Steve Ashton


“…forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us…” To not forgive others is asking God to not forgive you. Ask God to give you the strength to forgive!

Faithful fishing

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from me” (MK 14:36). At sometime in our lives, all of us have suffered either physically or with emotional hurts caused by others. Remember the prayer that Jesus taught us

A new $6.2-million provincial investment for the purchase of 52 new replacement ambulances will improve patient comfort and safety when being transported by ambulance. The new additions to the Manitoba fleet include a new suspension system to improve the ride for patients and better protect paramedics on the job. These new ambulances

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will help provide a more comfortable and safer ride for patients while reducing the risk of injury to paramedics. After extensive research and testing, the ambulances will have what is known as a liquid-spring suspension. Testing took place over the course of a year to make sure the system would work in all types of Manitoba weather. The system has a feature that lowers the patient loading height into the ambulance, which reduces the risk of back injuries for paramedics. The feedback on ride quality from patients, medical staff and paramedics was positive. Costs for the new suspension system are included in the full ambulance vehicle cost. Ambulances will be delivered to EMS stations

across the province, starting in early September 2015. The new ambulances will be located in all health regions including four in the northern region. The investment in replacement ambulances builds on work over the next 10 years to implement the recommendations of the Manitoba EMS System Review conducted in 2013. Additional recent investments include providing an estimated $11 million each year to fund the full patient cost of inter-facility transports. I would like to acknowledge the work of our local firefighter/paramedics in Thompson and paramedics across the province. The new ambulances will make a huge difference in helping them in their critical role.

All of the Nickel Belt News’s content is protected by Canadian Copyright laws. Reviews and similar mention of material in this newspaper is granted on the provision that the Nickel Belt News receives credit. Otherwise, any reproduction without the permission of the publisher is prohibited. Advertisers purchase space and circulation only. Rights to any advertisements produced by the Nickel Belt News, including artwork, typography, photos, etc., remain the property of this newspaper. Advertisements or parts thereof may not be reproduced or assigned without the consent of the publisher.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Nickel Belt News •

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Mining museum opens new exhibits My Take on Snow Lake Marc Jackson There were 65 people were on hand in the Snow Lake Mining Museum to witness the grand opening of the facility’s new Rock and Mineral and Exploration Exhibits. The Sept. 1 event was coupled with the Sixth Annual Rock and Mineral Day, which featured the perennial favorite ‘Rock Doctor.’ This no doubt accounted for the fact that 24 of the attendees were children. Shortly after the majority of people had arrived, Paul Hawman, the museum board’s chair, gathered everyone’s attention as he took up position in front of the room that houses the new exhibits. He explained the day marked the opening of the museum’s two newest achievements. “This is the grand opening of our Rock and Mineral Exhibit and our Exploration Exhibit,” said Hawman. The two exhibits were built at the same time and funded by the same people. Construction money came from the Tourism Secretariat, and from the Canadian Geological Society, who granted money to purchase the display cases. Other items were purchased from money that was donated by area businesses like Hudbay, VMS and MacLean Engineering. The en-

tire exhibit was constructed with donated labour. “We had hoped it would be complete, but as you see it is not yet there.” Hawman continued, advising that there are still multiple hours of cataloguing and tagging to do in order to properly exhibit the items in the display. Prior to cutting the ribbon to open the exhibits, the chair cited one final item to address. He asked ‘Rock Doctor’ Clair Pilgrim to join him in front of the display and presented him with a framed certificate of appreciation that read: “This certificate of appreciation is presented to Clair Pilgrim for outstanding service and dedication to the Snow Lake Mining Museum as the original Rock Doctor, making rocks fun and interesting for kids of all ages.” Pilgrim and wife Wendie will be leaving Snow Lake prior to the end of the year, poised to take up residence in their hometown of Thunder Bay, Ont. The award was greeted with a rousing round of applause, after which the ribbon was cut and the exhibit opened to further applause. With the ceremony over, people filed into the new exhibits to get a look at their displays. From the

Nickel Belt News photo by Marc Jackson Keith Scott, left, and Clair Pilgrim hold ribbon as Paul Hawman cuts. comments, it was obvious many appreciated the time and thought that was put into laying them out and furnishing them with samples. The area is well lit, and even if there is work to be done, markings tell the story of the samples and tools they contain. Each piece of rock has a back story: where it came from, how it was formed or what the folks at the museum went through to secure it. While some folks toured the exhibits, Rock Doctors Clair Pilgrim, Ernie Guiboche and Dennis Merber got out their loupes and put on their game faces in preparation of being chal-

RCMP looking for 19-year-old male

lenged by a lineup of young geologists in the making. Each child that visited the Rock Doctors received a coupon for a themed colouring book and crayons, a give-away (wrist bands, cards, rocks etc.) a piece of gold (fudge), and a piece of silver (chocolate kisses), as well as a detailed description of the rock they brought forward for diagnosis. In conversation after the ceremonies, the museum’s chair advised that there are several irons still in the fire. He said they will soon have Manitoba Hydro coming in to the building do an assessment on their lighting.

If it meets criteria, they will likely get a grant to switch over their lighting, possibly to LED. He also said the coming winter will see those at the museum finish their trail sign project and there ‘were’ plans to move the diamond drill that sits front and centre of the museum, but Hawman says they have had so many people comment about how great it looks where it is, they may have to reconsider! “We are really torn on that,” he confided. “We have a spot picked out on that rock outcrop on the left hand side between the Miners’ Memorial and the

RCMP detachment, but so many people enjoy seeing it out front. I’d really love to get another one… so we’re not sure what we’ll do.” Here’s hoping someone looking to part with a diamond drill, helps the folks at the museum with their dilemma. Winners of the children’s draws were: 1st - Ryder McMechan, 2nd - Violet Trudeau, and 3rd - Cameron Perrier. The big winner of the 50/50 hardhat draw was Donna Wills, who took home a whopping $920 and promptly returned $200 as a donation to the museum!

WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THOMPSON? STORYBOOK BAGS: Want to get together to make Storybook bags for your children? Futures is holding an afternoon workshop session. No cost, and you take home a storybook bag with puppets included. Call Barbara at 204-677-7823 to register. 5 WEEK KIDS CLUB! Ages 6 to 10. Bible adventures, games, crafts and much more. Kicks off Sat, Sept 19 at 2 pm. Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm from Sept 23 - Oct 21. Come out and bring lots of friends for a frenzy of fantastic fun! Location: Thompson Pentecostal Assembly, 126 Goldeye Cres. Corner of Thompson Drive and Goldeye Cres. For more information call Pastor Miranda at 204-677-3435. WHITEWATER KAYAKING PROGRAM: Introduction to whitewater kayaking at the Norplex Pool, taught by certified kayak instructors. Kayak rolling clinics are also offered. Introduction courses cover paddling strokes, upside down exit techniques, rescue skills and the kayak roll. Courses begin in October 2015, but you can join at any time. All equipment is provided. Ages 8 and up. Contact Ben at (204) 778-9940 to sign up.

Nicholas Christopher Brophy Thompson RCMP are looking for 19-year-old Nicholas Christopher Brophy, who was last seen late evening Sept. 8 in Thompson. He was reported missing Sept. 9 at around 7:30 p.m. Brophy is described as a Caucasian male with short blond hair and blue eyes, approximately 5’ 8” and 135 lbs. He was last seen wearing a black and white hooded Brooks & Crooks sweatshirt, black skateboarding Supra brand shoes and black jeans. Officers continue to look for Brophy and are asking anyone with information to contact the Thompson RCMP detachment or call Crime Stoppers.

Call the RCMP 204-677-6909 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477

THE NRHA PROVIDES FREE EVENING PRENATAL CLASSES throughout the year. Please do not miss out on this opportunity to learn about Labor, Breastfeeding, Newborn Care and tour our Hospital. Classes are facilitated by a Public Health Nurse. All pregnant women in their third trimester of pregnancy and a support person are welcome to attend. Please telephone Michelle at (204) 677-5382 or PHN Angela at (204) 778-1550 to register or for more information. ARE YOU PREGNANT? STRUGGLING WITH USE OF EITHER ALCOHOL OR DRUGS? InSight Mentoring can help. This is a free service available to women that are pregnant or may have given birth in the past year. InSight Mentoring can help you identify your goals and help you achieve them. Please call 204-677-5372 or 204-778-1521 between 8:30-4:30 pm for more information. THE CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY is organizing a transportation service in Thompson to drive cancer patients to appointments. Volunteer drivers are needed. For more information call Judy at 204-679-0191 or Darlene at 888-532-6982, extension 239. IF YOUR LOVED ONE or friend has a problem with alcohol, and you need help, join the Alanon group meeting at 1079 Cree Rd at the Nickel Group trailer, across from Co-op Gas, Wed at 8 pm. Call Wendy at 204-778-7841 for information. SUFFER FROM ANXIETY/DEPRESSION? A support group will be starting again, can you give an hour or two of your time to get some help? Learning and helping each other does work. Let’s join together and get back our health. Phone Barbara at 204-778-6306 at Anxiety Disorders of Manitoba. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS 1079 Cree Road (Nickel Group) across from Co-op Gas bar. If you drink that’s your business. If you want to quit that’ our business. We can help. For more info call 204-677-4696 or 204-778-7986.

Submit your own community events to or visit

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Nickel Belt News •

Friday, September 18, 2015


PUB 55

District welcomes students back

73 Commercial Place (behind Sears)


DAILY SPECIALS SUNDAY • All Burgers • $2 OFF MONDAY • Crab Cakes & Sushi • $2 OFF TUESDAY • Wings • 50% OFF WEDNESDAY • Team Platters • $5 OFF THURSDAY • Boards • $2 OFF FRIDAY • Entrees • $3 OFF SATURDAY • Flatbread • $2 OFF

204 677 0101

VLTs (NOW ON SITE) • POOL TABLES • FULLY LICENSED Pub 55 is locally owned and operated. Specials are dine-in only. Prices in eĚłfect weekdays at 4 pm, Saturday & Sunday all day.

Nickel Belt News photo by Devan C. Tasa Children go down the slide at Wapanohk School during the ďŹ rst day of school Sept. 9. The Mystery Lake School District will be focusing its efforts on numeracy, literacy and attendance this year.

Residential Household Hazardous Waste Day September 19th at City Hall Parking Lot 10:00am-2:00pm

Accepted Products Polishes/Wax Household Cleaners Degreasers Aerosol Cans Rust Removers Mercury Thermometers Pesticides/Insecticides

Acids Paint Strippers Propane Acetylene Drain Cleaners Glues Gas Solvents

School is back in session for the students within the Mystery Lake School District. “Every school year is exciting,� said Lorie Henderson, the district’s education services superintendent. “Everybody’s coming together, teachers spent a lot of time this summer getting their classrooms ready,� she said. “I know we’ll have a productive year with all of our students in school.� The district expects to have more than 3,000 students this year, which is stable compared to last year. Kindergarten classes are full across the district. “We do have some new teachers,� Henderson said. “Not a lot of new teachers; we’ve been pretty stable as far as teaching staff, which is good for the district.� There are 20 new teachers for the district’s six elementary and one secondary school, but only seven of those are new to the district. There’s also a new administrative team at Westwood School, with the vice-principal becoming the new principal. The new vice-principal was a teacher from Wapanohk. “We’re continuing to focus on numeracy, literacy and attendance

this year,â€? Henderson said. “We do have a new district leader numeracy support teacher, so we now have a team of numeracy support teachers.â€? That new teacher will be working with students from Grade 5 to 9. Having the student is school is also important, Henderson said. “We know that we need to have kids in school to learn. We just received our attendance rate for last year and we’re sitting at 84, 85 per cent, which is good but it still means that we’re missing students,â€? she said, The timetables are R.D. Parker Collegiate have also been changed to allow for a 15 minute break in the morning to help combat tardiness. “We’re trying to target tardiness,â€? Henderson said. “We want kids in class on time.â€? The district is also hosting a newcomer gathering focused on English as an additional language students on Oct. 8. There will be 30 to 40 students involved and a group from Winnipeg will also be there. “They’re coming up just to ďŹ nd out about transition and supports that are in place and things we could do better as a province and also what we could do locally,â€? Henderson said.


Product must be in original containers if possible Containers should be clearly labelled Individual products separated For all inquiries please contact the Thompson Recycling Centre at 204 677-7991

Commercial removal of hazardous waste for businesses must call Miller Environmental at 204-925-9600 to make prior arrangements

• • • •




*Manitoba Hydro is a licensee of the Trademark and OfďŹ cial Mark.

PHONE 204-677-4534

For more information, visit or call 204-480-5900 in Winnipeg or 1-888-624-9376


Finance your home’s energy efďŹ ciency upgrades the easy way.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Nickel Belt News •

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Gala raises money for Paint Lake fire hall

Hotel and Suites

DEVAN C. TASA A Thompson church was figuratively on fire as the Paint Lake Cottage Owner’s Association hosted a gala to help pay for a building that helps with literal fires. The Second Annual Paint Lake Community Fundraiser was held at the St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church Sept. 12 “We’re having this event as a fundraiser for the Cottage Owner’s Association of Paint Lake to help fund the new fire hall expansion,” said Troy Steeves, the association’s president. “The fire hall’s been built and now we’re paying for it.” The expansion was built last year. The association has to now pay off the debt they incurred to build it, which they are doing with fundraising and a $200 levy that land access cottage owners have to pay each year for three years. “It’s going to take us three or four years to pay it off, three or four years of intensive fundraising happening here,” Steeves said. There were two tables

Employment Opportunity Maintenance Worker General Duties: • Performs general guest room and public indoor/ outdoor area maintenance and repairs on HVAC, plumbing and electrical equipment and systems. • Performs general carpentry, tiling, painting and wall surface repairs • Completes Preventative Maintenance checklists and other maintenance and inventory supply records. • Other duties as assigned. The Successful Candidate: • Will be a self starter, able to function with minimal supervision and prioritize tasks. • Will have a valid driver’s license. • Existing mechanical, electrical certifications preferred • Previous hotel and/or apartment maintenance experience will be a definite asset.

Nickel Belt News photo by Devan C. Tasa The Second Annual Paint Lake Community Fundraiser, held to raise monet for the new fire hall expansion, was held at the St. Joseph’s Ukrainian Catholic Church Sept. 12. From left are Jaime Howitt-Muidy, Norma Howitt and April Harnum. full of prizes that attendees could pay tickets to enter a draw, a silent auction and a live action held one hour before midnight. In total, there were close to 110 donations made by individuals and businesses, including a mini-ATV, a Michael Kors purse, leather Harley Davidson boots and golf clubs. “People have been extremely generous this

year,” said Shelley Carey, the vice-president. Steeves said the expansion had made a difference to Paint Lake’s firefighting efforts. “The fire hall has allowed them to store all three trucks inside. We used to have to store one truck outside. The old fire hall wasn’t large enough; we needed to expand,” he said. “So

now this allows the fire department to store all of their equipment inside and it’s a beautiful facility.” Steeves also acknowledged the efforts of volunteers and donors for the event. “Without the volunteers helping our association, these things wouldn’t happen,” he said.

This job will appeal to: • Persons interested in working in a Teamwork oriented setting. • Someone who enjoys variety in the day to day tasks and duties • A person who would take pride in maintaining and working in a new building. This job may appeal to a semi or retired person looking to supplement income with the option of a benefit plan and other benefits associated with Best Western Employment.

Interested? Drop off Resume to: The Best Western Hotel 205 Mystery Lake Road Attn: Shannon Rothlander Manager - Hotel Operations Best Western Thompson Hotel & Suites 204-778-8887 VISIT Best Western Online

CANADIAN TIRE THOMPSON The Great Canadian Coat Sale Woods Parka

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Woods Arctic Parka

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Woods Hemingway

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Woods Mackinaw

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Ragwool Bomber Hat

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Fairy Dress-up Kit

Men’s 8 to 11

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Camo Slipper

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CANADIAN TIRE THOMPSON 60 SELKIRK AVENUE, THOMPSON || 204-778-8888 || SERVICE 204-778-6666 HOURS: Monday to Friday 8 am to 9 pm || Saturday 8 am to 8 pm || Sunday 9 am to 6 pm Limited quantities available. First come = first served. Sorry, no rain checks. Thompson location only.



Reg $24.99

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Reg $7.99

Can’t make it to the store?

Call our Mail Order Desk

1-800-265-1188 We will be happy to take your orders over the phone!


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502 • APT/TOWNHOUSE FOR RENT 3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE $1275/ month plus utilities. No pets. Text 1-204-471-1202. 37nb-2-d

Tire Sales & Service Passenger - Light Truck - ATV Trailer - RV - Golf Carts - Forestry - Retreads - Section Repairs - Tubes Wheel Balancing - Repairs


90 Hayes Rd. Thompson, MB Phone 677-3925 or Toll Free 1-877-677-9955


NOW HIRING Second level to red seal plumbers. Benefit package available, requires driver’s licence. 204 677-2013 37nb-TFN-nb

LOOKING FOR CHILDCARE 2 children under 6, 30 hrs guaranteed/wk. $ 1116.50/hr. Accommodations available. Criminal record, child abuse registry, experience and references mandatory. Apply in confidence to: Thompson Citizen, P.O Box 887, Thompson MB, R8N 1N8 Re: Childcare position. 34nb-4-d

302 • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES COMMERCIAL LAUNDRY & Dry cleaners. Coveral & mat rental business. 5000 sq ft building (new roof 2013) 145 Hayes Rd. Satellite store at Thompson Plaza. 9nb-tfn-nb

505 • HOUSES FOR SALE HAVE YOU BEEN THINKING about relocating? Come and check out the parkland Region, including the communities of Roblin, Russell, Grandview & Lake of the Prairies! We have a variety of homes, cottages and acreages for sale. Check out our website at www.north-star. ca. For more info call Karen Goraluk-Salesperson. 204-773-6797. Northstar Insurance and Real Estate. Looking forward to meeting you! 26nb-12-d


FOR RENT 2000 square foot store front space for rent. Comes with garage bay with 10’ x 10’ overhead door. Electric forced air/AC. 204-677-2013. 37nb-TFN-nb

OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 500-5000 sq ft. available. Cameron/Hoe building 81 Churchill Drive. Contact Joe Aniceto. 204-679-0490 or Neil Cameron 306477-5668. 19nb-tfn-nb 2 COMMERCIAL SPACES for Rent One - 1,300 sq ft with storefront location, retail or office Two - 1,600 sq ft, ideal for light industrial or commercial use, easy load & unload & parking access, very reasonable rates. Call 204-677-2957 or 250491-3946. 19nb-tfn-nb


MANITOBA HOUSING CARETAKER SERVICES Manitoba Housing is looking for a Caretaker/Groundskeeper services for a 2 year term at the following location: Princeton Drive & Brandon Crescent - approx. 6 acres with dwellings & 1 apartment block with 10 units Documents can be picked up at Manitoba Housing Office at 118-3 Station Road in Thompson, MB. Deadline for RFQ submission is October 8, 2015 at 4:00 pm. For additional please contact:


Malanie Cutler 204-677-0611 204-677-0614 118-3 Station Road Thompson, MB


recycle and keep our earth


Conservatives still lacking candidate Local Churchill–Keewatinook Aski Conservatives are still lacking a candidate to represent them in the upcoming federal election. As of Sept. 16, the Conservative website reports

no one is running in the electoral district. The party’s representatives have said they will have a candidate, but gave no indications when a nomination meeting to select one would take place.

Any candidate running in the election must have their papers in to Elections Canada by Sept. 28. So far, only New Democrat Niki Ashton and Liberal Rebecca Chartrand have completed that process.

Thompson not impacted during cucumber recall in Safeway BY MOLLY GIBSON KIRBY MOLLY@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET

Safeway stores across western Canada put out a recall for field cucumbers on Sept. 9 because a vendor from California, who supplies cucumbers to Safeway, was linked to a larger recall in the United States. The cucumbers, which were recalled, were field cucumbers, not the English Cucumbers wrapped in plastic.

The recall issued was due to possible Salmonella contamination. Betty Kellsey, Public Affairs Manager with Safeway Operations, says a recall can happen whenever. “When we do feel like there’s a risk or we’ve been notified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, or by the vendor, we immediately issue a recall to all impacted areas and stores.”

Kellsey confirmed with the Thompson Safeway that none of the impacted cucumbers were sold in the store. “If the customers in Thompson or the surrounding areas feel like they would like to return the product for fresh product they’re more than welcome to do that. We would provide a full refund or replace it with a fresh product.”

Illegal hunting can now cost upwards of $10,000 BY JENNA DULEWICH SPECIAL TO THE THOMPSON CITIZEN

Manitoba is the first Canadian jurisdiction to create restitution values where enforcers will fine violators for the unlawful removal of wild animals or fish from the population.


CAL AND VIVIAN BONYAI will be at City Centre Mall on Sept. 17, 18, and 19. Selling honey and homemade jams and pickles. 36nb-2-nb


LIVING WATER CHURCH Pastor Archie McKay ST. JAMES ANGLICAN Ph: 677-2469 Rev. Jean Arthurson-Ouskan Sunday services @ 7:00pm. 10 Caribou 677-4652 11 am Light of the North Church 32 Nelson Road ST. JOSEPH UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC 340 Juniper Drive 778-7547 GATEWAY BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH ST. LAWRENCE ROMAN CATHOLIC Pastor Dave Cook Fr Subhash Joseph and Fr Guna Sekhar 204-679-9000 114 Cree R. 677-0160 Sunday School 10:00 AM Service 11:00, PM Service 7:00 Sat. 6:30 pm & Sun. 10 am Prayer Meeting- Wednesday 7 PM THOMPSON PENTECOSTAL Pastor Dan Murphy THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF Youth Pastor Lawrence Stratton LATTER-DAY SAINTS Children’s Pastor Miranda Murphy EVERYONE WELCOME SUNDAYS AT 10 AM 126 Goldeye 677-3435 83 COPPER RD Service at 10:30 am For more information, church tours or home visits call the Missionaries at ST. ANDREWS PRESBYTERIAN 204-939-4382 or visit 249 Thompson Drive 204-677-2799 Pastor Murat Kuntel THE SALVATION ARMY, Regular Hours: 11 am Church Service Thompson Corps (Church) 305 Thompson Dr. CHRISTIAN CENTRE FELLOWSHIP Worship services every Sunday at 11:00 am Pastor Ted Goossen 204-677-3658 328 Thompson Dr. N. 677-4457 Sun. School 9:45 am • Service 11 am APOSTOLIC FAITH CHURCH 111 GOLDEYE CRESCENT FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Service Schedule 456 Westwood Dr. S. Sunday 11:00 am Worship Service Ph. 778-8037 Service @ 11 am 3:00 pm Sunday School LUTHERAN - UNITED CHURCH OF 7:00 pm Evening service THOMPSON congregations worship at Wednesday: 7:00 pm Bible study followed by prayer time. Contact us at 52 Caribou Rd. at 10:30 am Sundays. 204-679-2693 or 204-677-5003 Phone 204-677-4495

Friday, September 18, 2015

COMMUNITY RUMMAGE SALE SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 10 AM - 3 PM at the Boys and Girls Club. Half the proceeds are being donated to the Boys and Girls Club. Come on down and support your local Boys and Girls Club.

MULTI FAMILY GARAGE SALE 68 HILLSIDE CRES. FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 5-8 PM, SATURDAY. SEPTEMBER 19 9 AM - NOON. Wicker furniture, lamps, TV stand, area rugs, kids bed rails, books, toys, games, bedding, clothing & more.

59 BAFFIN CRES. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 9 AM - 1 PM. Moving sale!

LAMBERT’S BLOWOUT SALE ON CLEARANCE ITEMS. *PAY NO TAXES STOREWIDE* SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, “We’re getting ready for the holiday season and need to make room” Two locations – ONE DAY ONLY! Inside warehouse at 55 Station Rd. 10 am - 5 pm. CN Warehouse - 3 Gay St. 9 am - 12:00 pm. Check out FB Buy ‘N Sell sites for pictures and early bird shopping


The idea is to make offenders pay to offset the loss of important natural resources according to a Manitoba Wildlife Federation press release. “We need to recognize there is a significant cost when an animal is taken illegally and it’s important the person responsible pays the price,” said Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Tom Nevakshonoff. The new fines are being called restitution costs, the Government of Manitoba website, “restitution costs reflect the value of the loss of the fish or animal from the environment and therefore, these costs cannot be changed or altered by the courts.” The restitution costs will be directed towards wildlife management and conservation through the Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Fund. These changes were made in collaboration with the Manitoba Lodge and Outfitters Association (MLOA), the Manitoba Wildlife Federation (MWF), and other organizations. “The MLOA does not support the illegal taking of fish or wildlife, and it’s important that anyone who breaks the law is held accountable,” said Paul Turenne, executive director of MLOA, in a press

release. “We are encouraged by any positive changes that recognize the importance of wildlife to our provincial economy and we support increased penalties for those who hunt or fish illegally.” The new penalties, in addition to the current fines imposed through the court process, include: - $1,500 to $3,000 for white-tailed deer; - $2,500 to $10,000 for elk and moose; - $2,000 to $4,000 for black bear; - $42 to $126 for fish such as walleye, northern pike, goldeye and channel catfish (higher values for master angler size); and - $252 for a lake sturgeon (protected species) These new penalties do not apply to anyone legally exercising their treaty or Aboriginal right to hunt or fish. The fines also do no apply to commercial fishers, where “current administration system allows for quota deductions and other penalties such as licence suspension,” MWF press release. “This new law will not bring back wildlife harvested illegally but restitution will support programs to ensure sustainable wildlife populations remain in our province for generations to come,” Nevakshonoff said.


Friday, September 18, 2015

Nickel Belt News •

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Cross Lake hockey player attends Manitoba Program of Excellence BY ROBIN WARK

Photo By: Hockey Manitoba Justin Nachbaur attended multiple summer hockey camps in preparation for a busy 2015 hockey season.


There are many reasons why Cross Lake’s Justin Nachbaur has a passion for hockey. “I love everything about the game, especially how far it can take you and the opportunities it will bring,” wrote Nachbaur in a social media interview. Just this summer alone sports have opened many doors and provided the son of Harold and Lisa Nachbaur many new experiences. He spent time training at the Lakers Hockey Academy in Winnipeg, attended a pair of Hockey Manitoba Under-16 Program of Excellence development camps, and – most recently – went to camp with the Western Hockey League’s Prince Albert Raiders. He attended a pair of POE camps where he competed against and with Manitoba’s best. The camps are part of the selection process for the Team Manitoba squad that will represent the province at the Western Canada U-16 Challenge Cup, Oct. 27Nov.1, in Calgary. “It was a privilege to play amongst Manitoba’s elite players,” Nachbaur wrote. “It was a great experience because I learned a lot from my coaching staff and teammates on and off the ice.” Nachbaur, who plans to play Midget AAA hockey this coming winter with the Norman Northstars, was also successful on the diamond this summer. He helped the Cross Lake-based Pimicikamak Thunder softball team win the U16 Western Canadian Fastball Championships in Regina. The Thunder finished sixth at the U16 Canadian Fastball National Championships in Prince Albert. The 15-year-old forward has gotten to where he is in hockey through talent, hard work, and dedication. Last season he played for the Winnipeg Warriors Bantam AAA squad. “Justin has tremendous internal strength as I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to leave home at 14 but he did and he was successful,” Warriors head coach Jason Bauer wrote in an email interview. “Justin comes from a great home and a very supportive family that has placed strong values within him and this transferred into his friendship with his teammates. He always comes to the rink with a smile on his face and loves to see his teammates succeed.” Growing up in Northern Manitoba, Nachbaur has put on many miles and sacrificed being close to home to further his hockey

career. Two seasons ago he played for the Norman Wolves Bantam AAA squad, which is based almost 900 kilometres from his hometown. Last season he billeted in Winnipeg to play with the Warriors. Nachbaur credited his parents and a strong system for helping him excel. “They have always gone out of their way to be there for me by driving to see me almost every weekend,” Nachbaur wrote about his parents. “I could always rely on my family and my billet family, the Smith/ Schroeders, for anything I needed. I couldn’t thank them enough for the support they have given me this past season.” Nachbaur and the Warriors had a successful campaign last winter. The team made it to Winnipeg AAA Bantam finals, where they fell to the Winnipeg Monarchs. The 6-foot-2, 205-pound Nachbaur attracted attention as in 40 games he scored 23 goals, recorded 22 assists, and accumulated 60 penalty minutes. His strong play and potential impressed scouts at both the Junior A and major junior levels. He was taken second overall in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League draft by the OCN Blizzard. “It feels good that all my hard work, training and

sacrifice of leaving home has paid off,” Nachbaur wrote. Prior to that, the Raiders picked him in the seventh

round, 142nd overall, of the 2015 WHL Bantam Draft. Nachbaur said he was excited and honoured to be picked by the Raiders. “Justin is a big power forward who is very physical and plays well in the dirty areas,” said Prince Albert Director of Player Personnel Dale Derkatch in a press release. “He will play in front of the net or in the corners and has a very good shot.” That great shot and his physical play earns Nachbaur a lot of attention from his opponents. Bauer said Nachbaur has “a big league

Marymound is presently seeking: Youth Care Practitioner – Casual position – Marymound Receiving Home Competition # YCP15-90 (Days, Evenings, Overnights, Weekends, Shift Work) Casual positions are part of a multi-disciplinary team responsible for supervision and safety of youth through daily interaction and care. Participate in planning, assessing and implementation of treatment strategies. Experience working with youth; ability to relate positively and therapeutically to youth; must have excellent physical and emotional health. Education and experience considered. Satisfactory Criminal Record and clear Child Abuse Registry/ Prior Contact checks are requirements of all positions as well as emergency first aid, valid driver’s license and abstract. Knowledge of Aboriginal customs, traditions and beliefs will be considered an asset. For more information about Marymound, visit Submit cover letter and résumé quoting Competition # to: Competition No. YCP15-90 Human Resources 442 Scotia Street Winnipeg, MB R2V 1X4 By 4:00pm September 28, 2015 - anything submitted after the deadline will not be considered e-mail: or online at Marymound is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants are encouraged to self-declare.

NOW HIRING Part Time Customer Service Clerks

Join our dynamic retail team. We offer: x x x x

Starting Wage $14.01 Flexible Shifts Benefit Packages Opportunity for career advancement

Please apply directly to the Store Manager Thompson Liquor Mart 131 Selkirk Avenue

shot that simply puts fear into the goalies and any opposing player he wishes to stand in front of it. He has the ability to simply change the game at any moment with his physical presence on the ice.” While those aspects of his game get a lot of attention, Bauer feels Nachbaur’s playmaking ability is overlooked by many people. “Justin has great vision

and often finds the open player who is attacking with speed.” Fifteen year-olds can only play a limited number of games at the junior level and most play their seasons at the midget AAA level. Nachbaur is excited to suit up for the North Stars as he takes the next step in his career. “It is a team I have always wanted to play for growing up.”

MANITOBA KEEWATINOWI OKIMAKANAK INC. (MKO) Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training Strategy EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Incorporated is seeking a highly motivated individual that will perform the functions of Aboriginal Skills & Employment Training Strategy (ASETS) Program Coordinator. The successful candidate will facilitate and support the coordination and development of ASETS initiatives with its MKO First Nation communities. ASETS Youth Program Coordinator (Full time Position) Reporting to the Program Manager, this positon will create a First Nations Youth Network that fosters collaboration and creativity, seeks employment and/ or training opportunities, and deals with youth issues and challenges; and requires planning, organizing, interpersonal, communication, and report-writing skills. The Youth Program Coordinator will be a positive role model for First Nations and all youth; a connector. Knowledge of First Nations culture and understanding of the challenges faced by First Nations youth and their communities is essential. Qualifications: • Training in the area of strategies that will enhance or provide opportunities to encourage and support school completion, enhance selfesteem, and strengthen ties with other First Nation Youth locally, regionally, provincially, and nationally; • Strong written and verbal communication skills and ability to communicate effectively with youth and other stakeholders; • Strong organizational and problem-solving ability with a demonstrated commitment to deadlines and details; • Excellent time and resource management and program administration skills; • Must be computer literate and have a good knowledge of MS Office • Ability to work independently and with a team with minimal supervision • Valid Class 5 Drivers license; must be willing to travel to communities; • Experience or knowledge of First Nation youth; • Ability to speak a First Nation language is a definite asset. Salary is dependent upon qualifications and experience. A comprehensive benefits package is provided. A complete job description can be obtained by calling (204) 677-1600. Interested candidates are invited to submit in confidence, a cover letter with resume along with at least 3 work related references by Friday, September 25th, 2015. Oliver Veuillot, Human Resources Administrator 200-701 Thompson Drive Thompson, Manitoba R8N 2A3 We thank all applicants in advance for their interest in employment with MKO, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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Nickel Belt News •

Friday, September 18, 2015


Manto Sipi taking province to court The Manto Sipi Cree Nation is taking the province to court over outstanding mining claims in their ancestral lands. The nation filed a statement of claim Sept. 9. Because the province has delayed transferring lands selected by the nation as part of its Treaty Land Entitlement land se-

lection under Treaty No. 5, the nation is seeking compensation for damages and the loss of the land’s use. “We have tried to resolve this dispute with Manitoba by other means but we have been forced to now file this claim,” said Michael Yellowback, the nation’s

chief. “The honour of the Crown requires the province to implement our agreement in a fair and equitable way. If we need the courts to remind the province, then so be it.” The nation has hired Aboriginal law firm Devlin Gailus Westaway to represent them in court.

“This is another example of the failure of the Crown to implement Treaty Land Entitlement,” said Cynthia Westaway, the senior counsel. “Manitoba, in the shoes of Canada under the Natural Resources Transfer Agreement, must finally, after 106 years, do all that it

At the Quality Inn & Suites we pride ourselves on customer service. We are looking for a Guest Services agent for the front desk. Must be available for full time hours. As well, we are looking for a breakfast attendant. Must be available Monday- Friday, 5:30 am - 9:30 am. We are also looking for a housekeeper. Must be available to work on weekends. Please drop off your resume to Donna Wilson at 45 Moak Cres. Or email “The interest of all applicants is appreciated, but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.”

University College of the North (UCN) is committed to building a workforce that is representative of the populations we serve. Applications are invited from individuals who have a demonstrated interest and ability to work with Aboriginal learners and mature students. Preference will be given to Aboriginal candidates.

can to resolve its outstanding legal obligations under Treaty No. 5.” The Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak is supporting the legal action. “Manto Sipi has waited 106 years to receive its outstanding Treaty Land Entitlement under Treaty

No. 5,” said Sheila North Wilson, the MKO’s grand chief. “The immediate transfer of these lands would begin to address the abject poverty of the Manto Sipi and support the community enchantments that Manto Sipi and other Treaty Land Entitlement First Nations are ready for.”

K.B. Insurance & Thompson Insurance City Centre Mall / 33 Selkirk Ave 204-677-9991 Fax 204-778-5145


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Maintenance Personnel. The Burntwood Hotel and Thompson Inn are looking to hire a full time Maintenance Person. This position entails working in both properties. Experience working on pools would be an asset. We offer health benefits as well as competitive wages.

Join the KB. Insurance team. We are looking for a reliable, professional team player to join our busy office. No experience required, we provide all training and courses. Must enjoy dealing with the public and possess excellent customer service skills. Must have a minimum grade 12 education and provide a clear criminal record check.

Apply in person or drop resumes off at 146 Selkirk Avenue You can also apply by e-mail to tsollis@burntwood

Please fax 204-778-5145 or email or bring your resume to our office today!

We thank all applicants in advance who apply, however only those qualified will be contacted.

Thank you to all those who apply, only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.


Classification: Clerk 1 Part-Time Regular Position: A.S.A.P. to June 2016 (August to June annually thereafter) Thompson, Manitoba Competition No. 15-088 Closing Date: September 25, 2015 Please visit our website for more detailed information about UCN and this employment opportunity. At, select “UCN Careers”, and select from the list of positions to view. Thank you for your interest in UCN.

Thompson (866) 677.6450

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Skills Canada Manitoba is a not-for-profit charitable organization that works with youth, parents, communities, industry and government to increase awareness of the rewarding careers available in skilled trades and technology. We are now accepting applications for a Northern Skills Liaison Officer, 10 month contract commencing immediately. NORTHERN SKILLS LIAISON OFFICER The successful candidate must be comfortable in a classroom setting delivering a career options presentation to students from Grades 6 – 12 as well as organizing and delivering ‘Skilled Trades Awareness Programs’ within Northern Manitoba. The ideal candidate will demonstrate excellent communication skills as well as strong time management and organizational skills. • • • • • •

37.5 hours per week Must have experience delivering presentations; familiarity presenting to youth Organizing and delivering ‘Skilled Trades Awareness Programs’ A valid drivers license and a reliable vehicle required Willingness to travel as needed within northern Manitoba Salary Range $53,000- $55,000

If you are interested in this opportunity, please forward your resume by September 25, 2015 to the attention of: Please submit resumes and cover letter to: Skills Manitoba Canada Maria Pacella, Executive Director E-mail: Or mail to Skills Manitoba Canada C/O Northern Manitoba Sector Council Unit 302-79 Selkirk Ave Thompson, Manitoba, R8N 0M5 Fax: (204) 927-0258

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY AWASIS AGENCY OF NORTHERN MANITOBA CHILD & FAMILY SERVICES WORKER - TSDO LOCATION: THOMPSON SERVICE DELIVERY OFFICE, THOMPSON, MB Position: Child & Family Services Worker One (1) Full-Time Permanent Position Reporting to a Unit Supervisor the Regional Child & Family Services Worker is responsible to implement the policies, procedures and specific directions/directives of the Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba when working with families and children in the field of child protection. The duties would include managing a case load, conducting interviews and assessments, compiling case particulars for Court, investigating/ follow up on allegations of child protection issues, maintaining regular visits, ensuring accurate and timely documentation, developing long/ short term case plans, developing/facilitating workshops, community education/networking with collateral resources/services. The Child & Family Services Worker will be working out of the Thompson Service Delivery Office and will be required to travel, at the request of the supervisor. Qualifications: • BSW Degree with experience in child welfare • Combination of experience in a related field along with the completion of 2 years in the BSW program may be considered • Knowledge of CFS legislation, issues and standards • Knowledge of Child & Family Services Information System (CFSIS) • Excellent assessment, interviewing, and counselling skills • Excellent written and oral communication skills • Demonstrated crisis intervention and conflict resolution skills • Good organizational, time management and prioritizing skills • Demonstrated ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook • Must be self-motivated with the ability to work independently as well as a team setting • Sensitivity to and an understanding of First Nations culture and values • Ability to speak and/or understand the Cree language would be considered an asset Working Conditions: • Must be able to work in a fast paced environment • Must demonstrate a strong work ethic and be reliable • Must be able to travel • Must have satisfactory Prior Contact, Child Abuse Registry Check and Criminal Record Check • Must possess a valid driver’s license and have access to a vehicle Salary: Salary will commensurate with education and experience Closing date: Friday, September 30, 2015 A cover letter indicating the position applying for, an updated resume and three references can be sent to:

EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY AWASIS AGENCY OF NORTHERN MANITOBA REGIONAL CHILD & FAMILY SERVICES WORKER - SHAMATTAWA UNIT LOCATION: THOMPSON CENTRAL OFFICE, THOMPSON, MB Position: Regional Child & Family Services Worker One (1) Full-Time Permanent Position Reporting to a Unit Supervisor the Regional Child & Family Services Worker is responsible to implement the policies, procedures and specific directions/directives of the Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba when working with families and children in the field of child protection. The duties would include managing a case load, conducting interviews and assessments, compiling case particulars for Court, investigating/ follow up on allegations of child protection issues, maintaining regular visits, ensuring accurate and timely documentation, developing long/ short term case plans, developing/facilitating workshops, community education/networking with collateral resources/services. The Regional Child & Family Services Worker will be working with the Shamattawa Unit out of the Thompson Central Office and will be required to travel to the community at the request of the supervisor. Qualifications: • BSW Degree with experience in child welfare • Combination of experience in a related field along with the completion of 2 years in the BSW program may be considered • Knowledge of CFS legislation, issues and standards • Knowledge of Child & Family Services Information System (CFSIS) • Excellent assessment, interviewing, and counselling skills • Excellent written and oral communication skills • Demonstrated crisis intervention and conflict resolution skills • Good organizational, time management and prioritizing skills • Demonstrated ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook • Must be self-motivated with the ability to work independently as well as a team setting • Sensitivity to and an understanding of First Nations culture and values • Ability to speak and/or understand the Cree language would be considered an asset Working Conditions: • Must be able to work in a fast paced environment • Must demonstrate a strong work ethic and be reliable • Must be able to travel • Must have satisfactory Prior Contact, Child Abuse Registry Check and Criminal Record Check • Must possess a valid driver’s license and have access to a vehicle Salary: Salary will commensurate with education and experience Closing date: Until filled A cover letter indicating the position applying for, an updated resume and three references can be sent to:

Human Resources Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba 701 Thompson Drive Thompson, MB R8N 2A2 Fax: (204) 778-8428 Email:

Human Resources Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba 100-701 Thompson Drive Thompson, MB R8N 2A2 Fax: (204) 778-8428 Email:

Awasis Agency provides continuous training and a great benefits package to employees.

Awasis Agency provides continuous training and a great benefits package to employees.

We thank all applicants who apply, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

We thank all applicants who apply, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Friday, September 18, 2015

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RE-POSTED RESIDENTIAL CARE WORKER PART-TIME WEEKEND (0.4) PERMANENT POSITION ADDICTIONS FOUNDATION OF MANITOBA Eaglewood Addictions Centre THOMPSON The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) is a Crown Agency that contributes to the health and resilience of Manitobans by providing addictions services and supporting healthy behaviors. Reporting to the Supervisor, Residential Programs, Residential Care Workers provide client and facility support. These positions require a commitment to a client centred philosophy and approach to the development and support of AFM programs and client services. The Residential Care Worker will demonstrate the following: • • • • • • • • •

Ability to communicate respectfully and positively with clients and staff and presents self in an approachable and friendly manner. Demonstrates a genuine enthusiasm for client-centred care and demonstrates empathy and compassion. Exhibits the ability to respond to client requests in a responsible, timely and exible manner. Demonstrates the ability to consider the needs of clients, other staff persons and the organization when making decisions within the role. Demonstrates enthusiasm for ongoing professional development activities, and engages in reciprocal learning experiences with colleagues and supervisors. Recognizes the importance of regular supervision meetings. Demonstrates active listening abilities, is coachable and responds positively to supervision. Demonstrates a strong commitment to personal and professional ethics, integrity and responsibility. Ability to manage own emotions and strong feelings; maintain a calm and tactful composure under a broad range of challenging circumstances; think clearly and stay focused under pressure.

Responsibilities: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Provide support and be present where clients are. Respond warmly, politely and helpfully to everyone, including all visitors to the building. Respond appropriately to emergency crisis situations, modelling to clients how this is done in a positive way. Conduct facility orientations. Facilitation of educational sessions and client house meetings. Performing light housekeeping/maintenance. Building security duties. Coordination and distribution of client and program supplies. Copying program materials. Responding to telephone calls. Documentation according to role requirements. Demonstrates the ability to operate Microsoft software applications, internet and email communications.

• • • • • • •

Regular/Full-Time Manitoba Housing, Northern Housing Operations, Thompson, MB Advertisement Number: 176 Closing Date: September 28, 2015 Salary Range: $46,769 - $53,551 per year plus remoteness allowance (as per MGEU-MHA Collective Agreement) An eligibility list may be created and maintained for a period of six (6) months. Employment Equity is a factor in selection. Preference will be given to Aboriginal candidates. Candidates who do not meet the full qualiďŹ cations may be considered for a Developmental/UnderďŹ ll opportunity. Manitoba Housing is a crown corporation that provides a continuum of affordable housing services including rental housing, renovation, and homeownership programs. Manitoba Housing promotes independence and self-sufďŹ ciency by providing adequate, safe, and secure housing to people in need. If you are looking for interesting and challenging work, this is a great opportunity to join our team.



QualiďŹ cations: • •

Maintenance Coordinator

Grade 12 education. Suitable combination of education and experience working in a residential facility, addictions related employment experience and/or volunteer work. Experience working from a client centred perspective. Excellent interpersonal skills. The ability to work within and contribute to a positive team environment. An understanding of, and sensitivity to, working with culturally diverse populations is essential. Valid CPR-C with AED training and First Aid certiďŹ cation are required prior to beginning work. Knowledge of the addictions ďŹ eld is required. Fluency in English (French verbal and written an asset).

The Competencies for the Residential Care Worker opportunity are:



• • • • • • • • •

Adaptability/Flexibility Client Centred Service Diversity and Cultural Responsiveness Effective Communication Ethical Conduct and Professionalism Planning and Organizing Teamwork and Cooperation Crisis Intervention Understanding Substance Use, Abuse and Dependency

It is AFM practice to request a criminal record check and conduct a child abuse registry check prior to ďŹ nalizing the appointment of successful candidates.


Duties: Under the direction of the District Manager, this position is responsible for planning and coordinating the day to day maintenance repair program which includes: responding to tenant maintenance requests; providing technical advice and supervision to ďŹ eld staff; managing maintenance budgets; providing estimates and scopes of work for maintenance repairs; conducting progress inspections on work performed by contractors to ensure quality and control. Manitoba Housing offers an attractive beneďŹ ts package and pension plan.

Apply to: Competition #:


Salary Range:

$15.91 - $19.91/hour (under review)

Closing Date:

September 28, 2015

Apply in writing to:

Acting Director, Northern Area Addictions Foundation of Manitoba 90 Princeton Drive Thompson, MB R8N 0L3 Fax: (204) 677-7328 E-mail:

We thank all applicants and advise that only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.


Advertisement No. 176 Manitoba Civil Service Commission Human Resource Services 300 - 305 Broadway 7INNIPEG -" 2#* Phone: 204-945-3308 Fax: 204-948-2193 Email: Your cover letter, resumÊ and/or application must clearly indicate how you meet the qualifications. 7ETHANKALLWHOAPPLYANDADVISETHATONLYTHOSESELECTEDFORFURTHERCONSIDERATIONWILL be contacted. Employment Equity is a factor in selection. Applicants are requested to indicate in their covering letter, resumÊ and/or application if they are from any of the following groups: women, Aboriginal people, visible minorities and persons with a disability. Find out a out other curr ent jo opportunities — click on the Jo s utton at manito your local news is just a click away

WORK WITH US & GROW A CAREER Glacier Media Group is growing. Check our job board regularly for the latest openings:

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Friday, September 18, 2015







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• Remote start • Power sunroof • 2ND row overhead 9-inch video screen • ParkView ® rear back-up camera with Park-Sense® rear park assist • And much more

Starting from price for 2015 Dodge Journey Crossroad shown: $31,785.§


September 18 2015