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Friday,November March 16, Friday, 8, 2018 2019

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RCMP using mailouts and billboards to try to flush out information about Bobbie Lynn Moose’s whereabouts between Oct. 1 and Oct. 17 29-year-old found dead Book a way tonearpreserve and pass on Thompson’s Nelson Road more than two weeks after family memories ofmember growing up in Churchill dropped her off at Walmart


RCMP are looking for any clues that could potentially help solve the murder of 29-year-old Bobbie Lynn Moose. Manitoba RCMP put out a public plea in relation to Moose’s case Nov. 5. Moose, who grew up in Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, was found dead near Nelson Road in the Eastwood area of Thompson the evening of Oct. 17. Investigators have conducted over 300 interviews and canvassed the area near where Moose’s body was found. A specially trained RCMP team from Winnipeg flew to Thompson to help find evidence. Despite the efforts of police, the case appears to be at a dead end. “There is still very little known about [Moose’s] time in Thompson,” read a news release issued by RCMP Nov. 5. Police said they will send every house and apartment in Thompson a pamphlet with a photo and information about Moose along with a plea for more details. Billboards will be erected with Moose’s face in high-traffic locations. A copy of the pamphlet described Moose as five feet tall and 110 pounds. It also shows the clothing she was last seen wearing. Moose was last seen alive wearing a plain black winter coat, a grey North Face jacket with red trim, black tights and black boots. According to police, Moose’s family last saw her at the Thompson Walmart Oct. 1, where her sister had dropped her off.

RCMP assume Moose must have stayed with or interacted with people during her time in Thompson. Police previously said they believed Moose had been staying with friends in Thompson. “To put it simply, someone in Thompson has information about her time in the city between Oct. 1 and Oct. 17. We need them to come forward and contact police,” said Asst. Commissioner Jane MacLatchy, commanding officer of the Manitoba RCMP. “We are here, as a group, with a plea for help. We need the people of Thompson and surrounding communities to clearly hear our message today so that we can move a homicide investigation forward.” RCMP previously told the Nickel Belt News that it would be trying different methods to generate tips about Moose, since many of the people she hung around with were homeless and may not have regular access to the internet and social media. Anyone with details relating to Moose’s disappearance and death can contact Thompson RCMP at 204-677-6909 or contact Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-8477 or at - with files from Ian Graham This mailout with information about homicide victim Bobbie Lynn Moose, who was found dead near Nelson Road Oct. 17, began arriving in mailboxes in Thompson Nov. 5. Nickel Belt News photo by Ian Graham

Volunteer at Northern Manitoba Paws in Need attacked by man trying to break into her car

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba northern director Gisele deMeulles has written a book about her experiences growing up, mostly in Churchill. BY IAN GRAHAM


Though she’s now written a book about her experiences growing up in Churchill, A volunteer at the Addictions Foundation of Northern Manitoba Paws Manitoba northern director in Need/Beastly Boutique Gisele deMeulles said writpet shelter on Commercial ing wasn’t something she Place received cuts to her always thought she would face in a Nov. 4 assault do. when she spoke to a man youth I never she“In sawmy trying to break into felt good at writing,” she her vehicle. said. “But when I moved to Thompson to get into the school of social work, at that point I had to write for university and realized, ‘Holy, I’m not bad at this, right?’ I certainly developed a lot of skill in university and came out of there with a very strong skill in my writing and confidence in my writing. I write very clear and that’s it. It’s there. Some people say it’s kind of blunt or direct. I don’t tend

to write things that you have ‘Oh, I’m just as bad, right?’ was not a very safe thing to figure out. It’s pretty clear I have all these stories and to do but I jumped at it. I when I get through.” I need to capture them for thought that was exciting DeMeulles said she wrote my grandchildren really until the plane landed and herThe book, titled Whispers in because lost if they started throwing assault, which was him, he they threwwill icebechunks said in a Facebook postthe on the Wind: Stories from the fuel off and I realized, I don’t.” reported to RCMP around at her, knocked her to the Thompson Talk that‘Holy her North Life in Churchill for ground She also has a reputation I washad probably sitting 1 p.m.- Monday, occurred and punched her, cats, daughter cuts on her a couple of reasons. a storyteller herself. say on bomb.’” between 12:30 a.m. and 1 as causing minor injuries, facea from the assault. “I just of thought, “I had such a varied Another thing a.m. Nov.sort 4. The victim Thompson RCMP, whohisare Vicki McNevin, who that runs you know what, this history and I would tell people spurred her on was was going to her vehicle still trying to determine the Northern Manitoba Pawsthe in tory, stufffor that’s my stories Churchill they would go, hard to getthis treats the indogs identifyand of the assailant. Need,times said facing in a Facebook true, is go, since head, going to saw be gone the the Hudson Baywants Railinsideit’s when she the ‘That’s The not mother ofit?’ theI’dvolpost that woman if I don’t write it down,” she ‘Yeah it’s true.’ They’d go, way suspended operations man. After she spoke to unteer who was attacked to continue volunteering. said. “My kids are not go- ‘You didn’t do all that, did north of Gillam last spring. ing to get it if I don’t do it you? You’ve got to be really “It used to be a really and it’s something I’ve al- old.’ I was like, ‘No, actually thriving large community ways wanted my mom to I did all that before I was and it’s just dwindled down do. My mom’s an elder and 27,’ and they went ‘What?’” to such a small population she’s an artist, she’s got so Looking back, some of now,” deMeulles says. many wonderful stories be- those experiences are things Though she’s not there Contact Nelson 204-307-0281 cause she always tells her atshe might not do again. any longer, her parents and stories at Parks Canada in “I did some pretty bizarre her sister and other family Churchill and I’ve always stuff like fuel hauls into the members still are. hounded her, ‘Please, justproperty high Arctic at -35,” said “My cousin owns the to discuss your needs! put it on tape, I will write it deMeulles. “It didn’t dawn hardware store there,” she for you because your story on me until after. That was a says. is going to be lost,’ and she’s very dangerous thing to do. Because of that, never done it and I thought, Being on a plane full of fuel deMeulles finds it hard to

Yer snow gotta go!

Nickel Belt News photo by Ian Graham

swallow when people say that Churchill residents should just find somewhere easier to live. “To people “We say, rely ‘Those on volunteers choose to live there. They to help us and want them should just leave,’ is to feel safe doing so.quite Our simplistic. It’sour quite disrehearts hurt for volunteer spectful. wemust werefeel in the and whatIfshe so same boat in another please help the RCMP area find Iher think we would attacker if you scream [know] about that so why don’t they any piece of information at have the option do that? all please call it to in.” I think right now they’re feeling like they’re pawns in a political game and that’s really sad for them because I think the people of Churchill really want to thrive. They’ve built their worlds there. How would we feel if someone came to you and said, ‘I’m sorry, you have to leave your home community and we’re going to displace you somewhere else and all your loved ones and your history is gone?’”

For all the harsh weather and the dangers of polar bears, deMeulles said if it had been viable she would have moved with back to ChurchAnyone informaill in a heartbeat. tion about this incident “I call miss the shoreline, can Thompson RCMPI miss the rock, I or miss the at 204-677-6909 Crime polar bears even though Stoppers anonymously at they’re very dangerous 1-800-222-8477. Tips and can Ialso really miss the Hudson be submitted online at Bay,” she says. “When I go www.manitobacrimestopback home, standing on the Hudson Bay looking out on the bay, it just gives you an incredible sense. You feel so small and you feel great.” Now that she’s got one book under her belt, deMeulles says she may try to produce another. “I have another book in me,” she says. “It’s a darker story, more about personal growth and struggles. Maybe in the next five years it’s something I’ll focus on doing.”

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Man stopped by police arrested after drugs fall out of his hat

Did you see BOBBIE LYNN MOOSE between October 1 and October 17, 2019? AGE:





110 lbs.

Last seen wearing these clothes:

Found deceased on October 17, 2019, near Nelson Rd.

PLEASE CALL RCMP 204-677-6909 Information can be provided anonymously to: CRIME STOPPERS 1-800-222-8477



A man stopped by Thompson RCMP on foot patrol in a bar was arrested for drugs after a small bag of cocaine fell out of his headwear while he was talking to them. Officers were in the Regal Beagle at the Burntwood Hotel around 12:25 a.m. Nov. 6 when they saw a 28-year-old man wearing a logo identifying him as a mem-

ber or associate of a gang, in violation of Manitoba’s Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act. After the man was arrested for drug possession, police determined he had two outstanding arrest warrants and he was remanded into custody pending a court appearance.

Tip leads police to arrest suspected drunk driver A tip from a citizen led to a 31-year-old woman from Thompson being arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated Nov. 6. Thompson RCMP were notified around 12:15 a.m. about a car parked crookedly in a driveway on Pintail Crescent. Police were told the driver had asked for directions and appeared to be impaired by alcohol. Offi-

cers attended and stopped the driver, who failed a roadside screening test and later provided breath samples more than twice the legal limit for blood alcohol content. Police also determined that the woman was prohibited from driving anywhere in Canada and she was held in custody pending a court appearance.

Flin Flon RCMP conduct in October youth arrest under microscope BY ERIC WESTHAVER FLIN FLON REMINDER

Manitoba’s law enforcement investigative watchdogs are looking into injuries sustained by a 15-year-old female arrested by Flin Flon RCMP. The Independent Investigation Unit (IIU) will be investigating what led to the female being injured when police removed her from a residence and arrested her Oct. 21. Officers responded to a call that night in Flin Flon, came in contact with the female and placed her under arrest. A statement

released by IIU Nov. 5 stated that officers deemed it necessary to use force in the arrest. The female was transported to Flin Flon General Hospital, where she was assessed and released back into the custody of police. The IIU were notified of the arrest by RCMP Nov. 1. According to the IIU statement, the female did not sustain “serious injuries,” but the arrest and detention will be investigated. “On review of the circumstances of the use of force and the arrest, the IIU civilian director has deter-

mined it is in the public interest for the agency to investigate,” reads the IIU statement. The weekly RCMP report published in The Reminder’s Oct. 30 issue, submitted by Flin Flon RCMP, details an Oct. 21 arrest involving unwanted drinking in a residence and police arresting a youth deemed by police to be intoxicated. It is unclear if the incident is the same one being investigated by IIU. The IIU investigates all serious incidents, both on and off duty, involving Manitoba police officers.

Take the time to remember To serve is to sacrifice, to serve is to put the needs of others before your own. This weekend I would like to encourage us all to remember the veterans who put the needs of this country before their own. Today marks Indigenous Veterans Day and Monday Nov. 11 will mark Remembrance Day – days to remember and commemorate the contributions of those who served during the First World War (WWI), the Second World War (WWII), and the Korean War. Twenty-five years ago, Manitoba was the first province to celebrate Indigenous Veterans Day, a day to recognize the more than 12,000 First Nations, Métis and Inuit people who served and commemorate the hundreds who sadly lost their lives. They were known to be patient, full of stealth, very precise, and tremendously courageous. Manitoba has many notable heroes, one of them being Tommy Prince who received many accolades for his bravery and tact on the war zone. He was an Indigenous Canadian who fought in WWII and in the

MLA Report

Danielle Adams

Korean War. He served as part of the Canadian Parachute Battalion, the 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion, and later was part of an American unit called the 1st Special Service Force (1st SSF). He was recently acknowledged as on one of our heroes under the Hometown Heroes program run by Parks Canada. His accomplishments are still celebrated – to date a school and some streets in Manitoba and Alberta have been named after him. Women also played an important role in various conflicts. They worked as mechanics, parachute riggers, wireless operators, clerks, nursing sisters, and more. Canadian military nurses known as nursing sisters were known to be diligent, sacrificial, and

hardworking. Despite the challenges of the war zone, they persevered and served tirelessly. Let’s remember they that served on and off the battlefield. Those known and unknown all played an important role in these two days being commemorated. I will be attending the Indigenous Veterans day event at Wapanohk Community School and a Remembrance Day service at C.A Nesbitt Arena in Thompson. I hope to see community members there! I look forward to the next column, which will be in the first week of session – the week of Nov. 17. Please feel free to contact me at any time at! I will provide further contact information once it is available.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Nickel Belt News •

Three murder charges laid in Moose Lake killing Three men have are charged with second-degree murder in connection with the Nov. 1 killing of a 37-yearold man in Moose Lake. Manitoba RCMP said on social media Nov. 5 that Brendan Mercredi Spence,

26 and Clayton Mercredi, 37, both of Moose Lake, as well as Errol Mink, 25, of Easterville, were charged with second degree murder and would appear in court in The Pas Nov. 7. The assault that led to the

victim’s death was reported to police around 4:25 a.m. Nov. 1. Moose Lake RCMP officers located the man in a field in the community and took him to the nursing station, where he died from his injuries.

Gypsumville RCMP investigating death of Lake St. Martin woman Gypsumville RCMP are investigating after a 32-year-old woman was found dead in Lake St. Martin First Nation Nov. 4. Police received a report of an un-

responsive female around 5:30 p.m. Monday and attended a residence where they found the woman dead. RCMP Major Crime Services is assisting the investigation.

Thompson RCMP seeking two people with arrest warrants The Thompson RCMP are asking for the public’s help in finding Melissa Megan Morris and Gordon Whalen, who both have a pair of warrants for their arrest. Morris, 28, has two warrants of arrest for failing to comply with a probation order and police believe she is still in Thompson. Whalen, 40, is wanted on one unendorsed arrest warrant and one endorsed one for failing to comply with the conditions of a recognizance. RCMP believe he is still in the community. Anyone with information or tips on either of these people’s whereabouts can call Thompson RCMP at 204-677-6911. Melissa Morris is wanted on two arrest warrants for failing to comply with a probation order. Thompson RCMP photo

News • Page 3

Intoxicated 13-year-old carrying a knife arrested near Burntwood Hotel A youth with a knife found running from the Burntwood Hotel parking lot around 1 a.m. Nov. 6 following an assault being reported to patrolling RCPP officers is facing multiple weapons charges. A pedestrian told police on patrol around 1:10

a.m.that someone had just been assaulted in the hotel parking lot. Officers observed two youth running and tracked down a 13-year-old male, who was intoxicated and carrying a hunting knife. A search conducted after RCMP placed him under arrest

for possession of a weapon dangerous to public peace turned up a knife in his pocket. The youth will be released once sober to appear in court at a later date and the investigation into the assuaut allegation continues.

Police locate bodies of two more people killed in Oct. 26 float plane crash Manitoba RCMP said Nov. 6 that they had found the bodies of two more people killed in an Oct. 26 float plane crash at Family Lake near Little Grand Rapids. The bodies of a 42-yearold male passenger from Winnipeg and the 39-yearold male pilot from Bissett were located Nov. 5. The body of the pilot was removed from the water and efforts are underway to recover the body of of

the passenger. The body of a 49-yearold man who was also on the plane was recovered by the RCMP underwater recovery team Oct. 27. The investigation has now been turned over to the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, RCMP say. The nine-seat Otter float plane with three people aboard crashed Oct. 26 around 8:30 a.m. Witnesses told police

that the plane clipped a tree before going into the water. RCMP Search & Rescue, the underwater recovery team and a search and rescue plane from RCAF 435 Squadron in Winnipeg were dispatched to the area Oct. 26 and located plane debris on the surface of the lake, which is about 280 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg near the Manitoba-Ontario boundary.

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Friday, Page 4 November 8, 2019

Nickel Belt Nickel BeltNews News••

Page 4 Friday,News March•16, 2018

Stars in attendance for opening of Polar Bears International House in Churchill Nov. 3 Spiritual Thoughts Sister Andrea Dumont

Nickel Belt News photo courtesy of Daniel J. Cox, Natural Exposures Polar Bears International ambassador Kate Upton was in Churchill last weekend for the ribbon-cutting of the new Polar Bears International House. A centre for research on and education about polar bears held its official ribbon-cutting in Churchill Nov. 3, a few weeks after opening its doors to the public in mid-October. Polar Bears International House, the new home of Polar Bears International (PBI) on Kelsey Boulevard, the main street in Churchill, built thanks to donations including $1 million from Canada Goose CEO and PBI board member Dani Reiss and $50,000 from the North West Com-

pany, includes an interpretive centre on the first floor and accommodations for visiting researchers upstairs and will be open year-round. “The Polar Bears International House will play an important role in conserving polar bears,” said PBI executive director Krista Wright. “Churchill is where it all began for PBI, and the town has long been the launch pad for our outreach efforts, including our Tundra Connections educational webcasts and



University College of the North (UCN) invites Food Industry to provide their vision and interest in food service space available at the Thompson Campus located at 55 UCN Drive, Thompson MB. UCN is accepting proposals from individuals or businesses to operate a food service out of our Thompson location. Proposal Documents may be obtained from: Denise Barker, Purchasing Agent 436 Seventh St. E. Box 3000 The Pas MB R9A 1M7 Phone: 204-627-8625 e-mail Contact: Charlotte Larocque( for further information or inspection of site or call 204-677-6463. The highest or any submission need not be accepted by UCN. UCN shall have the right to evaluate competing proposals in accordance with its own criteria.

Nickel Belt News

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the polar bear, beluga, and northern lights cams – which collectively reached more than 9.8 million people last year. The new centre, with its inhouse broadcast capabilities and lodging for scientists, will allow us to do even more.” More than 1,000 visitors have already been to the facility, Wright said. “We congratulate Polar Bears International on the grand opening of their new PBI House and welcome their long-term investment in Churchill,” said Churchill Mayor Michael Spence. “Together, with partners like Polar Bears International and the broader scientific community, Churchill will continue to lead the way in sustainable growth.” Polar Bears international House was designed by Blouin-Orzes, a Montreal-based architecture firm. “What affects polar bears, affects us all,” said Reiss. “I’ve been proud to support Polar Bears International and the important work they do for more than a decade. With the opening of the Polar Bears International House, not only will PBI’s important research, advocacy and education be able to reach so many more people around the world, but they’ve also created a beautiful home for their team and the community of Churchill.” Model and actress Kate Upton, a PBI ambassador, was in town for the ribbon-cutting, along with her husband, Major League Baseball pitcher Justin Verlander, which resulted in a big surprise for Churchill resident Joe Stover, a fan of the Detroit Tigers, who Verlander used to play for. Stover ran into Verlander and Upton dur-

Nickel Belt News photo courtesy of Canada Goose Polar Bears International ambassador Kate Upton and Canada Goose CEO Dani Reiss, a PBI board member, outside the new Polar Bears International House in Churchill. Reiss donated $1 million to help build the facility.

MLA Report

Kelly Bindle Constituency Office: Unit 3-40 Moak Crescent Thompson, MB R8N 2B7 204-677-2066

Nickel Belt News photo courtesy of Joe Stover Churchill resident and Detroit Tigers baseball fan Joe Stover was surprised to run into Major League Baseball pitcher Justin Verlander during trivia night at the Tundra Inn and Pub Nov. 2. Verlander was in town with his wife Kate Upton, a Polar Bars International ambassador, for the ribbon-cutting of the new Polar Bears International House interpretive centre. ing trivia night at the Tundra Inn and Pub on Nov. 2. “I don’t get star struck often, but I was star struck for sure,” Stover told CTV News Winnipeg. “It was just really really cool to have somebody in my hometown that I had watched on TV for 12 years. I had gone down to Detroit to watch him play. (He) was very friendly, very down to earth.

It was pretty surreal.” climate. Stover posted a photo “The latest U.N. report on of himself and Verlander climate underscores the fact on Twitter to document the that action is needed now to occasion. reduce carbon emissions, for The ribbon-cutting oc- polar bears and for all of us,” RCMP curredThompson on the eve of PBI’s said PBI senior director of sixth annual Polar Bear Week conservation Geoff York in a Drug Tip Line Nov. 4-10, which is intended press release. “One of the most to draw attention to polar bears important things that each of and the threats to their sea ice us can do is to vote for leaders home posed by a warming who support policy solutions.”

without notice. Conditions of editorial and advertisement content: The Nickel Belt News attempts to be accurate in editorial and advertising content; however no guarantee is given or implied. The Nickel Belt News reserves the right to revise or reject any or all editorial and advertising content as the newspaper’s principals see t. The Nickel Belt News will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of an advertisement, and is not responsible for errors or omissions in advertisements except for the space occupied by such errors. The Nickel Belt News will not be responsible for manuscripts, photographs, negatives and other related material that may be submitted

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Friday, November 8, 2019

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You’re invited Vale’sHouse annual Vale’s annualtoOpen Open House at Dynamic Earth! Please join us at the Thompson Regional Community Centre to learn more about our operations including: Please join Vale at Dynamic Earth to learn more about our operations, Environmental monitoring, tailings current projects and community initiatives. Talkmanagement, with our experts on site and live chat with teamemployment members within our community operations. initiatives. SafeProduction, and

You’re invited to Vale’s annual You canwill alsobe enjoy Dynamic Earth’sto outdoor Science Park and take There prizes, a chance provide feedback and Open House atto Dynamic Earth! specialty tours down thewill Vale be Chasm simulate suggestions, and we launching oura real underground mining experience.

2018/2019 Annual Update on Vale Manitoba Operations.

Please join Vale at Dynamic Earth to learn more about our operations, When: Wednesday, September 19,initiatives. 11:00am toTalk 6:00with pm our experts on site current projects and community Vale will be hosting our Open House in conjunction with our and live chat with team members within our operations. annual Vale Night the Norman Where: Dynamic Earth,with 122 Big Nickel Road Northstars. Enjoy free public compliments of Vale skating from 5:30 – 6:30 Earth’s p.m. There will be bouncy face You canAdmission also enjoy Dynamic outdoor Science Park andhouses, take

painting anddown free admission to the 7:30 p.m. Northstars game. specialty tours the Vale Chasm to simulate a real underground mining experience.

When: Saturday, November 16, 5:30 – 8:30 p.m.

When: Wednesday, September 19, 11:00am to 6:00 pm

Where: Thompson Regional Community Centre

Where: Dynamic Earth, 122 Big Nickel Road Admissionfood compliments of Vale Non-perishable items will be collected at the door for the food bank.

For a world with new values.

For a world with new values.

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Friday, November 8, 2019

Boost for Snow Lake parents and tots BY CASSIDY DANKOCHIK FLIN FLON REMINDER

The Snow Lake Family Resource Centre (SNFRC) is celebrating and spending a $2,000 grant from the Canada Post Foundation. The centre received $2,000 Oct. 10 to help out their Parents and Tots program.The centre bought new chairs for their program.“We’ve been updating the environment to be more cohesive, to promote parents engaging with their children,” Paige Loggie, administrative assistant for the centre said. “Before, we had seating that didn’t work very well. Some of the chairs were higher and we want the parents to really engage with their families. We bought some smaller

chairs that we’re getting the leg room that parents would need, but at the same time they leave them at the eye level so that they can always be engaging with their child.” Loggie said the need for family programming is high in Snow Lake. “We’re looking to create healthy environments for families, for moms, dads, children to make better, more informed decisions,” she said. “We’re looking to open the space up for families to come in help to educate their children. They are on the path to succeeding in school, they’re able to read at a higher level.” Some money from the Canada Post grant will also be used to upgrade tools and space for kids inside

WANT TO BE YOUR OWN BOSS? Parkland Fuel Corporation currently has a Fas Gas branded self- service gas bar & convenience store business opportunity available in Thompson, MB! We are looking for an entrepreneurial minded operator with a minimum of 3 to 5 years of retail experience, a focus on customer service, and the ability to lead a team of Customer Service Representatives to deliver Parkland’s plans and programs. An investment of approximately $130,0000 of unencumbered funds is required for in-store inventory and working capital. Income potential will be discussed during the formal interview process. Interested parties can forward their resume to the attention of Mr. Gordon Still, Senior Territory Manager, Parkland Fuel Corporation via email at Only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

the centre. “It’s updating and adding to the space so that we can have more age appropriate supplies and equipment for school aged children,” Loggie said. “[We want to] open it up to allow for more of a family counselling kind of environment. Let’s say families were struggling to have their children develop in a normal kind of setting. They come over here and we have educational toys and various things and therapy that we would assist them in their development.” One of the big goals for the centre is to upgrade their library and refresh the material kids can interact with. “We have big plans for this place,” Loggie said. “We have a bunch of kids activity books and media kits that have been here for quite some time and they need a bit of updating and refreshing to more modern titles that would actually help boost a child’s education.” Loggie said providing this kind of space for children can help their development. “They always have the school, and our school is a great place for a foundation, but what is he to do after school?” she said. “We try and do our best to create programming that’s going to be educational, informative, produce results and promote wellbeing.” Loggie said the centre will be looking to improve their counselling space,

Submitted photo Mary-Ann Otto and Tammy Green present a $2,000 cheque to Paige Loggie, the administrative assistant for the Snow Lake Family Resource Centre. saying the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) has used the space. “[AFM] just gave me a raving review about how

welcoming this place is and how the environment that she now has to work with clientele is so comfortable,” she said.

“They love to come in and that boosts our readiness and preparedness to look after people and our clientele.”

Grant funds roof replacement

In partnership with

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Program runs full-time PPE - personal protective equipment included Must supply own CSA approved safety boots 80 hrs. of in-class Heavy Equipment Operator theory including Safety Training 160 hrs. of practical equipment training on Excavator, Bulldozer, Grader, Rock Truck, Loader, Tractor-Loader-Backhoe (equipment may vary)

Admission Requirements: • Must be at least 18 years of age or older • Valid Class 5 driver’s license • Have a min. Grade 9 Reading, Writing and Comprehension skills • Physically fit (able to work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions) • Must be committed to participating in all aspects of the training program • MUST ATTEND AN ASSESSMENT SESSION AND PASS THE ASSESSMENT TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR TRAINING

To register for a FREE assessment session contact: Shelley Le Texier at .204.627.8601 or 1.866.627.8500 (EXT 8601) Email: Further information and course offerings can be found at

Nickel Belt News photo by Ian Graham Residents and staff of the Juniper Centre’s residence at 65 McGill Place pose Nov. 5 with Dave Moore and Paula Yanko of the Thompson Community Foundation, which provided a $10,000 grant to the organization earlier this year for a new roof on the building.

0 ng o. 6-


P. 8-

A winner’s lifetime What do you desire the most? resolution

Friday, November 8, 2019

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For more information, church tours or home visits call the missionaries at 204-939-4382 or visit

THE SALVATION ARMY Location: Thompson Campus Room 232 Thompson CorpsUCN (Church) Dates: Classes will be held January 27, 2020-February 28, 2020 305 Thompson Dr. - 204-677-3658 6 days a week (Mon-Sat), 10 hours per day 8:00am – 6:00pm Worship services every Sunday at Cost: (includes GST) 11$17,817.56 am PPE supplied, with the exception of steel toed boots Burntwood baptist Church Heavy Equipment Operator Certificate program includes: 39 The Beaver Crescent • 80 hrs. of in-class Heavy Equipment Operator theory including Safety Training Thompson MB R8N 1C5 • 160 hrs. of practical equipment training experience on Excavator, Bulldozer, 204-778-4494 Grader, Rock Truck, Loader, TLB (Tractor-Loader-Backhoe). Equipment may vary. Pastor Lee Pickett Admission Requirements: Sunday morning service • Must be at11:15 least 18a.m years of age or older Sunday evening service p.m • Valid Class7:00 5 driver’ s license a min. Grade 9 Reading, Writing and Comprehension skills Wednesday•prayerHave meeting 7:00 p.m

• • •

Physically fit (able to work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions) Must be committed to participating in all aspects of the training program MUST ATTEND AN ASSESSMENT SESSION AND PASS THE ASSESSMENT TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR TRAINING

To schedule an assessment or to apply contact: Shelley Le Texier at .204.627.8601 or 1.866.627.8500 (EXT 8601) Email: The tuition fee must be paid in order for your seat to be held. Pay by cash, check, Purchase Order, ATI, TAN, MasterCard/Visa Courses are subject to cancellation due to insufficient enrolment. Refund Policy: 100% refund will be issued if program is cancelled by UCN. If student wishes to withdraw, a refund will be issued providing a voluntary withdrawal form is submitted to UCN 1 business day prior to first day of class.

Deadline to apply: December 13, 2019 Deadline to pay: December 20, 2019 Further information and course offerings can be found at

Thompson RCMP Drug Tip Line


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and worship Him with by de- listenour faces. very powerful vout hearts full of love and Murat Kuntel is the pasing for someone; gratitude who He is,you the validtor of St. Andrew’s Presbyated at their and Church. Prepared by the Holy Spirit timesexistence, touches terian HR ADWORKS they felt encouraged. You us and we experience God’s Service Team can Therefore see that you, presence. God’sby your love attentive can be tangibly silencefeltand by quite whispering often when believers a few words get together for worship and of hope, empowered the prayerpowerless which can by alsogiving hap- hope. CLASSIFIED@ Friday,solitude. March 16, 2018 N Pastor Murat Kuntel AD PROOF & ESTIMATEpen inYou can see that you THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET are As we sail along in our so of powerful; youour have beDocket Media Section Insertion Date Ad Size 204-677-4534 journey loving God, come a source of joy for how He feels God with ways are not our ways. God 1910-59the A time and Thompson Citizen CAREERS Nov 6, 2019 2 col x 3.9468 whom we are us this very moment, we theinCAREERS people around It 510 is LovePeace and wecomes are human God. when for feel less lonely in getting love with holds you.Nov • RETAIL/2 col x 3.9468 1910-59 B they Thompson Nickel Beltlife News 8, 2019 in love with our hand beings. We doJesus not know howas increasingly is alland theleads work the Holy OFFICE SPACE us of into we receive Christ and theirfall pain diminishes. Him. Love can be a being, and the future He has for us as Spirit in you as you coCLASSIFIED@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET our Lord and Saviour. Joy Quite often listening to God is like an ocean of He did how Love can feel, think FOR RENT/LEASE: 195 sq ft. to 3840 sq. with the people of operate with Him. comes as we encounter their pain rather than tellft. of storage/office/garage space some and act. Therefore we im- love. Our deceitful assump- Israel and brought them to Jesus Christ has built His as iswe ingand them what about to do ac510 • overhead RETAIL/ with commercial doors. Call thoughts aginegrace that God likeare us. res- tions the land He promised; not 301us• HELP WANTED up by removing our Carolyn Turpie: 204-677-3516 or email: cued by Him and receive complishes it. So, you can TOTAL PRIC OFFICE SPACE It is written only in the Him are like rocks on the merely a bare land in the 24nb-tfn-nb guilt, by giving us eterHis blessings, be like God, a happens hope-giver, Something Bible who God trulyand is. Weall shore. wilderness, but to a land nal and life and by He givingOFFICE us SPACE FOR LEASE 500-5000 these of Godour and as peacemaker, joy-giver, we commit ourselves to of milk need toare giveacts up believing honey. sq ft. available. Cameron/Hoe building the honou rable title that our owna reasonings speculative thoughts about replace fruits of Love. comforter, lover. does this not because He 81 Churchill Drive. Contact Joe Aniceto. with the Biblical truth about God which seems right to us we are children of God. owes us anything, but He 204-679-0490 or Neil Cameron 306Those who receive Jesus This may appear as anWaves of love keep New and replace them with 477-5668. 19nb-tfn-nb lovesThere to bring a smile to is nothing left misas their Lord andwhat Sav- God. other burdensome HIRING SPACE hitting the rocks of comGod teaches about Himself on FORMERLY RENTED BY INiour are born again by Year’s resolution but for sing. No need to keepSPARATION DAY SPA, IN SOUTHWOOD in the Bible. When we begin mon sense in us and slowly EXPERIENCED our- 3,034 SQ FT FULLY FINISHED. the Holy Spirit. The Holy in time the turn believers whom focusing how to build PLAZA. them intoinsand. to truly understand who God University College the North to building a workforce RATES. IDEAL FOR selves up;ofhow to(UCN) be aisVERY ficommitted neREASONABLE PLUMBERS Spirit empowers Holy Spirit indwells, those sharp-edged hard is and what He has donethem for So,the that is representative of the populationsHAIRDRESSING, we serve. Applications are invited SPA, GENERAL SPACE the timeinterest and ability to work to do how the much works of He God. rocks thisgradually really is an fromChristian. individuals whoNow have aisdemonstrated turninvitation into us and today OR MEDICAL OFFICES. TO VIEW CALL Requires driver’s licence. toIndigenous pour learners our and powers into204 mature students. Preference will beAFTER given 4toPM. God andnow when to the Holyembracing Spirit to be with DOUG - 677 - 2957 lovesis us love and right howHe a welcoming, Please send resume: candidates. OR 250 - 491 - 3946 05NB-TFN-NB loved ones and to all who of sand where lying acts withus, His beach active within you. When Indigenous muchtowards He caresusabout are neglected that they resting in peace with KENANOW we can His replace our guessgrace, activity gener- down we and align ourselves FACULTY OF EDUCATION 204-677-2013 joy is possible. es about God with and andGod’s 2nb-tfn-nb may no longer feel alone ates hope, peace, work and attempt FIELD PLACEMENT we gradually em-what in this world. You are full Then to the I As in uswhen and we wesubmit feel loved. to give one another COORDINATOR/INSTRUCTOR the truth about God truth about heart is brace of God’s invite youhow to His align yourGod wants to give to us, Full-Time Termpower Positionto make pounding by love for us all and cherish it in our hearts that 7,change in people’s 2020 to December 18, 2020 self with God’s work. Say the Holy Spirit enables January 183 Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 Manitoba hearts. If Peter can walk something or do some- and empowers us to ac- Thompson, Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 Competition No: 19-093 FAX: 204-677-4087 on water, we can love one thing that will give hope complish the task. That’s Closing Date: November 13, 2019 Looking for 1 full timecan and 1 be peaceanother; we to people. Use words or why He is in us. KEEWATIN Please visitcook our website more detailed information about UCN and this part time startingfor wage makers, andAt joy-givers. select “UCN Careers”, and actions that will comThis is not about being employment opportunity., $14.00/hr with experience TRIBAL frompreferred. the list ofHoly positionsSpirit to view. Thank The same whoyou for your interest in UCN. fort them and will bring nice. This is an attract- select Peter to walk Apply at the front desk peace into their hearts; ive COUNCIL resolution for those empowered be a peacemaker. When whose addiction is power on water is in you. But, TIME POSITION AVAILABLE hearts areFULL at peace and who gets their kicks when do not attempt to walk on Tribal Home & Communitythey Care Coordinator hope emerges, it becomes give pain on others water please, use bridges Cree Rd, Thompson and MB, R8N 0C2enter into a fertile ground for simple by saying or doing things 183instead, Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 Under the general direction of the Director of Health, the Tribal people’s heart through words of love and actions that put others down and FAX: 204-677-4087 Home and Community Care Coordinator will actively work bridges of love. of with affection, which can keep themselves above. the member Bands in the planning, development and Looking for full and part time Murat(866) Kuntel 677.6450 implementation the First Nation Inuit Home sparkle joy in ofpeople; be &Make it & Community your goal to Thompson housekeepers starting wageis the pasCare Program.When The Tribalpeople Home & Community Coordinator $13.00/hr St. Andrew’s Presa joy-giver. make aCare change in others. tor of will provide consultation and recommendations for the Apply at the front desk Church. feel they are understood You can see that you are byterian call 204-677-4534

Spiritual Thoughts


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Need to fill a



establishment of processes to support the delivery of second level services and activities required for the operation and safe delivery of Home & Community Care services to member First Nations communities.

TREEEmployment SUNS TOWING is looking for a general labourer. Call 204-677-4801 for Opportunity more information. 11nb-2-nb


Registered Nurse diploma, degree in nursing preferred and demonstrate knowledge and experience. 2. Active nursing registration with CRNM. 3. Demonstrated expertise in home and community care planning, programming and community development. 4. Knowledge of scope of practice issues, liability & standards of the nursing profession. 5. Knowledge of other linkages with the Home & Community Care program, i.e. diabetes strategy; AANDC’s Adult Care, etc 6. Previous working experience with First Nations and Inuit and a demonstrated understanding of the particular health and social issues encountered and experienced by First Nations is desired. 7. Ability to work well with others and in team settings 8. Proficient computer skills 9. Must be able to travel 10. Respect for the customs, traditions and practices of the local First Nation communities 11. Ability to speak Cree or Dene would be considered an asset. A written application with detailed resume, including at least two (2) references with written permission to contact the references and your latest immediate supervisor should be submitted to: Closing Date: Friday, November 22, 2019 Please Forward Resumes to the Attention of: Lisa Beardy 23 Nickel Road Thompson, Manitoba R8N OY4 Email: Fax: 204 677-0256

Applications will be accepted until 4:00 pm, Friday, November 22, 2019. We would like to thank those that apply for the position but only those being considered for an interview will be contacted.

Manitoba First Nations School System

Invites qualified candidates to apply for the following Teacher positions at George Saunders Memorial School located in York Factory Cree Nation for the remainder of the 2019-2020 Academic Year:

Church Services in Thompson

PHYSICAL EDUCATION/HEALTH TEACHER MIDDLE YEARS SCIENCE TEACHER ST. JAMES ANGLICAN Applicants must have a Bachelor of Education Degree, valid LIVING WATER CHURCH 10 Caribou 677-4652 Manitoba Teaching Certificate (or eligibility for) and current Pastor Archie McKay Ph: 677-2469 11 am Sundays satisfactory Criminal Record Check, Vulnerable Sector Check & services @ 7:00pm. ST. JOSEPH UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC Child Abuse RegistrySunday Checks. 340 Juniper Drive 778-7547


ST. LAWRENCE ROMAN CATHOLIC 32 Nelson Road Benefits that are offered with teaching position:

Fr Shantha Gandamalla and GATEWAY BIBLE BAPTIST CHURCH Fr Guna Sekhar Health, Dental, EAP and Pension PlanPastor Chris Lowe 114 Cree R. 677-0160 Northern allowance 159 Cree Rd 204-677-3000 Sat. 6:30 pm & Sun. 10 am Travel & relocation expenses Sunday school 10:00 am THOMPSON PENTECOSTAL One paid return trip during Christmas AM ServiceoratSpring 11, PM Break Service at 7 Pastor Dan Murphy Professional Development Prayer meeting - Wednesday 7 pm Youth Pastor Colton Murphy Free housing & hydro (Wi-Fi Internet hook up available) THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST Children’s Pastor Karen O’Gilvie 126 Goldeye 677-3435 OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS Interested applicants are invited to submit their resume and everyone welcome Sundays cover letter thetime position applying for, along with (3) Sunday school 9:45stating am, coffee at at 10 AM 83 Copper Rd professional reference listings (including a most recent employer 10:40 am Church Service at 11:00 am For more information, church tours reference) to: ST. ANDREWS PRESBYTERIAN or home visits call the missionaries at 249 Thompson Drive 204-677-2799 204-939-4382 or visit Human Resources Pastor Murat Kuntel THE SALVATION ARMY Manitoba Nations Education Resource Centre Inc. Regular Hours: 11First am Church service Thompson Corps (Church) 2-1100 Waverley Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 3X9 CHRISTIAN CENTRE FELLOWSHIP Thompson Dr. - 204-677-3658 |305 Fax: 204-942-2490 328 Thompson N. 677-4457 Worship services every Sunday at Sun. School 9:45 am • service 11 am 11 am Closing FIRST BAPTIST CHURCHDate: Open until filled BURNTWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH 456 Westwood Dr. S. Beaver Crescentfor an Ph. 778-8037 @ 11 am We thank allservice who apply, however, only 39 those selected MB R8N 1C5 interview will be contacted. applications will not be LUTHERAN - UNITED CHURCH IncompleteThompson considered. phone calls will be accepted.204-778-4494 Only those selected OF No THOMPSON Pastor Lee Pickett forworship an interview will be contacted. Congregations at Sunday morning service 11:15 a.m 52 Caribou Rd.our at 10:30 am Sundays. Please visit website for more information Sunday evening service 7:00 p.m Phone on 204-677-4495 the Manitoba First Nation School System. Wednesday prayer meeting 7:00 p.m

• • • • • •

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TOTAL PRIC Page 8 • Careers

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Friday, November 8, 2019


Opaskwayak Health Authority Beatrice Wilson Health Centre

Employment Opportunities

HELP WANTED CUSTODIAN POSITION THOMPSON REGIONAL AIRPORT Qualifications: Must have ability and experience in cleaning commercial buildings. Applicants must have valid class 5 driver’s license. Must be able to manage and prioritize his/her workload. Effective interpersonal skills. Communication skills and proven to work co-operatively in a team environment are essential. Duties: Reporting to Operation Manager the incumbent will provide regular cleaning of the airport terminal building. Cleaning will involve mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, stripping, waxing and buffing floors, washing windows, walls, bathrooms, offices, lunch rooms and emptying garbage cans etc. in air terminal building and maintenance shop. Incumbent will also provide backup for day or evening shifts, when required. Applicants are requested to indicate in their cover letter or resume how they meet the qualifications of the position. This position is part time, salary will be $21.27 per hour based on the collective agreement. Closing date will be November 25, 2019. Apply to: Maggie Taylor Thompson Regional Airport Box 112 Thompson, MB, R8N 1M9 Fax: 204-778-6477

KEEWATIN TRIBAL COUNCIL 23 Nickel Road Thompson, MB Ph: (204)-677-2341


Special Needs Advocate Off Reserve Case Manager

The Keewatin Tribal Council Health Department is seeking a highly motivated individual with strong case management skills for a full-time position role of Special Needs Advocate Off Reserve Case Manager, funded under the Jordan’s PrincipleChild First Initiative Project.

Under the general direction of Keewatin Tribal Council (KTC) Director of Health, the Special Needs Advocate Off Reserve Case Manager will be responsible to plan, implement care plans, deliver and evaluate the Jordan’s Principle CFI program at the Keewatin Tribal council level, and support the program in each of the area communities.

Combined Role Position Summary: The Special Needs Advocate case manager offers support for children and adults with special needs, disabilities, and or mental health issues off reserve by navigating the system to access services in the Urban centres. They will support First Nations people by accessing those services needed based on their medical need/disability, make referrals, offer short/long term respite and finding resources to ensure needs are met both in the medical and school settings. Receives and prioritizes intake and assessments, file review and information sharing with the family and team, and on-going monitoring of knowledge and skills. Provides a safe and supportive environment both in the community and schools. The combined role recognizes the deficits with service systems and the need to protect children through early intervention, sharing of information, effective co-ordination of services and appropriate training.

Qualifications: BN, RN, BSW, Teacher and LPN from a recognized • education institution. Current Registration and in good standing with respective • regulatory body in the Province of MB Case management experience; • Experience working with First Nation Communities; • CPR and First Aide Certification; • Knowledge of First Nation language and culture; A highly-motivated individual who is innovative and has a • proven ability to work with a very high degree of accuracy and attention to detail; • Excellent time management and facilitation skills; • Effective verbal and listening communications skills; Strong leadership, critical thinking, decision making and • problem-solving skills. Valid Driver’s License with driver’s abstract. Travel based • on need. Minimal. • Clear criminal record check, child abuse registry check and vulnerable persons check. Please forward your resume along with 3 references and a cover letter, in confidence, to: Keewatin Tribal Council Lisa Beardy Fax 204-677-0255 Deadline Friday, November 22, 2019 @4:00 pm

University College of the North (UCN) is committed to building a workforce that is representative of the populations we serve. Applications are invited from individuals who have a demonstrated interest and ability to work with Indigenous learners and mature students. Preference will be given to Indigenous candidates.



Opaskwayak Health Authority is seeking qualified individuals to fill the following positions: Dispatcher – Jordan’s Principle (Term) Event Planner Home Care Nurse Midwife Quality & Safety Coordinator – HR (Term) RN Case Coordinator – Home Care (Term) Telehealth Clinical Technician

Competition No: 19-094 Closing Date: November 14, 2019

>Dental Assistant Please visit our website for more detailed information about UCN and this employment opportunity. At, select “UCN Careers�, and select from the list of positions to view. Thank you for your interest in UCN. 5IPNQTPO(FOFSBM)PTQJUBMo0QFSBUJOH3PPN 1BSU5JNF '5&  Positions are open until filled. Please contact us to obtain a complete job posting prior to applying. 5IFSFXJMMCFBOPQQPSUVOJUZUPXPSLQBSUUJNFGPSUIF%FOUJTUJO Carol A. Buchberger, Human Resource Manager BEEJUJPOUPUIJTQBSUUJNFQPTJUJPO Opaskwayak Health Authority Box 10280, 245 Waller Road, Opaskwayak, MB R0B 2J0 Email: Please mark all correspondence “CONFIDENTIAL� Please note that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Under the direct supervision of the Patient Care Manager or designate, assists Thompson (866) 677.6450 multi-disciplinary team personnel in performing a variety of patient care activities and related non-professional services necessary in caring for the PROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY personal needs and comfort of the patient. This is an integrated position that AWASIS AGENCY AWASIS AGENCY includes coordination and scheduling of dental proceduresOFfor the Operating OF NORTHERN MANITOBA NORTHERN MANITOBA Room (OR). This will require expertise in developing andOFFICE: maintaining excellent UNIT: FOX LAKE SUB-OFFICE SHAMATTAWA SUB-OFFICE LOCATION:with FOX LAKE, MB LOCATION: THOMPSON, MB working relationships a broad range of individuals and organizations. The Position: Unit Supervisor Position: Regional Child & Family Services Worker OR Dental Assistant will function within the provisions of the Vision, Mission, One (1) Full-Time Permanent Position One (1) Full-Time Permanent Position Values,to policies and procedures of the Northern Health Region (NHR) and Reporting to a Unit Supervisor the Regional Child & Family Services Reporting Director of Services (North) and in accordance with Awasis Agency policies, procedures and standards, the Unit Worker is responsible to implement the policies, procedures will incorporate NHR core competencies into working practice (Customer/ Supervisor is responsible for providing leadership to a team of staff and specific directions/directives of Awasis Agency of Northern within a specific unit of the Fox Lake Sub-Office in order to ensure Manitoba when working with families and children in the field of Client Focused, Initiative & Pro-activity, Diversity Awareness, Teamwork, and strong staff and work teams, as well as to develop and strengthen child protection. The duties would include managing a case load, community based services. This position requires competencies conducting interviews and assessments, compiling case particulars Collaboration, Development of Self and Others, and Adaptability). in the areas of positive role-model leadership abilities, and demonstrated effective interpersonal skills, communication skills, time management, results management, self-management, critical thinking and problem solving.

for Court, investigating/follow up on allegations of child protection issues, maintaining regular visits, ensuring accurate and timely documentation, developing long/short term case plans, developing/ facilitating workshops, community education and networking with collateral resources/services.

Working Conditions: ¡ Must have satisfactory Prior Contact Check, Criminal Record Check, clear Child Abuse Registry Check and Driver’s Abstract prior to employment ¡ Travel required ¡ Must adhere to confidentiality when working with sensitive information ¡ A valid driver’s license and access to vehicle required ¡ Must be able to work in a fast paced environment

Working Conditions: ¡ Must be able to work in a fast paced environment ¡ Must demonstrate a strong work ethic and be reliable ¡ Must adhere to confidentiality when working with sensitive information ¡ Must be willing to travel ¡ Must have satisfactory Prior Contact, Child Abuse Registry Check, Criminal Record Check and Driver’s Abstract ¡ Must possess a valid driver’s license and have access to a vehicle

2019-074 on your resume/cover letter and include it in the subject line of your email, in confidence to: Human Resources Department Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba Competition #2019-074 701 Thompson Drive, Thompson, MB R8N 2A2 Fax: 204-778-8428 Email: We thank all applicants who apply, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted

2019-073 on your resume/cover letter and include it in the subject line of your email, in confidence to: Human Resources Department Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba Competition #2019-073 701 Thompson Drive, Thompson, MB R8N 2A2 Fax: 204-778-8428 Email: We thank all applicants who apply, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted

Applicants may request reasonable accommodation related to the materials or activities used throughout the selection process.

Applicants may request reasonable accommodation related to the materials or activities used throughout the selection process.

The incumbent must fulfill the requirements of the Criminal Records/Vulnerable Person, Child Abuse Registry check and Adult Abuse Registry check, and adhere Qualifications: ¡ BSW Degree Qualifications: to5+ allyears Northern Health Region policies ¡ of experience in Child and Family Services with and procedures. ¡ Bachelor of Social Work Degree with experience in child welfare demonstrated positive role-model leadership ability, previous preferred or an equivalent combination of experience and Supervisory experience is preferred training may be considered Qualifications: ¡ Demonstrated knowledge of CFS legislation and issues ¡ Strong commitment to community based service delivery t Experience with Child & Family Services Information System Grade 12 education or equivalent ¡ ¡ Knowledge of CFS legislation, standards and issues (CFSIS) ¡ Knowledge of Child & Family Services Information System (CFSIS) t Good assessment, planning, interviewing, and counselling skills Successful completion of a recognized Dental Assistant Program required ¡ ¡ Excellent assessment, interviewing, and counselling skills ¡ Excellent written and verbal communication skills ¡ Excellent written and verbal communication skills t Current active practicing registration with¡ Good organizational and time management skills Manitoba Dental Association ¡ Experience in crisis intervention and conflict resolution ¡ ¡ Good organizational, time management and prioritizing skills Demonstrated ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines t Excellent knowledge of Windows based programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, ¡ Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook ¡ Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook ¡ Must be self-motivated with the ability to work independently ¡ Must be self-motivated with the ability to work independently Outlook, and Internet) as well as a team setting as well as a team setting t Sensitivity to and an understanding and acceptance of First Minimum three (3) years’ experience as a¡ Dental Assistant required ¡ Sensitivity to and an understanding of First Nations culture Nations culture and values and values t Ability to speak and/or understand the Cree and/or Dene Previous experience working with Pediatric cases preferred ¡ ¡ Ability to speak and/or understand the Cree and/or Dene language will be considered an asset language would be an asset t Ability to speak Cree an asset For complete list of qualifications please visit our website

Please submit resume by February 2, 2018 to: Lori Rasmussen, Recruitment Officer Salary: Awasis Agency offers a competitive salary and employee Salary: Awasis Agency offers a competitive salary and employee 867 Thompson Drive South benefit package. Salary will commensurate with education and benefit package. Salary will commensurate with education and experience. experience Thompson, MB R8N 1Z4 Closing Date: Thursday, November 21, 2019 – Or Until Filled Closing Date: Thursday, November 21, 2019 – Or Until Filled Fax: (204) 778-1477 Awasis Agency provides service to Indigenous children and families, Awasis Agency provides service to Indigenous children and families, therefore preference will be given to Indigenous applicants. therefore preference will be given to Indigenous applicants. Email: Applicants are encouraged to self-identify. Individuals interested in Applicants are encouraged to self-identify. Individuals interested in this challenging opportunity please reference Competition Number this challenging opportunity please reference Competition Number $BMMVTUPEBZ-PDBM  PS5PMM'SFF  Northern RHA has a Representative Workforce Strategy, we encourage all applicants to selfdeclare. Criminal Record, Child Abuse, & Adult Abuse Registry Checks are required. We thank all candidates for applying. Only those selected for interview will be contacted.

WORK WITH US & GROW A CAREER Glacier Media Group is growing. Check our job board regularly for the latest openings:

Friday, November 8, 2019

Nickel Belt News •

Progress Edition • Page 9

Nickel Belt News 2019 PROGRESS ISSUE

ing hard towards attaining gold level service standards. In our ever changing world of products, you, our customer, can be assured you have the most knowledgeable professionals working on your product. We are pleased to provide support to the various power sports groups Page 10 • •Progress Progress Edition News • Friday, November 6, 8, 2019 and6 clubs in ourEdition community, as well as our community as aNickel whole.Belt DON’T FORGET TO COME IN AND GET ALL YOUR APPARELWednesday, AND GEAR HERE!

Boardman/Northland Funeral Home 28 Nelson Rd Thompson, MB Phone: 204-778-7982 Fax: 204-677-9859 Email:

Whenever we’re faced with difficulties, we find comfort in those we know and trust. People we can count on to do their very best to help us. This is especially true when a loved one has died. If, at this very moment, this is your experience, please know the members of our professional staff are your friends and your neighbors. Each of them care deeply about the people living in our community, and will become your ally during this time…and long after.

Naturally, people turn to us every day to assist them in planning a funeral. Sometimes it’s because a loved one has recently died, and their need is immediate. Other times, they turn to us because they wish to plan ahead; either for themselves, or for someone they love. We can n also help you learn to understand your grief and help yourself heal. We are available for you, 24 hours a day. Please contact us for more information.

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Nickel Belt News PH: 204-677-4534 FAX: 204-677-3681 141 Commercial Place, Thompson, Manitoba The Thompson Citizen & Nickel Belt News are published by The Prairie Newspaper Group LP, a division of GVIC Communications Corp.

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ifference is that the Co-op is locally-owned. Anyone can apply for membership by completing an application available at Friday, November 8, 2019 Nickel Belt News • Progress Edition • Page 11 31 Oak Street, Thompson, MB R8N 1L8 Offi ce: 1.204.677.3516 Fax: 1.204.677.3195 Gas Bar Co-op is governed by a Board of Directors elected by its members. Of course, we invite non-members to purchase or a one-time amount of $10.00.

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Thompson Gas Bar CO-OP Ltd. A community-minded business in the city of Thompson.

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Savings generated by the Co-op are returned to members, proportionate to the amount purchased from the Co-op during the year. These member savings accumulate as equity in each member’s share account, so the more a member supports the Co-op, the greater his or her equity can become. At the discretion of the Co-op’s Board of directors, a percentage of a member’s equity may be returned to the member in the form of a cash refund at the end of each fiscal year.


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hompson Gas Bar Co-op Ltd. is proud to serve our community with two gas bar/convenience store locations. Our newest store at 179 Thompson Drive N. has been open for just over 1 year, and our other location is at 722 Thompson Drive. Both locations offer regular, mid and premium gasoline in addition to diesel fuel. In addition to fully stocked convenience stores, we are proud to also have Manitoba Lottery available at both locations.

A Co-op is a business with a difference! The difference is that the Co-op is locally-owned. Anyone can apply for membership by completing an application available at either store. Locally controlled, the Thompson Gas Bar Co-op is governed by a Board of Directors elected by its members. Of course, we invite non-members to purchase but it just makes sense to become a member for a one-time amount of $10.00.

Thompson Gas Bar Co-op prides itself with great customer service and the cleanest washrooms in town! We promise to give you friendly service and make you feel welcome. Both of our locations offer full service at 4 pumps at no extra charge! Supporting our community is very important to our Co-op. We are proud to have supported the following groups this past year: Kin Canada, Canadian Cancer Society Thompson Relay for Life, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Burntwood Curling Club, Hope North, Heritage North Museum, Boreal Discovery Centre, Thompson Public Library, Salvation Army, Thompson Playhouse, and the NorMan Northstars. We also support the youth of our community by providing a scholarship to one of the graduates of R. D. Parker Collegiate. Our Board of Directors include: Marty Sanders, President – Les Ellsworth, Vice President – Gloria Jacobs, Treasurer – Brigitte Schwartz, Secretary – Jas Gill – Jasper Robinson – and Rob Ellsworth. We thank our members and customers for supporting the Thompson Gas Bar Co-op and look forward to continuing our support of Thompson and surrounding communities. You’re at home here! Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you at both locations!

Thompson Gas Bar Co-op Ltd. is proud to serve Thompson and the North with two gas bar/convenience store locations. Our newer location at 179 Thompson Drive, opened in June of 2016. Our original location is at 722 Thompson Drive. Both locations offer regular, mid and premium gasoline along with diesel fuel. With fully stocked convenience stores along with Manitoba Lottery, and NCl & Kinsman bingo cards at both locations, Thompson Gas Bar Co-op provides that one-stop experience for those on the go. Sandwiches, hot dogs, chips and candy bars are available for your consumption. Don’t forget to drop by the store to purchase X-box and PlayStation gift cards for that special gamer in your life. Other gift cards also available. Thompson Gas Bar Co-op Ltd. is locally owned with memberships available for only $10. Your membership allows you to generate equity based on your purchases. Every year equity is allotted and returned either by cheque or added to your equity balance, or a combination of both. The Board of Directors for the Thompson Gas Bar Co-op is: President- Les Ellsworth, Vice President - Marty Sanders, Treasurer Kim Laycock, Secretary - Wayne Levac, Director - Jasper Robinson, Director - Rob Ellsworth, Director - Peter Aarinola. Four board positions will be up for election at the Co-op’s annual general meeting in the spring of 2020, probably sometime around May. The last year saw Alvaro Filipe take over from Wally Itson as the Thompson Gas Bar Co-op general manager, assuming the role on August 9. “I’m hoping I’m bringing a little experience to the table,” he says, noting that his 23 years in the retail industry and 22 years in financial services have given him a good background in what it takes to run a successful business. “I enjoy working with people and meeting customers. If there’s any concern with either of the Co-ops, I invite members and other customers to share them.” Thompson Gas Bar Co-op prides itself with great customer service and cleanliness is a priority. There are 33 staff in total at the two locations, which are both open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week, giving people plenty of time to stop by for gas or any of their other products. We promise to give you friendly service and make you feel welcome Each location offers full service at 4 pumps at no extra charge! Stay warm this winter, and let us fill your tank! Supporting our community is also very important. Thompson Gas Bar Co-op proudly has supported: R.D. Parker Collegiate, NorMan Northstars, Thompson Playhouse, Thompson Festival of the Arts, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Thompson Relay for Life, Thompson CMHA, Thompson Crisis Centre, Hope North Suicide Prevention Committee, Crohn’s & Colitis, Midway Bible Camp, National King Miner Contest, Thompson Rotary Club, Heritage North Museum, the Thompson Seniors Community Resource Council, and Thompson Crime Stoppers. We also provide a scholarship to a graduating senior at RDPC. The Board of Directors and Staff, would like to thank members and customers for supporting the Thompson Gas Bar Co-op and look forward to serving you at both locations. We are grateful for your business.

You’re at home here! 179 THOMPSON DRIVE

722 THOMPSON DRIVE (204) 778-7649


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