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A message from Lynn Taylor, Publisher SPECIAL

congratulations to the graduating class of 2017! All of us here at the paper wish you continued success in your future

endeavours. This is the fifth grad issue we have had the privilege of preparing and sincerely hope that it will be a keepsake for each of you to refer to many times in the future. If you are a former graduate from RDPC during the past five years or if you know of someone we would dearly love to hear from you so that we can add a special segment to future issues highlighting what you have been doing since graduation. We would not have been able to get this issue together without the cooperation of the staff at RDPC and in particular would like to sincerely thank Tracey Hanson and Sandi Timmons for going above and beyond in helping us. In closing I would like to take a minute to sincerely thank the administration at R.D. Parker for supporting the local Rotary Club by continuing to allow us to bring International Exchange Students here for a year. I have had the privilege of hosting four students in my home and again will have this year’s student living with us for three months. The friendships formed with these kids and the amount of knowledge we have gained about life in their homeland is huge.

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Michael & AmĂŠlie Wishing you every success and happiness in your future endeavours! Lynn, Duke, Kathleen & Allison


Maggie Enjoy every moment of the amazing journey you are about to embark on. We love you and we are so very proud of you. Love, Dad, Mom, Grandmas and Grandpa

R.D. Parker Collegiate Graduation Exercises Master of Ceremonies Robert Ellis Memory Walk Brendan Rhodes and Kameron Mercredi “A Thousand Years Instrumental” Dami Wi Pomp and Circumstance Graduation March R.D. Parker Grad Band “O Canada” Maggie Colbourne R.D. Parker Grad Band

Congratulatory Messages Mayor of Thompson Dennis Fenske Principal’s Address Rob Fisher Parents’ Message Jennifer Dyke Superintendent of Human Resources and Policy Angele Bartlett Board of Trustees Elizabeth Lychuk Indigenous Message Jasyn Lucas Presentation of Traditional Gifts Joshua Sweeny and Dallas Spence Honour Song Oskinikis Drummers Introduction of Guest Speaker Geri Darechuk Guest Speaker Brian McCusker Introduction of Valedictorian Brayden Dudley Valedictorian Jashan Sandhu “I’ll Always Remember You” R.D. Parker Vocomotion

Awards School District Board of Trustees Student Awards for Academic Excellence Janet Brady Presentation of Governor General’s Bronze Medal Rob Fisher Presentation of Diplomas and Scholarships R.D. Parker Administration Recessional “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

Principal’s Address Rob Fisher


each and everyone for being here tonight, and

congratulations. It’s an honour to be speaking to such a great group of young people and to the wonderful friends & family that made you this way. I won’t take up too much of your time. Well, actually, if I really wanted to, I could probably take as long as I want up here. It’s not like the band is going to play me off when it’s time to wrap up like they do at the academy awards. The band are exhausted, they’ve been playing Pomp and Circumstance for about 3 hours now. But grads, it would be rude of me to waste more of your time than I have to, because face it, your time here is dwindling. First you’re graduating, then you’re 45, then you have your first kiss, and you’re getting married, before you know it – it’s 2070 and you’re a hologram. But in between the milestones that will blow by, you’ll do a lot of growing. You know this already. Growing is the main thing you’ve done in your entire school career and life thus far. Growing intellectually. Growing emotionally. Growing physically. (Cole knows what I’m talkin’ about.)

I don’t have the time or a fortune-telling ability to advise you of your later growing periods, but if they’re anything like what you’ve accomplished in your time at our school, you should be fine. Nobody said it was going to be easy. Some of you did the near-impossible and somehow completed more than 10 credits this year and now you’re sitting there about to graduate. Many of you grads are here this evening because of help from your teachers, help from your parents, and lots of sheer determination on your part. Way to go. Not only that, but you managed to maintain and improve on some of our grade 12 traditions here at RDPC: Like grade wars. Like taking the lead in our many school student groups and the elementary school visits that you did this morning. You somehow even found the time and energy to: Remix O Canada into an AC/DC version (we really were Thunderstruck). And you found the time to hijack the teachers’ parking lot. You also are responsible for starting brand new grade 12 traditions: Like singing at Prom (thank you Brendan and Brayden). Or bringing back the Grad parade. That parade yesterday was wonderful. Class of 2017, if your contributions

to the world are done in the same spirit as what you’ve contributed to our school, you’ll make us all proud. In closing, I’d like to relate to you kids by sharing some of my favorite quotes from what my youth consultant told me was the most popular lyricist of the past four years, Kanye West. [on cue cards flipping through] Oh, I can’t say that... Hmm, better not... Nope... I definitely can’t say this...

We would like to extend our heartfelt

to the class of 2017

Oh, maybe– no... I’m going to have to turn to you graduates instead. Some of your yearbook quotes were very inspirational and I’d like to share a couple now with everyone here. From Tennesse Graham: “Have some fire, be unstoppable, be a force of nature.” And, here’s a final quote From Brendan Rhodes: “Always stay humble and kind.” Congratulations class of 2017.

Take pride in how far you’ve come. Have faith in how far you can go, but don’t forget to enjoy the journey. May this graduation be just the beginning of even greater things for you!

Congratulations Class of 2017!

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d of our grads! u o r P From the staff at Popeye’s


Arialle Brightnose

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Trent North

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We’re proud of our grads

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Congratula̼ions to all Graduates! Your hard work has paid o̳f!

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Best Wishes




To the class of

May your vision for the future always be clear and bright!

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Parents’ Message Jennifer Dyke


of one of the students here tonight, it is an honour to present a message on behalf of the parents to all of the graduating students. I just hope I can get through this without crying, for those of you that don’t know me I cry at everything. When it came to what I wanted to say to all of you I had no idea on where to start but I knew it had to be meaningful and as short as possible. I asked others for input and then decided to do what our children would have done, I googled it. There are so many wise words out there that if I try to say everything it would take forever. After tonight the next stage of your life is about to begin and it may be a little overwhelming as you will have to make a lot of choices over the next few days, months, and years. The road ahead will have a few bumps along the way, may split a few times, may even have a few road blocks, changing your path is ok, you just need to keep moving forward. You will find some of your greatest lessons will be through setbacks so welcome them. As you go out into the world we want you to remember to: • Believe in yourself – you are capable of so much more than you think possible; • always follow your passion; • let no one tell you you can’t achieve your dream – dream big! be open to new experiences, but also have goals; • take risks; • love with all your heart; • manage your finances well; • never stop learning; • • trust your intuition – if it feels right do it, if you have any doubt – don’t; • treat others as you would want to be treated;

surround yourself with great friends, those who inspire, encourage and support you; • do not forget your friends from high school – it’s easier for your generation to keep in touch with all the technology and social media out there; • Keep in touch with your parents! A quick text, email or call whenever you can would be great! As parents all we can do is hope for the best as our children mature and leave home to make their way in the world. We will experience so many feelings tonight and over next few weeks, happiness that they made it this far, pride as they walk across the stage, sadness that time has passed by so quickly, we will worry about their safety, wellbeing, and future, we will feel excitement at what lies ahead for them, as well as uncertainty as no one knows what the future will bring. Not only are they graduating; we are, in a way, as well. It’s no longer our responsibility to get them to their activities on time, make sure their homework is done, or telling them to get to bed early so they will be well rested for the next day. That torch has now been passed to all of you, we love you and know that you got this! Ok graduates, one last thing: embrace this next phase of life. Have fun, work hard, and make sure to enjoy every single day. On behalf of your parents: Congratulations Class of 2017.

Board of Trustees Liz Lychuk


graduates, parents, guests of graduates, teachers and dignitaries. On behalf of the trustees of the School Board of Mystery Lake I would like to bring greetings and congratulate the class of 2017. Marking this day marks your accomplishments of your last four years of high school and the last thirteen years of your secondary education, for many of you, most (if not all) of these years would have been spent as a part of the School District of Mystery Lake “family.” I know that you have all worked hard to get to reach this milestone, and to get here you had support from your parents/caregivers, your teachers, your peers and also your coaches/ counselors and others. Whether that be someone making sure you get out of bed in the morning, someone helping with homework, someone marking your exams, someone staying after class to provide extra help with math or someone you had to lean on and talk to to help get through difficult times. None of us get where we are going without people to love us and help us when help is needed. We hope you remember your time at R.D. Parker and celebrate your achievements – not just academic achievements, but skills you have learned – for life. You have learned to do math, read, write, learned to make friends, take turns and get along with others. These skills will serve you well in life. Everyone here will pick a path going forward and pick a final destination. What you don’t know often makes the journey of life interesting. They may include the scenery along the way, the detours and delays that may take you somewhere special, the attractions you may want to stop to visit and the people you meet on the journey that may include your life partner and people you can’t imagine life without. The other guidelines for life that I would like to share with you today came from the


Breanna We are very proud of you.

Love, Mom, Dad, Kale, Grandma and Grandpa

book “Everything I Need to Know, I Learned from a Little Golden Book” that states - is life feeling like a circus? Don’t panic, today’s a new day. Get dressed first thing in the morning (sweatpants are bad for morale, put on something nice), have some pancakes, get some exercise everyday, frolic, daydream, go on a joyride, stargaze, stroll, bird watch, treat yourself, the simple things are often the most fun, go on a picnic, make music a part of your life, be a hugger, kiss, turn off the tv and crack open a book, use your imagination, look up and savour the seasons as they roll around, stay curious,” take in some culture, learn something new, dare to explore what’s out there for you, express yourself, try a new look, be unique (but don’t go overboard), start planning that dream trip as soon you’ll be on your way, be open to making new friends even if you are very, very shy. Keep in touch, hang out, steer clear of shady characters, be discriminating, choose your companions wisely, break bread together everyday, don’t forget your antioxidants, go ahead and make a big deal over your birthday, dress up and go dancing (any kind of dancing), make something from nothing, sing even if you can’t hold a tune, learn to cook and clean, make a budget and stick to it, have you had a check-up lately? Weren’t you going to learn how to swim? Keep a medical kit handy, cultivate contentment, take a mental health day now and then, give in to a good cry (you’ll feel better afterward), get plenty of sleep, too. Go fly a kite, remember to smell the strawberries, be a romantic, don’t forget to enjoy your wedding, let your family know you love them, work hard, play hard, do no harm, be proud of your country, don’t let the parade pass you by, think big, toot your own horn, give thanks, believe in Santa and Love at First Sight. Most of all, believe that your ship will come in. As long as you do, your life is bound to be Golden!

Congratulations a i n i g r i V Love, Poppy

Indigenous Message Jasyn Lucas


My name is Jasyn Lucas. I was born Jasyn Bighetty and I am a proud member of the Mathias Colomb Cree Nation, On behalf of the Indigenous community, all First Nations and our people, I bring a huge congratulations to the Class of 2017 After much hard work, you have succeeded in this chapter of your life, and we wish you many blessings and the best of luck moving forward into your next chapter. It is going to be hard, It is going to be tough, it will be intimidating at times, sometimes it will even feel as if people do not want to see you do well, however know that in those times of uncertainty, that there is an underlying lesson to test your strength, your true character, and its entirely up to you, whether you come out on top or not. It depends entirely on your attitude. I am a self-employed artist and business owner, and I can recall a time in the beginning where I was scared, I had to figure out a lot on my own, I had to ask questions, I had to be a great student and a great follower first.

I can remember selling paintings out on the road with my friend and colleague Jeff Monias. He took me out to show me how to sell my art. I was so surprised as to how many times we heard “no.” No, we are not interested, no, now’s not the time, no, those are too expensive, no, no, no; it was discouraging. However, Jeff still plowed forward with a smile. “Why?” you may ask, because for every “no” we heard, we knew we were getting that much closer to our “yes!” For every 9 nos we heard the 10th try would be a yes! And that is the key; it’s easy to want to give up in a world full of nos, but just know that your yes is there; you just have to go find it, insist that you do, do not stop until you do and then move onto the next. Persistence is key. Respect other people’s property, take advantage of technology but never forget the traditional applications, apply the sacred grandfather teachings, practice them and share them as these are all great values that many of us share. Be on time! Keep people informed of your plans, actually call them. Again on behalf of myself all indigenous leaders and groups throughout our great territory Congratulations to you all, ekosi, thank-you.

Honour Song Osinikis Drummers

Guest Speaker Brian McCusker (Introduction by Geri Darechuk) Good evening everyone. When the time came around to nominate a guest speaker for the class of 2017’s graduation, there was little doubt in my mind for who I wanted to have speak. Mr. Brian McCusker, who retired last year from his many years of teaching at RDPC, is a very significant teacher in the eyes of the hundreds of students who he taught. To the vast majority of those students, he is known as the no-holdsbarred, old guy down the hallway that blasted his rock music and who is “Livin’ the dream.” Mr. McCusker is without a doubt an honest man. Sometimes too honest, like that time I came into class with a piece of cake and he told me that “He was once my size, too.” In my mind, his honesty, insightfulness and witty personality is what made him such an exceptional teacher. A teacher who made my learning experience a memorable one. Mr. McCusker was one of the few teachers who took the time to really get to know his students personally. Most can agree that Mr. McCusker’s classes were their favourite. Unfortunately, I only took one course that was taught by him during his time at R.D. Parker, but I can attest that his

LIV’N THE DREAM Thanks for the intro Geri; very humbling, and I like when you lie. The song by Jimi Hendrix (Little Wing) was written about his mom after she died and I played it so many times as the kids were walking into class. When you were born your parents had aspirations and expectations like all parents do. They wanted you to be successful, happy, honest and be a person of integrity. You all had times when you had ‘dances’ with your folks, you argued, disagreed ... all normal things that happened between parents and kids. Regardless what you did, your parents continued to care for you; they were committed. They weren’t going to bail on you. You heard me tell you in class that when I heard someone tell me that there parents ‘don’t care’, that when they break curfew and come home drunk that their parents don’t even know ... and my response was always that maybe your folks were in bed crying, too hurt, disappointed and offended and didn’t want to see you in that condition and that it was easier to stay in bed. The same type of commitment and caring extends to your families, they too had similar hopes and aspirations for you. And your teachers. They didn’t go to university and study to be a teacher with the intent of failing you. They cared, they wanted you to succeed, they tried hard and at

class was the one I looked most forward to; even though I wasn’t cool enough to sit in his neighbourhood. It was nearly impossible to walk into his classroom and be in a bad mood. His quick-witted remarks, and way of making light of any situation helped me to realize that being angry or cranky over something small was simply a waste of energy. The teaching style he used and the stories he would tell to us in his Psychology class made the course a lot more interesting, and I’m sure he would be happy to hear that I learned a lot from him, and not just in regards to Psychology 40S. I look up to Mr. McCusker, as do many other students who have attended RDPC. His words can make anyone smile or laugh, as well as inspire and motivate. For those of us going off to school in the fall, this may be the last time that we get to hear him talk about some of the things we students may not be completely proud of, but also how far we’ve come. I hope that the nice things that I have to say about Mr. McCusker this evening will make up for not attending my student-led conference to hear the nice things he had to say about me. Without further ado, Mr. Brian McCusker.

times you probably didn’t even see it. We know that life is not always fair. You have had obstacles and challenges. You obviously were able to cope and resolve these issues. We know that success breeds success and the more we have of success the more we feel better about life and ourselves. I had many quotes on my classroom walls that reflected my biases and my philosophy towards life. “Do you have it in you to like yourself even when things are going wrong in your life?” If you look around her tonight every person here cares about somebody in this class. There are times in our lives when we feel hopeless and overwhelmed and we forget about the people who really care for us. Let tonight reinforce the notion that people do care for you. To date you have made RD Parker Collegiate a better school, it is a good school and you have helped keep it that way. There are people who are not here that lost sight that people actually cared about them and valued them. You are challenged to draw on your successes to date and the belief that people do care and will always care about you. Quitting in life is not an option. Tonight when you go to Safe Grad take care of yourself and take care of others; look after yourself and your friends. Don’t hurt yourself or let anyone else hurt themselves. As that great Canadian Philosopher ‘Red Green’ said “Keep your stick on the ice.” Thank you

Valedictorian Address

Jashan Sandhu (Introduction by Brayden Dudley)

Im going to try and make this as short as I possibly can, since it’s not really me that you wannabe hearing from today. If you don’t know who I am, my name is Brayden Dudley, and I nominated Jashan Sandhu to be our valedictorian for the class of 2017. There are so many reasons why Jashan makes the perfect valedictorian but I really only have time to talk about a few of them here today. Jashan has a lot of school pride, as everyone could probably tell considering he wore the same RDPC Trojans jacket every single day for the last 4 years (and he probably never washed it once either). Jashan is also very social and made a lot of friends during his time here at this school. I knew that every time there was a party. Jashan was gonna be there, even if he had to sneak out of his bedroom window to be able to make it. On a more serious note, Jashan is definitely one of the nicest and most kind-hearted people that even count the amount of laughs and fun times that me, you and all the boys have had in the last few years, and I’d be jinxing if I said I wasn’t gonna miss it. You’re one of the main reasons why my senior year of high school has been the best year of my entire life without a doubt. So without further notice, I present to all of you, the prince of the Corner Deli himself, Jashan Sandhu. Brayden Dudley


families, friends, teachers, and my fellow graduates. I want to take this opportunity to thank my parents for everything they have done for me. You’ve seen me go through some highs and lows and always stuck by my side no matter what it was. Thank you so much for everything and I love you both. Thank you to all parents, guardians, and grandparents for helping us achieve this goal of graduating. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for helping us with our homework. Thank you for driving us everywhere; to school, to a friend’s place or to our sports practices. Hopefully graduating can repay you all the gas money you spent on us. Thank you for protecting us and making sure that we were safe. You gave us everything; love, kindness, leadership, and much much more. You stuck by us in our times of need and always picked us up when we were down. Thank you to all our teachers for supporting us throughout these four

years. The extra help after school and the time you gave up for us to reach our goals and expectations did not go unnoticed. Thank you for being so understanding where it could’ve been giving us deadline extensions or rescheduling tests because of the time we missed from your class. We all know that putting up with us at times were a hassle and a half. I mean I hope I wasn’t the only one. Especially Mr. Paradis, he went through the whole semester with Mitchell and I talking about hitting on his then fiancé to us always trying to beat him up. But I guess you know how that turned out every time, with us either booking it out of the gym running away from him or both promising him that we were done hitting on his fiancé. We as graduates learned lessons from all of you that we will all remember. Without you we all wouldn’t be here today. So graduates . . . we are all finally here. I know for some of us we exceeded expectations to get here and for some of us we were sitting there on student connect praying for a passing grade in a class.

Nevertheless we are all here together and I couldn’t have graduates that have been exceptional at school going into asked for a better group of people to be representing and tough faculties with Nathan Dyke going into engineering speaking in front of. We all went through thick and thin and Brayden Dudley going into geology. And there are so together; getting kicked out of the library because we had much more motivating graduates. I think it is safe to say a group of five not listening to that four at a table rule that this group is one that all the smaller grades can look to going through the grueling task of writing provincial up to. exams. We are all here together We may not flat out admit because we pushed and drove it but there are actually many “Success is not the key to ourselves through barriers and things that us graduates will challenges that we faced and it actually miss about high happiness. Happiness is the key all paid off. school. We will all definitely to success. If you love what you We all inspired each other miss seeing the shiniest and stuck by each other no glare from Mr. Fisher’s head are doing, you will be successful.” matter how bad the situation and calling him “bald-fury” Albert Schweitzer was. All of us experienced whenever we saw him. We all many highs and lows through know that Calvin is going to our time together from lows like broken hearts and miss the librarian. But on a more serious note, I think what fading away friendships to highs such as getting your we will all miss the most about this school is seeing each driver’s license, prom or your first girlfriend, your second other’s faces every day. It’s hard to picture life without girlfriend, your third girlfriend, your fourth girlfriend then seeing all of you everyday for a whole year five times a realizing that it wasn’t them that was the problem and week. that it was you. I remember in grade six Rachelle and I If I was to say the most important thing that we have absolutely despised each other but now we’ve gotten so learned as a grad class is that there are always good much closer that it sucks not being able to see each other moments even when there are bad ones, it’s just a matter almost everyday. Believe it or not she gave me the thought of getting through those bad moments. As we all begin to of representing all of you at graduation. Examples like celebrate our graduation and say our good-byes there will these show how friendships can develop through high be hugs and maybe some tears when it all sinks in that we school and we might’ve found our bestest friends ever or part ways however we will all share memories that we have even our soul mates that we think are our soul mates now. developed with each other throughout the course of our Gotta give props to grad committee for making sure almost high school time together. Thank you my fellow graduates everyone was happy and for making this graduation year so for all the memories we shared and the opportunity to memorable. represent all of you during this fine night. I ‘ll leave you I’m glad to be graduating with such a motivating group with one of my favourite quotes (definitely much better of people such as Cole Slaney or Gareth “225” Murison. than my grad quote) by Albert Schweitzer “Success is not Your time in the gym makes small little boys like me look the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If up to you. We also have graduates you love what you are doing, you that are pursuing sports after will be successful.” And finally high school as well with Kali I would like to ask you all to Cummings going to Alberta to stand up and join me in taking play with the OLDS Broncos the sickest selfie you’ll and Blair Bodie going to ever be a part of. Thank Brandon to play with the you everyone, stay safe ACC Cougars. So proud of and take care. It’s been my best friends. We have a pleasure.


Rachelle Halls on graduating from RDPC with honours with distinction and on receiving the 2017 Troy Anand scholarship. We are all so proud of you! Luvs, Mom, Dad, Laurisa & Peyton

Congratulations! We are so very proud of you.


Zachery Woytkiw



Love, Mom & Dad


You learned a lot: about yourself, about others, and even some math! Still so much to see and do - keep working on your dreams. Love, Mom, Dad, and Mike



Mom, Dad & Kayson

to our graduate

Gillian Love coming from,

Mom, Dad, Malcolm and Emma


Braidyn Love, Mom, Dad, Jestin, Arrielle & family



Love, Mom, Dad, Jeremy, Ashley & family

we would like to Hats off to the class of 2017!

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To all the graduates of 2017

McDonald Youth ServicesKisewatisiwin would like to congratulate all the 2017 Graduates! All of your hard work and determination has paid off and you are now onto the next chapter of your life. Wishing you all the best of luck in wherever your journey takes you!

Congratulations Congratulations Tyler Nathan On your graduation!

We love you and we are so very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad and Hayley ,Grandpa Gordie, Grandma Suzie, Grandma Diane, Uncle Jay, and Emily

Your hard work and dedication has paid o. We are very proud of you and can’t wait to see what great things you will accomplish in the next stage of your life!

Love, Mom, Dad, Dezarae, Odin & family

Amélie Depret Congrats on receiving yo r “hon you honour ourrary y” g grad rade rad e 12 12 cer ce errtif e tifica tif icate! ica te! e We We wi will ll mis miisss you you o bu bu but ut wi w sh sh yo you y ou u lo lots tss of lo love, lov e, succes suc ce esss an e nd dg go goo o d tim oo ime imes m s me bacck h bac home om ome me m e in nF Frran anc nce nc

With love, Lynn, Duke, Kathleen & Allison



Kaitlyn Van De Kerckhove for receiving the

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Virginia Congratulations g to Nan’s beautiful granddaughter Love you always, Nanny



Love, Mom, Dad, Jack & Charlie

Happy Graduation

Michael Gauthier We are so proud of you and can’t wait for you to follow your goal of becoming an RCMP Love, Mom, Dad, Stephanie, Gramma & Papa, Mémère & Pépère

Jules Bryson Cruda


Jules We are proud of you Love, Nicole, Dad and family

THANK YOU The 2017 PROM committee would like to THANK the following businesses and individuals for their generous donations or sponsorship that supported the PROM of 2017. • Arctic Beverages • Safeway • AFM • Arnasons • Family Foods • Dominos Pizza • Mystery Lake Hotel • RA Distributors • The Ice Cream Shack • Bruce Holmes from Conservation • DNR Redimix • Hilton Airport Suites, Wpg • Danielle Spence • Workplace Solutions • Wireless Solutions • Chicken Chef • Northern Inn • Thompson Regional Airport • Eclipse • Assiniboine Credit Union • Don Johnson Jewellers • Shoppers Drug Mart • Salon Italia • The Brick • Sears • Lambert’s • Canadian Tire • A&B Builders • Acklands • Smooks • United Steelworks Local 6166 & Local 8223 • Thompson Tumblers Gymnastics Club • Amp Industries • Greyhound • Walmart • Quiznos • Boston Pizza Your generosity made the event for the Class of 2017 possible. THANK YOU. 2017 Parent and Student Prom Committee

CONGRATULATIONS On your achievement




Love, Mom, Dad, Raymon and Grandparents


Congratulations to my Granddaughter




On all your accomplishments

Love, “Mom”

Tristan Okemow RDP

From, Family & Friends

Congratulations to the class of 2017

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Congratulations on your well-deserved success!

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Scholarships Arthur Sanche Memorial Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum Scholarship Glacier/MDS AeroTest Scholarship for S.T.E.M. Justin Bradbury Kay Campbell Memorial Kerrie Brown Memorial

Dane Wanke Nathan Dyke, Brayden Dudley Dane Wanke, Nathan Dyke, Brayden Dudley Kaitlyn Van De Kerckhove Taylor Lundrigan, Camryn Turton Jonathan Magistad, Arizona O’Callaghan

Law North LLP Scholarship

Sheila Baker

Manitoba Aboriginal Youth Achievement Award

Sheila Baker

R.D. Parker Prom Committee

Arizona O’Callaghan, Taylor Lundrigan, Nathan Dyke, Kaitlyn Van De Kerckhove, Taylor Reid-Allen, Tess Bennett, Kali Cummings, Breanna Mayor, Camryn Turton

RDPC Award Rotary Club Ruth Gordon Memorial Safe Grad Sikh Society of Thompson TTA Scholarships

Breanna Mayor, Dami Wi Nathan Dyke, Gordon Reuther Kaitlyn Van De Kerckhove Brayden Dudley, Arizona O’Callaghan Khushboo Puri, Ashweta Ghai Jasna Belanger, Jordan Clinton, Nathan Dyke, Jack Kennedy, Breanna Mayor, Darien Osberg, David Saunders, Erik Sinclair, Camryn Turton, Jamie Verhaeghe

Thompson Gas Bar Co-op TGC Lowe Family Memorial Scholarship Thompson Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship Thompson Knights of Columbus Thompson Legion Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship

Kaitlyn Van De Kerckhove Tess Bennett Brieanne Bruneau Tess Bennett Arizona O’Callaghan, Kaitlyn Van De Kerckhove, Meagan Van Drunen

Thompson Lions Club Thompson Minor Hockey Association

Arizona O’Callaghan Kali Cummings

Thompson Elks Lodge #471 Scholarship

Kayla Corbett

Troy Anand Scholarship

Rachelle Halls

United Steelworkers of America Local 6166

Nathan Dyke, Megan Luky, Taylor Lundrigan

Chown Centennial Scholarship

Nathan Dyke

2017 Schulich Leader Nominee

Dami Wi

2017 CPA Manitoba Foundation High School Scholarship 2017 Flying Musicians Association Solo Scholarship Manitoba Print Industry Association Scholarship

Khushboo Puri Courtney Taylor Dane Wanke

Class of 2017 Clifford Aubut

Theresa Baffoe

Tisha Baffoe

Matthew Barnowich

Elsie Bear

Ayslinn Beardy

Jasna **Belanger

Tess **Bennett

Blair **Bodie

Kayla Boychuk

Kenton Brass

Arialle Brightnose

Xandria Bruderer

Brieanne **Bruneau

Alyssa Campbell

Aislyn Carlson

Faith Charlette

Jordan *Clinton

Maggie *Colbourne

Kayla Corbett

Cura Courchene

Carly Crawford

Jules Cruda

Kali **Cummings

Congratulations g

Brianna Wishing you success in continuing your education


Alison Flores

We're so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and Eric

Love from all the Fam.

Nikki Danttouze

Geri **Darechuk

Adrienne Dick

Ryan Dnistransky

Dakota Dorion-Evans

Brayden **Dudley

Nathan **Dyke

Sonny Dysart

Larissa **Einarson

Brandon Eveleigh

Rebecca Fitzner

Tristan Fitzner-lyoupe

Melvin Flett

Alison *Flores

Dorianna Francois

Michael Gauthier

Ashweta Ghai

Tenness **Graham

Calvin Haase

Cara *Halkett

Colin Hall

Rachelle **Halls

Ellen Hatley

Brooklyn Heald

Victoria Hollett

Rumbi **Horayi

Brianna Horton

Taylor House

Darian Huber

Ezry lngs

Jaida Jacobson

Jack *Kennedy

Joshua Kitchekeesik-Spence

Karly Kraychuk

Bowen Krokosz-Boychuk

Gillian *Larocque

Riley Lindstrom

Megan **Luky

Taylor **Lundrigan

Martha *Magaji

Cory Majeran

Kevin **Maloney

Kimberly Markus

Breanna **Mayor

Sierra **McCullough

Hailey McKay

Kruz Mitchell

Charles Monger

Natacya *Morrison

Tyson Mosiondz-Bone

Mackenzie Moyles

Gareth Murison

Kennedy Murray

Carley North

Trent North

Arizona **O’Callaghan

Jaylene Oniske-Halcrow

Darien Osberg

Kolby Pachkowski

Drashti **Patel

Riya **Patel

Macayla Paziuk

Kelsen Penton

Khushboo **Puri

Makayla *Pynn

Taylor Reid-Allen

Gordon Reuther

Brendan Rhodes

Jashan **Sandhu

Turna **Sarker

David *Saunders

Leonora Shabani

Cole Slaney

Dallas Spence

Alyssa St. Jacques

Danika Stoker

Joshua Sweeny

Tyler Sylvester

Mitchell Szabo

Courtney **Taylor

Cole Teneycke

Camryn *Turton

Taylor Uhrina-Hunter

Kaitlyn Urbanowski

Kaitlyn **Van De Kerckhove

Meagan **Van Drunen

Jamie **Verhaeghe

Dakshkumar Vyas

Dami **Wi

Cody Wiseman

Jennifer Wood

Zackery Woytkiw

Virginia Young

Not pictured: Owen Anderson Jennifer Armitage-Marquart Sheila Baker** Jayden Bayer Torrance Becker Alexander Bee Grant Bercier Charles Bighetty Breonda Blacksmith Tyler Braun Sheraz Butt Dale Cook Tristan Cooper Cody Coxon Michael Dada* Keziah Dew Meghan Dumas Serena Dumas Tessa Ellingson David Erickson Lakota Fenner-Redhead Lindsay Fortin Wesley Gunn lan Hykawy Alexandra Klatt Oscar Lafreniere Braidyn Lagace Joshua Lagace Reese Little

Jonathan Magistad** Aaron McKay Harmony McKenzie-Sinclair Kameron Mercredi Akeem Minott Isaiah Muchikekwanape Susie Nakoolak Kasandra Nelson-Barenz Mufaro Nyabeze Dawson Okemow Tristan Okemow Eric Olson** Donavan Quill Nicholas Ricketts Calem Ross Erik Sinclair Dayanna Thomas Rheann Turner Michael Venne Dane Wanke** Cameron Wavey Braydon Wood Honourary Graduate AmĂŠlie Depret * Honours ** Honours with distinction

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Grad booklet 2017 sm  

Grad booklet 2017 sm