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Council takes Canada CEO Passenger railGoose service finally returns topass Churchill, Book a way to preserve and on rst step towards donates $1tourism million towards heralds new and researchfiopportunities memories of growing up in Churchill reducing their polar bear conservation facility



Nickel Belt News photo by Kacper Antoszewski The first passenger train to Bears International board member and the a former Churchill since Hudson chairman thatrepaired board Bay Railwayofwas from 2008 to 2017, pulled into Thompson on the pledged afternoonthe of money, Dec. 3. which

ranks in October

Churchill residents had Polar Bears International “Over the least decade of ing them build a mucha lot to celebrate on the (PBI) received a $1 million working with PBI, I have needed facility which will afternoon of Dec. 4, since a donation towards the conseen firsthand the passion serve as a launch site for passenger train pulled into that’s our size, we have the struction of a new facility and energy that the team PBI’s research and educa- BY IAN GRAHAM its station for the first time EDITOR@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET most,” she said. in Churchill during their puts into their important tional activities on polar in over 18 months. Council approved fi rst Matechuk said that Polar Bear Affair gala in represents about half of research and efforts to bear habitat conservation At least 100 people enreading of a bylaw to re- since the need to cut costs the money the organensure polar bears have around the world.” Toronto Feb. 27. dured the -20 C degree lights season in January. Dani Reiss, president ization to raise the for a future,” said Reiss in a The proposed Polar duce the number of coun- is partly due to the new, “We hopes are confident weather in order to watch and CEO of Canada Goose, Polar Bears International press release. “It is a priv- Bears International House, cillors from eight to six at lower grant-in-lieu (GIL) the arrival of Via Rail return of Via trains is goilege to be a part of help- construction of which is their Feb. 26 meeting by a that Vale Manitoba Operas well as a current Polar House. Train 693, which had de- ing to bring even more expected to begin at the vote of 6-3, with council- ations pays the city instead parted from Winnipeg two tourists to experience all start of the 2018 polar bear lors Ron Matechuk, Dun- of property taxes, the counwe have to offer,” noted days earlier. season, will be built on do- can Wong and Judy Kolada cillors who negotiated that Along the way, this train Spence. “This week a touragreement could make it nated land on Churchill’s opposed. had picked up a variety of ist operator informed me Before the reduction possible for council to go main street and designed passengers from across they have guests that still becomes reality, however, through a trial period with to be energy efficient and the province, who finally held on to their deposit for the bylaw must be the fewer members. ecologically sound. It will had the opportunity to two years waiting for the “If the three councillors serve as a site to educate subject of a public hearvisit friends and family in train’s return. We look foring, currently scheduled that negotiated the GIL, this visitors to Churchill about Churchill since the Hudson ward to welcoming them for March 12, and then miserable, this very poor polar bears, climate change Bay Railway was washed here.” and the urgent need to take receive second and third GIL, were to do the honThe Via Rail train that out by severe flooding action, as well as provide reading, which are tenta- ourable thing and resign pulled into Churchill on back in May 2017. broadcast facilities for tively slated to occur March from council, we would This group incuded Tuesday was also carrying media, support polar bear 12 and March 26 respect- have a couple of weeks to people like 13-year-old a special dining car outfitresearch and outreach ef- ively. City manager Gary find out whether we want Dakota Hart, who jumped ted with new technology forts, and assist visiting Ceppetelli says the bylaw to proceed all the way to onto the train at the that will help showcase scientists, educators and must be passed 180 days third reading on this,” said Thompson station in order arctic scientific research other guests whose work prior to the election date Matechuk, who repeated to visit his grandparents in that is happening right now and support are critical to of Oct. 24. If it is, the next comments made Feb. 12 in the polar bear capital of Churchill. Spence finished off his polar bear conservation. election could be a bit of when council voted 5-2 “Going by plane is about the world. Dec. 4 address by thanking a case of musical chairs, to amend the Thompson This new interactive the federal government and The facility will include a with the eight incumbent Charter Act, which stipu$700 return per person, workspace, bunkhouse, so to go up there by rail research project, dubbed the Arctic Gateway Group kitchen and storage space councillors, assuming all of lates that council should “Expedition Churchill,” is way, way cheaper. To for helping repair the Hud- for equipment. them decide to run again, have eight councillors and have that choice is just was developped by the son Bay Railway in quick “This is the single lar- competing for only six a mayor, to the effect that a wonderful thing,” said University of Manitoba fashion after buying it from gest donation PBI has available spots, along with reducing the number of his mother Sandra in an and aims to communicate the American company Omcouncil positions would received and it is an all the other candidates. interview with CBC News. and promote topics like niTrax in late August 2018. Eliminating two council prevent “new blood” from amazing commitment to “We’re just so excited he climate research through “It took many partners to helping secure the polar positions would save just coming into council. can go back up to Church- multimedia platforms. get back to where we are under $20,000 in salarDeputy mayor Colleen “Churchill is an arctic today,” said Spence. “I’d bear’s future,” said PBI ies and perhaps about Smook said that isn’t neill by train.” executive director Krista News photo Graham In a Tuesday afternoon scientific research hub with like to thank Prime Min$5,500 to $16,400 Nickel in Belt cessarily truebyasIanshe and Wright. “We’re humbled worldnorthern class facilities,” said deMeulles Addictions Foundation of Manitoba director Gisele has written a book about her experiences growing travel up, mostly in Churchill. press release, Mayor Mike ister Trudeau, the federal expenses, based Valentino were among the by this generous gift and Spence remarked how the Spence in a Nov. 30 press government and Via Rail on the amounts spent on top three vote-getters in BY IAN For all the harsh weather write things you have ‘Oh, I’m just as bad, right?’ extremely was not a grateful.” very safe thing swallow when people say release. “The that relationship return of GRAHAM passenger service to for their commitment to our travel by the two lowest- 2014 despite having not EDITOR@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET have all these stories and to do but I jumped at it. I that Churchill residents and the dangers of polar pretty thefigure townout. hasIt’s with theclear sci- Inorthern to this northern town has to region and workspending councillors and been on council before, Though she’s now written when I get through.” I need to capture them for Erica thought was exciting should just find somewhere bears, deMeulles said if it andthat Dani Reiss do- the much bigger implications entific community is key to ing with us. It’s great to see two highest spending while Coun. Penny Byer a book about her experien- future DeMeulles said she wrote my grandchildren really until the plane landed and easier to live. had been viable she would economic developbeyond simply allowing nated $1 million towards in the train back.” the fiscal year 2016. said fresh faces don’t autoces growing up in Churchill, her book, titled Whispers in because they will be lost if they started throwing the “To say, ‘Those people have moved back to Churchopportunities.” friends and family to ment Shrinking council to six matically equate to differPolar Bears International’s Addictions Foundation of theCombined Wind: Stories from the I don’t.” fuel off and I realized, ‘Holy choose to live there. They ill in a heartbeat. with returning reconnect. would put Thompson in ent results. proposed facility in ChurchNickel Belt News photo by Manitoba northern director frieght in Churchill for She also has a reputation cats, I was probably sitting should just leave,’ is quite “I miss the shoreline, I services, Spence Now that the sole land North - Life with other similarly “I’m not sure that wheththe organization’s line Kacper herself. Antoszewski ill Gisele deMeulles said writ- a couple of onduring a bomb.’” simplistic. It’s quite disre- miss the rock, I miss the thatreasons. Churchill can as a storyteller link has been restored, believes communities said er you have new blood Bear Affair gala inthat To- sized snapshot Expeding wasn’t something she move “I just sort ofthe thought, had suchofathe varied his- Polar Another thing spectful. If we were in the polar bears even though beyond recent A “I Spence said that Churchill Coun. Blake Ellis, a com- makes that great a differalways thought she would you know what, this hisI would tell people spurred Feb.her 27. on was the same boat in another area they’re very dangerous and ition and Churchill train car as ronto challenges its tory can reclaim its reputation economic ment reiterated by Coun. ence in what a council is do. tory, this stuff that’s in my hard times facing Churchill I think we would scream I really miss the Hudson stories and they would go, it pulled into Thompson stabeen facing, inlcuding the as a tourism hot spot, esNickel Belt News Kathy Valentino. able to do and accomplish “In my youth I never head, it’s going toof begoods gone ‘That’s Bay Rail- about that so why don’t they Bay,” she says. “When I go cost tion on not Dec.true, 3. is it?’ I’d go, since the Hudson pecially since they are ex- skyrocketing “When you look at every depending on what the obphoto courtesy of felt good at writing,” she if I don’t write it down,” she ‘Yeah it’s true.’ They’d go, way suspended operations have the option to do that? back home, standing on the services. pecting a strong northern and Continued on Page 3 Polar Bears International other city or municipality said. “But when I moved said. “My kids are not go- ‘You didn’t do all that, did north of Gillam last spring. I think right now they’re Hudson Bay looking out on to Thompson to get into ing to get it if I don’t do it you? You’ve got to be really “It used to be a really feeling like they’re pawns the bay, it just gives you an the school of social work, and it’s something I’ve al- old.’ I was like, ‘No, actually thriving large community in a political game and that’s incredible sense. You feel so at that point I had to write ways wanted my mom to I did all that before I was and it’s just dwindled down really sad for them because I small and you feel great.” WE SELL for university and realized, do. My mom’s an elder and 27,’ and they went ‘What?’” to such a small population think the people of ChurchNow that she’s got • HOUSEWARE • ELECTRONICS ‘Holy, I’m not bad at this, she’s an artist, she’s got so under her belt, Looking back, some of now,” deMeulles says. ill really want to thrive. one book HELIUM • TOYSThough she’s not there • FRAMES right?’ I certainly developed many wonderful stories be- those experiences are things They’ve built their worlds deMeulles says she may try BALLOONS! a lot of skill in university cause she always tells her she might not do again. any longer, her parents and there. How would we feel to produce another. • CRAFT • LINEN and came out of there with stories at Parks Canada in “I did some pretty bizarre her sister and other family if someone came to you and “I have another book in • the STATIONERY • CARDS a very strong skill in my Churchill and I’ve always stuff like fuel hauls into said, ‘I’m sorry, youWE have toARE me,” she says. “It’s a darker members still are. writing and confidence in hounded her, ‘Please, just high Arctic at -35,” said “My cousin owns the leave your home community story, more about personTHE PARTY my writing. I write very put it on tape, I will write it deMeulles. “It didn’t dawn hardware store there,” she and we’re going to displace al growth and struggles. LOOK FOR “GREAT CANADIAN DOLLAR STORE THOMPSON” ON FACEBOOK! SPECIALISTS clear and that’s it. It’s there. for you because your story on me until after. That was a says. you somewhere else and all Maybe in the next five years Some peopleMON say it’s kind of is going to be lost,’ and she’s very dangerous thing to do. Because of that, yourNORTH! it’s something I’ll focus on OFand THE - THU: 9 am - 9 pm • FRIDAY: 9 am - 10 pm • SATURDAY: 9 am - 9 pm • SUNDAY: 10 am - your 6 pm loved ones blunt or direct. I don’t tend never done it and I thought, Being on a plane full of fuel deMeulles finds it hard to history is gone?’” doing.”

s were. en we asses,” “Ah ... u have e,” she phone, and 10 led our Funny, chatty again! s only . It was ventful or not, head of

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Snow Lake Book Club hosts 2018 Christmas concert

Nickel Belt News photo by Leone Jackson Marc Jackson on the Lahaina Pali Trail in Maui. es that ranted further discussion I asked if she would hike is the and, as a result, it became the road back. “No, the he Haa topic each time they met trail,” she said matter-of1,883 and became a goal that factly. Leone and I looked s. The would see fruition on the at one another and our cone comnight of Friday, December gratulations seemed just a topog5, 2014. From the success little hollow. Anyway, off .. lava, thatphoto event and through Nickel Belt of News by Leone Jackson she went and we met her ys, and the urging of many in the again (on her way back e Lahaina Pali Trail in Maui. s/high community, subsequent up) about three-quarters Marc Jackson y. What concerts held samehike forI asked if shethe would of the way down. Oh, to be ell you mat, and with four“No, concerts the road back. the young! By the time we hit hat menow under their matter-ofcollective turns into a look of surprise the trail wearing flip-flops the trailhead, we were tired, trail,” she said i share belt, the Book Club has when they realize that I and questioned her factly. Leone and I sanity. looked sore and seeking a bit of se back made this event their own. don’t actually stutter! On So, bright and early the next at one another and our connourishment. We stopped tage of The evening began with the topic of directions, we morning we headed out ona at a place called Leoda’s Pie gratulations seemed just writing, emcee Mary Ann Otto trail ... oh, and we welleft have found that people are the little hollow. Anyway, off Shop and outdid any good for five coming an audience that great about offering them our flip-fl ops at home. Good she went and we met her we’d accomplished with a orecast a year’s hiatus, thing; looked to aher top 150. She up,After just not very accurate it (on was pretty rugged again way back piece of the best banana ance of the Snow Book introduced Mayor Peter them.Lake Trying to Club find trek. steep inclines up) Lots aboutof three-quarters cream pie I’ve ever eaten. ne days with (SLBC) again organRoberts, who brought the Costcoonce in Kahului (kaa- and lava rock from top of the way down. Oh, to to be Checking out the trail on to see ized the Annual Christmas greetings from fellow who-louie ... see what I did bottom. the summit young! We By hit the time we hit the internet afterwards, it er has Concert. Inended keeping with council members and staff surprise there), the trailwe wearing flup ip-fl ops at a (1,600 feet over 2.5 miles) the trailhead, we were tired, was noted to be challenging o same their interrupted tradition, at the Town of Snow Lake. e that I Target, and questioned her asanity. a Lowes, then Wal- in twoand hours. Some apeople sore seeking bit of and strenuous hike; recomgetting the 2018 event stayed bal- continue Otto wasted little time in ter! On Mart So, bright and early the next before finally pulling on down other nourishment. Wethe stopped mended for people in good ecast is anced a parking manageable introducing the first perons, we into morning we headed outlot. on side thewithin Costco of the mountain, and at a place called Leoda’s Pie physical condition. Hmmm, getting and featured formance the 2018 lineople are timeframe the ...rst oh, and we left In trail this fi instalment, Ia then back to their Shophitchhike and of outdid any good good thing we didn’t read recast. variety ofops tenatentertaining up. They children g them wanted our flip-fl home. Good vehicle. to mention a hike Wewere had athe bite to eat,a that before we went. we’d accomplished with magine acts. of the Northern Tykes Day ccurate my thing; it was rugged wife and aI pretty took in. We congratulated on piece of the ourselves best banana One final thing that ne visAfter ending 2017 with- making Care, singing “I’m ain Little to find enjoy trek. Lots ofand steep it, and took the both my wife Leone and I hiking hadinclines somecream pie I’ve ever eaten. es are out capping the month Pine Tree” and “Santa ui (kaa- one andrecommend lava rock from top of to panoramic the Lahaina beauty of the Checking out the trail on have noticed; when walkmunity December off with this Was His Name-O,” theit hat I did Pali bottom. We hit the summit Nickel Belt News photo by Marc Jackson Trail to us. It is a steep island before starting back the internet afterwards, ing the streets or beaches Hawailongstanding seasonal former had the little folks Rosemarie Reid singing during the Snow Lake Book Club’s Annual Christmas Concert. up at a hike (1,600 over 2.5 miles) up feet a mountain filled down the same trail we’d was noted to be challenging of Kihei (key-hi), everyists of staple, the ladies of the come accompanying therecomtune n a Wal- with in twopower hours. Some people windmills, up. Just hike; before we one you pass nods and and strenuous vowels Book Club with did, with There pulling situated continue oncame downback the other between Lahaina aactions. young lady in inwas hera says hello. I was thinking mended for people good s. Most aside vengeance and started Following Ms. Pakula, a Jennifer Pakula, Bev Krul, collection of the wary and Boy Child” while play- Club sold coffee, hot apple king lot. (la-hien-a) of the and mountain, and 20s Ma’alaea came up on us from the physical condition. Hmmm, it was because we were onsonearly to fill the slots withing guitar. Ms. Denby is cider, and baking, with all performer who needed little Elissa Bogdan, Heidi Gethe somewhat bold on the lment, I (ma-ah-lee-ah). then hitchhike back their other We to didn’t thedidn’t trail. She good side thingofwe read all from Canada, but then eem to in their schedule. The 2017 no stranger to Snow Lake the proceeds going to the introduction took her spot loa, Toyosi Andennusi and stage, along with coordina hike check vehicle. We it had a biteother to eat, had into much, 2.5 miles there is the odd aloha in thatparked beforeher wecar went. n they event wasn’t held because audiences or to the annual Community Library. As in front of the mic. Former Tony Butt. They sang three ator Alexandra Hornyak in. We than congratulated ourselves on with a couple we’d down thefinal other thing side of that the there for good measure. One n there of an inability nailatin down Christmas Concert. Her well, Cathy Stabback re- resident Lola Leclair was well appreciated songs; and several parent helpers. making andtotook the trail, d some- asked forit,directions the climbed to Leone the top, and I Nonetheless, both my wife and it’s not too d extra enough performers the was There’s something toside be warm voice and fine play- cited a Stuart McLean story always a Snow Lake crowd however, the last entrée, Lahaina trailhead. panoramic beauty ofthey the They saidfor heading down thewalkhave noticed; when tough being a tourist ... in measgiven night. drew a loud round of during the break. favorite. Showing little has “Silent Night” was sung by said about thecome joyful sound a steep had island before back hiked the starting 2.5 miles to we just up. We aing inghad the streets or beaches state filled with tourists! usually This isn’t the trail first we’d time When folks were back in changed in the years she’s the five ladies in the group, of children singing just a applause from the audience. n filled the down that her vehicle everywould top the of asame mountain and noted of Kihei (key-hi), Editor’s Note: This colciation this has The Perennial favorite Jen- their seats, Ms. Otto drew been away, folks cheered acapella. They left the little butside with dmills, back comedown up. happened. Justsame before we be the route on off thekey, other ofsuch the umn one you pass nods and was intended for the ut, but concert was resurrected in nifer followed Ms. for three door prizes, which loudly at the conclusion of crowd with goosebumps enthusiasm… it reminds us Lahaina in did, a young lady in her four hours. .. adding trail when sheI was arrived at the MarchPakula says hello. thinking 9 Nickel Belt News all that 2014 byonly the SLBC, which Denby to the She were donated by the Snow her three song set. Leclair and a sense of anticipation of what Christmas is about. a’alaea that 20s the came up on us from the bottom thing they’d and offered to give it was because we were but got lost in stage. electronic things was then made up of Joplayed “Jingle Bell BoogLake Community Library noted that she had been about when they’d get to The second and third pere didn’t do other side of trail. She her a lift back. Shebut looked different is the wear someall from Canada, then limbo somewhere between direcanne Bradley, Cathy Stabie” on the trumpet, coaxing and the Snow Lake Phar- asked several times to per- hear them do it again. formers were Dylan Truh, other thing had parked her car 2.5 than miles atthere more substantial her watch “I’m is theand oddsaid, aloha in Maui and Manitoba, so have a back, Bernadine Fourier, some wonderful notes out macy. The winners were: form at the concert and was The proceeds from the deau and Ricki Semaniuk, le we’d tennis down shoes. the other side of the goodmeasure. on time, it’s appearing today. They confided doing therepretty for good face as Mary Ann Otto and Leone of her brass. Closing out Dianna Bartley, Kim Mar- pleased to be able to make door and confections topiano. Master s at the that trail,they’d climbed to the and seen a top, girl on Iboth thinkplayed I’ll hike backnot to it.” Nonetheless, it’s too which Since this it home this year to do so. talled $682 and it was played “Jingle id they Jackson. was heading down thetime, side Trudeau tough being a tourist ... in the first half of the show, sollier and Kylie Bogdan. Snow Val Foord delivered a poem Moving on with the proNext up, newcomer, donated, in its entirety, to and Miss Semaniuk miles to Bradley we had has justleft come up.Lake We Bells” a state filled with tourists! Roxane Lamontagne is chose “Up On The House- called “Conrad’s Christ- gram, Jennifer Pakula was Rosemarie Reid sang the Snow Lake Communnoted that her vehicle would ain and and Editor’s Note: This colmember. Bothintended these wee me route now be ona the other side of the top.” umn was forfolk the mas Guest” while Elissa out for a reprise perform- “Rocking around the ity Library. On a closing The 2014 a future on the instruadding trail when sheconcert arrived came at the have March 9 Nickel Belt News Bogdan provided back- ance, only this time, her Christmas Tree.” A fine note, hats off to Tony Butt being Ms.toStabandlost will in undoubtedly g they’d into bottom andafter offered give ment but got electronic ground organ music. This amazing voice was her in- voice and great stage pres- and Terry Hornyak who back brought it up for disshow off new skills at fu- heartfelt recitation was well strument. She sang “That’s ence earned Ms. Reid re- brought the show together r some- her a lift back. She looked limbo somewhere between cussion one night during a with their work on stage ture events. ial than at her watch and said, “I’m Maui and Manitoba, so received by concert goers. Christmas to Me” and the sounding applause. meeting. Alltime, the During the 15 minute crowd responded with loud The final act of the night and behind the sound The fourth act was Carol onfided book doingclub pretty good on it’s appearing today. warwas a group made up of board. girl on ladies I think agreed I’ll hikethat backit to it.” Denby, who sang “Mary’s intermission, the Book appreciation. Nickel Belt News • Page 3

Musings from Maui

My Take Musings on Snow Lake from Maui

food is also The truelife-sustaining meaning of Advent

teaches that God people es. When himself andabused he offers in Bible the first century were were and it know what the right thing is had noforbeginning. Earth, he freely to everyone. waiting a savior, He for is micromanaged and they to do, but apart from Christ that were theMessiah, only person After this allmessage, their theirwhose deliv-life longed for when would we are controlled by sin; eople. He didThey not start. The very stopped following which causes things to be erer. were waiting forna- be many made right. hing and of God is beyond what Today Jesus. Jesus said to hiswe dis- not right. theture promised one to come in Thompson sons and minds understand. “Donot youall want to go I said before that there andour make allcan things right. canciples, see that things s. I think God, no beginning, replied, are things we can learn and And lo having and behold, an an- areaway right.too?” TherePeter are hurting ave come the only to one whowho is the people “Lord, shall we find in Advent if we choose gelisappeared Mary in to ourwhom community. source of will his own God Wego, the words mpson, he tells her she havelife. a son canyou seehave that there are to. Romans 8:23 from the Travis Harms out trapneedsshe nothing to sustain of eternal life?” I have though is a virgin. And broken families and thereno Bible says “we groan inockey and his listened life for He to turn to theAnd many wardly as we wait eagerly Mary andHimself obeyed is areneed broken marriages. uld speak So apparently the Chris- ing. Maybe I would think, God life.and her baby’s name I know vices that in this because we city, all long for I for our adoption as sons, the s that we tian Jesus told the people of things can say with We Peter, redemption of our bodies”. inchurch the wilderness gives us strength every was Jesus. to betogether made right. communityfor has40 “Advent, that means for before Jerusalem believe “Lord, to whom shallwe I go, This is our hope. This is years tojust bannock day, we need food Living undertoRoman rulehis long for the time when decided calllike the time of Christmas andspiritual nothing message December words and they wouldfor have will you have thetowords eter- what Advent is supposed to has sustained theChristlives of more.” even more so. was a constant struggle not need deal of with prior to w he him- mas life. Jesus said he is thenal people in theI North for who What OurI have physical lives first century Jew. The sinlife?” in our lives that point us to. The hope that Advent. remember come to learnare theeternal ad of life. when the bread life, replacing causeTravis Harms knows how long.hearing is upheld thechoose lives of for other elders in theofcommunities harm to othersstarted that we have in Jesus is that we I was a kid that webycan w about a many the have breadremembered that their the fore- weworking If Jesus came Thomp- Advent plants and animals. Our would love. at Midway Bible will be delivered from sin sermons intochurch to simply mean “begave them about fathers Thompson, There’s Camp last year and looks in our lives and become son, Advent he wouldand tell realus that fore spiritual life and must also be hero Judasate. theToMaccabee, a verse in the Christmas” nothing ven. This ly he forward to what will adopted as children of God. Jesus is the bannock life. Bible is thenobannock of life. upheld someone valiantly removedofthe that says, “ForGod what having idea what it more or webycan choose who to who their lives meant. He has truefrom eternal life in I do doisinnot thethe coming Just as the food we eat find has life time, within him. to The Grecian army the land. good Iyear. want Right now we live in in this reasons


Spiritual Thoughts

Still to this day, the word Advent does not personally carry a lot of mean-

bolster our hope in the Lord. The Israelites living under Roman occupation Faculty of

Social Work

During this time the Jews enjoyed one hundred years of sovereignty in Israel. The

to do: no, the evil I do not want to do-this I keep on doing” (Rom 7:19). We all

the tension of both realities. Right now we see the brokenness of the world

caused by sin. But also, if we believe in Jesus, we are His children. In this current age, both are simultaneously true. So we wait for redemption, for full deliverance. I had a friend who I was messaging one Christmas recently and he said “we got love for Christmas.” And I thought how true is that; what a wonderful summary. The trimmings of Christmas pass away and are forgotten, but love is felt and remembered. I hope you are encouraged the same way that I have been. Remember, we got love for Christmas! Travis Harms serves locally with InterAct Ministries of Canada and Midway Bible Camp.

increases health care funding

out God, about his Happy St. Patrick’s izing and instructing in ve for them, how to the various ministries, Day! Enjoy the Friday, December 2018 NickelcelebraBelt News • ay and how to7,make sacramental preparae choices in life that tion of his life! Through co-Andrea Du- tion and RCIA (Rite of Sister ll please him. Tell effective the mont isofa member of Christian Initiation of in toa range ory operation of St. Patrick the Sisters of St. Jo- Adults). and services, our ur sectors young ones. In an AMM press release. BY IAN GRAHAM

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Province promises to restore infrastructure funding after AMM conferenceMLA resolution Report

“The Municipal Road and EDITOR@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET Manitoba government is After mounting pressure Bridge program is critical, from many municipal lead- and it should be reinstated working the federal ers, the provincial with govern- immediately.” Constituency Office: Nickel Belt News • Friday, March 16, 2018 “The program was very ment announced on Nov. 27 while the applithat it would be providing dependable government to improve new avenues of funding to cation process was simple Unit 3-40 Moak Crescent streamlined,” said Selhelp pay for roadspeople and bridg- andacross lives of our kirk Mayor Larry Johannson. es in Manitoba. Thompson, MB R8N 2B7 AMM president Chris According to Minister of province. example of said the Municipal Municipal RelationsAn Jeff Goertzen Wharton, the province is cur- Road and Bridge program 204-677-2066 partnership is our very17, little redand tape and rently working replace the had of Godthis eventually alltoof Ireland March 461 was Kelly Bindle an efficient wayofforthe the Road and Bridge was w in me Municipal was converted to Chrisburied at one province and municipalities program that they axed back Through effective investment the as didjoint tianity after hearing Pat-comany with churches that Spiritual to together building the summer of 2018. years in rick’s message. hework had built in Ireland. needed infrastructure. eration in a range “We’re a government that of he wasfederal Patrick wasgovernment, a humAs Nov. you26, celebrate St. anThoughts On Premier Brian listens, so we’re prepared to by goble, pious and gentle Patrick’s Day, bring the ctors and Pallister gave no indication continueservices, to have those dis-our Therenounced man whose trustsure in spirit his of Ireland’s painGod of at developing a long-term history. during address to concussions to make we February, kelly.bindle.mla.offi anitoba government is s who get should be an example for tron saint to your prayit right for them,” he vention attendees that his o Brit-nearly each of us. the He the ers. Patrick reached government would be dirtold reporters at wrote thefederal Mani$47 million to creeconomic Constituency development As well, this yea orking with Office: more money towards Nov.“The 27, ecting as re- toba poemLegislature of faith called out to the poor and municipalities. according News. familyate Breastplate:” downtrodden. He apvernment uptotoCBC toimprove 1,400 new and strategy for and provincial budget incre seph3-40 ofgrowth Toronto Roman “Isn’t it about that your own behaviourUnit The province announced proached Moak Crescent ing for everytime person we hadcompassion, a provincial governes ofnewly people across in June thatbe it would love and be Catholic religious order. Christ with terminme, our After with re- listen, funded early learnes funding for health c prosperity in 14Northern that understood that humble. ateChrist the program andme, make it ment She spent years in Next reach outThompson, MB R8N 2B7 within d a vispect and love as well ovince. An example of partChrist of the Investing in Can- you can’t just grow debt, to your neighbours. In- Guatemala and since behind me, cordeding as asay missionary spirit and yes spaces to everything and child care adaChrist infrastructure program to its highest level eve Manitoba. We toare Canadacon204-677-2066 vite them to come with returning before me is partnership is our appealthat led him to bring Kelly Bindle before proceeding to reduce today, without consequences Christ beside me, urn toin the faith totheothers. If you to church on Sun- has lived in Grand tomorrow?” Canadian it toManitoba. a budget of $2.25 mil- the Included in tinuing this work with Manitoba, further redu nt investment with Christ to win me ventu- lion, down from $14 million Press you reported believe Pallister in Christ, tell- day or ask them to pray Rapids, Easterville with you. Be joyful in and Thompson. The Christ to comfort ing conventioneers. “Getting in 2017. op and government, then like St. Patrick deral anthis expansion are preNickel Belt News photo courtesy ofcreates the industry First Nations ambulance fees, main focus of her work your encounters withand and restore me balance is a priority During the most recent back ospel to you to have a mission to Association of Manitoba Municipalities in adult education, others. Let Christ withfor us.” unced in February, of Christ beneath me, developing a long-term history. eached Association of Manitoba pass onat that faith. For Thompson Mayor through Colleen Smook, Selkirk Mayor Larry Johansson and Association of Manitoba Municipalities president school spaces at Thompcommunities to unlock the full-time paramedic p which includes trainHowever, during histoNov. Municipalities (AMM) in you, shine Christ above me, con- parents, rs. He the first be arly $47 million to economic development As well, this year’s 27 announcement, Wharton Chris Goertzen called on the provincial government tofor reinstate its Municipal Road and Bridge infrastructure funding vention in Winnipeg, whichcreing lay presiders you. Celebrate St. PatChrist in quiet, shamevangelized your he expects aare new prov- program ran Nov. 26−28, a record 102 saidWorld Nov.learn 27 at the association’s annual in Winnipeg. times when convention there is no Children’s and economic potential in ourincreasitions, boosts spending rickgrowth and from Christ in danger ent up to 1,400 new and provincial budget strategy and withson children. Teach them incial infrastructure programfor municipalities co-sponsored priest available, organhim. Christ in hearts s stem, a resolution asking the prov- to about God, sometime about his be unveiled in giving his AMM speech, effect time as cuttingfor it. new chair of the associations press release. “The cities wly funded early learnprosperity inregion. Northern esover funding health care izing and instructing in St. Patrick’s Learning and Child in all who love me the home cancer drug p nity. AEarly love for them, how to theHappy ince to reverse this decision. early 2019. caucus faces many simiCanadian Press reported. “A two-year freeze does cities caucus, which includes the various ministries, Day! Enjoy the celebraChrist in mouth of pray and how to update, make “And Despite this latest “Roads carry the lifeblood gPatrick and child care spaces no proof that not inflationary Brandon,ever Dauphin,in Flin Flon, lar challenges, and I look Manitoba. Wethere’s are contorecognize its highest sacramental prepara- level tion ofgoing his life! and stranger. Thompson, as well These kinds economic gram still hasn’t offriend municipalities across the (paganCare the province choices in life that there’s to be profit for increases,of and puts greater Morden, Portage la Prairie, and forward toinvests discussing with in n tion andand RCIA (Rite of Selkirk,reduces Sister DuManitoba. Included budged on its position of tinuing this work with Manitoba, further Manitoba, and as a northern in Steinbach, Thomp- my colleagues how we can some time,Andrea so don’t start financial administrative reland will please him. Tell the Christian of son, Winkler and montand is aashare member of pressure giving fundfor transportation and ashub nursery school spaces service improvements schools, infrastructure Winnipeg. further for of profits on Initiation us as municiadvocate together to drown. story municipalities of St. Patrick to asking After converting Ireis expansion are preindustry and First Nations ambulance fees, creates 60 Adults). ing from revenue resulting heavy industry, Thompson’s the Sisters of St. Jopalities,” Goertzen said in a “I am very thankful and benefit all municipalities in s and land, Patrick died there your young ones. In when there aren’t profits.” taxing legal cannabis. businesses depend on them from said freezing Canadian Press article. excited to take on this new priorities Manitoba.” Riverside Daycare in Goertzen what are focused other such as hoolat spaces at Thompcommunities toare unlock the we full-time paramedic pos“There’s no profit in can- funding to thrive,” said Thompson for municipalities In other AMM news, Jo- role on behalf of Mani− with files from Kyle nabis,” said Pallister after potential Mayor Colleen Smook inand at 2016 levels has theour same hannson was elected as the spending toba’s cities,” he said in a Darbyson. n Children’s World economic itions, boosts for Thompson. The agreement on atin the Manitoba legisLook North initiative. Budget cuts defi cit and rly Learning and Child region. the home cancer drug prois about improved quality, This legislative sess lature, especially now that There’sasa well lotincreases to be happy about in December re Thompson, These kinds of economic gram and invests in new health care funding The building and land known as 76 Pintail Crescent, Thompson, accessibility, affordability the house is backinfrastructure in seswill allow us to conti nursery school spaces andrelease service improvements schools, and Manitoba, as described in Certificate of Title No. 2760824/3 will be It’s great to see passenger threshold perThroughtoeffective cosold at auction by a licensed Auctioneer on Thursday, the 17th day rail service Daycare to Churchill re- in sonal information of paoperation in childawhat range of we are Riverside are focused other priorities such as the and inclusivity in sion. This week, our Minmaking province a of January, 2019 at 10:00 A.M. at 31 Elkour Bay, Thompson, Manitoba. MLA Report stored. The first passenger tients dealing with mental sectors and services, our train inThe close to 18 months health issues is at felt by many Manitoba isManitoba legisompson. agreement ongovernment the North initiative. To the best of the vendor’splace knowledge, there is situated on the care, with consideration ister of kelly.bindle.mla.offi Finance, Cameron ter for generation arrived there this week from health-care providers to be working with the federal mortgage property a single family home consisting of 3 bedrooms, Constituency Office: much to the relief too high,lature, as some people about Winnipeg, improved quality, legislative session especially now thatUnit 3-40This government to improve 2 bathrooms, laminate floors, and partly finished basement. There Moak Crescent of allfamilies northerners along thethat have been released from for are most Friesen, introduced Budget come, on tr lives of people across our is a detached single car garage andby drivewaystaying with many mature cessibility, the house willMBallow continue R8N 2B7 us to trees Bay Line affordability who rely on this hospital without family province. An example of is back in ses-Thompson, around property. route for employnotification and proceeded 204-677-2066 reduces this partnership is our Kelly Bindle intransport need of these services. 2018 that further with improvements in d inclusivity childsion. This week, our Minmaking our province a betment, freight andin a connecto harm themselves. For Property taxes are paid in full to December 31, 2018. The property joint investment with the tion toconsideration services and family. this reason, our government is sold subject to taxes and penalties accruing after that date, as federal government, anre, with ister ofthe Finance, Cameron terbuilding place forcit generations to Also in willThompson, the defi by nances, services and well as Caveat No. 33795N/3, 33796N/3 and 37507N/3. Our government do has introduced the Mental in place toaprovincial protect the new in Thompnounced in February, of ures at developing long-term history. all it can to assist ManiHealth Amendment and patient and others. Personal son. It’s a long-held dream nearly $47 million to crefamilies that are most economic development As well, this year’s Friesen, introduced Budget come, by tostaying on track TERMS: Depositeconomy of $33,000.00 in cash, certified cheque or bank tobans who are helpingGroup Personal Information will rigorously true while for themincreashaveraisJoint Action on Re$319 million in order to p ate up toHealth 1,400 new and privacy provincial budget strategy for be growth and come draft payable to MLT Aikins LLP and the balance according to loved ones struggling with Amendment Act to make it guarded and any release will a home base where they can need of these services. 2018 improvements in fi newly funded earlythat learn- further funding for health care prosperity reduces in Northern eswith conditions to be announced at the sale. addictions and mental easier forchild health-care pro- be carefully considered be- basic store groomer, work ing and care met spaces to its their highest level ever in Manitoba. We the are conDevelopment ing personal Alsosource in Thompson, the the provincial defi cit by nances, services and vide the stability, security health. Five new Rapid Ac- viders to inform families action is taken, their machines, in Manitoba. Included in fore Manitoba, furtherorganize reduces tinuing this work strikwith on Sale is subject to Reserve Bid which will be announced at the cess to Addictions Medicine when their loved are onespreare ing a balance volunteer mainthis expansion industry and Firstbetween Nations their ambulance fees,trail creates 60 auction. highest bid does not meet the Reserve for Bid then there nt Action Group this week asRepart of our $319 million while raiseconomy order toIf theproexemption on income tax opportunity familie (RAAM) clinics areon prolikely harm themselves or privacy and prevention of tenance programs andin meet schooltospaces at Thompcommunities to unlock the full-time paramedic posis no sale. viding services to patientsmet others. These changes serious harm to vulnerable go sledding. Northerners son Children’s World andbasic economic potential in our to itions, boosts spending for security and urcegovernment’s Development ing thewill personal vide stability, Look and delivering the the and through throughout the province, in- allow those in aNorth patient’s cir- Manitobans. rely on the members and Further information may benorth obtained from: Early Learning and Child region. the home cancer druglargest procluding to treatment cle care to be informed Finally, I congratulate at Thompson s week asaccess part of our CareofThompson, as well on These kinds of economic gram and invests in new exemption income tax volunteers opportunity for families in MLT AIKINS LLPManitoba. programs and primary-care in more timely fashion, Trailbreakto maintain as anursery school spaces the initiative, which is aimed andThompson service improvements schools, infrastructure and tax cut in Trailbreakers our province’s Barristers & Solicitors physicians. Look North resulting in a greater ability vernment’s Club on safe trails.north We thankand them throughout and delivering the largest the at Riverside Daycare in ers Snowmobile

Budget cuts deficit and ho was Patrick? ncreases care funding MLA Report

Sister Andrea Dumont


As well, the current

are what we are focused

other priorities such as the

to put preventative measThompson. The agreement

the official opening legisof its on at the Manitoba

for their dedication. Look North initiative.

accessibility, affordability and inclusivity in childcare, with consideration for families that are most in need of these services. Also in Thompson, the Joint Action Group on Resource Development met this week as part of our government’s Look North initiative, which is aimed

the house is back in session. This week, our Minister of Finance, Cameron Friesen, introduced Budget 2018 that further reduces the provincial deficit by $319 million while raising the basic personal exemption on income tax and delivering the largest tax cut in our province’s

will allow us to continue making our province a better place for generations to come, by staying on track with improvements in finances, services and the economy in order to provide stability, security and opportunity for families in the north and throughout Manitoba.

tiative, which is aimed cut in our province’s is abouttax improved quality, lature, especially now that

nd advertisement content: The

Manitoba. This legislative session

30th Floor, 360 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4G1 Attn:

Christine Becker (204) 957-4773

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Nickel Belt Nickel BeltNews News••

Friday,Friday, December March 7, 16,2018 2018

Premier asks NDP to admit they ‘spent all the money’ from the Mining Community Reserve Fund Fund balance was $19.1 million when NDP formed government Spiritual Thoughts in 1999 and $13.9 million when PCs won 2016 election



Manitoba’s premier responded to requests for action on the likely closure of mining operations in Flin Flon in 2021 by repeating an assertion he has made before – that the NDP government’s misuse of the Mining Communities Reserve Fund during their 17 years in power has hamstrung the Progressive Conservatives’ ability to make use of it. “The member has the chance to stand up for the people of Flin Flon by, for example, admitting the NDP spent all the money out of the mining reserve but not on helping communities that have mines,” Premier Brian Pallister said in the Manitoba legislature. It’s an argument he has used before, most recently when speaking to Arctic Radion News in Flin Flon in August. “The fund was allowed to depreciate,” he said then. “It deteriorated down below the level that the legislation that was set by the previous administration put it at which was $10 million. Once it gets below $10 million, you can’t give money.” The NDP Opposition doesn’t agree with the government’s interpretation, saying that the prohibition on spending when the fund

is below $10 million only applies to exploration incentives, not on helping out mining towns that have hit hard times. In the 2017-18 fiscal year, the province spent a little over $1 million from the fund – $1,008,700 on the Mineral Exploration Assistance Program (MEAP) and $50,700 on the Manitoba Prospectors Assistance Program (MPAP). In June of this year, the balance of the fund was $11,257,500 but only $86,000 was transferred into it for the fiscal year that ended March 31, 2017, six per cent of total mining taxes collected, which were less than $1.5 million. On March 31, 1999, shortly before the NDP took over as government, the Mining Communities Reserve Fund balance was $19,118,000. From April 1, 1999 to March 31, 2006, a total of $15,430,200 was transferred to the consolidated fund to pay for approved projects. However, mining taxes were also bringing more into the fund at that time–$2.92 million in 2007, which represented only three per cent of nearly $97.5 million in taxes collected under the Mining Tax Act, prior to the maximum yearly contribution to the reserve being raised to six per cent.

On March 31, 2007, there was $13,390,281 in the mining communities reserve. Nine years later, about three weeks before Pallister’s PCs ousted the NDP after 17 years in power, the balance of the fund was an estimated $13,919,000, about half-a-million dollars more. Orders-in-council from 2016 authorized transfering up to $1.5 million each year until 2018-19 to pay for costs associated with MEAP and $100,000 each year for costs association with MPAP. A transfer of $400,000 to offset costs associated with the Manitoba Geoscience Advantage Program was approved in 2016-17. The actual amount spent can vary since these transfers cannot cause the reserve to dip below $10 million. No transfers in our out of the reserve have been approved since the end of the last fiscal year at the end of March, according to orders-in-council posted on the province’s website. Since January 2007, the earliest date for which Manitoba orders-in-council are available online, there have been a total of 25 payments into and out of the fund – 10 deposits and 15 withdrawals, with the total deposits during that time amounting to just under $16 million and the total withdrawals about $20,572,300.

Sister Andrea Dumont

MLA Report Constituency Office: Unit 3-40 Moak Crescent Nickel Belt News file photo Thompson, MB R8N 2B7 Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister asked the NDP in the Manitoba legislature to admit that 204-677-2066 Kelly Bindle they spent all the money from the Mining Community Reserve Fund on projects that didn’t help mining communities when they were the government from 1999 to 2016.

Three northern RCMP officers receive law enforcement awards BY KYLE DARBYSON


At the Manitoba Association of Chiefs of Police’s most recent Excellence in Law Enforcement Awards dinner on Nov. 22, a trio of RCMP officers representing Shamattawa, Nelson House and God’s Lake Narrows were recognized for their service. Const. Julie Coté, Special Const. Ryan Jack Linklater and Sgt. George William Whelan all walked away from this ceremony in Winnipeg with an award to call their own and plenty of praise from their fellow officers. “Police work is hard work, and these officers have taken it above and beyond when it comes to community safety and engagement,” said Scott Kolody, RCMP Assistant Commissioner and president of the Manitoba Association of Chiefs of Police. “I am proud to call these officers colleagues.”

Beyond simply fulfilling their duty to keep the peace, each officer was recognized for their extensive community involvement, volunteer work and overall drive to make the area surrounding their detachment a better place to live. For example, this past year Const. Coté spearheaded a number of programs in Shamattawa aimed at promoting female empowerment through working with organizations like the Girl Guides of Canada and Awasis Child and Family Services. This included sending 15 local girls to Caddy Lake Girl Guide Camp for a full week to learn about important values like independence, communication and social skills. In Nelson House, Special Const. Linklater is known for being closely involved with the community schools, engaging with students and teachers on a weekly basis. He’s even responsible for

Nickel Belt News

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organizing a number of programs designed to curb negative behaviour and increase community safety, like putting together a bike rodeo after an impaired driver killed three local boys out riding their bikes in April 2018. In God’s Lake Narrows, Sgt. Whelan is dedicating himself to helping residents with addictions issues, having worked with community leaders to develop a traditional healing camp and a domestic-violence focused family camp that involved 80-100 participants. Since the original healing camp was held, the local RCMP in God’s Lake Narrows have experienced a significant decline in calls for service, especially with those battling an addiction to methamphetamines. “These officers have demonstrated exceptional dedication to public safety in their communities and it is an hon-

our to present them with these awards,” said Justice Minister Cliff Cullen in a Nov. 23 press release. “Their dedication has made a real difference in the

without notice. Conditions of editorial and advertisement content: The Nickel Belt News attempts to be accurate in editorial and advertising content; however no guarantee is given or implied. The Nickel Belt News reserves the right to revise or reject any or all editorial and advertising content as the newspaper’s principals see t. The Nickel Belt News will not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion of an advertisement, and is not responsible for errors or omissions in advertisements except for the space occupied by such errors. The Nickel Belt News will not be responsible for manuscripts, photographs, negatives and other related material that may be submitted

Nickel Belt News photos courtesy of RCMP Thompson RCMP lives of Manitobans, helping to 150 police officers in ManiDrug Tip keep our communities safe.”Line toba have received an ExcelBeyond the 10 officers who were recognized at this Nov. 22 award dinner, more than

lence in Law Enforcement 204-677-6995 Award in the 10 plus years that this prize has existed.

for possible publication. All of the Nickel Belt News’s content is protected by Canadian Copyright laws. Reviews and similar mention of material in this newspaper is granted on the provision that the Nickel Belt News receives credit. Otherwise, any reproduction without the permission of the publisher is prohibited. Advertisers purchase space and circulation only. Rights to any advertisements produced by the Nickel Belt News, including artwork, typography, photos, etc., remain the property of this newspaper. Advertisements or parts thereof may not be reproduced or assigned without the consent of the publisher.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Nickel Belt News •

News • Page 5

Supported employment program success story a regular employee three years later BY IAN GRAHAM


The success of the Society of Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD) Thompson Supported Employment Program (TSEP) and of one of its former participants were celebrated Nov. 15 during Take Your MLA to Work Day. The event is part of Disability Employment Awareness Month, said SMD northern office supervisor Brenda Davidson, which was in October but was being marked now because of a scheduling conflict with Thompson MLA Kelly Bindle due to the legislature being in session at that time. The success story being highlighted this year was that of Danielle Hrabliuk, who will have been working at the Quality Inn & Suites in Thompson for three years come January after starting there in a work experience placement. “At first it was going to be a three-month work experience and then she was doing really good so they said maybe if we extended

it then she would learn a little bit more and we’d be able to hire her,” said Quality Inn general manager Donna Wilson. “Sometimes it takes a lot of patience to train somebody and after three months we didn’t think Danielle was really ready to be on her own to actually hire and that’s why we extended the program.” Hrabliuk’s job isn’t one that existed before she came to the Quality Inn but was built out of bits and pieces of other jobs that other employees didn’t always have time to get done, including cleaning of the building’s common areas and some outdoor tasks like snow shovelling. “The Quality Inn & Suites looked at what Danielle’s skills were, how she would work out best in the hotel and almost created a position for Danielle with things that they were really having a hard time even getting done,” said Davidson. “It’s called job carving.” Bindle said the process followed by TSEP was sim-

ilar to another program in southern Manitoba called Career Connections which lets participants try out a variety of possible jobs in an effort to find the one that fits them. Because such programs may provide participants with unpaid work experience or wage subsidies, employers can be more patient while helping potential employees learn their roles. “Lots of times some people get into jobs that they don’t know how to do or even some people with barriers like autism don’t fit in with the understanding of what’s expected of them and they don’t have the opportunity to learn,” said Bindle. “They could do it if they were given the chance to learn it slowly but lots of times they’ll lose their opportunity for employment because there isn’t a program that shows them ahead of time how to be comfortable in it.” When Hrabliuk started her work experience, TSEP senior job coach Natalie Lagace would check in on

her every day but over time she reduced the frequency of those check-ins and now she just comes by occasionally to say hello. “We just don’t want to say, ‘Bye, see you later,’” Lagace said. Hrabliuk says one of the biggest things she has learned in her time at the Quality Inn is how to be more outgoing. “I’m not that shy any more,” she says. Her employer agrees. “When Danielle first came here she wouldn’t talk to anyone, just me and [Natalie],” says Wilson. “Now she just fits in with the staff and she’ll be at the Christmas staff party and she laughs with them. She’s just one of the staff. She knows the [guests who are] regulars and they call each other by name and she talks to everybody.” “You’re a great example for other people and Donna, as far as employment, you’re setting the standard for employers to know that everybody has the ability to work,” said Davidson.

Nickel Belt News photo by Ian Graham Thompson MLA Kelly Bindle, left, was at the Quality Inn & Suites in Thompson Nov. 15 for Take Your MLA to Work Day, where he spoke with Danielle Hrabliuk, right, a former Thompson Supported Employment Program participant who started at the hotel in a work experience placement and is nearing her three-year anniversary in the job carved out for her.

NMORA powers up high school trip with $500 donation

Nickel Belt News photo by Kyle Darbyson NMORA president Dennis Foley (far left) and treasurer Raymond Compton (far right) present high school students Aaron Haase (centre left) and Louis Aube (centre right) with a cheque for $500. On Monday, Dec. 3 two representatives from the Northern Manitoba Off Road Association (NMORA) dropped by R.D. Parker Collegiate to present a pair of Grade 12 students, Aaron Haase and Louis Aube, with a cheque for $500.

According to NMORA president Dennis Foley, Haase, Aube and other students from this power mechanics class, including their parents, earned this money after volunteering their time at the 2018 mud bog event in September.

“They did all the work at our concessions during our mud bogs,” he said. “They donated time both on the Saturday and Sunday and were absolutely phenomenal. They worked hard and they even helped out with other aspects of the races.”

Foley went on to say that this money will be used to fund the students’ upcoming trip to Germany. While NMORA used to hand out these donations to local groups like Thompson Trailbreakers, Foley said they decided

to mix things up a couple years ago and further engage with local youth that are interested in industrial arts. “These are the guys that are building trucks that are going to be mud racing in the future, so it just makes sense.”

Page 6 • News

Nickel Belt News •

Friday, December 7, 2018

Canadian Tire owner looking to give Jumpstart a boost BY KYLE DARBYSON


In an ongoing effort to increase community engagement, Mike Howell, the owner of the Thompson Canadian Tire, is spreading the word about Jumpstart, a charity designed to help kids overcome financial and accessibility barriers when it comes to participating in sport. During a Nov. 15 meeting with the Rotary Club of Thompson, Howell laid out the benefits of this national charity, saying that Jumpstart helps cover the cost of registration, transportation and equipment for its applicants. “Since 2005 we’ve distributed more than $160 million dollars and it helped over $1.6 million kids,” he said in a follow-up conversation with Nickel Belt News. “We also understand that, for kids, the opportunity to play is much more than just getting active. Sport teaches important life skills like courage, confidence

and teamwork.” While last year’s Jumpstart managed to help 23 kids get into local sports programs, Howell said there’s still a lot of untapped potential in the Hub of the North, especially after his Canadian Tire team raised around $8,000 through a July barbecue and recently received a $3,100 donation from the employees of Thompson Ford. “We feel that we should be able to help way more than 23 kids a year,” he said. “We certainly have the funds to do it.” In terms of what this money can provide, Howell said that the funds could even go towards the construction of new recreation infrastructure for children with disabilities. “Somebody who wants to make [Lions Club] Park accessible to those with disabilities, they can actually apply for a grant and if they are successful then Jumpstart will donate money to make these playgrounds accessible

for all people.” This program can also serve as a good jumping off point for anybody who wants to start a brand new sports team or league in town. “For example, if someone wants to start a sledge hockey league, Jumpstart will help get the league rolling and that’s pretty amazing,” said Howell. According to Thompson Ford sales rep Art Lafreniere, his team decided to donate $3,100 to Jumpstart because of its ability to cut through the bureaucracy that’s usually attached a lot of provincially sponsored programming. “There is other programs out there, but, holy cow, you got to jump through hoops to get any kind of kids program started,” he said. “I get that the government just doesn’t want to hand out money to somebody that can afford it. I get that part of it, but there’s quiet a lot of paperwork where you’ve got to prove that you don’t have any money.”

Nickel Belt News photo by Kyle Darbyson Canadian Tire store manager Rick Mackenzie (centre) accepts a $3,100 cheque from Thompson Ford employees Buddy Little (left) and Art Lafreniere (right) on Nov. 30. This money will go towards funding the local Jumpstart program. Any Thompson residents looking to get involved in Jumpstart can call Howell directly at 204-778-8888 (ext. 103) or visit him at

the local Canadian Tire store located at 60 Selkirk Avenue. “My wife and I are very dedicated to Jumpstart and

if we can make a change in somebody’s life and get them down the right path, what more can somebody ask for?”

Keep learning. Online from Anywhere.

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Register now for January courses at, or call 204 474 8800 today.

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Friday, December 7, 2018

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Letters to Santa!



The Meridian Hotel in cooperation with the folks at CHTM and us here at the newspaper have agreed to assist Santa this year in receiving your letters full of your Christmas wishes. The Meridian has a mail box set up in their main lobby where you can drop your letter in. The folks at CHTM will be reading the letters on the air and they will also be published in the December 21 edition of the Nickel Belt News.

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If you are a PERMANENT RESIDENT, LIVE-IN CAREGIVER Or a REFUGEE and need help settling in Thompson or in Northern Manitoba, contact: TAMMY COBER, SETTLEMENT SERVICES COORDINATOR Community Futures North Central Development 2-3 Station Road, Thompson, Manitoba R8N 1P1 PH: 204-677-1490 TF: 1-888-303-2232 FX: 204-778-5672 E: Visit our website:

@Thompson Newcomer Settlement

A program delivered by:

With funding provided by:



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Bacon-loving RCMP service dog nearing end of seven-year career that began in Thompson An RCMP member who started his career in Thompson is retiring after seven years with the force and plans to spend his retirement swimming, lying on the couch, eating bacon and playing fetch. Charlie is a police service dog who finished training in December 2011 and was posted to Thompson with his handler Cpl. Jason Muzzerall. He was Muzzerall’s first service dog and the two have worked together since Charlie was seven weeks old. Charlie will continue to live with Muzzerall’s family after retiring. Charlie and Muzzerall have been posted in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador since December 2015 but Muzzerall recalls his first assignment with his fourlegged companion. “It was our first call, first track and first

RCMP photo RCMP police service dog Charlie, who began his career in Thompson, is retiring this month after having spent the last three years being posted in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador.

catch,” Muzzerall said in a press release. “We had to travel behind a skidoo in a toboggan to a cabin, track the suspect in the snow for about 2.5 kilometres be-

fore locating him hiding in the woods. After we hiked back with the suspect in custody we rode back in the sled. I was laying down and Charlie was laying on top of me. I remember thinking this was awesome as the northern lights blazed across the sky as we rode in the sled back to our truck. That was my very first night with Charlie in Thompson and it was a sign of things to come.” A third-generation purebred German Shepherd from the RCMP breeding program, Charlie was trained to track and search people nd to help find drugs, firearms and other evidence in police investigations. Among his many successful searches in Thompson was one in which he uncovered cocaine hidden behind the interior moulding panels of a car. Charlie’s retirement was recognized at a lunch celebration in Happy Valley-Goose Bay Nov. 29, where the German Shepherd received a special token of appreciation from detachment Insp. Jim Elliot.

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Nickel Belt News •

Moose Lake police investigating arson and theft from local business On Dec. 4, at approximately 4 a.m., Moose Lake RCMP received a report of a fire at the convenience store located on Runway Road in the community of Moose Lake. Officers attended the location and determined that the fire had been set deliberately. Even though the fire was later extinguished it caused an extensive amount of damage to the interior of the building. During the examination of the damage caused by the fire, officers discovered that a theft had occurred and that a large sum of Canadian currency had been stolen from the business prior to the fire starting. RCMP have charged 28-year-old Bernell Ramsey

Ettawacappow of Moose Lake with arson, break and enter and theft over $5,000 in relation to this incident and have issued a warrant for his arrest. The accused is believed to have fled Moose Lake and may be in either The Pas, Flin Flon, or Winnipeg. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ber-

nell Ettawacappow is asked to contact the Moose Lake RCMP at 204-678-2399 or call Manitoba Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800222-8477, submit a secure tip online at or text “TIPMAN” plus your message to CRIMES (274637). Moose Lake RCMP continues to investigate.

Friday, December 7, 2018

ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Careful, Lamb. Don’t let your generous nature lead to some serious overspending as you contemplate your holiday gift-giving. Your social life kicks off into high gear by week’s end. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) A positive attitude helps you weather annoying but unavoidable changes in holiday plans. Aspects favor new friendships and reinforcement of existing relationships. GEMINI (May 21 to June 20) Demands on your energy level could be much higher than usual as you prepare for the upcoming holidays. Be sure to pace yourself. Friends and family will be happy to help. CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Don’t allow a suddenly icy reaction from a friend or family member to continue without learning what caused it — and what can be done to restore that once warm and caring relationship. LEO (July 23 to August 22) A relationship seems to be unraveling, mostly from a lack of attention. It might be a good idea to ease up on whatever else you’re doing so you can spend more time working to mend it. VIRGO (August 23 to September 22) New facts emerge that not only help explain the recent rift with a trusted colleague, but also might provide a chance to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start in your friendship.

LIBRA (September 23 to October 22) A family member’s personal situation is, fortunately, resolved in time for you to get back into your hectic round of holiday preparations. An old friend might bring a new friend into your life. SCORPIO (October 23 to November 21) Pace yourself in meeting holiday pressures and workplace demands to avoid winding up with a frayed temper and a Scorpian stinger that lashes out at puzzled kith, kin and colleagues. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) A financial matter requires close attention. Also, news from a trusted source provides the means to help sort out a long-standing state of confusion and put it into perspective. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) This is a good time to reinforce family ties. Make it a priority to assess and resolve all outstanding problems. Start the upcoming holiday season with a full measure of love. AQUARIUS (January 20 to February 18) Don’t be pressured into a so-called solid-gold investment. Wait until the holiday distractions are over. Then take a harder look at it. You might find that the “gold” is starting to flake off. PISCES (February 19 to March 20) A former friend might be trying to heal the breach between you by using a mutual friend as an intermediary. Best advice: Keep an open mind despite any lingering bad feelings. BORN THIS WEEK: You have a way of saying the right thing at the right time. Your friendships are deep and lasting. © 2018 King Features Synd., Inc.

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Friday, December 7, 2018

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Friday, March 16, 2018

HELP WANTED Part Time/Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays with possibility of more hours during week.

Security Guard For the Thompson Regional Airport Authority Qualifications: Must have valid Manitoba Security Guard Training/License. Must have computer skills and experience working with Microsoft applications including word, excel, outlook and quick books. Incumbent must have sound and independent judgment, reasoning and discretion. Must have the ability to interpret and adhere to company policies and procedures. General mathematical and bookkeeping skills would be an asset. Applicants must have a valid class 5 driver’s license. Must be able to manage and prioritize his/her workload and work in a fast paced environment. Effective interpersonal skills, communication skills and proven ability to work co-operatively in a team environment are essential. Applicants must be fluent in spoken and written English. Applicants must be bondable, have a clear criminal record and provide a child abuse registry check. Duties: Reporting to the Airport Security Manager or designate the incumbents will carry out all aspects of the security requirements at the Thompson Airport including watchperson, traffic / parking patrols, attending to the ATB as required including cleaning and garbage removal, cash collection and daily reconciliation, assist in emergency situations, as required. Applicants must present a positive and professional image to all customers, inquiries and other interactions. Applicants are requested to indicate in their covering letter or resume how they meet the qualifications of the position. Starting wage is $20.00 per hour. Closing date is December 21, 2018. Apply to: Thompson Regional Airport Authority Box 112 Thompson MB R8N 1M9 Fax: 204-778-6477



Keewatin Tribal Council Health Department is currently seeking a Cultural Support Worker to provide direct support services to Indian Residential Schools (IRS) Survivors and their families in Northern Manitoba. Roles and Responsibilities: • Liaise/network with Northern Aboriginal communities and other stakeholders in raising awareness about the Indian Residential School Survivor Assessment (IRSSA) process; • Conduct information sessions, presentations and workshops on the common experience payments process, Independent Assessment Process, Commemoration events, and • Truth and Reconciliation and Commemoration events; • Identify Survivor support needs, provide for these needs and refer as necessary to the appropriate resources as well as existing community services and supports; • Attend hearings, workshops/conferences and other events related to the IRSSA; • Respond to calls from all stakeholders involved in the IRSSA and IRSRHSP; • Prepare activity reports and participate in regular IRS program planning activities; Qualifications: • Applied Counselling Certificate or equivalent education and experience; • Knowledge & sensitivity of each community’s cultural practices; • Knowledge of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (IRSSA) Program • Knowledge of the IRS Survivors and intergenerational impacts; • Computer skills: Microsoft Office, Word, PP, Excel etc. • Excellent verbal and written communication skills • Ability to speak Cree or Dene would be an asset Must have strong Organizational skills and ability to work • independently or in a team environment; • Knowledge of the Keewatin Tribal Council (KTC) geographical communities and demonstrated respect of the Cree and Dene culture and traditions Additional Requirements: • Possess valid driver’s licence, own or have access to vehicle; • Willingness and ability to travel extensively; • Willingness and ability to work after hours and/or weekends when required. Position will be subject to a Child Abuse Registry Check and Criminal record Check Closing Date: Friday, December 14, 2018 at 4:00PM Late applications will not be accepted Please Forward Resumes to the Attention of: Lisa Beardy, Office Manager 23 Nickel Road Thompson, Manitoba R8N OY4 Email: Fax: 204 677-0256 We thank all applicants, however, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Midget A win next g champi

Equipment Operator – Wednesday, January 31, 2018 Permanent Fulltime/ Careers Shiftwork CLASSIFIED@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET CLASSIFIED@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET For the Thompson Regional Airport Authority Qualifications: 301 • HELP Applicants must have experience operating heavy WANTED equipment. Incumbent must have a valid class 3 driver’s license with the ability to obtain airbrakes. Must be able to manage and prioritize his/her workload. Effective interpersonal skills, communication skills and proven ability to work co-operatively in a team environment are essential. Knowledge in the aviation industry would be an asset. Incumbent must have a clean driver’s abstract record for seven years and provide a clean criminal record check. Duties: Reporting to the Operation Manager the incumbent must be willing to be deemed proficient and operate heavy equipment in a safe and appropriate manner. Heavy equipment will include trucks, frontlicence. end loaders, graders, snowblowers,Requires sweepers driver’s and other pieces Please send resume: of equipment. Incumbent must also clean, maintain and secure all equipment as directed by legislation, policies and procedures. 204-677-2013 The incumbent will also provide regular maintenance to airport 2nb-tfn-nb grounds including brush cutting, lawn mowing, painting and minor repairs to buildings and fences as well as assist in road and runway maintenance, assist maintenance staff in various duties as required and operate small equipment and hand tools. The incumbent must be willing to work within and comply with all Transport Canada aviation 183 Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 related safety and security regulations.Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 FAX: 204-677-4087 Applicants are requested to indicate in their covering letter or resume forIncumbent 1 full time and how they meet the qualifications of theLooking position. will1be part time cooksalary starting wage subjected to shift work including weekends. Starting is $27.60 $14.00/hr with experience per hour. Closing date will be Dec. 7, 2018. preferred. Apply by mail to: Apply at the front desk Thompson Regional Airport Authority Box 112 Thompson MB R8N 1M9 Fax: 204-778-6477


183 Cree Rd, Thompson MB, R8N 0C2 Toll free: 1-800-565-2401 PH: 204-778-8387 FAX: 204-677-4087


Nickel Belt News • www.thomps


Looking for full and part time housekeepers starting wage $13.00/hr Apply at the front desk TREE SUNS TOWING is looking for a general labourer. Call 204-677-4801 for Job Title: Housing Analyst more information. 11nb-2-nb Office Location: Thompson, Manitoba Employment Type: Full-time Term, to June 2019


510 • RETAIL/ OFFICE SPACE Louisiana Pacifi c-

Swan Valley

OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE 500-5000 FOR RENT/LEASE: 195 sq ft. to 3840 sq. sq ft. available. Cameron/Hoe building ft. of storage/office/garage space some 81 Churchill Drive. Contact Joe Aniceto. with commercial overhead doors. Call 204-679-0490 or Neil Cameron 306- Carolyn Turpie: 204-677-3516 or email: 24nb-tfn-nb 477-5668. 19nb-tfn-nb SPACE FORMERLY RENTED BY INSPARATION DAY SPA, IN SOUTHWOOD Louisiana-Pacifi c, Employer of Choice, a leader in the forest products industry PLAZA. 3,034 SQ FT FULLY FINISHED. known for the development innovative, affordable, environmentally VERY REASONABLE RATES.EMPLOYMENT IDEALofFOR friendly building products andSPACE for excellence in Safety and Quality is currently HAIRDRESSING, SPA, GENERAL Labourers at TO ourOPPORTUNITY SwanCALL Valley SmartSideÂŽ, Swan Valley, Minitonas ORseeking MEDICAL OFFICES. VIEW operation. DOUG 204 - 677 - 2957 AFTER 4 PM. Child & Family Services ORQualifi 250 - 491 - 3946 05NB-TFN-NB cations:

General Labourers

Worker (Thompson Office)

The successful candidate must possess the following qualifications; • Good writtenAgency and verbal Nikan Awasisak Inc.communication is seeking (1) fullskills time permanent • Physically to perform all duties Child & FamilyfitServices Worker in our Thompson Office. A • Ability toCriminal multitask and problem solveChild Abuse Registry satisfactory Record Check and • Ability operate equipment as required Check are to conditions of employment. • Computer literacy will be considered an asset Under the direction and supervision of the CFS Team Leader, • Child Valid driver’s license the & Family worker manages a case load of children Shiftwork in•care and/or Family Services files including protection and

Need to ďŹ ll a



• We dev • Ful able and • Mu wit • Pre rep • Atte a te • Be o in d • Abi car • Tra on e

Th e successful candidates joinNikan a dynamic team Agency in providing voluntary service cases will under Awasisak Inc. support to theisfacility located in beautiful Swanmonitoring, River Valley The worker responsible forthe case planning, asreferrals, it embarks onongoing a new andassessment exciting journey producing siding and and of evaluation. Offer for a growingtomarket. assistance children and families through basic counseling, advocacy and support as required. to tempower Louisiana-Pacifi c off ers a competitive wage Works and benefi package in families to adequately provide for the physical and accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. emotional Louisianawell-being of their family members. Pacifi c is an equal opportunity employer.

We ap QUALIFICATIONS: We thank all applicants, however, only those selected for of Social Work Degree or a minimum of subject 3 years • Bachelor interviews will be contacted. Candidates will be work experience related Child Welfare; background to successful completion oftocomprehensive • Excellent assessment screening and health checks. skills, children’s behavior management skills and sound knowledge of separation Please forward your cover letter and resume to: and attachment issues; Lorraine Schneider • Excellent communication, grammar, and organizational, Human Resource Generalist I problem solving, computer and evaluation skills; Louisiana-Pacific Canada Ltd. • Good working knowledge of Provincial Legislation and P.O. Box 189, Minitonas, MB R0L 1G0 Standards; Drayden right, seen here in a Phone: (204) 525-2479 Ext. 2104 Fax:Spence, (866) 678-5969 • Must have a working knowledge of the Child & Family e-mail : 11, continues to have a hot hand for t Hom Services Act and Regulations; Cross Lakeand March 10 to • Must be available to work after hours perform on-give his team Marc call duties; resumes this weekend in Thompson. qual • Ability to take direction; • Willing to train; BY IAN GRAHAM from B Job • Ability to work as a team member; EDITOR@THOMPSONCITIZEN.NET Julius S • Self motivated; midget Thomp- efforts Repo • Knowledge and understandingThe of First NationAA traditional t$PNQFUJUJWF4BMBSJFTt3FMPDBUJPO"TTJTUBODF son King Miners return who go values and beliefs pertaining to families and children; Care t$POUJOVJOH&EVDBUJPOt3FNPUFOFTT"MMPXBODFt&YDFMMFOU#FOFĂśUT homeanfor their last game from • Ability to speak Cree considered asset; & pre R >Dental Assistant • Knowledge of resources and–collateral or two services – of theavailable 2017-18 singles mem 5IPNQTPO(FOFSBM)PTQJUBMo0QFSBUJOH3PPN in the City of Thompson; season trailing the Cross clien Matthe 1BSU5JNF '5&  LIVING WATER • Must haveCHURCH own vehicle andLake valid driver’s license; prac Islanders two games Curtis 5IFSFXJMMCFBOPQQPSUVOJUZUPXPSLQBSUUJNFGPSUIF%FOUJTUJO Pastor • Archie MustMcKay passPh:a 677-2469 Child Abuse Registry and Police Records Act & BEEJUJPOUPUIJTQBSUUJNFQPTJUJPO to one in the best-of-ďŹ ve peting Sunday services @ 7:00pm. Check; Nurs league ďŹ nals. ers on LIGHT OF NORTH CHURCH Under theTHE direct supervision of the Patient Care Manager or designate, assists Nurs RESPONSIBILITIES: The Islanders took the Weenu multi-disciplinary team personnel in performing a variety of patient care 32 Nelson Road • Management of case loads as assigned supervisor; the o activities and related non-professional services necessary in by caring for thea 7-6 series lead with in 74 GATEWAY BIBLE CHURCH evaluation of families serviced; • On-going provm personal needsBAPTIST andassessment comfort of theand patient. This is an integrated position that overtime victory infullest Cross Thomp Chris Lowe includes coordination and scheduling of dental procedures fortothe Operating • Pastor Empowers children and families to develop their ensu Room (OR).Rd This204-677-3000 will require expertise in developing maintaining Lake and March 11,excellent getting Ross m 159 Cree potential; prov working relationships with a broad range of individuals and organizations. The goals from Chris- berwork school 10:00 am • Court preparation; for ORSunday Dental Assistant will function within thethree provisions of the Vision, Mission, • Functions as an effective team AMValues, Service at 11,and PM procedures Service at 7of the Northern tianmember; Ross, two Kapolicies Health Region (NHR)from and The upong will• incorporate NHRfor core competencies working practice (Customer/ Advocate families children; Prayer meeting - Wednesday 7 pm and into din Ross and one apiece depa Client Focused, Initiative & Pro-activity, Diversity Awareness, Teamwork, and • CHURCH Referrals to other resources as needed; THE OFDevelopment JESUS CHRIST Collaboration, of Self and Others, and Adaptability). • external/internal collaterals; OF Network LATTER-DAYwith SAINTS Posi The• incumbent must fulfill requirements of the Criminal Records/Vulnerable Other duties as the may be assigned. everyone welcome Sundays


call 204-677-4534


Description: The Keewatin Tribal Council, Technical Services Department is seeking a skilled and motivated professional to conduct research and analysis, analyze policies, provide technical advice and recommendations, develop reports, and other written material related to housing & infrastructure in First Nations.

in Thompson

Responsibilities include: ST. JAMES ANGLICAN Caribou 677-4652 • Research of housing policy’s for all 11 KTC10 communities pertaining 11 am Sundays to their needs ST. JOSEPH UKRAINIAN CATHOLIC • Developing strategy and support mechanisms related to the housing 340 Juniper Drive 778-7547 requirements for KTC regions ST. LAWRENCE ROMAN CATHOLIC Developing First Nation Housing policies related to the communities • Fr Shantha Gandamalla and with research outcomes Fr Guna Sekhar • Deliver various CMHC housing programs such as RRAP, Section 114 Cree R. 677-0160 95, etc., by preparing all necessary documentation/packages and Sat. 6:30 pm & Sun. 10 am reports as required THOMPSON PENTECOSTAL To liaise with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to secure • Pastor Dan Murphy funding for: Youth Pastor Colton Murphy (a) administration and operations of KTC’s communities Children’s Pastor Karen O’Gilvie (b) the refurbishment project of KTC’s 126 communities Goldeye 677-3435 • To assist KTC’s communities with the selection committees to Person, Child Abuse Registry check and Adult Abuse Registry check, and adhere interview and select suitable applicants homes Sunday for school 9:45 am, coffee time at letter and must clearly indicate how you atNorthern 10cover AM 83Health CopperRegion Rd rÊsumÊ toYour all policies and procedures. • To prepare statistics and correspondence as required 10:40 am Church Service at 11:00 am meet the qualifications. ForQualifications: more information, church tours Please submit three references at • prepares tenders, recommend construction firms, and oversee all ST. ANDREWS PRESBYTERIAN of12 application. ttime Grade education or equivalent or home visits call the missionaries at new project constructions or capital 249renovation Thompson work Drive 204-677-2799 t Successfulorcompletion of a recognized Dental Assistant Program required 204-939-4382 visit Salary: Based on qualifications. t Current active practicing registration with Manitoba Dental Association Pastor Murat Kuntel Regular Hours: 11 am Church service Qualifications: CHRISTIAN CENTRE FELLOWSHIP • A degree, diploma or certificate in328 accounting or a Business Thompson Dr. N. 677-4457 Management course would be anSun. asset. School 9:45 am • service 11 am • Experience in the field of management FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Westwood Dr. S. • Must be able to have understanding of the456 mechanical functions Ph. 778-8037 service @ 11 am of a house LUTHERAN - UNITED CHURCH • Should have strong public relations skills OF THOMPSON • Ability to communicate effectively and efficiently, bothworship orally at and Congregations in writing 52 Caribou Rd. at 10:30 am Sundays. 204-677-4495 • Should have good commun8ications and Phone organizational skills • Excellent working computer knowledge of word and excel • Ability to work as a team member in a demanding environment and/or independently under minimal supervision • Ability to learn and interpret National Building Code (NBC) of Canada, National Plumbing Code (NPC) of Canada and other regulatory instruments • Own vehicle and a valid Manitoba Driver’s license would be an asset

• • • • • THE SALVATION ARMY tDeadline Excellent knowledge of Windows based programs (Microsoft Word, Excel, for Applications: Thursday, December 13, 2018 Outlook, and Internet) • Thompson Corps (Church) @ 4:00 p.m. t Minimum three (3) years’ experience as a Dental Assistant Werequired are looking for someone 305 Thompson Dr. - 204-677-3658 • tApply Previous working with Pediatric cases preferred to:experience Worship services every Sunday at existing sales team! This is a•full t Ability to speak Cree an asset 11 am Advertisement # NAA125 For complete list ofHiring qualifications please visitApplicant our website should be highly motivated, Attention: Committee BURNTWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH Clos 39 Beaver Crescent Nikan Awasisak Agency Inc. excellent people skills. He/sh subm Please submit resume by February 2, 2018possess to: MB388 R8N 1C5 P.O. Box LoriThompson Rasmussen, Recruitment Officer starter who is capable of working w 204-778-4494 867 Cross Thompson DriveMB. South Lake, R0B 0J0 App


deadlines. The successful candidate Thompson, MB Pickett R8N 1Z4 Pastor Lee Or (204) for more information contact: Fax: 778-1477 Sunday morning service 11:15 a.m offering professional sales service to Gloria Mckay, HRp.m Coordinator • Email: Sunday evening service 7:00 order to develop and maintain busin $BMMVTUPEBZ-PDBM  PS5PMM'SFF Fax: 204-676-3251 Wednesday prayer meeting 7:00 p.m

Basic computer knowledge is require • • a licence and reliable transportation sales experience of advertising or• pro for further consideration will be contacted.â€? would be an asset, but is not necess • Citizen is willing to train. We offer a structure and health beneďŹ ts are •also WORK WITH US & GROW A CAREER Email:

Northern RHA has a Representative Workforce Strategy, we encourage all applicants to selfPhone: 204-676-3902, ext. 104 declare. Criminal Record, Child Abuse, & Adult Abuse Registry Checks are required. We thank all candidates for applying. Only those selected interviewthat will be only contacted. “We thank all who apply andforadvise those selected


A written application with detailed resume should be submitted to:

Lisa Beardy, Office Manager Keewatin Tribal Council, 23 Nickel Road Thompson, MB R8N 0Y4 Email: Fax: (204) 677-0256 Applications will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. Friday, December 7, 2018. We wish to thank those that apply for this position but only those selected for an interview will be contacted

Glacier Media Group is growing. Check our job board regularly for the latest openings:

Open until ďŹ lled. Your

abov The interest of all applicants is appr those selected for an interviewforwia pleas Please submit your resume and refere cover letter to:

Lynn Taylor, Publish Thompson Citizen P.O. Box 887, Thompson,Nore MB Drop off: 141 Commercial Place, Wilm Email: generalmanager@thomp Fax 677-3681Ple

to advertise? 204-677-4534 call us at 204 -677- 4534

Page 10 • Careers

Nickel Belt News • Friday, March 2, 2018


HELP WANTED Permanent/Full Time Security Guard For the Thompson Regional Airport Authority Qualifications: Must have valid Manitoba Security Guard Training/License. Must have computer skills and experience working with Microsoft applications including word, excel, outlook and quick books. Incumbent must have sound and independent judgment, reasoning and discretion. Must have the ability to interpret and adhere to company policies and procedures. General mathematical and bookkeeping skills would be an asset. Applicants must have a valid class 5 driver’s license. Must be able to manage and prioritize his/her workload and work in a fast paced environment. Effective interpersonal skills, communication skills and proven ability to work co-operatively in a team environment are essential. Applicants must be fluent in spoken and written English. Applicants must be bondable, have a clear criminal record and provide a child abuse registry check. Duties: Reporting to the Airport Security Manager or designate the incumbents will carry out all aspects of the security requirements at the Thompson Airport including watchperson, traffic / parking patrols, attending to the ATB as required including cleaning and garbage removal, cash collection and daily reconciliation, assist in emergency situations, as required. Applicants must present a positive and professional image to all customers, inquiries and other interactions. Applicants are requested to indicate in their covering letter or resume how they meet the qualifications of the position. The Thompson Regional Airport Authority offers a competitive benefits package. Starting wage is $20.00 per hour. Closing date is December 21, 2018. Apply to: Thompson Regional Airport Authority Box 112 Thompson MB R8N 1M9 Fax: 204-778-6477

Time to act on climate change Government increasin

We need immediate action to tackle climate change. As leaders, citizens groups and others have gathered in Poland for the latest international conference on climate change, we as Canadians need to speak out. We need to call out the federal government for failing to make any substantial difference on climate change. The government cannot simply defend how they will miss their reduction targets; they must instead


ADDICTIONS FOUNDATION OF MANITOBA Eaglewood Addictions Centre Thompson, MB The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) is a Crown Agency that contributes to the health and resilience of Manitobans by providing addictions services and supporting healthy behaviors. Reporting to the Director, Northern Region, the qualified candidate performs work of a semi-skilled trades nature, up to the level of Journeyperson status. Incumbents are expected to possess certification in a technical field or experience and proficiency in many related areas. The successful candidate will also perform a variety of maintenance, cleaning and custodial work. TYPICAL DUTIES • Performs building maintenance and minor construction not requiring Journeyperson status. • Performs preventative maintenance construction and repair work on building structures, systems, services and components. • Performs such cleaning functions as: dusting, vacuuming, cleaning washrooms, washing floors, walls, etc., waxing, stocking lavatory supplies, general housekeeping requirements. • Snow clearing, collects and disposes of garbage and recycling materials, grounds keeping. • Performs minor maintenance work and repairs such as changing light bulbs, cleaning filters and ventilation louvers, minor repairs required to maintain AFM equipment in good order. • May oversee and assist Trades Helpers, Labourers, Operating Engineers Fifth Class and Building Service Workers. • May take charge of maintenance for a building including the heating plant and its related servicing and maintenance. • Oversees related work done under contract. • Must complete all documents and reports as required. • Ensures necessary supplies are stocked and conducts minor repairs to related AFM equipment. • Ensures that duties are conducted to reflect good communication to staff, clients, and general public. • May participate on committees, teams or work groups at the local, regional, provincial or national level. • Abides by the AFM’s Code of Professional Practice and maintains professional conduct at all times. • Responsible for fully cooperating in efforts to improve client safety and eliminating potential risks. • Responsible for supporting and following established Workplace Safety and Health policies and procedures. • Responsible for protecting the health and wellbeing of staff, clients, visitors and community by following established infection prevention and control policies and procedures. QUALIFICATIONS • Grade 12 education. • Technical coursework, building technology and/or suitable combination of education and minimal three years related experience. • Must have a valid class 5 driver’s licence and access to a reliable vehicle daily. • Good working knowledge of one or more trades, plant or building systems operation and maintenance, construction functions and techniques or specific knowledge and skills relative to job responsibilities. • Ability to operate automotive equipment, machinery, hand or power tools in a safe and efficient manner. • Must demonstrate leadership skills and the ability to oversee contractors. • Ability to communicate effectively in English including written and orally, French an asset. • Must be physically capable of performing the duties of mechanical maintenance. • Understanding of, and sensitivity to, working with culturally diverse populations. • Painting and custodial skills a must, with strong ability to understand mechanical systems. • Ability to foster and work in a team environment. • Demonstrate the ability to operate Microsoft software applications, internet and email communication. This position may require the ability to work some evenings and varying hours. It is an AFM practice to conduct criminal records and child abuse registry checks prior to finalizing the appointment of successful candidates. Competition No.: Salary Range: Closing Date: Apply in writing to:

Friday, Nickel December 7, 2018 Belt News • www.thomps

2018-113 $23.82 to $26.39 an hour plus remoteness allowance if applicable December 17, 2018 Director, Northern Area Eaglewood Addictions Centre Addictions Foundation of Manitoba 90 Princeton Drive Thompson, MB R8N 0L3 Fax: 204-677-7328 E-mail:

We thank all applicants for their interest in employment with the Addictions Foundation of Manitoba however only those selected for further consideration will be contacted The Addictions Foundation of Manitoba values diversity and lived experience

MP Report Niki Ashton

take the opportunity to significantly increase their action to address the crisis facing Canadians. The stakes are high. If no changes are made, we

will lose our fight against climate change. Despite this urgency, it is clear that Canada will not be able to achieve the goals it has set by signing the Paris Agree-

ment on climate change. O u tare already of to uch. We seeing That’s the only way to dethe impacts of climate scribe the federal governchange in Canada: longer ment after the disconnect heat waves, climate refubetween Justin Trudeau’s gees, species eight-day trip extinctions, to India and crop floods, on forest what losses, is happening the fires, the disruption of our ground here at home. ecosystems other exWhile the and people of Churchill are facing treme weather events.skyOur rocketing prices beregion willfood be particularly hard hit. On climate change we need to do more than just think globally, we must act locally to address catastrophic climate change.

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Standing up to protect Man

Our government’s re- together to improve the cently announced prov- lives of Manitobans. incial and federal joint Many more such collabJOB POSTING kelly.bindle.mla funding agreement of orative projects will unRESIDENTIAL CARE WORKER $63 million to bring high- fold in the future, arising Constitu One Full-Time (1.0) Permanent Position speed Internet access to (Rotating from Day, federal-provincial Unit 3-40 M Evening & Night Shifts) residents of northern, agreements in areas such ADDICTIONS FOUNDATION OF MANITOBA Thompson rural and remote Manias housing, early learning Eaglewood Addictions Centre – THOMPSON 204-6 toba communities will and child care, workforce Kelly Bindle liftThe limits, alter prospects development, Indigenous Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM) is a Crown Agency that contributes to the health and resilience of Manitobans by providing and supporting healthy behaviors. and transform lives.addictions This services initiatives and infrastrucnot well-served a fed- which is Reporting just one of ture investments. ButWorkers our provide to theexample Supervisor, Residential Programs, Residential Care client and facilityby support. eral government policy been ab more than 150require projects in government’s responsibilThese positions a commitment to a client centred philosophy and approach to the development and or support of AFM programs and client services. which our provincial govity is to represent the best approach, we will speak are the federal ernment and the federal intereststhe offollowing: Manitobans. up for them. The Residential Care Worker will demonstrate Three issues for ges an government have worked Manitobans • Ability to communicate respectfullySo andwhen positively with clients and are staff and presents selfkey in an approachable


and friendly manner. • Demonstrates a genuine enthusiasm for client-centred care and demonstrates empathy and compassion. • Exhibits the ability to respond to client requests in a responsible, timely and flexible manner. • Demonstrates the ability to consider the needs of clients, other staff persons and the organization when making decisions within the role. • Demonstrates enthusiasm for ongoing professional development activities, and engages in reciprocal learning experiences with colleagues and supervisors. • Recognizes the importance of regular supervision meetings. • Demonstrates active listening abilities, is coachable and responds positively to supervision. • Demonstrates a strong commitment to personal and professional ethics, integrity and responsibility. • Ability to manage own emotions and strong feelings; maintain a calm and tactful composure under a broad range of challenging circumstances; think clearly and stay focused under pressure. Responsibilities: • Provide support and be present where clients are. • Respond warmly, politely and helpfully to everyone, including all visitors to the building. • Respond appropriately to emergency crisis situations, modelling to clients how this is done in a positive way. • Conduct facility orientations. • Facilitation of educational sessions and client house meetings. • Performing light housekeeping/maintenance. • Building security duties. • Coordination and distribution of client and program supplies. • Copying program materials. • Responding to telephone calls. • Documentation according to role requirements. • Demonstrates the ability to operate Microsoft software applications, internet and email communications. Qualifications: • Grade 12 education. • Suitable combination of education and experience working in a residential facility, addictions related employment experience and/or volunteer work. • Experience working from a client centred perspective. • Excellent interpersonal skills. • The ability to work within and contribute to a positive team environment. • An understanding of, and sensitivity to, working with culturally diverse populations is essential. • Valid CPR-C with AED training and First Aid certification are required prior to beginning work. • Knowledge of the addictions field is required. • Fluency in English (French verbal and written an asset). The Competencies for the Residential Care Worker opportunity are: • Adaptability/Flexibility • Client Centred Service • Diversity and Cultural Responsiveness • Effective Communication • Ethical Conduct and Professionalism • Planning and Organizing • Teamwork and Cooperation • Crisis Intervention • Understanding Substance Use, Abuse and Dependency From this competition a three month eligibility list will be established for term and casual positions within the same program, work location and job classification. It is AFM practice to request a criminal record check and conduct a child abuse registry check prior to finalizing the appointment of successful candidates. When submitting your resume, please indicate which position you are applying for. Competition #: 2018-114 Salary Range: $17.22 to $21.55 an hour plus remoteness allowance if applicable. Closing Date: December 14, 2018 Apply in writing to: Director, Northern Area Addictions Foundation of Manitoba 90 Princeton Drive Thompson, MB R8N 0L3 Fax: (204) 677-7328 E-mail: We thank all applicants and advise that only those selected for further consideration will be contacted. AFM VALUES DIVERSITY AND LIVED EXPERIENCE

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Friday, December 7, 2018

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Gardewine weekly freight service from Thompson to Churchill resuming Dec. 11



Weekly freight train service from Thompson to Churchill is set to resume Dec. 11 and Gardewine Group Limited Partnership is now accepting shipments again, the company said in a Dec. 3 press release. Freight service to the Hudson Bay port town, which has no other land link than the Hudson Bay Railway (HBR), has been mostly limited to air shipments since flooding washed out parts of the track between Gillam and Churchill in the spring of 2017. The railway has been repaired since the Arctic Gateway Group, a consortium of business, northern commun-

ities and First Nations, assumed ownership of the HBR and the Port of Churchill, as well as the Churchill Marine tank Farm, from former owner OmniTrax at the end of August. The first train in more than a year rolled into Churchill on Oct. 31 and the first Via Rail passenger train since rail service was suspended left Winnipeg Dec. 2 and arrive in Churchill Dec. 4. “We are excited to be working with Arctic Gateway and Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc. to resume the shipping of goods by rail and barge to Churchill and the Kivalliq region,” said Gardewine president and

chief operating officer Darin Downey in a press release. Gardewine, Arctic Gateway and Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc. are working together to offer a sealift service to distribute goods from Churchill to Nunavut’s Kivalliq region next spring. A subsidiary of the Alberta-based Mullen Group Ltd., Gardewine is headquartered in Winnipeg and operates seven divisions – general freight, dedicated, deck, bulk, logistics,warehousing, and moving and and storage – that serve customers from B.C. to Quebec.

Various Positions Available

Goldcorp is currently recruiting for Tradespeople, Underground Miners and Supervisors, Managers and other entry level positions at our Red Lake Operation. We are located in an area where you will experience the best in Northern lifestyle; past and present. Located in the heart of a lake-studded, boreal forest region in Sunset Country. Red Lake is known for its natural beauty, abundant wildlife, and incredible Canadian fishing in the many freshwater lakes in the area. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package, relocation assistance, company housing purchase program and future growth! Visit to begin an exciting new career with us!




Due to the holiday season, some of our deadlines and publication dates have changed. The deadline for ad materials for the January 4 paper will be no later than Dec. 20 at 3:00 pm

Our offices will be closed from DECEMBER 24 UNTIL JANUARY 1 The first paper to be published in the New Year will be on JANUARY 4

Happy Holidays from the staff of

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Job Title: Housing Advisor Office Location: Thompson, Manitoba Employment Type: Full-time Term, to June 2019, with possibilities of extension Reporting to the Director of Technical Services the Housing Advisor will work closely with KTC communities to coordinate strategic housing planning and conduct initial capacity assessments following a phased approach as outline by the Manitoba Indigenous Housing Capacity Enhancement & Mobilization Initiative. Duties and responsibilities: • Act as a liaison between the KTC communities at a community level and Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) Manitoba region. • Represent KTC as a member of the Manitoba Indigenous Housing Capacity Enhancement Mobilization Initiative (MBIHCEMI) working group and participate in the development of a Terms of Reference (TOR), vision, mission and goals based on consultation and feedback from communities and front line personnel. • Support KTC communities to enhance capacity of existing housing policies, procedures, governance structures pertaining to housing, etc. Provides recommendations to develop/improve policies, procedures and practices. • Support KTC communities in processes and provide information for best practices in the areas of: contractors, inspections, Ministered Loan Guarantee’s (MLG), and project management. • Coordinate & provide training and education: home/building maintenance, workshops, construction safety, building codes, etc. • Train and mentor KTC Communities’ - identified housing staff and community members. • Develop databases and input information as requested. • Inspects construction and demolition for compliance with approved plans. Building Codes - referenced standards, applicable laws, and good construction practices, within the building, plumbing, and HVAC disciplines, within timeframes specified. • Inspects damaged or unsafe buildings to determine the extent of damage and the need for repairs/replacement. • Responds to enquiries concerning requirements of the Building Code and applicable laws affecting construction. • Attend meetings as requested. • Liaise with other agencies and organizations regarding regulations and compliance. • Prepare detailed and accurate reports as requested. • Provide instruction to contractors, architects, engineers and the First Nation on the regulations and required construction practices. • Investigate housing related complaints upon request of a KTC community. • Verify materials and methods of construction to meet approved standards and construction practices. • Inspect on-site materials and conditions to ensure compliance with Building Codes. • Review plans and specifications; organize workload, schedule inspections, and document inspection results. • Offer building code interpretation and advice when solicited. Qualifications/Requirements Essential • Post-secondary degree or diploma in a discipline pertinent to the job function such as Architectural technology, building science or civil engineering technology, or an equivalent combination of related education and experience. • Experience in inspection, review and approval of construction as related to buildings. • Certified or willingness to work toward certification for a Manitoba Building Official Association (MBOA) certificate within a mutually agreed upon time frame, Thorough knowledge of the National Building codes, Manitoba Building codes, Manitoba Building Code Act. • Ability to read and interpret plans specifications, codes and by-laws. • Able to travel when required. • Must have valid Manitoba driver’s license and access to an insured reliable vehicle. • Strong knowledge/Excellent understanding and application of MS Office programs (Word, Excel, Outlook, etc.). • Understanding of Aboriginal Cultural Traditions and practices. • Strong organizational skills, problem solving and conflict resolution skills. • Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in written form. • Team player and capability to work unsupervised. Working conditions • Willing and able to travel as required must have access to a reliable insured vehicle and valid Manitoba Driver’s License. • Generally, working an office environment, construction sites at times. • Additional hours beyond the standard regular hours of work may be required at times. • Any work conducted after regular standard working hours will be banked at straight time. • Banked time will be taken off in lieu of. Please forward all applications and resumes, including two (2) references that KTC will contact with applicant written permission to: Lisa Beardy, Office Manager Keewatin Tribal Council Inc. 23 Nickel Road, Thompson MB R8N 0Y4 Fax: 204-677-0256 Email: Applications will be accepted until 4:00 p.m. Friday December 7, 2018. We wish to thank those that apply for this position but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

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Friday, December 7, 2018

After over 56 years serving Thompson and beyond, Don has decided to RETIRE and sell off his entire inventory. Everything will be sold at STORE CLOSING PRICES.

Opaskwayak Health Authority Beatrice Wilson Health Centre

Quality & Safety Coordinator (Term) Opaskwayak Health Authority is seeking a qualified individual to fulfill the role of Quality & Safety Coordinator (1 Year Term). JOB SUMMARY Reporting to the Human Resource Manager, the Quality & Safety Coordinator is responsible for accreditation, quality improvement, client safety and workplace health & safety; works in a multidisciplinary team in consultation & collaboration with OHA staff & program managers; follows OHA policies & HR procedures; ensures organizational compliance with all relevant Federal & Provincial regulations & legislation; participates in committees & may assist with other duties within the scope of the department. POSITION REQUIREMENTS: • Diploma – Patient safety, quality management or workplace health & safety • Certificate – WHMIS, TDG, Fire Safety, Incident Command System, Office Ergonomics, Patient Safety, PHIA, Quality Improvement (preferred) • 1-2 years of experience in accreditation, quality improvement, client safety or workplace health & safety • Experience in training/group presentation • Combinations of education & experience may be considered • Satisfactory employment record including attendance at work CLOSING DATE: December 18, 2018 at 4pm. No late submissions will be accepted. APPLICATIONS MUST INCLUDE: • A cover letter that clearly indicates how you meet the position requirements • Resume • Copy of credentials (licenses, training, education) • Three professional letters of reference (colleague, supervisor or manager) – or – contact information for same (include position/ title, current place of employment, phone number & email • Criminal record check & child abuse registry checks (or indication that they have been applied for) • Personal contact information (phone & email)

T N E M E R I T E R SALE Everythi

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losing P rices in the BIG GE ST sale

Your application will not proceed to interview without the above information. To obtain a complete job description, for additional information or to apply for this position please contact or submit your application to:

PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY CASUAL POSITION KTC HOME & COMMUNITY CARE KTC requires casual nurse positions for Home & Community Care (LPN or RN). The Home Care nurse will work under the direction of the Tribal Home and Community Care Coordinator. The successful candidate(s) will be involved in direct service delivery in the KTC communities therefore travel to the KTC communities is mandatory. This opportunity is available to those nurses who are interested in gaining additional knowledge and experience in working with First Nation comminutes in the north. QUALIFICATIONS: • Must be a RN/LPN with current practice registration in Manitoba. • Knowledge and experience in Home and Community care in accordance with the position applying for. • Knowledge of scope of practice issues, Case Management principles, Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes) and First Nation community wellness programs. • Previous nursing experience with First Nations • A demonstrated understanding of the health and social issues experienced by First Nation’s community members. • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. • Knowledge of First Nation culture and language will be considered an asset. • Must have a valid driver license and CPR certificate. • Must be willing to travel extensively. A written application with detailed resume, including two references to: Attention: Lisa Beardy, Office Manager Keewatin Tribal Council Inc. 23 Nickel Road Thompson, Manitoba R8N 0Y4 Fax No.: 204-677-0256 Email: Applications will be accepted until 4:00 p.m., Friday, December 14, 2018. We would like to thank those that apply for the position, but only those being considered for an interview will be contacted

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Carol A. Buchberger, Human Resource Manager Opaskwayak Health Authority Box 10280, 245 Waller Road, Opaskwayak, MB R0B 2J0 Email: Please mark all correspondence “CONFIDENTIAL” Please note that only those selected for an interview will be contacted.



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