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Buffy Altman

J&B Family Affair

Petersburg, TN

Alicia Arteaga

AGM Concessions, LLC

Covina, CA

Trent Dykes

WOW Cargo Trailers

Cochran, GA

Jim Ekbom

Ekbom Enterprises, Inc.

Brooklyn Park, MN

Bud Elgin

Bud Elgin Concessions

Salem, OR

Carolan Ferreria Professional Event Services, Inc. Colusa, CA

Vincent Guerrera

Sugar Puff Candy

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Jon Guerzon

The Caricature Entertainment

Oceanside, CA

Nate Peachey

Peachey’s Baking Co

Sarasota, FL

Denise Warner

Glittery LLC / Happy Cheeks

Face Painting

Cameron Park, CA

This Month’s Newest Members This Month’s Member Renewals

Dane Baldwin

D & D County Fair

Cinnamon Rolls

Oakhurst, CA (2009)

Cliff Barton Greater Baton Rouge State Fair

Baton Rouge, LA (1995)

Bruce Beck Professional Concessions, Inc.

West Palm Beach, FL (2013)

Mark Becker

Becker Concessions, LLC Waterloo, IA (1996)

Dustin Beener

Hardenbrook Concessions

Urbandale, IA (2002)

Jennifer Benner

Troy Benner Concessions

Middleburg, PA (2022)

Robb Brazzel

State Fair of Louisiana

Shreveport, LA (2002)

Ashley Brown

Georgia National Fair & Agricenter

Perry, GA (1997)

Eric Campbell

E.N. Campbell’s Concessions

West Des Moines, IA (2000)

Kim Carroll µ

Eagle Food Service

Connersville, IN (1993)

Vicki Clements

Triple Treat Shows, Inc.

Cincinnati, OH (1996)

Tim Commerford

R.W. Commerford & Sons Goshen, CT (2007)

Clark Converse Pasco County Fair Association, Inc. Dade City, FL (2009)

Zachary Corson

The Original Australian Battered Potatoes, LLC Murrieta, CA (2017)

Janet Cox

Red Barn Elephant Ears

Kewanna, IN (2005)

Tommy Davis

Tommy D’s Enterprises Cave Creek, AZ (2011)

Eddie Dearman

Classy Caboose

Stephens City, VA (2010)

Bob Dias µ

Burger Bob’s Concession

Fort Myers, FL (1993)

William DiMondi

The Delaware State Fair, Inc.

Harrington, DE (2011)

Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE

The Original Australian Battered Potatoes, LLC

Balboa, CA (2007)

David Easterwood µ Waymatic, Inc.

South Fulton, TN (1993)

Tom Ferguson Concessions LTD

Key Largo, FL (2010)

Billy Fickling Sr. µ

McKinney Food Services

Hughes Springs, TX (1993)

Bev Fisher, CFE Canfield Fair

Canfield, OH (2003)

Barry Floyd Stardust Drive-In Theatre

Lebanon, TN (2008)

Peggy Fraser

Walworth County Fair

Elkhorn, WI (2000)

Fred Giovannoni, Jr. µ Mr. G’s Concessions

New Boston, MI (1993)

Russell Goetz

Ice Kreme Mill, Ltd. Hanover, PA (1994)

Jana Granum

M and J Custom Engraving

Sioux Falls, SD (1996)

Mark Granum µ M and J Custom Engraving

Sioux Falls, SD (1993)

“Rusty” Groscurth, Jr. µ

Super Dog

Tampa, FL (1993)

Becky Harmon

Harmons Concessions

Mt. Olivet, KY (2007)

Mark Harvey

North Florida Fair

Tallahassee, FL (2018)

John Henninger

Boone County Fair

Belvidere, IL (2017)

Duane Hickman, CCE Quality Concessions

Kiel, WI (1998)

Lori Hull

Hillsdale County Fair

Hillsdale, MI (2004)

Michael Issa

The Mobile Sweet Tooth

Kokomo, IN (2022)

Steven Jankiewicz

Event Catering, Inc. Solvay, NY (2019)

Sheila Kedrowicz

Midway Sweets, LLC Custer, WI (2009)

Dan Keough

North Country Specialty Foods, Inc.

Milton, VT (2017)

Laurie Keough

North Country Specialty Foods, Inc.

Colchester, VT (2017)

Scott Kolassa µ Kolassa Enterprises, LLC

Churchville, NY (1993)

µ 1993-2003 2004-2008 2009-2013 2014-2022
►► “Renewals” continued on page 36 Welcome to our 10 New NICA Members! See page 37 for the 2023 Member Contest Leaderboard “Together We Can!”


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE Celebrating Our Future Leaders

As Labor Day has come and gone, marking the end of Summer, the Northeast’s vibrant Fair Season is also drawing to a close. It’s a time of transition, not only in the world of Fairs but also for students heading back to school and those eager to embark on new educational journeys. We are delighted to share the proud moment of awarding scholarships to deserving students who are either beginning their college careers or continuing to the next chapter in their education. This year, we applaud the accomplishments of our 26 Scholarship Recipients. They all put in hard work and dedication to move ahead as future leaders of our Industry. Read their stories in this issue.

We are also proud to announce this year’s Candidates for the Board of Directors: Brandy Arredondo, CCE, Sandy Class, CCE, and Phil Delahoyde. Look out this month for election ballots in your email or mailbox to cast your votes.

Reflecting on my own journey through the ranks, I can’t help but be grateful for the opportunities I had while serving as Vice President. During that time, I had the privilege of being a Trustee for the NICA Foundation for two years. Witnessing the Foundation’s growth and its impact on our community has been nothing short of remarkable. To put this into perspective, the NICA Foundation distributed $30,500 in scholarships in 2021, followed by $33,500 in 2022, and a whopping $45,000 in 2023. In just two years, we’ve seen an increase of nearly $15,000 in support for our future leaders. Such achievements are made possible thanks to the generous contributions of the Donors, the dedicated NICA Leadership, and the NICA Membership.

While the Fair Season is undoubtedly a source of joy and excitement, it also comes with its fair share of challenges, too. There are numerous hurdles that we, as Vendors, must overcome, from battling unpredictable weather conditions to finding reliable help, dealing with overbooked

events, and facing the competition of multiple Vendors offering similar items. However, instead of simply voicing complaints at every event, I decided to take a more proactive approach. I captured more square footage for tables and tents, aiming to enhance the experience for the average Fairgoer. At the heart of this idea is our shared commitment to ensuring that customers feel comfortable and welcomed at the Fair. Providing ample shade and seating options is essential to achieving this goal. A comfortable environment encourages Fairgoers to increase their length of stay, which in turn boosts sales at our stands. We all recognize the importance of having our customers stay for lunch and dinner.

The tests we face, whether they are weatherrelated or logistical, are common issues encountered by Vendors and Events across the country. In light of this, effective communication is more critical than ever. Establishing Communication Committees, dedicated to fostering dialogue between these two essential groups, can significantly contribute to improving conditions for everyone involved.

NICA is gearing up for NICA Marketplace, “Together!” December 3-6, 2023. We encourage all our members to register and book their rooms. If you register early, we will get a better idea of how much space and food to reserve to make this event even more successful. NICA Marketplace promises to offer an array of enlightening seminars and an impressive Trade Show with included meals and receptions featured each day. We hope to see you there in Las Vegas, where we can come together as a community to learn, grow, and celebrate our Industry together.

We are proud to support the education of our future leaders through scholarships and remain committed to finding solutions to enhance the Fair experience for all. We can thrive, even with the difficulties that come our way, and continue to be “All In!” Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to NICA “Together We Can!”

September 2023 NICA News 5


President: Vincent Nelson, CCE

1st Vice President: Kim Barr, CCE

2nd Vice President: Kelly Grout

Treasurer: Dan Lusenhop

Secretary: Stacey Pittroff-Barona, CCE


Brandy Arredondo, CCE

Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE

Bary Bunts, CCE

Phil Delahoyde

Bryan Enloe

Jeff Thornberry, CCE

Jay Wells, CCE


Daryl Whicheloe, CCE

Sandy Class, CCE

Don Delahoyde, CCE

Kathy Ross, CCE

Dan Lusenhop

Dominic Palmieri, CCE

Paulette Keene, CCE

Joe Potillo, Jr.

Greg Miller, CCE

Tom Sattler, CCE

Russ Harrison, CCE

Richard Busse, CCE

Tom Hodson, CCE

Jim Hodson, CCE (Deceased)

Tim O’Brien, CCE

Ron Smith

Adam McKinney, CCE

Mike Pence, CCE

Jack Woods, II, CCE

Bob Hallifax, CCE

Frank Parnell, CCE

Larry Orme (Deceased)

Larry Sivori

Rich Wright

Bill McKinney, CCE

Arthur Pokorny, Jr.

Gene O’Brien, CCE (Deceased)


Executive Director : Rey O’Day

Office & Membership Manager : Linda Frisco

Communications & Marketing Manager • NICA News Editor :

Jesse Willard

Office Clerk: Christine Farrell

East Council & Social Media Coordinator : Jessica Gottsche

Midwest Council Coordinator : Dennis Larson, CFE


President: Audrey Poole

Vice President: Greg Miller, CCE

Treasurer : Jennifer Giordano, CCE

Secretary : Rey O’Day


Kim Barr, CCE

Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE

Kelly Grout

Tom Hodson, CCE

Mark Lancaster

Don Kenna

Larry Sivori


Bary Bunts, CCE

Ryan Collmer

Ryan Hagy

Patty Tessari

Michael Zdebiak, Jr.


Connie Boesen

Sandy Class, CCE

Paulette Keene

James McConnell

Richie O’Neil

Matt Ribar


Michelle Allen

Brandy Arredondo, CCE

Amy Ashby

Irene Dugan, CCE

Gigi Horowitz

Ryan Long, CCE

Kara Moederndorfer, CCE

Albert Valadez

Steve Vartanian

Nate Wells

Do you have any questions or would like to get involved with NICA? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or today!

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Rey O’Day, Executive Director

September is a month of celebrations at NICA Jesse, Linda, and Christine (parttime clerk) all have September birthdays!! We wish them Happy Birthday and “many, many more” of them with us. Also, September 2023 commemorates Jesse’s 10th anniversary as a full-time NICA Employee. He arrived a talented young man with lots of potential. Today he is a family man with a wife and son, valued employee for his creativity and engagement with our members and benefit partners, and the Editor of NICA News. Raise a toast and give a shout out to Jesse!!!

We have three members nominated for election to the 2024 NICA Board of Directors: Brandy Arredondo, CCE, West Council Chair; Sandy Class, CCE, Past President; and Phil Delahoyde, running for a second term as Director-at-Large. We welcome their accepting a Call to Leadership.

This month the NICA Foundation announced the 2023 Scholarship Recipients. I was personally uplifted and inspired by reading the plans of the Recipients. Enjoy meeting them in this NICA News Last month I mentioned we would award $40,000, but due to your generosity the Foundation was able to award $45,000 to 26 worthy Recipients. Let’s all be proud of the growth of this program.

Now it is time to rebuild our funds for the next season of Scholarships. One of our giving options

Rey O’Day, Executive Director, at Entegra Connect 23

Taking a Fair Amount of Steps

is the Legacy Program Visionary Scholarship where you can designate a scholarship with your company name or honor a person(s) by committing to donate $2,000 for three years. I recently agreed to participate in this program to honor my Grandmother, Alys Huffman, who was an educator and lifelong learner. (She was also my biggest cheerleader.) Join our family of contributors by calling Linda at the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926, to sign up for this giving-back opportunity.

I am pretty sure that many of you have no idea what is happening in the world because you are busy serving the world in front of you. In fact, someone said to me, “If half the world fell into the ocean yesterday, I would not know it.” When we are extremely busy, we have less time for everyday news (which might be healthier for all of us…topic for another day). I have recently returned from a trip to the Iowa State Fair, the Tennessee State Fair, the Minnesota State Fair, and the Entegra Connect 23 convention. So let me share some musings…things I have learned in my Summer travels, Summer reading, and Summer conversations.

I cannot visit a Fair and not think about the number of “steps” I will be taking each day. I wish I was disciplined enough to walk 10,000 steps every day but at a Fair or on a travel day I accomplish that goal regularly. It makes me feel healthy.

While reading on an airplane I recently learned some good news about “steps.” A research review published by the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that taking just “4,000 steps per day (the equivalent of walking around two miles) is enough to significantly reduce your risk of premature death.” They based this on the analysis of 17 previously published studies which collectively included more than 225,000 adults from multiple counties who were tracked for an average of seven years. They went on to

September 2023 NICA News 7

add that “each additional 1,000 steps per day is linked to a roughly 15% lower risk of dying early from any cause” with no evidence that additional walking ever stops being beneficial. I have visited Fairgrounds where Vendors had contests regarding who walked the furthest. It seems that walking is a powerful health tool in small or large doses. Keep Walking!!!

I had the honor to visit the second biggest Fair attendance year in the Iowa State Fair’s 169-year history. The Deep-Fried Bacon Brisket Mac-nCheese Grilled Cheese, from What’s Your Cheez, took top honors in the 2023 People’s Choice Best New Food Contest. The Rib Shack’s signature Bacon Brisket Mac and Cheese is slathered between layers of American Cheese and two slices of What’s Your Cheez Bacon Cheddar Bread. It is then deep-fried until golden brown and served with a signature Raspberry Chipotle BBQ Sauce. I ate one!!!! It was delicious and I was glad I walked a lot of steps to find it! And then a whole bunch more steps after I ate it!!!

Recently retired Gary Slater CFE, CEO, and Mike Nye, Concessions and Midway Operations

Director, were great leaders at the Iowa State Fair for a long time. We learned from them and are grateful for their leadership. Their retirements have seamlessly passed the torch onto a new leadership team, Jeremy Parsons, CFE, and James Romer, CFE. Both men grew up in Iowa and have deep roots within the Iowa State Fair. Both have strong commitments to our Industry and are strong supporters of NICA’s members and mission. Jeremy participated in the NICA Business EXPO while he was the 2022 IAFE Chair and will be our Keynote Speaker at the upcoming NICA Marketplace, “Together!” James and I shared leadership of the 2019 Commercial Exhibitors Symposium while he was the Chair of the IAFE Concessions and Commercial Committee. I am thrilled and excited to think about the future of this Industry with these two terrific people delivering direction.

I want to give a quick shout out to Jo Reynolds, CFE who is the Manager of the Warren County Fair in Iowa, a Board Member at the Iowa State Fair, and the Incoming Chair of IAFE. She took us on a complete guided tour of the grounds with heart warming stories and an understanding of why and what projects are in the works so the organization can better serve every person who comes to or participates in the Fair and other events. This is not an organization that is going to rest on its past laurels.

Tennessee State Fair and the Wilson County Fair also have a great story. The State Fair has moved to the County Fairgrounds and together they have created a synergy that is greater than either Fair had separately. Their abundant and

James Romer, CFE, Iowa State Fair Midway Operations Director, and Rey O’Day, Executive Director Competitive exhibits at Tennessee State Fair Rey O’Day and Mike Bradley visited Fair President Randall Clemons and Executive Director Helen McPeak at the Tennessee State Fair and Wilson County Fair Rey O’Day and Jeremy Parsons, CFE, Iowa State Fair’s CEO

excellent competitive exhibits are beautifully showcased on hand-crafted wood pieces including a gazebo and a full wall quilt hanger. Their volunteers are cheerful, knowledgeable, and proud. This is the home of Fiddler’s Grove, and moreover, the Fair is carefully decorated with pleasing detail. So much so that we went looking for the Fair Manager with our compliments and found Helen McPeak, who took us on a tour of their newest building that features all things made and done in Tennessee. Joining forces usually makes the statement “Together We Can!” come true. There is so much more I want to share about Minnesota State Fair, The Big E, and Oklahoma State Fair which I will do in the next Riffing (Yes, I do have space constraints). I do want you to all be aware of your surroundings, walk in twos, and handle your daily receipts wisely. Perhaps even install cameras. Report anything suspicious or that gives you pause. Wherever there are lots of people, always be prepared for the unexpected…good and bad.

When you are hot, tired, and annoyed, lower your shoulders and take a deep breath so you can

focus on relaxing instead of venting. Maybe even step away and distract yourself with a drink of water while you de-escalate your reactions. Better still figure out what makes you laugh…movies, people, jokes, funny videos, social media memes… seek humor out as often as possible. Look for at least one funny thing that happens each day that makes you chuckle, smile, laugh, giggle, or guffaw and share it…Enjoy it!!!

September 2023 NICA News 9 The Family of Experts Insuring Concessionaires Like You. • General Liability • Excess Liability • Commercial Auto • Inland Marine | Cargo • Employee Dishonesty • Cyber Liability • Workers’ Compensation • Active Shooter We offer 24-hour claim service and coverage unique to your business:
A selfie of Rey and Jay Wells, CCE, NICA Director, in Iowa

Our Condolences to the Brennan & Giordano Families

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Joseph Michael Brennan, father of Jennifer Giordano, CCE, Foundation Treasurer, and grandfather of NICA Member Garrett Giordano, Apex Ceph, has passed away. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, who shared the following:

Joseph Michael Brennan, 81, of Cropwell, AL, passed away on Wednesday, August 23, 2023. Joseph was preceded in death by his parents, Thomas and Della Brennan, and by two sisters and two brothers. He is survived by his wife, Judith Darlene Brennan; daughters, Dawn Gliko (Larry), Lori Coray (Troy), and Jennifer Giordano (Ken); grandchildren, Andrew Gilmore, Garrett Giordano (Coreana), Ashton Giordano (Don), Blake Gilmore, Ashlyn Coray, Nicole Gliko, Carlee Gliko, and Brandon Giordano; great-grandchildren, Adam Gilmore and Nova Giordano; and brother, Patrick Brennan. A funeral service was held on Wednesday, August 30, 2023, at Coosa Valley Baptist Church. A private committal service will occur at Alabama National Cemetery due to his service as a veteran. ▲

Apply for a First Timer’s Convention Scholarship

Have you always wanted to attend a NICA Convention but just haven’t committed to it? Whether it be because of expense, timing, or any other reason, the NICA Foundation is here to help get you there! Up to five NICA Members will receive $500 each towards travel expenses when attending the 2023 NICA Marketplace, “Together!” event in Las Vegas, NV or the 2024 NICA Business Expo in Tampa, FL. To qualify, you must be a first-time attendee to a NICA Convention, a current NICA Member active in the Industry, and available to assist NICA during the convention of choice. Once you attend, you are also required to submit an article of your convention experience to NICA News. Apply by November 1st for NICA Marketplace and December 15th to attend the NICA Business Expo. Apply online at ▲

Election Ballots Will Be Sent Out in September

It’s that time of year again! This year’s Candidates for NICA’s Board of Directors are Brandy Arredondo, CCE, Noel’s Foods; Sandy Class, CCE, Tavern at the Park; and Phil Delahoyde, Extreme Food and Beverage. Read more about them at, in upcoming NICA Now! emails, and in the next issue of NICA News.

Per our Bylaws, we will send out election ballots on September 15th to Voting Members Voting Members without email, non-working emails, or those with a shared email address will be sent the election ballot via mail. If you do not receive a mail ballot or have received an online ballot, but would prefer it to be sent by mail, make sure email or contact (813) 438-8926. All votes must be in by November 15th to be counted. Thank you for your continued support! ▲

10 September 2023 NICA News
Do you have any announcements you would like to share? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or

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Gathering in the Midwest

Gathering in the Midwest

Sandy Class, CCE, Midwest Council & Dennis Larson, CFE, Midwest Coordinator

Wow, what a Summer! As events continued to have record-breaking days, NICA Leadership and the Midwest Council planned a series of Member Gatherings to allow Food and Beverage, Commercial Exhibitors, and other Vendors to get out of the sun, socialize, enjoy food and refreshments, and even earn a chance to win something! These Member Gatherings first popped up at the Wisconsin State Fair and Iowa State Fair to allow the Vendors and Fairs to meet and learn more about NICA, benefits, and upcoming events. We appreciate everyone who was able to attend and support these events, and we look forward to the next opportunity to gather together!

The first Gathering of the season for the Midwest Council was held on Thursday, August 10th at Blue Moon Tavern at the Park during the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, WI, which was having a record run for the Fair. NICA Midwest Council Members Sandy Class, CCE and Richie O’Neil, along with Stacey Pittroff-Barona, CCE, Secretary, organized the event and invited NICA Members and Fair Staff to gather for some fun and fellowship. All in all, around 40 NICA Members and other Vendors and Staff were in attendance. NICA Leadership, along with Wisconsin State Fair’s Shari Black, CFE, CEO, and Lisa Immel, Director of Vendor Services, greeted the attendees, and Sandy Class, CCE went over NICA’s current benefit program, highlighting the updated programs

Jerky,” his wife Jessica

for both Goodyear and Sysco. She also shared the amount of awards that the NICA Foundation was giving out to Scholarship Recipients, and highlighted the upcoming NICA Marketplace, “Together!” event. Phil Teague, Hummel Group, was also in attendance and brought the group up to date on the NICA Health Plan and general insurance questions. The event ended with our signature prize opportunities including a Free One Year Membership. A huge thanks to Beth Owens and Sandy Class, CCE, The Tavern at the Park, for their hospitality and to Fred Pittroff, Giant Slide, for his help passing out flyers.

Tuesday, August 15th was a perfect day for a visit to the 11-day Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, IA. The NICA Midwest Council’s second Gathering was hosted by the Campbell’s Concessions Family at their Back Alley Bar at The Depot that afternoon. As busy of a Fair as Iowa is, about 30 to 40 NICA Members and their Staff were still able to gather for pizza, beverages, and desserts donated by the members. The event also held a very successful opportunity drawing. A big thanks to all who participated! The winning ticket was purchased by a group of the McConnell Concessions Family, although their winnings would have garnered them half of the gross sales. They generously donated all but $100 back to NICA. Thank you so much to the McConnell Family for their generosity. There was also a drawing for a NICA Membership won by NICA Member Brooks Reynolds of JR’s Southport Ranch. The attendees were joined by Iowa State Fair’s Concessions and Midway Operations Director James Romer, CFE, along with three Iowa State Fair Board Members. A longtime NICA friend, Jeremy Parsons, CFE, Former Manager of the Clay County

12 September 2023 NICA News
Shari Black, CFE, Wisconsin State Fair CEO, speaking to attendees at the Wisconsin State Fair Gathering Sandy Class, CCE, Midwest Council, with Steven “Mr. Jerky” Burnham, All Things Jerky, who won the NICA Membership, and donated it to “Mrs.

Iowa Fair has taken over, for his first year, the helm of the Iowa State Fair following the retirement of longtime Fair Manager Gary Slater, CFE. Although Jeremy’s hectic schedule didn’t allow him to make the Gathering, Dennis Larson, CFE, Midwest Coordinator, noted that it was nice to catch up with him later in the day and congratulate him on his new position. After socializing for a couple of hours, the members headed back to their posts selling great Fair Foods to all of those Fairgoing Iowans. A big NICA thank you to the Campbells for offering us the space, time, lunch and beverages.

These NICA Midwest Member Gatherings have provided a much-needed break from the heat and have also fostered camaraderie among Vendors, Fair Staff, and NICA Members. We extend our sincere appreciation to everyone who joined us, shared insights, and contributed to the success of these events. As we look ahead, we eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to come together, connect, and continue supporting one another during the Fair Season. We can’t help but feel grateful for the strong sense of community that defines our Industry. “Together We Can!”

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September 2023 NICA News 13
Dennis Larson, CFE, Midwest Coordinator, and Bryan Enloe, Director, planned the event along with Midwest Council’s Connie Boesen and James McConnell, pictured alongside attendees at the Iowa Gathering
Proudly Distributed Through Fare Foods • Call 800-651-1601 For More Information •
James McConnell with opportunity winner Tyler Flinn
James McConnell, Midwest Council, and Kayla Little, Campbell’s Concessions, drawing tickets
14 September 2023 NICA News


Donate Today to the NICA Scholarship Program

We thank all of our generous donors for their continuing commitment to the NICA Foundation We need your help to ensure the future success of this time-honored program. Our annual scholarships are funded through donations from purveyors, the NICA Boards, and members seeking to protect and sustain their Industry by supporting

educational growth. Embrace the challenge to sustain NICA’s scholarship legacy and donate at, by calling (813) 438-8926, or by mail. A donation from you in any amount will empower and expand someone’s opportunity to commit to their education and build the foundation for future students to be “All In!” for education.

Dear Business Owners/Managers, Fair Industry Leaders, Trade Show Exhibitors, and YOU: We are proud to announce this year’s NICA Marketplace, “Together!” taking place December 3-6, 2023 at the Tuscany Suites and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. In 48 hours you will network with colleagues, discuss practical solutions, enjoy storytelling, and return enriched. This year’s event will once again feature a non-exclusive Trade Show, Educational Sessions led by hands-on Event

Industry Thought Leaders, and Networking Opportunities that are welcome and comfortable—a place where we all understand we are Customers of each other and “Together” we share a Fair Guest to serve. Book your room at the beautiful Tuscany Suites and Casino in Las Vegas, NV at the low $79 Room Rate, Sunday, December 3rd through Thursday, December 7th with no resort fee ($44 waived), suite sized rooms with included kitchenettes, Free Wi-Fi, and Free Parking! Learn more and register at

Sunday, December 3, 2023

2:00 – 6:00 PM: Registration

3:30 – 6:30 PM: NICA Marketplace Hospitality

Evening on your own

Monday, December 4, 2023

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM: Registration

9:30 – 10:45 AM: Marketplace General Session featuring Keynote Speaker Jeremy Parsons, CFE and NICA Leadership

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM: Educational Workshops

12:30 – 2:00 PM: Box Lunches (Included) and Roundtables

2:15 – 4:45 PM: Educational Workshops and “How To” Sessions

5:00 – 8:00 PM: Marketplace Trade Show and Happy Hour Reception (Included)

Evening on your own

Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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2023 Scholarship

The NICA Foundation is pleased to announce the selection of the 2023 NICA Scholarship Recipients. After a thorough, confidential, and anonymous review of the many applications received, the NICA Foundation is proud to award 26 scholarships (up from 17), for a total of $45,000 (an increase of $11,500), to our commendable Scholarship Recipients this year.

Three anonymous members within the Fair Industry were selected to be the Scholarship Readers. The copies that they received were redacted so there is no evidence of who the Applicant might be. The Readers work individually on each entry, allotting points for eight categories. Afterwards, they submit their results to the NICA

Office where they are tallied, averaged, and ranked by average score. All of our Recipients received a score of 83 points or higher on a 100-point scale.

The NICA Foundation was created by NICA to oversee and administer an Academic and Vocational Educational Scholarship Program, foster Development Opportunities and Training Services, and provide a Travel Stipend for First Time Convention Attendees. The NICA Foundation has awarded over 225 Scholarship Recipients since the program’s inception in 1996!

NICA wants to thank everyone who is involved: the Applicants, the Office Staff, Donors, and especially the Readers. Together we are “All In!” for education and the future of the Fair Industry.

25th Anniversary Scholarship

California State University Long Beach

James MacPherson, of Long Beach, CA, and son of Schuyler and Lisa MacPherson, Ten Pound Buns / SDM Concessions, LLC, is receiving the $4,000 25th Anniversary Scholarship. He is attending California State University Long Beach to pursue his Juris Doctorate in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

James shared that his involvement with the Fair Industry started when he was born. He said, “I have been coming to the Fair with my parents since then and I have grown into the person I am today with those experiences that shaped my life.” He has learned many important lessons such as planning, hard work, how to balance money, and how to de-escalate situations. However, the most important thing he has learned was about diversity: “The Fair is a large community with people from many different backgrounds. There are those with views that greatly differ from my own and I realized that I shouldn’t always assume everyone else has the same opinions or views as myself.” James believes these lessons will assist him in his plans to earn a Juris Doctorate in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and eventually become a Criminal Prosecutor. He explained, “The ability to make a meaningful connection and a lasting impression on a customer or employee is a lesson that I learned and developed at the Fair and one that many don’t ever achieve in life. My Father and Grandmother developed connections with people that lasted a lifetime and my goal is to continue that ability and never forget how important connecting to

James MacPherson

cholarship Recipients

people is in this life. This skill as well as so many learned and developed over my young life at the Fair will serve me as a Criminal Prosecutor. I will need to relate and understand the victims to gain justice for them and support them through the judicial system. I am determined to achieve my dream.”

James graduated first in his high school class, and participated in Student Leadership as well as other extracurricular activities such as Debate Club. According to one teacher, “James is committed to learning for its own sake and driven by a thirst for questioning, understanding, and constant intellectual growth.” He was also described as “hard-working,” “curious,” and “goal driven.”

Coca-Cola CCE Scholarship

Lauren Distad

Lauren Distad, of Roseville, MN and daughter of Diane Holmgren and Rick Distad, is an employee of Stacey Pittroff-Barona, CCE, Giant Ride. She is the recipient of a $3,000 Coca-Cola CCE Scholarship and is currently attending George Mason University to earn her Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology, with a Minor in Data Analytics on a Pre-Med track.

She started working the Fair Industry in 2017 with the Giant Slide at the Minnesota State Fair. She shared, “After a couple of years working at the Slide and learning how to work with others, communicate with customers, and do the job I was assigned, I moved to the Cheese-on-a-Stick Concession Booth, where I then worked all day, every day for the past three Summers. I have learned a lot throughout the six years that I have been working in the Concession Business. It provides me with a unique environment that fosters growth in many areas of my life. The skills I’ve learned are assets that I now use in college and skills I will take beyond college.” Once she graduates, Lauren plans on attending Medical School to become a Doctor. She shared, “I will utilize my customer service skills to treat patients and not only provide the best service, but also the best care. I have found a love for customer service, and I think that is what drove me to be a Doctor instead of any other medical personnel. Seeing the satisfied and elated look on customers’ faces after a refreshing glass of ice-cold Lemonade is the look I hope to see on my future patients’ faces. All of these skills have shaped me to be a better and more caring person and employee to further myself and abilities for my future.”

At George Mason University, Lauren is on the Division 1 Women’s Lacrosse Team and the Student Athlete Advisory Committee and is a volunteer in her local community. She shared, “I brought the skills of teamwork and knowing how to effectively communicate with others, being a leader for a group of people with a common goal, following directions, being open to new ideas, working long hours, and showing up early to be as prepared as I can be.” Others describe Lauren as someone who “consistently strives to better herself and those around her” and “always goes above and beyond what is expected of her.”

George Mason University

Hall of Fame Scholarship

Taylor Coffman

Taylor Coffman, from Wabash, IN, is the son of Jared and Marie Coffman and grandson of Sam Coffman, Coffman Concessions. He is receiving the $3,000 Hall of Fame Scholarship and will be attending Brigham Young University to earn his Bachelor’s in Biophysics.

Taylor has fond memories of his experience working on the Fairgrounds. He said, “I have been personally involved in working for my Grandpa making Elephant Ears since about the age of six, when I worked 30 minute shifts and was paid in tips and frozen treats from the Dairy Barn. Since then, I have worked more and more each year and now run booths throughout the Summer.” He has learned many new “vitally important skills” as a result. He explained, “While working the window as the cashier I have learned patience, how to communicate with less than happy people, and how to stay positive in the face of stress. From managing a booth, I have learned inventory management, how to give criticisms in the best way possible to maintain employee morale, and how to direct small groups of people to work together efficiently. These skills, specifically communicating effectively, working under stress, and giving directions, are all necessary to running a team or clinic smoothly.” Taylor’s next goal is to earn his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biophysics, with Minors in Business and Chemistry. After he graduates, he plans on attending Medical School, where he will then pursue a career as an Anesthesiologist. He stated proudly, “I am dedicated to helping others in whatever capacity I can. As a physician, I will be able to help enable people to live their best lives.”

Taylor has served in the Boy Scouts of America and as an international missionary, and was very active in both sports and community involvement. He is defined as “honest, committed, intelligent, selfmotivated, and respected,” is recommended for his “impeccable character,” has “distinguished himself in service, character, and athletics,” and is known to “work hard at everything he does.”

Regional Councils’ Scholarship

Kylie Kastl

Arizona State University

Kylie Kastl, of Casa Grande, AZ, is the daughter of Frank and Kay Kastl, Kastl Amusements. She is the recipient of the $3,000 Regional Councils’ Scholarship and is continuing her education at Arizona State University to pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering and Astronautics.

Kylie explained, “I have spent my entire childhood surrounded by Carnival Rides and an ever-changing setting that revolves like a Carousel. My life on the Carnival made me into who I am today; without it, I would have never developed the qualities that made me motivated and successful. My new

role as a stand-in manager for my parents during the Fair served as a testament to my ability to handle increased responsibilities and take charge of complex operations. It showcased my strong management skills and further solidified my determination to pursue a career that combines my engineering expertise with my passion for leading teams and delivering exceptional customer experiences.” She has developed a diverse skill set that encompasses leadership, customer service, technical knowledge, and marketing expertise: “These qualities, nurtured from a young age in a unique and ever-changing environment, have shaped me into a motivated and successful individual ready to excel in my future endeavors. All of which is a direct result of my involvement in the Fair and Concession Industry.” Kylie wants to eventually become an Aerospace Engineer at NASA, SpaceX, or Space Force. She said, “I want to love what I do every day by using my problem-solving skills and my natural talent for working with my hands in my projects. While working in the Fair and Concessions Industry alongside my family, I have acquired valuable practical skills and firsthand experience, which I aim to leverage as a future Engineer.”

Kylie graduated high school as the Salutatorian and while in college, she has been on the Dean’s List and served in Student Government among other activities. Kylie is known as an “outstanding individual,“ who is a “valuable asset,” and has “remarkable skills, dedication, and professionalism.”

Leadership Scholarship

Olivia Owens, of Tampa, FL, daughter of Ron and Beth Owens, Blue Moon Tavern at the Park, is receiving the $3,000 Leadership Scholarship. She is continuing her education at Florida State University to finish her Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

Olivia attributes her drive and determination to her experiences growing up in the Concessions Industry. She also credits her Dad for his continual encouragement: “One of the first days I ever worked in the Concession Business, at the age of 12, my Dad said to me, ‘There is nothing in this world that can be taught that you can’t learn.’ I didn’t know at the time, but it would stick with me for the rest of my life. I have been taught by the Concession Business how to think on my feet and to never underestimate my abilities. I have been tested to the limits of accuracy, speed, and endurance every Summer that I have worked at the Fair and proved to myself that the advice that my Dad gave me is true. I know that I could have just let it go in one ear and out the other, but it really stuck with me all these years. The Fair has pushed me to show myself how strong I can be.” After graduation, Olivia plans to earn her Master’s in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Structural Engineering. She explained, “The Fair was able to shape my character and work ethic at such a young age and provided me with skills that have been crucial to my success in my degree and in my career. I was taught the value of hard work, determination, and perseverance. Every day that I have spent working in the Concessions Business has developed and strengthened my tenacity, work ethic, and discipline. There is no class that you can take in any university or school that can teach you how to develop these characteristics, much less manage an entire kitchen staff for eleven days. I believe that is what has shaped me into the woman I am today.”

Olivia contributes to her community as a volunteer and member of the Delta Delta Delta Sorority, and has participated in two Engineering Internships while in college. She has been described as an “exceptional student” and an “outstanding role model” who is “intelligent, driven, and inquisitive.”

Olivia Owens Florida State University

Pittroff Family Visionary Scholarship

Josephine DiPaola

Josephine DiPaola, of Kingston, NY, is the daughter of Mario DiPaola, and employee and niece of Vincent Nelson, CCE, Vinnie’s Fine Foods. She is the recipient of a $2,000 Pittroff Family Visionary Scholarship and is attending the College of Saint Rose to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Josephine has been involved in the Fair Industry her entire life as a Fourth Generation Concessionaire. She shared, “From passing out Water at three years old to serving Sandwiches on a busy day at my Uncle’s Concession Stand, I have witnessed firsthand the degree of hard work and drive it takes to be successful in this business. Although this is not a career I plan to pursue, it’s the work ethic and people skills involved with dealing with various customers that will follow me in my future career.” She credits reaching her goals to her experience at the Fair. She said, “When I have a goal, I stick to it and I am successful. I am driven, which is something I learned from growing up surrounded by the Fair Business, and it is something I learned from my Uncle, one of the hardest working people I know.” Josephine’s dream is to enter the education field after graduation: “I want to be an Adolescent Math Teacher. For me, teaching is more than a career. Since I was as young as nine years old, whenever anyone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I always said, ‘Teacher.’ As I’ve become older, that drive has only grown. I want to teach my future students how to problem solve and math is a great way to do that.”

While in high school, Josephine was active in many extracurriculars including Swim Team, Choir, Soccer, and Musical Theatre. According to others, she has an “innate ability to see the positive in everyone,” is “born to lead,” and is full of “grit, compassion, and dedication.”

Tom Moore Visionary Scholarship

Savannah Grout

Savannah Grout, from Ware, MA, is the daughter of Cathy and Kelly Grout, Jack’s Fries. She is receiving a $2,000 Tom Moore Visionary Scholarship and is continuing her education at Westfield State University to study Animation and obtain her Bachelor of Arts Degree.

“For my whole life, the Fair Industry has played a major part of who I am,” Savannah shared. “My Grandfather started his company back in 1962 not knowing that his company would shape his future and the generations to come. Now 61 years later, the business he built is continuing to shape the lives of his family.” She explained, “Being brought up Third Generation allowed me to learn beside some of the most knowledgeable and inspirational people I know. These people and this Industry have taught me so much: dedication, hard work, and the importance of teamwork. Though one of the most important things I have gained from working in this Industry is the ability to push myself and always make sure you’re happy while doing it.”

Savannah’s focus on balancing her schooling and working

College of Saint Rose Westfield State University

has influenced her career choice of becoming a Freelance Animator. She shared, “After college, I intend to do Freelance Animation so that I may work in the Fair Industry in the Summer with my family and animate with different companies in the Winter. Working with different companies while Freelancing will allow me to gain more knowledge from many different animators and will help me better my abilities.”

Throughout her academic career, Savannah has been on the Dean’s List, participated in many different extracurricular activities, and volunteered in her community. She has been described as an “exceptional leader,” who demonstrates an “entrepreneurial spirit,” with “a love for learning.”

Thank You to Our Many Donors

The 2023 NICA Foundation Scholarship Program wouldn’t be the same without donations from Berk Brands; Coca-Cola; Laura and Ron Porter, Fare Foods; Pittroff Family, Giant Slide and The Original Australian Battered Potatoes; Phil Teague, Hummel Group; James and Larry McConnell, CCE, McConnell Concessions; Rey O’Day, NICA Executive Director; Audrey


Foundation President, and Lawrence

Catering. The additional fundraising efforts of the NICA Foundation Board of Trustees, NICA Past Presidents and Board of Directors, the NICA Regional Councils, and the NICA Membership help to ensure this program truly makes a difference in the lives of our many Scholarship Recipients

Sivori, Sivori

Berk Brands Visionary Scholarship Grace Owens

Grace Owens, of Tampa, FL, is the daughter of Ron and Beth Owens, Blue Moon Tavern at the Park. She is the recipient of a Berk Brands Visionary Scholarship for $2,000 and is attending South College Physician Assistant School for a Master of Health Science Degree in Physician Assistant Studies

Grace has worked every Summer for the Blue Moon Tavern at the Park at the Wisconsin State Fair for the past ten years: “I would not be who I am today without my experience in the Concessions and Fair Industry.” According to her, you can’t “warm up” for working in the Fair Industry. She explained, “You aren’t afforded the time to ease into your role or take a seat on the backup bench to learn the ropes. After the gates open, it’s all gas, no brakes, until the gates close behind the last happy family on the last day of the Fair. The time in between is where the magic happens.” Grace is in school to become a Physician Assistant. She shared, “My experience working in the Concession Business and Fair Industry has provided me with the ability to utilize the strengths I have to execute tasks concurrently and produce quality results. The practice I’ve had functioning in a fast-paced environment has equipped me with the confidence to attend to the independent needs of multiple patients to ensure the best outcome for their health. I envy the octopus because they have eight arms to carry the weight of their responsibilities, but my experiences have made me strong enough to succeed with just two.”

While in college, Grace has been a High School Lacrosse Coach and has served the community with the Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. She “performs well under pressure,” has a “willingness to succeed as a leader,” is “engaged, highly motivated, inquisitive,” and has a “commitment to serving others.”

McConnell Family Visionary Scholarship

Carmela Palmieri

Bastyr University

Carmela Palmieri, from Phoenix, AZ, is the daughter of Dominic Palmieri, CCE and Kim Palmieri of Odyssey Foods, LLC, and is receiving a McConnell Family Visionary Scholarship worth $2,000. She will be continuing her education at Bastyr University to earn a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine.

Carmela was raised in the Industry and has been working in her parents’ Concession Stands as a manager at nine Food Stands throughout school. She shared, “The Concession Business and Fair Industry has taught me many valuable lessons and core values that I have continued to implement into every aspect of my life. My parents shaped me into the person I am today and taught me the ins and outs of our Industry. I have learned the worth of interpersonal relationships, commitment, work ethic, business logistics, and time management. I see how hard my parents work and I am so grateful to have an amazing example of what it means to constantly be improving an Industry to pursue excellence. It raised me to have passions and goals in everything I do.” Carmela graduated with a

South College Physician Assistant School

Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and is on her way to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor. She said, “I want to specialize in women’s health, fertility, and hormones to be able to help others in their health journey. Eventually, I hope to open my own practice to be able to aid and educate women on the natural ways of healing the body and mind.”

While completing her degree, Carmela has served as a member of Alpha Chi Omega and as both President and Treasurer of the Italian Club. Others noted that she has demonstrated “admirable leadership skills,” a “selfless willingness to help and serve,” and continues to “inspire those around her.”

What are Named Scholarships?

You may have noticed our Named Tier of Visionary Scholarships. These Named Scholarships allow individuals or companies to create a scholarship fund with a specific name, often associated with the donor’s company or in honor of a person or group they wish to recognize. Donors have the opportunity to establish a scholarship fund by committing to

donate $2,000 annually for a period of three years. This commitment reflects a desire to support education and empower deserving students. Named Scholarships not only provide financial aid to students but also leave a lasting legacy for the donor or the person being honored.

To learn more about Named Scholarship, visit or call (813) 438-8926.

26 September 2023 NICA News

Hummel Group Visionary Scholarship

Kennedy Tutak

Kennedy Tutak, of Faribault, MN, is the daughter of Kelly and Chancy Tutak, and granddaughter of NICA Member Brad Schroder, Schroder Concessions, Inc. She is receiving the $2,000 Hummel Group Visionary Scholarship and will be continuing her undergraduate education at Hamline University. She plans to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Neuroscience. Kennedy has been involved in the Concession Business since she was young. She shared, “For all 20 years I’ve been alive, the Fair Industry has been a big part of my life. That’s bound to happen when your Grandparents own a Concession Business.” As a result, Kennedy has learned many valuable lessons such as communication, problem solving, patience, and teamwork. She explained, “Working a variety of events has taught me how to work and communicate with all kinds of different people to try and problem solve, help customers, and do any other work or labor needed. Through all of these things, I feel I’ve not only developed a lot more patience than before, but also a strong appreciation and respect for others.” After graduation, Kennedy plans to become a Psychiatrist or a Psychiatric Researcher. She stated, “The Fair Industry isn’t the most glamorous Industry in the world. There are a lot of difficult things that come with it, but it is an Industry that has been in my life since I’ve been born. These lessons will no doubt follow me into the rest of my life and career path as I pursue my passions.”

While in college, Kennedy has been a teacher’s assistant, a tutor, and is always busy in the lab. She also volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters and is active in sports. She is described as “detail oriented” and “self motivated” with “incredible resilience” and the determination to “make her dreams a reality.”

Alys Huffman Visionary Scholarship Lilly


Lilly Underberg is from Springville, NY and is the daughter of Mark and Jessica Underberg, CFE, Erie County Fair. She is the recipient of a $2,000 Alys Huffman Visionary Scholarship and is pursuing an Agriculture Education Degree at Connors State College

Lilly has been showing pigs at Fair competitions since she was eight years old: “I was extremely shy but I developed a profound love for pigs. I was thrilled to go to the County Fair each year because I got to see all my friends and I got to show the judge all the hard work that I had put into my hog project. I am passionate about my work and I am proud of what I do.” The one thing she looked forward to the most was to educate the public. She shared, “I would answer questions from the Fairgoers all day long, for twelve days straight. I realized most of the Fairgoers who asked questions had absolutely no idea about production agriculture but were genuinely interested.” This knack for education has directly led to her career choice. She explained, “Showing Livestock and working at Fairs

Connors State College

helped shape my future by creating the venue that brought out my passion, which is educating the public about agriculture. If I didn’t show Livestock or work at Fairs I may not be chasing the dream of becoming an Agriculture Educator.”

While in college, Lilly has been accepted to the Livestock Show Team as well as the President’s Leadership Class. She is known for being “extremely dedicated,” and “respectful, tenacious, focused, and kind,” with a “caring nature and upbeat personality.”

O’Brien Vocational Scholarships

Jaden Miller

Jaden Miller, from Pinckneyville, IL, is the son of Jeffery and Leslie Miller and grandson of Paulette Keene, Paulette’s Food Service. He is receiving a $2,000 O’Brien Vocational Arts Scholarship and will be going to John A. Logan College this Fall to earn an Associate’s Degree in Construction Management, with a concentration in Project Management.

Jaden is a Fifth Generation Concessionaire and started off young in the Fair Industry, around the age of four; he would sit in a golf cart and was in charge of keeping track of his Grandmother’s phone, radio, and keys. At age 11 he was taking orders and giving correct change to patrons. He shared, “As I got older I got more involved in the business and I started getting involved in the trailers. By twelve I could pretty much run a trailer!” While in the Fair Industry, he has learned valuable skills such as time and business management. He shared, “I can use time management to make sure I am punctual to work and make sure all the projects I am in charge of stay on time. I can use the business management skills to manage what I am in charge of and keep everyone working well together.” Jaden hopes to one day put his skills to the test and run his own commercial construction company. While attending high school, Jaden continued to work in Concessions while working another job and participating in extracurricular activities such as Future Business Leaders of America, Varsity Wrestling, and as a Youth Coach. He is also noted for his “humility,” “ability to work hard” and “determination and will to accomplish whatever he desires.”

Hayden Newman

Hayden Newman is from Oroville, CA and is the daughter of Ryann and Mike Newman, Fruit Caboose Concessions. She is receiving a $2,000 O’Brien Vocational Arts Scholarship and will be attending Feather River Community College for a Bachelor’s Degree in Equine and Ranch Management.

50 years ago, Hayden’s Grandfather started the family business as the world’s first mobile, free-rein Pony Ride. She has grown up in the Fair Industry, with every Summer of her childhood spent on a Fairgrounds “somewhere on the West Coast.” According to Hayden, “I have learned so many life skills and lessons—not only from my own experience, but by listening to the experience of those around me. I am blessed to have been surrounded by some of the most amazing business owners and people in this Industry.” She has learned what it takes to have a good work ethic and the importance of customer service, as well as “everything from driving trailers and fixing trucks to

Feather River Community College

interacting with the general public and counting back change.” She also learned how to be a good employee and what it takes to be a good employer. She shared, “I think I’m a better person for having grown up the way I did on the Fairgrounds, surrounded by hardworking, genuine people.” After college, Hayden plans to take over the Pony Ride: “I am beyond excited that I get to pursue my interests in the Industry.”

Hayden is active in extracurricular sports and volunteers with organizations such as FFA. She was noted as an avid horsewoman, an accomplished baker, and a voracious reader and has been described as a “hardworking individual” who is “self-motivated and disciplined” with “passion” for the Industry.

Entrepreneurial Scholarships

Sam Beach

Sam Beach is from Hillsdale, MI and is the son of Barbara and Rodney Beach of Beach Concessions. He is receiving a $1,000 Entrepreneurial Scholarship and will be attending the United States Naval Academy for his fourth year, studying Operations Research.

Sam shared, “My involvement in my family’s business began as far back as I remember. From a very early age I can recall my parents showing me how to work the window by teaching me to make change and serve customers. As I grew older I was capable of being more involved in the business. This meant I was taught how to set up and tear down—putting the trailers on location, setting up the hoses and power cords, and making sure everything was good to go and ready for business.” Through his involvement with the Fair Industry, he has learned many lessons that have “helped tremendously” and “continue to have an impact” on his life. He said, “One thing my parents stressed was that if you’re going to do a job, you need to do it right. I have carried this with me into the Naval Academy, specifically with military procedures. In the training process, how detailed and strict you are almost directly correlates to success. This is yet another example of how the lessons from the Concession Business will help keep me honest and dedicated to my job. My parents taught me to never cut corners and I can confidently say that those lessons will be with me forever.”

After graduation, Sam wants to become a Marine Corps Officer. He is known as an “outstanding young man,” who shows “excellent work ethic, initiative, communication skills, and leadership.”

Tate Hinkemeyer

Tate Hinkemeyer, from Grove Heights, MN, is the son of David Hinkemeyer, and grandson of Mary Wagner, Treat Truck, Inc. He is the recipient of a $1,000 Entrepreneurial Scholarship. He will be studying to earn a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice and International Affairs at Northeastern University.

Tate has grown up in the business, working at the Minnesota State and County Fairs since he was small. He shared, “Being in the Concession Business is in my blood. My Grandma started doing Concessions with her Ice Cream Business and she passed on this love of making people happy to my Mom, who passed it on to me. Although the days can get long at points, I love interacting with the customers, getting to know them, and to watch their faces light up when they get their Ice Cream. It’s

United States Naval Academy Northeastern University

been a great experience learning how to interact with a wide variety of customers, while also learning life skills like the value of money and how to interact with every customer who wants your product.” Tate will apply his Fair experience with customer service and a positive attitude to his future career as a Lawyer. He said, “Law has always fascinated me, even from a young age. I want to continue to help people and I find that the Concession Industry has set me up for success when I enter the law field, since a Lawyer needs to have strong interpersonal skills to communicate with clients. I want to give everyone the helping hand they deserve.”

While in high school, Tate played and coached sports while serving in a number of activities. According to others, he is an “extraordinary young man” who is “brimming with potential” and will “take on any role.”

Molly Menchen

University of South Florida

Molly Menchen, from Homosassa, FL, is the daughter of Ann Menchen, Past NICA Office Manager, and stepdaughter of Tom Hodson, CCE, The Thomas Hodson Company. She is the recipient of a $1,000 Entrepreneurial Scholarship and will be earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Communications and Journalism from the University of South Florida

Since she was younger, Molly has had every child’s dream—unlimited access to the Fair. Since her Mom worked there, she would take Molly to her favorite stands: “I remember the Concessionaires always giving me a little extra. It was my happy place.” Once she was older, she started working in Concessions and learned “what the Concession Business and Fair Industry was all about.” She added, “From spending a good part of my younger years on the Fairgrounds to working at a Concession Stand, I gained a unique perspective into the prowess necessary to be successful in this Industry. I learned the importance of being adaptable, having a strong work ethic, always having a Plan B, and that it is necessary to create solid relationships.” Molly’s skills will be extremely helpful in her future as a Film and Television Producer. She shared, “I expect to be put in situations that are uncertain and tricky, and I will remember that if I think like a Concessionaire, I will always find a solution!”

While in college, Molly has been active in many roles such as a TV Broadcasting Intern, Honors Program Ambassador, Phi Theta Kappa Member, and serves in many leadership capabilities. Others define her as “inspiring,” having “wisdom well beyond her years” and being “engaged in her community.”

Megan Miley

Megan Miley, from Leesport, PA, is the daughter of Georgine and Edward Miley, Mrs. T’s Pierogies, and is receiving a $1,000 Entrepreneurial Scholarship. She will be attending Alvernia University to receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Forensic Science.

Megan has been in the Concession Business from a young age. She explained, “I learned how to properly count change without a calculator and do quick math in my head to ensure a fast transaction. I have also learned that everything must be clean and sanitary before an event begins and must stay that way as the event goes on. This also helped with my leadership skills and I learned that activities like this can bring a community together. It helped me to better be able to delegate jobs and get things done in a timely manner while still making sure everything was done and ready before the event.” Megan hopes to one day work for a government agency as a Forensic Detective or Analyst. “If not that, then for the police, helping them to get to the bottom of who committed the crime.” She added, “I will use the skills that I have learned in my field of study by ensuring that all of my equipment is sanitized and cleaned to get the best results and no contamination. I will also use these skills to do math much quicker in my head and get back to my supervisor with the resolved issue in little to no time.”

Alvernia University

In high school Megan was in the Leo Club, on the Lacrosse Team (awarded MVP her senior year), and volunteered at the Harvest Moon Festival. She has “shown an abundance of maturity and ambition in her personal, professional, and academic interactions” and has been described as a “hard worker” and an “exceptional leader.”

Chapman University

Dale E. Fowler School of Law

Gino Palmieri, from Newport Beach, CA, is the son of Dominic and Kim Palmieri, Odyssey Foods, LLC, and is receiving a $1,000 Entrepreneurial Scholarship. He will be pursuing a Law Degree at Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law.

Gino grew up working in the Concession Business as part of the Fourth Generation, starting at only four years old making Sodas. The next year he was promoted to register and by age thirteen he was managing Lemonade Stands. He stated, “Every weekend or school break I could be found traveling to the Fairs and working for my family. The Fair has blessed me with a second family and countless mentors who helped mold me into the man I am today.” Gino also attributes the Concession Business with teaching him three important values that he will use in his future career: resilience, critical thinking, and curiosity. After graduation, he plans to take the bar exam and become a practicing Lawyer. He explained, “I intend to stay committed to the Industry by studying entertainment law. The resilient nature I developed working in the Concession Business has helped me become thorough and determined. The legal profession also requires critical thinking and problem solving because cases don’t always have a clear cut solution. In addition, my curiosity will take me far in representing prospective clients.”

While in school, Gino has been the Treasurer of his Sigma Chi Alpha Upsilon chapter and Vice President of the Real Estate Law Society among other activities. He is defined as “extremely responsible” with an “impeccable character, engaging personality, tireless work ethic, and keen intellect.”

Gino Palmieri Sophia Pulaski

Sophia Pulaski, from West Linn, OR, is the daughter of Alex and Mica Pulaski, La Familia Mexican Food, and is receiving a $1,000 Entrepreneurial Scholarship. She will be attending Brandeis University to gain a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a Minor in Computer Science.

Sophia has been in the Fair environment for as long as she can remember. She recalled, “My earliest years were spent running around the amusement park with the daughter of another Vendor, a Summertime friend. I would wander back to the booth at nighttime for the keys so I could sleep in the car while my Mom finished up the night. As I grew, my responsibilities in the booth did too.” She started out with simple tasks like handing out Sodas, refilling ice, and taking out the trash—“all of the things that everyone else was too busy to deal with”—before moving to the register when I was 11: “This was no easy feat for someone who lacked patience!” Sophia thanks her Mother for the work ethic and patience she has developed. These traits will assist her when she enters the working world. She related, “I plan to use my business degree to help our family business or possibly start a Fair Business of my own. Above all I want a career that I will enjoy and grow from.”

Sophia was a competitive swimmer and a member of organizations such as Hands Helping Hands, the Model UN, National Honor Society, and more while in high school. She has a reputation for her “upbeat personality,” “work ethic, maturity, integrity, and commitment,” and for being a “dedicated and diligent student” and a “positive, encouraging influence” on others.

Brandeis University

Katie Schulz

Katie Schulz, from Hutchinson, KS, is the daughter of Bryan and Lisa Schulz, Kansas State Fair, and is receiving a $1,000 Entrepreneurial Scholarship. She will be attending Fort Hays State University to earn a Bachelor’s in Health and Human Performance, with a concentration in Sport and Exercise Therapy.

Katie shared, “Growing up with my Father being the General Manager of a Fair, it is safe to say I spent a lot of time around the Fair Industry. I have learned many lessons that I will take with me into the future.” The most important lessons she has learned include being able to adapt to changes quickly and the importance of leadership. She believes these qualities will be useful in her dream of opening an adaptive gym and/or rehabilitation center where she hopes to work with both kids and adults. She said, “In both athletic injuries and the Fair Industry there are many unpredictable situations that arise on short notice. Having the ability to react quickly and find a solution can not only save someone’s day at the Fair, but can also help to save an athlete’s career. Secondly, no matter the situation you are in, it is incredibly important to have a leader at the forefront. Overall, although athletics and the Fair Industry are very different, many of the lessons I have learned growing up around the Fair will impact my ability to be successful in the field of athletics.”

Katie has been involved with the National Society of Leadership and Success, in the Health and Human Performance Club, and as the Kansas State Fair Mascot Handler among other community activities. According to others, Katie has demonstrated “great communication skills” and “leadership.”

Inspirational Scholarships

Grace Hulstedt

Grace Hulstedt, from Belvidere, IL, is the daughter of Mike and Tanya Hulstedt, and employee of Brett Rubert, Carolina Classic Fair. She is the recipient of a $500 Inspirational Scholarship and will be attending Rasmussen University to receive an Associate’s Degree as a Surgical Technologist.

Grace has been involved in the Fair Industry for the past four years and has gained many valuable experiences that will help her as she continues her education. She said, “Throughout my time working, I’ve learned the importance of positively interacting with customers, working efficiently in a small space, and always staying optimistic, calm, and enthusiastic during the busiest hours of the day.” As Grace begins school to become a Surgical Technologist she will never forget the many valuable lessons she learned while working in the Concession Business She shared, “Working in the medical field will come with many challenges, but I’ve learned to always remain calm and to stay positive during the most stressful times. I’ve gained a lot of experience working efficiently with a team, and will use those skills as I work with other healthcare workers in the operating room.” After obtaining her degree, she would like to go back to school to become a Surgical Nurse. She added, “I can say with full confidence that the time I’ve spent working in the Concession Business has helped shape me into the hard working, reliable, and optimistic worker I am today.”

Rasmussen University

Grace was a high school state scholar, member of Key Club and National Honors Society, and active in extracurricular sports and music. She has been described as “dependable,” “selfless,” and an “incredible citizen of her community.”

Autumn McDaniel, from New Braunfels, TX, is the daughter of Guy McDaniel and niece of Nate and Stephanie Janousek, Fun Biz Concessions, and is the recipient of a $500 Inspirational Scholarship. She will be continuing work on her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Sciences, with a Minor in Social Work, at Texas Tech University

Autumn has worked with her family and the Carnival since she was brought into this world. She said, “Life was always quite a bit different for my family. For the majority of every year, my entire family would come together to run our family business. I started as a very young child, just helping my Dad on the Rides when I could. When I got older, I would take over tasks and do them on my own. The Summers of my childhood were all filled with me traveling with my family and working on the Rides. As I grew into my teenage years, the Fair turned into my job to help supervise the Rides. I also worked in the Concessions aspect of the Fair many times, which included working in a multitude of different Food Stands in different Fairs.” Autumn hopes to apply these lessons to her future as a Child Welfare Worker after graduation. She added, “I understood from a young age how important hard work was which has only made me a better employee and allowed me to contribute to my family’s legacy.”

While in high school, Autumn was the Head Editor and Chief Writer at her school newspaper, on the yearbook production staff, and contributed to various school organizations and her community in many ways. She has stood out for her “kind demeanor and a passion for helping others,” and is described as a “remarkable young woman.”

Hailey Miller

Hailey Miller is from Sun Prairie, WI and is the daughter of Monica and Doug Miller and granddaughter of Charlie and Mary Miller, Charlie’s Food Concessions. She is receiving a $500 Inspirational Scholarship and will be attending Grand Canyon University for a Double Major Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management and Entrepreneurial Studies.

Hailey grew up as a Sixth Generation Concessionaire. She stated, “I have practically been a part of the Fair Industry since the day I was born. From my very first Summer until now, I can confidently say that my time spent working at Fairs has taught me invaluable life lessons. Working in Concessions throughout my life has equipped me with a diverse set of skills, including managerial and leadership tasks, food service, cooking, customer service, hard work, and cleaning, as well as employee training.” Hailey is confident that these experiences will prove valuable in her future career choice in hospitality. She said, “My work in the Fair Industry has been a significant source of personal and professional growth for me. It has equipped me with the ability to effectively work with coworkers and customers, which I can use in the Hospitality Industry. I also have learned skills in working under high-pressure environments. My involvement in observing and assisting my parents in running their business has provided me with valuable insights and skills that can be applied in the entrepreneurial field.”

Hailey stays involved with her community by leading her local Sunday School, runs College Night at her church, and is part of many faith groups on campus. She is described by others as a “quick learner,” having “exceptional leadership skills,” and a rare combination of “talent, dedication, and passion.”

Grand Canyon University

This year’s Scholarship Program would not be possible without the generous donations of so many of our supporters. To learn more about the NICA Foundation, visit ▲

Scott Kozelka

Steele County Free Fair

Owatonna, MN (1995)

Kathy Kramer, CVE, CFEE, CMP Central Washington State Fair

Yakima, WA (2006)

Siegrid La Fratta

Perfection Confections, Inc

Ruskin, FL (1996)

James La Fratta µ Perfection Confections, Inc.

Ruskin, FL (1993)

Allen Lindsey

Lindsey Concessions

Troy, MI (2006)

Don Long, CCE

L & L Concessions, Inc.

La Verne, CA (2007)

Linda Lund

Babcia’s Pierogi

Lancaster, NY (2019)

Schuyler MacPherson

Ten Pound Buns / SDM Concessions, LLC

Long Beach, CA (2011)

Bob Matthews

BJ’s Concessions

Groveland, FL (2004)

Larry McConnell, CCE µ McConnell Concessions

Indianola, IA (1993)

Jim McGuire

Du Page County Fair Association

Wheaton, IL (1997)

Ron McKinney

McKinney Food Services

Hughes Springs, TX (2003)

Shawn McKinney

McKinney Food Services

Hughes Springs, TX (1995)

Daniel McLean

Almond Garten

Harlan, IN (2021)

Helen McPeak

Wilson County Fair -

Tennessee State Fair

Lebanon, TN (1999)

John Meigs µ Meigs Concessions

Lisbon, NY (1993)

Dennis Merigian µ

Merigian’s Caramel Corn, Inc. Belding, MI (1993)

Letrice Midgett

North Carolina State Fair

Raleigh, NC (1994)

Phil Mostaccio

Completely Nuts, Inc.

Arlington Heights, IL (2011)

Ronald Netterfield

Netterfields Popcorn & Lemonade, Inc.

Land O’ Lakes, FL (1994)

Karen Nicklas

The Great Frederick Fair Inc. Frederick, MD (2018)

Bill Olson

Greater Jacksonville

Agricultural Fair

Jacksonville, FL (2011)

Karen Oneal

Marshall County Blueberry Festival

Plymouth, IN (2009)

Jim Pardini

Pardini’s Fair Ventures, L.P. Fresno, CA (2010)

Missy Pfile CC Foods

Garrettsville, OH (2009)

Marlene Pierson-Jolliffe µ State Fair of Virginia Doswell, VA (1993)

Fred Pittroff

Giant Ride, Inc. Balboa, CA (1995)

Audrey Poole Fare Foods

DuQuoin, IL (2007)

Ron Porter

Fare Foods

Du Quoin, IL (1994)

Amy Powers

Sweet and Salty Concessions, LLC

Wilmington, NC (1999)

Jerry Price µ

Fiske Concessions, Inc.

Brooksville, FL (1993)

Lynette Rawlings

Rawlings Concessions

Atwater, CA (2000)

Mary Lee Ricketts

R’s N R’s Concessions

Pomona, CA (2022)

Vonda Riley

Jimmy’s Concessions, Inc.

Creedmoor, NC (2018)

Sharon Rismiller

Rismiller Concessions, LLC

Arcanum, OH (1997)

Kyle Robinson µ Florida Strawberry Festival

Plant City, FL (1993)

Kendra Romero

The Ice Cream Place

Prospect, OR (2022)

Alice Rowlett

D & A Silver Dollar Bakery

Merryville, LA (1998)

Brad Schroder µ Schroder Concessions, Inc.

Faribault, MN (1993)

Bruce Short

Short’s Hardware

Archbold, OH (2007)

Edgar Sivori, III

Kentuckiana Specialty Caterers

Sheperdsville, KY (1994)

Renate Skinner

Skinner’s Amusements

Harvard, IL (1998)

Celia Smith

Family A Fair, Inc.

Hemet, CA (2008)

Dale Smith, CCE

Family A Fair, Inc.

Hemet, CA (2008)

Jay Spicer, CFE

St. Lucie County Fair

Ft. Pierce, FL (2007)

Michelle Spivey

Spivey’s Southern Grill, Inc.

Plant City, FL (2004)

Rodney Spivey

Spivey’s Southern Grill, Inc.

Plant City, FL (2011)

David Strum

Pretzel Factory

Aurora, CO (2002)

James Stuhan

Southwest Concessions


Phoenix, AZ (2022)

Martin Svrcek

Montgomery County

Agricultural Fair

Gaithersburg, MD (2010)

Jay Tyson

Hopkins Food Service, Inc.

Thomasville, GA (2007)

Devin Vaughn

Colorado State Fair

Pueblo, CO (2022)

Dean Vlazakis

Diversified Agriculture & Ag Mechanics

Tulare, CA (2020)

Stacey Wade

Lake County Fair Association

Eustis, FL (1995)

Chris Walden

Walden Concessions

Mattoon, IL (2017)

Rhonda Ward

Collier County Agricultural

Fair & Exposition

Naples, FL (2016)

Cheryl Wilson

Porter County Fair

Valparaiso, IN (2011)

Judy Wilson

J Wilson Group, LLC

Arcadia, IN (2015)

Josh Woods

Greater Gulf State Fair Inc

Mobile, AL (2017)

David Yonan

Space Age Food Concessions

Pine Grove, CA (2008)

Sam Zaffuto

Zaffuto’s Panini Stand

Sykesville, PA (2022)

Marty Zinder

Victor Products Co.

Richmond, VA (2016)

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