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NICA’s West Council held two Gatherings in May. Learn more about how attendees were “Meeting, Greeting & Playing!” on page 24. 21 24 21 24

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sweet-filled holidays. NICA is proud to have over 200 members who
each season.
June is National Candy Month and also hosts many
specialize in
delicious treats
Find out “How Sweet It is!” on page 21.

This Month’s Newest Members

Xiaofang Summer Cessnun

Magic Treats LLC

Lake City, FL

Terrance Jesclard

Les BBQ Sandwiches

South Salt Lake City, UT


Todd Rismiller

Rismiller Holdings dba Rismiller Concessions

Powell, OH

Lora Schaller

Pinnacle Concessions LLC

Crestview, FL

This Month’s Member Renewals

Cynthia Ail

Ail Food Concessions

Salem, OR (2023)

Abraham Andrade

Santa Clara County Fairgrounds FMC

San Jose, CA (2019)

Patricia Bair

Bair’s Concessions, Inc.

Lancaster, OH (2016)

Trent Bair

Bair’s Concessions, Inc. Lancaster, OH (2016)

Troy Beaver

Randy Dewitz

FanFare Attractions, LLC Minneapolis, MN (2019)

Marc Dobson

Marc Dobson

Entertainment LLC Cocoa, Florida (2014)

Shawn Freeman

Freeman Enterprises Anderson, CA (2022)

Katie Greene

Katie’s Concessions & Catering Myakka City, FL (2023)

Ann Menchen

The Thomas Hodson Company

Homosassa, FL (2022)

Jason Miller

Chester Built Trailers Ltd. Highland, IL (2021)

Mark Nichols

Uncle Buck’s Concessions

Central Point, OR (2004)

Casey Owen

Ozark Empire Fairgrounds Springfield, MO (2023)

Paul Patterson

Michael Short

Michael’s Surplus Concessions

Stryker, OH (2014)

Trina Smith

Clackamas County Fair and Event Center

Canby, OR (2023)

Steve Sweetin

Kim-Laine Fun Foods, LLC

Springfield, MO (1995)

Tina Tanner

BKE Concessions

Muskogee, OK (2020)

New Members
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to our 4
! See
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We are now in the sixth month of the year—June! Time sure flies, as most of us are deep into our season, struggling to find Employees that will actually work a full Fair. It seems the labor we used to be able to depend on years ago has flown by the wayside. A new hire will interview as a strong person that you would love to have work your Concession Booth, but when they arrive (if they arrive) they don’t have the drive to do the job. Two years ago, after 38 years of doing business, we decided it was time to change up what we had become used to doing in our hiring. We reached out to JKJ Workforce and have hired H-2B workers. It has changed the way we do business today. We still hire locally at each event we do, but the process is not as stressful since there are not as many needed. Many times we have learned that we are interviewing people that want a pass to get into the Fair, so when we hire locally, we now have a better choice, and we meet them at the gate until we feel comfortable knowing they will show up for the job.

Some may be aware of the CARE Act that is actively going on now. It will change the H-2B program dramatically in the future for all of us! You may also not be aware... I wasn’t. I always thought

Alan Barr, CCE, Pacific Crest Concessions, hard at work this season: “When your Funnel Cake Trailer Rolls off the leveling blocks in Roseburg and bends the ‘cranker’ thing!”

Summer’s Here!

that our Carnivals took most of the H-2B workers! NOT TRUE!!! We as Concessionaires take 65%, so it is very important that we all reach out to our Congressional Representative in the area where we live. We must get this passed, and we are reaching the end of the time frame. We would no longer have a limit of how many workers we can get—no limit! This is so important! To help familiarize you, we have placed information in this issue and on our Peer-to-Peer Resource Center at nicainc.org/peer.

June is also our month to celebrate our Volunteers! We want to thank each and every person that chooses to Volunteer their time to do something in our Industry! It doesn’t go unnoticed! We appreciate each of you!

June 1st was the application deadline for our NICA Foundation Scholarship program. In 2023 we awarded 26 scholarships of different amounts, for a total of $45,000. This year, $50,000 will be awarded thanks to our generous donors! We have paid for books, classes, and more for these college students! It is just simply rewarding when they let us know how much it means to them to receive anywhere from $500 to $4,000. Our Foundation continues to grow by leaps and bounds each year and we are so proud of what we have set up! It is successful because of each of you who has chosen to step up and donate, and we thank you! ▲

Kim Barr, CCE, President, with her Co-2nd Vice Presidents Stacey Pittroff-Barona, CCE and Brandy Arredondo, CCE


President: Kim Barr, CCE

1st Vice President: Jay Wells, CCE

Co-2nd Vice Presidents:

Brandy Arredondo, CCE

Stacey Pittroff-Barona, CCE

Secretary: Bary Bunts, CCE

Treasurer: Bryan Enloe, CCE


Michelle Allen, CCE

Jacqueline Bradbury, CCE

Sandy Class, CCE

Phil Delahoyde

Dan Lusenhop


Vincent Nelson, CCE

Daryl Whicheloe, CCE

Sandy Class, CCE

Don Delahoyde, CCE

Kathy Ross, CCE

Dan Lusenhop

Dominic Palmieri, CCE

Paulette Keene, CCE

Joe Potillo, Jr.

Greg Miller, CCE

Tom Sattler, CCE

Russ Harrison, CCE

Richard Busse, CCE

Tom Hodson, CCE

Jim Hodson, CCE (Deceased)

Tim O’Brien, CCE

Ron Smith

Adam McKinney, CCE

Mike Pence, CCE

Jack Woods, II, CCE

Bob Hallifax, CCE

Frank Parnell, CCE

Larry Orme (Deceased)

Larry Sivori

Rich Wright

Bill McKinney, CCE

Arthur Pokorny, Jr.

Gene O’Brien, CCE (Deceased)


Executive Director : Rey O’Day

Office & Membership Manager : Linda Frisco

Office Clerk : Mary Vega

Communications & Marketing Manager • NICA News Editor : Jesse Willard

Commercial Exhibits Council Coordinator :

Jeff Thornberry, CCE

East Council & Social Media Coordinator : Jessica Gottsche

Midwest Council Coordinator : Dennis Larson, CFE

West Council Coordinators : Don Delahoyde, CCE

Julie Dunn


President: Audrey Poole

Vice President : Daryl Whicheloe, CCE

Treasurer : Jennifer Giordano, CCE

Secretary : Rey O’Day


Reilly Berk

Carmel Dyer-Pittroff, CCE

Tom Hodson, CCE

James McConnell

Larry Sivori

Jay Wells, CCE


Bary Bunts, CCE

Ryan Collmer

Whitney Fraleigh

Ryan Hagy

Gino Orlandi

Patty Tessari

Michael Zdebiak, Jr.


Connie Boesen

Sandy Class, CCE

Bruce Kozelou

James McConnell

Richie O’Neil

Matt Ribar

Mickey Venegas


Michelle Allen, CCE

Brandy Arredondo, CCE

Rodney Fazackerly

Alan Harrington

Gigi Horowitz, CCE

Ryan Long, CCE

Miki Martin

Albert Valadez

Nathan Wells, CCE

Do you have any questions or would like to get involved with NICA? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or nica@nicainc.org today!

We are now entering the Season when we really SHINE!! Almost every one of you is working 24/7 from before July 4th through Labor Day and many well into the end of October. Come Rain or Shine, and regardless of the circumstances, we SHINE

We stand out for doing something extremely well. We roll out together with new flags, fresh paint, colorful graphics, repaired stands, new equipment, tasty new menu items, and a belief that each Fair will be the best Fair of the Season.

We know that our Fair Guests flock to Fairs to experience your services, purchase your products, and taste your new and favorite foods and beverages. In other words, our customers come with the universal Urge to Splurge which Deloitte research said is “indulged in by nearly equal measures regardless of the consumer’s age, income or gender.” Great News!

Let’s take a moment to look at what Urge to Spurge or Retail Therapy is about. Fairs and Festivals give us a chance to socialize and make connections with people. Most guests are taking a break from the daily grind and rewarding themselves with a special treat. In fact, Justin Cook, Deloitte’s US Consumer Products Research Leader, explained that they conducted a survey which spanned 23 countries and over 114,000 adults and found that nearly 80% said they made at least one splurge purchase to lift their mood in the past month. More good news: we are where they are going to enjoy their break and we specialize in the delightful splurges they want to buy!

Commercial Exhibitors know that shopping lifts our spirits and boosts our moods. It is believed that women gravitate to personal care items, clothing, and household accessories and men gravitate to tools, vehicles, and items that provide physical outlets. According to Deloitte, perception is that women splurge more; however, men are equally likely to splurge and tend to spend about 40% more when they do: “That makes sense when you think about men as not being as price conscious or price aware as women.” Interestingly, the Deloitte study showed, even as Millennials spent the most on their splurges overall, that Millennial men are significantly more indulgent than Millennial women.

According to Deloitte, when it comes to splurging, no matter the demographic group, there is virtually no difference in their preferred indulgence; food and beverage is chosen by some 42% of US shoppers. “Food and beverages do more for us than just provide nourishment,” Consumer Psychologist Chris Gray, PsyD shared. “It plays an important part in our emotional lives, like selfsoothing, comfort, and entertainment when bored.

And we get rewarded by trying new flavors and tastes, like some new flavor of Ice Cream.” He also noted food and beverage is an “indulgence we often do with family and friends, so it is a shared activity.” Michael Polen, of the Better Health Group, said, “Eating is as much about pleasure and communion as it is about nutrition and health.”

We know this all to be true which is why we SHINE at Shopping, Food and Beverage, and Good Service. Try something different; do something unique to make your presentation and service memorable. Systematize your business and keep an eye on little expenses—small leaks sink great ships. In this time of inflationary prices that is what it will take to have customers continue to love us AND want to buy from us.

Moreover, what makes YOU SHINE is when your product or service is high quality (no short cuts) and presented consistently with fun, pride, smiles, cleanliness, and gratitude. That is hard to do when it is over 100 degrees or pouring rain. Other things that make it challenging are product shortages, late deliveries, missing employees, lack of sleep, training temporary help every day, a customer just yelled at you, equipment failure, and hassles with every text and at many touch points.

What makes me proud of our membership is that you are Consummate Professionals who comprehend that none of that will break you down. You find a workaround, help each other out, role model how to handle stress (lower your shoulders and take a deep breath), and behave as though whatever crazy things happen… it is just part of a normal day. Your leadership is what the guest experiences and expects and pride of ownership, satisfaction, and financial renumeration are the rewards. Gary Burnison, Korn Ferry CEO, said that so much seems bigger than any of us, but it is NEVER bigger than ALL of us!! Sort of another way to say, “Together We Can!”

I ask you to seriously consider running for the NICA Board of Directors. Spend the Summer gathering support, submit your application by August 30th, and be installed in February 2025 during our Annual Meeting at the NICA Business Expo in Tampa, FL. Never stop reaching for your better self!

And please don’t ever give anything or anyone the power to Dull your SHINE!!

Big hugs,

8 June 2024 NICA News

Entegra, NICA, and Sysco joined with friends and family for a dinner, hosted by Odyssey Foods, at the LA County Fair: Drew Ammerman, Sysco; Marie Martinelli; Clay Steadham, Sysco; Todd Patrick, Entegra; Rey O’Day, Executive Director; Corrine McElroy, Entegra; and Sarah Hartzog, Sysco

team unloading products at the Fair

Dominic Palmieri, CCE, Past President and Odyssey Foods

Dominic preparing a tasty dinner at his grill

For over 60 years and three generations, RJ Schinner has been a leader in the wholesale distribution of plastic and paper packaging and disposables, proudly serving the food service, supermarket, and sanitation markets as a partner in success.

As the largest independent redistributor in the US, our customers benefit from our enhanced flexibility, our quick to market operation, and the advantage we have of not being tied to Wall Street expectations like many of our competitors.



Do you have any announcements you would like to share? Contact us at (813) 438-8926 or nica@nicainc.org

Our Condolences to the Friends & Family of Grayson Murray

We are very saddened to report on the recent passing of Grayson Murray, PGA Golfer and brother of longtime NICA Member and Past East Council Member Cameron Murray, Chester’s Gators and Taters. Grayson excelled at golf since an early age, winning both team and individual state titles while playing at Leesville Road High School in Raleigh, NC. For three straight years, he won the Junior World Championship in San Diego. Murray earned his PGA Tour card in 2017 after six top-10 finishes. That same year, he earned his first PGA Tour victory when he won the Barbasol Championship. His second PGA Tour win came in 2024, when he took the Sony Open in Hawaii in January. In a public statement, Grayson’s parents, Eric and Terry Murray, asked others to please honor Grayson by being kind to one another. They added, “If that becomes his legacy, we could ask for nothing else. Was Grayson loved? The answer is yes. By us, his brother Cameron, his sister Erica, all of his extended family, by his friends, by his fellow players, and by many of you who are reading this. He was loved and he will be missed.”

A visitation was held on June 2, 2024 at the Bryan-Lee Funeral Home in Garner, NC. In lieu of flowers, the Murray family prefers a memorial contribution to PGA TOUR Charities, Inc. and mailed to PO Box 1065, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32004. In the memo field note “In Memory of Grayson Murray.” If you prefer to make your contribution electronically, visit p2p.onecause.com/graysonmurray. The Murray family will launch the Grayson Murray Foundation in the near future, promoting addiction awareness and enhancing mental health services and research. Our thoughts and prayers are with them during this difficult time. ▲

Attention NICA Members, have you joined us on NICA Live? NICA Live is a Facebook page dedicated to bringing live communication to the forefront of NICA. To join, all you have to do is scan this QR Code or visit facebook.com/groups/nicalive. We look forward to seeing your news, stories, and photos! ▲

Board of Directors Nominations are Due August 30th

It’s that time of year! NICA is accepting nominations for next year’s Board of Directors. Joining NICA’s Board offers many opportunities to have your voice heard, connect with other professionals in the Fair Industry, and to further the work of NICA. The due date is August 30, 2024, so don’t delay! All nomination forms can be found online at nicainc.org/nominations and must be emailed to nominations@nicainc.org, mailed to NICA, 1043 E. Brandon Blvd. Brandon, FL 33511, or faxed to (813) 803-8460. Call the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926 if you have any questions. ▲

10 June 2024 NICA News
Your News on NICA Live!

Thoughts From a

This month’s Statements of Communications and Management Philosophy are from our newest CCE Recipients Bryan Enloe, CCE, Perfect Pie and GSH Food Services, and Kelly Grout, CCE, Jack’s Fries:

Bryan Enloe, CCE

CCE Earned in 2024

What is the CCE Program?

The Certified Concessionaire Executive Program was developed to recognize the professionalism of Concessionaires, with the title representing a deep understanding and respect for the Fair and Festival Business and indicates that the titleholder will perform at the highest level

Kelly Grout, CCE

CCE Earned in 2024

of their ability. Join the 87 (and counting) others who have earned their CCE Designation and have furthered their own level of professionalism! To get started, visit the CCE website online at www.nicainc.org/CCE for access to all versions of the application, whether you would like to print or complete it online. If you have any questions, contact the NICA Office at (813) 438-8926. ▲


Have you heard of the CARE Act? If you haven’t read about it an email from IAFE, NICA, OABA, or missed it on Social Media, the CARE Act is a BIG DEAL for our Industry. According to OABA, the purpose of this ongoing grassroots effort is to socialize and mobilize support for the Carnivals Are Real Entertainment Act, known as the CARE Act (H.R. 1787), and its companion legislation in the Senate, the Restoring Industry Development in Entertainment, or the RIDE Act (S. 4040), with a vote expected next month in Congress.

We had a chance to hear from Blake Huston, OABA’s Chairman of Government Relations, who shared, “Fellow Showmen and Concessionaires, if you have not heard about H.R. 1787 by now you’re living in the dark ages. This is a pivotal turning point in the history of Show Business. For the first time we have presented a bill that is very narrow to specifically Concessionaires and Carnivals. H.R. 1787 is the House version and S. 4040 is its Senate Companion Bill.” To gain more traction, OABA held a Washington D.C. Fly-in that was attended by over 60 people from the Fair and Festival Industry. Blake reported, “We split into teams and spent two days visiting some 80 Congressional offices, as well as several direct Senatorial meetings. We currently have 33 Congressional Co-Sponsors from 15 different states.”

What do these Bills do? Blake said, “They reclassify our Industry from the H-2B program to the P-Visa category, which is an Entertainment Visa. This is the category we should have been in all along with our specialized Industry.” This may solve the Mobile Amusement Industry’s most pressing issue—having enough reliable workers to operate safely at full capacity—as well as free up about

10,000 H-2B visas for the many other industries (fishery, landscaping, resorts, etc.) that also need reliable foreign labor.

Blake urged, “We need EVERYONE’S help in calling at least your member of Congress and two Senators. You should also be calling your events and asking them to reach out and if they have any direct connections to any Legislator. We have a lot of momentum right now, but what we need are individuals like you to make the calls and make the ask to get H.R. 1787 across the finish line. Our lobbying team from Husch Blackwell Strategies (HBS) has led us this far. Now we have to do the rest.”

Greg Chiecko, OABA President and CEO, added, “We need those not participating to engage. If you’re not making calls, please do!”

Over the next few weeks, our members will continue to receive important communication from NICA and our Sister Organizations asking you to contact your Representatives and Senators, asking them to become either a Co-Sponsor for H.R. 1787, the Carnivals Are Real Entertainment (CARE) Act, or S. 4040, the Restoring Industry Development in Entertainment (RIDE) Act. As OABA and others have stressed, “The CARE Act has bi-partisan support. It is not an immigration issue. It is a workforce issue.”

OABA and HB Strategies have provided many resources online that share information about how to find your representative, tips for making the call, follow-up suggestions, sample letters, and more. Scan this QR Code to learn more, and see the next page for simple instructions on how to make your call. ▲

A group of 60 members of the Fair Industry proudly supported the CARE Act in Washington in May

June 2024 NICA News

Volunteers MAKE A DIFFERENCE Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of countless programs and the driving force behind the success we share, continuing to demonstrate that “Together We Can!”

welcome guests and coordinate nearly all of the puzzle pieces it takes to host an educational conference. Additionally, over the last couple of years at NICA Marketplace “Together!” in Las Vegas, our Board, Councils, and Members have stepped up once again to support the staff and ensure our guests have the opportunity to learn, network, and have fun. None of this would be possible without the time, energy, and skills that our Volunteers bring to each convention.

Before Julie Dunn served as a Council Coordinator, she was often seen organizing rooms, bringing food, and gathering prizes as a Volunteer for our many events. Julie said, “I love it! I like mixing with the people and members. I enjoy meeting new people, too. My opportunities are greater with the more people I help. It’s a total team effort when we Volunteer, and we do what we can do to help each other. I am willing to do whatever I can do to help!”

Kristen Whicheloe, CCE, Southern Oregon Food and Beverage, is a NICA Member who has been a consistent source of help during our Trade Shows in the past few years. She stated, “I think

NICA is a good Organization, so the more people help, the better it is, and the more successful it can be. It is fairly easy to help, because the NICA Staff always knows what needs to be done at each event. Sometimes I would like to help more, too, so I am available anytime. You can count on me!”

To our NICA Members who Volunteer repeatedly, we say thank you. Thank you for your unwavering dedication. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for your tireless efforts to make the world a better place. Your impact is immeasurable, and your contributions are deeply appreciated. If you are interested in Volunteering for an upcoming event, let the NICA Office know by contacting (813) 438-8926 or nica@nicainc.org.

As we look to the future, let us continue to celebrate and support our Volunteers, not just during events, but by recognizing the power of their collective action and the difference they make every day. So here’s to you, our Volunteers—the heroes who represent the absolute best of our Organization and our Industry. Your dedication, your passion, and your kindness inspire us all. You truly make a difference. Thank you for everything you do! ▲


June 2024 NICA News 15

Hand Tossed Pizza Crust

16 June 2024 NICA News TETI BAKERY INC. Toronto, Ontario, Canada | www.tetibakery.com Our products are available for purchase from Fare Foods. Talk to your sales representative or call for details 800-651-1601.
a home made pizza crust. You’ll be delighted to serve this to your most discerning clientele. From the golden color to its hand formed edge, our old world style par-baked flat bread has all the characteristics of Perfect Stix LLC Food Skewers Are Available Through Fare Foods! Call 800-651-1601 For More Information www.farefoods.com 4416 US Highway 1, Vero Beach, FL 32967 • www.perfectstix.com Perfect Stix LLC products are meticulously crafted with 100% white birch wood and are produced in an ISO 9002 Registered Facility. Our wood products are great for the environment and are of such high-quality, that we had to name ourselves Perfect Stix LLC



Florida Federation of Fairs

Convention & IAFE Zone 2 Meeting

May 16-18 • Orlando, FL

Ryan Hagy, East Council Member

How was the event? We started off Wednesday night with YPI Night at Andretti’s Go Carts. It was a blast racing go carts, playing arcade games with friends, and meeting many new friends—any Bumping or Trash Talk that happened on the Race Track stays on the Race Track.

The sessions were enjoyable and engaging throughout the week. Speakers encouraged us to laugh often, and enjoy the moments of being with family and friends. Remember, our goal is to teach youth hard work, morals, and responsibility through the 4-H, FFA, and youth programs.

Michael Rogalsky, Florida State Fair, spoke about leadership styles. He had us take a personality test and divide into four color groups. The laughter and jokes continued into the next session. Many of us went away saying that we need to do this at our Fair or Business each season to build camaraderie and lessen stress as

Ryan Hagy, East Council and DeAnna’s Steak Sundaes, and siblings Megan Hagy, DeAnna’s Baked Potato, Dustin Hagy, DeAnna’s Donut Burger, and Kristin Hagy, DeAnna’s Desserts, with Jay Spicer, St. Lucie County Fair, Daniel West, Florida Federation of Fairs, Mrs. Porcelli, Spaghetti Eddie’s, Dillon Wagers, DeAnna’s Steak Sundaes, and friends at YPI Night

to present a session on various needs in the Industry. Host Joe Potillo, Jr., NICA Past President and IISA President, spoke about the need for the Industry to get its local lawmakers interested in the CARE Act. Greg Chiecko, CFE, OABA President and CEO, gave the details of the CARE Act and how it actually impacts Fairs and Concessionaires just as much as the Carnivals.

Takeaways from my talk:

• Get the Next Generation involved through YPI Events and Fair Conferences to help them connect.

• Give consumers good value on their Fair purchases.

• Become involved in our communities. Be the change you want to see.

• Mentor someone in your life or business.

Samantha Fairlie and Eddie Porcelli from UCA spoke about theft and security, and how a Ring doorbell camera can help keep our families and businesses safe this year.

There was much more discussed and talked about, but you had to be there. I hope to see you at next year’s convention... on the Race Track!

June 2024 NICA News 17
Greg Chiecko, CFE, OABA, Joe Potillo, IISA, Samantha Fairlie, UCA, and Ryan Hagy, NICA, at the Florida Federation of Fairs Convention and Zone 2 Meeting

IAFE Zone 1 Meeting

May 16-18 • Springfield, MA

Jessica Gottsche, East Council Coordinator

The IAFE Zone 1 Meeting, hosted by Eastern States Exposition (ESE) in West Springfield, MA was an opportunity for members of the Fair Industry to come together and share ideas, meet new people, and inspire one another for the upcoming Fair Season. Jessica Gottsche, East Council Coordinator, joined Gene Cassidy, CFE, President of ESE, Jo Reynolds, CFE, IAFE Chair, and EJ Dean, owner of Fiesta Shows and OABA Board of Directors, on an Associate Panel Discussion. Jessica shared a report on NICA’s work in 2023 and what is coming for 2024 and extended an invitation to all to join us in Las Vegas for NICA Marketplace “Together!” The Panel members also all shared the importance of coming together for the Industry and supporting the CARE Act and RIDE Act, both in Congress now.

The sessions at this convention focused on growing agricultural and competitive exhibits, preserving the history on Fairgrounds, sponsorship,

and the opportunities to use technology. Some of the fun included a New Orleans themed party, complete with a steampunk band, authentic food, and rides on The Big E’s signature Mardi Gras floats. The weekend concluded with a banquet, storytelling, and an auction on Saturday evening, treating the nearly 150 to an opportunity to celebrate all the work they do for their communities. We can’t wait for next year in New Hampshire! ▲

18 June 2024 NICA News
Gene Cassidy, CFE, Eastern States Exposition, Jo Reynolds, CFE, IAFE Chair, EJ Dean, Fiesta Shows, and Jessica Gottsche, East Council Coordinator, at the Zone 1 Meeting
Custom Ingredients From TasteMaker/Reed Food Technology Specializing In: • Funnel Cake Mix • Corn Dog Mix • Batters & Breadings • Sauces Proudly Distributed Through Fare Foods • Call 800-651-1601 For More Information • www.farefoods.com We put the fun in funnel cake!

Hearing From a Past Scholarship Recipient

The NICA Foundation was created by NICA to oversee and administer an Academic and Vocational Educational Scholarship Program,

All qualifying 2024 Scholarship Applications are now off to be graded by our dedicated group of anonymous Scholarship Readers. Good luck to all our Applicants and thank you to our Readers! Please embrace the challenge to sustain NICA’s scholarship legacy and donate online today at www.nicainc.org/foundation, (813) 438-8926, or by mail. A donation from you in any amount will empower and expand someone’s opportunity to commit to their education. Your kindness and foresight will be used to build the foundation for future students to be tomorrow’s leaders! ▲

Donate Today to the 2024 Scholarship Program Tomorrow’s
June 2024
Tomorrow’s Leaders Tomorrow’s Leaders
20 June 2024 NICA News St. Louis, MO 63103 | 800-325-7666 | www.riosyrup.com Distributed through Fare Foods 1-800-651-1601 RIO SYRUP CO. De D icate D to Sno c one an D Shave D i ce o perator S for over Sixty y ear S ! De D icate D to Sno c one an D Shave D i ce o perator S for over Sixty y ear S ! nearly 250 Flavors nearly 250 Flavors

How Sweet It Is! How Sweet It Is! How Sweet It Is! How Sweet It Is!

Fairs and Festivals are home to a wide assortment of delicious foods, running the gamut from savory to sweet. However, nothing can quite compare to enjoying something sweet and refreshing from a Concessionaire or Commercial Exhibitor—especially something cold to beat the heat of Summer! Since the 1800s, these treats have always been a popular seller at Fairs, but over time they have evolved, incorporating diverse flavors and inventive toppings to delight the Fairgoers. Although the presentation may have changed, the essence of these products has remained the same. From classic staples to innovative new creations, each Sweet Treat has a tale to tell. This month we had a chance to talk with our sweetest NICA Members in order to learn “How Sweet It Is!”

Jim Benton, Benton and St. Francis Company, has been serving Sweet Treats at special events in Georgia to the tune of 38 years. He shared that his favorite aspect of the Fair Industry revolves around the people he works with: “They’re right there and they help each other! Meeting the people and seeing them have a good time is a wonderful part of the business.” He is now representing his family’s Third Generation as Donut Delights, along with his husband Jeff Jim said, “We make Mini Gourmet Donuts, Funnel Cakes, Fried Oreos, and feature

a full Coffee bar where we offer Hot and Iced Coffee.” Before switching to primarily Sweet Foods in the last eight years, he specialized in “Grab Units” offering more savory food staples such as Smash Burgers. Jim explained, “It has been very good and I should have done it earlier! The main reason for the change was due to focusing on non-perishable items, which have a higher profit margin for me. I have a huge shelf life on these products, such as batter. You cook it as you need it, and all of our donuts are fresh, made-to-order.”

Jim’s gourmet toppings include Strawberries, Strawberry Cheesecake and Shortcake, Maple and Bacon, Caramel Apple, Caramel Peanuts, Crushed Oreos, Powdered Sugar, and Cinnamon Sugar, providing a huge variety for the Fairgoer. Jim added, “This year we are introducing Bavarian Creme, Banana Pudding, and Chocolate Reese’s Donuts.” He believes that although pricing is out of control, there’s a balance when it comes to selling your products. He said, “You don’t want to price yourselves out of the market! It is hard for families to choose what they’re able to do. The best way to make money in this business is to keep it simple. You can be creative, but you don’t want your menu to be ‘too much’ when you offer your customers too many selections.” His advice for up-and-coming Concessionaires was to “Get some experience!”

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He continued, “Go work and travel for a season before you make a major investment. Then you have to decide what you wanna be. You can’t be everything to everybody, so pick what you want to do and then, at that point, go out and see what others are doing and what’s selling. Then you have to get into a show!”

Past President Paulette Keene, CCE is a Third Generation Concessionaire who has been in business for over 42 years as Paulette’s Food Service, serving a variety of Funnel Cakes, Lemon Shake-Ups, and other products across the Midwest and Southeast. Her family was instrumental in bringing her into the Industry at a young age: “My Grandfather had a small Carnival, one Grandmother had Popcorn, and one had Snow Cones; my Mom had Cotton Candy.” Paulette added, “I’ve always liked waiting the window, talking to the people, and serving them. When you serve that product, their eyes light up and they have a smile on their face. That’s the best part!” She kept this tradition of Sweet Foods alive with her own business, two years after marrying her husband Norm. She said, “We had a little bitty Corn Dog Stand that also offered Lemonade Shake-Ups. We were with my family’s Carnival for 10 years, but then the family grew and we added an Independent Route.” Norm built a larger stand a few years later that was also able to offer Sausages and additional foods, including Philly Steak. Eventually they had the opportunity to buy out three Funnel Cake Stands to build their route more. Paulette added, “Our goal is to keep the product the same every time. Although we’ve kept our same batter since we started, we now have all the new types of Funnel Cakes which has grown the business, too. We try to get a new type every year, but we usually stick with the sweet ones. They are made hot and fresh to order. People

love watching us make it!” Their variety of Funnel Cake flavors include the standard Powdered and Chocolate along with Strawberry Shortcake, Birthday Cake, Turtle, S’mores, and Reese’s Pieces. Lemonade Shake-Ups are still a popular item as well, “best kept simple.” According to Paulette, “It’s just lemon, sugar, ice, and water! Each lemonade is made to order, too. Getting the right mixture is important, and I always say, ‘Shaking makes it cold!’” She added that the biggest change she’s felt is with payments: “People want to use their credit card, but others want to have cash too, you know? It is important to keep every option available so they can pay any way they want.” She also finds that prices continue to rise and the current state of labor is more challenging than what she’s used to: “It’s harder to find local people to work.” To offset rising costs, the Keenes shop around to find suppliers who will serve them the best product for a good cost. For Paulette, the future is sweet, with her daughter Leslie and Grandkids sharing in the fun: “We’re at five generations now!” For new people in the business, she suggested, “You have to stay involved in your business, and not let just anybody run it. Stay hands on and keep up with everything. As soon as you don’t, your product won’t be consistent. It’s a lot of hard work and time!”

Michael Issa, Midwest Best Concessions, specializes in a variety of delicacies as The Mobile Sweet Tooth, traveling from Florida to Michigan with his wife Kassidy and employees. Although he is technically only First Generation with Concessions, starting in 2021, he has been around the Restaurant Business his entire life. He was inspired during COVID to start in Concessions since he observed fewer people were eating meals out, yet they were still going out for dessert: “I thought I would try this kind of business and see how that does! It is a lot of work finding our niche, but I am out here having fun. Just meeting all the other Concessionaires makes it a great time.” The Mobile Sweet Tooth serves Flavor Burst Ice Cream Cones, Dessert Nachos, Homemade Shortcake, Snow Cones, Sundaes, and Lemonade, with previous options including Dessert Waffles as well. He added, “We let kids pour their own Snow Cone flavors and add Popping Boba into their Lemonade. I try to make it fun for the kids, since they are the ones asking their parents to have it!” Michael believes that Boba is a pretty big trend and Concessionaires could benefit from

June 2024 NICA News
Paulette’s Barbie Funnel Cake is just one of many varieties

offering it as a “quick upsell.” He also hopes to debut his Ice Cream Coffee Drink later this year. His Dessert Nachos feature four varieties with Strawberry, Reese’s, Oreo, and Fruity Pebbles. Then you have an option of adding cheesecake or fudge bites with your waffle chips, whipped cream, and other toppings with Ice Cream in the center. “My Dessert Nacho is more of a ‘fully loaded nacho’ in its presentation.” He added, “My menu may look big, but it is made of all the same core ingredients. When you are dealing with fewer items, you can perfect them easier. We keep it really simple!” A mark of the perfect Sweet Food for Michael is simple—a smile: “When you give the customer a smile, they’ll have a great day every time!” To keep things fresh, his team makes sure to rotate his products weekly in his stock trailer. He added, “You want to go through the old product before you get something new. Even with plates and cups! You also want to rotate containers on your serving station; make sure you wash them. If you have time to lean, you have time to clean!” Since starting out, he has also learned a lot about signage from his attendance at the NICA Marketplace “Together!” and NICA Business Expo events. He said, “I went back and I replaced all my stuff! No more banners; now it is all hard plastic.” He advised newcomers to “Be different, have a limited menu, and have fun with it!”

Paul Patterson, Paul’s Products, grew up in the Fair Industry and currently travels with his wife Lisa on a route that includes California, Utah, and Colorado. When asked how long he has been in the business, he joked, “As a Concessionaire or Commercial Vendor?” His parents started in the business as Commercial Exhibitors under the name Patterson Resin Products, creating items made of casting resin—”Little resin flowers out of

wire, 10 cents, 12 for a dollar back in the day.” When asked what he liked best about the Industry, Paul replied, “It’s always been the people! I love seeing our Fair Family that I have known for over 50 years in this business.” He began his foray into Food over the last 15 years, appearing both inside the Exhibit Halls and outside on the Fairgrounds, relying most on help from his family: Paul’s wife Lisa, son Matthew and his wife Emily, and daughter Julia and her husband Blake. Their Food Operation serves a huge menu featuring Candy (including Fudge, Brittles, Taffy, Milk Chocolate), ChocolateDipped Bananas with toppings, Chocolate Cheesecake with toppings, and more than 20 different varieties of Gourmet Apples like Fruity Pebbles, Snickers, and Turtle. Paul shared, “It’s all done fresh on the spot. We have everything from melters to boilers and a freezer for flash freezing. I try to be creative, but it sometimes creates extra work. We use premium ingredients and people get to watch us actually make the products. That’s the show!” At their Commercial locations, they sell Bamboo Pillows, Curling Irons, Garlic Graters, and Children’s Products, keeping the Pattersons very active during an event. The Industry has certainly changed since he was younger: “Nowadays there’s not a lot of the new generation coming in and the rents are becoming astronomically high! We are trying to keep it going.” His suggestion for those who are new in the business is to “Plan on working! Once you start, you just can’t stop.”

We are proud of our over 200 members who know a thing or two about serving Sweet Foods. Whether it is fried, hand-dipped, ice cold, or covered in chocolate and other tasty toppings, it is thanks to you and your continued innovation that we are able to understand “How Sweet It Is!” on the Fairgrounds. ▲

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Paul’s Snickers Caramel Apple combines savory and sweet Michael’s Dessert Nachos offer a “fully loaded” flavor profile

Meeting, Greeting & Playing!

Last month, as the Fair Season was heating up in California, two exciting West Council events brought together attendees to have fun meeting, greeting, and playing during the same week at the LA County and Silver Dollar Fairs.

The 2024 NICA Topgolf Fundraiser, hosted by the West Council and OVG Hospitality, had forty happy attendees. Eating large servings of lunch that included Brisket, Chicken, Green Salad, Potato Salad, Cornbread, and Chocolate Chip Cookies was encouraged as we arrived. Prizes included several baskets full of favorite things, a yard blower, Dodger tickets, Santa Anita tickets, two golf bags, a putter, award-winning wine packages, a gift card tree, AB cooler, and lots of hat and t-shirt swag from Southern Wine and Spirits Special Shout Outs to Scott Shacklett, OVG, Rey O’Day, NICA, and Gigi Horowitz, CCE, West Council, for pulling the event together and Donna Ruhm, who drove up from San Diego to help register and do whatever was needed. Longest Drive went to Daniel Pitts and Closest to the Pin went to Kian Rocha. The 2nd Place Team was Southern Wine and Spirits, and the 1st Place Team was Zach Sawyer’s Stizzy Works. Thirteen companies provided generous

sponsorships and five NICA Members renewed. Scott Shacklett, who won the Chocolate-covered Strawberries from Cie Smith, Family A Fair, shared them with everyone as they were leaving. It was a beautiful, breezy day that was full of lots of smiles.

Later that week, the West Council hosted a Meet and Greet event at the Silver Dollar Fair, organized by Council Coordinators Don Delahoyde, CCE and Julie Dunn with the help of Phil Delahoyde, Director, and West Council Members Michelle Allen, CCE and Nate Wells, CCE among others. A group of attendees heard from NICA Leadership and Nick DiGrazia, Silver Dollar Fair Manager, enjoyed tasty Pizza from Teddy Archer and Suzanne Emerson, Dynamite Kettle Corn, and Cookies and Water from Phil Delahoyde, Extreme Food and Beverage. Many potential members were introduced to NICA for the first time at this event, and they hope to join soon.

We would like to give a heartfelt Thank You to NICA Leadership, Attendees, Sponsors, and Volunteers for their efforts in planning these fun events. Their dedication and hard work makes these experiences possible and creates lasting memories. “Together We Can!” ▲

24 June 2024 NICA News
Southern Wine and Spirits Team Longest Drive winner Daniel Pitts and Closest to the Pin winner Kian Rocha Mike Cruz, Cruzer’s Cocina, preparing to swing his club Terri Crutchfield, Terri’s Berries, giving it her all! Roger Sharp, Sharp Concepts, with the OVG Hospitality Team: Greg Quick, Sherry Flores, Jeff Wilson, and Scott Shacklett The Stizzy Works Team won 1st Place

Allen, CCE, West Council, Phil Delahoyde, Director, and his son Cruz, Don Delahoyde, CCE, West Council Coordinator, Nate Wells, CCE, West Council, Julie Dunn, West Council Coordinator, Nathaniel Doane, Pony Espresso, and Teddy Archer, Dynamite Kettle Corn

West Council’s Michelle Allen, CCE and Nate Wells, CCE presenting the Free NICA Membership to Nathaniel Doane, Pony Espresso Congratulations!

June 2024 NICA News 25
Attention Members! Do you need our help? Is your Fair in search of the next big thing, a unique item, or even some all-around help for your Fair in Concessions or Straight Sales? Alternatively, are you a Concessionaire or Vendor who needs to sell equipment or in need of staff? We can help! Ads start at $25 per month and are also viewable online at www.nicainc.org/classifieds Contact us by email at communications@nicainc.org or phone at (813) 530-4750 to learn more!

Coming Back For More!

General Mills Foodservice, available to NICA Members through the Entegra program, is excited to bring you a Handhelds recipe collection from The Chefs of the Mills. The recipes in this book were developed with you in mind and include many tasty options such as BBQ Pork, Mac And Cheese Flatbreads, Pepperoni Pizza Hand Pies, and more. As a Foodservice operator, you’re short on time but need recipes that wow your customers and—more importantly—keep them coming back for more. And with these recipes, they will... Learn more by accessing the Handhelds collection and searching our database of recipes at www.generalmillscf.com

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Dear Business Owners, Managers, Fair Industry Leaders, Trade Show Exhibitors, and YOU ! Join us at NICA Marketplace , taking place November 10-13, 2024 at the Tuscany Suites and Casino in Las Vegas, NV, where we will share ideas, networking, products, and services “Together!” Ever since we held our inaugural event in 2022, we are continuing to receive positive responses from both Attendees and Exhibitors. Attendee Jay Bohannon , Camas Concessions , shared, “The NICA event far exceeded my expectations with engaging Discussions, expert Panelists, and Roundtables with peers.” Exhibitor James Toler , Florida’s Best , noted, “The Trade Show

was absolutely invaluable for my company, and I cannot stress enough how positive my experience was overall.” Attendee Brandi Ebner , Deschutes County Fair and Expo Center , said, “I would HIGHLY recommend this convention for any Fair Directors or Vendor Coordinators.”

NICA Marketplace will feature a nonexclusive Trade Show, Educational Sessions led by hands-on Event Industry Thought Leaders, and Networking Opportunities that are welcome and comfortable— a place where we all understand we are Customers of each other and Together we share a Fair Guest to serve. See you in Vegas!

June 2024 NICA News

Sunday, November 10, 2024

2:00 – 6:00 PM: Registration

3:30 – 6:30 PM: NICA Marketplace Hospitality

Evening on your own

Monday, November 11, 2024

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM: Registration

9:30 – 10:45 AM: Opening Marketplace General Session led by NICA Leadership

11:00 AM – 12:15 PM: Educational Workshops and “How To” Sessions

12:30 – 2:00 PM: Box Lunches (Included) and Roundtables

2:15 – 4:45 PM: Educational Workshops and “How To” Sessions

5:00 – 8:00 PM: Marketplace Trade Show and Happy Hour Reception (Included)

Evening on your own

Tuesday, November 12, 2024

9:00 – 11:00 AM: Registration

9:30 – 10:45 AM: Educational Workshops

11:00 AM – 1:30 PM: Marketplace Trade Show and Lunch (Included)

1:45 – 5:15 PM: Educational Workshops

5:30 – 7:00 PM: Closing Marketplace Celebration and Reception (Included)

Evening on your own

Wednesday, November 13, 2024

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM: Sysco Facility Tour

Schedule is subject to change; visit www.nicainc.org/marketplace and check NICA Now! for updates.

$139 Early Bird Member Registration

Register yourself and additional attendees for NICA Marketplace by selecting the link at nicainc.org/marketplace and logging into your Membership account. You may choose a Member ($139) or Non-Member ($169) rate.

Marketplace Registration includes Monday Box Lunch, Tuesday Trade Show Lunch, Trade Show Reception, and Closing Celebration Reception. Onsite registration will increase by $100

Book Your Hotel Room Online

Book your hotel reservation at $89 with no resort fee ($44) at nicainc.org/marketplace by selecting your check-in and check-out dates, along with your occupancy needs. Don’t delay!

Become a NICA Marketplace Exhibitor

Reserve your Marketplace Trade Show Booth for $1,195 (two attendee registrations, draped space and Exhibitor ID sign, 8’ x 10’ location, and more included) at nicainc.org/marketplace

Marketplace Membership Promotion: When registering, add or become a new NICA Member for $100 and you will also receive the $139 Early Bird rate ($80 savings)

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30 June 2024 NICA News www.KandKInsurance.com With over 70 years of insurance expertise, K&K protects concessionaires and vendors with affordable coverage designed for your needs. And when claims occur, our colleagues are here to respond quickly and effectively. Visit our website to quote and buy online.

From the Camera Roll

From the Camera Roll

Donna Ruhm, Retired, San Diego County Fair, and Rey O’Day, NICA Executive Director, at Topgolf West Council Coordinators Julie Dunn and Don Delahoyde, CCE with Donna Burgoon, Mrs. J’s Ice Cream, in Chico Trevyn Mullins and Leona Samuels, Fry Burger, at their stand at the Silver Dollar Fair
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NICA is promoting a Summer Membership Drive where during the months of July, August, and September NEW Regular and Additional Members may join for $125 (a $25 savings). The promotion will not apply to New Employee, Retired, or Renewing members. For every eligible New Member referred, the Recruiting Member will receive one chance to win $500 at the 2024 Coca-Cola NICA Membership Contest Drawing in February 2025 in Tampa, FL.


*Does not apply to Employee Members, Retired Members, or Renewing Members.

2024 Membership Contest Leaderboard* Referrals—General Membership Chris Bayle ............................................................................ 1 Don Kenna 1 James La Fratta 1 James Malmquist ................................................................ 1 Kevin McGrath, CCE 1 Chris Miladelaroca 1 Dominic Palmieri, CCE 1 Sharon Rismiller 1 Scott Stoller 1 Referrals—Regional Councils Patty Tessari 2 Albert Valadez 1 Referrals—Board of Directors Phillip Delahoyde 1 Bryan Enloe, CCE 1 Vincent Nelson, CCE 1 Referrals—Foundation Tom Hodson, CCE 2 * Referral Listing as of 4/30/24. See back cover for rules. Family Owned & Operated • Serving Our Customers Since 1904 Proudly serving the concessions industry with their produce needs. Distributed Through Fare Foods Call 800-651-1601 For More Information

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Pre-Skewered Bacon Wrap Hot Dog

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