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The NIBE brand has a long and stable story. Each and every day, many of us communicate to others what the NIBE brand stands for. That’s why knowing how to correctly communicate our brand message is crucial.

In these guidelines, you will learn about our brand and our history so that we, both as individuals and as a company, can speak with one voice when communicating about NIBE.

Together, we are creating the NIBE of the future.



Having a strong brand is vital. Why?

• Business is based on trust

• Trust ist built up over time

• Time requires perserverance

• Perserverance demands a strong foundation.

A carefully considered brand provides that foundation = Think first.



Our strategic brand platform is based on these building blocks. Together, they form the foundation of our shared brand.


come from


Our history


we always can keep
we are


Roots run deep inside a brand’s identity. They are those steadfast experiences and qualities we carry within ourselves.

Though rarely communicated, roots are of fundamental to a brand.

• Markaryd* / Sösdala**

• The Småland region / Sweden / Nordics

• Entrepreneurship

• Honesty

• Innovation

• Reliability

• Belief in individual responsibility

• Long-term mindset

* the town where NIBE was founded

** the location of our first element factory



The common drive that gives us energy and direction in everything that we do. It is what motivaties us, the reason behind our efforts.

Our vision reflects what we strive to achieve. Our business concept explains what we do. Our mission is what we do every day to make our vision a reality.


Our sustainable, world-class energy solutions contribute to a faster transition to a resourceefficient and zero-carbon society.

Business concept

To provide the market with sustainable, high-quality, innovative and energy-efficient products and solutions within our three different business areas.


To work wisely and with dedication every day in order to develop sustainable, world-class energy solutions.



At NIBE, there are certain things we believe in above all else. These values are key differentiators that set us apart from the rest of the market. They give us a secure and strong foundation for all the work we do.

• Respect
• Good working relationships • Reduced environmental impact • High business ethics • Customer focus • Responsible purchasing • Product responsibility • Social engagement • Transparency
for human rights

NIBE is not like other companies. The way we treat each other is not just important in terms of our colleagues but also includes how we behave towards customers, partners and suppliers. Our culture provides us with our very own identity– one that others simply cannot duplicate. In this way, NIBE’s culture also plays a vital role in our commercial brand.

• Honesty • Reliability • Dedication to work • Personal responsibility • An engineering company • Feet on the ground • Keeping our word • Profitability and growth • Care for the environment • Effective workflows • Well-developed cooperation • High efficiency • Respectful behaviour and standardisation • Change-oriented


All brands have a personality. Our own gives us a unique voice in the market. Our words define us, and our personality should spark interest and promote trust. This is what makes target groups listen extra particularly carefully when we speak. Our brand personality is also strongly reflected in our visual communication, through colour, typography and imagery.

• We go our own way • Honest • Effective • Straight forward • Reliable • Interested in technology • Innovative • Problem solvers • Confident • Contemporary • Skilled • Forward thinking • Different • Eager • Passionate


Our brand story communicates how we want our target groups to feel about NIBE. Its aim is to ensure a common image of our brand.

It also improves our chances of being recognised and provides a map for specific messages to reach individual target groups.

Our brand story serves as a common sounding board for all of our messaging, It is a story that must be accurate, relevant and compelling – and unique to NIBE.

Elevator pitch on page 19.


NIBE’s mission is to provide the world with better sustainable energy solutions. From our earliest beginnings we have been committed to developing new methods that improve energy efficiency. Today we take great pride in the fact that NIBE is playing an important role in the global transition towards a more sustainable society.

Determination and perseverance are part of our DNA, we never give up. But, at NIBE, we also believe in good, old-fashioned virtues like honesty, compassion and honouring the promises we make. We are proud of our history and embrace our heritage. We care about the places where we work and about the people who live there, in this sense, we are proudly traditional.

At the same time, we are also a result-oriented world leader in innovation, continuously exploring new technological solutions in our constant quest to improve our products and services, and firmly focused on creating true value in the form of customer benefits and savings. We aim to combine growth with good, sustained profitability, and this means that we place high demands on both ourselves and our partners.

These are the attributes that make NIBE unique. Our feet are planted firmly on the ground while our eyes are fixed resolutely on the future. We work tirelessly to serve the world with more sustainable energy solutions – and we will never stop doing so!



Our elevator pitch is the shortest imaginable way to describe NIBE, what we do, what we believe and why we exist. It is what we want everyone who comes into contact with NIBE to know.

NIBEs mission is to provide world-class sustainable energy solutions.

We work tirelessly with a strong innovative spirit and single-minded determination, to continuously improve our products and services.

Our objective is to create true value for our customers and, by doing so, contribute to a more sustainable world.



A summary of what justifies the brand’s presence in the market.

It is what our target groups and customers have come to expect from us.

A strategic formula to carry on through the long term, unlike a tagline or payoff related to a shortterm communication.

A promise is a promise – one we shall always honour.


World-class solutions in sustainable energy


World-class sustainable energysolutions


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