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VOL. 49, No. 3 – Early Winter 2016


Happy Hol idays From NHSA!

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Easter Seals Ride-In Information Photos by Tim Courtemanche ~ Silver Image Photography.

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Snowmobile Trails Gearing up for Winter Season and NH Trails Highlighted Nationally

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Making the Tracks We Follow Today

Nonprofits putting the “fun” in fundraising

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Pictured left to right, back row: Roger Wright, Past President; Bill Bolton, Vice President; and Beth Horvath-Palmer, President. Front row: Dan Weed, Treasurer and Tom Willand, Secretary.

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A Message From the President


NHSA President


other Nature has begun sharing her White Gold with all of us! In anticipation of the season’s start, my family has begun preparation for the green light to ride the trails. Our fleet of snowmobiles has been moved out of its summer storage, serviced

and they are lined up, waiting for the ground surface to transform into a thick, frozen blanket of snow. Our club and NHSA memberships were easily completed online through the Association’s membership program back in June, and the sled registrations were completed just recently in December as they are one of the gifts for Christmas under the tree. To benefit from the deals at NHSA’s Race Into Winter Grass Drags and Water Cross event, clothing was inspected and tried on for appropriate sizes in October, and our new helmets and jackets that we purchased are in their cubbies waiting to be utilized. Our checklist for the snowmobile season preparation is completed. Now it is time for the snow dances to begin…Let it snow, Let it snow,

Let it snow! The Trailmasters Meeting was a well-attended event with more than 220 in attendance. Congratulations to NHSA Map & Trails Committee Chair Dean Beaman and his entire committee on another successful year. Great seminars, good food, a welcoming venue, and fun company enabled attendees to enjoy this traditional event to the fullest. Special thanks to Chief Chris Gamache for his commitment to making this event the best it can be. Thank you to the vendors for their impressive display of groomers, and a round of applause to all the speakers who volunteered their time to share their knowledge on the numerous topics that were on the agenda. Moving ahead in the Association calendar, the Ride-In Committee is in deep preparation for the 45th Easter Seals Ride-In event on

2. Publication Number: 2-4648

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Late model 1 & 2 person snowmobile rentals! Two Tucker Terra groomers onsite. We groom the trails directly from your door. Great food and handcrafted ales at our Kennebec River Brewery. Trailside cabins, condos and lodge rooms with cable T.V. Onsite gas and free wifi in the main lodge. Featured in American Snowmobiler.

Book Early For Best Rates.

888-770-SLED Old Canada Road National Scenic Byway 1771 US Route 201, The Forks, ME 04985

reprieve from the daily care that their child requires. To learn more about the NHSA Ride-In, Camp Sno-Mo, or ways you can become involved, please contact your local club, your County Director or the NHSA office. Season’s Greetings to ALL! Think SNOW! ❄

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1. Publication title: Sno-Traveler

February 3, 4 & 5 at the Town & Country in Gorham, NH. The Ride-In is an annual event that NHSA hosts as a fundraiser to raise funds for Camp Sno-Mo in Gilmanton Ironworks, NH. In addition to the funds that NHSA raises at this event, all participating clubs that have raised monies throughout their year submit their donations during this weekend. All fundraised monies are tabulated during this weekend event and a grand total is presented to the Easter Seals camp affiliates at the conclusion of the event. These funds are then converted into opportunities for families that are beyond amazing. Camp Sno-Mo provides camping opportunities for children and young adults with special needs. Campers experience opportunities that go beyond our imagination and the families of these campers in return get a

Maine’s Premier Snowmobile Resort

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The Day the Snowmobiles Stopped by Randy Toth Reprinted with permission from the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts by Monica Pettengill Jerkins, Executive Director

Black Spot A

Dear Readers, It’s interesting sometimes what you read circulating around social media. Snowmobilers are an incredibly passionate group of people with whom I’m proud to be associated. Most are well-informed and have a deep understanding of the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on at the Volunteer, Club, Association, and State levels to keep the sport alive and exciting, but time and again, when listening to NHSA members’ concerns, I hear of the same fears – aging or too few volunteers to keep up with important club or trail work; registrations are down (especially following a low-snow winter); Grant-In-Aid is insufficient to support club trail maintenance costs from a financial standpoint, but lack of volunteers makes it difficult to hold fundraisers; will changes in legislation hurt the industry; difficulties maintaining relationships with landowners who fear property damage or liability… The list goes on. For those of us who work every day behind the scenes, these concerns can sometimes feel overwhelming. It’s our job to tackle those fears and come up with solutions, and we work hard at NHSA to do just that. We’re riders, too. And we want to enjoy the sport like everyone else, but more importantly, we want to make sure we’re ALL able to enjoy the sport for many generations into the future. This is why a recent article put out there by our neighbors to the south really hit home to some of our members when they found it circulating on Facebook. It reminded us that though our individual states’ political structures with regards to trail funding and maintenance may differ some, the challenges facing our sport cross political and geographical boundaries. And so, we decided to share the article with you here, if for no other reason than to let you all know that these are the things we think about at NHSA every day, all day. As you’re reading, you will see how easy it is to replace the named organizations or events mentioned in the piece that was written for the state of Massachusetts with the counterparts we have in place here in New Hampshire. And just like those organizations or events are interchangeable, so are the concepts the author shares. We are all in this together. NHSA welcomes, in fact, encourages your feedback and ideas to help us come up with solutions. Another thing I came across on Facebook recently was a joke that said something along the lines of, “The next time you are afraid to share your idea, remember that someone once said ‘Let’s make a movie about a tornado full of sharks.’”


ne chilly fall day in the not too distant future, as you prepare for the upcoming snowmobiling season, you will remember that you have not received your state association magazine yet. Muttering something derogatory, you go to the state association’s website only to find a notation from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) that the domain name is now available for sale to any interested parties. Huh?

YOUR SNOWMOBILE CLUB HAS DISBANDED! You call up a friend and ask “What’s up with the state association?” He informs you that last spring they announced that they were disbanding due to lack of volunteer support. “Well exactly what did they ever do for me?” you say. Then you call one of your local club officers only to find that no one volunteered to run for club office and that the current president and vice president had retired and moved south. Your club has also disbanded and sold your grooming equipment to an out of state club and donated the remaining club money to charity. Your buddy says that the club two towns over is still active and he has joined there, so you decide that you will join there also. He then mentions that the dues have gone way up since the state association is no longer around to provide some much needed grooming money. You decide you had better go to a club meeting to find out what’s really happening. The club meeting holds a few surprises for you as they discuss their huge loss of former friendly landowners. Apparently when they found out that they were no longer covered by the state association sponsored liability insurance, they immediately revoked permission to ride on their land. You also find out that you can no longer ride from one state property to another because of the lack of private landowner connector trails. “OK,” you say, “I will just ride in my local state forest then.” Of course without your old local club there is no grooming or snowmobile trail maintenance in your local state forest. There is still riding there

but only on about 15 miles of unmaintained and ungroomed trails. Furthermore, you no longer have riding access to any food or gas because those connector trails were located on private land. The next day you read in the paper that snowmobiles are being banned on a number of state lands due to damage caused by wheeled vehicles. Incredibly, no one attended any of the planning meetings and spoke up and defended snowmobiling – which have virtually no negative impact on trails. With no organized opposition, snowmobiles were simply banned along with wheeled vehicles.

RADICAL ACTIVISTS There is also a notice that an environmental group is fighting hard to pass a state law banning all internal combustion engines on state land to protect the health of native miniature snails. Who do you turn to? “I’ll just call my local representative or senator,” you decide. The call goes something like “Hi, I’m Joe and I like to snowmobile so you need to help me.” The response is something like, “Thank you for calling to express your opinion, we will tell your representative or senator that you called – what organization did you say you were representing?” Now you start to sweat and remember having heard about how to approach your representative or senator from your state association, and you realize that your encounter didn’t just go as you had planned. Ok, so you and your friends decide your club should hire a lobbyist. Now, just how will you find one and pay for her? Your club will just have to raise lots of money – somehow. Of course you always voted against dues increases on principle in the past. You then remember that in the past, revenue from the state association’s trail passes and Sno-Expo helped fund these key access-related activities. Furthermore, many of your friends said they weren’t going to even join the club until there was rideable snow on the ground, because they remember a year in the past when there wasn’t much snow.

HELP! You call some likeminded friends and you all agree to organize to fight these injustices, but you have no clue how to begin. You also start to experience that sinking feeling that it might already be too late. You want to turn to the guys who have always maintained and groomed the trails for help. Did you know the average age of an active three-man trail crew in the western part of the state, who maintains snowmobile trails on a very large tract of state land now, is over 70 years old? No answer when you call. You call your friend back only to learn that two of the three have retired from trail work and the other is no longer around. Now what? Where are all of the younger folks who were supposed to take over? You then cringe at the thought that you personally have said many times, “I’ll help when I get around to it,” but you never did. Well, you can always drive to nearby states where they used to have large trail systems. Maybe they’re still in operation? To get your mind off of this mess, you then decide to drive out of state to attend a snow show. Your wife reminds you that with gas prices at $6 a gallon you can’t afford to, since you will need to save the money to go snowmobiling. OK, you decide to go to the smaller snow show in your own state. Darn! – the lack of volunteers and support caused it to fold a couple of years ago. Remember how you and your friends said that there were bigger and better shows elsewhere, so why should you support your local one? If you think that this scenario can’t happen, just sit back, put your feet up, do nothing and wait. It may now be later than you think! Perhaps someone will be kind enough to send me an email in Florida and tell me how it all turns out. Meanwhile, I’ll be out riding around Tampa Bay on my personal watercraft and volunteering with the senior section of the local Personal Watercraft Club. Happy Riding!


Trail Tales




by Chris Gamache, NH Bureau of Trails



What a Great Turnout!

Season Starts

On December 5, we got about 3 inches of snow statewide. We always aim to have some

riding available for the 15th of December, and groomed trail opportunities available for the Christmas holiday week. Good news, trails in northern and eastern Pittsburg opened on the 10th for early season riding. This is great news after the winter we all had to suffer through last year. Landowner Appreciation

It takes about 5,000 landowners to provide our 7,000 miles of public snowmobile trails here in New Hampshire. Every landowner is as valuable as the next. We need to treat all the miles that we travel with equal respect. Today’s world is increasingly becoming more entitled than before. We all see examples weekly of lack of respect, others feeling owed versus working for something, and we must continue to set the example of how to work with others. We ask. We don’t expect. We follow through. We do not forget. Snowmobile clubs are some of the best examples of how to work with others to get something done, and it is more important than ever that we continue to do what we have done so well for so many years. Thanks to all the landowners that choose to work with all of us. ❄

2016-2017 Sno-Traveler Club News Deadlines & Mailing Dates

Issue Date

Club News Due at NHSA Office

Approximate Mailing Date

Winter 2017 Late Winter Spring 2017

January 4th February 1st March 1st

January 25th February 22nd March 22nd


Total Income: Total Expenses: Net Income/Loss

$18,571.75 $108,767.58 -$90,195.83

Respectfully Submitted, Dan Weed, Treasurer

The above figures are based on an accrual bookkeeping system. These figures show an overview only.

Diamond Peaks Inc. MOTEL & COUNTRY STORE



DIAMOND PEAKS! Courtesy of the NH Bureau of Trails


The 2016 Trailmasters Meeting at Attitash Grand Summit Resort was marked by high attendance, which undoubtedly was spurred by the number of informative sessions the event offered attendees. This picture shows the attendance at the DES Workshop, and each individual class was as well attended.


1216 ROUTE 26, COLEBROOK, NH 03576 • (603) 237-5104 •



We want to give a huge “thank you” to all the club members that showed up for the annual Trailmaster Meeting on November 19. About 230 people were in attendance for workshops this year. There were several highlights for the Bureau at this year’s event, not the least of which were having more partner organizations present to talk with club members and the number of unfamiliar faces. We have talked about the ‘grey tsunami’ that is present in most clubs (the aging of volunteers and having little new blood stepping up) within the snowmobile program. But this year, we saw a lot of new faces at the meeting

and many of those were younger folks. Seeing new faces was a reward unto itself for us. We also had representatives from the White Mountain National Forest on hand to talk with clubs about projects and verify trail locations/ names. NH Department of Environmental Services came to give a presentation about wetlands, permits and best management practices (huge “Thank You” to Linda Magoon). Fish & Game was present, as well as NH DOT talking about highway crossing permits. The feedback we received from clubs about the presentations this year was all positive and folks are asking for many of the sessions to be held again next year. Bureau staff certified over 20 new groomer operators with the Groomer Operator Safety Awareness program and more than 40 clubs attended this year’s trail signing workshop. The GIA session was packed also. Overall, this was one of the best turnouts and responses we have seen in a few years and our partner agencies have already agreed to return next year.

8 PAGE 8


Fish and Game Sno-Notes by Major John Wimsatt, New Hampshire Fish and Game




Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

am happy to state the obvious that as of December 7, there is a blanket of snow across most all of the state. While an admittedly thin layer, at least it’s all white. Even better news is as of Saturday, Dec. 10, many of the trails north and east of Pittsburg have opened earlier than expected. Please remember to ride safe as you venture out on early season conditions and keep in mind that no waterbodies are safe for travel as of this writing. My kids are looking forward to big snows and great riding opportunities this winter. So much so that they “forgot” to mention to me that one of my boys bought yet another snowmobile I didn’t know about. In fact, they felt it necessary to drive it out into the woods and hide it for a few weeks to allow some time to pass before it was detected. That day came when I had the chance to do a little deer hunting out back of the house. The boys knew that my keen observation skills surely wouldn’t miss a bright red snowmobile parked out in the middle of the bare-ground woods, so they decided that the time had come to “introduce” me to the newest sled in our growing fleet. I have heard every explanation there is to offer for such impromptu

purchases, so I listened with limited interest as they explained that the reason for buying this sled was so that their brother was not left out this winter. Apparently, two sleds and an antique Apollo (which my daughter has claimed for the winter) was not sufficient for their needs so a fourth one was in order. To their credit, they all have various part-time and full-time jobs, so at least I am not confronted with the financial aspects of such covert transactions. To the benefit of the registration program, however, this is welcome news. So, the time has come for us to do our part and renew our club memberships and purchase annual snowmobile registrations. As Sno-Traveler readers, I know you hear this often and provide great support and volunteer effort to the clubs and trail systems. So this message is directed to those who visit our state or who ride and register infrequently. Please remember to join a club and register every year, good snow or not. The success and sustainability of the snowmobile trail system and all that supports it is counting on you to do your part. Important dates to remember this winter include Tri-State Reciprocal Weekend, January 27-29, the Easter Seals Ride-In in Gorham/Shelburne and the Lancaster Grand Prix Races that will take place the weekend of February 3-5. The Pink Ride in Hollis is February 11, and Snodeo is March 3 and 4. There are dozens of other great events sponsored by local clubs across the state so be sure to get out on the trails this winter and join in the great riding and family friendly activities. Ride Safe ❄


Congratulations to Brookline IceBreakers Snowmobile Club in Hillsbourough County for being chosen as the recipients of the first ever NHSA Raymond S. Burton Memorial Trail Project Award! Their worthy trail improvement project to repair and replace all existing signage on the IceBreaker Trail System is now $1,000 closer to being a reality thanks to this new scholarship program established by the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association. In its inaugural year, the program’s goal was to help fund “memorial” projects that would honor the legacy of longtime friend and champion to snowmobiling in New Hampshire, Raymond S. Burton.










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SRViper S-TX 137 DX


Monthly payments required. Valid on amounts financed of $2,500 or more on purchases of new 2012-2016 Apex, 2012-2014 FXNytro & 2014-2016 SRViper models made between 11/1/16 and 12/28/16 on your Yamaha Installment loan account.

Visit your nearest Yamaha dealer today. For more Yamaha dealers, visit













MOTORCYCLES OF MANCHESTER 27 BACON RD., PITTSBURG, NH 3 Bdrm; maint. free ranch; walk-out bsmt, radiant heat thru out, open flr pln, covered porches front and back; mudrm; foyer entrance; 2-car attached garage; stand-by generator; ATV/snowmobile trail access.

Robert & Leslie Mikucki (603) 538-6022 or email Go to for much more!!

98 WILLOW ST MANCHESTER, NH MOMSNH.COM YAMAHA-SNOWMOBILES.COM *Customer Cash offer good on select 2016 and prior year models models between 10/7/16 to 12/28/16. AS LOW AS 0% APR FOR 60 MONTHS: **Rate of 0%, 4.99%, 7.99% or 12.99% will be assigned. Examples of monthly payments over a 60-month term at a 0% rate: $16.67 per $1000 financed; and at a 12.99% rate: $22.75 per $1000 financed. Program minimum amount financed is $2,500 and minimum 0%-10% down payment required. Rate and down payment based on credit approval criteria. Offer is subject to credit approval by Synchrony Bank. Offer cannot be combined with Customer Cash.Dealer remains responsible for complying with all local and state advertising regulations and laws. Product and specifications subject to change without notice. Professional rider on closed course under controlled conditions. Always wear an approved helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Ride responsibly and always ride within your capabilities, allowing time and distance for maneuvering, and respect others around you. Know the conditions. Observe all state and local laws. Don’t drink and ride. ©2016 Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. All rights reserved •






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Snowmobile Safety: Ride Safe and Have Fun! by Ed Klim, International Snowmobile Manufactures Association



Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

HASLETT, MI, November, 2016: Now is the time for snowmobilers to keep snowmobile safety a top-of-mind awareness issue. Snowmobile safety is nothing new to organized snowmobiling. Snowmobile Administrators, the Manufacturers, snowmobile associations and clubs joined together years ago in developing the Safe Riders! You make snowmobiling safe™ safety campaign which emphasized safe snowmobiling practices,

training and enforcement. The campaign includes safety related materials such as decals, posters, the Safe Riders! DVD, public service announcements, and more. Millions of Safe Riders! Snowmobiling Fact Books, Brochures and Posters have been distributed throughout the world to safety trainers and clubs and associations - free of chargefrom the manufacturers' ISMA office. The 22 minute long DVD is an excellent adjunct tool for snowmobile safety classes. All of the Safe Riders! materials are available free of charge by filling out an order form and returning it to the ISMA office. The Safe Riders! campaign highlights key issues of importance for snowmobile safety. The position statements are concise and easy to understand. They include: 1. Snowmobiling and Alcohol

don't mix - don't drink and ride 2. When night riding slow down - expect the unexpected 3. Know before you go - always check local ice conditions 4. Cross all roads with care don't become road-kill 5. One is the loneliest number never ride alone 6. Know the risks and be prepared - make every trip a round trip 7. Ride smart ride right - stay in control 8. Smart Riders are Safe Riders - always take snowmobile safety training Mountain riders need to be aware of their surroundings and snow conditions. The 5 key safety guidelines when riding in avalanche country are: 1. GET THE GEAR: Ensure everyone has an avalanche transceiver, shovel, and probe on their person and knows how to

use them. 2. GET THE TRAINING: Take an avalanche course. 3. GET THE FORECAST: Make a riding plan based on the current avalanche and weather forecast. 4. GET THE PICTURE: If you see recent avalanche activity, unstable snow exists. Riding on or underneath slopes is dangerous. 5. GET OUT OF HARM’S WAY: One at a time on all avalanche slopes. Don’t go to help

your stuck friend. Don’t group up in runout zones. This



Snowmobile Safety Week is January 21-29, 2017. Visit www. for a guide for ideas on how to organize a Safety Week event in your area. Like us on Facebook at www. and share your safe ride stories with all of us. ❄

Josselyn’s Getaway Log Cabins 306 North Road, Jefferson, NH 03583 Direct Trail Access to Corridor 5 Secluded and handcrafted, spacious log cabins offer fireplaces, private decks w/grills, kitchens, TV/VCR and beautiful log furniture. Kids Free. Pets OK.



Brian D. Verville Branch Manager Vice President, Investments

Erik P. Loranger Marjorie Ruediger Vice President, Investments

Operations Manager Senior Registered Sales Associate

29 Maplewood Avenue, Suite 2 // Portsmouth, NH 03801 // 800.221.5701 © 2016 Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange /SIPC. Raymond James is a registered trademark of Raymond James Financial, Inc.





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The ultimate backcountry crossover, Polaris Switchback Assault®. Go big—conquer power lines, carve backcountry, and dominate the trails with the most agile, Rider Balanced™ sled that turns everywhere into your new favorite zone.

T ERRAIN D OMINATION.COM Professional rider on a closed course. Polaris recommends that all snowmobile riders take a training course. Do not attempt maneuvers beyond your capability. Always wear a helmet and other safety apparel. Never drink and ride. ©2016 Polaris Industries Inc.

POL_MY17_SWB_Brand_Ad_SnoTrv_Keyline.indd 1

9/1/16 7:30 AM

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Registrations matter – help your sport thrive in NH by registering today! A breakdown by registration type of how your registration dollars are used.

Snowmobile Registration

Snowmobile Registration

NH Resident / Club Member

NH Resident / Non-Club Member






Agent Fee


Agent Fee


Fish & Game Search and Rescue


Fish & Game Search and Rescue

Trails Bureau





Fish & Game

Trails Bureau



Registration Law Enforcement Safety Education

Grant-In-Aid Equipment Grant

Grant-In-Aid Maintenance Grants



Fish & Game



Registration Law Enforcement Safety Education

Grant-In-Aid Equipment Grant

Grant-In-Aid Maintenance Grants







Trail Maintenance


Trail Maintenance

Snowmobile Registration

Snowmobile Registration

Non-Resident / Club Member

Non-Resident / Non-Club Member






Agent Fee


Agent Fee


Fish & Game Search and Rescue


Fish & Game Search and Rescue

Trails Bureau




Grant-In-Aid Equipment Grant


Grant-In-Aid Maintenance Grants




Fish & Game

Trails Bureau



Registration Law Enforcement Safety Education


Fish & Game


Grant-In-Aid Equipment Grant


Grant-In-Aid Maintenance Grants



$15.80 Registration Law Enforcement Safety Education

Trail Maintenance


Trail Maintenance





Camp Sno-Mo Update by Robert Kelly, Camp Director


At the end of the summer 2016 season, Rebecca Massarella, a second-year staffer from England, approached me and told me when she returned home she would be holding a fundraiser for Camp Sno-Mo. True to her word, Rebecca recently informed me that she successfully raised more than $700. What a gift! It simply blows my mind when you consider this was a fundraising event held over 3,000 miles away in northern England. The people who supported this effort have never even heard of Camp SnoMo and will, most likely, never have the chance to visit. They gave because of Rebecca and the stories she told about the important work we do. Rebecca is just one many dedicated staff that Camp SnoMo has been fortunate to have employed over the years. Some of our staff even stay on to work year round for Easterseals both local (U.S.) and international. Others have rethought their educational pursuits and have ended up incorporating a special needs focus into their degrees.

What is especially pleasing are the friendships these staff develop through working at Camp SnoMo. Many of these friendships endure long after the camping season has ended. We will begin the search for our 2017 staff in December and January. If you would like to get more involved or know someone who may like to learn more about Camp Sno-Mo, please get in touch with me. I’m happy to attend your next club or county meeting to fill you in on Camp Sno-Mo as well as the other programs Easterseals NH offers for people of all ages with disabilities and special needs. Additional services include programs for small children, autism, residential/ educational, transportation, dental, employment, autism, substance abuse, veterans, seniors, and more. Have a very happy and safe snowmobile season. I am so thankful for all you do for our campers. I look forward to seeing you all very soon. ❄

Respite weekend at Camp Sno-Mo, November 2016


New Hampshire Snowmobile Association

Annual Meeting

MS Mount Washington boarding at Weirs Beach


Rebecca and friends raising money for Camp Sno-Mo in England. (check out their shirts!)

*Please Note: Due to the fact that this is a venue with limited capacity, advance reservations will be required with priority given to delegates. Watch for additional information as the date approaches.

Black Spot A

t Camp Sno-Mo, we recently held our November respite weekend it was so much fun! The weekend was filled with smiles and so many appreciative families. We are already looking forward to the next respite weekend which will run December 16-18. Additionally, we’ll hold two in the spring on March 24-26 and April 21-23. For more info, contact Camp Director Rob Kelly at I often speak about the impact camp makes on the lives of the children we serve, but I just wanted to mention it is not only those we serve who are impacted by this amazing gem of a program. Each year, Camp Sno-Mo hires staff – a very international staff. In past summers, our counselors have hailed from Jamaica, South Korea, Columbia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and South African countries. I believe it is very important that Camp Sno-Mo brings the world to our campers. For many of them, traveling abroad internationally is simply not a reality or an option.

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Club Support - Nonprofits putting the “fun” in fundraising by Sheila Beaulieu, Club Support Committee Chair


Black Spot B

aising money for your nonprofit organization is always a challenge, whether in good times or bad. But you can make it easier for your nonprofit if you learn about all the different methods of fundraising and choose those that are truly best suited to your organization. When reviewing your options, try not to rely on only one type of fundraising, especially if it means depending on sources that could dry up all at once. This situation is unfortunate, because many of these smaller nonprofits provide a key service to the communities and surrounding areas where they are located. Your mission matters… and they need increased fundraising to survive and thrive. By the same token, scattering efforts and trying every type of fundraising method simultaneously is a recipe for trouble. The wise nonprofit will carefully plan an array of fundraising methods, to employ in the coming one to five years, based on its internal strengths and assets. Things to keep in mind when beginning your fundraising event: -Target Audience for Fundraising -Fundraising Goals -Creating a Fundraising Plan -Examples of Fundraisers -Promote your fundraiser Word of mouth Internet Social Media

Easy fundraising ideas: Gardening for Green

Your organization can make some serious green by spreading some more green in your area. Gardening for Green allows the members of your organization and any other volunteers to clean up your community and ask for donations per pound of trash or piece of trash collected. Used Book Sale

If you have some bookworms in your community, try hosting a used book sale as your next quick and easy fundraiser. All you’ll need is a “bookstore” for the day. This can be a common space like a gymnasium, community center, or your club’s clubhouse. Advertise well in advance for individuals to bring their gently used books to the sale. Categorize them any way you would like. You could separate them by subject matter, author, or age appropriateness. Then, have people come by to purchase the secondhand publications! Yard Sale/Garage Sale/Snowmobile Accessories, gear, parts sale

Help members of your community clean out their closets and garages by hosting a yard sale. Indoor or outdoor and at any time of year, a yard sale will be a huge hit with your local community. People love to find great items that they can repurpose or breathe new life into. Your organization simply takes all or a portion of the sales made during your yard sale, and individuals have a fun time bartering for other people’s used lamps, furniture, clothing, and anything in between! Penny Drive

A penny drive is one of the most popular and

virtually free fundraisers out there. The only cost to your nonprofit is the buckets or containers that donors must put their spare change in. This fundraiser can last a week, a month, a year, or longer! People will always want to get rid of their spare change which is what makes a Penny Drive so successful. Kickball Tournament (What fun this could be County vs County)

A kickball tournament is a fundraiser that will boost morale along with your organization’s fundraising revenue, all in one day. This kind of fundraiser gets everyone outside and involved in a cause that matters. Kickball games are events that people voluntarily participate in anyway, so making one a fundraising event is a given in the nonprofit world! Dodgeball Tournament (Another fun one!)

Dodgeball tournaments can get extremely competitive, but they can also be a lot of fun for the community. Individuals form teams and compete in friendly games of dodgeball. The team with the most players standing gets to move on to the next round until a team is crowned the winner. Charge teams an entrance fee to compete and charge admission at the door for spectators. You can also sell concessions to make more money. Your nonprofit can set up different variations of this tournament depending on how many teams are playing, how much space you have, and how long you want the tournament to go on for. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is one of the most enjoyable group activities there is. When you transform it into a fundraising contest, you can collect hundreds of dollars for your organization. You can ask each participant to donate $5, place them into groups of five, and then provide a prize for the winning team. Additionally, you can have a theme for your scavenger hunt depending on the time of year.

Hike Day Want to bring in some extra dollars for your nonprofit while also promoting good health? A guided hike is the perfect opportunity to get the best of both worlds. If you are an organization located in an area near mountains, national parks, or rivers, it would be crazy not to take advantage of this fundraiser. Hire a guide at one of these outdoorsy locations, and make a day of it! You’ll be surprised by how many people want to take part in a hike for a good cause. By asking for a donation from participants, you can promote healthy activities while collecting revenue for your nonprofit.

Cook-Off Do you know a few talented chefs or even have some in your organization? Use their skills to raise money for your nonprofit. Set up different tables or booths for culinary experts to present their tasty creations and invite the community to vote for their favorites by donating money to their chef of choice. You can also raise money by charging a small entrance fee for the culinary masters. Panera

Panera Bread is known for serving up delicious

soups and sandwiches, but did you know they also offer fundraising nights for organizations to raise money? All you have to do is bring your friends and family as well as a flyer the next time you eat dinner at Panera Bread. After registration confirmation, an organization receives a customized flyer from Panera. When supporters go to Panera, they must present an electronic or hard copy of the flyer upon ordering. Panera then donates a percentage of the money raised that night depending on the number of flyers brought in. Coffee Beans

Who doesn’t love a hot cup o’ joe in the morning? With a coffee fundraiser, you can give your donors the caffeine kick they crave while raising money for your cause at the same time. You’ll need to work with a coffee shop or roaster to get discounted bags of coffee grounds or beans to sell. You could also just sell premade cups of coffee. You can set up an online store or sell the coffee in a central location. Either way, your coffee fundraiser is sure to be a hit for donors who need a pick-me-up during their morning commute. Christmas Tree Delivery

Why not help people out during the holiday rush and earn a little extra money for your organization with a Christmas tree delivery service? To add an additional component to this quick and easy fundraiser, you can also offer a tree removal service once the holidays are over. Bring some Christmas cheer to your supporters and bring in some donations for your nonprofit with a Christmas tree delivery (or removal) service! Picture with Santa

Have you ever been to a mall around December 15? If you can fight past the crowds of people shopping for their friends and family, you will eventually find yourself next to a giant tree with jolly Old Saint Nicholas himself taking pictures with the kids. To save people the hassle of standing in that line to have a 30-second photo op with Santa Claus, you can host your own Pictures with Santa fundraiser! Charge parents a few dollars to have their children sit on Santa’s knee and tell him what they want for Christmas. You can also sell hot cocoa and snacks to families. Just make sure Santa gets his milk and cookies! Potluck Raffle

A potluck raffle can be a great way to raise money and introduce people to new foods. Volunteers make different dishes that attendees then vote for with pre-purchased raffle tickets. At the end of the night, each dish goes home with whomever had the winning raffle ticket for that particular item. You can also encourage volunteers to sweeten the pot by including the recipe for their delicious dish. 50/50 Raffle

Many nonprofits will use a 50/50 raffle as an additional fundraising opportunity during a fundraising event. A successful 50/50 raffle generates revenue for your nonprofit and gives donors the chance to win some serious cash. During an event, volunteers will go around and sell raffle tickets. The winning pot is then split in two, with half of the money raised going to your nonprofit and the other half going toward a lucky donor.





Black Spot B

6 Riveredge Rd., North Billerica, MA 01862 (978) 667-1518 •

I can help protect your sled and your winter. I live, work and play here just like you. And I can help you get the protection you need for your sled and much more. Call me today to see how you can save up to 40% on Allstate Snowmobile Insurance.

CALL ME FOR A QUOTE. Wicks Insurance Group

Ride with someone you can trust.




447 Second Street Manchester, NH 03102

108 Spit Brook Road Nashua, NH 03062

Actual costs will vary and may depend on coverages selected. Coverage and discounts subject to terms, conditions, availability and qualifications. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co. Š 2014 Allstate Insurance Co.


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Snowmobile Trails Gearing up for Winter Season and NH Trails Highlighted Nationally Information courtesy of New Hampshire Bureau of Trails


Black Spot A

he New Hampshire Bureau of Trails is announcing national recognition for some of New Hampshire’s snowmobile trails. American Towns Media released its annual list of Best Snowmobile Trails (http:// in the United States, and Pittsburg’s trails were ranked in the top 15. “This is a tremendous recognition for the work done by the local snowmobile clubs, in this case the Pittsburg Ridge Runners, the Bureau of Trails and local landowners to create a world-class snowmobile network here in New Hampshire,” said Trails Bureau Chief Chris Gamache. “The club works tirelessly year-round to provide this opportunity for riders during the winter season. New Hampshire may not be a large

state but it has some of the best riding in the country!” New Hampshire is gearing up for the upcoming riding season and almost all of the early season work is complete. Local snowmobile clubs and the Bureau of Trails have been taking advantage of the moderate fall temperatures to complete construction projects and get equipment ready for winter trail grooming. Despite poor riding season last winter the expectations for a good winter, from riders and businesses, is high. Snowmobiling in NH is a billion dollar a year industry. Weather permitting; trails will open up in mid-December. About the Division of Parks and Recreation The Bureau of Trails is a part

of the New Hampshire Division of Parks and Recreation.


Division of Parks and Recreation is comprised of the Bureau of Park




Historic Sites, Bureau of Trails, and




Division manages 92 properties, including state parks, beaches,

campgrounds, historic sites, trails,

waysides, and natural areas. The

Division of Parks and Recreation is one of four divisions of the Department of Resources and

Economic Development. To learn

more, visit www.nhstateparks. org, follow NH State Parks on

Facebook and Twitter, or call 603/271-3556. ❄

New Hampshire Snowmobile Association 2016-2017 Legal Fund Form

The Legal Fund needs your support to protect the rights of snowmobilers in pursuing the enjoyment of their sport! This fund is not limited to just NHSA legal issues... any NHSA club can apply for funds if they have a valid legal issue.

Please Print Clearly

Name: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Shipping Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _________________________

Club Member of: ______________________________________________________________________________

Amount: Enclosed: __ $5 __ $10 __ $15 __$25 __ $50 __ $100 Other donation amount: ________________

Return this form to:

New Hampshire Snowmobile Association 614 Laconia Road, Unit 4, Tilton, NH 03276

Thank you for your support!





Still time to sign up for Snowmobile/OHRV Safety Class Information courtesy of NH Fish & Game Department


o operate a snowmobile or Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle (OHRV) in New Hampshire, any person age 12 or older must have either a valid Motor Vehicle Driver's License or have successfully completed an approved OHRV/Snowmobile Safety Education class taught by volunteer instructors and staff trained by the NH Fish and Game Department. Additionally, all children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a licensed adult when operating a snowmobile or OHRV, unless they are on property belonging to their parents, grandparents or

guardians. Sign up soon if you or someone you know needs a class. There is no charge for traditional classes, which are completed in a single day. For a current class schedule, visit html. New classes are added as they become available. Traditional classroom OHRV and Snowmobile safety education courses, taught by nearly 200 Fish and Gamecertified volunteer instructors and Regional Coordinators, are available statewide at no charge and offer the preferred method of certification. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend.

As an alternative to the traditional courses, participants have the option of completing the safety training online for a fee of $29.50. “The online courses provide a convenient opportunity for students to become educated online, at their own pace, while learning key safety information we find important for riding both OHRVs and snowmobiles,” said Major John Wimsatt, OHRV/ Snowmobile Education and Law Enforcement coordinator for NH Fish and Game. “The course uses video, animations and more to teach valuable lessons

and emphasize the importance of respecting landowners and private property, and is also a helpful option for people who may have difficulty getting to a traditional class.” Many of the trained volunteer instructors are affiliated with one of the more than 100 snowmobile clubs in New Hampshire. “Joining a snowmobile club is a great way to learn about safe riding, help support local landowners and help maintain trails for your own and others' enjoyment,” Wimsatt said. For more information on how to become involved with a

snowmobile club, visit www.nhsa. com. In addition to safety education, this winter Fish and Game Conservation Officers will be out on the trails conducting patrols to detect and apprehend impaired snowmobile operators, enforce speed limits, deter unlawful offtrail riding and detect machines with modified exhaust. These ongoing initiatives will help to keep the state's snowmobile trails safe for all outdoor enthusiasts during the upcoming season. ❄

NH Fish & Game 2016-2017 Safety Course Schedule Black

If you have signed up for a class and are unable to attend, please call the course contact person as soon as possible.

Most classes have a waiting list. Thank you for your assistance. For up-to-date class availability and schedule please check Town




Pre-register with


Pittsburg Ridge Runners Clubhouse, Dickson Lane


9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (603) 538-9611

Must pre-register; lunch provided; parents encouraged to attend


Public Safety Building, 926 US Rt. 3


9:00 AM - 3:00 PM (603) 968-3700 -OR-

Must pre-register; bring lunch; parents encouraged to attend


SNHSS Clubhouse, 73 Tower Hill Road, Candia, NH


8:00 AM - 4:00 PM Louann Caron @ (603) 464-5473

Must pre-register; lunch provided; parents MUST attend


Souhegan Valley Motor Sports, 459 Main Street, Milford, NH


9:30 AM - 3:30 PM OHRV Office @ (603) 271-3129

Must pre-register; lunch provided; parents encouraged to attend


Sno-Shakers Club House, 70 Clough Pond Rd, Canterbury, NH


7:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Danforth Bay Campground 196 Shawtown Road


8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Dave @(603) 340-6468 or James Lafond @(603) 753-6091 Paul Welch @ (603) 323-9988 or (617) 877-1277


Must pre-register; lunch is provided; bring helmet and riding clothes; parents encouraged to Attend Must pre-register; bring lunch; parents encouraged to attend

* Gear: helmet with eye protection and outdoor riding clothes. Note: pre-registration is required for all courses. To register, contact instructor listed. • OHRV contacts: N.H. Fish and Game OHRV education: or 603-271-3129 • N.H. Fish and Game OHRV registrations: 603-271-3422 • Bureau of Trails: or 603-271-3254 • N.H. Snowmobile Association: or 603-273-0220

For up-to-date class availability and schedule please check

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grand new experience has arrived

in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

We believe that every vacation should be truly extraordinary. Our goal is to provide an unparalleled level of service in a spectacular mountain setting. Experience the grand new vision of what a luxury resort should be, in one of the most Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

accessible & beautiful vacation destinations in the East. Mention SNOWMOBILE when you call today & receive 15% OFF!

Experience extraordinary






6033 74557500

DALTON MOUNTAIN MOTORSPORTS 475 Main Street Lancaster, NH (603) 788-4991

BICKFORD’S SPORT CENTER 1664 Dover Road (Route 4) Epsom, NH (603) 736-9050

PROFILE POWERSPORTS 1319 White Mtn. Hwy. (Route 16) Conway, NH (603) 447-5855

TROY POWERSPORTS 136 N. Main Street Troy, NH (603) 242-7839

GARNEAU’S GARAGE 101 US-302 Twin Mountain, NH (603) 846-5790

DASILVA MOTORSPORTS 710 Route 111 Hampstead, NH (603) 329-7810 Also in Moultonborough

LEMIEUX GARAGE 161 Main Street Colebrook, NH (603) 237-4377

SOUHEGAN VALLEY MOTORSPORTS 459 South Street (Route 13) Milford, NH (603) 673-6007





Meet Your Co-chairs Phyllis MacDonald

Northfield, New Hampshire

Laconia, New Hampshire

Nelly brings energy and enthusiasm everywhere she goes, but when it comes to Easter Seals Camp Sno-Mo and the Easter Seals Ride-In, her passion and enthusiasm is contagious — just ask her club! She has an entire entourage of followers in support of Camp Sno-Mo. As a member of the Belmont Bogie Busters and a club officer for 13 years, Nelly’s knowledge of the Ride-In and Camp Sno-Mo was limited to writing a club donation check each year. Five years ago, she was invited to be on the Ride-In Committee, and that changed everything. Nelly has fallen in love with everything “Ride-In” and Camp SnoMo-related and has included her entire family in the love affair. Jocelyn, age 12, and Ashlee, age 11, are little ambassadors for camp, and are huge helpers at the Ride-In and at camp where they have helped mom with everything from painting and gardening, to helping out on Fish and Game Day and at the NHSA BBQ. Along with her and the girls, Nelly’s husband Jason is also a strong advocate for Camp Sno-Mo and has also dedicated much of his time and talent. Nelly is now an employee of Easter Seals NH and is honored to be this year’s Easter Seals Ride-In chair. Nelly says, “I have met so many people and families through camp and at the Ride-In and they have all become fast friends.”

Many of you know Phyllis as the voice on the other end of the phone when you call the NHSA office. Behind the scenes, Phyllis ties up a lot of the loose ends for the Ride-In Committee and takes a big part in making sure that the venue at the Ride-In runs smoothly and that all the guests have a wonderful weekend experience. Over the 8+ years that she has worked at NHSA, her passion and commitment to Camp Sno-Mo and the Ride-In has taken her WAY outside her comfort zone as a fundraiser. Asking for money is never easy for anyone, and Phyllis never wanted this job. However, after her first “yes,” she was a natural at spreading her passion for Camp Sno-Mo and the Ride-In, and has gained thousands of dollars of sponsorships. Phyllis does enjoy using her creative talent helping to transform the Town and Country into a magical place for the RideIn. In Phyllis’s words, “It’s an exhausting weekend, both physically and emotionally, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s all about the kids!”

Thank you to Ride-In Committee members: Lauren Benson Terry Callum Melissa McGee Jen Parker Cheryl Spillane Robert Kelly, Easter Seals/Camp Sno-Mo rep Mike Cormier, Easter Seals rep Photos by Tim Courtemanche ~ Silver Image Photography.


Nelly Roache

20 PAGE 20



45th Annual New Hampshire Snowmobile Association

Easter Seals Ride-In February 3rd, 4th & 5th • Town and Country Inn & Resort, Gorham, NH

Tentative Schedule of Events Tentative Schedule – check for updates

Friday, February 3rd

Saturday, February 4th

(Saturday, February 4th cont.)

7 – 9 a.m. Breakfast Main Dining Room (Restaurant Menu)

Snowmobilers Breakfast Buffet Main Dining Room

Donation table closes for the weekend!

9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Registration/Welcome Table/Hospitality Area ~ Rose Room (downstairs)

Registration/Welcome Table/Hospitality Area ~ Rose Room (downstairs)

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Club and individual registration for Union Leader Awards, Donation Table, (checks must be payable to Easter Seals NH), local Snowmobile Clubs’ info, NH Fish and & Game Department, NH Bureau of Trails, Easter Seals, NH.

9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Club and individual registration for Union Leader Awards. Donation table, (checks must be payable to Easter Seals NH), local Snowmobile Clubs’ Info, NH Fish & Game Department, NH Bureau of Trails, Easter Seals, NH •

“Let the Good Times Roll” Hospitality Table

“Let the Good Times Roll” Hospitality Table

Mardi Gras Candy Bar

Mardi Gras Candy Bar

All Bedazzled “Selfies”

All Bedazzled “Selfies”

“Costumed Up” Scavenger Hunt ~ Adults

“Costumed Up” Scavenger Hunt ~ Adults

Trinkets Galore Scavenger Hunt ~ Kids

Trinkets Galore Scavenger Hunt ~ Kids

Lucky Lotto Cards at Welcome Table

Lucky Lotto Cards at Welcome Table

Doubloon Coffee Saloon

Doubloon Coffee Saloon

Silent Auction items on display ~ Lamplight Room (downstairs) Lunch is available in downtown Gorham ~ Please support the Local community! 5 – 7 p.m. Snowmobilers “Fat Friday” Buffet

Silent Auction items on display ~ Lamplight Room (downstairs) 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. & 1 – 4 p.m. Camp Ride-In ~ located in Gold Room Crafts, games, winter activities and movies for children of all ages Local Club Activities schedule to be announced soon:

7 – 11:30 p.m. “Camp Ride-In” ~ located in the Gold Room

Lancaster Grand Prix

7:15 – 8:15 p.m. Opening Ceremonies ~ Shelburne Room Mardi Gras Grand Marshall Announced

Presidential Range Riders Radar Run ~ and/or Poker Run

VINTAGE IS BACK FOR THE 45th. Plans are being made to include antique and vintage sleds for a show & ride, as well as radar & poker runs. More details coming soon! Sponsored by Evelyn Farrell.

9 – 11 p.m. Hypnotic Night of Comedy ~ Shelburne Room A fun night for all with comedy and “hypnotic” wonder. Cash Bar. $5 per person/tickets available at the door

Lunch is available in downtown Gorham ~ Please support the Local community! 3 p.m. Silent Auction Closes (Pick up items 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. in the Lamp Light Room) 3 p.m. Union Leader Award Forms; “Costumed Up” Scavenger Hunt Forms and “Lucky Lotto Forms are due Please drop off at the registration/welcome table – Rose Room (downstairs)

Donations must be in at 4 p.m. to qualify for awards and prizes. No coins accepted. Paper money and checks only (Checks must be made payable to EASTER SEALS NH) 3: 45 – 4 p.m. Line-up for the Torch Light Mardi Gras Costume Parade Meet in rear parking lot of Town & Country ~ parade will travel thru town of Gorham Make certain to pick up your parade number from one of the “krewe”! Prizes awarded for: • Best Looking Sled – adult •

Best Looking Rider – adult

Best Youth (12 and under)

Judging will take place at line-up @ T&C Dinner available at the Town & Country and downtown Gorham 7:30 – 10:30 p.m. Camp Ride-In in the Gold Room Movies, games, crafts and snacks available. Please don’t forget to retrieve your child afterwards! 8 p.m. Live Auction/County Baskets ~ Shelburne Room 8 p.m. – Closing Entertainment in the Town & Country Lounge Please support the local community!

Sunday, February 5th

NO DONATIONS ACCEPTED ON SUNDAY 7 – 9:30 a.m. Snowmobilers Breakfast Buffet ~ Main Dining Room 9:30 a.m. Awards and Closing Ceremonies ~Shelburne Room Union Leader Awards Contest Winners Announced Grand Total $$$$ Revealed! All events are subject to change. Some events may have an associated cost that will be determined.





Photos by Tim Courtemanche ~ Silver Image Photography.

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The Union Leader Awards 1. Oldest Driver 2. Longest Distance Traveled 3. Longest one-way distance within New Hampshire 4. Youngest Driver 5. Youngest Ride-In Driver on a Mini-Sled 6. Club Participation Award

(1) This awards is given to Oldest NHSA member driving a snowmobile to the Ride-In, a minimum of 25 miles, age is the deciding factor. (2) This award is given to a NHSA member driving a snowmobile to the Ride-In from the furthest location away from the Ride-In and driving one-way to the RideIn. One-Way Mileage measured in miles using odometer reading and documented using gas receipts, motel receipts, etc…. Your club and NHSA dues must be current to qualify. (3) This award is given to a NHSA member driving a snowmobile to the Ride-In from the furthest location away from the Ride-In within the State of New Hampshire and driving one-way to the RideIn. One-Way Mileage measured in miles using odometer reading

and documented using gas receipts, motel receipts, etc…. Your club and NHSA dues must be current to qualify. (4) This awards is given to the Youngest person driving a snowmobile to the Ride-in, a minimum of 25 miles, from the furthest location away from the Ride-In and driving one-way to the Ride-In. One-way mileage measured in miles using odometer reading and documented using gas receipts, motel receipts, etc. Age is the deciding factor. (5) Youngest rider driving a MiniSled type snowmobile at the RideIn. Must be UNDER 10 years old. Age is the deciding factor. (6) This award is for the Club with the most registered members attending the Ride-In. Members must be registered in the Hospitality area by 4:00pm on Saturday. No Exceptions! Your Club and NHSA dues must be current to qualify. Please get your forms in on time. If you have any questions or concerns, please ask ahead of time. Don’t wait until afterwards.

Photo by Allan Houle Vintage is back for the 45 th NHSA Easter Seals Rid e-In for Camp Sno-Mo in Gorham, NH on February 3, 4 & 5, 2017! Plans are being made to include antique and vintage sleds for a show and ride, as well as radar and poker Saturday, February 4. Mo runs on re details coming soon! Sponsored by Evelyn Fa rrell.

The Presidential Range Riders will be hosting a Radar Run and/or Poker Run on Saturday, February 4 for the NHSA Easter Seals Ride-In for Camp Sno-Mo. Great fun for participants and spectators alike. More details to follow.

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Thank you to our confirmed 2017 Easter Seals Ride-In sponsors! (As of December 13, 2016)

Allied Insurance Gilford Airport Country Store Black

Proline Products David Bourne Construction Heartland Payment Services (Paul Magowan) Monahan-Hixson-Burton Families Irwin Marine Liberty Mutual Livingstons Arctic Cat New Hampshire Council for Youth with Chronic Conditions White Mountain Management of Raymond James Atlas Fireworks Northeast Systems Controls Tim Lorenz

There’s still time to show your support for Camp Sno-Mo by becoming a sponsor at the 2017 Easter Seals Ride-In. Many forms of sponsorships are available. Please contact Phyllis MacDonald at the NHSA office by calling (603) 273-0220 or emailing for more information.

Every little bit helps to spread joy to campers and their families.




Warren Piquette PO Box 39 Lochmere, NH 03252 524-1683


Nelly Roache

23 Fellows Hill Road Northfield, NH 03220 365-9666

PO Box 130, Belmont, NH 03220 Submitted by Jen Parker, Secretary I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and got to play in some snow! We didn’t get much in Belmont, but it’s still fun to watch it fall from the sky. We have been busy with trail work and will be putting up signs the first weekend in December. We have been working on a Belmont trail map. Please check our website and Facebook for updates and availability. We hope to see everyone at the NHSA Camp Sno-Mo winter dance. It should be a fun time for everyone. We are starting to organize the county basket for the Ride-In and will be reaching out to Belknap County clubs for help. Get those sleds registered!!

Mohawk Trail Riders PO Box 167, Sanbornton, NH 03269 Submitted by Kenny Gaudet, Member Are your groomers ready? Are your trails ready? Are your sleds ready to go? Are your sleds registered? You better be answering yes to these questions as we are getting closer to the riding season and it’s going to come in this year in a big way! I drove out to Albany, NY last week and was very surprised and delighted at the amount of snow that had fallen in western Mass

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Belmont Bogie Busters

and New York. Here at Mohawk Trail Riders, we’ve been busy with work parties at the clubhouse getting the groomers tuned up and repairs made. Thanks to all the folks who pitched in with their skills. It’s amazing how much talent there is out there. Our new Artic Cat groomer is just about ready to hit the trails. We did get help from Mogul Master who designed a new hitch for us. Weekend trail inspections and clearing continues, recently the trails around Exit 23 / Route 104 and the trails to Steele Hill were traveled on the wheelers (ATV’s) and we are in good shape. We did have minor trees fall and some small bridge repairs but all and all good shape from last year. 100 percent of our trails are clear now and were working to get more access into towns where there is no trail access presently. A good strong snowy winter should help us to afford some bridge replacements that are overdue Four club members recently attended the Annual Trailmasters meeting. Our members attended all seven classes offered and received updates on current and pending rules, regulations and learned about working in wetlands. Updates on trail signage were also discussed. We received our permit from The Army Corp of Engineers to hold our annual event at the old Bridge Abutment in Old Hill Village, The Third Annual Bridge Abutment Boogie is set for March 4, Many details will follow on these updates and on our Facebook page. Like most years, we have a few landowner issues to deal with but we have had great luck with the neighbors and are hoping for positive outcomes. I hope by the time you read this that the snows are here and we’re doing some riding. That’s all I have for now. I’m heading down to the garage to work on the sleds and think about the awesome times to come this winter. Thanks for reading this, check out our website at www. — lots of good stuff and a decent FREE trail map. Feel free to email us with any questions or comments. Jody Slack is our President. Justin Barriault is our trail administrator. Of course, we’re on Facebook where you’ll get on the trail live updates when the trails open and more — Like Us. Feel free to contact me directly at or Kenny Gaudet on Facebook.


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George Kaye

139 Pine Hill Road Center Ossipee, NH 03814 986-9666


Don Foote

7 Maplewood Road Center Ossipee, NH 03814 918-0958


Mountain Meadow Riders Snowmobile Club PO Box 342, Conway, NH 03818 By Clem Paquette, President In late November, we had a few days of wintry mix precipitation which did not amount to any significant snow covering on the ground, but did help out with the drought we have been experiencing all summer. We need much more to make up for the water deficit, so we are hoping for lots of snow this winter. We anticipate another wonderful annual Christmas Party at the North Conway Country Club. We sincerely appreciate the hard work of the many people who help make the evening a success. In early December, the unpleasant job of laying the pallets on the railroad trestles will be done. The Conway Scenic Railroad was replacing railroad ties and asked if we could delay the project, but the trestles will certainly be ready for when we have snow. We do plan to one day have an off ramp to take the trail off the railroad tracks on the south side of the Saco trestle, which will eliminate one and a half miles of trail on the tracks as well as 300 feet of pallets on the Moat Brook trestle. The Bear Notch Connector trail project we explained in the last edition of the Sno-Traveler is making progress. When the

plan is scheduled to go before the National Forest Service, we will be requesting our fellow snowmobile enthusiasts to write letters of support for the project to the National Forest Service, so please check our column every edition to find out how you can help make this project a success. Our existing trail system is in good shape for the season and we hope that by the time this edition is published, we have a good base of snow to get the season on its way. When you are riding Corridor 19A in North Conway and crossing Route 16 by McDonald’s, please note that there may be heavy construction on Barnes Road where the trail runs on the sidewalk next to the Staples parking lot, as the old L.L. Bean building has been knocked down and a new shopping center is under construction at that location. When riding Corridor 19 in East Conway, please take note of the new fluorescent orange trail markers in the fields. These markers are reflective, which should make the trail much easier to follow. Last year, improvements were made to Red’s Trail to make the grooming process much easier, so our grooming staff is looking forward to trying it out since they didn’t have the opportunity to groom at all last year. On that note, we are excited to add a new person to the roster of grooming staff! Our Trail Master’s grandson, Patrick Preece successfully completed the Groomer Safety and Awareness course at the Annual Trail Master meeting in November and will be joining our veteran groomers this season. We are excited to have the support of the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort this year on our club trail maps. This is great destination as they have two restaurants (Champneys Restaurant and Palmer’s Red Ridge Grill). For those looking for a place to stay, this is an excellent hotel with great mountain views and a nice indoor water park. There is a trail dedicated to access the Red Jacket from Corridor 19A. Our new maps, which are available for purchase via our website, will show this trail access. Speaking of maps, the new club maps are ready, so be sure to purchase your map via our website and a map will be mailed to your address. Don’t forget to purchase your raffle ticket for the 2016 Can-Am Outlander! The drawing will be held on February 11 at our annual Bonfire. You do not have to be present to win. To keep up-to-date on club news and events, please visit us at or at


Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club

Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club

PO Box 261, West Ossipee, NH 03890 Submitted by Marie Kaye, Membership Chair

PO Box 311, East Wakefield, NH 03830 Submitted by Bob Lundgren

Our annual Snowmobile Swap Meet and Vintage Show was held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. After worrying about the weather all week long, we had a cold but relatively clear day, with just enough snow on the ground to make us think of riding. We had a record number of vintage sleds, and trophies were awarded to Best of Show and People’s Choice. Best of Show was won by Bob Gordon of Weare with his 1972 Sno Jet Thunder Jet 295. People’s Choice went to Steve Dickinson of Berlin with his 1970 Arctic Cat Panther. Congratulations to both winners, and our thanks for bringing their sleds to Tamworth for all of us to enjoy. Our thanks also go out to those club members who worked so hard behind the scenes to make this event happen. Club members have been busy working on a reroute of one of our major trails. The reroute was necessary because one of our landowners plans on doing some logging next year and will be closing his land to snowmobiles. We are grateful for all of the years we were able to use his land, and we’re pleased that we were able to work out an alternate route. Work parties have been going out regularly to clear the new trail so that we will be ready to install the necessary bridges next summer in order to have the trail ready for next winter. Thanks to all of you who have helped out on this project. We wish everyone a joyous holiday season, and a happy and healthy new year, with lots of snow and plenty of riding! Happy trails.

Thanksgiving has wound down after a couple of minor snow events, which is hopefully a good sign for New Hampshire snowmobilers. As has been the practice in past years, we have a dedicated crew readying the trails for riding. Trails have been brushed out and problem areas are being worked on. As mentioned in prior “Club News” submissions, corridor 22 is presenting a challenge that may or may not be resolved this season. For the last few years, we have been able to use the formerly abandoned B&M railroad line bed north of Ossipee Aggregates, but recently, the active tracks have been extended to the route 171 crossing. This section of corridor 22 was named the “Dick Doyle Memorial Trail” after a late member who was a pioneer in the area. One thing about Dick Doyle was no matter where I rode with him he had been there before and he always knew where he was. Anyway, much effort has been and is currently being put into finding an alternate route. Unlike trails in the northern part of the state, our area is much more developed with many more current and potential landowners involved in our trail system. Another problem is terrain. We don’t have open fields and rolling hills to contend with. We have a lot of rocky, hardwood forests strewn with multi-sized rocks and boulders. Most of our local towns now have their tax maps online with all kinds of “bells and whistles” to identify landowners and give terrain information via contour lines. Once a potential trail route is found, the next thing is to ask and, in some cases, convince landowners that snowmobilers are good people who have found that getting out in the winter is great fun and does little if any damage to the landscape. Also, New Hampshire has done a fine job in creating landowner protection laws that make it easy for a landowner to say “yes.” Once in a while, we’re asked about the origins of our club, so here are some facts: We named the club what it is for a couple of reasons — one was that it was a common name for some businesses in the area that kind of described Wakefield. The other main reason was that the original Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club had been mainly a local club that met on weeknights, mainly

Bud Gordon, whose sled won Best of Show at our vintage show.

Steve Dickinson whose sled won People's Choice.

attended by locals. However, some back-to-back warm winters had caused the club to become inactive. Then, changes in and enforcement of landowner laws made establishment of an active club necessary if snowmobiling was to continue in our area. Somehow, we acquired some of the original paperwork and we learned that the charter of the Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club was on the verge of expiring, but we were able to save the charter by contacting the Secretary of State’s office and paying the appropriate fee. On Nov 15, 1986, we had the re-organizational meeting at my house and the rest is history. When you have the chance, check out our website at “” Our Facebook page has become quite popular, too, and is a great way to know what’s going on in a timely manner and leave messages yourself. This could be a great way to spread the word if you came across a trail problem. There is the probability of a social time being planned for February 11 at the Wakefield Resource Center in Union (part of Wakefield). Check out the website and Facebook for details as this evolves. As of this writing there is the possibility of a safety course, but nothing has been scheduled. Your best bet to see if one is ultimately scheduled is to check our website, or our Facebook page. We just had a club meeting on November 27 at the Province Lake Country Club. It was well attended with discussion about trails, grooming, landowner, fundraising — all stuff that all clubs are faced with. Thanks to the Province Lake Country Club management for proving the meeting place and refreshments. Be sure to check out their restaurant as it’s open yearround now. Finally, it’s time to register your machines, so when you go, you must have evidence of club membership with you to qualify for the club discount as well as a copy of your prior registration. Also, note that some registration sites prefer payment by cash or check. If you pay with a credit or debit card, then you may be charged more to offset the fee charged to the stores that handle registrations. If you wait to do this, you may be faced with lines or sticker shortages. Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club PO Box 268, Wolfeboro Falls, NH Submitted by Sue Gaudette, Secretary




Kim Bergeron

PO Box 48 Dublin, NH 03444


Dean Beaman

15 Upper Snow Road Winchester, NH 03470 239-6853

Hooper Hill Hoppers

Monadnock Sno-Moles

PO Box 142, Walpole, NH 03608 By Michael Powers, Club News

P.O. Box 265, Rindge, NH 03461-0265 Submitted by Michael Agonis, Secretary

First, I’d like to wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday Season. I would also like everyone to THINK SNOW! Ken and his gang have been busy as beavers working on our bridge repairs and updates. We should be in good shape before the first snow. Money is tight so we have been updating the bridges we can and repairing those that ultimately need to be replaced in the future. Our Sign Party & BBQ was a huge success. It was nice to see so many people show up. Signs were divided up among the volunteers and they were off and running. Most of the signs have now been put up. The ones I was given even got put up twice! I put up the first ones and realized when I got to the second place that I had put those signs up at the first place. Are you surprised? We are still waiting for the “cows” to be moved from several fields so we can finish up the sign work. Overall, we are in good shape. Several volunteers have been out trimming trails and have found several areas with trees down across the trail. Hopefully by the time you are reading this, all our trails will be clear for the season. As a reminder, I want to let you know that we are no longer accepting filled out paper club application forms. Please sign up for the club by using the internet and going to http:// There is now a flat membership fee for families or individuals of $35. You will also be able to print your completed membership form and show it when you go to register your sleds. At the last meeting, we voted to purchase a commercial outdoor BBQ grill so we would not have to constantly be using personal grills from members. WOW! It’s a thing of beauty with eight burners and should serve us well for years to come. Hopefully, all of the members have received the 2016/2017 schedule that was sent out a couple of months ago. As a reminder, our next meetings will be on January 5, 2017 at Homestead Farms at 7 p.m. and on February 2, 2017 at Great Brook Farm at 7 p.m. Please try to attend one of these monthly meetings. We are always looking for new ideas. THINK SNOW!

Hello Snowmobilers, The Sno-Moles have been busy conducting trail maintenance, and getting the trails and grooming equipment prepared for this winter. Visit our web page to apply for your Sno-Moles membership. Memberships and Trail maps are available at DTS Tire in Rindge, Troy Arctic Cat and Pelletiers Sports Shop in Jaffrey. I encourage everyone to come and enjoy our trails and join our Club. You won’t be disappointed. Due to lack of snow last year, memberships were much less, thus, our bank account is very thin. There are many expenses needed to keep our trails in shape. Beyond memberships, please also consider making a donation to the Club on our website or Facebook page. Fuel prices are lower this year, but the groomers still go through a lot of diesel, and we want to continue to provide the best trails possible. For those who are not donating time to the club, it is a great opportunity to donate the other thing we sorely need — $$. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our landowners who allow us access to their land and trails and help make snowmobiling in our part of the State of New Hampshire possible. I know it is cliché, but it is so very important to respect landowner’s property and STAY ON THE TRAIL. Please join us at our next meeting, typically the first Tuesday of the month at Woodbound Inn, Rindge, at 7 p.m. It would be great to see some new faces, and the food and beverage at Woodbound Inn is delicious. We shall discuss our annual cookout and poker run at the coming meetings. Check out our website and Facebook page for the latest and greatest news. or Facebook (Ridge Skippers Snowmobile Club) to contact us. New this winter will be a trail connecting our trail system to the Monadnock Trailbreakers trail system! From our trail, you will now be able to ride all the way from Silver Lake in Harrisville to Carr’s Store in Dublin. This has been a long time coming and we all can’t wait to be able to have the two trail systems connected. We know most of you will wait to get your memberships until snow is on the ground. However, it is easier than ever and you can do it today! Go to our website and click the link for the NHSA membership site that will take you to the login where you can create an account and select the Ridge Skippers Snowmobile Club from a list of clubs. Once complete, you can print the voucher to take with you to register your snowmobile. As usual you can mail us a paper form to join (found on our website) or join at the following dealers: Full Throttle Powersports, American Trikes and Motorsports, and Troy Powersports. Please visit www.ridgeskippers. com for more information about the club, to join, contact us, trail maps, local webcams, weather, and the status of the trails.


shows up for a few days and then goes away. This has given us the opportunity the do some trail work by UTV and to inspect our 147 miles of trails before winter really shows up. Signing is being put up and a few last-minute bridge repair/ replacements have been done. Thanks again to the awesome volunteers that we have that do the trail work in a pinch when needed. If you are a Ski-bee, check our Facebook page to see when work parties and volunteers are needed. You can make a difference, and make the work load a little easier for the rest, and meet other riders from the area. When the snow does fly, and let's hope it does, you can check our website or Facebook page to get trail reports, as well as the NHSA site. The Ski-bees have received a $20,000 Tillotson grant to complete our groomer barn. With winter here, real work cannot be done on it until the spring, but planning is underway by the board of directors. Thank you! to the Tillotson grant committee. If you frequently snowmobile the Colebrook area, please join a club or two where you ride. Have a great Christmas and a safe and fun snowmobile season.

Pittsburg Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club, Inc. 17 Dickson Lane, Pittsburg, NH 03592

Cheryl Spillane 521 Mt. Misery Road Littleton, NH 03561 444-9835


Ridge Skippers Snowmobile Club 311 Apple Hill Road, Nelson, NH 03457 December is here and the snow will be upon us (fingers crossed) soon enough. The RSSC fleet should be ready for the season with a new groomer — a larger tracked rig, with more pulling power. It is a welcome addition to our small fleet of equipment. We have been busy this fall working on getting our groomers ready, trimming trails, checking bridges and building a new one. If anyone has an interest in volunteering your time, the club can always use your help. Visit us on www.



Colebrook Ski Bees PO Box 125, Colebrook, NH 03576 As of this writing, winter should be right around the corner. It

Greetings, As you read this, we should be well into our season. We received delivery of our new groomer and it will be out there making our trails the best that can be. Our Craft Fair was held November 26. As always, the proceeds will go to Camp SnoMo. We receive notification from American Towns Media that we are one of the 15 extraordinary snowmobile towns in the U.S. We were number seven on the list! We were listed with such other locations as Iron Dog Course, Alaska; Kanab, Utah; and Yellowstone National Park. We have been successful in restoring Corridor 20 from Tabor Notch to Vermont. Much work was required to make it passable after the storms this fall. Thank you to Pam Frizzell and John Amey for allowing us to travel on your properties. Travel on Trail 140 from Junction 22 to Junction 1510 is suspended until the massive Continued on page 26

Black Spot A

We have officially arrived at December. Unfortunately, it’s warm and wet. However, with eyes on next week’s temps returning to cold, we have to stay positive — white stuff will soon be on the way! The WSC faithful have been struggling a bit getting helpers for trail work. While we are a relatively small club, we have some of the Lakes Regions most beautiful and popular trails, and because of last year’s conditions, brushing is very much in need. Every year, we plead our case in hopes that folks will respect that these trails do not just ‘appear’ all ready to ride on. Everyone has jobs, kids, and obligations outside of snowmobiling, including us. So PLEASE consider helping out our crew. Even if it’s a few hours of your time would be really appreciated. We are always welcoming new faces at our monthly meetings which are at the Windrifter Resort, S. Main St. Wolfeboro, the second Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. As noted in last Sno-Traveler, it is more important than ever that you register your sleds. This is money the clubs rely on to help in operating expenses. We all know that last winter was a disaster, but we must clear those thoughts and look ahead and keep the faith. From all of us at the Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club, Merry Christmas, everyone!


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Black Spot B

damage from the tornado can be removed. We require heavy equipment to accomplish this and to this date we have been unable to coordinate the work with the state. We have sold over 609 raffle tickets so far. Be sure to get yours early or you might miss out. We sold out two weeks prior to the Steak Feed last year. This is our best fund raiser and has become more important now that the vintage races are no longer going to provide revenue. We have made improvements to the bridge over Little Dead Diamond River in the College Grant Lands. “Thanks” go out to Leavitt Young of Young’s store for his help in accomplishing this. This bridge is on the Pisgah loop, trail 112. We will have a short share of the trail for about a 10th of a mile after crossing the shared bridge. We have a new cupola on the cook shack. “Thanks” goes out to David Ainsworth, one of our groomer operators, for his help in installing it. We hope that the cooks will have a better environment now. The 2017 Tri-State Reciprocal Snowmobile Weekend is January 27 thru 29. Be sure to check the rules for travel in Vermont. In addition to those rules posted, be aware that anyone born after 1983 is required to have completed a rider safety course and be carrying proof. This requirement applies even to licensed drivers. If you took a course in New Hampshire, then you are covered if you have the proof. Courses are available online. Happy Trails!

Swift Diamond Riders PO Box 331, Stewartstown, NH 03576 Submitted by Vicky Schmartz, Secretary Hi, Everyone! Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Mother Nature has been somewhat kind to us here in the North Country. As I write this article, it is a wintry mix at Diamond Pond. Signing of trails is done. We will be going out to do trail work when the ground freezes up. The trail access on the Northwest side of the Diamond Pond has changed. Damage was done last season to prior access and we want to bring this to everyone’s attention. Please remember, that landowners are gracious enough to give us permission to use their land. Let’s not abuse the privilege. You will see new signage for the change.


Memberships are coming in at a steady pace. Thank you all for renewing and thank you to all the new people who chose to join Swift Diamond! Preparations for the 25th anniversary for the SNODEO are coming along. Please look at the club’s website and the official SNODEO website for details. Volunteers are always welcome at the warming hut and within the club. Please call (603) 237-5845, leave a message and Vicky will get back to you. Let’s all do the Happy SNOW Dance! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Umbagog Snowmobile Association PO Box 133, Errol NH 03579-0133 Submitted by Bill Morin As the fall season progresses, we are completing projects to get the trails ready for riding, the biggest project we had was to re-deck a bridge which needed repair. The guys worked on a Saturday to get it done so that it would be ready for winter. Thanks to the work crew consisting of our President Pete Lagerstrom and Board of Director member Bob Vervill, along with Dave and Josh Demers, whose help was invaluable. Pete’s brother, John Lagerstrom, who always seems to be there when needed, joined in, as did our trail administrator Frank Roy. As always, there is still brush clearing to do, but getting a large project like a bridge re-decking behind us is big. We will continue working on groomer and drag maintenance issues and trail preparation till the snow flies, which hopefully will be early so that we can start grooming in December. One of the benefits of last year’s short season was we did not put as many hours on our equipment and subsequently, we have fewer maintenance issues going into this season. On November 19, Pete, Charlie and I attended the Trailmasters meeting at the Attitash Convention center in Bartlett. The most important class we attended was on the changes to trail signage that has been going into effect the last few years. Chris Gamache from the Bureau of Trails did an excellent presentation on not only what signing changes have happened, but the background and reason for the changes. Hopefully, the changes in signing will make for less confusion on the trails


and more consistency when you travel thru different trail systems, whether it is in the state of New Hampshire or throughout the Northeast — including Canada. I think the main theme for the changes is to keep everything consistent and to simplify trail signage in general. If you have questions on signage, then please attend one of our club meetings and Pete and I will be glad to go over them with you. The other classes we attended, where we felt we gained valuable knowledge, were the classes on how the Grant-In-Aid reimbursement documents need to be sent in so that we can be paid for grooming hours and the State of NH DES class on making sure we are following the proper procedures when we are working in the woods to make sure we protect the environment. One result of last year’s poor snow season is that Grant-In-Aid money for equipment and trail projects will be curtailed for this year and next to cover the shortage from last year’s fewer registrations. I will remind everyone to please join our club and register your sleds early if possible so that we will have working funds until we can start grooming. This season’s events will be quite different than past years. We no longer will have the Vintage races in Errol, but we will bring back the Poker Run in February. I will put the dates and information in the next article once all the details have been worked out. We are also looking into running the concession trailer at one or two winter events in order to try and make up for the revenue lost from not having the Vintage Races. As always, club meetings will be the first Friday of every month at the club house at 7 p.m. This season, more than in past years, it is really important to attend and give us your thoughts on improving the club and our trail system. Word is that Corser Brook Road will be open as a trail again for this season and we won’t have to use the alternate trail, which to anyone who rides the Northeastern side of our system, is a welcome change. We hope everyone has a happy holiday and let’s have a safe and long riding season.

White Mountain Ridge Runners PO Box 425, Berlin, NH 03570 Submitted by Dalton Binette, Club Webmaster Hello all, hopefully, by the time you are reading this, there will be a considerable amount of snow on the ground. Would like to start

off by wishing everyone a happy holiday season from all of us at the White Mountain Ridge Runners. We are gearing up for our upcoming WMRR Steak Feed, which will be held in February at our clubhouse on Jericho Road in Berlin, NH. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more info. To reiterate our article in the last issue of Sno-Traveler, for those who did not have a chance to read it, the White Mountain Ridge Runners have been working hard to complete multiple trail projects which will positively impact riding through our area. The first project completed was the construction of a new multi-purpose bridge across the Dead River near Dead River Park in Berlin behind Valley Creek Eatery. The bridge design and build was quite challenging due to obstacles at the bridge site, however our steadfast group of volunteers pulled it off. Although our groomers still cannot fit through the crossing due to width and height restrictions, the bridge is still a great improvement to accessing downtown services and Corridor 12 on the east side of Berlin as well as an improvement to Dead River Park. The second project, which was recently completed, was the rerouting of Corridor 19 near Dummer Pond Road in Dummer. For years, the trail passed through a swamp area near the Pontook Reservoir, which in low snow and spring conditions was almost impassable. Dummer Pond Road was often used as a bypass to this section of trail. The new trail follows a section of the power lines that connect Brookfield’s wind farm. Improvements along Corridor 19, one of our main corridors, from the Berlin/Gorham town line to Cedar Brook Road in Dummer over the years have helped make the trail a better ride, especially in low snow conditions. Again, we would like to encourage all to attend our monthly meetings. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at our clubhouse at 241 Jericho Road in Berlin. Meeting reminders will be posted on our website and Facebook page at least a week in advance. Our active members and volunteers are what helps to make this club as successful as it is. We are always open to new ideas and new faces. Lastly, if you have not already done so, I encourage you all to join the club so we can keep up our trail improvement projects, and most importantly, provide a nice and flat riding surface in

and out of the Berlin area. The club can be joined by printing a form online from our website and mailing it, or online through the NHSA’s portal. Club membership forms are also available at the Jericho Warming Hut and local snowmobile registration stations. All of us at the club are hoping that the 2016-2017 season is much better than last season. Please be sure to check our Trail Conditions page throughout the season on our website for the latest trail info and conditions! Thanks again for all your support and we look forward to seeing you all out on the trails!


Evelyn Ferrell

1059 Route 118 Dorchester, NH 03266 603-786-2770


Lucy Ford

80 Patten Road Alexandria, NH 03222 603-744-5497

Bridgewater Mountain Snowmobile Club PO Box 368, New Hampton, NH 03256 Like last season, there are three locations to get your BMSC Club Membership: Outdoor Performance, Newfound Grocery, and Ashland Lumber. You can also get your membership the old-fashioned way by printing the application off the website and mailing it in. The fastest way is directly at one of the three locations listed earlier. We will always look to earn your membership dues with great grooming and communication of trail conditions throughout the season. We greatly appreciate you being a part of BMSC! On the trails again this year, you’ll find our trail maps in permanent kiosks at various trail intersections so folks that are


Lisbon Stump Jumpers P.O. Box 142, Lisbon, NH 03585 Submitted by Joe Ransmeier, Secretary The Lisbon Stump Jumpers would like to take this opportunity to remind all Sno-Traveler recipients that our annual vintage race will be held on Saturday, February 11, 2017. Racing will start at 10 a.m. The entrance fee will be $5/person, with free admission for children younger than 12 years old. The race will be held at the same location as in past years — a field located North of Lisbon on Route 302 and to the South of the turn onto Rt. 117 and the Salmon Hole Bridge. A few parking spaces with a view of the track will be available for those who need to stay in a car due to disability, age or illness. Hot food and a variety of beverages may be purchased from Chappy’s cook shack. The vintage race is an important

fundraiser for the club. Please check out the “Vintage Race” tab on http://lisbonstumpjumpers. org. Despite low temperatures, last year’s race proved to be an excellent event with several highly competitive classes. We look forward to seeing you there! Club memberships are still available at the following locations: Du-Ez (Lisbon, NH), Littleton Motorsports (Littleton, NH), Absolute Powersports (Wells River, VT). The Bath Store will also carry memberships once it reopens.

The Club, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, participated in the 30th Annual Littleton Christmas Parade on November 25, 2016. The theme for the parade was “unusual ways to decorate a Christmas Tree,” with the club’s entry being a well-used Skidoo Elan sitting atop a semi-crushed pine.

Littleton Off Road Riders, Inc. PO Box 281, Littleton, NH 03561 Submitted by Michelle Schafer Happy Holidays! The Littleton Off Road Riders are getting into the holiday spirit early this year. We just keep getting good news and well wishes from many different avenues. To get into the public eye, the club entered a Christmas Float into the Littleton Downtown Parade, which is held the Friday after Thanksgiving. Club members meet to decorate a trailer early Friday morning and then line up to take that walk through Main Street. This was the 43rd year the parade marched through Littleton. It was cold and rainy, but we made a good showing of it. Donna Thompson, Sandy Simons and the young Thompson Kids decorated the trees. Doug Cross let us borrow his grandkids sleds (SO CUTE) and Steve Hight pulled out an old-fashioned sleigh, from wherever he hides those type of things, to finish off our display. Club members George and Brian Thompson, Scott Schafer and Scott Simon worked to fancy up the truck. We had our gigantic ‘Happy Holidays – Join our club’ sign hoisted high with a six foot inflatable Christmas Moose in the back of the truck. It was grand enough to make the judges “Ooh

and Ahh” before giving us the BEST IN SHOW award. It’s funny, I never realized HOW BIG that Christmas Moose looked until I saw photos in our local paper. Really good news: The Lisbon Stump Jumpers WILL be holding their Vintage Snowmobile Race. Mark your calendars for February 11. Snow or Shine! More good news: The Mount Eustis ski area is coming around and working with us. Another reroute was cut, making the trail going up and down, a lot less steep. This reroute will also give snowmobilers three different lookout points. Mount Eustis does have quite a view. One can see the presidential mountain range during the day and town sky lights at night. If you make a trip up, you must stop and look. Some volunteers for the ski group have also started to promote trails in another part of Littleton, Parker Mountain for instance. We are beginning to meet and discuss with these other volunteer groups the importance of helping to maintain those trails. A cross country skier or fat biker cannot be upset at snowmobiles when it’s the snowmobilers who keep the trails maintained. It’s all about educating the outdoor enthusiast. The More the Merrier it should be, trails that is. On behalf of The Littleton Off Road Riders, I would like to wish all of you a happy holiday, safe riding and a very snowy new year.


Sheila Beaulieu

20 Jackson Road Mason, NH 03048 878-2314


Scot Heath

140 Second NH Turnpike North Francistown, NH 03043 588-3020



Hillsborough County

Nor'Easters Snowmobile Club

Border Riders Snowmobile Club PO Box 644, Pelham, NH 03076 Submitted by Fred Rourke Jr. V.P.

PO Box 517, Hollis, NH 03049 Submitted by Doug Cleveland, Treasurer

It's mid-November, registrations are finally rolling in. It’s still pretty mild outside for this time of year, but this is New England and anything can happen. As you all know, we are working on the theme for the Easter Seals ride — Eat, Drink & Ride N.H. If anybody has an idea for this event, then please contact one of the clubs officers on our website, We currently have trail work going on. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Special thanks to the Taylor boys for all the trimming and mowing they have done to keep everyone safe. We are currently working on the Lamoureux bridges. They both badly needed to be repaired. Thanks to all the guys who came out to help with the repairs on the bridges. The snow is finally falling in the north country, maybe it's a sign of things to come. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Remember, join your local snowmobile club and register your sleds. It does make a difference. THINK SNOW!

Brookline Ice Breakers

PO Box 198, Brookline, NH 03033 Join the brookline IceBreakers online at brooklineicebreakers. com/membership/. You can also purchase Brookline IceBreakers apparel on the club website or through the Facebook page. We now have hoodies and shirts with the club logo available. Trail work will continue through the fall preparing for the upcoming season. Watch our Facebook page for trail work days and join other club members to prepare and improve the trails before the snow flies. The club will be running a snowmobile safety course on January 7. Please visit the club website for location details. Planning is underway for our Poker Run on February 18. Come join us for a great day. Follow the IceBreakers Facebook page https:// w w w. f a c e b o o k . c o m / g r o u p s / BrooklineIceBreakers/ and website for membership information, scheduled trail workdays and club events.

If you haven’t renewed your club membership yet, we urge you to visit our website at www. and click on the big green box to complete the NHSA/ club membership application or renewal online. It is recommended to join your favorite club or renew your membership as soon as possible so you can get your sled registration voucher and register your sleds before snow flies. You will need the voucher to get the $30 discount when you register each of your sleds. The new online membership process has been working very well, with memberships as of this writing actually ahead of last year. The Nor’Easters annual preseason BBQ with our friends in neighboring snowmobile clubs was held on November 5, a cool but sunny day. Some of our grooming equipment was on display along with a lot of free club information. Dave Jennings again provided the big grill and cooked up a great lunch. A special thanks to all who helped to put on this very successful cookout, especially Sherry Wyskiel and Sue Keough. We would also like to thank the Hardy family at Brookdales Fruit Farm for hosting this annual event. They have been members of the Nor’Easters since 1970, and an important part of our trail system is on their property. Our annual snowmobile safety class was held on Saturday, December 10. Thanks to all the instructors and NH Fish and Game for their participation in the course. We would also like to extend a special thanks to the Lone Pine Hunters Club in Hollis for the use of their excellent clubhouse where we have the safety class. Also, we are planning to have our now annual PINK RIDE on February 11, 2017 followed by a multi-club BBQ cookout at Silver Lake State Park in Hollis. This a fun snowmobile ride for all ability levels to raise funds for the St. Joseph Hospital Breast Care Center in Nashua. Last year we raised over $27,000 to help in the fight against breast cancer. Details on all of the Nor’Easters activities and events can be found on our web site at All of our trails are in great shape thanks to all the work we have been doing all year under the guidance of Jeff Peters and Dave DiTullio, our Trailmaster and Continued on page 28

Black Spot B

passing through know how to find gas, restaurants, and stores within our trail system. You’ll also see connections to clubs to the north, east, and south of us. Weather and snow depth permitting, we’re looking to do another club ride and cookout in February. Last season was a complete bust, but in February 2015, we had a great time with the some 40 snowmobilers, a nice pleasant ride, and a hearty lunch hosted by the smartest, best looking club around, ha! Anyway, we’ll keep you informed online about our progress towards making that happen again this year. We will attempt to flood our social media outlets with our trail reports and weather conditions. Those timely updates will get to you through our website, Facebook, and now on Twitter at @BMSCgroomer. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for quick updates. Don’t have a Twitter account? Get one, it’s free! We love hearing from you! Please provide feedback anytime during the year and always know that the Club operates through a group of dedicated volunteers that welcomes your participation. You can message us through Facebook or send us an email through the website. Our monthly club meetings are at the Ashland Fire Station on the first Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. All are welcome to attend the meetings, hear what’s going on, and meet other members who love snowmobiling and enjoy the trails just like you. All clubs exist because someone volunteers their time. We hope to see you soon!


28 PAGE 28



or monthly meeting and help your Club continue it’s good work in our community. Our club Christmas party was a big hit with some great food, a club video of the past year’s events, pictures and lots of good times. Please keep an eye on the club’s website for upcoming events and go to our Facebook page and “like us.” Ride Safe, Ride Right and see you out on the trails, Weare ever they may take you.

Continued from page 27

MERRIMACK COUNTY Trail Administrator, respectively. Thanks also to Amos White for all the time he has volunteered doing trail work over the years. Significant improvements have been made on a number of trails in Hollis, Brookline and Milford. Hopefully, we will have plenty of snow this winter since it is our intention to have several group trail rides. We anticipate doing both short and longer rides for all ability levels with stops along the way for lunch. THINK SNOW, and we’ll see you on the trails. Black Spot A

Uncanoonuc Mountaineers P.O. Box 486, Goffstown, NH 03045 Submitted by Trysha Balboni, Publicity Director Hello fellow snowmobilers, Despite the cold, rainy weather, our snowmobile show/flea market was a big success! Thank you to all the people who made donations and volunteered. I would like to give a big “thank you” to Buddy for all of his hard work, to Jeff and his son Trevor for once again keeping the grill going, and to Balboni's Landscape Design for sponsoring the food shack. We had our annual Christmas party/meeting in early December and as usual, we had a great time. This year, to change it up a bit, we wore ugly Christmas sweaters to the party too. The sweaters people wore were really funny (check them out on our Facebook page!) and the Yankee swap is always a hit. Also, everyone goes all out bringing a favorite dish and no one went home hungry. As part of our annual tradition, we also collected non-perishable food items for the Goffstown Food pantry. They are always so grateful and we feel good being able to help those in need who live right in our own neighborhood. We have snowmobile weekends planned for this upcoming season all over the state and we definitely plan on taking advantage of reciprocity weekend at the end of January. Then it’s on to Easter

Seals weekend! We are looking forward to a snowy winter and after last year’s bust of a season, I’m sure we’re not alone. Our club meetings are the second Monday of each month (September – May) and all are welcome to join us. Don’t forget to check out our web page and Facebook page for updates and information. Wishing you all a very happy and safe Holiday season!

Weare Winter Wanderers PO Box 513, Weare, NH 03281 Submitted by Publicity Director Dave Ward The season is upon us and the trails are ready to go. Finally, the temperatures are headed in the right direction. The planning for the NH Hillclimb Challenge is well underway. We will again have all four events plus the best demo rides around. The NH Hillclimb Challenge is now the largest Hillclimb in the east and will include side-by-side vintage oval racing presented by the Northwood Crank Pullers, side-by-side drag racing, the vintage show and of course the Hillclimb race. It will be held at Pats Peak Ski Area in Henniker. Planning for the club’s two trips is underway. If you are looking for a club that rides, races, and has lots of social events, then you won’t find a more active club than the Weare Winter Wanderers. Whether it’s the Hillclimb Race, the summer parties, trail work, the weekly night ride or the club trips, come join us today! We have word that we have a volunteer who bravely stepped up to this large task for the Trail Master position. Without volunteers like this we simply would not have trails. Thanks Steve. All our club activities are accomplished by members who volunteer to answer the call. Please consider becoming an active member by joining us at a fundraising event, trail work party


Dave Murray

111 River Road Penacock, NH 03303 753-9223


membership will be entered into the database for you. Please feel free to contact us at info@ if you have any questions regarding membership. We have an event coming up in January that you might want to get on your calendar. On Saturday, January 28, 2017, from 5 – 6:30 p.m. at the Andover Elementary Middle School, Main Street, Andover, N.H. The price is: Adults $10; Kids 12-6 $5; Children 5 – under Free. Come enjoy spaghetti, meatballs, hot Italian sausage, meatless sauce, lasagna, tossed salad, garlic bread and a wide variety of homemade desserts, as well as drinks. 6:30 p.m. is the 50/50 drawing and immediately following is the 100+ multi-item raffle with all proceeds benefiting “Camp Sno-Mo” in Gilmanton, New Hampshire. Club meetings are held on the second Monday from September thru April at the Elementary/ Middle School in Andover, you can find out more about us by visiting our website at In closing, we would like to ask all who venture out onto the trails to please respect the landowners that extend to us the privilege to use their property. Stay on the trail and obey the signs. Ride Safe and Ride Often!

Bow Pioneer Snowmobile Club Vacant

Andover Snowmobile Club, Inc. PO Box 332, Andover, NH 03216-0332 Email: Submitted by Allan Houle We are almost there! Groomers are ready, bridges have been repaired, trimming has been done, new trail extensions have been completed and signs are in place. All we need is snow and the gates to open. We can only look forward to some great riding once this happens, come on snow! Club memberships can now be done online by accessing the NHSA website and going to the club membership feature, choose the Andover Snowmobile Club and you are only a few steps away from getting your voucher number that you can used to register your machines. You can also join by printing out the paper membership from at andoversnowmobileclub. com. Fill out the form and mail to the address provided and your

PO Box 1772, Concord, NH 03302 Submitted by Andy Foote, Board/Trails Committee Member To those of you who are ‘Club Members,’ did you folks know that snowmobile season doesn’t start after we have eight inches of snow on the ground? It actually runs year-round with things such as monthly Board, Club and Trail Committee meetings. There are fall fundraising events like the Mum Sale and the fall flea market. We also host the annual landowners appreciation dinner, and in the fall, we start the Saturday morning “four hours” of trail work where the Trail committee and volunteers worked to clear downed trees, removing annual brush growth and creating/re-routing trails for members and residents to enjoy year round.

The Bow Pioneers Trail Committee would like to let

everyone know that we have done some major trail work to our system over the last two years, beginning with last season’s Rest Area Trail. With the lack of snow two years ago, we put the downtime to use and were able to open a trail to the I-93S Rest Area. At the moment, we are only providing access to the Restaurants, Rest Rooms and Liquor Store, so please do not drive to the pumps, as we have not worked out the details on traffic flow and safety with the owners. We will, if members request it, add a ‘lock box’ with five-gallon gas cans, so you can get gas if needed. Gas is still accessible by sled at the Citgo on Rt. 3A (formerly Mr. Mikes).

Our next biggest challenge has been The Kimball Pond Trail. This has always been a difficult section for us to groom. For years, we have worked to secure landowner permission along the power line through Dunbarton. Sadly, it has come without success, and the fact that we cannot cross Kimball Pond with our heavy grooming equipment, we have had to deal with this broken trail right in the middle of a four-hour grooming loop. STOP THE PRESSES! This is all about to change! We’ve been able, thanks to the relentless efforts of Trail Master Mark Dube and Trail Committee member Andy Foote, to secure landowner access around Kimball Pond, across Robert Rodgers Road, onto the Class Six Stone Road and through the Stone Farm Family Trust land, and then back onto the Powerlines just before Guinea Road in Dunbarton and reconnect with our existing trail. The Reroute, known as the ‘Stone Road Trail’ will provide us with a continuous loop that is groomable by the BPSC Tucker and any future grooming equipment for years to come. This has been the club’s largest reroute in over five years, and with the help of Bow and Dunbarton riders/ members, we plan to have it open for the 2016/2017 riding season. Trail Committee Members, Craig Ott, Andy Foote, Brian Ellis and Ray Cote completed the


moment to thank the local business listed for their support that made this project possible.

The fall fund raisers were the best we’ve had in years, a huge thank you to everyone that bought MUMs at the MUM sale, by far our best year yet. With the help of Jim Whalley and HK Powersports, the annual Snowmobile Flea Market had a record year. It takes a lot of time and money to maintain all of the bridges, the trail maintenance and grooming equipment and your support helps us to get it done. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” I ask you to get out on the trails to see the work that we have done, and it shows. Thank you for your support of our club and the town trail system! We are currently working with two vendors to come up with a more “modern” club patch design to use on Sweatshirts, T-Shirts and Knit Hats. This is a rough draft of what the new design may look like. We are open to ideas as we want this to be a marketing tool, fund raiser, something “cool” to wear this winter, for the club so if you have a suggestion please email Andy Foote at Anthony.c.foote@ with your design idea. Even though we are truly maxed out on projects for this season, the trails committee folks would like to get town input on what areas need trail access. There has been talk of getting to the ‘Brown Hill’ folks, crossing the Turkey River and connecting with the south end of Concord, or continue the great work of the Boy Scouts and connect the Boy Scout Trail to Line Hill Trail. Things like this will help to grow our club membership, connect the community, and give the town many more miles of trails to enjoy. So, if you and your neighbors have sleds and can’t hook into the trail system, we need to know. Email Mark and we’ll come up with a plan!

In an attempt to foster more fun club activities this riding season, we are working to keep our Club Face Book Page updated with a

calendar of events and pictures of our activities over the summer, fall, winter and spring. It is our hope to make membership in the BPSC more than a $30 discount on your annual registration. We’d like to see our club members more often than the single ride to Contoocook for pizza at Dimitris. So, let’s all get onboard and come up with some new ideas on how to keep the riding team together all season long. Two seasons ago, a crew made the trip to Pittsburg, we’d like to see something like this happen again this season. And if we can’t ride Bow, then let’s plan a weekend trip to where we can. So, like us on Facebook and let’s get the word out, BPSC is a four-season club! One admin note, the club needs a secretary for the Board. Anyone interested should contact the club for more details. Email us at bow_

Fort Mountain Trailwinders Snowmobile Club PO Box 61, Epsom, NH 03234 Submitted by Bruce Blye, President We had no winter snow to play in last year and I hope we have some this year — as we have said, it cannot get any worse. Even though we have not had snow, the trails still have to be maintained each year and that is what we are doing. We need to get creative and find ways to get work done on our trails with limited and in most cases NO GIA FUNDS. We need people to get active in their clubs. All this work does not get done without volunteers. It is the FEW who do all the work for the MANY. We need to improve on that for sure. We built a 60-foot bridge over Leighton Brook last year that was originally taken out by the Mother’s Day floods in Epsom years ago. Despite a state project to rebuild the river, the club had to rebuild the bridge with NO FUNDS on their own. This fall we have widened the trails to the north to link up with Northwood and Pittsfield and done a few small reroutes and bridge maintenance. We welcome you to join our club in Epsom and enjoy the scenic trails. We meet the first Thursday of the month at Land Dimensions on Route 4, and you can ride to the meeting. Check out our website and Facebook. BRING ON THE SNOW.





Claxton Powersports Repair “We Bring Your Machine Back to Life” ...AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN

SERVICE, PARTS, AND ACCESSORIES FOR: SKI DOO • POLARIS • YAMAHA • ARCTIC CAT 142 Lafayette Road Salisbury, MA 01952 Open M, Tu, W, F 9-5 • Thus 9-7 • Sat 9-1

Sutton Ridgerunners Snowmobile Club

(978) 961-0475 1 Mile From Exit 60 I-95


PO Box 453, North Sutton, NH 03260 The club is just finishing up the trail work and signs will be in place for early December. This fall, we completed a large section of new trail that included a 40-foot bridge. This will serve the snowmobile community for years to come. We also did some major cleanup of another section of new trail that is part of the reroute around the golf course. The riding on these two new sections should be great. Thank you to those who came out to work on the trails. The time has come to get your club membership and to make sure your snowmobile is ready to ride and registered. After last year’s disappointing season, the clubs and NHSA are really dependent on the money raised from memberships and registrations to support trial projects like the ones above. The Sutton Ridgerunners’ monthly meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 7 p.m. We meet at the North Sutton Firehouse on North Road in Sutton, NH. Come join the meetings to hear what we are doing and what club activities are being planned. Please visit our website at for membership forms, trail maps, club calendar of events, and latest club news. We also post the latest news on trail conditions and any possible reroutes. From the Sutton Ridgerunners family to your family, safe and Happy Holidays! Think snow and we'll see you on the trails!

Robert Kennedy

4 North Road Fremont, NH 03044 Cell: 234-0043


Donald McMurchy

85 Garland Road Nottingham, NH 03290 608-5976

Derry Pathfinders PO Box 692, Derry, NH 03038 Submitted by Tom Campbell Although we didn't hold our annual flea market this year, we are still a very busy club before the snow flies (do your snow dance!). Between our club potluck dinner, safety course, trail work, club meetings, county meetings, prepping our sleds and groomer, planning for the Derry Frost Fest and NHSA Ride-In, it seems there is always something going on and plans to be made. Once the snow flies (do your snow dance!), we will start planning club rides, too. Everything that we do could never be done without the Continued on page 32


reroute of the old trail behind new Safety Building Complex. The new trail weaves through the buffer of trees behind the new building. There will also be access in front of the Safety Complex to the Sledding Hill. Dan Freeman from Parks and Recreation opened a completely new route around the recently upgraded sports fields on Albin Road. This trail is as nice as any of the trails in the School Forest and a much more convenient access to Turee Pond and the Turee Pond Loop Trails. Please be kind and stay on the trail and off of the sports fields. Dan has put countless hours into improving the field conditions for our athletic teams. Over the last five years, I’ve seen dozens of riders on the Logging Hill Loop and have been asked, “Hey Andy, what happened to the old trail that connected to Turkey Pond”? Well, we have revisited the closing and currently have a request in with landowners to re-open Turkey Pond to Albin Road Ball Fields/Turee Pond and the Logging Hill Loop trail. From someone that lives on the north end of town, and as the guy who maintains the Logging Hill Loop, we need to get this back as a clubmaintained trail. After talking on the phone with some of the family members, it appears there are some changes in the management of the property, some new blood and a previous rider that is relooking at the request. Stand by for more information on this. So, if you haven’t been out walking, jogging, biking, hunting on the town trails this fall, then you are in for a great surprise! Under the supervision of our Trail Master, Mark Dube, and the tedious planning/design work of Jimmy Dimick, and manual laborer Foote (Lead Post Pounder Operator), a “YUGE” sign project is exploding all over town. This is most definitely the single biggest update to the Bow Pioneer Trail system. We would like to ask that while you are out this fall or riding this winter to look at the new ‘Green and White’ trail signs. They are at all of our major intersections. We are working on an updated map and if all goes well, it will be published before snow flies. This updated trail map will include all of the new projects listed above and we ask that if you find a confusing sign, send the ‘Junction #’ and your suggestion to the trail master, Mark Dube at We will be posting four donor signs at our entry and exit trails and in the center of town, please take a


30 PAGE 30



by Allan Houle


would like to start by thanking the people who work so hard to bring this publication to the many snowmobile enthusiasts, it is greatly appreciated to be able to have a forum to share our passion for the early days of snow traveling vehicles. There are many places in the Northeast and Midwest that you can venture to and see some great examples of early snow traveling vehicles. One of these places is Oak Hill / Durham, New York. This show has been in existence for the past 17 years

and I have had the pleasure of traveling there for at least the past 10 years. There is always a great turnout, with a good snowmobile swap and the Volunteer Fire Department puts on a great breakfast at the Firehouse. This is also a place where I get to see the many friends and fellow collectors who helped me get interested in this sport and provided a great network of sources for parts and knowledge. Here are a few of the examples of machines that you can see at this event:

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

For many p eople, the S kidoo Elan have been o may ne of their fi rs Here we ha t snowmobil ve an incre es. dible examp early Skido le of an o TnT and Elan. The m targeted ve achines ry different riders, with which stood the TnT, for Track n Trail experienced trail rider w , targeting the ho wanted pure muscle some . These two m a chines are b model year oth 1972, and g reat examp les.

Did you know that Harley Davidson produced a snowmobile? This once was in pretty good condition and show s that there were many players in the snowmobile market.

nted ce pai th a n o e r i we odel w , they — yes e 4 stroke m e protect a C Arctic l rear engin e rider som eering model y l ode r ed th engin ns. a e An early m b that afford es are early sig n a s i in is ca ling de red. Th ely enclosed These mach snow trave et ments. f early compl the ele t examples o m o r f tion grea ls and marve

This photo shows ma ny models with a wide variety of color options. I see Skiroule , Scorpion, Ariens, Kawasa ki, OMC, and Chaparral snow mobiles. Many of these machine s were produced to the trail riding enthusiasts, some mo re great examples of the early days.

machines produced by Polaris For me, this is one of my favorite race uit. The 1978 RXL Sno-Pro was to race the professional oval race circ track and did well with the indeone of the best-looking sleds on the advantage over the competition. pendent front suspension having an

The New Hampshire Snowmobile Museum Association will be hosting our 32nd Annual Winter Rally on Sunday, February 12, 2017 at the Museum Complex located in Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown. This event attracts many snowmobile enthusiasts who enjoy riding their early year machines in the field and on local trails. This event is like stepping back in time with many machines out enjoying the day. The Museum will be open and the fireplace will be providing a warm place to enjoy the collection inside the building. Hot food will be on site. You can find out more about us by visiting our website at: or by contacting us at Hope to see you at one of our events. â?„





Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

32 PAGE 32


Continued from page 29 dedication of all the volunteers in the club. They work long hours to help the club and make the snowmobile experience better for anyone who enjoys the trail system. I cannot express my appreciation enough for all they do. Without their dedication, we would not be able to enjoy our sport. If you enjoy the 7000+ miles of trails in our state, then volunteer some time. It doesn't need to be much but it will be appreciated by everyone who volunteers their time and uses the trails. Remember the old saying, "many hands make light work?" It was probably meant with the spirit of volunteerism. We all make a difference in our sport, whether it is helping on the trails, being a club officer of your club or helping at an NHSA event. We all make a difference and SO CAN YOU! Please consider giving some time to your local club.



Joe Gorman, Sr. 28 Finethy Road Alton, NH 03809 603-875-2173


Russell Neal

50 Evergreen Valley Road Milton, NH 03851 603-350-0646

Powder Mill Snowmobile Club PO Box 324, New Durham, NH 03855 Submitted by Ginny Abresch, Secretary So, the Farmer’s Almanac predicts great snow for the Northeast this year. That includes our first snowfall by mid-November, and a White Christmas followed by a blizzard in February with enough snow to last till April. What better excuse to get those sleds tuned up, registered and ready to go? You can register your sleds and join

our club on our website at www. Just click on membership and follow the links. Remember the PMSC club number is 805. There is also a list of local business establishments who will take your registration on the site as well. Or feel free to print out the application and bring it to our next meeting. Thanks to the group of volunteers who helped “lick and stick” over 500 envelopes with our newsletter. A membership application was also included in the mailing as another way to register sleds and support our club. The club donated time and energy to clean up our section of Route 11 through the “Adopt A Highway” program. Thanks to the organization of Trailmaster Tom Goss, crews have already been out cutting and clearing our trails while the weather was still cooperating. Many thanks to our local landowners whose generosity has made our extensive 90-mile trail throughout Strafford, Carroll and Belknap Counties possible year after year. Greg Kelley and Ed Neister will be working on a new trail map with GPS coordinates for this season. It will be easier to read and printed on water resistant stock. We are selling ads to be printed on the reverse side to help defray the cost of printing. If anyone is interested in selling or purchasing an ad, please contact the club. Once the maps are printed, they will be available for sale for $5 at our meetings, as well as at various businesses throughout our trail system. Jim Gamble is making four large kiosk signs to display ads at various locations on the trails. Once again, anyone interested in an ad should contact the club. Come and do some last minute Christmas shopping. See Ray Gamble at our monthly meetings to get the latest club apparel. He has knitted hats, baseball caps and sweatshirts in a variety of colors at a very reasonable price. Apparel will also be sold at the “Cook Out on the Lookout” and Johnson’s Winter Carnival later in the season. This year our annual Cookout on the Look-out will be on February 11 where we will have hot drinks, food, a bonfire and an amazing winter firework display. The Poker Run is a fun event sponsored by three of our local clubs. This date is still to be determined. Don’t miss Johnson’s Winter Carnival on February 18, trailside at Johnson’s Restaurant in New Durham. Stop by the BBQ pit for some great food and grab


some snacks for the trail. The new drag has arrived and will be ready to go for the season. We have one more bridge to be repaired and once we have our first snow and the trails are groomed, we will be out replacing and updating trail signs. We are always looking for volunteers to help groom, repair and maintain our trails. Check out our website at www. or our Facebook page for updated information. You can also find us every month at our meetings. This year we will once again be holding our meetings at the Granite Steak and Grill on Route 11, the second Tuesday of the month. Join us for a buffet dinner and meet up with friends who enjoy the trails as much as you do. Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow…

trailmaster and I attended the first new signage requirement meeting, but it was not mandatory then, thus it did not count. I informed our club that I could not attend the upcoming TM meeting at our next scheduled club meeting. I was thrilled to have our assistant trail master Travis volunteer to attend, even if it involved traveling many unplanned hours to Bartlett. Travis found the entire meeting and the breakout sessions to be very


Always wear a helmet and proper clothing.


Stinson Mtn in Rumney looking south toward the lakes region Photo by Bruce Blye

Terry Callum

1253 Second NH Turnpike Newport, NH 03773 863-8901



Blow-Me-Down Snow Riders PO Box 221, Cornish Flat, NH 03746 Submitted by John Berry My wife and I had planned a southern vacation during the time of the state Trailmaster meeting many months ago. After announcing the date for the meeting, our club was notified someone that does trail work needs to attend the signage class for our club to be eligible for future GIA. As our trail administrator, I have attended many meetings, but this is also the time we like to travel. Two years ago, our

informative and learned a lot. For clubs to be successful members like Travis are vital. Our entire club thanks Travis big time. Also, please say “hi” to Travis when you see him grooming our trails with our new used PistenBully this winter. On another subject, our new section of trail P396 to Claremont from Cornish is now completed thanks to a large work party. ❄





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34 PAGE 34



Update Your Trail Map with Digitized Tracks By Bill Gassman, Moultonborough Snowmobile Club


re you ready to update your trail map? Then go digital! Digitizing your trails makes it easier to publish map updates and design new trails or reroutes. You can also share your trail system with smartphone navigation apps and the NH Bureau of Trails. The following steps guide you in making an accurate and highquality trail map. Your riders will appreciate that.

Cartographer Tools To get started, gather the software tools that you will need. First, choose a mapping tool, like ExpertGPS, to edit digital tracks onto an existing map. Also, pick a graphics editing tool like PowerPoint.

Mapping Tracks onto a Base Map


Upload digitized tracks into the mapping tool from routes that have been recorded on a handheld GPS unit or smartphone navigation app. Ask club members to share

their recorded tracks or collect them while riding the trails this season. You can also use the editor to add tracks manually. Assemble the tracks in the editor to match your trail system. Then, improve precision by editing individual track points to match the editor’s aerial view of your trails. Dress up the map by making corridor trail lines red and the thickest, connector trails green, club trails blue and service trails orange. This is similar to the NHSA’s state trail map color code. When finished editing the trails, export the portion of the map that includes your trails to a JPG image. If using ExpertGPS, select the street view map and scale level 14 (1:26145) for the best legibility.

Adding Graphics Import the map and trail JPG image from the mapping tool into your graphics tool. For PowerPoint users, create a single slide, set

Looking out on the lake from Lobstick Cabins as the groomer passes. Photo by Bruce Blye

to the design size that you will print. If the map image doesn’t fit perfectly, revise the export size, change the slide size, or fill in excess space with something else. Avoid resizing the exported map image in the graphics editor. Add details on top of the map image. For example, include a legend, trail names, parking areas, ads, and a club logo. Don’t forget to add copyright attribution. ExpertGPS users should add “Data: © OpenStreetMap and Map Tiles: © MapBox”.

Finishing Steps Export your finished trail map to a PDF file. If using double sided printing, save each side as a separate file. To preview the results, print out the full-sized PDF image using the poster function and connect the multiple sheets of paper with tape. Deliver the PDF files to your printer and ask for proofs. Examine the proofs and correct any

unexpected glitches. Unsupported fonts or transparent and layered graphics may cause problems.

Printing Costs The commercial printing cost per map should range between $1 and $4, depending on your choices. Size is the biggest cost factor, and goes up quickly beyond standard stock sizes of 8 ½ x 14 inches. Common options are color, crease folding and double sided printing. Tear and water resistant paper adds to the cost, but your riders will love it. On-demand print services offer the lowest cost because their set-up fees are low, but some can’t print larger sizes. Unit cost is lower at higher quantities, but don’t print too many. Your supply will grow stale as your trails change or you want to renew your sponsor’s ads. Online Maps With your trails in digital format, they are ready for reuse. Export trails from ExpertGPS in KML or GPX format. Google

Earth, smartphone navigation apps like TrailHUB or GPS addons like Backwoods GPS Trails support these formats. NH Bureau of Trails also accepts a list of your trails in these formats.

Final thoughts Learning the software tools takes time. You will probably have to make a few passes through the process before the map is ready to publish. The reward is a highquality trail map that you can republish with less effort. As a bonus, you have digitized trails that are easily changed, used in other applications and shared. About the author: Bill Gassman is a board member of the Moultonborough Snowmobile Club. He was the cartographer of its 2016 trail map. Bill welcomes questions about map making and can be reached at snomo@ ❄







Belknap Snowmobilers, PO Box 7224, Gilford, NH 03247-7224, Belmont Bogie Busters, PO Box 130, Belmont, NH 03220, Gilmanton Snowmobile Association, PO Box 291, Gilmanton, NH 03237, Mohawk Trail Riders, PO Box 167, Sanbornton, NH 03269, Mt. Major Snowmobile Club, PO Box 208, Alton Bay, NH 03810, SnoStreakers, Inc., PO Box 780, Meredith, NH 03253,

Border Riders Snowmobile Club, PO Box 644, Pelham, NH 03076,

CARROLL COUNTY Moultonboro Snowmobile Club, PO Box 118, Moultonboro, NH 03254, Mountain Meadow Riders, PO Box 342, North Conway, NH 03818, Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club, PO Box 261, W. Ossipee, NH 03890, Sandwich Sidehillers, PO Box 113, Sandwich, NH 03259, Scrub Oak Scramblers, PO Box 185, Madison, NH 03849, Seven Lakes Snowmobile Club, PO Box 311, East Wakefield, NH 03830, Snoward Bound Snowmobile Club, PO Box 400, Center Conway, NH 03813, White Mountain Trail Club, PO Box 191, Bartlett, NH 03812, Wolfeboro Snowmobile Club, PO Box 268, Wolfeboro Falls, NH 03896,


COOS COUNTY Colebrook Ski Bees, PO Box 125, Colebrook, NH 03576, Dalton Ridge Riders, 64 Bush Road, Dalton, NH 03598, Groveton Trailblazers, 24 Eames Street, Groveton, NH 03582, Jefferson Hi-Landers, PO Box 273, Jefferson, NH 03583, Lancaster Snow Drifters, PO Box 566, Lancaster, NH 03584, Milan All Weather Riders, PO Box 75, Milan, NH 03588, Pittsburg Ridge Runners, 17 Dickson Lane, Pittsburg, NH 03592, Presidential Range Riders, PO Box 141, Gorham, NH 03581, Stratford Nighthawks, 18 Washburn Road, North Stratford, NH 03590, Swift Diamond Riders, PO Box 331, Colebrook, NH 03576, Twin Mountain Snowmobile Club, PO Box 179, Twin Mountain, NH 03595, Umbagog Snowmobile Association, 26 Allison Street, Concord, NH 03301, Waumbek Methna Snowmobile Club, PO Box 115, Jefferson, NH 03583, White Mountain Ridge Runners, PO Box 425, Berlin, NH 03570-0425, Whitefield Sno Kings, PO Box 64, Whitefield, NH 03598,

GRAFTON COUNTY Alexandria Ledge Climbers, 80 Patten Road, Alexandria, NH 03222, Asquamchumaukee Valley Snowmobile Club, PO Box 284, Warren, NH 03279, Baker River Valley Snowmobile Club, PO Box 122, Wentworth, NH 03282, Bridgewater Mountain Snowmobile Club, PO Box 368, New Hampton 03256, Bruhawachet Sno-Trackers, Inc., PO Box 441, Rumney, NH 03266, Central N. H. Snowmobile Club, PO Box 1315, Campton, NH 03223-1315, Connecticut Valley Snowmobile Club, 39 Slate Ridge Drive, Haverhill, NH 03765 Hardy Country Snowmobile Club, PO Box 43, Hebron, NH 03241, Lisbon Stump Jumpers, PO Box 142, Lisbon, NH 03585, Littleton Off Road Riders, PO Box 281, Littleton, NH 03561, Lyme Pinnacle Snowmobile Club, PO Box 121, Lyme, NH 03768 Mascoma Valley Snow Travelers, PO Box 307, Springfield, NH 03284, Monroe Bumper Humpers, 363 Coppermine Road, Monroe, NH 03771, Mount Agassiz Trail Association, PO Box 632, Bethlehem, NH 03574 Mt. Cardigan Snowmobile Club, PO Box 203, Canaan, NH 03741, Pemigewasset Valley Snowmobile Club, PO Box 391, Bristol, NH 03222, Snowdrifters Snowmobile Club, 2532 Buffalo Road, Rumney, NH 03266, Squam Trail Busters, PO Box 555, Holderness, NH 03245, Twin StateTrail Busters, PO Box 858, Lebanon, NH 03766, Email: White Mountain Snowmobile Club, PO Box 721, Lincoln, NH 03251,

Crotched Mt. Ridge Runners, 32 South Elmwood Road, Hancock, NH 03449, email: Hudson Sno-Men, 41 Chase Road, Londonderry, NH 03053, Night Riders, Inc., PO Box 759, Hillsboro, NH 03244, Nor'Easters Snowmobile Club, PO Box 517, Hollis, NH 03049, Uncanoonuc Mountaineers, PO Box 486, Goffstown, NH 03045, Weare Winter Wanderers, PO Box 513, Weare, NH 03281, Wilton/Lyndeborough Winter Wanderers, PO Box 455, Wilton, NH 03086,

MERRIMACK COUNTY Merrimack County Website: Andover Snowmobile Club, PO Box 332, Andover, NH 03216-0332 Email:, Bee Hole Beavers, 61 Piper Hill Road, Loudon, NH 03307, Bow Pioneer Snowmobile Club, PO Box 1772 Concord, NH 03302, Contoocook Sno-Mads, PO Box 682, Contoocook, NH 03229, Deerhead '400 Snowmobile Club, 54 Island Road, Candia, NH 03034 Fort Mountain Trailwinders Snowmobile Club, PO Box 61, Epsom, NH 03234 Henniker Trail Travelers, PO Box 168, Henniker, NH 03242, Kearsarge Mountaineers Snowmobile Club, PO Box 48 North Sutton, NH 03260, Kearsarge Trail Snails, PO Box 97, Warner, NH 03278,, Lakes Region Snowmobile Club, PO Box 480, Franklin, NH 03235, Lake Sunapee Snowmobile Club, Inc., PO Box 391, Newbury, NH 03255, NH Sno-Shakers Snowmobile Club, c/o 7133 Oak Hill Road, Loudon, NH 03307, New Hampshire Trail Dawgs, PO Box 45, Suncook, NH 03275, Suncook Valley Sno-Riders, PO Box 301, Center Barnstead, NH 03225, Sutton Ridgerunners, PO Box 453, North Sutton, NH 03260, T-N Arch Trail Travelers, Inc., 136 Bean Hill Road, Northfield, NH 03276, Town Line Trail Dusters, Inc., PO Box 3031, Boscawen, NH 03303,

ROCKINGHAM COUNTY Derry Pathfinders, PO Box 692, Derry, NH 03038, Exeter Snow Hounds, 75 Beech Hill Road, Exeter, NH 03833, Great Bay Sno-Rollers, 34 Wiswall Road, Durham, NH 03824, Newfields Sno-Raiders, Inc., PO Box 89, Newfields, NH 03856, Northwood Crank Pullers, 47 Meadow Lane, Northwood, NH 03261, S-Ki-Mo, 92 North Main Street, Salem, NH 03079 Southern New Hampshire Snow Slickers, 26B Raymond Road, Deerfield, NH 03037, Southern New Hampshire Trailblazers, PO Box 263, Kingston, NH 03848,

STRAFFORD COUNTY Barrington Snow Goers, PO Box 146, Barrington, NH 03825, Evergreen Valley Snowmobile Club, PO Box 1255, Milton, NH 03851, Lee Sno-Travelers, c/o Scott Mills, 79 Lee Hook Road, Lee, NH, 03861 Powder Mill Snowmobile Club, PO Box 324, New Durham, NH 03855, Strafford Swampstompers, PO Box 301, Strafford, NH 03884,

SULLIVAN COUNTY Blow-Me-Down Snow Riders, PO Box 221, Cornish Flat, NH 03746, Blue Mountain Snow Dusters, ORC, PO Box 428, Grantham, NH 03753, Crescent Lake Regional Sno-Riders, PO Box 992, Claremont, NH 03743, Hidden Valley Sno-Riders, PO Box 417, Marlow, NH 03456, Old 4 Rod, Gun & Snowmobile Club, PO Box 679, Charlestown, NH 03603, Shugah Valley Snow Riders, Inc., PO Box 944, Claremont, NH 03743, Tri-Town Trailblazers, PO Box 205, Alstead, NH 03602, Twin Ridge Mountaineers, PO Box 262, Goshen, NH 03752, Washington Snow Riders, PO Box 401, Washington, NH 03280,

Black Spot A

Ashuelot Valley Blazers Snowmobile Club, 40 Old Spofford Road, Winchester, NH 03470 Chesterfield Snowmobilers, PO Box 24, Chesterfield, NH 03443 Hooper Hill Hoppers, PO Box 142, Walpole, NH 03608, Keene Sno-Riders, PO Box 1511, Keene, NH 03431, Little Monadnock Family Trails, 110 Fish Hatchery Road, Richmond, NH 03470, Monadnock Sno Moles, Inc., PO Box 265, Rindge, NH 03461-0376, Monadnock Trail Breakers, PO Box 338, Dublin, NH 03444, Pisgah Mt. Trailriders, PO Box 546, Hinsdale, NH 03451, Ridge Skippers, 311 Apple Hill Road, Nelson, NH 03457, Stoddard Rock Hoppers, PO Box 900, Stoddard, NH 03464, Westmoreland Sno-Belters, PO Box 8, Westmoreland, NH 0346, Winchester Trail Riders, PO Box 225, Winchester, NH 03470,

Brookline Ice Breakers, PO Box 198, Brookline, NH 03033,

36 PAGE 36



NHSA Dealer/Contributor Members 2016-2017

As of December 13, 2016

Please support our generous dealer/contributor members GREAT NORTH WOODS


Cabins @ Partridge 3 Partridge Road Pittsburg, NH 03592 603-538-6380

daSilva Motorsports 7 Moultonboro Neck Road Moultonboro, NH 03254 603- 253-6688

Cardinal Cabins 44-46 Cardinal Drive Pittsburg, NH 03592 603-538-6665

Fireside Inn & Suites 17 Harris Shore Road Gilford, NH 03249 603-293-7526

Colebrook Country Club 15 Abenaki Lane Colebrook, NH 03576 603-237-5566 Diamond Peaks Motel and Country Store 1216 Route 26 Colebrook, NH 03576 603-237-5104

Black Spot B

Errol Motel LLC 132 Main Street Errol NH 03579 603-482-3256 Paradise Point Cottages Route 26 Erroll, NH 03579 603-482-3834 Ramblewood Cabins & Campground 59 Ramblewood Rd. Pittsburg, NH 03592 603- 538-6948 Snowfield Cabins 25 Kingfield Road Pittsburg, NH 03592 603-538-7008 SPA Restaurant & Outback Pub 869 Washington Street West Stewartstown, NH 03597 603-246-3039

Granite State Assurance, Allstate Agency 40 East Main Street Tilton, NH 03276 603-729-1150 HK Powersports - Laconia 1197 Union Avenue Laconia, NH 03246 603-524-0100 Meredith Woods Four Season Camping Area 26 Campground Road Meredith, NH 03253 603-279-5449 Outdoor Performance LLC PO Box 663 / 508 Mayhew Turnpike Bristol, NH 03222 603-744-9875 Patrick's Pub 18 Weirs Rd. Gilford, NH 03249 603-293-0841 Proline Products LLC 34 Industrial Way Milton, NH 03851 603-652-7337 The Windrifter Resort 337 South Main Street Wolfeboro, NH 03894 603-569-1323

MERRIMACK VALLEY REGION Allstate - The Wicks Insurance Group, Inc. 447 Second Street Manchester, NH 03102 603-668-7228 Bickford's Sports Center 1664 Dover Rd Epsom, NH 03234 603-736-9050 Freedom Cycle 110 Manchester Street Concord, NH 03301 603-225-2779 HK Powersports - Hooksett 1354 Hooksett Rd. Hooksett, NH 03106 603-668-4343 Jordan Equipment Co. 744 Clough Mill Road Pembroke, NH 03275 603-228-3564 Nault's Powersports 420 Second Street Manchester, NH 03102 603-669-7220 Nault's Windham 60 Range Road Windham, NH 03087 603-898-4466 Prinoth, LLC 264 NH Route 106 Gilmanton, NH 03237 603-267-7840

MONADNOCK REGION Garys Power Equipment 60 Forest Lake Rd. Winchester, NH 03470 603- 239-4953 Pinnacleview Equipment Inc 19 Pinnacle Lane Walpole, NH 03608 603-756-4808 Troy Arctic Cat & Ski Doo 136 North Main Street Troy, NH 03465 603-242-7839

SEACOAST REGION daSilva Motorsports LLC 710 Route 111 Hampstead, NH 03826 603- 329-7810 White Mountain Wealth Management of Raymond James 29 Maplewood Avenue, Suite 2 Portsmouth, NH 03801 800-221-5701

WHITE MOUNTAIN REGION Carroll Motel & Cottages 73 Route 3 Twin Mountain, NH 03595 603-846-5553

Garneau's Garage 101 Route 302 West / PO Box 66 Twin Mountain, NH 03595 603-846-5790 Josselyn's Getaway Cabins 306 North Road Jefferson, NH 03583 603-586-7058 Omni Mount Washington Resort/ Bretton Woods Ski Area 310 Mt. Washington Hotel Road Bretton Woods, NH 03575 603-278-3301 Pine Valley Cabins 3466 US Route 3 Thornton, NH 03285 603-960-9276 Town & Country 2928 East Conway Road East Conway, NH 03813 603-939-2698 Town & Country Motor Inn 20 State Route 2 Gorham, NH 03581 603-466-3315

MASSACHUSETTS Billerica Motorsports & Marine 6 Riveredge Road Billerica, MA 01862 978-667-1518 Philbrick Motor Sports 496 Groton Road, #10 Westford, MA 01886 978-799-8001

VERMONT Absolute PowerSports VT 70 Industrial Park Wells River, VT 05081 802-429-2500

Please Remember... Snowmobiling is a Privilege...

These Local Businesses Support YOUR SPORT. Please Thank Them by Using Their Services!

... Not a Right!




Classified Ads


The Hardy Country Club is parting with its Alpine: It groomed for years before being donated to the fire rescue. We now offer it for continued service. Always stored indoors. It comes with a rescue sled with EMT seat. This would be a great dual track groomer for the smaller club. $1500 or BO. Call Chuck at (603) 966-8098. Pictures available.

RENTALS Snowmobile out the door into the beautiful scenic trails of Central NH in the Baker River Area: Located in the elevation of Dorchester with the snow at 1620'. Check it out on www. listing #4086570 or call Bruce at 603-234-8800. Errol, NH: Furnished two bedroom on snowmobile trail, satellite TV, sleeps 6-8 ppl. Rates start at $60 nightly, $300 weekly. Monthly and seasonal rates also available. Call 603-482-0921

NHSA members receive FREE classified ads? Contact the NHSA Office for more information.

SNOWMOBILES Arctic Cat: 2014 XF 7000 LTD Sno Pro. 1049CC 4 Cycle Engine, Electric Start with Reverse, Heated Seat and Hand Grips, Extra Storage Bags, 137" Studded Track, Ice Scratcher, CSS Safety Trail Lights, 2,718 Miles, GREAT GAS MILEAGE, Excellent Condition!

To place a classified ad:

Call Bob at (603) 557-5647. $8,495 OBO Snowmobile for Sale Arctic Cat: 2004 T660-Turbo. 10,500 miles. Serviced every

Email Monica Pettengill Jerkins at or fax her at 603-273-0218.

year. $2,000. Call Bruce. (603) 660-0894.


Cost: • Free listing for NHSA Members. (You must be a Member to place a classified ad.)

Wanted Snowmobiler: Retired or semiretired person to ride with me and others bec Canada. Please call Phil Boni anytime

All ads will run for 2 issues. Please notify the NHSA office if your object has been sold.

Tri-state Snowmobile Weekend Set for January 27-29, 2017 Information courtesy of NH Fish & Game Department

be complied with, including Vermont’s mandatory liability insurance, safety education certification (if born after 7/1/1983), and youth operation requirements. All snowmobiles legally registered to ride in Vermont and Maine may operate on New Hampshire trails during the three-day open weekend. To be legally registered in Vermont, snowmobiles must display, pursuant to Vermont law, a valid Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, Inc. Trails Maintenance Assessment, also known as the Trails Pass. All other New Hampshire laws and rules regarding the operation of snowmobiles must be adhered to, such as speed limits, youth operation standards, etc. The Tri-State Reciprocal weekend occurs annually in



Saturday and Sunday), provided that




continue to participate. For planning purposes, the dates for the 2018 riding season will be January 26-28, 2018. For information on snowmobiling in New Hampshire, visit: N.H. Fish and Game Department N.H. Bureau of Trails N.H. Snowmobile Association For information on snowmobiling rules in Vermont, visit for information on snowmobiling rules in Maine, visit www.maine. gov/ifw/laws_rules/snowlaws. htm. ❄

perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts! Only a few weeks left in the Wildlife Heritage Foundation's 10-10-10 Anniversary Raffle. Ten years of working to preserve NH's treasured outdoors, 10 prizes, and only $10 per ticket (or 3 for $25). Your ticket could be a winner! Could you use a 5x8 ATV/ snowmobile trailer? How about a four-hour guided kayak fishing trip with Tim Moore? Or a twonight stay at Lopstick Cabins in Pittsburg? Or a Ruger American 308 rifle? Or how about spending a day with a Fish and Game bear biologist? These are just a few of the 10 terrific prizes available. Check our website at news/foundation-launches-10thanniversary-raffle/ for all the prizes and our generous donors. Ticket sales close December

Friendly Canadian Jays at East Inlet in Pittsburg Photo by Bruce Blye

30, 2016, so stop by one of the following locations: Bass Pro Shop in Hooksett, LL Cote Sports Center in Errol, Morse Sporting Goods in Hillsborough, Suds N Soda Sports in Greenland, Stone Creek Outfitters in Bedford, Lopstick Cabins in Pittsburg and Tall Timber Lodge in Pittsburg. Or call the office to purchase tickets by mail 603-496-2778. The winning ticket will be drawn on January 11, 2017 at 1 p.m. at Fish and Game Headquarters, 11 Hazen Drive, Concord, NH. The Foundation has provided over $455,000 in grants to NH Fish and Game in the last eight years, and with matching and leveraged monies, the benefit is over $1 million to help preserve the wild places, wild things and outdoor traditions in NH for our children and future generations. ❄

Black Spot B


at (603) 490-0177.

We must have your copy by the 1st of the month ­preceding the issue in which you want to advertise.

t’s time to start making plans for the New Hampshire-VermontMaine reciprocal snowmobile weekend, coming January 27-29, 2017 (Friday through Sunday). The tri-state event gives snowmobile enthusiasts a chance to explore new trails in northern New England. "This weekend is one of the highlights of the winter for many resident and non-resident riders," said N.H. Fish and Game Major John Wimsatt, who coordinates Snowmobile and Off-Highway Recreational Vehicle enforcement, registration and safety education for New Hampshire. Following are the ground rules for the weekend: All snowmobiles legally registered in New Hampshire may operate in Vermont and Maine during the reciprocal weekend. All other Vermont and Maine snowmobile laws and rules must

Wildlife Heritage Foundation of NH's raffle tickets make great Christmas gifts Information courtesy of Wildlife Heritage Foundation of New Hampshire

• $135.00 charge for each business classified ad

on extended 4-10 saddle bag trip in Que-





The “Sno-Traveler” and/or the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association cannot and will not be responsible for the authenticity or actuality of the below listed advertisements.



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NHSA Calendar of Events Date





Black Spot A

January 4

Club News Articles are due for the Winter issue of the Sno-Traveler

Call (603) 273-0220 or email:

January 7

Safety Class - Brookline Ice Breakers - 9 a.m.

Brookline Fire Department, 5 Bond Street, Brookline NH

Pre-Registration is encouraged.

January 7

Ossipee Valley Snowmobile Club Meeting - 5 p.m.

Canoe King of New England, Route 16, Tamworth

January 10

Blow-Me-Down Snowriders Club Meeting - 7 p.m.

169 Route 120, Plainfield, NH

Gladys Berry (603) 543-1118

January 10

Nor’Easters Snowmobile Club Next monthly club meeting

Lawrence Barn, Hollis

January 12

Pittsburg Ridge Runners Club Meeting & PotLuck 6:30 p.m.

PRR Club House - 17 Dickson Lane, Pittsburg

(603) 538-1142 or

January 14 (Rain / No Snow Date: February 11)

Hidden Valley Sno Riders Annual Cookout - 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Warming Hut on trail 392 in Marlow

We will feature Jim Jackson’s famous chili, dogs, hamburgers, coffee and cocoa. Donations accepted.

January 15

Safety Course hosted by NH Sno-Shakers - 7:30a.m. to 4 p.m.

NH Sno-Shaker Clubhouse in Canterbury, NH

Bring a helmet. Lunch is provided. Questions? Contact Dave Ingraham at (603) 340-6468

January 17

NHSA Board of Directors Meeting - 7 p.m.

NHSA Office, 614 Laconia Road, Tilton

Information: (603) 273-0220 or email:

January 18

Grafton County Meeting - 7:30 p.m.

Baker River Valley Club House 197 N. Dorchester Road, Wentworth, NH

Direct any questions to Evelyn Ferrell, Grafton County Director Email: Phone: 603-786-2770

January 23

Rockingham County Meeting - 7:30 p.m.

Fremont Depot

Direct any questions to Robert Kennedy, Rockingham County DirectoR Email:

January 27 – 29

Tri-State Reciprocity Weekend

For information on snowmobiling rules in Vermont, visit For information on snowmobiling in Maine, visit

January 30

Hillsborough County Meeting - 7 p.m. Hosted by Hollis Nor'Easters

Lawrence Barn Community Center 28 Depot Road Hollis, NH 03049

Taking a breather from a good morning of riding.

NHSA Office Holiday Hours In observance of the Christmas holiday and to give our staff well-deserved time to be with their families, the NHSA office will be closed beginning at noon on Friday, December 23 and will re-open for normal business hours on Tuesday, December 27. In observance of the New Year holiday, the NHSA office will be closed on Monday, January 2, 2017.

Thank you for your understanding and Happy Holidays to you and yours from all of us at NHSA.

Photo by Bruce Blye

Questions? Contact Hillsborough County Director Sheila Beaulieu at





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Inline 2 Place Enclosed Snowmobile Trailer


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Narrower box is easier to see around and has less wind resistance Larger tires are safer at highway speeds and take bumps better 2” x 5” Aluminum Main Frame w/ Triple Tube Tongue Dexter Torflex 3500# Axle w/ E-Z Lube Hubs

15” Radial Tires w/ 5 Year Warranty & 2 Years Roadside Assistance 3/4” DryMax High Performance Flooring

LED Exterior Trailer Lights Stop-Turn-Tail, Side Marker, & Clearance Lights Three Interior Lights w/ Switch by Side Door 16” On Center 2” Thick Roof Tubes w/ Seamless Aluminum Roof



101” Wide V-Nose Drive In - Drive Out

101” Wide Drive In - Back Out



7’ Wide V-Nose Drive In - Drive Out


Factory Direct Aluminum Trailers from PROLine Products LLC, 34 Industrial Way, Milton, NH 03851