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What would you like to accomplish during your tenure as Chair?

Women2Women has had so many successes! I am very proud to be leading a group so valuable to women and to the Greater Reading business community. In this program year we are already focused on continuing to increase the profile of Women2Women as well as improving the way participants find us and interact with us. We have a full schedule each year and we are making sure the programs are visible and accessible; we are continually trying to improve. We are also very excited about our first “On the Road” Program. In March 2016 we are headed to Alvernia University. “Entrepreneurship with a Focus on Fashion” will feature a panel of women who will talk about their careers, their journeys and their fashion. We encourage all Women2Women members to attend and help us bring this initiative to a college campus. I can promise you that all attendees will be inspired by this panel. I am also looking forward to the continuing growth of De Mujer A Mujer, our Latina initiative, which focuses on building and inspiring Latinas in our community. I can’t forget our Girls2Leaders initiative and how we are working to inspire, mentor and educate middle and high school students as well. This strategic initiative is being included in the broader discussions of workforce development needs.

Any final words for our readers?

I want to encourage our readers to join us in this journey. Try a few events and I am sure you will be hooked. If you have been attending…thank you; and we encourage you to bring your friends and your daughters, nieces or any other special women in your life! Both of my daughters have attended events and they are amazed at how many fabulous women they meet. It’s a wonderful gift—giving our daughters, friends, co-workers or employees access to a room full of successful, welcoming women ready to share their experiences and helping them to grow. I encourage each of you to share W2W with others. 13

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Women2Women Winter 2016  

Women2Women Winter 2016  

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