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Q: Why is your position unique to women in our community? A: I teach the Health Medical Professions program at Reading Muhlenberg CTC. I believe that by cross training my students, I will prepare them for the workplace and make them more marketable as health care workers. However, my job involves much more than teaching.

Norma Tamayo RN, LMT, Teacher, Author

that I have no regrets. I love being a nurse. As a nurse, I had the opportunity to work in specialize areas such as the emergency room, intensive care unit, operating room, and delivery room. I also worked as a manager in an outpatient clinic.

Becoming a teacher and an author were I consider myself to be a youth mentor. My never dreams of mine. I believe that both students look up to me as a role model, professions were a godsend. When a teachespecially my female students. I treat my ing position opened up at the school in students equally and with respect. Bottom which I now work, I applied, got the job and line, as a teacher, if you don’t have good rap- fell in love with the teaching profession. As port with your students, you have nothing. for becoming an author, I remember writing Building relationships with my students is books and selling them when I was a little a critical aspect to my success with students girl in elementary school. However, I never in my classroom. My students believe in me thought that I would become an author as and the feeling is mutual. They trust me an adult. I am thankful to God for helping enough to let me guide and coach them. As me create such a wonderful piece. A Girl a result of this, my students graduate from Named Nina is a young adult novel that my program and most pursue postsecondary most teenagers and women can relate to. It education. Many of my former students are inspires and gives them hope. nurses. Some are in pre-med programs. Q: How have you led other Q: What has led you to your current women in their career paths? career path? A: As I mentioned earlier, many of my forA: My dream was to always work in the med- mer students are nurses. A few other former ical field. It was one that I had since I was students work in health care facilities as five years old. As matter of fact, I wanted to certified nursing assistants or patient care become a doctor. My motivation factor to assistants and are still enrolled in postsecbecome a doctor was my parents, not fancy ondary education. Many of my current things or money. I wanted to take care of seniors are pursuing careers in medicine, my parents and save their lives. However, nursing, physical therapy and surgical techbecause of personal reasons, I became a nology. Most of these students are females. registered nurse instead. I can honestly say Continued on page 42 41

Women2Women Spring 2014  
Women2Women Spring 2014