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9 Paengawhāwhā 2018

In this issue: Big day at Tawhitinui Pā, new director appointed, Ngāti Manuhiakai by-election meet the candidates , kōrero tūpuna and stories from our mokopuna.

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Saturday 5 May

Te Korowai o Ngāruahine Special General Meeting (see page 5) Venue:

Aotearoa Pā, Hastings Road, Ōkaiawa.


Pōwhiri and registrations


Hui commences

Monday 7 May

Ngāti Manuhiakai By-election Voting Closes (see page 6)

Saturday 25 August

Te Korowai o Ngāruahine Trust Annual General Meeting Venue:

Aotearoa Pā


Pōwhiri and registrations


Hui commences

*Annual Report available from 30 July onwards

Saturday 15 December

End of year Ngāruahine picnic Save this date


Rededication at Tawhitinui Pā


New Director appointed


Haere rā Clint


Special General (iwi) meeting


Update - Ngāti Manuhiakai By-election


He Kōrero Tūpuna


Stories from the Ngāruahine kura


2017 Aspirations


Toutouwai translocation


Name change proposals on Maunga Taranaki


Registration refund


Ngāruahine Businesses, kei hea koutou?


The Māori Electoral Roll


Rededication at Tawhitinui


he 3rd of March has become another important date in the history of Ngāti Hāua Piko. After years

of kōrero, planning and fundraising the Ōhounuku Reserve Trustees with the support of the hapū, completed the nine month project that renovated their wharepuni Ōkare Tuatoru and built an entirely new wharepaku to the marae. On this day, whānau from around the motu united to support and witness this historic celebration. Manuhiri and kaumātua waited eagarly at the entrance to the marae for the formalities to begin. The whānau made their way towards ‘Te Puna o Te Wai Aroha’, to bless a rediscovered well named by Aunty Mere Berry. From there the whānau retrieved tūpuna photos that had been stored securely while the renovations were taking place, and return them to the wharepuni, where the final karakia took place. Sid Ngatai, chair for the Ōhounuku Reserve Trustees talked about his gratitude to everyone who supported the build, and what they achieved collectively. He also made special mention to Clint Sullivan, Jack Rangiwāhia and Clive Porter and Peter Harper who have been involved in building several Ngāruahine marae.


New Director Appointed Ngā mihi ki Te Aroha Hohaia who has been appointed to the position of Director on Te Kīwai Māui, the commercial arm for Te Korowai Te Aroha has been on Te Korowai for 4 years and it is her experience that made her the ideal candidate to represent the Trust on Te Kīwai Māui. Last year Te Aroha was elected onto the Taranaki District Health Board (along with Te Korowai chair Bev Gibson) and holds other positions as the chair for Access Radio Taranaki, Secretary-Treasure for Waiokura Marae and Reserves Trust, Chair for Te Ara Pae, a Hāwera based counselling service and is a trustee for well known TSB Community Trust. "The amazing stuff people do to make where they live a better place, and help those around them, is inspiring" said Te Aroha. She also notes the parallels between the TSB Community Trust and Te Korowai. Both have priorities for goodwill beyond private interests and both need a resource base that will fund the activities of their strategic priorities now and in the future.

“You can't do everything, and you can't be everywhere. You really do have to pick and choose what you put your mind to and what you give your energies to. But when you do, give it your best." As a Trustee for the TSB Community Trust Te Aroha was appointed onto their commercial arm (TSB Group Limited) and this exposed her to the demanding domain of investment banking with a focus on growing the asset for both its income and, medium to long-term value that will benefit of Taranaki communities. That experience made her the ideal director for Te Kīwai Māui. Te Kīwai Māui now has a full complement of directors, and Te Aroha joins Taari Nicholas and Hinerangi Raumati-Tu’ua who chairs this roopu. “With a full team our considerations will be even more robust that leads to better decisions for Ngāruahine” said Hinerangi.

Haere rā Clint After nearly three years we farewelled and thanked Clint for his service to Te Korowai. Clint looked after the marae stocktake project and supported marae committees with their building projects like the Ōhounuku Reserve Trustees at Tawhitinui Pā. Building marae take years and you never know the impact of your effort until it comes together with the opeining. He mihi tēnei ki a koe Clint mō tōu tautoko i te iwi. Mauri ora!


Special General Meeting Time Venue

Saturday 5 May, 2018 at 9.00am Aotearoa Pā, Hastings Road, Ōkaiawa

At last year’s AGM the people asked for a six monthly catch up and this hui marks the start of more regular meetings between Te Korowai and the people. There’s been a couple of changes since the AGM, firstly a new Chair (Bev Gibson) has been elected and new Pouhautū (Allie Hemara-Wahanui) appointed. “For the first time we’re going to have workshops to discuss kaupapa Te Korowai are managing. We’ll also share our priorities going forward, so there’ll be lots of opportunities to ask questions, give your thoughts and most importantly be listened to” said Allie. Also during the day will be a session for rangatahi who will lead Te Korowai and Ngāruahine into the future. All workshops will be facilitated by the board members with support from the staff. Te Korowai is currently conducting a by-election for the Ngāti Manuhiakai hapū and a ballot box will be available at the hui as well. It’s been a busy couple of months and this hui allows us to come together, check in and keep moving forward.


Pōwhiri and registrations


Te Korowai presentations: • Strategic priorities • Commercial priorities • From the office

Bev Gibson Hinerangi Raumati Allie Hemara-Wahanui


Round 1 Workshops Trust Deed Review, representation Maunga and Maca Elections and Relocation

Rangatahi Workshop


Round 2 - Iwi Workshops Repeated workshops from round 1




Māori Electoral Option 2018 - Why it’s important


Special guest speaker


Feedback from workshops, and where to from here


Closing remarks, karakia



We are in the final stages of the by-election and voting opened on Friday 6 April with two candidates seeking election. The Returning Officer has sent voting papers to those members who elected this hapū as their electorate for voting and on Saturday 14 April the hapū will host a meet-and-greet of the candidates. A ballot box will be available at the iwi special general hui on 5 May 2017 and voting closes on Monday 7 May. Key dates


Phase 4


Fri 6 April

Voting open for four weeks

Sat 14 April

Meet the candidates at Ngāti Manuhiakai hapū hui, Te Aroha Pā.

Sat 5 May

Ballot Box voting at Special General Meeting, Aotearoa Pā.

Mon 7 May

Voting closes

Thur 10 May

Close off for provisional votes (deadline for more whakapapa information)

Fri 11 May

Results declared and Board advised

Sat 12 May

Results published on Iwi website, Facebook, and in the Taranaki Daily News the on Saturday 19 May.

Phase 4 - Voting Nominations for the election of one Trustee closed at 5.00pm on Tuesday 20 March 2018 and following the conclusion of eligibility checks, nominations have been accepted from Ferinica HAWE-FOREMAN and Dinnie MOEAHU. Because more than one valid nomination was received for the vacancy, an election is required. A meet the Candidates opportunity will be included in the Ngāti Manuhiakai hapū hui to be held 10.00am on Saturday 14 April 2018 at Te Aroha Pā. All Te Korowai members registered with the Ngāti Manuhiakai hapū electorate are invited to attend. CAN I STILL REGISTER WITH TE KOROWAI AND VOTE? Yes, complete the online registration form and if you select Ngāti Manuhiakai as your electorate to vote in, a voting paper will be sent so you can participate in the election. However, your vote will only be counted after your affiliation to Ngāti Manuhiakai has been confirmed. HOW DO I VOTE? There are three ways to vote. Online, (voters will receive a special code to vote), at the Special General Meeting on Saturday 5 May 2018, or sending your voting paper back to the returning officer through NZ Post. Please remember that NZ Post does not deliver mail every day, and you will need to post your papers early to reach the returning officer before voting closes. Anyone who has not received a voter pack or requires a replacement can contact the returning officer.


Anthony Morton Ph: 0800 666 044 Email:


Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Ngāruahine kōrero Ki Te Hoe

Kātahi te wiki autaia ko tērā! Arā ko Te Whakataetae Waka Ama a Motu mā Ngā Kura Tuarua tērā. I tū ki te roto o Tikitapu ki te rohe o Te Arawa. Nā, i reira mātou te wharekura o Ngā Ruahinerangi e hono tahi ana ki te wharekura o Te Pi’ipi’inga Kākano i Ruia mai i Rangiātea nō Ngāmotu. E 18 ngā kaihoe i tō mātou ope.

Ko te Rāapa te rā o ngā reihi 250 mita me ngā reihi 500 mita. I tō mātou reihi tuatahi mō te 500 mita, i tino āmaimai mātou. Koinei tō mātou wā tuatahi ki tētehi whakataetae. I tuaono mātou. Ki au nei he tūmeke tērā mō tō mātou wā tuatahi. Heoi, mō te whakataetae 250 mita i tuarua mātou. Wāwau ana, nē? Nā tērā i uru mātou ki ngā reihi whiringatoa Paratī katoa ana ngā wai o te roto rā i te wiki o (Whaitoa)! te 19-23 o Poutū te Rangi. Ko te Rātū te rā i tīmata ngā whakataetae waka hourua me ngā Ko te Rāpare te tino rangi ki ahau, i te mea reihi takitahi. E toru ngā tauira nō Te Pihip- i reihi mātou ki ō mātou tāina. Ko Ruahine ihinga i hoe takitahi, arā, ko Sapphire Barrett 2 rātou, ko Ruahine 1 mātou. I tino pai te (14), rātou ko Te Ahiwera Ngaia (15), ko Rani- whakataetae i te mea i tuatahi mātou, i era Chapman (13). tuatoru rātou engari, inā he reihi poto, me pono aku kōrero, kua hinga rawa mātou i a rātou. Heoi, nā te tino koi o tā mātou huri i Ko te nuinga o mātou i te waka hourua, he te poitō, i wepua rawatia rātou e mātou. I kōtiro. Ko te tikanga ia me ōrite te rahinga o ngā tama me ngā kōtiro engari i te mea kōtahi eke mātou ki ngā reihi whiringatoa mō te Uku – te taumata tuarua o te whakataetae noa te tama i tō mātou waka. I tū mātou hei tīma whakakitenga noa iho. Kāore mātou i āhei rā. ki te uru i ngā reihi whiringatoa (Whaitoa) ahakoa te aha. I tērā ahiahi anō i haere mātou o Ruahine/ Rangiātea ki te whare whakangahau hou

He Kura Kōrero

Nā Mahara Chase

mā ngā tamariki taiohi, ko ‘Motion’ te ingoa. Kātahi te wāhi mīharo ko tērā!. Ko te Rāmere te rā whakamutunga o ngā whakataetae. I reihi mātou ki te reihi 250 mita whiringatoa (Whaitoa). Ahakoa i mātāmuri, ko mātou te tīma tuatahi o ngā tima katoa o Ruahine/Rangiātea ki te uru ki te taumata Whaitoa. Wekeneru! E ai ki te kaikōkiri, ki tā mātou kaiwhakahaere, ko Whaene Niki Walker-Chapman, “Kua eke! I ia tau ka piki, i ia tau ka pakari haere.” Tautoko ana au i ōnā kōrero i te mea, i ea, i whakapau werawera, i kaha, i māia, i manawanui. Koirā te take i tae mātou ki tērā taumata teitei. Ki ahau he tino rawe te wiki katoa, mai i te tīmatanga tae noa ki te mutunga. I noho mātou ki te marae o Te Punawhakareia, e āhua 15 meneti puta atu i Rotorua, ā, e tata tonu ki Rotoiti. He marae ātaahua, he marae mahana, he marae ahurei hoki engari ko ngā hīrere i maroro ai te korakora ahi mō te wāhi nei. Kāore au i te āwangawanga i te mea i mīharo tonu te noho tahi ki āku hoa, ki taku whānau hoki. Ki ahau he tino rawe te hui nui nei ki te kite i ngā hoa o mua me te tūtaki ki ētehi hoa hou. Ki tā tētahi o tā mātou rōpū, ko Tatyana Glassie (16), “Pai te kite atu i ngā taiohi mano e uru atu ana ki tēnei whakataetae.” Hei whakakapi, he tino hākinakina te waka ama ki te Māori. I hoea mai ō tātou tauheke mai i Hawaiki rā anō ki Aotearoa nei. He tauira pai rātou mō mātou, ahakoa i hoe mātou mō ngā meneti 1-2 noa iho. He tino tāngata ō tātou tauheke. Kaua tātou e wareware i tērā.


Nā ngā tuākana katoa o Te Kura o Ngāruahinerangi I te rā tuaiwa o te marama o Poutū-te-rangi, i tū te whaka-taetae Rino Māori ki Te Hāwera. I uru te whānau o Te Kura o Ngā Ruahinerangi – e 30 ngā tamariki, e 11 ngā tīma takitoru, ā tokowaru i whakataetae takitahi. Ko te rā tuatahi mō ngā tāina, arā mō te hunga e rima tau ki te 12 tau te pāhake. Ko tō rātou mahi ko te kauhoe 100 mita me te tahuti kotahi kiromita. Nā reira i tīmata rātou, ka puta te harikoa o ngā mātua me ngā kaiako e kite ana i ngā tamariki e whakapau kaha ana ki ēnei momo mahi. Whaimuri ake, ko te wā tuku taonga, i riro i a mātou katoa tētehi taonga. Kātahi ka tū tētehi whakataetae kanikani mō ngā tamariki, ā, ka riro i te toa ko tētehi pahikara. I waimarie tētehi o ā mātou kōtiro tino rawe, ko Aniwa VanstoneChilton tōna ingoa. Hei te rangi whaimuri ko te rā tēnā mō ngā rangatahi, ngā pāhake me ngā tauheke, kuia anō hoki. He rawe te kite i ngā tauheke e mahi ana i tēnei tū hākinakina. Te uaua hoki o ngā mahi nei! Mō ngā tāngata mahi takitahi, ka kauhoe 300 mita, kātahi ka eke pahikara mō te 10 kiromita. Kātahi ka tahuti ia mō te 2.5 kiromita. Te mamae hoki o ngā waewae whai muri ake! Mō ngā tāngata tino pakari, ka kauhoe i te 600 mita, ka eke pahikara mō te 20 kiromita, kātahi ka tahuti mō te rima kiromita. Ko tētehi tauheke, ko Jim Ngarewa tana ingoa, e 75 ōna tau. Nā tōna pakari i mahi i te reihi roa. Ka wani kē e koro.

He Kura Kōrero

Te Rino MāoRi o TaRanaKi Ki Te Tonga

I te otinga o ngā mahi ka tuatoru ētehi o ā mātou tauira, ko Tika Mete-Weston rāua ko Aiesha Kāhui-Heke ērā. Whaimuri i te wā tuku taonga, i tū tētehi whakataetae kanikani, ōrite ngā whiwhinga, ka riro i te toa tētehi pahikara. Ko te mea hātakēhi i toa anō te whānau o Te Kura o Ngāruahinerangi. Ā i riro i a mātou ngā pahikara e rua, tētehi ki a Whaene Ana, tētehi ki a Matua Beatle. Hei whakakapinga ake i tēnei kōrero, he rawe tēnei mea ko te Rino Māori mō ngā tāngata katoa ahakoa te pāhake. Ka taea e koe te mahi!

Te rino Maori o Taranaki ki te tonga 2018

2017 Aspirations Hui In February last year Te Korowai hosted a series of hui to explore the aspirations of the Iwi. This kōrero has informed the board’s review of the 25 year strategy. Throughout this process illustrators captured the kōrero visually. Each issue we will share some of those illustrations with you.



Toroa Ngātauerua

As part of our network with Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision (which is a culmination of The Film, Radio NZ TVNZ Archives) a recording from 23 January 1946 had been discovered of Tohunga Toroa Ngātauerua. A profile written by Uncle Ron Hudson about Koro Toroa Ngatauera was put together as part of a second exhibition that focused on pōwhiri welcoming home the 780 troops of the 28th Māori Battalion. Tohunga Toroa Ngātauerua was of Ngāti Tū descent of Ngāruahinerangi iwi. Raised and taught in the wānanga of old, he spent time at Parihaka studying under the prophets Te Tohu Kākahi and Te Whiti o Rongomai. Knowledgeable in ancient lore, rituals and the oral traditions of the Taranaki people, he was eloquent in both Pākehā and te reo Māori. It is because of this expertise that Toroa

Tohunga Toroa Ngātauerua of Ngāti Tū hapū of Ngāruahinerangi iwi courtesy of Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision

was invited to undertake the task of welcoming home the 28th Māori Battalion on their arrival in Wellington before they would disperse to their home marae throughout the country. His duty was to conduct the first karakia, to lift the tapu from the returning soliders. This was considered a high honour among the people of Ngāruahinerangi and greatly celebrated at the time. He uri a Toroa Ngātauerua nō te hapū o Ngāti Tū me te iwi o Ngāruahinerangi. I tipu ake ia ki te ao Māori, ki ngā tikanga taketake i Parihaka. I whakapau werawera a Ngātauerua ki te ako i raro hoki i te maru o Tohu Kakahi raua ko Te Whiti o Rongomai . He pū kōrero, Māori mai, Pākehā mai. Nā ēnei pūkenga maha i tono mai te iwi, kia riro māna hei mihi ki ngā hōia. Māna hoki te tapu o ngā hōia e hiki, kia noa ai te katoa. He tikanga whakahirahira tēnei ki te iwi o Ngāruahinerangi. Nā Uncle Ron Hudson PLEASE NOTE: If you have a tūpuna kōrero you would like us to share in the iwi newsletter please contact us.


TOUTOUWAI TRANSLOCATIONS Taranaki Mounga is an ambitious conservation project to transform the mountain, ranges and islands of Taranaki. Using 1080 is a necessary mechanism to making a real dent in the invasive pest populations, and to bring the maunga back to life. The next drop is scheduled for 2019 and we will provide kōrero about this kaupapa to de-bunk myths, allay fears and seek feedback. Another part of this project is to translocate native birds and plants back onto the maunga, and you may want to help with the release of Toutouwai (Robin) on the maunga. These are scheduled for 12-13 May and 16-17 May. If you’re interested email Sean Zieltjes on

NAME CHANGE PROPOSALS ON MAUNGA TARANAKI As part of the maunga negotiations, we have a small window to propose name changes on the Maunga or make corrections. The Negotiators (including Daisy Noble) are keen to receive proposals they can take to the New Zealand Geographic Board ('NZGB') who will make a recommendation to the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations. If you have any kōrero about possible name changes and would like this to be included as part of the maunga negotiations, please contact the office. The Maunga negotiations is also one of the workshops that will happen at the Special General Hui on 5 May 2018. Nau mai, haere mai.

TARANAKI TŪ MAI REGISTRATION REFUND Contact the office because we're refunding the $5 Taranaki Tū Mai registration fee. This is a cash-only refund and this offer finishes on Friday, 24 August 2018. We can return your refund if you attend the Special General Hui on 5 May 2018 or the AGM on 25 August 2018.

Calling all Ngāruahine Businesses We’d like to promote all Ngāruahine businesses, big, small, based in Taranaki or further afield. If you run a business and would like the rest of the Iwi (and their networks) to know who you are, and what you do, then send us your profile along with some pictures of you and your team.

The Māori Electoral Option 2018 This year we (Māori) can choose to be on either the General electoral roll or the Māori electoral roll. You made this choice when you first enrolled to vote and once the roll has been chosen, you can only change rolls again during the Māori Electoral Option. When is the option held? From now, to the 3 April – 2 August 2018. Whānau can opt to change rolls. If you’re on the Māori roll, you will vote for a candidate in a Māori electorate at the next general election. Your choice of roll does not affect which parties you can vote for. Ngaruahine iwi Health Staff The staff from the Iwi Health Service will be assisting whānau in South Taranaki to understand the options. Te Korowai has also invited Warren Nicholls to speak at the Special General Hui (5 May 2018). This choice will determine which electoral roll you will vote in for the next two elections. So make sure you understand what this means. Feel free to contact the Iwi health whānau on 06 274 8047 / 027 5259356


Te Korowai  

Iwi Bi-monthly newsletter April 2018

Te Korowai  

Iwi Bi-monthly newsletter April 2018