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2010 Shooters of the Year Clockwise from top left becky pearson jesse broadwater jamie van natta kevin shaw

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COVER STORY 2010 Shooters of the Year. Clockwise from top left: Becky Pearson, Jesse Broadwater, Jamie Van Natta, and Kevin Shaw. Complete 2010 standings on page 5.

tournament information and registration forms

4 from the president’s desk by bruce cull 5 2010 shooters of the year

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October | November 2010

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29 ted nugent named favorite hunting personality 33 NFAA council and board of directors contact information AND MORE!


October | November 2010 3

2010 Shooters of the Year Named One pro man and one pro woman have been named Profes-

jesse broadwater

sional Shooter of the Year. In ad-

professional male shooter of the year

dition, one amateur man and one jamie van natta

amateur woman have been named


professional female shooter of the year

Amateur Shooter of the Year. To qualify, archers must shoot all 3 Star Tournament events: Vegas Shoot, NFAA National Indoor

need article copy ■

First Dakota Archery Classic, as well kevin shaw

as NFAA National Marked 3-D and

amateur male shooter of the year

NFAA Outdoor Nationals. Highest cumulative score from all 5 events

becky pearson

determines the winners.

amateur female shooter of the year

The standings for 2010 appear below.

2010 Shooters of the Year Final Standings

ARCHERY MAGAZINE MAGAZINE ■ ■October November 4 4ARCHERY April / |May 2010 2010



VEGAS 877 869 865

X’s 31 30 33

INDOOR 597 590 594

X’s 83 71 84

Marked 1502 1454 1415

CLASSIC 1099 1062 936

OUTDOOR 1651 1617 1622

TOTAL 5726 5592 5432

X’s 114 101 117



VEGAS 899 885 898 892 888

X’s 70 51 62 64 45

INDOOR 600 600 600 600 598

X’s 116 114 114 111 88

Marked 1518 1517 1510 1496 1491

CLASSIC 1129 1124 1123 1103 1022

OUTDOOR 1665 1671 1662 1670 1644

TOTAL 5811 5797 5793 5761 5643

X’s 186 165 176 175 133



VEGAS 895 894

X’s 65 62

INDOOR 600 600

X’s 110 114

Marked 1529 1517

CLASSIC 1143 1138

OUTDOOR 1689 1684

TOTAL 5856 5833

X’s 175 176



VEGAS 900 897 899 899 891 892 888 891

X’s 84 74 72 79 51 48 42 57

INDOOR 600 600 600 600 600 600 600 600

X’s 120 115 120 118 112 107 93 95

Marked 1533 1520 1534 1523 1515 1511 1512 1481

CLASSIC 1161 1170 1140 1146 1129 1115 1079 1102

OUTDOOR 1700 1680 1692 1686 1673 1667 1642 1636

TOTAL 5894 5867 5865 5854 5808 5785 5721 5710

X’s 204 189 192 197 163 155 135 152


October | November 2010 5




of events

r o o d t u O NFAA p i h s n o i p m a h C l a Nation T 1, 2010



North American Field Archery Championships ................... Dec 10-12 .................................... Homestead, Florida




Southwest Indoor Sectional ...................................................January ........................................... Various locations Kansas City Shoot Out.........................................................Jan 22-23 ..........................................Kansas City, MO The Vegas Shoot ...................................................... Feb 11-13 .................... Riviera Hotel and Casino Northwest Indoor Sectional................................................ Feb 18-20 ..........................................various locations


started to fill and the practice range

Weather during the pre-shoot week

the last week of July. For some of us, it

plus the open Dylan course got plenty

and on through the tournament was

was stretched to two full weeks, as we

of use. Others set up tents or parked

(mostly) dry and VERY warm, with

Great Lakes Indoor Sectional .............................................. Feb 26-27 ......................................... Various locations

arrived early to help the Darrington

their campers at the school ball field or

the evenings thankfully cool for restful

Midwest Indoor Sectional................................................... Feb 26-27 .............................. Missouri and So Dakota

Archers get the ranges ready for the

moved into rooms

sleeping. There

NFAA Outdoor National Champion-

or entire houses

was a STRONG

ship, and incidentally to get in a little

in town. The

rain on Saturday


hotel may have

night, but it

Mid Atlantic Indoor Sectional ............................................. March 4-6......................................... Various locations Northwest Indoor Sectional.............................................. March 12-13 ...................................... Various locations

filled up, but they

passed through

19, (with the event dates of 28 July – 1


before morn-

August) and we weren’t the first to ar-

sign posted for at

ing. We quickly

New England Indoor Sectional .............................................April 2-3 ............................................Lunenburg, MA

rive. Several folks from The Nock Point

least part of the

developed a daily

First Dakota Classic ................................................. April 16-17 ....................................... Yankton, SD

crowd had spent the weekend on work

tournament week.

pattern: dog par-

projects, and many of them came back

The restaurant,

ents (lots of us!)

for another weekend’s effort before

grocery store,

walked their pets

opening day. Paul LaRue, John Finster-

and a few other

about 5:30 AM,

busch, Charlie Nations, (and probably

establishments got lots of business!

Southeast Indoor Sectional ............................................... March 11-13 ...................................... Various locations NFAA Indoor National Championships .................. March 26-27.....................................Louisville, KY

NFAA Unmarked 3D Championship........................ April 16-17 ....................................... Yankton, SD NFAA Marked 3D Championship ...............................May 6-8 ......................................... Redding, CA Redding Trail Shoot ..............................................................May 6-8 .................................................Redding, CA Great Lakes Outdoor Sectional ...........................................June 18-19 ............................................... Ypsilanti, MI

TC and I showed up on Sunday July

a few I haven’t remembered) kept busy

Starting on Wednesday 28 July (this

breakfast at 6:00 in the Community Center, helping to hand out scorecards

mowing, weed eating, raking, putting

being a Wednesday through Sunday

7:00 to 8:00 AM, then out to the as-

up signs, organizing and “decorating”

five-day event) there was a hearty,

signed range and target for a 9:00 start

the clubhouse wall. Several groups of

quick, and reasonably priced breakfast

to shoot the day’s round. I would finish

California archers were next to arrive,

available at the Community Center

shooting about 3:00 PM and turn in

U.S. National Target Championships ....................... July 27-31 ........................................ Yankton, SD

and we even put them to work sorting

every morning, and a dinner at the

scorecards, then post new target faces

Hoyt World Open ..................................................... July 27-31 ........................................ Yankton, SD

the target faces and bagging them by

same location on three of the evenings;

(helping TC, who was Range Captain

range and lane for efficient posting.

skipping Friday because of the Opening

for the Dylan range). Then to dinner

Gail and David Culver of Silver Arrow

Ceremonies and Pro-Am, and stopping

at the Community Center and by time

Bowmen brought two quads, and we

after Saturday because of the awards

we got back the day’s scores had been

kept them and the machines hopping

presentation. Snacks and lunch, plus

entered, printed, and posted to see.

transporting targets and equipment

water and other drinks were available at

around the ranges. THANKS to ALL!

the Clubhouse in the morning and on

USAA National Field Championships ....................... July 22-24 ........................................ Yankton, SD NFAA National Field Championships ....................... July 25-29 ........................................ Yankton, SD

North American Field Archery Championships .................... Dec 9-11 ..................................... Homestead, Florida

2012 NFAA Council and Board of Directors meeting ..................... Feb 4-7 ................................................Las Vegas, NV

As more archers and their

FITA World Cup ................................................................... Feb 5-11 ...............................................Las Vegas, NV

families arrived, the camping area

The Vegas Shoot................................................................. Feb 10-12 ..............................................Las Vegas, NV NFAA National Field Championships ....................... July 25-29 ............................. Mechanicsburg, PA


October | November 2010

Total participation was about 325, and of those about 75+ were Wash-

the ranges during the day.

continued on pg. 8

A highlight for me was having a son and granddaughter also shooting, for three generations in the event. ARCHERY MAGAZINE

October | November 2010 7



ington archers. A highlight for me was having a son and grand daughter also shooting – for three generations in the event.

PASADENA ROVING ARCHERS Pasadena Roving Archers hosts a “Outdoor/ Indoor” 300 round on the second and fourth Sundays of the month. Photo by Gary Spiers

The local folks did pretty well, taking 12 Championship bowls Pasadena Roving Archers member and graphic designer Jim MacQuarrie embellished the original PRA logo to recognize the 75th Anniversary of the club. Designed by Jim MacQuarrie

and several second or third place or flight medals. The Champs were: Faith Cook


Brandy Fournet


Wendy Truitt


Shaelie McGrath


Theodore Perry


Gail Culver


Linda Parker


Kathleen McGrath S-F-TRAD Gerald Hickman


William Lee


Becky Jackson


Liane Hickman


Congratulations to ALL! Full results are posted on the NFAA website ■

The Club That Friendship Built by Nell Wade

THE YEAR 1935 SAW AVIATRIX Amelia Earhart fly solo from Hawaii to California. Nylon was invented and Elvis Presley was born. Babe Ruth broke the record for most home runs and retired, a legend. And 1935 was the year a serenely beautiful strip of semi-tamed woods, streams and meadows just outside the sprawling city of Los Angeles became the site of the “longest continuously operating NFAA archery club in its original location” in American history. This was the year Pasadena Roving Archers was born. The Arroyo Seco (which means “dry gulley”) has always been a very special piece of land.. Fed by a stream that comes from far up in the San Gabriel Mountains, and well-hidden beneath towering sandstone and granite cliffs and thick foliage, it is endowed with a lush natural beauty. In earlier times, the Arroyo Seco was home to an immense variety of wildlife including deer, cougar, and even grizzly bear. 8 ARCHERY MAGAZINE

October | November 2010

The first aboriginal Native Americans who inhabited the area were the Tongva tribe. It is easy to imagine that there were Tongva archers on this exact site long ago; hunting for their tribe, proud of their archery skills, and possibly even holding archery competitions on the spot where today’s Pasadena Roving Archers now hold their contests. As civilization progressed and the population grew, the Arroyo Seco had its share of famous—and infamous—visitors. During the mid-1800s, legend has it that notorious bandit Tiburcio Vasquez used the secluded Arroyo as a favorite hideout. In 1911, after visiting the Arroyo Seco, President Theodore Roosevelt was so impressed; he remarked that it “might make a great park.”1 In the early 1930s, a small band of archers began to gather at the Lower Arroyo Seco. They saw this undisturbed strip of land as a perfect spot to hone their shooting skills and meet up with other archers who were interested

in field or “roving” style of archery. Through group effort, a common dream, and plenty of hard work, in November 1935, Pasadena Roving Archers (PRA) archery club was founded, making it even older than the NFAA itself. Henry A. Bitzenburger and his wife, Matilda “Babe” Bitzenberger, were the co-founders of PRA. Henry, a Los Angeles archery dealer who, in the late 1930s, was considered to be one of the country’s best archers, was also PRA’s first president. PRA’s second president was Stew Foster, another outstanding archer who also had an artist’s eye. His design for the PRA insignia—the striking image of a kneeling longbow archer—is still in use today. Many newcomers showed up each week to try out their bows and arrows at the beautiful and challenging Lower Arroyo Seco range during the 1940s. The range gained more field target butts and the first PRA clubhouse. The small 15’ continued on pg. 10 ARCHERY MAGAZINE

October | November 2010 9



Clockwise from top left: The Pasadena Roving Archers club house was destroyed in a fire in 2002. A new building featuring meeting, education and storage space has been proposed for the site. PRA members are working with the City of Pasadena to get approval for the design concept and then the task of fund raising begins (Illustration by Van Webster). Wife of PRA’s founding president, Henry Bitzenberger, Babe was an outstanding archer in her own right. Here she is seen pulling arrows from her last target as she won her second NFAA tournament at Salt Lake in 1947 (From “First Fifty” by Edward L. Ryman). Pasadena Roving Archers holds archery classes on Saturday mornings. We have enough gear to accommodate over 90 archers per session (Photo by Gary Spiers).

x 25’ building was built completely by hand and by club members. Teamwork was the name of the game as members carried building materials and tools, even heavy bales of straw to use as targets, down steep paths and across the Arroyo stream, stumbling over boulderstrewn trails and slippery rocks, as their clubhouse and range came together. It is believed that massive flooding in the Arroyo destroyed the first PRA clubhouse some time between 1940 and 1941. A second, bigger (30’ x 35’) clubhouse was built in 1945, just north of today’s main target area. The crowning touch to the new clubhouse was a neon sign on the front that proclaimed “PRA.” In the late 1940s, Henry Bitzenberger invented and manufactured his world-famous Fletchmaster fletching jig, one of the most accurate fletching jigs ever designed, and still used by many of today’s archers. In 1949 the entire nation sat up and took notice


October | November 2010

when PRA hosted the Fourth National Archery Tournament on their Arroyo Seco home range, drawing an estimated 1,500 competitors and spectators. It was one heck of an exciting way to end the decade! A number of archery clubs populated the San Gabriel Valley area during the 1950s. The Pasadena Target Archers (PTA), started in 1925, had their range set up on the east side of the Lower Arroyo, at the southern edge of the PRA range. The Sagittarius Club range was located northwest of Pasadena, near the town of Sylmar. When the Sagittarius Club lost its land and had nowhere to go, PRA helped out by opening up the unused northern portion of the range to them. This generosity ended up benefiting everyone. For a short time, the shooting style choices being offered at the Lower Arroyo Seco were pretty amazing. An archer could choose to shoot the York and

Clockwise from top left: PRA member Bryan Kaya watches a group of first time archers line up their shots. First time archers are taught in groups of 8-10 people with a certified instructor or coach. On any Saturday PRA may have 3-5 separate first time classes running simultaneously. Coach Obaka Adedunyo watches a group of intermediate archers as they practice on the 20 yard line (Photo by Van Webster). Kenneth C. (K.C.) Clark was Pasadena Roving Archers President in 1968 and Lyetta Clark served as president in 1973 (from “First Fifty” by Edward L. Ryman). Games are an important part of encouraging archery participation. Here first time archers are lined up on the 10 yard line to shoot balloons. There’s a prize for each winner (Photo by Van Webster).

American rounds at the Pasadena Target Archers range, the Hunter and Field rounds at the Pasadena Roving Archers range, or the Broadhead Animal Targets at the Sagittarius range, all within walking distance! During this time, the laminated recurve bow with a center shot was gaining popularity at the range and even beginning to overshadow the traditional and much-loved longbow. Not everyone was onboard with the recurve. Legendary archer and Sagittarius Club member, Howard Hill, was not a fan. “A straight-end longbow that follows the string slightly, with a good cast, carries a heavy string, is pleasing to draw, and is comfortable to the hand can be shot more accurately under hunting conditions than a recurve bow.” 2 However, as the 1950s progressed, more and

more people who were not interested in bow hunting favored the recurve, and it became a permanent fixture at the range. The 1970s was a time of gains and losses for the club. The decade saw a steady increase in PRA family memberships, as more and more archers introduced their children to the sport. This trend continued throughout the decade, due in large part to the family-friendly atmosphere. Since 1972, PRA has had an agreement with the city of Pasadena to teach archery to any and all who are interested and offers classes, which have become a hallmark of the club. PRA also received its first NFAA five-star rating in 1974 and, three years later, a second. During the ‘70s, the new compound bow gained popularity at the range, impressing many archers with its power

and accuracy. This was also a decade when vandals broke into the clubhouse, stealing almost all of the club’s valuable equipment. When word of the theft got out, generous members and local archery dealers quickly stepped up; donating enough in funds and equipment to make sure that the club was able to carry on. As the 1980s began, PRA suffered from steadily decreasing membership. At one point, membership was so low; there weren’t enough members to elect club officers. A general membership meeting was held to establish the future direction of PRA. That evening, only nine people showed up, and that evening—nine critical club board positions were filled!


continued on pg. 12

October | November 2010 11



upon to train the actors in the art of archery, most notably for the recent blockbuster, Avatar. The Basic Archery Instruction

Clockwise from top left: Pasadena Roving Archers member and instructor Robert Storts supervises the balloon round for first time archers at the PRA Saturday Morning Instruction Program (Photo by Van Webster). Long time and still active Pasadena Roving Archers member, Dr. Ron Wong, is shown shooting his flight bow in Wendover, Utah. Ron was the 1983 flight archery champion and winner of the prestigious “Wescott Medal” (From “First Fifty” by Edward L. Ryman). Pasadena Roving Archers hosts a fundraising 3-D tournament each spring. Here archers line up to register for the 2009 edition of the Oaktree 3-D (photo by Gary Spiers).

Although small in number, the club’s members continued to strengthen the bonds of friendship with free barbeques and nighttime “flashlight” shoots. In the middle of one of the night shoots, the sky was suddenly flooded with light. A police officer (and fellow PRA member) was shining the searchlight on his helicopter down onto the archers to help guide them. By the end of the decade, club membership was, happily, once again on the rise. In 2000, PRA members were excited about what lay ahead for their club. But in the early hours of April 13, 2002, a fire started outside the clubhouse and quickly spread to the targets and bales inside. Club officers rushed to the scene, but the clubhouse was a total loss. Many members who were active at this time describe this as the single worst event in the history of PRA—some of them view it as one of the worst times of their own lives. The clubhouse—which many viewed as the heart and soul of the club—was gone. But times of tragedy often bring out the best in people, and this was no exception. Club members and scores of people who used the Arroyo Seco offered to contribute money and


October | November 2010

resources. Neighboring clubs and organizations made generous donations. Archery dealers donated much-needed equipment— and lots of it. In November of 2002, a man from northern California who was visiting the Arroyo Seco and learned what had happened surprised everyone with a gift of an 8’ x 20’ metal shipping container that locked tight and was basically impervious to break-ins. By December, the new storage locker was in place at the range and is still in use today. It is now 2010 and PRA is going strong, with membership approaching 300, thanks, in large part, to the close and essential relationship PRA enjoys with the city of Pasadena, who owns the land. The City of Pasadena has been a long-time supporter of the range and PRA, and its generosity and spirit of cooperation have been crucial in keeping archery alive in the Lower Arroyo Seco. Saturday morning archery classes are more popular than ever, attracting thousands of new archers each year, and any archers visiting from out of town are always welcome to come shoot at the range. When a Hollywood film calls for breathtaking but believable archery skills, the experts of PRA are called

Clockwise from top right: Pasadena Roving Archers began offering free introductory archery classes in the mid 1970s. Here you can see PRA members and young enthusiasts getting started with archery (From “First Fifty” by Edward L. Ryman). Today, Pasadena Roving Archers continues to offer free introductory classes to beginners as well as intermediate instruction and advanced coaching for tournament archers. With as many as 8 classes running simultaneously on a Saturday morning, the instruction and coaching programs draw up to 120 archers to the range each week (Photo by Van Webster). Inset: The early days of archery at the Pasadena Roving Archers range drew out successful archers and rugged individualists. Here is Wright Huff striking a dramatic pose in 1940 (From “First Fifty” by Edward L. Ryman).

Program (BAIP) classes take beginning archers to the next level of skill, and Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) classes nurture the best young archers and help them pursue their dreams of Olympic-level competition. And PRA has recently become a 501(c) 3 public charity, allowing the club to collect tax-deductible donations towards rebuilding the clubhouse. Seventy-five years have come and gone, and PRA is still spreading the word that any and all are welcome to discover the joys of archery within the Lower Arroyo Seco’s magnificent borders. concluded on pg. 35

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October | November 2010 13

USA $trikes it Rich at 2010 ARCHERY WORLD CUP STAGE 3

IFAA NORTH AMERICAN FIELD ARCHERY CHAMPIONSHIP (NAFAC 2010) December 10-11-12, 2010 at Homestead, Florida


October | November 2010

Historic Bow (HB)

Longbow – (LB)

Bowhunter Limited – (BHL)

Bowhunter Unlimited – (BHU)

Bowhunter Compound – (BHC)

Bowhunter Recurve – (BHR)

Barebow Compound – (BBC)

Barebow Recurve – (BBR)

Freestyle Limited Compound (FSLC)

Freestyle Limited Recurve – (FSLR)

Freestyle Unlimited – (FSU)

Female – (F)


Junior – 13-16 (J) (No Historic)

��� ��� ��� ����

Veteran Division- 55 and over (V)


Male – (M)

Cash__________ Check_________

Cub – Under 13 (C) (No Bowhunter or Historic)

NOTE: If you give the registration chairman your NFAA shooting style/division, he will make the appropriate IFAA conversion

Adult Division-17 and over (A)

this in the world with the home crowd cheering me on.” The bronze-medal match for Rodger Willet Jr., of Glouchester, Va., was near perfect in form finding the hit zone 14 of 15 shots. He opened up a commanding lead that France’s Pierre Julien DeLoche could not make up. Willet finished fourth at the 2010 Archery World Cup in Turkey earlier this year. Men’s Compound Team: 2009 World Championship gold medalist Reo Wilde of Pocatello, Idaho, paced the U.S. squad to the gold medal over Canada, 7-5. The set score swapped back and forth and the U.S. had to fight back for the victory. Wilde was the catalyst who anchored the team title by striking the hit zone on 11 of 12 arrows. Gellenthien was solid with 10 of 12 hits. Jesse Broadwater of Jennerstown, Pa., making his first World Cup appearance, fell in the middle of the team and performed superbly in earning his first World Cup gold medal. “It was a good night and the weather was nice, but the wind got a little tricky,” Wilde said. “You have to make sure your team has a chance and to not let them down. I thought Jesse was a little nervous but pulled through well. I have friends here that have never seen an archery competition and it was great for them to see it in person and root us on from the stands.” Men’s Team Recurve: The United States team claimed their first recurve team medal for the 2010 World Cup season by easily defeating China, 222215. The squad was led by U.S. Olympians Brady Ellison of Chula Vista, Calif.,

Professional (P)

IT HAS BEEN REPORTED IN various Ogden Publications that Al Capone would not visit this city as it was too tough. That is not the case for the U.S. archers as they concluded the 2010 Archery World Cup Stage 3 with seven medals – four gold; one silver; two bronze medals. A boisterous crowd of 2,500 assisted in the United States medal haul on Saturday night under the stadium lights of Lindquist Field that faced into the Weber Mountain range. The men’s individual compound match lived up to its billing as the rivalry between 2009 World Cup Final runner-up Braden Gellenthien of Woodbridge, Va., and El Salvador’s Jorge Jimenez took it to the wire, and the fifth time these two have squared off. Gellenthien took an early lead by earning the first set for a 2-0 lead. The second and third sets were tied between the two, but Gellenthien maintained a slim 4-2 advantage. Gellenthien climbed closer to another World Cup gold medal by winning the fourth set for a 6-2 cushion. Braden cleared the hurdle in the last set by finding the center on the last three arrows for the 7-3 medal victory. “The wind was a major factor in this match,” Gellenthien said. “It was not the greatest weather conditions. I was really happy to shoot in the team event earlier tonight for a little extra experience. My preparations for this event is what separates me from the rest of the field. I was able to duplicate my shots, just like in practice. The last shot was dead nuts. It is incredible to do this in front of the home crowd. I feel like I’m going to cry. There is nothing like

The IFAA, in cooperation with NFAA-USA and its member Florida Archery Association (FAA) have approved the Everglades Archery Club to host the IFAA-sanctioned 2010 NAFAC on 10-12 December 2010. FAA will lend assistance and administration to the shoot. The Everglades Club is located south of Miami in Homestead, Florida. If you have never been to Everglade Archers range, you are missing a very diverse shooting experience. The venue offers shots over the lake with mild up-hill and downhill settings. There are no other ranges in Florida like this one. You really do need to be in Florida at some time during the “winter” months. What an excuse to go South with the Snowbirds and enjoy, even for a few days, what they enjoy all winter. Many “Snow Birds” will already have made their way South for the winter. We invite you to come on down! The Price is Right — the time is right!! With the normal format of 28 Animal, 28 Field, and 28 Hunter, the range is set up for four across shooting and you will have plenty of arrows to shoot. Everglades is noted for its “Beast Feast” and food will be served both days. th LOCATION — For directions and map to range, enter 17415 SW 264 St., Homestead, FL, at SCHEDULE — Friday, 10 December: 11:30 assembly, 12:00 28 Animal (no bonus spots). Saturday, 11 December: 0730 assembly, 0800 28 Field. Sunday, 13 December: 0730 assembly, 0800 28 Hunter. Awards within 30 minutes after last person finished. RULES (Games and Equipment) — As per the IFAA Book of Rules. SCORING — As per the IFAA Book of Rules (must cut the line to score). NFAA Field, Hunter, and Animal Targets st nd rd AWARDS — NAFAC Medals – 1 , 2 and 3 in all division/styles. REGISTRATION FEES (US Dollars) — NAFAC Fees: Adult, Veteran and Pro, $35.00; Junior and Cub, $25.00; Pro Pot (100% payback) $100.00 in addition to registration fee. Mailed entries should be postmarked by 2 December. Phoned or E-mailed registrations through 8 December will be accepted for a $2.00 surcharge for paying at the shoot. Registration at the shoot will require a $15 late fee added to the normal registration fee. SEND REGISTRATION form and check to: Florida Archery Association, Timothy O. Austin (Sec/Treas), 1710 SW 76 Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32607-3418; 352-332-1969 or 352-332-1914; E-Mail: or ADDITIONAL INFO — Host club: John G. Laudicina, 305-545-5829, E-mail:, or Shelly Mascaro, 305252-9750, E-mail: MOTEL — CAMPGROUND — Available at Florida City Campground, 305-248-7889.


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2010 WORLD ARCHERY CUP STAGE 3 and Vic Wunderle of Charlotte, N.C., in addition to USA Archery resident athlete Jake Kaminski of Chula Vista, Calif. The trio opened the first end with a threepoint advantage, 57-54. In the second end, the U.S. increased their lead by five, 114-109. The third end brought Ellison to the line first, who opened with a 9 count. Kaminski started a slew of four consecutive 10s, with Wunderle closing with a 9 count to increase their lead to 167-160. The Americans maintained their lead to close out the round and claim the gold medal and finding the center 10-count 11 times. Kaminski, competing in his first World Cup, propelled the team by shooting two center Xs in the second end. “Brady communicated well with each of us on how he was adjusting for the wind gusts,” Kaminski said. “I would look at my surrounding and adjust accordingly. I fell back on my training and shot sequence. I was just feeling the shot. It helped in being confident in my equipment as I’ve been working with my equipment to make it solid.” Women’s Compound Team: The gold-medal final between Team USA and Canada was alternated back and forth during the first four ends and was tied at 4-4 set points each. The U.S. squad pulled ahead in the fifth being led by a strong end from 2007 World Cup champion Jamie Van Natta of Toledo, Ohio, Diane Watson of Hud-


son, Fla., and 2010 World Cup Stage 2 individual champion Erika Anschutz of Hamilton, Ohio. The three remained solid in the last end to secure their first World Cup team gold of the 2010 circuit. The match rested in the hands of the last shooter in order to keep the medal match ending in a shoot-off. “I kept telling Jamie and Diane that Canada was giving it to us and we just needed take it,” said Anschutz. “We had to believe we were worthy of it. We have gotten better all year as a team. When I let go of the last arrow it went a little to the right. I was just telling myself to make it a good shot.” Mixed Team Compound: In what has turned into a fan favorite event for international target archery, the U.S. team of Van Natta and Willet, Jr., settled for the silver medal after losing to Russia, 5-3. Women’s Individual Compound: World Indoor champion Sandrine Vandionant of France defeated Doris Jones of Canada for the gold medal, 8-4. Van Natta and Irina Markovic of the Netherlands went the distance after being tied 5-5 after the fifth set. The sixth set was the bronze-medal clincher, only after the judge confirmed Van Natta’s first of three arrows was in the hit zone as the arrow was piercing the line. Van Natta won by a 7-5 final score for her second medal of the night. Women’s Team Recurve: The Korean team, who has won every team

competition since the team event was added in 1988, continued their dominance at the 2010 World Cup. This was Korea’s first appearance in the 2010 World Cup and they maintained their perfection with a 209-204 victory over India for the gold medal. Mixed Team Recurve: The Korea team jumped out to a quick lead in the Mixed Team Recurve division against Great Britain and never looked back in winning the gold, 135-129. Women’s Individual Recurve: The Korean women swept the top four positions with Moon Jung Kim defeating Bo Bae Ki, 7-1 for the gold. The bronze medal went to Ok-Hee Yun who knocked off her team member HyunJung Joo, 6-0. Men’s Individual Recurve: The Korean team picked up three more medals with their precision and accuracy. When the pressure was on, the Koreans found the center 10-count to earn the needed set points for victory. Woojin Kim captured the gold by defeating team member Jin Hyek Oh, 7-3. Dong-Hyun Im, the 2009 World Championship silver medalist, took the bronze by defeating Canada’s Crispin Duenas, 7-3. The fourth and final qualifying stage for the 2010 Archery World Cup will be heading into Shang Hai, China, scheduled for August 31-Sept. 4. For more information visit or follow the live results at www.archery. org. ■

2010 archery world cup stage 3 finals and medal matches RESULTS SATURDAY, AUGUST 7 AT 4 P.M. MDST | LINDQUIST FIELD IN OGDEN, UTAH



RECURVE GOLD MEDAL | Woojin Kim (KOR) def. Jin Hyek Oh (KOR), 7-3

RECURVE GOLD MEDAL | Moon Jung Kim (KOR) def. Bo Bae Ki (KOR), 7-1

RECURVE BRONZE MEDAL | Dong-Hyun Im (KOR) def. Crispin Duenas (CAN), 7-3

RECURVE BRONZE MEDAL | Oh-Hee Yun (KOR) def. HyunJung Joo (KOR), 6-0

COMPOUND GOLD MEDAL | Braden Gellenthien (USA) def. Jorge Jimenez (ESA), 7-3

COMPOUND GOLD MEDAL | Sandrine Vandionant (FRA)

COMPOUND BRONZE MEDAL | Rodger Willet, Jr. (USA) def. Pierre Julien DeLoche (FRA), 8-2

MEN’S TEAM RECURVE GOLD MEDAL | USA def. China, 222-215 COMPOUND GOLD MEDAL | USA def. Canada, 7-5

def Doris Jones (CAN), 8-4

COMPOUND BRONZE MEDAL | Jamie Van Natta (USA) vs. Irina Markovic (NED), 7-5

WOMEN’S TEAM RECURVE GOLD MEDAL | Korea def. India, 209-204 COMPOUND GOLD MEDAL | USA def. Canada, 8-4

MIXED TEAM RECURVE GOLD MEDAL | Korea def. Great Britain, 135-129 COMPOUND GOLD MEDAL | Russia def. USA, 5-3

For the first time in history, the United States will host an Archery World Cup stage. Utah will welcome elite archers from 35 countries. The pivotal third stage will be contested at Weber State University with the finals held at the picturesque Lindquist Field in Ogden, the same competition venues as the 2009 World Archery Youth Championships. Ogden will also host the Archery World Cup in 2011 and 2012. The Archery World Cup, which started in 2006, has been a popular event for athletes, sponsors, media and fans. The FITA-sanctioned event allows organizers to select unique competition venues, which included hosting the finals by shooting over a canal at the 2009 Archery World Cup in Denmark, and competing from a floating platform at the 2006 final in Dubai. The Archery World Cup has grown into one of the annual premiere events for the international federation


October | November 2010

that attracts approximately 300 athletes from 30 countries at each of the various qualifying stages. The 2010 Archery World Cup in Ogden is made possible by partnerships between the International Archery Federation (FITA), Easton Foundations, USA Archery, the Ogden Weber Convention and Visitors Bureau and Utah Sports Commission. Sponsors of the 2010 Archery World Cup Stage 3 include: Hoyt, Intermountain McKay-Dee Sports Medicine, Weber State University, GOAL Foundation, Ogden StandardExaminer, Easton Technical Products, Doinker, Roosters Brewing Company, and Arizona Archery Enterprises. For more information on the third stop of the 2010 Archery World Cup visit or call (801) 526-6284.


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FATHER’S DAY FELL ON THE LAST day of the Big Sky Open this year. We didn’t plan it that way, but it happened. Historically for the archery tournament, fate played its hand in the whole scheme of things for the competing archers.


Tradition is a good thing, but sometimes it is necessary to go out on a limb, try something new and challenging for the side games and still get a great number of entries. The clay pigeon “GoForIt” Team event had reached it’s peak and started slowing down, so we were faced with the problem of coming up with something different, but not taking away the clay pigeon targets from those who loved to shoot them. Friday evening, the Big Sky opened with the traditional “GoForIt” clay pigeon shoot, with each participating archer vying for prize money individually. Actually, this worked out fine, as they did not have to depend on anyone but themselves for score. Archers were categorized into either a Championship or Flight division with women and men competing against each other. The event takes about an hour and half to shoot with a score of 50 being

perfect. In the Championship division, Jeremiah McConnell/CO was the only recorded perfect and of course he came in first for the money and a “Club 50” pin to win the event. Randy Brabec/CO was second with a score of 46, while Tim Gillingham/UT, Mike Kiser/CO, and Cory Monahan/NY all tied for 3rd with a score of 43. Three Flights rounded out the evening competition. Amber Christensen/ ID beat all the men in the first Flight with a score of 45 for first place money; Riley Whiting/UT came in second with a 44 and Daddy Ben (Christensen) tied with Tony Mansfield/CO, Dillon Sether/CO, and Drew Hortman/UT for third. Flight 2 found Kevin Lane/CO in first with a 35. Tied for 2nd was Wm. O”Driscoll/UT, Justin Speakman/CO, Charles Blankenship/TN, Zack Allen/CO, Justin Bliss/UT, and Bob Jacobsen/Ut – all with a 34. Flight Three winner Rick Adams/CO tied with Scott Meineke/CO with a 28 for 1st and second, while Carl Speakman/CO edged out Seneca Francis/UT for third position with a 27. Get ready for next year’s clay pigeons, archers. With the scores being so tight and way too many ties, shoot-offs will narrow the playing

Sons Reo, left, and Logan, middle, with father Dee Wilde sweep the 2010 Big Sky Open.



JUNE 18—20, 2010



October | November 2010

A moment of discussion.

field! Even if it takes all night! Early Saturday morning, after the children said the Pledge Of Allegiance, Linda Marten started announcing names of the first two groups of archers who would advance to the 20-yard practice arena. The 30th Big Sky Open was underway! Conditions for shooting was just right and promised to hold for the full weekend. Thank you God for no adverse conditions (wind, rain or extreme heat)! It looked like we were going to make it through without any incidents including no reports of shooting the wrong target! So the leaders on the first day of individual competition on the colored targets in the Championship Divisions were: Mens FS - Logan Wilde/ID over brother Reo and Rob Morgan/MT; Womens FS - Kris Weaver/Ut over Connie Calloway/TN and Tammy Madewell/ CO; Mens Sr FS – Dee Wilde/ID over Richard Smith/CO and Charles Blankenship/TN; Mens FSL – Randy Brabec/CO over Pat Brown/CO; Mens BHFS – Gary Cowart/UT over Kurt Geist/CO and Ramie Haines/WY; Womens BHFS – Anne Geist/CO over Michele Hobbs/CO and Lisa Tenbrook/CO. Richard Luncangioli/ CO was a single entry in the Mens BB, so he was his only competitor and having a great time! Interestingly enough, the scores spread amongst the competitors ranged from two points upward with no ties for first.

In the Mens Sr FS Flights, Frank Roof/ NV was whomping the daylights out of Gary Thompson/CO and Johnnie Zweygardt/CO. Drew Hortman/UT and Steve Swaeby/CO were leading the Mens Flights and the Sisters Christensen/ID – Amber was leading Lindsay and LeAnn Thompson/CO. As the story continues, they all intended to stay put in first place. But this is getting ahead of the applecart. The most exciting side game hadn’t been played yet and we were anxiously waiting for it to begin.

Big Sky Open Youth winners.

Mesquite, but could we do it in Grand Junction? Looking the playing field over, we decided that indeed, we could make it work. The sound of breaking glass along with an exciting elimination continued on pg. 20

Shooting at clay pigeons is popular with the competitors, but we needed some jazz to spice up the game. Okay! So how about a “ShootDown” using the clay pigeons as targets? We had plenty of room in ARCHERY MAGAZINE

October | November 2010 19



Feel the Shot by Terry Wunderle


Once this is accomplished, try to get the same feeling while

was having some problems and his arrow group was opening

shooting without the bow in your hands. Feel yourself pulling

up well past the acceptable range. I approached him and

the imaginary bow apart and the explosion of the shot. Dupli-

said, “You aren’t shooting your normal shot.”

cating this feeling of the perfect shot without the bow in your

He replied, “I know. Nothing feels right.” I then suggested, “Go to the back of the room and start Dee Wilde, left, and Logan Wilde, MFS-Sr. & MFS Champions. L to R: Kris Weaver, Tammy Madewell, Connie Calloway, Laurie Watson.

at five-yard increments might prove to be fascinating for the archers and spectators alike. What we needed were some sponsors and money to make the event even more exciting. So plans for the whole deal was formulated and we found Winners Choice Custom Bowstrings of Oregon and Kiser Trucking of Grand Junction willing to be our Sponsors for the “Shoot-Down.” As we took in entries, the ladies voiced their opinions in wanting to shoot the event, but wanted their own division. So sure, why not! This was the only change of venue for what was to come. The line-up was impressive because you could see who wanted to show off their shooting skills. This is not a timed event, it is strictly performance and you know who has practiced on the clay pigeons and who has not. Mid-afternoon, as we announced Mathews shooters line up.

the beginning of the event a crowd started forming at the edge of the target butts. It had the same ambiance of onlookers you see at a golf tournament. Did it make the archers anxious or nervous? Who knows, but after the first two ends the Flight participants started fading away until the final fifty yards. We were prepared to go to eighty, but the archers were not. In fact, what does a clay pigeon look like at eighty yards? Compare it to a fly on the window at a distance. Maybe. Flight competitors were first up on the ten-yard line. The wind started stirring and the sound of clays breaking with each hit in the hush of the late afternoon brought from the crowds “ohhs” and “ahhhs” as the archers shot, then dropped away at the 20, 25 and on up to 50. At the 55 there were just two archers standing -- Jason WardBig Sky Open all shootdown winners.

rip/CO and Benton Christensen/ID. A roar of applause from the spectators and a sigh of relief from Benton marked the end of the Flight Shoot-Down. His reward for nerves of steel? $200 for 45 minutes of work and the opportunity to be the best!

shooting the shot without the bow in your hands. Concentrate and try to duplicate the feeling of the perfect shot.” He did and soon his group tightened up.

becoming tense. The next time your shot just isn’t working, remove the bow from your hands and concentrate on the feeling of good form. This not only improves your actual form, but also redirects your focus on perfect shot execution. ■

To produce a tight group, an archer must execute every shot with the same form. Quite often it is easier and more successful for one to work on duplicating the feeling of the perfect shot rather than the form itself. Sometimes you shoot

Then came the Championship. Ten yards proved to be no obstacle for the men, but at 15, they started to drop away. The women stayed on top of the game until 25 and then they too, started to fade. Connie Calloway and Lindsay Christensen both succumbed at the 35 yardage and tied for third. That left Tammy Madewell and Kris Weaver at the 40, fighting it out for first. Kris scored, Tammy did not and Kris won a $100 for hanging in there.

an arrow and you know that it is in the ten-ring the instant it

continued on pg. 34

fortable with your ability to recreate the feeling, start shooting

Tony & Cindy Mansfield, left, and Leroy Brown, Western Slope Auto sponsor employees.

hands will be a valuable tool to use when you find yourself

leaves the bow. The shot just felt perfect. That is the feeling that you should try to achieve in practice. If you can learn to duplicate that feeling, then you have also duplicated the best form that you are capable of using. Blank bale shooting is the best place to start mastering this process. Stand close to the target butt and shoot with your eyes closed. Stay relaxed and focus on the muscles used to execute the perfect shot. As the feeling of the shot becomes stronger, focus on duplicating the feeling. Once you are com-

with your eyes open. When you have mastered that step, put up a target and see if you can do it when attempting to hit the mark. If you have trouble, shoot one arrow at the target and one arrow at the butt. Continue going back and forth until the two shots feel the same.

Sometimes you shoot an arrow and you know that it is in the ten-ring the instant it leaves the bow. The shot just felt perfect. 20 ARCHERY MAGAZINE

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October | November 2010 21

SECTION & STATE ASSOCIATION NEWS Edited by NFAA Headquarters Complete Results of the Indoor Sectional Tournaments are available on line at

GREAT LAKES SECTION Bob McCutcheon, Councilman

2011 Indoor Sectional TOURNAMENT DATE: February 26-27, 2011 Illinois Locations

Hosting Club: Joliet Archery Club Range Location: 3700 W. Francis Road New Lenox IL 60451 Directions to Range: I-80 to Exit 137, Route 30, west 1 mile to Gougar Rd., north 1⁄2 mile to Francis Rd., east 1 mile to club Send Registration to: Judy McCutcheon 23358 Virden Rd Virden IL 62690 Phone 217-652-5836 after 6:30 pm or email Pre-Registration Deadline: Thursday February 24, 2011 Late Registration Location: At range 7:00 – 7:30 a.m. Sat February 26 Schedule: Line times: 8:00 am, 11:30 am, 3:00 pm both days Motels: Fairfield Inn – Rt 80, 815-741-3499 Hampton Inn – Rt 80, 815-725-2424 Motel 6 Joliet – I 55 & Rt 30, 815-439-1332 Super 8 North – I 55 & Rt 30, 815-439-3838 Miscellaneous Info: for more accommodations. Additional Contacts: Pam or Wally Erickson 815-729-0108 for local information

Archer’s Spot and Pro, Inc. 5130 E. State Rd. 54, Bloomfield, In 47424 From Bloomington 37 S, right on 45 S (Bloomfield Rd) approx 19 miles, bear right on to 45 S, then bear right on to St. Rd. 54. approx 7 miles to Archer’s Spot. Long blue building on the left side of road. Registration to: Archer’s Spot and Pro Shop 5130 E. State Rd. 54 Bloomfield, In 47424 Tel 812-384-8000. archer’ Schedule: The shoot time is 9:00 am and 1:00 pm both Saturday and Sunday Accommodations: Holiday Inn Express, 812-382-8800 Century Suites, 800-766-5446 Fairfield Inn, 812-331-1122 Radisson Bloomington, 812-334-3252 Miscellaneous Info: This is a two-day shoot; archers must shoot one line each day. Make all checks payable to Archer’s Spot make sure phone number is on registration form in case line times have to be changed.

Michigan Locations

Contact State Director, Bill Jones, at 989-469-3939

Ohio Locations

Contact State Director, Norm Newman, at 419-673-0021

Wisconsin Location

Indiana Locations North Section

Hosting Club: Galveston Archery Club Location: 302 1/2 E. Jackson St. Galveston, In. 46932 Send Registration to: Rocky Kline, 1108 N. Korby St. Kokomo In. 46901. Tel # 765-438-6413 e-mail Schedule: The shoot time is 9:00 am and 1:00 pm both Saturday and Sunday Accommodations: Comfort Inn, 522 Essex Dr., Kokomo IN 46901, Tel 765-452-5050 Days Inn, 264 S. 00 E. W. Kokomo IN 46901 Tel 765-453-7100 Fairfield Inn, 1717 E. Lincoln Rd., Kokomo IN, 46902 Tel 765-453-8822 Signature Inn 4021 S. LaFountain St., Kokomo IN 46902 Tel 765-455-1000 Miscellaneous Info This is a two day shoot archers must shoot one line each day. Make all checks payable to Galveston Archery Club and make sure phone number is on registration form in case line times have to be changed. 22 ARCHERY MAGAZINE

South Section Hosting Club: Location: Directions:

October | November 2010

Hosting Club: Beloit Field Archers, Inc. Range Location: 9243 Cleophas Rd., Beloit, WI 53511 Directions to Range: Hwy 213 Northwest from Beloit for 4 miles, turn left (west) onto Cleophas Road. Club sign is at that corner. Continue for 3.5 miles to club on left. Send Registration to: Karl Nelson, 1764 Sun Valley Dr, Beloit , WI 53511 608-362-0650. Pre-Registraition Deadline: February 23, 2011 Late Registration: Will be taken up to shoot times. Please call for line time availability. Schedule: Lines at 8am and 11am Motels: Beloit Inn 608-362-5500 Best Western Legacy Inn 815-389-4211 Comfort Inn 608-362-2666 Econo Lodge 608-365-8680 Fairfield Inn 608-365-2200 Holiday Inn Express 608-365-6000 Rode Way Inn 608-364-4000 Campgrounds: Misc. Info.: We will shoot a 300 round with a double line on

both days. The line time you choose will be your shooting time for both Saturday and Sunday. Additional Info. & Contacts:

Campgrounds: Club phone 608-879-2007 • Cell phone 608-2014385.

2011 Outdoor Sectional Tournament Date: June 18-19, 2011

Hosting Club: Washtenaw Sportsman’s Club Range Location: 5095 Ellis Rd, Ypsilanti, MI 48197 Directions to Range: Exit 181 from I-94, 1⁄4 mile west to Ellis Rd, 1-1/2 miles to club. Send Registration To (include phone): Mike Spence, 11263 Connell Dr., Dexter, MI 48130 Phone: 734-475-5839 Schedule: Saturday 9am – 28 Field & 14 Animal. Sunday 9am – 28 Hunter, Awards following Motels: Ann Arbor Marriott, Ypsilanti at Eagle Crest Resort, 1275 S. Huron St., Ypsilanti, MI 48197 • 734-4872000. Comfort Inn & Suites, 2376 Carpenter Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108 • 734-477-9977 Days Inn Ann Arbor, 2380 Carpenter Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108 • 734-971-0700 Quality Inn & Suites, 2455 Carpenter Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108 • 734-973-6100 Red Roof Inn, 3621 Plymouth Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48108 • 734-996-5800 Campgrounds: Detroit Greenfield RV Park, 6680 Bunton Rd., Ypsilanti, MI • 734-482-7722 Misc. Info.: Limited primitive camping on grounds Additional Info & Contacts: Jack Romeo 734-276-4597

MID-ATLANTIC SECTION Mike LePera, Councilman

2011 Indoor Sectional March 4 thru March 6, 2011 Maryland Locations

Hosting Club: Tuscarora Archers Range Location: Etzler Road, Frederick, MD Directions to Range: From Rt. 15 in Frederick, take exit #14, Rosemont Ave. Turn onto Rosemont Ave. and head west away from Frederick. Go 3.25 miles and turn left onto Rocky Spring Rd. Go 0.6 miles and bear left at Indian Springs Rd. Go 0.3 miles and turn right onto Etzler Rd. Club is 0.7 miles on right. Send Registration To: Paul Coughlin, 1019 Lavenport Way, Frederick, MD 21702 phone - 718-974-2350, Late Registration: At club, up to one hour before shoot time, if space is available. Call ahead to verify. Schedule: Saturday 7-9:30. Registration and Practice Shot, 10 am and 2 pm. Sunday Shoot 10 am and 2 pm. Motels: Hampton Inn and Suites, Ft. Detrick: (301-6961565) 1565 Opossumtown Pike, Fred., MD 21702 Best Western Historic Frederick: (301-695-6200) 420 Prospect Blvd, Fred., MD 21701 Comfort Inn Red Horse Inn (Golden Mile): (301662-0281) 998 West Patrick St., Fred., MD 21703 Holiday Inn Express, Francis Scott Key Mall, (301695-2881) 5579 Spectrum Dr., Fred., MD 21703 KOA Harpers Ferry (304-535-6895) 343 Campground Rd., Harpers Ferry, WV Crow’s Nest Campground (301-271-7632) Route 77 W, Thurmont, MD

Misc. Info.:

Sleep Inn (301-668-2003) 5361 Spectrum Drive, Frederick, MD 21703-7339 Camping is available on the premises of the club, behind club house. No showers, can use in house bathrooms. No hook-ups. 12 shooting lanes, food available both days, plenty of parking

New Jersey Locations Hosting Club: Range Location:

Buckshorn Sportsmen Club Ski-Slope Road off Hell Neck Road, Hancocks Bridge, NJ 08038 Directions to Range: From Route # 295 Take Rt.#49 East continue to Mile Marker #13 turn right onto Jericho Road. When you are on Jericho Road go 5.1 miles to Hell Neck Road club sign is at turnoff. Turn right onto Hell Neck Road then travel approx. 0.6 miles and turn left at the clubs sign (this turns into a dirt road) follow this road to the club house approx. 1.1 Send Registration To: Elmer McKishen, 1003 School Village, Seabrook, NJ 08302-4243 • Phone number 856-451-6044 Pre-Registration Deadline: February 25, 2011 Late Registratio: March 5 & 6, 2011 at the club Schedule: March 5 & 6, 2011 on both these days there will be a 9:00 A.M. and a 1:00 P.M. line Motels: Quality Inn, 632A Pennsville-Auburn Road, Carneys Point, NJ • 856-299-4900 Econo Lodge 632B Pennsville-Auburn Road, Carneys Point, NJ • 856-351-6600 Comfort Inn 634 Soders Road, Carney’s Point, NJ • 856-299-8282 Misc. Info.: The club has a well lighted indoor range with 16 lanes available. Breakfast and lunch will be available both days, also have handicap bathrooms and a three season porch where smoking is permitted. Additional Info. & Contacts: Warren Magee, 856-678-6567. The club phone is 856-935-0037. You can also e-mail the club at or Elmer McKishen at Hosting Club: WA-XO-BE Archers Range Location: 53 Major Rd., Monmouth Junction, NJ Directions to Range: From New Brunswick, take Rte 1 South towards Princeton. Take the exit for Sandhill Rd/Major Rd. Turn left and cross back over Rte 1 to get onto Major Rd. The range is 1/3 mile down on your left. Send Registration to (include phone): Doug Joyce, 30 Willow Ave Somerset, NJ 08873 (732)247-3892 Pre-Registration Deadline: February 18, 2011 Late Registration Location: At the range Schedule: Saturday, March 5, 2011 at 9:00AM. Sunday, March 6, 2011 at 9:00AM. Motels: Red Roof Inn, 208 New Rd., South Brunswick, NJ (732) 821-8800 Hosting Club: Wo-Pe-Na Archers Range Location: 39 Harding Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07011 Directions to Range: Please use above address with Mapquest. Range is in the basement of 39 Harding Ave. Wo-Pe-Na Sign is above the doorway entrance. Send Registration To: Rima Campanelli, 3-52 31st Street, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 • 201-281-5758 Pre-Registration Deadline: February 25, 2011 Late Registration: May register on the day of the shoot only if space is continued on page 28 ARCHERY MAGAZINE

October | November 2010 23

Schedule: Motels: Campgrounds: Misc. Info.:

Additional Info. & Contacts:

available. Please call 201-281-5758. March 4th, 2011 (Fri, 7:00 PM shooting time March 5th, 2011 (Saturday), 11:00 AM shooting time March 6th, 2011 (Sunday), 11:00 AM shooting time Howard Johnson Inn, 680 Route 3 West, Clifton, NJ 07012 • Phone 973-471-3800 Clifton, NJ is an urban location. No campgrounds are located within a reasonable distance of Wopena Archers. At the tournament and prior to shooting, all archers must display a current NFAA or NAA CARD showing the archer is in good standing with either national archery organization. Call Wopena Range on Tues. or Thurs. evenings for further information. Wopena Range: 973-365-2590

New York Locations Hosting Club: Range Location:

Double T Archery Club Doc’s Archery, 908 Niagara Falls Blvd., N.Tonawanda, NY 14120 Directions To Range: Take NYS Thruway (90) to Rt. 290 to Rt 62 North (Niagara Falls Blvd.), go 4.7 miles north to Doc’s in the Wurlitzer Building at 908 NFB on left, 2nd floor Send Registration To: Mark Irlbacher, 611 Walck Rd., N.Tonawanda, NY 14120 (716) 693-2703 (Doc.’s) or (716 )6956586 (Home) Pre-Registration Deadline: Feb. 21, 2011 Late Registration: On-site, must call to verify open shooting lanes Schedule: NFAA 300 Round, may shoot twice and take best of 2 scores; shooting lines: Sat., Mar. 5- Noon & 2:30 pm PLUS Sun., Mar. 6-Noon only (additional line may be added on Sunday if noon line is full) Motels: Please call Doc’s for hotel/motel info. if needed (716) 693-2703 Campgrounds: Call Doc’s if you need camping info. @ (716) 6932703 Misc. Info.: Range is located within 7 miles of Niagara Falls and lots of shopping/casinos nearby Hosting Club: Neil’s Archery Pro Shop, Inc. Range Location: 122 West Main St., Endicott, NY 13760 Directions to Range: From the intersection of I81 and Route 17, go Route 17 west toward Elmira. Take Exit 67 North to Endicott. Go 1⁄2 Mile and take route 17C West (Main Street). Range will be Approx. 1-1⁄2 miles on the left. Send Registration To: Neil Newkirk c/o Neil’s Archery Pro Shop Inc. 122 West Main Street, Endicott, New York Phone: (607) 786-7535 E-Mail: Pre-Registration Deadline: March 1, 2011 Late Registration: at Club Shooting Schedule: Friday, March 4—6:00pm Saturday, March 5—2:00pm, 5:00pm Sunday, March 6—10:00am, 1:00pm Accommodations: Misc. Info.:

Econo Lodge, Endicott • (607)754-1533 Best Western, Johnson City • (607)729-9194 Kings Inn, Endicott • (607)754-8020 Restaurants within walking distance of range. Ample free parking. No accommodations for crossbows.

Hosting Club: Smith Point Sports Range Location: 215 East Main St., Patchogue, NY 11772 Directions to Range: Take the Long Island Expressway east to exit 64 south. Go 6 miles to Montauk Hwy., make a right turn, range is behind the Carvel store on right side. 24 ARCHERY MAGAZINE

October | November 2010

Send Registration to: Schedule: Motels: Additional Contacts:

Same as above 631 289 3399 March 4—7pm, March 5 and 6—1pm Comfort Inn, 631/6543000 Jared Schneider tournament chairman @ 631/2893399

Pennsylvania Locations

HOSTING CLUB: Charleroi Archery Club Range Location: 194 Fremont Road, Charleroi, PA 15022 Directions To Range: From I-70 - Take the Charleroi Exit. At the bottom of the ramp, turn left. Continue through town on McKean Ave. At 5th Street, turn left. Follow 5th Street up the hill. Street name will become Fremont Road. Follow Fremont Road past the Power Substation through the S curve. The club is at the top of the hill on the left. Send Registration To: Darrell Shipley; 120 Pride Ave; Monessen, PA 15062. Phone (412) 997-0166. Pre-Registration Deadline: Monday, Feb. 14, 2011 Schedule: Saturday, March 5 (6:00 PM). Sunday, March 6 (1:00 PM). Motels: Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn (Both in Belle Vernon, PA) Misc. Info.: Club will be open for practice and registration approximately one hour before published shoot times. If you can’t make any of the above scheduled lines, contact Darrell. A Friday 7:00 PM line can be added if necessary. Additional Info. & Contacts: Contact Darrell Shipley at (412) 997-0166 if you have any questions or need more info about the shoot. For directions or information on Charleroi Archery Club, visit our website at www. Club Phone (724) 489-4777. Hosting Club: Lonesome Road Archery Range Location: 401 S. Main St., Taylor, PA 18517 Directions to Range: Take I-81 North or South. Exit 182 Davis St. Travel Davis St. 4 lights. Turn left on Main St. Taylor. Range 4 Blocks on left. Pa. Turnpike I 476 Travel Northeast Extension North to Keyser Ave Exit- Old Forge-Taylor. Turn right on Union St. Travel to light at Main St. Taylor. Turn right 4 blocks. Range on left. Send Registration to (include phone): Jason Jones @ Lonesome Road Archery , 401 S. Main St., Taylor, PA 18517 • Ph. 570-562-0301 Pre-Registration Deadline: Feb. 26, 2011 Late Registration Location: at Lonesome Road Schedule: Friday Mar.4, 2011 7:00 Pm. Saturday Mar 5 12:00 Pm. Sunday Mar.6, 10:00 Am. And 2:00 Pm. Miscellaneous Info: Crossbows shoot on Friday. Target crossbow only. No magnification sights, max draw weight 95 lbs, no hunting crossbows unless recurve style limbs and above specs. Additional Contacts: Crossbow info contact Terry Butler at 570-562-1496 or e-mail Hosting Club: YORK AND ADAMS ARCHERS Range Location: 413 Country Club Road, Abbottstown, PA 17301 Directions to Range: From Rt. 30, turn South on Country Club Rd. Club house is approx 1 mile on left. Send Registration To: Robert Wertz, 336 Third St., Hanover, PA 17331 717-451-7408 • Late Registration: Schedule:


Virginia Locations

Hosting Club: Augusta Archers Range Location: Staunton, VA Directions to Range: I-81 North, take Exit 222, go right (left if coming from 81 S) off the ramp, take a right at the 2nd stop light on Rt. 638. Go to the SPCA sign and turn right onto Archery Lane. Follow the gravel road up to the club. Send Registration To: P.O. Box 336, Fishersville, VA 22939 • contact Dennis Wilfong at 540-849-8351 Pre-Registration Deadline: February 28th Late Registration: Friday, March 4th, June 10th, July 1st from 5:00pm – 6:30pm; registration the day of the shoot 1 hour before shotgun start Schedule: TBD Motels: Red Roof Inn—(540) 885-3117 Comfort Inn—(540) 886-5000 Econo Lodge—(540) 885-5158 Sleep Inn—(540) 887-6500 Campgrounds: On premises – first come, first serve basis. Additional Info. & Contacts: Dennis Wilfong, President @ 540-849-8351 or NFAA Rep Dane Hanger @ 540-292-8068 Hosting Club: Prince William Archers Range Location: Brentsville, VA Directions to Range: I-95 to 234 towards Manassas, left on Rt. 619 to Brentsville. Turn left on Izzack Walton Dr. Take right “Y” in road, club on right at top of hill. From I-66 take the 234 bypass/Prince William Parkway to Rt. 28 south. Turn left on 619 to Brentsville. Turn right on Izzack Walton Dr. Take right “Y” in road to club on right at top of hill. Send Registration To (include phone): Jim Little, 13705 Santa Rosa Ct., Manassas VA 20112 • 703-791-3659 • Pre-Registration Deadline: March 2nd Late Registration: One hour befor each round Schedule: Saturday, March 5th—3pm & 7pm. Sunday, March 6th—8am &12pm Motels: Comfort Suites—703-686-1100 Court Yard Marriott—703-335-1300 Misc. Info.: We have 18 lanes. Breakfast and lunch from our kitchen. We have a separate area for guests. The area has many attractions for the family to do before and after the shoot. Hosting Club: Wythe Bowhunters Range Location: Wytheville, VA Directions to Range: From I 77, take exit 47, turn left on Rt. 717/Krenning Rd. Go 4.5 miles, turn left on 52. Go 1 mile, turn right at Stoney Fork Tire Center on Dale Drive. Clubhouse is about .10 mile on the right. From I 81 Take exit 70, turn on to 52 N, go about 7 miles. Turn left at Stoney Fork Tire Center on Dale Drive Clubhouse is about .10 mile on the right. Send Registration To: Stacy Pruitt, 821 Matney Flats Rd., Wytheville VA 24382 • 276-620-4212 Pre-Registration Deadline: March 1 2011 Late Registration: Day of shoot Schedule: 10am & 1 pm Sat. & Sun. Range open at 8:30am Motels: Visit, Wytheville is full of hotels and restaurants. Additional Info. and Contacts: Can also contact Larrie Emerson @ 276-783-3005

West Virginia Locations

Hosting Club: Midstate Archers Range Location: Flatwoods, W. VA Directions to Range: See map on our website

Send Registration To: Becky Mayse, PO Box 356, Frametown, WV 26623 PHONE 304-364-4110 Pre-Registration Deadline: FEB. 20—NO LATE FEES APPLY Late Registration: Available at the door Schedule: Friday, March 4, 7:00 pm / Saturday, March 5, 8:00 am-12:00 pm & 4:00 pm - 7:00 PM / Sunday, March 6, 9:00 am Motels: Days Motel @ Flatwoods, W.VA • 304-765-5055 (1 mile from range) Miscellaneous Info: FOOD WILL BE AVAILABLE AT RANGE, SEATING (BLEACHERS), LOUNGE AREA WITH COUCHES, CHAIRS, TV, VCR, DVD, ENTRANCE AREA WITH BOW EQUIPMENT STORAGE, RESTROOMS, PRACTICE RANGE WILL BE OPEN AND AVAILABLE ALL WEEKEND DURING OPEN HOURS, CROSS BOW CLASS WILL BE AVAILABLE. Additional Contacts: VIRGIL MAYSE & BECKY MAYSE • 304-364-4110 KIRK BURROUGHS • 304-765-3811 DANNY MAYSE • 304-765-7400

MIDWEST SECTION Ray Jones, Councilman

2011 Indoor Sectional Tournament Date(s): February 26-27, 2011 Hosting Club: Independence Bowhunters Range Location: 6423 Railroad St., Raytown, MO Directions to Range: I70 to I435 South (Missouri side) to exit 66 (SR 350) to 63rd St. Left on 63rd to Raytown Rd, then right for two blocks. Diagonal left at stop sign before the bridge to Railroad St. Send Registration To: Tobi Rogers, 5728 NW Flintridge Ct, Kansas City, MO 64151 816-505-9331 Late Registration: Feb 25, 5pm to 9pm Schedule: Saturday lines at 8am, 11am and 2 pm. Please select preferred time. Additional Info. & Contacts: Register online at Hosting Club: Location: Directions:


Deadline: Late Registration: Schedule:


Minnehaha Archers, Inc. North Harvestor Rd, Sioux Falls, SD I-29 to SR 38 (Exit 83) on northwest side of Sioux Falls; then west on SR 38 to North Harvestor Rd (first road); then north on North Harvestore to range, which is third building on right. Or, if coming in on I-90, exit south on I-29 to Exit 83 then west on SR 38, and follow directions as above. Jackie Meisenheimer, 48088 259th St., Brandon, SD 57005 • 605-582-7179 • For registration form, see or this magazine. Please request shooting time on registration form. February 1, 2010 At tournament site. Pre-registration is suggested and appreciated. Friday: 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm practice. Saturday: 8:00 am, 11:00 am, and 2:00 pm. Sunday: To be announced. Scores will be flighted and coordinated at both Midwestern Section sites on Saturday after the last round of shooting. Northland Inn & Suites (formerly Comfort Inn) 331-5959 Super 8 339-9212 Quality Inn & Suites 336-1900 Days Inn, 605-331-5959. ARCHERY MAGAZINE

October | November 2010 25

Miscellaneous Info: These are some of the hotels near the archery range on N. Cliff Ave. There are also many others located at the 26th St. Exit and 41st St. Exit on I 29.) When calling for reservations, please state you are in Sioux Falls for the Midwestern Sectional Archery Tournament.

NEW ENGLAND SECTION Ken Moore, Councilman

2011 Indoor Sectional TOURNAMENT DATES: April 2-3, 2011

Hosting Club: Lunenburg Sportsman Club Range Location: Reservoir Rd, Lunenburg, MA Directions to Range: From Route 2 in Massachusetts: Take exit 35, to Route 70 heading North (Lunenburg Rd). Turn right onto Leominster Shirley Rd. Turn Left onto Reservoir Rd. Follow Reservoir Rd. to club on left. Send Registration To: Ruby Shannon 96 Lakefront, Lunenburg, MA 01462 Phone number: 978/345-0479 Pre-Registration Deadline: None; however a reservation is suggested to ensure a desired line. Late Registration: None Schedule: Friday—7:00pm; Saturday—10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm, 7:00pm; Sunday—8:30am, 11:30am Motels: Super 8 Motel, 482 N Main, Leominster, MA • 978537-2800 Sheraton Four Points, 99 Erdman, Leominster, MA 978-534-9000 Best Western, 150 Royal Plaza Drive, Fitchburg, MA 978-342-7100 Campgrounds: Camping available at club, call Ruby Shannon for confirmation and availability @ 978 345-0479 Misc. Info.: Make checks payable to NESFAA

NORTHWEST SECTION Dan Kolb, Councilman

2011 Indoor Sectional Tournament Date: March 12-13 Various locations Check the NFAA website for more information or contact your State NFAA Director.

SOUTHEAST SECTION Tim Austin, Councilman

2011 Indoor Sectional Tournament Date: March 11-13, 2011 Hosting Club: Range Location:

Ft. Lauderdale Archers Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Hosting Club: Range Location:

Easton Newberry Archery Center Easton-Newberry Sports Complex, 24880 NW 16th Ave., Newberry, FL 32669 Directions to Range: Take I-75 Exit 387 and head West on Newberry Rd. for about 12 miles until you reach the City of Newberry. Take a right at the US-27 N light in New26 ARCHERY MAGAZINE

October | November 2010

berry. Continue on US-27 N for about 1.5 miles and take a right on NW 16th Ave. where you will see the “Newberry Sports Complex” blue sign. The range will be located to the left of the Easton-Newberry Sports Complex building and parking will be to the right. Send Registration to: Tim Austin, 1710 SW 76th Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32607-3418 • • 352-3321969 Pre-Registration Deadline: Mail-in registration due by Friday, February 26th 2010 • Phone registration due by Wednesday, March 3rd, 2011 Late Registration Location: Easton-Newberry Sports Complex, 24880 NW 16th Ave., Newberry, FL 32669 **Note: $2 surcharge to register by phone or email and pay at the shoot Schedule: Saturday, March 6th State/Southeast shoot times: 8 a.m., 11 a.m., and 2 p.m. Sunday, March 7th State/Southeast shoot times: 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. Friday, March 5th NAA shoot time: 7 p.m. Saturday, March 6th NAA shoot time: 5 p.m. Motels: Best Western Gateway Grand, 4200 NW 97th Blvd., Gainesville, FL 32606 • 352-331-3336 Campgrounds: • Canterbury Showplace, 23100 W. Newberry Rd, Newberry, FL 32669 • 352-472-6758 • E-Mail: • Out of Towners RV Park, 21151 NE Highway 27, Williston, FL 32696 • 352-528-9222 • Williston Crossing RV Resort, 410 NE 5th St, Williston, FL 32696 • 352-528-7100 • High Springs Campground, 24004 NW Old Bellamy Rd., High Springs, FL 32646 • 386-454-1688 • O’Leno State Park, 410 SE O’Leno Park Rd., High Springs, FL • 386-454-1853 Additional Contacts: Brandie Lovelace • • 352-472-2388 Hosting Club: Chickasaw Archery Club Range Location: 804 Pitts Point Rd., Shepherdsville, KY 40165 Directions to Range: 20 miles south of Louisville. Exit #117 I-65. West, 4 miles. Left on Pitts Point Rd. 0.09 mi. Send Registration to: Glenn Baxter, 9301 Whitley Rd., Louisville KY, 40272 cell (502)262-6738 • e-mail Pre-Registration Deadline: March 10, 2010 6:00P.M. EST Late Registration Location: At club as long as space available Schedule: ALL TIMES EST: Fri 7:00 P.M.; Sat. 9:00 A.M., 12 noon, 3:00 P.M.; Sun. 9:00 A.M., 12 noon Motels: Motel 6 (exit 117 I-65) • 1-800-466-8356 • 502543-4400 Super 8 (exit 117 I-65) • 1-800-800-8000 • 502543-8870 Campgrounds: KOA (exit 117 I-65) • 502-543-2041 Grandmas RV Camping (exit 116 I-65) • 502-5437023 Miscellaneous Info: Additional Contacts: Frank Mosser cell# 502-693-4362/ Hosting Club:

Prattville, AL Contact AL State Director, Pat Sinal, 105 Adams St., Greenville, AL 36037 • Phone 724-366-3596 •

SOUTHWEST SECTION Bob Borges, Councilman

Southwest Sectional Indoor Locations

Indoor sectional will once again be 2-300 Vegas rounds during the month of January, if you have questions pertaining to the rules please get in touch with your State NFAA Director. If your city or state is not listed then also check with your Director. —Bob Borges, Southwest Councilman

California Locations

New Mexico Locations

(Times and dates to be determined) Host: Directions/Info:

Sandia Crest Bowhunter Association Call Carl Jamison @ (505) 857-0815

Host: Dates:

San Juan Archers January 16, 2011, 1st round @ 11:00 am 2nd round @ 1:00pm 550 West to Kirtland, go to stop light, turn south, left on CR 6100, school on south side of road approx. 1⁄4 of a mile (505) 801-1240 Jay Boushee

Directions: Phone:

(Times and dates to be determined)

Contact Carl Jamison for locations in the Eastern and Southern part of state if available

Host: Directions:

DC Archery Call (818) 352-5437 320 W. Huntington Dr., Monrovia, CA 91016

Arizona Locations

Host: Directions:

Performance Archers Call (858) 450-9454 8390 Miramar Place Suite C, San Diego, CA 92121

Host: Directions:

Wilderness Archery Call (916) 630-8700 4870 Pacific St., Rocklin, CA 95677

Host: Directions:

Farm Supply Co. Call (805) 489-5514 1079 El Camino Real, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Host: Directions:

Predator Archery Call (408) 842-7733 7350 Monterey St., Gilroy, CA 95201

Host: Directions:

Archery Only Call (510) 795-0460 37300 Cedar Blvd. #C, Newark, CA 94560

Host: Directions:

Cherry Valley Bowhunters Call (951) 845-4847 9757 Kehl Canyon Rd., Cherry Valley, CA 92223

Host: Directions:

Impact Archery Call (559) 944-2395 1621 Railroad Ave. #101, Clovis, CA 93626

Host: Directions:

Jim Cox Adventures Call (831) 769-0200 28 D Quail Run Circle, Salinas, CA 93907

Host: Directions:

The Archery Shop Call (661) 631-9040 2332 C Chester Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93301

Host: Directions:

The Bow Rack Call (530) 243-5181 2032 Waldron St., Redding, CA 96001

Host: Directions:

Hi Tech Archery Call (714) 449-9744 1012 W. Commonwealth, Fullerton, CA 92833

(Times and dates to be determined) Host: Ben Avery Indoor Archery Facility Directions/Info: Call Becky Pearson Phone: (520) 720-9532

Utah Locations

(Times and dates to be determined) Host: Directions/Info:

Utah Bowmen’s Association Call Judd Wathen @ (435) 283-3129

Colorado Locations

(Times and dates to be determined) Host: Directions/Info:

Canon Arrow Company (Canon City) Pioneer Bowmen (Pueblo) Rocky Mountain Bowstrings (Meeker) Call Sheri Stine Trujillo @ (303) 427-4430

Nevada Location

(Times and dates to be determined) Host: Direction/Info:

Nevada Bowhunters Association @ Bass Pro Fred @ (720) 730-5299

Host: Directions/Info:

Silver State Archery Boomer @ (702) 586-1847

Host: Directions/Info:

Pacific Archery John Thayer @ (702) 222-9878


new feature! Archery Magazine will begin a new “Letters to the Editor” feature. Letters printed in Archery Magazine will be at the discretion of the editor. The following guidelines for letters will apply: Clearly state your point. Stick to one item, or one point of view. Be accurate. Use words that are respectful and avoid personal attacks. Send your letter by email to All letters must contain a name, address, phone number and email address. ARCHERY MAGAZINE

October | November 2010 27

For more news, SCORES and the latest ARCHERY trends, visit us online anytime!

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NEW FEATURE! Archery Magazine will begin a new “Letters to the Editor” feature. Letters printed in Archery Magazine will be at the discretion of the editor. The following guidelines for letters will apply: Clearly state your point. Stick to one item, or one point of view. Be accurate. Use words that are respectful and avoid personal attacks. Send your letter by email to All letters must contain a name, address, phone number and email address.

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Nugent Named Favorite Hunting Personality

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congratulations to the winners of the NFAA raffle BOWS



OJ Avery | Endicott, NY

Arne Moe | Grand Rapids, MN

Mark Dayton | Cedar Falls, IA

Ray Buckley | Mitchell, SD

Bo Riley | Red Bluff, CA

Scott Moll | San Mateo, CA

Tod Hawkins | Yuba City, CA

Wayne Radley | Watertown, NY

Kathy Jacques | Berlin, NJ

Carmen Sarver | Townsend, MA

Kevin Piette | Carlisle, MA

Dan Norby | Madison, SD

Jean Habrukowich | Somerset, NJ Bob McGovern | Stafford, VA


October | November 2010

The people have spoken! And guess who’s been named the Favorite Hunting Personality by the readers of Outdoors Magazine? None other than Ted Nugent! Outdoors Magazine conducted a Public Opinion Poll designed to gauge the public’s perspective on the role of television and celebrities in the sport of hunting. And it seems that Nuge won by a landslide! “I have celebrated this amazing, humbling connection with America’s sporting families forever. I am a very lucky man to have so many gungho BloodBrothers out there,” said Nugent, commenting from the road on his

nationwide Trample the Weak Hurdle the Dead tour. Nugent’s most recent victory will come as no surprise to the millions who have heard him wax eloquent in major media nationwide on hunting, fishing, trapping and gun rights. In fact, Nugent is respected globally as an articulate and thoughtful spokesman for a full range of outdoors and conservation issues. He is regularly sought for commentary by journalists worldwide. Results will be published in the September Issue of Outdoors Magazine, and will also be available at www. ■


October | November 2010 29

Easton Foundations National Field Archery Association Foundation





Deadline for 2011 scholarship applications to be received at the NFAAF Office in Yankton is December 31, 2010. The winners will be announced at the World Archery Festival Vegas Shoot, February 2011. The NFAA Scholarship Committee will review and rank the applications, place each applicant into the appropriate category and present their suggestions to the Joint Scholarship Approval Committee for their approval. The Joint Scholarship Approval Committee, consisting of two Directors of the National Field Archery Association Foundation and two Directors of the Easton Foundations, will make a joint decision on winners and the final amounts for each scholarship. The NFAA National Office will notify all applicants if their application was denied or approved, and the amount of the scholarship. If approved, it will also describe the procedure for the scholarship payment. For all scholarships greater than $500, the recipient will receive an Archery Activity Report form that must be completed and sent to the NFAA National Office twice a year, showing their archery activities during the year.

APPLICANT REQUIREMENTS The maximum amount of all scholarships for the first three years will be $50,000 per year. The goal is to provide 50% of the scholarships to recurve archers and 50% to compound archers. A secondary goal will be to split the scholarships equally between men & women. • Applicants must be a member of the NFAA or the NAA/USA Archery. • Applicants that are not graduating from high school in the current year (JOAD, NASP, junior high, or high school freshman/sophomore archers) may apply. ■ For this group, any approved scholarships will be held by the Foundation until the student notifies the Foundation they are graduating from high school, and the name of the qualified school they plan to attend. • High school applicants must be applying to be full time students at a two or four year college/university or a technical training college (these are considered qualified schools). ■ Applicant must maintain a 2.0 GPA minimum on a 4.0 scale in the current year. • College applicants must be full time students at either a two or four year college or university. 30 ARCHERY MAGAZINE

October | November 2010

Applicant must maintain a 2.5 GPA minimum on a 4.0 scale in the current year. Scholarship recipients must compete in archery during the entire academic year. Olympic, PanAm, or World Team members that have graduated from college may apply for training grants. ■

• •

SCHOLARSHIP LEVELS 1. JOAD, NASP, Junior High, High School, Junior College or Trade College Students: Eligible for $500 scholarships. 2. College Freshmen, Sophomore, or Juniors: Scholarship amounts will vary between $500-2,500 based on the archer’s accomplishments, future competition plans, and the following: a. Applicant is attending college, participates in the college archery club program, and is shooting competitively. b. Applicant is attending a college that does not have an archery club program, but the student is shooting competitively on their own. i. If the student starts a new archery club program at their school, this will be a major factor to receive a scholarship the next year. ii. Students that are more successful starting archery clubs will be considered for greater scholarship amounts. 3. If the Applicant has made the current Olympic, PanAm, or Other International Team through the USA Archery selection process: Scholarship amounts will vary between $2,500-5,000 based on the archer’s accomplishments and future competition plans. a. The Joint Scholarship Approval Committee may approve a ‘training grant’ for Olympic, PanAm, or World Team members that have graduated from college, and allow them to use the grant to pay for training, and competition travel expenses without needing to be spent on the archer’s education. (Though this situation is expected to be rare, it will allow top US archers to apply for financial support.) 4. The Joint Scholarship Approval Committee has the discretion to create a larger scholarship for an extraordinary applicant (up to $20,000) depending on specontinued on page 39

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION Please type or print and submit application to: NFAA Headquarters, 800 Archery Lane, Yankton, SD 57078 (Completed applications must be received by the NFAA Office no later than December 31, 2010.) Last Name __________________ First Name _________________ MI __ Birth Date ____________________ 1. Male _______ Female _______ (optional response) 2. Address: ________________________________ City ____________________ State ___ Zip _______ 3. Phone: ____________________________ E-Mail: ________________________________________ 4. Social Security Number: ______-_____-_______ Age or Date of Birth: _______________________ 5. Are you a current member of the NFAA ____________or USA Archery/ NAA __________ . a. When did you first join NFAA _______________ USA Archery/NAA ____________ b. Other archery organization membership___________________________________ b. Other archery organization membership _________________________________ . 6. Do you compete with a compound ___________ or recurve ___________ bow. Applicants that are not currently enrolled in a college or university, complete Section 7-8. College/university students please complete Section 9. All applicants are to complete Sections 10-16 and sign the application. APPLICANTS THAT ARE NOT IN COLLEGE, PLEASE COMPLETE SECTIONS 7 & 8, AND SECTIONS 10-16. 7. Name of the school you are currently enrolled in: ____________________________ a. ( Is this a High School _____ Middle School _____ Primary School _____) b. Date of planned high school graduation: ___________________ c. If you have already graduated, date of graduation: ________________ i. Class rank at graduation (numerical position/total in class):____/____ (Please attach a school letter or copy of graduation ranking to confirm.) ii. High school GPA: _____________ (Please attach a copy of transcript showing GPA.) 8. If you are in high school, what college do you expect to attend?_______________________ College City and State: __________________________________________________________ a. Have you been accepted to this institution? _________ b. List the year and month studies are expected to start ________________ c. Major you intend to pursue _______________________________ d. Does this college have an archery club? _______________ i. If not, are you interested in starting a college archery club? __________ APPLICANTS THAT ARE IN COLLEGE, PLEASE COMPLETE SECTION 9 AND SECTIONS 10-16. 9. Name of college/university you attend: _______________________ City ____________ State _____ i. College hours completed: ______ Quarter or Semester Hours? ______ ii. Cumulative College GPA (4.0 scale) __________ (Please attach a copy of transcript showing GPA.) ARCHERY MAGAZINE


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iii. Does this college have an archery club? ___________ iv. Do you participate and compete with the school archery club? ________ 10. Tell us about your archery experience. a. What was your USAT ranking at the end of the prior year __________. i. What is your current USAT ranking _________ As of what date ________ . b. Have you been a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center ________ . i. Have you trained at the OTC? ______ When _______________ c. Have you been a member of the US Olympic, PanAm or other International Team? What year (or years)? __________________________________________________ d. Were you a JOAD Olympian or Junior World Team Member? What year(s) _____ i. Did you compete at the JOAD National Championships? What year(s) ______ e. Did you participate at the USIAC in the prior year? ______What was your score and what place did you finish? i. Year______ (Score) _______ (Place)_____ ii. Year______ (Score) _______ (Place) _____ iii. Year ______ (Score) _______ (Place) _____ f. Did you participate in the NAA or NFAA Sectional Tournaments in the prior year? i. Sectional ______________ Score ________ Place _______ NAA _____ NFAA _____ ii. Sectional_______________ Score ________ Place _______ NAA _____ NFAA _____ iii. Sectional _______________ Score _______ Place _______ NAA _____ NFAA _____ g. Did you participate in the NFAA Indoor, Outdoor, or 3-D Nationals in the prior year? i. Indoor _________ Division __________________ Score ______ Place _____ ii. Outdoor _______ Division __________________ Score _______ Place _____ iii. 3-D _________ Division __________________ Score _______ Place _____ h. Did you participate in the World Archery Festival 3-Star Tour in the prior year? i. Vegas Shoot Division __________________ Score _______ Place _____ ii. Indoor National Division __________________ Score _______ Place _____ iii. Stanislawski Open Division __________________ Score _______ Place_____ 11. Have you applied for any other archery scholarships? _______ a. Describe the archery scholarship that you have applied for, indicate the amount requested, and the amount of any scholarship that has been approved. _____________________________________________________________________ 12. Have you previously received a scholarship from Easton Foundations or the NFAAF? a. Date __________ Amount _________ b. Date __________ Amount _________ 13. Extra curricular activities (non-archery clubs and organizations you belong to, use reverse side if necessary). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 14. What are your hobbies & interests besides archery. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 15. What are you goals in archery. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 16. Other comments: ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ❐ I confirm that all information submitted on this Scholarship Application Form is correct to the best of my knowledge. Applicant Signature:______________________________________________ Date: __________________ (All applicants must sign the application) Parent/Guardian Signature: _______________________________________ Date:__________________ (Parent or guardian must sign for all applicants under the age of 18.) INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. 32 ARCHERY MAGAZINE

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NFAA® Council & Board of Directors NFAA® Council

NFAA® Board of Directors

Officers President—Bruce Cull 2305 E. Hwy. 50 Yankton, SD 57078 605/665-8340

GREAT LAKES Judy McCutcheon Director - IL 23358 Virden Rd. Virden, IL 62690 217/652-5836

Vice President—Brian Sheffler 7006 Beargrass Ct. Indianapolis, IN 46241 317/244-7585 NFAA® Office 800 Archery Lane Yankton, SD 57078 605/260-9279 605/260-9280 fax

Rocky Kline Director - IN 1108 N. Korby St. Kokomo, IN 46901 765/457-7086 Bill Jones Director - MI 2049 Lake St. National City, MI 48748 989/469-3939

Bill Hakl Director - MN 5656 317th St. Stacy, MN 55079 651/462-1916 Jamie Jennings Director - MO 1416 E. University St. Springfield, MO 65804 417/689-2023 Ed Christman Director - NE 3818 34th St. Columbus, NE 69601 402/563-3504

Great Lakes Robert McCutcheon 23358 Virden Rd. Virden, IL 62690 217/827-2831

Norm Newman Director - OH 103 Silver Gate Kenton, OH 43326 419/673-0021

Marc Tebelius Director - ND 5292 8th Ave. North Grand Forks, ND 58203 701/792-3582 (home) 218/230-3258 (cell)

Mid-Atlantic Mike LePera 34 Kentwood Road Succasunna, NJ 07876 973/584-0637

Mike Strassman Director - WI 2402 W. Camerson Eau Claire, WI 54703 715/834-9975

Reginald “Shorty” Faber Director - SD P.O. Box 66 Carthage, SD 57349 605/772-4468

Midwest Ray Jones 704 West South Winterset, IA 50273 515/462-6788

MID ATLANTIC Ron West Director - MD 802 Painter Pl. Capitol Hts., MD 20743 301/336-7961

NEW ENGLAND Gary Marrier Director - VT 1525 Gibou Rd. Montgomery Ctr., VT 05471 802/326-4797

New England Kenneth Moore 730 Newman Avenue Seekonk, MA 02771 508/761-5415

John Pawlowski Director - PA 360 Madison St. Coatesville, PA 19320 610/384-5483

Jim Lamoin Director - CT 138 Albrecht Rd. Torrington, CT 06790 860/489-9452

Northwest Dan Kolb 9106 Cactus Lane N. Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 307/262-7598

Douglas Joyce Director - NJ 30 Willow Ave. Somerset, NJ 08873 732/247-3892

Southeast Tim Austin 1710 SW 76th Terrace Gainesville, FL 32607 352/332-1969

Dave Hryn Director - NY PO Box 341 West Seneca, NY 14224 716/481-4699

Southern Lee Gregory 112 Ridge Oak Drive Georgetown, TX 78628-7613 512/863-8296

Jim Quarles Director - VA 7911 Cherokee Rd Richmond, VA 23225 804/272-6512

Southwest Bob Borges 5332 River Ridge Ave NW Albuquerque, NM 87114 505/890-4665

Steve Tincher Director - WV 214 Seneca Valley Estates Charleston, WV 25320 304/984-0090 MIDWEST Norm Swank Director - IA 403 Main Street P.O. Box 31 Reasnor, IA 50232 563/578-8534 John Doub Director - KS 1125 E. 59th St. Wichita, KS 67216 316/524-0963

Pam Gallant Director - ME 26 Windsor Place Poland, ME 04230 207/988-2793 Paul Lewkowicz Director - MA 3 Davis Road Southborough, MA 01772 Michael Wright Director - NH PO box 237 Marlboro, NH 03455 603/876-4249 Bruce Mulneix Director - RI 6101 Post Rd. Trlr 73, N. Kingstown, RI 02852 401-885-5684 NORTHWEST Hubert Sims Director - ID PO Box 1713 Orofino, ID 83544 208/476-5377 Doug Tate Director - MT 3499 Blacktail Loop Rd. Butte, MT 5970d1 406/494-4393 Harry Bates Director - AK PO Box 875074 Wasilla, AK 99687 907/373-7731

LeRoy Dukes Director - OR P.O. Box 422 Fairview, OR 97024 503/201-4961 Paul LaRue Director - WA 12613 SE 21st Place Kent, WA 98031 253/350-9749 Andy Turnquist Director - WY 2060 Wolf Rd. Gillette, WY 82718 307/257-7509 SOUTHEAST Howard Beeson Director - AL 111 Eagle Circle Enterprise, AL 30824 334/347-4990 Oliver Austin Director - FL 1620 Yearling Trail Tallahassee, FL 32317 850/309-1918 Tom Boots Director - GA 6530 Robert Dr. Harlem, GA 30814-5360 706/556-3240 Glen Baxter Director - KY 9301 Whitley Rd. Louisville, KY 40272 502-262-6738 Chris Wilson Director - NC 114 Water Filter Plant Rd. Morganton, NC 28655 828/403-1795 S. Dale Smith Director - SC 149 Low Road Six Mile, SC 29682 864/868-9422 Clinton A. Berry, III Director - TN 1802 Porter Road Nashville, TN 37206 615/227-4211 SOUTHERN Garry Randall Director - MS 5301 Baron Rd. Summit, MS 39666 601/249-2988 Dick Andrews Director - AR 11 Tuxford Circle Bellavista, AR 72714 479/855-6066 Scott Bradford Director - LA 40340 Old Hickory Ave. Gonzales, LA 70737-6756 225/622-0838 David Blockcolski Director - OK 202 S. Orphan St. Pryor, OK 74361 918/825-3149 Steve Coleman Director - TX 909 LCR 120 Mount Calm, TX 76673 254/993-2900

SOUTHWEST Frank Pearson Director - AZ P.O. Box 308. St. David, AZ 85630 520/647-7847

Committee Chairmen Pro Chairperson Diane Watson 11815 Lakewood Drive Hudson, FL 34669 727/389-3264

Tom Daley Director - CA 12916 Austin Forest Circle Auburn, CA 95602 650/722-2713 nfaadir@cbhsaa@org

Certified Instructor Committee M.J. Rogers 800 Archery Lane Yankton, SD 57078 605/260-9279

Sheri Stine-Trujillo Director - CO 7723 Raritan Street Denver, CO 80221 303/427-4430

Bowhunting Chairman Tom Vollmer 800 Archery Lane Yankton, SD 57078-4174 605-260-9279

George Kong, Jr. Director - HI 1255 14th Ave. Honolulu, HI 96816-3838 808/734-5402


Carl Jamison Director - NM 6763 Forest Hills Dr. NE Albuquerque, NM 87109 505/857-0815


John Thayer Director - NV 7215 W. Tara Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89117 702/222-9878


Judd Wathen Director - UT 675 N. 460 E Ephraim, UT 84627 435/283-3129




Professional Representatives


Great Lakes Jeff Button 2889 Busston Rd. Cottage Grove, WI 53527 608/839-5137


New England Chris Deston 74 Springbrook Dr. Glastonbury, CT 06033 860/673-8594



Midwest Sharon Henneman 9 Aspen Belton, MO 64012 816/679-3250


Midatlantic Tom Coblentz 1 Ash Drive Knoxville, MD 21758 301/834-7154


Southern Troy Wesley 2306 57th St. Lubbock, TX 79412 806/797-0546


Southeast Diane Watson 11815 Lakewood Drive Hudson, FL 34669 727/856-6841


Southwest Jonathan Pemberton 1652 N. 2100 W. Provo, UT 85604 801/323-3704





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continued from pg. 20 Richard Smith and Ray Tenbrook/CO to try and hit a diminishing clay pigeon at the 60. You’re right! At this yardage, the clay pigeon looks smaller, so concentration is really a must. And what happened next was straight out of life itself! They all missed! Oh yes, they were all granted another try and this time Ray failed to connect leaving Smith and Schaff as sole survivors at the 60. However, you can’t have two first places, there can only be one. So once again, with the wind having it’s fun, the pair planned their strategy and pulled back, aiming, as they never had before. Smith missed, Josh did not and claimed the $300 purse! This event is really fun to watch. The spectaTop: (l to r) Kurt Geist, Anne Geist, Richard Lucangioli, Kris Weaver, and Randy Brabec show off their winners tors burst into “hurrahs” checks. Bottom: Mathews Pro Staff shooters. and applause and the darn thing was all over, except The men were still going strong. Randy for the shouting. Was Josh nervous or Brabec, Jeremiah McConnell, Brandon not? Who knows (?) and we forgot to Reyes/VA and Bill Pellegrino/CO all ask as the crowd pushed in to congratudropped away at the 45. At the 50, the late him on a job well done. wind was playing havoc with the archers When it came time for the Big Sky and everyone left Duane Price/WI on the individual competition to resume on line by himself. After several times of Sunday, the weather remained nearly pulling up and letting down, I thought, perfect. Perhaps that is why there was “We could be here for the rest of the little upset in the all the divisions. The afternoon” so I stepped on the line to brothers Wilde gave Daddy Dee a great make Duane feel he wasn’t alone with a Father’s Day gift by placing first and hundred eyes watching his every move. second (Logan won $1700 and Reo Duane pulled back and neatly shattered won $850) putting Josh Schaff in 3rd the clay pigeon, so it was on to the 50. followed by money winners Duane At this point, a very disappointed Tim Price, Rob Morgan, Tim Gillingham Gillingham/UT missed his shot and the and Ray Tenbrook. Dee managed his lucky clay remained intact on the bale. own Father’s Day present, as he took At 45, Price was right on, but at 55 he first in the Mens Sr FS winning $675. was right off, leaving Josh Schaff/MT, ARCHERY MAGAZINE MAGAZINE ■ ■October November 3434ARCHERY April / |May 2010 2010

continued from pg. 30 Smith came in second, Blankenship third and Donald Snipes/NV fourth in the money. Along with his wife, Anne, Kurt Geist won the Mens BHFS purse of $664 and Anne garnered $342. A happy Father’s Day there as well, even if Kurt isn’t Anne’s father! Randy Brabec scored first in the Mens FSL division for a purse of $695 and Kris Weaver won first in the Womens FS division for a total purse of $625. The Christensen Sisters, Amber and Lindsay won $225 and $135 respectively in the Womens Flights while Daddy Benton managed to tie for 3rd in the Mens First Flight and get some of his money back. The Greathouse girls, Madelynne and Taylor held up their archery win for the parents by winning the Cadet Amateur division. The Big Sky Open was honored to have the local Ford Dealer, Western Slope Auto Company as a major sponsor. Western Slope Auto Company, in turn had two of their employees winning impressively: Cindy Mansfield won first in the Womens 2nd Flights taking home $225 and LeRoy Brown winning second in Mens 2nd Flight for a purse of $188. The new Ford pickups displayed in the parking lot of the DoubleTree for the archers to “drool over”, were also impressive. Thanks to Western Slope Auto Company for their sponsorship. The “buzz” at this Big Sky Open centered on Hoyt and Mathew’s. Our famous two major sponsors have created the question of “Why does Hoyt dominate with winners at the Big Sky Tournaments? The line-up of Mathew’s at this year’s event was impressive. And thanks to Mathew’s Pro-Staffer, Derek Phillips, Mathew’s shirts were all over the line-up. Perhaps the answer lies within the shooters themselves. After all, the Big Sky Open is a target tournament. Thanks to two sponsors for helping

cial circumstances and the Applicant’s accomplishments. RANKING SELECTION CRITERIA The following criteria will be used by the NFAA Scholarship Committee to assign the applications to the appropriate scholarship level and to rank the applicants. 1.

2. 3. 4.

The applicant’s prior year end USAT Ranking, and their current year ranking at the time the application was submitted. a. Senior Mens’ & Senior Womens’ Recurve or Compound b. Junior Boys’ & Junior Girls’ Recurve or Compound Is (was) the applicant a Resident Athlete at the Olympic Training Center. Is (was) applicant a member of the US Olympic, Pan Am or other International Team? Is (was) the applicant a JOAD Olympian or Junior World Team member? a. Did applicant compete at the JOAD National



continued from pg. 34 us with the Big Sky Open as well as Martin Archery; Specialty Archery; Sure-Lock Archery Products; Jakes Archery; Sportsmans Warehouse and the USArcher magazine. Thanks to all our Bale Advertisers and those who donated door prizes. It is very much appreciated by everyone. What is so great about archery is the fact this sport requires you to think, to focus. It is great to be in good physical shape, but archery does not require you to be extremely physically fit. However, it does require you to be mentally superior to your opponents. Think better, focus better and aim better. Archery is a family sport. Not many sports can boast the fact that fathers, sons and daughters (even the wives) can stand on the same line and compete for awards, at the same tournament on the same day. Yes, there are some, but target archery gives the whole family a chance to compete in that regard. There were many more fathers, sons, daughters and wives competing in the Big Sky Open who made each other proud winners for a happy Father’s Day. All this can be viewed on our website, Check there also for the 31st Big Sky Open June 17, 18, 19, 2011! ■

Championships? Did the applicant participate at the USIAC in the prior year? 6. Did the applicant participate in the NAA or NFAA Sectional Tournaments in the prior year? 7. Did the applicant participate in the NFAA Indoor, Outdoor, or 3-D Nationals in the prior year? 8. Did the applicant participate in the World Archery Festival’s 3-Star Tour in the prior year? 9. Did the applicant participate in the NASP National Championship? 10. The applicant’s GPA, college entrance scores, and community support activities, are important Ranking Selection Criteria, and will be considered after evaluating the applicant’s archery experience and capability to improve/enhance future US Archery Teams. 5.

The Joint Scholarship Approval Committee will make the final determination of which students will receive scholarships and the amount of each scholarship. ■



continued from pg. 13 Like the very first founding members of Pasadena Roving Archers, today’s members maintain the range, staff the equipment, repair the targets, conduct the classes, and strive to make sure everyone is shooting well, shooting responsibly and having fun. PRA members are, first and foremost, archers. It’s what binds them to their club and why they care so much about its welfare. But they’re also friends; friends who shoot together, compete together, laugh together, argue together, and share each other’s setbacks and triumphs. They’re family—just like the generations of PRA archers who came before them. Driven by a deep love of the sport of archery and a sense of adventure, their forebears blazed a trail and left it in the membership’s care. Today’s PRA members treasure that legacy and feel honor-bound to light the way for future generations of archers to come. Long live the club that friendship built. Long live Pasadena Roving Archers. ■ 1,2 First Fifty: Pasadena Roving Archers, Inc. 1935–1985, by Edward L. Ryman SOURCES: First Fifty: Pasadena Roving Archers, Inc. 1935–1985, by Edward L. Ryman The History of the Arroyo Seco: 1770 to 2005 Timeline, by Jim McQuarrie To all the generous and supportive PRA members, old and new, who helped with this article—thank you! ■ October | November 2010 ARCHERY MAGAZINE ■ April / May 2010 3535 ARCHERY MAGAZINE

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