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IN THIS GUIDE Supply Basics- 2 Package Size- 3 Personal Connection- 3

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Thank you for choosing to participate in mail-based naloxone distribution through Please know our site is your site. We began our work in New York but our vision is to ensure no-cost, accessible naloxone is available to all people who need it nationwide, particularly people who use drugs and folks who love people who use drugs. We have big dreams to support a groundswell of power among people who use drugs. Shifting lifesaving resources into the hands of impacted communities is the first step. We are grateful for your partnership and collaboration, and look forward to building this resource together.

Supply basics: Everything you need .

1. Plain bubble mailer Bubble mailers are a cost-effective alternative to boxes. We prefer 6 x 9 inch self-adhesive bubble mailers for shipping two Narcan devices, CD/DVD bubble mailers (7 x 7 inch) will also work. 2. Pen Use a pen or pencil to write a personalized note on the pamphlet. 3. Sharpie Use a Sharpie or other permanent marker for addressing the bubble mailer. We've found that pens can perforate the mailer. 4. Pamphlet Whether you use our generic pamphlet or we customize and co-brand, one area of the pamphlet is always left blank for a personalized message from the sender. 5. NEXT promotional postcard This postcard points to the website. We can also co-brand these 6. Box of Narcan Nasal Spray 7. Scissors 8. Tape 9. $3.50 USPS stamp We purchase $3.50 stamps in advance to save time at the post office. Because the bubble mailer is considered a package and is under 4 oz, it will always be a flat rate of $3.50. If you choose to send more than two Narcan devices or include additional materials, the price jumps to $3.75 for anything\ under 8 oz.


Achieving a manageable package size To ship Narcan easily using a bubble mailer, break down the box to achieve a flat package. 1. Open the Narcan box and take out the two Narcan devices, set aside. 2. Cut the front instruction panel off the Narcan box. Be sure to cut around the instructions so that the twopage manual remains intact. This is the part of the package to be included with the shipment.

3. Discard the remainder of the box.

ensuring a personal connection Make sure folks receiving supplies have pertinent information and feel comfortable reaching out. A hand-written note is an important part of creating a connection with the individual receiving supplies. The note can simply invite them to reach out for questions or concerns. You can also tell them about resources in their area (including an agency name, url, or contact number is great), offer to connect them to in-person support, provide other location-specific information, or any other personal touch that underscores your interest in supporting them.

Tips Do not address your note to a specific person or include their name in your correspondance. This will help ensure that a found pamphlet does not identify its recipient. Read the enrollment information before writing a note. Many enrollees ask questions or provide information about help they are interested in. You can use their comments as a jumping off point.


addressing and packing shipments Choosing a return address In our experience, about one out of every 30 packages is returned. The reasons for this include an error in the enrollment information or an error in transcription. In both cases, an apartment or lot number is usually left off the shipping address. For this reason, it is important to include a legible return address on each package. Next suggests using an acronym if the return address is an organization, or name of the individual shipping/ most appropriate to receive and manage returned items. If the return address can provide some confidentiality to the recipient about where the package is coming from, it is preferable to do so. I.e., instead of "Hometown Harm Reduction Center" use: HHRC.

Addressing shipments Utilize data from the affiliate Google Spreadsheet to populate the TO: addressee information. Write legibly using a permanent marker.

Package security and USPS Flags USPS may 'flag' a shipment for security screening. In these cases, packages will pass through tests to ensure they have not come into contact with explosive material, or are carrying illicit substances. Packages will pass through the security check unopened. However, it will mean a delay in shipping time. Some reasons why USPS may flag a package:

No return address Return address only includes initials or either a first or last name No addressee or an incomplete name The addressee is a pseudonym or "John/Jane Doe"

Packing Tips Address the package before the packing process. Put flat materials into the package before loading bulky items like Narcan, If the closure seems unsecured or precarious, tape it shut with packing tape.


Receiving and tracking requests Next Naloxone currently uses Google Drive to communicate and track requests When Next Naloxone receives an enrollment off it's captured in a master spreadsheet. We then populate affiliate spreadsheets with enrollment/Narcan requests from their state. We will share this spreadsheet with you including an add-on called eZnotifications for Sheets. The notification add-on will send an email each time the sheet is updated. If you prefer not to receive a notification, you may disable it using the Add-on drop down menu.

The spreadsheet will include data points such as demographics, if the enrollee has ever received an overdose responder training before, if they themselves have overdosed in the past year, or if they've witnessed an overdose in the past year. You are welcome to utilize aggregate data from the spreadsheet for your own reporting and advocacy purposes. Names and address are treated confidentially. Each time a request comes through, Next Naloxone will update your spreadsheet with a highlighted yellow cell in column A (see fig. 1). After you have filled the request, place the date the order was filled in column A and unhighlight the cell (see fig. 2). Please note that column D indicates the name to be written on the shipment and overrides column C if it is populated.

Fig. 1

Fig. 2


co-branding on printed information We love co-branding with our affiliates and partners Next sends a Next Naloxone pamphlet with each shipment. The sections are: About Next, Opioid Overdose 911, Common Questions, Friendly Reminders, How We Keep Your Information Safe, and Contact & Social Media. You are welcome to send out this pamphlet as well as your own. If you are interested in cobranding, editing, and adding to our pamphlet template, we welcome it. At minimum, 1/6 of the pamphlet is left blank for affiliate use (program information, contact, website, etc). Pamphlets are created in Canva and can be edited by affiliates or by providing Next with text and images. Next requests that affiliates not edit template text without notification. Regardless of if you choose to co-brand, Next will send affiliates the pamphlet as a printable pdf. If printing is a barrier, Next will mail pamphlets in packs of 100.

Budgeting and support Our syringe access branch NEXT Distro has been mailing naloxone across the country since February, 2018. The site went live in November and has shipped to hundreds of households across over 49 states. We've been doing so with donated funds, some small % of NEXT Distro foundation grants, and time from (the best) volunteers. Not including the Narcan, each mailing costs approximately $4 to send. The breakdown for 100 shipments is as follows: Bubble mailers: $15 Packing Tape: $5 Postage: $366 ($3.66 stamp per package) Misc, pens, Sharpie, highlighter: $14 Total: $400 Next is unable to purchase naloxone for affiliate programs. While Next has no budget to support affiliate program supply or shipping costs, if a partner is unable to fund mail-based naloxone distribution within their state but has the naloxone, people-power, and will to do so, we will work with you to find a way. By request Next will provide promotional postcards to affiliate programs at no cost.


a few important notes Fulfillment Turnaround Time We strive to send requested supplies next day or within 48 hours and we expect our affiliates to share this goal. Our team achieves a prompt turnaround time by ensuring packing materials are in-stock and organized, and there is a clear understanding among the affiliate team of who is responsible for packing and shipping.

Ensuring a Plan B There are many reasons why a Plan B is important to have in place for fulfillment and shipping. Folks get sick, take vacation, or perhaps the supply stock is running low. As an affiliate we expect your team to have a Plan B if the individual(s) responsible for management/oversight/packing/shipping are unable to fulfill their duties in a timely manner. Your Plan B can include reaching out to Next to fulfill orders for a short timeframe.

Reversal Reports A reversal report is listed at The Next Naloxone pamphlet emphasizes the importance of filing out the reversal form. All reversals within an affiliate state will be reported to affiliates within 24 hours.

Agreements Privacy and Security of Enrollees Under no circumstance may enrollee names, addresses, or other identifying information be shared beyond the immediate individuals working to fulfill shipments. Affiliates will work to ensure no enrollee information is put at risk of being shared, this means attention to technological security (signing out of Google Drive when not in use) and leaving packages face down when in the presence of non-affiliate folks.

No Marketing Beyond First Contact Affiliates are welcome to send personnel and program information with the initial shipment. This may include a business card, program pamphlet, opportunities to sign-up for a mailing list, donation information, etc. Affiliates will not add Next Naloxone enrollees to mailing lists, end-of-year appeals, or other marketing/promotional blasts without the enrollees' expressed request to do so.

Absolutely No Pay-per Services Naloxone received via is free to all enrollees. Affiliates will not request or expect to be compensated by enrollees for supplies mailed to them.

Bidirectional Communication is Essential When we say affiliate we mean partner. We need your partnership to make this project work. What that means for us is to tell us if something isn't working, if something could be running better, managed better, more, less, bigger, smaller, quieter, louder, all the things. We want you to feel ownership over this project and process. Let's talk.


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Next Naloxone Affiliate Guide March, 2019  

Next Naloxone Affiliate Guide March, 2019