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Pet Identification Myth #2


“My Pet Has A Chip”

Yes, Microchips are a great way to identify your pet, but require a trip to a vet or shelter. They should NEVER be the only identification your pet has. PET TRAKR ID tags are readable by the people that matter most when your pet is found. The people who find them.

Quick Response Geotracking Tags For Your Pet Many Styles Available

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MARCH 2019

Cover Photo by Diana Ragland Grooming by Lindsey Bergfalk


A true snake charmer Evan Antin loves his reptiles after all they were his first animal companions as a child. Now tussling with a python is on his bucket list.



e’s been called “the sexiest beast tamer alive,” by PEOPLE Magazine. A million follow him on Instagram (@dr.evanantin) and though he may have supermodel looks, he’s as nurturing to hurt puppies as he is to exotic animals. 6 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2019

EVAN GOES WILD And now he’s the star of Animal Planet’s sure to be hit TV show Evan Goes Wild, his first TV series airing Sunday nights at 9:00 PM ET/PT or you can stream it on the Animal Planet GO app. There’s no diva act here, Evan Antin couldn’t be kinder, more genuine, or considerate of people and pets - and yes, wild animals too. Though he may have celebrity status now, he’s still a down home boy from Kansas City, Kansas who grew up with a creek in his backyard full of turtles and snakes. His parents were understanding while he kept a reptile or two under his bed, though he first real pet was a bunny. He went on to vet school at Colorado State University and has been caring for all creatures great and small ever since. Evan Antin is living his dream, in fact he says joyfully, he’s out there doing everything on his bucket list. Not everybody’s bucket list is wrangling pythons or gaining the confidence of an extraordinary owl much less a sloth or a Loris, or even, his favorites, crocodiles. But it’s Evan’s dream come true. In fact, he’s a snake handler like no other, finding the individuality of King Cobras mesmerizing, I must say that’s a unique take on these venomous snakes. They are not exactly the kind of animal you immediately credit with a distinct personality. His fame, which will only increase with the new Animal Planet show, helps him help animals all over the world not just in his own “backyard,” now Thousand Oaks, California. As he says, simply, “I was meant to be a vet. I have never looked back.” After all, he reveals, being a vet is reconnecting with his childhood passion.

CALIFORNIA GUY Yes, you can make an appointment for your pet at the hospital where he works in Los Angeles when he’s not taping the show in faraway places like Kenya or Sri Lanka. The switchboard at the Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital rings off the hook when he’s in town; we hear some who don’t even actually own pets insist on making appointments just to meet this “hot doc” who is notoriously hunky but tremendously loving where animals are concerned. He has two cats, Blue and Willy, and Henry, a dog, a cute terrier with a spunky attitude. And his menagerie has extended itself to a savannah monitor lizard, a mangrove snake, and an assortment of tropical fresh water fish. His furry family rambunctiously populates his Instagram feed which not only shares their adventures at home but his bucket list experiences in the wild. His pets help him understand the physiology of some of the animals he works on: House cats, he sees are a model for big cats. So the anatomy of his precious kitty is what guides him when he has to help a lion or a tiger in distress; now that’s a fearless approach!

Evan’s buddy here may look prehistoric but their dynamic is totally modern. Catch these two together on Evan Goes Wild on Animal Planet.

MARCH 2019



Evan Antin wises up. Here is our favorite vet with an owl. Catch them on Evan Goes Wild the new Animal Planet series.

He has worked on jaguars in Mexico, “so gorgeous,” he says of them, calling it the “ultimate” experience to help these sleek, beautiful big cats who roam from Mexico to Argentina. They often hunt by the water looking for deer and even a caiman (basically a small alligator) to eat; humans aren’t necessarily on their agenda though they consider 85 species fair game. Jaguars come in third after Lions and Tigers, stealthy and silent with an acute sense of smell, and able to see in the dark with mirrored eyes. This wild animal has long been identified with sorcery and magic; the spirit-helper of shamans and sorcerers, they are known in Mexico as the most dazzling symbol of priests and kings. But for Evan Antin their magic was in the truth of their human-animal connection; he believes human intervention to help endangered species is crucial. “Most animals that are endangered are so because of humans and for that reason, I feel it is our responsibility to help individual animals, we should make every effort to save them even if it doesn’t seem ‘natural’ at that time.” Evan Antin is a champion. Not just because he’s kind to animals who are likely in dire straits, but because he sees the most vilified creatures on the planet as the ones worth standing up for. Speaking about his ex tens ive t ravels as he pursues encounters with the wildlife on his bucket list, he insists poisonous animals are “not trying to kill you” and “are far more afraid of us than we are of them.” He adds, “people have this irrational fear of wildlife. I’d rather be bit by an 18-foot python than a hamster.” And snake charmer he is, handling some monstrously-sized ones with grace and love.


MARCH 2019



Talk to him about swimming with the sharks, and no, we are not talking about surviving in corporate America, and he speaks to the basic decency of these known predators. More than 70 million are killed by humans each year, harvested for their fins a demand that’s increased particularly in China and its territories. This kind-hearted vet reminds us that Jaws (the movie) gave sharks a bad rep and that in the scale of things, where casualties from car accidents far outnumber death by shark bite (only six a year are actually fatalities, he says), sharks are he believes, “misunderstood.”

If you and your pet just can’t get enough of Evan Antin, head on over to Petco and pick up his Happy Pet products, there is Shampaw and Cuddle Me Conditioner, all eco-friendly and made with natural, pet-safe ingredients - so when you’re snuggled on the couch together watching Evan Goes Wild on Animal Planet, your fur baby will be squeaky clean and smelling swell. And you’ll be that much closer to the sexiest beast tamer alive. Spoiler Alert: he’s been known to shower with Happy Pet Shampaw, just take a look at his Instagram! •

Tops on his list of favorite animals are crocodiles, he loves these creatures he calls “total dinosaurs.” It’s another Animal Planet star, the intrepid natural historian and real-life ‘Crocodile Dundee’ Steve Irwin, whose legacy Evan so admires, “I grew up on him,” he says (Evan is 34 years old). In fact, you could say he was able to walk in Steve Irwin’s shoes when he visited a rescue organization that breeds Philippine freshwater crocodiles, among the most endangered in the world. Evan’s travels take him everywhere there’s “good wildlife, maybe a jungle, cool people and neat history,” basically given that combination, he says “I’m there.” So you’ll find him doing dental work on primates in Indonesia, tussling with lizards in Botswana and watching the echidnas (spiny anteaters) of Australia. And you can watch it all on Animal Planet this Spring or follow his Instagram for the back stories on his journeys to the furthest corners of the planet.

This sloth is in heaven but who wouldn’t be with Evan Antin, the sexiest beast tamer alive massaging them. Tune in to Animal Planet for more close encounters of the wild kind.

MARCH 2019




mmy Perry might seem like your average 14-year-old: she loves hanging out with her friends, writing, drawing, reading, and just having fun. But by the age of 14, she has already starred in the leading role of a feature film and has already acted alongside Hollywood stars like Morgan Fairchild, Elisabeth Rohm, and Jason London. Perry also had the privilege of sharing a stage with Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth - and this is all before she turned 14. Perry’s passion for the performing arts started at a very young age. Her acting career started in musical theater when she starred in regional productions of Annie and The Sound of Music. Other than a thriving acting career, Perry is hugely passionate about animal welfare and advocacy. Stemming from as far back as she can remember, Perry’s passion for rescuing originated from volunteering with her family at high-kill animal shelters in Southern California. At birthdays, while other kids her age would ask for a new toy or such, Perry would ask her friends and family to gift needed items to animal shelters instead – helping to spread awareness on the importance of animal rescue. It is to no surprise that she wanted to do more to help animals, so when Perry was six, with the help of her parents, she founded Emmy’s Hope, an animal welfare charitable organization. A “community for animals and the people that love them,” Emmy’s Hope provides local animal shelters with much needed assistance: blankets, food, and other supplies they need to take care of their residents. “We go to shelters, pull dogs in need, provide them with vetting, training if necessary, and fostering or boarding; if fostering in our home is not doable, or optional fosters are not available, then we network these animals and help to find them perfect forever homes.” Perry told Pet Lifestyles Magazine. Since founding Emmy’s Hope, Perry has saved countless dogs’ lives, “I will continue until every dog or pet is in a loving forever home and they no longer need me.” She attributes her inspiration for Emmy’s Hope to two ladies she looks up to: “I’d have to say my biggest inspirations for Emmy‘s Hope have been my Mom and Lisa Vanderpump, because they are both beautiful, strong, compassionate, selfless women, and they use their voices and work to change lives.” Well Emmy, it looks like you are doing a great job at emulating them!

Emmy Perry

This passion for animal rescue also exemplifies in her personal life as Perry herself has three adorable rescues: Lola Rose, a cuddly Silky Terrier-Shih Tzu mix; Rufus, a handsome long-haired dachshund; and Felicity, an oh-so-cute Coton De Tulear. Perry expresses her joy and affection for all three pups, “I love them all, they are all so different yet all so sweet, they make me laugh, they make my heart smile, they are always by my side, even when I’m sad or not feeling one hundred percent.” The three lovable pups feel the love too - Perry loves taking them on walks by the waterfront and showering them with love and kisses, but the thing she loves the most to do with her furry best friends is simply to cuddle in bed. “I love taking them on walks around the harbor and seeing how much they enjoy being outdoors and smelling all the cool smells out there! But my absolute favorite thing to do is cuddle with all of them in bed at night and watch TV or read.” Sometimes, it’s the simple things in life that brings us the most joy. Nowadays, when Perry isn’t playing with her three dogs or doing animal charity work for Emmy’s Hope, she is spreading awareness on the importance of spaying and neutering for animals as an ambassador for the Lucy Pet Foundation, an organization that provides free spay and neutering services to animals, as spaying and neutering is crucial to stopping the homeless pet population from increasing. •


MARCH 2019



nown as Ciara Brady on the long-running daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives, native Brooklynite Victoria Konefal has been captivating viewers with her charm, beauty, and acting chops on the soap since 2017. Having grown up with dogs her entire life, Konefal started a lifelong friendship with a sweet and fun-loving pooch named Lola when she made a spontaneous decision to welcome a dog into her life. “Getting Lola was one of the most spontaneous decisions I’ve ever made in my life.” Konefal told Pet Lifestyles Magazine. “I was going through a tough breakup and I was sitting on my couch and thought, ‘it’s time for me to get a dog’” And needless to say, the rest is history. Having grown up with Schnauzers, Konefal knew exactly which breed she wanted to get. After a visit to a breeder, Konefal found the perfect little angel: a miniature Schnauzer – and oh boy, does Konefal adore her! Now three years old, the two do everything together, “I try to bring her to as many places as possible. When she was six months old, I even put her in my purse and brought her with me to church on Easter Sunday!” Getting a pet is one of the best things anybody can do for themselves. Other than just companionship, comes along a lifetime of priceless memories and special moments that you will cherish – and I am sure a dog-lover like Konefal would agree. “My favorite memory is when I took her (Lola) on a plane for the first time and had to calm her down by singing, ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. I don’t know why, but it worked, and she curled up in my hoodie and fell asleep. It was so precious.” Yes, having a pet is one of life’s greatest joys, and all we pet parents return the favor and do our best to make our little fur babies happy. “One of my favorite things to do with her is bring her camping on the beach. She hasn’t gotten used to the ocean yet, but we are working on it! Our absolute favorite thing to do is play ball. She has a collection of teeny, squeaky tennis balls that she goes absolutely ballistic for, there’s even one shaped like a football. I don’t know why, but all of her other toys pale in comparison to the tennis balls. Sometimes she’ll even lay on her back and hold it in her paws and throw it in the air to catch it in her mouth. She’s so smart.” Victoria Konefal with her dog Lola


The bond between human and pet is absolutely invaluable, and part of the fun is getting to know your furry best friend as they grow up – some might even say it’s the best part. Konefal is no different, “She is like a rabbit/goat/deer/puppy hybrid. She straightens all her legs and hops around when she gets really excited. She’ll also get these really energetic moments sometimes, and she’ll just run around the house in circles until she’s exhausted.” Pet-parents will do anything to show their fur-babies how much they love them: from dog birthday parties to dog spas, nowadays, the options for treating our dogs are endless. “I indulge her with love and affection! I guess the craziest thing I’ve done for her is spend $100 for her last birthday on treats and toys. I got her this cute little lamb, freeze dried sushi roll treats, three bags of various doggy cookies, a yogurt ice cream cake and 15 tennis balls that I threw at her all at once! She lost her mind. Her favorite thing was her tennis ball, for sure.” Konefal chuckles at the memory. The 22 year-old star has garnered recognition within the industry as Ciara Brady, earning her the title of “#1 Soap Actress” in TV Source Magazine’s poll for multiple consecutive weeks. She has also showcased her talent in roles opposite Vivica A. Fox and fellow soap stars Lindsay Hartley and Lesli Kay. Konefal will also soon be playing the villain role in the upcoming horror indie flick Fog City. One thing we know for sure, Lola will be by her side for every step of the way. • MARCH 2019




aving a dog is very much like having a child; no wonder we call them fur babies! You have to take care of all their needs and wants, you take him/her (mostly) everywhere you go, and immediately they become the light of your life. Yes, us crazy pet parents treat our dogs just like children. What’s more fun than being a proud parent?

Love to parade your dog around town? But realize that just like it is with kids in tow, you have to make sure to pack going-out essentials – although your dog may need a little less stuff than the average kid. A good traveler always knows to be prepared for the unexpected, like rain. Nothing ruins a day of fun playing outside more than dark storm clouds and a torrential downpour, of course even a drizzle can put a damper on things. Pet Lifestyles is here to bring you the cutest selection of raincoats for your pup to keep them happy and dry. Don’t let rain ruin your pup’s day. With one of these chic and practical raincoats, rain or shine, your pup can now be as happy as Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds in Singin’ in the Rain.



What’s cuter than rubber duckies? With a super cute yellow ducky print, your dog will be oh-so-stylish and dry in this Rubber Ducky Dog Raincoat from Frisco. Made from a water-resistant material, the belly straps attachment and leash hole will make your pet feel secure and help keep the raincoat in place. Info:

Your pup will look super snazzy in this Whales Dog Raincoat by Canada Pooch. A versatile snap-back hood design will let Fido be prepared for any weather, rain or shine. This chic raincoat features a wrap-vest design and fuzzy fastener to let your dog get ready in a flash. The polyester fabric makes it a breeze to clean. Info:

ROAD WARRIORS Ready to take on the urban jungle this camo-clad team opts for wagwear to keep the peace. Fighting off wet and gloomy weather with style and efficiency your dog will stay dry and look great doing it. City or country, wagwear has Fido covered. So brave the elements, you’re as prepared as any road warrior. Info: Courtesy of @thebklyndog

RAINY DAY BLUES Your pup will be ready to chase away the rainy-day blues with this Reversible D o g R a i n c o at f rom Good2Go. Providing a two-in-one style, your pup can have the choice of a cute all-over storm cloud print or a storm cloud accent stripe against a beautiful blue background. Reflective details provide night visibility for your beloved pooch. Info: 12 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2019



This stylish raincoat from Royal Animals does double duty for your pet with its removable lining and detachable hood. Made of water-resistant material in bright colors and edged with reflective trim so you can see your pup in the dark, this good-for-all-seasons raincoat will surely keep your dog happy, warm, and dry.

Inject some summer vibes into your pooch’s wardrobe with this oh-soadorable Watermelons Dog Raincoat from Canada Pooch. Just like it’s Whale counterpart, this raincoat features a versatile snap-back hood design, a wrap-vest style, fuzzy fastener strap closures, and machinewashable polyester fabric for easy cleaning after a romp in the rain. Info:



You and your pup can travel easy in the rain with this Travel Raincoat from Fab Dog. Featuring a mesh lining, an easy fastener closure, and a toggle adjustable hood to guarantee a perfect fit, this ultra-convenient raincoat can also be folded up for easy packing for on-the-go convenience. Coming in eight colors, this 100% waterproof nylon raincoat will be sure to please every pet. Info:

When the weather outside is frightful these colorful ensembles for your pooch from wagwear are delightful. You and Fido are sure to get noticed while you are out puddle jumping. Puppy chic as they dub the wagwear look has never looked better. As snappy a style statement as you can find, one that’s equally suitable for the streets of Tribeca or the sands of Cape Cod. Info:

Courtesy of @samforest_loolim

UMBRELLA, ELLA, ELLA Your pup will surely attract the attention of any crowd with the Dog Umbrella with Leash from LesyPet. The transparent design allows you to have clear visibility of your precious pooch as it shields Fido from wind, sleet, rain, and even that last of the season snow. Durable and weatherproof this umbrella features stainless steel ribs and frame plus an ergonomic handle. Info:

DAPPER IN THE RAIN Strut down Park Avenue with your pooch in this Barbour Waterproof Dog Jacket from Or v is. Water pro of and breathable, this dapper jacket protects your dog against the harsh weather while keeping him/her warm and comfy with its cozy fleece lining. We love the Brit style elements, such as the distinctive tartan print, making sure your fur baby will stand out in the crowd. The reflective edges keep your dog safe in low-visibility conditions, and elastic leg straps provide a perfect fit.Info: • MARCH 2019



Something for everyone at the AKC Museum of The Dog. ©David Woo


e adore our dogs. We treat them like our kids. We even capture selfies to preserve our memories with them. So it’s no surprise that artists and photographers have captured these loveable family members (and champion)s for eons and passionate dog lovers have collected and treasured them for an equally long time. Enter the American Kennel Club (AKC). They are more than the official authority on all things dog, but are also curators of a museum. The Dog Art Museum to be exact. And you don’t have to travel far to catch a glimpse of its exhibits, because it has returned right here to NYC. The museum, located in Midtown at 101 Park Avenue (The Kalikow Building), was once in NY, then relocated to Missouri, and now back to the city. It contains two stories of fine art—on the wall, hanging and encased in glass, sculpture and even doggie memorabilia. The surroundings designed by Gensler Architects form a beautiful, modern, bright and airy backdrop to the art, unobtrusive yes and functional but sleek, welcoming and in an understated way, luxurious.

The library at The AKC Museum of The Dog so popular it looks like a tornado swept through on a Saturday morning. ©David Woo


MARCH 2019

According to Alan Fausel, Executive Director of the AKC’s museum, “It is exciting to bring this collection back to New York City. The museum is a beautiful ode to man’s best friend and we are pleased to bring these pieces and exhibitions to new audiences.” One of the things that pleases this Director the most is seeing the exciting mix of people pass through, 5,000 in the first week alone. From the classic New Yorkers like Gossip doyenne, Cindy Adams, renowned Yorkie lover to kids loving the interactive digital “games” to the students of dog lore delving into the library, which Fausel says looks like a tornado hit it with pencil shavings, papers flying everywhere and books tumbling off the shelves come Saturday mornings. He is thrilled to see this resource getting so much use.

Just one of the fun exhibitis at The AKC Museum of The Dog. Lots to explore in this entertaining environment. ©David Woo

As with all things interactive, this museum is as well. ‘Arty’ the virtual dog leads visitors through the space, making it fun for those of all ages. ‘Meet the Breed’ is a sort of canine encyclopedia that provides info on the characteristics, in case you’re searching for a new pup. And there’s ‘Find Your Match’, where people and their doppelgangers find true love. But Dogs in Art is more than a fun romp through our furry friends, it is also home to some of the finest dog artists in the world. Among those on exhibit are works by English painter and sculptor, Edwin Landseer, whose first painting of a St. Bernard debunked the myth of them carrying ‘spirits’ to aid the lost or distressed. Domestic and wildlife painter Arthur Wardle, who held a particular passion for terriers. And Maud Earl, known for a wide variety of canine work with names such as Power of the Dog and An Inquisitive Look—messages all dog lovers can relate to. Don’t forget the gift shop. It has everything a dog owner could dream of - and more. Fun stuff for every age from kids books and stuffed animals to jewelry and hand bags. Stop in to discover the unexpected yet perfect gift for anyone who loves dogs.

Executive Director of The AKC Museum of The Dog, AlanFausel, with his dog Gemma, a Springer Spaniel. ©Geoff Tischman

The initial exhibition an extraordinary blend of the AKC collection and the Museum’s best works is on until the end of June. Among the shows coming up in the future, Dog Photography sure to be engaging after all who doesn’t want to see the beauty of dogs in the eye of the beholder, Dogs in War and Peace stories of bravery and dedication in the face of danger, and in about two years, Fausel says, a Dog Collars no doubt ranging from the sublime styles of Royalty to the modern technology of today. In any event under Fausel’s direction, the Museum is rapidly becoming an enlightening destination for anyone who has ever had a dog or anyone who ever loved one, and Fausel reminds us that the Museum is inclusive, cat owners are welcome too. For more information, visit Woof! • MARCH 2019




ccording to the federal calendar, Punxsutawney Phil, and Vogue’s latest runway designs, spring is here. We all know we’re supposed to don floral skirts & short-sleeve shirts, to exfoliate and moisturize skin that’s taken a beating during the winter months, and to tone and fuel our bodies in preparation for summer’s impending glory. But what about our pets? Surely, they’re not to be left behind! It’s possible you’ve never considered how to help your pet transition into the new season. In the event that your feline friend has been overlooked in years past, consider Felix’s tips for a successful transition into spring. Because every kitty should be comfortable, healthy…and fabulous. Kitty Couture: Yes, it’s warming up…slowly. We may be eager to discard our thick scarves, heavy coats and clunky boots—but your feline will likely still need some transitional pieces to adjust to the gradual change in weather. This is especially important when you consider that most cats shed their winter coats, making them extra vulnerable to the cold! Felix’s Find: custom-made designs from The Wonderful World of Whimsy Instagram shop are his favorite pieces: he’s appreciated his svelte turtleneck and reversible faux-fur fleece coat (with matching belt!) in particular. Coveted Coat: Bring out the self-tanning lotions, bronzer, and… tuna? Okay, the first two won’t work on Puss—but the fish oil in a tablespoon-sized slice of fresh tuna is known to help nourish dry skin. As cats shed their thick winter coats, maintaining a healthy coat prevents against excessive hairballs. Felix’s Find: Feeling especially fancy? Felix loves a “kitty facial” of hot steam that can easily be created in the aftermath of a warm shower OR a stove-warmed teapot (use discretion!). Mindful Munching: How’s that New Year’s resolution coming along? Finding it easier to monitor a health plan for your precious pet? While pets (like humans) need about 15% more calories through winter to compensate for the higher caloric burn rate associated with cold weather, spring is a different story. On colder days, consider warming fresh pumpkin as a comfort food for your kitty—not only is it good for their digestive system and a lowcaloric treat, but it’s rich in vitamins A and C and is known to make your cat’s coat thick and shiny. Still stuffed on pumpkin from the fall? Cucumber is a refreshing treat that provides hydration for reluctant water drinkers. The vitamin K from a garden cucumber also helps against bloodclotting and supports a healthy liver. One or two thin slices is all that’s needed! Felix’s Find: Persian cucumbers (year-round) and Winter Luxury pumpkins (seasonal find) are Felix’s preferred veggie treats. Fe-line Fabulous: You’re looking fabulous…but that means nothing if you’re miserable in the cold or suffering from seasonal allergies. The same is true for your fur-baby! If you’re worried about your kitty (or notice he or she is sneezing, snoring, or scratching), take 16 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2019

extra effort to clean surfaces, vacuum, and remove shoes to avoid tracking in pollen and allergens. You might also consider giving your cat a bath using a waterless shampoo (they’re likely to groom and ingest any allergens that get caught on their coat) and washing any pillows or blankets your pet spends significant time on. Felix’s Find: Heated rice-packs are a special treat for a kitty or pup prone to shivers (or an arthritic pet). A warmed pack (3-4 minutes in the microwave) is delightful on a human lap and encourages the best snuggles! The impressive warmth retention also works well for heating your kitty’s favorite lounge spot while you’re away. Get a cute design (multiple sizes available) from The Wonderful World of Whimsy’s Instagram shop. What will spring bring your way? Felix and I can’t wait to see… and we hope you’ll share your favorite hacks and tips with us on Instagram (@felixfurever)! • Heated rice-packs are a special treat for a kitty or pup prone to shivers as the season’s change. A warmed pack is delightful on a human lap and encourages the best snuggles.



WHERE PETS ARE FAMILY. At Ruff ‘n Ruffus, it’s all about family. It’s a small family owned company with a cute French Pug running around the office. Everyone agrees that Ruffus is part of the team, and he provides lots of joy and inspiration to the Ruff ‘n Ruffus crew. “This is a great place to work for any pet lover, ” asserts company CEO Michael M. In fact, visiting the cozy headquarters of Ruff ‘n Ruffus, you are struck by the feeling that this is a place that loves their pets, and just wants to make their days better. “We develop products that are meant smooth out the ‘Ruff ’ spots in life,” chuckles Michael. “Every item is carefully researched and developed to ensure that they make every pet and pet owner happy.” A cursory glance around the offices reveal a plethora of Ruff ‘n Ruffus products that seem to address every aspect of life with pets. Ruffus happily lounges in the corner with some chew toys. I spy a fish tank along the wall. There is even a bulletin board loaded with adorable pictures of all the employees’ pets. One thing is for sure: This is a brand for animal lovers by animal lovers

* Foldable Pet Playpen | Available In 3 Sizes

WHAT MAKES RUFF ’N RUFFUS SO COOL & DIFFERENT? I spent some time with Ruffus, the spokes-dog of the brand. An adorable little guy who loves treats, Ruffus was adopted about 2 years ago by the company founder. Since then, he’s a regular at the office and is doted on by the staff. His fun loving personality is the inspiration behind the lively feel of the brand. Ruff ‘n Ruffus uses bright colors that make all their products stand out. They have a stunning color palette that allows every customer to express their style and will brighten up your everyday pet gear. Every item is packaged in stunning award-winning packaging that is engaging and informative. This is a brand that is designed with both looks and function in mind.

*Hip + Joint Vitamins

WE MAKE PETS LIVE HAPPIER. All Ruff ‘n Ruffus items are easily accessible for purchase through Amazon or Their full line of products runs the gamut from Travel items to Grooming to Health Care. I watched as Ruffus ate his lunch from the Automatic Feeder that doled out the preset portion size at the right time. It even had a recording calling him to come eat! After lunch, he was given Multi-Vitamins, one of the vitamins offered in their extensive health line. As I held Ruffus in my lap, I admired his exceptional grooming and inquired where he got his nails done. “It’s all done in-house,” Michael says, as he whipped out the Nail Groomer. His soft coat was courtesy of the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s time for Ruffus to leave. He is snapped onto his Retractable Leash for the trip home. I have to leave too, and I am gifted a Cat Water Fountain for my kitty. I’m intrigued and want to see more. I will definitely check out their full line at I know that I want to be part of their family.

* Nail Groomer for All Pets

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Disney Ch “Ernie” from

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JUNE 1-2 2019




ats love catnip. That’s no secret. But what exactly is this magic herb? It comes from a plant that showcases a combination of green leaves and small, delicate fragrant flowers that are either pink or white with spots of light purple. In fact, the name Catnip originated from the euphoric reaction cats get while playing with the plant; the pure oils contained in these leaves and buds give cats a natural high. Maine-based The Pussums Cat Company certainly know their catnip – making catnip toys filled with 100% pure catnip since 1982, their products never contain any fillers or additives, making them the perfect toy for your beloved kitty. With a range of all-natural catnip toys and products, family-owned The Pussums Cat Company provides superior catnip toys and products guaranteed to please even the pickiest feline.

Everything fun, fab and feline in the natural catnip category from Dr. Pussums. Wicked good for your cat’s pleasure and great for their health. Shop for it on ©Susan Shaw

The bright-colored fabrics and fun graphics make playtime with your puss even more enjoyable, for fur babies and pet parents! We especially love the Kitty Krates Gift Boxes, what a marvelous selection of Dr. Pussums Fancy Feline Elixir Cat Nip Toys (made for the classiest cat of course), a Kick Nip, a regular sack, two small sacks, and three toss abouts – everything you need for the purrrfect gift for any feline. For the cat that’s always the life of the party, there is nothing like the Combo Party Pack. Having the option of an Assorted Girl Cat Colors or an Assorted Boy Cat Colors, your precious kitty will be meowing over the crate of various catnip sacks and a fur mouse.

Susan Shaw of Dr. Pussums making sure this all natural catnip is simply the best for our favorite feline friends. ©Eben Shaw

Coming in all sorts of super cute graphics and colors (we just love the Dr. Pussums Soft Sack), “curiously strong” Dr Pussums catnip toys will keep your feline entertained for hours. The owners, the Shaw Family, know the importance of having good, quality, cat toys for your cat and these “wicked good,” hand-made in the USA, all natural 100% pure catnip toys are the best ones your cat can get! But don’t simply take our word for it, just ask Chester, Sula, Gato, and Timba, their resident feline supervision team. Get one for Fifi or Fluffy now at • MARCH 2019




hat’s the staple of the morning TV talk shows right after Christmas? The tech that’s changing the way we live today and are likely to live tomorrow. There was no end of newsworthy trends coming from the revelations unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year from augmented reality, blockchain and AI (artificial intelligence) about to become functional parts of daily life - and even flying cars! But what caught PET LIFESTYLES attention was what is trending in pet technology. Wonder how you ever lived without these inventions? Read on for the scoop. GENETIC KITTY TEST Many people use genetic test kits to uncover their family ancestry and inheritable health risks. While commercial genetic tests for dogs have been around for a while, commercial tests for cats, such as Basepaws, are comparatively new. The Basepaws mail-in kit can tell you everything you want to know about your cat’s DNA, such as its breed purity, characteristics, and the possibility of inheritable diseases. Is your kitten likely to develop a kidney disease? Will your cat become addicted to catnip? You’ll have to use Basepaws to find out. Best of all, once you send in your cat’s DNA, you’ll receive updates whenever Basepaws tells you everything you want to know about Basepaws’ team of crack genetic decoders discovers something new. your cat’s DNA.

ROBO-POOPER SCOOPER Nobody likes scooping poop out of the litterbox. If you ever wished a robo-litter box could do the dirty work for you, then check out PurrSong’s LavvieBot. This device automatically and quietly takes out soiled litter and lays down a fresh batch. Furthermore, when LavvieBot starts to run low on fresh litter (or when its waste compartment needs to be emptied), it sends a notification to your smartphone app. More importantly, the LavvieBot tells you when your kitty goes potty and how long their bathroom breaks last. Since irregular bathroom schedules can be a sign of an infection, the LavvieBot can help you decide if it’s time to take your cat to the vet. Now you never have worry again about your cat’s poop again. PurrSong’s LavvieBot keeps your cat’s litterbox clean and looks good in any room.



Some dogs hate to go to the bathroom in the rain and would rather ruin your grandmother’s favorite rug than get wet. Thanks to the Inubox, that’s no longer an issue. Inubox is the world’s first fully automated indoor doggy toilet. Dogs just need to step on the device’s platform and relieve themselves. Inubox folds up and secures all bodily waste in a sealed, ready-to-throw-out bag. However, this device might not see the light of day since production is dependent on a future —and successful— Kickstarter campaign. Let us hope the Inubox sees a fruitful crowdfunding.

Wagz already produces several smart devices that keep your pup safe. Last year, the company showed off its smart collar at CES, and this year, it had a smart doggie door on display. The Go Smart Door is, as the name suggests, smart, and not just because it connects to your smartphone. This high-tech door can recognize your pooch and will only open for them, so you won’t have to worry about stray or wild animals sneaking in. Plus, for an added layer of security, you can schedule the Go Smart Door to lock and unlock as needed. When it comes to your home’s security, you can never be too careful. Wagz’ Go Smart Door only lets your pets in and keeps wild animals and strays out.

The Inubox cleans up after your dog when they can’t do their business outdoors.


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If my dog hates anything more than getting wet, it’s being dried off. She always squirms away, only partially dry. If your dog acts the same way, you might want to look into Worldwide PePe International’s Pet Dry Room. It might look like an ordinary, if small, laundry dryer, but if you place your drippy dog in this machine, set the timer and temperature, and wait half an hour, you will be greeted by a fluffy Fido (works on cats too). As an added bonus, the Pet Dry Room also treats your dog to some white noise, bio light therapy, and a scent pouch to make them pop out rested, happy, and smelling like roses —or cologne, depending on your choice of scent. The Pet Dry Room is the closest your dog will ever get to a sauna experience.

Misplacing your keys, luggage, car, or dog is never good, especially as you frantically search for them, but that’s why the SpotyPal was invented. While the device was made with lost pets in mind, it was also designed for anything you could lose, be it a car or a cat. Just clip the SpotyPal device to any pet’s collar, and if you lose track of them, use the app to ring the connected device and get a map to their current or last known location. And, if you still can’t find your pet, just report it as missing with the SpotyPal app, so anyone with the app who comes within 200 feet of your pet will receive a notification. Certainly faster than putting up lost dog posters.

The Pet Dry Room is like a sauna for your pet.

THE ALL-IN-ONE SMART COLLAR In the past, electronic devices had only one use, but today, many are multi-purpose. Mobile phones used to be phones and phones alone, but now they also serve as internet browsers, GPS devices, flashlights, and game consoles. The team behind the Rawr Smart Collar asked if they could do the same with a pet collar, and the answer is an emphatic yes. The Rawr is an all-in-one pet collar that helps keep your cat or dog safe and healthy. It locates lost pets with a built-in 4G GPS tracker, monitors their activity and health, lights the way during the night, and organizes all of its collected data with a smartphone app. The only thing the Rawr can’t do is teach an old dog new tricks…yet.

SpotyPal provides users a map to their lost keys, cars, and pets.

THE PET CAMERA DRONE Pet cams are a great way to keep an eye on your pet, but they tend to have one major flaw: they’re immobile. Not the VaVa Mobile Pet Cam. Thanks to plastic treads, this robotic camera can follow your pet across hardwood floors, shaggy carpets, and any other household terrain — excluding stairs. Best of all, you can connect VaVa Mobile Pet Cam to your phone to watch your pet live, steer the camera, talk to your pup or kitten, throw out treats, and play a rousing game of Chase the Laser. Part RC car, part pet cam, all ease of mind. •

The Rawr Smart Collar keeps track of everything from your pet’s location to their activity levels.

VaVa’s Mobile Pet Cam keeps an eye on pets even when they leave the room.

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inding that the time to take your pet to the groomer and then wait to pick them up is scarce? Always late to work on the days you drop off? And always late to get Fido or Fifi when you’re facing work deadlines and leaving the office is a struggle? Groomit the new app is here to save you all this stress with on-demand in-home pet grooming services, they are growing operations in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Westchester, N.Y. Groomit connects pet grooming specialists with pet owners, allowing users to select a groomer and a desired time window. Groomers provided on the Groomit app are fully insured and fully qualified professionals. In fact, having them visit is a like a spa day for your pet, they specialize in a pet’s comfort and safety, bringing the relaxing aura directly to your home I can tell you, I tried it not only did I love it but so did Bikini and Annabelle. As Lars Rissmann, COO of Groomit in New York says, “Pet families today will go above and beyond to keep their animal companions happy, healthy and well-pampered.” That’s me and most of the pet parents I know. I want the most comfortable and safest experience for my two fur babies. The Groomit app and website allowed me to schedule my in-home grooming appointments with ease - and speed. Not only was appointment booking and payment within app convenient but our groomer was gentle and conscientious with the dogs and highly experienced too. Groomit prides itself on safety conducting extensive background checks on their groomers and makes sure that insurance covers all pets and property. Groomers and customers rate each like a built in Yelp, holding Groomit then to higher community standards. Appointments are in the comfort of your home, especially great for senior dogs who don’t need the stress of being caged at the grooming salon.

Bikini and Annabelle post GROOMIT session. So fluffy! So proud! So ready to be pampered with this amazing in home grooming concept. Booking our next appointment NOW!

Bikini and Annabelle enjoyed their session with Jennifer who went out of her way to be loving and gentle with them. And they got decked out in the cutest bandanas! Annabelle was one shaggy dog before her session now she’s a whole new pup, looking younger and trimmer with her new ‘do. Bikini is always a fluff monster indeed he shed monstrous amounts but came out looking glossy and handsome, quite proud of himself too. The mobile app is available on iOS App Store and Android Play store. • 22 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

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icture if you will, a building where pets are housed in concrete cubicles with wire fences for doors. Cries and yelps echo off the walls, piercing your heart. Dogs and cats, some of whom have never known an affectionate hug or a bed to call their own, stare at you longingly as you walk down the drab corridors. No, this isn’t a puppy or kitten mill; it’s an animal shelter.

Pilots to the Rescue bringing pets to a place where they’ll find love and compassion.

While most shelter workers give these animals as much love and attention as possible, unfortunately shelter animals can easily become depressed. Even worse, overcrowding is a common problem, and euthanasia is a popular solution. It frees up space by disposing of animals deemed unadoptable due to health or behavioral reasons, or if they’ve just been in the shelter too long. Some people believe this is a humane practice, but many disagree. If the animals are lucky, they will end up in a no-kill shelter and will wait to be adopted. If not, odds are they will be put to sleep. However, there’s hope for some animals facing euthanasia because of Pilots to the Rescue ( Today, Pilots to the Rescue primarily saves pets from euthanasia, but Schneider has bold dreams for the organization’s future. He hopes to expand operations and fly sick humans to life-saving doctors and treatments. Moreover, he envisions a dedicated fleet of planes transporting those in need — a dream that is one step closer to fruition, thanks to a recently-acquired 1977 Piper Lance plane.

Former top model now top animal advocate Katie Cleary poses for Pilots To The Rescue annual celebrity calendar. Photo Kent Miller


MARCH 2019


Pilots to the Rescue is a non-profit organization that not only is dedicated to rescuing pets from the threat of euthanasia - maybe the pet is old and not well or maybe it’s an abandoned litter of puppies - the criterion is need not age; this compassionate group is equally dedicated to spreading the word about the need to save pets from being unnecessarily put to death. Thanks to founder Michael Schneider’s leadership skill and contacts, Pilots to the Rescue has grown into a reliable network of pilots and drivers who pick up animals in kill shelters and take them to families, no-kill shelters, and adoption centers anywhere from South Carolina to Canada. However, Vermont is one of Pilots to the Rescue’s most frequent destinations, since according to Schneider, it is a popular adoption state for rescue pets. Regardless of the destination, the staff at Pilots to the Rescue coordinate to make sure their fuzzy cargo arrives safe, sound, and ready for a loving home. Volunteering is the name of the game at Pilots to the Rescue. The pilots and drivers are not reimbursed financially for their work. They take time out of their busy schedules to courier pets into the hearts and laps of waiting families. Many celebrities also volunteer for the organization. They pose for promotional calendars and help spread the word about the often desperate state of animals in need of forever homes. Schneider believes their status as influences can reach and educate a myriad of people. While some celebrities, such as actress and model Katie Cleary, were well-versed in the world of animal and pet welfare before lending their faces to Pilots to the Rescue’s calendars, others like singer and Broadway actor Constantine Maroulis were neophytes before joining the organization’s cause.

HOW IT BEGAN The seeds for Pilots to the Rescue were planted in 2014, when Schneider and his good friend Brian Orter caught wind that ten recently-rescued dogs were about to be euthanized. This motley crew of canines consisted of a litter of puppies that had been abandoned in a ditch, a Chihuahua, and several mutts — all of whom had ended up in a kill shelter. Schneider and Orter took the initiative and flew the dogs to safety. Of course, no pet rescue is complete without at least one complication. According to Schneider, one of the dogs broke loose, on an airport runway no less. The furry little guy gave Orter quite a chase, and even the airport staff got involved, since few things in this world are more dangerous for a dog than running around an active airport runway. However, the escapee was finally caught, loaded onto the plane, and delivered to a loving home along with the other dogs. Several months later, Schneider took a number of courses at Landmark Worldwide, recruited some close pilot friends, and raised over $10,000 with GoFundMe. Pilots to the Rescue was born, led by Schneider, one of the few private pilots legally allowed to fly using a plane’s instruments alone, which is a boon when he has to rescue animals in bad weather.

Michael Schneider founder of Pilots To The Rescue

GIVING EXTINCTION THE STINK EYE Schneider makes sure Pilots to the Rescue usually accepts emergency adoption and rescue missions that are financially viable and not a waste of donation money. However, sometimes the staff takes on a case that is a bit risky. In 2017, a Pilots to the Rescue volunteer ferried an endangered red wolf from North Carolina all the way to the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, NY. According to Schneider, this rescue went off without a hitch, and the wolf arrived safely. He later sired two healthy litters of ten wolf pups in total. The conservation center considered the births to be momentous occasions since fewer than 30 red wolves remain in the wild. These pups are vital to the survival of the species. Schneider hopes this rescue is only the beginning of wildlife missions. He envisions saving other wild animals and even wants sea turtles to grace the cabins of Pilots to the Rescue’s airplanes. With enough donations, volunteers, and permanent planes, that dream might one day become a reality.

Constantine Maroulis of ROCKTOPIA with influencer Chloe Kardoggian on board with Pilots To The Rescue. ©Kent Miller

As a non-profit organization, Pilots to the Rescue is dependent on donations and volunteers. If you would like to help the organization by donating your time or money, or you just want to get in touch with the brave volunteers, feel free to visit their website at • MARCH 2019



©Krista Menzel


at lovers and cat rescuers, especially those who practice Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), sometimes find kittens living outside as strays or as part of a feral cat colony. For many, their first instinct is to scoop up the kittens and find them homes, but that’s not necessarily the best thing for the kittens—or you. Bottle-feeding neonate kittens, or socializing and caring for older feral kittens, are both time-consuming processes that require devotion, patience, and attention. The decision to bring feral kittens into your home should not be taken lightly. You’ll be better equipped to decide what that outdoor kitten needs if you have a fairly good idea of how old he is. Kittens six weeks and under are easy to socialize for eventual adoption, but they need bottle-feeding or special weaning food, and round-the-clock care. Kittens between six and eight weeks old can eat on their own but still require socialization and a lot of care. Kittens eight to twelve weeks old who are feral will require more intensive, timeconsuming socialization to become adoption candidates. Feral kittens over twelve weeks old are even more difficult to socialize successfully. Here are some things to look for when estimating a kitten’s age: 1. Eyes wide open? Kittens are born with their eyes closed, and they don’t open fully until the kitten is about ten days old. 2. Are the ears pointy? Kittens’ ears are folded at birth and “pop up” at about three weeks of age. 3. On the move? Wobbly steps start at three weeks, and they’re steady by four weeks. 4. Eating solids? Kittens start weaning at four weeks. If younger, they won’t be tempted by food bait. 5. Out and about? By five to six weeks, kittens are coming out with mom to eat where she eats. This is a good time to trap the whole family and get mom spayed. 6. They grow up fast. Healthy kittens weigh about one pound at age 26 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2019

four weeks, and they gain about one pound per month until they’re five to six months old. They may still have “baby faces” at four pounds/four months, but they’re actually about to enter puberty. Take care when rescuing kittens for adoption. Be sure the mother really isn’t coming back before scooping up neonates. Also, keep in mind that grabbing feral kittens will sabotage their socialization. If kittens are running away or hissing and spitting at you, they should be trapped instead of scooped up. The exceptions to this rule are nursing kittens, who can show defensive “feral” behavior as young as three weeks, but can’t be lured into a trap or carrier with food because all they eat is mother’s milk. Just patiently and gently scoop them up or scruff them, one by one, and place them into a carrier; they’ll forgive you as soon as you start bottle-feeding them. The NYC Feral Cat Initiative teaches tried-and-true taming methods to help rescuers successfully socialize kittens. With older kittens, there is no guarantee of success, so always have a contingency plan in place. We recommend starting them with a two-week trial period; if there’s no progress by then, we recommend neutering, eartipping, and returning them to their colony before it becomes unfamiliar to them. For more information on managing feral-born kittens, visit www. •

Want to Help Kittens in Your Neighborhood This Spring? Learn Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) and Become a Certified TNR Caretaker Sunday, March 10, 2019 12:30pm–3:30pm Flushing, Queens Registration required:

Taming Feral Kittens for Adoption

Thursday, March 14, 2019 6:30pm–8:30pm Brooklyn Registration required:

The NYC Feral Cat Initiative, a program of the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, is dedicated to improving the lives of New York City’s feral and stray “community” cats. The NYCFCI offers a range of free services, including free TNR certification workshops in the five boroughs and online, and free specialty training workshops, such as bottle-feeding, kitten-taming, shelter-building, and neighborhood relations.

Learn more about the NYC Feral Cat Initiative and register for our free workshops at


If your dog’s breath is bad it could be a sign of something more serious. Don’t overlook your four legged BFF’s dental health. See your vet.


ttention all pet paw-rents! Do you take care of your pooch’s or feline’s pearly whites? It’s easy to overlook the importance of pet dental health so we’re here to help you keep a watchful eye on your furry best friend’s teeth. We’re sharing all sorts of goodies, tips and tricks for keeping Fido’s or Fluffy’s set of teeth as clean as can be. Check in with your local vet for helpful tips any month of the year.

Fluffy here is showing some pearly whites. It’s not a struggle to keep them that way - lots of healthy options are easy to find.

Say Bye Bye Dog Breath with this natural system for your pet’s pearly whites. ©Maxwell Mason

We humans knows the importance of having good dental health, so why would it be any different for our pets? According to the AVMA, 80% of dogs and 70 % of cats will develop some form of oral disease by the age of three. With this frightening statistic in mind, it is crucial that you keep your beloved furry friend’s pearly whites healthy – don’t be afraid to cross those t’s and dot those i’s when it comes to dental care of your pet, a moment’s hassle will guarantee you a happy and healthy pet in the long run! But how can you tell if your beloved pet is affected by dental issues? Pet Lifestyles Magazine is giving you the 411 on all things pet dental, Sharing a viable 360 on this angle of pet care, we sat down with New York City-based veterinarian Dr. Brett Shorenstein, the medical director and owner of Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic; and Los Angeles-based veterinarian Dr. Weinberg, the founder of 911 VETS, the first in-home pet medical service in California.


MARCH 2019

@sirbear_thegreat enjoys his Merrick Fresh Kisses. You can find him on Instagram having a blast with his favorite treats.

New York’s only museum dedicated to

man’s best friend is just steps away from

Grand Central An USDA-accredited veterinarian, Dr. Shorenstein is wellversed in the area of dental health for pets. “Periodontal disease, tooth fracture, gingivitis, and oral tumors.” He told Pet Lifestyles Magazine about some of the common issues in canine dental health nowadays. “Periodontal disease includes gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and loss of bone/soft tissue around the teeth. This can lead to fistulas (holes) into the nasal cavity, weakening of the jaw (even fracture of the jaw bone), jaw bone infection which can also release bacteria into the bloodstream.” On the same subject, practicing veterinarian for over 33 years, Dr. Weinberg from 911 VETS comments, “Dental calculus builds up on the teeth causing gum recession, foul breath, periodontal gum disease, and secondary infection throughout the body.” Scary as it might seem, this can be easily prevented by simply having a good oral care routine at home, “Daily brushing is the name of the game. It is the best way to prevent tartar. Brushing should be supplemented with dental chews/treats that are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) - a group of veterinary specific dentists that have approved certain products for the prevention of tartar.” Dr. Shorenstein stated, as Dr. Weinberg agrees, “It’s also important to get your dog used to teeth brushing at an early age, using flavored, enzymatic dog toothpaste. Brush daily or as much as possible.” He states, recommending that we can start caring for our pup’s teeth as early as the young age of eight to ten weeks, “start getting them used to brushing early. Make a game/ritual out of it.”

101 Park Avenue New York, NY 10178 Go to for more information

Be sure to look out for signs that indicate your furry friend might have a serious dental health issue, Dr. Shorenstein warns. These include: “bad breath, loss of appetite, dropping food out of the mouth, bleeding gums, blood on chew toys, and head shyness (ducking out of the way when a hand reaches towards them). A good preventive measure is to have bi-annual to annual visits to your veterinarian who will perform a comprehensive oral exam.” Dr. Weinberg adds “calculus (yellow/brown bulky buildup on the teeth especially the ones you can see). Pull back the corner of the mouth and look!” Research studies have shown that serious canine dental health issues like periodontal disease is associated with microscopic changes in the kidneys, liver, as well as the heart. Both doctors highly stress the importance of brushing your pooch’s teeth daily and using the right products, “a VOHC approved tooth brush, dental chews and water additives are all recommended. Brushing is daily maintenance but does not preclude yearly professional dental cleanings by your veterinarian.” Dr. Shorenstein suggested. Dr. Weinberg suggests similar, “a special pet toothbrush, or a special rubber finger thimble with bristles on it. Some can benefit by putting additives in the water but that should not be seen as an end-all be-all.” Dental health care for pets has vastly improved throughout the ages, with new technologies and innovations being developed every day. One of the most significant technological developments is the application of full mouth oral x-rays during a dental procedure, this is a massive advancement in the canine dental care field as some dogs never show signs of pain or indicate when their teeth is unhealthy – often, x-rays are the only way for a veterinarian to tell if your dog has a dental issue and needs to be treated. If an injury or dental condition is left untreated, it could lead to some serious damage on your furry friend’s health, for example: a set of rotten and painful teeth due to bacteria damage and bone damage. Such bacteria can then spread to the heart, the bladder, and other organs causing serious systemic illnesses. 30 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

Vets recommend dental chews like these Vanilla Mint flavored ones. Sure to please a picky canine.

1TDC™ has revolutionized how veterinarians, trainers and pet owners each care for their companion’s oral health, resulting in fresher breath and healthier gums.

So remember – maintaining your pet’s dental health is just as important as, well, your own dental health. Dr. Shorenstein makes it easy for you to remember the safe practices of canine dental care with a quick list of dos and don’ts: • Do train your dogs and cats to accept teeth brushing from a young age. • Do brush daily. • Do provide a dental chew daily. • Do have yearly visits with your vet to consider professional dental cleanings. • Do consult the VOHC for approved dental products. • Don’t consume anything that you can break their own teeth on. If you can, your pets can break their teeth too –avoid hard plastic chew bones, deer antler chews, ice cubes, cage bars, etc. • Don’t use human toothpaste. Allow your furry best friend to have bad teeth? It not only points to looking cosmetically unpleasing – what seems like a case of bad breath could be the first sign to a bigger problem. So the next time you catch a whiff of Fido’s or Fluffy’s breath, be sure to take a moment and pay some serious attention: their teeth may need more help than you think. •

MARCH 2019


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Indoors for traction, and outdoors for year ‘round protection from heat, snow, and allergens! Sock-based solution for comfort, normal walking, and very easily adaptable. To date, over 130,000 dogs are enjoying them in 55 countries.

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et Lifestyles asked Dr. Brett Shorenstein, Medical Director and Partner, Abington Square Veterinary Clinic to give us some pointers on recognizing the symptoms of allergies as the season’s change. A roll in the grass or a hike in the woods may bring home more than a good time together, so read on for some practical tips on keeping your pet safe and healthy this Spring. Allergies are unfortunately quite common in dogs and with the Spring /Summer season on the horizon, pet owners should be aware of what to look out for. The most common signs of allergies are itchiness, licking paws, red/inflamed skin, and ear infections. In some cases, a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, or wheezing may be noted. The three most common causes of allergies in dogs are food allergy, flea allergy and atopy (environmental allergy) in no particular order. First, your veterinarian will rule out fleas as a cause for itchiness. Fleas can be ruled out by examining the skin for parasites. Your dog should already be on a flea preventive year-round. Once fleas have been ruled out, a strict 10-week hypoallergenic diet trial will commence. Unfortunately, there are no validated blood tests to rule out food allergy, therefore, you have to go through the strict diet trial – that means only the prescription diet and hypoallergenic treats – this can be a big adjustment for most families. Once a food allergy is ruled out, environmental allergy testing can begin. The gold-standard in dogs remains skin allergy testing, however, the blood allergy testing (much easier to do) continues to improve. There are many treatments for environmental allergies including over the counter antihistamines, veterinary specific itch blocking medications and even allergy vaccines which allow the immune system to develop a tolerance for specific allergens. Bottom line – if your dog appears itchy – get to your veterinarian. • Abingdon Square Veterinary Clinic provides full-service medical, surgical, and dental care for dogs and cats in the neighborhoods of West Village, Greenwich Village, Chelsea, SoHo, TriBeCa, and the rest of lower Manhattan for preventive medicine, wellness care, geriatric care, and dental care. You can reach Dr. Brett Shorenstein and his team at 212 242 9169 or come in to the Clinic at 130 West 10th Street. Email 32 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

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ased on the belief that human wellness is directly related to animal wellness, Fauna Care, a breakthrough in pet care, was launched to help and heal all of our furry, fuzzy and scaly friends. Pet Lifestyles sat down with Fauna Care founder, David Ball, to learn about his journey into animal wellness. “I found my motivation for creating the brand in my love for my own family and the importance that animals have always played in our happiness. My career has been motivated by entrepreneurship and the ability to connect that with my passion for animals has been truly rewarding. Pets have always played an important role in our family. Currently we have five cats, a dog, a gecko and we previously owned a horse. Our passion for pets made us well aware of animal care and the critical need to have effective, easy to use products available to all pet owners. When I was fortunate enough to find products I could really believe in, we launched Fauna Care to be a leader in animal wellness. We started with a focus on healthy skin and wound care because of the common issues many pet and pet caregivers face in this category.” What makes the Fauna Care line unique? “We are focused on having the most amount of active ingredients in our products and having them in a painless spray form to be easy for the caregiver and comfortable for the animals. The product stays in place and provides a painless, effective moisture barrier which kills bacteria, fights infection, and promotes a healthy, healing environment.” The Fauna Care products are patented, and the formulas are proprietary. They were developed through science and created out of passion for healing and care. Part of the uniqueness of the formulas allow the products to penetrate hair and fur without having to shave or alter the affected area. When you compare the products to others in the category, the difference is stark. Fauna Care provides much more active product for the money as well as no alcohol or irritating surfactants. Most other products rely on formulas containing over 90% water, which ends up serving as little more than a wash.

The current line up consists of four products: Silver Spray, Antifungal, Condition + Protect, and First Aid Fauna Care Silver Spray is the only Silver + Zinc sprayable combo on the market today. The healing powers of silver and zinc are well known and make the product useful for a multitude of conditions such as hot spots, scratches, wounds, post-op sites and general skin care. This spray speeds healing and eliminates infection…fast. Fauna Care Antifungal Spray uses the power of ketoconazole to solve and manage a wide variety of itch and fungal conditions. Fauna Care Condition + Protect Spray is great for general skin care and conditioning. It’s amazing for rough, dry patches and skin that is in the later stages of the healing process. Fauna Care First Aid Spray adds bacitracin to the formula for immediate treatment of any skin condition, wound, or irritated area. David Ball and the Fauna Care team want all pet owners to have an opportunity to treat their animal’s skin as well as or better than their own. “Our products represent a new perspective on preventative, restorative and healing for the animal skin care category. We believe all animals deserve the very best. It is important to me personally and I KNOW these products work as I have used them on all of my family members including the pets.” Fauna Care addresses most general and common skin and wound conditions. Please consult with a Veterinarian for extreme cases where medical care may be required. For more insights into Fauna Care and how these breakthrough products can help you and your pet go to www. MARCH 2019




arie Kondo might be 2019’s genius in the art of tidying, but when it comes to being a cat parent, the question of discovering what creates joy in one’s home might be different when considering your cat’s needs as well. After all, our feline friends have fur for clothing and accessories that need to be in paw’s reach. Not all cats shed equally; many of my clients with several cats have no issues at all, but a few struggle to keep up with the cat hair in their lives. Between running a feline veterinary practice in Manhattan ( and having 4 cats at home, cats are always my focus in each space I inhabit. Beyond having a lint roller accessible for the hint of cat fluff on my all-black fashion choices, there are a few ways that might improve shedding if it has become a problem in your home. Groom your cat regularly. Be it daily or weekly, it’s a good idea to brush your cat – not only will it help you bond with each other, but you will save them quite a few hairballs over the years. Each cat is unique, so if your cat is starting to leave hair everywhere, it needs some extra help grooming (this can also happen as cats age and tend to get more lazy, or in the summers when shedding is more pronounced). Remember, not all cats enjoy a rough brush. Some like soft silicone bristles and a gentle brushing motion, while others may prefer stiff bristles with more force than you’d ever let your hair stylist use! When you first begin, approach grooming sessions with tenderness; usually they will become quite infatuated with brushing given some time. Of course, long haired cats are another factor and should be brushed more often to prevent matting. Don’t wait too long to begin their grooming rituals; if a cat does become matted it can be painful for them. Pet groomers can also do beautiful work with “lion cuts” or a trim down. Their coats can grow slowly, so be careful about shaving them near fall and winter months if you live in a cold climate. 34 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2019

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Find throws that match your furniture and hide your cat’s hair color. If your cat is a shedder, consider their coat’s color when buying furniture unless you don’t mind the upkeep. A plush throw can also be used to neatly cover an armchair seat cushion in a way that will make it look like part of the furniture. Besides, cats love the feel of blankets in faux fur, fleece, and sherpa style fabrics – and we have to consider their joy when decorating as well! If you like wood furniture, note that dark colors show more dust, so maybe spring for painted woods in light colors. Throws that cover chair cushions can also be easily tossed in a closet when guests are arriving, leaving a hair-free seat that won’t embarrass! If you’re in doubt about what colors are a good match, go with colors and patterns in neutral, earthy tones. Overall, I have found that faux fur in any color hides cat hair very well. Utilize the color of your floors and rugs. When replacing flooring or buying rugs, keep in mind the flooring color will significantly hide or accentuate all manner of dirt and hair. Have you ever noticed how dirty white tiled floors look compared to a neutral stone like travertine? When I had a nice honey colored wood floor, it conveniently masked everything and needed little upkeep. Now that I have a dark wood floor I am unhappily sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping more than I ever have in the past. If you want a dark rug the same rule goes. Generally, a patterned rug will mask better than a solid color; and a looser knit, longer, or faux fur rug will hide debris better than a tighter knit, solid rug with nowhere for particles to hide. Utilize the character of your living space. When I lived in Brooklyn I had a wonderful apartment shaped in a railroad design. One odd advantage was in its cleanliness factor because it was sloped a bit and the cat hair and dust fell nicely along one side. This imperfection made cleaning so easy and has since left me missing those days in that lovely, slanted living space. Lighting strategy can also be used to show or conceal a shedding situation. Use candlelight and lamps instead of overhead lighting if you’re trying to draw attention away from imperfections in a hurry. Sunlight has been (unfortunately) very motivating for me to clean the dark floors I live with now – but at night I use dim lighting and never notice the issue.

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Invest in a robot vacuum. If you have an architecturally sound space that doesn’t slope like an old Brownstone in NYC, then investing in a robot vacuum might save you a great deal of cleaning effort. Some models can be put on a schedule and map out your rooms efficiently, and even self-empty their cannisters. Cheaper models are worth a go as well, they just might take a bit longer to get every corner. With automated vacuuming, it will also encourage you to organize cat accessories and clutter on the floors more regularly, since these vacuums won’t work well if they get caught on Tiger’s favorite toy rat. When in doubt, take your cat to the vet. If you start to notice your cat is obsessively grooming herself, or showing signs of excessive hair loss, bald patches, or other sores on her skin, it’s time to go to the vet. Over-grooming and issues with hair loss in cats can sometimes be symptoms of things like stress, pain, allergies, nutritional issues, or other skin conditions that may require the help of your veterinarian. Arielle Bennett and Dr. Eric Dougherty, DVM are The Cat Practice, veterinarians just for cats. For more information, go to • MARCH 2019

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xyfresh makes pet home dental care easy! Their Pet Dental Water Additive doesn’t just mask pet bad breath, it safely eliminates it at the source. When it comes to pet fresh breath and overall dental health, this non-toxic solution to freshen breath for dogs and cats is a must-have for every pet parent. By the age of three, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease which can take years off of a pet’s life. That’s why Oxyfresh developed this innovative pet dental water additive. It safely and effectively cleans your pet’s teeth and gums, protecting them from periodontal disease, plaque, gingivitis and freshens bad cat and dog breath. And it’s recommended by vets. Oxyfresh has a patented blend of Oxygene® and zinc to safely eliminate bacteria that causes bad pet breath and also remove plaque buildup and protect gums. Unlike other brands, Oxyfresh pet dental water additive is completely tasteless and odorless so even the pickiest dogs or cats can’t detect it. We love pets, so we are glad all of the Oxyfresh formulas are completely safe for cats and dogs.


Oxyfresh no brush solution to pet dental care. A pet parent must have that’s vet approved. And sure to please the pickiest fur kid.


• FRESH BREATH – Your chance to finally say good-bye to pet bad breath with fast-acting patented Oxygene®. This doesn’t just mask bad pet breath, it safely neutralizes it at the source. • CLEAN TEETH AND GUMS – Just adding a small amount to your pet’s water every day is the easiest way to clean pet’s teeth, fight periodontal disease, and strengthen their gum tissue. • IMPROVES PET DENTAL HEALTH – Oxyfresh’s innovative and proprietary blend of safe, effective ingredients has been supporting and boosting pet health for over 30 years. • SAFE FOR CATS AND DOGS – Oxyfresh brings pet parents the safest way to stop pet bad breath with no harsh chemicals, additives, xylitol, mints, tea tree, clove oils, alcohol, masking agents, etc. 100% non-toxic, it’s made with ingredients that matter for your pet’s dental health and fresh breath. • NO BRUSHING REQUIRED – It’s so easy, just add a capful to your pet’s drinking water each day. • PETS LOVE IT BECAUSE IT IS ODORLESS AND TASTELESS – Oxyfresh Pet Dental Water Additive is undetectable so even the pickiest pets won’t even know it’s there. • VETERINARIAN RECOMMENDED – For over 30 years, vets have loved and recommended the innovative pet care products from Oxyfresh. • 64 SERVINGS – Bulk size servings help pet parents save money. • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Oxyfresh believes in their products, paws down. They are unmatched for excellence and effectiveness and backed by a 30-day 100% money back guarantee (minus the cost of shipping.) A must for every pet parent concerned with their dental health of their four-legged best friend. •

MARCH 2019

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