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BETH STERN To The Rescue

MORE THAN 4,100 CATS AND DOGS ARE KILLED IN OUR NATION’S SHELTERS EVERY DAY. But they aren’t just cats and dogs. They are Beans and Mr. Buttons. Princess and Barkley. They are Lulu who is afraid of the vacuum cleaner, and George who loves cheese. They are impromptu serenaders and accidental stunt men. They snore. They play. They hate baths, but love the hose. They like car rides and drooling on the window. They are three-legged race champions and curtain ninjas. They are tail-waggers and sloppy kissers. They are close talkers and belly rub collectors. They are blanket hogs and entire bed hogs. They are individuals. And they just want to be someone’s best friend. One at a time, together, we can Save Them All.

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PET LIFESTYLES 4 Letter from the Editor 20 Letter from the Mayor’s Alliance 22 WizSmart The Perfect Pee Pad

PET FUN 16 Chase & Papi Parties for People and Pets

PET FASHION 18 Spring Pet Fashion Looks – Casual to Couture

PET WELLNESS (877) 780-5371

24 Kim Freeman Certified Canine Massage Therapy 26 The Bonehouse Natural Pet Destination 28 Dr. Rachel Barrack Animal Acupuncture



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Lori Zelenko with Bikini, my Pekingese, and Annabelle, my ShihTzu. So lucky these two rescued me. ©

Vol. 1 #1 | March 2018 President / Publisher BILL MASON Editor Lori Zelenko Art Director Eric Duncan Contributing Writers Nicole Bressi Felicia Czochanski Kim Freeman Steve Gruber Elyise Hallenbeck Aleena McIlvaine Crystal C. Long Judith Moskowitz Jaclyn Waller Executive Vice President of Sales LYLE SELTZER

WITH A WOOF AND A PURR! It’s Spring so we’re starting fresh with the first issue of PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE. Naturally thrilled to have the amazing Beth Stern on the cover, we couldn’t be prouder of her work with North Shore Animal League America. What better way to kick off our new venture, a fun and informative lifestyle discussion about all that’s wild and wonderful about owning a pet. From celebrity interviews, even Ellen DeGeneres weighs in on nurturing furry four legged friends, to fashion statements and doctor discussions, we’re about sharing all that is true, kind and caring about the animals who enrich our lives. We’re more than just a walk in the Park. PET LIFESTYLES has plans to go the distance. Flip through our pages. Reach out to us to tell us what YOU want to hear. Show us some love. Signing off then, for now, with a woof and a purr...

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-Lori Zelenko


Cover Photo by Howard Stern

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Beth Stern

HER WORK WITH NORTH SHORE ANIMAL LEAGUE AMERICA By Crystal C. Long and Lori Zelenko | Photos by Howard Stern

eginning with the love of Bianca the Bulldog, Beth Stern has expanded her efforts to include rescue dogs, cats, puppies and kittens through her work with North Shore Animal League America. Together with her husband, Howard Stern (famed “shock jock”), they’ve saved the lives of more than 500 felines with Smudge being the latest foster to join the family. HER FELINE FAMILY

You can’t talk about celebrities and animal advocacy without talking about Beth Stern. Not only is she a TV personality, and New York Times Best Selling author, she is also an animal rights activist, having rescued over 500 felines with her husband, radio personality Howard Stern. The Pittsburgh native’s love for animals started from a young age, “I grew up with dogs and cats and guinea pigs and chickens. My entire family loves animals. It’s in my blood. We treat our pets like they are members of the family.” she told New York Lifestyle Magazine. Stern’s affection for animals is endless, but she certainly has a special spot in her heart for cats – yes folks, she is a cat lady. Just the most elegant and graceful cat lady ever. It all started when she adopted the celebrity couple’s first litter just before they were about to be euthanized, and they never looked back − the two currently care for numerous cats in their home: five permanent residents at Casa de Stern and their adorable fosters. 6 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2018


It is this passion that made Stern the perfect spokeswoman for North Shore Animal League America (NSALA), the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. Being an active volunteer, a caring foster parent, and their national spokesperson for more than a decade, Stern has been recognized largely by the public for her involvement and advocacy for animals. She remembers the moment she got involved with this important organization vividly, “I was asked by my modelling agency if I would donate my time by walking in a runway show wearing couture gowns and carrying adoptable puppies for North Shore Animal League America.” she shares with heartfelt excitement. “I remember that day like it was yesterday. I didn’t leave the runway until every puppy was adopted. I then accepted an invitation to visit their campus and I started volunteering immediately.” And when we say active volunteer, we really do mean ACTIVE – in 2016 alone, Stern coordinated the adoption of 150 cats and kittens. She reviews each and every adoptionrequest and goes through the entire process, including meeting the adopters and delivering the cats to their new forever homes. As Stern tells us “It’s truly my purpose in life. It fulfills me. I’ve been fostering cats and kittens for almost four years now and have nurtured and found homes for over 500. Our foster room is filled with seven kittens now and I always have at least one adult foster and special needs ones as well.”


However, it wasn’t until the death of the Stern’s English bulldog Bianca in 2012 that she stepped up her efforts in animal rescue. “When Bianca passed, I knew I had the time to dedicate to North Shore Animal League America. Bianca was a fulltime job. She had so many issues and demanded all my time. I’ve been able to foster and raise funds to plan a 15,000 sq. ft. expansion called Bianca’s Furry Friends. It is an expansion onto NSALA’s existing shelter where there will be an entire floor dedicated to a cagefree environment for the felines and thus opening the entire downstairs for adult dogs and puppy mill rescues. This rewarding project cannot be better for our feline friends (and our canine friends too!). The key thing is this: more lives will be saved, and isn’t this what every animal-lover in the world wants?’

With so many animals-in-need, the effort to rescue them all is not easy, and even Stern has her ups and downs when it comes to rescuing. However, once you see those cute little eyes shining with happiness from being rescued – it makes it all worth it. “It’s very hard saying goodbye to my fosters once they are ready for their forever homes. But, I immediately go to NSALA and to find more who need me. Adopting from a shelter saves two lives. The one you are bringing home and you are opening space for another who is in need.” Stern determinedly states.


Her passionate dedication to her work with North Shore Animal League America carries over into her personal life. She and Howard share the same love for these four-legged cuties and tells us her favorite moments with them. “Mornings are my favorite time of day with my husband and our resident cats. Howard loves to groom our cats and it’s become a part of our morning routine. The cats love the attention. We love being with them.” However, the couple’s first pet, Bianca, the bulldog, will forever hold a special place in their hearts. “Everything about Bianca made me smile. She was the greatest. I miss that fat bulldog!! She was our child.” Showered with affection constantly, the celebrity couple’s cats are the luckiest felines! Stern tells us how she shows their cats they adore them, “Overfeeding! Ha! It’s true, though. My resident cats all could lose a few! We love taking care of them. They are our children.”


Stern’s efforts with North Shore Animal League America could not be more instrumental in saving the lives of animals in need. “We are always accepting donations. We are building a feline wellness center and will need funds to keep it going. There is a link on www. to donate.” She lastly declares, “Always visit a local shelter when you are thinking of expanding your furry family. There are so many incredible animals just waiting to be loved. We get so many cats and dogs whose owners have passed or have moved away. They are perfect pets, waiting for a new beginning. Never overlook the adults. They are the best!!” From all of us animal lovers in New York and beyond: thank you Beth Stern for all your contributions! • MARCH 2018



Andy Cohen


n Emmy winning television host and producer, Andy Cohen captivates late-night audiences with his talk show, “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” Missouri-born Cohen is also famous for being a dog lover, as witnessed by his beloved fur-baby, Wacha, a sweet and oh-so-gorgeous beagle-foxhound mix that often makes appearances on Andy’s TV show. Wacha was adopted by the television star on October 18, 2013 from a West Virginia kill shelter (oh lucky boy!). Cohen tells us how he showers his furry friend with love and why he cares for Wacha more than anything! WELCOMING WACHA

You can expect things to change when you welcome your new furry family member. In Cohen’s case, Wacha completely changed his world − for the better of course. “Wacha has completely opened up my heart. Before I adopted him, I felt like I was becoming way too self-centered. Wacha’s given me something to focus on and care for besides myself!” he lightheartedly told New York Lifestyles Magazine. Yes, having a dog can bring you so much joy and wonderful memories. There is nothing better than snuggling up to your furry pooch and getting lots of kisses and love – it’s priceless. As Cohen states “Nothing beats seeing his cute face and wagging tail when I walk through the door after a long day. Seriously, he’s so cute and SUCH a good cuddler. Those are probably my favorite moments with him – just cuddling up on the couch.” These are the moments every dog owner lives for.


From being couch potatoes to doing extreme sports with our pups, we humans are inseparable from our pets. Often, it’s the little things we do for our pets that show how much we love them. Even a celebrity like Cohen knows that sometimes, it’s the tiniest things that show the biggest love (and I think Wacha would agree) “Wacha really likes going to the beach, so when the weather’s nice we do that. Sometimes we’ll go on longer walks than normal, or I’ll give him an extra treat. I’ll also let him give me extra kisses every now and then, too – because how can you resist that face?”


Why not make March the month to show your pets how love renews your bond? And Cohen already has it planned, “It’ll still be cold out, so we’ll probably snuggle up on the couch and give a few extra cuddles to each other – have I mentioned how much I love cuddling with Wacha?” However, we must remember that not all pets are as lucky as Cohen’s – organizations like Purina and their campaign #DogThanking are incredibly valuable, and thanks to dog-lovers like Cohen, we can give back and help, and that my friend, is what life’s about! 8 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2018

“The campaign ended on November 26 and as a result of the Purina #DogThanking campaign Purina is proud to donate $25,000 to to help support their ongoing efforts to aid pets and their owners in their recovery from this year’s hurricanes.” Crystal is a lifestyle journalist residing in NYC. An avid animal lover, she has owned numerous pets throughout her life. Also a foodie, Crystal enjoys exploring different types of cuisines. Her writing has appeared in Time Out Hong Kong,, Spirito diVino Asia, and Follow her on Twitter @Pistachioisme.




Do you know what’s in your pet’s food? Purina tracks and inspects every ingredient so it’s 100% safe and you can lead a worry-free, healthy life together. That’s big.


Purina trademarks are owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.


Ellen DeGeneres



ith a household full of rescue pets, Ellen DeGeneres is thrilled to collaborate with PetSmart in designing just about everything dog and cat could desire. Through the platform she has built with comedy, she is working with PetSmart to spread the word about the importance of rescuing pets and the joy they bring to pet parents everywhere. PET PLEASER

Who doesn’t love Ellen? One of TV’s favorite personalities, Ellen DeGeneres brings messages of happiness and positive energy to all through her show and now through her sophisticated PetSmart collections. Inspired by her own dogs and cats, her pet products include everything from scratching posts to woven beds. With natural colors and classy designs, each quality piece of the collaboration is sure to please each member of our fur families.


Ellen’s love for animals began in childhood and has stayed with her ever since. With trademark humor, she says “I can barely contain how excited I am to be working with PetSmart. My dogs and I have been running in circles for hours.” Her dog and cat lines offer stylish pet products with a message. Many of the products feature such words as “love” or phrases like, “take life one toy at a time.” Ellen’s goal is to send positive energy out into the world and so she does with her collection. A dog’s bandana or a cat’s toy basket from Ellen’s PetSmart collection can be a friendly reminder to smile. Ellen’s work life is hectic but home is where her heart is. With the company of her three dogs and three cats, Ellen and her wife, Portia (actress, Portia de Rossi) have devoted much of their time to rescuing these members of their furry family. Among her animals, is Wolf, a Maltese-Poodle mix, whom Ellen brought from the streets of Mexico into the United States. The neglected pup was being publicly mistreated, so Ellen took action. Her Jack Russel mix, Augie also was in need of special care when adopted from an L.A. shelter. Augie required tender, personalized attention and training. For Ellen, the reward she gets from her fur children, Wolf, Augie, and all of her animals, is simply love, she’s proud to see them gain strength and confidence in a nurturing environment. 10 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2018


Keeping up with all of the animals Ellen and Portia have in their life is a joyful task. Each has a unique personality and their own set of quirks. But all enjoy a good workout. Ellen and Portia love to exercise their dogs on long walks, scenic hikes, and even at the barn where Portia rides horses daily, giving their dogs a chance to socialize and burn off excess energy. Their pups are often documented on the couple’s Instagram accounts, along with a trove of kitty antics. With a house full of critters, the couple often alludes to their bed being taken over by their four-legged companions. Ellen’s dream has always been to fill a home with rescue pets and she is making that dream come true every day.


As a child, Ellen dreamed of being a vet and she’s surrounded herself with animals ever since. Though she’s devoted herself to comedy, she’s never taken a break from helping animals. Through her TV comedy and her PetSmart collections, she spreads positive messages of love and happiness. Ellen and Portia’s animals have become celebrities in their own right, gaining exposure through entertaining snapshots posted to social media. As we follow their lives on Instagram, it’s apparent that Ellen’s furry family is truly living the good life in their California home. • Hailing from New England, Jaclyn Waller is a recent college graduate with a BA in Communications from Manhattan’s Pace University. Currently a writer, she possesses a strong fashion and arts background as a model, actress, impressionist painter, and former Assistant Lifestyle Editor of Mood of Living.


Kristin Chenoweth with her dog Thunder


eading a busy life as a Broadway and film star, Kristin Chenoweth has found solace in her rescue dog, Thunder. As a Remember Me Thursday ambassador, Kristin is using her platform to give a voice to the voiceless. LIFE WITH THUNDER

With her award-winning voice, Kristin Chenoweth has graced the Broadway stage delightfully charming her way into our hearts; she’s been a hit too in Hollywood, with popular roles in movies, and TV (“Pushing Daisies”.) But her star turns as Glinda the Good Witch in Wicked, and Sally Brown in You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown have made Broadway magic. But she uses her voice not to just to entertain but to inform. She speaks for animals in need through her work with Remember Me Thursday, an organization dedicated to bringing shelter pets together with forever homes. Kristin recently adopted her adorable pup, Thunder, and now, they are inseparable. She describes Thunder as the ideal travel companion, “She is perfect. She just lays there in my arms.” We can always expect to see adorable Thunder updates on Instagram; the video of her chasing her own tail is a hit! Kristin says, “I don’t think I can imagine a world where people don’t get Thunder updates, whether they want them or not.”


As a Remember Me Thursday ambassador, Kristin offers this advice on adopting pets from a shelter rather than purchasing from a store, “I understand the temptation because you know, I love to shop and if I walk by a pet store in a mall, it’s very heartwarming and sweet, but really, it’s not great that we have that. So, there are lots of dogs that need homes, and there’s lots of older dogs too…and they just need someone to love ‘em.” It is true that through adoption, Kristin has changed Thunder’s life. In return, Thunder gives her unconditional love and support. Kristin says, “I just can’t imagine my life without her. I mean she brings me such happiness. Just last night, I was packing and she was just watching me. I was really not wanting to do it; this whole process of unpacking and packing, and she was just looking at me like ‘I’m here.’ It’s just so lovely to never feel like you’re by yourself.” 12 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2018


Kristin’s love for animals goes back to her childhood. She grew up with dogs, a cat, and a bird named Johann Sebastian Bach. But it doesn’t stop there; many of her relatives were farmers, allowing her to fall in love with all types of farm animals. So, it’s no wonder Kristin is rarely seen without Thunder in tow. Thunder is quite the traveler, noting that she is particularly fond of Cabo San Lucas, the Mexican resort just a quick hop from L.A. Kristin says, “Getting to go in the ocean, and to splash around in the pool whenever she’s hot…she’s just a Queen bee there.” And Thunder’s travel essentials? Her expandable bowl, food, and treats! Kristin would love to grow her furry family, however her constantly on the go lifestyle restricts her from doing so. And when she can’t bring Thunder along for the trip? She only trusts a handful of friends and her assistant, Seph, to look after the pup.


Kristin describes Thunder as her emotional support animal, and she is exactly that. In return, Kristin spoils her with love and affection. They travel the world together, dipping their toes (and paws!) in the ocean. When they aren’t soaking up the sun in Cabo, Kristin finds herself busy with her career. In the face of exhaustion, it is those loving glances from Thunder that console Kristin. After all, “The love that you get from an animal is unconditional.” It is this love that has inspired Kristin to work with Remember me Thursday in raising awareness for pet adoptions. Hailing from New England, Jaclyn Waller is a recent college graduate with a BA in Communications from Manhattan’s Pace University. Currently a writer, she possesses a strong fashion and arts background as a model, actress, impressionist painter, and former Assistant Lifestyle Editor of Mood of Living.


A rich, single origin BREW FOR YOU

a bbl of food




John O’Hurley


e all fell in love with John O’Hurley for his roles as J. Peterman, Elaine’s unconventional boss, on Seinfeld, and for the last 16 years, we have watched him host The National Dog Show every Thanksgiving Day. We tune in like clockwork to see our favorite breeds strut their stuff, and with equal enthusiasm, we tune in for John’s commentary. Famously funny, no one is better to host such an iconic family event than he is. In fact, there was no other host in mind for the job. He recalls never searching for the opportunity, but rather the opportunity coming to him. It was in the form of a phone call between John O’Hurley and Jon Miller, the NBC head of sports programming, which got Purina and The Kennel Club of Philadelphia on board. The National Dog Show hosted by John O’Hurley was the perfect fit to follow the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. With almost 200 different breeds participating, and 30 million viewers watching, not many events are as iconic. A PASSION FOR DOGS

From years of experience rooted in a passion for dogs, John O’Hurley has come to be a reliable source of information and a voice for animals. Through his platforms, John is actively promoting healthy pets. He shares tips for dog owners, expressing great emphasis on avoiding such issues as dehydration and obesity. He also advocates making time for play and attention. With dogs of his own, there doesn’t seem to be a time when he isn’t surrounded by loveable canines. This has always been true, noting that John grew up around dogs, and is actively building a similar upbringing for his son, William. Let’s not forget that John is also a best selling author, inviting us to indulge in a selection of playful and mischievous doggy literature. Employing his notorious humor, John serves up life lessons learned from none other than, dogs!


It is no wonder John is so knowledgeable about dogs. After all, The National Dog Show features thousands of them every year! So naturally, it was the perfect fit for him to join evine in presenting 14 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2018

Pet Shoppe. With an emphasis on fun, Pet Shoppe offers smart and affordable products for pets, as well as their owners. Some particularly notable items would have to be the LED Dog Leash for those late night walks and even Balcony Dog Houses! Of course, in true John O’Hurley fashion, each show presents us with a feature breed. It is a goal of John’s to offer the best products and advice tailored to specific breeds, and even tailored to our feline friends! So, with exciting products like these, a live showcase of diverse pups, and a passionate host, it is no wonder the program is so well received with new viewers every segment.


When it comes to dogs, few are more familiar than John O’Hurley. Whether he’s taking us backstage at The National Dog Show or shopping with us on evine, he shares with us remarkable knowledge accompanied by a remarkable passion. The love he has for dogs is contagious and ought to be. He advocates for the best quality care and upmost appreciation for our furry friends as we “are the most important thing to them”. There is a reason why dogs are man’s best friend, after all. •



ensing the missing link in the social world of dogs and their owners, Desh Valcin decided “chic and cool” was the path to follow. So, she unleashed Chase & Papi named for her two dogs and invited NYC’s pet parents to come party with their dogs in a responsible and sophisticated way. What was missing in the dog socializing world, Desh Valcin thought, was “chic and cool.” Sure the park— Central or other locale—was fine but what if the owner wanted to relax with a glass of wine in their hand? Or have a pro supervise their pup while they chatted up other equally loving pet parents? That’s when Chase & Papi came to be two years to socialize in a sophisticated way with their dogs. Each party has a theme. For instance, in February Chase & Papi event centered around Denim and Diamonds. There’s also been Chanel and even a wine tasting evening. Destinations for these Yappy Hour gatherings have ranged from lofts to luxury lobbies of dog-friendly buildings to a photo studio and a rooftop. And the crowd? Men, women of all ages. Desh also shares “we are very LGBT-friendly.” People learn about the events through the grapevine or maybe discover them on the internet. About 50 guests are the average at each party.


Guests must sign a waiver taking full responsibility for their dog’s behavior. Aggressive dogs are not welcome, but there is no breed discrimination. This discourages the irresponsible owner, but such a personality is not typically in the mix at a Chase & Papi event. Trainers and dog sitters mingle throughout the group at these events assuring that all dogs are well behaved. It’s helpful for guests, even dog-free individuals who are not living in a dogfriendly environment. 16 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

Guests at a Chase and Papi event: partying with their pooches.


Food for pets and owners is plentiful at a Chase & Papi gathering plus cocktails, and entertainment creates a fun time for all. Dogs are small and large, a good mix who mingle easily without incident. Although founder Desh does not customcater birthday parties for pampered pooches, she is focused on these luxury dog events drawing on her background as an event planner creating soirees she feels comfortable attending. She named the business after her two dogs, Chase, a Maltese-Schnauzer mix, and Papi, a Chihuahua. “I am a big dog lover and a social person. And I love cocktails. So it was only natural I’d find a way to combine all my favorite things. I started Chase & Papi as dog events were what I’d call unpolished, they needed luxury and glamour.” So far, Desh’s professional polish is indeed a welcome change for New York pet parents and even those who don’t own a dog who just enjoy partying with pups. For more information on Chase & Pap Events, visit Next up is their Spring Fling on April 21st, check online for more details.• Lori Zelenko continues to reveal her insights and experiences with pets in the city and country too, now as the Editor of Pet Lifestyles Magazine. Devoted dog parent to a rescue Pekingese (Bikini) and ShihTzu (Annabelle) she is committed to sharing all that helps improve the well-being of pets everywhere. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest in what’s trending for our furry four-legged friends. Email lori@ questions, requests, or just your thoughts on how you’re living with your pets today. Signing off with a woof and a purr!

MARCH 2018




ometimes your best accessory is a stylish pup. We’re dishing the latest styles for spring that will have your four-legged bestie strutting their stuff, making Fifth Avenue their turn on the catwalk. Taking cues from stylish New York City-based celebs - Chrissy Teigen, Lady Gaga and Katherine Heigl - Spring 2018 is the perfect time to update Fifi or Fido’s wardrobe. From redcarpet-ready couture to casualwear perfect for a walk in the park, there is something to make every fur baby’s tail wag this season. NATURALLY NAUTICAL

Spring style wouldn’t be complete without a coordinated collar and leash; the perfect accessory in snappy prints from newcomer Neptune & Co. anieves-exquisites



Want your pet to be redcarpet-ready this Spring? Couture from Chihuahua maven Ada Nieves is the way to go.




As glamorous as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, these beautiful Boston Terriers model pearls from Moshiqa in grand style.

Bad Tags give your sassy pup a chance to show a little attitude. Cute sayings on the front with pet parents info on the back make these tags practical and playful.

Every dog should get suited up on occasion. I Heart Dogs outfits our canine companions in charming bow tie collars in Springtime shades.

Tropical flowers adorn the Rio bandanna from Lucy and Co. Perfect for scouting out Spring adventures. Limited edition so get this one while it’s hot.


Give your best friend some comfortable wiggle-room with a stylish harness this spring. Buddy models his favorite Buddy Belt in Mount Fuji, a perfect for Spring pastel.


Nothing like a cozy sweater in a precious shade of pink to take the chill off those early Spring days. Royal Animals cable knits are soft, pretty, and warm. 18 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2018

REAL FOOD. (FOR DOGS) Fresh, vet-developed meals delivered directly to your door. Get 20% off your two-week trial at


©James Tobias



ince 2003, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals (the Alliance) has been on a mission to save the lives of NYC’s most at-risk homeless shelter animals. The Alliance has provided strategic services, resources, and programs that have increased the live release rate at Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC). Working in partnership with NYC’s municipal shelter system, Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC), and approximately 150 other Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs) comprised of shelters and rescues, the Alliance has dramatically increased adoptions communitywide, strengthened the operations of the Alliance partner shelters and rescue groups, and educated the public about trap-neuter-return (TNR) and community cats. The collective efforts of community collaboration have yielded impressive results over the past 14 years, increasing NYC’s live release rate from under 25% in 2003 to over 90% in 2017.


Today, the Alliance remains committed to its original mission—to transform New York City into a community where no healthy or treatable dogs and cats are killed merely because they do not have homes. Thanks to its key programs, which remain the core focus of its work, the Alliance has saved more than 320,000 animals since 2003.


Operating seven days a week, nearly 365 days a year, Wheels of Hope is the only animal transportation program in NYC that transports animals free of charge for shelters and rescue groups within a seven-hour radius of NYC. The program serves hundreds of rescues and shelters, and moves over 12,000 animals annually. Since 2005, the Wheels of Hope have carried nearly 120,000 animals on their first steps to new lives and families. The importance of this program is enormous—dogs and cats are moved out of their cages at ACC more quickly, increasing the chances that these animals will remain healthy and quickly adopted. Moreover, senior pets and fragile young kittens are removed from the shelter quickly, lessening the chance that their delicate immune systems will cause them to become sick, and potentially prohibit them from being accepted into a rescue. The Wheels of Hope transport program also helps Certified TNR Caretakers (trained by our NYC Feral Cat Initiative) by providing free transport for trapped cats to and from their spay/neuter appointments, and free trap loan delivery. As a result, these efforts help put a stop to the endless breeding cycle of community cats, thereby reducing feline intake at the shelters. 20 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2018


The NYC Feral Cat Initiative (NYCFCI) is an Alliance program that is committed to solving NYC’s feral and stray community cat overpopulation crisis through the humane, non-lethal method of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Tens of thousands of street cats live in the alleyways, backyards, and outdoor spaces of New York City. Because these cats are not socialized to humans, they are not candidates for adoption, and most adult feral cats taken in at city shelters are euthanized. In addition, the breeding of these street cats results in more kittens entering the shelters—taking away homes that would otherwise go to the adult cats already there. The NYCFCI supports the efforts of organizations and individuals who work to help stray and feral community cats through TNR, ensuring stray and feral cats are humanely trapped, evaluated, given a rabies vaccination, left eartipped, spayed or neutered by a veterinarian, and then returned to the familiar habitat of their original colony. Tame cats and kittens young enough to be socialized are removed for adoption placement in permanent indoor homes. The NYCFCI provides a range of free services and resources to TNR caretakers and community cats. One of the most impactful services involves hosting between 25-30 TNR Certification Workshops annually, in addition to 12-15 Strength Training Workshops, focusing on specialized skills, including kitten bottle feeding, kitten taming, shelter building, infection control, neighbor relations, becoming a 501(c)(3), and more. The NYCFCI also provides advice to the general public and TNR caretakers by phone and e-mail; feline educational information via its website and printed materials; community outreach, including presentations and event tabling; free equipment loans; transport of traps to and from TNR sites and transport of cats to and from spay/neuter appointments; free spay and neuter; cat food and cat shelter giveaways; and hands-on TNR assistance.


The Alliance presents several large adoption events each year, all with the common goal of finding homes for New York City’s homeless cats, dogs, and rabbits. In addition to offering pet adoptions, many of these events also feature low-cost microchipping, dog licensing, and other services that promote responsible pet ownership. All of these events are family-friendly and fun. Adoptapalooza, NYC’s original mega pet adoption event and the Alliance’s signature event—presented in partnership with the Petco Foundation, has become a NYC icon, bringing together 300-400 dogs, cats, and rabbits for adoption from up to 40 different rescue groups and shelters, all in a single location. Each Adoptapalooza features additional activities, which might include advice on pet care, training, and grooming; product giveaways; free microchipping; dog licensing; pet photographers; dog performances; music, or other fun activities for the whole family—two- and four-legged alike. The Alliance presents a spring and fall Adoptapalooza in Manhattan’s Union Square Park, and a summer edition in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. ©Dana Edelson

©Dana Edelson

Other seasonal adoption events, including cat-and-rabbit focused Whiskers in Wonderland and Bark in the Park, and others, round out the calendar of family-centric adoption events. Event dates and locations can be found at www. How Can You Help NYC’s Homeless Animals? The Alliance’s programming has changed NYC into a markedly more humane community for homeless animals where more than 9 out of 10 animals are saved, but there is still more work to do. As the Alliance continues to strengthen its proven programs to maintain the impressive progress they’ve made, they need your help. Whether you can volunteer, donate, adopt, or just help share their mission, everyone can do something to save NYC’s homeless animals. For more information about how you can help, visit the Alliance at •




It doesn’t matter how long I walk Bikini, my Pekingese. It could be around the block or over to Central Park. When we come home, he makes a beeline for his pee pad on his favorite corner of the apartment. And then he soaks it. And then it soaks through. But that’s all changed now since I discovered WizSmart super-absorbent dog pads. What’s great about them? They dry quickly, so no messy tracking. They don’t leak, so forget spills and smells. They stay put with adhesive tabs, and thanks to their one-of-kind attractant formula, my dogs (actually two, Bikini’s companion is Annabelle, my ShihTzu who is a senior too, both are about ten years old) can always find their pad.


WizSmart pads work exceptionally well when I’m out and can’t get back on time for an afternoon walk. Or when the weather is bad and my two are stuck in the apartment while it’s snowing, sleeting, or even just raining, Annabelle refuses to walk in the rain – she won’t even go out the front door of the building if she can help it. However, when she’s inside she makes using the pee pad a performance, sniffing, circling, and pawing so the fact that WizSmart has adhesive strips is truly helpful.

“Of course, as a pet parent, I’ve recommended WizSmart to other pet parents as well, even those with frisky puppies. They’re loving WizSmart too. Especially for the boy dogs like my Bikini (yes, I know Bikini is a little unexpected for a boy, but I rescued him and kept his original name.) What’s great about these pads is their four patented stay put adhesive tabs that make sure the pad stays put, even halfway up the wall on a 90-degree angle. Now Bikini has a pee pad solution that he can actually use when naturally lifting his leg. It’s terrific that one WizSmart pad is good for up to 24 hours. Economical and practical for sure, but it also helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste and materials that end up in landfills. I love that WizSmart is ecofriendly, the pads are made from over 80 million unused diapers every year. After all, if dogs and cats are our fur babies too what better way to absorb their messes than with diapers? Though I am not a cat owner, I do hear of cats using pee pads when they miss their litter box.



Dr. Jeffrey Levy, DVM, CVA (Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist) is a veterinarian with a 100% house call practice. Dr. Levy, known as House Call Vet NYC, observes “In my practice, I see many uses for pee pads. They are a good solution until a puppy is fully vaccinated at 16 weeks and for senior pets, particularly adult dogs, extra absorbency is a plus. As an acupuncturist I often treat cases of urinary continence, and pads are helpful while a dog is regaining bladder control. 22 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


MARCH 2018

WizSmart is from Petix, a family-owned company that began 10 years ago in Brazil. The pads were created by pet parents who were frustrated by dog pads that did a lousy job absorbing liquids and leaked or smelled. So rather than settle, they built a better pad, one that works for everyone—city dwellers, busy families who work long hours, breeders, parents who are puppy training, dogs confined to indoor spaces, older dogs with incontinence, and more. They’re the top pad in Brazil and new to the USA. They’re my new discovery and as a pet parent to two dogs, I have become a dedicated fan and certified member of the WizSmart pack. For where to buy WizSmart dog pads check out Make a purchase before 3/31/18 and Petix will donate $1.00 to the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals for every package sold. •

Dr. Rachel Barrack is a doctor of veterinary medicine, certified veterinary acupuncturist, and certified veterinary Chinese herbalist. While she has extensive training and experience in western medicine, and her technique is rooted in ancient Chinese healing arts. Dr. Barrack provides on-site, integrative care to house pets, like dogs and cats, as well as horses, all in the comfort of your own home or barn.

@AnimalAcupuncture @DrRachelBarrack 646-351-6812




from THE HOLISTIC DOG: INSIDE THE CANINE MIND, BODY, SPIRIT, SPACE By Laura Benko | Photograph by Susan Fisher Plotner

Reprinted by permission from Skyhorse/Helios. aining trust is essential for canine masseuse Kim Freeman when working with her furry clients. She achieves this by always going to the comfort of each dog’s home and then making sure that the owner is present, even if they are quietly doing something else in the room. “When their parent is present, it shows that it’s okay. It lets the dog know that he or she can begin to trust me.” She also wears a white lab coat (“it’s a uniform of consistency”) and always plays classical, opera, or “spa-like” music. She will never play anything with violins because “it’s too high-pitched for dogs.” Freeman says she speaks animal and loves the typical response she gets from the dogs that just “give themselves up to me” and surrender. Licks, heavy sighs, and appreciative glances are her rewards. Whether she is teaching abandoned and abused dogs the power of touch and compassion when she volunteers at a nearby shelter or helping an exhausted new mom of five pups whose milk supply has dried up, Freeman says that the power of massage can be transformational and vital for the well-being of your pet. The first consultation at home will be an evaluation of your dog, the reason for the massage, and your dog’s medical history. A gentle, headto-tail “laying of hands” is applied to quiet and calm the client.

Before a front leg stretch, which helps to lengthen muscles and increase blood circulation, the elbow groove and shoulder are warmed up and worked on with a series of strokes. Take note of any spasms. The evaluation also includes discussing the dog’s disposition; posture and comfort level standing, sitting, and lying down; sensitive areas on the body; and exercise habits and daily routine. Completely relaxed and enjoying the strokes applied to the tummy, the client surrenders to the pleasure of massage.





Many dogs have sensitive areas as a result of a variety of problems in their past. Some of these are psychological, others medical. With gentle strokes, try for just a few minutes at a time, running your hand over sensitive areas, calmly speaking to your dog, and trying to get his trust. Being patient is very important. Repeat daily or every other day to see if your pet can become more relaxed and trusting with these sensitive areas. This can also prepare him or her for an overall professional massage, a visit to the vet, nail clipping, and grooming.

We all love petting our dogs, but we usually go only fur deep. Try petting your dog with your palm flat so you just feel its body under your hand, which will give a gentle but more stimulating action, therefore increasing blood circulation, the primary goal of therapeutic massage. In addition, stroking gently with your fingertips in the direction of the muscles will also help with circulation and goes a little deeper than the hand. Try doing this all over the body.


With circular motion and an up-and-down movement like scratching him, rubbing the areas a dog has a hard time getting himself will make him a happy pup. On the scruff of the neck just below the head, under the chin, and on the chest are wonderful feelgood places to do this. 24 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE


Prior to a long walk or playdate, doing any of the above movements will warm up your dog’s muscles and help decrease muscle sprain.

MARCH 2018


The excited dog. With a low and calm voice, calmly lay your hands on the dog’s head or neck and then gently on his back. Continue slowly and gently to lay your hands on his back and down the spine. Repeat a few times.

©Susan Fisher Plotner


The more you familiarize yourself with your dog’s body, learning his lumps and bumps and sensitive areas, the more knowledgeable and helpful you are to the vet in early detection if something is new or doesn’t feel right. •




ood, toys, chic outfits for Fido or Fifi, an owner who knows just what your pet wants, it’s no wonder The Bonehouse has become the natural destination for all things healthy for NYC’s dogs and cats. Plus, with free delivery all over Manhattan, there are no boundaries to what this outstanding pet place has to offer. Just call them at 212-872-1300. They’ll answer with everything you need to know about keeping your fur baby content. WE ARE FAMILY

The Bonehouse close by Sutton Place, just a block or so from the East River, isn’t your average pet store. Modern and fun, this popular East Side destination offers an exceptional variety of healthy food options, cute pet couture, the latest toys for dogs and cats and every other essential a pet parent needs. The dogs that come in and out stopping for a treat and a quick scratch behind the ears, are more than just dogs, they’re family. Just as the owner Oksana Vintonyak is more than just a pretty face behind the counter, she’s remarkably knowledgeable about the best and healthiest choices for your fur baby. An animal advocate and a devoted pet owner herself, she is genuinely committed to the well-being of every pet and she does know them all. As the pet owners who frequent The Bonehouse can attest, she is all ears when they share “tails” of their four-legged companions proving the saying that pets are the new children 100% true.


Oksana, owner of The Bonehouse ©JCG Photography

Looking to put your pet on a healthier diet but don’t know where to start? The Bonehouse has a vast selection of holistic food from brands like Orijen, Fromm, Health Extensions, Acana, Primal, Weruva, and more. With delicious flavors and healthful combinations of fruits, meats, and fish there is no question all fur babies will be happy and healthy with Oksana’s recommendations. Indeed, some pet owners come to her for a second opinion after they’ve seen the vet. And of course, there is everything you can imagine in good for your pet treats and fun, engaging toys to send Fido or Fifi home with as well. Stop by The Bonehouse, your pet will love you for it. For a quick look visit but best to call Oksana directly, she’s there to answer every pet’s need. •




All natural dog products that soothe the spirit, alleviate stress, and calm anxiety. Dog Calming Spray

Dog Paw Balm

Visit us at




or pets with stiff joints, chronic ear infections, bad behavior or even upset stomachs, Dr. Rachel Barrack can help. No ordinary vet, she takes an integrative approach to veterinary care balancing her extensive training in Eastern and Western medicine to heal and treat animals large and small. She is a licensed veterinarian, certified veterinary acupuncturist, and certified veterinary Chinese herbalist and yes, she is also a lovely and compassionate woman. Not too long ago she treated my rescue ShihTzu Annabelle with Acupuncture. No office visit required, she came to my home. The result of her visit: As if sleeping beauty awoke from a hundred-year sleep; Annabelle (actually ten years old) seemed to awaken from her acupuncture-induced nap with the baggage of her former life left far behind. Invigorated yet blissful, she was released from emotional constraints, able to finally be accepting and exuberantly loving. Acupuncture gave her something to bark about. As a devoted dog owner, I cannot say enough good things about Acupuncture and its remarkably positive effects. We’ll be trying it on Bikini my Pekingese soon, keep you posted!

Annabelle with Bikini, the author’s dogs ©

Dr. Rachel Barrack

PLM: What is Acupuncture? Dr. Rachel Barrack: Acupuncture is a healing art that has been used in China for thousands of years to treat a variety of medical conditions. It is considered the mainstay of traditional Chinese medicine and is performed by inserting thin, sterile, stainless steel needles into specific points on the body along 14 major channels. Acupuncture produces a physiological response and can provide pain relief, stimulate the immune and nervous systems, increase microcirculation, decrease inflammation and help restore balance between organ systems for optimal health and overall wellbeing. PLM: What does Animal Acupuncture treat? RB: Animal Acupuncture treats an endless array of conditions in small and large animals such as allergies, arthritis, behavioral, gastrointestinal, and neurological issues, and aids in post-operative healing, to name just a few. PLM: It looks like Chinese herbs are currently trending but you have been ahead of the curve using them for some time. What are your thoughts on their value to pets? RB: I often use Chinese herbs in conjunction with acupuncture to optimize and lengthen its effects. I prescribe the highest quality herbs containing no animal by-products, endangered plant species, or heavy metals and the herbs are subjected to stringent quality control. They can also be utilized with Western medications to get the best of both Eastern and Western medical care. PLM: How can our readers at Pet Lifestyles Magazine book an appointment with you? RB: L earn more ab out my practice online at I have a mobile practice in NYC and the Hamptons and will treat your pet wherever is most comfortable – even if that means their favorite bed or couch. You can also follow along on Instagram at @ AnimalAcupuncture! • 28 | PET LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE

MARCH 2018


For more information on our Foster Care Program:

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Nurturing our animals in responsible, loving homes to prepare them for adoption day.

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