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April 2018

Livingston High School Students Become Dress Makers To Help Girls Around The World

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By Steve Sears annah Michelson, a Livingston High School senior in Stacey Dworzanski’s Fashion/Family & Consumer Science’s class, maybe says it best regarding The Dress a Girl Around the World Project. “Initially, I loved the idea of helping another girl by giving her something to wear and, as a young feminist, I think it is so important to support girls and women all over, in a way we did that,” says Michelson. “You know, by making a dress for a girl who likely didn’t have one, maybe I could make her feel beautiful, that’s supporting my fellow sisters.” ENGLISH • MATH MATH PROBLEM SOLVING READING & WRITING PUBLIC SPEAKING

The first time Dworzanski’s class did this worthwhile project, plans are to do it again next year. Twenty one students became dressmakers in this project which began in September and ended in January. Laurie Jung, Livingston High School certified nurse, suggested the idea. “I mentioned to Stacey that my church, the Roseland Presbyterian Church was working on making dresses as a mission project,” says Jung. I think I mentioned to her that this was a great community outreach project if she ever needed one. I volunteered to provide labels for the dresses and ship continued on page 4 SUMMER CAMP JULY 2 - AUG 24

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Livingston Library To Host Museum Of Impact


By Jason Cohen he Livingston Library will host the Museum of Impact (MOI) for the first time later this month. With numerous school shootings, lack of credible news sources and the violent events in Charlottesville, Va., this past summer, the staff at the Livingston Library thought it was important to educate kids about social activism. This year, the library introduced Livingston Listens, which is a series of six programs on inclusion, representation and social justice. On April 27 and 28, the library will host the Upstanders Festivals, presented by the Museum of Impact (MOI). Anna Coats, head of youth services at the library, says she feels this will benefit the entire community. “With teens and children these feelings of helplessness

and confusion can be magnified because they may be thinking, ‘I’m so young. What can I even do?’” Coats said. “Events like these are important because they bring education about and opportunities for civic engagement to young people. When we are able to take action, those feelings of helplessness diminish because not only are you doing something, you are talking to other people and finding support.” MOI was founded in 2013 by educator Monica Montgomery during the beginning of the Black Lives Matter movement. According to its website, it “is the first mobile social justice museum, inspiring action at the intersection of art, activism, self and society.” The organization partners with communities, universities and institutions to produce programs, pop ups, exhibits and interactive experiences that

celebrates humanity. Coats stressed that many kids feel their voices do not matter, but the March for Our Lives movement shows things are changing. While registration is not required, she hopes many kids attend and learn about social activism and how to make a difference.

“I hope both teens and children discover that it is never too early to learn about important issues and that they can make an impact,” Coats remarked. “Youth have been important advocates at many important moments in U.S. history. I also hope that teens and children learn that if they form continued on page 3



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Livingston Library... continued from page 2

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one opinion on an issue and then later learn new information, it is okay to change their minds.” On April 27, there will be a teens Upstanders festival. There will be two sessions from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., and 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Kids will learn about recent national issues such as the March for Our Lives movement; discuss their thoughts and feelings on the issues; and materials will be provided for teens to make flags or signs about issues that matter to them. On April 28, there will be a children’s Upstanders Festival from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for grades one through eight. During this event, there will be informa-

tion about important Upstanders throughout U.S. and world history, as well as information about current events presented in a game-like fashion reminiscent of summer camp activities. There will also be dancing, traditional games such as tic tac toe and bowling adapted for civic engagement and an obstacle course. There will be an Upstanders portrait station, where children can either draw pictures of historical Upstanders or self-portraits; an Upstanders love letters station where children can write letters about issues important to them or that they learned about; and a self-care station with things like essential oils.

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Dress Makers... continued from front page the dresses. Since this is a big organization (, they are shipped out to wherever the greatest current need is.” Dworzanski was thrilled with the idea. “Students in Family and Consumer Sciences classes are taught life skills and to be a contributor to the community,” says Dworzanski. “In fashion, my students now had an opportunity to learn the skills in the curriculum and this project dovetailed to serve as a community service project, so the students could give back to someone else.” Drew Nathan, ninth grader, says, “When I first looked at the task we needed to complete, I was very nervous to see what I would create. I was also very excited though. I was ex-

cited because I knew that this one thing, that everyone in today’s society takes for granted, could make this little girl so happy. Knowing that this dress could make someone so happy, made the project much more fun to complete.” The students sketched a design and rendering, using the silhouette provided by Dress a Girl Around the World organization. They then used fabric from the class fabric closet to make 30 dresses. Junior Harley Scherago adds, “At first when I began the project I loved the idea of doing something for people who really needed it. At first I was just excited to help but then as I continued making my dress I really felt attached to it and wished I could see the girl who was going to receive my dress and do more for her.”

Finally, for ninth grader Ariana Kasperski, it was a super first project. “I was happy the make our first project because I was excited to finally use the sewing machines,” says Kasperski. Dworzanski’s pride for the project has spilled over to the 2018 school year. “I don’t know if my stu-

dents realized how much they were helping these innocent girls until they finally saw how many dresses, and how much of their hard work was donated,” says Dworzanski. “It was overwhelming, and I was extremely proud of my group this year and I look forward to increasing the amount of dresses made for next year!”


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Grand Re-Opening Of 16 Handles Announced


6 Handles, located in Town Center in Livingston was forced to close for approximately four months due to the weather causing a roof collapse and flooding throughout the store. However, they are opening again soon now that all the repairs are completed. !6 Handles has been a popular location since the business opened a few years ago. Its staff is ready to serve mouthwatering treats including frozen yogurt, ice cream and smoothies is a variety of flavors with a huge selection of toppings. The custom made cakes at 16 Handles are perfect for all occasions from birthdays to holidays



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Stroke Screening Offered In Millburn

ay is national stroke awareness month and therefore the Livingston/Millburn Health Departments in conjunction with Overlook Medical Center are offering a free stroke screening on May 9, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at the Bauer Community Center, Millburn. About 795,000 people in the United States have a stroke each year, which equates to every 40 seconds someone will have a stroke. A stroke occurs when either blood clots or particles block blood vessels to the brain or a blood vessel in the brain bursts. If someone is having a stroke, recognizing the symptoms and acting F.A.S.T. which include F-for facial drooping, A-for arm weakness, S-for difficulty speaking, and T-for time which means contacting 911 right away if someone may be having

a stroke is critical. While there are some risk factors for a stroke that can’t be controlled such as age and race/ethnicity, there are many risk factors that can be controlled which can reduce risk of ever having a stroke. Making lifestyle changes such as being more physically active, eating healthier, controlling high blood pressure, can all help with reducing the risk of having a stroke. The stroke screening on May 9 is free and will help attendees understand their risk and what can be done to lower their risk. The screening will include blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose, BMI, and health education counseling. Registration for the screening is required. For questions or to pre-register, contact Alexandra Green at 908-522-5355 or

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LHS Quartet Wins Princeton Invitational Quiz Bowl Title


By Steve Sears ivingston High School students Jonathan Ackerman, Ben Litvin, Carrie Li and Isabella Tang know how to win, and win big. The foursome avenged an earlier in the day preliminary round loss to East Brunswick High School, trouncing them by 100 points to be crowned 2018 Princeton High School Invitational Quiz Bowl champions. Guy Rabner is the proud faculty advisor. “Our team generally goes to about 8-10 tournaments a year, usually in the New York metro area,” says Rabner. “I’ve been the coach since about the year 2000 and we’ve been a very successful team in the area, winning or doing very well in tournaments in the region and usually going to the national tournament and having success there. Last year we went to nationals and two of our teams

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Pictured, from left, are LHS’s winning Academic “A Team” members Ben Litvin, Jonathan Ackerman, Carrie Li and Isabella Tang.

sports questions. The winning team is the team with the most points at the end of the game. Ackerman, Litvin, Li, and Tang began practicing after school on Wednesdays in September, and per Rabner “students often will prepare through study and on-line practice games on their own.” Rabner himself is the lone coach, and he preps the team through questions

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co de oly usu at the tou

finished in the top 100 in the nation!” This year, though both the “A” and “B” teams qualified for the national tournament – “no easy task,” says Rabner - they decided not to go to save money, but plan to go next year should they qualify. Quiz Bowl rules are as follows. A team is made up of up to four players who, in general, answer “toss up” questions by pressing a “lock out” buzzer system, available for all players on both teams, worth 10 or even 15 points followed by three bonus questions worth up to 30 points, but only for the team correctly answering the toss up question. Generally, there are 20 toss up questions and corresponding bonus questions per game in various subjects like history, sciences, math, literature, economics, religion, philosophy, geography, and even occasionally pop culture and Same-day delivery.


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in game situations, as well as signing up for the tournaments, organizing the team and travel, finding funding through fundraisers, and getting the team excited about it, motivating them to get good players. “We have one of the best players in the region this year – Jon Ackerman, a junior – and one of the best first year stucontinued on page 7


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LHS Quartet Wins... continued from page 6 dents in the region as well – Carolyn Meng – both of whom are usually among the top scorers at any given tournament, and the top two at the Princeton tournament!” adds Rabner. Rabner sums it all up. “I’m always happy when the kids do well in the tournament, especially when they win, as it makes

them happy and is a testament to their hard work, study and the overall success that the Livingston district has had in educating its kids. However, my goal at any tournament is that they compete hard, learn a lot and have fun in the process. If this happens, it’s a success for me… really just gravy if they win the tournament or do very well.”

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Author To Speak About Opioids Crisis

he National Council of Jewish Women/West Essex is sponsoring a Lunch and Learn, Opioids in New Jersey, a Tragic Reality, April 19, featuring Jay Lassiter, writer, political consultant, and social justice advocate, and the host/ author of the podcast “Heroin Uncut.” The program will take place on Thursday, April 19, from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel in South Orange. A database of opioid deaths in N.J. found that at least 1,900 people died in 2016 from opioid overdoses in a crisis that has blanketed the state. Lassiter will offer a blunt, honest exploration of how opioids have tightened their grip on N.J. and what can be done about it. “Everyone talks about the

opioid crisis getting more and more out of control, but too few really understand how we got to this point in the first place,” says Shari Harrison, president of NCJW/Essex. “This program will address the conditions that allowed the opioid problem to take hold and the legislative and community-based actions that are needed to address the problem.” Throughout the year, NCJW/Essex, Livingston, hosts Lunch and Learn programs which provide an opportunity to hear interesting speakers in an informal setting. Pre-registration is required. The fee is $20 for members, $25 for non-members, and includes a buffet lunch. To register, call (973) 740-0588 or visit www.

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The Temptation To Temp - A Job For All Seasons


By Ricki Demarest verybody needs a paycheck. Sometimes, whether one just graduated or is still in college, been recently laid off or had a life changing event – a job is a must. Becoming a temporary employee, or “temp,” can provide a solution. According to the American Staffing Association website, around 15 million people a year are hired as temporary and contract workers in the United States. In 2016, approximately 417,000 were in New Jersey. Nearly half of them claimed that it was a good way to get to a full-time job. One third of those workers were offered a full-time job while on assignment. Nine out of 10 agreed that temping was a viable way to become more employable. Temporary workers have the power to select their assignments and match their skills to a position that may or

may not become a full-time situation. Temping or “project work” also looks better on a resume than simply having long stretches of unemployment. Learning new skills while on assignment makes one a stronger candidate for future positions. Staffing agencies that manage contract workers vary in size from national or international firms with local offices to smaller organizations that focus on an industry or skill. Finding the right agency depends on matching skills and experience with the right agency. For instance, those who have worked in the corporate world may be the right fit for a large firm that offers general office help. Those with specific skills, may need to look a little harder. The easiest way to find an agency is by asking people who have used nearby offices and by checking those websites.

One of the many firms that place temporary workers is TeleSearch Staffing Solutions, which has offices throughout New Jersey. Kim Carsillo, the Flanders office branch described her company as “a large full-service placement firm.” In a recent interview, Carsillo outlined the process by which candidates are screened. Carsillo said that a recruiter will first interview a prospective candidate, who also completes paperwork and computerized assessments. Background and reference checks are part of the process. Then workers are matched with assignments. Workers who are placed, she noted, are employees of her agency not the companies where they are working. TeleSearch pays temp workers on a weekly basis, taking and tax and necessary deductions from the gross amount.

Being realistic about one’s skill level and showcasing work experience makes it easier to place a candidate. “If you’re looking to re-enter the work force as an administrative assistant you will want to make sure that your typing and software skill are up to industry standards…companies are hiring because they need someone to easily transition into their environment,” said Carsillo. TeleSearch does welcome everyone regardless of work experience and criteria. “We are able to find work for a wide variety of skill sets. We look for people who have recent work history, good references and willingness to work. The main thing all companies want are hardworking and reliable employees.” She stressed that her company offers free training for those who want to upgrade their office skills. Certain continued on page 10


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Three Generations Of Family Create Events To Be Proud Of

Party Pleasing Rentals is a full service event rental company committed to providing quality products and excellent service with the ultimate goal of delivering an event to be proud of by planners and customers. Its specialty is tented events. An extensive inventory gives the flexibility to provide beautiful, year round coverage for events both large and small, from backyard barbeques to formal weddings and large corporate events. The ability to add heat or air conditioning, elegant cathedral windowed sides, beautiful lighting and even carpeted flooring, dance floors and multi-tiered staging allows the delivery of a tent perfect for one’s once-in-a-lifetime event. To complement the tents, A Party Pleasing Rentals offers patters of fine china, silver and stainless flatware, glassware, bar accessories, and extensive catering supplies including elegant serving pieces and even commercial stoves and grills. For the comfort of all guests, many choices are provided in seating, from folding chairs to garden wedding chairs, to padded ballroom and maple dining chairs.

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Dietician To Address Community At Temple


he Men’s Club of Temple Beth Shalom, Livingston, is sponsoring the second in a series of presentations related to health on April 29, when it hosts Amy Fleishman, a registered dietician. At the 8:15 p.m. event, Fleishman will deliver a program entitled, “A Healthy Life is a Happy Life.” A question period will follow her presentation. Fleishman is also a certified dietitian nutritionist and has been in private practice since 2001. She provides her clients with comprehensive medical nutrition therapy and personalized nutrition plans. She also presents lectures and

leads corporate wellness programs. The entire community is invited.

What’s happening in your school or organization? Celebrating a special birthday or anniversary? Have a human interest story? Email us at

The Temptation To Temp... continued from page 8 companies do want specific criteria in their candidates. For instance, college degrees are desirable in the corporate sector. Fork lift and computer skills are often requested for light industrial work. Some employment agency blog posts discuss what qualities will make a company take notice of, and possibly hire, a temporary worker for a fulltime position. The Liberty Staffing Company blog stresses punctuality, reliability, excellent communication skills and ability to adapt to new demands. The Robert Half International Inc. staffing agency is the umbrella agency that hires personnel for industries as diverse as finance, marketing and the law. The idea that agencies only hire entry level people or that temp work makes a job search impossible are fallacies, according to its recent post. Temp work offers


flexible schedules and a way for individuals to build their networks by meeting new people in the workplace. If searching for an agency, keep in mind that viable ones are licensed by the state of New Jersey’s Department of Consumer Affairs. Agency branch offices register and are members of their local Chambers of Commerce. Although it’s common knowledge, it’s worth repeating that one should never have to pay any kind of a fee for the promise of a job nor divulge any financial information. If unsure, check whether there are any complaints against an agency through local consumer protection agencies or the NJ State Attorney General’s Office. The opportunities for temporary workers are many and varied. By protecting and pushing oneself, increase permanent prospects with a temporary gig.

Since 1969


Marvin Goldstein, B.S., R.P. Personalized Custom Service the way it should be! WE CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH! • Diabetic Test Center



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Your Home Health Care Center

Specialty Skin & Nail care products including:



The only Independent Pharmacy that has been serving 3 generations of Livingston residents for over 45 years.

Sales & Rentals Surgical Equipment & Supplies


• Nebulizer We Fit You In Our • Safety Grab Bars • Wheel Chairs • Jobst & Sigvaris • Walkers • Braces Surgical Stockings • Canes PRIVATE Surgical • 4 Wheel Walkers • Shower Chairs • Raised Toilet Seats • Diabetic Supplies FITTING ROOM • Crutches • Commodes • Bath Transfer Seats • Incontinence Supplies 568 So. Livingston Ave. • LIVINGSTON (Next to Bank of America - Across from Sam’s • Parking lot in rear)

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enble ate ent ncy are mgh t’s ne ny se anre, ny enmer NJ Of-

ivingston Chamber of Commerce has planned a casual networking experience, Meet Us At The Bar, on Tuesday, April 24, 5:30 p.m. to

Since 1993



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7 p.m., at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Livingston. Join in for pre-dinner snacks and cash bar. R.S.V.P. at

Health Dept. To Host Lyme And Tick Borne Diseases Panel


he Livingston Health Department will be having a Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases Panel on Thursday, May 3, from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., at the Livingston Library. New Jersey has one of the highest rates of cases of Lyme disease in the United States. Not only can ticks transmit Lyme disease but ticks carry other diseases as well. This expert panel will

share their knowledge on preventing Lyme disease, common coinfections, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more. There will be a question and answer session at the end of the panel. The panel is free to attend. Pre-register by contacting Jessica, health educator, at 973-535-7961 ext. 227 or email at

What’s happening in your school or organization? Celebrating a special birthday or anniversary? Email us at

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Delivering Healthy Smiles To Those In Need

r. Greg Scheier, a dentist with the Scheier Dental Group in Millburn, knows that a smile goes a long way. He and his associate, Dr. Samantha Shapiro, have generously donated their services to help clients from the Linda & Rudy Slucker NCJW/Essex Center for Women gain their confidence by obtaining dental work that they would otherwise be unable to afford. “I wholeheartedly believe in kindness and giving back to the community and what better way to show that than by getting involved with NCJW/Essex,” said Scheier. Last spring, he was introduced to Patty Kremen, career services manager at the NCJW/Essex Center for Women, which helps women in transition who may be looking for a new job, starting a business or recovering from a loss. “I learned about the life-changing work that is happening at the Center for Women and it is very much aligned with causes I believe in,” said Scheier. “These are women who, for one reason or another, have come upon difficult times and I am thrilled to be able to help them make such a major, positive difference in their lives.” Scheier and Shapiro have provided a

variety of dental work for clients, including routine dental exams, cleanings, x-rays, root canals, fillings and veneers, valued at over $20,000. “It’s a good feeling to know that what we can make such a difference in someone’s life,” said Scheier. “Everyone on our staff feels good about making such a positive impact on the lives of these women.” As Scheier looks ahead, he said he anticipates expanding his pro bono work to continue to help clients of the NCJW/Essex Center for Women. “Our clients cannot always afford costly, but necessary, dental work and will often put other expenses first, such as electric bills and food for their families,” said Kremen. “Our clients who have benefitted from Dr. Scheier’s generosity have brighter smiles and greater confidence, which impacts their ability to obtain jobs. We know when we send our clients to the Scheier Dental Group they will be treated with the utmost respect and their dental care will be of the highest quality. It is an extraordinary partnership.” The NCJW/Essex Center for Women offers many types of support programs for women in transition including career ser-

Samantha Shapiro, DMD (left) and Greg Scheier, DDS, of Scheier Dental Group in Millburn, got involved with NCJW/Essex because they believe in giving back to the community.

vices, a Career Closet, computer training and self-empowerment programs. The experienced and knowledgeable staff helps create a personalized program that fits each woman’s individual needs, providing a safe place to go for help and support as their lives continue to change and improve. For more information about the NCJW/ Essex Center for Women, all (973) 9944994 or visit




A Private Club For Fun On Nearby Lake Hopatcong

The Best Summers Ever ~ Creating Lasting Friendships Clubhouse and Bar Heated Pool Live Entertainment Year-round Activities Club, Deck, and Poolside Dining Lockers/Showers Tennis Playground Docks (optional)

Entertainment this summer will include Beatlemania, B Street Band and Epic Soul. Events every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Interested? Visit our website at or call: 973-398-0022 SET UP A PRIVATE TOUR OR JOIN US AT OUR OPEN HOUSE


eirn, be-

ng exps fits ng as ve. W/ 94g.


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Slucker Center For Women Receives Block Grant

Pictured, from left, are George Serio, director at Essex County Division of Housing and Development; Armando B. Fontoura, Essex County sheriff; Beverly Trust and Barbara Hauser, both of Livingston; Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr., Essex County executive; and Isabel Margolin of Montville. Trust, Hauser and Margolin are volunteer co-chairs of the NCJW/Essex Career Closet, which assists economically disadvantaged women in obtaining career attire appropriate for the workplace.


he Linda & Rudy Slucker NCJW/Essex Center for Women received a $9,678 block grant from the Essex County Department of Economic Development, Training and Employment, Division of Housing and Community Development. The grant will go toward expanding the programs offered by the NCJW/Essex Center for Women, which have helped thousands of women with computer skills, job searches and personal guidance.

Sue Wasserman, director of community services for NCJW/ Essex, said: “We are very excited about the opportunities that this grant will give to the Center for Women and the various programs that fall under its umbrella.” For more information about the Center for Women, visit, or call (973) 994-4994. Programs are nonsectarian and open to all women, regardless of religion.


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220 Kearny Ave. Kearny, NJ 07032 East Hanover, NJ 07936 LIC No.:13VH01119300


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Leaders, Students Honor Dr. King


ssex County Executive Joseph N. DiVincenzo, Jr., along with elected officials community leaders and students from the Essex County Newark Tech Campus shared what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., means to them during a ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of his assassination April 4. “Dr. King was one of our nation’s greatest leaders and one of his last public appearances was his visit to Newark, just a week before he was taken from us,” DiVincenzo said. “His message of hope, peace and equality has resonated throughout the decades and inspired generations - and is just as poignant and relevant today as it was in 1968. Remembering his contributions and laying a wreath at the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue in front of the Essex County Hall of Records is a fitting tribute to an individual

Conran’s Plaza Next to Home Depot

whose guidance and foresight impacted our nation.” “I am a little conflicted because today is the anniversary of Dr. King’s death,’’ said State Senator and Deputy Chief of Staff Teresa Ruiz. “But this is an opportunity to take back the negativity and celebrate a life that was taken away from us too early.” “Dr. King taught us that our fight for justice has to be stronger than our enemies’ anger,” Newark Mayor Ras Baraka said. “Today we are commemorating his assassination, but we are also celebrating the sacrifice he made for all of us.” Deputy Chief of Staff William Payne talked about the various times he met Dr. King when the minister visited Newark. “I saw him at an event at Abyssinian Church in Newark and said ‘I’ll see you next time’ as he was leaving,’’ Payne said.

200 Rt. 10 West, East Hanover


“The next time I saw him was at his funeral. Dr. King’s legacy needs to be known and understood by everyone, because we

all have an obligation to continue his work.” “Dr. King has taught me to continued on page 20

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Teeth In A Day - You Don’t Have To Wear Dentures! Come in for a free consultation

HELEN P. CHIU, D.M.D., P.A. Fellow of Academy of General Dentistry One Place For All Of Your Dental Needs


248 Columbia Tpke. • Florham Park On Call For Emergencies - 24 Hours A Day!


to 20





Over 20 Years Experience In Comprehensive Dental Care and Cosmetic Dentistry • Extractions • Root Canals • Complete Periodontal Treatments

• Digital X-Rays • Nitrous Oxide • Lumineers® Laminates

• On Time Scheduling • Advanced Tissue/Bone • Saturday Early Morning Regeneration for Implants • Surgical & Restorative Implants & Evening Appointments Available • Emergencies Seen Same Day

IMPLANT DENTISTRY For over twenty years, implant dentistry has been a reliable option for patients with missing teeth. With the ability to support a crown, an implant procedure has the capacity to bypass drilling the adjacent teeth. Additionally, with the recent availability of mini implants, implant dentistry has expanded its utilization to anchoring both full and partial dentures for a more secure fit. As they provide an economic alternative, patients have been very receptive of mini implants, as they make eating and speaking with dentures much easier. Dr. Helen Chiu has always been involved in implant dentistry, making it an integrated part of her everyday practice. From replacing a single tooth, inserting crowns or bridges, securing dentures, to creating multiple, full-arch reconstructions, she performs every step of each process, surgical and restorative.

Ask us about our available financing options Care Credit We accept

Your comfort and convenience are always Dr. Chiu’s top priorities. To learn more about these procedures, please call our office at 973-377-0224. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. To receive a COMPLEMENTARY IMPLANT CONSULTATION, simply mention this article during your appointment. OFFER EXPIRES MAY 31, 2018.



New patients only. Not to be combined with any other offer including Care Credit. One per family. Expires 5/31/18





Not to be combined with any other offer including Care Credit. One per family. Expires 5/31/18

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Budgeting Tips For A Healthier Lifestyle

rom the cost of gym memberships to prepping healthier meals, living well can be expensive. Before you abandon your goals for a healthier lifestyle, consider these tips that show you don’t have to overspend to live a better life. Plan Your Meals An impromptu visit to the grocery store inevitably ends up costing more than a wellplanned trip. Get organized by planning your meals and grocery list ahead of time to help save money and find ways to use healthy ingredients across multiple meals. Plus, preparing meals at home helps ensure you can eat the foods you want, rather than settling for something because it’s the only sensible option on the menu at a restaurant. Another option is taking advantage of the premeasured portions of healthy meal boxes, which can help you skip the prep time and avoid wasting unused groceries. Weigh Your Workout Options A gym membership may be a tempting investment when you’re trying to commit to a


get-fit regimen, but it’s not always the smartest move money-wise. If you can discipline yourself to use it, investing in at-home equipment may be a better long-term buy. There are also plenty of ways to add exercise at no cost through activities like running, walking or practicing yoga in your living room. Invest in Rest Eating better and increasing physical activity are important aspects of a healthy lifestyle, but so is giving your body a chance to rest. Quality sleep lets your body and mind heal and rejuvenate from everyday activity, and better sleep is likely to reduce your stress level while improving your mental function and mood. There’s no better way to show yourself some love than with a good night’s rest, but according to research from Mattress Firm, 35 percent of Americans report their sleep quality as “poor” or “fair.” Additional research shows that 64 percent of people experience improved sleep quality after investing in a new mattress. As the nation’s

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

largest bedding retailer, Mattress Firm’s purchasing power translates to affordable prices and a wide selection of mattresses and bedding accessories, which can help you stretch your budget further. Find more sleep tips and budget-friendly ideas at Rethink Checkups When it comes to medical care, office visits can add up. If you just need basic medical attention such as a checkup, a physical or a remedy for a com-

mon illness, a retail clinic may be a more cost-effective option than a traditional doctor’s office. Many insurance carriers offer an incentive for retail clinic visits by offering discounted co-pays, or if you’re paying out of pocket, the retail clinic can be a big money saver. A healthier lifestyle requires commitment and hard work, but as these tips prove, creating a better life doesn’t have to mean overhauling your budget. (Family Features)

Making The Most Of Family Vacations

amily vacations can seem like daunting endeavors to organize, as planners must cater to each member of the family and their individual needs. Family vacations can cost several thousand dollars, which only adds to the pressure planners may be under. But careful planning makes it possible to simplify the process so more time can be spent resting, relaxing and having fun. Child-friendly hotel One of the “musts” when booking a family vacation is finding the right accommodations. This often means booking rooms at family-friendly hotels. Things to look for when seeking hotels include amenities like swimming pools and recreation areas, nearby parks and other attractions that kids can enjoy, and easy access to stores that sell necessities.

When booking a room, request one that is close to the elevator or the breakfast buffet. If you have youngsters who nap or go to bed early, try to book adjoining rooms or one-bedroom suites. This way the kids are tucked in but accessible, allowing adults to enjoy their downtime. Plan the trip together Get the entire family involved when planning a vacation and let children who are old enough to have a say in some of the travel plans. Let kids choose some activities, pick some restaurants or even select which seats to sit in on the airplane. Pack as lightly as possible Pack light and, if possible, buy some necessities when you arrive. Few things can be as headache-inducing as dragging along extra luggage with kids in tow. Choosing a hotel or resort with laundry facilities can

be advantageous to active families who may get messy along the way. Allow for downtime While it’s beneficial to have an itinerary, leave some moments for spontaneity and rest. You don’t want to return home so tired from the trip that you need another break. Use downtime as opportunities for kids to lead the way. Travel off the beaten path Mature children may like sights and sounds that aren’t necessarily designed for kids. So while it may be tempting to stick to big-name resorts that cater to families, there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had exploring lesser-known islands or villages. And while you’re at it, introduce children to native cuisines so they can broaden their culinary palates.

• • • • • • • • • • •


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PAVING 973-759-8943

by Al’s Contracting



Brick Pavers are Our Specialty • All Work Guaranteed • We Do the Job From Start to Finish • Free Estimates • Fully Insured • Asphalt Driveways • PVC Pipeline • Interlocking Brick Paver • Walks & Patios • Belgian Block Curbing • Underground Reconstruction • New Water Drainage Systems • Basement Waterproofing • French Drains • Concrete Garage Floors

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Blood Drive Volunteers Needed


ew Jersey Blood Services, which supplies blood to 60 hospitals throughout the state, is in need of volunteers to work blood drives. The blood mobile volunteer is an integral member of the blood collection team whose task it is to assist donors with registration, perform canteen duties and make appointments

for their next donation. Volunteers should have the ability to relate to the public, be able to perform different jobs as needed and have the willingness to follow the rules. For additional information, contact Jan Zepka, manager of community relations and volunteer services, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 732-616-8741.


Leaders, Students Honor Dr. King... continued from page 16 be a dreamer, an activist, and to dare to be someone who thinks outside the box,’’ said Newark Tech senior Abbey Lawrence. “While there are still great strides to be made in our country regarding race relations, I believe his message for my generation should transcend to other areas, including gender equality, religious

tolerance, LGBT advocacy, immigration, and gun control. Collectively, we seek to create a world where man or woman, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation, can be viewed and respected as an equal.” The Essex County Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Statue was dedicated in October 2015.

What’s happening in your school or organization? Email us at



Social Justice Advocate To Address NCJW

he National Council of Jewish Women, Essex County Section, will present a special evening event, “Dessert and Dialogue,” featuring author Jennifer WeissWolf, on April 25 at Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel, South Orange, at 7 p.m. Weiss-Wolf is a leader in the movement to make feminine hygiene products affordable and accessible. Her work to end the “tampon tax” and advocate for legislation that addresses the lack of menstrual equity in our commu-

nities has put her on the map as one of the nation’s “badass menstrual activists” by the publication “Bustle.” Menstrual equity is, in Weiss-Wolf’s opinion, a “gateway issue for feminism” and one that is intensely relatable by all women. NCJW/Essex operates a community service project called, “The Period.Project” which collects and distributes feminine hygiene supplies to local agencies and clients of its Center for Women. “Our community service work has shown us that more needs

Jennifer Weiss-Wolf. Writer, activist, social justice advocate, will be the speaker at an upcoming NCJW/Essex Dessert and Dialogue.

to be done to address the often overlooked issue of menstrual equity,” says Shari Harrison, president of NCJW/Essex. “We are thrilled to welcome Jennifer Weiss-Wolf to educate us and inspire us to continue engaging on this important issue.”



• Steps • Concrete Work • Fencing • Sidewalks & Curbs • Blue Stone • Brick & Block • Keystone • Retaining Walls • Belgian Block • Stone Work • Porches

Demolition and Escavating

• New Garages • Foundations • French Drains • Waterproofing Interior & Exterior • Driveways • Asphalt & Paving Stones • Patios • Stamped Concrete

• Kitchens • Bathrooms • Sheetrock • Doors • Flooring • Ceramic Tile • Siding • Decks

• Mulching NO ONE • Tree Removal CAN BEAT • Planting OUR PRICES! • Trimming • Sod STUCCO • Top Soil (All Colors) • Seeding REMODELING • Fertilizer & ADDITIONS • Grading

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yo an an ref can Re

ho reo spa ne rem roo if yo pil to to aw cle the


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Coupon must be presented at time of estimate. Expires 5/31/18





Coupon must be presented at time of estimate. Expires 5/31/18

OFFICE: 973-669-2550 • CELL: 973-687-5980



olf. cial will an Esia-

aden ue eqari ent ex. to fer duire enm-

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5 Ways To Refresh Your Home For Spring


pring is a time for renewal and awakenings. It’s also the perfect time to take your cues from Mother Nature and devise a plan to reduce and reimagine your way to a refreshing, updated home you can fully enjoy once more. Reorganize cluttered areas If a room (or rooms) in your house are in disarray, start by reorganizing those often-used spaces to give them a likenew look and feel. Begin by removing everything from the room - including the furniture, if you’re able - and separate your belongings into boxes or piles based on what you plan to put back in the room, move to another location and throw away or donate. Once you’ve cleaned the space, resituate the necessary furniture then

place items you’re keeping back in their places in tidy fashion so they’re easy to locate. Eliminate the extras While you’re freshening up the house, it’s the perfect time to purge unwanted and unused items, but remember that items in good condition can actually do good for those in need. By donating clothing, electronics, furniture, household goods and vehicles to be sold in The Salvation Army Family and Thrift Stores, you can help transform lives in your local community. A good rule of thumb: if you haven’t used it in the last year and it doesn’t have special sentimental value, it’s probably time to let it go. Get rid of grime A whole season’s worth of dirt and dust accumulates

Master Services LLC 27 Years Of Excellent Service


• Tree Cutting • Removal • Stump Grinding • Pruning • Storm Cleanup • Lot Clearing • Mulching Pipe • Work Rip Outs • Top Soil Lawns • All Construction FREE ESTIMATES

Member NJ Arborists Association Commercial • Residential Owner Operated

NJ License# 13VH02344600

WE WILL BEAT ANY WRITTEN ESTIMATE From a licensed NJ tree company EAST HANOVER 973-887-6456 24 HR. EMERGENCY 973-476-5755 Major Credit Cards Accepted

We honor ALL Competitor’s coupons!

Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

during the cold winter months. A deep clean inside and out can restore your home to its former glory. Inside, take time to launder all of your linens, including curtains, rugs and bedding. Move furniture to vacuum behind and below, and don’t overlook dust and dirt magnets like mirrors, light fixtures and the insides of cabinets, especially higher shelves that see infrequent use. Outdoors, hose off or power-wash surfaces like windows, siding, decks and concrete to restore a crisp, clean appearance. Revise for real life If there’s an area of your home that isn’t quite working for your lifestyle, spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to make a change. That may mean reconfiguring furniture for a more functional living room or converting an underused guest room into a useful craft or project space. Take

time to consider what changes will make the space more practical, and even sketch out some possibilities on paper to finetune your ideas before you get to work. Discover new decor A spring refresh is about more than just decluttering and cleaning, it’s about giving new life to your home with new decor, accessories and artwork. One affordable option: seek out unexpected treasures by shopping for great bargains at thrift stores. The proceeds from the sale of items found at shops like The Salvation Army Thrift and Family Stores go to help those in need, and it’s one simple way to update your decor without spending a fortune. Visit to schedule a donation pick-up or find a thrift store near you. (Family Features)

Celebrating a special birthday, anniversary, graduation? Have a human interest story or something you would like to share? Email us at

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Spring Into Lawn And Garden Care


f cooler weather has you longing for sunny days outdoors, take heart. Once spring rolls around, you can safely begin the annual cleanup to prepare your yard for months of warm-weather enjoyment. Start by evaluating your lawn. Look for bald spots where grass has grown sparsely and needs reseeding, or uneven areas that may need to be filled and leveled. Before you take steps to correct any problems, you’ll need a clean slate. Clear the yard of any leaves, rocks or sticks that may have accumulated then cut the grass as short as you can. Use a thatching rake to remove dead roots and grass. Break up the soil in bare spots to create an environment that will be hospitable to new seed. Add lawn soil to level the surface. You’ll also need to apply an

herbicide to treat weed-infested areas. Allow the weed killer to work for about a week then rake again to remove dead weeds. Then you’re ready to overseed or spot seed, depending on your lawn’s needs. Your climate will determine the best grass variety for your yard. Be sure to select and apply a fertilizer that is consistent with your grass type and water thoroughly to promote deep root growth, which can help your lawn withstand extreme conditions as temperatures rise. Your lawn isn’t the only part of your yard that needs attention during the spring months, though. Your garden and flower beds may need some care before they, too, are ready to burst with new bounty and color. Begin by clearing your garden and beds of any debris like

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

leaves and other matter that piled up during months of neglect. Gently turn the soil and work in fresh fertilizer. Before your plants and flowers are in full-growth mode is the ideal time to make repairs. Check edging for any damage, replace rotted woodwork and complete any other maintenance tasks. As for the plants, prune before the first buds sprout to minimize stress. You can also

American Sons Professional Chimney & Roof Specialist DO IT ONCE, DO IT RIGHT! FINANCING AVAILABLE



start indoor seeds, and early spring is the time to divide perennials and plant some hardier vegetables, such as onions and potatoes. The warmer months may still seem far away, but getting some of your lawn and garden care underway now can make those warmer, sunny days feel closer in no time. Find more seasonal tips for prepping your yard at



• • • • •

New Roof Roof Repairs Re-Roof Flat Roof Shingles

• • • • •

Repairs Rebuild Reline Cleaning Capping

• • • • •

Steps Sidewalks Driveways Brick & Block Foundation Repairs

• • • • •

Installation Replacement Screening Cleaning Repairs

973-330-1958 • 908-465-4202 Family Owned & Operated

LIC #13VH09666100

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Save Thousands Over Refacing or Replacing!


rly pedins

ay ng en ke eel ore our

Beautiful. Durable. Stunning Cabinets. CLASSIC CABINET REFINISHING Restore the current color of your kitchen cabinets by removing stains and years of wear and tear. CABINET COLOR CHANGE A cabinet color change can involve subtle changes, such as warming the yellow tone of sun-faded cabinets, or a more drastic, modern change to any color of your choice, to entirely change the look and feel of your kitchen.

$250 OFF


$100 OFF


Call N-Hance today at 973.252.WOOD (9663) or visit us online at Independently owned & operated. Serving MORRIS COUNTY.


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3 Tips To Meet Your Retirement Goals

eople are living longer, fuller lives than ever before, which means retirement plans need to stand the test of time. With this in mind, it makes sense to review your financial plan and make necessary tweaks to set yourself up for success. “Knowing that your retirement plan includes long-term protection from market losses and opportunities for growth can help you feel more confident about facing some of the challenges that may come your way,” says Will Fuller, president of Annuity Solutions and Distribution for Lincoln Financial Group. “What’s more, working with a financial advisor can help you balance your competing financial priorities to help ensure you are on the right track for a successful, comfortable retirement.” Fuller and the professionals at Lincoln Financial Group are offering the following tips for creating a successful retirement plan. • Start saving today. If your employer offers a 401k, enroll if you haven’t already. If you’re currently enrolled, consider boosting your contributions or creating an additional retirement account. Only four in 10 savers are saving as much as they think

is necessary, according to the 2017 Lincoln Retirement Power Participant Study. One reason for this is that many savers face competing financial priorities, such as saving for college for their children and paying down mortgage debt. A financial advisor can help you manage such competing priorities. • Plan for the unexpected. Most people age 65 and older will need some form of long-term care, so plan for this potential expense. One way to help guarantee that you will have the resources to pay for such expenses as they arise, while protecting the savings and income you’ve worked to build, is through a long-term care funding solution. • Add solutions that offer lifetime income. “Retirement strategies that were once successful may no longer stand up to today’s challenges, including fluctuations in the market, inflation and tax reform,” says Ric Martin MS, CFP, of Bluestone Wealth Partners in Columbus, OH, and a registered representative of Lincoln Financial Advisors, who works with clients on their retirement income plans. “Depending on retirees’ personal situations and if



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an annuity works for them, savers can help ensure that their income is available and there when needed in retirement. An annuity can provide a stream of guaranteed lifetime income that they won’t be able to outlive.” More retirement resources and tips can be found at Savers should look for a retirement savings plan that is well-rounded and well-protected against risk. Consult with a qualified advisor who can help you plan a strategy that will leave you feeling more confident about your future. (StatePoint)

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5 Stand-Out Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

eed a Mother’s Day gift that truly shines? Take these fun and practical ideas into consideration. 1. A clean house. Let Mom take a load off now and again. Hire a cleaning service once a month for a year, or if you’re on a budget, do it yourself. From laundry to dishes -- an IOU ticket to take care of the chores she would usually handle will give Mom an opportunity to take more time for herself to read a book or go out with friends. 2. A classic accessory. If you’re looking for something classic, give Mom an accessory that combines function and fashion, such as the Vintage Collection timepieces from Casio. Offered in a range of styles that complement fashion palates from simple and classic to retro glam, each timepiece comes equipped with an LED-

lit display face, a countdown timer and a 1/10th second stopwatch. They also feature a daily alarm, hourly time signal and an auto-calendar, making them a necessity for anyone looking for fashion flare that keeps her organized, on-time and up-to-date with appointments. 3. Some rest and relaxation. Send Mom for a spa day, where she can select the treatments and services she wants best. Or, help her to create a spalike environment at home, with face masks, a foot spa and bath bombs for the tub. 4. A hobby. Has Mom always wanted to learn to play piano? Consider gifting portable technology to help her achieve this dream. One modestly priced option is Casio’s CT-X700 portable keyboard, which features a rich sound with a powerful AiX Sound Service. Designed for

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casual players and beginners, it has a Lesson System that displays the proper fingering and notation, helping you learn its library of 100 built-in songs, as well as a six-track recorder. 5. Time together. Spend some quality time with Mom. Take a cooking class or comedy workshop together, or look for



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sip and paint options, where you learn painting skills while enjoying a glass of wine or beer. Local cafes and bars often host such events; however, you may want to check out the community center or community college for class options, too. (StatePoint)

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The Finest Quality Party Rentals Over For Your Event 30 Years RENTAL

Te nt s - A l l S i ze s I n f l at a b l e s D u n k Ta n k s D a n c e F l o o rs Ba rs Li n e n Ta b l e s C h a i rs Fo u nt a i n s St a g e s China Po p c o r n M a c h i n e s FREE CONSULTATIONS Fully Insured & Licensed

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