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Press Release 14th European Newspaper Award

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Press Release 14th European Newspaper Award: The principal prize winners from Norway, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. This year, the best newspapers in Europe come from Norway, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. All in all, 232 newspapers from 25 countries took part in the 14th European Newspaper Award (twelfth Award 219, 12+1 Award 226). The principal prize winners Since there are great differences between local newspapers, regional newspapers, natiowide newspapers and weeklies, the principal prizes are awarded in four categories. The following is granted for exemplary design and concept with the 14th European Newspaper Award : European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Local newspaper: Bygdanytt, Norway European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Regional newspaper: El Correo, Spain European Newspaper of the Year, Category: National newspaper: (In this category are two winners this year.) De Tijd, Belgium Trouw, the Netherlands European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Weekly: Die Zeit, Germany Judges’ Special Recognition: Welt am Sonntag, Kompakt, Germany The European Newspaper Award aims at contributing to foster the sharing of information about the conception and design of newspapers throughout Europe.

Members of the jury This year, the 11 members of the international jury came from seven countries: Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and Germany. The jury-meeting took place in Duesseldorf, Germany. The jury is made up of journalists, scientists and designers: - Georg Taitl, editor-in-chief Der Österreichische Journalist, Österreich - Per Heilman, Berlingske, Denmark - Katrin Nidzwetzki, Beobachter Natur, Switzerland - Walter Jensen, Bergens Tidende, Norway, - Eva Dähne, Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Germany - Martin Huisman, Het Nieuwsblad, Belgium - Annette Milz, editor-in-chief, Medium Magazin, Germany - Valentina Villegas, H Kathimerini, Greece, - Theo Dersjant, Fontys School of Journalism, the Netherlands - Prof Michael Stoll, University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Germany - Prof. Joachim Blum, Media Consultant, Germany Members of the jury are excluded from assessing their own newspaper. The competition is organised by the newspaper designer Norbert Küpper from Meerbusch. He co-operates with the journalist nmagazines “Medium Magazine”, Frankfurt, “Der Österreichische Journalist” (“The Austrian Journalist”), Salzburg and “Schweizer Journalist” (“The Swiss Journalist”), Oberuzwil. In addition to the principal prizes, outstanding work in various categories, e.g. front pages, inside pages, infographics, typography, photography, photo stories, supplements, special pages, receive “Awards of Excellence”. An overview of the best European newspaper concepts of the 14 competition will be added to the website by end of the year.

The complete list of the winners is here: The award logo and some pages of the winners can also be downloaded there. All results from the beginning of the competition in 1999 are also documented on this website. The award ceremony will take place during the „European Newspaper Congress“ which will take place in Vienna in May 6 and 7, 2012. Jury statements to the principal prize winners: European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Local newspaper: Bygdanytt, Norway No Doubt: Bygdanytt is designed by professionals. The small team consisting of six people works every day with enthusiasm and a sense of perfection to make the pages of this little local newspaper what it is. The choice of topics and pictures surprise Bygdynatt’s readers time and time again. The readers and their interests are the center of attention. The quality of pictures and supplements keep up easily with the big newspapers. The newspaper’s bright and friendly appearance cannot be accomplished in a better way. About the newspaper Bygdanytt is published in West-Norway. In 2010 it had a circulation of 4.295. In 2011 the circulation was 4.647. Bygdanytt is published in tabloid format and stitched. It‘s published two times a week. The newspaper has six journalists which write, do the photos and the layout of the pages.

European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Regional newspaper: El Correo, Bilbao, Spain El Correo has a pleasant and reserved typography: There are no over the top headline sizes and just very specific highlights through the text. The bodycopy is easily legible. The reader is guided through page titles which are clear and plain. The Culture and Economy sections are particularly striking not only because of their high quality pictures but also their excellent infographics. Infographics dealing with the Olympic Games and other hot topics form special highlights in this exceptionally modern and well designed newspaper. About the newspaper El Correo has a circulation of 98.000 and is published in tabloid format. The newspaper has 150 journalists, 15 photographers and seven layouters. European Newspaper of the Year, Category: National newspaper (In this category two newspapers are awarded this year.) De Tijd, Belgium De Tijd does not look like a calm and plain business paper but rather like a very modern and reader friendly newspaper. De Tijd creates this effect by using lots of specific elements that help to loosen up the newspaper’s appearance and make it more vivid: portraits with quotes, highlighted figures, illustrations, and infographics. Very innovative: De Tijd uses visual storytelling - telling stories with visual tools – despite headlines and texts to create a unique information sphere. About the newspaper De Tijd is a business newspaper, based in Brussels. It is published in Dutch language. The circulation raised from 36.000 copies in 2010 till 39.000 copies in 2012.

De Tijd has 85 writers and 5 layouters. De Tijd works with several freelance photographers. The newspaper was successfully relaunched in march 2012 to Berliner format. De Tijd gave rebirth to its print edition while, at the same time, it strongly invests in digital editions.

European Newspaper of the Year: Kategorie überregionale Zeitung Trouw, Niederlande Trouw has, despite the classic sections of a nationwide newspaper, a lot of supplements, such as the daily “de Verdieping”, in which the newspaper breaks down a wide range of topics to the core. In 2012, the newspaper developed two other supplements in magazine style: “letter & geest” (letter and mind) with the subtitle “For readers and thinkers” and “tijd” (time), which describes every day topics in detailed manner. Trouw uses this concept to expand the range of a daily newspaper away from just presenting daily news towards a more intellectual audience. The result is a kind of daily weeklynewspaper. About the newspaper Trouw has a circulation of 105.000. The newspaper is published in tabloid format and has several supplements which are designed as pull-out. Trouw has 105 journalists, 14 photographers and 14 layouters.

European Newspaper of the Year, Category: Weekly: Die Zeit, Germany The circulation of “Die Zeit” has been rising for years now. It is obvious: readers are looking for intellectual stimulation and in depth stories, which are offered by this newspaper. Good goods are sold well: The front page’s upper half has been a poster for

several years now, and refers to the most interesting topics inside. The layout department manages to present the inner pages in an exciting, surprising, and in a visually comical way. Very innovative: The infographic that stretches over a whole page in every issue: through this presentation-tool complex facts can be presented in a reader-friendly way. About the newspaper Die Zeit is published in Hamburg in broatsheet format. In 2010 the circulation was 493.991, in 2012 501.415. The circulation increased by 1,5 %. The newspaper has 119 writing journalists. Beneath the art-director and picture-editor the department for layout, photography and infographics has 14 journalists.

Judges’ Special Recognition Welt am Sonntag Kompakt, Germany Jury-Statement “Welt am Sonntag Kompakt” is the little sister of the big weekly-newspaper “Welt am Sonntag”. The tabloid format and the posterlike front pages clearly targets a young audience. Page 2 and 3 start off with short news followed by stories that carry over two to as many as four pages. The five sections of this newspaper are introduced through visually strong double pages. All in all, the newspaper consists of an exciting rhythm of short and long stories that lead the reader from one topic to the next.

Contact Norbert Küpper Office for Newspaper Design Gutenbergstr. 4 40670 Meerbusch Germany Phone: +49/(0)2159 911615 E-Mail: Homepage:

Press Release 14th ENA  
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