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SEPTEMBER 11 Board Workshop to discuss Agenda Caper Room – 9 a.m. 13 Board Meeting Rollins Theater - 9 a.m. 19 Community Leaders Meeting Florida Room – 9 a.m. 25 CO-AP Meeting Caper Room – 2 p.m. 27 Budget Review Florida Room – 9 a.m. OCTOBER 9 Board Workshop to discuss Agenda Caper Room – 9 a.m. 11 Board Meeting Rollins Theater - 9 a.m. 17 Community Leaders Meeting Florida Room – 9 a.m. 25 Membership Meeting Community Hall – 7 p.m.

Agendas for the monthly Board Meetings will be posted on Official Bulletin Board in the Atrium the Monday before and on the CA website ( – under “Association”). They will also be sent via “What’s New in the CA” email. Every Wednesday: Orientation for new members in the Board Room in the Modulars starting at 1 p.m. sharp.

CA Contact Information Phone: 633-3500 Website: Information Center 813-633-4670

September 2017

Cleaning Day in the Weavers Studio By Ilona Merritt Weaving has been a popular activity in Sun City Center since being started as a charter club in 1969. From a start of nine members and three looms, the club has grown so that the 40 looms in the Weavers’ Room are almost always in use. Each member can request the use of a loom for their project and can reserve the use of the loom for two months to finish their project. In addition, the club has a classroom with six more looms which are used only for the teaching of new weavers. Weaving is a method of textile production which involves using a loom. A loom is a device used to weave cloth and tapestry. The basic purpose of any loom is to hold the warp threads under tension to facilitate the interweaving of the weft threads. The precise shape of the loom and its mechanics may vary, but the basic function is the same. There are many types of looms but one thing they all have in common ... the gathering of lint in small crevices in the loom. It is important that the looms get a thorough cleaning at least once a year. Early in July is “cleaning day” at the SCC Club. Everyone is expected to have completed their project and empty the looms. This year about 10 to 12

Bonnie Reeves’ husband repairs the looms.

members volunteered for the project, working hard to count the shafts and the heddles. A heddle is an integral part of a loom. Each thread in the warp passes through a heddle, which is used to separate the warp threads for the passage of the weft. The typical heddle is made of cord or wire, and is suspended on a shaft of a loom ... in weaving, the warp threads are moved up or down by the shaft. The cleaning process includes taking all the shafts and heddles off the loom and checking for balance. Balance is an important part of weaving if you

want to produce a beautiful piece. There are four to eight shafts in each loom and each shaft has 40 heddles. That is a lot of cleaning and counting. Each loom is wiped down, paying special attention to places where lint can hide and build up. One of the weavers commented that, “Looms have temperaments just like people”. In October and in January, the Weavers’ Club offers classes for anyone interested in their art form. The classes meet twice a week for six weeks. That is 36 hours

Weavers continued on 3.

Attention All Book Lovers! Do You Love to Read?

By Diane M. Loeffler Do you love to read? Have you ever been so involved in a story that you wish it wouldn’t end? Has any book ever impressed you so much that you want to see if others were similarly affected? If so, you might enjoy joining a book club. You may wish to ask your neighbors if there is a neighborhood book club or to start one yourself. You could join a book club at Southshore Library or one online. Another great option is Page Turners. Page Turners Page Turners is an informal group that meets in the reference area at the Sun City Library at 10 a.m. on the second Thursday of every month except for July and December. Gail Tyrell, the current coordinator facilitator of Page Turners says, “After you read a book, it is rewarding to see if others share your feelings.” Attendance varies according to who is in town. Members decide what the group will read. Over the 20 months of its existence, Page Turners has discussed memoirs, biographies, historical fiction, novels and other genres. Sometimes everyone loves that month’s selection, other times opinions vary. The consensus is that members enjoy trying authors and types of books they wouldn’t read otherwise.


Scan the code with your smartphone to find us online.

Book Club Members

Carol Conklin says, being in this book club, “…forces me to read. It gives me a different perspective.” Sun City Center area residents tend to have busy lives. Having a deadline, a date when you will be discussing the book, makes it easier to set aside that never-ending “to-do” list and to indulge some “me” time by reading. A book club not only stimulates your mind, it also is a great way to connect with others. Sharing your thoughts and listening to the ideas of others, helps you to get to know them in a very different way than you do when focusing on a sport, activity or end product. These can be especially valuable if you are new to the community or if you have recently gone through some life changes. The first meeting of Page Turners was one month after Karen Fasick’s husband died. Fasick says, “This [book club] meant a lot to me. This was a really big deal.” In August, ten individuals discussed Kent Haruf ’s book, Our Souls at Night,

a story about a widow and a widower in their seventies. Every person at the table had something to say about the story and the issues it addressed. Page Turners was started by Marilyn Cote-Miller in January of 2016. Miller attended, “Hi, Neighbor!” in November of 2015, three days after arriving in Sun City Center. She met Elaine Birkinshaw at the event. Birkinshaw was the administrator of the Sun City Center Library at that time. Miller asked if the library had a book club. Birkinshaw responded, “No. Do you want to start one?” Many of us are glad that Miller said, “Yes.” Debra Chernock says, “I had been looking for a book club for a long time and I like it.” At that time, the library had recently expanded with a new reference area two smaller rooms all of which were furnished with tables and chairs. CA members can reserve these spaces for various types of meetings. Birkinshaw encouraged Miller to have the book

discussions in the reference area. The library administrator, Joanne Gilray, is equally as welcoming. She is always happy when the library’s resources and spaces are being used. Like most book clubs, Page Turners is an informal group. It is not a formal club, and there are no dues. Currently, Gail Tyrrell is the coordinator / facilitator. As such, she compiles our book suggestions, helps set up a schedule and emails reminders to those who sign up for them. Page Turners currently has books selected for September 2017 through May of 2018. In September, the group will discuss When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi. October will be America’s First Daughter by Stephanie Dray and November will be The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman. If you want to know what the next book is, just stop by the library. A photo of the book jacket will be on display.

Credit Cards Now Accepted at the Café

By Kai Rambow Ambreen continues to make improvements to the café menu and services. The café can now accept credit cards, making it even easier to have a coffee, breakfast or lunch here. There are also now printed menus, so you can peruse everything. It’s a little different each time we stop by. Check it out and see what’s new.

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September 2017

The News of Sun City Center




Trail Blazing By John Lampkin


Applications for Community Association Director are available in the CA office. There are three (3) positions open for three (3) year terms beginning January 3, 2018. There is one (1) position open for a one (1) year term beginning January 3, 2018. COMPLETED APPLICATIONS MUST BE RETURNED TO THE CA OFFICE BY 3:00 PM, OCTOBER 4, 2017

Club Histories

The history of our CA clubs is one of the very interesting parts of our community. The History Society is currently looking for information on every club that has ever existed in Sun City Center and is in the process of creating a detailed “Club Register” that will eventually be available online. Club presidents will soon receive a short form by email and we hope they will take the time to complete it or have a club member complete it and return it to us We hope you will make sure that your club is included. If you have old photos of your club, especially action photos, we would love to scan them into our computer and then return them to you. Blank forms will be available at the Information Center or from “”.


What do insect eggs have to do with Sir Walter Raleigh and his cannonballs? When a visitor to the SCC Nature Trails examines foliage very carefully, tiny engineering miracles abound--insect eggs that come in an astonishing array of shapes and sizes. Some, like the Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly, lay a single cannonball-shaped egg, one per leaf. Why just one per leaf? Because when the egg hatches, the caterpillar needs the whole piece of real estate. It soon folds it over, seals it and then hides in the protective cubby during the day and emerges to feed at night. Other species like the Monarch can be voracious mini-cannibals and will eat their siblings if they share a leaf. The savvy ovipositing female knows this and keeps her Hannibal wannabes widely separated. The Io Moth lays a small cluster of patterned eggs, as shown top right. Io caterpillars are not cannibals and in fact are gregarious, feeding in groups and marching single file to new leaves so there is no problem with eggs being laid in close proximity. Some species take egg laying a step further and use a safety-in-numbers strategy. The densely packed cylindrical clutch of stink bug eggs on the lower left looks like a store of miniature 55-gallon drums, cemented to the leaf with yellowish resin. The black critters in the photo are parasitic platygastrid wasps that inject their own even tinier eggs inside the white moth eggs in the stack. Presumably, they lay as many as possible and possibly this is why the moth eggs are densely stacked the way they are. The outer layer could be sacrificed to predators while protecting the inner layers. Only two of the 1000 moth eggs need to survive to maturity to maintain a stable population. As an aside, Platygastrid wasps have strong maternal instincts and will defend both their own eggs and those of the host moth against other predators and possibly that is what these in the image are doing. In 1587, Sir Walter Raleigh posed a question to mathematician Thomas Harriot: “What is the most efficient way to stack cannonballs on ship?” Tom responded in math lingo with an equation, but in practical terms, all Walt had to do was to look at an array of Owlet moth eggs. Moths know the answer! They have to because their survival depends on it. To learn more, Google “Close-packing of equal spheres” and you will be as smart as a moth on the SCC Nature Trails. The trailhead is located opposite North Lake on Del Webb West between Vincennes and Seton Hall. John Lampkin leads interpretive walks on the first Tuesday of each month at 9 am (summer hours) or by appointment. Email “Conservation@” for details.

Statement of Purpose

The Sun City Center Community Association serves the residents of Sun City Center by providing assistance for the elderly, assistance and essential services to tax exempt entities, and operates in lieu of a municipal government, thereby lessening the burdens of government (Hillsborough County, Florida).

CLUB/ORGANIZATION AMOUNT Horseshoe Pitchers $600 Monday Movies $345

APPLIED TO Horseshoe Backboards Licensing Fees

Newcomers List prepared by Linda Bowker from CA staff data. Report corrections, additions to CA at 633-3500.

Last First Num Local Street Hometown St Smithdeal Charles & Deborah 2206 Arbor Glenn Ct Atlanta GA Doyle John & Xiomara 1633 Bentwood Dr Riverview FL Klein Gershon & Goldie 409 Castle Pines Ln Wilmington DE Rickert Milton & Gayle 617 Chipper Dr Louisville KY Palmer W D & Dee 619 Chipper Dr Irvine KY Harthcock Matthew 723 Chipper Dr Springfield MO Harthcock Patricia 723 Chipper Dr Springfield MO Yaghoobian Haig & Lorraine 727 Chipper Dr Providence RI Brown Flo 730 Chipper Dr Washington DC Graham Linda 323 Club Manor Dr Battle Creek MI Morris Dennis 373 Club Manor Dr Swoyersville PA Nasrani Susan 373 Club Manor Dr Swoyersville PA Hunt John & Louisa 1741 Coco Palm Cir Tipton IN Courtyard Blvd Apt 207 Fort Myers FL Lange Darlene 225 TN Davis Bill & Rita 263 Courtyard Blvd Apt 203 Chattanooga Beeson Frances 1323 Crystal Greens Dr St Petersburg FL Bassoo Lloyd 1521 Danbury Dr Granite City IL Ramsaroop Ena 1521 Danbury Dr St Louis MO Watkins Sue 1705 Danbury Dr New Port Richey FL Watkins-Shermer Teri 1705 Danbury Dr New Port Richey FL Haire Nancy 1903 Del Webb Blvd E Bloomfield Hills MI Green Henry & Margery 1218 Del Webb Blvd W Ellenton FL Pate Gary & Patty 710 Elkhorn Rd Indianapolis IN Whistler Dave 622 Fort Duquesna Dr Kokomo IN Whistler Kathy 622 Fort Duquesna Dr Kokomo IN Scott Mary & Susan 709 Fox Hills Dr Ossining NY Haskell Lynn 710 Fox Hills Dr Fall River MA Pascoe Teresa 619 La Jolla Ave Rochester NY Junker Mark 1515 La Jolla Ave Punta Gorda FL Gordon Linda 1313 Lambdeth Ct Lambertville NJ LaPare Tom 1313 Lambdeth Ct Sea Bright NJ Russell-Page Susan 1706 Lehigh Cir Carol Stream IL Sheffer Danny & Ann 201 Linger Ln Pontiac MI Brown Neil 429 Noble Faire Dr San Diego CA Lopez Valesca 429 Noble Faire Dr Codi, Colombia Santo Mary 635 Oakmont Ave Taylor Jean 608 Ojai Ave La Belle FL Taylor Scott 608 Ojai Ave Titusville FL Upchurch David 608 Ojai Ave New Castle IN Ragland John & Denise 1008 Pebble Beach Blvd N Jacksonville FL Tittsworth James & Hestra 1705 Pebble Beach Blvd N Brandon FL Garske Mark 2006 Pebble Beach Blvd N Colombia TN Lynn Ivy 1740 Pebble Beach Blvd S Milwaukee WI Ahlstrand James & Jean 1803 Pineapple Palm Ct Gurnee IL Bartling Joan 1604 Poplar Glen Ct New Berlin WI Dunco George 1604 Poplar Glen Ct New Berlin WI Davidson William 830 Regal Manor Wy Annapolis MD Keefe Timothy & Diane 1205 Royal Links Ct Hampton Falls NH McCann Jerry & Carmen 720 Torrey Pines Ave Brandon FL Mustion Joseph & Margaret 740 Torrey Pines Ave Chicago IL Warrenton VA Rasmussen Jonathan & Elizabeth 718 Winterbrooke Wy Reasor Daniel 1717 Wolf Laurel Dr Yeager Kathy 1717 Wolf Laurel Dr

Phone 727-512-5131 900-8453 296-1969 502-222-1001 859-979-8479 586-242-3690 248-505-2296 603-689-3663 240-731-9499 633-7577 570-814-2803 570-401-5346 239-590-3995 938-5539 642-9045 618-409-0517 618-409-0517 361-441-6080 909-6809 727-251-7877 941-405-7598 608-628-4651 913-205-8405 765-398-6311 734-6797 508-961-9688 235-8539 262-939-3457 941-447-6497 941-447-6497 630-212-2277 633-5970 305-505-8455 305-505-8455 502-550-8832 486-1106 486-1106 486-1106 574-532-6857 502-3695 931-334-6480 727-481-5337 262-334-0197 262-506-8567 262-506-8567 443-813-8530 508-789-3292 313-7529 240-1329 540-539-9492 810-691-6828 810-691-6828

September 2017

CA - 3

The News of Sun City Center

August CA Board Meeting: Moving Forward on Projects and Activities President’s Report By John Luper Our weather has been hot and wet, but the construction of our new administration building moves along right on schedule. The roof is on and the windows and doors will follow. There have been no delays and excitement is starting to build. The budget committee has been meeting and will soon make their recommendations to the Board regarding the 2018 budget. The budget review by members will be held on September 27 at 9 a.m. in the Florida room and approval of the budget by the Board will happen on October 11. All members will vote their approval of the dues to cover this budget on December 5 and December 6. Although it seems early, candidates for the four open positions on next year’s CA Board of Directors need to pick up their applications before 3 p.m. on October 4. Meet the candidate night will be on November 8. And lastly please put October 25 on your calendar to attend the fall Membership meeting at Community Hall. This is an opportunity for residents to voice their concerns and opinions. Enjoy the rest of your summer and prepare for another wonderful busy season in our great community.

By Diane M. Loeffler Projects and Activities are moving forward smoothly with one exception. The original sewage lift station that has been handling the library and administration buildings quit working. This malfunction had nothing to do with the new construction. The pump was forty years old. The new lift station meets all current code requirements and has emergency controls the old one did not. Another safety feature is if one pump has an issue, a second pump will automatically handle the needs until the first pump is repaired. The old system did not have that capacity. The Secretar y acknowledged contributions from the Horseshoe Pitchers for backboards, the Monday Movies for licensing fees and the Lawn Bowling Club for aeration of the lawn bowling greens. The Directors approved funds for a routine audit of CA accounts. This The new CA office building is progressing on schedule. audit will be conducted by Carr, Riggs Mark your calendars for upcoming New directory signs will be installed and Ingram. A five-year contract was events. Plans are underway for the in the atrium. A number of other items approved with their firm three years Holiday Walk and Breakfast. After are in the discussion and research phase ago. Not only were they the low bidder, breakfast, clubs will be open and offering at this time. they also have experience with 501(c) items for sale. As of July 31, Sun City had 11,198 (3) auditing. The board reports that they The annual holiday Golf Cart Parade residents and membership dues from have done a better job than previous will begin at 10 a.m. on December 9. 11,535 people. Forty-nine homes were companies have done. The committee is meeting and more sold in July. The Cafe’ is open and establishing details will be provided in the coming Finally, Christopher Dinklage reported routines and protocols to make it months. Your group, club or HOA may that everything is progressing on schedule function smoothly. Community Hall wish to consider entering a cart in this with the new Community Association expects to reopen on September 3 with year’s parade. The more carts there are, Building. Windows are being installed newly refinished floors. the more fun the parade is. and the roofing work has begun.

Tidbits from the Vault

By Cathy Meyerhoff, Sun City Center History Society

Bienvenido, Amigo! (Welcome, Friend!)

The main purpose of the Sun City Center History Society is to share the history of the community. This is done in a variety of ways including articles, oral presentations and displays. A current display in the Atrium Building on the North Campus focuses on El Club Español or the Spanish Club. Susan Muise, society member, scoured the archives for material on this organization and shares the following information. El Club Español was formed in 1965 with 19 charter members. It was a social club open to all residents who were interested in activities with a Spanish focus. The ability to speak Spanish was not a requirement. The club was formed for the purpose of acquainting members with the Spanish heritage of our area of Florida from the years 1513 to 1821, providing sessions in conversational Spanish for interested members, presenting cultural or educational programs, stage entertainment, exhibits and social activities, organizing opportunities for travel to places and events which might be of interest to members, and preserving graphically, biographically and photographically the historical growth and accomplishments of El Club Español. The Spanish Club became very popular very quickly. By 1972 the organization had over 600 members which was quite a number considering Sun City Center’s total population was 2400. However, by March of 1979, the club was down to 150 members. With a slate of nominees but no one agreeing to be president, a motion to disband the club passed and was reaffirmed at the April meeting. The last sad note in many scrapbooks said,“No new officers meant the end of the Spanish Club”. At the final meeting of El Club Español on May 2, 1979 a white elephant sale was held to dispose of as much of the club’s properties as possible and the remaining articles were donated to the American Legion. There was hope that there would be another Spanish Club, possibly a new one in Kings Point. Dorothy Bernhardt held onto records and anything else she thought might be useful to a new club – but in actuality “es el momento de decir adiós” “(it’s time to say goodbye.”) Thanks go out to Susan Muise and CA maintenance personnel Floyd and Michael for assembling an informative display about the club. It can be viewed in the Atrium Building during normal hours of operation. If you are interested in learning more about the Sun City Center History Society contact John Bowker at The next meeting of the society will be on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at 2 p.m. in the Sandpiper Room.

Weavers from 1. of training. Charlene Roberts is the instructor for the Weavers Club. After finishing the course and their first project—a beautiful variegated scarf— the new weavers move onto one of the looms in the main room and start a new project of their choice. Charlene and other experienced weavers are always on hand to help if the novice needs an assist. The weavers are a group of folks who care about each other and help whenever it is needed. They weave

items for themselves and for the club to sell. They participate in all the CA functions such as FunFest and always welcome visitors to the studio. All of the members are happy to discuss their passion for the art. Even if you are not interested in learning to weave, stop by and see what wonderful items they produce. If you would be interested in learning more about the club, contact President Judy Kucera at (813) 6428239.

Are You Planning to Get A Flu Shot?

Walgreens will once again be in the Sandpiper Room to administer flu vaccinations from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. on the following Tuesdays: September 12 and October 31. Bring your insurance card and photo ID. To save time, consent forms are available at the Community Association office and can be filled out and ready to present to the pharmacist upon arrival. They will also be available in the Sandpiper Room on the scheduled dates. For more information, please contact Suj Idiculla, Walgreens pharmacist, at 634-8393.


at the Rollins Theater Movies are normally shown the second and fourth Monday each month in the Rollins Theater at 1 p.m. The dates and times may change as necessary. Per the Fire Code of Hillsborough County, seating capacity is limited to 145 attendees. Seating is reserved for Sun City Center Community Association members/guests who present current cards or a KP ID badge. September 11, 1 p.m. • Going In Style (1 hour, 36 min.) Lifelong buddies Willie, Joe and Al decide to buck retirement and step off the straight-and-narrow for the first time in their lives when their pension fund becomes a corporate casualty. Desperate to pay the bills and come through for their loved ones, the three risk it all by embarking on a daring bid to knock off the very bank that absconded with their money. Starring: Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Matt Dillon, Ann-Margret Genre: Comedy Rating: PG-13 for drug content, language and some suggestive material September 25, 1 p.m. • The Zookeeper’s Wife (2 hours, 6 min.) Based on a true story. The time is 1939. The place is Poland, homeland of Antonina Zabinski and her husband, Dr. Jan Zabinski. The Warsaw Zoo flourishes under Jan’s stewardship and Antonina’s care. When their country is invaded by the Nazis, Jan and Antonina are forced to report to the Reich’s newly appointed chief zoologist, Lutz Heck. The Zabinskis covertly begin working with the Resistance and put into action plans to save the lives of hundreds from what has become the Warsaw Ghetto, with Antonina putting herself and her children at great risk. Starring: Jessica Chastain, Johan Heldenbergh, Daniel Bruhl, Efrat Dor, Iddo Goldberg Genre: Drama Rating: PG-13 for some themaztic/disturbing images, violence, sexuality, nudity

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CLUBS The News of Sun City Center

September 2017

NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

The SCC Lapidary Club Gets Ready for Fall

Companion Pets Lifetime Care Program

The store operated by the Sun City Center Lapidary Club will reopen for business Cat Lovers Club of SCC on Monday, September 11. Bead sales to club members will also resume that day. Cat Lovers Club of SCC would like to remind all pet owners to plan ahead for the Located in the Arts & Crafts Building, continued care and loving environment for your pet in the event that you pass away. 915E Cherry Hills Drive, the store will be Pets play an important role in our daily lives, keeping us company, giving us open from 10 a.m. to noon, Mon-Wed-Fri companionship and unconditional love. However, as we advance into our golden through September. years many of us believe that there will always be a tomorrow and we will be able to Store displays are getting a facelift by continue to care for ourselves and our companion pets. We assume that a neighbor, a creative club member, Joanne Kerr, friend or family member will take on the care of our pets if we are unable to continue who lends her expertise from previous to do so. In the confusion that often accompanies a person’s unexpected illness, experience with display. Other dedicated accident or death, pets are often overlooked. volunteers are getting the inventory The best way to make sure your wishes for the future care of your pets are fulfilled ready for club member bead sales. Dawn is to draw up a formal written arrangement, such as a will, trust or bequest that Luckett, shown in the photo, is sorting specifically states the plan for the future care of your pets. Please take the time to and pricing hundreds of Swarovski seek out the advice and help of a professional who can assist you in the preparation crystal beads to sell in the store and to of legal documents and make sure your family is aware of your plans. make up the kits that students will need As a responsible pet owner make a commitment now to find an organization for classes in the fall. New classes will be with a Pet Lifetime plan that will honor your wishes for the rest of your pet’s life. offered by Ingrid Regula in intermediate Dawn Luckett sorts through hundreds of Knowing that the pets you love will be taken care of after you’re gone will give you level enameling, and other classes will be Swarovski crystals to get ready for SCC peace of mind now. Lapidary Club bead sales. announced soon. Visit Cat Lovers Club of SCC website to review our The monthly jewelry workshops are being planned to begin again in October Pet Resource Guide with information on organizations that offer Lifetime Care on the last Wednesday of the month, from 1 to 4 p.m. in the Sandpiper Room in Programs for your pets. the SCC Atrium. Drop by to see how the SCC Lapidary Club might fulfill your creative alter ego! Club membership is $10 a year and is open to Sun City Center, Aston Gardens The Art Club in Sun City Center and Freedom Plaza residents with current CA cards, and to Kings Point residents Paint-Around Fundraiser Saturday, November 4, 2017 as space allows. For more information, call 813-642-2084 or stop by during store A fundraising event sponsored by the Art Club in Sun City Center was announced hours. by Program Chairperson, Nancy Derby. The Paint–Around event will feature ten award winning artists. Five watercolorists and five acrylic painters will divide into Computer Club Monthly Meeting two groups. Each group will work for a limited time on one another’s paintings. There will be no Monthly Meeting in September. Completed paintings will be signed by each artist who worked on the painting and Computer Club Classes the paintings will be raffled off at the conclusion of the program. This is an exciting Sign up for your choice of class in the Computer Lab, (Atrium event with spectacular results. Building) Monday through Saturday, 12:30 - 5 p.m. Student must The event scheduled for Saturday, November 4, 2017 will be held at the Community be a member in good standing at Sun City Center or Kings Point. Tuition is payable upon registration. For additional information email: Beverly Hall, 1910 South Pebble Beach Blvd in Sun City Center from 12 – 3 p.m. The doors will open at noon with complimentary refreshments. Boxed homemade cookies, Hiller, Education Director at”. Listed here are brief descriptions of the classes being offered. For all the details, notecards and raffle tickets will be on sale. The Paint-Around will take place at go to the Computer Club website Detailed information 12:30 PM. Admission is $5. Ticket sales will begin in October and may be purchased from is also available in the computer lab. Art Club members, at the Atrium Kiosk in Sun City Center or at the door the day Introduction to Computers of the event. The fundraiser is open to Art Club members, member guests and the Friday, Sep 8, 15, 22, 29, 9 – 11 a.m. This four-session beginner’s class will cover hardware, software and operating community. Fundraising proceeds will benefit local art programs. Visit for more information or contact Nancy Derby at system basics, along with basic word processing and web browsing. 813-419-4754. Introduction to Excel Thursday, Sep 7, 9 a.m. – Noon This is a class for beginners who are interested in spreadsheet development, from design to implementation. Sewing Classes Offered Facebook 101 Sun City Center Sew’n Sews now offer sewing classes for beginners as well as Monday, Sep 11, 9 – Noon sewers who are looking for more expertise in the art of sewing and reading patterns. This is a beginner’s class, and will cover the basics of how to use the Facebook All sewing classes are $3 for each class, limited to four students, and must be paid social media App using the Lab computers. A Facebook account is needed. for when signing up. Sign-up sheets and forms for paying fees are on the bulletin Tuning Your PC Workshop board in the club room. Check the sign-up sheets for dates, times, and availability. Monday, Sep 25, 8:30am – Noon Friday, September 8, 9 a.m. to noon This workshop will teach you how to remove spyware, viruses, browser add-ons, Intro 1: Using Sew’n Sews Sewing Machines. Take this class if you have never bad registry entries, junk files, and other problems that slow down your system. sewn before, your machine is nothing like the ones in the club room and you are Gmail - Attachments and Groups uncomfortable trying it alone, or if the last time you used a sewing machine was Monday, Sep 18, 9 – 10:30 a.m. so long ago that you want to start from the beginning. You will learn to wind a This mini-class is for students who have an existing Gmail account. In this class bobbin, thread the machine and bobbin, and practice moving fabric and stitching. you will learn about Attachments and how use them, as well as how to create, Friday, September 15, 9 a.m. to noon change and delete Groups. Intro 2: Basic Sewing Skills. Learn to sew straight seams, practice threading the Android Smartphones & Tablets machine and make a simple bag. Supplies are provided and the cost is $2. Thursday, Sep 21 and Sep 28, 9 a.m. - noon Friday, September 29, 9 a.m. to noon This course consists of two sessions, 1 – The Device, and 2 – Apps. This course Student’s Choice - Intro 1 or Intro 2. will demonstrate how these devices can help you: check your email, take and share Fridays 1 to 4 p.m. • September 8, 15, 22, 29 pictures, transfer your pictures to your computer, read a book, watch a movie, listen Saturdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. • September 9, 16, 23, 30 to music, and play games. A basic knowledge of your device is expected. More Basic Sewing: Work on a project of your own choice. Completion of at iPad/iPhone for Seniors least one of the intro classes as well as consent of the instructor is required for Wednesday, Sep 27, 9 a.m. – Noon this class. Plan on about 5 classes to complete a project. Sign up for this class one The iPad and the iPhone function the same, in most cases. This course will week at a time. Each new project should have 3 things that are new to you so your demonstrate how to use them to check your email, read books, listen to music skill set will grow. You can use a commercial pattern or one of the Club’s projects. and play games. Mondays 1 to 4 p.m. • September 11, 18, 25 Windows 10 Workshop Tuesdays 1 to 4 p.m. • September 5, 12, 19, 26 Wednesday, Sep. 13 or Tuesday Sep. 19, 9 a.m. – Noon Sewing Clothing: Take this class if you want to make clothing using a commercial This workshop will familiarize you with Windows 10. We will customize the start pattern. You will learn to use all the information contained in the direction sheets of screen and cover subjects such as antivirus, privacy, Microsoft accounts, Cortana, a commercial pattern including pattern layout and cutting. Then you will construct The Store, and Control Panel vs. Settings. the garment using good dressmaking techniques and add the final touches for a Backup! Backup! finished garment. Completion of at least one of the intro classes as well as consent Tue, Sep 26, 8:45 - Noon of the instructor is required for this class. This class combines a free program called EaseUS Todo Backup and a program If there are questions about any of the sewing classes, call the instructor, Nancy called Goodsync ($25), to let you backup your data and entire computer system. Carroll, at 813-383-5940.

The News of

Sun City Center

September 4

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Sun City Center Photo Club Competition Winners

In the Color Prints Masters category, Jackie Hanson took gold for A Fine Old Man, and silvers for Tasty Bamboo and The Mandrill. Hanson was also awarded gold in the Mono Prints Master’s Level for Do You Feel Lucky? In Mono Prints Level 2, Kathy Griffith won gold for Spiral Staircase. In the Master’s Unassigned Category, Jack Migliore won for Flight Into Darkness. In the Digital Color Master’s Category, Bobbie Ray won gold for Early Morning Reflections, tied with Carol Feldhauser, who received the award for Sandhill Jump. In the Digital Color Advanced Level, Ron Shackelford won gold for Feed Me. Digital Color Level 2 ended in a three-way tie for gold: Wally Erickson (Delicately Exquisite), Barbara Klimczak (Misty Morning in Csechy Krumlov) and Kai Rambow (Risky Drying). In the Unassigned Level, there was another tie: Robert Miller (Come Fly With Me) and Jack Migliore (That Distant Look) both received gold. In the Digital Mono Master’s Category, Bobbie Ray (Shadows and Reflections) and Robert Miller (Somewhere Over the Mountain) both won top awards. In the Digital Creative Category, Robert Winch won gold for Elements of the Bridge. Congratulations to all the winners!

Jack Migliore: Flight Into Darkness

Kathy Griffith: Spiral Staircase

Ron Shackelford: Feed Me

Kai Rambow: Risky Drying Carol Feldhauser: Sandhill Jump

Photos continued on 6.

Pollard Receives South Bay Outstanding Volunteer Award

By Paula Lickfeldt Les Pollard was presented with the South Bay Hospital Outstanding Volunteer of the Year Award. Les was born in Great Britain, moved to Canada, and then to The United States of America. He is a citizen of all three countries, though he prefers to be called “American.” Les and his wife Jean Ann, also a citizen of Britain, Canada and the USA, have been married for fifty-eight years. They have two daughters, one son-in-law and one grandson. In his life before retirement, Les was a mechanical engineer/project manager specializing in material handling and structural steel design. He worked both in Canada and the USA for a Houston, Texas based company. While living in Canada, they owned a timeshare in Sarasota, FL for several years. They decided that when they retired, they would move to Florida. Les retired in 2004 and moved to Sun City Center because a good friend had recommended SCC to them. After moving to FL, Les decided that he would like to learn to play a tenor banjo. In 2005, he did just that. He bought a banjo, learned to play it and joined The Front Porch Pickers. Les has


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Les was an ambulance driver for the SCC volunteer Emergency Squad, Emergency Medical Responder, and dispatcher for the squad for ten years. After retiring from the squad, Les decided to volunteer at South Bay Hospital in the emergency department. Emergency department employees describe Les as always being kind to everyone. He has a way about him that allows him to talk with the patients and

to help put them at ease. The nurses say that he is always right behind them making beds, sending labs and getting anything that they or the patient might need. He listens to patients as they explain their needs and wants and does everything in his power to make them happy. Great job Les and Jean Ann. You are both assets to the Sun City Center community.

Looking for Some Local Fun? Fall is right around the corner, and that means clubs and groups are kicking off their new seasons soon. Check out our Bulletin, Arts and Sports sections for updates on all your favorite local fun!

a repertoire which includes quite a few Irish songs and the song Put Another Log on The Fire. Les and Jean Ann are also active members of St. John the Divine Episcopal Church. They belong to the Irish Connection Club, the Canadian Club and the Oldies But Goodies Dance Club. They like to take bus trips and attend functions with their many friends.

Need Assistance?

The Mary Petro Program is funded by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and provides financial assistance to residents for food and medicine. Must be full time residents of Sun City Center or Kings Point. For information, call 813-634-8306.

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September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

The Editor’s Corner

nation come together to honor and remember … and to Never Forget. While, for us down here in the sunshine, early fall typically doesn’t mean flannel shirts and jackets, we can still enjoy the celebrations that

Fall, Football and Friends

By E. Adam Porter Editor, News of Sun City Center September is a great time to be a Floridian. As Labor Day dawns, signaling the unofficial end of summer, we still have weeks, if not months, of beach weather left on the calendar. It may not really be cooler yet, but we wake up to mornings with a bit of relief in the air. Less humidity and temperatures flirting with 70 make for a beautiful start to the day. Those days are still long and bright; and if we can dodge the afternoon thundershowers, the weather is downright nice. Once the official beginning of fall comes around on September 22, pumpkin everything starts showing up in stores, but we still have miles of green all around us, from inviting golf courses, to the lawn bowling greens to the trees and shrubs that line the nature walks around town. September is also when the local clubs and groups start coming together again. While many don’t host their big first meetings until October, you can see more activity happening in club rooms all across campus. For a calendar of events, look no further than the pages of the paper you are currently reading. And, of course, September is also the kickoff for the annual national celebration that is NCAA football. While many football fans bring

their team loyalties with them when the cross the state line, Florida has plenty of reasons to be proud of our homegrown teams. The Sunshine State has four major programs that made the top 25 in both the AP and the Coaches poll this year. Now, I know rankings don’t matter until the games are played, but it sure is nice to see Florida State, Florida, Miami and South Florida all getting respect in the preseason. For most football fans in Sun City Center, college football season is a chance for some friendly rivalries with folks not lucky enough to hail from your home state. Badgers and Wolverines and Buckeyes wear their team mascots with pride, as do Spartans and Orangemen and Nittany Lions. Military Academies and teams from conferences all across this great land are well represented here in SCC. Fall also means new colors in the trees, cooler breezes, and perfect weather for backyard barbecues or just spending time on the back porch, chatting with friends. It’s almost like having an extra month or two of summer, and we’re lucky enough to enjoy it every year. Of course, September is also an occasion for somber remembrance. W h e t h e r i t’s “Pat r i o t D ay ” o n September 11 or POW/MIA Day on September 15, the citizens of this


Call Today

Sun City Center 813-999-2221 Primary office, Pinellas Park No fees or costs unless we win for you

commemorate the season … and never have to pack away our bathing suits. Oh, and in case you missed it… September 2 is International Bacon Day. Feel free to celebrate all month long. I know I will.




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September 2017

The News of Sun City Center


1509 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center • 813-633-2020 • FAX 813-633-6403 MARGARET “MARGE” CONNOLLY, Lic R.E. Broker • Excellence and Integrity

Sun City Center & Kings Point

Sun City Center MALIBU model has a wonderful location. Two bedroom, Two Baths plus a Den or office also features a large screened lanai with tile flooring for you to sit and enjoy the Water as well as a park like setting. Interior of Home has been recently painted for a fresh clean move in ready unit. $ 1752 S Pebble Beach Blvd 229,000

Kings Point STRATHAVEN model built in 2005 this two bedroom, two bath plus den or office has a Golf Course and Water view for your enjoyment. $ 2440 Sifield Greens Way 170,000



ICE R ,000 PR


$294 W O N ION

Welcome to this beautiful expanded Saone with a fabulous view PANTHER TRACE is great for your new abode in this 3 bedroom, of the 3rd hole of Renaissance Golf Course plus a calming water 3 bath 3 car garage POOL home with great curb appeal. Gourmet view. Paver driveway and walkway enhance the great curb appeal. kitchen features 42’” Oak cabinets, Granite counter tops and a Tile A leaded glass door leads you into this open floor plan where you backsplash. Pool is fenced with a new water heater for the hot tub are met by crown molding, a custom speaker surround system, as well which is heated by gas. A surround system extends to the rounded corners and custom light fixtures. The Den/3rd bedroom/ outdoors as well as the great room. This house is a must see. $ study has a newly built in bookcase and engineered wood flooring. 12519 Safari Lane Riverview 324,500 Granite counters and tile backsplash in kitchen with its 42 inch cherry cabinets with pull out shelving and top of the line GE Profile appliances. Master bathroom has custom tile and faucets. The 1918 N Pebble Beach 2+ Den/2/2G Water So Pacific $1650 AVAILABLE 8/1 25x09 Florida room leads to a 10x25 outdoor screened room. $ 1229 Caloosa Creek 2/2/2G North End Beauty $1400 RENTED 1011 Emerald Dunes Drive 294,000

Unfurnished Annual Tenancy

For Sale 12519 Safari Lane Rivervw 1011 Emerald Dunes Dr 1752 S Pebble Beach Blvd 2020 Grantham Greens 2440 Sifield Greens Way 702 Riviera Drive 1213 Eastloch Ct 1505 Laughton Place 1206 Radison Ave 1514 Danbury Drive 1539 Chevy Chase 1637 Costa Street 301 Kings Blvd 125 202 Bedford Trl E105 2203 Canterbury Ln 1903 Canterbury B-22

3/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 3/2 3/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/2 2/1 1/1 2/2 2/2 2/2 1/1

$324,500 Pool Home Plus 3 Car Garage Panther Trace $294,000 Exp Saone Golf & Water 10x25 Screen Lanai $229,000 Malibu Freshly Painted, Water & Golf Den $204,900 + Den. Golf and Wtr View Pets Okay SOLD $170,000 Strathaven Golf & Water View 2 BR = Den $165,000 Norfolk Great Updated Home PENDING $155,000 Dedham Fully Furnished with GOLF View $149,900 SAHARA II Turnkey! Furnished PENDING $146,900 Gloucester Plan Total Update KPW PENDING $137,500 Cute as a Button, Cozy & Comfy Single Family $99,000 Villa Updated Kitchen, Grt Room PENDING $98,000 M-1 Close to Everything Large Lani+ PENDING $74,900 Mansard Newly Remodeled Kitchen & Bath $65,900 Mansard Tile Thruout Roof April 2017 SOLD $59,900 Stuart New Flooring, Cabinets & Counter SOLD $57,900 Oversized Master Bedroom, Lbnside Laun SOLD

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2308 Glenmore Circle 2339 Glenmore Circle

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206 Andover H 187 402 Dorchester B 34 2116 Acadia Grns 101 Silverbell Court 630 La Jolla Ave 307 Knottwood 1505 Pebble Beach

1/1.5/1C 2/2/1C 2/2/1.5G 2/2/2G 2/2/2G 2/2/1C 2/2/2C

Doll house Popular Area Deluxe WATER Golf – Spacious Knolls-Private Pool Golf – Spacious

Furnished Annual Tenancy

Furnished Summer Rentals

2017 Winter Sept. 2017 - May 2018

$1250 AVAILABLE Nov–April $1500 AVAILABLE Oct–April $2350 AVAILABLE Dec–Feb $1600 AVAILABLE Oct–April $1700 AVAILABLE Oct–Feb $1550 AVAILABLE Oct–Feb $1700 AVAILABLE Nov–April



September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

What is Community Church College?

The Community Church College is a long standing educational institution for retirees and others, providing information, education, and entertainment on a wide range of topics as a service for the local community. The school has long offered two six-week terms; one in the fall starting in mid-October, and another in the winter to early spring starting in mid-February. The college has had many changes in the past years as the digital age explodes and we have moved forward in providing information on our website “www.4lifelearning. org”. Catalogs are available around town and at the college office. The Fall 2017 semester will run from October 9, 2017 thru November 17, 2017. Open registration day will be on September 20, 2017. New course and trip information is available online. Late registration will be September 21 until October 6, 2017.

Jewish Club Mediterranean Night - Belly Dancers!

Tuesday, October 17, at 6 p.m. KP North Clubhouse Waterside Room Pecks Restaurant catering the event: white or dark chicken, rice, salad, black beans and pita bread. Vegetarian options: Tuna sandwich from Subway or spinach pie with salad. Desert, hot and cold drinks included. Members $12, Nonmembers $15. Send checks to Jacquline Schindler at 2111 Hembury Place, Sun City Center FL 33573, no later than October 3, 2017. Please state your choice of white or dark chicken on your check. Hope to see you there. Member dues must be in by September 15.

British Connection Welcome Back

The British Connection’s next event will be a Welcome Back Movie Night, to be held on Tuesday, October 17 in the Florida Room at the Atrium, Sun City Center, starting at 2 p.m. Emma Watson stars in this movie, which tells the story of Margaret Humphreys, who discovered after the Second World War, that thousands of children from Great Britain had been told their parents had died, and had then been deported to homes and institutions across Australia. The story follows her fight to wrong this injustice and tells of her struggle to reunite these families. Popcorn, cheese & crackers, coffee and iced tea will be served This event is free for members and $3 for guests, who can pay at the door. Please call Linda at 813634-7545 and let her know if you are coming along to this event.

Mary Petro Fund Taking Applications

The Mary Petro Fund of the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay is now accepting applications for financial assistance to pay for food and medicine from current residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point. Eligible residents must meet income limitations and may call our office at 813-634-8306 to receive an application. Our office is open every Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. and you may leave a voicemail message at other times and we will respond on our next business day. We can also help you apply for state SNAP benefits and can provide you with an appointment during your call. Don’t wait or hesitate – if you need assistance call today!

Michigan Club Kicks Off Exciting 2017-2018 Season

The Michigan Club is proud to announce its Social events for the upcoming season. Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out on the fun. You do not have to be from Michigan to join this very energetic and congenial group. Anyone in the greater Sun City Area is welcome to become a member or simply choose to take part in the monthly activities. Beginning on September 19 and continuing every Tuesday morning thereafter, a Michigan Club table will be set up in the corner of the Kings Point North Clubhouse Lobby from 9 to 12 noon. The friendly and helpful club members are there to conduct business by offering memberships, selling event tickets or just answering questions. Seasonal dues are $5 each and include such perks as reduced prices on all activities and a free Wine and Cheese Welcome Back party. Members Only • Wine and Cheese Welcome Back Party Kings Point North Veterans Theater • 4 - 6 p.m. Club volunteers are also treated to an elegant Appreciation Dinner in April. Any organization “takes a village” to be successful and the Michigan Club wants their volunteers to know how much they are valued. Be sure to stop by the Michigan Club table in the Kings Point North Clubhouse on a Tuesday morning, starting on September 19, to join up or just get some information. We would love to greet returning members and welcome new people. If you do not reside in Kings Point, just tell the guard at the Visitors Gate that you are there for Michigan Club business. Keep an eye on the News of Sun City Center for upcoming club events.

The SCC Men’s Chorus: Voices That Carry

Sun City Center is an ever-changing community with new residents arriving in our town every month. For you newcomers if you like to sing, well here’s an invitation you may want to consider. The 35-member Sun City Center Men’s Chorus always has room for a few more singers. The Chorus provides an opportunity for men who like to sing, to get together with other singers and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with performing in a chorus. If you have had experience singing in a choir or community chorus or perhaps in a quartette, you will be given a warm welcome to the chorus. Fall is just around the comer and that means the chorus will begin rehearsal for their coming 2017 fall season. The first practice session is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon, September 6, at Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church located on Del Webb West Blvd. Rehearsals last for two hours, from 2 to 4 p.m. We are a TTBB Chorus singing all types of music, which is both challenging and fun to sing, as well as being enjoyable for our audiences. We sing patriotic, secular, religious, holiday, Broadway, country and old favorites with special arrangements. Simply stated, we are a fun-loving group who are serious about making great music. For more information call Tom at 573-837-3041 or Bob at 813-634-4110.

Gallery Opening & Reception

Robert Hailey’s one-of-a-kind sports coupe is August cruiser of the month for the Roamin’ Oldies Car Club.

Hand-Built Sports Coupe Cruises Away With Honors

Robert Hailey didn’t want to do a restoration. He wanted to build a whole new car from the ground up. He did just that, in a one-car garage at his home in Ruskin. The result is nothing short of spectacular. His one-of-a-kind sports coupe’s flowing lines are dramatically reminiscent of the elite 1930’s Delahayes and Bugattis that inspired it. Over the course of three years and 6,000-plus hours of work, Robert used the skills developed in decades of auto shop ownership and high-end fiberglass boat restoration to design, shape, power, assemble and finish the automotive artwork he calls the Bella Elan. To the surprise of absolutely no one, it was voted Roamin’ Oldies cruiser of the month for August. The custom-built chassis is based on a fourth-generation Corvette. Power is from an LS1 350-horsepower GM V8 engine, mated to a four-speed electronic transmission. The steel cabin is from an Audi TT, the fenders intended for a 1937 Chevrolet, with trunk, hood and other body panels hand-formed in extra-strong cored fiberglass…all seamlessly blended together into one very appealing road machine. The Roamin’ Oldies host a cruise-in from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. the first Thursday of every month in the Apollo Beach Winn-Dixie Plaza on US41, with a rain date the following Thursday. About 100 of the area’s finest antique and collectible cars often take part, accompanied by classic oldies music played by DJ Joey Ferrante. Event sponsors include Thompson’s Auto Parts and Hagerty Classic Car Insurance. For information, call Chet at 813-842-1511.

By Penny Quinn “Carole’s Creations,” a One-Woman Exhibit will feature paintings by award winning portrait artist Carole Scoble. Drawing portraits of her classmates became a childhood hobby. As she grew up she found that people were showing up in her paintings. Her paintings reflect her enjoyment of people and her fascination with different personalities and facial features. The faces tell a story. A favorite painting, “Lisa Where Are You?” depicting a second longed for daughter who never showed up will be on display. Alongside portraiture other paintings depict the diverse and arresting worlds of landscapes, animals and buildings. In the 2017 Annual Art Club Show Carole created and entered a mixed media painting titled “Memories of Marion” which took a first place award. Over the years, Carole has served on many committees including co-chairing an Annual Art Show with Virginia Laudano. For the past few years she has purchased the award ribbons for the Annual Art Shows. Currently she chairs and coordinates the gallery Docent Program. Come feel the warm glow of Carole Scoble’s artwork at the Art Club’s Gallery Opening and Reception on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 from 1 – 3 p.m. The event is free and open to members of the community and their guests. Snacks and beverages will be served. The Art Club is located on Cherry Hills Drive in Sun City Center. Visit for more information.

Events continued on 6.

September 2017

The News of Sun City Center


Help for Severe Aortic Stenosis

Severe aortic stenosis is a narrowed aortic heart valve that doesn’t open and close properly, reducing blood flow to the rest of the body. Morton Plant Hospital is now enrolling eligible patients in the Medtronic Evolut R low-risk trial, which investigates the safety and effectiveness of a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) system in patients with severe aortic stenosis who are at a low surgical mortality risk. TAVR is a minimally invasive alternative to open-heart surgery used to treat failing aortic heart valves in patients with severe aortic stenosis. Morton Plant Hospital was chosen as the first hospital in Tampa Bay to offer the TAVR procedure for patients with severe aortic stenosis who were at an intermediate or high surgical mortality risk. Our team has completed more than 700 TAVR procedures over the last five years.


To see if you or a loved one with severe aortic stenosis may be eligible for this trial, or for more information on the trial, call the Center for Advanced Valve and Structural Heart Care at Morton Plant Hospital at (855) 44-VALVE (855-448-2583) or visit


September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Photos from 1.

Jackie Hanson: The Mandrill Hanson: Do You Feel Lucky?

Jackie Hanson: A Fine Old Man

Jackie Hanson: Tasty Bamboo

Robert Miller: Somewhere Over the Mountain

Bobbie Ray:Early Morning Reflections

Jack Migliore: That Distant Look

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Events from 4.

Sun City Center Stained Glass Club News

Artist of the Month - Pat Huisinga Pat and her husband Jeff moved fulltime to Sun City Center from Sycamore, Illinois in May 2013. Never having been an artistic person, Pat decided to try stained glass and found that she liked it. After taking the classes she found that she really liked the fusing process, especially creating sculptural pieces. Recently, she has begun combining both soldering and fused methods in her projects. Pat has been a member of the Stained Glass Club for three years.

2017 SCC German American Club Oktoberfest

It is our pleasure to introduce, for the first time in Sun City Center, renowned European entertainers, husband and wife, performing as EVA ADAMS. Not only are they accomplished vocalists but play guitar, accordion, and keyboard and have been performing together for 28 years. In Europe, they are the music publishing company SURF where they make their own CDs, DVDs, and produce a radio show. They have won numerous hit parades, been awarded 32 gold, 16 platinum, and 2 multiplatinum records. Their style of music is modern German and their program consists of waltzes and polkas, besides other popular dances, to include American favorites. Oktoberfests have become favorite events for national and local organizations. We celebrate the October 12, 1810 wedding anniversary of Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxony. It is this happy occasion that, over the past 207 years, has evolved to become the modern Munich Oktoberfest. Let your German American Club invite you to celebrate the popular Sun City Center Oktoberfest version at the Community Hall. Banquet Masters will cater our Oktoberfest meal to include salad, desserts, water, coffee, and tea, other drinks are BYOB. German American Club members pay $22 and guests $26. Send or drop off your check no later than October 3, 2017, made out to German American Club of SCC, with a self-addressed envelope to Fred Rathke, 1058 Emerald Dunes Dr., Sun City Center, FL 33573. No need to be German, speak German, wear a dirndl dress, or lederhosen to enjoy this fun party. All residents of Sun City Center, Kings Point, and guests are welcome. For additional information please call Fred Rathke at 813 938-4845 or Paul Buerkle at 813-938-3049.

Metaphysical Society

SCC Fund Raiser Presentations – 10 a.m. – Wednesdays in the Heritage Room. Admission $1 with love offering requested to benefit our society. Bring your community ID to show. Info call Vicky at 813 398-7033. Sept 6 • “5 Elements Acupuncture a Harmonious Balance”, Dr. Edwin Uribe of Sun City Center Health and Wellness, will share. Sept 13 • “Animal Communication”, Stacey Ericson owner of Equestrian Endeavors shares the ability to communicate with animals through the universal language of telepathy. Sept 20 • “A Plant for Every Symptom”, Bunny Hossain will inspire us with incredible therapeutic powers in weeds, herbs and spices while taking us back to the root of medicine. Sept 27 • “Nutritional Blood Analysis”, Brandi Stewart will present the history of Dark Field Microscopy, and the difference between Live blood and Dry Layer Blood testing.

Sew’n Sews of Sun City Center

Members of the Sew’n Sews of Sun City Center recently went on a “Sisterhood of the Traveling Quilt Bus” trip all over Florida. Pictured is member Christy Cahill holding up the grand prize she won – a quilt, along with a purse.

September 2017

33573 33573 is provided by Debbie Caneen, Director of Admissions, Sun Towers from items submitted for publication. To submit events for future publications, send them by the 15th of the prior month. Debbie also publishes Ads and Events, a weekly e-mail containing information about what’s happening in 33573. Your event will also appear in the weekly Ads and Events e-mail and on the website Send all events by e-mail to sccfreeads@ You only need to submit your Event one time each month for it to appear in both The News of Kings Point and SCC Ads and Events. SPECIAL EVENTS Please include all basic information, especially Price (or list it’s Free) and Contact Information (phone, e-Mail, or website). Six lines maximum. Send to: As soon as space permits, we will put it in the weekly e-Mail and it will run until event date passes. You do not need to submit it again. PLEASE NOTE: This area is for SPECIAL EVENTS only. WEEKLY, MONTHLY, or ONGOING EVENTS are listed on our website under WEEKLY & MONTHLY MEETINGS at w w w. S C C Ad s A n d Ev e nt s . c o m which is updated every weekend. WEEKLY RECURRING EVENTS: MONDAYS: 8:30 a.m. - WIDOWER’S WELLNESS G R O U P at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. Widower’s Wellness Group: “A group of men who have lost their spouse committed to listening and unsolicited sharing”. For more information contact Jim Clarke 813625-5665 or 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - KINGS POINT QUILTERS in Fiber Arts Rooms 1 & 2 Kings Point Clubhouse. Work on charity quilts for both veterans and hospitalized children. Work on items to be sold the profits of which help defray the cost of the charity quilt supplies. Contact Sandy Nunn, President (813)642-8961. 9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. TRIMNASTICS CLUB meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at the Dance Studio, SCC Atrium Bldg. All SCC and KP members are welcome to join. Low impact exercise (stretching / bending).

The News of Sun City Center 10:00 a.m. - MONDAY “FOR TODAY” MEETING OF OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS at the Sun City Chamber of Commerce, 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center, FL. The meeting room (private entrance to meeting is on the left side of the building). The only requirement for attending is a desire to change your eating behaviors and stop compulsively eating. No scales, dues or fees. Please join us any Monday morning. newcomers/is-oa-for-you or call Jan at 813/633-3932. 3:30 p.m. - Qi Gong CLUB MEETS in Dance Studio 2 located at 1203 N Pebble Beach Blvd, next to Samaritans. There is no charge for the Qi Gong class just wear loose, comfortable clothing. This is a handicap friendly class open to all levels of practice. TUESDAYS: 9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. TRIMNASTICS CLUB meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at the Dance Studio, SCC Atrium Bldg. All SCC and KP members are welcome to join. Low impact exercise (stretching / bending). 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. LINE DANCING WITH A BALANCE! at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. Do you like to dance but are worried about falling? Join our new FREE line dancing class lead by trained therapists. We can boot, scoot and boogie safely together and make exercise fun! For more information, call Debbie Caneen at 813-892-2990. 10:00 a.m. HEALTHY LIFESTYLES MeetUp - Kings Point Sun City Center at South Clubhouse. Our Optional Walking Meetups: Your choice: walk 2 or 4 miles. Some walk faster; some walk slower. Everyone is welcome; Joanie, Suzanne and Caroline will walk with you. 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. UKULELE JAM SESSION! in the South Social Room in Kings Point. New players and singers are welcome. For information please call or email Paul phone: 765-277-0606. WEDNESDAYS: 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon - LEARN TO WEAVE in the Weaving Studio in the North campus each Monday and Wednesday for 8 weeks starting 10/17 The art of weaving is taught. $75 cost includes lessons, yarns for a sampler and one project, membership in the club for a year and equipment fee. This is a great opportunity to try something new and get out of the heat. Sign up in the studio or call 813 642-8239. 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. THERAPEUTIC TAI CHI OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Our therapists have advanced training in therapeutic Tai Chi for Seniors and will provide guidance in this healthy exercise. For more information, contact Debbie Caneen at 813-634-3347. 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon MAN to MAN LIFE SUPPORT GROUP meets weekly in the conference room behind the SCC MEN’S CLUB building on Cherry Hills Drive. The purpose of our group is for men to learn new coping skills, find hope in their circumstances, help answer questions about life, and support other men while they are

fixing the broken things that concern them and their families. All men of SCC and nearby communities are welcome to come and try our group in complete confidence and free of charge. For more information about the Group, contact Ken Barringer at 633-8490 or Bill Spedding at 938-3126. Sponsored by the Coalition for Mental Health and Aging. 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. - FRONT PORCH PICKERS - LIVE MUSIC! Rollins Theatre, 970 Cherry Hills Drive. Country, bluegrass, traditional and gospel music on acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, ukulele, dobro and bass fiddle. Free program. Call (813) 633-6739. THURSDAYS: 9:00 a.m. - “FOR TODAY” MEETING OF OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS at the Sun City Chamber of Commerce, 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center, FL. The meeting room (private entrance to meeting is on the left side of the building). The only requirement for attending is a desire to stop compulsively eating. Contact Peg S. at 516/578-5285 for meeting details. You can learn more about OA online at http://www. 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - KINGS POINT QUILTERS in Fiber Arts Rooms 1 & 2 Kings Point Clubhouse. Work on charity quilts for both veterans and hospitalized children. Work on items to be sold the profits of which help defray the cost of the charity quilt supplies. Personal projects also done at this time. Guest speakers and workshops planned throughout the year. New members always welcome. Unwanted sewing related items gladly accepted. Contact Sandy Nunn, President (813)642-8961. 9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. TRIMNASTICS CLUB meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at the Dance Studio, SCC Atrium Bldg. All SCC and KP members are welcome to join. Low impact exercise (stretching / bending). 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. MARY PETRO PROGRAM FOR FOOD AND MEDICINE at the South Shore United Church of Christ, 1501 La Jolla Ave. The Mary Petro Program is funded by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and provides financial assistance to residents for food and medicine. To qualify, residents must be full time residents of Sun City Center or Kings Point, must fill out an application and meet income guidelines, must present income verification documents and either a SCC or KP identification card. For more information, please visit our office or call 813-634-8306. 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. SINGLE DECK PINOCHLE CLUB meets in the Sandpiper Room North Campus. Come early for a partner. Email “” for more information or questions. FRIDAYS: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - KINGS POINT QUILTERS in Fiber Arts Rooms 1 & 2 Kings Point Clubhouse. Work on charity quilts for both veterans and hospitalized children. Work on items to be sold the profits of which help defray the cost of the charity quilt supplies. Personal projects also done at this time. Guest speakers and workshops planned throughout the year. New members

7 always welcome. Unwanted sewing related items gladly accepted. Contact Sandy Nunn, President (813)642-8961. SAVE THE DATE MON. SEP 4 - WIDOWER’S WELLNESS GROUP 8:30 a.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. Widower’s Wellness Group: “A group of men who have lost their spouse committed to listening and unsolicited sharing”. Our experience has shown that grief is an ongoing journey and it varies; for some it’s constant, others it’s intermittent and some are ambushed by unexpected bursts of anger, grief or fear. For more information contact Jim Clarke 813-6255665 or THU. SEP 7 - “LET’S PUNCH OUT PARKINSON’S” ROCK STEADY BOXING MADE POSSIBLE BY A GRANT FROM THE NATIONAL PARKINSON’S FOUNDATION 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Drive, Sun City Center, FL. Introducing “Rock Steady Boxing” where the mission is to empower people with Parkinson’s disease to fight back. If you have Parkinson’s, or are caring for someone with this disease, be sure to register for this weekly session by contacting Eric Allen at 813-321-8755 or Eric@eafitness. org. Complimentary valet parking available at Towers entrance. For additional info, call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990 THU. SEP 7 - DEM CLUB SEPTEMBER MEETING 1:00 p.m. for Meet ‘n Mingle with refreshments. General Meeting at 1:30 p.m. at the (golf cart friendly) Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce, 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center on the 1st Thursday of the month. On September 7, join your fellow Democrats to welcome scheduled speaker, Kirk Bailey with the ACLU. All Democrats and like-minded individuals are invited and encouraged to attend this free event. Learn how to get involved. Please visit and Like our Facebook page at or website: for more information. M O N. S E P 1 1 - W I D O W E R ’ S WELLNESS GROUP 8:30 a.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. Widower’s Wellness Group: “A group of men who have lost their spouse committed to listening and unsolicited sharing”. Our experience has shown that grief is an ongoing journey and it varies; for some it’s constant, others it’s intermittent and some are ambushed by unexpected bursts of anger, grief or fear. For more information contact Jim Clarke 813-6255665 or WED. SEP 13 - DIABETES EDUCATION SUPPORT GROUP 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Have you been given the diagnosis of Diabetes? Are you unsure of your dietary future? Discover options that will assist you! Join Jessica Chase, RN from Bayada Home Health Care as she facilitates this support group. For additional info, call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990.

33573 to 8.

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Sun Towers


101 Trinity Lakes Dr, Sun City Center


September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

33573 from 7. THU. SEP 14 - CHRONIC PAIN AND NEUROPATHY GROUP 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. We are happy to announce that Dr. Reyna Bragg, NCCAOM and Florida State Board Certified Diplomat Physician of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine will be a permanent facilitator to our group with open discussion encouraged by all. Members are asked to share treatments, exercises, nutrition, etc. that may have worked for them in order for all members to benefit with Dr. Bragg’s guidance. Sun Towers Facilitator: “Tari” Williams, MPT (Masters of Physical Therapy) with Sun Towers Retirement Community Outpatient Therapy. FREE Valet service provided at Terrace Entrance (blue awning). For more info 813-892-2990 Learn what you can do to reduce your pain today! Free valet parking at terrace entrance. FRI. SEP 15 - VETERANS HISTORY PROJECT, A PROGRAM OF THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. by registration only at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr SCC. The Tampa Bay Chapter of the American Red Cross in partnership with the Veterans History Project, a program of the Library of Congress, is seeking Veterans to participate in this project. The program captures through a video interview, firsthand account of Veterans who served in any branch of the US military in any capacity, from World War I through the present, and are no longer serving are eligible to participate. Civilians who served in support of a US war effort in a professional capacity are also welcome to participate. Our individual experiences may have been different, but when compiled they form a powerful snapshot of history.” If you are a Veteran or know Veterans that would like to share their stories, please call Sun Towers to schedule your interview time at 813-634-3347. This recording of history will take place on the 3rd Friday of each month. M O N. S E P 1 8 - W I D O W E R ’ S WELLNESS GROUP 8:30 a.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. Widower’s Wellness Group: “A group of men who have lost their spouse committed to listening and unsolicited sharing”. Our experience has shown that grief is an ongoing journey and it varies; for some it’s constant, others it’s intermittent and some are ambushed by unexpected bursts of anger, grief or fear. For more information contact Jim Clarke 813-6255665 or MON. SEP 18 - PARKINSON’S SUPPORT GROUP OF SUN CITY CENTER 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. We are fortunate to have Megan Willard, Tampa Bay Community Outreach Manager, Parkinson’s Foundation. Megan

provides support to the local Parkinson Community with resources and educational information and is responsible for the coordination of the annual Moving Day walk held in April at USF. If you have Parkinson’s, or are caring for someone with this disease, be sure to attend this support group! Complimentary valet parking available at entrance. For additional info, call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990. TUE . SEP 19 - FREE MEMORY SCREENINGS AND HEARING SCREENINGS Beginning at 10:00 a.m. at United Methodist Church, 1210 Del Webb Blvd W, Sun City Center, FL. Hearing loss is associated with poor cognitive performance and incident dementia and may contribute to cognitive decline. Make your appointment today to have your memory screened along with your hearing. By appointment only. To schedule, call the Coalition at 813-419-4902 Interested in learning more about Clinical Trials? Call the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute Mobile Clinical Trail Unit (813) 455-2512. W E D. S E P 2 0 - LO W V I S I O N SUPPORT GROUP 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. Do you wonder how others with Low Vision advance through their day? Do they receive care from outside sources? What adaptive vision devices successfully assist them? Each need is different but if we gather to share our resources, we all benefit! Attend this support group where challenges are met with resources and where members inspire others with their successes. Rebecca Radford, Case Manager for the Tampa Lighthouse for the Blind will also be on hand. Free valet parking for cars and golf carts at Terrace Entrance by Blue Awning. If you have low vision, then this meeting is for you! For more info call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990. WED. SEP 20 - CLASSICAL MUSIC APPRECIATION 3:30 p.m. Kings Point main clubhouse, RIPPLE ROOM (across hall from South Social Room.) Free. All lovers of classical music are invited. Information: Arthur C. Joy, 813-633-9783, acjjr@ M O N. S E P 2 5 - W I D O W E R ’ S WELLNESS GROUP 8:30 a.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. Widower’s Wellness Group: “A group of men who have lost their spouse committed to listening and unsolicited sharing”. Our experience has shown that grief is an ongoing journey and it varies; for some it’s constant, others it’s intermittent and some are ambushed by unexpected bursts of anger, grief or fear. We invite YOU to attend a meeting and witness the camaraderie and healing that comes from “listening and unsolicited sharing” of the experiences of men like yourself who’ve lost their spouse. For more information contact Jim Clarke 813-625-5665 or jfclarke32@

Techniques of Acrylic Landscape Painting

Monday, September 18, 2017 at 1 p.m. in the Rollins Theater By Edwin Havas Join Edwin Havas as he demonstrates how to use photographic references and an economy of brush strokes to create fluid and striking landscapes. Ed will take the audience through the steps of blocking out the painting’s composition, selecting the color palette, and completing the painting without overworking it. Primarily recognized throughout his long career for his award-winning watercolors, in recent years Ed has transitioned to acrylics and now paints predominantly in this medium. Ed is a Professor of Art Emeritus at Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey where for 36 years he taught art at Seton Hall University and Seton Hall Preparatory School. He is a graduate of the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art, Newark, NJ. He is a signature member of the American Watercolor Society. His multiple one-man and group exhibits staged in the United States and abroad brought Ed national and international acclaim. The demo will follow the club’s regularly scheduled Monthly Meeting. Monthly Demos are open to the members of our community. Visit “” or “”.

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September 2017

The News of Sun City Center



NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

Social Ballroom Dance Classes

DANCING Rockin’ Thru The Years Dance Club

“Join Us for a Rockin’ Good Time!” Sunday, September 17, 2017, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. in Veterans Theater, Kings Point North Clubhouse. The doors open at 6 p.m. You may BYOB and snacks. Tickets are $5 per person and may be purchased on Tuesday, September 12, 12:30 to 2:30 p.m., at the Ticket Table in the Kings Point North Clubhouse Lobby or at the Veterans Theater door starting at 6 the night of the dance. Flashback will provide our dance music a good mix of 50’s and 60’s favorites to include slow dance music and shakin’ it down to the memorable 70’s and 80’s and topping it off with a sizzling Rock ‘n Roll tune from somewhere in between. Line dance music will be played during the band’s break. Flashback is a dynamic six-member band whose only desire is to get you on the dance floor. Although the core of this six-piece band has been together since the late 1990’s, each of the members has brought decades of experience together to create music for countless locations in the Tampa Bay area. Flashback gives you the ingredients for the foremost in musical entertainment with their great mix of musicians and their male and female singers who add hallmark harmonies. Flashback will serve you the recipe for good fun. Please email Sandi at “” for further information or questions.

Sponsored by the Academy Dance Club Classes are held in the Dance Studio in the Atrium. Open to all SCC and KP residents. Couples and singles welcome. Infor: Bernice DuBro at 813-634-3205. Tue. Sept. (5, 12, 19, 26) Social Ballroom Dance Class Beginning/Inter. Slow Dance - 5:30 p.m. Beginning - Polka/Polka Waltz 6:45 p.m. Advanced – Cha-Cha - 8 p.m. Wed. Sept. (6, 13, 20, 27) Social Ballroom Dance Class Beginning - Cha-cha - 12:45 p.m. Intermediate - Rumba - 2 p.m. Beginning Silver - Fox Trot - 3:15 p.m. (Must have Bronze Level First) Taught by Bernice Dubro and George Hawn. Call 813-634-3205 or email

Moonglow Dance Club

Moonglow Ballroom Dance Club invites everyone who enjoys dancing and/or listening to a variety of live music to join them at Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd., Sun City Center from 7:30-9:30 p.m. on Thursday September 28. Dance music will be provided by “Mario DeLeon”. The attire at Moonglow Dances is dressy casual. (No shorts or tank tops, please.) Members are free, and visitors/guests are welcome for $5 per person paid at the door. Singles tables are always available. Please BYOB and snacks, and the club provides ice, water, cups and napkins. Why not get your friends and neighbors to join you for a Moonglow Dance? We are not “Dancing With the Stars”. We just do whatever our bodies allow, in time to the variety of live music featured at our dances by our talented entertainers, who vary from month to month. For more information please call 813-633-1297 or 813-634-8308, or email “gail3357@”.

The Art Club in Sun City Center Artist of the Month

The Art Club in Sun City Center has chosen Mel Solochek as the Artist of the Month for September 2017. A self-taught artist his interest in art stems from early years playing with numbers painting. Upon retiring to Sun City Center in 2011, Mel joined the Art Club. With instruction and inspiration from Anne Walker, Instructor, he discovered and mastered acrylic painting. Electric bold, bright, and vibrant colors become the signatures that wend their way into his impressionistic portraits, street scenes and Indian faces. As Mel’s enthusiasm for painting evolved so too, did his enjoyment working with other artists. Currently Mel serves as the Art Club’s President. Under his leadership, the Fine Arts Gallery gained community recognition. Throughout the years, he has chaired numerous committees. Membership in the Phoenix Group ignites his passion for art. Mel pursued his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee and earned a Pharmacy Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mel’s artwork will be displayed this month at the SCC Library, the SCC Welcome Center, La Beautique Salon, SCC Samaritan Services, Momentum Bank, Fiore’s Sunshine Café, and the Art Club Window. Visit for more information.

Join the Women’s Chorus of Sun City Center

Love to sing? Come join The Women’s Chorus of Sun City Center. Under the direction of Jeff Jordan, this talented group of sixty singers has performed concerts to appreciative standing room only audiences for the past several years, singing a variety of classic, sacred, seasonal and popular songs with multimedia presentations and instrumentalists. Registration for the fall season will be on Thursday, September 7, 8:30 a.m. at the St. Andrew Presbyterian Church located at 1239 West Del Webb Blvd. All rehearsals are held at the church each Thursday from 9 to 11 a.m. and continue until the fall concert on December 3. Membership dues are $20 for each Jeff Jordan, Musical Director and Keith fall and spring season. No audition is Rasmussen, Accompanist. necessary but previous experience with a chorus and ability to read music is helpful. You will like the friendliness and dedication of this group. Our music will fill your heart! For more information call Janet Warren, President at 813-634-6692. Also visit our Facebook site at “”.

Entertainment Corner By Lynn Manzi, Entertainment Director

The summer is flying by and we will soon be ready for the 2017/2108 Series. But before that starts, our last summer show will be on September 16 at 7 p.m. in Community Hall. Kelly Emerson and Gary Garbelman (K.E.G.G.) will be performing with their usual vibrancy and energy. Tickets are $10 and are available at the Kiosk on Monday. Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. – noon and also at the door the evening of the performance (if available). Seating will be tables of 10 with no tables reserved. BYOB. Brochures for the upcoming season are available at the Kiosk which gives you all the information needed to purchase series tickets as well as individual tickets. If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Manzi at 813-633-3500. We sincerely hope you will enjoy the performances for this season. Thank you very much for all your support.

Oldies But Goodies Dance Club

The Oldies but Goodies Dance Club will be enjoying the music of RB and the Gang on Sunday, September 10, 2017 at Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. The cost is free for members and $6 per person for guests. No advance ticket needed pay at the door. The doors will open at 6:15 p.m. for members and 6:30 p.m. for guests. The band originally from Memphis and now locally based are making a very welcome return to the Oldies but Goodies dance. Their songs include pop, blues, swing, rockabilly, soul and tropical styles. The band will be playing 7-10 p.m. BYOB and snacks, the club will provide water, ice, cups and napkins. As always residents of Kings Point and Renaissance as well as Sun City Center are always welcome. Any questions contact Club President Joanne at 813-728-1147 or email “jjlatenite@” You may also check out our website: “” or join us on Facebook “”.

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September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Emergency Squad Emergency Squad Volunteer Information Programs

The Sun City Center Emergency Squad is hosting an Informational Program at 6 p.m. on the Wednesday, September 13, 2017, to answer questions and provide details to prospective volunteers. The meeting will take place at the Training Building at 124 S. Pebble Beach. We invite interested residents to find out more about the Squad and the volunteer opportunities we have available. The Squad is always looking for people who may be interested in helping on our ambulances and wheelchair vans. The positions include Emergency Medical Responders, Ambulance Drivers and Emergency Medical Technicians. Other volunteer positions the Squad has available include IT specialists, vehicle maintenance volunteers, and cooks. Each year the Squad provides Basic Life Support (BLS) emergency services to the community. In 2016, the Squad made almost 5,000 ambulance runs and approximately 2000 medical wheelchair van runs. All of the Squad’s services are free, including blood pressures that are offered daily at the office from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our community. Please consider visiting with us and learning more about how we are “Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” Coffee and cookies will be served.

Emergency Squad Announces Appointments

The Emergency Squad is pleased to announce its new appointment of Mike Bardell as Chief of the Emergency Squad. Mike joined the Squad in 2014 going through Emergency Medical Responder and Driver Training. In 2015, Mike became Captain of Team 3, learning the job of all of his team members. He then took on the role of Deputy Chief in May, 2016. The Squad also announced its new Deputy Chief, Jim Ryan. Jim has been with the Squad for over 12 years and has recently served as Captain of Team 8. In addition, Rick Frabotta has been appointed to the position of Assistant Pictured: Chief Mike Bardell, Captain Tom Burlage and Deputy Chief Jim Ryan. Chief of Acquisitions. With the changes in the administration, come changes in the teams. The squad thanks Tom Burlage for stepping up to file the role of Captain of Team 8. The captain’s job is one that begins before their duty day by ensuring that they have the crews to staff the ambulances and the vans, the dispatchers to take the calls and the support staff to open the building and to serve the public.





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Photo taken by Debbie Caneen Front L to R: Loriena Piepenbrink and Jewel Smith. Standing L to R: Sylvia Fell, Beverly Whited and Mike Bardel, Interim Chief of the Emergency Squad.

Sun Towers Residents Donate to Emergency Squad

Each day, residents and friends of Sun Towers spend time in the Country Store managing inventory, making sales of items, balancing the books and visiting with shoppers. They are rewarded daily, knowing the results of their efforts are shared with local nonprofit organizations such as the Emergency Squad. All proceeds of the Country Store are donated back to our community support members, continuing the history in Sun City Center of Neighbors Helping Neighbors! On this day, the Emergency Squad was the recipient of a $1,500 donation.

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September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

From Under the Sea to Outer Space

By Kai Rambow Adventurous resident, Russ Merritt, has celebrated his birthdays with flair. On his 80th birthday, he was celebrated while in the tank at the Florida Aquarium. Merritt volunteered there and fellow volunteers surprised him on his birthday with signs underwater in the tank while spectators in the viewing gallery watched. For his 90th birthday, Merritt rode the space shuttle simulator at the Kennedy Space Center. We tried to get him on a real mission, but Merritt declined – something about riding with the Russians. “I was impressed with the way everything was presented; the story it told was complete and very interesting. It’s been very well done,” reflected Merritt. It had been some time since he visited the Space Center, and Merritt thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits. The new shuttle Atlantis exhibits opened in 2013. He also took time to see all

3D, you feel as if you’re right there. If you’ve not visited the Kennedy Space Center in some time, there are all kinds

of new experiences. Special thanks to the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex.

Photo courtesy of Ilona Merritt. Russ Merritt was celebrated for his 80th birthday, while in the tank at the Florida Aquarium.

the changing facilities. Launch pads are being prepared for new rockets and companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origins and Boeing. Manned missions are expected to resume by 2019. Back at the visitor center, Merritt took time to view one of the IMAX films. “The realism is great,” reflected Merritt. Viewing the space station in

Russ Merritt celebrated his 90th birthday by riding the shuttle simulator at the Kennedy Space Center.

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Well-trained astronaut Merritt looking very relaxed in the shuttle cockpit mock-up.

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September 2017

The News of Sun City Center


h e t Wo in

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r e t n e C y Cit

The News of


Dave and Joanie Hourigan toured Malahide Castle in County Dublin, Ireland. Here they are out front of the castle with their News of Sun City Center.

Robin and Rhonda Altman toured Dubai. Here they are at the Atlantis resort with their News of Sun City Center.

Steve and Nancy Williams traveled to Birmingham, Alabama, with their News of Sun City Center, where Nancy took fourth place in the tennis singles, ages 70-74. Congrats, Nancy!

Ron and Judi Matelski visited Australia with their News of Sun City Center. They traveled to Sydney, then by train across the Outback, visiting Adelaide, Alice Springs and the Barossa Valley, Uluru National Park, Ayers Rock, Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef.

Ilona Merritt, Miniaturist and News of SCC writer met Beth Freeman-Kane, wildlife artist, in Chicago to renew their friendship and an opportunity for Ilona to attend another workshop taught by Ms. Freeman-Kane from South Africa.

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September Around the World with Gayle & Marco

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1200 Miles on the Danube 11 days from $2469pp Bucharest to Vienna incds 1 night hotel in Bucharest • Unusual ports of Fetesti • St George Village • Hirsova & Constanta & Black Sea Excursion• Giurgiu • Rousse • Svistov • Belgrade • Mohacs • Kalocsa • Budapest • Bratislava • Vienna

New Year’s Eve Cruise from Tampa! from$829pp

Dave & Barb Green and Gail & Dick Green took their News of Sun City Center to the Chobe Water Villas in Namibia, Africa during a five-country southern Africa safari.

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TRAVEL September 2017

The News of Sun City Center


Celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday in Toronto

By Kai Rambow “Alcohol quickly became a daily part of a lot of people’s lives; many were drunk most days,” explained Gavin Pounds, our distillery tour guide, “There was even a specific 1 percent alcohol beer called ‘small beer’ for the younger crowd.’” Who knew Toronto in the 1800s was that interesting. Toronto today is a dynamic city. After Niagara Falls (June issue), consider visiting Toronto, one of the most diverse cities in the world. It seems everyone who visits Toronto loves it. Savings These are extra savings aside from a favorable exchange rate. Toronto CityPass can save you money assuming you visit Casa Loma, CN Tower and the Royal Ontario Museum. The pass is good for several days. Tips: If you visit the CN tower early one morning instead of doing this in the middle of the bus tour, you’ll save time. For additional coupons, visit www. City Sightseeing Buses This hop-on, hop-off bus is a convenient way to see Toronto. Valid for two days, recommend taking a different approach to beat the crowds. Tip 1: Try for one of the first buses from Yonge Dundas Square; you’ll beat most tourists. Buy tickets at bus stop. Tip 2: Take a leap frog approach to keep ahead of the crowds. Tip 3: Pack snacks to follow this suggested itinerary. Day 1: Ride the bus and enjoy all the way to Casa Loma (7 on their map). Admission includes a self-guided audio tour. Pick up audio guide, then enjoy this European-styled castle at your own pace. Re-board the bus and ride all the way to the St. Lawrence market (19). Head for the center to Carousel Bakery for a peameal bacon sandwich. This Toronto creation is essentially a back bacon made from lean pork loin – it’s delicious. After, explore over 120 specialty shops under one roof on two floors. A market has been here since 1803 and this is one of the best in the world. Before heading out again, stop at Future Bakery (near Carousel) for a treat. Hop back on the bus, finish the tour, but continue past the end to Yonge and Bloor (5). Check out the main library, stroll the upscale shopping on Yorkville and work your way to the Bata Shoe Museum. This is a small but surprising museum covers 4,500 years of shoe history. It’s fun and won’t take much time. Day 2: Pick up bus from (1) and get off at (6) for the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Another option is to take the subway to St. George station. This is one of the largest museums on the continent with a wide range of collections. Check for highlights tours (no extra charge) that will give a good overview. An additional stop is the Art Gallery of Ontario (11). Some of the best Canadian artists and landscapes can be seen here. Art lovers can also see a large collection of renowned sculptor Henry Moore. AGO also has highlight tours, but not every day, so check the schedule in advance. Continue tour to (13), the entertainment

Toronto has plenty of night time activities. Even city hall, pictured here, has plenty of visitors at night.

district. This is a good place to stop for lunch with numerous restaurants. A harbor tour (17) is included at no extra charge and is a relaxing change. Board bus and head to the distillery district (20). Distillery Tasting Tour Abandoned for decades and recently revitalized, the Tasting Tour here is a fun. The history of the city, Canada and Prohibition is engagingly told with tasting from some of the unique shops. Here you’ll learn the answer why almost everyone was drinking alcohol in the 1800s. Consider a restaurant for dinner amongst this fascinating rebuild. Shopping The Toronto Eaton Centre is the iconic indoor shopping center in the heart of the city since opened in 1977. Eaton’s, the premier department store in Canada, folded in 1999 but the name stayed. There are 330 stores and restaurants on several levels running the length of a long city block. Theatre Toronto has the third largest Englishspeaking theatre district in the world after London and New York City. Shows are often sold out months in advance, but there are enough choices for you to catch something. Some theatres have lotteries on the day of the show; check with each theatre for their rules on lotteries. Sports For baseball fans catching a Toronto Blue Jays game is a must. Inexpensive tickets are often available on non-peak days. The Rogers Centre was the first stadium to have a fully retractable motorized roof. Tip: Try for seats facing the CN Tower. You’ll be able to see the game and the tower. For hockey fans, The Hockey Hall of Fame is located in downtown Toronto. Toronto Cool If you have an extra day or two, here are some cool activities: Take a ferry to the Toronto Islands, rent a bike and explore the islands. Splurge and enjoy afternoon tea at the Windsor Arms Hotel or Park Hyatt in Yorkville. Tips for a Great Trip: When to Go: Toronto is often hot and humid in the summer. Spring and fall have less crowds and better temperatures. Note: Unless you’re a film buff, avoid Toronto’s Film Festival,

which is a huge event and takes place in September. Getting Around: Driving is not recommended. Public transit is very good in Toronto, especially the subway and streetcars. Many of the vehicles automatically announce stops and you can always ask the drivers for help. Dining Options Toronto has thousands of great restaurants. Ask for recommendations at your hotel for your favorite type of food, check it out online, get directions and go. For a Toronto original in casual dining have one meal at Swiss Chalet. The original restaurant was founded in Toronto in 1954 and today there are over

200 of them across Canada. Rotisserie chicken is their signature dish, but today there is a wide variety of choices. For a Walgreens equivalent, look for Shoppers Drug Mart. You can get better choices and prices on drinks and snacks. Where to Stay Toronto has many big activities throughout the year, so hotels can be expensive. Advanced planning and flexibility with dates can get you reasonable rates in very good locations. Here are a few recommendations in good locations: Holiday Inn Bloor 280 Bloor St. W. (near Royal Museum) (416) 968-0010 Toronto Marriott Bloor 90 Bloor St. E. (416) 961-8000 Courtyard Toronto Downtown 475 Yonge St. (416) 924-0611 Hotel Novotel Toronto Centre 45 The Esplanade (downtown, near lake) (416) 367-8900 Hilton Garden Inn 92 Peter St (downtown) (416) 593-9200 Distillery / Tasting Tours (416) 642-0008 City Sightseeing Toronto

More Photos on 24.

Casa Loma is a European-styled castle that is fun to visit.


September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

& Join Dr. Rich Castellano, Double Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon of Imagelift and Tom Payant, Chairman and CEO, Payant Wealth Management Group

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September 13 • 11 a.m.


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SPORTS September 2017

The News of Sun City Center



Senior Athlete of the Month is Neal Nightingale

By Bob Monahan Why was that man peering through the fence to watch me make a fool of myself learning to play this crazy game called Pickleball? I had never heard of pickleball three months earlier and it seemed odd to be hitting a wiffle ball with a paddle twice the size of a ping pong paddle on half of a tennis court. “You and your wife show a lot of promise in this game and I am willing to give you pointers on how to play…” that was our introduction to Neal Nightingale, six time world champion pickleball player and now happily retired from competition at the age of 88. This extraordinary athlete has conquered a multitude of sports but more importantly has become my mentor and friend despite an age difference of over twenty years. How do you change gears when you are ready to put the paddle, the bat or the golf club down and end the world of competition? Neal Nightingale has set an example of how to do this. After he had given a few lessons we talked about how young kids would love this sport. A week later Neal showed up at my house with some plastic pipe. He asked me to take the vehicles out of my garage and before you knew it we were practicing pickleball in my garage using plastic tees , couplings and old netting to make something usable for the young kids we both had taught in a previous life. At the age of 86 he decided to have a garden plot where he could grow flowers for shut ins. Neal’s garden produced the most beautiful gladiolas, zinnias, iris and marigolds you have ever seen. He built the raised beds himself. One day he asked me if we could use my pickup truck to get a load of cow manure in Wimauma. He thought the farmer would bag the manure for us but I insisted we bring shovels and rakes just in case. When we came to the open field the manure was everywhere and Neal loaded that manure as if he were a 20-year-old. Neal Has many Sport Accomplishments some of which are: • MVP from Toledo, Ohio Clay High School, for football as their quarterback, baseball as 3rd baseman, basketball as forward and all conference in those three sports. • He coached softball and tennis and assisted as coach in basketball. • In tennis Neal was city and county champ of Michigan City, Indiana. • Here in SCC he was a lawn bowling champion. 1999 triples champ, 2000 singles champ and 2011 club pairs champion. • Neal took up pickleball at the age of 71, and at 74 he became SCC Pickleball Club President. • He became the World Pickleball Champion in the age division 75-79 competing in St. George Utah. From 2005 to 2008 Neal won 6 gold medals and 5 silver medals in singles and doubles. All during this time period until 2009, Neal was the Southeast Ambassador for USA Pickleball Association and was the first to establish a regional website promoting the sport of pickleball and putting on demonstrations/skill clinics. From an early age Neal was a well-rounded athlete and conditioned from an early age by helping his parents on the family farm. He rose to the top in tennis, basketball, football and softball while a young man. Later Neal changed gears and became a sport coach. Since 1991 Neal was introduced to Lawn Bowling and Pickleball and he mastered both. After his competitive days he did not rest on his laurels but helped many of us new to Pickleball including myself. I will continue to use the skills he instilled in me. Neal’s giving continued when he took up gardening and the shut-ins wondered where those flowers came from can thank Neal Nightingale. Now, he and his wife will not just sit around, but he is learning to master the card game of Bridge. That’s how you continue to be active and change gears here in Sun City Center.


Dr. Bruce Waterman DMD We Can Help! *Located inside the office of Hess & VanLandschoot Orthodontics

SCC Table Tennis Club Doubles Tournament

Twelve members of the John Donnelly Table Tennis Club in Sun City Center held an inner-club doubles tournament on August 11, 2017. Each participant played one game with each of the other eleven players so they had a different partner every game. The games went to eleven points and each player wrote down their own scores. When all the games had been played and the scores added, the players with the highest total scores won Gold (Barry Chernock), Silver (Cau Huynh) and Bronze (Roland Reuterfors) medals. Many thanks go out to club member Judy Lamb for running the tournament and providing refreshments.

L to R: Cau Huynh (Silver), Barry Chernock (Gold), Roland Reuterfors (Bronze).


save a horse thrift • SAVING HORSES ONE HOOFBEAT AT A TIME •




And Sleep Better Tonight!

769 Cortaro Drive, Sun City Center *Behind Burger King

421 Apollo Beach Boulevard, Apollo Beach Florida

Archery Club

Joseph Gardia shot this tight group of arrows during his first lesson from SCC Archery Club instructor Jerry Anderson. The SCC Archery Club provides free archery instruction to all CA members who wish to try archery. The club even provides all the necessary equipment while receiving lessons at no cost to the student. If you wish to try archery contact club president Mark Erickson at 813-634-0796, or come to our 7 p.m. Tuesday Social Shoot-weather permitting at our archery range located behind the dog park on the south Campus.


Improving and Saving Lives Through Healthy Breathing

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September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

CAHT Annual Golf Outing Planned For November

Brick Pavers Done by real Professionals! We have 30 Years of Hand’s on Brick Pavers Installation Experience

The Campaign Against Human Trafficking – SouthShore has scheduled its primary fundraiser for 2017, the Annual Golf Outing. This year’s Outing will be held Saturday, November 4, at The Renaissance Golf Club in Sun City Center. Shotgun start is 8:30 a.m. followed by lunch, winner announcements, and 50/50. All of this for only $75/person or $55 for ClubLink full members. Whether or not you can play golf, you can still participate through sponsorships. Sponsorships are available in many forms, from hole sponsors to game sponsors to Platinum/Gold/Silver sponsors. Being a Platinum or Gold sponsor will earn you a complimentary foursome and a Silver sponsorship will earn you a complimentary twosome. The Campaign Against Human Trafficking – SouthShore has been fighting human trafficking for several years. Many awareness programs are held each year at schools and various organizations. Monetary support is provided to shelters of rescued victims. Rescue packs are distributed to local police and given to rescued victims. More and more, the public is becoming aware of the horrendous problem of human trafficking and CAHT is at the forefront of this awareness in the SouthShore area. Help support their efforts through your participation in the November 4 Golf Outing. Call 813-602-3100 or thru email at “” for further information and registration or sponsorship forms.



H Very 0 0 r5

appy Cust om ers

200 Off


in Sun

City Cen



You may have seen Jazzmatazz perform in the Follies or at Funfest and thought, wow, that looks like fun! Diane Lefrancois, choreographer for Jazzmatazz, is offering a fall beginner’s class starting Saturday, Sept. 9. Class is held from 9:30 to 10:30 in the Atrium Dance Studio and the cost is only $5 per class. If you want to have fun, and can’t help but dance when a good beat comes on, call Cheri Didday, 727-687-3210, to register.

Any Project of $2,500 or More

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813-685-3900 Exp. 09/30/17

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Heart Failure Hip/Knee Surgery Sepsis Stroke

Text “ER” to 23000 for Average ER Wait Times 4016 Sun City Center Blvd. • Sun City Center, FL 33573 813-634-3301 •

Travertine / Pool Tile Remodeling

Jazzmatazz Beginners Classes

Driveways / Pool Decks / Patios

Coupons must be presented at time of contract.

Message and data rates may apply. For more info, visit *CMS Hospital Compare Q3 2015 - Q1 2016

September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Family Connections to Sun City Center

By Paula Lickfeldt In 1976 Jackie and David Vachon retired and moved to the Bahamas. They lived happily, in the Bahamas for ten years. In 1986, David had a heart incident and the couple decided that they should move back to the USA for better healthcare. They did not want to go back to Maine, so they decided to stay as far south as possible. They began looking on the Atlantic side of Florida with no luck. As they were traveling across the state, they saw a road sign for Sun City Center. They arrived in SCC, took a look and knew they were home. They bought a home on Atrium Drive. Their son, Tim, lived in Waterville, Maine. He was a high school Latin teacher, and he taught at Colby College. Flo also lived in Waterville and after returning home from college, she met Tim. Tim invited her out for dinner and as they say, “The rest was history.” Flo’s mother said that Tim was the perfect match for her. While Tim and Flo were dating, she corresponded with Tim’s parents, and they all really liked each other. When Flo and Tim decided to get married, they had no money. They had a small wedding and Flo had heard that Tim’s parents were going on a road trip out west. She asked if she and Tim could ride along for their honeymoon trip. Yes, you read that correctly, Flo and Tim went on their honeymoon with Tim’s parents. Flo says they had a wonderful time. When they arrived in a town, Tim and his mother would go to the stores to shop and Flo and her father-in-law would go sightseeing together. The bond between the two

all of its sunshine. Tim had intended to retire at the end of that school year, but he took an early retirement in November and brought his mom home. Flo still had her real estate agency so she stayed behind. It took one year to wrap up everything and sell the agency before she could come south to be with Tim and help with the care of her mother-in-law. In 2007, Flo became an agent for ReMax, and, when the Keller Williams office opened in SCC, she formed the “Flo Vachon team” and began working for KW. Flo is the song leader for the Rotary Club, she is active in BNI, Business Network International and is in the Feline Folks where she was a past president. I was told that she has such a soft heart that she took a stray kitten home even though she is allergic to cats. She also works very hard selling homes in SCC and the surrounding areas. Tim got tired of not working so he joined the “Flo Vachon team.” I asked him what he did and he answered, “Whatever Flo tells me to do.” Flo told me that he is the best buyers representative that she has ever seen and he is admired by his fellow realtors. Flo and Tim still tell everyone that Sun City Center is the perfect place to live. Do you have a family connection to SCC? Tell us your story. Call Paula 633-6739. NOTE: The Historical Society of SCC will be hosting a gathering of second and third generation residents on Oct. 22. The reception will be in the FL Room from 2 until 4 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. Make a reservation by emailing Dee Kelly at “”.

Tim and Flo Vachon

families was formed and has grown stronger with the years. Flo and Tim lived in Waterville, Maine for twenty years. Flo had a very successful real estate agency and Tim was still teaching. They would spend as much time as possible visiting with Tim’s parents in SCC. When they first began driving to FL, I-75 was not completed to Tampa and SR674 was a two-lane road. Jackie Vachon was a very active person. Her husband had passed away but that did not slow her down. She had never done any weaving but she joined the weaving club. She studied and practiced and even ended up teaching

for several years. In her 80’s she was still weaving. In July of the year that Jackie was 84, she went out to trim a vine that the landscapers never seemed to trim when they were working. She climbed up a ladder and fell breaking her hip and her wrist. She laid out on the blacktop for two hours, which resulted in severe sunburn, before her neighbor heard her calling for help. Flo and Tim came to SCC. When it was time for her to go home from rehab, she could not go home alone so Flo and Tim took her back to Maine. It was not long before they realized that she was very unhappy and needed to be back in Florida with

HOLE IN ONE September is Here!

Accomplished by:

Dick Dalby

August 14, 2017 Scepter, Osprey Hole: 2 Club Used: 8 Iron

Your northern friends will be returning!

Accomplished by:

Now is the Time

Bob Caceci

August 14, 2017 Scepter, Ibis Hole: 6 Yards: 135 Club Used: 8 Iron

to replace those old floors!


John Moore

brighten your world with new floors! •Carpet •Tile •Wood •Laminate •Vinyl

Erick Safsten 813-634-7100 955 E. Del Webb Blvd., #102 Sun City Center, FL 33573

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Get “social” in Sun City Center. Share your favorite SCC pictures and news and view pictures from fun SCC events. “LIKE” the News of Sun City Center Facebook page at “”.

John Moore Flooring


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er Ov

ars Experience . 30 ye


Ser v ing

633-7116 3 1

the 87 area since 19


1629 Sun City Center Plaza (Near SCC Post Office) Sun City Center’s Oldest & Most Trusted Flooring Dealer • Golf Cart Accessible • Family Owned & Operated ®



September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

FAITH & service Health Fair At Redeemer Lutheran Church

Redeemer Lutheran Church, 701 Valley Forge in Sun City Center, is hosting a Health Fair at the church on Monday, September 18 from 9 to 12 noon. The event is free and open to the community. More than 25 participants will be present and multiple health screenings, flu/pneumonia vaccine, and health information offered. For more information, call the church office at 813-634-1292.

Country Store Brings Donations

Volunteers from Sun Towers Retirement Community’s Country Store donate proceeds to Samaritan Services and Samaritan Alzheimer’s Auxiliary. Debbie Caneen (right) Director of Admissions for Sun Towers presents two $1,000 checks to Lee Leverett (left) president of Samaritan Services. Samaritan Services provides rides to Sun City Center residents and coordinates Meals on Wheels. Samaritan Alzheimer’s Auxiliary provides Alzheimer’s respite and support groups. Call 813-634-9283 for more information.

STAR Samaritan

S-Selfless; T-Trustworthy; A-Accomplished; R- Reliable Meet Carrie Van Gelder, the STAR Samaritan for the 3rd quarter of 2017. A 12year volunteer at Samaritans, Carrie has served as treasurer of the organization for all these years. She has also served on the Board of Directors off and on over this time along with her treasurer duties. Samaritans gives Carrie a great feeling and the chance to meet new people. She also marvels at the stability of the volunteers at the organization, several of which have been at Samaritans much longer than she has served. She is a firm believer that no matter where one volunteers to serve, it is a so beneficial not only to the organization but to the volunteer to help keep their mind working and going as it should. Congratulations to Carrie on her STAR Samaritan Award, and her continued great work with Samaritans and the Sun City Center community.

Wednesdays at Nearly New Shop Start Sept. 6

On September 6, the Nearly New Shop in Sun City Center Plaza returns to the fall, winter, and spring sales day schedule of being open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 until 12 noon. The Nearly New volunteers shown here would like for all to look for the signs around the SCC Plaza and follow the arrows to the shop. From left are, Dee Kelly, Kathy Vitale, Nancy Majorki, Linda Maslyk, Linda Atkins, Cheryl Okke, Margie Reighard, and Diane Cone. The Sun City Center Interfaith Council uses monies raised from the sale of donated goods to finance grants and scholarships in South Hillsborough County. For more information go to or call 813-942-9099.

Thank You For Caring

All the volunteers of Our Lady’s Pantry wish to thank our many benefactors for the food and monetary donations that have been helping to keep the Pantry open. “We so appreciate the grants several organizations have provided,” says Tom Bullaro, co-director of the Pantry with his wife, Anita. “These grants have gone a long way toward helping us purchase food, as well as big ticket items like our refrigerated truck, walk-in refrigerator, and other necessities. If you wish to provide a gift to Our Lady’s Pantry, kindly send a check to the Pantry at: Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Migrant Mission, 16650 U.S. Highway 301 South, Wimauma, Fl. 33598. To learn more about Our Lady’s Pantry, please visit us at:

Seated L to R: Steven Tenaty, Bob Reter, Patty Brandt, Joyce Klein, Larry Prater, Gary Martin. Standing L to R: Betsy Hinderliter, Doris Thomas, Mary Reter, Jane Behr, Carolyn Salsbury, Harold Klein, Beverly Bassette, Jo Prater, Sandra Glenner, Helga Martin. Not shown: Bill Broberg, Betty Pratt, Bill Blades, John Granata,Terry Hood, Liz Hood, Mary Perkins.

SouthShore UCC Delivers Meals on Wheels

SouthShore United Church of Christ members and friends in Sun City Center delivered Meals on Wheels for August. They were joined by other Community members.

Redeemer Lutheran Donates to Haven of Hope

Members of Redeemer Lutheran Church recently donated a large number of household items to Haven of Hope, a transitional home in Ruskin for women recently released from prison. Through funding from Thrivent Financial, additional items were also purchased and donated. In the picture, Sharon Whiddon, a volunteer for Haven of Hope, and Jane Trefren, chair of Redeemer’s Social Ministry Committee, are packing some of the items.

Great Start for the New School Year

The Hope Fund’s children of Wimauma will be well prepared for their return to school this year with new backpacks courtesy of the South Bay Hospital’s many workers, Chef Dan and Sharon Alvarez. Chef Dan had so enjoyed the children during his recent talk to them about food preparation, he headed a collection drive from all fellow hospital workers; and on August 8 sixty backpacks filled with supplies were delivered. Sharon Alvarez graciously volunteers her services to both the South Bay Hospital and The Hope Fund and was the catalyst in this endeavor. The Hope Fund for the children of Wimauma is run entirely by volunteers and always seeks people who wish to tutor, mentor, help with reading skills, supervise the Marathon Kids or perhaps share a different special talent. If you are interested in volunteering, wish to donate or request more information, call Carla Miles at 813-634-4268 or visit

Back L to R : Andrea Najera of RCMA, Paula Hange of South Bay Hospital and Sharon Alvarez, volunteer of both South Bay Hospital and The Hope Fund. Front: a mother and father enrolling their children.

SouthShore United Church of Christ 1501 La Jolla Ave. • 813-634-1304

Chapel Communion 8:30 AM •Worship 10:00 AM REV. DR. TIMOTHY W. SHIRLEY

No matter where you are on Life’s journey, you are welcome here. A place where God is still speaking.

September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Staying Safe in the Age of Computers

By Diane M. Loeffler “Putting this presentation together, I’ve learned more than any other presentation,” says Deputy Jeff Merry. The topic is internet safety. Community Resource Officers Merry and Debbie Vijil were the presenters. The Big Picture Behind Merry is a screen with a world map. Lines flash from one location to another. This is the NORSE website. NORSE deliberately makes itself a target in order to detect and guard against cyber-attacks. The screen shows where an internet attack is originating, the target location and when this attack is happening. One after another after another, the strikes appear on the screen. The good news is that services like NORSE help protect against internet attacks. The bad news is that there are so many attacks. Merry tells us that there are over 22 million cyber-attacks worldwide today. “Every second 12 people online become victims of cybercrime totaling more than one million victims around the world every day.” You may picture the attackers as individuals sitting alone in a basement room, but Merry says that ninety percent of attacks are a direct result of organized crime. Computers in Our Daily Life Our daily lives are filled with computers. Smartphones, desktops and laptops are the most obvious ones. Others include cash registers, credit card terminals, cars, planes, trains, ATM’s, GPS Systems, Traffic Management Systems, video gaming systems, medical machines such as x-rays and MRI’s, the newer washing machines, microwaves, thermostats, entertainment systems, e-Readers, televisions and watches. Internet use is increasing. Distance learning, online shopping, online research, online banking, texting, talking and social media (Facebook, online dating, etc.) are a few of the ways that we use the internet. Computers make our lives easier in many ways. Have you ever noticed a camera hanging between two red lights? It is a traffic management system. This type of systems adjusts red lights according to the number of cars in line. Merry reports, “When they resurface 674, they are supposedly going to put one in.” Merry says, “This convenience comes with a cost: cyber-attacks, hacking, adware, malware, viruses, ransomware and trojans.” You don’t need to know what these terms mean. Just be aware that there are people and groups who are actively working on getting into the computers of others.

What We Can Do Keep your antivirus programs updated. Yes, sometimes it seems as though our computers are asking to be updated every other day. Every time one of the “bad guys” figures out a way around the internet security programs, the internet security companies design a “patch” to stop them. Keep yourself and your information safe by agreeing to the updates. The sooner the updates are made, the sooner you are protected against that type of attack. Cyber criminals are clever. An email might look as though it is from your bank. Don’t click on any links in the email. If you do, you could find yourself a site that is made to look like your bank’s web site, but is actually a well-designed fake. Instead, have the actual internet address saved and access it independently of the email. Another option might be to call your financial institution or go to it in person. Phishing (pronounced ‘fishing’ to describe how hackers and other criminals try to separate you from your money) has become so common that every bank has a way for you to report the problem. Forward the questionable bank email to your bank. These reporting sites all begin with “Phishing@” followed by your bank’s name. For example, if you bank with Bank of America, it would read If it is a fake email, your bank will be able to try to catch the criminals. If not, they will still appreciate your diligence. Ever have a message pop up saying that there is a problem with your computer or a red screen appear? If this happens to you, Merry suggests that you unplug your computer, wait fifteen seconds or so, then turn It back on. The message or the red screen will be gone.

“Putting this presentation together, I’ve learned more than any other presentation,” says Deputy Jeff Merry. If your device has the option to be unlocked by reading your thumb or finger print, seriously consider doing so. “Shoulder surfers,” people who sneak a look as you enter your security code, might be able to see what you type, but they cannot replicate your thumb or finger print. Criminals love social media especially Facebook and dating sites. Criminals can pretend to be whomever they wish to be. They can use anyone’s photo and


fabricate an entire life story. Are they really a soldier in Iraq or a lonely person who needs a friend? There is no way to really know. Also, if you receive a FB friend request from someone you are already friends with, you should contact the person another way to see if they are really setting up a new page. Merry says Sun City Center residents are among the victims of internet dating scams and fake friendships. Criminals who use social media can be very, very patient. Merry says the person “will spend time cultivating a relationship. Then down the line, they need money to visit you or a family member needs an operation.” Community Services Officer, Debbie Vijil says that this type of fraud, “happens more than you realize it. I know of a case where a woman lost her home, jewelry, and life savings. She lives with her kids now with only her social security as income.” Vijil also has seen people come in with a shoebox full of Western Union and Moneygram receipts. When someone requests to be paid in these ways or with gift cards, that is an indication that they are not legitimate. Merry says, “Keep your computer safe. Don’t click on unknown links. Type in web addresses yourself. Review searches for marketing or fake links. Protect all of your personal information. Know who you are dealing with. Don’t accept random friend requests or social media requests.” Finally, report any problems. The police, banks, etc. will not think badly of you, and you can help catch these online predators.



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The News of Sun City Center

The Ambassador Club Travels to The Coffee Concerts and You Can Too!

By Ilona Merritt “The Florida Orchestra is a jewel in the crown of Tampa Bay,” said Maestro Michael Francis. “At the heart of our past and future is the extraordinary talent of The Florida Orchestra musicians, whom we will showcase in a variety of ways all season long.” The 2017-18 highly acclaimed Coffee concert series include some of the most dazzling and demanding Orchestral Showpieces. Maestro Stuart Malina, conducts the Coffee Concerts. Malina’s ease on the podium, engaging personality, and insightful interpretations have thrilled audiences wherever he has worked. All concerts are served up with complimentary coffee and doughnuts in a casual setting. Of all the Orchestra venues, the Coffee concert series is the most popular with the residents of Sun City Center. The Mahaffey Theater Coffee series in St. Petersburg has long had a loyal audience that fills the hall for most concerts. Shows start at 11 a.m., with pre-concert conversations at 10 a.m. Living in Sun City Center has special benefits, and one of those is transportation. The Ambassador Club of Sun City Center and Kings Point is gearing up for the concert season starting October, 2017 and ending in April 2018. Taking a luxury bus has its benefits, no parking hassles at the theater and you can truly enjoy the beautiful ride across the Sunshine Skyway. Carolyn Deming is in charge of

reservations for the motor coach. Passengers purchase their own tickets to the concert, which allows them to choose their favorite seats. There is also a charge for the bus. However, before you get your tickets, call Carolyn first to make sure that there is room on the bus. You can go for the entire season or just pick and choose individual concerts. Carolyn will also give you the ticket purchase information so that you may benefit from the group price. The bus departs from Kings Point North Club House and the United Community Church. Call Carolyn Deming at 813-633-2241 for information.

September 2017

Sun City Center Women’s Club to HostBy Paula Craft Fair Lickfeldt

Hello all crafters and artisans! The Women’s Club of SCC will be hosting a fundraising craft fair at SouthShore United Church of Christ, 1501 La Jolla Ave. on Sept. 29 and 30. The craft fair will be open to the public on Friday Sept. 29 from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. and on Saturday Sept. 30 from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. All crafts in the fair will be handmade. Items for sale may include ceramics, jewelry, paper flowers, cards, paintings, wood items, weaving, toys and flower arrangements just to name a few. Coffee and snacks will be available for purchase inside the Hospitality Hall, and Big Daddy's lunch wagon will be in the church parking lot with lunch and snack items for sale. There will also be a 50/50 and Basket raffles with gift cards for restaurants, beauty shops and florists. Anyone interested in selling their homemade crafts at the fair can get a six-foot table and two chairs for $30 by contacting Sally Anne Barclay at 813-634-2912 or emailing Sallygator22@ The $30 donation will be divided between AMIKids YES and the South Shore Campaign against Human Trafficking. All profits made by the vendor will be kept by the vendor. Applications for vendor tables must be submitted by Sept.10. Mark your calendar, this craft fair promises to be “one of the best.”

Meet Your Neighbor Roy Long

By Ilona Merritt I had a delightful meeting one August afternoon with a very gracious gentleman at his home at Aston Gardens. Roy opened the door with his well-known greeting, “Howdy,” which he pronounces as well as any TV cowboy. When asked how old he was, Roy said he is 98 and very quickly followed by saying “...and I still Jitterbug”. That is not all he does: he still plays golf, does one half-hour exercise or goes swimming when he doesn’t golf. He reads a lot and he enjoys going to the Front Porch Pickers’ rehearsals on Wednesday afternoons. As most of us in SCC, he keeps busy. Many years ago, Roy and his wife, Dorothy, visited a cousin in Sarasota and they came to Sun City Center to play golf. They liked what they saw and experienced in this community. In December 1979, they said goodbye to a cold and snowy Lima, Ohio and became residents of SCC. Once they were settled into their home in SCC, both of them became involved in the activities available to residents. Dorothy enjoyed Bunka and Roy decorated his apartment with her pictures when they moved to Aston Gardens. They joined the Caloosa Country Club when it opened and Roy was there to play on the first day of the opening-- in fact, he is the last person alive of all those members who played that day. That was 36 years ago. He is still a member and still frequently plays a round of golf. Roy also was a member of the Sawdust Engineers and Lapidary clubs, as well as a volunteer for the Guardianship Foundation. Roy retired from the Ford Motor Company in Lima where he worked as a tool and die maker, starting as an apprentice at $1 per hour. Upon his retirement, Roy & Dorothy acquired a motorhome and traveled all 50 states. Dorothy read the travel guides so that

Discover WATerFroNT seNior LiviNG

Roy Long standing in front of a Plumerai which he planted when he moved into Aston Garden.

they knew what was happening in every state and could plan their trips to the best advantage to coincide with special events. Their travels also took them to Canada and Mexico where Roy played a lot of golf. They also traveled to China, Australia, New Zealand, and many Islands in the South Pacific. Roy’s favorite destination was Switzerland. He thinks of it as the prettiest country and he is still impressed by the friendliness of the people. Roy and Dorothy felt that it was a beautiful world and they wanted to see it all. Asked what the best place he had been is, the answer came quickly ... Sun City Center. Dorothy and Roy had been married 71 years when she was called home. Sadly, their two sons predeceased them. The last question was ... “At 98, are you looking forward to your 100th Birthday?” “ Yes”, said Roy, “but if I go to bed one night and don’t wake up, that would be all right too.”

Watch the sun set over the water at Westminster Towers & shores. our active senior living community, close to the Manatee river and riverwalk, offers spectacular views! choose from a variety of spacious, newly renovated studio, one- and two-bedroom floor plans, offering up to 1,440 square feet. enjoy services like restaurant-style dining, housekeeping, scheduled transportation and an active lifestyle emphasizing wellness and lifelong learning. Plus, you’ll have the added assurance of a full complement of healthcare services.

Call us today at (941) 749-6760 to discover gracious waterfront living. 1533 4th Avenue West, Bradenton, FL

September 2017

Adogable Pets Pet Salon & Spa

The News of Sun City Center To show our support Adogable Pets is offering Law Enforcement & 1st Responders a 15% discount on all Grooming services for your civilian pets. K-9 Officers Grooming services are 100% on us! In lieu of our services, Officers are welcome to use our facility to bathe their own police dog ! For an appointment call 813-419-4972

Quality, Convenient & Dependable

Sun City Center’s Premier Grooming Salon & Holistic Pet Supplies Store

News ofByFreedom Plaza Peggy Burgess

Not all pioneers rode in covered wagons behind a team of horses: some pioneers rode in automobiles behind their moving vans. These weren’t opening up America’s wild west of the 19th Century, but a 20th Century CCRC (continuing care retirement community) right here in not-so-wild Sun City Center. As were those earlier pioneers they, too, were embarking upon a new lifestyle, albeit one of ease and plenty rather than hardship and deprivation. Nevertheless, we call them our “Resident Pioneers”, as they moved into Freedom Plaza during its first month of operation. Following closely behind them came the “Resident Trailblazers”, those who moved in during that first year. Sixteen of these early “settlers” remain and will be honored during Freedom Plaza’s 25th Silver Anniversary Extravaganza, a week-long celebration slated for Monday, September 11 thru Friday, September 15. Though the annual anniversary is now observed in the month of September (in deference to residents who are away during the summer months), Freedom Plaza officially opened and the resident move- in process began in August of LaDonna Gatlin 1992. With only two move-ins scheduled for each week-day, it took months to fill the 348-apartment main building. Yet Freedom Plaza was at capacity—and with a wait-list—by August of 1993 when Champagne glasses were raised in a toast during that first anniversary fete. The “kick-off ” event for this exciting 25th anniversary week of celebration is a replication of that initial Champagne toast (now a tradition) and cocktail party held in the Atrium. At the 1993 festivity entertainment was centered around the room’s brand new, white, baby grand piano. This year residents will celebrate to the music of a jazz trio…again, centered around that baby grand piano. Tuesday’s Pioneer & Trailblazer Tribute invites honorees to a private cocktail reception in the Auditorium before the doors open to all residents for a formal tribute gala. Guests of honor will include not only the fourteen Resident Pioneers, but other notables connected with Freedom Plaza’s organization/construction era and its earliest days of operation. Wednesday of Anniversary Week brings yet another Freedom Plaza tradition, the Anniversary Golf Tournament on Freedom Fairways. Winners will be announced and trophies awarded at a players’ luncheon in the Plaza Club, which was originally the Marketing Center and the first building (1989) to occupy this 140-acre property. “Casino Night & Voices of Vegas” is the billing for Thursday’s anniversary observance. Residents will try their luck at the game tables and sweeten their winnings at a “decadent desserts” buffet before settling back to enjoy a Las Vegas style stage show. For a Grand Finale to its Silver Anniversary Celebration Week Freedom Plaza welcomes to its stage the nationally recognized entertainer and motivational speaker, LaDonna Gatlin. Growing up “on stage” performing with her siblings, the legendary Gatlin Brothers, she has become a legend in her own right as a professional speaker and inspirational writer. Her many prestigious awards include the Speakers Hall of Fame designation. She will, no doubt, leave her audience laughing, inspired and with a song in their hearts—a fitting finale to a wonderful week spent celebrating Freedom Plaza’s 25th Silver Anniversary.


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September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Feline Folks Meow Mixer

Join Feline Folks at their next Meow Mixer on Thursday, September 7, at 4:30 p.m. in the Kings Point 2020 building Culinary Room. Feline Folks is a group of caring volunteers who have taken on the charge of caring for the community cats of Kings Point, the Towers and other locations around Sun City Center. Daily, the group feeds the cats, assures they are spayed/ neutered, and receive proper medical treatments. These efforts require volunteers to: Feeders, training, food and support are provided free of charge transporters to drive the cats to Tampa for medical care. To learn more about this, contact “”, visit our website “” or even better, visit the group at their monthly Meow Mixer.

Kings Point Dance Club Schedule 2017-2018

Bunker Hill Winery Day Trip

By Michelle Jolly Tucked behind some winding back roads leading from Wimauma to Parrish is a hidden gem, Bunker Hill Vineyard and Winery. Owned and operated by husband and wife team Lenora and Larry Woodham this Certified Florida Winery prides itself on handcrafting every bottle of wine they produce. Their wines are made from 97% Florida grown grapes and other produce and are aged in their fabulous wine cave. Unfiltered means it’s totally organic which is good news for those who suffer from gluten allergies. A few of my clay-mates from the Pottery Club took a ride and dropped in unannounced last Saturday and were greeted warmly by the proprietors. Visitors are always welcome and we were treated to a delightful impromptu wine tasting seminar. Larry expounded on their process of winemaking and the history of their vineyard and his enthusiasm was complemented by Lenora’s warmth as she seated us at some plank tables set with mix and match glasses and stemware. As Larry explained the varieties and their history, Lenora poured glass after glass of the most interesting and delicious wines we’d ever tasted. Munching in between on veggie crisp snacks to clear our palates, we proceeded from Forest Keeper White to Le Robber Medium, onto Country Cat and a host of other unique names that were paired with distinctive labels. After sampling the grape varieties, we ventured into previously unchartered territory with Black Tea Wine, Banana Wine, Sweet Potato Wine, and believe it or not Sweet Yellow Onion Wine. Amazing that you can make wine out of most anything and they sure do a great job of it. One of the things that struck me was the presence of sugar bowls on the table. Bunker Hill makes Dry and Medium Wines but no Sweet. Their philosophy is that you can add sugar to arrive at just the right amount of sweetness to suit you. And imagine our surprise when Lenora heated up the Black Tea Wine in the microwave and served it to us. The heating completely changed the flavor into something rather wonderful. Break the rules – you can have your wine any way you like it. Once we’d gone through the wine list we were treated to tastes of Lenora’s amazing jams. Here too are lots of varieties all of which are grown right on their 26+ acre vineyard. The flavors are so authentic. I favored the Orange Marmalade and bought two jars (one is already empty), and I also bought a Guava Jam which I’m saving for a special occasion. It’s a lovely and interesting way to spend an afternoon and so much more. You can get all the details by visiting their website We’ll be organizing a group soon to go back for this and you can be sure I’ll be picking up some more jam and some of their Le Robber. 8905 Bunker Hill Rd, Bunker Hill, FL 34219 • • 941-776-0418

Italian Club Columbus Day Dinner Dance 10/9/17

Join the Italian Club of Kings Point SCC as we set sail on our new season of dining and dancing at the Veterans Theater, Kings Point. Our opening evening will feature the dance band of RB and the GANG who will keep you moving your feet all night long with their catchy tunes of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Dinner buffet will be served by Banquet Masters, one of the best caterers in Florida. Dinner will consist of caesar salad, chicken parmesan, Italian sausage, peppers and onion, baked stuffed shells Pomodoro. Appropriate starch, rolls, coffee tea and soda will be provided, as will dessert. BYOB if you prefer other beverages. Doors will open at 4:40 p.m., Dinner at 5:00 p.m. at Veteran’s Theater, North Clubhouse. Dancing will immediately follow dinner. Ticket sales are available at the Veterans Theater lobby at the Kings Point clubhouse on 9/20/17 and 9/21/17 from 9:00a.m. to Noon each of these dates. Our cutoff for ticket sales will be 9/29/17. Tickets are $ 25 per person members, and $ 28 for non members. Sun City residents, please remember to bring your ID badge in order to gain entry through the security gate when purchasing tickets to this event. Please contact May at 813-419-4790 if you have any questions. Note that we will be honoring renewals of your 2017-2018 membership on the ticket sale dates listed above. New members are welcome to join. Come join us for an enjoyable evening of fun, food and dancing Italian style.

By Judy Fenwick Playing for your listening and dancing enjoyment. October 25, 2017..........Thor Stevens November 20, 2017......Mellotones December 14, 2017.......Dan Fugazzotto January 11, 2018...........Kevin Brooks February 15, 2018.........The Island Swing Band (Dinner Dance) March 7, 2018...............DJ Ken Miller March 20, 2018.............Bobby Remp April 5, 2018..................Dan Fugazzotto Kings Point Dance Club invites Kings Point and Sun City Center members and guests to monthly dances. Dances are from 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. in the Veterans Theater, located in the Kings Point North Clubhouse. Doors open at 7 p.m. for check-in. Guests are $5 per person and dancers from surrounding communities are invited to attend. BYOB and snacks. Ice, water, cups and napkins will be provided. Proper dress is dress slacks and button down tucked in shirt for men and dress or dressy slacks for women. For guests and non-members contact Judy at 634-5364 for reservations and more information. See you on the dance floor.

Old Castle Restaurant German Cuisine Beer, Wine & Entertainment


GRAND RE-OPENING September 22 thru 24, 2017

October 6 thru 8, 2017 COUPON

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3830 Sun City Center Blvd. Sun City Center, FL 33573

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Email: Visit us on Facebook:Old Castle Restaurant

Open 7 Days a Week: 11 am to 9 pm

September 2017

The News of Sun City Center


Art For Alzheimer’s

KP Line Dancers

The Third Annual Art for Alzheimer’s Day will take place on Wednesday, October Happy Birthday to Everyone! Celebrate living another year with the KP Line 3 , 2017 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the lobby of the Kings Point North Clubhouse, Dancers on Wed Sept 20, 7 p.m. in the Veterans Theater, free social dance. Crazy Sun City Center. Planned by Marianne Wexler, in memory of her husband Rick, costumes or casual dress. Appropriate dance shoes, no flip-flops. Open to KP and and supported by a committee of Oakley Green neighbors, all funds raised will be SCC residents and their guests. BYOB. Call Jan 634-6226 for more info. donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. Framed paintings, jewelry and glassware will be for sale. Raffle tickets for themed Music Socials gift baskets, lottery ticket tree and 50/50 can be purchased throughout the day. The Old Tyme 50’s Music Club will resume monthly music socials on Sept 15. Tickets will be drawn at the close of the event. Winning ticket holders do not have This club is open to all KP/SCC residents who enjoy the music of the fifties. We to be present. For information call Marianne Wexler 813-938-5235. meet at Kings Point North Club House, Waterside Room. Sing dance and enjoy our guest performers who will entertain you. 2018 annual Club membership is now offered for $10. Those interested in attending may also pay $5, at door. BYOB and Kings Point Mixed Chorus Fall Season snacks provided. For further info, contact Jim,” or call him, at The Kings Point Mixed Chorus is excited to announce that preparations for the 813-773-7377. 2017 Holiday Concert will begin on Monday afternoon, September 11. The Chorus will meet on the stage of the Kings Point North Clubhouse Veterans Theater at KPAL’s Artist of the Month for Sept. is Sandy Greco 12:15 p.m. for registration, check-in and payment of seasonal dues. Rehearsals are conducted every Monday afternoon in the Kings Point North Sandy was born in Chicago, IL and Clubhouse with practices running until approximately 2:45 p.m. The men and lived and went to school in the suburbs. women of our Chorus are not only from Sun City Center but also from the She is a widow with three children, surrounding South Shore area, such as Wimauma, Apollo Beach and Riverview. six grandchildren and five great This is genuinely a Community Chorus and we would love to add some new grandchildren, all of whom live in FL voices, soprano, alto, tenor or bass, to our congenial group. There are no tryouts, now. Sandy and her husband lived in and previous experience is not required. A love of singing and a desire to become the Chicago area till 1991, then moved part of a friendly and energetic Choral group are all you need. to southern Wisconsin. They found out Our Holiday concert is scheduled to be held on Thursday, December 7 in the about Sun City Center in 1998, traveled Kings Point Veterans Theater. Due to unfortunate circumstances, we deeply regret here and liked it. They bought a condo and that our marvelous former Director, Mr. Tom Lippert, is unable to continue this were snowbirds for 12 years and moved year. He will be deeply missed, but, in his place, we were very fortunate to find here permanently in 2012. another incredibly talented and capable leader in Jeff Jordan, with Keith Rasmussen Sandy was always interested in art and as accompanist. It is an exciting time of transition for the 40-year-old Kings used to draw on any blank paper she could Point Mixed Chorus and we proudly anticipate a successful 41st Season in 2017 find. She took art classes for two years in - 2018. We look forward to greeting returning members on Monday afternoon, high school, learning drawing, bones and September 11, on the stage of the KP Veterans Theater and hope to welcome some muscles (which really help in drawing new vocalists who are interested in helping us raise our voices in song. people) then watercolor classes. Sandy We suggest you bring a bottle of water, a sweater, and your enthusiasm and join couldn’t fit any more art classes into her us on the 11th. If you reside outside the Kings Point Community, just tell the schedule, but she took oil painting classes at night school and has taken many watercolor classes over the years. Right now, guard at the Visitors Gate that you are going to Chorus. For further information, you may contact Mary Anne at 813-634-8747 or email “”. she is concentrating on acrylics.

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For more information, call 1-888-763-5613. Sponsored by the Retired Officers’ Corp. Open to folks from all walks of life.

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* The Life Care guarantee does not apply in the event of an acute illness or medical condition that requires hospitalization or a level of care not provided at the Community. Upon discharge from a hospital, Life Care residents may return to their Brookdale community, provided their needs can be safely and adequately met. Accommodations and services vary by community. See a Marketing Representative for complete details.


September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Flotilla 75, Coast Guard Auxiliary

By Uta Kuhn Nine of the members who volunteer their time to this group are actually residents of Sun City Center. They are – John Armstrong, Judith Clapp, Ted Cohen, Budd Jackson, Patrick McAlvey, Gary Mull, Tony O’Reilly and Walter Wagner. So, if you know them or see them around the community be sure to thank them. These members are a uniformed group who help patrol major rivers and waterways in our immediate area. They also help with communications, as needed. Each of them has special assignments and expertise in the various aspects of their job. When the Coast Guard “Reserve” was authorized by an act of Congress on June 23, 1939, the Coast Guard was given the legislative mandate to use civilians to promote safety on and over the high seas and the nation’s navigable waters. The main mission of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary is to contribute to the safety and security of our citizens, ports,

waterways and coastal regions. The Auxiliary consists of 30,000 members and has units in all 50 States. Essentially the Auxiliary performs many functions which include but are not limited to the following examples as listed below: 1. Safety & Security Patrols 2. Search & Rescue 3. Pollution Response and Control 4. Recreational and Boating Safety Due to spending cuts the Auxiliary depends more and more on volunteers. The group operates in any mission as directed by the Commandant of the US Coast Guard or Secretary of Homeland Security. Information on our Flotilla can be found at Requirement to join consists of being a US Citizen. Training mirrors that of the Coast Guard and is outstanding. So, if you are looking for this kind of exciting volunteer opportunity, please access the above mentioned website or call the following number 877-2428975.

Travel continued from 13.

Toronto sits on Lake Ontario. A favorite excursion is to the Toronto Islands Park with great views of the city.

Free Classes By Diane Loeffler

Want to have some fun and try something new? SCC Ceramics is offering a free series of classes to teach you how to clean, paint and fire a decorative piece. The session takes place on three Mondays: October 16, 23 and 30, from 10:00 until noon. You must be a member of SCC or KP. Class size is limited to 12 people. Call Rita at 717-623-2847 to reserve your spot. A sample of how you might choose to paint and decorate a spoon rest.

Prepared and confident

The St. Lawrence market is one of the best and largest indoor markets. Try a peameal bacon sandwich, which was invented here.

Over 7 million people have counted on Philips Lifeline to feel safe at home and on the go

There’s a Lifeline solution for you Lifeline offers a range of choices to help you maintain your independence. Whether you need the go-anywhere protection of GoSafe, the automatic fall detection of AutoAlert, or the peace of mind offered by HomeSafe, we have you covered.

Call today! Men’s Club of SCC

813-633-7091 Coverage outside the home provided where AT&T wireless network coverage is available. AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need help.

The glass floor at the CN Tower is stronger than the concrete one, but standing on while looking down is a squeamish challenge

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Get “social” in Sun City Center. Share your favorite SCC pictures and news and view pictures from fun SCC events. “LIKE” the News of Sun City Center Facebook page at “”.

September 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Military News Save the Dates!

What: ........... The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall When:........... October 26 – 29, 2017 Where:......... Veterans Memorial Park & Museum, 3602 U.S. Highway 301 N. in Tampa Further information to follow soon, courtesy of the Colonel George Mercer Brooke Chapter of the DAR, Sun City Center.

Marines to Hear Plans for Veterans Memorial

Sun City Center Charitable Foundation President Walt Cawein will outline plans for a new veterans’ memorial park to SCC Leathernecks members and friends at the club’s September 19 meeting. “It is the goal of the Foundation, with support from the SCC Community Association, the Chamber of Commerce and local SCC military organizations to construct a memorial honoring our veterans, while at the same time promoting civic pride,” according to a Foundation statement. Cawein, a U.S. Air Force veteran and former Community Association president, proposed the project only about a month ago to the Foundation. “The idea was well received, and a veterans’ memorial committee was formed,” he said. The community is home to a large number of military veterans, and the committee includes representatives of nine veterans’ groups plus four supporting organizations. To pay for the project, a fund-raising effort is proposed, with a goal of $100,000. Sponsorships at five levels would be offered, and contributions of any amount will be appreciated. Commemorative bricks also will be offered, with an additional fund-raising target of $60,000. “Our goal is to make the memorial a true gift from the residents and businesses for our past, current and future Sun City Center veterans,” a Foundation statement says. All Sun City Center and Kings Point Marine Corps veterans and friends are invited to attend the Leathernecks meeting, at 6:30 p.m. September 19 in the Sandpiper Room of the Atrium Building on the SCC Central Campus. Paid Advertisement

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The News of Sun City Center

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September 2017

The News of Sun City Center



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September 2017

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News of Sun City Center September 2017  

Sun City Center, Florida Kings Point, Florida

News of Sun City Center September 2017  

Sun City Center, Florida Kings Point, Florida