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September 2021


AUGUST 30 Board Workshop Caper Room - 9 a.m. Also, via Zoom ID: 813 2278 0336 Passcode: 543835 SEPTEMBER 8 Board Meeting Rollins Theater – 9 a.m. Also, via Zoom ID: 815 0890 8032 Passcode: 610593 21 Club Leaders Meeting Florida Room – 10 a.m. Also, via Zoom ID: 829 5405 3122 Passcode: 844719 23 2022 Budget Review Meeting Florida Room – 9 a.m. 27 CO-AP Meeting w/Attorney Steve Mezer Caper Room – 2 p.m. Agendas for the monthly Board Meetings will be posted on the Official Bulletin Board in the Atrium the Friday before and on the CA website ( – under “Residents” – Upcoming Meeting Agendas). They will also be sent via “What’s New in the CA” email.

CA Contact Information

Administration Office 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd, SCC Phone: 813.633.3500 Hours – 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., M-F Website: Information Center: 813.633.4670

Touring Ybor City’s Last Cigar Factory

By Bob Sanchez In July, a small group from the Sun City Center Photo Club toured the J. C. Newman Cigar Company to see first-hand how cigars are still made in Ybor City. For the senior rate of $12 per person, company historian Holden Rasmussen served as our tour guide for about an hour to show the entire process, both for hand-made and machine-made cigars. The building is called El Reloj, a threestory, block-long building that dates back to 1895 and is the only remaining cigar factory in Ybor City. There’s nothing modern about the process as workers either hand-roll cigars or operate antique machines that seem to operate as well today as they did a century ago. The main difference is in the workforce – an old photo from the 1920s shows a vast room filled with white men, elbow to elbow at work. What a difference a century makes! The Newman Company promises that “this historic cigar factory will please cigar enthusiasts, history buffs, and those with interests in manufacturing and technology,” and the tour doesn’t disappoint. Photo Club member Christina Brittain said it was “amazing to witness every facet of production in this

J. C. Newman’s company historian Holden Rasmussen talks tobacco with, from left to right, Nick Fader, Barbara Klimczak, Fran Beeson, and Christina Brittain.

living, thriving factory/museum,” adding that the tour is “a truly memorable experience.” The family-owned company clearly takes pride in its premium cigars and its employees. Rasmussen told us that every worker we saw on the floor has been employed there for around 20 years. Newman also has factories in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. Their Cigar Family Charitable Foundation “supports low-income families in the

Dominican Republic with education, health care, vocational training, and clean water.” The cost for the tour is $15 for adults, and $12 for seniors, students, and veterans. All ages are welcome. The guide is knowledgeable, and the old factory is fascinating. By the way, there are elevators for those not inclined to climb stairs. Visit “” for their schedule and to book a guided tour.

May the Bluebirds of Happiness Nest in Your Yard By Andrea L.T. Peterson It’s been about five years that the Audubon Club of Sun City Center has been aggressively monitoring the area’s bluebird population, which had been steadily declining. Master Naturalist and 12-year Sun City Center resident, Melanie Higgins, explained to me how and why the bluebird population matters and how and why the local Audubon club became involved. Bluebirds, she explained, “are secondary cavity nesters—unlike woodpeckers, for example, they don’t make or find holes in which to build their nests. Over the years, the National Audubon Society approved the bluebird box design and recommended they be placed at least 300 feet apart with a view to an open field


Scan the code with your smartphone to find us online.

with some trees for cover when the babies fledged. Bluebirds,” she added, “have adapted to using boxes.” “The club,” she explained, was looking for a way to become more involved in the local community, so they scouted around (pardon the pun) and found a local Eagle Scout group willing to take on the project. The scouts, she told me, “built the boxes. Then the Audubon club put out a call for 20 people who wanted the boxes in their yards. There was a small fee for the boxes (considered a donation to the club).” The hope was that p e opl e w ho sp e nt money on the boxes would be invested in them, that they would help monitor the activity in the boxes, and help the club keep track of the population. It didn’t work out that way. “While the people were enjoying the birds in their yards, they weren’t monitoring the boxes,” Higgins explained, “so for the first year there was no good data.” The second year, Higgins decided she would monitor the boxes every week herself, tracking nesting, hatching, and fledging numbers. That year, she said, “70 babies fledged.” It seems the primary goals of the Bluebird Box Project to increase awareness of the birds, garner interest in birding, and help increase the bluebird population were being achieved. My own yard, not an approved space, according to the recommendations, has had success two seasons with bluebirds nesting and sending little ones out into the world! More and more people are seeing bluebirds in their yards or around

town for the first time EVER!! It’s pretty exciting to see the spectacular males with their vibrant colors and the no nonsense females protecting and feeding their young. There are 25 boxes in town now, producing, quite literally, 100-110 fledglings a year. A team of ten monitors the boxes through the summer, keeping track of and recording the numbers of nests, eggs, hatchlings, and presumed fledglings. According to Higgins, about 30% of the fledglings will survive their first year. One of the greatest hazards, aside from hatchlings too young to fledge, falling out of the nest and becoming “fox food,”

Higgins says, is sparrows. An invasive species, not native to the United States, “sparrows literally murder the bluebirds by pecking holes in their heads.” “‘The great thing about birding,’” says Higgins, quoting longtime friend and retired National Audubon Ornithologist, Ann Paul, “‘is you can do it any time, any place.’” Our Sun City lakes and ponds and the small islands within some of them provide hours of entertainment and an incredible number of species (ducks and birds) for our viewing pleasure. If you’re housebound you can watch the activity out your windows and enjoy the “sport” without even leaving your bed or your chair! Take a lesson from the bluebird, whose lifespan is somewhere between six to 10 years: fly when you can, be free, and, says Higgins, “live in the moment!”

Let Me Tell Ya ‘Bout The Birds And The Bees

By Andrea L. T. Peterson The lion’s share of pollination around the globe is done by domestic and wild honey bees. An incredible number of flowers are pollinated every day by a single colony. That’s millions of flowers every day! While grains are pollinated by the wind, fruits, nuts, and vegetables are pollinated by bees. According to one internet source more than 100 food crops grown and harvested by humans are pollinated by bees providing 90% of the world’s nutrition. Logic tells me that if we save the bees we save the planet! BEE wise! Photo by Andrea L. T. Peterson A bee being a bee!

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September 2021

The News of Sun City Center

APPLICATIONS FOR DIRECTOR are available in the CA Office There are three positions open for 3-year terms January 5, 2022 – January 2, 2025 Completed applications must be returned to the CA office by 3 p.m., Wednesday, October 6, 2021



President’s Report

By Bob Sullivan, CA President While writing this article, the vote has yet to occur for the new building. The Board of Directors has reviewed the need to replace the outdated Rollins Row buildings and club rooms and replace them with a new building that will give us additional space to offer another location for large dance or luncheontype meetings. This building will also be a lot more energy-efficient and provide many years of service. Once we complete this construction, we will relocate the existing Clubs and facilities into the new building. After completing the new building, we can tear down the replaced building, making available the space for the next phase of the Long-Range Plan. Building the pool, we will discuss the pool’s construction in the next phase in future town hall meetings. The SCC Board of Directors look forward to making this community vibrant and updated for all residents to enjoy for years to come. We will await the outcome of the vote and hope for the best. The United Community Church property sale at 1501 La Jolla Avenue is complete and listed in Hillsborough County Property Appraiser records. The new owner of the property is Bais Yisroel Community Center of Tampa Bay. A Vision That Produced Values Del E. Webb is the founder of Sun City Center. In 1961, Mr. Webb saw the need for resort-type communities where people could live in an environment commensurate with their living habits while engaging in the interests of their own choosing. He believed that community facilities would have to be complete and self-sufficient. Above all, the community would have to have a warm, neighborly, and attractive atmosphere. Sixty years later, we believe Sun City Center still embodies that vision today. Celebrate our 60th Anniversary on November 7 from 1 to 4 p.m. at an Ice Cream Social in Community Hall. Hope to see everyone there!

Statement of Purpose

The Sun City Center Community Association serves the residents of Sun City Center by providing assistance for the elderly, assistance and essential services to tax exempt entities, and operates in lieu of a municipal government, thereby lessening the burdens of government (Hillsborough County, Florida).

Important Announcement For SCCCA Members Only

If you want to be sure not to miss any important announcements, sign up for the “What’s New with the CA” news blast via email. Two Ways to Sign up: At the CA office, 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd., or send an email to “”. In the email, include your name, address, CA badge number, and email address. Subject of the email should be “PLEASE ADD ME TO CA NEWS BLAST”.



Lapidary Club

AMOUNT $1,000


Sun City Center Library


List prepared from CA staff data. Report corrections, additions to CA at 633-3500.

Local Adress Name Hometown State/Country Phone 1816 Adrean Place Joseph & Diane Michaliszyn Kearny NJ 713-254-9125 624 Allegheny Drive Ted & Kathy Loef Bella Vista AK 479-503-7213 626 Allegheny Drive Mark & Tracey Crippen Glen Ellyn IL 630-709-8800 650 Allegheny Drive Adnan Khabbaz Las Vegas NV 484-553-7518 Luz Davila 1706 Amhurst Circle Clifton & Maria Ross Fredericksburg VA 540-424-5455 1012 Ardmore Way James Keating Roebling NJ 609-351-2764 Rita Gravatt 1501 Arrowhead Drive Ernest & Linda Bro Columbus OH 813-453-1394 1719 Atrium Drive James Williams Freeport NY 516-713-9234 1022 Augusta Drive Elaine Sloan Lake Worth FL 407-790-9023 303 Barstow Court Cletus & Glynda Peck Machesney Park IL 815-904-0308 1207 Beach Blvd. Gene & Billy Riggall Amarillo TX 850-322-0278 1632 Bentwood Drive Harold Hedges Denver CO 561-234-0653 1004 Bluewater Drive Jeanettte Michel-Lewis Ashland OH 206-953-9179 1211 Bluewater Drive Paul Obraonain Glastonbury CT 813-938-3314 1615 Brookton Green Drive Derek Elliott London ENGLAND 703-999-8662 305 Bryce Court David & Janice Geschwind Lake Waynoka OH 513-379-9532 109 Cactusflower Lane Scott Sloan St. Louis MO 727-743-1776 1316 Caloosa Lake Court David & Tonya Weight Brunswick ME 919-633-2904 310 Caloosa Woods Lane Kelly & Debra Cook Brownsburg IN 317-281-8812 1110 Cherry Hills Drive Shari McDaniel Tampa FL 813-812-0314 706 Churchill Place Christie Vance Plant City FL 863-670-3568 1611 Cloister Drive John Wilkins Downey CA 813-701-0538 381 Club Manor Drive Alan & Susan Danis 720-272-2468 1532 Council Drive Patricia Johnson Cincinnati OH 941-304-9013 1572 Council Drive Cheryl Hobbs Ponca City OK 620-222-4020 1702 Council Drive Charles Bailey Greeneville TN 423-277-1747 Denette Sturm Parrotsville TN 1722 Council Drive Kathleen Sharp Tampa FL 941-722-2181 227 Courtyards Blvd.,#103 David & Phyllis Hoines Maplewood NJ 813-634-1393 2043 Del Webb Blvd., E. Thelma Brown Georgetown TX 817-312-4175 Wilburn Brown Marshall TX 1225 Del Webb Blvd., W. Darlene Coleman 813-334-9561 1713 Del Webb Blvd., W. Gerry & Billie Taylor Pataskala OH 614-915-1928 2234 Del Webb Blvd., W. Paul Bourcier Wilbraham MA 608-228-6706 Karen Lamoree Beacon NY 608-333-4870 1904 East View Drive Timothy & Judy Wilson Tampa FL 813-391-0184 2021 East View Drive Michael & Valerie Dineen Colchester VT 813-922-6518 1310 Emerald Dunes Drive Dale & Joanne Hughes Brownsburg IN 317-750-1362 1407 Emerald Dunes Drive Bonnie Sanchez Tampa FL 727-510-8782 Robert Sanchez New Bethlehem PA 404-751-7979 1637 Emerald Dunes Drive James & Kathleen Grace Long Island NY 631-275-6754 2413 Emerald Lake Dr.,#208 Forest & Cheryl McMillan Boston MA 352-531-4317 1716 Flamingo Lane Christopher & Kim Tardif Aurora, Ontario CANADA 647-515-9464 1506 Fort Duquesna Drive Ronald & Patricia Kenner Naples FL 239-207-2281 1123 Jasmine Creek Court Louis & Karen Carreiro Westport MA 850-368-1314 1222 Knights Gate Court John & Fran Christina Huntington NY 718-490-5383 Thomas & Elizabeth Dominicak Mulberry FL 863-812-3902 229 Linger Lane 1325 Misty Greens Drive Arthur Turner Hamilton OH 606-305-8687 1605 New Bedford Drive Charles Louke Charlestown WV 480-776-7128 1815 New Bedford Drive Diane Dabbour Allentown PA 813-634-5154 2020 New Bedford Drive David & Angelika Hamilton Grapevine TX 813-521-1488 2135 New Bedford Drive David Lemley Atlanta GA 404-606-0543 304 Northway Drive Dennis & Amy Stroud Indianapolis IN 317-414-9062 1008 Pebble Beach Blvd., N. Verchelle Fenner St. Louis MO 813-400-7942 1409 Pebble Beach Blvd., N. Barbara Reinecke Mt. Carmel IL 904-403-5643 1801 Pebbble Beach Blvd., N. Anthony Morgera Belleville NJ 976-634-3094 201 Pebble Beach Blvd., S. Lorraine Spaulding Lewiston ME 508-769-1026 2309 Piper Glen Court Jeffery Sagan Columbus OH 614-562-0630 2231 Platinum Drive Pamela Bramlet Lebanon IL 618-384-1044 Jerry Labonte 720 Plumbrook Road Ronald & Cheryl Gilmore Dallas TX 972-897-6362 2242 Preservation Green Court Gerald & Danielle Faella Richmond RI 401-258-9781 704 Sahara Drive Jorge Gonzalez Reading PA 484-645-3530 1404 Seton Hall Drive Paul & Jeanne Foster Wilmington OH 740-988-8037 313 Stoneham Drive Robert & Geraldine Elliott Panama City FL 850-381-1497 332 Stroll Lane Katharine Garrand Pittsford NY 727-503-0082 1125 Villeroy Drive Danny Davis Sioux City IA 712-301-1544 1904 Wedge Court Avis Rayo Tampa FL 813-422-3988 710 Winterbrooke Way Thomas Ruggiero Stow MA 978-793-9459 Shelly Visalli Maynard MA 978-821-3814 1968 Wolf Laurel Drive Darrell & Morgan Day Buffalo NY 1006 Yellow Bird Place Flora Palmer Hermitage MO 417-733-3055

September 2021 By Diane M. Loeffler The August Board Meeting was on Wednesday, August 11 at 9 a.m. in the Rollins Theater. Workshops are held ten days before the board meeting in the Caper room. For this month, that was Monday, August 2. Town Hall meetings are held quarterly and whenever there is an issue of special concern. On page CA-1 of The News of Sun City Center, the dates of upcoming meetings are on the far left side of the front page. CA President Bob Sullivan says, “Work sessions are where we communicate. Board meetings are where we see what the board is doing.” Members may wish to give their input during the work sessions since nothing will be voted on

SCCCA Board Update

until the board meeting ten days later. CA Members can attend Wednesday Board Meetings and Town Halls in person or via ZOOM. The link is posted in the email blasts. Afterwards, these meetings can be viewed on the web page. To do so, open the page and click on Residents (top right side of page). The pull down menu will give you options. Scroll down to “Meeting videos” (bottom center). On that page you will see the years available. Select the year and month you wish to view. When you watch the video, you will see both the actual meeting and all of the member comments made after the meeting is adjourned. The Board is trying to improve

Save the Date for FallFest

By Diane M. Loeffler FallFest is scheduled for Saturday, October 16. It will be a fun and activity planned day combining activities of FunFest (traditionally held in March) and “Hi, Neighbor!” (which typically takes place in November). To best enjoy it, there are a few things you should know. Getting There Cars must park in the Community Hall (1910 South Pebble Beach) parking lot. Golf Carts park in the field. The field’s western edge is where the modulars / temporary Community Association offices were. The rest of the field is behind the Atrium. Handicap friendly buses will be continuously transporting people from the loop in front of Community Hall to the Community Association’s main campus from a half hour before events begin until a half hour afterwards. Events run from 9 a.m. until 2p.m. Leave your bikes at home. Only bring your pet if he or she is a certified service dog. Entertainment Outside entertainers will perform in the outdoor tent located in the parking lot near the Arts and Crafts Building along Cherry Hills Drive. Chairs will be spaced for social distancing. Entertainers scheduled to perform include Kevin Brooks, the Dukes, Billy “Elvis” Lindsay, Razzmatazz, and 3 Dom Band. Staying Safe Just to be safe, take photos of everyone in your group. If anyone wanders off or gets lost or confused, you can show what the person looks like and what the individual is wearing. If you are lost or looking for a lost person, walk over to someone wearing a bright orange shirt.

CA - 3

The News of Sun City Center

communication on its website. Contact the Community Association Director Kim Roush at 813-633-3500 or “” with your suggestions. During the meeting, the Board confirmed the amendment to change consecutive elected terms (from two to three) failed. The membership approved raising the Capital Fund Fee (the fee new buyers pay at closing)to $3,000. This fee covers almost all of the new construction. Some monies from the replacement fund might also be used. As of August, there is $3,009,078 in that fund. Treasurer Dave Birkett says this fund continues to be “robust.” The Sun City Center Community Association has been averaging 53.2 sales per month. In July, 57 homes were sold. During August 1-10, 33 homes had changed hands so far.

The Board reviewed a petition “to perform all maintenance that closes the outdoor pool during the months of November through March.” This year, pool maintenance is under contract to begin September 7 and will last two to three weeks. Dates when repairs are made are determined by availability of materials and when contractors are free. Therefore, the petition was denied. SCCCA members, mark your calendars for bandstand concerts on September 9 at 6 p.m. and September 30 at 5 p.m. FallFest will be held on October 16 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be a 60th Anniversary ice cream and cupcake social with SCC history exhibits on November 7 from 1 to 4 p.m., and the annual Holiday Golf Cart Parade on December 4. The theme for this year’s parade is, aptly, “Together Again.”

Frances Frogila Turned 100 on June 4

If you are lost or looking for someone who is lost, find one of the men or women in bright orange shirts. These Amateur Radio Club members will reunite you.

These members of the radio club have hand-held radios and will help you find lost people. Depending on the status of COVID-19 and its variants, it may be wise to wear masks when attending indoor activities. If the Health Fair portion of the event is held, you will need to wear a mask in the two small, crowded rooms they use. Consider Volunteering If your club is one of the 70 who will be serving food or manning an informational table for potential members, it probably needs volunteers. The same is true if you belong to CERT, the Radio Club, Security Patrol, and other organizations. Also, the information booth needs helpers to hand out brochures (schedules and maps) and direct people. If you can spare two hours to work at a booth, please contact Larry Smith by calling 813245-4128 or emailing him at “Lsmith@”. For more information, check the October issue of The News. You will see a more detailed article on FallFest in that issue.

By Paula Lickfeldt Frances was born in New York State to immigrant parents. Her parents came to the U.S. through Ellis Island from Italy before 1900. Frances is from a very large extended family who also immigrated from Italy and settled in the metropolitan New York area. Frances has many happy childhood memories in spite of the fact that her mother contracted the Spanish Flu, they lived through the Depression, and her father fought in WWI in France. Frances is the last surviving member of her extended family. In 2006, Frances, 85, left her family home of 50 years and moved to SCC with her son Richard. She had advanced macular degeneration and decided that she needed to move with him and give up her independence and the ability to drive a car. It was a very hard decision to make, but she does not regret moving. In 2007, her daughter, Marge, and Marge’s husband, Bill, moved to SCC. They moved to be closer to family and to be able to go to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville where Bill eventually was able to get a liver transplant.

Frances Frogila’s family came from across the country to help her celebrate a century.

Frances and her daughter Marge went on Mini Bus trips until they became too much for Frances, so now they play Bingo every Monday night at the Community Hall. Frances has three children, three g randchi ldren and f ive g re at grandchildren. Her family was able to come to Florida from the west coast and the northeast, post pandemic, to help celebrate her centennial birthday. She has seen a lot of changes in her 100 years of living and she has lots of happy memories.

History Society Publishes SCC 60th Anniversary Book Del Webb created the modern planned retirement community named Sun City. Sixty years ago, he chose a location in rural south Hillsborough County for his third development, the first of its kind in Florida. This became Sun City Center, which is celebrating its anniversary later this year. The History Society has gone to press with a new book Sixty Years in Sun City Center, Florida: The Grand Experiment at Florida’s First Planned Retirement Community co-authored by John Bowker and Bob Lochte. Publication is expected in October. Bowker, a well-known Sun City Center historian, previously wrote about the community for its 40th and 50th anniversaries and has made numerous presentations about its growth and residents. “Del Webb saw a need for special communities for retired Americans who wanted to remain mentally and physically active,” Bowker said. “He met that need with a development plan that included places for outdoor sports, like golf, lawn bowling and swimming, and

indoor activities like arts and crafts, games, and clubs. He created a Civic Association, staffed by volunteers from the community, to manage all that. In 1961, this was a new idea.” Lochte, a relative newcomer to Sun City Center, is a retired department chair and professor of mass communications who has written extensively about the history of early wireless technology. “I met John Bowker and his wife Linda on one of my early trips to Sun City Center,” Lochte said. “He began talking

about this project, and I volunteered to help. The book is about one-third narrative and two-thirds pictures from the extensive History Society Archives. It’s fun to flip through the pages.” The History Society’s outstanding Archivist, Rusty Seiden, joined the effort, as did writer and reporter for The News, Bob Sanchez. Sam Sudman, former CA President, was recruited to write the Epilogue. Paul Wheat, who kept detailed notes on the affairs of the CA during his time on the CA Board, was consulted. Photographers Stan Lipski and Kai Rambow were brought in to help with the visual aspect of the project. News reporter Ilona Merritt volunteered to format and layout the photographs to bring the story together. Once the book was complete, Janet Ditmore joined the team as a copy editor. Rusty and Ilona went over the artwork several times, while Bob and Janet checked and rechecked the spelling and accuracy of the facts. The production team would like to

thank Susan Muise, History Society Chair, who supported this project enthusiastically, and Ron Matelski, Liaison for the Community Association, w ho c ont i nu e s to promote t he celebration of Sun City Center’s 60th anniversary. Celebrate & Commemorate SCC began with Del Webb, but the developer sold its interests in the community in 1971, with only about 1,500 homes completed. Since then, six major and a few smaller real estate developers have come and gone as the community has grown to its capacity of 6,500 homes. The last new home on an original lot was built this year, almost 60 years to the date of Webb’s grand opening. The History Society is proud to present the book “Sixty Years in Sun City Center, Florida,” 215 pages, including 115 pages of color illustration, that celebrates and commemorates this fun, welcoming place we call home. The book will be released at the FallFest in October. The cost is $25.

4 - CA


September 2021

The News of Sun City Center

NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

SCC Photo Club September Competition

September 14, at 6:30 p.m. Caper Room, Atrium Building The Sun City Center Photo Club welcomes members and their guests to attend their September competition. All club members are encouraged to submit their digital or print entries to be judged by award-winning photographer and experienced judge, Tom Scott. Club info: “”.

Metaphysical Society Presentations

10 a.m., to noon, Heritage Room, Atrium Building Open to Society members and SCCCA residents joining the Club. SCCCA ID is required. Free admission, love offering requested. For info call Karen at 830-8327402. Those wishing to view via may send email to “metaphysicalsociety@”, before 5 p.m. on Tuesday evening prior to the event. Wednesday, September 1 • “UFOlogy 2021.” Presentation with Bill Schroeder, popular UFOlogist and author. Wednesday, September 15 • “Dreaming for Others for the First Time,” Presentation with Carol Oschmann. Wednesday, September 22 • “The Power of Your Inner Circle, Your God Squad,” Presentation with Terri Cabral.

Chico’s Fashion Show And Luncheon

The Art Club in Sun City Center will be hosting a Chico’s Fashion Show and Luncheon on Thursday, December 2, 2021 at 11:30 in the Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach. Tickets are open to the general public and may be purchased every Monday in the Atrium from 10 to noon beginning October 4 through November 15. Tickets are only $25 per person and include the full luncheon, fashion show and door prizes. This is the perfect opportunity to see new holiday fashions in time for Christmas and New Year’s. The menu will include a salad bar, two entrees, vegetables, rolls, coffee, tea and assorted desserts. Full tables of 10 may be purchased with open seating at each table. Individual tickets are also available. Info: Marsha Lucidi, 813-938-5100 or “”.

Multi-Cultural Heritage Club of SCC

Special Oldies but Goodies Fundraiser Dance Friday, October 8, 2021, from 6 to 10 p.m. SCC Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Enjoy music by local entertainer Tito & Debi, playing Oldies, Dance Music from the 50’s & 60’s, Rock and Roll, Caribbean, Latin and more. Tickets: $10 in advance, $12 at the door. Tickets available at CC’s Grill in the Atrium Building, Tuesday through Friday from 2 to 5 p.m. and in the Atrium Lobby Kiosk on Mon/Wed/ Fri 10 to noon. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m. Single tables available. Dress smart casual. BYOB and Snacks. Cups, ice and napkins are provided. Portion of proceeds will benefit the SCC Emergency Squad. Info: Dance Chairman George Miecyjak at 813-541-1690 or 813-461-4576.

SCC New England Club Cookout

The Sun City Center New England Club will host another cookout on September 9 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Horseshoe Pavilion, S. Pebble Beach Blvd., behind Community Hall. This will be a recurring monthly event. Hot dogs, burgers, baked beans, bottled water, chips, and cookies will be served. Cost is $5 per person paid upon entry for New England Club members. Non-members will pay an annual $5 per person New England Club Membership fee and $5 per person cookout fee. Email Bob Sanchez at “” to reserve. Must wear SCCCA badge for entry. You can bring other beverages and/or lawn chairs if desired. (Alcohol is allowed.) If necessary, the rain date will be September 10.

OrganKeyboard Club of SCC is Reopening

We are a club of learning music on every keyboard. Our first meeting is September 9, 2021. By every keyboard I mean piano, keyboards, and organs. We, as a club, meet each Thursday, in the Armstrong room, at 9:45. Lesson begins at 10-11 a.m. It is a group lesson, no instrument required. We rotate teachers every week, so you get a variety of songs and teaching methods. The teacher for that day will provide you with the music that he or she is going to teach. It is yours to keep with your personal notes on it. Cost is $3 per lesson and beginners through advanced attend. KP welcome with gold card. Info: “”

Tall Pottery of Jack Libby Featured in Atrium Display

The “big and tall” pottery of Jack Libby is featured in a solo display in the Atrium display window during the month of September. Several of Jack’s tall works top out at two feet and more. He works with 40-50 pounds of clay to create each of his large structures and then throws separate sections of the large work on the wheel or builds the sections by hand. Each section matches perfectly with another and is joined together before firing. Precision is key for these large structures. Jack has been a member of the SCC Potters Wheel Club for six years and started with no experience. Jack and his wife Dawn have lived in Sun City Center full time for 13 years, hailing from Maine. Jack is also involved in golf and is a woodworker. Along with his large pieces, Jack creates dinnerware sets with intricate painted decoration. Please stop by the Atrium display window during the month of September to see Jack’s work.

Computer Club Monthly Meeting

There will be no monthly membership meeting in September. The Presentation “Sidewalk and Computer Security” originally scheduled for September, will be postponed to October due to COVID considerations. Computer Club Classes The Computer Club Lab is open with limited activities. Some classes will be held in the lab and some classes will be held virtually using GoToMeeting teleconferencing software. Registered students will receive an email with instructions, the day before the class. Sign up for classes can be done online. Students must be a member in good standing at Sun City Center or Kings Point. Tuition is payable upon registration. For additional information email: Pauline Baker, Education Director at “”. Class details available in the Computer Lab or at Buying a Computer • Monday, September 13, from 9 – 11 a.m. iPad/iPhone for Seniors • Wednesday, September 8, from 9 to noon

Art Club Gallery Opening

Gallery Director, Mel Solochek, announced the reopening of the Art Gallery in Sun City Center to Sun City Center residents on September 1, 2021. The exhibit’s theme is the “2020 Pandemic”. Artwork completed by 24 resident artists during the pandemic are showcased in this exhibit. The event will be held from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Art Club on 954 Cherry Hills Drive, Sun City Center. ID membership in the Sun City Community Association or the Art Club in Sun City Center is mandatory. Protocols for vaccinations, mask wearing, and social distancing will be followed. Hostesses will serve snacks and beverages.

John Mayoka, Russ Kevala,Walt Proudy

Science, Engineering And Technology Club Dissolves

By Paula Lickfeldt SET Club started as a round table discussion about 15 years ago. A small group of scientifically oriented people made up about equally of SCC and KP members. Meetings were held in the homes of interested participants. The SET Club was formally established as a SCC club five years ago, with regular monthly meetings in the Atrium building. Qualified speakers from the community as well as the University of Florida and science related businesses were invited to make presentations on energy, medical subjects, computer science, and other topics. Membership grew steadily, consisting of equal parts from Kings Point and Sun City Center residents. Because of the Pandemic, there were no meetings last year. Unfortunately, it became increasingly difficult for enthusiastic KP members, who were instrumental in bringing in speakers, to continue with the club. At the last board meeting, a resolution was passed to dissolve the SET club and to donate the money in the treasury, $1,500 to the Good Samaritans.

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Alafia Brewing Company and the Queen of Beer

By Andrea L.T. Peterson Thanks to a reader recommendation, we discovered the Alafia Brewing Company in Gibsonton. When the Editor asked if I wanted to check it out, I thought: “I’ve been alcohol-free for more than 35 years. What do I know about beer? Especially craft beers?” Absolutely nothing! But what I do know is a couple of guys—David and Richard, sons of my good friend and South Lake neighbor, Ann Fenimore. Now these guys are self-described beer snobs. Who better to check out a new brewery! So, off I went with the whole family (Ann, the boys, and sisters Beth and Susan) to check it out. Located about 10 miles from Sun City Center, just north of I-75 and Big Bend Road on U.S. 41, the Alafia Brewing Company is in a less than attractive strip mall. But I implore you to ignore the total lack of curb appeal and check this place out. What’s lacking on the outside is made up for on the inside. Aside from a variety of 27 options,

Owner, Mary Taylor (L), with bartender extraordinaire, Marina.

including beers, ciders, meads, and seltzers as well a few nonalcoholic soda selections (root beer, chocolate cream, and grape) the Brewery offers live music, karaoke, trivia, professional wrestling, and drag, burlesque or male reviews on given nights.

Aquarium Releases Endangered Sea Turtles

The fruits of The Florida Aquarium’s S e a Turtle Conservation Program labor were realized with the release of five rehabbed sea turtles including two Kemp’s Ridley and three greens yesterday in North Ormond Beach. After months of specialized and compassionate care, the release was a triumphant celebration for turtle caretakers; especially during what has been a record-setting year for sea turtle stranding throughout the United States. Rescued from a large coldstunned event off the coast of New England, the Kemp’s were subsequently flown by Turtles Fly Too, a non-profit organization


Scan the code with your smartphone to find us online.

dedicated to bringing together general aviation and sea turtle conservation, for long-term care at The Florida Aquarium’s Sea Turtle Conservation Center. Cold-stunning occurs when cold-blooded animals, like sea turtles, are exposed to unusually cold water and/or air temperatures for an extended period of time; causing a hypothermic reaction that may include a lower heart rate, decreased circulation, lethargy, secondary infections including pneumonia and if left untreated, death. The two Kemp’s received extended care for persistent symptoms of pneumonia before being released into the open ocean of the Atlantic. While large stunning events are happening in other parts of the country, turtles in our own backyard are also affected by cold waters and changing conditions; making the efforts of The Florida Aquarium not only to care for these endangered animals, but also to increase public awareness of the things that can be done to protect the natural environment, even more critical. The three green sea turtles faced a similar fate off the East Coast of Florida in Volusia County. Rescued by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation

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Food is only served daily after 6 p.m., except on Sundays when they have brunch. Food isn’t prepared on site—but during the daytime the Mexican store next door has an intriguing menu of authentic Mexican dishes and guests are welcome to bring food from next door and eat in

the Brewing Company. During the hours when food is offered, it is catered by Tampa’s Danny’s All-American Diner (of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives fame). The interior is such a stark contrast to the exterior. The space is a vast, open, rustic space with a lengthy bar on one side and two tops and tables for larger groups on the other. Murals on the walls, painted by the owners’ daughter, depict Florida wildlife and an outside art curator brings artwork by local artists which covers the walls—and it’s all for sale! Owned and run by Mary and George Taylor for not quite a year, the Brewery sports a variety of beverages. The most popular, says Mary, who brews them all, are The Kenosha Lager and the Pineapple Chipotle Cider (pineapple with cider spices and a touch of spicy chipotle). Mary, who may be known to some old-timers in Sun City Center from when she brought her students (she taught English

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Field Trip to a Tea House

L to R: Annette Rawlinson (Kings Point), Andrea Olson (SCCCA), Pam Click (Little Manatee Springs, Wimauma) and Diane Loeffler (SCCCA) enjoy an August afternoon at Lavender and Lace.

By Diane M. Loeffler On August 10, four local friends visited the Lavender and Lace Tea Room in Lake Alfred. Andrea Olson and I live in Sun City Center’s Community Association, Annette Rawlinson lives in Kings Point, and Pam Click in the Little Manatee Springs Community in Wimauma. The ambiance was very much what you would hope to have in a tea house. The decor was lace, flowers, white woodwork, lavender placemats and a view of lovely gardens. The staff was friendly and attentive and the surroundings were beautiful. A charming gift shop was just outside the restaurant. When

The menu changes but there is always a variety of teas, meals and desserts.

Christmas is near, a separate holiday shop is open as well. The menu included 16 types of tea, but it did not offer the scones, clotted cream, finger

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September 2021

The News

The Editor’s Corner

Late Summer Reflections

By E. Adam Porter Editor, News of SCC & South County A famous pirate troubadour from Mississippi croons through the sound system down the hall: There’s something in the wind tonight, some kind of change in the weather… I sit back in my office chair and think, Jimmy’s definitely not talking about Florida. We’ll be hot and humid well into October. But now I’m tuned in, listening to one of Buffett’s deep tracks, “Savannah Fare You Well,” written by prolific pop and country songwriter, Hugh Prestwood. A Texas native, Prestwood has written songs for James Taylor, Trisha Yearwood, Alison Krauss, Jimmy Buffett, and Crystal Gayle, among other very famous names. The opening lyrics of “Savannah” describing changes in the weather may not reflect the meteorological reality in Florida as summer turns to fall, but the imagery in the song, delivered with pensive authenticity by Buffett, still plucks my heartstrings. In a vision I had yesterday It rained so hard that I drowned While I waited for a hurricane to die down Now, that sounds more like Florida. Every year, from June

to November, we all watch storms cruise through the tropics on the news, waiting for our favorite weather forecaster to use words like “strengthen” and “rotation” and “turn,” terms that, for native Floridians and long-time residents, trigger an early warning system that sends us out to buy water and fill up the gas tanks in our cars. This season, thankfully, has been relatively mild. We’ve had a few named storms, but nothing like those that have brought the big wind and heavy rains of previous years. Hopefully, that trend will continue. We certainly have enough to worry about without another storm coming this way. Down the hall, Jimmy is still strumming and humming, delivering lines from the song that many people think is about his daughter, Savannah Jane, but is really Prestwood’s ode to ol’ Savannah-town. If you’ve been there, perhaps you can commiserate with Hugh’s longing for that signature city with its idyllic parks, oak-shaded streets, cobbled lanes lined with palm trees, and camera-ready antebellum architecture. If not, you can probably still identify with the imagery Prestwood uses to describe the turmoil in his heart created by his love for the town and his need to leave, to get back on the road and earn a living. It’s easy to feel that tug, that longing for better times and new adventures over the horizon, especially these days. The constant firehose of calamity and tragedy on TV and the radio, the pandemic, school issues, foreign wars… Spend too much time immersed in that morass

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SEEKING BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS TO PARTICIPATE IN A RESEARCH STUDY! Join USF College of Nursing on a 16-week study that tests the effects of a home-based exercise program for women who suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Eligible participants may receive a total of $125 for participating. POTENTIAL BENEFITS MAY INCLUDE: • •

Consistent monitoring of neuropathy symptoms Increase in muscle strength, gait and balance

of turmoil and heartache, and we forget the myriad curiosities, beautiful relationships, and worthwhile endeavors available to us. Or, maybe that’s just me, but it sure feels like I’m not alone in this. Prestwood touches on the delicate, transitory nature of those beautiful opportunities in the song. He defines the spell cast by genuine moments of happiness as a “fragile magic,” describing the golden threads of hope and love and joy as “frail as spider webs.” It’s a poignant image, and, for me, it brings to mind a moment yesterday when I stopped to examine an elaborate spider web woven between two trees at the top of my driveway. The orb weaver had wrought her fragile magic into a series of concentric, adjacent, and descending layers of web. The gossamer strands captured the late-morning light, creating a prism that flowed across the circular webs. For a moment, I was mesmerized by the beauty and the artistry of the web,

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PI: Dr. Constance Visovsky, PhD Pro00040035

and then I laughed, thinking about how my reaction would have been wholly different had I stumbled into the web while mowing the lawn. Instead of contemplation and appreciation of the elegant beauty, there would be fussin’ and cussin’ and impromptu karate, as I worked to extricate myself from the sticky bug trap. Still chuckling as I imagined myself dancing awkwardly but enthusiastically across the lawn, desperately trying to shed an imaginary spider web, I walked up the steps and into the house, thinking about how the difference between appreciation and revulsion are often a matter of timing and perspective. What we see around us every day could be a calamity or an opportunity, depending on where we’re standing. That’s a tough one for me right now, given everything happening around us. But I’m working on it, trying to create moments of fragile magic, or at least take a moment to enjoy them when they find me.

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A1 September 2021

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1507 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center • 813-633-2020 • FAX 813-633-6403

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Happy Labor Day



September 2021

The News

Help Keep the Flags Flying

20th Anniversary of 9/11 Service

During the construction on SR-674, 55 light standards were replaced. On each light pole was flag mounting hardware costing $20. To fly the flags this year beginning with Veterans Day on November 11, and continue next year on Memorial Day and the 4th of July, the Sun City Center Chapter of the DAR will need to not only replace the hardware but hire a company to attach the new hardware to the poles. Please help us continue this patriotic community project and donate to the Flag Project Fund. Make your checks payable to: Flag Project and mail to Colonel George Mercer Brooke Chapter, Post Office Box 6343, Sun City Center, FL 33571-6343.

Saturday, September 11, at 8:30 a.m. United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. W. An interfaith service featuring special music, film, speakers, and poetry. This special time of remembrance will last about an hour and is free and open to the public. Singers who are interested in joining the Chancel Choir for this event are encouraged to contact Worship Arts Director, Jeff Jordan, at (813) 260-0153. Info: Kevin Goodenow, Concert Series Coordinator, at 813-362-0956 or “www.”.

STAR Samaritan

Congratulations to Dick and Linda Hillyer, our Volunteers of the Month for June and July. Dick has dispatched and Linda has driven an average of four shifts a week over the last nine weeks, signing up for many shifts in addition to filling in at a moment’s notice when needed. Year to date they have volunteered a combined total of 243 hours. Thank you both so much for your support and dedication to the Security Patrol and to our community!

S-Selfless; T-Trustworthy; A-Accomplished; R- Reliable Meet John Scott, the Star Samaritan for the third quarter of 2021. John volunteers as an outof-town driver and has been doing so since June 2019. He also does in-town driving duties when he can. John is the number one out-oftown driver by far based on the number of rides he has done. He really enjoys giving back to the community. John began volunteering at Samaritans soon after relocating to Sun City Center from California. A military “brat,” John has lived all over the United States, Europe, and Asia. He is the proud father of three children, and even prouder of his seven grand kids.

Board Members of the Sun City Center Charitable Foundation presenting a check to Samaritan Services for their Meals on Wheels program. Left to right: SCCCF Board members Jim Porrett and Frank Reid, Samaritan Services President John Mayoka, SCCCF President Walt Cawein and Board Member Patsie Ginley, Samaritan Services Office Manager Kirk Warren, and SCCCF Board members Paul Wheat and Maggie Pliska. Photo courtesy of Sally Reid.

SCC Charitable Foundation Donates to Meals on Wheels

By Sally Reid Board members of the Sun City Center Charitable Foundation, Inc. (“SCCCF”) recently presented a check in the amount of $1,000 to Samaritan Services in support of the Meals on Wheels program they coordinate for residents of Greater Sun City Center. Last year alone, Meals on Wheels program volunteers, organized by the Women’s Club of Sun City Center, delivered about 7,000 evening meals from South Bay Hospital to area residents unable to prepare a regular, nutritious meal for themselves. Each meal costs the recipient a nominal fee of $6.50, and the ordering and billing of the meals is handled by Samaritan Services.

SCC Patrol Volunteer of the Month

Lions Donate to Sun City Center Emergency Club

At their final meeting of the season, the Sun City Center Lions Club hosted Robin Watt of the Sun City Center Emergency Squad. At that time, the Lions gave a donation to the Emergency Squad in recognition of all they do for our community. The Sun City Center Lions Club will begin meeting regularly on Monday, September 13 at 11:30 Lion President Harry Eberle, Robin a.m. at the SCC United Methodist Watt, and Lion Gina Grillo, visiting Church. Meetings will be held from Edison Lions Club, Edison, NJ. the second Monday of every month. If you will be having lunch, reservations are required. Cost of lunch is $10. Please contact Harry or Maryanne Eberle at “” or 609-6948235.

South Bay Genealogy Society Meeting

Tuesday, September 21, at 10:30 a.m. United Methodist Church in the Life Enrichment Center 1210 W Del Webb Blvd. Round table discussion, followed by a sit-down luncheon at noon, and then a presentation by our guest speaker at 1 p.m. This month’s speaker will be Carol Weidlich. She will be speaking on “Wikis: how to use them for Genealogical Research.” The cost is $15 per person for the meal and the presentation. For reservations and meal choice, call Dianna Loudermilk at (864) 607-1330. Make your check payable to SBGS, and mail it to SBGS, P.O. Box 5202, Sun City Center, FL 33571. Your check must be received by September 9, 2021.

Community continued on page 6.

We Welcome Selina J. Lin, M.D.


Coastal Eye Institute is pleased to welcome Dr. Selina Lin to our Sun City Center office. Dr. Lin is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist and Fellowship-Trained Retina Specialist with expertise in:

1515 Sun City Center Plaza

• Macular Degeneration • Diabetic Eye Care • Flashes & Floaters • Laser Surgery of the Retina

Dr. Lin is now accepting new patients!

September 2021

The News


Empowerment. Encouragement. Support. The Center for Orthopedic and Spine Surgery at Manatee Memorial is closer than you think.

At the Center for Orthopedic and Spine Surgery at Manatee Memorial, we’re conveniently located, and we’re with you every step of the way. Let the team of orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic specialty staff help get you back to the life you love. Manatee Memorial’s multidisciplinary team includes specially trained physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, case managers and an orthopedic nurse navigator. Services Include: • Total and partial joint replacement surgeries for hip, knee and shoulder • Spine surgery • Sports medicine to treat sports-related injuries • Foot and ankle surgery • Coordinated preoperative class and postoperative rehabilitation services.

“I had a total right knee replacement at Manatee Memorial Hospital. Everything went smoothly, the staff was amazing and they treated me like family.” - Carol Hughes

Want to learn more?

For more information or to sign up for the preoperative class, call our Orthopedic Nurse Navigator at 941.745.7417.

206 Second Street East Bradenton, FL 34208

A Member of the Manatee Healthcare System

Get social with us

Certified for Hip and Knee Replacement by The Joint Commission Physicians are on the medical staff of Manatee Memorial Hospital, but, with limited exceptions, are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Manatee Memorial Hospital. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians. For language assistance, disability accommodations and the non-discrimination notice, visit our website. 210223-1179 8/21


September 2021

The News

Community continued from page 4.

In-House Caregiver Support Groups Return

Jim Butner, Coordinator for Samaritans Alzheimer’s Auxiliary is currently accepting reservations for support groups for caregivers with a loved one dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease or forms of Dementia. The free eight-week, one-hour weekly sessions will be held at the Samaritans office located at 1207 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Participants must have either a SCC Community Association badge or a Kings Point ID badge. At this time, masks are required in the building. Please call Jim at 813-634-9283 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, to register and for any additional questions.

The 2021 Sun City Center Old-Lympics Games

By Sally Reid The North Lake Association & Yacht Club recently hosted the “2021 Old-Lympics Games of Sun City Center!” The event venue was the Community Association’s Eberhardt Room, and the competitors, a.k.a. “elderletes,” were a collection of very enthusiastic and highly competitive North Lake residents ranging in age from the mid-50s to the mid-90s. The eldest competitor, Rita Hale, proudly carried the Olympic “torch” in a complete circuit of the room during the opening and closing ceremonies, to the wild cheers and applause of contestants and spectators. The Old-Lympic elderletes Linda Grabowski served as represented one of four fictional Event Planner Extraordinaire countries and colors of the and MC for the event, sporting a IOC logo: Redstralia, Bluetopia, fashionable homemade kimono Blacklandia, and Greenmeny. and headdress. Photo courtesy of Games included balloon Vickie Waller. volleyball, couples badminton, ball-in-the-basket toss, paper plate discus throwing, Olympic Event Charades, Beanie Baby handless carry challenge, and more. Redstralia and Blacklandia prevailed, tying for the Gold medal, Bluetopia took Silver, and Greenmeny settled for Bronze. Ice cream and brownies followed the fun.

Feline Folks Jewelry Fundraiser

Tuesday, September 14, from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Kings Point North Club House Banquet Room Entry fee is a donation of a piece of jewelry or $5. The items for sale start at $3. Everyone is invited. 100% of the proceeds goes to the care and feeding of the community cats. Info: “”.

SCC Patrol Volunteer of the Month

Congratulations to our Volunteer of the month, Austin Ambrosino. Austin joined the Security Patrol in November of 2019. He is a Dispatcher on three separate teams in addition to volunteering for additional shifts when needed. Austin dispatched for 39 hours in May and 129 hours YTD. Thank you for your dedication and support to the Security Patrol and our community.

German American Club Oktoberfest Celebration

Thursday, October 14, Doors open at 4:30 p.m. Community Hall, on South Pebble Beach Blvd. Traditional Oktoberfest buffet dinner, catered by Banquet Masters, will be served at 5:45 p.m. Martin Gross and the “Sunshine Band” will provide music. The cost of dinner will be $30 for members, and $35 for nonmembers. BYOB. Residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point are invited to attend. Reservations may be made by making out a check, payable to The German American Club of SCC, and either dropping it off or mailing it to: Lenny Crooks at 2320 West Del Webb Blvd., SCC (813-493-1644) or Fred Rathke at 1058 Emerald Dunes Drive, SCC (813-938-4845. Reservations required. Deadline for tickets is October 4.

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patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment that is performed as a result of any within 72 hours of responding to ad for the free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination, or treatment.

September 2021

The News

MOWW Companion Elected National Vice Commander in Chief


Military News DAR Community Event

By B. Frank Kepley CAPT USN (Ret) The National Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) organization has elected a local MOWW Companion, LTC. Charles Conover, USA (Ret), to one of their National Vice Commanderin-Chiefs (VCINC) positions. Each year the senior leadership of the organization is elected by secret ballot for the four VCINC positions. He will have oversight responsibility for Region VI, which includes Florida and Puerto Rico and Region VII, which includes Alabama, Arkansas, LTC Charles Conover, USA (Ret.) Mississippi, Louisiana, and Missouri. As a VCINC, LTC Conover is now one of the top eight leaders of the national organization. He is the first Companion of the Sun City Center MOWW Chapter to be elected to one of the top eight leadership positions, in particular one of four VCINC responsibilities. He has served as the Commander of the local chapter on two occasions. LTC Conover is a mechanical engineer and was commissioned as a 2LT Air Defense Artillery. In 1962, he moved to Green Bay, WI, and in 1965 joined the Wisconsin Army National Guard. He was attached to a battalion that was converted to 1/127 Infantry in 1967. He served as Aide to Adjutant General of Wisconsin, executive office of the 64th RAOC, executive officer of Troop Command and retired in 1987. He served in USAR Ready Reserve for two additional years. In civilian life, LTC Conover worked for a number of companies, all in the printing, coating, and laminating machinery business holding senior level positions. He and wife, Krista, have lived in Sun City Center since 2010. MOWW SCC Chapter 226 meets monthly at 11 a.m. on the third Thursday of the month, except July and August, at the Freedom Fairways GC Plaza Club on Upper Creek Drive. For information regarding membership contact Col. Douglas Roderick USAF (Ret); “” or 813-283-2941.

Catch The NEWS on the web at

September 15 at 1 p.m. Florida Room at the Atrium – 945-D North Course Lane Guest Speaker: Attorney David Snyder The topic of this presentation will be free speech. All members, Sun City Center and Kings Point residents, and anyone interested in joining the DAR are invited. All CDC guidelines for indoor activities will be followed. Any questions, please contact Carol Acosta, Regent, at 813-997-3954.

Attention Military Veterans

The next meeting of the American Legion Post 246 will be held on Friday, September 24, at 9 a.m. in Room 3, CA Community Hall,1910 South Pebble Beach Blvd., SCC. The program will include the installation of next year’s Post Officers by the American Legion’s 15th District Commander, a short presentation concerning the plight of homeless veterans in Hillsborough County, and what the American Legion is doing to help them. Also, plans for post participation in future community events will be presented. Coffee and donuts will be available at 9 a.m. All veterans and spouses are welcome. For information call Paul Wheat at 813-391-7309 or email “pawheatjr@”.

ta e s u J nut mi om 20 e fr ter n iv dr y Ce iC t Sun

Join Sun City Center Resident Pastor Mac Clements at 10:30 this Sunday Morning 9912 Indiana Street Gibsonton, FL

or enjoy our service via Livestream

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September 2021

The News

The South Shore Coalition for Mental Health and Aging

By Diane M. Loeffler You have probably noticed Debbie Caneen’s column “South County Events,” in The News. Caneen is the president of the South Shore Coalition for Mental Health and Aging. Caneen says this non-provide provides “resources for mental health services to the residents of South Hillsborough County, including Sun City Center,

Ruskin, Wimauma, Apollo Beach and Riverview.” She says the organization provides “educational seminars, community resource guides, a website and the Coalition Office at Sun Towers Retirement Community.” Caneen says, “We have screening services for depression and memory loss, and a referral system to help those looking for

a mental health counselor in South Shore. We connect those in need with support groups to focus on grief, caregiving, memory loss, and the stresses of aging.” When you read Caneen’s column, you will see a listing of support groups. In order to keep everyone safe during the COVID-19 epidemic, services were discontinued. Many of the

groups are now meeting again, some remotely and others in person. In the upcoming months, you will see articles about local support groups. Consider participating in groups addressing your needs and the needs of your spouse and / or friends. Spread the word so everyone can benefit from all the great services available to us.

Want to understand your risk for developing Alzheimer's Disease? This is an exciting time for Alzheimer’s research. A number of recent breakthroughs are leading to more options, especially progress toward early detection and intervention.



Learn More





September 2021

The News

Let’s Talk: When You Need to Talk to Someone

By Diane M. Loeffler Sometimes you just need to talk to someone. If you are feeling mildly or moderately depressed or anxious, talking to a trained counselor can be a big help. “Let’s Talk,” one of Tampa Bay Thrives’ mental health outreach programs, offers a call-in service for those times. Just dial 833DIAL-111 (833-342-5111) any day and at any time. You will speak to a clinically trained counselor. If you prefer, you can also connect with them online by visiting “”. The calls are confidential. You don’t even need to say your name. Information about you is not shared. Only aggregate

reports, that is, reports on totals of people spoken to, how many were given referrals, etc. are made. The only exception would be if you are potentially suicidal or are in danger of harming others. If you decide you want to speak to someone in person, the counselor will provide you with a free referral. This referral could be to a support group, a counselor, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or other service. If you are willing to share your email, “Let’s Talk” would like you to complete a follow-up survey. They want to know if the person, organization or service you went to was or wasn’t helpful. This information

helps “Let’s Talk” know if they should refer others to that place. Phones are answered by clinically trained counselors. Every shift is supervised by a social worker. Let’s Talk is one of the programs of Tampa Bay Thrives. Carrie Zeiss, the president and CEO of Tampa Bay Thrives says, “If you are concerned about how you’re feeling, reach out early.” Since the pandemic, the percentage of people who screened positive for moderate to severe anxiety went from seven percent in 2019 to 37 percent in 2021. The percentage for moderate to severe depression rose from seven percent to 32 percent. Many

people don’t share their feelings of anxiety or depression with others, so the actual number of people dealing with these issues is probably much higher. “Let’s Talk” is a program of Tampa Bay Thrives, a nonprofit formed in 2019. Its focus is on early intervention, helping people access those who can help, and mental health awareness. To learn more about “Let’s Talk,” go to “”. Scroll down the pages to read their information. To learn more about its parent organization, visit “”. You are not alone. Someone is available to listen to you.

Local AAUW Branch Receives Award at HCC Kick-Off Event

Officers of the SCC SouthShore Branch of AAUW (American Association of University Women) received personal invitations from Dr. Jennifer China weeks ago to attend a special KickOff Event to formally start the new school year at Hillsborough Community College - Ruskin Campus. After talking to attendees at the special booth promoting the AAUW Branch to prospective members, Susan Nasrani (President) and Kathy Vore (Treasurer and Chair of Tech Trek) were surprised at the luncheon to be presented with a special award for all the years AAUW has supported women to receive scholarships to attend HCC. For many previous years AAUW presented awards to senior girls at East Bay High School (at the time the only SouthShore high school) especially if they were planning to major in STEM subjects. But when the

local campus of HCC opened about 12 years ago, the Branch decided to switch monies raised in Fundraisers each year to be given to mature women (not directly out of high school) as scholarships to HCC. A contract was signed with the HCC Foundation--a separate entity totally from the college that is in charge of collecting monies and deciding scholarships for all campuses--that a minimum of $2000 would be donated annually. Money is raised yearly at two big Fundraisers in November and February as well as many smaller events; years that more money was raised resulted in more scholarships for that year. After the lunch event, Stephen Shear, President of the HCC Foundation, was very specific with the total monies donated over the years: “We have awarded 46 scholarships ranging from $250-$1000. In

addition we have awarded five book scholarships to some of those same students. That amounts to $38,500 that AAUW has provided for HCC student scholarships. We are thrilled for your past and continued support. Your award from Dr. China was well deserved.” Besides these HCC scholarships the AAUW Branch also has partnered with Beth Shields Middle School to identify and provide scholarships to two incoming eighth-grade girls to attend Tech Trek--a STEM summer camp organized by the Florida state AAUW for girls who excel in science and/or math. The camp this summer was just

held remotely the last week of July. The AAUW Branch has paid the way for 14 girls so far over the last seven years. The SCC SouthShore Branch of AAUW meets monthly from October thru May each year including the two months devoted to Fundraisers. Other meetings are social events highlighting speakers related to the advancement of women, especially related to SouthShore. Membership in AAUW covers national, state and local branch dues. Anyone interested in possible membership or seeking further information should contact Susan Nasrani, President, at 570-401-5346.

The Men's Club of SCC Offers Peace of Mind!

At Affordable Prices!

Dr. Jennifer China, President of HCC-Ruskin Campus, presenting award to Susan Nasrani, President of AAUW SCC SouthShore.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lived alone and there was an emergency? Or do you like to take your dog for a walk but are concerned about falling and no one being there to assist you? For Greater SCC residents who think they need a medical alert button and don't believe they can afford it, the Men's Club of Sun City Center would like for you to contact our office. Because the Men's Club is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit club, we offer the Philips Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) at a more competitive rate than what Philips charges at the national level. Our pricing is comparable to other systems in the market as well – just compare systems with similar capabilities. Installation and all service calls are completed by Men's Club volunteers at no charge to the Subscriber. The Men's Club was formed in the early 1960's. In 1991, the Men's Club decided to offer Philips Lifeline Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) to residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point with no annual contract. The PERS offering began with the purchase of four units with installation provided by Men's Club volunteers. This offering continues today with multiple systems from which to choose - including one that will work anywhere in the U.S., a dedicated office staff, and over 25 trained Men's Club volunteers who provide personable and knowledgeable service for our Subscribers. Get prompt caring assistance at the push of a button, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call the Men’s Club

813-633-7091 Dr. Ken Atwater, President of HCC with Susan Nasrani, President of AAUW SCC SouthShore.


or stop by our office 1002 Cherry Hills Drive,SCC


The News

September 2021

Seniors in Service - A Great Big Thank You From Our Lady’s Pantry

Our Lady’s Pantry, on U.S. 301 South, in Wimauma, has been putting food on the table of hundreds of men, women, and children every week for more than 20 years. “But it takes many hands to make this happen,” says director Tom Bullaro. According to Bullaro, the Pantry’s two trucks travel all over Hillsborough County, from Monday through Friday, picking up food from Feeding Tampa Bay and a half dozen supermarkets or other vendors. Back in Wimauma, many hands are needed on Tuesdays and Fridays to unpack these trucks, sort the food, and store it safely on our shelves, or in our cooler, or freezer, to keep it safe for Saturday. The Pantry opens Saturdays mornings from 7:30 – 10:30 a.m. to provide a wealth of nutritious food to our neighbors in need.

“I don’t know what we would do without the many volunteers from Seniors in Service, who

Tea House continued from page 1. sandwiches, and little desserts I had come to expect in tea rooms in southwestern Tennessee and northern Mississippi. On that day, the menu offered eight entrees, two salads, three sandwiches, and seven amazing desserts. For the current menu, visit “” or call 863-956-3998. Reservations are recommended. According to my map program, getting there should take one

show up regularly on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, week after week to help us out,” says

Bullaro. “We really appreciate their effort and their time — especially in the spring and summer, when so many of our snowbirds are up North.” Our Lady’s Pantry is located at Our Lady of Guadalupe Mission, 16650 U.S. Highway 301 South, in Wimauma. The Pantry is in the classroom building on the far right-hand corner of the mission campus. “”. You need not first join Seniors in Service, if you wish to work at Our Lady’s Pantry, however. Just stop in some Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday morning and ask for Tom or Anita. Strong men are especially needed on Saturday mornings to help load heavy boxes of food into our clients’ cars. For more about Seniors in Service, visit “seniorsinservice. org”.

Brewing continued from page 1. hour seven minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes. However, we took the back roads to go to Lavender and Lace. Our scenic route took longer but we enjoyed seeing the countryside. The address is 30 N. Lake Shore Way, Lake Alfred, Florida. If you would like to dine in a relaxing atmosphere offering tasty homemade foods and desserts while sipping on tea, it is well worth the trip.

The grounds are beautiful. There are two little shops behind the tea house.

The ambiance at Lavender and Lace is everything you would expect from a tea house.

at East Bay High School for 33 years) to compete in the Rotary Youth Oratorical Contest held at Freedom Plaza, is something of an accidental brewer! Before she retired from teaching in 2017, she and her husband went to a Halloween party thrown by a teacher friend. He served beer made from a Mr. Beer kit. Impressed with it, she purchased a Mr. Beer kit for her husband who’d brew up some selections now and then. Then George came to Mary and announced, ‘I’ve found a brew club! We MUST go!’ “We?” Mary responded! Well, thrilled though she wasn’t, they went. “They were really lovely people, but I had zero interest,” she told me. Not long after, George announced that they had to “get ready” for the WAZOO beer festival held at what was formerly The Lowry Park Zoo. They were hooked. Mary has quite a collection of awards for her brews, including the title Queen of Beer (QOB) awarded for her “Berliner Weisse with strawberry and rhubarb” at a California homebrew contest for women in 2015. The consensus of my beer buddies today was that the two

Where the brewing happens.

dozen-plus brews includes “an eclectic mix of styles--wellmade, very clean, perfectly blended. Most visitors to the brewery will have no trouble finding something (or several somethings) they like.” Of those brews made with real fruit, Richard said (and David agreed), “the fruit is nicely integrated, just so you know it’s there.” “It’s a great opportunity to do a bunch of tasters and go for it!” The delightful bartender, Marina, couldn’t have been more solicitous, more attentive, or more pleasant. And I can assure you, my crew kept her busy! So, if you’re a beer aficionado, or even a casual beer drinker interested in trying new and exciting brews, The Alafia Brewing Company might be just the spot that “hits the spot” for you.

TRAVEL September 2021

The News


​​Playful Paynes Prairie

By Kai Rambow The wild horse clearly wanted to interact with us. Everyone, though tempted, followed the guidelines of not interacting with wildlife. We just enjoyed being close to the animals. Off in the distance, bison relaxed and paid no attention to us. You’ve probably driven past it numerous times, but never stopped. Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park doesn’t look like much, but is worth exploring. Located just south of Gainesville, it is a short hop off I-75. It is a savannah with plenty of geological history. Markers inform visitors of its history. The abundance of wildlife is fun. Once on the prairie, you’re likely to spot wild horses, bison, deer, blackbirds, and plenty of other wildlife. The horses and bison are likely to be seen at a distance. A pair of binoculars is helpful. A cardinal in the woods, and blackbirds on the prairie were quite close. On your first visit you may want to use the main entrance, stop by the visitor center and walk one of the main trails. I did see deer quite close. The two most rewarding trails are a part of the park, but away from the main entrance.

Bolens Bluff Trail Right off 441, this is a lovely trail. The first portion is wooded, which provides nice shade. Be alert and you’re sure to spot birdlife. The prairie portion of the trail leads to an observation platform. From this platform I have always spotted bison and horses off in the distance. Birds can be seen throughout the walk. Total distance is three miles. It is a moderately easy hike. La Chua Trail This trail accessed just south of a neighborhood offers plenty of alligators, birds, reptiles, and flowers. It has the feel of a swampy savannah walk. There is The two best trails (7 and 10) are opposite each other. Each is quite plenty to see and quite popular. different and rewarding in unique ways. Almost the same length as Bolen want to hike one trail in the Look at a map online before Bluff, this trail has a boardwalk at morning, see/do some things in and print directions, if needed. the beginning. It is almost entirely Gainesville, then take another Alternative is to drive to the main flat and an easy walk. The lack trail before heading home. entrance and get help from the When to Walk: Recommend rangers there. of shade means you should prepare with a hat, sunscreen earlier in the day or towards Main Entrance sunset. One of our hikes was and water. 100 Savannah Blvd, earlier in the afternoon with Tips for a Great Trip Micanopy, FL 32667 When to Go: This can be part higher temperatures, but still Bolens Bluff Trail of another trip or just a day trip. enjoyable. 10625 S. US Hwy 441 GPS: Bolens Bluff has a sharp Recently I did a trip with friends La Chua Trail to Gainesville. We hiked Bolen right turn into the parking lot. SE 15th Street Bluff before our business in GPS will give you enough Gainesville, FL Gainesville and walked La Chua notice to slow down. La Chua is Fees: Both trails mentioned here before heading home. It was a accessed through a residential are self-pay at the entrance. great way to break up the day. neighborhood, and GPS is Just follow the instructions. You’ll For a day trip, you might definitely helpful. need cash for your fees.

Blackbirds and other birds not often seen around here can be found at Paynes Prairie Preserve. This wild horse and baby surprised all of us by coming within arm’s length. Since one is not supposed to interact with wildlife, no one did. It was still great to be so close to wild horses.

•Same Day Crowns •Full-Mouth Rehabilitation Restorations Hours by •Implants and Implant 1601 Rickenbacker Drive, Suite 7 Appointment •Dentures Sun City Center, Florida 33573 (813) 634 -1932 •

Hours by Appointment


1601 Rickenbacker Drive, Suite7 Sun City Center, Florida 33573

Two deer were startled and bolted past a bison behind them. I’ve seen the bison every time on Bolens Bluff trail, but always at some distance. Binoculars are a good idea for viewing wildlife.

FAITH &service 12

September 2021

The News

Pizza and a Movie at St. Andrew Presbyterian

Thursday, September 16; Eat at 5 p.m., movie follows Tickets: $7 for all the pizza you can eat, as well as homemade cake, and a soft drink. Plus a great movie! Showing: “Harriet” starring Cynthia Erivo and Leslie Odom, Jr. See the extraordinary tale of Harriet Tubman’s escape from slavery. Info: 813-634-1252; visit the church office Monday- Thursday 10 to 4 for tickets.

703 Del Webb Blvd. W., Suite B Sun City Center • 813-634-3396


General Dentistry

Tooth Pain • Crowns • Dental Implants • Partials Cleanings • Sedation Dentistry • Whitening Dentures • Bridges • Porcelain Veneers Cosmetic Dentistry

Redeemer Lutheran Donates School Supplies

Members of Redeemer Lutheran Church collected a large number of school supplies during July and recently donated them to Beth Shields Middle School. Additional items were also purchased and donated thanks to funds from Thrivent Financial. In the picture, school Social Worker Danette Lyles is shown receiving some of the items from Redeemer members Arlene Hansen and Linda Miller.

Michelle Halcomb, D.D.S.

Lic#s 6193,9109,11099,15756,D1713809

Catch The NEWS on the web at

2 LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU! Yamaha EFI • Yamaha AGM • Evolution Lithium


Battery Filler Bottle and 1 Gallon Distilled Both For



Expires 09/12/21

SUN CITY CENTER’S ONLY GOLF CART SUPERSTORE Factory-Authorized dealer for STAR & YAMAHA golf carts

1605 Sun City Center Plaza Sun City Center, FL


4926 Cape Stone Ave. Wimauma, FL Just north of Walmart next to Ace Hardware on US 301


SPORTS September 2021

The News


LAWN BOWLING • TENNIS • GOLF • SOFTBALL• PICKLEBALL & MORE! Security Patrol Bus Trip to the Ball Game

Round Robin Pickleball

The 1st Annual Don Moniz Women’s Round Robin Pickleball Tournament was held on July 27 in Sun City Center. Congratulations to Terrie McNamara and Melody Smith who won the “B” flight and Pegi McCauley and Donna Cabral who won the “A” flight. They played off between each other and Pegi and Donna won the final round!

TB Rays to the Toronto Blue Jays Tuesday, September 21 You are invited to join the Security Patrol to watch the Tampa Bay Rays take on the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday, September 21. Tickets are $55 and must be purchased by September 10. You do not have to be a member of the Patrol to attend. Bus leaves from 1225 N. Pebble Beach at Security Patrol Car Lot, 5:30 p.m. First pitch at 7:10. Returning to SCC around 11:30 p.m. Tickets may be purchased Monday through Friday from 9 to 3. Cash or check only. No refunds.

Catch The NEWS on the web at

Athlete of The Month: Lee Saucier

By Bob Monahan, Senior Sports Writer I first met Lee Saucier about five years ago at the Ruskin Recreation Center when I advertised we were looking for senior basketball players. Besides being one of the friendliest persons I have met, it was obvious that he was an outstanding athlete and basketball player. Lee rarely missed and later became our club champion in shooting contests, in county and state competitions winning gold medals in foul shooting, spot shooting, and timed spot shooting. Lee was born in Saco, Maine, and raised in Old Orchard Beach. He played little league baseball then later co-captained the high school baseball, basketball, and football teams. Lee was MVP and all conference in football. After serving three years in the army, Lee used the GI bill to attend Post College in Connecticut to receive a degree in business management. While working as a welder for 15 years, Lee was married to his high school sweetheart and had two sons. An opportunity arose to work for the US Postal Service as a mail carrier, and Lee took it, later transferring back to Maine to finish his career after 28 years. After walking five to six miles a day in the most miserable conditions in Maine, he was one of the best conditioned athletes I have seen in years. Lee saw all the sports opportunities for seniors in Sun City Center and purchased a


Mixed Doubles Pickleball

The Tuesday Afternoon Mixed Doubles Pickleball Group met for a Round Robin Event. Carol Fleming and her partner, Steve Tortorella, won the Group A Bracket. Melody Smith and her partner, David Baker, won the Group B Bracket. Carol Fleming and Steve Tortorella went on to edge Melody Smith and David Baker in the finals 11 to 8.

home here. He continued to play basketball while becoming an outstanding softball player while dabbling in tennis, shuffleboard, and horseshoes. Recently friends tell me he has become an outstanding pickleball player. About three years ago, Lee was backing his car out of a local pet store when he was rear ended by another vehicle causing him to need reconstructive surgery. Lee said, “I had a nerve pinched between my hip joint, which left me almost totally incapacitated. After my surgery, I did my own rehab walking with the help of a cane. It was a long and painful process a few yards at a time. About two months later, walking without a cane, I slowly started a few yards at a time with my friend Debbie there by my side. Without her patience and encouragement I am not sure how I could have gone through it. I still have lingering issues, but am blessed to be as active as I am.” We are also blessed to have such a gentleman and athlete here in Sun City Center.

Accomplished By: Bob Caceci

Bob Caceci hit a hole-in-one on July 23 at Scepter Golf Club, Ibis #2 (130 yards), with a 7-iron. Witnessed by Joe Pardo and Jerry DeCarbo.

MARY & MARTHA HOUSE Fashion and Home Goods Shop and Make a Difference! New Store Hours

Tuesday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 1 p.m. Donation Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Clothing and Accessories, Housewares, Furniture, Home Decor, and so much more! You can help to sustain our programs by shopping with us and by donating your gently used items.

312 S. Us. Hwy. 41 • Ruskin, FL 33570

New Address

Turn on 3rd Ave. SE



September 2021

The News

Turtles continued from page 1.

Commission (FWC), the turtles arrived at The Florida Aquarium on March 4. A duo was treated for pneumonia and other symptoms of cold-stunning. An additional green turtle was

received as part of a recordsetting date of March 23 when the team at The Florida Aquarium admitted 17 rescued turtles, the largest number the facility had ever received.

Connect with Our Sun City Center Care Team Accepting New Patients!

Benjamin Marquez, M.D.

Jacqueline Poletes, APRN

Mario Azuero, M.D.

Family Medicine u Same-Day Appointments u Walk-Ins Welcome Annual Wellness Visits u Medicare, Medicare Advantage & most major insurance accepted u


Connect Today! (813) 634-6880 953 Del Webb Blvd., Sun City Center, FL 33573 |


September 2021

The News



NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

Juanita Lolita Comedy Show


Ballroom And Latin Dance Lessons

September 6, 13, 20, 27 4 p.m. - Beginning/Intermediate Nightclub Two-Step 5 p.m. - Beginning/Intermediate Country Two-Step 6 p.m. - Intermediate 1 Tango 7 p.m. - Beginning Swing Location: St. John the Divine Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 1015 East Del Webb Blvd. Sun City Center. Info: Bernice DuBro ( Home: 813-634-3205, cell: 813482-6784. Cost: $30 per person for a four-week month or $8 per lesson. All are invited to attend.

Moonglow Dance Club

Moonglow Dance Club welcomes well-known favorites, “Tony & Tricia” aka “Good Stuff” to their monthly dance on Thursday, September 23, from 7-9 pm, SCC Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd., Sun City Center. Open to all SCC Community Association or Freedom Plaza members, and Kings Point 2021 Gold Card holders. Singles tables available. Smart casual attire. BYOB and snacks. Ice, water, and cups available. Moonglow 2020 and 2021 members free; all others show ID or a photo of it, and pay $6 at the door. CDC guidelines will be followed. Reservations accepted for six or more who want to sit with their friends. Info: “gail3357@gmail. com” or 813-633-1297.

Do You Wanna Dance Club

Sunday, September 12, from 7 to 10 p.m. SCC Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Open to members of Sun City Center Community Association in Good Standing and Kings Point with current Gold Card. Social dance. Live music. Tickets: Members: $5, non-members: $10. Good Stuff will play 60s-80s dance music. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. BYOB and snacks. Cups, napkins, and ice will be provided. Singles tables available. Dress casual. You must present your valid SCC CA ID, KP Gold Card or Freedom Plaza Club Access Card for any purchase and entry to the dance. Dance Club membership dues (valid through December 2022) are $40/person. Membership and tickets will be available at the Kiosk in the Atrium Mon-Wed-Fri from 10 to noon, or purchase the night of the dance. Info: Kathy Kerschke “” or Pat Mortensen “”

September 21 at 7 p.m. St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 1239 Del Webb Blvd. W. Juanita Lolita has performed throughout the southeast including an audience with over 7,000 in Atlanta, Georgia. She was voted Tampa’s Funniest Female and “Best of the Bay” with Creative Loafing Magazine and was a finalist in the World Series of Comedy. She brings to her audience clean comedy with a Latin flair and a hillbilly background. You are guaranteed a night of hysterical laughter. Tickets: $10 and can be purchased at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church office Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Info: 813-634-1252.

SCCCA Pre-Season Shows Kick Off in October

SCCCA presents a Comedy Cabaret night on Wednesday Oct 6, 2021. The event will feature Glen Foster, a comedic magician, opening for stand-up comedian Carl Guerra. Tickets go on sale at the Atrium Kiosk September 1 for SCCCA members at $10, and September 22 for Kings Point Residents for $12. Please bring your CA or KP Badge. And, join us for a community dance on Friday, October 29, featuring ACT III. Motown, Soul and Disco will keep you moving and grooving. Tickets go on sale at the Atrium Kiosk September 1 for SCCCA members at $15, and September 22 for Kings Point Residents for $17. These events are BYOB, tables of eight. We provide napkins, ice, cups and water. Both events kick off at 7 p.m. at the SCCCA Community Hall at 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. At this time, face masks are encouraged in accordance with CDC guidelines, but not required. The Kiosk is located at N. Course Drive and is open M-W-F from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Billy “Elvis” Lindsey to Perform Alzheimer Benefit Concert

Friday, September 3, at 7 p.m. United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. W. The, welcomes Billy “Elvis” Lindsey back to campus for a concert 2021 to benefit the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. Lindsey has been giving Elvis tribute concerts for years, and is the winner of numerous awards for his act. Tickets are available up to the day before the concert for $10 at the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center office, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. Office hours are 8:30 – 4 Monday through Thursday (813634-2539). Tickets at the door the night of the concert will be $15, and are subject to availability.

By Renee Bray, SCCCA Entertainment Director Let’s talk TICKETS! The Atrium Kiosk on N. Course Drive will open on September 1 for SCCCA members. At this time, tickets to our two “Pre-Season” shows will be available. Kings Point residents will be able to purchase tickets to these pre-season shows on Sept. 22, for an additional $2. Tickets to the regular season shows, which kick off November 5, will be available starting October 1 for SCCCA members and Oct 22 Renee Bray for Kings Point members. The Kiosk hours will be M-W-F from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. All ticket purchasers must bring with them either their CA or KP badge for proof of residency. As a reminder, there will not be a mailing to prior season ticket holders this year. With continued COVID precautions, we will have reduced seating capacity. For the safety of SCC residents, we are not allowing ticket sales outside of SCC. Attendees are encouraged to wear masks, even if you are vaccinated, in accordance with CDC guidelines. A complete line-up of all shows for the season is available at the Kiosk or in the CA office on N. Pebble Beach Blvd.


Adogable Pets Pet Salon & Spa

September 2021

The News To show our support Adogable Pets is offering Law Enforcement & 1st Responders a 15% discount on all Grooming services for your civilian pets. K-9 Officers Grooming services are 100% on us! In lieu of our services, Officers are welcome to use our facility to bathe their own police dog ! For an appointment call 813-419-4972

Quality, Convenient & Dependable

Sun City Center’s Premier Grooming Salon & Holistic Pet Supplies Store

Dogs are loving, cuddly creatures that people adore. At Southeastern Guide Dogs, they are an elite breed of canines that change lives for those who need them most. But, before they can become working dogs, they need some help from puppy raisers. Southeastern Guide Dogs breeds, raises, and trains guide dogs for the visually impaired, service dogs for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, and kids companion dogs for children with significant challenges. Before these dogs go into working careers, they learn basic skills as puppies from volunteers who want to give back to the community and help change a life. And yes, the opportunity is as incredible as it sounds! When they are around nine weeks old, the precious pups go home with their volunteer puppy raisers, who will provide the foundation for their future training. Puppies will live with their raisers for about 12-16 months. During their time together, they will attend twice-a-month meetings with their local puppy raiser group to practice basic skills, and they will experience

east end of Publix Plaza

813-419-4972 Mobile Grooming


Call for an Appointment

Calling All Dog Lovers

group excursions which allow pups to gain confidence in the world. Puppy raisers also enjoy a supportive group of trained staff and other raisers to assist throughout their journey. This puppy-raising period is vital to a future working dog’s success. It assists the young pup in becoming comfortable with new and different situations that they may encounter while working as a guide or service dog. It also provides the puppy with a home setting so they’re familiar with those comforts before placement.

News Of Freedom Plaza

By Peggy Burgess Few things appeal to Freedom Plaza residents more than a raffle, and especially when it is associated with a worthy cause. It becomes even more appealing if a bonus is involved. That’s why folks here are excited about something being planned by the Scholarship Fund Board of Directors: a 50/50 raffle benefiting the Fund--and the lucky winner, of course--with a tempting treat attached. The Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund, which is totally residentdirected, has managed in various ways to “give something in return” for the generosity demonstrated by fellow residents. That generosity has enabled the Fund to provide well over one-million dollars in educational grants to hourly employees. In past years that “something in return” has ranged from stage shows and entertainments to trips and cruises. This time it takes the form of an invitation to a Fine Wine Tasting, an exclusive event for persons buying $25 worth of raffle tickets. All tickets sold will be included in the drawing to be held at that event. Whether or not the so-called “mystique” of wine will be perceived at this tasting event is not certain, but pursuing it

4884 Sun City Center Blvd.

Residents Catherine and Lee Gusler prepare to sell tickets for the Scholarship Fund’s 50/50 raffle and wine tasting event. (Photo credit: Tomi Renau)

should prove both enlightening and entertaining. Concerning one thing, however, there is no doubt: the revenue from raffle ticket sales will yield something far beyond grapes or wine. It will enable some deserving young Freedom Plaza employees to pursue a productive, successful life-style through higher education. As continuing health concerns have preeminence at Freedom Plaza, the raffle/wine tasting event is, regrettably, not open to the public.

Once the puppies return to the Southeastern Guide Dogs campus in Palmetto, they will pick their career path at Canine University and go through advanced skills training. During this training they learn 20-40 different cues to work successfully with their future handler.

Southeastern Guide Dogs is looking for volunteers to open their hearts and homes to these puppies. No experience with dogs is necessary to become a puppy raiser, because the organization provides all volunteers with a support team and tools to help them be successful. Southeastern Guide Dogs also pays for the puppy’s medical expenses — raisers just cover the cost of food, approved toys and supplies. All they need is love! To learn more and apply, visit “ raise-a-puppy”.

Do you Facebook?

Get “social” in Sun City Center. Share your favorite SCC pictures and news and view pictures from fun SCC events. “LIKE” the News of Sun City Center Facebook page at “ NewsofSCC”.


Organizing your funeral in advance is the most loving gift you can leave your family. We can help you make your final wishes known, so your family doesn’t have to guess later. When the time comes, your family will be relieved knowing they are remembering you just as you wanted and didn’t have to make rushed decisions while grieving. They will also find comfort knowing you’re still protecting them, even when you’re gone. Call us today and we’ll take care of you and your family.

1851 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center 33573 813-634-9900

September 2021

The News


Answers to Puzzles on Pages 22 and 23

Catch The NEWS on the web at

KNOX ALUMINUM 720 4th Street SW • Ruskin, FL 33570


• Glass Rooms • Screen Rooms • Screen Fronts • Garage Screens • Pool Enclosures • Carports • Vinyl & Acrylic Windows • Roof Overs • Awnings • House Windows Lic#RX0057641

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r in g o o l F he t n i s Year


il y m a F de •

an d e Own

d e t ra e p dO

We Sell and Install

• Hardwood • Laminate • Vinyl Plank • Carpet • Tile • Commercial Flooring Products such as Carpet Tile or Broadloom

Visit Our 5000 sq. ft. Showroom

John Moore Flooring 813-633-7116

Sun City Center’s Oldest & Most Trusted Flooring Dealer • Golf Cart Accessible • Family Owned & Operated 1629 Sun City Center Plaza (Near SCC Post Office)



September 2021

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Roy and Susan Heflin took their copy of The News on a side trip to Wall Drug during a tour of the American West.

of A.M.O.B . S . U.

Darlene Lange and Pat Brothers took their copy of The News to Champaign, IL, for a family reunion.

Classic American favorites with an Oyster Bar twist! Andrea Peterson and Judy Dean visited Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, SC, to “pay respects to the parishioners who were murdered there in 2015” (Photo by Judy E. Dean). Linda Eargle, Suzanne McFayden, and Patty Hojnowski-Diaz took their copy of The News to beautiful Smith Mountain Lake in Union Hall, Virginia.





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At Freedom Plaza Sun City Center Florida, you’re clearedROC to explore exquisite dining options in one of our international themed dining rooms. Flavorful, healthful, chef-inspired meals in a delightful setting? Roger that.

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September 2021

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south County Events

By Debbie Caneen South County Events is provided by Debbie Caneen, Director of Admissions, Sun Towers from items submitted for publication. To submit events for future publications, send them by the 15th of the prior month. Debbie also publishes Ads and Events, a weekly e-mail containing information about what’s happening in 33573. Your event will also appear in the weekly Ads and Events e-mail and on the website Send all events by e-mail to You only need to submit your Event one time each month for it to appear in both The News of Kings Point and SCC Ads and Events. SPECIAL EVENTS Please include all basic information, especially Price (or list it’s Free) and Contact Information (phone, e-mail, or website). Six lines maximum. Send to: As soon as space permits, we will put it in the weekly e-mail and it will run until event date passes. You do not need to submit it again. P L E A S E N O T E : Th is a r e a is f or SPECIAL EVENTS only. WEEKLY, MONTHLY, or ONGOING EVENTS are listed on our website under WEEKLY & MONTHLY MEETINGS at which is updated every weekend.

WED. SEP 1 – THE WOMEN’S CHORUS FALL SEASON AUDITIONS 10:00 a.m. at the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, 1210 Del Webb Blvd W. The Women’s Chorus is thrilled to begin singing together again and is currently seeking new members. Do you love to sing, have some background in reading music, appreciate four-part harmony, and enjoy the challenge of learning new music? If so, this is the chorus for you. You are invited to meet our Director Jeff Jordan for an informal audition. No preparation is required for this relaxed tryout. Membership

September 2021

The News is open to anyone in SCC or the surrounding communities. Rehearsals will be held weekly at the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. beginning September 8. The Fall Season concludes with two holiday concerts in December that are free and open to the public. For more information, please contact Jayann Michael, at 813-645-2472. WED. SEP 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 SCC FRONT PORCH PICKERS 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. in the Rollins Theatre to play country, bluegrass, traditional and gospel music on acoustic guitar, violin, ukulele, bass, dobro, and banjo instruments. Audience members with a CA ID and Kings Point Gold Card members are invited to join us for pickin’ and grinnin’. Call president David Lickfeldt (813) 633-6739 for more information. THU. SEP 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 - SCC HAND AND FOOT CLUB 6:30 p.m. every Thursday evening in the Caper Room at the Atrium. Come join us and learn an easy and fast card game that is lots of fun! Beginners are welcome. Bring your friends, or come alone. Join us for a fun night! For more information email “suncity2rita@”. Open to all Sun City Center CA members. FRI. SEP 3, 10, 17, 24 - SCC MEXICAN TRAIN CLUB Play starts 12:30 p.m. every Friday afternoon in the Royal Room at the Atrium. Come join us and learn an easy dominoes game that is lots of fun! Beginners are welcome. Bring your friends or come alone. We hold a tournament the first Friday of each month. Open to all Sun City Center Association members. FRI. SEP 10 - LOW VISION SUPPORT GROUP - SPONSORED BY THE MEN’S CLUB OF SUN CITY CENTER 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. Do you wonder how others with Low Vision advance through their day? If you have low vision, then this meeting is for you! Free valet parking available

at entrance. For more info call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990. Please call prior to the event to confirm the meeting will take place. Due to uptick in COVID Delta Variant, cancelation is possible. SAT. SEP 11 - T-BONE HAMILTON & TC CARR AT THE FIREHOUSE 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Location: Firehouse Cultural Center. TBone Hamilton and TC Carr. Show includes: Tom “TBone” Hamilton – Bassist/ Leader - TC Carr – Harmonica. This band is dedicated to the blues. Call in for tickets: 813-6457651. $23 members, $28 future members. All reservations are in advance. Tickets are nonrefundable. THU. SEP 16 - FREE BALANCE SCREENING 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon in our Outpatient Therapy Department at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. Did you know one in three adults age 65 and older falls each year? Are you at risk? Schedule your appointment today! Call Debbie at 813-892-2990. This simple screening takes less than 10 minutes. See the results before your eyes through biofeedback. Please call prior to the event to confirm the meeting will take place. Due to uptick in COVID Delta Variant, cancellation is possible. SAT. SEP 18 - MIKE DONAHUE & THIRD MAN OUT AT THE FIREHOUSE 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Location: Firehouse Cultural Center, Event type: Center Stage, Come out to the Firehouse

Center Stage to hear Irish tunes! Mike Donahue will play guitar and provide lead vocals. Call in for tickets: 813-645-7651. $23 members $28 future members. All reservations are in advance. Tickets are non-refundable. MON. SEP 20 - PARKINSON’S SUPPORT GROUP OF SUN CITY CENTER 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive, Sun City Center in the theater. If you have had success with any treatment you have tried, please come to share! If you have Parkinson’s, or are caring for someone with this disease, be sure to attend this support group! Complimentary valet parking available at entrance. For additional info, call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990. Please call prior to the event to confirm the meeting will take place. Due to uptick in COVID Delta Variant, cancellation is possible. THU. SEP 23 - PELICAN PLAYERS SUMMER READERS THEATER SERIES 6:30 p.m. (doors open @ 6:00 p.m.). “Cabin B13” directed by Jack Stevens; “Our Miss Brooks” directed by Wendy Smith and “Life of Riley” directed by Shirley Walker. Pelican Players Readers Theater is complimentary however we do have a donation box at every show. Donations support “The Pelican Players Scholarship Fund” handled by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. All performances will be in the Veteran’s Theater. Mark your calendars. We hope to see you soon.

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Enjoy your retirement years together, with activities ranging from playing cards to fishing in Sweetheart Lake. Call to learn more today!

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September 2021

The News



Why Don’t You Know Who Val McDermid Is?

By Andrea L.T. Peterson If you have a favorite or several favorite authors as I do, you probably brim with anticipation when he or she has a new book coming out. For me, no author’s new book fills me with as much as the latest installment of Scottish crime writer Val McDermid’s Tony Hill/ Carol Jordan or her Karen Pirie series. As psychological, crime thrillers go, Val McDermid’s are top drawer. So why do so few people know who she is? I found McDermid in the late 70s with her Kate Brannigan and the Lindsay Gordon Mystery Series. Both are well-written and enjoyable, but what a difference a decade (or two)

makes! Each of the Hill/Jordan books builds the character and the relationships of the main characters. Like no other series I read faithfully are the characters so engaging and so real to me that I feel as if I know them. Unlike Patterson’s characters in the Alex Cross, The Woman’s Murder Club, or even the Michael Bennett series which I thoroughly enjoy or Connelly’s Jack Reacher, McDermid’s Tony Hill (profiler) and Carol Jordan (lead detective) come off the page or perhaps they draw you into the pages. Either way, the reader is gone from the first page to the last. How the Dead Speak, McDermid’s latest finds Tony Hill

A Local Benefactor Helps the “Show” Go On

in prison convicted of a murder he committed (in the previous book, Insidious Intent) so that Carol Jordan wouldn’t have to. For more details, I suggest you read Insidious Intent if I can’t coax you into reading the entire series (11 gripping thrillers). Hill’s conviction together with Jordan’s retirement from the force is a serial killer’s dream. His credibility shot, he won’t be consulted anymore and committed to her own recovery in the aftermath of the murder committed by Hill, she won’t be leading any investigations. Their careers as they (and we) have known them are over, but their work is not done and their relationship has not ended.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I’ve just finished Still Life, McDermid’s sixth and latest DCI Karen Pirie crime thriller, and it is even better than How The Dead Speak. I highly recommend the fifth in the series, Broken Ground, first. While any of McDermid’s books can stand alone, an awareness of certain past events is helpful and it makes sense to see the characters develop with each new book, especially when they’re as well-developed as McDermid’s. NOTE: I just found out that the British cable series On the Wire is based on the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series. I’ve not watched it, but plan to. If you’ve watched it, I’d love to hear what you think.

Exeunt – A 9/11 Tribute

By John F. Foster Emerging dazed and ashen like stricken miners from a nightmare tunnel, they lurch into the gray soot of mid-morning.

Coughed up from a cauldron of imminent collapse, trembling in unison with the ground, they flee the surreal horror. Zombies choking in a snowstorm. A blouse torn away, a glimpse of blistered skin. Bruised lips beseeching a cell phone. A dark suit staggers, clutching a scorched briefcase, necktie askew, like his eyes. Rage of traffic down and out. Unimagined hysteria. Blur of yellow slickers works against the tide, putting caution aside for the sake of humanity. Brittany Bruski and her dad Jeff accept the colorful circus panels donated by David Kramer.

By Bob Sanchez Sun City Center resident David Kramer recently donated a fivepanel painted mural to the nonprofit Showfolks of Sarasota for display in their Holiday Circus Festival to be held in December. The Dade City-based artist Cindy Seifert had painted fourfoot by eight-foot plywood panels in 1998 for installation in a planned school that was never built, Kramer said. The panels subsequently found a home with the Shriners Circus until it ceased operations. Two retired clowns stored them until Kramer discovered and purchased them. Recently, Sarasota Showfolks president Jeff Bruski came to Sun City Center to collect the mural panels, which include the Beatles in marching uniforms, clowns, animals and more, “in vivid color as bright as the day they were painted,” Kramer says. Bruski’s daughter, Brittany, said the panels will be “carefully preserved and used as a backdrop for the indoor stage at the festival,” adding, “They will contribute greatly to the ambiance of the festival while

adding precious history of the circus community in our area.” The Showfolks Holiday Circus Festival is an annual event that takes place on the second weekend of every December that was started last year in place of the traditional circus that Showfolks of Sarasota has put on for over 50 years. This year’s Festival will take place December 10 through 12, indoors at Sarasota’s Robarts Arena and outdoors at the Sarasota County Fairgrounds. Brittany says, “Indoors we will feature a wide selection of local craft vendors where folks can do their Christmas shopping, a circus flea market, a stage with a variety of entertainment including local talent groups and more. Outdoors will be a food truck area, thrill acts, animal demonstrations, and kids’ activities to include a walk-through inflatable picture garden and free photos with Santa!” Brittany expects the Holiday Festival to be “a wonderful family experience,” so mark your calendars! For more information on the Festival, visit “”.

Heroes are born and die. Against a cerulean sky, two symbols of America have been cleft and left in agony, their wounds belching fire, spewing terror, rattling death. Like the mantel of ash below, a shroud of screams cloaks the streets, screams not only from ground zero, but from above. Above. Above the street survivors, above the din of meltdown, above all of the above, what remains? It is an indelible hurt. A violation. A tragically defining moment in our nation’s history. A moment to be remembered in sorrow for victims and in tribute to courage and sacrifice. A moment to be mourned today and always.


September 2021


September 2021

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September 2021

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