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June 2021


JUNE 7 Board Workshop Caper Room - 9 a.m. Also, via Zoom ID: 869 9765 4527 Passcode: 850947 8 Hurricane Preparedness Meeting (CA Members Only – I/D required) Community Hall – 1 p.m. 9 Board Meeting Rollins Theater – 9 a.m. Also, via Zoom ID: 815 6358 0832 Passcode: 050051 15 Club Leaders Meeting Florida Room - 10 a.m. Also, via Zoom ID: 898 1760 7868 Passcode: 118064 16 Bandstand Concert 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Dixie Swing Garage Band & Philly Buster Cheesesteaks 22 Town Hall Meeting Re: Long Range Plan & Financial Discussion Community Hall – 7 p.m. Also, via Zoom ID: 852 6646 0274 Passcode: 969382 Agendas for the monthly Board Meetings will be posted on Official Bulletin Board in the Atrium the Friday before and on the CA website (www.suncitycenter.org – under “Residents” – Upcoming Meeting Agendas). They will also be sent via “What’s New in the CA” email blast.

CA Contact Information Administration Office 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd, SCC Phone: 813.633.3500 Hours – 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., M-F sccboard@suncitycenter.org Website: suncitycenter.org Information Center: 813.633.4670

Sun City Center Celebrates Earth Day

By Diane M. Loeffler The Sun City Center Audubon Society celebrated the 51st anniversary of Earth Day on April 22 at the SCC Community Association’s West Campus Nature Trails. The weather cooperated beautifully with clear skies, a light breeze, low humidity and temperatures in the upper seventies. Sixty-seven individuals signed up at the trailhead. Most of the participants had not been on the trail before despite living here for some time. One couple, Brent and Brenda Green, just moved into the Community Association a week before. Barb Durant joined the Audubon Society just before the pandemic hit. She is excited about the society’s programs and trips resuming. At 10 a.m. master birder, Ray Webb Ray Webb leads the Bird Lovers Walk while the group brings along a News of Sun City led the Bird Lovers’ Walk. Webb says, Center. "I have been a birder all my life. I Since the park and its trails are near around 7:45 in the morning. They are at joined the Tampa Audubon Society in homes, there have been no prescribed their most active then. The best place to 1975 and then here in Sun City Center burns. Some plants, animals and see them is along the water.” in 2004.” Webb says he has seen 105 birds require an environment that has Melanie Higgins led the 10:30 Tree species of birds in the West Campus recently been burned. One of these is Huggers Walk. She says, “I am passionate Nature Trails area. He pointed out the scrub jay. Webb says, “If you want about restoration.” She explained the the osprey on its nest on an elevated to see scrub jays, go to Duette Preserve various habitats we saw along the walk platform near West Del Webb saying, in Manatee County, a wide-open area and which plants and creatures need “Ospreys have been coming to this spot these birds love.” specific environments. Higgins also for the last three years. Great horned Webb likes to walk on the West Campus pointed out examples of the phases owls nest every year near La Jolla and Nature Trails early in the morning. He trees progress through. Did you know North Pebble Beach.” says, “The best time to see the birds is Earth continued on page 3.

For the Birds How a historic challenge led to a modern debate that was decided “for the birds” Spread across Sun City Center are several nesting birds in some surprising spots. Here are a few captures.

Wood duck with 19 babies. Wood ducks are very skittish and attempting to get a good photo is a real challenge.

Story by Ilona Merritt, Photography by Kai Rambow When the greens of the North Course were re-sodded in 1987-8, the chemicals used to fumigate the soil had been covered with plastic, but high winds and heavy rain washed the chemicals onto fairways and into lakes. Fairways were covered with dead mole crickets. Gulls flew in for the feasting, joined by Muscovy ducks and Mallards. Then there were dead gulls, ducks, fish, and turtles on the course and in the lakes in a few days. Who would clean this up? About


Scan the code with your smartphone to find us online. www.newsofsuncitycenter.com

100 turkey vultures arrived to do the job while making the islands in the Middle Lake their new rookery. They cruised the SCC community by day, perching on house roofs, church steeples, and porches. They would grab the asphalt tiles with their claws and create costly leakage problems. They attacked automobiles causing damage. Bacteria left by the birds could cause health problems… Something had to be done. At the time, Richard Thompson, director of the Animal Damage Control Division of the US Department of Agriculture, suggested a solution. Shoot blanks into the air to make noise and scare the birds away. Residents acquired state and federal licenses. Everything they did had to be recorded. The noise they made rivaled any Fourth of July celebration, sending the vultures soaring away in every direction. Fast-forward 30 years, and the situation has taken a new turn. While there are

This lone eagle likes to visit Middle Lake perching on the highest tree.

still a few vultures around, many other species of birds have come to make their nests on Egret Island in Middle Lake. Biologists who have visited the Island are amazed at the variety of bird species nesting near each other, because many would never get this close in the wild. Ibis, egrets, blue herons, tri-colored herons, anhinga, cormorants, and many more now make Egret Island their home. On a recent visit to a friend who lives on the lake, we sat in the back yard and watched wood ducks and cormorants guiding their young through the water, while a bald eagle perched high in a tree above. Yes, there are still vultures, and, yes, they can occasionally cause problems. When some residents once again suggested we bring back Mr.

Thompson’s solution, others suggested that scaring the vultures away would scare the other birds away as well, potentially causing some adult birds to abandon their nests and their young. Everyone agreed that would be a bad outcome, both for the nesting birds and for all the residents who appreciated their beauty. So, at this point, all the birds are free to fly and raise their young without interference. Some residents would like to see Egret Island designated as an official bird sanctuary. It hasn’t been – yet – but, official or not, the birds of Egret Island are just one more beautiful reason to love Sun City Center. ED’s NOTE: Some information for this story came courtesy of the SCC History Society

2 - CA

June 2021

The News of Sun City Center

President’s Report

HURRICANE PREPAREDNESS MEETING TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 2021 • 1P.M. • COMMUNITY HALL CA MEMBERS ONLY – I/D REQUIRED Come listen to ways you can prepare yourself and your home for the upcoming hurricane season. Fun Giveaways!

By Bob Sullivan, CA President We welcome June, are looking at the lower numbers pertaining to the Covid-19 issue, and we have now opened the Fitness Center and pools for guests. Our community and our amenities are what make us the best place to enjoy retirement living. We have the responsibility to ensure that only authorized persons are using our facilities. This is the duty of each Club Board Member, Sun City Center Community Association Staff, and SCCCA Board members to check or request to view the badge of any person within the facilities. We have recently had persons that refused to display or show their badge. It is impossible to know if that person is a resident or someone from another community. If you do not have your badge, you may be asked to leave the facility. This has been brought to the community’s attention in the past, and it is not only one of our policy rules but ensures that we know who is inside our facilities. Please carry your ID Badge or photo of it on your phone. On May 19, we had a Town Hall meeting and shared with over 300 people that attended on Zoom (118) and in-person (193). We discussed the upcoming Long Range Plan Project and the possible ways to meet the financial obligations that we will need to complete the new building and future pool and pavilion. The members were very enthusiastic and felt raising the Capitol Fee and securing a construction loan are great possibilities for present and future projects. The overall opinion of the residents in the meeting was, let’s get the project started. We will have more information and look to have another Town Hall Event on June 22 at 7 p.m. at Community Hall. On May 10, we noted the 60th Anniversary of the groundbreaking for Sun City Center. From a cattle pasture, we became what we are today. We are the very first retirement community in Florida, and we believe we are the best! Coming up, on November 7, we will have an ice cream social to support our 60th Anniversary Celebration.

What’s New at the Library?

By Joanne Gilray, Library Administrator It has now been a year since the library came back after a 2-month COVID-19 shutdown. At that time, we took certain precautions based on the best available information to ensure the safety of our patrons, volunteers and staff. Having a year to review, and with an increased understanding of the virus, the library has now modified its COVID-19 precautions. These new measures will take effect July 1. Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. with a 45-minute closure for sanitation between 12-12:45. Masks are still required to enter the library. Please stay home if you are feeling unwell. Computer room limited to two patrons. Please sign in at circulation. The conference room will be available with a max of four people. Regular circulation will be reinstated. This means starting July 1, you will be able to bring your return items inside to the correct designated checkin area based on if you’re returning a Hillsborough County or Sun City Center item. Puzzles are to be returned on the cart upfront at circulation. Please make sure to have your CA card and/or Hillsborough County library card with you to checkout. We are accepting donations again based on our previous guidelines. We are also now accepting board games that are in good condition with no missing pieces. There’s a new board game collection available for circulation based 100% on donations so we need your help to fill it up! Please remember that these new COVID-19 measures are to take effect July 1 to give our volunteers time to train. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the library at 813-634-1315. Thank you for your understanding and Happy Reading!

Statement of Purpose

The Sun City Center Community Association serves the residents of Sun City Center by providing assistance for the elderly, assistance and essential services to tax exempt entities, and operates in lieu of a municipal government, thereby lessening the burdens of government (Hillsborough County, Florida).

May CA Board Meeting

By Diane M. Loeffler Community Manager Lyn Reitz has been working on a telephone directory listing residents of the Community Association (CA) only. Reitz hopes to have this directory available for pick up at the CA Administration Building in June. This directory will not contain hometown information or former professions. This is to avoid problems with scammers. CA members may pick up one per household. During the January and February, COVID vaccine events in the Community Hall parking lot, 4,300 people were vaccinated. An additional 200 shut-ins were vaccinated at their homes. The CA will not be offering any more vaccine events, but anyone can receive COVID vaccines in area pharmacies. On June 8, the CA will conduct a hurricane information session at 1 p.m. in Community Hall. There will be some free items given away. New residents are especially encouraged to come, but all CA Members

are welcome. On July 4, there will be bandstand concerts in the afternoon and early evening. There will be food trucks and free ice cream sandwiches while they last. The October 16 FallFest will combine the activities from FunFest and “Hi, Neighbor!”. All clubs are asked to participate in this event. It will take place from 1 to 4 p.m. Other upcoming events include the 60th Anniversary Party on November 7 and the Golf Cart Parade on December 4. As the work on SR-674 is completed, issues such as the lack of an entrance lane to St. Andrews Estates will be addressed. CA Members now have the option of attending Board Meetings via ZOOM or in person at the Rollins Theater. These are held on the second Wednesday of every month at 9 a.m. After the meeting is adjourned, members can address the board about their concerns. Typically, the directors take notes and follow up later.



The Aquasizers

AMOUNT $1,000

APPLIED TO Pool Expenses


List prepared from CA staff data. Report corrections, additions to CA at 633-3500.

Local Address Name Hometown State/Country Phone 1305 Beach Blvd. Allan & Cathy Geiger Winston Salem NC 904-762-4525 1638 Bentwood Drive Roger & Theresa Murray Charleston SC 843-566-3189 1321 Bluewater Drive Ronald & Peggy Wright Bradenton FL 727-455-7244 1804 Bunker Hill Drive James & Jeanne Rochford Dresser WI 651-442-8443 103 Cactusflower Lane John & Deanna Dome Floyds Knobs IN 502-552-8870 1220 Caloosa Creek Court Robert Thrun Buffalo NY 267-897-5600 1524 Chevy Chase Drive Ralph Vonlutzow Chicago IL 813-213-8649 Gay Vonlutzow Elmhurst IL 813-213-8649 681 Chipper Drive Phillip & Cassandra Young Syracuse NY 813-938-3115 708 Churchill Place Virgil Rupert St. Marys WV 813-773-7705 Sue Ruth New Martinsville WV 813-773-7705 326 Club Manor Drive Joy Carr Pittsburgh PA 813-331-3413 1750 Council Drive Curtis & Brenda Aldridge Chicago IL 219-805-4841 1501 Dedham Drive Ronald Kindrick Ellsinole MO 573-727-4099 2406 Del Webb Blvd. E. Stephen Case Columbus OH 813-504-5786 Sonja Case Heidelberg Germany 813-504-5786 1513 Del Webb Blvd. W. James Wittenberg Flint MI 941-284-9398 Myra White Grand Blanc MI 941-284-9398 1711 Del Webb Blvd. W. Ronald Leslie Brookfield IL 630-452-9471 Carol McBride-Leslie Brookfield IL 630-452-9471 1603 Dower Way Frank & Dorothy Frederick Pine City MN 612-839-9213 2012 Eastview Drive James Owen Americus GA 949-903-4393 Marta Tisdale Newport Beach CA 949-903-4393 1015 Emerald Dunes Drive Robert & Terri Chaney Albany GA 765-610-0129 1124 Emerald Dunes Drive Jeffrey & Diane Turek Bloomington IL 309-826-8426 1342 Emerald Dunes Drive Deirdre Loughren Freeport NY 516-987-3161 1624 Emerald Dunes Drive Jack & Carolyn Williams Gahanna OH 614-783-4394 2361 Emerald Lake Drive Richard Maloney Plymouth MA 857-269-0040 642 Fort Duquesna Drive George & Jane Bressette Malta NY 770-846-0662 801 Fox Hills Drive Angie Esparza Chicago IL 813-464-1961 Laura Simpson Chicago IL 813-464-1961 1520 Hartwick Drive Michael Drazkowski Winona MN 507-459-9731 Pamela Kristiansen Genesee WI 507-459-9731 817 King Leon Way Sharon Eure Fairhope AL 337-654-3449 210 Linger Lane John Scheimbauer 813-860-8243 319 Linger Lane Barbara Kokensparger Riverview FL 813-297-4043 1703 Magnolia Landings Ct Santiago & Teresa Torres Dominican 317-517-9869 Republic 1606 New Bedford Drive Robert & Julie Walder New York NY 551-574-1011 1613 New Bedford Drive Larry Bowman Wheeling WV 813-758-6145 2227 North Creek Ct Reginald Fordham S. Richmond Hill NY 718-290-3312 802 Oakmont Avenue Kathryn Carlisle Dayton OH 937-267-2174 1816 Pacific Dunes Drive Bonnie Ogle Sarasota FL 941-376-1496 804 Regal Manor Way Merrill & Sally Tawse Mansfield OH 419-989-2335 815 Regal Manor Way Paul & Ann Sullivan Lexington KY 859-321-1869 1011 Regal Manor Way Michael & Kimberly Brown Smithville MO 816-797-7804 714 Sahara Drive Michael & Colleen Martin Canton MI 813-642-0200 1703 Tahoe Drive Jeffrey Leblanc Surprise AZ 603-531-0019 1116 Villeroy Drive Bonnie Moore Fenton MI 810-285-6375 710 Ward Circle Dorothy Neri Cranston RI 813-424-7327 2210 Westminster Manor Lane Kwang & Kwija Yun Seoul South Korea 410-713-5429 1928 Wolf Laurel Drive John Otis McKinney TX 859-757-8950 Lisa Otis Plano TX 859-757-8950

June 2021

CA - 3

The News of Sun City Center

SCCCA Entertainment Season Scheduled By Renee Bray, Entertainment Director

The SCC Community Association is happy to announce that the 2021-2022 Entertainment Season is on! There will be a few changes to the way the shows will operate this season, but both Sunday shows and Friday dances are being scheduled, with a fantastic lineup of entertainment. To ensure the safety of our members, there will be reduced capacity seating to allow for more space between seats. This means if you were a season ticket holder in the past, you cannot renew your existing seats, as the seating Renee Bray chart has been modified. Tickets to all shows will be sold on a first come first serve basis at the Atrium kiosk only; there will be no mailing for renewal of the season tickets this year. Additionally, tickets will be sold to SCCCA members first, and then they will be opened to Kings Point members at an additional fee of $2. Tickets will no longer be available to those outside of SCC. Tickets for each show will be sold approximately five weeks in advance, with SCCCA members given the first three weeks to purchase tickets, and sales will open to Kings Point after that. There will be no “season ticket” available this year. Each show will be sold individually. Watch The News of SCC for the lineup of shows to be announced in July.

July 4th SCCCA Family Fun Day

Things are starting to get back to normal in Sun City Center, starting with the SCCCA 4th of July Family Fun Day. While it won’t be quite the same as prior years, the day will still be filled with fun activities. Unfortunately, there will not be a Community Breakfast. However, Community Association members and guests can celebrate with family fun day activities at the CA Central Campus on N. Pebble Beach from 9 a.m.to 7:30 p.m. C&J Specialties, a local food vendor will offer for sale breakfast from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. followed by festival fare from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Free ice cream will be distributed while supplies last in the early afternoon. The Bandstand at 958

Cherry Hills Drive will be alive with entertainment during the day. From 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., enjoy the hipswinging music of Billy “Elvis” Lindsay. The ever-popular Kevin Brooks will also perform, alongside Elvis. From 2 to 4 p.m., enjoy the musical soul sounds of David Morris. Wrapping up the day will be another favorite, 3-Dom Band, who will play from 6-7:30 p.m. The lawn will be golf cart accessible, and there will be a roped-off section right down front for lawn chairs. The food vendor will be there from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. The outside pool will be open to families all day. This event is for SCCCA members and their family members with guest passes.

New England Club Holds Cookout

New Englanders were glad to get together again and chat over burgers and hot dogs.

By Bob Sanchez Over 65 New England Club members attended the New England Club’s inaugural cookout on May 13 at the Horseshoe Pavilion. Ten new members joined at the event, paying only $5 per person for the annual membership and $5 more for a meal that included a hot dog, a hamburger, cookies, chips and bottled water. Club president Mike Burnham says there are seven more cookouts to come this year all the way into December.

Sun City Center New England Club president Mike Burnham served as grill master.

The summer dates are June 10, July 8, and August 12. The events are open to members. For more information about the Club, visit our website at sccnec.org.

Debbie Carlson gets a laugh out of fellow volunteer Kathy Zuehlke at the Information Center.

Janet Ditmore shows off the Blue Book containing Sun City Center facts for volunteers to use.

All You Need Is Love

At the Information Center, Helping the Community Is Easy By Bob Sanchez If you’re looking for an easy way to help Florida’s best retirement community, Janet Ditmore wants you to volunteer at the Information Center on Cherry Hills Drive. Janet, the Center’s administrator, says they’ve lost a lot of help due to the unpleasantness of 2020, so she asks “Get me more volunteers.” The job is easy: the only qualification is that you love Sun City Center. You don’t need special knowledge, and you don’t need sales skills. You just talk to visitors about our lifestyle and offer them a tour of the main campus, then offer them a map of the community so they can explore on their own if they wish. “The big thing in Sun City Center is that we have choices” in the type of home to

Earth continued from page 1.

that slash pines and longleaf pines go through a grass phase before looking anything like a tree? John Lampkin put some Spanish Moss under a microscope so we could see its scales. Lampkin says, “Spanish Moss has a tremendous amount of surface area to absorb water.” Lampkin led the 11 a.m. Bugs and Blooms walk. Lampkin not only tells the names of the “bugs and blooms,” he also describes how they interact with each other and the environment. For example, the button plant—a very tiny plant with a small bloom—is visited by 37 different types of bugs. Peter Aluotto is the Chairman of Conservation for the local Audubon Society. This event was his inaugural project. Aluotto says, “We were going to do something like this last year but cancelled because of the pandemic. We hope that residents know about the trails and become familiar with them. If you look at Ideal Living magazine, trails have become a selling point for housing areas. This community is a pioneer in having nature trails.” Mary Duncan has been the president of the Audubon Society for four years. She says, “ZOOM meetings have continued to take place during the pandemic.” Duncan says, “There used to be field trips every month. We plan to resume them after things begin to reopen.” Duncan says, “I love being out in nature. This club is enjoyable on all levels of interest and knowledge of nature and birds. We have a variety of speakers at our monthly meetings. We travel to many places such as the Bishop museum, boating trips and nature preserves.” Currently, only the south side of the canal is available for walking. The Audubon Society has drawn up plans for developing the part of the preserve north of the canal at some point in time.

buy, she says. Janet conducts initial two-hour training sessions for all volunteers, who then can sign up either for a regular shift or as a substitute, which is where many people like to begin. The Center currently runs two daily shifts, Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until noon, and 1 to 3 p.m. It’s also open on Saturdays except in the summer. She wants to add a third shift, and for that she needs about 30 regulars and 65 substitutes. Volunteers have access to a “Blue Book” containing all the basic information they need about our community. Volunteering at the Information Center is a great way to spread the word about our wonderful community.

Doing so would require approval from the board and funds for a bridge and boardwalks. There is talk of another Earth Day Event possibly being held next April 22. In the meantime, tours are available the first Tuesday of every month at 9 a.m. Bug spray, closed toe shoes and hats are recommended. The trails are on the west side of West Del Webb just south of Vincennes and just north of Seton Hall. Cars can park along the road. Golf cart parking is available in the field or back under the trees.

John Lampkin looks on as Ann Fenimore looks at Spanish Moss through a microscope.

Brand new residents, Brett and Brenda Green, talked with SCC Audubon Society President Duncan before leaving on their Tree Huggers Walk.

4 - CA

CLUBS The News of Sun City Center

June 2021

NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus require attendees to bring their SCC CA ID or KP Gold Card. When in doubt, contact the club in question prior to arrival. Thanks.

New Member Orientation

The Information Center is hosting Orientation Sessions for all new residents to the Sun City Center community. Any resident who has moved into the community since the COVID hiatus, or who wishes to learn more about our community, is invited to attend one of the sessions. We will be holding them every Wednesday afternoon at 1 p.m. Initially, we are asking that you let us know which session you wish to attend so that we can prepare for the appropriate number. Please RSVP at (813) 633-4670 or by email at “info@suncitycenter.org”. The meeting room will be announced when we have an idea of the number attending.

Metaphysical Society Meetings

10 a.m., to noon, in the Heritage Room of the Atrium Building. Wednesday, June 2: “Crystal Healing Works,” Presentation with Rod Pettit Wednesday, June 9: “Testing our Second Sight,” Workshop with Facilitator Vicky Sand Wednesday, June 16: “Your Frequency Creates Your Reality,” Presentation with Terri Cabral Wednesday, June 23: “Opening One’s Self to Psychic Abilities,” by John Edward Presentations and Workshops are open to Society members and SCCCA residents joining the Club. SCCCA ID required. Free admission, with a love offering requested. For meeting info call Karen at 830-832-7402. For membership info call: Kay at 757-535-8210. Those wishing to view the presentation via Zoom.com, for a $5 fee, are to request a link via an email to “metaphysicalsociety@gmail.com”, before 5 p.m. on Tuesday evening prior to the event, for further instructions.

Stained Glass Artist Appreciates Mentors

What does it take to win big at The Florida State Fair? A great mentor. Just how important is having a mentor when starting a new hobby? According to SCC resident Bradd Robinson, “Having a great mentor will help you build your skills to a level unachievable on your own.” Bradd credits his big win at The Florida State Fair to the vast amount of knowledge his mentor, Sheryl Doom, has passed on to him during his three-year membership in The Stained Glass Club of SCC. Her insistence that he repeat certain skills over and over again until it was perfect has led him to achieve an attention to detail that could not have been achieved on his own. That attention to detail is what put his pieces a step above the competition. Bradd won a 3rd place ribbon for his candleholder titled, "Let Pride Shine Through.” He also took home a 1st Place Ribbon as well as Best Of Show for his three-piece vase collection titled “Spring is in the Air.” Bradd and the entire Stained Glass Club would like to invite you to drop by the studio, located in The Arts and Craft Building located at 915 Cherry Hills Drive. Not a full time resident of SCC? That’s ok, we still welcome you to come by the studio to ask questions, or to browse the beautiful pieces we have for sale.

Computer Club Classes

No monthly meeting in June, classes only Buying a Computer • Monday, June 7, from 9 – 11 a.m. iPad/iPhone for Seniors • Wednesday, June 9, from 9 – noon Introduction to File Explorer • Thursday, June 24, from 9 – noon More info: Email Pauline Baker, Education Director at “paulinebaker864@gmail.com.”

Let’s Dance Ballroom Dance Practice

Let’s Dance Ballroom Dance Club is holding ballroom dance practices on Sunday afternoons from 2:30 4:30 in the Atrium Dance Practice Room. You must be a SCC or Kings Point 2021 Gold Card Member and a member of the Let’s Dance Ballroom Dance Club in order to attend the practices. You may join the dance club at the practices for $5 for the remainder of 2021. If you would like to attend, please call Bill Dean at 831331-3536 to reserve your spot (either 2:30 or 3:30 slots). We are practicing social distancing and wearing masks upon entry.

Patrol Receives Grant From Interfaith Council

Sun City Center Security Patrol is pleased to announce a grant from the Interfaith Social Action Council (ISAC). The Security Patrol helps deter crime in our neighborhood and business districts by maintaining a visual patrol presence that is on the lookout for the unusual. While the Patrol has no police authority, it works in cooperation with the Hillsborough County Sheriff ’s office (HCSO), and in particular with its Community Resource Deputies. Our vehicles are on patrol 12 hours a day, seven days a week.

Belinda Carter and Maureen Knight are in front of the Needlecrafters Shop. These ladies are the source for our knitted and crocheted beach cover ups. The cover ups are made in various colors and styles. One is centered in the display window, more are inside the shop.

Needlecrafters Club News

Sun City Center’s Needlecrafters Club is one that welcomes all forms of needle crafts: knitting, crochet, plastic canvas, latch hook, embroidery, cross stitch and others not listed here. Please come to the shop, sit a while, work on your craft and get to know some members. Needlecrafters Club’s shop hours are currently Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9 to 12 PM. We are located next to the shuffleboard courts.

Sew’n Sews Working to Get Back to Normal

SCC Potters Wheel Club Shows In State Fair

The Sun City Center Potters Wheel Club had wonderful results in the competitive arts and crafts contests at the Florida State Fair. Members of the Club were awarded four ribbons, two first place and two second place. The winning creations will be on display in the Atrium display window for the month of June. In the photo, from left to right, is a first-place win for Terrie McNamara, with her “Ugly Jugs.” Sue Bederka and Jack Libby’s impressively sized wheel-thrown jug won a second place ribbon. Michelle Miller’s first and second place hand-built vessels showed a “WOW” level of commitment and intensity in the detail.

Sew’n Sews has begun having sew-ins to work on low inventory and charity projects. They have made some microwave bowl holders and potato bags that are two of their best selling items. Next on the agenda is adult bibs and neck wallets. Member, Sharon Henry, is offering to help members of the Sun City Center CA learn how to use their own sewing machines. It does require membership in Sew’n Sews, which is $10 for the year. Sharon is also considering offering other sewing related classes. Sew’n Sews is looking forward to welcoming back present members as well as new members. They are located in the Arts & Crafts building at 960-B Cherry Hills Drive. For information call 813-505-9503 or email www.scc.sew.n.sews@gmail.com


of Sun City Center & South County News Line: 813.938.7441 • Ad Line: 813.938.8721 • www.soco.news • June 2021

May Day Market Benefits C.A.R.E.

Ginny Fairbank with Buddy (a C.A.R.E. alum) and Cooper who are shopping at Bark and Purr shop for pet treats.

Teri Guilarte at the C.A.R.E. information and raffle basket table.

By Paula Lickfeldt C.A.R.E., Critter Adoption and Rescue Effort, has been located at 1528 27th Street S.W., Ruskin, Florida for 20 years. It is a no-kill shelter for cats and dogs. On May 1, The Firehouse Cultural Center hosted a May Day

Market place shoppers found several vendors with products for their furry friends including food, treats and clothing, shoppers looking for people treats found them also. Garden decorations were available for purchase along with natural, homemade

Market place to benefit C.A.R.E. What a fun day it turned out to be. To say the day had “gone to the dogs” understates what happened. It was a day totally dedicated to the support of cats and dogs who are looking for their “Forever Homes.”

aromatherapy products, and local honey. It was a day for everyone including several C.A.R.E. alumni. C.A.R.E. had lots of literature and information for everyone

Market continued on page 20.

2021 Renaissance Festival Fun For All Ages

Staff Report, Photos credited After COVID-19 restrictions forced the 2020 Bay Area Renaissance Festival to close early last season and shuttered many shows across the country for the past year, the theme for the 2021 Bay Area Renaissance Festival was, “We can’t wait to celebrate!” This was a sentiment expressed by patrons, “playtrons,” vendors, and cast members alike, as many of the traveling cast had to sit at home last year, waiting, hoping, and, indeed, praying for the pandemic threat to be mitigated. Standing atop a neatly stacked tower of chairs, preparing to juggle fire, one of the fanfavorite returning performers, Ichabod Wainwright, daredevil master of the “Wheel of Death,” expressed that eager sentiment this way: “When there’s a pandemic happening, and your job description is ‘gather people close together in large groups and encourage them to scream,’ well… you’re fired.” Wainwright was not the only Festival performer excited to be back on stage. It’s been more


Scan the code with your smartphone to find us online. www.soco.news

No one went hungry at the Festival, especially this girl who devoured a turkey leg. (Photo by Madlyn Blom)

than a year since the colorcoded tumblers Acrobellum performed their signature mix of slapstick humor and aweinducing acrobatics for a live audience. The troupe was clearly excited to be back dazzling audiences with their feats of skill, strength, and agility. All across the Festival grounds, guests browsed wares offered by more than 100 artisans; cheered brave knights and high-flying daredevils; tapped and clapped to live music; shared bawdy belly laughs with washerwomen, escape artists, and muddy thespians; met unicorns and mermaids; rode elephants, and indulged in the signature mix of fun, fantasy,

Festival continued on page 8.

“Lady Rayka” (Rosalie Purvis) from the Equus Nobilis Joust company gallops into position to make another pass. (Staff photo)

Acrobellum’s “Teal” and “Red” perform as “Pink” (and the audience) cheer them on. (Staff photo)


June 2021

The News

The Editor’s Corner

“Thanks, Dad” By E. Adam Porter

Editor, News of SCC & South County There’s a picture on canvas, hanging over the stairwell to my bedroom. When I see it, I think, man, I look tired. And then I smile. Not because I look soggy, bedraggled, and thoroughly exhausted in the picture, but because of the other people in it with me: My boys. We were at the end of a long, fun day at Rainbow Springs State Park: swimming, hiking, swimming again, picnicking, hiking some more, then swimming some more. I look exhausted, because I was, but the boys are grinning ear-toear. I love that photo for a lot of reasons. We don’t get the opportunity to get all four of us together much since the Big Kid re-enlisted. I’m proud of him, but it’s tough to be in family photos when you’re busy jumping out of perfectly good airplanes half a world away. A love for exploring nature is something all four of us have in common, and that had been a great day. Hence, the big smiles. Taking advantage of those moments and capturing those memories is something I’m thinking about a lot as we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day in a few weeks. The celebration this year will be bittersweet for me. My father died last July, so this will be my first Father’s Day without the opportunity to talk to him. But we will talk about him. I’ll share his story so my boys will benefit from the lessons he learned through living. Most of the day, though, will be about making memories with my own boys. I look forward to hearing from the Big Kid, learning more about his upcoming training assignment. For the two younger boys, Father’s Day is all about spending uninterrupted time with dad. We don’t get enough of that, and I’m not always the best at taking advantage of the opportunities when they’re presented. Maybe that’s something all dads deal with. I know I do, especially on days I’m working from home. My home office has an open door policy. If the door is open, come on in. If it’s shut, Dad might be shooting a video, making a webinar, or doing a live consultation, so, unless it’s an emergency, wait. Sometimes, though, I get caught up in what I’m doing, and that open door is treated like it’s closed. That happened just a few days ago. My middle son ambled into my office holding a small stack of papers. “Dad,” he said, “Do you want to see my test scores?” I knew he had just taken an achievement test to track his academic progress, but I thought that could certainly wait until I finished whatever

Immensely Important Thing I was working on at the moment. Had I taken a second to glance at the stack of papers in his hand, I would have seen he was holding a lot more than test scores. I would have noticed the way he held them and seen the anticipation on his face. But Dad was busy, so Dad was blind. “Go put them on the dining table. I’ll look at them later.” I caught the hesitation as he, slowly and carefully, set the stack of papers on my desk. Now, I did look up, “B,” I said, using his preferred nickname, “I said the dining table. I don’t want those papers on my desk.” This time, I saw the disappointment as he slowly retrieved the stack of papers and turned to leave. He made it three strides down the hall before my brain put all the pieces together. “Wait, bud, hang on.” He stopped immediately, face writ with disappointment turning back to nervous anticipation. “I’m sorry, B. Did you want me to look at this stuff now?” He offered a small, hopeful nod. I picked up the papers, scanned the bar graph indicating his results on the achievement test. He had done well in certain areas, needed to work on some others. Like the rest of us. I glanced over, saw his eagerness intensify. A thought tickled the back of my mind: there is no way this is about test scores. I flipped the page to find a note from the school, instructions about the last day. Nope, this wasn’t it. I flipped to the next page, and that’s when I understood. The last page in the stack was a drawing. Pen-and-ink on notebook paper. Science fiction fighter jets and fast-moving tanks. Rockets and missiles. Bunkers with a prominent acronym in giant block letters. Fairly common subject matter for an 11-year-old boy. Except, this drawing didn’t come from the mind of that 11-year-old boy. This drawing was a replica that came from his heart. See, a few weeks ago, I’d been going through an old steamer trunk I keep in my closet. The trunk is filled with souvenirs and keepsakes, as well as a bunch of stuff from my school days. One of those things is an old, oversized sketch pad filled with drawings I made when I was B’s age. He had seen me going through the trunk and asked to look at the sketch pad. I handed it over and watched his eyes light up. “You drew this?” I nodded, and he kept flipping pages filled with science fiction fighter jets, fastmoving tanks, bunkers chock full of rockets… and an acronym that made a lot of sense to a kid growing up during the Cold War. What I held in my hand all these years later was a nearexact replica of one of those old drawings, which my son had completed at school during free time. This is what the stack of papers was all about. My boy was saying, “Look, Dad, I’m a chip off the ol’ block.” I almost missed out on that

moment to answer emails or some other mundane chore. I sat there staring at the drawing, and the longer I held it, the wider his smile grew. Finally, he asked, nervous, “What do you think, Dad?” I looked up, my smile matching his own, “This is amazing, B. Thank you for sharing it.” He stepped

forward, threw his arms around me, and hugged me tight, said, “Thanks, Dad.” Then he turned and bounded out of the room, forgetting the stack of papers now strewn across my desk. I took a moment to straighten them, tears in my eyes, whispered, “No, son. Thank you.”

SEEKING INDIVIDUALS RECOVERING FROM COVID-19 TO PARTICIPATE IN A RESEARCH STUDY! Join USF College of Nursing on a 3-month study that tests the effects of a homebased breathing exercise program for individuals recovering from COVID-19 who still have shortness of breath. Eligible participants may receive a total of $50 for participating. POTENTIAL BENEFITS MAY INCLUDE: • Improvements in breathing symptoms, lung function, and physical functioning.

To determine your eligibility, please call (813) 974-5117 or email COVIDrespiratoryresearch@usf.edu PI: Drs. Constance Visovsky, PhD and Andrew Bugajski, PhD IRB#Pro00040035

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June 2021

The News


1509 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center • 813-633-2020 • FAX 813-633-6403

MARGARET “MARGE” CONNOLLY, Lic R.E. Broker • Excellence and Integrity

Sun City Center & Kings Point For Sale

For Sale CED




 1.5 Bath / 1C  5’ Walk-In Shower  Fresh Paint  Sidewalk Back Door To Parking  $ 202 Bedford Trl E 119 79,900




1/1.5/1C  New Laminate Thru-Out  W/D In Kitchen  Glass Enclosed Lanai/Office  $ 1902 Dandridge # 16 85,000

15919 Golden Lakes Drive

Genova Model 2-Bedroom plus Den, Great Room and screened covered lanai overlooking a serene water view in the 55-plus Valencia Lakes.



1/1.5/1C  Partially Furnished  New Ceiling Fan  Tile Through-Out  Stack W/D  2/2/1C Newer Kitchen w Granite  Laminate Floors  W/D On Covered Parking  Upgraded w Vinyl Siding. Lanai  $ $ 1802 Bedford Ln # 13 99,000 PENDING 205 Andover PL N # 98 87,500

For Sale

15919 Golden Lakes 15921 Golden Lakes 202 Bedford Trl E 119 1902 Dandridge # 16 205 Andover PL N # 98 1802 Bedford LN # 13 2410 Locksley St 1011 Regal Manor

2BR+Den/2/2G Valencia Lakes 1/1.5/1C 1/1.5/1C 1/1.5/1C 2/2/1C 2/2/2G 3/2/2G

$374,000 $349,800 $79,900 $85,000 $87,500 $99,000 $175,000 $301,500


Rentals Needed! Leased in Last 45 Days 2313 New Orchard Ct 101 Cambridge # 198 402 Dorchester # 41 702 Augusta Dr 2022 New Bedford Dr.

Concord On Golf 1/1.5/1C Unfurnished 2/2/1C Unfurnished 1/1/1.5C Walk-In Shower 3/2/2G On Lake

RENTED $1,400/Mo RENTED $1,100/Mo RENTED $1,350/Mo RENTED $1,100/Mo RENTED $1,700/Mo



June 2021

The News

The Sun City Center Shrine Club Wants All Shriners

The Sun City Center Shrine Club wants all Shriners, regardless of temple affiliation in the greater Sun City Center (SCC) area to know they are welcome to join in the Club’s fun and fellowship. You do not have to live in Sun City Center, FL, to be a member. The Club is chartered with Egypt Temple of Tampa, FL, with many of our Nobles from temples throughout the world. The club meets the second Wednesday of the month for a noon luncheon with our Ladies and includes entertainment or guest speakers. And there are many other programs that you can enjoy by being a member of the Sun City Center Shrine Club. To find out more about the Club and the Shriners, you can visit us at www.sccshrineclub.com; send an email to “sccshrineclub@gmail.com” or contact Jim Porrett at 813-812-7170.

Emergency Squad Still Open for Business

Birthday Display

The Laytons’ son wanted to recognize his parents’ birthdays in a big way—literally. Naomi (in photo) celebrated her birthday May 9. Her husband, George, had a May 10 birthday.

Scholarship recipients: Bottom row: Shanya Luke, Jessica Pizano, Gabriela Antonio-Gonzalez, Kate Morrison, and Emily Ann Pesquera. Next row: Dominic Meler, Te’Dajah Bradley, Mikeaela Jackson, Axel Adrion Nunez Perez, and David Ramirez. Top row: Sharon Vasquez (ABWC Scholarship Committee Chair), Brenda Fricks (Scholarship Committee member), Catherine Goodrich-Gusler (special scholarship donor), Sally Coupal and Eileen Sengstock (Scholarship Committee members).

Woman’s Club Awarded $14,200 College Scholarships

Dedicated to helping the community, commitment to family, a desire to make a difference, talented, caring, intelligent, motivated, disciplined, outstanding, and impressive, these are just a few of the words used to describe the amazing Apollo Beach Woman’s Club (ABWC) 2021 scholarship recipients. The ABWC was able to award $14,200 in college scholarships this year. All recipients are from East Bay and Lennard High Schools. Nine recipients who are attending a four-year Florida University received $1,500 and one recipient who is obtaining a two-year degree at a community college received $700. If you wish to get acquainted with the club, attend any events (resuming September 2021), or join the club, information can be found at “www.apollobeachwomansclub.com”.

Slow drains, sewer backups or odors?

SPT specializes in non-invasive pipe restoration. Our no-dig technologies restore old pipes without tearing out walls or digging up landscaping.

The Emergency Squad has remained open through the pandemic, never closing. However, because of the virus, many people were reluctant to come into the Squad for blood pressures or equipment loans. “We used to do many blood pressure readings each day and residents, and non-residents, stopped by to get checked. Now, we only seem to do one or two a day,” says Carol Bippen, front desk receptionist and trainer. “I think many people don’t realize we take many precautions – masks, temperature checks and routine cleaning of the equipment after each blood pressure.” “We want to assure residents that it’s safe to come to the Squad and we look forward to having them stop by,” said Mike Bardell, Chief. “We’re here to help our friends and neighbors.”

Kiwanis Benefit Concert Hwy 41 South

The United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. West, welcomes HWY 41 South to its campus for a 7 p.m. concert Friday, June 4, 2021. HWY 41 South is a Florida bluegrass band featuring Mark Horn, Donnie Harvey, David Beaumont, Clint Dockery and Tammy White. This concert is a benefit concert being hosted by the South Shore Kiwanis club, to raise scholarship money for deserving, collegebound local high school seniors. Tickets are on sale for $10 at the United Methodist Church office Mondays through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m., as well as through local Kiwanis members. If still available, tickets will be $15 at the door on the night of the concert. CDC guidelines are still in effect at the church, so please bring your mask.

Community continued on page 6.

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June 2021

The News

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June 2021

The News

Community continued from page 4.

A Message from Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Gun theft from vehicles is becoming a growing problem in Hillsborough county. Be a responsible gun owner. Avoid guns from falling into the wrong hands by securing firearms in safes, vaults, or lockboxes. Here are the numbers: Total firearms stolen in Hillsborough: 408. From Vehicles: 240. From unlocked vehicles: 183. Don’t be a victim! Secure your vehicle, remove valuables from sight. Park in well-lit areas.

Moonglow Dance Club

Moonglow Dance Club invites all SCC Community Association and Freedom Plaza members, and Kings Point 2021 Gold Card holders only to join us on Thursday, June 24 from 7 - 9 p.m. at Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd., Sun City Center. Local Entertainer, Thor Stevens, will provide sax, keyboard and vocal music for our dancing or listening pleasure. Singles Tables are available. Attire is smart casual (no shorts). BYOB, snacks, ice, cups, etc. for yourself and your companions. 2020 Moonglow Membership has been extended to cover all of 2021, and other dancers/listeners will pay $6 per person at the door. Bring your Community ID or a photo of it. CDC guidelines will be followed, and hand sanitizer will be provided. Limited to 12 tables, six on each side of the hall, to provide a large dance floor with room for “Social Distancing”. Masks are optional. For more Information: “gail3357@gmail.com” or 813-633-1297.

STAR Samaritan

S-Selfless; T-Trustworthy; A-Accomplished; R-Reliable Meet Manya Ogle, the Star Samaritan for the second quarter of 2021. A volunteer at Samaritans for seven years, Manya currently is the Friday ride dispatcher. She has also been a driver for the organization. Manya loves volunteering her time to Samaritans since she feels it is such a worthwhile program, and one of the best examples of neighbor helping neighbor. Also, by working the same day each week, she knows her “Friday people” who make use of Samaritan’s in-town ride services, and how they appreciate the service. Congratulations to Manya on her STAR Samaritan award and her continued great work for the Sun City Center Community.

Emergency Squad Elects New Board Members

Every year the Emergency Squad has elections for three Board of Director seats. The Squad has nine Directors and each position serves three years. After the new Board members are elected, they then select the Chief, the HIPAA Compliance Officer and Chief Financial Officer. This year, Lloyd Banfield, Rich Bothroyd and Robert Leonard were elected to L to R: Rich Bothroyd, Vice-Chair the Board. The new Board met Ken Ayers, Barry McKee, Secretary and re-elected Mike Bardell as Doris Ferron, Chair Tom Canady, the Chief for the Squad. Marty Treasurer Skip Aylesworth, Robert Gifford will continue as the Leonard, Lloyd Banfield, and Kelly Squad’s Chief Financial Officer Knigge. and Linda Eargle will also continue to serve as the Squad’s HIPAA Compliance Officer.

Beth Israel Honors Robin Kitzmiller

Jewish organizations in the community are asked to nominate a woman who exemplifies the mission of their organization through her leadership and commitment. Awarded annually the ‘Women of Distinction’ Program honors exemplary volunteerism and leadership. Congratulations to Robin Kitzmiller, Beth Israel’s Woman of Distinction 2020, who was honored at a virtual ceremony on Thursday, May 11. Robin has been a part of the Beth Israel family for over 13 years and is the behind the scenes “go to” person. Whether it is drafting a flyer to advertise a temple event, editing over 1,000 visual t’filah slides for the High Holy Days or running the control computer to stream services, she takes on the task at hand effortlessly. Robin has served as sisterhood recording secretary; editor of the temple’s newsletter and currently presides as their co-webmaster. Most recently she played a meaningful role as part of Beth Israel’s “tech team” to help bring the congregation together through live streaming Shabbat services via Zoom. Robin’s technical skills, coupled with her willingness to volunteer and offer her assistance in any project large or small, makes Robin a special asset and a true woman of distinction. Outside of Jewish leadership, she is involved with Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation and was a teacher in special education and vocational education for 35 years. Robin and her husband of 40 years have three children, 10 grandchildren and four great grandsons.

Join the South Shore Democratic Club

Concerned about clean water? Continuing housing development? School quality issues? Road congestion? Join the South Shore Democratic Club to hear our legislators give us the ongoing discussions on these issues. Zoom meetings every first Thursday of the month at 1 p.m. For more information, contact us at “SSDmembership@gmail.com”.

Ballroom And Latin Dance Lessons

June, 7, 14, 21, 28 4 PM - Advanced Swing 5 PM - Intermediate 2 Cha-Cha 6 PM - Intermediate 1 Foxtrot 7 PM - Beginning Tango Location: St. John the Divine Episcopal Church, Parish Hall, 1015 East Del Webb Blvd. Info: Bernice DuBro at “dancewithbernice@ gmail.com”, 813-634-3205 or 813-482-6784. Cost is $30 per person for a four-week month or $8 per lesson. All are invited to attend.

Suncoast Bronze Ringers Handbell Concert

United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. West Sunday, June 20 at 3 p.m. The Suncoast Bronze Ringers is an advanced community handbell ensemble founded in 2012 to provide a challenging opportunity for handbell ringers, and a beautiful, musical experience for community audiences. Auditions are held annually for prospective members. Staying in the group requires excellent playing, and detail to the craft. Selections for this concert will include Cohen’s, “Hallelujah”, “Nocturne in C minor”, “Psalm of Peace”, “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” and a “Beach Boys Medley” among others. A donation of just $10 is requested at the door on the day of the concert.

Carnations for Mother’s Day

The women’s group of Redeemer Lutheran Church gave a carnation to each woman attending on Mother’s Day and to homebound members. In the picture, Linda Miller is giving a carnation to Marty Gifford. Redeemer is located at 701 Valley Forge Blvd. in Sun City Center.

The Men's Club of SCC Offers Peace of Mind!

At Affordable Prices! Have you ever wondered what would happen if you lived alone and there was an emergency? Or do you like to take your dog for a walk but are concerned about falling and no one being there to assist you? For Greater SCC residents who think they need a medical alert button and don't believe they can afford it, the Men's Club of Sun City Center would like for you to contact our office. Because the Men's Club is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit club, we offer the Philips Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) at a more competitive rate than what Philips charges at the national level. Our pricing is comparable to other systems in the market as well – just compare systems with similar capabilities. Installation and all service calls are completed by Men's Club volunteers at no charge to the Subscriber. The Men's Club was formed in the early 1960's. In 1991, the Men's Club decided to offer Philips Lifeline Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) to residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point with no annual contract. The PERS offering began with the purchase of four units with installation provided by Men's Club volunteers. This offering continues today with multiple systems from which to choose - including one that will work anywhere in the U.S., a dedicated office staff, and over 25 trained Men's Club volunteers who provide personable and knowledgeable service for our Subscribers. Get prompt caring assistance at the push of a button, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Call the Men’s Club


or stop by our office 1002 Cherry Hills Drive,SCC

June 2021

The News


Military News NJROTC Cadet Awarded

By B. Frank Kepley CAPT USN (Ret) A Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) medal was presented at Freedom High School to NJROTC Cadet Michael Martinez on April 23. The medal was presented by retired Army COL Dale Vona, a local MOWW Companion. Michael’s instructor lauded him as an exceptional cadet, always willing to help his fellow cadets and the unit. He praised Michael as being a very intelligent and talented cadet, very deserving of the award.

MOWW Presents Awards to University of Tampa ROTC Cadets

By B. Frank Kepley CAPT USN (Ret) Retired Army COL Dale Vona, representing the local chapter of The Military Order of World Wars (M0WW), on Saturday, April 24, recognized The University of Tampa ROTC cadets. One of the Chapter’s primary goals is to recognize and support America’s youth through the high school and college ROTC programs. COL Vona is the ROTC Awards Chairman for the local chapter. COL Vona presented cadets with ROTC medals and certificates for outstanding scholastic and military skills, exceptional personal dedication and devotion to the Army ROTC program.

MFST Recognizes Community Donors at Luncheon

Fire Rescue Chief Robert Collins Address Local MOWW Chapter

By B. Frank Kepley CAPT USN (Ret) The Sun City Center chapter of the Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) held their monthly meeting on Thursday, April 15, at the Maui room at Freedom Plaza. The meeting was again a combination of member attendance onsite and Zoom. The featured speaker for the meeting was Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Special Operations Chief Robert Collins. Chief Collins is a 24-year veteran of the fire service with vast experience in combat operations, training, and administration. Chief Collins holds a master’s degree in public administration and policy from Florida Gulf Coast University and is a Doctoral student at Valdosta State University. Chief Collins covered his job responsibilities; how he served eightplus years in the USAF before switching to Hillsborough County Fire Rescue; the values that we have in America and we need to keep them. Prior to the presentation, COL. Sam Taylor, USA (Ret) sponsored by COL. Dale Vona, USA (Ret) was inducted into the Chapter by Commander Vern Elarth. That was followed by two recognition presentations. RADM Ron Silva, USCG, (Ret) was presented the Silver Patrick Henry Medallion for patriotic achievement and COL Dale Vona, was presented a citation as the top recruiter for the quarter. MOWW SCC Chapter 226 meets monthly at 11 a.m. on the third Thursday of the month, except July and August, at the Freedom Fairways GC Plaza Club on Upper Creek Drive. For information regarding membership contact Vern Elarth (813) 634-6199 or vjelarth@tampabay.rr.com

Dr. Susan MacManus Addresses SCC MOAA Chapter

L to R: Corena Fristad, Colin Howgill

L to R: Marvin Boland & Colin Howgill, MFST chairman of the Board

By B. Frank Kepley CAPT USN (Ret) The Military Family Support Trust (MFST) held a recognition luncheon to honor individuals who have provided generous legacy bequeaths and other donations over the years. These donations are both generous and extremely important, enabling MFST to provide funding for their many assistance programs. Colin Howgill, MFST chairman, introduced the MFST Trustees and thanked all of the honored guests for their generous support of the MFST goals. He then recognized Marvin Boland, who recently moved up to a new donor level. In appreciation he was presented a certificate of recognition and thanks. In addition, Howgill named new donors: Bob Ullrich, Lee and Catherine Gusler, Gary and Jane Keegan, Jane Brady and Lucy Hammond. He also recognized Marvin Petersen, whose generosity provides the ongoing funding for a STEM scholarship in his and his wife’s name. Also recognized was the MOAA representative, Jim Haney. who was recognized for the annual MOAA donation and Corena Fristad, who represented the Retired Officer Corporation, that provides an annual scholarship donation; as well as the MFST Office Manager, Lori Germain, whose dedication has been outstanding, Jane Keegan, the MFST Executive Director, was also lauded for her exemplary leadership.

By B. Frank Kepley CAPT USN (Ret) The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) met for their monthly luncheon on May 5 at 11 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall at the Trinity Baptist Church. Dr. MacManus is nationallyrenowned for her expert and incisive commentary on public opinion and intergenerational politics and has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, PBS, BBC, NHK (Tokyo), Australian Television, C-SPAN, National Public Radio, and in various print media. Dr. MacManus discussed the national and local political L to R: Dr. Susan MacManus; James landscape, with her primary Haney, president of local MOAA emphasis on the local scene. chapter. She stressed that curiously, the number of female registered voters outnumbers the males and are primarily Democrats and the fewer registered males tend to be Republican. She also said that the Hispanics and blacks are growing significantly in numbers in FL, and it will not be long before the white population of FL will no longer be the predominant voter. She said the younger generation of voters are generally not party affiliated and vote for the candidates they like regardless of party. The local chapter of MOAA, a 501(c)(19) organization meets at 11 a.m. monthly in the Florida Room at the CA Atrium. A luncheon and speaker are featured. Information: Jim Haney at (813) 220-8758.

We Welcome Selina J. Lin, M.D.


Coastal Eye Institute is pleased to welcome Dr. Selina Lin to our Sun City Center office. Dr. Lin is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist and Fellowship-Trained Retina Specialist with expertise in:

1515 Sun City Center Plaza CoastalEye.com

• Macular Degeneration • Diabetic Eye Care • Flashes & Floaters • Laser Surgery of the Retina

Dr. Lin is now accepting new patients!


The News

Turning 100 in Sun City Center: Elmer Mack

By Diane M. Loeffler Do you know a local resident who is one hundred or older? Twenty-seven Sun City Center Community Association members have reached or surpassed that number with one born in 1914, one in 1915, three in 1917, two in 1918, four in 1919, seven in 1920, and nine in 1921. I had the privilege of interviewing a gentleman who turned 100 in May, 2021, Elmer Mack. Betty, Elmer Mack’s wife of “39 wonderful years”, describes him as “a walking history book.” He grew up in Leipsic, Ohio and remembers when Main Street was filled with “as many horses as cars.” For three years, he served in the Signal Corps in General Patton’s Third Army and later worked civil service jobs including time on the fifth floor of the Pentagon, working as a power management analyst and being in charge of manpower, specifically National Guard troops. Mack handled communications with President Truman and Secretary of State Burns after the war. He flew in a small plane with a four-star general. When the situation in Cuba was escalating, he was on a plane headed for Puerto Rico to check on a National Guard unit. The plane flew over Cuba for surveillance. Later, President Kennedy held his speech for three days while Elmer Mack was figuring out how many people he could amass for duty. The evening after Mack turned in his report, Kennedy reported the numbers Mack gave him. Mack joined the original American Legion in Paris, France. Later he joined the American Legion post in Smithfield, Virginia, and still belongs to it. That American Legion post is the oldest in the United States. Its

blind and can no longer paint or draw. When asked what advice they would give new residents, Elmer and Betty answered in unison, “Go volunteer somewhere!” The Macks have practiced what they preach. They drove for the Security Patrol, including a shift in the middle of the night. Shortly after Samaritan Services began SC Rides, Betty and Elmer drove an old Ford Taurus for the service. Now Elmer and Betty use SC Rides to get to appointments. Bruce Fraser met them while driving them to appointments. Fraser says, “Elmer is as sharp as a tack. He always has a story. The two together have lived a very interesting life.” Elmer and Betty Mack have volunteered for the Information Center greeting prospective buyers and answering questions for area residents. Elmer would give visitors information and Betty, despite worsening eyesight, took visitors for tours. They last volunteered just before

the quarantine began. Elmer says, “We received a thank you letter from Janet Ditmore for our help. We are still on the volunteer list.” Betty says, “We might be able to fill in some time.” Ditmore says, “They’re my best volunteers. Betty continued giving tours even though she was legally blind. Elmer is just a fantastic person. He doesn’t just tell the visitors things, he entertains them.” Until February of 2020, the Macks went to the Fitness Center three times a week. Now they use exercise equipment at their home. Ernie Kocivan says, “Elmer came to the Fitness Center for five years even though he was limited in what he could do. He was just bubbly. He talked to everybody.” Elmer says, “Sun City Center is a place where you can get help for everything. You can’t beat the price. We always vote for every dues increase.” During the quarantine period in February 2020, he and his wife signed up for delivery services from Walmart and ordered items on-line. “Friends and neighbors are always willing to help and they won’t accept money.” One neighbor, Ann Savage, says she is amazed at how independent they are and says they are “charming” people. Elmer says, “Every morning we check the obituaries to make sure we’re still alive. If we are, then we check the calendar to see what doctor appointments we have.” If you know any of the other one hundred years and older residents, talk to them, see what they need, ask for their advice. Another idea, follow Betty and Elmer Webb’s advice, “Go volunteer somewhere.”

This couple is ready for Festival fun. Vendors and visitors alike wore outrageously colorful and imaginative costumes. (Photo by Bob Sanchez)

Just hanging out. She said she’s been performing her Festival show for years and spends lots of time at the gym. (Photo by Bob Sanchez)

Elmer Mack’s 100th Birthday was on May 19. In this May 15 photo, he and his wife Betty stand in front of one of the many paintings she created.

building was constructed by the British. If you speak to Elmer Mack, ask him about the Bob Hope Concert he attended as a serviceman, having lunch with John Glenn, drinking a beer with Gus Grissom, eating with Les Brown (while his “Band of Renown” played) and posing with other servicemen in a post-war photo with Russians at what was supposed to be the Elbe River (The photo was later in the AARP magazine on the fiftieth anniversary of WWII). Mack has dozens of amazing stories to share. Elmer and Betty Mack moved to Sun City Center about twenty years ago after nine years of traveling in a motorhome (Ask him about all of the places they traveled.). Friends wanted them to live here in SCC and helped them find a place. Their walls are covered with beautiful paintings painted by Betty. She also drew cartoons for the predecessor of The News of SCC and South County. Sadly, she is now legally

June 2021

Festival continued from page 1. artistic excellence, athletic prowess, and mead-flavored frivolity that makes a Renaissance Festival an annual must-go for millions across the country. After last year’s program was cut short, this year’s Festival almost didn’t happen at all. To make good on that old theater truism, “The show must go on!”, organizers had to secure a new location, contract vendors and

Everyone smiled at the Festival, including the pretty pickle purveyor. (Photo by Bob Sanchez)

performers, then get the word out to faithful fans and new patrons alike. They did. Fans flocked to the temporary new digs at Withlacoochee River Park near Dade City. Sure, it looked and felt a little different, but the show did “go on,” and countless thousands were once again happily transported back in time to a magical, mystical, whimsical, and memorable rendering of the Renaissance.

A young princess admires her unicorn. (Photo by Madlyn Blom)

Catch The NEWS on the web at www.soco.news

Blake Wallenda of the world-famous Wallenda family crosses a wire high above the jousting field.

June 2021

The News

SCC Celebrates Elmer Mack’s One 100th Birthday

By Diane M. Loeffler Elmer Mack turned 100 years old on Wednesday, May 19. SC Rides volunteer Bruce Fraser has gotten to know Elmer and his wife Betty while giving them rides to appointments. Fraser said, “I thought it would be nice to honor him somehow.” He asked Walt Cawein for help organizing something for the WWII veteran. The result was a parade with horses, law enforcement motorcycles, the Emergency Squad Ambulance, and a long line of golf carts. The carts assembled at Friendship Baptist Church at 2:30. The caravan ended at St. John the Divine Episcopal Church, near the Mack residence. Afterwards, former Director and CA President Sam Sudman presented a citation on behalf of the Hillsborough County Board of Commissioners. Mack was also presented with a U.S. Flag flown over the Capitol on behalf of Congressman Buchanan, an engraved brick (to be placed in the Veteran’s Memorial in

the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Military Officers of America Association,


Military Family Support Trust, SCC Security Patrol, SCC Radio Club and SCC Emergency Squad.

Golf carts lined up in the Friendship Baptist Church parking lot. Walt Cawein says there were over one hundred carts. The parade was led by three Hillsborough County Motorcycle Units. Motorcycles from the Combat Veteran Association were there as well.

front of Community Hall) by the SCC Charitable Foundation, a citation from MOWW from Vern Elarth (retired Air Force Captain), and a citation from MOAA by Jim Haney (retired USMC Major). Some of the organizations involved are the SCC Charitable Foundation, Hillsborough County Commissioners, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department, the Military Order of World Wars.

This may have been the longest parade Sun City Center has had in a long time. Led by the motorcycle units and other vehicles from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department, it also included The Combat Veteran’s Association motorcycle group, an Emergency Squad vehicle, and over 100 golf carts. What a way to celebrate!

Betty and Elmer Mack after the parade. CA President Bob Sullivan is in the background.

Former Army Colonel and former CA President Sam Sudman presented a citation on behalf of the Hillsborough County Commissioners.


An Active Senior Living Community

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An Active Senior Living Community

(888) 467-5202 www.FreedomPlaza.com ROC

An Active Senior Living Commun

Operation: Independent & Secure ROC At Freedom Plaza Sun City Center Florida, you and your family will have peace of mind knowing you have healthcare for life. A country-club lifestyle without the maintenance? Roger that.

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June 2021

The News

own is t d n t u o

News? he

Where Ar


r e t n e C y t i C

The News of


Where’s Nancy Sanchez? She and Bob ate a delicious lunch somewhere in Hillsborough County. Can you guess where it is? Hint: Our sandwich is called a “Traditional Cuban.”

Where in Sun City Center did Phyllis Fratzke take her copy of The News?

Where Around Town Is The News? For years now, our readers have told us one of their favorite features

is our “Where in the World” photos, where you take The News with you on your travel excursions and snap a photo someplace fun and far away. Well, since COVID-19 stalled a lot of our travel plans, we haven’t had the opportunity to take The News far and wide, so we wanted to try something a little different that’s still a lot of fun. While we all hope to be globetrotting again very soon, over this spring and summer, we would like to invite all of you to take The News with you in your local travels: around town, on day trips, and anyplace you like. Send in your shots of smiling faces holding The News, and we’ll print them. To inspire you, our News team has a challenge for all of our readers. They have carried The News and invited folks around town to snap a photo. In each picture, we identify the person, but it’s up to YOU to identify the place. Send in your guesses, as well as your “Where Around Town” photos to “editor@soco.news.” Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Organizing your funeral in advance is the most loving gift you can leave your family. We can help you make your final wishes known, so your family doesn’t have to guess later. When the time comes, your family will be relieved knowing they are remembering you just as you wanted and didn’t have to make rushed decisions while grieving. They will also find comfort knowing you’re still protecting them, even when you’re gone. Call us today and we’ll take care of you and your family.

1851 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center 33573 813-634-9900 SunCityCenterFuneralHome.com

Where in Sun City Center did Rich and Liz Link take The News?



CORTEZ 6696 Cortez Road 941.792.0077

ELLENTON 1525 51st Ave East 941.721.7773

BRIDGE ST. PIER Bradenton Beach 941.778.AMOB (2662)

Available at all locations for a limited time only!

TRAVEL June 2021

The News


Ybor City: History Made Fun!

By Kai Rambow Did you know that: (1) Tampa’s population exploded from 700 to over 7,000 in a year; (2) Tampa was the cigar capital of the world; (3) Tampa was the first place with universal health care? It all started in Ybor City, and you can learn all kinds of things presented in a fun way on a walking tour. “This is my hometown. It’s so much fun to learn about Tampa’s history,” commented one woman on the tour. A little later, two men debated what was worse in the beginning: the alligators, mosquitoes, or heat and humidity. A walking tour, led by Max Herman, was engaging, entertaining and fun. Vincente Martinez-Ybor transformed Tampa into a real town. Herman has the ability to share history in a fun way. Facts are only important to help the story of Ybor City/Tampa. The stories on tour kept everyone paying attention. While experienced Cubans came here to work, so too did Italians, Germans, and other immigrant groups. Each group built their own social halls (part of the tour) to celebrate and maintain cultural traditions. These social groups also created the first universal health for their members. Background Preparation A great way to start your tour is a quick visit to the state museum. A short video provides a great overview of Ybor City’s development. Displays in the museum highlight important milestones, complete with historic pictures. This is a great way to get a foundation before taking the tour. Unfortunately, the casita showing original homes in Ybor, is currently unavailable to visitors. The Columbia Restaurant After the tour, you’ll be hungry. You can continue the history

Max Herman is animated, entertaining and funny, helping bring history to life!

Visit Cuba! This is Cuban soil, and it can be found as part of Ybor City’s walking tours.

by eating at the 110 year old Columbia restaurant. Cuban bread and the sandwich were invented in Ybor. Their Cuban sandwich is unique because it has salami (remember the Italian immigrants) making a hearty meal. It is the original. You can order the half-andhalf special. You might want to try their famous 1905 salad (created in the 1970s) and Cuban sandwich. Incidentally, the Cuban bread comes from La Segunda Bakery, also in Ybor, and 100 years old. Tips: You might want to drive from the garage (see itinerary and parking below) to here as it is a few blocks away. There is plenty of parking in the back. Be sure to look at the beautiful Spanish tiles on the front of the building. Cuban Cigars Still Made Here Tabanero Cigars loves having visitors, even if you don’t smoke. I am not a smoker, but I do know which end of the cigar to dip in brandy. Since Tabanero is a boutique cigar store you can see everything up close,

and you are welcome to take pictures. There is a coffee bar towards the back with great Cuban coffee. Tips for a Great Trip Suggested Itinerary: Arrive at 9 and visit the state museum park. Move car to parking garage around 10:30 a.m. Stop by Tabanero Cigars, take some pictures and have a Cuban coffee. Walk across the street and take the historic walking tour with Max (be sure to make reservations) at 11 a.m. After tour head to the Columbia for lunch. What to Wear: Comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and sunglasses are important. Be sure to take a bottle of water with you as well. Note: Herman knows all the shady spots to stop while on tour. Where to Park: Street parking is only good for two hours. If you park in the garage on 15th Street, you won’t need to worry about time and it’s only one dollar per hour. From the garage it is a short walk to the meeting spot for the tour.

Key West or Ybor City? Chickens have rights in Ybor City.

Ybor City Historic Walking Tours Max Herman (813) 505-6779 www.YborWalkingTours.com Ybor City State Museum 1818 E 9th Avenue Wed.-Sun.; 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. The Columbia Restaurant 2117 E. 7th Avenue Tampa, Florida 33605 (813) 248-4961 www.columbiarestaurant.com Tabanero Cigars (Cuban coffee) 1601 E. 7th Avenue Tampa, Florida 33605 (813) 402-6316

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Clothing and Accessories, Housewares, Furniture, Home Decor, and so much more! You can help to sustain our programs by shopping with us and by donating your gently used items.

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June 2021

The News

2021 Novice Lawn Bowling Champion

By Garry Higgins The final match of the Sun City Center Lawn Bowling Club’s Novice Championship Playdowns (bowling two years or less) saw Susan Finn defeat Ed Mattia in the singles competition. A very entertaining, back and forth match that took twenty-eight ends to complete. The final score was 21 to 20. If you are a member of the Sun City Center Community Association and would like to see Tournament Director Robert what the sport of lawn bowling Trautwein presents the Novice is all about, please drop by the Championship Plaque to Susan Club (behind the library) and Finn. speak to any member there. Also, there is lots of information on the Club’s website; www.suncitycenterlbc.com

Sun City Center Tennis

Amy Porter and Debbie Zieg participated in the Morning Star Tennis Classic at Carrollwood Country Club on May 16 and 17. Proceeds went to a great cause to benefit elementary and junior high age children with learning disabilities, autism and other learning difficulties. Amy and Debbie were excited to make it into the finals and win!

•New Cabinets •Flooring •Remodeling •Handyman “No Job To Small” Joe Vladyka Contractor & Handyman Service •Licensed •Bonded•Insured

dba Total Home Care of SCC, LLC Under Fl. State Lic: #CRC 1332172

813 812 6116 • 767 Cortaro Dr Ruskin


703 Del Webb Blvd. W., Suite B Sun City Center • 813-634-3396 www.ZKJVdental.com

Accomplished By: Liz Bialaszewski

Liz Bialaszewski scored a hole in one on May 2 at Scepter Golf Club, Osprey #2 (104 yards), with a 5-hybrid. Witnessed by Bob Białaszewski.


Michelle Halcomb, D.D.S. General Dentistry

Tooth Pain • Crowns • Dental Implants • Partials Cleanings • Sedation Dentistry • Whitening Dentures • Bridges • Porcelain Veneers Cosmetic Dentistry

Lic#s 6193,9109,11099,15756,D1713809

Accomplished By: Bud Campbell

Bud Campbell hit a hole in one on April 26 at Scepter Golf Club, Osprey #5 (131 yards), with a 6-iron. Witnessed by Patricia Campbell, Judy Wirts, and Neil Wirts.

Accomplished By: Terry Amstutz

Terry Amstutz scored a hole in one on May 15 at Scepter Golf Club, Osprey #5 (123 yards), with an 8-iron. Witnessed by Harold Davis and Carl Nunn.


Yamaha AGM Maintenance-Free Battery


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Expires 06/12/21

SUN CITY CENTER’S ONLY GOLF CART SUPERSTORE Factory-Authorized dealer for STAR & YAMAHA golf carts

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4926 Cape Stone Ave. Wimauma, FL Just north of Walmart next to Ace Hardware on US 301


SPORTS June 2021

The News



Caloosa Casual Party Club Returns

Jerry Anderson and Bobcat

Caloosa Golf and Country Club in Sun City Center not only has a beautiful 18-hole golf course but they have also returned to their monthly Casual Party Club. Suncoast Catering served the buffet line of 15 tables of members and guests. Both Kevin Brooks and Tony & Trisha have provided the monthly dance music. For more information about golf and social memberships contact the membership team at 813634-6481 or visit their website at www.golfcaloosa.com (Picture

SCC Archery Club Instructor Jerry Anderson is prepared to deal with any bobcat that he comes across, as long as it has a red dot on it. CA members and KP Gold Card holders are eligible for free archery lessons from Club Instructor Jerry Anderson at 330-206-7048. For archery club questions not instruction related, call Club President Mark Erickson by Ron Clark) at 813-634-0796.

Congratulations to Ed Karg, who won the recently completed winter league in the Sun City Center Shuffleboard Club. A league within the club was formed this year, since travel leagues were not playing due to Covid-19. A total of 24 players participated, and Ed and his brother, John Karg, finished with identical 2613 records. Ben Caudill finished third, with a record of 20-13. Since Ed and John finished in a tie, a Ed Karg, left, accepting playoff game was played, with congratulations from John Karg Ed winning a hard-fought battle, for his championship. Third place winner Ben Caudill is in the 29-19. background. The Sun City Center Shuffleboard Club is open to all CA members and Kings Point gold card holders. The club is now playing with its summer hours, 9 a.m. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Free lessons are available weekly on Wednesday at 9. Come join us for a fun time! Annual dues are $20. We’ll look forward to seeing you there.

Mother’s Day Golf Mixer

Winners of the Mother’s Day golf mixer at Caloosa Golf & Country Club in Sun City Center are (l to r) front row: PJ Krueger, Melissa Kohn, Lorraine Hofer. Back row (l to r): Bob Krueger, Jack Schroeder, Loren Hofer. Their score off the red and green tees was a 63. All the ladies received long stem red roses from coordinators Sue Daveler, Dave Garner & Paul Donohoe. For information about golf and social memberships contact the membership team at 813-634-6481 or visit their website at www. golfcaloosa.com. (Photo by Nancy Williams)

Tennis Fun Day

The Sun City Center Tennis Association (TA) had a recent Saturday and Sunday mixed doubles Fun Day. Players drew names and enjoyed meeting new members and seeing all the spectators at the event. The TA has various levels of leagues for men and women, competitive traveling teams and mixed doubles. Social events and various tennis events are regularly scheduled. For more information, contact membership director “RonDoom@ RonDoom.com”. (Photo by Jeff White)

Four flight winners, L to R: Bobbie Cesarek, Rose Bryan, Joyce Stafford and Joyce Shade.

Bobbie Cesarek is CWGA 18 Club Champion for 2021

The SCC Volleyball Club partied for St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green and eating green-frosted cupcakes on a break between games.

SCC Volleyball Club Expands Play Hours

The SCC Volleyball Club added additional play hours: Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. for SCC Community Association members only. The club is friendly, social, and welcoming to members at all levels of play.

By Aileen Engel The Caloosa Women’s Golf Association 18-Hole League (CWGA 18) held their 36-hole Club Championship on Monday, April 5 and Wednesday, April 7. Joyce Shade and Beverly Valentine were co-chairs for the event. The second round was followed by the announcement of the winners. At our spring luncheon and meeting, CWGA 18 Championship Awards were presented by Bev Valentine and Joyce Shade to Green Flight 2 Champion Joyce Shade, Green Flight 1 Champion Rose Bryan, Bobbie Cesarek is the 2021 CWGA and Blue Flight 2 Champion 18 Club Champion. Joyce Stafford. Denise Berry, our 2020 CWGA 18 Club Champion, presented the CWGA 18 Club Championship Trophy to the 2021 Champion, Bobbie Cesarek.


June 2021

The News


Promote Respect, Inclusion, and Dignity For Everyone

By Andrea L.T. Peterson Who knew that Gay Pride Month (June), first declared by Bill Clinton in 1999 and now recognized universally as PRIDE month, was intended to be more than a celebration of a lifestyle! PRIDE is an acronym: Personal Rights in Defense and Education, intended to promote respect, inclusion and dignity for everyone. But what’s the big deal? Who even needs gay pride? Well, a little background info: Homosexuality was illegal in the United States until the first state began to repeal sodomy laws in 1962. Stragglers like Maryland finally followed suit, repealing its anti-gay laws as recently as 2020. Classified a mental disorder from the time of the first DSM, America’s official classification of mental disorders, in 1968, homosexuality remained a “disorder” according to the DSM, until 1987. The World Health Organization (WHO) finally got on the bandwagon, but not until 1992. Kids who had come out or been found out were frequently thrown out. Parents whose secret lives were discovered were denied access to their own children. Employees, especially teachers, were

fired. Servicemembers were discharged — dishonorably. In some states, gay employees and renters still face discrimination, because they have no explicit legal protection. So, no wonder people want to say, “Hey, wait a minute!” It’s well past time to trash the burden of misplaced guilt and shame. It’s well past time to move on. The hard questions that need to be asked during interviews just don’t come easily for me; but, when I began my interview with Elon Green, author of Last Call: A True Story of Love, Lust, and Murder in Queer New York, I knew I had to ask. I had read his bio and seen photos of him, so my first question was: “If it’s not too personal, I have to ask, I can’t just assume you’re straight. And just how old are you?” He agreed, it would be wrong to assume, but my assumption was correct: this straight man, just in his 40s, had a keen interest in gay murders that took place when he was just a kid in grade school. So why the interest? He explained what had “piqued” his interest in the case of Peter Anderson, Thomas Mulcahy, Anthony Marrero, and Michael Sakara. These four men had been picked up in gay piano bars just after last call, as the bars

were getting ready to close. They were brutally murdered and left in black trash bags along roadsides in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey by the man dubbed "The Last Call Killer." A desire to give space for these victims (middle-aged, deeply closeted gay men) to tell their stories in detail is what motivated Green to embark on the years’ long research-heavy task” that resulted in what might as easily be titled Last Chance as Last Call. In a previous Publisher’s Weekly interview, Green explained that he felt “it was vital to document everything as soon as I could. This was the last chance to tell the story of this small sliver of New York history. So many of the people involved—friends, family, activists, and detectives—were getting on in years; the clock was ticking. These men were a part of this forgotten generation of gay men who were living the lives they wanted, and they don’t often get talked about.” So many people had, and still

have, no knowledge of these murders and countless others not unlike them. “There have been so many murders and so much violence in New York and San Francisco,” Green told me. Gay men and women have always been easy targets. Green wants readers to understand “how intensely vicious and pervasive anti-queer violence was for so long, especially during the AIDS epidemic. “When you’re marginalized, your history can be lost. If readers take nothing else away from this [book],” Green says, “I’d like them to have some memory of these victims when they were doing something that made them happy, like Peter’s relationship with Tony, Michael singing ‘I’ll Be Seeing You,’ at the Five Oaks piano bar... Tom enjoying The Townhouse bar,” he said. “Seeing them not merely as victims.” Celebrate P.R.I.D.E. month when and where you can. Promote Respect, Inclusion, and Dignity for Everyone.

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June 2021

The News


CT Heart Score Test Makes a Difference for Brothers. “We’re so glad we had this test.”

“My wife suggested I have a CT Heart Score Test at MDC when I turned 60, since my dad passed away at 62 from heart issues. I ended up having two stents placed at Manatee Memorial Hospital.” - Paul Chambliss

“After Paul, I decided to have the test. I have always exercised and figured my results would be fine. To my surprise the results weren’t very good. I also had to have two stents placed at Manatee Memorial.“ - John Chambliss

CT Heart Score Test … it’s easy and quick The noninvasive test takes approximately 15 minutes. Using specialized X-ray equipment, a scan produces cross-sectional images of the heart, while an EKG simultaneously measures electrical activity in the heart to evaluate calcium deposits in the heart and arteries. • No needles

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To make an appointment, call 941-747-3034.

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Members of the Manatee Healthcare System

Physicians are on the medical staff of Manatee Healthcare System, but, with limited exceptions, are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Manatee Healthcare System. The hospitals shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians. For language assistance, disability accommodations and the non-discrimination notice, visit our website. 210223-1176 05/21


Adogable Pets Pet Salon & Spa

June 2021

The News To show our support Adogable Pets is offering Law Enforcement & 1st Responders a 15% discount on all Grooming services for your civilian pets. K-9 Officers Grooming services are 100% on us! In lieu of our services, Officers are welcome to use our facility to bathe their own police dog ! For an appointment call 813-419-4972

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Sun City Center’s Premier Grooming Salon & Holistic Pet Supplies Store

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TPRO Helps Make Tampa Safer from COVID

By Bob Sanchez Tampa General Hospital is doing its part to help you safely enjoy what Tampa has to offer. How are they doing it? Through TPRO, their Prevention Response Outreach team, which partners with some of our favorite Tampaarea venues. Together with clients, TPRO experts examine a facility for infectious disease risks and make recommendations for improvement. Here’s what they do: • Review the client’s internal documents and make recommendations based on CDC guidelines, epidemiological best practices and infection prevention standards. • Visit and assess the site with a professional team that includes infection preventionists, epidemiologists and industrial hygienists. They look at airflow, air exchanges by hour, and HVAC, for example. • Educate clients at their site and provide continuous support based on updated guidelines

and vaccine advancements. TPRO has dozens of clients in Tampa Bay, with a scope spanning “almost every industry and business type within the region.” That includes the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Toronto Raptors, the Straz Center for the Performing Arts, Tampa Theatre, the Florida Senate, and many others. The clients have plenty of good things to say. John Bell, Tampa Theatre’s CEO, says “Our partnership with TGH / TPRO gave us exactly the type of expert advice we needed to guide us through the COVID-19

pandemic, educating us on everything from masks to HVAC systems. As we move towards reopening the venue, we are confident that we have the information we need to do so responsibly, keeping our staff and the general public safe.” The Straz Center’s Executive Team says they “used TPRO’s recommendations to facilitate a safe summer program for aspiring theater students; to present small, socially distanced indoor theater

performances; and to present an outdoor holiday Nutcracker Wonderland experience. We also incorporated TPRO’s recommendations into our protocols for the eventual reopening of our larger theaters. We truly appreciate TPRO’s role in helping our staff, students, and guests feel safe while at the Straz Center.” The Tampa Aquarium echoes the positive sentiments and credits TPRO with playing “a critical role in ensuring the Aquarium continues to provide a safe, engaging visit for our guests.” And Libby Hopkins of the Center Place Fine Arts & Civic Association says she would recommend the program to any area business needing to protect their staff and clients from COVID. The TPRO team is pleased at the level of their clients’ actions and lack of hesitation or pushback at their recommendations. Together, they help make Tampa safer from COVID.

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June 2021

The News


Answers to Puzzles on Pages 22 and 23

Catch The NEWS on the web at www.soco.news

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KINGSPoint 18

June 2021

The News

NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo With the Kings Point Garden Club

By Paula Lickfeldt The residents of Kings Point have had space near the back entrance, for garden plots since 1990. The garden club has many members and boasts a lot of diversity in their membership. Kings Point residents who have a garden plot come from Uganda, Greece, Thailand, Scotland, Jamaica, Korea, Mexico, Cuba, Italy Germany France, Lebanon, Canada, Bahamas the US, and more. The area is measured for 106 garden plots and 35 orchard plots. The orchards surround the other garden plots. The number of residents who are waiting to get a garden is 33. When someone decides that they want a garden, they sign up and wait until a garden becomes available. When a garden is available the resident pays $25 yearly dues and they have a garden. If they also want to have

an orchard, they must be a club member in good standing for six months before they are able to apply to have an orchard. Several gardens are shared by two or more individuals. Each month October through June the club has a membership meeting on the second Tuesday of the month. They are resuming the “happy hour social” on

Dog Park Secures Fresh Water Access

When the dog park opened in June 2019 it did not have access to fresh water for the dogs visiting the park or for watering the grass. The Dog Lover’s Club (DLC) Board of Directors worked through all channels of management at Kings Point to obtain water access. ClubLink of Canada, owners of the golf course land nearby, agreed to permit access to the water from their property. For two years the dog club members volunteered to bring water in containers daily for the dogs to have fresh water. The DLC board thanks the Masters Association of Kings Point and ClubLink’s for their assistance with the implementation of water to the park.

Welcome to Sun City Center Travel Club

Sun City Center Travel Club is happy to announce we will be operating out of the KP North Clubhouse lobby, beginning Tuesday, May 4, and every Tuesday from 1 – 3 p.m. and Thursday’s 10 – noon. Sun City Center Travel Club has been serving the SCC and KP residents for nearly 50 years. Traveling locally to enjoy theater, music, beautiful places, cultural events, restaurants, and interesting shopping sites. The SCC Travel Club main office is located at 1910 S Pebble Beach Blvd. South Campus. The Travel Club has added several trips to close out this year: Wednesday, Sept.15: The Elixir Tea House Sunday, Oct. 3: “Calypso Breeze Cruise & John’s Pass Boardwalk” Sunday, Nov. 14: “St. Armands Circle Art Festival” Friday, Dec. 3: “Holiday Night of Lights” – St. Armands Circle Tuesday, Dec. 14: Holiday of Lights Trolley Tour-Sommers Family Dutch Restaurant Second Date has been added to “My Mother’s Italian, My Father is Jewish, I’m home for the Holidays”: Thursday, Nov. 11 Second Date has been added to “Wicked Winter Wonderland” Murder Mystery Train: Sunday, Dec. 5 More info: “suncitycentertravelclub.com”.

Kings Point End of Year Picnic

On Saturday, May 1, 2021, the Kings Point Lawn Bowling Club sponsored a Kentucky Derby end of the year picnic. Decorative hats were worn and a party atmosphere prevailed. Races took place using homemade decorated horses. The event was hosted by Bonnie McCauslin and Judy Buczek. It was a fun filled day enjoyed by all!

the Friday after the meeting. The Cinco de Mayo social had about 100 attendees who brought snacks to share. Before the pandemic interrupted their activities, they had started getting involved with community efforts. One example was helping some of the students at Gannon University set up raised bed gardens.

Pelican Players Free Concert in KPCH Theater

The Pelican Players is proud to present a free concert featuring it’s Cabaret Singers. Yes, they’re gearing up to kick off a return to entertainment, so come on down June 9 at 6 p.m. in the Veterans Theater in the North Clubhouse. Remember, it’s free, but you can make a small donation to the scholarship fund if you wish. Ushers will greet you at the door and check you in. Please remember to follow current Covid restrictions. Registration info: “www. pelicanplayersscc.org”.

Long Jack Champion

On Tuesday, May 11, Kings Point Lawn Bowling held the final round to determine the new Singles Long Jack Champion. Dave Boyer won the tournament after a close game against Gary Hart. Congratulations, Dave, on becoming the Kings Point Singles Long Jack Champion.

Part Time Help

Office Assistant, Skilled Handyman, Sales People , and more! 5 to 10 hours a week more if you like! Sun City Center Senior’s have a wealth of knowledge and skills to help develop other people around them.

Joe Vladyka’s Total Home Repair Send resume to 07joev@gmail.com

Southwest Florida Rheumatology Specializing in treatment of:

• Joint Pain • Osteoarthritis • Gout • Osteoporosis • Lupus • Psoriatic Arthritis • Rheumatoid Arthritis • Bone & Autoimmune Diseases ON SITE: • Infusion • Lab • Ultrasound

Do You Want To Play Pinochle?

Kings Point Pinochle players welcome Kings Point and Sun City Center residents to play single deck pinochle on Wednesday and Friday nights starting June 2, 2021 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Kings Point Card Room, 1900 Clubhouse Dr., Sun City Center. Join the fun and meet some of the friendly pinochle players. The group welcomes all knowledgeable players. Proof of COVID vaccination required. For more information, call Judy at 813-634-5364.

The club plans to continue this community involvement in the future. They also have ongoing educational activities ranging from speakers at the garden to two day workshops at HCC in conjunction with the Community Extension Service and the University of Florida.

Accepting New Patients Dr. Priya Reddy, MD, FACR Board Certified Rheumatologist

most insurance accepted


Dr. Gina Prakash MD Board Certified Rheumatologist


4002 Sun City Center Blvd Ste: 101 • Sun City Center FL 33573

June 2021

The News



south County Events

By Debbie Caneen South County Events is provided by Debbie Caneen, Director of Admissions, Sun Towers from items submitted for publication. To submit events for future publications, send them by the 15th of the prior month. Debbie also publishes Ads and Events, a weekly e-mail containing information about what’s happening in 33573. Your event will also appear in the weekly Ads and Events e-mail and on the website www.SCCAdsAndEvents.com. Send all events by e-mail to sccfreeads@tampabay.rr.com. You only need to submit your Event one time each month for it to appear in both The News of Kings Point and SCC Ads and Events. SPECIAL EVENTS Please include all basic information, especially Price (or list it’s Free) and Contact Information (phone, e-mail, or website). Six lines maximum. Send to: sccfreeads@ tampabay.rr.com. As soon as space permits, we will put it in the weekly e-mail and it will run until event date passes. You do not need to submit it again. PLEASE NOTE: This area is for SPECIAL EVENTS only. WEEKLY, MONTHLY, or ONGOING EVENTS are listed on our website under WEEKLY & MONTHLY MEETINGS at www.SCCAdsAndEvents.com which is updated every weekend.


EVERY MONDAY - PROGRESSIVE BRIDGE CLUB 12 noon - 3:15 p.m. - every Monday in the Atrium Building Horizon Room in Sun City Center. You must be a registered member of the Sun City Center Community Association. Walk-ins welcome, no partner needed. For more info call Kathie at 410-879-1112, Barbara at 813-634-7137 or Donna at 813-634-8225.

June 2021

The News EVERY WEDNESDAY - NEW THRIFT SHOP IN TOWN: St John Divine Thrift Shop 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. at 1015 E. Del Webb Blvd. Stop by and check out our inventory of clothes, housewares, jewelry, china, small furniture, and lots more. Interested in donating items? Right now we’re looking for jewelry and Christmas items. Call Barbara Gentry 813-633-3363. EVERY WEDNESDAY SCRABBLE CLUB 2 – 4 p.m. in the Heritage Room. Love word play? Join us for a game or two on Wednesdays. All levels welcome, from beginner through expert. If you have a Scrabble board or a Scrabble dictionary, bring them. There is no charge to join us. However, you must be a Community Association Member or possess a Kings Point gold card. Heritage Room is located along the outside of the Atrium Building facing the parking lot that abuts the Maintenance Building. Info: Diane Loeffler by phone or text at 662-812-1123. EVERY WEDNESDAY - THE FRONT PORCH PICKERS PERFORM 2 - 4 p.m. every Wednesday at the SouthShore United Church of Christ, corner of La Jolla and North Pebble Beach Blvd, Sun City Center to play country, bluegrass, traditional and gospel music. Audience members are invited to listen and enjoy the music every Wednesday afternoon. Info: David Lickfeldt, 813-6336739. EVERY THURSDAY - SCC POKER CLUB 7 - 9:30 p.m. - meets weekly in the Atrium Building Armstrong Room, 953 North Course Lane, Sun City Center for registered SCCCA Members only. For info email “boukay49@yahoo.com”.


WED. JUN 9 - ACCORDION PLAYERS AT THE ELKS LODGE 5 - 7 p.m. for spaghetti dinner and performance from 5 - 8 p.m. at the South Hillsborough Elks Lodge at 1630 US Hwy 41 S. Ruskin, FL Telephone 813-6452089.

FRI. JUN 11 - LOW VISION SUPPORT GROUP 11 a.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. Do you wonder how others with Low Vision advance through their day? Do they receive care from outside sources? What adaptive vision devices successfully assist them? Attend this support group where challenges are met with resources and where members inspire others with their successes. Learn what assistance there may be for you if you have low vision in order to maintain your independence. If you have low vision, then this meeting is for you! For more info call Debbie Caneen 813-8922990. THU. JUN 17, 24 - THE LIFE CHALLENGES SUPPORT GROUP IS BACK EVERY THURSDAY 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. in the Theater at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. Are you struggling with loneliness, anxiety, depression, grief, loss or life changes. Then this group is for you. Strict COVID-19 guidelines will be adhered to for everyone’s safety. Masks and social distancing required. Temperature checks performed upon entrance to Sun Towers. All meetings are in complete confidence and free of charge. Facilitator is Cheryl Lewis who is an effective therapist. Questions? Call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990. SAT. JUN 19 - THE VICTORIA GINTY BAND AT THE FIREHOUSE 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Location:

Firehouse Cultural Center, Event type: Center Stage. Come out and see Victoria Ginty, and her new band! Limited seats remain. Call for tickets: 813-645-7651. Ticket Prices: $23 members, $28 future members. No ‘day of show’ pricing as we have to reserve seating to allow for social distancing. Call for tickets: 813-645-7651 Tickets are nonrefundable. MON. JUN 21 - PARKINSON’S SUPPORT GROUP 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive, Sun City Center in the theater. Jennipher Lenoir, COTA with Sun Towers Outpatient Therapy Department will facilitate to kick off coming together! If you have had success with any treatment you have tried, please come to share! If you have Parkinson’s, or are caring for someone with this disease, be sure to attend this support group! Complimentary valet parking available at entrance. Info: call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990. SAT. JUN 26 - TAYLOR JOHN BAND AT THE FIREHOUSE 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Location: Firehouse Cultural Center, Event type: Center Stage. The Taylor John Band is a blues, soul and groove ensemble performing throughout the great State of Florida. Limited seats remain. Call for tickets: 813-645-7651. $23 members, $28 future members. No ‘day of show’ pricing as we have to reserve seating to allow for social distancing. Call for tickets: 813-645-7651.

SunTowers Retirement

Where Couples Stay Together & Singles Find Friends

Market continued from page 1. and they had many baskets full of a variety of things that were raffled off. My dog, Bailey, was even lucky enough to win one. He won the basket that was all dog items, he loved all of the treats! The C.A.R.E volunteers who were at the event were very pleased with the turn out and for all of the information that they were able to give to people. I asked if they ever had a dog that they could not place in a forever home. I was told about Little Fella AKA Duke, a very large Great Dane. Duke spent a long time at C.A.R.E. and then one day the perfect parents walked through the door. Now Duke lives in the lap of luxury. It might take a little longer, especially for the larger dogs, but everyone eventually finds a forever home.

If you are considering adopting a “furry roommate” there are several things to consider. Be sure to have a planning guide for the future of the animal. Call it a “Just In Case” plan. Be mindful of the future of the cat or dog if something should happen to you. We do not like to admit it but we are seniors and we might want to consider adopting a senior cat or dog. Think about the energy level of a kitten or puppy, are you up to dealing with that energy level. A pet makes a wonderful companion, but if you are considering adopting one just be sure to take into consideration the future of the pet if it should outlive you. A cat or dog will add a lot to your life but be sure to consider the future of the pet before you take it home. Have a plan.

Catch The NEWS on the web at www.soco.news

Enjoy your retirement years together, with activities ranging from playing cards to fishing in Sweetheart Lake. Call to learn more today!

813-634-3347 101 Trinity Lakes Drive · Sun City Center, FL 33573 www.SunTowersRetirement.com

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June 2021

The News

News of Freedom Plaza

Meet Your Neighbor: Pamela Varkony Catch up with Pamela at her book signing on June 3

By Ilona Merritt Pamela Varkony is an inspirational speaker, awardwinning writer, women’s advocate, global citizen, and SCC resident. Pamela is a dynamic speaker who inspires audiences from America to Australia to Afghanistan through her passion for improving the lives of others. Her insights on life, leadership, politics and the human condition are heard and read across four continents. Her commentaries have aired on NPR and PBS, and her columns have appeared in major newspapers across the country. In 2017 Pamela Varkony was named a Pearl S. Buck International Woman of Influence, by the organization founded by author, feminist, and humanitarian Pearl S. Buck. Recently Pamela’s truelife story was published in Chicken Soup for the Soul. This edition titled “Be You,” is an anthology filled with “101 Stories of Affirmation, Determination, and Female Empowerment.” During an afternoon with

That is the Pearl S. Buck statue next to Pamela.

Pamela, she shared with me her heartbreaking story. She read it to me from her heart, it was so touching that by the time she finished, we were both in tears. The story is called the Legacy of Love, and she shares with the reader the agony of losing her daughter and eventually saving someone else’s daughter. On June 3, from noon to 2 p.m., Pamela has been invited to be at the CC Grill in the Atrium Building for a book signing. SCCCA members only for this event. Books may be available to purchase, or bring your copy to be signed.

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Get “social” in Sun City Center. Share your favorite SCC pictures and news and view pictures from fun SCC events. “LIKE” the News of Sun City Center Facebook page at “www. facebook.com/NewsofSCC”.


By Peggy Burgess In January of this year the Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund Board of Directors got a pleasant surprise: a “Thank You” letter from a scholarship recipient of over 20 years ago! Although the board’s all-resident membership has changed many times over in the past two decades, current members still felt a sense of gratification as the letter was shared with them. The heartwarming message came from Jamie Miller who worked at Freedom Plaza from 1997 to 2007 and during that time received five educational grants from the Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund, Inc. Now a successful educator in South Hillsborough County, she accepted the invitation to be principal speaker for the May 17 Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund, Inc. 2021 Awards Night event. Jamie continued working at Freedom Plaza while attending classes at the University of South Florida in order to pay her college expenses. With perseverance-and aided by Freedom Plaza scholarships-- Jamie earned both her undergraduate and her graduate degrees in Physical Education. This enabled her to fulfill a life-long dream of becoming a teacher, plying her vocation at both Eisenhower and Beth Shields Middle Schools, Lennard High School and South

Jamie Miller, former Freedom Plaza Scholarship recipient and guest speaker at the recent 2021 Scholarship Awards Night event.

County Career Center. Jamie says that her current position as Student Success Coach at Sumner High School in Riverview, where she works with “at risk” students, has broadened her aspects of teaching. Recently completing a course of study in Educational Leadership at West Florida University she is now poised to move into an administrative position where she feels that she can help even more students realize their potential. The motto of the Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund, Inc. is “Making a Difference in Lives.” It is rewarding for all to see that motto personified, and even propagated, in scholarship recipients like Jamie Miller.


It's 5 O'clock HERE! Happy hour is here again at our award-winning communities in fabulous Sun City Center. We would like to invite you in to join us to experience our beautiful communities and meet our wonderful team members!

CALL TO RSVP FOR YOUR FREE HAPPY HOUR, INCLUSIVE OF TWO BEVERAGES AT LEGENDS BAR & LOUNGE (Don’t worry. We are taking the necessary precautions to keep you safe.)



Aston Gardens At Sun City Center 1311 Aston Gardens Court Sun City Center, FL 33573


Aston Gardens At The Courtyards 231 Courtyards Boulevard Sun City Center, FL 33573

Active Independent Living | Assisted Living | SHINE® Memory Care ©2021 Discovery Senior Living. All Rights Reserved. Prices, plans and programs are subject to change or withdrawal without notice. Void where prohibited by law. Managed and Operated by Discovery Senior Living. Assisted Living Facility License #9439. AGSCC_AGCY-0062 4/21


June 2021


June 2021

The News


DISCOVER WATERFRONT SENIOR LIVING Watch the sun set over the water at Westminster Point Pleasant. Our active senior living community, close to the Manatee River and Riverwalk, offers spectacular views! Choose from a variety of spacious, newly renovated studio, one- and two-bedroom floor plans, offering up to 1,440 square feet. Enjoy services like restaurant-style dining, housekeeping, scheduled transportation and an active lifestyle emphasizing wellness and lifelong learning. Plus, you’ll have the added assurance of a full complement of healthcare services. Call us today at (941) 749-6760 to discover gracious waterfront living.

Live Well Be Happy

www.WestminsterPointPleasantFL.org 1533 4th Avenue West, Bradenton, FL


June 2021

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Custom Window Fashions

941-348-4428 Family Owned & Operated


Eclipse Shutters | Plantation Shutters | Wood & Fauxwood Blinds | Aluminum & Vertical Blinds Woven Wood Shades | Roman Shades | Indoor/Outdoor Shades | Cordless & Motorized Options Available!


Award-Winning Customer Service! Very Competitively Priced!


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News of Sun City Center June 2021  

Sun City Center, Kings Point, Florida

News of Sun City Center June 2021  

Sun City Center, Kings Point, Florida

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