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January 2018 official publication of the Sun City Center Community Association


JANUARY 1 CA Office & Library Closed All facilities closed 2 CA Office & Library closed Facilities open 3 Annual Membership Meeting Community Hall – 7 p.m. 8 Board Workshop to discuss Agenda Board Room – 9 a.m. (Note change of location) 10 Board Meeting Rollins Theater - 9 a.m. 16 Community Leaders Meeting Florida Room - 9 a.m. FEBRUARY 12 Board Workshop to discuss Agenda Board Room – 9 a.m. 14 Board Meeting Rollins Theater - 9 a.m. 26 Community Leaders Meeting Florida Room – 9 a.m.

Breakfast Rings in the Holiday Season at SCC By Diane M. Loeffler Sun City Center residents really know how to start the holiday season! Over seven hundred guests enjoyed a delicious, inexpensive breakfast served by friendly volunteers while listening to festive music provided by the Organ Club. The Holiday Breakfast is a fabulous annual event that just keeps getting better. A few changes were made to this year’s event. The split line configuration helped the lines flow with little or no waiting.

Using ice cream scoops ensured uniform sized pancakes. Serving tables of coffee and juice were set up. Ornament carrying “hosts” and “hostesses” directed diners to the lines and from there to available

Breakfast continued on 6.

Shopping at the Holiday Walk

By Diane M. Loeffler Shopping locally is always a great idea. Here in Sun City Center, we don’t even have to leave our community to find unique gifts at great prices. On December 2, clubs were busy with customers. Near the end of the day, Lori Bois of Needlecrafters smiled saying, “It was fun. It was busy, and we are pleased with the number of people who came

Holiday continued on 6.

Agendas for the monthly Board Meetings will be posted on Official Bulletin Board in the Atrium the Monday before and on the CA website ( – under “Association”). They will also be sent via “What’s New in the CA” email. Every Wednesday: Orientation for new members in the Board Room in the Modulars starting at 1 p.m. sharp.

CA Contact Information Phone: 633-3500 Website: Information Center 813-633-4670

Karen Jones, Jerry Gibson and Karen Sanchez are ready to sell 50/50 tickets.

The breakfast is about to begin. CA Director Marilyn Coté-Miller is ready to greet the guests.

The Art Club had a variety of items on display.

Thank You to all the Association Members Who Voted

Dave Birkett

Joe Elam

Jerry Gibson

Doug Seipelt

By Diane M. Loeffler Dave Birkett, Joe Elam, Jerry Gibson and Doug Seipelt are our newly elected Community Association (CA) Directors. We were fortunate to have seven strong candidates who were interested in serving our community. These volunteer positions require a strong commitment of time and energy. Dave Birkett completed his one year term in December. He is beginning a three-year term in January. Birkett says,

“After one year on the CA board, I am very pleased to be elected for a threeyear term and thank the folks of Sun City Center for that privilege. We have many challenges ahead, not the least of which is Minto exiting, and we will be standing by ourselves for the first time. This year’s board was extremely cohesive and productive with strong direction and leadership.” Joe Elam is beginning his second threeyear term. He says, “Thank you to all of those who put their trust in me and who voted for me to serve another three-year term. I am looking forward to finishing the administration building and to improving our signage around town.” In April, Jerry Gibson was chosen to complete Neil Rothfeld’s term. He was elected for a three-year term beginning in January of 2018. He says, “I really, truly would like to thank everyone for their support and for allowing me to put

signs in their yards. I am very grateful, and I look forward to continuing to help our community in any way I can.” Doug Seipelt is beginning a one-year term, his first time as a CA Director. He says, “I want to thank everyone for coming out to vote which is their right. I’m excited and am looking forward to moving our community forwarded.” Membership Dues The annual Community Association (CA) dues will increase by $9 a year for 2018. 1,474 CA members voted in favor of the increase while 426 voted against it. This is the first dues increase since 2014. The money generated will be used for maintenance and improvements of plantings in the medians, increased costs of employee health insurance, workman’s compensation premiums, CA liability insurance, and other expenses. Election Committee Report Shelba Fields, Chair of the Election

Committee, reported on the election during the December 13 Board of Directors Meeting. In addition to giving the results of the dues and directorship votes, she reported that there were 6 duplicate votes, 27 ballots that were spoiled because they lacked a signature, 4 ballots from individuals who are not eligible and 13 spoiled because they either voted for too many candidates, failed to fill in required information or wrote comments on their ballots. Fields thanks the judges and tellers saying, “They make my job easy.” Helen Lewis, the CA Director who is the election liaison says, “Thank you, Shelba. It is a joy to work with her and her staff. She is always upbeat and does her job willingly and with a smile.”


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The News of Sun City Center


In appreciation of your hard work, dedication and support given to the CA throughout the year, the Board of Directors cordially invites you to attend a picnic lunch in your honor on: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 15, 2018 FLORIDA ROOM 12 TO 2 PM


WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 3, 2018 7 PM (Refreshments at 6:30 p.m.)

SCCCA MEMBERS ONLY 200 REQUIRED FOR A QUORUM -AGENDAI. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance II. Approval of Minutes: October 25, 2017 Membership Meeting III. Treasurer’s Report IV. Community Manager’s Report V. Awards & Recognition VI. Installation of newly elected Directors VII. President’s Report VIII. General Discussion by members X. Adjournment

Board Report: Another Good Year

By Diane M. Loeffler This has been a good year for the Community Association. John Luper says, “This is a time to reflect.” He thanked all those who took the time to vote and those willing to donate their time and talents to run for and serve on the CA Board. He says, “A special thanks to Bob Sanchez. This is his last meeting. He focused on many new improvements to our website.” Luper thanked those who volunteered to chair or work on committees for breakfasts, festivals and other events here. He also thanked InVision Advisors and ABI for continuing to be on time and on budget for the new administration building, and Ambreen who continues to develop and improve the menu at the cafe’. Luper also thanked Carol Donner for all of her hard work. Donner is the secretary to the board. Monday Workshops The CA Board has a workshop to address the agenda on the Monday before the Wednesday Board meeting. The next one will be at 9:00 on January 8 in the Board Meeting Room in the Modules. These meetings allow

January 2018

CA Members to give input to agenda items. If you want to know agenda items in advance, go to the CA offices and request a form so that you receive email blasts from the association. Construction Update Chris Dinklage, Project Manager for Invision Advisors, says, “Things are going very well, very smoothly” on the Community Association Administration Building. As of December 13, the roof was completed except for a part that would be affected by ongoing work on the cupola. Travertine flooring was being installed, TECO was going to connect power in the next couple of weeks, the final painting was being done, and the office countertops were to be installed very soon. At this time, the project is on time and on budget. Golf Courses Toro Motors was recently awarded a ten-year lease for the golf course located near the central campus. Their bid was higher than that of the Community Association. At this time the CA is looking into leasing the Caloosa Greens Golf Course.



Monday Movies $415 Licensing Fees Pickleball Club $1,200 Annual Maintenance of Pickleball courts Irish Connection $100 Operations Duplicate Bridge $2,000 Operations Lawn Bowling Club $506 Refrigerator (50%) Estate of Joan Di Gangi $61,345 SCC Library (This is in addition to $10,000 received in 2016) Estate of David Tichy $25,000 Renovation Fund


List prepared by Linda Bowker from CA staff data. Report corrections, additions to CA at 633-3500.

Trail Blazing

By John Lampkin “Oh no! Where did all those cats come from?! They’ll eat the birds!” That might be the reaction of a novice birder hearing a chorus of cat-calls on the Sun City Center Nature Trails, but no, those are not cats, but birds pretending to be cats! Gray Catbirds are mimics, related to Mockingbirds and both species have a large repertoire of chirps, gurgles, whistles and song phrases that do indeed sound like other birds, frogs and even cell phone ringtones. An experienced birder can quickly differentiate the two -- Catbirds don’t repeat phrases in succession while Mockers sing each phrase two or more times. Catbirds spend their summers breeding in northern climes and their winters hanging out in the tropics, from Florida southwards. Some are late fall and winter residents here in SCC, eating insects, holly berries and the fruits of the abundant Winged Sumac, shown above. Although usually secretive habitues of bush and thicket, they sometimes leave concealment to gorge themselves. Winged Sumac is hardy and well adapted to our mesic pine flatwoods habitat, laughing off weeks of total flooding and months of drought. It’s scraggly and leggy, evolved to just clear the crests of Saw Palmetto seas. It spreads by rhizomes as well as seeds and what might appear to be a colony of individual plants could be a single interconnected organism. Generous with their nectar, spring flower clusters attract a variety of pollinators and spring bouquets become fall fruits, just in time for the arrival of our Catbird friends! The Nature Trails trailhead is located opposite North Lake on Del Webb West between Vincennes and Seton Hall. John Lampkin leads interpretive walks on the first Tuesday of each month at 9 am. Access for the mobility challenged provided by appointment.

Statement of Purpose

The Sun City Center Community Association serves the residents of Sun City Center by providing assistance for the elderly, assistance and essential services to tax exempt entities, and operates in lieu of a municipal government, thereby lessening the burdens of government (Hillsborough County, Florida).

Last First Jozwiak Dorothy Hutchison Charles Wang Tianmei Sutliff William & Carol Sutliff Katie Wallace Scott & Trena Opipari Victor & Okhui Edwards Linda Hicks Barbara Fakhreddine Wadad Hurlburt Gary & Cindy Epple Susan Devlin Denise Chaffin Hubert & Velma Killebrew John & Colette Stratton Paul & Sandra Caputo Ronald & Susan Kovac Dennis Phillips Donna Groce Clayton & Carol Stroup Jerry & Margaret Munch Warren & Shirley Cameron Sheri Anderberg Gary Shafer Clark Bilotto Maria Weskot Barbara Joiner James & Valerie Heslor Douglas & Patricia Harris Cathie Johnson Jo Ann Corrao Anthony & Terry Tucker Phyllis Timmins Wendell & Marcia Matto Salvatore Salter Dave & Karen Scaglione Judith Schmidt Joseph & Kathleen Barlows Theodore & Randee Galbreth Michael Bankston Larry Ehlers Gene & Patricia Hawkins Douglas & Jan Ross Robert & Patricia Kelley Autie Troiano Beverly Luca Frank Carmean Gregory & Leah Conley David & Jan

Num Local Street Hometown 619 Allegheny Dr Hudson 661 Allegheny Dr Seattle 661 Allegheny Dr Wuhan 663 Allegheny Dr Lafayette 663 Allegheny Dr Lafayette 235 Amesbury Cir Louisville 1017 Ardmore Wy Clawson 1741 Atrium Dr Purcellville 811 Bluewater Dr Chesapeake 1213 Bluewater Dr Danbury 1807 Breth Ct Olean 311 Bryce Ct Indianapolis 104 Carswell Cir Philadelphia 1304 Cherry Hills Dr Engadine 612 Chipper Dr Southfield 614 Chipper Dr Monroeville 631 Chipper Dr West Islip 718 Chipper Dr Lexington Park 1514 Danbury Dr Ruskin 2341 Del Webb Blvd E New Castle 2336 Del Webb Blvd W Abingdon 1419 Emerald Dunes Dr Smithtown 703 Fox Hills Dr Vermilion 720 Fox Hills Dr Lakewood 1823 Granville Ln Chicago 1823 Granville Ln 302 Green Manor Dr Roselle 1510 Heron Dr Dover 302 LaJolla Ave Basom 618 LaJolla Ave Tampa 618 LaJolla Ave Tampa 228 Linger Ln Muskego 632 Oakmont Ave Port St Lucie 632 Oakmont Ave Wimauma 832 Oakmont Ave Shelton 1720 Pacific Dunes Dr Kenai 1729 Pacific Dunes Dr Lakegrove 1825 Pacific Dunes Dr Hot Springs Village 1843 Pacific Dunes Dr Springfield 226 Pebble Beach Blvd S Southwest Harbor 226 Pebble Beach Blvd S Wildersville 2227 Pebble Beach Blvd S St Louis 813 Regal Manor Wy Winchester 702 Riviera Dr Ridgefield 303 Siena Vista Pl Sarasota 343 Siena Vista Pl Canton 343 Siena Vista Pl Canton 202 Sola Ln Salisbury 1706 Wedge Ct Lexington


Phone 603-566-1375 303-594-2030 303-594-2030 941-705-2521 315-256-5641 269-355-8474 248-303-0022 540-272-8601 821-3705 504-312-1880 317-997-0595 571-442-7501 806-477-6005 423-718-2361 633-7951 631-867-8105 240-298-4762 763-9924 758-6167 276-619-1564 214-724-9594 614-561-6963 715-850-2429 941-212-8185 941-212-8185 296-1634 633-7719 585-356-7852 296-7201 296-7201 296-1608 941-376-1650 941-376-1650 938-1300 312-705-0730 501-617-4942 417-830-5213 615-496-7169 615-496-7169 727-415-3759 922-6217 360-213-8864 843-605-3203 330-704-6503 330-704-6503 294-4517 859-338-9060

January 2018

CA - 3

The News of Sun City Center



President’s Report

By John Luper, CA President Happy New Year everyone. A year ago, I wrote my first President’s Report, and now I am starting year two. I thank my fellow directors for their support and encouragement. With only one change on this year’s board we all have experience that we want to take advantage of and expect a great year ahead. Committees and responsibilities for the new year are being planned and will be announced shortly. The new administration building will be completed in the coming months and I am sure everyone will be pleased when they see the finished product. The new building was the most notable of last year’s efforts, but other items like opening of the new cafe, solving the summer cooling problems of the fitness center, proper finishing of the community hall flooring, and control of and improvement of maintenance of the medians of North and South Pebble Beach were some of the other highlights. Thanks to Bob Sanchez for serving on last year’s board. Our website has many improvements due to Bob’s many hours of effort. He will still be called upon to look for additional ways we can better communicate with our residents and showcase our beautiful community. Last month, I encouraged anyone who wanted to volunteer on a specific committee or start a new one to please get in touch. So far, I have had one offer to be involved with a committee on traffic problems. Thanks to all who did volunteer their time to serve on our many committees last year, and hopefully there are others who will get involved this year. It can be fun and rewarding.


Hardship financial relief for 2018 dues is available to Sun City Center members. The resident owner of the property applying for financial hardship assistance must have been a member of the community in good standing for a period of three years prior to applying for assistance. They must also complete a full financial disclosure. Applications for hardship must be submitted by February 28, 2018 to be considered for the current year. Please see Judy Hill at the CA office to pick up an application.

NAME AMOUNT APPLIED TO Aquasizers Club $1,103 $1,000 for pool maintenanc and $103 for FunFest Computer Club $1,000 Hardship Fund Dog Owners Group $10,200 $2,000 - their share of maintenance of dog park $4,500 Sod Replacement at dog park $3,700 for concrete at dog park Duplicate Bridge Association $2,000 Operations Lapidary Club $1,000 $500 for Library & $500 for Hardship Fund Men’s Club $1,800 Computer for Tax Aide Club Monday Movies $2,946 To offset licensing fees Pickleball Club $1,200 Their share of maintaining the Pickleball Courts Potters Wheel $1,179 $1,000 for Operations and $179 for FunFest Softball Club $3,500 $2,500 their share of maintaining the softball field and $1,000 for benches Stained Glass Club $1,000 Hardship Fund Tennis Association $11,000 Their share of maintaining the tennis courts

CORPORATIONS Minto Communities


Provided cash prizes for the golf cart parade winners


Community Foundation of Tampa Bay (Durward & Janet Seville Fund) $12,858

Sun City Center Library


The O’Neal Family Trust $8,000 Sun City Center Library The Joan DiGangi Trust $61,345 Sun City Center Library The David Tichy Trust $25,000 Renovation Fund We also thank the Lawn Bowling Club who directly paid $9,646 as their 1/2 share of the maintenance of the lawn bowling courts. They also contributed $1,540 toward greens aeriation, $1,000 for well repairs and $506 for a new refrigerator. We also thank the RV Club and Tillers & Toilers for maintaining their own areas.

What’s New at the Library? By Joanne Gilray, Library Administrator

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday season. Now it is time to settle into 2018. We have some new and awesome updates to our circulation system that many will like. We now have the capability of automatic email notifications for hold items. This means that once an item you placed on reserve is put on hold for you an automatic email will be sent notifying you. You cannot reply to these emails so if you no longer desire the item please call the library to cancel the hold. We will still call for overdue items. If you would like this service please come into the library and speak to one of the four staff members and we will be happy to assist you. There are new hand baskets for your browsing convenience. These are located in the new release section. The BOOK SALE is coming! Our annual SCC Library book sale is going to be on Friday, February 2 from 9am to 3pm and again on Saturday, February 3 from 10am to 2pm in the Caper Room. This is different from years past where it was typically held on a Saturday and Sunday so please make note of the day changes. Hope to see you all there! Hillsborough County News: The county library will no longer be charging late fees. Please note that Sun City Center is not part of the county system and all SCC fees are still applicable at this library. It is important to also note that while HCPLC will no longer charge late fees, you are still responsible for bringing your items back on time. There will be a grace period of 8 days for Hillsborough County (only) after which, your account will be locked until the item is returned. There are still going to be charges for damaged and lost items. For your convenience, we have flyers in the library detailing the new policy. Happy Reading!

CA Office Construction Update:

Our Café A Great Place to Meet

By Kai Rambow Several friends and groups have made meeting at the café a regular event. Members of the Tai Chi club, pictured here, meet in the café after their Tai Chi sessions. Whenever you want to get together with friends, our café is a great place to meet and get a bite to eat or snack. Those who know Ambreen appreciate her cheerful welcome and brief conversations. The next time you want to get together with someone, plan on meeting at the café.

As of December 13, the roof was nearly complete and flooring is being installed. TECO will be connecting power soon. The project remains on time and on budget.

4 - CA


January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

SCC New England Club Membership

Beginning in 2018, annual dues for the New England Club of Sun City Center will be $5 per person. Membership is open to all members of the Sun City Center Community Association with New England connections. Membership is required to sign up for SCC New England Club events. Membership forms with mailing information can be downloaded from our website at “”. Current members should have received membership forms by email. Please call Gene Raymond, Membership Secretary, at 813-331-3108 if you need additional information or email him at “”.

SCC New England Club Donates to Security Patrol

L to R: Greg McKeown, Treasurer, SCC New England Club, Gill Jessee, Chief of Security Patrol (accepting check), and Richard Young, President, SCC New England Club.

SCC New England Club Donates to Samaritan Services

L to R: Richard Young, President, SCC New England Club, Lee Leverett, President, Samaritan Services, Greg McKeown, Treasurer, SCC New England Club.

Sun City Center Audubon Club

The Sun City Center Audubon Club will meet Saturday, January 6 in the Florida Room of the Atrium. 9:30am. Social time, 10am. Business Meeting followed by Speaker Katie Smithson, Park Services Specialist, Little Manatee River State Park. Katie will take us on a virtual tour of the 2,500-acre Park, as she describes the local preserve that is a must see for nature lovers. It is home to a winding river, shaded trails, equestrian trails, campsites, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and is only 6 miles away. The club meets on the first Saturday of every month in the Florida Room of the SCC Atrium Building, and they host a variety of programs and speakers to promote an interest in birds, wildlife and the environment. Their presentations provide a great way to learn the location of the area’s interesting parks and preserves, with topics that range from birds, bees, flowers and animals, to conservation issues and photography tips. Guests are welcome to attend, but you must be a member to attend field trips. Dues are $10 a year. Some of the field trips planned by the SCC Audubon Club in upcoming months include Little Manatee River State Park, January 22, 2018, Crowley Museum & Nature Center, Sarasota, Florida Aquarium, and Ft. Desoto County Park. For more information please go to:

SCC Lapidary Club Elects New Officers

At the annual membership meeting of the Sun City Center Lapidary Club, three new officers were elected to serve on the Board of Directors. Dorothy Paulhus is the new president, Gail Vendeville is vice president, and Sharon Sirak is the assistant secretary/treasurer. Continuing to serve on the board are Kathy Boydston, secretary, and Ted Boydston, treasurer. The SCC Lapidary Club is a non-profit organization that offers many different classes in jewelry making, all taught by skilled club members who volunteer their time. Members also volunteer to make jewelry and other art objects to be sold in the jewelry store. These sales enable the club to make significant donations to SCC community charities. Each year the donations total an average of $6,000. Any SCC resident with a current picture ID badge can join the Lapidary Club, including residents of Freedom Plaza and Aston Gardens. Kings Point residents are welcome to join as space allows. Annual dues are a modest $10. For more information, stop by the store or call 813-642-2084. The Lapidary Club is located in the Arts & Crafts Building, 915E Cherry Hills Drive. Jewelry store hours are 10am - 1pm. Monday-Wednesday-Friday, and 12pm - 3pm Tuesday-Thursday.

Irish Connection Movie Night

Mon. Jan 8 at 6:30pm in Rollins Theater Feature: The Fighting Sullivans (1944) Starring Thomas Mitchell, Anne Baxter, Selena Boyle and Ward Bond An epic WWII tale of an Irish/American family of five brothers that enlist in the Navy and serve together on the same ship in the Pacific with tragic consequences. A true story that rallied the home front during war years. All welcome. Sorry, no subtitles.

The Art Club in SCC Artist of the Month

The Art Club in Sun City Center has chosen acclaimed professional artist, Virginia Laudano as Artist of the Month for January 2018. Virginia devoted forty years to teaching high school art in Holmdel, New Jersey. After retiring and moving to Sun City Center Virginia joined the Art Club where for fourteen years she served as an art instructor teaching classes in acrylics, oil, pastel, watercolor and printmaking. Virginia states: “God blessed me with a gift to create art and I try to pass on to others what I have learned for his glory.” Virginia’s artwork has been exhibited with the Tampa Senior Painting Festival, the Ruskin Arts Frolic, Sun Coast Watercolor Society and the Sun City Center Art Club. One Woman art exhibits have been held at the Sun City Center Fine Arts Gallery, the Brandon and Manatee Art League Shows and the South Hillsborough College in Ruskin. You can view Virginia Laudano’s artwork at the SCC Library, the SCC Welcome Center, LaBeautique Style Salon, SCC Samaritan Services, Sunshine Café, Cadence Bank and the Art Club Window. Visit for more information.

The Aquasizer Club of Sun City Center Meets Daily for Exercise

Deep Water is from 9 - 10am and Shallow is from 10 to 11am. They recently had their Holiday Party at the Renaissance where a lot of toys were donated to the “Deputy Darlins”. Pictured are the officers: Sue Baker, Secretary; Pam Zion, V. President; Cricket Fraser, President; Michele Rittberg, Treasurer, and Anne McGervey, Social Director. Missing is Clair Vilasi, Liaison to the SCC Community Association. The Instructors are Sue Baker, Cricket Fraser, Barbara Larsen, Carol Stephens, Pam Zion, Marilyn Hall, Kathy Sager, Krista Wolfe, Gert Affayroux, and Anne McGervey.

Dollhouse Miniatures Hold Open House

SCC Lapidary Club board members and committee chairs. Front L to R: Kathy Bittman, Sharon Sirak, Gail Vendeville, Dorothy Paulhus. Back L to R: Kathy Boydston, Joanne Kerr, Dawn Luckett, Ted Boydston.

The world is getting smaller thanks to members of the Sun City Center Dollhouse Miniatures Club. They recently held an Open House to showcase their specialized skills in creating dollhouses and teeny tiny figures to go in them. A few of the members are pictured L To R: Lynn Makela, Janet Ditmore and Sandee Brundige.

January 2018

CA - 5

The News of Sun City Center


at the Rollins Theater Sun City Center Stained Glass Club News

And the winner is....... Patti Burnett of Sun City Center won the raffle of this beautiful stained glass beveled window panel that was created by member Karen Ransbury of the Sun City Center Stained Glass Club. Patti purchased the raffle ticket at the “Hi, Neighbor!” She was delighted her ticket won and thought the window panel was absolutely gorgeous!

Needlecrafters Donate to Samaritan Services

Lori Bois (left) on behalf of the SCC Needlecrafters club, presents the president, Lee Leverett of Samaritan Services with an $800 donation.

SCC Stained Glass Club Artist of the Month

The Stained Class Club in Sun City Center has chosen Karen Ransbury as the Artist of the Month for December. Karen retired from her job in Ohio and moved to Sun City Center in December 1999. Looking around at all the activities, she decided she wanted to do stained glass and joined the Stained Glass Club in January 2000. Having no previous experience, she made her first project of a frog, then an angel. Her third project was a golfer window panel she made for her husband Dave which was installed in their guest bathroom and is still there as a great reminder of her love of glass. Karen has had many good instructors share their knowledge with her over the years. She became an instructor and has enjoyed helping others learn the glass process. Stop by the Stained Glass Club and see what she and others members do in their spare time.

SCC Fund Raiser Presentation

10 A.M. Wednesdays in the Heritage Room. Admission $1 with love offering requested to benefit our Society. Bring your Community ID. For more Info Call Vicky at 813-398-7033. January 3 • “ESOTERIC MESSAGES OF THE BIBLE”, Mary Lou Houllis, director of the New Beginning Center in Tarpon Springs, will open the deeper esoteric meanings within the Bible. January 10 • “RE-REMEMBERING ANCIENT LEMURIA”, Rev Lea Chapin, will share her journey to Mt. Shasta re-activating the ancient Lemurian temple of “Divine Union”. January 17 • “DISCOVERING YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE”, Ed Foote will share insight on why we are here and what we are to do while on this earth. January 24 • “UFO SIGHTINGS • FACT OR FICTION”, Bill Schroeder, staff member of Florida MUFON, shares compelling information on the phenomenon of UFO sightings and related research collected worldwide. January 31 • “A SPECIAL NUMBER IN YOUR LIFE?” Come find out why it keeps appearing, Todd Curran, Professional Numerologist and Author, returns to share how Numerology is part of your life

Computer Club Monthly Meeting

January 3, 2018 — Wednesday 7pm in the Florida Room, in the Atrium. “Ask the Experts”. Come and hear many computer questions answered by our resident experts. Computer Club Classes Sign up for your choice of class in the Computer Lab, (Atrium Building) Monday through Saturday, 12:30 - 5pm. Student must be a member in good standing at Sun City Center or Kings Point. Tuition is payable upon registration. For additional information email: Beverly Hiller, Education Director at Listed here are brief descriptions of the classes being offered. For costs and other details, go to the Computer Club website Information also available in the computer lab. • Backup! Backup! • Wednesday, January 3 or Thursday, January 25, from 8:45 - noon • Managing Investments with Excel • Thursday, January 4, from 9 – 10:30 • Introduction to Computers • Friday, January 5, 12, 19, 26, from 9 – 11am • Facebook 101 • Monday, January 8 or January 15, 9am – noon • YouTube • Tue, January 9, from 9 – 11am • iPad/iPhone for Seniors • Wednesday, January 10, from 9 – noon • Moving Your Pictures from Your iPhone • Thursday, January 11, from 9 – 10:30 • Move your Pictures from your Android Device to your Computer Tuesday, January 16, from 9 – 10:30am • Introduction to File Explorer • Thursday, January 18, from 9 – noon • Buying a Computer • Monday, January 22, from 9 – 11am • Tuning Your PC Workshop • Tuesday, January 23, 8:30 – noon • Gmail • Wednesday, January 24, 9 – 10:30am • Windows 10 Workshop • Monday, January 29 and Tuesday, January 30, from 9 – noon

One Showing Only at 1 p.m.

Movies are normally shown the second and fourth Monday each month in the Rollins Theater at 1pm. The dates and times may change as necessary. Per the Fire Code of Hillsborough County, seating capacity is limited to 145 attendees. Seating is reserved for Sun City Center Community Association members/guests who present current cards or a KP ID badge

January 8 • Logan Lucky • 1 Hour, 59 Minutes

In this hilarious and thrilling crime comedy, two down-on-their-luck brothers plot an elaborate heist at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. Along the way, they try to recruit an eccentric convict as their explosives expert—but securing his help will require breaking him out of prison. Starring: Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Seth MacFarlane, Daniel Craig, Katie Holmes Director: Steven Soderbergh Genre: Comedy Rating: PG-13 for crude humor, language

January 22 • Megan Leavey • 1 Hour, 56 Minutes

In this moving drama, marine corporal Megan Leavey bonds with a military dog named Rex as the pair detect explosives in Iraq. When Leavey is injured and forced to return home, she vows to cut through the military's red tape to adopt Rex. Based on a true story. Starring: Kate Mara, Ramon Rodriguez, Tom Felton, Bradley Whitford, Will Patton Director: Gabriela Cowperthwaite Genre: Drama Rating: PG-13 for war violence, language, suggestive material, thematic elements

Tax Aide Donations 2017 Armstrong, John & Elaine Biggs, Ida Bohachek, Ann Bolger, Francis & Sandra Bolton, Sharon & Eldon Brei, Thomas & Shirley Buhr, Diance Butner, Jim & Phyllis Carling, Inez Carpenter, James & Susan Casale, Victoria Cesrek, Louis & Bobbie Chambers, Theresa Connine, Robert Cook, Geraldine Davis, Larry & Jolene Deparis, Leslie Doyle, John & Linda Gilbert, Frederick & Sandra Goselin, Thomas Graham, Elizabeth Hamme, Jennifer Harkins, James & Christa Harris, Marvin Herd, Walter & Phyllis Hill, Frank & Judy Hillberry, Carol Hourican, Rose Innis, Mary Ann Jahns, Donald & Tomiye James, Paul & Irma Johnson, Phil & Louise Kelley, Paul & Jane Kolena, Dorothy Korb, Lynn Kramer, Lawrence & Judith Kroner, Mary

Kruza, Evelyn Littrell, Paul Lytle, Tamela Mancini, Lois Mast, Walter & Nancy McCoy, Robert & Marion McGovern, Richard & Ellen Merrill, Dean & Mary Merrill, Llewelln & Mary Moberly, Tom Nelson, Dorothy & Lee Nolta, Lawrence & Dale Novosel, Elaine Oroson, Andronic Quinlan, William & Adele Rogers, C.J. Rozum, Anne Russell, Thomas & Marsha Santella, Francis Schafer, Judith Schermesser, James & Betty Schreiber, Fred Segrue, Mary Sherburne, John & Melinda Sims, Sandra & Darrell Soja, Patrick & Mary Toussaint, Roger & Carolyn Urene, Helen Varney, Tommye Vinez, Margaret Walker, Linda Wells, Ida Williams, Betty Williamson, John Wold, Carol Wolfe, George Zito, Norma

6 - CA

The News of Sun City Center

January 2018

Holiday from 1. in.” Bois stood by a sign that read, “All proceeds from sales are donated to local charities.” Most clubs make donations to local charities, so club sales benefit our area in several ways. Holiday items were a big draw. Rita Mealey, president of the Ceramics Club, said that Christmas trees and other holiday items were especially popular. Many of the clubs had drawings for special items as well as the sales. If you missed the sales and would like to do some after-the-holiday shopping, most clubs have items for sale throughout the year. Look for signs posted near the clubs or stop by the clubs for information on sales. Shoppers perusing items at The Potters’ Wheel.

Breakfast from 1. seats in the two rooms. This year the 50/50 money was divided among three lucky winners: Mary Huntington, Pete Mathieu and Fred Denno. As always, volunteers served coffee and juice and cleared dishes away as diners visited with old friends and met new people. The weather was gorgeous, upper sixties to lower eighties. Who needs snow when there are beaches nearby and the sun is shining? Thank you to all the volunteers who made this event go so smoothly, especially the breakfast chairs Pat and Bob Sullivan and Linda and Frank Oddo. Linda's husband, Frank, just retired at the end of October and is already involved as a volunteer. The organizational skills of these four individuals combined with the Oddo’s experience in catering all contributed The Sun City Weavers have items for sale all year. During the Holiday Walk visitors could to this enjoyable event. not only buy items, but also watch the weaving process. Finally, a very special thank you to the maintenance department for all the time and expertise they devoted to setting up the room, cooking stations, and other behind-the-scenes preparation.

A very enthusiastic Cassandra Furlong was among the Organ Club members who provided entertainment during the breakfast.

Jim Moyers and Miles Capron were two of the hosts who directed diners to their tables.

January 2018

CA - 7

The News of Sun City Center

Community Association Volunteers in 2017 BOARD OF DIRECTORS John Luper, President Joe Elam, Vice President Neil Rothfeld, Treasurer (till 1/27/18) Jim Schwartz, Treasurer from 1/28/17) Dave Birkett Jerry Gibson Helen Lewis Marilyn Coté-Miller Bob Sanchez Bob Sullivan CORPORATE SECRETARY Sam Sudman BUDGET COMMITTEE Ed Barnes, Chair Dave Brown Bob Deutel David Floyd George Martin ADDS Neil Rothfeld CONSUMER AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Joe Elam, Chair Jim Schwartz ELECTIONS COMMITTEE Shelba Fields, Chair Rachel Bancroft Beverly Barringer Barbara Biddle Jim & Kathy Bittman Sheila Borchert Lori Collom Paul & Eileen Courter Roselyn Cruthis Eleanor Folley Priscilla Gruber Hall, Harriet Karen Kesler Uta Kuhn Dawn Luckett Mary Moquin Ray & Donna O’Karma Carol Oschman Myrna Persinger Judy Pyle Jeffrey & Barbara Rein Janice Spitz Susan Swift Gail Vendeville Barbara Walker Jean Wheat GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Sam Sudman, Chair Don Nathan Bob Shangraw INTERNAL AUDIT COMMITTEE David Floyd, Chair HISTORY SOCIETY John Bowker, Chair Rusty Seiden, Vice Chair Marilyn Bode Linda Clapp Marilyn Coté-Miller Roz Cruthis Donna Gardner Richard & Lynette Heisler Dee Kelly Virginia Leonard George Lott Ron Matelski Cathy Meyerhoff Jack Morton Susan Muise Pete & Jan Petri Sandy Summer HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE Janet Ditmore, Chair COMMUNITY INFORMATION CENTER Janet Ditmore, Chair Jerry & Gert Affayroux Dick and Dee Babbits Corrine Bailiff Dave Bartku Donna Bastianelli Dolores Berens Frank Bosch John and Linda Bowker Norine Brinck

Elaine Brulport Diane Buhr Judy Bullock Linda Clapp Nancy Cottrell Carol Croll Roz Cruthis Gene DeLawter Nancy DeWilde Annette Dispenziere Elaine Dow Mae-Ellen Dowdy Tom Fallon Ann Funicello Lori Germain Barbara Gingrich Judy Hackett Elysa Hendricks Lloyd & Doris Hersey Phyllis Hodges Judy Hokanson Doris Howard Rose Huggard Dee Kelly Joyce Kline Mary Klopp Ernie & Dorothy Kociban Kathie Koren Betsy Korn Pat Kuzmik Uta Kuhn Phyllis Laufer Barbara Lewis Brigitt Lewis Valerie Liotta Vinnie LoRusso George Lott Elmer J. Mack Ron Matelski Pete Mathieu Anne McGervey Phyllis McGrath Russ & Ilona Merritt Marcia Mooney Claire & George Mutti Bobbie Nauck Charles Nichols Barb O’Donnell Donna O’Karma Clifford Oldham Irene Pabst Eldon Peck Richard Pelchat Pete & Jan Petri Jackie Potts Laura Reuterfors Ginny Rottman Marsha Russell Bill & Monica Schofield Carol Scoble Carol Selby Sharon Shipley Bob & Pat Sullivan Phil & Margaret Vaske Bonnie Vinciguerra Nancy Von Eper Vicki Waller Janet Warren Nancy Weber Linda Williams Bill Wood Barbara Wurth Maureen Yahrmatter Carol Zeller HI NEIGHBOR Janet Ditmore, Chair Jerry & Gert Affayroux Elaine Bagley Peggy Beddingfeld John & Linda Bowker Hillary Boyle Robert Browning Floyd Curvin Beatrice Depress Betty Gallina Jery Gibson Judy Hackett Frank & Peggy Hein Dorothy Kociban Steve Koren Uta Kuhn

Ron Matelski Kathy Moore Ann Murray Jackie Potts Bob Sullivan Margaret Vaske Bonnie Vinciguerra Carol Zeller BINGO COMMITTEE Jan Love, Chair (thru August) Karen Marmon, Co-chair (Effective Sept. 13) Linda Nolder, Co-chair (Effective Sept. 13) Pat Bauman Marilyn Bell Alice Bunn Jack Burgess Christa Burt Shirley Chaban Janet Chick Judy Clarkson Tom Coover John Cortese Gloria Daws Janet Doherty Dixie Dungan Helen Foti Karen Hanson Kelly Happer Edie Hazelton Don Hobbs Linda Hughes Janice Kincaid Robin LeMaster Linda Lewis Tineke Lockwood Barbara O’Donnell Elsa Petursson Betty Pompei Jeanne Ratcliff Gerri Ready Joanne Richard Ann Rodriguez Vivian Smith Joe Spano Jan Spitz Peg Stockett ENTERTAINMENT COMMITTEE Joanne Baskinger Nan Baytos Rose Ciaravalo Barbara Henbest Larry & Barbara Henbest Marvin & Ilene Lent Lorraine McDaniel John & Janet McRee Susan Muise Maggie Pliska Nancy Schueftan Melba Verzino Jay & Peggy Wolfe FITNESS CENTER COMMITTEE Ernie Kociban, Chair Jim Blackstone Susan Keltz Kathy Panzer COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE Marilyn Coté-Miller, Chair Matt Batt Renee Bray Joe Elam Bob Sanchez CO-AP MEETINGS David Floyd, Chair RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS COMMITTEE Paul Wheat, Chair Dolores Whitfield, Notary FLORIDA FRIENDLY MEDIANS Ed Barnes, Chair Teri Brockway Joe Elam Howie Griffin John Luper Ron Pelton Tom Schmidt Sam Sudman GRANT PARTICIPANTS FOR MEDIANS Arbor Glen POA

Bayonne II HOA Bordeaux POA Dedham-Hartwick HOA Fountain Blue HOA Greenbriar HOA St. Andrews HOA Toscana II CA Versailles I HOA Wedgewood III POA NORTH LAKES GOLF COURSE COMMITTEE Ed Barnes, Chair Bob Black Jim Duffy John Luper Tom Schmidt Marilyn Schramm Sam Sudman LIBRARY Margie Baker Jean Beardsley Eileen Bishop Sheila Borchert Marge Brown Carol Burns Bobbie Carroll Debra Chernock Gerry Coleman Rose Ann Denton Patty Dubay Eileen Myers Enyart Helen Faden Mary Ellen Ginnetti Linda Hansen Barbara Henbest Judy Herreweyers Charlene Hollars Rosalie Kelleher Sharon Kennedy Mary Kroner Pat Kuzmik Inge Laucks Elmer Leverett Angela Lewit Barbara Longo Donna Machmer Susan McBride Marcia McKee Evelyn McLean Ann Miller Claire Mutti Bill Pappmeier Solange Rangel Darlene Rapnikas Velma Roberts Mary Robinson Patty Smith Claudia Tritabaugh Norma Tuthill Ann Weber Jennette White James Windle Marjorie Wing Kathy Woelfel MEMBERSHIP DIRECTORY John & Linda Bowker Tom Schmitt NEWS OF SUN CITY CENTER Reporters: Uta Kuhn Kai Rambow Paula Lickfeldt Diane Loeffler Ilona Merritt Contributors: Agnes Baker John & Linda Bowker Peggy Burgess Debbie Caneen Garry Higgins Michelle Jolly Frank Kepley Photographer Calvin Johnson CAMPUS DECORATING & WEB SITE Nan Baytos, Co-Chair Maggie Pliska, Co-Chair continued on 8.

8 - CA

The News of Sun City Center

January 2018

Donations to the Community Association from Members in 2017 (thru 12/18/17) Thank you all from the Board of Directors Armstrong, John & Elaine Arnold, John & Shirley Avella,Nicola & Christina Bassette, Beverly Beck, Mira Bell, Brian & Lena Benford, Robert & Lee Bibus, Mary Ann Bio, Darlene Bizzano, Robert & Katherine Boyd, Vivian Brock, Peter & Rose Brogden, Judith Bukowski, John & Barbara Burns, Leonard Cantrell, Edward Cartier, Michael & Deborah Chordas, David & Judy Clapp, Richard & Paula Cohen, Tina Coleman, Gertrude Conway, Portia Cori, Robert & Joan Da Costa, Wanir Daane, Gail Davis, Paul & Elaine Delaney, John Dieden, Robert & Cornelia

Dorsey, Nan Dowdy, Edward & Mae-Ellen Dunbar, Clovis & Lois Folley, William & Eleanor Frercks, Elizabeth Friedenreich, Harry & Carole Hale, Rita Hall, George & Harriet Hall, Michael & Jo Anne Hamm, Alfred Harkins, James & Christa Hawkins, Virginia Hiller, Margaret Holse, Karen Hupp, Margaret Jenkins, Betty Jozefak, Jan & Bety Kennedy, William & Susan Klinger, Robert & Teresa LaTorre, Sandra Levine, Arthur & Bernice Ligotti, James & Maureen Lombardi, Paul & Margaret LoRusso, Vincent & Frances Lott, George Lucas, Stephen & Sheryl McAnnich, Helen Mendez, Jorge

Miesionczek, Edward & Margrit Miller, Donald & Janet Morgan Doris Morton, Jack Muise, Susan Myers, Eileen Narten, Susan Newman, William & Nancy Odell, William Phillips, Beverly Pitts, James T. Prater, Larry & Jo Ransbury, David & Karen Ris, Richard & Deborah Robinson, Mary Rogers, William Salmoiraghi, Louir Schoenfelder, Robert & Phyllis Seiden, Carl & Clara Seitz, Norman Sellers, Karen Shangraw, Robert Shanley, Paul & Maribeth Sherburne, John & Melinda Shirley, William & Karin Shoemaker, Jeffrey & Shirley Siola, Patricia Smalenski, Stanley& Mary Ellen

Smiley, Dorothy Sobel, Peter & Bonnie Sudman, Sam & Joanne Sulzberger, Rolf & Patt Talcott, Charles & Catherine Trautman, Pauline Tredwell, Anthony & Pamela Tuthill, Dallas & Norma Van Gelder, Donald & Carrie Vesche, Nick & Dolores Viohl, Robert & Martha Weeks, Jo Ann Weisman, Rose Weisner, Robert & Alice Weisshaupt, Anton Weitzman, Charles & Adele Werle, Gerard & Barbara Williams, Don & Ginny Wilson, Jane Wurth, Barbara Wyrick, Donald DONATIONS IN MEMORY OF: The Joan DiGangi Trust - $61,345 (Library) The O’Neal Family Trust - $8,000 (Library) The David Tichy Trust - $25,000 (Renovation Fund)

Community Association Volunteers in 2017 Continued from 9

DECORATION OF CLUB TREE IN ATRIUM Susan Muise, Chair Dolores Miller Dolores Whitfield RECORDS RETENTION PROGRAM Tom Schmitt TV IN THE ATRIUM Bill Hodges Phyllis Hodges Andy Le Doux FUNFEST - March, 2017 Brigitt Lewis, Chair John Armstrong Joanne Baskinger Dave Birkett Fred Fieldler Vern Hendricks Diane Loeffler Lynne Murphy Hud Richard Roxann Seeley Rick Sochon Bob Sullivan Carol Zeller GOLF CART PARADE COMMITTEE Howie Griffin, Chair Lena Bell Roger & Ursula Clark Fred Fieldler Vern Hendricks Uta Kuhn John Luper Suzie McCord Chris & Vicki Robinson Rick Sochon Bob & Pat Sullivan Robin Watt David Ducharie, Andres Carriage Tours Members of CERT Members of the Emergency Squad Members of the Radio Club Members of the Security Patrol MONDAY MOVIES Linda Clapp, Chair Barbara Lewis Patti White

HOLIDAY BREAKFASTS Linda Oddo - Co-chair Bob Sullivan - Co-chair Pat Sullivan - Co-chair Jerry & Gert Affayroux Al & Martha Alderman Ann Allard Gigi Arthur Rose Ausburn Sue Baker Steve Bartlett Joanne Baskinger Sue Batt Jim & Bunny Blackstone Geri Bois Alice Boose Grace Bothwell John & Linda Bowker Mary Boyers Marian Breeze-Williams Robert Browning Judy Bullock Christa Burt Chuck & Judy Buskirk Miler & Barbara Capron Lannie Cardwell Glenn & Debbie Carlson Paul & Nancy Carrier Jean Chicoine Sue Childress Roger Daft Pam Davis Judy Denno Kris Dierks Janet Ditmore Ed & Mae Ellen Dowdy Joe Elam Joe & Barbara Epstein Steve Esenbock Mel & Marsha Fader Ann Fenimore Lenny & Claire Finnegan Dave & Phyllis Fitzgerald Edna Fleming Dick & Nancy Flanigan Julie Floyd Sally Foree Bruce & Cricket Fraser Carla Freedman Barbara Gaines

Lori Germain Jerry & Karen Gibson Dick & Barbara Gingrich Stan Juczak Anna Judway Bruce & Chris Kane Dee Kelly Marietta Kendall Joanne Kerr Mike Kent Harold & Joyce Kline Ernie & Dorothy Kociban Lucille Kogut Uta Kuhn Helen Kunkle Michael & Susan Lane Pat Laskowski Jerome Levy Helen Lewis Brigitt Lewis Mark Lorenz John & Linda Luper Linda MacFerran Katie Mangione Kendall Marietta Dick & Marsha Marshall Pete Mathieu Susie McCord Betsy McGhee Carl & Cam McGary Ann McGervey Terri McNamara Catherine Meyerhoff Linda Merikanto Bob Miller Dolores Miller John Minor Brian & Ann Mitchell Bob & Linda Monahan Mary Mosby Jim Moyers John Mrowka Susan Muise Don Murphy George & Claire Mutti Judy Nusen Dave & Barb O’Donnell Frank Oddo Jackie Palombo Mary Pause

Ron & Lois Pelow Mary Perkins Shannon Piper Caroline Pliska Linda Roach Flavia Robertson Irene Rogers Carolyn Rosen Jim Rottman Ruth Rudolph Mitch Sackson Peter & Mary Sallemi Cathy Sandquest Bob & Nancy Sanchez Pete Schissel Jack & Barbara Schneider Fred Schreiber Jim& Tina Schwartz Marilyn Senac Susan Shuttleworth Pam Simmons Larry & Mitzi Vivian Smith Jan Spitz Linda Starkey Jean Stellato Sam & Joanne Sudman David & Nola Swaim Kathy Thomas Kay Todd David & Pat Totten Evelyn Turner Diane Vanderwoude Phil & Margaret Vaske Melba Verzano Bonnie Vincquerra Gail Walker Vicki Walker Paul & Carol Ward Janet Warren Kathy Washington Marge Weber Deb Wilson Bill Wood Cindy Wood Michael & Cecile Young Bill & Carol Zeller Sam & Sandy Zians Tim & Pat Zion

The News of

Sun City Center

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Carting in the Holiday Season

By Diane M. Loeffler Photos By John Loeffler What better way for a golf cart community to usher in the holidays than with a golf cart parade? Despite a chill in the air and mist that turned into rain during the Winterfest that followed the parade, the mood was festive and participants and spectators had a great time. This year’s theme was “Holiday Movie Magic and Memories.” Carts showed scene from A Christmas Story, It’s a

Photo Kai Rambow

Wonderful Life, Charlie Brown Christmas, The Nutcracker, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, National Lampoon Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, The Beverly Hillbillies and others. This was Minto’s last year as a sponsor for this year’s parade, and Minto’s Bill Bullock was the Parade Marshall. They donated the prize money and provided a WinterFest that followed the parade. There were tents set up with wares for sale ranging from books, to clothing, to jewelry to soap, and more. Food trucks provided a wide variety of meal and snack options. A Greenville, Mississippi man and his son served up ribs, pulled pork and BBQ. A photo booth and caricature drawers provided opportunities to remember the day with a picture of yourself. The Security Patrol’s director, Norma Hardesty announced that K. C. Chilton won the new, green golf cart we saw displayed at the corner of North Pebble and La Jolla the last couple of months. The Irish Connection won the group award with their helicopter themed cart. Freedom Plaza won the business award. The Beverly Hillbillies cart garnered first place in the individual category. Raffle winners were Patty Brandt, Angelika from Minto, David Fitzgerald and Kirk Warren.

Cart on page 2.

The Fitzgerald family won first place in the Individual Category with their Beverly Hillbilly themed cart. David is Jed, Jody is Jethro, Phyllis is Granny & Maureen is Ellie Mae.

For more photos of the annual Holiday Cart Parade, find them online at or on Facebook at

SCC Photo Club Best of The Best

It was an outstanding event Tuesday, December 12, when all eligible photographers submitted their 2017 winning entries to be judged by our expert, LeMoyne Johnson. The Best of the Best Award was given to Ann Jacques for her Color Digital photo entitled Sunflower Side View. Also, in the color digital category, Bobbie Ray took second place for Shadows and Reflections and Jack Magliore placed third for Shadows of Myself.

In the Creative Digital category, Robert Winch won first place for Elements Of The Bridge. Second place went to Ron Shackelford for Tongue Lashing and third to Madlyn Blom for Alien Smiles For The Camera. In the Mono Digital category, Rose Stack took first place for Water Bucket. Bobbie Ray came in second with Contemplation and third place went to Carol Feldhauser for Hauling In The Catch.

Ann Jacques: Sunflower Side View.

Pat Jones: Heading Home.


Scan the code with your smartphone to find us online.

In the Color Print category, Pat Jones was awarded first place for Irish Mountain Man. Kathy Griffith took second for Passageway to the Sanctuary and Jack Magliore received third for Hoppin Windshield Reflections. In the Mono Print category, Pat Jones won first place for Heading Home. Second Place was given to Bruno Graziano for Winds Through Antelope Canyon and third place to Barbara

Klimzcak for Enjoying A Cuban Classic. Congratulations to all of our talented photographers! For information on our photo club, please visit our website at www. You can visit our lab located at 1203 N. Pebble Beach Blvd, Sun City Center. Our club meets every second Tuesday evening at 6:30 in the Caper Room.

More Photos on page 14.

Pat Jones: Irish Mountain Man.

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January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

The Editor’s Corner New Year, Same Ol’ Me

By E. Adam Porter Editor in Chief, News of Sun City Center It’s that time of year. When everyone in the papers and on the TV and radio is offering advice about “how to change” or “who to be” in the New Year. As a proponent of personal growth and being one’s best, I’m fine with all that. What sticks in my craw a bit are all those handy maxims that make us feel guilty about waking up in the morning a little cranky, with bed head, eye grit, and those ten extra pounds from Christmas three years ago. As far as I can tell, no matter what you do the day before, you wake up in the morning the same person you went to bed. Just add coffee. So, for my Non-Resolution this year, I plan to take a pass on all those grandiose schemes to “transform my life in 30 days”. Instead, I’m going to aim to do a little bit better every day. To be myself, but a little bit better version of myself. I will drink more water. Doc says that’s the secret to all sorts of wonderful biological and gastronomical magic. I believe him. He had more sheepskins than the average movie cowboy, and appears the picture of health, relatively speaking. Instead of complaining about my stiff back and joints in the morning, I’ll do some stretching. Seems like starting my day doing something positive, rather

than griping about something negative, may move the “good day” meter a tick or two in the right direction. And, yes ma, I will make my bed. I look for more opportunities to hug my wife. That lady puts up with a metric ton of “stuff,” and she deserves a hug and a “thank you.” Frankly speaking, I don’t know of a mom who doesn’t fit that prescription. As long as I’m hugging people, I will hug my kids, at least every day. And I will tell them their daddy loves them. I’ve heard men aren’t supposed to show their emotions, and they’re not supposed to “express their feelings,” but I figure that’s nonsense. Those boys are busy learning how to be Grown Men, and, when they look around for someone to show them how, they see me first. Probably a good idea to think about that more often. Speaking of the kids, when the opportunity comes to choose between tossing the football or finishing one more work assignment, I will shut off the computer and pick up the pigskin. When I’m aggravated, I will shut my yap for a minute or two, just to process a bit longer before saying something I can’t take back. Along those lines, I promise not to immediately assume things about a fellow human’s intellect or parentage if they cut me off in traffic, can’t figure out what to order in the drive-thru, or misplace their coupons at the checkout counter. I’ ll take a deep breath during construction-oriented mishaps so as to avoid teaching my children any colorful new words that will horrify their friends’ more Puritanical parents. I want my kids to have great friends, and I’d hate for that potential to be diminished because I smashed my thumb with a claw hammer. I’m going to spend a little more time moving the expanding body that carries

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Thursday, January 18th @ 1pm Grand Prize Raffle Sun City Center, Club Renaissance (up to $1200 value) LUNCH IS SERVED 2121 S. Pebble Beach Blvd.



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around my head. I grew up open water swimming in the Gulf and slinging bales of hay on the ranch. As a young adult, I did just about every manual labor job you can think of to pay for school and keep food on the table. Those days are long gone. For some years now, I’ve been making a living mostly sitting down, only occasionally hiking a trail, snapping photos, or chatting with folks. Not exactly marathon training, and it shows. A few years back, my oldest bought me a bike. I love it, and, lately, it misses me. That’s an easy fix. I also have a basketball

hoop in the driveway that could use a little action. Once again, an easy fix. Finally, I will say “thank you” more often. Thank you to the people who make me smile, to those who help me grow, and those who tolerate me. To those who provide opportunities, who invest their time, talents and resources in ways that make the world better for me and for my family. It’s certainly not the only thing I could do better this year, but it’s a good start. So, thank you… and Happy New Year!

Golf Cart Parade from 1.

Freedom Plaza won in the Business Category with their patriotic White Christmas. Riding on the float were Members of the Retired Officers Corporation (ROC) members Charles Conover, Benny Blackshire and Dennis Brown. Driving the cart was Shaun Pedrick (wearing white).

The News of

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January 2018

The News of Sun City Center


1509 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center • 813-633-2020 • FAX 813-633-6403 MARGARET “MARGE” CONNOLLY, Lic R.E. Broker • Excellence and Integrity

Sun City Center & Kings Point

MINUTES to Brandon Hospital 1.76 acres, roof 1 yr new , AC new, ’17, POND w/island, 4 BR / 2.5 baths / 2G crown molding, upgraded 2BR/2BA/2C No carpet here - cozy with just the right amount of kitchen plus green house, 16x32 wooden out building. space. New kitchen, corian counters & stainless appliances. $ $ 722 Westwood Drive – BRANDON 580,000 1206 Fordham Drive 174,900

Beautiful 3 Bedroom Monet model w/sparkling water view & paver drive. Corian counters, wine fridge, laminate floored living rm, Tiled kitchen, Gas range-hot wtr htr, 2nd water meter for lawn. $ 831 Regal Manor Way 252,500

1/1.5/1C Furnished, newer kitchen cabinets to the ceiling and doors replaced on all closets to match. Stack washer/dryer on glass enclosed lanai which Is very close to covered parking space $ 1901 Andover Way # 34 55,000

May the NEW YEAR bring much HAPPINESS & JOY!

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722 Westwood Dr BRANDON 520 Rimini Vista Way 2014 New Bedford Drive 12519 Safari LN RIVERVIEW 1011 EMERALD DUNES 831 Regal Manor Way 2013 Del Webb Blvd East 1752 Pebble Beach So. 1803 Butterfly Place 1206 Fordham Drive 912 Hacienda Drive 1214 Lakehouse Drive 1213 East Loch CT 808 Oakmont Ave 2208 Greenwich 1802 Bedford A 13 301 Kings F 125 1901 Andover Way B34

Unfurnished Annual Tenancy

4/2.5/2G $495,000 1.76AC Pond, Gourmet n Granite, near Hospital 3/3/3G $450,000 3000+ Sq Ft St Louis Plan 3/2/2G $349,900 POOL Home-Simmons Lake 3/3/2G $319,900 POOL / Panther Trace 2+DEN/2/2G $275,000 Water/Golf 3/2/2G $252,500 WATER 2/2/2G $230,000 Sharp w PRIVATE VIEW 2+DEN/2/2G $229,000 LG SCREN LANAI w WATER 2/2/2G $179,500 Waterfront TWINTREE 2/2/2C $174,900 Craftman Style Touches 3+DEN/2/1C $164,900 New A/C + Plumbing 2/2/1.5G $149,500 Dazzle Kitchen 2/2/2G $144,000 SOLD DEDHAM-Cul-Sac GOLF 2/2/1G $130,000 PENDING All Tile-Fenced Yard 2/2/1C $79,500 SOLD No Carpet- Opem Living Area 2/2/1C $76,500 New Kitchen-NO CARPET 2/2/1C $69,900 Tile Floor-REMODELED 1/1.5/1C $55,000 Newer Cabinets n Closet Doors

324 Siena Vista Pl 104 Cactusflower Ln 1506 Chevy Chase 401 Dorchester B 33 1717 N Pebble Beach 2022 New Bedford Dr 1219 Wild Feather Ln 342 Siena Vista

2+DEN/2/2G 2/2/2G 2/2/1C 1/1.5/1C 3/2/2G 3/2/2G 2/2/2G 2+DEN/2/2G

Sorrento WATER T-2 fresh/cute Gable 1 POOL / Golf Simmons Lake 2 Master Suites Napoli

$1800 $1300 $1225 $895 $1650 $1900 $1200 $1600


Furnished Annual Tenancy 710 McCallister 3/3/2G Water - Delightful $1750 2338 Del Webb Blvd, E 2+Den/2/2G Sanabel Very Private $1600


2017 Winter Sept. 2017 - May 2018 2338 Del Webb E 922 Oxford Park

2+DEN/2/2G Golf w Lge Scrn Lanai $2000 2+DEN/2/2G

AVAILABLE 2/1-4/30 AVAILABLE 2/1-4/30



January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

Shriners Create Christmas for Local Children





More fun. More friends. More value.

SAVE UP TO $15,000!*

Stay & Play Getaway Only $229!** SM

• 3 days/2 nights in a Minto home • Golf for 2 • Full access to recreational facilities • Use of private golf cart during your stay • And more! Designed by Ilona Merritt

Don’t miss your chance to enjoy Florida’s ultimate active

By Ilona Merritt There is something wonderful about an excited child. As their eyes sparkle and grins get wider everyone around them starts to smile. Multiply that by 300 extremely well behaved children you know that this day will be another successful Christmas party. The children were guests of the SCC Shrine Club for a special Christmas celebration. The day before members of the Shriners filled 300 bags of gifts for first graders from Reddick and Wimauma Elementary Schools. On December 12, they returned to the Community Hall to get everything ready for their little guests. At 11am the yellow school busses arrived with the children. As the children walked into the side rooms there first surprise was a chance to see a doll house model of Santa’s house. Their grins continued to get wider and their laughs happier

as they sat in rows on the floor and were entertained by Nibbles, an Egypt Shrine Clown. Next, they picked up their hot dog lunch and proceeded to seats in the main hall. One little boy was overheard as he said “...isn’t this fun!” While they ate the Men’s Chorus sang Christmas songs for them. Then it was time to sing the best carol of all, “Here comes Santa Claus”. Watching these children’s faces, their eyes alight, giggles and a smile that could light up any day is the greatest joy anyone can experience. Every child had time with Santa and then received a bag of gifts. On this day, everything was magical and extraordinary for 300 children. Special credit to Jon and Janice DeCaluwe and their committee for a tremendous job organizing this party. A very special thanks to those individuals and businesses who contributed to this successful day.

w b a e r rry Mar t S n o s ket od o Opened! G Monday - Saturday 9 am to 6 pm

adult lifestyle. Take advantage of extraordinary new home values from Minto, Florida’s premier homebuilder. Experience our final neighborhood, a gated enclave offering its own private amenities and the non-stop fun of this Where to Retire Magazine Hall of Fame community!

Luxury Paired Villas and Single-Family Homes from the $240s • 4 Golf Courses • Grand Clubhouses • Indoor & Outdoor Pools • Fitness & Wellness Centers • Walking Trails • Dog Park • Tennis & Pickleball Courts • Luxurious Spas • Fine Dining & Entertainment • 200+ Clubs

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January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

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January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

Nearly New Shop Re-Opens

The Nearly New Shop, located in the Sun City Center Plaza, will open after holiday closing on Saturday, January 6. Sale days are Wednesday and Saturday 8 to noon. Donations are accepted on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8am to 3pm. Please no donations on sale days. The Sun City Center Interfaith Social Action Council uses monies from the sale of donated goods to fund organizational grants and provide college scholarships in the South Shore area. For information call 813-942-9099.

Sun City Woman’s Club News

Woman’s Club partners with Samaritan Services for the month of December to deliver hot meals to members of our community, many who are homebound. The Woman’s Club made Christmas Ornaments to share the Holiday spirit along with their meals. The GFWC Woman’s Club of Sun City Center started Meals On Wheels for our community in 1973. That same year, the Sun City Center Woman’s Club’s Meals On Wheels program won a $10,000 award in a Federation sponsored Community Improvement Program Project. The club donated the award to our local Emergency Squad to purchase an additional ambulance. Since that time, the Woman’s Club continues to work with Samaritan Services, local clubs and churches who each take a month of the year providing volunteers to deliver meals to Sun City Center and Kings Point.

SCC Polish Heritage Club

On Tuesday evening January 30, 2018, from 7 to 8:30 p.m., the SCC Polish Heritage Club is holding their monthly membership meeting, in the Florida Room, Atrium Building. They are welcoming their new board and making plans for next month’s festive activity. Refreshments are provided and admission is free. The club warmly welcomes all SCCCA, Kings Point, and Freedom Plaza residents who are interested in learning about the traditional Polish cultural events that the club offers. Join in the fun and fellowship! Annual Dues are $5 per person. For info, please call Wanda at 813 633-0016.

SCC Questers Chapter Hosts Talk by Fred Hearns

The Questers Nautilus Chapter #909 will host “Histories and Mysteries of Tampa Bay,” by noted speaker Fred Hearns, on January 24 at 1pm in the Waterside Room of the North Clubhouse, Kings Point, Sun City Center. Drawing from a lifetime of research, Hearns will delight you with fascinating stories about people and places in Tampa. Light refreshments will be served. This event is open to all, but seating is limited. Tickets are $5 in advance and $6 at the door. For tickets and information, please contact Shelly Grossman at 813-634-8092. The Questers is an international non-profit organization focused on providing scholarships and grants for education, preservation and restoration. Members are collectors and history lovers. More information about The Questers can be found at

It’s Driving Miss Carol In a Big Blue ‘63 Chevy

L to R: Sally-Anne Barclay, Kathy Jones, Virginia Kimball and Kathy Whitmore.

These days, when Carol Wagner heads out from her Seffner home for another car show in her big blue 1963 Chevrolet, she’s in the passenger seat, with her son Rob behind the steering wheel. It’s sort of like the movie ‘Driving Miss Daisy,’ she says. Carol, her late husband Herb and Rob have been long-time participants in automotive events in the South Shore area. “I just love car people,” she says, “They’re the greatest.” Their fellow enthusiasts have returned the favor, voting their faithfully restored Malibu convertible Top Pick among the 115 entries in the Sun City Center Roamin’ Oldies 2017 Christmas show. The car, which has always been in the extended Wagner family, was restored to its current as-new condition by Herb about 15 years ago. It is powered by a 327-cubic inch V8, with automatic transmission, dual Flowmaster exhaust system, and power steering and brakes. The Roamin’ Oldies host a cruise-in from 5:30 to 8:30pm the first Thursday of every month, with a rain date the following Thursday, at the Mira Bay Village Shopping Center on US-41 in Apollo Beach. About 100 of the area’s finest antique and collectible cars often take part, accompanied by classic oldies music played by DJ Joey Ferrante. Event sponsors include Thompson’s Auto Parts and Gateway Classic Cars. For information, call Chet at 813-842-1511.

Twenty Years of Service

After 25 years of service to the Sun City Emergency Squad, Ron Shackleford along with his wife, Bev are retiring from the Squad. Pictured here presenting Ron’s 25 year certificate are Bill Sabo, John Dulik, Chuck Russ, Team 3 Captain; Ron Schackleford, Paul O’Connor, Joe Cox and Bud Wiehe.

This 1963 Chevrolet Impala shown by Carol Wagner and son Rob was voted Top Pick among the 115 entries in the Sun City Center Roamin’ Oldies 2017 Christmas Show.

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January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

Squad Selling Cookbooks

The members of the Sun City City Emergency Squad are selling cookbooks containing recipes submitted by Squad Members. Come by the Squad at 720 Ray Watson Drive to purchase a cookbook or more $10 each or six for $50. Get a free blood pressure reading or borrow a wheelchair while you are there.

British Connection

The Annual Meeting of the British Connection will be held on Tuesday, January 16, 2018, at 2pm in the Florida Room at the Atrium Building, Sun City Center. Members are invited to come along to this meeting, which will be a great opportunity to meet fellow-members, discuss ideas for events and entertainment for the upcoming year, catering options, plus any other suggestions they might have. Cheese and Crackers, Cookies and Cakes will be served along with tea and coffee. BYOB. This event is open to current members of the British Connection, but anyone from Sun City Center who would like to join the group is welcome to come along. Any questions, please call Terry Harris at 813 922 6304.

Sun City Center Woman’s Club Luncheon

The January 18, 2018 general meeting and luncheon will be held at the Community Hall on South Pebble Beach Blvd., Sun City Center. The program will be given by Anne Ginevan, Dean of the SouthShore Unity United Church of Christ College. She will discuss their spring programs. January is Human Trafficking Awareness month. Wear blue to show your support for anti-human trafficking efforts. The meeting starts at 11:30am with a social hour and check in at 11am. Advanced reservations required. Call Ann Bohachek 813-633-6359 or email by January 12 at 2pm. For further information about the Woman’s Club contact Membership Chair Linda Raymond 813-331-3108 or

Need Tax Help?

Marilyn Wilson, District Coordinator for the SCC Tax Club, reports they will train nearly 100 volunteers to help prepare free tax returns at the South Shore United Church of Christ, (formerly the United Community Church), 1501 La Jolla Ave., and also at the Club House in Kings Point, 1902 Clubhouse Road, beginning February 1, 2018. The hours at South Shore Church will be Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm, appointments and shut-in assistance requests will be accepted, beginning February 1, at (813) 634-3502, including with Spanishspeaking preparers on certain days. The hours at the Kings Point site are Mon – Wed - Friday, 9am – 3pm, appointments accepted, beginning February 1st, at (813) 260-3509. We reserve the right to decline service to anyone without an original Social Security card for each and every dependent claimed.


SCC International Forum, January 12, 2018

The International Forum of Sun City Center will present “Marvels of Time, from Dubai to Cape Town” on January 12 at 9:30am in the Florida Room. Speakers will be David Knock and Jeanie Will Knock, who will be sharing their recent experiences of visiting nine countries by air, land and sea, meeting enchanting people and learning about the cultures and religions of the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula, the West Coast of India, the Maldives, Seychelles, East Coast of Africa and South Africa. All International Forum programs are held in the Florida Room in the Atrium Bldg. of Sun City Center’s main campus on North Pebble Beach Blvd. from 9:3011-30am. All residents of SCC, Kings Point, Freedom Plaza and their guests are welcome. Membership is $5 for all five programs in the 2018 program year. See you on January 12, 2018, the second Friday of January.

“Stolen From the Suburbs” CAHT Annual Movie

Each year the Campaign Against Human Trafficking invites the public to see a movie that focuses on the worldwide problem of human trafficking. The movie is shown in January which is national Human Trafficking Awareness month in the U.S. This year’s Movie is “Stolen From the Suburbs” and will be shown on Monday, January 15, 1pm, in the Florida Room of the Sun City Center Atrium building. “Stolen From the Suburbs” depicts the horrors of young teenagers trapped in the barbarity of human trafficking. In the movie, a distraught mother teams up with a human trafficking survivor to search for and rescue her kidnapped daughter before traffickers sell the girl on the international market. The movie helps us to recognize the efforts made by the traffickers to find their next victims and that many of those victims are our neighbors. Free event! The public is invited and there is no need to RSVP. For more information, contact 813-603-3100, visit, or Annie Garrison at

NSDAR Monthly Program

The Colonel George Mercer Brooke Chapter of NSDAR Sun City Center will be hosting their monthly program and meeting on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 in the Florida room of the Atrium Building, 945 North Course Lane. “A Personal Journey Ever So Tender“ presented by guest speaker Pam Cain of the National League POW/ MIA. Families will be open to the public and NSDAR membership. Reservations for this event need to be made so please contact Barbara Floto-Vice Regent at either 813-938-1046 or Also at this event Marilyn Campbell will be presenting deceased Vietnam Veterans Surviving Spouse Pins and certificates whose veteran at the time of death served active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces at any time during the period from November 1, 1955 to May 15, 1975, regardless of location. Please email Marilyn Campbell at or phone at 813-9385141. Light refreshments will be served from 12:30-1:00pm followed immediately by the program & meeting. The public is encouraged to attend this worthwhile program.

Security Patrol Receives Grant from Interfaith Council

The Sun City Center Security Patrol is happy to announce that it is the recipient of a grant provided by the Interfaith Council. In providing the grant, the Interfaith Council continues its tradition of supporting the Security Patrol. The grant will be used to purchase fuel for one of the Patrol vehicles for a year.

New EMRs

The Emergency Squad is pleased to introduce our newest class of Emergency Medical Responders who completed their training this past month. Pictured below are Front: Marcie McKee, Instructor; Carol White, Sharon Crabtree, Deanna Hailey, Ken Allison and Tina Drury, Instructor. Back: Walt Bowers, Instructor; Shirley Bardell, Instructor; Logan Dodson, Bill Bennett and Barry McKee, Instructor.

Security Patrol BOD President Norma Hardesty receives check from Michael Trefren of the Interfaith Council as Chief of Patrol Gill Jessee looks on

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The News of Sun City Center

Meet your Neighbors: Marty Gifford and Reinhold Baal

By Ilona Merritt Why did you choose SCC as your retirement home? The answers are often surprising. The Cincinnati Reds was the reason why Marty Gifford’s husband, Craig, chose Florida and wanting something to do was the reason for Marty wanting to live here. SCC happened to be close to Sarasota where the Reds had their Spring Training. After moving to SCC, Marty finally was able to learn to play golf. Pairings were still done by paper and pencil. Having good computer skills, she soon took over that job for her league and, then, took over two more leagues. Sadly, her husband passed away and Marty was looking for other activities to fill in her time. Because of her computer skills, the Emergency Squad called her in 2004 for help and she accepted. She became extremely involved and served in many positions. She was the assistant to the Assistant Chief of Personnel and later traded that role to become the Assistant Chief of Personnel. She became Secretary of the Board and a dispatcher while working in the Squad’s treasurer’s office. When Mike Schramm stepped down as Treasurer, she became Chief Financial Officer, a position she still holds. Marty planned and organized the annual Holiday Awards Dinner for many years and still helps with some of the details. For seven years, she was an active member of the former Guardianship Foundation until it was dissolved. Reinhold Baal worked at the Emergency Squad and had been widowed. Cupid did his job and the two became a pair. Reinhold was born in Pittsburgh, PA,

but in 1950, at the age of six months, his German born parents moved back to Germany. At age 20, Reinhold left Stuttgart, Germany, and came back to the United States. A year later, he was drafted into the American Army and found himself at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas, for two years to become a lab technician. During this time, he had to learn English and decided to take on the task of getting his GED. Instead of going to Korea, he was sent to Germany. When he came back to the states, his life took a different direction. He married Eleanore and, since her father owned a Butcher Shop, Reinhold learned a new trade. Eleanore and Reinhold were active in the Westchester Edelweiss German American Club in New York. In 1994, they decided to retire to Florida and chose SCC to be their new home. Reinhold chose Radio controlled airplanes for a hobby. He belongs to the Triple Creek RC Club in Riverview. This is a unique hobby and he is one of the last people in his club who still builds his own planes from scratch. Right now, he is building a model of the Spirit of St. Louis. He joined the Emergency Squad as a driver and retired after approximately eight years. However,

he still helps out sanitizing ambulances and the wheelchair transport vans and helps recondition wheel chairs before the Squad lends them out to members of our community. Reinhold is active in the SCC GermanAmerican Club where a German Sausage maker is always a highly desirable member. In the early years of the SCC club, members did their own cooking and Reinhold was our chief cook. When Marty came into his life, she joined

January 2018

the German-American club and they joined the Folk Dance Group. Marty was Secretary on the Board for many years and chaired many of the club’s activities, i.e. Oktoberfest, which always filled the Community Hall, while she continued with all her commitments to the Emergency Squad. Thank you to Marty and Reinhold for giving your time, talents and willingness to help make SCC such a unique community.

Friends of the SCC History Society

Everyone needs friends to encourage and sustain them. Even organizations are improved when individuals provide support through involvement and financial assistance. The newly established Friends of the Sun City Center History Society hopes that you will join with a group of volunteers who are dedicated to sharing the interesting history of our community. That task requires the time and talents of many people. Organizing and digitizing the archives accumulated since 1961 is a big task. At present only a handful of individuals are involved in sorting files, scanning and labeling documents. Others have dedicated their time to assembling displays for the Atrium Building and at local events such as FunFest and the Fourth of July Breakfast. A slide presentation put together by John Bowker has been well attended and provides a wonderful overview of our history. We could use your help in expanding the work that is being done. Although all of these tasks are done by volunteers, the Society does have expenses. Supplies are needed for preparation of slide presentations, for organizing materials in the vault where materials are stored, and for the technology which allows us to digitize our historical archives. Your financial support will help us to continue the activities which will eventually give computer access to all Sun City Center residents. Basic membership dues are $5 per year. To obtain a membership form contact Marilyn Coté-Miller at 716208-9548. Mail the completed form to Friends of the Sun City Center History Society, 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd., Sun City Center, FL 33573. Forms will also be available at John Bowker’s “History of Sun City Center” presentation to be held on February 17 at 2:00 p.m. at Community Hall. If you would like further information regarding the Sun City Center History Society contact John Bowker at “” or call Marilyn Coté-Miller at 716-208-9548.

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January 2018

The News of Sun City Center


Star Wars and the Power of Costume

By Kai Rambow If you’re not a Star Wars fan, the odds are your children and/or grandchildren are. Star Wars and the Power of Costume is a modern exhibit for fans at the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. It’s fun to see so many of the costumes up close. Many favorite characters are not encased in glass, so you can get your picture taken with them in the background. Okay, I kept my distance from Darth Vader. Revelations on costume design are very interesting. Anthony Daniels, who has played C-3PO, in every Star Wars movie has never been able to sit down while wearing the full costume. If you see C-3PO sitting down, he was always filmed from the waist up. Some of the embroidery for Amidala’s costumes took a month to make, even though

The Sith versus Jedi display provides great views from several angles. Tip:You can participate by lighting some of the light sabers. Look for the half-globe buttons.

the onscreen moment was short. And many of the costume ideas came from time periods, places and cultures here on Earth. Tips: An audio guide is included with admission and highly recommended. Take your time to learn and appreciate what went into creating the costumes you know so well. Also, there are two levels of displays, so be sure to go to the second floor. Some of the exhibits are interactive. If you rush through, you might miss the button to emit a character’s sound or ignite a lightsaber. Hope you don’t hit the wrong button; May the force be with you. Tips for a Great Excursion When to Go: While open every day, Monday through Friday (10-5) is best. You’ll avoid the crowds and weekend events. Consider planning for lunch and the exhibit or the exhibit and dinner (see restaurants below). Parking: Parking at the museum is $10. There is cheaper, metered street parking, but is limited to two hours. Recommend using the Sundial parking garage (117 2nd St. N., St. Petersburg). It’s the cheapest, only a five-minute walk from the museum (255 Beach Dr. NE), and you won’t have to worry about moving your car. Restaurants: There are several options, all within the same price range. MFA Café in the museum; BellaBrava (Italian, 204 Beach); and Sab Thai Fusion (111 2nd Ave NE). For a sweet treat, stop by Kilwin’s (222 Beach). All are right near the museum and highly rated. Prices: $25 (18 and up); $18 (7-17); Free (6 and under). Admission includes an audio guide and the main museum. Exhibit runs until April 1, 2018.

Many of the displays are not encased in glass, so you can get your picture in front of many favorite Star Wars characters.

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Bicycling Safely

By Diane M. Loeffler How much do you know about bicycle safety and the laws governing bicycling? Members of the Bicycle Club of SCC were anonymously ‘quizzed’ via a device

The News of Sun City Center

called a Response Card. Charts on the computer showed the total ‘votes.’ The interactive ‘Bike Smart’ presentation was given by Brentin E. Mosher, a Program Support and Outreach Specialist at the

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University of South Florida’s Center for Urban Transportation Research. Mosher is also specifically certified to teach bicycle safety. Did you realize that bicycles are legally recognized as a vehicle? This means that they are legally entitled to ride on a regular car lane. Most bicyclists will stay to the right provided that there are no road debris or hazards, but they are entitled to be in the lane and can legally ride two abreast. As a legal vehicle, bicyclists can get tickets: $62.50 for a civil penalty and $166 for a moving violation, so be sure to make full and complete stops, to ride on the right side of the road and to obey the same laws that cars do. In most communities in Florida, bicycles are allowed to ride on either the street or the sidewalk. However, before you bicycle in a new area, you may wish to check that community’s rules. Also, remember to yield to pedestrians on all sidewalks. Legally, you may not use earbuds while biking unless they are for a hearing assistance device. Make sure you can be seen at all times. You should wear bright clothing during the day and reflective clothing at night. After dark, you must have a white light on the front of the bike and a red one on the back. When biking at night, Mosher recommends that the red light remains on continuously since a flashing light at night may make it difficult for cars to judge your distance from them. Day or night, one of the major causes of car accidents with bicycles and motorcycles is that motorists often misjudge they speed and distance and that they don’t allow at least three feet between the car and the bike when passing. Be prepared for every ride. Mosher recommends that before bicycling you

January 2018 check the air in your tires, your brakes and your chain. He suggests you have identification, water, sports drinks, energy bars, and, most importantly, a helmet that fits properly. Store your helmet in your home, not in your garage. If you drop your helmet or if it is past its expiration, replace it. When leaving your bike, use a good ‘U lock’ through the frame and the wheel. Bikes can be transported via HART buses. You must load and unload it yourself. Contact HART for more details. You may also wish to download the STRAVA app to learn more about what roads have less traffic and which ones are used by fellow bicyclists. In addition to discussing laws and safe practices, Mosher demonstrated the correct fit for bicycles and helmets. The December meeting was also an opportunity for bicyclists to have their bikes inspected and registered. If you club would like an interactive presentation on bicycle or walking safety, you can reach Brentin Mother by calling 813 974-9215 or by emailing him at The Bicycle Club of SCC meets in The Security Patrol Building at 3:30 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month. It is open to SCC Community members and Kings Point Residents who bike. The aim of the club is “to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through cycling; create awareness and educate the community about the benefits of cycling, and to promote a safe and friendly environment for cycling.” Members often cycled together in groups that range from the very casual riders to avid cyclists. For more information call or text Club President, Phyllis Laufer at 610 5331365 or email her at suncityphilly@











January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

Family Connections to Sun City Center

By Paula Lickfeldt Andrea Petterson and Jeff Tannen, brother and sister, were both born in Long Island, New York. Jeff moved to Delaware, as an adult, where he became a sub-contractor for movers, roofers and painters. Andrea ended up in Virginia where she worked in publications as an editor, freelance writer and photographer. In 2006, Andrea came to visit some friends that lived in Largo, FL. While she was in the airport she met a lady that she began talking with. Andrea knew that she wanted to live in Florida, but she did not want to live in Largo. The lady that she was talking with told

her that she should check out Sun City Center. Andrea did just that and really liked what she saw. She bought a home and moved to SCC. Andrea loves the activities available in SCC. She is in the Sawdust Engineers, was on the Security Patrol for several years, is in the Potters Wheel Club and is very politically active. These days she dog sits and helps people organize and downsize. She is called “The Hoarder Whisperer.” Andrea had a sister and a brother that were still living in the north country. Her sister was still working but the two girls got their heads together to try to convince their brother Jeff to move to




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SCC. He finally came for a Christmas visit in 2013. While visiting, he fell in love with the community and at a neighborhood Christmas Party he met a Pickleball player. He tried his hand at Pickleball, fell in love again and that sealed the deal. He moved to SCC on April 1 of that year. No foolin’. Jeff is also in Sawdust Engineers, and he plays as much Pickleball as he is able. He is on the wait staff at Club Renaissance and enjoys meeting people there. Both Andrea and Jeff agree that life is a fun ride and you never know where it will take you. Let us hear your family connection to SCC. Contact Paula 633-6739

703 Del Webb Blvd. W., Suite B Sun City Center • 813-634-3396


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* The Life Care guarantee does not apply in the event of an acute illness or medical condition that requires hospitalization or a level of care not provided at the Community. Upon discharge from a hospital, Life Care residents may return to their Brookdale community, provided their needs can be safely and adequately met. Accommodations and services vary by community. See a Marketing Representative for complete details.


January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

It’s always a Happy New


with a new floor from the nice people at

John Moore John Moore Flooring


30 ver

years Experience.

Ser v ing

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the 87 area since 19


1629 Sun City Center Plaza (Near SCC Post Office) Sun City Center’s Oldest & Most Trusted Flooring Dealer • Golf Cart Accessible • Family Owned & Operated

The Farm She Was

By Paula Lickfeldt Ann Mohin is an award-winning novelist, short story writer, poet and playwright. Originally from B a lt imore, Ann attende d t he University of Maryland to study English with post-graduate work in film studies. She worked in publications in Washington D.C. and is also a retired sheep farmer who now divides her time between upstate New York and SCC, Florida. Recently Ann adapted her New York Times Notable Book, The Farm She Was into a stage script and in August of 2017, as part of the Script to Stage program at Arts at the Palace Theater in Hamilton, NY, the play was presented as a professionally staged reading. Next summer it will premier at The Palace as a full stage production with the expectation that it will go on the road nationally. Ann was first published when she was in the third grade when she wrote the story My Pal, Pal about her dog. Her story was published in the children’s magazine, Playmate Magazine. She s ays she was immediately “smitten” with writing and has been doing it ever since. Ann and her husband, a retired U.S. Coast Guard Captain, lived and worked in the Washington D.C. area. They decided that they wanted to be self-sufficient and that they wanted to get back to nature so they bought a farm in upstate NY where they lived for twenty-five years. They renovated their 1845 farmhouse, had beehives,

grew crops and raised sheep. During the time on her farm, Ann wrote The Farm She Was, a story about a feisty ninety-year old woman, and her relationship to people, to animals and to her land “where she was born and intends to die.” The main character is a composite of the many strong women that Ann has met throughout her life, and the play revolves around such universal themes as fear of the future, betrayal, loss, defiance, and ultimately, love. In 2001, Ann and her husband sold their farm in NY and moved to SCC. She still enjoys writing prose and poetry but now is focused on writing plays. She is very involved with the Firehouse Cultural Center, where she is on the board of directors.



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January 2018

Adogable Pets Pet Salon & Spa

The News of Sun City Center To show our support Adogable Pets is offering Law Enforcement & 1st Responders a 15% discount on all Grooming services for your civilian pets. K-9 Officers Grooming services are 100% on us! In lieu of our services, Officers are welcome to use our facility to bathe their own police dog ! For an appointment call 813-419-4972

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Weavers Club Monthly Meeting: Busy & Eventful By Ilona Merritt The monthly meeting of the Weavers’ Club featured a discussion of the Mary Petro Fund by Director Don Hinderliter. The fund, originally bequeathed by Mary Petro, is overseen by the Tampa Bay Community Foundation. It provides monies for food and medicine for residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point who are in need. Mr. Hinderliter discussed the work of the Foundation and how it is administered. Because the need is always greater than the resources, Mr. Hinderliter was happy to accept a donation from the Weavers’ group to further their work. After this discussion, several new members of the Weavers were introduced, followed by “Show and Tell” session with members demonstrating and discussing weaving projects done during the summer. A new inkle loom work group has been established for any members who might be interested and their current project is to make Christmas ornaments from the inkle


4884 Sun City Center Blvd. east end of Publix Plaza

813-419-7972 Mobile Grooming


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Weavers’ Club President Judy Kucera presenting donation check to Director Don Hinderliter for the Mary Petro Fund.

bands that are woven. The weavers welcome anyone interested in joining the club to attend their meetings on the second Wednesday of each month in the Sandpiper Room. ‘Beginning Weaving’ lessons are given twice a year by Instructor Charlene Roberts and all SCC residents are invited to join in the ancient art. For further information, call Judy Kucera at 642-8329 or Charlene Roberts at 634-2651.

News of Freedom Plaza

By Peggy Burgess Like Janus, the double-faced Roman god for whom it was named, the month of January finds Freedom Plaza residents looking both backward and forward; to the remembrances of 2017 and the expectations of 2018. Perhaps the most vivid memories of last year revolve around the twentyfifth anniversary of Freedom Plaza, anticipation of its grandiose week-long celebration and an uninvited guest, Hurricane Irma, blowing in to disrupt nor fees, nor reservations are required. plans. The celebration did eventually Those interested merely gather in the take place as envisioned. but with auditorium at 7:15pm on every second the added elements of gratitude and and fourth Tuesday evenings to enjoy appreciation: gratitude that the storm screen presentations of operas, operettas sparred our area its most intense fury, or related films (such as “The Great and appreciation of the Freedom Plaza Caruso”). Operas are shown in two staff ’s “above and beyond” response successive sessions, each preceded by measures. an interesting discourse on the selected The year 2018 was officially ushered in work and its composer. January’s feature, amid music, merriment and Champagne beginning on the 9 th , is “Meet Joe toasts at “A Glitzy New Year’s Eve Gala” Green”— English for Giuseppe Verdi— in the Freedom Plaza Auditorium, which will be done by exploring his dazzling decorations playing up the opera, “Rigoletto”, this version starring theme. Table conversations recalled Luciano Pavarotti. pleasures of the holiday season and also Yet another introspective Freedom speculation as to what “doings” the new Plaza experience is open to all, resident year might bring. and non-resident alike, this one visual. While no new 2018 resident programs It is our Poet Tree, a unique display have yet been announced--though they board gracing the 2nd floor balcony wall are sure to come—the continuance of just outside the library. An ingenious, popular, ongoing activities is assured. decorative work created in our own These include several programs that woodworking shop, this “tree” blossoms are open to non-residents, one being consistently with poems written by the on-screen, live, lecture series from Freedom Plaza residents. Its blooms SILL (Sarasota Institute of Lifelong change monthly reflecting various Learning). Called “Global Issues” moods and musings, nurtured by our these relevant-to-our-times discussions wealth of talented poets. The Poet address subjects such as “Current Issues Tree’s well-qualified caretaker is resident in U.S. Intelligence” and “Europe: a John Foster, author of four books of Near-Death Experience?” For more poetry and well known locally for his information regarding Freedom Plaza’s entertaining poetry readings. SILL sessions call (813) 642-1215 during As we at Freedom Plaza welcome business hours. 2018 we invite the residents of Sun City Another program open to non- Center Community to share some of its residents is Freedom Plaza Opera Club, pleasures with us, and we wish for all a a “club” where neither membership, healthy and happy new year.

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813-633-7091 Coverage outside the home provided where AT&T wireless network coverage is available. AutoAlert does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need help.


The News of Sun City Center

January 2018

Photo Club Best of the Best Continued from page 1

Robert Winch: Elements Of The Bridge.

Bobbie Ray: Shadows and Reflections.

Bobbie Ray: Contemplation.

Bruno Graziano: Winds Through Antelope Kathy Griffith: Passageway to the Sanctuary. Canyon.

Rose Stack: Water Bucket.

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January 2018

The News of Sun City Center


Military News

Ed Socha Honored as Bucs Hero of the Game

By Frank Kepley Ed Socha, one of the few remaining Pearl Harbor survivors, was honored at the Bucs – Lions game Sunday December 10, 2017. He was designated as the Bucs “Hero of the Game.” Ed was visiting on the USS Oklahoma when the first Japanese plane came in on December 7, 1941, and dropped a torpedo, which hit the ship. Before the torpedo hit Ed had left the ship, and ran back to his own ship, the USS Maryland, to man his battle station. When he looked over at the Oklahoma, it had been hit and was rapidly sinking. That experience distinguishes him as a true survivor of Pearl Harbor and one of our country’s first WWII veterans. Commissioned an Ensign on Guadalcanal in 1944, Ed also underwent Scout and Raider training in Ft. Pierce, FL and flew from India to inland China over “The Hump.” He participated in a historic six-week survey of the Yangtze River, in the spring of 1945. They established a training camp for Chinese commandos just before the war ended in August 1945.

Florida Council of Chapters President Addresses Local MOAA Chapter

By Frank Kepley LTC Mark Oliveri USA (Ret) was the featured speaker at the Military Officers of America Association (MOAA) monthly meeting on Wednesday, December 6 in the Florida Room at the North Side Atrium. The leadership experience of LTC Marc Oliveri, USAR (Ret), is significant. He has held the positions of newsletter editor, membership chair, second vice president, first vice president, and president of the Palm Beach-Martin Counties (Fla.) Chapter and, before moving to Florida in 2008, vice president L to R: LTC Charles Conover, USA (Ret), LTC Mark Oliveri, USA (Ret). of the Military Officers Club of Long Island (N.Y.). But it doesn’t stop there. He also chaired the Florida Council of Chapters’ 2012 convention and served as southeast area vice president, newsletter editor, bylaws chair, membership chair, and vice president. He is currently president of the council, a role Oliveri first stepped up for when the Florida Council of Chapters president became ill in early 2015. He completed the term and now is serving his own term. LTC Oliveri inducted the local MOAA chapter Officers and Directors for 2018. In addition, an Operation Warm Heart representative, MSGT Thye, attended to receive donations from the Military Family Support Trust and MOAA. Nancy Alguire, president, and Colin Howgill, chairman, of MFST donated $2,000, and Doris Glass, representing MOAA, donated $1,053.

Newly elected 2018 officers. L to R: Benny Blackshire; Jim Haney; Charles Collins; D. Kay Benson; Doris Glass; Sam Rorer; Jane Foppe; Charles Conover; Paul Wheat; Ed Socha; Ferris Garrett; Jim Warchol; Kirk Faryniasz; (Frank Kepley and Ed Mooney not in photo)

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RE: “Vietnam Traveling Wall Beautifully Presented,” Jan Bassett, Regent with the Colonel George Mercer Brooke Chapter (DAR), contacted The News with the following: “The DAR daughters of the Sun City Center Chapter originated, sponsored, funded, planned, executed, and managed the (Vietnam Traveling Wall) project.”

Silver Osprey Squadron January Luncheon

Silver Osprey Squadron #64 host Captain Jamie M. Gurgnus, USAF, System Acquistion Manager AFSOC, at USSOC, MacDill AFB as their guest speaker at the Friday, January 12, 2018 luncheon meeting. Captain Gurganus will be presenting a Brief on the SV-22 Osprey Aircraft program. She is the System Acquisition Manager (SAM) for Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) CV-22, managing the development, test, integration and fielding of all Special Operations Forces (SOF) capabilities for the fleet. She also is the program manager ( P M ) for the Silent Knight Radar (SKR) Operational Flight Program (OFP) development and integration onto the CV-22. If you wish to attend one of our luncheons mail your reservation check to Mr. Tom Harding, 309 Noble Faire Drive, Sun City Center, FL 33573. Members, $14, non-members $17. Reservations must be received by Tuesday, January 9, 2018. Luncheon is held at the Plaza Club, Freedom Plaza, with a meet and greet at 11am and lunch at noon. If you are interested in membership information please email CDR Roger Kennicutt, USN(retired) at

SCC Veterans’ Annual Dinner Dance “Viva Italiano”

The Sun City Center Annual Veterans’ Dinner/Dance will take place Saturday, March 3, 2018 in the CA’s Florida Room located in the Atrium. It is sponsored by the combined SCC military veterans’ organizations. A social hour with appetizers will start at 5pm. A three-entrée buffet by Banquet Masters with a great dessert bar to follow at 5:45pm. The program will be a mix of patriotism and entertainment. Music and dancing will be provided by “JUST THE TWO OF US” from 7 to 9pm. Lily Meyers will present a Special Tribute to all Veterans. Dress is casual (theme is Italian). Please no shorts or flip flops. BYOB and setups. There will be both 50/50 and “Happy Hour Basket” raffles. Cost is $30 per person. All checks should be made payable to “American Legion Post 246/ww”. Tickets can be purchased by calling 813-620-3221 or by e-mail All veterans and friends are invited. All attendees are requested to wear name tag(s) issued (if applicable) from one of the sponsoring military veterans’ organizations. For additional information call 634-7777.

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January 2018

The News of Sun City Center


h e t Wo in

d is rl

Whe r


r e t n e C y Cit

The News of


Chuck & Linda Boulanger and Jane & Gary Keegan read their News of Sun City Center at Historic Falmouth on the island of Jamaica.

Leo and Rebecca Hill with their News of Sun City Center in front of the building in Potsdam, Germany where the Allies met at the end of World War II.

Cathy and Mike Lauro celebrated their wedding anniversary at The Edition on Miami Beach, formerly The Seville, where they spent their honeymoon many years ago.

Worthington neighbors, Monk & Nancy Lobaugh, Paul & Sheila Annino, and Lyle & Robin St. Onge cruise to the Panama Canal with their News of Sun City Center.


January 4th • 10:30 am • SCC Chamber of Commerce Meeting Room 1651 Sun City Center Plaza • Guest Speaker - Gayle Forin Cruise Planners, Senior Travel Advisor Your Land & Cruise Expert, Ring in the New Year with Amazing Deals!

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TRAVEL January 2018

The News of Sun City Center


Two Great Manatee Adventures at Crystal River

By Kai Rambow Being face-to-face with a manatee is an awesome adventure. These gentle giants might startle us in their watery world, but if you’re comfortable with animals, you’ll love this experience. King’s Bay / Crystal River provides a great winter habitat for manatees. In winter, well over 600 manatees may seek refugee from the cold here. The clear waters provide fantastic opportunities to see manatees in their natural environment. While we might have manatees close by, Crystal River is one of the very few places you can actually swim with them. Plantation Dive Shop While there may seem to be plenty of tour providers from which to choose, I recommend doing your excursion with the Plantation Inn for several reasons. Their boats are operated with two United States Coast Guard certified captains. One stays with the boat, while the other is with you in the water. Plantations’ wetsuits are 2mm thicker providing more warmth and better flotation. You’ll see other snorkelers with noodles because their suits are not as buoyant. Once out of the water, there’s hot chocolate available and back at the dive shop there are heated change rooms with hot showers. If you book an overnight package with Plantation Inn, you can arrange an early morning trip when the manatees are most active, have a shower and rest in your room before a late checkout. Note: You need to be able to climb in and out of the boat using a short ladder. Manatee Manners Not theirs – yours! There are strict rules for being with the manatees. Passive observation is the key: look but don’t touch. Chase a manatee and it will swim away. Float as quietly as possible and manatees will swim right past and up to you. You also need to scan with your eyes on a regular basis since they swim so silently. Manatee Festival The other adventure is the Manatee Festival, which is doable as a one day trip. Decent information on this delightful festival is a little hard to find. Fortunately, it’s covered for you here. Viewing the manatees at Three Sisters Springs is a wonderful way to start the festival. When you reach the springs, take the boardwalk to your right. This route offers some of the best views

for seeing manatees, if you’re early. The waters are incredibly clear with beautiful blues, enabling you to easily see manatees. When you reach the end of the boardwalk, you’ve reached the end of the best views. Return to the start to cover the boardwalk on the left side. Take a moment to check out the information tents nearby. Next return to the festival grounds and explore the craft booths. There are interesting and unique creations to see and purchase. Though I’m not a shopper I came across a cool item for my home. Tips for Festival Suggested Itinerar y: To really enjoy the festival, beat the crowds. Recommend you leave at 7 a.m. Either eat breakfast before leaving or plan on a quick stop for a bite. When you reach downtown (Citrus Ave and US 19), keep driving for a mile. On your right will be the Crystal River Mall. Turn into the mall and start a left circular drive around the parking lots. Look for school buses and a sign reading festival parking. Note: This is not well marked, so circle the mall slowly. Park your car and take the shuttle to the festival. Parking and the shuttle is free and runs every few minutes. If you arrive early, this takes little time. You’ll be dropped off near an entrance. Pay your admission, get your hand stamped and pick up a festival guide. Take a moment to get your bearings. Head immediately for the Three Sisters Springs bus on the south side. You’ll cross US 19 and need to show your stamp when you reach the other side. Buses are free, run regularly, and when you’re early takes very little time. Return to the festival grounds. Stroll and explore the booths. Note: There is quite a bit of walking, so pace yourself. Dining Options: While there are two open food courts with some interesting options, Amy’s on the Avenue (closed Sundays) is recommended for several reasons. Located right opposite the old city hall, Amy’s is a permanent restaurant, so look past the booths. Amy’s has intriguing menu choices with reasonable prices. You can sit in a nice, comfortable environment away from the festival crowds. There is also a secluded patio out back. Everything we ate was tasty and this was a welcome break from the festival crowds. Manatee Festival Dates and Prices: January 13 and 14, 2018. Admission is $5. Parking and shuttles are free.

Three Sisters Springs had a beautiful setting with crystal clear waters.

Tips for a Great Trip Timing: January and February provide the best opportunities for seeing and swimming with manatees. Plan your trip for mid-week for smaller groups and a more intimate experience. Driving: Plan on a two-hour drive. Take the I-75 to exit 293 or 301, and follow 98 to Crystal River. GPS can be helpful in a few spots.

Special thanks to Judi Matthews (Volunteer Guide), Terry Natwick and Captain John Spann at Plantation Inn. Plantation Inn & Dive Shop 9301 W Fort Island Trail Crystal River, FL 34429 (352) 795-4211 – Inn (352) 795-5797 – Dive Shop



F R A N K D . B U T L E R , PA

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FRANK D. BUTLER, P.A. Call 888-BOAT-LAW 888-262-8529 Visit Our Website

Great views of manatees are possible in the crystal clear waters at Three Sisters Springs.


33573 33573 is provided by Debbie Caneen, Director of Admissions, Sun Towers from items submitted for publication. To submit events for future publications, send them by the 15th of the prior month. Debbie also publishes Ads and Events, a weekly e-mail containing information about what’s happening in 33573. Your event will also appear in the weekly Ads and Events e-mail and on the website Send all events by e-mail to sccfreeads@ You only need to submit your Event one time each month for it to appear in both The News of Kings Point and SCC Ads and Events. SPECIAL EVENTS Please include all basic information, especially Price (or list it’s Free) and Contact Information (phone, e-Mail, or website). Six lines maximum. Send to: As soon as space permits, we will put it in the weekly e-Mail and it will run until event date passes. You do not need to submit it again. PLEASE NOTE: This area is for SPECIAL EVENTS only. WEEKLY, MONTHLY, or ONGOING EVENTS are listed on our website under WEEKLY & MONTHLY MEETINGS at w w w. S C C Ad s A n d Ev e nt s . c o m which is updated every weekend.


8:30 a.m. - WIDOWER’S GROUP at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. Meeting for WIDOWERS ONLY. We invite YOU to attend a meeting, coffee and donuts on us. You’ll sit and listen as others share their experiences in dealing with the different stages of the tragic loss of losing your spouse. For more information contact Jim Clarke 813-625-5665 or 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - KINGS POINT QUILTERS in Fiber Arts Rooms 1 & 2 Kings Point Clubhouse. Work on charity quilts for both veterans and hospitalized children. Work on items to be sold the profits of which help defray the cost of the charity quilt supplies. Personal projects also done at this time. Guest speakers and workshops planned throughout the year. New members always welcome. Unwanted sewing related items gladly accepted. Contact Sandy Nunn, President (813)642-8961.

January 2018

The News of Sun City Center 9:30 - 10:00 a.m. TRIMNASTICS CLUB meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at the Dance Studio, SCC Atrium Bldg. All SCC and KP members are welcome to join. Low impact exercise (stretching / bending). 10 a.m. - MONDAY “FOR TODAY” M E E T I N G O F OV E R E AT E R S ANONYMOUS at the Sun City Chamber of Commerce, 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center, FL. The meeting room (private entrance to meeting is on the left side of the building). The only requirement for attending is a desire to change your eating behaviors and stop compulsively eating. No scales, dues or fees. This meeting is open only to those who have a problem with their weight or eating patterns. Please join us any Monday morning. You can learn more about OA online at “www.” or call Jan at 813/633-3932. 3:30 p.m. - Qi Gong CLUB MEETS in Dance Studio 2 located at 1203 N Pebble Beach Blvd, next to Samaritans. There is no charge for the Qi Gong class just wear loose, comfortable clothing. This is a handicap friendly class open to all levels of practice. TUESDAYS 9:30 a.m. – 10 a.m. TRIMNASTICS CLUB meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at the Dance Studio, SCC Atrium Bldg. All SCC and KP members are welcome to join. Low impact exercise (stretching / bending). 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. LINE DANCING WITH A BALANCE! at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. Do you like to dance but are worried about falling? Join our new FREE line dancing class lead by trained therapists. This weekly class will improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling. For more information, call Debbie Caneen at 813-892-2990. 10:00 a.m. HEALTHY LIFESTYLES MeetUp - Kings Point Sun City Center at South Clubhouse. Our Optional Walking Meetups: Your choice: walk 2 or 4 miles. Some walk faster; some walk slower. Everyone is welcome; Joanie, Suzanne and Caroline will walk with you. 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. UKULELE JAM SESSION in the South Social Room in KP. New players and singers are welcome. For information please call or email Paul - 765-277-0606. 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. LIFE CHALLENGES SUPPORT GROUP at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. Live your life fully with zest and joy! Rid yourself of depression, anxiety, frustrations with family, children, friends, life changes, health problems, finances and more. We meet every Tuesday in the first floor lounge of Sun Towers. No appointment is necessary. Sponsored by the Coalition for Mental Health and Aging. 2:30 p.m. - “PARTY IN A CHAIR” at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. This party will exercise your brain and you will receive the benefit of joint flexibility, memory recall, creativity, imagination, laughter, breathing, balance & more! Every session is different and done seated. All are welcome to join in! For more info call Debbie Caneen at 813-892-2990.

WEDNESDAYS 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon - LEARN TO WEAVE in the Weaving Studio in the North campus each Monday and Wednesday for 8 weeks starting 10/17 The art of weaving is taught. $75.00 cost includes lessons, yarns for a sampler and one project, membership in the club for a year and equipment fee. This is a great opportunity to try something new and get out of the heat. Sign up in the studio or call 813 642-8239. 9:30 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. THERAPEUTIC TAI CHI OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Our therapists have advanced training in therapeutic Tai Chi for Seniors and will provide guidance in this healthy exercise. Tai Chi has been proven to increase strength and balance! This class will be offered EVERY Wednesday due to increased demand. For more information, contact Debbie Caneen at 813-634-3347. 10 a.m. - noon - MAN to MAN LIFE SUPPORT GROUP meets weekly in the conference room behind the SCC MEN’S CLUB building on Cherry Hills Drive. The purpose of our group is for men to learn new coping skills, find hope in their circumstances, help answer questions about life, and support other men while they are fixing the broken things that concern them and their families. All men of SCC and nearby communities are welcome to come and try our group in complete confidence and free of charge. For more information about the group, contact Ken Barringer at 633-8490 or Bill Spedding at 938-3126. Sponsored by the Coalition for Mental Health and Aging. 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. - FRONT PORCH PICKERS - LIVE MUSIC! Rollins Theatre, 970 Cherry Hills Drive. Country, bluegrass, traditional and gospel music on acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, ukulele, dobro and bass fiddle. Free program. Call (813) 633-6739. THURSDAYS 9:00 a.m. - “FOR TODAY” MEETING OF OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS at the Sun City Chamber of Commerce, 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center, FL. The meeting room (private entrance to meeting is on the left side of the building). The only requirement for attending is a desire to stop compulsively eating. No scales, dues or fees. This meeting is open only to those who have a problem with their weight or eating patterns. Please join us any Friday afternoon. Contact Peg S. at 516/578-5285 for meeting details. You can learn more about OA online at “ newcomers/is-oa-for-you”. 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - KINGS POINT QUILTERS in Fiber Arts Rooms 1 & 2 Kings Point Clubhouse. Work on charity quilts for both veterans and hospitalized children. Work on items to be sold the profits of which help defray the cost of the charity quilt supplies. Personal projects also done at this time. Guest speakers and workshops planned throughout the year. New members always welcome. Unwanted sewing related items gladly accepted. Contact Sandy Nunn, President (813)642-8961.

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. MARY PETRO PROGRAM FOR FOOD AND MEDICINE at the South Shore United Church of Christ, 1501 La Jolla Ave. The Mary Petro Program is funded by the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and provides financial assistance to residents for food and medicine. To qualify, residents must be full time residents of Sun City Center or Kings Point, must fill out an application and meet income guidelines, must present income verification documents and either a SCC or KP identification card. For more information, please visit our office or call 813-634-8306. If you are a new or current client of the Mary Petro Program in Sun City Center or Kings Point and have a pet cat and you are in need of cat food for your pet, please visit our Pet Pantry for assistance. The Cat Lovers Club of Sun City Center donates cat food each month to the Mary Petro Program to assist our clients. FRIDAYS 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - KINGS POINT QUILTERS in Fiber Arts Rooms 1 & 2 Kings Point Clubhouse. Work on charity quilts for both veterans and hospitalized children. Work on items to be sold the profits of which help defray the cost of the charity quilt supplies. Personal projects also done at this time. Guest speakers and workshops planned throughout the year. New members always welcome. Unwanted sewing related items gladly accepted. Contact Sandy Nunn, President (813)642-8961. 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. SCC Nia (NonImpact Aerobics) Club - SCC Main Campus, Dance Room 2, 1203N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Nia (Non-Impact Aerobics) is a mind/body cardiovascular movement practice created in 1983 based on the science of the body. We do not jump or jar joints. First class is always free. Join us for the “Joy of Movement”. Questions? Call Gail, Certified Nia Black Belt Instructor at (480) 220-1430 SATURDAYS 7:30 - 11:30 a.m. ARE YOU IN NEED OF FOOD? If yes, please feel welcome to come to Our Lady’s Pantry for a box of groceries. We serve people in Sun City Center, Wimauma, and Balm. Everyone is treated with dignity and respect without regard to race or religion. You can find us at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Mission, which is immediately south of Sun City Center Blvd., on U.S. Highway 301, in Wimauma. We are in back of the classroom building on the far right-hand side of the campus. If you find yourself short of groceries, please remember that Our Lady’s Pantry can provide at least some relief for your hunger. We try to share some cereal, fruits and vegetables; soup, pasta, and sauce; rice, meat, and bread. JANUARY CALENDAR OF EVENTS THU. JAN 4 BETTER BREATHERS SUPPORT GROUP 10:00 a.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. This month’s Better Breather Club is fortunate to have Paul Nanda, MD and Medical Director of Fast Track Urgent Care Center who will discuss the role of a PCP, urgent care, ER and the appropriate

33573 to 19.

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Sun Towers


101 Trinity Lakes Dr, Sun City Center

will be available. If you’ve ever wanted to be a writer, this is the group for you! All levels of writers are welcome. Questions? Call (813) 273-3652. TUE. JAN 23 - FREE MEMORY SCREENINGS AND HEARING SCREENINGS Beginning at 1:00 p.m. at Kings Point in the 2020 building. Hearing loss is associated with poor cognitive

performance and incident dementia and may contribute to cognitive decline. Make your appointment today to have your memory screened along with your hearing. By appointment only. To schedule, call the Coalition at 813-419-4902 Interested in learning more about Clinical Trials? Call the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute Mobile Clinical Trial Unit (813) 455-2512.

Erick Safsten 813-634-7100 955 E. Del Webb Blvd., #102 Sun City Center, FL 33573


time to use an urgent care. This informal talk will provide participants with informational flyers, pens, and magnets. Annettia Simpson, RRT, the Director of Sun Towers Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation will facilitate this Better Breathers meeting. Valet service provided at Terrace Entrance (blue awning). For more info 813-892-2990 THU. JAN 4 & 25 - “LET’S PUNCH OUT PARKINSON’S” ROCK STEADY BOXING 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Drive, SCC, FL. Introducing “Rock Steady Boxing” where the mission is to empower people with Parkinson’s disease to fight back. If you have Parkinson’s, or are caring for someone with this disease, be sure to register for this weekly session by contacting Eric Allen at 813-321-8755 or Eric@eafitness. org. Complimentary valet parking available at towers entrance. For additional info, call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990. THU. JAN 4 - DEM CLUB JANUARY MEETING 1:00 p.m. for Meet ‘n Mingle with refreshments. General Meeting at 1:30 p.m. at the Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce, 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center on the first Thursday of the month. Join us January 4 as “Meet the Candidates” continues with David Shapiro, candidate for U.S. Congressional District 16 is the scheduled speaker. All Democrats and like-minded individuals are invited and encouraged to attend this free event. Learn how to get involved. Please visit and Like our Facebook page at www. or www. for more info. MON. JAN 8 - COME CLOGGING WITH US! 9:00 a.m. in KP, South Club, Jubilee 1, pre-register now for New Beginner Class. Call Linda Hobbs 813-215-9104. MON. JAN 8 - SUN CITY CENTER HOW TO FIX IT CLUB What to check and how to service your golf cart. 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. at The Golf Cart Shop, 1507 Rickenbacker Dr. The presentation will show how to check and fill the battery water, tire pressure, and other items to know about maintaining or buying your golf cart. Free! MON. JAN 8 - CREATIVE WRITERS GROUP 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. at the SouthShore Regional Library, 15816 Beth Shields Way, Ruskin in the John Crawford Art Education Studio. Connect with fellow writers to inspire, encourage, and exchange ideas about the writing process. Opportunities to share your writings and receive feedback will be available. If you’ve ever wanted to be a writer, this is the group for you! All levels of writers are welcome. Questions? Call (813) 273-3652. MON. JAN 8 - SCIENCE, ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY CLUB MEETING 7:30 p.m. in the Caper Room, Atrium Building, 954 North Course Lane. There is no cost for guests; any resident of CA or Kings Point interested in science and technology is invited. The Big Bang Theory and the evolution of the universe. Travel 14 billion years back in time to explore the evolution of our universe. Learn about how the universe expanded from an initial extremely hot and dense state to the cold universe of stars and galaxies we see today. Back by popular demand for her fifth presentation to the SET group, Fulvia Fiorani will again show her beautiful and informative images accompanied by her exciting and understandable commentary. WED. JAN 10 - DIABETES EDUCATION SUPPORT GROUP 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Have you been given the diagnosis of Diabetes? Are you unsure of your dietary and physical future? Discover options and learn information that will prepare you for a healthy future with Diabetes! For additional info, call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990. THU. JAN 11 - “LET’S PUNCH OUT PARKINSON’S” ROCK STEADY BOXING POSTPONED THIS WEEK UNTIL NEXT WEEK MON. JAN 15 - PARKINSON’S SUPPORT GROUP OF SUN CITY CENTER 1:30 - 3:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. Does unsteady movement prevent you from typing on the computer? If so, our speaker this month has a solution for you! Matt Batt is the president of the Sun City Center Computer Club. His topic is “Free Dictation Software for the PC That Really Works”. If you have had success with any treatment you have tried, please come to share. If you have Parkinson’s, or are caring

for someone with this disease, be sure to attend this support group. Complimentary valet parking available at entrance. For additional info, call Debbie Caneen 813892-2990. TUE. JAN 16 - FREE MEMORY SCREENINGS AND HEARING SCREENINGS Beginning at 10:00 a.m. at United Methodist Church, 1210 Del Webb Blvd W, Sun City Center, FL. Hearing loss is associated with poor cognitive performance and incident dementia and may contribute to cognitive decline. A study found that treating hearing loss with hearing aids may ameliorate cognitive decline. Make your appointment today to have your memory screened along with your hearing. By appointment only. To schedule, call the Coalition at 813-419-4902 Interested in learning more about Clinical Trials? Call the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute Mobile Clinical Trial Unit (813) 455-2512. TUE. JAN 16 - HEARING LOSS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA SUN CITY CENTER CHAPTER 10:00 a.m. St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 1239 Del Webb Blvd, Sun City Center. A Rap Session to Address Your Hearing Issues and Concerns. This open meeting is the best opportunity to raise your personal hearing loss questions and needs. Get solutions based on the experience of the moderator, chapter leaders and other chapter members. Share what you have learned to help others facing the same issue you did. Moderator: Tess Crowder, Professional Development Trainer, Dynamic Communication Strategies. TUE . JAN 16 - ALZHEIMER’S ASSOCIATION CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. Bring your loved one for a welldeserved break. Facilitated by Aging Care Advocates. You will receive information while your loved one is cared for in our Secured Memory Care. Please RSVP no less than three days prior to 813-677-1400. For additional information, contact Debbie Caneen at 813-634-3347. WED. JAN 17 - LOW VISION SUPPORT GROUP 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. Do you wonder how others with Low Vision advance through their day? Do they receive care from outside sources? What adaptive vision devices successfully assist them? Each need is different but if we gather to share our resources, we all benefit! Learn what assistance there may be for you if you have low vision in order to maintain your independence. Free valet parking for cars and golf carts at Terrace Entrance by blue awning. If you have low vision, then this meeting is for you. For more info call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990. THU. JAN 18 - FREE MEMORY SCREENINGS AND HEARING SCREENINGS Beginning at 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement C o m mu n i t y, S u i t e # 2 5 4 . He a r i n g loss is associated with poor cognitive performance and incident dementia and may contribute to cognitive decline. Make your appointment today to have your memory screened along with your hearing. By appointment only. To schedule, call the Coalition at 813-419-4902. FRI. JAN 19 - VETERANS HISTORY PROJECT, A PROGRAM OF THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS 10:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m. by registration only at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr SCC. The Tampa Bay Chapter of the American Red Cross in partnership with the Veterans History Project, a program of the Library of Congress, is seeking Veterans to participate in this project. The program captures through a video interview, firsthand account of Veterans who served in any branch of the US military in any capacity, from World War I through the present, and are no longer serving are eligible to participate. Civilians who served in support of a US war effort in a professional capacity are also welcome to participate. If you are a Veteran or know Veterans that would like to share their stories, please call Sun Towers to schedule your interview time at 813-634-3347. This recording of history will take place on the 3rd Friday of each month. MON. JAN 22 - CREATIVE WRITERS GROUP 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. at the SouthShore Regional Library, 15816 Beth Shields Way, Ruskin in the John Crawford Art Education Studio. Connect with fellow writers to inspire, encourage, and exchange ideas about the writing process. Opportunities to share your writings and receive feedback


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The News of Sun City Center

Driveways / Pool Decks / Patios

January 2018

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January 2018

The News of Sun City Center


NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

SCC Dance Club

DANCING Social Ballroom Dance Classes

Sponsored by the Academy Dance Club Classes are held in the Dance Studio in the Atrium. Open to all Sun City Center and Kings Point residents. Couples and singles welcome. For information call Bernice DuBro at 813-634-3205. Tuesday, January (2,9,16,23,30) Social Ballroom Dance Class Beginning - Rumba - 5:30 PM Intermediate - Rumba - 6:45 PM Advanced - Cha Cha - 8:00 PM Wednesday, January (3,10,17,24,31) Social Ballroom Dance Class Beginning - Waltz - 12:45 PM Intermediate - Fox Trot- 2:00 PM Beginning Silver - Bolero - 3:15 PM Taught by Bernice Dubro and George Hawn. Call 813-634-3205 or email “”.

Academy of Ballroom Dance

The Academy of Ballroom Dance Club welcomes 2018 with a dance on Saturday, January 6, in the Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd, Sun City Center. At 6:30pm, there will be a Tango dance lesson included with admission. This will be followed by regular dancing from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Admission is free for members, or $6 for guests at the door. Come and dance to a fabulous selection of tunes handpicked by our DJ Bernice DuBro. Enjoy the complimentary coffee and cookies. Try your luck with the 50/50 drawing. Open seating and singles tables are always available. Everyone is welcome; bring your friends and BYOB. The dress code is casual but neat (no shorts please). Be sure to sign up for the always delicious and fun annual dinner dance on Feb. 3. Call George Hawn at 330-770-0442 for more info.

Oldies But Goodies Dance Club

Saturday, January 13, 7:00 to 9:30pm, dance your way into 2018. This fabulous dance is presented by the SCC Dance Club, in Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd., SCC, 33573. Eat, Drink and be Merry. Dance to our widely acclaimed and exclusive playlist spun by Gerardo. Enjoy our complimentary dessert table and coffee. Dressy casual attire. No shorts! BYOB. Bring your friends, or come and make new friends. Open seating. Members free, guests $6 at the door. Memberships are being accepted, $25 pp for the entire year; payment is due by January 13 and forms will be available at the door. For additional information: call 813-634-9074.

The Oldies but Goodies Dance Club will be enjoying the music of the Southshore Cruisers Band, January 14, 2018 at Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. The cost is free for members and $6 per person for guests. No advance ticket is needed, pay at the door. The doors will open at 6:15pm for members and 6:30pm for guests. The band is a classic 60’s – 70’s rock dance band from the Southshore area of Tampa. The band will be playing 7:00-10:00pm. BYOB and snacks, the club will provide water, ice, cups and napkins. As always residents of Kings Point and Renaissance as well as Sun City Center are always welcome. Bring your checks and completed 2018 membership renewal or application forms or fill them in on the night. Cost to join in $40 and to renew is $30. Any questions contact Club President Joanne at 813-728-1147 or email “jjlatenite@”. You may also check out our website: or join us on Facebook “”.

Saturday, January 13, 6:30 to 9:30pm in the Kings Point Banquet Room, of the North Clubhouse. The admission is $5 and BYOB. Come listen to the music of Mike Laine. If you live outside Kings Point, please call Dottie Beyer at 813-8126972 to add your name to the gate list.

Singles Social Dance Club will hold their two dances on January 7 & 21 in the Atrium Building, Florida Room from 6:30-9:30pm. Live music for your dancing and listening pleasure provided by Thor Stevens and his saxophone. Two “mixers” are held so those attending can meet other singles they might not know. Members $4; guests $6. BYOB and snacks. ce, water, cups and napkins provided at each table. Proper attire is requested (please, no jeans or shorts). Membership forms will be available for $15. New members must show a CA or KP badge. Returning members must indicate if there have been any changes. Questions: Call Janet 813-633-3558.

Singles Mingles of Kings Point Dance

Moonglow Dance Club

The Moonglow Ballroom Dance Club will hold their Annual Dinner Dance on Thursday January 25, 2018 from 5:30-9:30pm in Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Banquet Masters Catering will serve a delicious dinner with an entree choice of chicken or salmon. BYOB and appetizers. “Mario DeLeon” will provide our Live Dance Music from 7:00-9:30pm. The attire is “dressy” for the ladies and “jacket & tie” for the men. Paid reservations by check only (no cash) made out to “Moonglow Dance Club” are requested by January 20 and should be mailed to: Gail Bouverat, 1114 Villeroy Drive, Sun City Center, FL 33573. Cost is $15 per person for both current and new members, and $28 per person for visitors/guests. Couples and singles are welcome. Both current and prospective members may send their $25 per person annual dues along with their dinner reservation. For more information call 813-633-1297 or 813-633-2755, or email gail3357@

Singles, Single, Singles

Grammy Nominated Saxophonist Coming

The United Methodist Church of SCC, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. West, is proud to welcome soprano saxophone and Grammy-nominated artist Eirinn Abu for a Friday evening concert January 19, 2018 at 7pm. Eirinn Abu is a richly gifted soprano saxophone artist in the mold of Kenny G. Yet, make no mistake, Eirinn Abu has his own style, and endeavors to touch people’s souls with his inspirational music. A donation of just $10 is requested at the door on the night of the concert. For additional information about this and other concerts and recitals at the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, please contact Kevin Goodenow, concert series coordinator, at 813-362-0956. To learn more about the United Methodist Church of SCC, please visit our website at

Entertainment Corner By Lynn Manzi, Entertainment Director

Our Series for 2017-18 began with some highly enjoyable shows and dances, such as Ocean Road, Entertainment Revue, Surf ’s Up and Ethan Bortnick. Upcoming in January are Earl Turner and The Diamonds as well as the St. Petersburg Opera on January 21 and the rescheduled performance of K.E.G.G on January 12. Tickets for all shows are available at the kiosk and at the door before each performance. There will be more special shows as the season progresses. Thank you for all your support!

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Live Well Be Happy 1533 4th Avenue West, Bradenton, FL

January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

St. Andrew and Friends Choristers

St. Andrew and Friends Chorus will have its first rehearsal on January 9, 2018 from 2 – 4pm at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church located at 1239 West Del Webb Blvd in Sun City Center. Our concert on Sunday, March 11, 2018 at St. Andrew will be a festival of hymns arranged by Hal Hopkins. The program will comprise a collection of hymns spanning several centuries from famous hymn composers, complimented by a brass quartet and hand bell choir. All choristers are welcome. The Friends Chorus is under the direction of Mr. Doug Westlake, Director of Music for St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. Come join us, have fun and help tell the story of these beautiful hymns. Questions, please contact Mr. Westlake at ddwlake2@ or on 813-862-6039.

The Chicago Caper - A Mystery Comedy

On Saturday, February 10, 2018, at 11 m, AAUW will present the Pelican Players in their successful production/play of a spoof of the Chicago mob. It will be involving: “The Facts of the Case of Al Capone’s disappearance. It will involve audience participation and a delicious luncheon in the Florida Room of The Atrium. There will be several raffle prizes to be won. The luncheon and play costs a total of $30 per person. The public is welcome and this activity is geared for both men and women. Your $30 ticket will be used towards educational scholarships to mature women and send local Middle School Students to STEM summer camp(s). If you have any questions, call Diane Waronka at (813) 641-2722 or Beverly Fletchall at (813) 938-3215. For tickets, please mail $30 to Diane Waronka at 1314 Emerald Drive, Sun City Center, Florida 33573.

Gals & Guys Productions Tribute to Veterans

By Pam Freas, Bravo! Gals & Guys Productions presented a USO inspired extravaganza, directed by Salvina Tannenholz, that would have surely made Bob Hope proud. There were many moments where our US Veterans were honored and acknowledged with touching videos, heartwarming songs and a long overdue welcome home to our Vietnam veterans. We especially thanked them and all our US Veterans for their service and for our freedom. You can join the Gals & Guys Productions as a performer, an audience member or a volunteer. Bring your Association ID card on any Thursday from 1 to 2pm in the Rollins Theater at the North Campus. The 2018 season’s annual membership is $10 per person which includes two shows: “A Night At The Oscars,” an optional black-tie and red carpet event on April 21; and “Tribute To Legends” on November 8. Both shows are specifically Golf Cart friendly matinees, and will be held in the Community Hall. For more information, contact Salvina 813-633-5924 or


The Art Club in SCC 2018 Annual Art Show

“Color My World,” the theme for the 51st Annual Art Show was announced by co-chairs, Carol Husinka and Tom Hopfensperger. Recent artwork by members of the Sun City Center Art Club will be displayed. Visitors to the Art Show can expect to view paintings demonstrating the use of oil, acrylics, watercolor, pastels, mixed media and graphic arts. Each category will be judged by Gainor Roberts. The exhibition will take place on Friday, January 26, 9am – 5pm and Saturday, January 27, 9am -4pm in the Florida Room of the Atrium Building, 945 North Course Lane, Sun City Center. Admission to the show is free. Members of the community and their guests are invited to view the show, meet the resident artist and cast a vote for the “People’s Award. Visit www. for more information.

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Fine Arts Gallery Opening & Reception

The Art Club in Sun City Center’s Fine Arts Gallery Opening & Reception will feature the artwork of Blanca Alfonso and Meredith King. Their paintings reflect their creative expression. Art to Blanca is “life.” Through art Blanca has learned to “see” the miracle of nature. For Meredith art is a “gift which enables her to find peace and accomplishment in life.” Blanca Alfonso was born in Colombia, South America. Wherever life took her, she visited museums and studied architecture. Her paintings mirror her life experiences. Meredith King, Merry, as her friends know her, has always found ways to express herself through art. While working in Scottsdale, Arizona she enrolled in oil painting classes at the Artist School. She followed these with workshops in still life, portraiture, landscapes and color theory. Come discover the wonder in the paintings of Blanca Alfonso and Meredith King at the Fine Arts Gallery opening on Wednesday, January 3, 2018 from 1 - 3pm. The event is free and open to members of the community and their guests. Snacks and beverages will be served. The Art Club is located on Cherry Hills Drive in Sun City Center. for more information.

Art Club in Sun City Center 51st Annual Art Show

COLOR MY WORLD January 25-27, 2018 Friday, January 26, 2018 9 am-5pm Saturday, January 27, 2018 9 am-4 pm Florida Room in the Atrium Sun City Center, Florida 33573

Monday•January 29•7:00 p.m.

Community Bluegrass & Gospel Show

SouthShore United Church of Christ 1501 LaJolla Avenue Sun City Center, FL 33573 Hotline: 813-633-6739

Tickets: $10 Advance, $12 at the Door Buy Tickets at: SouthShore UCC

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January 2018

The News of Sun City Center


Becky Carre is Senior Athlete of the Month

By Bob Monahan Four years ago, Becky became the recipient of a new heart. Eleven years ago she found out that her heart was weakening possibly due to a virus but the cause was unknown. When it was determined that she could not continue to live with her old heart she went on a heart transplant waiting list and six weeks later a match was found. Many on the waitlist never live long enough to get the transplant. In Becky’s case a forty-seven-year-old female had passed away and her heart was donated to Becky so that she might live. Becky enjoys pickleball, Sew ‘n Sews, yoga, and ATV riding. Yoga became her major physical activity starting with chair yoga when her heart was failing to advanced yoga which is currently practiced three times per week. The Sun City Center yoga instructor, Lynne Sells, patiently over the years has assisted in Becky’s physical recovery and has garnered her full admiration and trust. “If you’re breathing you can do yoga”, is the favorite phrase that Lynn’s disciples hear every week. Lynne says, “ Becky’s journey lifts my heart and hearts all over our community. She is an inspiration…”

The Sun City Center Swim Dancers announces the 2018 Swim team. Eleven women as pictured above comprise a talented group of synchronized swimmers. These women range in age from sixties to eighties, so President Sue Muise invites all men and women that are interested in joining us to attend a practice on Monday or Wednesday at 7:30pm in the lap pool. New members from Sun City, Kings Point, Aston Gardens, and the Courtyards are always welcome to join the Swim Dancers Club. The team has already been practicing routines for the 2018 Show which includes float patterns, walk overs, diving and even a few mermaids. Each member of the team choreographs a swim dance to music. For information about the Swim Dancers, call Sharon at 813-514-5302.

2017 Novice Lawn Bowling Champs

Ted Riley Does It Again In State Senior Olympics

By Garry Higgins The Sun City Center Lawn Bowling Club Novice Championship (bowling two years or less) has concluded and this year’s women’s champion is Mary Chamberlain. On the men’s side, Larry Johnson took the title and went on to win the final round against Mary to become the 2017, overall Novice Champion. If you are a member of the Kings Point or Sun City Center community and would like to see what the sport of lawn bowling Larry Johnson Men’s and overall Novice is all about, please feel free to drop by Champion and Mary Chamberland, the Club (Main Campus) and speak to Women’s Novice Champion. any members there. Also, there is lots of information on the Club’s website; www.

Sun City Center Swim Dancers

By Bob Monahan How many medals can one person earn in swimming at the state’s most elite competition? Ted Riley just earned four medals: 200-yard freestyle, 200-yard backstroke, 200-yard individual medley. Those medals were all silver as he was edged out by a competitor who set pool records for the gold. He also came in fifth in the 100-yard individual medley. Ted is a master swimmer at the Sun City Center Masters Swim Club. His typical workout is over a mile and a quarter long.

Sun City Lawn Bowlers Fare Well at U.S. Open

Bowls USA held its annual Open competition in Florida recently. The six-day event attracted 262 competitive lawn bowlers from 12 countries around the world. Some 250 matches were played at Sun City Center in addition to the events played at the Sarasota lawn bowling club at the Sun-n-Fun Resort in Sarasota. The SCC Lawn Bowlers Who Placed Were: In the Men’s Singles, Flight 6 second place, Joe Mignogna. In the Men’s Pairs, Flight 5 winner, the team of Paul Ward and Bob Fladung. Flight 5 runner-up, Jim Savage and Eric Porr. In the Men’s Fours, Flight 4 winner, the team of Paul Ward, Jim Bryne, Bob Fladung and Joe Mignogna. Flight 4 runner up, the team of Paul Melvin, Robert Trautwein, Jim Savage and Eric Porr. Flight 5 winner, the team of Jerry Healy, Carl Zajac, Phil Griffin and Bob Ferguson. In the Women’s Singles, the Silver Medal went to Cindy Higgins. In the Women’s Fours, an international team skipped by Cindy Higgins was the Flight 3 winner. Not all lawn bowling is competitive. Social bowling is a great way to get outdoor exercise and meet new friends, all without team or league commitments. For more information about the sport and lawn bowling in Sun City Center, visit We welcome residents from the SCC and Kings Point communities.

Exhausted SCC Basketball Club after 7-hour marathon of Competition for State Championship. L to R: Joe Vladyka, Milt Williams, Player/Coach Bob Monahan, Jim Rogers, Rande Carrico, Lee Saucier, Al Paschal, Don Cummin, Player/Coach Paul Spiegal, Rich Ungham, missing from photo John Stark, Harve Turner.

Club Plays In State Senior Olympic Finals

Front L to R: Jerry Healy, Robert Trautwein, Bob Fladung, Joe Mignogna, Paul Ward Back L to R: Bob Ferguson, Phil Griffin, Jim Bryne, Cindy Higgins, Carl Zajac, Paul Melvin, Eric Porr, Jim Savage.

Four senior basketball teams were invited to play in the Florida State Senior Olympic championship tournament. They were the world champion Clearwater Aces, the Villages basketball club with its 150 members, the Venice Limes out of Sarasota, and the newly formed Sun City Center Basketball Club. The SCC club was selected based on its bronze medal finish in the Good Life Games in March. Surprisingly enough the SCC Basketball Club held its own against superior height and sharpshooters on all of these teams. According to club president Bob Monahan, “Our athletes were able to compete because most of us play a variety of sports and our conditioning was excellent.” In the final game for our 70 to 75 age bracket the opponent forfeited due to a rash of injuries which left the SCC club with a bronze medal. Also in the morning competition two of our sharp shooters were awarded medals. Rande Carrico won the bronze medal in his age division for foul shooting and Lee Saucier won the silver medal for his age division for timed spot shooting. It was a competition that the players will never forget and will serve as a building block for the future. The SCC Club plays out of Ruskin Recreation Center on SE 6th St., Ruskin on Monday and Wednesday at 9:30am and welcomes new players of all levels.

January 2018

The News of Sun City Center


L to R Front: Dave Devries, Don Wolf, Terry LeGrand and Dave Chordas. Back L to R: Tom Mackar, Kenny Johnson, Doug Seipelt, Kim Roush and Gary Bratt.

Sun City Center Softball Board

Men’s Singles Tennis

Jason High, a resident of Kings Point and a member of the Kings Point Tennis Club, won a Bronze Medal in the Florida Senior Games for Men’s Singles Tennis

Robin Hood Shot

SCC archery member Rita Mavel created one long arrow when she shot her second arrow into her first arrow at the club’s south campus range. This is known as “Robin Hooding” the arrows.

Thursday Night Partners’ Bridge Annual Party to Welcome Returning Snowbirds

The Thursday Night Partners’ Bridge Club extends an invitation to all bridge players in Sun City Center and Kings Point to join us at our annual party to celebrate the return of the snowbirds. The club will host a dessert party from 5:30pm until 6:45pm on January 18 in the Horizon Room at the Atrium on the North Campus on North Pebble Beach Boulevard for all current and prospective members. We will play a From top left: Regulars Donna O’Karma, trivia game featuring questions about Bob Deutel, Ray O’Karma and Eileen bridge conventions and expressions. The Deery get ready to play a round of bridge. winner of the trivia game will receive an award. At 7pm, we will begin play on four progressive rounds of contract bridge as usual. Anyone with a partner may play for free that evening and be eligible to win the prize money for the two highest scoring players at each table at the end of the fourth round. If you would like to come to the party, please call Anita Farney at 813-633-4368 so we can be sure to have enough food and drinks for everyone.

The Softball club has a new board! The new board was excited to take over and get to work on the next year. The club has 170 members this year with 10 teams of 120 members playing in the Winter Session. That session starts January 5 and ends February 13. If you are interested in playing you can sign up on the web site at “” for the spring session that will run from February 16 thru March 27. Anyone can come down on Tuesdays and Fridays and catch a game. On Friday’s the Diamondettes serve hamburgers and hotdogs which makes it feel like a major league ballpark without the cost! This is open to the public so come on down and watch a game and have a hamburger.

Sun City Center Competitive Tennis Club

Introducing the ladies 4.0 USTA Tennis Team representing Sun City Center for the 2018 season! L to R: Betty Zeller, Lee Greenlee (Captain), Helene Peterson, Dang Williamson (sub), Caryn Troxell, Vicky Wagoner (sub).

Suncoasters Lawn Bowling Triples Tournament

By Garry Higgins The ladies’ competitive division of the Sun City Center Lawn Bowling Club (“The Suncoasters”) recently held their club Triples Championship. Coming out on top of the competition was the team of Barb Mignogna as Skip, Cassie Krowl played Vice and Carol Fahnestock lead. The Suncoasters Lawn Bowling Club is affiliated with Bowls USA which governs the sport of bowls in the U.S. As such, members can participate in out-of-club L to R: Cassie Krowl, Barb Mignogna and tournaments as well as divisional and Carol Fahnestock national events. For more information about the sport of lawn bowls, visit www. and


Sitting: Tara Profitt; front row: Judy Lamb, Audrey Columbia Jan Cline; back row: Carlos Patriarca, Barry Chernock, Roland Reuterfors, Rick Lien, Dale Saraniti. Not pictured: Cau Huynh, Bob Johnson, Joe Cincotta.

Table Tennis State Tournament

This year’s Florida State Tournament for seniors was held at The Long Center in Clearwater. Because of its popularity, it was held over two days. On Monday, December 4, ages under 70 years competed. On Tuesday, December 5, ages over 70 years competed. The John Donnelly Table Tennis Club of Sun City Center had 12 players representing the club, winning a total of 21 medals!

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Sun City Center 813-999-2221 Primary office, Pinellas Park No fees or costs unless we win for you


January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

FAITH & service Bingo Lunch Tuesday, January 23

A catered lunch and a variety of fun bingo games will be held Tuesday, January 23, at 11:30 in the Conesa Center of Prince of Peace Church. Get tickets early as this sells out. Tables of eight can be reserved. Tickets are $20 and are available on the following dates: Monday, January 8, 10am to 12pm Wednesday, January 10 Thursday, January 11, at the Desserts/Game afternoon Tuesday, January 16, 10am to 12pm Wednesday, January 17, 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm Friday, January 19, 10am to 12pm

Food Pantry Receives Interfaith Council Grant

By Jay Sparkman Patricia McAdams, left, project director for Our Lady of Guadalupe Food Pantry, receives a grant check for $10,000 from Jane Trefren, President of the Sun City Center Interfaith Social Action Council, with Helen Conaway, a member of the Interfaith Council Grants Committee, looking on. The grant will help the food pantry purchase food and continue to help the needy. The Interfaith Council uses monies from the sale of donated goods at the Nearly New Shop to fund grants to organizations and to provide college scholarships. For more info go to www. or call 813-642-9099.

“Outside Guys” are Nearly New Department of the Month

By Jay Sparkman The “Outside Guys” as they are known by coworkers and customers alike have been chosen as department of the month among the volunteers staffing the Nearly New Shop in the Sun City Center Plaza. No matter whether if it is a cold December day or a sweltering July day these are the men that put sale items outdoors, help customers, load items in cars, and then L to R: Leo Pelzel, Adam Lambert, Marty Beverly, Al Petschl, and Bob Shields. put unsold items back in storage.

John and Kate Denner Concert

The United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. West, welcomes back John and Kate Denner to the campus for a Friday, January 26, 2018 concert at 7pm. John and Kate are renowned Gospel pianists and recording artists. A donation of just $10 is requested at the door on the night of the concert. Concertgoers are encouraged to arrive early for a good seat, as it has been over two years since this dynamic duo has performed and ministered in Sun City Center, and a good crowd is expected. For additional information about this and other concerts and recitals at the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, please contact Kevin Goodenow, Concert Series Coordinator, at 813-362-0956.

Mary And Martha House Receives Interfaith Grant

Having fun at last year’s Samaritan Services Fundraiser Dance.

Samaritan Services Fundraiser Dance

Put your dancing shoes on, or just come and enjoy the good music and company. Back by popular demand, Taylor n Taylor will be the entertainers for the Samaritan Services Fundraiser Dance. Friday, January 26 2018 from 7 to 9:30pm at Community Hall, 1910 South Pebble Beach Blvd. $10 per ticket. BYO snacks and drinks. Tickets on sale now at Samaritan Services office, 1207 North Pebble Beach Blvd. Tables of 8, reserve yours today!

Photo by Jo Prater

SouthShore UCC Women Learn about Christmas Tree

Paula Lickfieldt gave a very enjoyable and informative program about the history and meaning of our Christmas Tree and Chrismon Ornaments, to the SouthShore UCC Women’s Fellowship. After the program, there was a festive salad luncheon and great fellowship for the Christmas Season

Redeemer Women of the ELCA Meeting

Women of the ELCA, the women’s organization of Redeemer Lutheran Church, will meet on Wednesday, January 17, beginning with refreshments at 9:30. For the program, Caroline Nensewitz will share her experiences as a Reading Tutor and discuss the need for tutors in our area. For more information, call the church office at 813-634-1292.

Desserts/Cards/Games Thursday January 11

Gather your friends and come to the Conesa Center at Prince of Peace on Thursday, January 11 to play your favorite board or card game and enjoy delicious homemade desserts and coffee or tea. Doors open at 11:30 and playing is from 12 to 3. Door and table prizes. $3 donation accepted. Sponsored by the Council of Catholic Women to assist in their community service projects

Beth Israel Sisterhood Announces Program

Mary Berg, Community Specialist for A Kid’s Place in Brandon, will explain this unique nonprofit in Tampa which provides foster care and a loving home for abused, neglected, or abandoned children. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, January 9, 2017. There is no charge but we ask for a donation of one of the following: body wash, laundry detergent pods, new baby dolls or action figures. Desserts will be provided. Sisterhood members may bring a guest. RSVP for guests only to Barbara Grossman, or 813-938-3531.

The Kramers Returning by Popular Demand

By Jay Sparkman Linda Maslyk, left, vice president of the Sun City Center Interfaith Social Action Council and a volunteer at the Nearly New Shop in Sun City Center Plaza, presents a grants check in the amount of $4,000 to Laurie Herring, Programs and Housing Director for Mary And Martha House, and Jan Falcione, Director of the Mary and Martha House project entitled, “Safer living environments for families promote a more healing atmosphere”. For info call 813-642-9099 or go to www.

The United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. West, welcomes The Kramers Friday night, January 5, 2018 at 7pm. for a concert. The Kramers are a national and international Gospel music family who present and minister through approximately 200 concerts per year. A donation of just $10 is requested at the door on the night of the concert for this popular group. For additional information about this and other concerts and recitals at the United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, please contact Kevin Goodenow, Concert Series Coordinator, at 813-362-0956.

SouthShore United Church of Christ

Join us for our “New” Saturday Evening Services

1501 La Jolla Ave. • 813-634-1304

Chapel Communion 8:30 AM •Worship 10:00 AM


No matter where you are on Life’s journey, you are welcome here. A place where God is still speaking.

November 4th & December 2nd Preview Services Start @ 5:00 PM Messages by: Rev. Manny Hernandez Contemporary - Traditional Music & Casual Fellowship


1511 El Rancho Drive, SCC / 813-633-5950

KINGSPoint January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

Kings Point Follies 2018

Attention all area performers, the 2018 Kings Point FOLLIES will be held in the Kings Point Veterans Theater on Friday evening, March 23 and on Saturday afternoon and evening, March 24. The theme is “LIFE, LOVE & LAUGHTER” and that about says it all. This show promises to be yet another outstanding presentation. FOLLIES 2018 will also feature a very special celebrity guest. More information on that exciting news at a later date. Any area performer is invited to try-out. Our cast of singers, dancers, comedians and specialty acts, solo or chorus, hails from all over the SouthShore. Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to “show your stuff.” Chorus auditions will be held on Thursday, January 4, in the Kings Point North Clubhouse Studio, at 6:30pm. This will consist of a group sing. Prospective Chorus members are to be advised that a mandatory rehearsal has been scheduled on Thursday, January 18. for choreographic instruction. Solo and Specialty Group auditions will be held on Friday, January 5, also in the Kings Point North Clubhouse Studio at 6:30pm. Please provide your own CD. Remember, auditions are open to anyone living in Sun City Center and the surrounding area. Practice for the show will begin on Monday evening, January 8. For more information, you may contact Rose at 813-777-5964.

That’s Amore at the Italian Club Dinner Dance

Bacio (Kiss) Ball at Kings Point Veterans Theater This will be a special evening with dressy casual or formal attire recommended and everyone wearing something red. No shorts, cutoffs or t-shirts please. Dance to the tunes of the 50s, 60s and 70s music with our DJ Zach Scott. Buffet menu is being catered by Banquet Masters. Menu carved prime rib of beef with gravy, chicken parmesan, vegetable lasagna vegetable medley, roasted red bliss potatoes dessert will be strawberry shortcake. Salad, rolls, butter, coffee tea and soda will also be served. BYOB. Ticket sales will occur at the Veterans Theater Lobby on 1/30/18 and 1/31/18 from 9am to noon KPCH lobby. Cost of tickets 25 per person members, guests $28 per person. Cutoff date for tickets 2/7/18. Contact May at 813-419-4790 or Kittie at 813-938-3236. Sun City Center residents, please remember to bring your ID badge in order to gain entry through the security gate when purchasing tickets

Craig Pittman is Speaker at Eagle Audubon’s Meeting/Luncheon

Eagle Audubon is one of two Audubon Clubs in Sun City Center and is a Charter Chapter of National Audubon, thus our meetings are free and open to the public. Craig Pittman, a native Floridian and local environmentalist, will speak at the Thursday, January 18, 2018 Eagle Audubon Meeting. The meeting will begin at 1:45pm with the program starting at 2pm in the Banquet Room of the Kings Point Clubhouse. His topic is “Florida Springs and Things Environmental”. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about real Florida. The meeting is free and open to the public. Those who elect to join Eagle Audubon ($10 Membership fee) can participate in field trips, special activities and events. The annual members luncheon at the January meeting is one such benefit. Members are asked to bring a dish serving 12 people plus a serving utensil for that dish. Dinnerware and beverages will be provided. The luncheon is open to members at 12:30pm. Following the luncheon the doors open to the general public at 1:20 PM. Additional information for Eagle Audubon can be found on line at “eagleaudubonflorida .org”.

KP Mixed Chorus Excited to Kick off New Season

After a highly successful Holiday Concert, the Kings Point Mixed Chorus is eager to resume rehearsals on January 8, in preparation for their Spring Concert, which will be held on Friday, April 6, in the KP Veterans Theater. The Chorus meets every Monday afternoon, from 12:15 until 2:30pm, in the Kings Point North Clubhouse. They welcome anyone in greater Sun City Center and the surrounding area who has an interest in choral music to join the group, soprano, alto, tenor and bass. Their number swelled to over 80 singers this past fall. There are no auditions. All you need is a love of vocalizing, some water and a sweater and you’ll be ready to add your voice to this enthusiastic, hardworking chorus. Seasonal dues are $20 per person, to help cover the cost of new music and concert expenses. Director Jeff Jordan and Accompanist Keith Rasmussen are planning a delightful potpourri of music to welcome the Spring of 2018. The Chorus looks forward to greeting returning members and they would love to see some new faces in the Kings Point East/West Social Room on Monday, January 8 at 12:15pm. Membership deadline is January 29. If you live outside the Kings Point Community, inform the guard at the Visitors Gate that you are there for Chorus. For additional information, call Mary Anne at (813)-634-8747 or e-mail

Kings Point Dance Club January Dance

Kings Point Dance Club invites Kings Point and Sun City Center members and guests to their Thursday, January 11 dance. Playing for your listening and dancing pleasure is Kevin Brooks. The dance is from 7:30 to 9:30pm in the Kings Point Veterans Theater. Doors open at 7pm for check-in. Guests are $5 per person. Singles are invited. Ice, water, cups and napkins will be provided. BYOB and snacks. Proper dress is “business dressy smart.” Dress slacks and button down, tucked- in shirt for men and dress or dressy slacks for women. For guests and nonmembers, call Theresa at 813-633-0812 for reservations and more information.


KP Line Dancers

Panda Monium (black & white) is the theme for this month’s KP Line Dancers free social dance, Wed Jan 17, 7pm Veterans Theater. Open to KP and SCC residents and guests. Appropriate dance shoes, no flip flops. BYOB. Call Jan 634-6226 for more info.

Feline Folks Meow Mixer

Join Feline Folks at their next Meow Mixer on Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 4:30pm in the Kings Point 2020 building Culinary Room. Feline Folks is a group of caring volunteers who have taken on the charge of caring for the community cats of Kings Point, the Towers and other locations around Sun City Center. Daily, the group feeds the cats, assures they are spayed/ neutered. These efforts require volunteers to: feed and transport cats. To learn more about this, contact “”, visit our website or even better, visit the group at their monthly Meow Mixer. The Meow Mixer is the first Thursday of every month at 4:30 p.m. in the Kings Point 2020 building on the second floor in the culinary room. Everyone is also welcome to attend the club’s board meeting which is at 3:30 p.m., immediately before the Mixer.

Heartland Club Welcomes New Year

The Heartland Club is excited to announce their next get-together, a social membership meeting on Monday evening, January 29, in the Veterans Theater of the Kings Point North Clubhouse. 2018 club memberships will be available for $5 per person, which entitles the holder to a discounted price on all events. If you have ties to Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas or Missouri, you are invited to join, but anyone in greater Sun City Center or surrounding area with an interest in becoming a part of this friendly and enjoyable group is welcome. This inaugural event of 2018 is a heavy hors d’oeuvres/finger food potluck, with wine tasting as an added attraction. Dessert, coffee and tea will also be provided by the club. BYOB. Johnny Tenorio, a Las Vegas-style singer, will be the evening’s special entertainment, following the annual business meeting. Ticket prices for this event is $8 for members or $10 for non-members. The doors of the Veterans Theater will open at 5pm. Reservation deadline is Monday, January 22. Checks made payable to “Heartland Club” may include payment for both the party and new or renewed memberships and are to be sent to Doris Ferron at 2462 Kensington Greens Drive, SCC, 33573. For additional information or questions, please call John at (813) 938-5433 or e-mail

KPAL’s Artist of the Month for Month is Robin St. Onge

Robin’s love for art started when she was very young. Her adopted father was a talented commercial artist and watercolorist, and their modest home was full of lovely paintings. Robin attended college to study photography. Soon after she opened her portrait studio in Goodrich, Michigan. She moved to Kings Point as a snowbird one year ago, and enjoy being part of a wonderful group of artists.

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The News of Sun City Center

January 2018

January 2018

The News of Sun City Center



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January 2018

The News of Sun City Center

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News of Sun City Center January 2018  
News of Sun City Center January 2018  

Sun City Center, Kings Point, Florida