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August 2017 official publication of the Sun City Center Community Association

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION SCHEDULE AUGUST 7 Board Workshop to discuss Agenda Caper Room – 9 a.m. 9 Board Meeting Rollins Theater – 9 a.m. SEPTEMBER 11 Board Workshop to discuss Agenda Caper Room – 9 a.m. 13 Board Meeting Rollins Theater – 9 a.m. 19 Community Leaders Meeting Florida Room – 9 a.m. 25 CO-AP Meeting Caper Room – 2 p.m. 27 Budget Review Florida Room – 9 a.m. NOTE: Community Leaders Meeting will not be held in August. Agendas for the monthly Board Meetings will be posted on Official Bulletin Board in the Atrium the Monday before and on the CA website ( – under “Association”). They will also be sent via “What’s New in the CA” email. Every Wednesday: Orientation for new members in the Board Room in the Modulars starting at 1 p.m. sharp.

CA Contact Information Phone: 633-3500 Website: Information Center 813-633-4670

Kicking Off the 4th with Breakfast

By Kai Rambow Plenty of residents celebrated the 4th at the community breakfast wearing stars and stripes in a wide variety of ways. KC Chilton enthusiastically explained, “I had an idea and made him wear it. He’s well trained.” Steve Chilton wore the impressive hat well. Tom Bennis celebrated the day by proudly wearing his USS Coral Sea cap. Bennis proudly shared, “She’s the only aircraft carrier to have served in the Korean War, Vietnam, Persian Gulf and Iraq. I served on her from 1949 to 1950 and though no longer in the service was in Norfolk when she came in from her last cruise in 1989.” Couples Patty and Greg Batson, and Barbara and Paul Sterwerf were decked out in stars and stripes were relaxing. Arriving before opening time, they waited on a bench, enjoyed themselves chatting. Volunteers dressed up as well. Jim Moyers wore a distinct patriot’s hat, which made him easy to spot as he helped people get orange juice and coffee. As usual, dedicated volunteers made the event happen. Some were new, while others were familiar faces to regular breakfast attendees. While the pace was steady for the first 90 minutes, the second 90 minutes had two solid lines of

Sudman Receives Well Deserved Kudos

hungry residents. Volunteers quietly and efficiently worked to ensure everyone had a good time. Seasoned volunteers mentioned how great it was to interact with the whole community, and how volunteering made the breakfast a memorable experience.

Community Association Corporate Secretary Sam Sudman was honored with the Outstanding Volunteer Leadership Award at the 14th Annual Hillsborough County Neighborhood Conference, held on Saturday, July 15, at the Sheraton Tampa East. Sam is a prior CA Vice President, long-serving board member and tireless community volunteer. His current official responsibilities include liaison to Hillsborough County for the Community Association. County C ommissioner Sandra Mur man presented Sam with the award

Lysa Hendricks and Elise Oddo having fun at breakfast.

Greg Batson and Paul Sterwerf, early arrivals, waiting for the doors to open.

Phyllis Fitzgerald, left, and Nola Swaim kept a steady stream of pancakes coming.

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Sun City Center Celebrates July 4th

By Paula Lickfeldt, Photos by Kai Rambow Every year celebrations of the birthday of The United States of America are held in every corner of our country. Sun City Center was no exception. Even on a day that saw 99 degrees on the thermometer, the folks came out to celebrate. Many went to breakfast before going to the pool, but some went right to the outdoor pool to stake a claim on a chair, get in the water and cool down. Fiveyear-old Bennet Hoper and his older brother Bryon came from Bradenton to spend the day with their grandma. They started with breakfast and they went to the pool to swim, hear music and to get the free ice cream. Poolside Karaoke started about eleven a.m. Many people signed up to sing. Salvina Tennenholz from the Gals and Guys Club started things off by singing “Mama Mia.” Salvina said that she loves to entertain and she loves to hear the applause. A little while later, she took another turn and sang “God Bless the USA.” Dancing in the sun did not keep the line dancers down. “The Electric Slide” brought the hearty ones to the poolside dance floor. Robin Stelmar has lived in SCC for two years. Shortly after moving here, she


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By noon the community pool was full of people staying cool from the heat and humidity.

went to the circus. While at the circus, she saw a performer with a hula hoop. Robin, who likes to do different things, decided that she wanted to learn how to “Hula Hoop.” She went on line and found a class in Brandon and she has been taking the class for two years. A hot day would not be complete without ice cream. The Community Association provided free ice cream to everyone who was at the celebration at noon. July 4th, 2017 was celebrated in many different ways. Swimming in the Gulf, picnics at state parks, fishing, riding bicycles, swimming in the SCC pool, joining in the festivities provided by our CA, having a cook out at home or just hanging loose and watching the Rays play baseball, the day was a great one for everyone because we are lucky enough to live in the United States of America.

Robin Stelmar demonstrating her recently acquired and well mastered hula hoop skills.

Despite the heat, several people danced the electric slide in the sun.

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August 2017

The News of Sun City Center

What’s New at the Library?

By Joanne Gilray, Library Administrator The library is building a music collection! We are collecting music CD’s from donations to add to a small music collection. The collection will have at most fifty CD’s at any given time and will work similar to the paperbacks in that we will not be purchasing items. It will be comprised 100% with donations and will rotate depending on stock and circulation records. We are hoping to roll out the collection in the fall and ask that you keep us in mind when donating music CD’s. Are you looking to explore the Tampa Bay area? Then try Hillsborough County’s “Discovery Pass.” As a Hillsborough County resident, you may now reserve a FREE admission or tour pass to select local museums and attractions. To reserve your Discovery Pass or learn more about the partnering organization go to or call (813) 273-3652. Some organizations include, but limited to, Big Cat Rescue, Henry B. Plant Museum and Tampa Bay History Center. Happy reading and enjoy the rest of your summer!

Trail Blazing By John Lampkin

Up north, the April showers bring out the May flowers. Down here on the SCC Nature Trails, the June showers bring out…mushrooms! And they popped up almost immediately after recent downpours put a drop or two in our nine-month drought. The flowers will come but they are seriously delayed compared to past years. Meanwhile, everyone knows what a mushroom looks like. A good grocery stocks a few varieties and we have all seen fairy rings in our yards and as feckless youths we booted many a toadstool “football” down the path. Well, maybe you ladies didn’t, it’s a guy thing. Since store-bought varieties like portobellos have gills, one might assume that the similar looking species popping up in the trails would all have them also. Not so! Surprisingly, a group of fungi called boletes have tubular spore releasers as shown in the macro photo on the left. It’s as if Mother Nature rubber cemented together a bunch of tiny, stubby soda straws and put a cap over them. A stem provides support. Hmmm… in the case of the prized morel mushrooms, are stems called morel support? Fungi of all types are part of the web of life. Mycorrhyzal fungi have a symbiotic relationship with forest trees like our laurel oaks, and the mushroom flesh is food for crawling critters like the inch-long darkling beetle above. Most of the goings-on goes on beneath the forest litter where the “roots,” fine hair-like filaments, spread for many feet. In fact, possibly the largest living organism on earth is a single 2400-yearold honey mushroom that covers 2200 acres in Oregon. That will feed a family of four for a couple of weeks. Speaking of which, unless you are an expert, don’t sample the goods. The results can be very unpleasant, so says this voice of experience. Best to leave them for the beetles to munch while we await the flowers. The trailhead is located opposite North Lake on Del Webb West between Vincennes and Seton Hall. John Lampkin leads interpretive walks on the first Tuesday of each month at 9 a.m. or by appointment. Email “” for details.

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Statement of Purpose

The Sun City Center Community Association serves the residents of Sun City Center by providing assistance for the elderly, assistance and essential services to tax exempt entities, and operates in lieu of a municipal government, thereby lessening the burdens of government (Hillsborough County, Florida).

SCC Nia Club August Special Event

The SCC Nia (Non-Impact Aerobics) Club is offering a Special Event on Monday, August 21 from 1 - 3 p.m. Please join us for our workshop “Free Dance - The Art of Movement Creativity”. Nia Club is a year-round club. Let’s explore the seven st ages of Fre e D ance together as we move in safe and healthy ways. We do not jump or jar joints. We embody a sense of wellbeing, strength and vitality with balance moves. This special event is open to all members in good standing of SCC, KP and FP. It will be held in Dance Room 2 at 1203 Pebble Beach Blvd. SCC. The cost for club members is $ 7 and $10 for nonmembers. Suitable for all fitness levels. Wear comfortable cl ot h i ng and br i ng a mat. Gail Mongiello is a Certified Nia Black Belt Instructor and lives full time in SCC. She specializes in Senior Health Fitness. Questions? Contact Club President Debbie Carlson at or call her at 847 - 848-7338.


CLUB/ORGANIZATION AMOUNT Dog Owners Group $2,000 Monday Movies $325 Lawn Bowling Club $1,540

APPLIED TO Their share of maintenance costs at the Dog Park Licensing Fees Aeriation of Lawn Bowling Greens

Newcomers List prepared by Linda Bowker from CA staff data. Report corrections, additions to CA at 633-3500.

Last First Num Local Street Hometown St White Terry & Teresa 223 Amesbury Cir Sun City CA DeSena Frank 1806 Atrium Dr New York NY Snell Malcolm & Michelle 217 Brockfield Dr N Potsdam NY Christine & Maureen 1704 Bryn Mawr Ave Los Angeles CA Fromm King Nancy 1809 Butterfly Pl Bloomington IN Schmock Robert 1521 Chevy Chase Dr Erie PA Castater Robert & Judith 706 Chipper Dr Hamden CT Maier Carl & Alice 729 Chipper Dr Ann Arbor MI Southworth David & Susan 815 Chipper Dr Bloomfield CT Rivera Silvestre & Valerie 817 Chipper Dr Berlin CT Thornburg Bobby & Susan 384 Club Manor Dr St Joseph MI Courtyard Blvd Apt 201 Silver Springs MD Crowe Marian 259 Albert Paul 1909 Del Webb Blvd E Hudson NH King Brenda 1909 Del Webb Blvd E Barger Gary & Bonnie 2014 Del Webb Blvd E Pontiac MI Ledford James & Charlotte 2343 Del Webb Blvd E Isabella TN Blair Mike 1749 Del Webb Blvd W Chesapeake Beach MD Gullickson Mary 1749 Del Webb Blvd W Chesapeake Beach MD Donough Charles & Martha 2205 Del Webb Blvd W Jeffersonville IN Geary James & Barbara 1522 Fort Duquesna Dr Connellsville PA Borders Cheryl 713 Indian Wells Ave Columbus OH Serapiglia Carmine & Helen 1101 Jasmine Creek Ct Stratford CT Cortez Allen & Nitza 1203 Jasmine Creek Ct Kissimmee FL Richard Michael & Diana 104 Kenley Wy Lawrenceburg IN Hughes Rowland 828 King Leon Wy Madison WI Zimmerman Michael 828 King Leon Wy Madison WI Slade Denise 2123 Meadowlark Ln Sylvania OH Lauritsen Thomas & Dawn 1345 Misty Greens Dr Pt Pleasant NJ Hall Lawrence 2203 New Bedford Dr Washington DC Chung-Hall Young 2203 New Bedford Dr Seoul Kor Bothroyd Richard & Jeri 332 Northway Dr Windham NH Jones Clint & Charlene 1702 Orchid Ct Hicksville NY Hobbic Jennifer 1902 Pebble Beach Blvd N Tampa FL Hobbic Sharon 1902 Pebble Beach Blvd N Munster TN Adler Carl & Peg 2507 Runningbrooke Wy Saginaw MI Walker Rodney 401 Smithfield Ln Taylor MI Walker Kate 403 Smithfield Ln Fraser MI Langlois Maurice 1914 Sterling Glen Ct Pawtucket RI Zawislak Walter 1914 Sterling Glen Ct Providence RI Elliott Richard & Sharon 1927 Sterling Glen Ct San Diego CA Bahl Joel & Susan 1705 Tahoe Dr Chicago IL Tolbert Jimmie & Barbara 308 Thornhill Pl AL Maynor Bill 702 Thunderbird Ave Montgomery AL Maynor Mary 702 Thunderbird Ave Moss Point MS Sally Carolyn 713 Torrey Pines Ave Lapeer MI Williams Warren 1202 Wildfeather Ln Murfreesboro TN Williams Connie 1202 Wildfeather LN Murfreesboro TN Tatar Barbara 1620 Woodmar Dr Chicago IL

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August 2017

President’s Report By John Luper, CA President A few weeks ago, I attended a Hillsborough County function and watched our own Sam Sudman receive the Outstanding Community Leadership Award. I was proud to be there and see our humble Sam accept the accolades. It also made me think about some suggestions at recent workshops and board meetings that we should be acknowledging the contributions of some who have recently died. As I pondered the idea I remembered back to

The News of Sun City Center CA - 3 times I was in conversation with some of these individuals and realized what they all had in common was a sincere desire to help their fellow man, community, and family. And if you have lived here in Sun City Center for any length of time many more special names come to mind. Many whose names may not be familiar because they were involved in making a club or a charity successful. Or they quietly volunteered hundreds of hours of their time because it was what they enjoyed doing. I don’t think they felt the need for a plaque or a room or building named for them, but what I think they would appreciate is a simple thank you. Community Manager Lyn Reitz offered an update on the ongoing construction of So, to all who volunteer their time for the betterment of our community, I say, the new Community Association office building. “It’s going fast. The Foundation “Thank You. Your efforts are appreciated was poured in mid July, and the walls are going up. We should see the roof trusses and you have made us better.” Oh and started in the next couple of weeks. The project is moving right along, and we’re very happy with the contractor.” by the way, thanks, Sam.

The Walls Are Up

Almost Gone – Ambreen’s Tasty Breakfast

By Kai Rambow Arrive late and a favorite could be gone. Bacon egg bake has quickly become a popular breakfast choice at our new café. Ambreen is also mixing things up a bit. French toast one day, waffles on another. As Ambreen introduces new items residents are discovering new options for breakfast.

July 4th Breakfast

Tidbits from the Vault

By Cathy Meyerhoff, Sun City Center History Society Signs of the Times E.G. Simmons died in 1996. Most residents of Sun City Center Wend your way to Ward Circle located probably know that Del Webb was the off of Fordham Drive. This small culinitial developer of our community. de-sac is named for the first residents His name is commemorated by a to move into a new house in Sun City thoroughfare we all drive or walk Center. Frank and Mildred Ward took frequently, Del Webb Boulevard. Have up residence at 715 Desert Hills Way you ever contemplated who the people on April 25, 1962. In February, 1978, were for whom other streets in our town they were honored as the first residents are named? when they were chosen to deliver the Berry Roberts, namesake of Berry final mortgage payment to the Del Roberts Drive, preceded Del Webb Webb Corp. in Sun City, Arizona from in Sun City the W-G Company that had purchased C e n t e r. T h e development rights in 1972. community did Nearby you will find another name not exist when noted in Sun City Center’s history. Just he first worked west of Ward Circle off of Haverford here. Instead, Avenue is Brannen Circle. Dr. O. C. the area which Brannon was not Sun City Center’s now comprises first doctor, but the town was he was the a cattle ranch c o m mu n i t y ’s on which Berry Berry Roberts first full time managed 2,500 head of cattle. In 1961, physician. He Berry was appointed by the landowners retired here in to show Del Webb around the property. 1964 following When Webb purchased the land to a 40-year career develop his third retirement community in C olumbus Berry Roberts was retained to manage G e o r g i a . He the cattle operation at first and then practiced for Dr. O. C. Brannon promoted to maintenance manager of several years in both Sun City Center the new 9-hole golf course, later called and Ruskin. Many of his patients were the North Lakes Golf Course. He retired indigents and migrants. On May 17, in 1988. 1967 Dr. Brannon was honored with an Do you know the way to Simmons Way? appreciation day for his civic work in Ellsworth Simmons was chairman of the both Ruskin and Sun City Center. He Hillsborough County Commission when died in 1975. Del Webb developed Sun City Center. Ray Watson Drive honors another A lifelong Florida resident, his family person who made an impact on Sun history in Florida stretched back to the City Center. A short roadway between early 1800s. His various occupations Rickenbacker Drive and Sun City Center over the years Plaza the roadway runs appropriately included past the Emergency Squad building. Ray farmer, school Watson moved to Sun City Center in July bus driver, and 1962 after retiring from Commonwealth tire company Edison of Chicago. He had been a employee. His member of an emergency squad as part first foray into of his job there. An incident in Town public service Hall in September, 1963 prompted Ray was as a school to start a similar organization of 18 men board member. in our community. He suggested that I n 1 9 5 1 , h e Ellsworth Simmons each resident contribute twenty-five became a county commissioner. During dollars to start an ambulance service. his tenure improvements were made The response was overwhelming and to the Tampa airport, I-4 and I-75 $11,000 was raised in three weeks. A were being built, Busch Gardens was second ambulance was purchased in constructed and there were many other 1968. Ray Watson Day on May 26, 1970 advancements. Del Webb also named honored a great man with a great idea Simmons Lake after his friend Ellsworth. which still benefits us today.

Steve Chilton impressive decked out for the 4th.

Tom Bennis proudly wearing a USS Coral Sea cap.

First time volunteer, Melba Verzino and seasoned volunteer, Carl McGary directing people to tables so no one had to walk around looking for a place to sit.


at the Rollins Theater Movies are normally shown the second and fourth Monday each month in the Rollins Theater at 1 p.m. The dates and times may change as necessary. Per the Fire Code of Hillsborough County, seating capacity is limited to 145 attendees. Seating is reserved for Sun City Center Community Association members/guests who present current cards or a KP ID badge. Please note: There will only be one movie shown in August. August 14 • 1 p.m. only • A Dog’s Purpose (1 hour, 40 minutes) In 1962, eight-year-old Ethan and his mother rescue a Golden Retriever puppy from a hot car. Despite the reservations of Ethan’s father, the family adopts the pup they name Bailey. The two are inseparable during Ethan’s childhood and teen years, but when he goes to college he has to leave Bailey at home. While Ethan is away at school, the aging dog becomes sick, and Ethan makes it to the veterinarian just in time for their final goodbye. Ethan is inconsolable, but this is not the end of their bond. Bailey is reborn in the body of Ellie, a German Shepherd K-9 first responder with the Chicago Police Department, and no one is more surprised than the wiggly puppy who is still Ethan’s best friend. Bailey continues to return in other reincarnations, and though he is unsure why his soul keeps returning for new adventures, he will discover that the purpose of his many lifetimes is more crucial to his boy than he could have ever imagined. Based on the novel by W. Bruce Cameron. Starring: Britt Robertson, K. J. Apa, John Ortiz, Dennis Quaid, Josh Gad Rating: PG for thematic elements and some peril

4 - CA


August 2017

The News of Sun City Center

NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

Computer Club Monthly Meeting

There will be no Monthly Meeting in August. Computer Club Classes Sign up for your choice of class in the Computer Lab, (Atrium Building) Monday through Saturday, 12:30 - 5 p.m. Student must be a member in good standing at Sun City Center or Kings Point. Tuition is payable upon registration. For additional information email: Beverly Hiller, Education Director at For all the details, go to the Computer Club website www.scccomputerclub. org. Detailed information is also available in the computer lab. Buying a Computer – Monday, Aug 28, 9 – 11 This mini-class covers the decision of whether or not you need a new PC, the minimum hardware you should buy, the pros and cons of various hardware choices, and information on PC components.

Celebrate Authentic Oktoberfest With German American Club

George Washington is known as the father of our country, but Walter Geissler is the father of our very own German American Club of Sun City Center. In this picture Walter, his wife Esther, and current Vice President Paul Buerkle are welcoming guests to the 2016 German American Club’s Oktoberfest in Sun City Center Community Hall. They will be repeating that pleasant task Thursday October 12th, 2017 and would like to welcome you. No need to be German to enjoy this popular traditional German celebration. Mark the date in red and watch the News of Sun City Center for additional information, or call Paul Buerkle at 813-938-3049. All residents of Sun City Center, Kings Point, and guests are welcome.

Synchronized Swimmers Take Their Show on the Road

By Susan Muise Many members of the Swim Dancers, like most clubs in Sun City Center, take this time of year to visit their families or take advantage of having the summer off to travel. But it is also a great time for those swimmers not traveling to swim together with new ladies. The pool times available to the team are Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9 p.m., and Friday mornings at 7:30 a.m. The swimmers are happy to work with anyone interested to learn new swim skills and practice routines to music. Ladies from Kings Point and Sun City Center are encouraged to join the Swim Dancers. Wear your suit, bring a towel, and be ready to get in the pool. If you The Sun City Center Swim Dancers ready have further questions, please call Susan for a swim show with the synchronized team in The Villages. Muise at 633-2479.

Men Are Welcome to Join the SCC Lapidary Club

If you thought that jewelry making was a hobby enjoyed mainly by women, maybe this will change your mind! Two out of the four students in Kathy Bittman’s current bead stringing class are men. Bill Turley joined the club last year and has tried his hand at faceting stones and kumihimo beading, but likes bead stringing because it’s “not as tedious.” His necklace of colorful patterned beads Bead stringing class, (from left) Phil Mickel, Kathy Bittman, Bill Turley, shows great promise. A member since January, Phil Mickel Dorothy Paulhus and Linda Monahan. is still “trying to find his niche.” He took courses in wire wrapping, polymer clay forms, kumihimo and now bead stringing. He joined initially to learn the “chain maille” technique of joining dozens of silver rings into intricate patterns for bracelets and pendants. He is waiting for the class to be offered in the Fall. The necklace he’s making of tiger eye and gold beads is for his wife, and he wants to make jewelry for his granddaughters after a bit more practice. The techniques mentioned are just a few of those offered by the Sun City Center Lapidary Club. If you love jewelry and are looking for a creative outlet, stop by and join the club. You are sure to find your “niche!” The club and jewelry store are located in the Arts & Crafts Building, 915 E Cherry Hills Drive. The store will be closed August 1 to September 10. For more information, call 813-642-2084.

Metaphysical Society

SCC Fund Raiser Presentations • 10 a.m. • Wed. in the Heritage Room. Admission $1 with love offering requested to benefit our society. Bring your community ID to show. Info call Vicky at 813 398-7033. August 2 • “Healing with Sound Therapy”, a popular presenter will bring his Crystal and Tibetan bowls along with other unique sounds to demonstrate how sound transforms and heals consciousness at all levels. August 9 • “Unlocking the Writer Within”, Author Linda Bleser brings us tips and tricks to get started and continue when writing your book or memoirs and tells how metaphysical and spiritual practices fit in. Bring your notepad for notes. August 16 • “Collective Forces of Knowledge and Wisdom”, Frank Valentin, popular NDE presenter in Florida will speak from first hand experiences to help us understand the evolutionary part of the soul. August 23 • “7 Spiritual Life Lessons”, Rev Serena Hemmer will present Master Metaphysician Dr Mark Tong’s teachings on spiritual life lessons we continue through our lives until we identify and learn the knowledge needed to let go. August 30 • “Rock Healing”, James West, Qigong instructor well known in our community, brings us enlightenment of various gemstones and their healing properties within. Notepad for notes suggested.

SCC Stained Glass Club News

The Stained Glass Club in Sun City Center has chosen Sheryl Doom as the July 2017 Artist of the Month. Sheryl was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised in Dearborn, Michigan. Sheryl and her husband Ron have been coming to Sun City Center for about 20 years and knew this was the place where they wanted to be when they retired. They have been Sun City Center residents for seven years and are enjoying every minute of their social and physical activities. Sheryl has been doing stained glass for three years and has learned from many instructors and glass crafters. She says stained glass is awesome for forming new friends and gaining insight on the many happenings taking place in Sun City Center.

Sew ‘n Sews Donate to Women’s Center

Members of the Sun City Center Sew ‘n Sews delivered 16 bibs, 32 burp cloths, seven bags, 34 blankets, 12 quilts, and five changing pads to Choices Women’s Center in Ruskin. Choices is nonprofit and offers a variety of services to pregnant women, beginning contact with them starting with pregnancy and continues contact until the child reaches the age of one. Choices offers counseling and education. Participants earn Baby Bucks through their attendance and can spend them in the Baby Boutique where they can purchase items of clothing, blankets, diapers, wipes, formula and much more. All items are donated. Sew ‘n Sews members get together to create items for charity, as well as learn new skills and have fellowship with like-minded people. They welcome donations of fabrics, so they can continue to help those less fortunate. All the items donated to Choices were made from donated flannel fabric. Membership is open to all Sun City Center Community Association members. For information about Sew ‘n Sews, call Linda at 390-2377 or email “”.

Calling All Kindergarten Teachers! SCC Sawdust Engineers Offer Teaching Aids

Sun City Center’s Sawdust Engineers are looking for school teachers who need durable, well-made teaching aids in the form of toys, for their classroom students. The craftsmen and craftswomen of the Club have volunteered their time and skills to build some of the most creative and educational products that you’ll ever find. And the price is right. FREE! Forty different items are available to choose from. Here’s an example: dollhouse, puppet stage, snail puzzle, alphabet butterfly, color spinner, lacing trainer, shapes and variations. These toys and teaching aids can be used by children in preschool, kindergarten, first grade, those with learning disabilities, and those who learn best using visual and touch. Interested? Here’s what to do. Have a letter signed by your principal on school letterhead verifying your employment. Bring that along with your school identification card to our gift shop. There you will be allowed to choose one major item and five other smaller items, but no two alike. And you can come back each new school year to receive another set each of which has a value of more than $50. The Gift Shop hours are 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Mon-Fri, Saturday till noon during the summer months. We encourage you to call Annette (813-731-6502) to confirm a time for your arrival. These forty handmade items and many, many more are available for sale to the general public also. Come see us. You’ll love our Pictured here is just a sample of the toys toy and gift item selection. To learn more and teaching aids available at the gift about the club and see more photos, go to shop of the Sawdust Engineers in Sun City Facebook at Sawdust Engineers of SCC Center north campus complex.

The News of

Sun City Center

News Line: 813.938.7441 • Ad Line: 813.938.8721 • • August 2017

By Kai Rambow Even during rehearsal, the Blue Angels are exciting to watch. Six aircraft execute amazing maneuvers, but it takes a team of 130 top personnel to produce these airshows. We’re bringing you a behind the scenes look, including an interview with the squadron commander. One of the oldest flight demonstration squadrons, the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels have been thrilling spectators since 1946. They only perform in 34 cities every year, and this year were the headlining attraction at Sun ’n Fun in Lakeland. Best of the Best Only three demonstration pilots are chosen each year to join the Blue Angels. Pilots are with the Blue Angels for two years and half the team rotates every year. Each must be a carrier-qualified Navy or Marine aviator with at least 1,250 tactical jet flight hours. Flight leaders need 3,000 flight hours, and have commanded a tactical squadron. Cdr. Ryan Bernacchi, current flight leader, recalled what it was like making his first aircraft carrier landing. “When you do it for real, for the first time, your heart is racing, you’re looking for a soda straw. You have to have the confidence that the training will work. You keep your mind sharp and your eyes moving all the time and suddenly you’re hanging in your harness and you’re stopped. Then there’s some guy yelling and

Flying a tight diamond formation at high speed with only 18 inches of separation.

waving his arms to get you out of the landing area, so the next guy can land as you’re shaking. Then you’re right back on the catapult and you go again. Once you get the first few under your belt you start having fun. Like everything we do in naval aviation, it’s about preparation.” The First Challenge Blue Angels pilots fly without the benefit of G-suits. G-suits counteract high levels of acceleration force or G’s.

When under acceleration, blood pools in the lower part of the body, depriving the brain of blood and potentially leading to black outs. With only 18 inches of separation during tight formations, the inflation and deflation of G-suits would be a problem. Pilots train in centrifuges, working really hard on their breathing techniques to counteract G-forces. They begin with low G’s, practicing technique

and gradually increase to 6 and 7 G’s, becoming really good at handling it. Preparation and Practice Given the physical challenges, it shouldn’t be surprising that pilots focus hard on fitness, diet and making sure they’re hydrated when flying. Starting in November, the team practices six days a week, sometimes with three flights in a day. First a briefing, practice flight, followed by a thorough debriefing. Then, repeat the process. Bernacchi explained, “When we start we’re in a loose formation and we focus on the procedures. We start 10 to 15 feet apart and bring it in to 18 inches apart. We progress from loose sets at high altitude to closer sets at lower altitudes. I think like everything we do, it’s a mental focus challenge. We do a lot of training and practice. We do this 120 times before the first airshow.” It Takes a Village “We have 130 people who are the support team. That’s what it takes to make an air show happen,” emphasized Bernacchi. “It’s not just the pilots, it’s the team. Everyone has an indispensable role. We place immense trust in each other.”

Blue continued on 6.

Sun City Center is Alive with Music The Sun City Center Men’s Chorus

By Ilona Merritt It was another lovely spring Sunday afternoon in Sun City Center and music was in the air. The Sun City Center Men’s Choral group presented their spring concert, “A Musical Potpourri.” The concert was performed under the skilled direction of Mr. Lynn Hirschfeld, with piano accompaniment by Ms. Claire Hadley. As the title indicates, it was a potpourri of songs, many of them not heard very often anymore. From beginning to end, it was a delightful concert and the audience was well pleased. The SCC Men’s Chorus is one of first organizations started in Sun City Center,


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currently gearing up for their 51st season. The current membership is 35 talented men and Lynn Hirschfeld will continue as director with Claire Hadley as accompanist. Tom Hinkebein is the president and can be reached at (573837-3041). The typical Men’s Chorus repertoire for each season includes a dozen or more songs. Some songs are traditional or seasonal, while others are tied to the music history of Broadway and of our country…some humorous, some sentimental, and some patriotic, but all are tunes familiar to most concert attendees. Rehearsals are every Wednesday at St. Andrew Presbyterian

Church on 1239 Del Webb Blvd W., Sun City Center from 2 to 4 p.m., beginning September through April. Come share your vocal skills while building friendships with those who enjoy singing. The Men’s Chorus will be performing their next main concert on December 10, 2017 at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church. Two main concerts are performed each year, comprising one concert during the Christmas season and one during the spring season. Concerts and rehearsals are held at St. Andrew Church through the generosity of that congregation. In addition to these two main concerts,

the chorus performs a variety of concerts in and around our community for various clubs, organizations and groups. The chorus is well known in the area for its involvement in a variety of civic and charitable performances. Anyone interested in having the Men’s Chorus perform for an organization or venue is encouraged to contact the Chorus as early as possible to make arrangements, since performances are limited and fill up quickly. In addition to the full Chorus, there is a smaller group of ten men and two quartets, from within the Chorus, available to perform for the listening pleasure of your organization.

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August 2017

The News of Sun City Center

What’s MOSAIC All About?

The Editor’s Corner Holding on Tight as Time Roars By By E. Adam Porter Editor, News of Sun City Center It’s August, and around our house that means celebrating two birthdays. My eldest and middle sons both have August birthdays...though more than a few years separate them. The big guy hits 24 this year. We will have to celebrate with him on Skype, as he’s currently in Korea at the request of the USAF. So, we put gifts in the mail, and when we chat him up in a week or so, we’ll ask if they made it in time. Cake will have to wait until he comes home on leave in October. The middle guy, who will be eight this year, is a lot closer to home. This past weekend, we chaperoned his Scout Pack’s overnight camping trip to Lowry Park Zoo. The big hit of the trip was the “Dinos Alive!” exhibit of animatronic dinosaurs. That was two days ago, and I can hear Middle Guy right now, just down the hall, pretending to be a dinosaur with his little brother. They’re stomping and growling and roaring for all they’re worth. Funny thing, though, if I listen hard enough, I can hear their big brother in there with them. He was also a dino kid at that age, and I can hear the echo of his roar in his little brothers’ voices. Boyhood in stereo reaching across time. As I sit here, listening to memories, I’m reminded once again what a trickster time can be. It gives us so much, and often takes that and more. This truth might be more than any of us could handle, if those gifts were not so precious. That same middle kid, who was roaring his loudest down the hall, just ran in

and gave his old man a big hug. “Hug me tighter, daddy," he asks. "Tight as you can.” And I do, every chance I get. Eight years old doesn’t last forever. I know if I blink, he’ll be 24, looking me in the eye as his big brother does now. And I will be just as proud of him as I am of that big brother. Those boys don’t know it yet, but there’s few better gifts a dad can get than a boy who’s now a man grown, who can look him in the eye with the pride that comes from knowing, even just a little bit, what it means to be a man ... and being willing to shoulder that responsibility with enthusiasm and confidence. These past few years I’ve watched the Big Guy make that transformation, and it thrills me to see who he is becoming as he makes his way in the world. Every once in a while, I hear myself coming out of his mouth. I just hope he held onto more of the hits than the misses. On his way to his next duty station, the Big Guy plans a brief visit home. A few short weeks with us this fall, and he will be off again. Before he leaves, I plan to hug his neck, tight as I can. He’ll probably be thinking about making his flight and all the adventures that await him at his new base and in this new chapter in his life. I’ll be thinking about those things too… and about how proud I am of him. So, I’ll hug him tighter. He’ll absorb it, tolerating dad, but wondering why. For now, he’ll have to go on wondering. How could I explain ... he’d never understand if I told him... it’s because of dinosaurs.

By Paula Lickfeldt This past spring, the Conservation Committee of the SCC Women’s Club hosted their second annual conservation event. Richard Ghent, SR Manager, Public Affairs of the MOSAIC Co. was the guest speaker. The MOSAIC Co. is the world’s largest leading producer of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients, as well as a single global supplier of phosphates. MOSAIC, helps the world grow the food it needs by striving to produce and deliver the highest quality, most innovative crop nutrition products. In the year 2017, there are 7.3 billion people that need to be fed, in our world. By the year 2050, there will be 9 billion. The question is: “How do we feed a growing population and protect our Earth?” So much of what we hear today is speculation and not science. During the ages of the glaciers, Florida was covered by a phosphorous-rich ocean. As the glaciers formed and moved, the water was used for “glacial growth” and the land came up out of its water covering. As the glaciers shrank and receded, there was water from the melting ice and the land area that would become Florida was once again covered by a phosphorous-rich ocean. Phosphorous is one of the three main components of fertilizer. Fertilizer is the

leading export of the Tampa Bay area. As well as mining phosphorous and preparing it for export, MOSAIC is dedicated to reclaiming the land for future generations after the mining is finished. “We take a great deal of pride in our work at MOSAIC and our positive contributions, preservation and enhancement of Florida’s environment,” says Tom Myers assistant vice president of mining. MOSAIC has worked with ecologists and consultants to develop habitat management plans for all forms of displaced wildlife. The Scrub Jay and the Burrowing Owl are two success stories. In Hillsborough County you can visit any one of these formerly mined public parks; Balm Boyette Scrub Preserve Mountain Bike Trail, 13998 BalmBoyette Rd., Lithia; Dover District Park, 2920 N Gallagher Rd., Dover; Edward Medard Park, 5726 Panther Loop, Plant City; Hillsborough County Fairgrounds, 215 Sydney Washer Rd., Dover; Alafia River State Park, 14326 South County Rd 39, Lithia. Anne Rankin and Patsie Ginley both on the Conservation Committee of the SCC Women’s Club put together a wonderful display of things that can be made from recycled supplies. Their motto is Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose. Good advice for all of us.

The News of

Sun City Center

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Adam with his sons, Christian, Brendan and Sawyer, headed to a Scout meeting during Chris’ last leave.

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August 2017

The News of Sun City Center


1509 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center • 813-633-2020 • FAX 813-633-6403 MARGARET “MARGE” CONNOLLY, Lic R.E. Broker • Excellence and Integrity

Sun City Center & Kings Point

SAHARA II Almost 1900 heated Square feet for your enjoyment!! Screened front entry is ideal for your morning coffee enjoyment. Decorator front door opens to a proper foyer and on to your updated kitchen with re-surfaced light cabinets, crown molding, under cabinet lighting plus some pullouts. This is a nicely furnished turnkey unit with a spacious garage with extra storage. $ 1505 Laughton Place 149,900 PENDING

Unfurnished Annual Tenancy Welcome to this beautiful expanded Saone with a fabulous view of the 3rd hole of Renaissance Golf Course plus a calming water view. Paver driveway and walkway enhance the great curb appeal. A leaded glass door leads you into this open floor plan where you are met by crown molding, a custom speaker surround system, rounded corners and custom light fixtures. The Den/3rd bedroom/ study has a newly built in bookcase and engineered wood flooring. Granite counters and tile backsplash in kitchen with its 42 inch cherry cabinets with pull out shelving and top of the line GE Profile appliances. Master bathroom has custom tile and faucets. The 25x09 Florida room leads to a 10x25 outdoor screened room. $ 1011 Emerald Dunes Drive 299,000

For Sale

1011 Emerald Dunes Dr 1921 East View Drive 2020 Grantham Greens 1938 Eastview Dr 1213 Eastloch Ct 1505 Laughton Place 1206 Radison Ave 2213 Nantucket Drive 1603 Hovington 1539 Chevy Chase 1637 Costa Street 301 Kings Blvd 125 202 Bedford Trl E105 2203 Canterbury Ln 1903 Canterbury B-22 1802 Bedford Terr H-179

2/2 $299,000 Exp Saone Golf & Water 10x25 Screen Lanai 3/2 $255,000 Tradewinds Lge Home Grt Neighbhd SOLD 2/ $204,900 + Den Golf & Wtr View Pets Okay PENDING 2/2 $199,900 Cust Advantage Caloosa Contry Cl SOLD 2/2 $155,000 Dedham Fully Furnished with GOLF PENDING 2/2 $149,900 SAHARA II Turnkey! Furnished PENDING 2/2 $146,900 Gloucester Plan Total Update KPW PENDING 1/1 $123,000 Amesbury Immaculate Close To So Club SOLD 2/2 $122,000 Brentwood II Newer Kitchen, Gran SOLD 2/1 $99,000 Villa Updated kitchen, Grt room, Scn Porch 1/1 $98,000 M-1 Close to Everything Large Lani+ PENDING 2/2 $74,900 Mansard Newly Remodeled Kitchen & Bath 2/2 $69,900 Mansard Tile Thruout New Roof April 2017 2/2 $59,900 Stuart New Flooring, Cabinets & Counter Tops 1/1 $57,900 Oversized Master Bedroom, Inside Laun PENDING 1/1.5 Fully Furnished & Ready For You Close to N Club SOLD

1633 Bentwood 1918 N Pebble Beach 104 Cactusflower 1229 Caloosa Creek 1717 N Pebble Beach 713 Thunderbird Ave 1219 Wild Feather Ln

2/2/2C 2+ Den/2/2G 2/2/2G 2/2/2G 3/2/2G 2/2/1G 2/2/2G

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TWINTREE Water So Pacific Water North End Beauty POOL / Golf Perfect Cozy Size Fresh As a Daisy

RENTED Available 7/15 RENTED Available 8/15 Available 7/15 RENTED Available 9/15

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Appealing Renaissance GLF-WTR Close In Water – 2 Story South Lake Newer Kitchen Napoli – Sharp Wtr Vw-Fairway Palms

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Available Nov - April Available OCT - FEB



August 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Hello All Crafters and Artisans

It’s that time of year to think “Craft Fair!” The Sun City Center Woman’s Club is hosting a fundraising craft fair September 29 and 30 at SouthShore United Church of Christ, 1501 La Jolla Ave. Sun City Center. The Craft Fair will be open to the public Friday 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Set up for vendors Thursday, September 28, 12 - 3 p.m. and Friday, September 29, 7 a.m. The cost of a 6-foot table with two chairs is only $30. Please forward your application and check made out to Sun City Center Woman’s Club no later than September 10.. The information for mailing is included on the application. For questions feel free to contact Sally Anne Barclay at (813) 634-2912 or email “”. We sincerely hope you’ll consider being a part of this fundraising event to benefit AMIKids YES Wimauma and The SouthShore Campaign Against Human Trafficking. To learn more about AMIKids YES call (813) 671-5213 or visit www. To learn more about The Campaign Against Human TraffickingSouthShore call (813) 603-3100 or visit

Ohio Club Indoor Picnic August 27

Ohio members, It’s time for our annual indoor picnic with great food, good friends, music, dancing, plus prizes for the most colorful western wear. This is all in keeping with our country western theme! Our buffet dinner will be catered by Banquet Masters, and will include the following: a garden salad bar, potato salad, pasta salad, rolls and butter, hamburgers and hot dogs with condiments and sauerkraut, baked beans, corn on the cob, all topped off with their great dessert bar. This is a BYOB event but decaf coffee, iced tea, and ice water will be provided. We will be entertained by Troy Coman with a blend of 50/60’s and country with line dancing. Prizes will be awarded for members or guests with the most colorful or authentic western outfits. This party is set for Sunday, August 27, in the Florida Room with the doors opening at 5 p.m. The price is $15 per member, $17 per guest. You may make your reservations now by getting your check made out to the Ohio Club, to Valerie Graves at 2218 North Creek Court. Checks may be put in the Ohio Club mailbox on the porch. Tables of eight may be reserved with full payment for the table.

SCC Physical Therapist Recognized by National Association

By Diane M. Loeffler People often refer to Sun City Center as a retirement community. Perhaps the majority of the residents are not engaged in paid employment, but our 55 and older community has individuals in the workforce than you might realize. Some of these residents are still excelling in their profession and receiving awards. This June, two South Hillsborough County residents, Dr. Linda Eargle of Sun City Center and Dr. Sheila Nicholson of Fishhawk, were recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association, an organization with almost 100,000 members, at its 73rd Annual House of Delegates. Dr. Eargle completed her term as one of five members elected to the APTA Nominating Committee; Dr. Nicholson completed her first term on the APTA Board of Directors and was elected to a second term. Eargle will continue to serve as an adjunct faculty member at the University of South Florida’s physical therapist program, an on-site team leader for the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education, an instructor for APTA’s clinical instructor course, an instructor for the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy’s certificate course in Exercise Expert for Aging Adults, chair of the Bylaws and co-chair of the Leadership and Mentoring committees of the Florida Physical Therapy Association (FPTA). Eargle also is active in our community where she is a member of the Sun City Center Emergency Squad.

Back row: Jennifer, Keith, Linda, Kelly Eargle. Front row: Haley and Lyndi Eargle.

GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club

Bunco is alive and well in Sun City Center. The fourth Wednesday of each month at 9 a.m. we meet in the Sandpiper Room in the Atrium. A group of Woman’s Club members and guests meet to play a rousing game of Bunco. Reservations are not required. If you can’t remember how to play we will show you the game. We have prizes and a light snack. It’s an excellent way to introduce your friends and neighbors to the GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club. We finish by 11:30 a.m. If you want further information email “”.

Men’s Club Honors Vietnam Vets

By Jay Sparkman The Sun City Center Men’s Club honored members of the club who are veterans of the Vietnam War at the club’s June meeting. Veterans who served in the armed forces during the years 1955 to 1975 are considered Vietnam Veterans. More than 60 members of the SCC Men’s Club served during the Vietnam Era. Lt. Col. Gordon Bassett, USAF retired, was guest speaker and spoke about the myths and facts of the Vietnam conflict. Jan Bassett, a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, spoke about the DAR and the United States Defense Department cooperating and honoring Vietnam Vets this year. Members of the DAR presented each veteran in attendance with a Vietnam Service lapel pin.

Pictured are, from left, Don Murphy, Men’s Club President; Lt. Col. Gordon Bassett, USAF-retired; Art Smith, program chair; Jan Bassett, DAR; and Dick Tyrrell, program MC. The SCC Men’s Club is open to residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point. For more info call Jon Lehr at 813 260 3058.

70 and Gorgeous, His ’47 Buick Is Something Special

It took Jim Shannon 16 years of off-and-on work to make his 1947 Buick Special Sedanette the Golden Bronze thing of beauty selected as July Cruiser of the Month for the Roamin’ Oldies Car Club. When he brought the now 70-year-old Buick to his home near Lakeland, he said, “I loved that 21-tooth grille, but it was pretty rough. I was working full time and didn’t have a lot of time to spare.” After retiring in 2014, he finished the top-tobottom restoration in another two years. It’s a pleasure to drive on the highway, Jim says. Powered by a 401-cubic-inch “Nailhead” Buick V8 and fitted with automatic transmission, air conditioning and power brakes, it combines contemporary drivability with the style and flash of the late 1940’s. The Roamin’ Oldies host a cruise-in from 6 to 8:30 p.m. the first Thursday of every month in the Apollo Beach Winn-Dixie Plaza on US-41, with a rain date the following Thursday. About 100 of the area’s finest antique and collectible cars often take part, accompanied by classic oldies music played by DJ Joey Ferrante. Event sponsors include Thompson’s Auto Parts and Christopher Ligori & Associates Law Firm. For information, call Chet at 813-842-1511.

Jim Shannon’s 1947 Buick Special Sedanette is the Roamin’ Oldies July Cruiser of the Month.

August 2017

The News of Sun City Center


New York Club News

The New York Club will be having a Luau on Tuesday September 5 in the Kings Point Veterans Theatre at 5 p.m. Music by Daniel Fugazzotto. Food by Banquet Masters which includes salad bar, chicken with pineapple, mahi mahi with mango salsa, lasagna with meat and dessert, coffee and soda. Price $25 for members and $27.50 for guests. For further information please contact Frank Gatto at 633-8942.

Grant Period for Interfaith Social Action Council Changed

The time period for submitting grants to the Sun City Center Interfaith Social Action Council has been changed this year to run from August first to September 15. The grant committee encourages nonprofit organizations with an IRS approved 501(3)(c) number or a school with an 85-8012621971-c-8 designation to submit a grant request. To obtain a PDF, Microsoft Word, or printed copy of the application form and cover letter, contact Chairperson Doug Campbell at 813-938-1831 or “”.

Pictured here with Acting Chief Mike Bardell are Dee Kelly, President of the Association, and Linda Grabowski, the coordinator of the event.

North Lake Association and Yacht Club Donates to the Sun City Emergency Squad

The Sun City Center Emergency Squad was the beneficiary of a donation from the North Lake Association and Yacht Club which raised funds during their Annual Duck Races on North Lake. Funds are raised by residents purchasing a duck to participate in the race. Approximately 30-40 residents participated in the races and the proceeds of $400 was contributed to the Squad.

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Pictured here are Acting Chief Mike Bardell, CFO Marty Gifford, Rob Munns of AmCap, Greg Waltz, Jr. and Greg Waltz of Mack, Mack & Waltz; Chris Conza and Justin Dorr of AmCap; Mike ALbanese, Asst. Chief, Safety; and Board Chair, Eileen Peco

Brick Pavers Done by real Professionals! We have 30 Years of Hand’s on Brick Pavers Installation Experience

Donation to Emergency Squad

American Capital Insurance Corporation, the property insurance Carrier for the Federation of Kings Point, visited the Emergency Squad and presented a donation of $7,500 for the third year in a row. This year’s donation will be used to purchase a new computer and video equipment for training Squad personnel as EMRs, drivers and dispatchers. Their donations in past years were used to purchase needed Toughbook laptops for the Squad crews and to update the Squad Training Center to protect against storms. The Squad thanks American Capital Insurance Corporation and Mack, Mack & Waltz Insurance Agency for their ongoing support for the residents of the Greater Sun City Center area.



H Very 0 0 r5

appy Cust om ers

200 Off


in Sun

City Cen


Exp. 08/31/17

By Jay Sparkman The Ladies Department has been selected as Department of the Month for the month of July. These hardworking volunteers sort, examine, categorize, and display the ladies garment donations that the Nearly New Shop receives from donors in the Greater Sun City Center area. Pictured from left are, Erika Beverly, Lorraine McDaniel, Kathy Woelfel, Linda Maslyk, vice-president of SCC Interfaith Council, Marion Giblin, and Chris Botting. The Nearly New Shop is totally staffed by volunteers and volunteers are always needed. For information about the Nearly New Shop and the SCC Interfaith Council go to www.InterfaithCouncilofSunCityCenter. com or call 813-642-9099.

Any Project of $2,500 or More

Not Valid with any other offer

300 Off


813-685-3900 Exp. 08/31/17

Coupons must be presented at time of contract.

Any Project of $5,000 or More

Not Valid with any other offer

401 South Parsons, Brandon, FL Call for showroom hours


Travertine / Pool Tile Remodeling

Nearly New Selects Department of the Month

Driveways / Pool Decks / Patios

Coupons must be presented at time of contract.

813-685-3900 • FREE ESTIMATES!! • Fully Licensed & Insured


August 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Blue continued from 1. Even with access for interviews and photos, we only saw a small part of the behind the scenes activities. Logistical support for each airshow includes 35,000 pounds of cargo and 40 personnel to every show site. Bernacchi concluded, “The flying is

great, but my favorite part is being part of this team. It makes it so incredibly rewarding to go to work every day as a Blue Angel.” Special thanks to Sun’n Fun and the Blue Angels, the United States Navy flight demonstration squadron.

SCC Photo Club Names Grand Masters

Solo pilots performing an “opposing knife-edge” pass.

Tight turn at low altitude.

The Sun City Center Photo Club has established the Grand Master’s Award, which exists in many other photographic groups that participate in competitions. The Sun City Center Photo Club has four competitions throughout the year and two at the end of the year, called The Quad Four and The Best of the Best Competitions. This is a lifetime honor that titles the recipient as a Grand Master from that time forward. To receive the title of Grand Master, the person honored must have produced ten perfect photographs in Sun City Center Photo Club Competitions. Ten perfect scores are very, very difficult to attain, because it means that the photograph being judged has no faults. The competitions are judged by professional photographers who have many years of experience and most are currently working at their art. We have two recipients of this prestigious award for 2017. One is Rolf Sulzberger, who has been a longtime photographer, beginning his career with a Kodak Box Camera and was mentored by local professional photographers who taught him some of their skills and techniques. In college, Rolf earned enough money teaching photography to purchase his first car. He took the Prom photos for his school and taught photography for the local YMCA. Rolf was an active member of photography clubs in New England, where he was a teacher and competition judge. Rolf moved to Sun City Center in 1993 and joined the local club here and also the Camera Club of Sarasota. Jackie Hanson is our other Grand Master recipient, and she has been a member of the Sun City Center Photo Club for about five years and has been using a digital camera for about the same amount of time. Before learning the Sony digital camera, Jackie shot with a Minolta Film Camera. When film became outdated, a switch to the digital medium was a requirement. With this change, a computer was also required and lots of learning just to use the computer and then the photographic programs that go with the computer. Jackie has won numerous awards in the Florida Camera Club Council Competitions, which are ongoing throughout the year. The Grand Master’s Award is a beautiful plaque with additional plates to be engraved for future winners. It will be on permanent displayed in the Photo Lab.

Afib? On Medication? We have an alternative

First in the Region Patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation (NVAF) are often prescribed warfarin or other blood thinners to reduce the possible risk of stroke. The Manatee Heart and Vascular Center at Manatee Memorial Hospital is the first in the region to provide patients with NVAF the option to receive the WATCHMANTM Left Atrial Appendage (LAA) Closure Device.

How it Works Doctors implant the WATCHMAN device with a catheter through a vein in the leg, where it is guided to the opening of the LAA. The physician uses the delivery catheter to open the device up like an umbrella. The implant helps to close off the LAA and catch harmful blood clots before they enter the bloodstream and potentially cause a stroke. Based on manufacturer clinical trial data, most people can discontinue blood thinners within 45 days of the implant.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call the Structural Heart Nurse Navigator at 941.708.8064.

Physicians are on the medical staff of Manatee Memorial Hospital, but, with limited exceptions, are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Manatee Memorial Hospital. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians. 170160

206 Second Street East Bradenton, FL 34208

Get social with us

August 2017

33573 33573 is provided by Debbie Caneen, Director of Admissions, Sun Towers from items submitted for publication. To submit events for future publications, send them by the 15th of the prior month. Debbie also publishes Ads and Events, a weekly e-mail containing information about what’s happening in 33573. Your event will also appear in the weekly Ads and Events e-mail and on the website Send all events by e-mail to sccfreeads@ You only need to submit your Event one time each month for it to appear in both The News of Kings Point and SCC Ads and Events. SPECIAL EVENTS Please include all basic information, especially Price (or list it’s Free) and Contact Information (phone, e-Mail, or website). Six lines maximum. Send to: As soon as space permits, we will put it in the weekly e-Mail and it will run until event date passes. You do not need to submit it again. PLEASE NOTE: This area is for SPECIAL EVENTS only. WEEKLY, MONTHLY, or ONGOING EVENTS are listed on our website under WEEKLY & MONTHLY MEETINGS at w w w. S C C Ad s A n d Ev e nt s . c o m which is updated every weekend.


8:30 a.m. - WIDOWER’S WELLNESS G R O U P at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. Widower’s Wellness Group: “ Our experience has shown that grief is an ongoing journey and it varies; for some it’s constant, others it’s intermittent and some are ambushed by unexpected bursts of anger, grief or fear. We invite YOU to attend a meeting and witness the camaraderie and healing that comes from “listening and unsolicited sharing” of the experiences of men like yourself who’ve lost their spouse. For more information contact Jim Clarke 813-6255665 or 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - KINGS POINT QUILTERS in Fiber Arts Rooms 1 & 2 Kings Point Clubhouse. Work on charity quilts for both veterans and hospitalized children. Work on items to be sold the profits of which help defray the cost of the charity quilt supplies. Personal projects also done at this time. Guest speakers and workshops planned throughout the year. New members always welcome. Unwanted sewing related items gladly accepted. Contact Sandy Nunn, President (813)642-8961.

The News of Sun City Center 9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. TRIMNASTICS CLUB meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at the Dance Studio, SCC Atrium Bldg. All SCC and KP members are welcome to join. Low impact exercise (stretching / bending). 10:00 a.m. - MONDAY “FOR TODAY” MEETING OF OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS at the Sun City Chamber of Commerce, 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center, FL. The meeting room (private entrance to meeting is on the left side of the building). The only requirement for attending is a desire to change your eating behaviors and stop compulsively eating. No scales, dues or fees. This meeting is open only to those who have a problem with their weight or eating patterns. You can learn more about OA online at http://www. or call Jan at 813/633-3932.


9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. TRIMNASTICS CLUB meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at the Dance Studio, SCC Atrium Bldg. All SCC and KP members are welcome to join. Low impact exercise (stretching / bending). 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. LINE DANCING WITH A BALANCE at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. Do you like to dance but are worried about falling? Join our new FREE line dancing class lead by trained therapists. This weekly class will improve your balance and reduce your risk of falling. We can boot, scoot and boogie safely together and make exercise fun! For more information, call Debbie Caneen at 813-892-2990. 10:00 a.m. HEALTHY LIFESTYLES MeetUp - Kings Point Sun City Center at South Clubhouse. Our Optional Walking Meetups: Your choice: walk 2 or 4 miles. Some walk faster; some walk slower. Everyone is welcome; Joanie, Suzanne and Caroline will walk with you. 10:30 - 11:30 a.m. UKULELE JAM SESSION at Music Avenue, 3822 Sun City Center Blvd, SCC. Ukulele players are invited to jam weekly with other ukulele players. To reserve your seat at the studio phone Steve or Ruth, 633-9688. Space is limited. 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. LIFE CHALLENGES SUPPORT GROUP at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. Live your life fully with zest and joy! Rid yourself of depression, anxiety, frustrations with family, children, friends, life changes, health problems, finances and more. No appointment is necessary. Sponsored by the Coalition for Mental Health and Aging. 2:30 p.m. - “PARTY IN A CHAIR” at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. bring the joy of movement, imagination and playfulness back into your life! Christie Dyer, Certified Ageless Grace Educator facilitates. This party will exercise your brain and you will receive the benefit of joint flexibility, memory recall, creativity, imagination, laughter, breathing, balance and more. Every session is different and done seated. All are welcome to join in! For more info call Debbie Caneen at 813892-2990.


9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon - LEARN TO WEAVE in the Weaving Studio in the North campus


each Monday and Wednesday for 8 weeks starting 10/17 The art of weaving is taught. $75 cost includes lessons, yarns for a sampler and one project, membership in the club for a year and equipment fee. This is a great opportunity to try something new and get out of the heat. Sign up in the studio or call 813 642-8239. 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. THERAPEUTIC TAI CHI OPEN TO THE PUBLIC at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Our therapists have advanced training in therapeutic Tai Chi for Seniors and will provide guidance in this healthy exercise. Tai Chi has been proven to increase strength and balance! This class will be offered EVERY Wednesday due to increased demand. For more information, contact Debbie Caneen at 813-634-3347. 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon MAN to MAN LIFE SUPPORT GROUP meets weekly in the conference room behind the SCC MEN’S CLUB building on Cherry Hills Drive. The purpose of our group is for men to learn new coping skills, find hope in their circumstances, help answer questions about life, and support other men while they are fixing the broken things that concern them and their families. All men of SCC and nearby communities are welcome to come and try our group in complete confidence and free of charge. For more information about the Group, contact Ken Barringer at 633-8490 or Bill Spedding at 938-3126. Sponsored by the Coalition for Mental Health and Aging. 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. - FRONT PORCH PICKERS - LIVE MUSIC! Rollins Theatre, 970 Cherry Hills Drive. Country, bluegrass, traditional and gospel music on acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, ukulele, dobro and bass fiddle. Free program. Call (813) 633-6739.


9:00 a.m. - “FOR TODAY” MEETING OF OVEREATERS ANONYMOUS at the Sun City Chamber of Commerce, 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center, FL. The meeting room (private entrance to meeting is on the left side of the building). The only requirement for attending is a desire to stop compulsively eating. This meeting is open only to those who have a problem with their weight or eating patterns. Contact Peg S. at 516/578-5285 for meeting details. You can learn more about OA online at http://www. 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - KINGS POINT QUILTERS in Fiber Arts Rooms 1 & 2 Kings Point Clubhouse. Work on charity quilts for both veterans and hospitalized children. Work on items to be sold the profits of which help defray the cost of the charity quilt supplies. Personal projects also done at this time. Guest speakers and workshops planned throughout the year. New members always welcome. Unwanted sewing related items gladly accepted. Contact Sandy Nunn, President (813)642-8961. 9:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. TRIMNASTICS CLUB meet Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at the Dance Studio, SCC Atrium Bldg. All SCC and KP members are welcome to join. Low impact exercise (stretching / bending). 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. MARY PETRO PROGRAM FOR FOOD AND MEDICINE at the South Shore United Church of Christ, 1501 La Jolla Ave. The Mary Petro Program is funded by the

Community Foundation of Tampa Bay and provides financial assistance to residents for food and medicine. To qualify, residents must be full time residents of Sun City Center or Kings Point, must fill out an application and meet income guidelines, must present income verification documents and either a SCC or KP identification card. For more information, please visit our office or call 813-634-8306. If you are a new or current client of the Mary Petro Program in Sun City Center or Kings Point and have a pet cat and you are in need of cat food for your pet, please visit our Pet Pantry for assistance. The Cat Lovers Club of Sun City Center donates cat food each month to the Mary Petro Program to assist our clients. 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. SINGLE DECK PINOCHLE CLUB meets in the Sandpiper Room North Campus. Come early for a partner. E-Mail for more information or questions.


9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - KINGS POINT QUILTERS in Fiber Arts Rooms 1 & 2 Kings Point Clubhouse. Work on charity quilts for both veterans and hospitalized children. Work on items to be sold the profits of which help defray the cost of the charity quilt supplies. Personal projects also done at this time. Guest speakers and workshops planned throughout the year. New members always welcome. Unwanted sewing related items gladly accepted. Contact Sandy Nunn, President (813)642-8961.


9:30 - 10:30 a.m. at the Atrium Dance Studio. Jazzmatazz Dance Club instructor and choreographer, Diane LeFrancois is teaching beginning jazz classes. No previous experience is required. Classes are $5 per session.



2:30 p.m. at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. bring the joy of movement, imagination and playfulness back into your life! Christie Dyer, Certified Ageless Grace Educator facilitates. This party will exercise your brain and you will receive the benefit of joint flexibility, memory recall, creativity, imagination, laughter, breathing, balance & more! Every session is different and done seated. All are welcome to join in! For more info call Debbie Caneen at 813-892-2990.


Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. Provided by Sun Towers Outpatient Therapy. The Founder of the Stross Law Firm, Mr. Howard Stross will be speaking at the American Lung Association Better Breathers’ Club Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant, Jennipher Lenoir will close the meeting with Therapeutic Tai Chi focused on breathing techniques. For additional information call the Outpatient Therapy Department at 813-634-3347 Ext.148 Annettia Simpson RRT, the Director of Sun Towers Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding pulmonary disease management.

THU. AUG 3 - DEM CLUB AUGUST MEETING 1:00 p.m. for Meet ‘n Mingle

33573 to 8.

Metaphysical Society Fair

A Special Treat for Your Spiritual, Mental, and Physical Interests

703 Del Webb Blvd. W., Suite B Sun City Center • 813-634-3396


Saturday, August 12, 2017 • 10 am - 4 pm Michelle Halcomb, D.D.S. General Dentistry

Tooth Pain • Crowns • Dental Implants • Partials Cleanings • Sedation Dentistry • Whitening Dentures • Bridges • Porcelain Veneers Cosmetic Dentistry

Lic#s 6193,9109,11099,15756,D1713809

Spiritual Readers, Intuitives, Vendors, and More

Free Admission • Open to the Public

Chamber of Commerce, Banquet Hall 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center, FL 33573

For Info: 813-398-7033


33573 from 7.

with refreshments. General Meeting at 1:30 p.m. at the (golf cart friendly) Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce, 1651 Sun City Center Plaza, Sun City Center on the first Thursday of the month. On August 3, join your fellow Democrats to welcome Craig Latimer, Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections. All Democrats and like-minded individuals are invited and encouraged to attend this free event. Learn how to get involved. Please visit and Like our Facebook page at or website: for more information.


p.m. at the Courtyards. $15 per dinner for lasagna dinner includes Italian sausage, bread, salad and dessert to benefit the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. RSVP by August 1st to 813-642-8950.


Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. Widower’s Wellness Group: “A group of men who have lost their spouse committed to listening and unsolicited sharing”. Our experience has shown that grief is an ongoing journey and it varies; for some it’s constant, others it’s intermittent and some are ambushed by unexpected bursts of anger, grief or fear. We invite YOU to attend a meeting and witness the camaraderie and healing that comes from “listening and unsolicited sharing” of the experiences of men like yourself who’ve lost their spouse. For more information contact Jim Clarke 813-625-5665 or jfclarke32@


1:30 - 2:30 p.m. Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. Speaker this month: Dr. Reyna Bragg, NCCAOM and Florida State Board Certified Diplomat Physician of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine. Dr. Bragg utilizes a holistic approach integrating the Eastern and Western medical philosophy in order to best complement and address your health care needs. She is treating patients on Mondays and Tuesdays, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. at 1647 Sun City Center Plaza Suite 202B. To schedule an appointment please call 941-301-6940. Facilitator for this group: “Tari” Williams, MPT (Masters of Physical Therapy) with Sun Towers Retirement Community Outpatient Therapy. FREE Valet service provided at Terrace Entrance (blue awning). For more info 813-892-2990 Learn what you can do to reduce your pain today.


Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. SCC. Widower’s Wellness Group: “A group of men who have lost their spouse committed to listening and unsolicited sharing”. Our experience has shown that grief is an ongoing journey and it varies; for some it’s constant, others it’s intermittent and some are ambushed by unexpected bursts of anger, grief or fear. We invite YOU to attend a meeting and witness the camaraderie and healing that comes from “listening and unsolicited sharing” of the experiences of men like yourself who’ve lost

August 2017

The News of Sun City Center their spouse. For more information contact Jim Clarke 813-625-5665 or jfclarke32@


6:30 – 8 p.m. at the SouthShore Regional Library, 15816 Beth Shields Way, Ruskin in the John Crawford Art Education Studio. Join art instructor Bruce Marsh for this afternoon class and learn some techniques in drawing. Bruce comes with an abundance of knowledge and this class has always been popular with people wanting to brush up on their drawing skills or learn a new technique. Limit 22. Must be 16 years and older. Registration required. Funding for this program provided by a grant from the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay. Questions? Call (813) 273-3652.


a.m. St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 1239 Del Webb Blvd, Sun City Center. Hearing loss can affect our brain and memories. Hearing loss increases the risk of dementia and serious falls. The BraniFit program can improve your listening and language skills. Speaker: Dr. Al Turri, Au.D., Beyond Hearing, Sun City Center

WED. AUG 16 - LOW VISION SUPPORT GROUP 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.

at Sun Towers Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. Do you wonder how others with Low Vision advance through their day? Do they receive care from outside sources? What adaptive vision devices successfully assist them? Each need is different but if we gather to share our resources, we all benefit! Attend this support group where challenges are met with resources and where members inspire others with their successes. FREE VALET PARKING for Cars and Golf Carts at Terrace Entrance by Blue Awning. If you have low vision, then this meeting is for you! For more info call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990.


Kings Point main clubhouse, RIPPLE ROOM (across hall from South Social Room.) Free. All lovers of classical music are invited. Information: Arthur C. Joy, 813633-9783,

in this project. The program captures through a video interview, firsthand account of Veterans who served in any branch of the US military in any capacity, from World War I through the present, and are no longer serving are eligible to participate. Civilians who served in support of a US war effort in a professional capacity are also welcome to participate. Our individual experiences may have been different, but when compiled they form a powerful snapshot of history.” If you are a Veteran or know Veterans that would like to share their stories, please call Sun Towers to schedule your interview time at 813-634-3347. This recording of history will take place on the 3rd Friday of each month.


Retirement Community 101 Trinity Lakes Drive. This month, we will be asking members of our group to name treatments, exercises, nutrition, etc. that may have worked for them in order for group members to share with each other. With the influx of many newly diagnosed group members, the request for seasoned members to assist is needed and appreciated! If you have had success with any treatment you have tried, please come to share! Facilitator:

Jennipher Lenoir, COTA with Sun Towers Outpatient therapy. If you have Parkinson’s, or are caring for someone with this disease, be sure to attend this support group! COMPLIMENTARY VALET PARKING AVAILABLE AT ENTRANCE For additional info, call Debbie Caneen 813-892-2990.


a.m. at Sun Towers, 101 Trinity Lakes Drive, Sun City Center. Want to learn about Clinical trials for Memory Loss? Jill Smith, MA, CCRC, Assistant Director for Clinical Research at the USF Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute will be on site to answer your questions. Learn about Community-Based Prevention Research detailing treatment options for older adults at risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease. To maintain patient privacy and safety, all clinical research staff hold certifications in patient-oriented research training and HIPAA compliance as well as training on study conduct and drug inventory and accountability. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about clinical trials in Alzheimer’s disease, call (813) 974-1294.

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T H U. AU G 1 7 - W I D O W ’ S WELLNESS GROUP 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr. Sun City Center. Have you lost your husband and have no one to share your feelings of loss with? Are you adjusting with a new plan for your future? Are you managing your grief or overwhelmed with sadness? Attend this monthly meeting with Krista Owen, RN, BSN and Jennifer Morgan, owner of Always Best Care and receive the support you need. For more information, please call Debbie Caneen at 813-892-2990.


10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. by registration only at Sun Towers Retirement Community, 101 Trinity Lakes Dr SCC. The Tampa Bay Chapter of the American Red Cross in partnership with the Veterans History Project, a program of the Library of Congress, is seeking Veterans to participate





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John Moore Flooring

er 3 Ov

0 years Experience. Se r vin g th e area since 1987

633-7116 3 81

1629 Sun City Center Plaza (Near SCC Post Office) Sun City Center’s Oldest & Most Trusted Flooring Dealer • Golf Cart Accessible • Family Owned & Operated ®


August 2017

The News of Sun City Center



NOTICE: Each community and club in Sun City Center and Kings Point has specific rules about membership and attendance. Unless specifically stated or posted, most venues, meetings and events hosted on the Community Association campus and in Kings Point require attendees to bring their SCC CA or KP ID or come with a resident member. When in doubt, contact the club in question - not the venue or association - prior to arrival. Thanks.

Rockin’ Thru the Years Dance Club

DANCING Singles Social Dance Club

By Janet Doherty The Singles Social Dance Club will host their dances on August 6 and August 20. The dances are held from 6:30-9:30 p.m. in the Atrium Building, Florida Room. Live music for your dancing and listening pleasure will be provided by Thor Stevens and his saxophone. Admission is $3 for members and $6 for non-members. BYOB and snacks. Ice, water, cups and napkins provided on each table. Proper dress requested (please, no shorts/ jeans) If you have any questions, please call 813-633-3558 for the August 6 dance and 813-334-1439 for the August 20 dance.

Academy of Ballroom Dance

Saturday, August 5, the Academy of Ballroom Dance Club will host its next dance in the Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd, Sun City Center. Bernice DuBro and George Hawn will be teaching a Nightclub two-step lesson starting at 6:30 p.m. included with admission. This is followed by regular dancing from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Admission is free for members, or $6 for guests at the door. Come and dance to a fabulous selection of tunes handpicked by Bernice DuBro (our DJ for the evening). Enjoy the complimentary coffee and cookies. Open seating and singles tables are always available. Everyone is welcome; bring your friends. BYOB. As usual, dress at all dances is casual but neat (no shorts please). Mark your calendars for upcoming “regular” dances on 9/2, 10/7, 11/ 4 and 12/2. For more information, call George Hawn at 330-770-0442.

Invites You to “Join Us for a Rockin’ Good Time!” Our August dance will be held Sunday, August 20, 2017, 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. in the Kings Point Veterans Theater, Kings Point North Clubhouse located at 1900 Clubhouse Drive, Sun City Center, FL. Music will be provided by Tony, Tricia and Jen also known as Good Stuff. As a trio, they specialize in high energy dance music with impeccable three-part harmony. Purchase your tickets, which are $5 per person, on Tuesday, August 15, 12:30 pm to 2:30 p.m. at the ticket table in the Kings Point North Clubhouse Lobby. You may bring your own snacks and BYOB. The Club provides cups, napkins, water and ice on each table. Please email Sandi at “rockinthrutheyears@gmail. com” for more information.

Moonglow Dance Club

Moonglow Ballroom Dance Club will feature the Live Music of “Chuck and Rita” at their monthly dance on Thursday August 24, from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at the Florida Room, Atrium Building, Central Campus, Sun City Center. PLEASE NOTE that our location has changed because Community Hall will be closed for maintenance. The attire at Moonglow Dances is dressy casual. (No shorts or tank tops, please.) Members are free, and visitors/ guests pay $5 per person at the door. Singles tables are always available. Please BYOB and snacks, and the club will provide ice, water, cups and napkins. Visitors are always welcome, so why not get your friends and neighbors to join you at a Moonglow Dance? If you think that you can’t Ballroom Dance, remember that we are not “Dancing With the Stars”. We each do what our bodies allow us to do in time to the music. For more Information call 813-633-1297 0r 813-634-8308, or if you would like to receive Moonglow In f or m at i on by e m a i l , c ont a c t “”.

Oldies But Goodies Dance Club

The Oldies but Goodies Dance Club will be enjoying the singing of The Dukes on Sunday, August 13, 2017 at Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. The cost is free for members and $6 per person for guests. No advance ticket needed pay at the door. The doors will open at 6:15 pm for members and 6:30 pm for guests. The group has been together since 2001 and makes a welcome return to Oldies But Goodies. They sing hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that we are sure you will remember. The band will be playing 7-10 p.m. BYOB and snacks, the club will provide water, ice, cups and napkins. As always residents of Kings Point and Renaissance as well as Sun City Center are always welcome. Any questions contact Club President Joanne at 813728-1147 or email You may also check out our website “” or join us on Facebook “ OldiesButGoodiesDanceClub”.

LIKE TO WRITE OR TAKE PHOTOS? Join the News of SCC team! Email:

Summer Cinema at SouthShore UCC

By Paula Lickfeldt August 3 • Sully (PG13) Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney Captain Chesley Sullenberger and his copilot begin a routine flight that turns terrifying. Sully pulls off the impossible and glides his disabled plane onto the frigid waters of the Hudson River, saving the lives of all 155 aboard. August 10 • Lion (PG13) Dev Patel, Rooney Mara, David Wenham, Nicole Kidman Five-year-old Saroo gets lost on a train traveling away from his home and family. Frightened and bewildered, he ends up thousands of miles away in chaotic Kolkata. This true story tells how a young man sets out to find his lost family and first home. August 17 • Southside With You (PG13) Parker Sawyers, Tika Sumpter, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Phillip Edward VanLear A vivid, imaginative portrayal of the first date between Michelle Robinson and the young Barack Obama. August 24 • Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children (PG13) Judi Dench, Samuel L. Jackson, Asa Butterfield, Chris O’Dowd Wildly imaginative fantasy adventure which was filmed, in part, in Sun City Center. August 13 • Fences (PG13) Denzel Washington, Viola Davis Fences pulses with the universal truths of love and forgiveness, despite what lies beyond our own fences. September 7 • A Dog’s Purpose (PG) The soulful and surprising story of one devoted dog who finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he teaches to laugh and love.

Gals and Guys Present a Final Free Summer Show

By Jo Prater Gals and Guys Productions is pleased to present their Free Summer Showcase Series. The final show will be held in the Rollins Theater on August 17. The performance will start at 2 p.m., doors open at 1:40 p.m. Our own very talented Gals & Guys will be entertaining you. Bring your friends and neighbors. Open to all SCC and KP residents, Seating is limited and you must show your Association ID card at the door for entry. For further information, contact Salvina 813-6335924 or “”.

Entertainment Corner By Lynn Manzi, Entertainment Director

Our recent Independence Day festivities was a wonderful event full of fun, food and entertainment. LeeAnn Williams led our members in Karaoke entertainment poolside followed by Renee Bray at the Bandstand, which made the day a huge success thoroughly enjoyed by all. On August 19, we will be presenting the Vagabond Troupe which is a dance. DJ Greg has been playing the music you love for a long time. He will host the evening and provide the music you enjoy dancing to. Tickets are $6 and are available at the Kiosk. The dance begins at 7 p.m. in Community Hall. BYOB. On September 16, K.E.G.G. will be back. Kelly Emerson and Gary Garbelman will be performing their unique and fun sty le of music as a dance at Community DJ Greg Hall. Tickets are $10 and are available at the Kiosk. The dance begins at 7 p.m. in Community Hall. BYOB. The Kiosk will be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. – noon.


August 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Basic Street Smarts: Deputy Merry’s Presentation

By Diane Loeffler In a recent monthly presentation, Deputy Merry has some good things to say about how to stay safe “on the street.” Stay alert! Wherever you are, be tuned into your surroundings. Be aware of what is going on around you as you walk down the street, enter an office, shop at the mall or drive down the street. Simply being present and paying attention to what is happening around you can help protect you from accidents and attacks. Deputy Merry says, “Send the message that you are calm, confident and know where you are going. Trust your instincts. If something or someone makes you uneasy, avoid the person or leave. Stay alert, so that the bad guys move on.” Use well-lit areas of parking lots, don’t flash cash or expensive jewelry, and carry your purse close to your body. Wear your purse cross-body, not dangling by a strap. “Have your keys in your hand before you reach the car or house door. Hold the keys between your fingers so that you can gouge an attacker’s face or eyes. Pepper

spray is good for four to six feet, but it won’t stop someone who is under the influence of narcotics,” says Merry. Merry says, if you are attacked “Fight, run, scream, bite, scratch, kick, gouge eyes with keys.” If you see someone else being attacked or if you see any suspicious activity, report it to the Hillsborough County Sheriff ’s Office. “You don’t have to get personally involved. You can make an anonymous phone call.” Programming the sheriff ’s number into your cell phone in advance makes it easy to contact the Sheriff ’s Office should you wish to call when you or someone else needs help. When you encounter strangers, tell them you aren’t interested. Don’t let them follow you home. When programming your GPS for home, consider listing your home as an intersection, store or other location near your home. Then if someone steals your GPS and / or your car, they won’t know which house is yours. Remember, most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Don’t make it easy for the ‘bad guys’ to harm you or to take your possessions.

Deputy Merry’s August Safety and Security Presentations

Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 10 a.m. The Caper Room, Sun City Center Community Association Atrium 945 N. Course Lane, Sun City Center, FL 33573 Tuesday, August 8, 2017, 1 p.m. Ripple Room, Kings Point Community 1900 Clubhouse Drive, Sun City Center, FL 33573 Tuesday, August 15, 2017, 11 a.m. Freedom Auditorium, Freedom Plaza 1010 American Eagle Blvd, Sun City Center, FL 33573 Wednesday, August 16, 2017, 3 p.m. American Momentum Bank 131 S. Pebble Beach Blvd, Sun City Center, FL 33573

Crimes of Opportunity

By Kai Rambow Even though this subject is covered regularly by our deputies and this paper, many residents provide easy opportunities for crime. Specifically leaving house doors and car doors unlocked or leaving keys in the ignition of a golf cart. While we live in a relatively safe community, it does not take long for an opportunistic thief to grab something he or she sees. Phones, tablets, GPS and even purses are frequently left in plain view in unlocked cars. It only takes a moment to snatch any of these items. Don’t make it easy for criminals: Put valuables out of sight, lock your doors and don’t leave keys in the ignition.

Military News



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Eagle Scout Walter F. Whale and retired USMC Maj. James Haney.

MOWW Honors Eagle Scout Walter F. Whale

On Saturday, July 8, 2017, a quarterly Field of Honor ceremony at the Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Park and Museum in Brandon, the Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) recognized Boy Scout, Walter F. Whale for completing his “Benches for the Field of Honor” Eagle Scout project. He was also presented the MOWW Bronze Patrick Henry Award for Patriotic Achievement. Five Chapter companions were present for the ceremony.

105 Commercial Center Drive Sun City Center, FL 33573 Located off I-75/exit 240 and Sun City Blvd. in Sun City Center.

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August 2017

The News of Sun City Center


Sun City Center Polish Heritage Club Aquasizers Celebrate Red Nose Day Photos by Pat Jones

Enjoying the meal are Thomas Norstand, Jesse Shrom, Terry Parker Finch, Vicky Sand, Iwona Sliwinske and Nancy Shrom.

By Paula Lickfeldt Ted Puzio started the Polish Heritage Club in the mid 1970s. At that time there were two clubs, one in Sun City Center, and one in Kings Point. In the mid 90s the two clubs joined and became one. Ted Puzio was the president of the club until 2016. Carmela Salerno is now the president of the club. The Polish Heritage Club is a cultural club centered around the traditions and the customs of the Polish People. Every party is centered around traditional Polish food. Club members strive to follow the traditional events of the Polish people. The club offers membership meetings on the last Tuesday of the months of October through April, at 7 p.m. in the Florida room. These meetings feature refreshments of coffee/tea, cookies, pastries and a short meeting. Meetings are open to members and their guests and prospective members. Annual club

elections are held at the December meeting. The Polish Club offers three “traditional” Polish events: Paczki Ball: The traditional Catholic Christian feast marking the last Thursday before Lent and is associated with the carnival celebration. Swieconka Dinner: The buffet ham dinner honors Easter with symbolic menu items. Wigilia Dinner: The sit down, catered dinner honors the most beloved of all Polish traditions, the Christmas Eve vigil supper where fish is served, no red meat, and the dinner includes the Christmas tradition of sharing oplatek, a thin wafer made of flour and water, similar to the Host used in communion services. Whether you are Polish by birth, Polish by marriage or just a “Polish wannabe”, you are welcome at all of the club meetings and parties. If you would like more information about the club you could contact Robert Smolenski, 267-210-2045.

Dave Lenz and Bob Smolenski serve the Swieconka Dinner.

Aston Gardens water exercisers joined the Red Nose Day fight against Childhood Hunger too! They are shown here with their instructor, Sue Baker. Baker is in the pool holding a bright blue noodle.

Red Nose Day is a fundraiser to help fight childhood hunger. Every year, the Aquasizers buy and wear their red noses in support for this cause. Shown here are members of the 10 a.m. Shallow Water Class.

Aquasizer President and the Deep Water Aquasizer Class shows its support to the fight to end childhood hunger. Aquasizers raise money for a variety of causes over the course of every year. Included are the Mary Petro Fund which raises money for medical care and food for SCC residents, the Juvenile Diabetes Fund, and a monthly pet food and people food collection. Both the 9 a.m. Deep Water Aerobics and the 10 a.m. Shallow Water Aerobics classes continue to meet throughout the summer. You can try the classes, and use the equipment, three times before you need to decide if you want to pay the $15 annual membership fee.

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Left to right:

Robert Edelman, M.D. ~ Eric Berman, M.D. Anita Shane, M.D. ~ Jeffrey Davis, M.D.

Medicare & Most Insurance Accepted

August 2017

The News of Sun City Center


h e t Wo in

d is rl

Whe r


r e t n e C y Cit

The News of


A group from SCC took a Minibus Tour to Asheville, North Carolina, by way of Callaway Gardens and St. Augustine, FL. Here they are with their News of Sun City Center in front of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville.

Kings Point resident, Nancy Eckstrom and her daughters enjoyed a cruise aboard the Carnival Paradise to Cozumel, Mexico.

Bonnie and Tom Mackar took their News of Sun City Center a recent visit to Rome.

Marianne Strehar (L) and Margaret Davis, SCC residents, enjoyed a South Pacific cruise from Sydney, Australia to Seattle, WA. Here they are in Suva, Fiji.

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TRAVEL August 2017

The News of Sun City Center


Oldest and Newest Require More Planning in Washington D.C.

By Kai Rambow The African American Museum and the U.S. Capitol are both worth a visit, but require tickets. Most attractions in Washington DC are free. Due to heavy demand, you’ll need a timed ticket (no charge) for these two attractions. For the U.S. Capitol, tickets are fairly easy to obtain. For the African American Museum, tickets are booked several months in advance. So, if you’re expecting to visit the African American Museum on your next trip to Washington DC, there are limited options. African American Museum The National Museum of African American History and Culture is a terrific addition to the museums along the mall. It is so put together, many visitors are spending four to five hours at the museum. For example, there is an entire railroad car in the museum. It was placed during construction. Even though you’ll have a timed ticket, count on waiting 30 to 45 minutes to start the museum at the beginning. It is laid out chronologically from the earliest days of slavery, the museum’s design evokes tight quarters and limited freedom of movement (hence the wait). As you progress through time the spaces become wider. Exhibits are well done without drowning you in historical details. Interactive displays allow you to delve more into subjects that interest you. The first two to three hours could feel emotionally heavy. Take a break in the café (see below). When you resume you’ll be moving into more familiar and fun aspects of history and culture. Sweet Home Café Most of the restaurants at museums on the mall are poor. This is a surprisingly wonderful exception. You can have a tasty, filling meal here at competitive prices. The Creole Coast, The North States, Agricultural South, The Western Range are four main categories, each with four meals provide plenty of choices. You’ll need some time to peruse the menu. A telltale sign of good cooking is fish, which was beautifully prepared. This is a perfect place to take a break, refuel and recharge. U.S. Capitol Tour “Where does the president sleep?” is an often-asked question at this impressive building. After a brief orientation film, you’ll be separated into smaller groups. Despite thousands of visitors every day,

you’ll get a more intimate feeling on tour. Headsets are given to everyone, so you can easily hear your guide in spite of the crowds. As with all smart tours, not every detail is explained, just highlights. The inside of the dome is awesome both with the overall look and attention to detail. Library of Congress After the Capitol tour, you can walk by tunnel to the Library of Congress. Tours run every 30 minutes and you don’t need tickets in advance. The inside decorations are beautiful and the history captivating. The library started when Thomas Jefferson donated his personal library consisting of over 5,000 books. Tips for a Great Trip Tickets: Since the museum tickets are most difficult to obtain, try for them first. Tickets are still free, so make sure you obtain them through the museum’s website. Anything else is a scam. The museum plans to keep using the timed ticket system for the foreseeable future. Only show up close to admittance time, otherwise you’ll have to wait. U.S. Capitol tour passes can be acquired with much shorter planning time frames. Important note: You will need to show up about 45 minutes before your tour time to clear security. Once clear you will need to exchange your passes for tickets. There are lots of people and lines – ask employees to ensure you’re in the right line. Tip: You only need to get in line for timed entry a few minutes before. You can use any waiting time to explore Exhibition Hall with pictures and models explaining the development and history of the Capitol. Security: Just like at the airport both locations have security checks. Read websites for restricted items before heading there. Getting There: Driving and parking in DC is challenging. Suggest you stay at a hotel near a Metro line and ride the subway, then walk. Federal Triangle and Smithsonian are the closest Metro stations for the African American Museum. Union Station and Capitol South are the closest stations for the U.S. Capitol. Another option is to coordinate your stops using the Old Town Trolley or Big Bus hop-on, hop-off tours (bus tickets sold separately). African American Museum U.S. Capitol

Ringing the Rotunda at the U.S. Capitol are scenes from American history.

This interactive dance display intrigued visitors of all ages.

The Old Hall of the House at the U.S. Capitol is beautifully adorned.

The Great Hall at the Library of Congress is spectacular.

Rock ’n Roll legend, Chuck Berry’s car displayed in the entertainment section of the museum.

The Lunch Counter is one of many interactive displays in the African American Museum.


August 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Family Connections to Sun City Center

By Paula Lickfeldt Charles Schlinder tells the story of his family connection to SCC this way. Chuck’s older brother Dick lived on Long Island with his wife. Dick bought a business in Russia and lived in Russia for six years. Because Dick would be away for extended periods of time, they bought a condo in Clearwater Beach, because she liked the idea of living in Florida. Chuck and his wife, Carol, decided to move to Florida seventeen years ago when Chuck sold his business in Baltimore. They wanted to escape the cold, and live near Chuck’s brother and sister-in-law. They chose SCC because the home values here were so good and they would be close to Clearwater Beach. Chuck was in the Sawdust Engineers for seven or eight years and he was in the Kayak Club for a short time. Chuck was on the Security Patrol for thirteen years. He owned a Mini Cooper which he drove to the Sports Car Club until he sold it. Carol is in the Sew N’ Sews and she cooks for team five of the Emergency Squad.

Chuck Schlinder Sr, Carol Doyle and Dick Schlinder

Chuck and Carol decided to sell their SCC home and move to Aston Gardens so they put their name on the waiting list for the type of apartment that they wanted. Brother Dick had lost his wife and decided that he wanted to move to Sun City Center. Since Chuck and Carol were going to move to Aston Gardens,

he put his name on the waiting list for an apartment also. Dick was interested in getting a small apt. so he got one right away. He moved from Clearwater Beach to SCC. In the meantime, Chuck’s sister Carol who lived in Saco, Maine with her husband decided to move to Florida. Carol’s husband was not well and she

wanted to be near her brothers. She was able to get an apt. in Aston Gardens as well. Very shortly after the move, Carol’s husband passed away. Finally, just this last April, Chuck and Carol were able to get the apartment that they had wanted and they too moved to Aston Gardens. Now two brothers, one sister and one wife all live near each other. Chuck and Carol have six children. Three years ago their son Chuck Jr. and his wife Akemi were asked to take a job transfer. A job had opened up in Florida and Chuck Jr. asked for it. He and his wife now live in the same city as their parents, aunt and uncle. Chuck Jr. is still working but he and his wife love to play golf so they joined the Caloosa Country Club. They can play golf with Chuck’s father who is also a member there. They also like the social life that the club offers to them. So far, there has been no talk about any of the other children making the move. Have a story of your family connection to SCC? Call Paula 633-6739.


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SPORTS August 2017

The News of Sun City Center



Registration Begins for Hillsborough County’s Senior Games

They’ll be swimming, powerlifting, and running as fast as they can. Or as they see it, just another day in the life of Hillsborough County’s best senior athletes. Registration has begun for this the 37th Annual Senior Games, organized by Hillsborough County, and partnering with Friends of the County Parks, City of Tampa, and City of Temple Terrace. The games take place Oct. 2-20 throughout the Tampa Bay area. The games typically attract more than 650 athletes competing in more than 40 sports and leisure events, including tennis, pickleball, track and field, softball, cycling, powerlifting, golf, and more. Contestants must be 50 or over, and the games typically attract athletes competing well into their 90s. The competitions serve as a qualifier for the Florida Senior Games. Registration is required. A Parks & Recreation account is required to register.

Archery Club

Stephen and Laurie Garde are the latest husband and wife team to join the SCC Archery Club. This is a picture of Laurie receiving free archery instructions from Jerry Anderson, the clubs head instructor. If you would like to try archery (for free), contact club instructor Jerry Anderson at 330-206-7048 for no cost instruction. You must be a CA Member to receive lessons. The club holds its monthly membership meeting on the fourth Friday of every month in the Caper Room at 2 p.m. All current CA Members are invited to attend.

Athlete of the Month: Rolande Poulin

By Bob Monahan Good things come in small packages and that is true for 4-foot 11-inch Rolande Poulin a diminutive, fit woman in her mid-seventies, who is a champion tennis and softball player. By the way, Rolande also enjoys golf and volleyball. Rolande Poulin’s early years were spent in Auburn, Maine where she was the youngest of six children. When she entered high school with a hope of playing sports she found that female sports, in her own words, “was a joke.” Aggressiveness in female sports was not a desirous attribute. When Rolande tried to compete with vigor in volleyball she was benched for unladylike conduct. However, she could use her aggressiveness in the marching band where Rolande was the head majorette of a 130-member band that performed all over New England, including Fenway Park. After graduation, Rolande Poulin was off to Bates College where after a year as an education major she left school to get married and had four children in three years. As her children aged, Rolande found the time to play volleyball in the winter and softball in the summer. At work, Rolande met her husband Bert, who seemed undaunted at the prospect of becoming a stepfather of five children. A change of address occurred when Rolande and Bert both qualified to teach in an international school in Indonesia taking with them the two remaining school-aged children. Indonesia was a paradise for women’s softball and Rolande prospered in this environment to the point where she was invited to play in an all-star tournament, which her team won. Her mastery of golf ensued during this time period under her husband’s instruction. They stayed for 20 years, teaching in various locations including the tropical island of Irian Jaya where it rained 365 days a year and had such high mountains that it even had a glacier that Rolande climbed. In the year 2000, it was time to retire and after many searches a daughter who lived in St Petersburg, Florida pointed them in the direction of Sun City Center. Here she and Bert found a sportsman’s paradise. Both of them immersed themselves in softball and golf. Within a few years she had won the President’s Cup in golf, but had to give up the competition when she had a total shoulder replacement. Rolande shifted her focus back to softball and joined a regional softball league for women. The regional team is out of Clearwater and is called the Freedom Spirit. With this team she was able to come in second place in the National Senior Games this year and play in international competition. Rolande’s ability to try something new was evident recently when a friend from softball dared her to try track and field in the Senior Olympic Games, so on the international level she took three bronze medals in the sprints losing only to Trinidad and Barbados. Finally, this remarkable athlete helped organize the two competitive women’s teams in Sun City Center, being the captain of Team A for the last eight years. In the National Senior Games for tennis Rolande and her partner medaled in the doubles event this year in their age bracket. Suffice to say, this superbly athletic dynamo will go down in history as one of the best all-around athletes to represent Sun City Center in a myriad of events.

L to R standing: Angel Nieves, Roy Schumacher, Steve Esenbock. L to R sitting: Linda Monahan, Louise Kreider, Helen Tavares, Mary Pause, Sue Barnette.

Senior Women’s Basketball Division at SCC

By Bob Monahan Four weeks ago the SCC Basketball Club advertised that we were putting on a skills clinic for basketball, teaching first time players how to dribble, pass, shoot, play offense and defense. The Club didn’t count on the enthusiasm of this group of men and women in their participation and numbers attending. I have to admit it takes guts to try something new and this group immediately enjoyed the joys of basketball, especially the women. In the 1950’s women’s basketball was an archaic game where the women wore skirts and after each point went back to the half court line to start play all over again. When women’s sports were offered the gym coaches of that time, did not take women athletes seriously or give proper instruction. Now the rules of Senior basketball are the same for male and female and in the past two years the Club has had two or three women playing with our team, but for various reasons they either moved or moved on to other sports. Like sponges, the new recruits are soaking up the information given to them and applying their new skills in controlled scrimmage situations utilizing the one hoop system that is Senior Basketball. As coach and instructor, I put a call in to the coordinator of the Good Life Senior Games in Clearwater and he tells me that to his knowledge there are no Senior women’s basketball clubs in Florida. That seemed hard to believe because this is a retirement haven for many seniors and there are over 20 million people in Florida. So, hearing this information I crown the Sun City Center Basketball women’s group as state champs beating all other competition in the state on the senior level! The Basketball Club will continue the Skills Training sessions for male and females every Tuesday morning from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. for the summer months at the South Campus shared volleyball/basketball court behind the Pickleball courts. Come out and join us.


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August 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Hogans Golf Club of Sun City Center & Kings Point June 21 Sandpiper Oaks-Lakes 1st: Terry Upson - 2 Skins 2nd: Ken Kirwin, Ruben Jones, Frank Rovnanik, Rich Lucidi, and Jay Sparkman - Tied at 1 Skin Low-Net: Frank Rovnanik - 67 Low-Gross: Ruben Jones and Todd Lee - Tied at 83 Birds: Ruben Jones - 2 Butch Gadd - 1

July 5 Sandpiper Palms-Oaks 1st: Bill Barron - 2 Skins 2nd: Bob Mizack, Larry St. John, Ted Charlebois, Frank Rovnanik, Ron Dickey, and Corky Stallings - Tied at 1 Skin Low-Net: Corky Stallings - 71 Low-Gross: Corky Stalllings - 84 Eagles: Corky Stallings - 1 Birds: Ron Dickey - 2 Bob Mizack - 1

L to R: Bob Mizack, Ted Charliebois, Corky Stallings, Larry St, John, Frank Rovnanik, and Ron Dickey L to R: Butch Gadd, Terry Upson, Jay Sparkman, Todd Lee, Ruben Jones, and Rich Lucidi

June 24 Sandpiper Oaks-Lakes 1st: Jenice Taylor - 2 Skins Low-Net: Greg Banks - 62 Low-Gross: Greg Banks - 75 Birds: Greg Banks - 3 Cau Huynh, Roland Lemoine, Corky Stallings, and Jenice Taylor - 1

L to R : Cau Huynh, Corky Stallings, Greg Banks, Roland Lemoine, and Jenice Taylor

June 28 Sandpiper Oaks-Lakes 1st: Corky Stallings - 3 Skins 2nd: Jenice Taylor and Chieu Nguyen - Tied at 2 Skins 3rd: Roland Lemoine and George Jenkins - Tied at 1 Skin Low-Net: Jenice Taylor - 67 Low-Gross: Corky Stallings - 85 Birds: Corky Stallings - 1

L to R: Roland Lemoine, Jenice Taylor, Corky Stallings, and George Jenkins

July 1 Sandpiper Palms-Oaks 1st: Corky Stallings - 5 Skins 2nd: George Jenkins, Ruben Jones, Rich Soucie, Jay Sparkman, and Todd Lee - Tied at 1 Skin Low-Net: George Jenkins - 62 Low-Gross: Cau Huynh and Jay Sparkman - Tied at 84 Birds: Corky Stallings - 3 Todd Lee and Rich Soucie - 1

HOLE IN ONE Accomplished by:

Lloyd McClelland March 23, 2017 Freedom Fairways Hole: 15 Yardage: 104 Club Used: 7 Iron Witnessed By: Al Hamm

Gant 6/29 2-Man Variable Best Ball 1st: Bill Pachler, Blind Draw 7/6 2-Man Variable Best Ball 1st: Gerry Montminy, Neil Jorgensen Play It Forward 6/20 Alternate Shot 1st: Wayne Zellers, Wayne Flora 6/27 2-Man Variable Best Ball 1st: Wayne Zellers, Blind Draw 7/4 Individual Net 1st: Neil Jorgensen 7/11 2-Man Scramble 1st(tie): Don Kedrowski, Armand DeLuca – Wayne Flora, Vince Pater.

Club Link One Membership More Golf Renaissance Prize Fund 6/14 1st: Dave Liehr, Gerry Weaver, Pat Jaccoi, Erma Faron. 7/12 1st Flight 1: Kevin McPherson, Diane McPherson, Adam Happer, Kathy Lawrence 1st Flight 2: Bob Majewski, Don Faron, Greg McKeown, Faye McKeown 1st Flight 3: Dan Widener, Bob Stephens, Fred Kunkel, Ken Credito 1st Flight 4: Kyle Rollins, Eric Schenck, Carmine Aquilino, Dave Bartku 1st Flight 5: Ruth Kramer, Bev Crotty, Nancy Upham, Patti Ducharme Men 6/19 3 on Odd, 2 on Even 1st: Chuck Kim, John Rapp, John Richards 6/26 1-2-3 1st: Dave Liehr, George Wilkins, Pat Jaccoi, Cliyde Schafer 7/3 Scramble 1st: George Wilkins, Jack Stiles, Frank Ogoreuc, Tom Jauch 7/10 2 Best Balls of 4 1st: Dave Liehr, Ken Deragon, Mike Starrett, John Richards Ladies 6/27 2 Week Eclectic 1st Flight 1: Sue Knight 1st Flight 2: Suzy White 1st Flight 3: Betty Rollins 7/11 Alternate Shot 1st: Kathy Lawrence, Betty Rollins Couples 6/14 1 Best Ball of 2 1st: Kyle and Betty Rollins 6/23 Scramble 1st Flight 1: John and Deloris Durm 1st Flight 2: Paul and Judy Kip 7/7 1 Best Ball of 2 1st Flight 1: Bob and Linda Majewski 1st Flight 2: Kyle and Betty Rollins Scepter Men 6/14 1 Best Ball of 2 Flight A 1st: Dave Hourigan, Wayne Stebbins Flight B 1st: Will Kuxhousen, Vince Robbio 6/28 Better Nine Flight A 1st: Doug Tanzer Flight B 1st: Mel Bushart Flight C 1st: Bob Ewing Flight D 1st: Tom Giddings 7/5 Step A Side Scramble 1st: Will

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L to R: George Jenkins, Cau Huynh, Corky Stallings, Ruben Jones, Rich Soucie, and Todd Lee

Kuxhousen, Doug Tanzer, Marty Dain, Jim McClafferty 7/12 2 Best Balls 1st (tie): Bob Trombetta, Bob Vellante, Jim Betts, Joe Spaziano (tie) Ed Wudarsky, Marvin Barnes, Frank McCarthy Ladies 18 Holes 6/13 Chapman Scotch Flight A 1st: Joan Richardson, Jan Huber Flight B 1st: Carolyn Clark, Karen Munford 6/20 Individual – No Par 5’s Flight A 1st: Liz Lewis Flight B 1st: Chris Sparks Flight C 1st: Jean Jackson Flight D 1st: Carolyn Clark 6/27 Team Points 1st: Heather McKown, Judy Roberts 7/4 Shamble 1st: Joan Richardson, Paula Jimaki, Carol Salowitz 7/11 Best 9 Holes Flight A: Lyn Yucuis Flight B: Judy Roberts Flight C: Carolyn Clark Ladies 9 Holes 6/20 Scramble 1st:Judy Huss, Terry Wynne, Cathy Maguire 6/27 Low Putts 1st (tie): Judy Huss, Alice DeSchryver 7/4 Scramble 1st: Alice DeSchryver, Dottie Girardi, Molly Walker 7/11: 1 on the Odd, 2 on the Even 1st: Dottie Girardi, Barbara Beck, Cathy Maguire Sandpiper Men’s League 6/15 2-Man Best Ball 1st: Don Gant, Wayne Flora 6/22 Beat the Pro Winner: Don

August 2017

The News of Sun City Center

Another Successful Longest Day

Maggi Guzinsky winner; Jim Heston, co-chair; Marty O’Neill, co-winner, 50/50.

By the SCC Duplicate Bridge Club The Sun City Center Duplicate Bridge Association (SCCDBA) sponsored another amazingly successful Longest Day to raise funds for Alzheimer’s. This year, thanks to overwhelming community support, the club raised $13,220. SCCDBA’s Longest Day Committee, chaired by Ronda O’Farrell for the third year, started planning in early May. The $20 entry ticket bought bridge games for all levels offered from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Also included was breakfast, lunch, Happy Hour and raffles. The club paid for all expenses. The funds raised were donated to Good Samaritan’s Alzheimer’s Auxiliary (a local charity) and The Alzheimer’s Association. Nancy and Jim Heston, Co-Chaired the Raffle Committee. They spent many hours collecting items donated by residents and gift cards donated by area

merchants. Nancy designed the themed baskets and displays. The Hestons talents raised $4,000 in raffled items. The delicious lunch for the Longest Day attendees was purchased from Metropolitan Ministries, an area nonprofit which feeds the homeless. SCCDBA was happy to support both causes. Volunteers sold tickets, welcomed the ticket holders, setup and directed the bridge games, worked in the kitchen, prepared and cleaned the venue, and were available to guide attendees to the proper areas. The Sun City Center Community has supported the Longest Day for three years and its residents and area bridge players look forward every June 21 to a day of bridge, fun, community connections and good works. Information about SCCDBA can be found on its website

News of Freedom Plaza

By Peggy Burgess “Coolin it” has been the dominant summertime theme at Freedom Plaza-as it is throughout Florida-- during these hot, muggy months. Activity at our outdoor sports complex is reduced to the early morning hours and only a few diehard golfers brave the afternoon sun on Freedom Fairways… until the inevitable thunder shower sends them scurrying. This results in Freedom Plaza’s indoor activities being “kicked up a notch”. Card and board game groups have gained new members; the billiards table is busier, and the indoor walking track sees more traffic. Though bus trips to theatres and shopping malls are still popular, plans for excursions to outdoor attractions have been shelved until October. Even regu lar Auditor ium entertainments have taken on a summerlite tone. For instance, Opera Club is featuring (on DVD) operettas and comic operas, saving heavier fare (like a Verdi series) for the cooler months to come. Gilbert and Sullivan are the stars of the season with their rollicking “Pirates of Penzance”, “The Mikado” and “H.M.S. Pinafore”. Puccini’s one-act “Gianni Schicchi” also filled the bill beautifully. Freedom Plaza Opera Club welcomes non-resident guests; for information call (813) 642-1215 during business hours. The Resident Programs and Personalized Living Departments initiated this light-hearted ambiance in May when they joined forces to host a frivolous “Pink Party” celebrating Mother’s Day. The auditorium radiated the color pink in everything from tablecloths and floral decorations to beverages and frosting on the petit fours.

Attendees echoed the hue in clothing, jewelry, hats—even feather boas! Nothing could be “cooler” than a musical cruise down the Mississippi River, even if it is imaginary. The Plaza Players furnished that delightful diversion with their June event, “From Memphis to Natchez, I Hear America Singing”. The informal, B.Y.O.B. format lent itself perfectly to the material and encouraged resident participation. Resident performers again claimed the Auditorium stage spotlight when two “cool characters”, John Foster and Joe Birnbaum, combined their considerable creative talents on July 13 in “An Evening of Humor—Poetry and Tidbits of Skits”. Comprised primarily of their own works, their presentation tickled funnybones and also warmed hearts, as the $10 ticket charge benefited the Freedom Plaza Scholarship Fund. Even considering the “hot” entertainments offered and the warm, friendly atmosphere prevalent at Freedom Plaza, it remains a “cool” place to be this summer.

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The News of Sun City Center

FAITH & service Sun City Center Interfaith Council Changes Grant Application Dates

By Jay Sparkman The Sun City Center Interfaith Social Action Council has changed the time frame for the application period for grants to organizations. Grant applications can now be submitted from August 1, 2017 to September 15, 2017. Organizations in the South Shore area should make note of this change so deadlines will not be missed. The SCC Interfaith Council uses monies from the sale of donated goods at the Nearly New Shop to provide grants to organizations and scholarships to college students. For more information go to “” or call 813-642-9099.

Samaritan Services

Suzy Rathke (left) president of The Elegant Gardeners Club of Sun City Center presents a $1,000 check, and Fred Rathke (right) president of the German American Club of Sun City Center presents a $500 check to Dolores Berens (center) president of the Samaritans Alzheimer’s Auxiliary. The mural on the wall was made by colorful and talented Alzheimer’s patients. Samaritans Alzheimer’s Auxiliary helps residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Call 813634-9283.

August 2017

United Methodist Church of SCC Mission Team

United Methodist Church of SCC mission team visited an orphanage in Sosua, Dominican Republic. Team members Jack & Beverley Brooks, Judy & Rick Maynard, Jeff Jordan, Joy Dunn and Shirley Walker.

Our Lady’s Pantry – A Place to Land

According to a recent report by the U.S. Census Bureau, a stunning 1,000 people are moving to Florida every single day! If you are new to the community and don’t know anyone or have lived here for years and are just looking to meet new friends, think about volunteering at Our Lady of Guadalupe Food Pantry. “The Pantry is a great place to connect with like-minded individuals,” says Anita Bullaro, co-director of the Pantry with her husband Tom. “We have volunteers who have been here almost from the beginning, which is 1999. But we have lots of newcomers too! Some have lived in Florida for years, but many are new to the area as well. “Four of our newest helpers include Kathy Brown, Fran O’Brien, Wendie Quinn, and Alicia Reynolds, who have lived all over the country.” Brown is among the newest newcomers to the Pantry, starting last March, and fitting right in. She had been part of a union-sponsored food drive where she lived before, so was kind of programmed to do this kind of work. Quinn likes helping to make a difference with this worthwhile cause. “Plus, it’s fun working with everyone here.” Reynolds, who started last August, loves the people who work here. “We have such a good time together,” she says. “It really is fun.” O’Brien says she meets lots of people here that she would likely never get to meet anywhere else. “People who volunteer are special people.” “If you wish to help out as well, please come to the Pantry some Tuesday, Friday, or Saturday morning and ask for me,” says Bullaro. “And thanks so much!” Our Lady’s Pantry is located in front of the classroom building on the far righthand corner of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Migrant Mission. The Mission is at 16650 U.S. Highway 301 South, in Wimauma, across from Aldi’s and near Wawa. To learn more about the Pantry, kindly visit us at:

Dallas Tuthill, Rev. Bill Cruz, Tom Bullaro, Barbara Gains, George Martin, Jim Taranow, Ona Taranow, Diane Blenke, Liz Hood, Paula Lickfeldt, Joanne Sudman, Jane Keegan.

Faith Community Day Of Cabaret Take Two

By Paula Lickfeldt April 30, 2017 was the day of the second SCC Faith Community Day of Cabaret variety show. The show was hosted by Beth Israel Jewish Congregation, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Prince of Peace Catholic Church, Redeemer Lutheran Church, St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, St. John the Divine Episcopal Church, SouthShore United Church of Christ, SCC United Methodist Church and the Unitarian Universalists. All proceeds benefited four local food pantries: The Community Cupboard at Angel’s Attic, Lord’s Lighthouse, Beth-El Food Pantry and Our Lady’s Pantry. The variety show began with Debbie Peterson of The Front Porch Pickers singing “The Star Spangled Banner,” and featured comedian John Cortese. Elvis was even in the house. At the end of the entertaining nine act show, a drawing for the generous donations given by organizations and individuals took place. Thirty-two prizes had been donated and were won by the folks who bought the lucky ticket. The Faith Community of SCC wishes to thank everyone who participated in this endeavor by planning and executing the event, donating prizes, entertaining or buying a ticket and coming to the show. The food banks have difficulty meeting the needs of the hungry when the snowbirds fly away. The funds may be reduced but the need remains. The proceeds from the day will help get the food banks through the summer months. Members of the Faith Community are already thinking about what to do next year. Watch for details as they come available.

SouthShore United Church of Christ 1501 La Jolla Ave. • 813-634-1304

Chapel Communion 8:30 AM •Worship 10:00 AM REV. DR. TIMOTHY W. SHIRLEY

No matter where you are on Life’s journey, you are welcome here. A place where God is still speaking.

The Arbor Group Volunteers: Front row: Linda Raymond, Judy Horobec, Peggy McElhouse, Gwynn Gall, Hilde Karl, Robbie Richardson, Back Row: Bill Horobec, Cathleen Gordon, Bev Hiller, Bob Opletal, Pat Opletal, Earl Gall, Erwin Karl.

The Hope Fund’s Marathon Kids Enjoy Generosity of The Arbor Group

Happiness reigned in the Wimauma Civic Center when the Marathon Kids gathered to celebrate their annual Award Banquet in April. The Marathon Kids, a program of The Hope Fund, run one mile every Tuesday behind the Civic Center during The Hope Fund’s calendar year. This year’s festivities were memorable when the volunteers of the Arbor Service Group joined The Hope Fund and supplied games, pizza and refreshment. The Arbor Service Group, funded by the Gleaner Life Insurance Society, a fraternal benefit group, carries out the Society’s mission: “to give back to the community.” Arbors are encouraged to complete as many of the Society’s 24 designated Samaritan activities as they choose in a year. If you wish to volunteer or request more information, contact Beverly Hiller at “”. The Hope Fund for the children of Wimauma, run entirely by volunteers, needs people who wish to tutor, mentor, help with reading skills, the Marathon Kids or perhaps share a special talent. If you are interested in volunteering, wish to donate or request more information, call Carla Miles at 813-634-4268 or visit “”.

KINGSPoint August 2017

The News of Sun City Center

KP Line Dancers

Mexican Fiesta time with the KP Line Dancers on Wed Aug 16, 7 p.m., Veterans Theater. Free social dance, open to KP and SCC residents and their guests. Appropriate dance shoes, no flip-flops. BYOB. Call Jan 634-6226 for more info.

A Purrrfect Day

By Michelle Jolly I woke early as usual and rolled into a satisfyingly luxurious stretch that eased my weary bones. I could hear birds chirping in the distance and I saw the first light of day as dawn approached. It was good to feel alive. With one eye open, I spotted some movement off to my right and snapped to attention. Who was that? The others were on the move and I knew I better hurry if I was going to get to breakfast before it was all gone. Hopping down from my perch I joined the others as we all hurried to greet Sheila who was busy doling out food onto thirteen plates all in a row. “Hey buddy, move along that’s my spot,” I said to a brutish looking fella with black hair and green eyes that was trying to hustle me out of my meal. What a glutton! Sheila shooed him along and I tucked into a meal of fresh kibble and liver pate that filled my gut nicely. Yum! Feline Folks breakfasts are the best! I licked my chops, went for a slurp of fresh water and sidled up to Sheila for a quick pet as my way of saying thanks. That’s how I imagine a day in the life of one of the feral cats that call Kings Point home. I had the pleasure of meeting Sheila Thurston and learning all about the good work this organization does. FELINE FOLKS, a 5013C organization, was started in 2007 in response to the growing feral cat population around the clubhouses. Founding members were Judy Simpson, Susan & Norbert Mioke, Rita Bundas, and Norm & Carol Gault. Back then there was a population of more than 109 feral cats. Applying the philosophy of TNVR (Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Release) and given that the average lifespan of a feral cat is seven years, the current population is down to a very manageable 40. The board of directors has set up a comprehensive program with 60+ member/volunteers. Twenty of them take care of our Kings Point cats and others take care of cats at other locations around Sun City Center. Here are a few ways volunteers can help: Feeders (like Sheila) show up at 5 a.m. daily to dole out food – a combination of dry and wet food served either on a paper plate that is later removed, or upon a bed of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth which blocks any bacterial organisms that may compromise the food. It washes away and eliminates the need for the volunteers to go back and retrieve the plates. Food Dudes make regular runs to purchase or pick up dry and canned food donations. Often the Walmart locations in both Wimauma and Gibsonton donate to Feline Folks their torn bags or dented cans of cat food. Kudos to them. Foster Parents are members who take newly neutered kittens to their homes to socialize them and get them ready for adoption. And as you can imagine many fosters get attached quickly and end up keeping their kittens. Five volunteers take turns manning an information table at the KPCH on the first and third Wednesday of the month. Residents can get information on FELINE FOLKS and offer donations of money or cat food. The Board of Directors includes President Dana Schroeder who works at the SCC Chamber of Commerce and is responsible for the website. Members Flo Vachon and Peg Smith handle social media, and member Kathy Vitale does the marketing. A board meeting is held the first Thursday of each month at the 2020 building followed by a social charmingly dubbed the “Meow Mixer” where members and guests can share cat stories and information. Vesta fully supports the work of FELINE FOLKS and assists with any questions arising regarding operations. Anyone wishing to make a donation to this worthwhile cause can do so at these SCC locations: SCC Chamber of Commerce & Cadence Bank in the Publix plaza Yearly Fund Raiser at the SCC Chamber called the “SpayGhetti & No Balls Dinner”, a well-attended event where for $10 you can have a spaghetti and meatball dinner. For information visit or on Facebook, look up Feline Folks of SCC.

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KPAL’s Artist of the Month for August is Sandy Schoonover

Sandy was born in Massachusetts, moved to Pasco County, Florida in 1969 and finally to Kings Point in 2014. During high school, she had two years of mechanical drawing then began painting in oils using a wet-onwet technique. When Sandy and her husband Rick retired in 2005 they had a few watercolor lessons at the New Port Richey Art Center. After moving to Kings Point they had watercolor lessons with Diane Simon followed by graphic art lessons with Lynn Bremermann. Currently, Sandy enjoys working in colored pencils, pen and ink, and graphite. Her favorite subjects include lighthouses, water scenes, and still life. Her goal is to learn new techniques and continue to pursue her artwork for as long as possible.

Accepting New Patients Dr. Reddy Specializes in Rheumatology Which Includes:

•Joint Pain •Osteoporosis •Gout •Osteoarthritis •Bone & Autoimmune Diseases •Rheumatoid Arthritis •Lupus •PMR

Southwest Florida Rheumatology 11954 Boyette Road, Riverview, FL 33569

Call 813-672-2243 Fax: 813-672-2245

Dr. Priya Reddy, MD, FACR Board Certified Rheumatologist


The News of Sun City Center

Meet Your Neighbor: Rosemary Collins-Riley

By Ilona Merritt Rosemary married Richard Riley in September 2005, and in December of the same year they moved from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Sun City Center. Rosemary has three children, seven grandchildren and four greatgrandchildren. Rosemar y retired from the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania where she had worked for 30 years. The last ten years she had been the administrative assistant to the President Judge. Along with her many responsibilities and duties of this job it also required her to travel all over the State. It would be understandable that after such a demanding job Rosemary would enjoy the leisure life of SCC. Not so! “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world ... Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” - Margaret Mead. Rosemary feels strongly about this statement. Almost immediately she got involved in the Council of Catholic Women where she has been a member for seven years was Treasurer for two years. It didn’t take long before she got involved in the Sun City Center Campaign against Human Trafficking. Five people formed this organization about six years ago and Rosemary was the first president. As an organization, the Sun City Center Campaign against Human Trafficking is focused on the sex trafficking of minor children, mostly girls, some as young as 12 or 13 years of age. They are used by others in an inhumane way, forced to perform sex acts multiple times daily, often beaten,

Swim Dancers as soon as she came to SCC. Leisure? They practice three days a week learning new routines for their annual show. Rosemary has been active, both as officer and swimmer during the twelve years she has been a member. In

medically neglected, missing out on school and normal friendships and real love. Once taken into the sex trade, they have a life expectancy of only seven years. SCC Campaign against Human Trafficking was formed several years ago to help bring awareness to this crime. Rosemary still manages to get 100 t-shirts donated from the Council of Catholic Women every year. These shirts are given to the police officers who in turn need them for the children they rescue who most times need something to cover up. In addition, the local group also accepts shirts as a donation. They can be any color but no writing on them. R o s e m a r y h a s a s t r o n g Ir i s h background. Therefore, she joined the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, and now is their President. This group is very active in fundraising and Hospice, along with other charitable organizations, benefit from their efforts. For her leisure activity, she joined the

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her spare time, she has taken care of several elderly aunts and is also taking care of a local resident. SCC residents are well known for their volunteer work, but Rosemary is definitely an extraordinary volunteer.




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Get “social” in Sun City Center. Share your favorite SCC pictures and news and view pictures from fun SCC events. “LIKE” the News of Sun City Center Facebook page at “”.

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Attention Sun City Residents!

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August 2017

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August 2017

Adogable Pets Pet Salon & Spa

The News of Sun City Center


To show our support Adogable Pets is offering Law Enforcement & 1st Responders a 15% discount on all Grooming services for your civilian pets. K-9 Officers Grooming services are 100% on us! In lieu of our services, Officers are welcome to use our facility to bathe their own police dog ! For an appointment call 813-419-4972

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NIA: Non-Impact Aerobics For Better Health

By Ilona Merritt If you don’t like to exercise but your doctor told you should OR if you do not want to participate in high-impact aerobics classes and strenuous musclebuilding workouts, then this program is for you. Nia is for everybody at any fitness level. When looking into this program, created in 1983, a quick photo shoot turned into an interesting hour. During the session, twelve ladies followed the moves of a trained instructor and no one looked exhausted! One of the participants stated that “she feels so good when she gets home.” The program is designed to be kinder and gentler to the body by moving in safe and healthy ways. In addition, if you are unable to stand, you may participate while seated in a chair. The main purpose is to keep the body moving: “Through Movement We Find Health.” The Nia Technique is a mind/body physical conditioning program that stands for Non-Impact Aerobics, a health and fitness alternative that emerged in the 80’s, which evolved to include neurological integrative practices and teachings. Nia combines dance arts, martial arts and healing arts in a workout set to music. Nia dance cardio-fitness classes are taught by instructors licensed in the Nia Technique. Each class includes mindful movement, guidance and somatic education; class cycles include warmup, sustained non-impact aerobic conditioning, and strength training, cool down and stretching. More and

more research is finding that mind body integration may be particularly helpful for people who have neurologic conditions—with benefits seen in movement, balance, and even cognition. Gail Mongiello, certified in Nia, is the instructor here in SCC. She went with a friend to her first Nia class in 2005. She felt so good that she continued on with the program. Initially Gail had no plans to teach, but then decided to share the joy of movement that Nia brings. In order to be certified, the future instructor goes through an extensive training program. The system uses the model of martial art belt colors to denote the instructor’s level. Gail started her Nia journey in 2009 receiving her white belt. The certification is intense. Each belt consists of 50 hours of learning spread over 5 days. To receive the belt, the instructor must learn movement to music, science of the body and philosophy, how to get in tune with your own body. In September 2016 Gail earned her fourth belt, the black belt, which represents the ultimate Nia level. There is a CA-sanctioned club here in Sun City Center, The Nia group meets on Fridays, 1:30-2:30 p.m., in Dance Room 2, SCC Main Campus, 1203 N Pebble Beach Blvd. There is a small fee. You can get further information on the classes by calling President, Debbie Carlson 847-848-7338 or email dcarlson72@ You can reach the certified Nia instructor, Gail Mongiello, by email or call 480-2201430 or just stop during class hours.

4884 Sun City Center Blvd. east end of Publix Plaza

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Six advanced location technologies help find you at home or on the go Features AutoAlert, proven fall detection that’s relied on by over 250,000 seniors The lightweight button is waterproof and has a long battery life Two-way voice communication allows you to talk through the button

Call the Men's Club of SCC 813-633-7091 for more information

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The News of Sun City Center

August 2017

August 2017

The News of Sun City Center



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August 2017

The News of Sun City Center

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News of Sun City Center August 2017  

Sun City Center Kings Point Florida

News of Sun City Center August 2017  

Sun City Center Kings Point Florida