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The News of November 2013 - ISSUE #64 official publication of the Community Association — Named Best Newsletter in Hillsborough County 2011


November 6 Board Workshop Board Room – 9 a.m. 13 Board Meeting Rollins Theater – 9 a.m. 13 Meet the Candidates Night Community Hall - 7 p.m. 19 Community Leaders Florida Room - 9 a.m. 25 CO-AP Meeting Caper Room - 2 p.m.

Pebble Beach Task Force Submits Final Report

Proposed agendas for monthly Board Meetings are discussed at the Board Wo r k s h o p s a n d p o s te d o n O f f i c i a l B u l l e t i n B o a rd s t h e Fr i d ay b e fo re. They will also be posted on our website ( – under “Association”). Every Wednesday: Orientation for new members in the Board Room at 1 p.m.


December 3 Membership Vote Sandpiper Room 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. 4 Board Workshop Board Room – 9 a.m. 4 Membership Vote Community Hall 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. 11 Board Meeting Rollins Theater – 9 a.m. 17 Community Leaders Florida Room - 9 a.m. 23 CO-AP Meeting Caper Room - 2 p.m.

Paul Wheat, left, presents Final Report of the Pebble Beach Task Force to CA President Ed Barnes in October while standing on the median of North Pebble Beach Boulevard. The report highlights the needed improvements and how the costs will be covered to keep the medians attractive here and on South Pebble Beach Boulevard.

By Paul Wheat

the existing landscaping on these

between Hillsborough County and Minto providing for maintenance of enhanced landscaping on the medians on Pebble Beach Blvd. terminates on December 13, 2015. At that time, unless other arrangements are agreed to, Minto will turn over the maintenance of the medians to the County. A Task Force was appointed for the express purpose of developing a plan to identify ways and means of maintaining the North and South Pebble Beach medians after the developer departs SCC following buildout, presently planned for 2017. In doing so, the Task Force identified all maintenance costs, w h i ch i nclu d e s l ands c api ng , irrigation and electrical costs, presently paid by Minto. It also considered all options brought to light, discussed pertinent side issues to the situation and weighed a recommended funding stream to best retain the existing level of maintenance of the enhanced landscaping on the medians of Pebble Beach Blvd. The bottom line is there is only one option that will meet the requirement, and that is for the Community Association to assume the responsibilities for this maintenance. The members of the PBTF unanimously agree that it is the only reasonable option that can be undertaken to ensure the continued maintenance of

protect the value of our homes. The Task Force believes the only other choice is for the CA to notify Minto to turn the maintenance of the Pebble Beach Boulevard medians over to Hillsborough County. The Final Report of the Task Force has been submitted to the CA BOD and is now available in hardcopy in the CA Library and has also been posted on the CA website. Everyone is invited to review this report to better understand all aspects of this situation and become cognizant of the reasons for the Task Force recommendation. Yes, it will take a few minutes of your time but considering the impact this decision will have on the future of our community, they will be well spent minutes.

Daylight Savings ends tonight I am sure that most members medians, to maintain the present at 2 a.m. Set clocks back! now know that the present agreement lifestyle of our residents and to December Issue delivered to your mailbox on

November 30 On the Inside Ballots.................................................23 CA Board Actions.................................3 Club Happenings..............................10+ Crossword..........................................33 CryptoQuote.......................................31 Entertainment Corner...........................6 Golf...................................................34+ Library Update......................................5 Lifestyles..............................................8 Meet your Neighbors............................9 Military Affairs...................................24+ Movies................................................39 Newcomers..........................................2 Plants Happen....................................21 President’s Report................................3 Sports...............................................30+

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You can stay informed on Community Association happenings by getting the CA’s “email blast” when there is breaking news. Send an email to sccboard@suncitycenter. org asking to be added to the “What’s New with the CA” list. You can also stop in the office and give them your information. You might also want to check the CA information line at 6338200 for recorded announcements on scheduled meetings and events. Note: If you have a suggestion for this feature, send it to hodgespress@

$6,000 for SCC Golf Cart Parade Entrants

By Phyllis Hodges Dave Birkett, who is chairing the 2013 Golf Cart Parade on December 7, calls the committee members “excited” about the theme for this year and the prizes available. “Sights and Sounds of the Season allows entrants to depict any aspect of the holiday season they choose which will add to the variety of decorations on carts,” he said. The breakdown for $6,000 donated by Minto Communities for prizes is as follows. The three First Place winners in the Individual, Business and Group (clubs, organizations, HOAs, COAs) categories will each take home $800. They will also be eligible for a $500 Best in Show award. Second Place award is $300 and Third Place is $200 in each of the three categories. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Place winners in the Individual category only will win $200. Last year, Minto donated $5,000 prize money. This year, the company is contributing an extra $1,000 for a raffle that includes all carts that complete the route. Entrants will be issued tickets upon sign-in which will be collected at the end of the parade; a winner will then be drawn from those tickets. It’s important to remember that all carts must be decorated to participate in the parade. Registration forms can be obtained at the N. Pebble Beach Community Association Office, CA Atrium Kiosk or at either Kings Point clubhouse. They can also be accessed online from the SCC website, i.e., When you access the site, click on Sun City Center (on the left), scroll down to the Golf Cart Parade Registration and print. Deadline for submitting registrations to the CA Office is Tuesday, December 3. (Note: This is the only collection point this year.) The committee also is pleased that Minto will again sponsor a Winterfest coinciding with the parade which Channa Calzone, representing Minto on the committee, says will be bigger and better than last year, providing visitors with a memorable, fun-filled day. The event will begin at 11 a.m. and end at 2:30 p.m. in the courtyard on the CA Central Campus. The parade will exit the N. Pebble Beach CA parking lot on N. Pebble Beach, turn right on LaJolla, right on El Rancho, right on Ojai and left on Cherry Hills to the bandstand area where prizes will be awarded. Dave Birkett, who is chairing the parade committee, said that

See Parade on page 6.


The News of Sun City Center

November 2013

Where Will YOU Take the SCC Story?

We will publish your picture taken elsewhere in your SCC T-shirts or holding a copy of The News of Sun City Center. Email your photo with a caption to


Oregon and Washington

Punta Gorda

Yasmin and Russ Kevala stayed at Tropical Paradise, a Bed & Breakfast Inn, and took the Sunset Cruise in Punta Gorda to celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary.

(L to R) Dick and Rose Timm, Janet and Jim Glass took a seven-day riverboat cruise on the Snake and Columbia Rivers in Oregon and Washington aboard the “Queen of the West.” This cruise follows the 1805 Lewis and Clarke exploration route through the Columbia River gorge and within sight of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens.

Africa >>> Tom and Ginny Connolly enjoyed reading the SCC News while cruising to LaBaie, Canada.

Sandra and Martin Hurwitz toured Africa and made it to the Cape of Good Hope on the southwest corner of the continent. They have seen lion, elephant, rhino, cheetah, giraffe, five kinds of antelope and a bunch of smaller stuff—most of them close enough to touch.

NEWCOMERS September 2013

List prepared by Linda Bowker from CA staff data. Report corrections, additions to CA at 633-3500. Last Profant Wagner Lowery White Schiller Gebauer Brooks Fink Marcotte Goula Westrich Aube Townsend Pierburg Detrick Gunter Lamoreaux Ruby Erickson Cranch Upham Huss Lorenzo O'Keefe Saia Langlois Sweeney Crispino Lloyd Swakow Lincoln Duperrault Elliott Burns Smith Naughton Robbins Amar-Robbins Rice Fasano Fischer Madden-Nadeau Sheppard Midkiff Zimmerman

First Gary & Gail Warren & Rebecca Thomas & Donna Lori Dieter & Judith Charles & Glenna Linda Jack Jerry & Wendy Alex & Peggy Gary René & Angela Susanne Paul & Ruth James & Sharon Kenneth & Donna Gertrude William & Dolores Margaret Robert & Lynn Ronald & Nancy Janice Mauricio & Katana Daniel & Karen Frank Robert Bridget Marcia William & Lynn Paul & Claudia Roger & Diane Denise Chuck & Donella Joseph & Rhonda Gary Patricia Gary Anna Elizabeth Vincent & Sharon Robert & Janice Cheryl & George Shep & Toni Gary Wilbur & Patricia

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The NEWS of Sun City Center A publication of the SCC Community Association 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center, FL 33573 813-633-3500 News Office: 813-642-2070 (located in Old Town Hall) Editor-in-Chief: Karen Jones

Reporter Phyllis Hodges

Reporter Uta Kuhn

Contributors: CA Board of Directors and Staff, Agnes Baker, John & Linda Bowker, Ron Pelton, Judy Schings, LeRoy Skinner, Judy Stimson Photographer: Judy Stimson CA Board Liaison: Howie Griffin Ombudsperson: Ilona Merritt Advertising: John Wolf - 813-938-8721 Publisher: SCC Community Association Monthly deadline:

15th of each month Advertising: The NEWS is not liable for errors in advertising; it does not endorse and cannot verify the accuracy of representations made by advertisers who are solely responsible for advertisement contents. The NEWS welcomes announcements, articles, photos and stories about our community.

November 2013

The News of Sun City Center


CA Board Meeting Actions

The Community Association Board of Directors met October 9 and took the following action:

President’s Report

1. Approved a new club - Friends of the Sun City Center Nature Trails. Their purpose will be to assist with the development and maintenance of the nature trails off of West Del Webb.

By Ed Barnes

2. Approved policy changes regarding: 1. Late fees and the timing of letters demanding payment of membership dues 2. Capital Fund Fee - clarification of wording and exemptions will have some definitive milestone dates for getting this accomplished. Approved the 2014 Budget with an annual dues increase of $6 per member. If you have some ideas, let us hear from you at sccboard@suncitycenter. The outdoor concert held on Tuesday, October 8, was attended by about org. 300 people—a good time was had by all. Our thanks go to David Floyd and Dave Mohl for all of their coordination efforts to make this possible and to Golf Cart Parade Our annual Holiday Golf Cart the Patriots Club and Winn-Dixie for their sponsorship. If you would like Parade will be held December 7, to have more of these events, let David Floyd and Dave Mohl know. 2013. Thanks to the generosity of Minto Communities, there will be some very nice cash prizes. By Sam Sudman Individuals in the top six positions; clubs/organizations/groups in the Board of Directors, Government Affairs Liaison top three positions and businesses in the top three positions will be awarded prize money. There will also be a Best of Show prize. A SPECIAL BONUS of $1,000 will be awarded to ONE DECORATED CART that starts and completes the ENTIRE parade route! So get out your decorations and trimmings and decorate your golf cart for a chance to win $1,000! Applications (available in the CA office, the Atrium Kiosk and both Kings Point clubhouses) are due December 3 at 3 p.m. so get your applications in early. In addition, after the parade Minto will sponsor a Winter Festival in the Atrium Plaza that will have food vendors, massage tables, photographers with cutouts for The long-awaited start date Au t o m at e d g a r b a g e a n d funny pictures and more. Come on for the new automated trash and re c y c l i n g c o l l e c t i on s e r v i c e out and have a great time. recycling collection program in Sun began Sept. 30 in the majority of Many thanks to Minto for City Center (SCCCA and KP) is Hillsborough County’s Solid Waste its support of this event and the just around the corner. During the service area, but because of the large other Sun City Center events they week of January 6, 2014, two new number of residents leaving our so generously support. If you see a 35-gallon roll carts—a GRAY cart area over the summer, the county Minto employee, please tell them for garbage and a BLUE cart for agreed to a delayed start-up for our thanks for all that they do for Sun recyclables—with instructions for community. use, will be delivered to your address. City Center. This transition to a new Hillsborough County is developing program is a massive undertaking. Holiday Walk Breakfast plans to retrieve old garbage cans To streamline the transition as much The Holiday Walk Breakfast will from those who do not want to keep as possible, initially, homes in Sun be held December 14 in the Florida, them for alternative use. The county City Center and Kings Point will Armstrong and Heritage Rooms. will have more information on that receive the 35-gallon carts. For many Doors will open at 7 a.m. for the in the coming weeks. The first trash in SCC, storage space is a serious early risers and close at noon for and recyclables collection in the issue. The actual footprint of the those sleeping in. As usual, sausage, new containers begins Wednesday, 35-gallon roll cart is closer to the eggs and pancakes will be served January 15. Remember, everything size of a traditional garbage can than for breakfast at the nominal price of must be in the new roll carts or it either the 65-gallon or 95-gallon cart only $5—another Sun City Center will not be picked up. Your current sizes. Cart sizes and dimensions are good deal. OH, AND IF YOU FEEL trash cans and recycling bins will shown on page 6. LIKE VOLUNTEERING TO HELP not be emptied when the new See Trash on page 6 OUT AT THE BREAKFAST, THE program starts. SUDMANS WOULD APPRECIATE IT- 633-3106. Donations Many of our clubs will have APPLIED TO their wares out for display and sale CLUB/ORGANIZATION AMOUNT Monday Movies $330 To offset license fees during the Holiday Walk. Stop at Duplicate Bridge Association 2,500 New Fountain in the renovated area the club tables and rooms and pick up some nifty presents. Mark your between the Ceramics and Art Club The Merry Makers 100 Hardship Fund calendars with this date.

“Let’s Talk Trash”


The Way Ahead My sincere thanks to all of the CA members who approved spending up to $664,000 for the Multi-Purpose Building. This building is the third step in the Master Plan to refresh and update our 50-year-old campus. This building, coupled with the Atrium Parking Area expansion, new Information Center, Library addition and the refreshing of the Central Campus, will create a totally new atmosphere for our amenities. We have a lot of work left to do but starting in the spring of 2014, you will see major changes in the Central Campus. Thank you again for your faith in the Board and our efforts to improve the facilities. Peddler’s License Have you ever heard of a Peddler’s License? Did you know that all house-to-house peddlers selling goods valued at more than $25 door-to-door in Sun City Center, are required to have a Hillsborough County Peddler’s License? I was totally unaware of this requirement until a week ago. Under Florida Statutes, it is unlawful for vendors to conduct any home solicitation greater than $25 without a valid home solicitation permit from the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Requirements for a vendor to obtain a license are: a written application, license fee, fingerprinting and a background check. The peddler is required to carry the license at all times and to display the license to the prospective buyer before initiating a sale!! The peddler’s license does not apply to non-profit organizations, girl scouts, boy scouts, and school fundraisers. If a peddler shows up at your door and does not or cannot display a peddler’s license, call the Security Patrol at 642-2020 or the Resource Deputy at 242-5515. Don’t let them into your house!! Café We are still hearing a lot of comments from the Membership about wanting a café. So I decided to re-engage the Long Range Plan Implementation Committee initially to look at some strategic options for building a café and meeting the membership’s expectations. We have to decide if our membership wants a café along the lines of the KP South Clubhouse or a snack bar arrangement with limited food service. A snack bar operation would be fairly simple to do, but something more complex in terms of size and operations will require more space and a number of other considerations. I have tasked the LRPIC to re-look at these issues and come up with some options for the BOD to consider and present to the membership  in the near term.  Within the next couple of weeks we

CA Contact Information Phone: 633-3500 Website:

Community Foundation of 6,224 Greater Sun City Center “Durward & Janet Seville Fund Brandon Honda 3,350 Winn-Dixie 400

Sun City Library

Sponsor for Wine & Cheese served after Sunday Series programs October 8 Outdoor Concert


The News of Sun City Center


November 2013

1509 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center • 813-633-2020 • FAX 813-633-6403 MARGARET “MARGE” CONNOLLY, Lic R.E. Broker • Excellence and Integrity

Sun City Center & Kings Point

St George Association KEYSTONE Don’t let the price fool you this delightful condo has been updated and has bonuses galore.. New kitchen cabinets and Island, Windows, Tile floors, enclosed lanai plus a patio. Convenient to all private location.



205 Islip Way

Ruskin living at its best 3/2 WATERFRONT home on a 75x230 lot with 100 feet of seawall plus a side dock. This home was remodeled in 2012 with new carpet, tile and Maytag appliances. Great fishing and boating can be yours.

212 13th Street NW








Expanded TWINTREE 1756 square feet of heated space can be yours in this delightful split bedroom floor plan with a family room and enclosed lanai. Upgraded carpeting and new vinyl make this an easy care home. Seller hasn’t lived in property.

Osprey Association ARLINGTON model all the beauty of Renaissance without the fees... can be yours in this delightful home. No concerns with hurricanes this unit has shutters plus is wired for a generator. Oversized garage also has a decked attic.

For Sale

Rentals Annual • Furnished

102 22nd NW St ............VAC ............... $375,000 ....... 4.17 Acres. 178 Ft on Little Manatee 1315 Crystal Grns Dr.....3/2 ................. $289,900 .......... Arlington-Osprey Assoc PENDING 1015 River Dr SW..........2/1 ................. $250,000 ...1.29 AC 1950 Home Near Manatee Rvr 1937 New Bedford Dr ....3/2 ................. $229,900 .............. Tradewinds Large Lot PENDING 2008 Chickory Lane.......2/2 ................. $229,000 ....... Limetree Golf..Grt Space PENDING 212 13th St NW .............3/2 ................. $169,000 .................... WATER WATER Ruskin Inlet 1834 Wolf Laurel............2/2 ................. $169,000 ........... Islander Spacious, Updated, Golf! 2333 Emerald Lake .......2+ den/2/2G .... $159,000 .......................................Sharp Clairmont 1501 Cloister Dr.............2/2 ................. $133,000 ............. Twintree-Encl Lanai w PENDING 1611 Bentwood..............2/2 ................. $126,000 ............. Twintree 1756 Sq Ft Split Bedrm 1604 N Pebble Bch ........2/2 ................. $119,000 .......................... DW52 North Lake SOLD 1950 Grand Cypress ....2/2 ................. $103,900 ................. Gardenia Delightful PENDING 203 Genet Court ............2/2 ................. $ 87,900 .......... Gantree II Immac Condit PENDING 2001 W Del Webb .........2/2 ................. $79,900 ................ Camellia Great Area PENDING 205 Islip Way .................2/1 ................. $79,900 ...... Keystone Gorgeous Remodel+Garage 2404 New Haven ...........2/2 ................. $79,900 ........... Concord Split Bed, Vaulted Ceiling 1903 Canterbury B-2 .....2/2 ................. $59,900 ... Windsor Neat and Clean, Nice Location 201 Kings Blvd A-23 ......1/1.5 .............. $29,000 .... Mansard Kingspt Great Loca PENDING

307 Knottwood................. 2/2/1C .......... Knolls-Private Pool..........................................$875

1611 Bentwood Drive



1315 Crystal Greens



2304 Lancaster ................ 2/2/2G .......... Augusta Plan ................................................$1200 2248 Preservation Grn .... 3/2/2G .......... Spacious / Lovely ..........................................$1525 2116 Acadia Grns............ 2/2/2G .......... Nearly New ...................................................$1350 1123 Jameson Grns ........ 2/2/1.5G ....... Screen Porch ................................................$1300 912 Kings Blvd................. 2/2/2G .......... +Den Sgl Family ..........................................$1300

Rentals • Unfurnished 402 Dorchester 33 ........... 1/1.5/1C ....... New Shower & A/C .........................................$775 825 La Jolla Ave ............. 2/2/1G .......... Sharp & Affordable .........................................$875 1622 Faxton ..................... 2/2/2G .......... 2 Split Master Suites .....................................$1100 1402 Ingram Drive ........... 2/2/2G .......... Laminate Floors ............................................$1100 104 Cactus Flower........... 2/2/2G .......... Twintree on WATER ......................................$1200 2171 Acadia Grns........... 2/2/G ............ Westport .......................................................$1300 1752 Pebble Beach S ...... 2+Den/2/G ... Scrn Porch / Water ........................................$1300


November 2013

The News of Sun City Center

Don’t Miss November 7 Hi, Neighbor!

Treasurer’s Report The 2014 budget requires an increase in the dues of $6 per person. This is an increase of 2.23% or 50 cents per month. The dues increase for the Operating Fund is $2, a $1 increase for the major Replacement Fund and a $3 increase for the Hurricane Deductible Fund. This results in a net dues increase of $6. Last year the dues increase was also $6. The increase of $3 for the Hurricane Deductible Fund is to accelerate the reaching of our goal of $300,000 since Citizens Insurance, our insurer, is looking to reduce the amount of insurance that they would be liable for. If we have to insure with another carrier, we expect the deductible to be higher. When we reach our goal for the Hurricane Deductible Fund, we will use that portion of our dues to offset any increases for the Operating Fund or the Replacement Fund. We applied a surplus of $11,000 to the 2014 budget to help reduce

the dues increase. Without applying the surplus, the dues increase would have been $7. The expenses for the 2014 budget are $18,000 less than the 2013 budget. The reason for the increase in dues for the Operating Fund is that our income was reduced by $49,900. In order to keep our costs down, we have tightened up the budget for 2014 which resulted in reduced operating expenses. This budget will continue the high standards of maintenance, repairs and service that our residents are accustomed to. I urge you to vote for the dues increase that is associated with the budget. I want to thank the Budget C o m m i t t e e ; Ly n R e i t z , o u r community manager ; and the Community Association’s accountant for all their time and effort that went into the preparation of the budget. —Neil Rothfeld, CA Board and Treasurer

“Take the bus and leave the driving to us”

By Sam Sudman Government Affairs Liaison, Board of Directors Most of us in SCC can remember a variation of this phrase. Well, the CA Board has been working with HART to make transportation easier and less costly for you for the rest of the year. If the demand is there, the pass program may continue. Just think, it comes in time for holiday shopping in Brandon. Drive your car or golf cart to the CA parking lot on N. Pebble Beach, park it, get on the bus by the HART shelter and relax. Once your trip to Brandon, or anywhere else that HART travels, is completed, get back on the bus (no additional cost) and return to the 2014 BUDGET HART shelter on the CA parking lot, where you parked your vehicle. Board Approved - 10/9/13 (A detailed copy of the budget is available in the Community Association Library.) Each pass is good for a single roundtrip. OPERATING BUDGET: REPLACEMENT RESERVE FUND: We have arranged for you to 2014 Projected Income Members Dues $2,591,870 Projected Balance 1/1/14 $1,431,100 purchase one-day, round-trip passes for $1, which is 50% off the regular ($231 per person) Funds Needed per Replacement Directory 86,595 Study: price. The CA will sell them to you Entertainment 101,360 Projected Disbursements (947,800) at cost. (There is no refund for any Interest Income 5,000 Estimated Interest Income 4,000 unused passes.) The passes do not Miscellaneous 145,980 Members Dues ($30 per person) expire. Surplus 2013 10,900 337,900 R e m e m b e r, b e g i n n i n g Total Income $2,941,705 Projected Funds Available 12/31/14 November 1, bring your money and $825,200 your CA ID card to the CA office 2014 Projected Expenses Wages, Taxes & Benefits $1,309,775 Replacement Reserve for Furniture and purchase the passes, cash only. Maintenance & Supplies 238,045 & Equipment: Questions? Call the CA, 633-3500. Maintenance Contracts 162,435 Utilities 386,000 Insurance 239,800 Administration 158,350 Professional Services Legal, Audit, Computer 43,600 Management Contract 257,500 Library 14,900 Entertainment 82,700 Miscellaneous 48,600 Total Expenses $2,941,705

CAPITAL BUDGET: Projected Balance 1/1/14 $1,864,400 Projected Disbursements for Projects (1,631,701) Projected Transfer Fees 450,000

Projected Balance 1/1/14 $124,100 Members Dues ($5 per person) 54,500 Projected Disbursements (90,800) One of the most memorable Projected Balance 12/31/14 $87,800 events in Tampa Bay history was the collapse of the original Sunshine Reserve for Hurricane Deductible Skyway Bridge on the morning of Projected Balance 1/1/14 $165,500 May 9, 1980 when it was struck by Member Dues ($6 per person) 65,400 the Summit Venture, plunging 35 Projected Balance 12/31/14 $230,900 people to their deaths. Bill DeYoung’s book Skyway: the True Story of Tampa Bay’s Signature Bridge and the NOTE: 1. Goal for the Hurricane Fund is Man Who Brought it Down is now approximately $300,000. available at the library. DeYoung, a native of St. Petersburg, Florida, has Total 2014 Dues per member - $275 written a detailed description of the

Projected Balance 12/31/14 $682,699

South Nature Trail Open The grand opening of South Nature Trail located on Del Webb West across from North Lake was held on October 29. Kelly Emerson and the CA maintenance crew have placed entrance and guide signage within the trails system along with resting areas for easy traveling. The Nature Trail Task Force worked for months to come up with a trail system that was interesting to the hiker. Please keep in mind that these trails are strictly for nature hiking, no bicycles, no dog walking nor are golf carts allowed on the trails to disturb the ambiance of the nature walk. There is a designated parking area only for golf carts near the trail head. Recommended for best hiking on these trails, one should wear light boots or old tennis shoes along with long pants. At this time of the year, mosquito spray might not be a bad idea. The trails are for hiking in the wilderness with a much different atmosphere than the walking paths such as at the South Campus. These trails are for the folks who like walking in virgin woodlands and enjoying undisturbed nature close up. Enjoy!


Hi, Neighbor! on November 7, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., is a great way to get information about the things we do here in SCC to stay mentally and physically active. Held at the SCC Community Hall on S. Pebble Beach, many of the Community Association’s clubs and organizations will be on hand to dispense information. This annual event is especially helpful for new residents as well as those who have lived here for a while who are considering exciting new activities. The SCC Organ and Keyboard Club is providing music and Aston Gardens is contributing cookies. General information contact: Janet Ditmore (jandit@verizon. net). Club assignment information: Claudia Hinson (clubs@

DONATIONS TO THE SCCCA Did you know that as a 501((c)3 corporation, donations made to the Community Association are tax deductible? These donations are used in many ways for the betterment of our community.

What’s New at the Library?

tragic accident as well as an account of other incidents that preceded the fall of the span into Tampa Bay. The author’s research includes formal documents, newspaper accounts and personal interviews with eyewitnesses and survivors of the tragedy. A fascinating look at an incredible story. Through our grant from The Interfaith Council and the Nearly New Shop, we have added a new large print mystery series to the collection: the Cat in the Stacks mystery series by Miranda James. Charlie Harris is a librarian in Athena, Mississippi, whose companion Diesel, a Maine Coon cat, is so named because he purrs so loudly he sounds like a diesel engine. In the first of the series, Murder Past Due, Diesel and Charlie must work together to discover who murdered a famous author—a man with many enemies.

Felix Francis is continuing in his father’s footsteps as he brings back Sid Halley in Dick Francis’s Refusal. Dick Francis died in 2010, but he and Felix began co-writing mystery novels in 2008. In the 2006 novel Under Orders, Sid Halley retired from being a private investigator after being harassed, beaten and shot. Now, a mysterious caller threatens that unless Sid comes out of retirement to deliver a whitewashed report about fixed races, there will be dire consequences for his wife and daughter. Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book The Signature of All Things is a novel that follows the fortunes of the Whittaker family through England, Peru, Philadelphia, Tahiti, and Amsterdam. Born a poor Englishman, Henry Whittaker makes his fortune in the South American quinine trade and becomes the richest man in Philadelphia. His daughter Alma is a botanist whose quest for knowledge leads her into great adventure and romance. Gilbert is the author of the best-selling memoir Eat, Pray, Love. Remember, if the book you want is not on the shelf, we are happy to reserve it and call you when it is available. Happy reading! —Elaine Birkinshaw


The News of Sun City Center


By Uta Kuhn The 2013 Legislative session resulted in several bills becoming law, which will have an impact on Home Owner/Property Owners Associations. Below is the most important information that presidents of HOA’s and POA’s need to be made aware of to keep up with those new laws. These were taken verbatim from a handout distributed at the Town Hall Meeting held on October 15 regarding the above subject. Home Owners’ Association reporting. By NOVEMBER 22, 2013, the President of the Home Owner’s Association (if no manager has been employed) must file a report that contains the association’s legal name, physical and mailing address, FEIN,* total number of governed parcels, and total amount of revenues and expenses from the association’s annual budget, in the manner prescribed by the DBPR.** (Section 2 CS/HB 7119) Forms are available on DBPR website. Board Certification required. Within 90 days of being elected, a new Board member must either (1)

submit a written certification that attests to specifically enumerated items or (2) submit a certificate of having completed the educational curriculum as provided by the DPBR. If a Board member fails to submit the certification, the Board member is suspended from the Board until member complies, and the Board may temporarily fill the vacancy. This addition is substantially similar to and brings homeowners’ associations in line with the condominium Board certification requirement. [Florida Statutes 720.3033(1)b] The above referenced items are the most important ones that need to be implemented and dealt with by HOA’s/POA’s, according to Steven H. Mezer, Esquire of the Bush Ross Law Firm in Tampa. In reading through the handout, there are many other pieces of information that important. Further information can be obtained by calling or e-mailing Steven Mezer. E-mail address:, Phone: 813204-6492. Those Presidents who did not attend this important meeting might want to consider requesting the handout which Mr. Mezer prepared and distributed.

November 2013

Trash from page 3 Recognizing that some members may want or actually require more than the 35-gallon capacity, residents may contact the County from January 15 to March 15 to exchange either or both of the 35-gallon carts for one of the larger sizes. There is no charge for this one-time exchange, but if you decide later that you actually did not need the larger size and want the smaller roll cart back, there will be a $30 charge. Collection days for everyone in SCC will be: garbage collection on Wednesday and Saturday, and recycling collection on Wednesday. The yard waste collection day was already changed to Saturday as of September 30. The new carts should be placed three feet apart, at the end of the driveway, NOT on the sidewalk, so that the arm on the automated collection truck can reach the carts. If a driveway placement is not practicable, place the carts IN

the STREET, alongside the CURB, 3 feet apart. Yard waste will continue to be collected manually at curbside, in containers provided by you, or in bundles and/or bags. Tree limbs and hedge clippings should not be more than 4 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter. Also, yard waste volumes cannot exceed two cubic yards or 50 pounds. The County’s 2014 Solid Waste rates reflect an $8.42 reduction in the total annual assessments. Cart size does not affect what you pay for the assessments. Finally, in conjunction with Hillsborough County, a Town Hall Meeting will be held on January 7, 2014 at Community Hall at 7 p.m. Representatives from Public Utilities will bring us up to date on the new program and answer your questions. The cart size comparisons are provided below to aid in your decision:




13-gallon garbage bag capacity

95-gallon cart




6-7 bags

65-gallon cart




4-5 bags

35-gallon cart




2-3 bags

Program cart sizes

*Federal Employer Identification Number **Department of Business and Professional Regulation


SPOTLIGHT ON ENTERTAINMENT There’s lots of excellent entertainment to look forward between now and April 2014 and at a good price!  Join us for some really fun events.  The 2013-14 Entertainment Series of Shows are on sale now for just $70/person/series.   Purchase of either series includes a FREE ticket to this season’s Showcase scheduled Wednesday, January 29, 1-3:30 p.m.. SUNDAY SHOWS  (2:30-4:30 p.m.): Tribute to Elton John - November 10; Streisand/Mathis Holiday Show-December 8; Top 10 Rock-and-Roll Revue -January 12;  Jay White as Neil Diamond-February 9; and FinisMarch 30. Ticket price includes a wine-and-cheese reception, sponsored by Brandon Honda. FRIDAY DANCE/SHOWS  (7-10 p.m.):  Sounds of Soul-November 15; Flashback-January 24; Phil Dirt & the Dozers-February 14; and FabulonsMarch 21. Individual tickets go on sale November 4. And then.... Other Performances to look forward to: ...November 17 (Sunday) Opera “Idol” - St. Petersburg Opera Co.   ** ...December 19 (Thursday) - A Christmas Concert - South Shore Concert Band.  Tickets go on sale November 18 - $5/person. ...January 26 (Sunday) - Highlights of Susannah -St. Petersburg Opera Co.** ... February 27 (Thursday) - A Pop Concert - South Shore Concert Band.  Tickets go on sale November 18 - $5/person. ...March 2 (Sunday) - The Platters, Coasters, Drifters and Temptations Salute - $20/person.  Tickets will go on sale in January - $20/person. ...March 23 (Sunday)  -  Seven Most Unwise Moments in Opera  -  St. Petersburg Opera Co. ** ...March 28 (Friday) - Patrick & Matilda - A fabulous ventriloquist act performed in a nightclub setting; BYOB. Reserved tables of 8.  Tickets will go on sale in January (date to be decided on) - $12/person. ...April 6 (Sunday) -  Big Band Jamboree  - the Sarasota Jazz Project. Tickets will go on sale in 2014 (date to be decided on) - $12/person. ...April 27 (Sunday) - Billy Joel Tribute - Tickets will go on sale in 2014 (date to be decided on) - $15/person.  ** Tickets for the operas are on sale now at Atrium-Kiosk Mon-WedFri, 9-noon.  Buy all three operas (mini-series) for $30 or $12/person/ opera. Reserved seats. Info: 813-642-2001 —Judy Schings

Guest Passes After Hours

All Guest Cards must be purchased by the member at the CA office and may be purchased in advance. When the CA office is closed, members may purchase cards at the Fitness Center. To purchase Guest Passes at the Fitness Center, the CA member must have his/her CA membership card with a current sticker. Fitness Center Hours: Monday-Sunday 6 a.m.- 8 p.m. Except closed Thursday from 1 to 2:15 p.m. for cleaning Guest Cards are dated at the time of issue. They may be purchased for either daily use ($1/day) or for a period of thirty days ($25/30 days). Guest Cards are issued for daily use periods and unused days are not refunded and do not carry over for succeeding visits. Guest Cards must be displayed when accessing or using the facilities. A separate Guest Card is required for each person 18 years of age and older. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a CA member or an adult with a Guest Card. A CA member must purchase a Guest Card permitting House Guest(s)/ Guest(s) to use the facilities.

Parade from page 1. expectations are high this year due to increased prize amounts. Last year’s parade drew 160 entrants vying for $5,000. Parade information contacts via email: Dave Birkett (davesccsic@ and Chris Robinson (


If you are interested in placing an ad in The NEWS of Sun Center, please email or call John Wolf, our advetising sales person. Phone 813-938-8721

November 2013

The News of Sun City Center

MINTO V.P. Pleased with Sales


Pineapple Plaza Open for Visitors

By Phyllis Hodges Remember the outdated and unused area on the Central Campus between the Art Club, Ceramics and Needlecrafters? You wouldn’t recognize it now. The brick floor is gone, the stone wall and dolphin are gone, the planter beds are no more, and the fountain has been replaced. Now Pineapple Plaza, as it has been named, is an attractive paved area with tables, plants and a lighted gazebo (with a fan) for comfortable lounging. The space is available to anyone wanting a few minutes of quiet during their visits to the Central Campus. According to Community Manager Lyn Reitz, the Plaza is also


being made available to members and groups on a reservation basis. “As soon as the space was completed in mid-October, we received inquiries about availability for groups. We had not anticipated that, but decided to accommodate the requests and add it to the room schedule,” she said. Reservations are being channeled through Event Coordinator Claudia Hinson. The CA is stressing that the tables and chairs should not be shifted, either during individual use or a group function. They are heavy and moving them will mean unnecessary wear and tear on the furniture as well as the floor.

By: Uta Kuhn In June of 2010 a new developer by the name of MINTO, a Canadian based company, moved into Sun City Center. It moved into WCI Sales Center, held a grand opening, and has been very active in our community ever since. Prior to the grand opening of the new sales center, Minto workers spruced up medians along N & S. Pebble Beach Blvd. The following quote was taken from an article that appeared in the Tampa Bay Times in September of 2010. In it Minto Executive Vice President Michael Belmont said, “Sun City Center is a vibrant community, with a rich history. We feel it’s one of the better, if not the best, active adult communities-certainly in Florida, if not the country.” Since moving into the community, they have helped sponsor the Holiday Golf Cart Parade, FunFest, the 4 th of July Fireworks and much more. A great big “thank you” to Minto for its continued support! At a recent newspaper planning meeting, some questions regarding Minto’s progress in Sun City Center were brought up. The following questions were answered by William Bullock, vice president, Minto Communities – Florida: Q. How satisfied are you with new home sales in the community? Has that number increased at all this year? A. “Minto is very pleased with the sales performance of Sun City

Center. For 50 years the community has been a solid performer and that tradition continues. SCC is one of the top selling active adult communities on the west coast of Florida. We do not measure success by year over year increases in sales, as we regulate the number of lots we release each year to a maximum of 100 to 120. We do this to maintain tight quality controls on the homes we construct. Many builders will take as many sales as they can get and then struggle to keep up with construction. We do not prescribe to their philosophy. Minto is synonymous with quality.” Q. Are there plans to complete the paving on Emerald Dunes Dr. at the south end of town, and if so, when might that take place? A. “Emerald Dunes will be completed in the summer of 2014.” Q. Are there any plans for developing the property that used to be the Ben Sutton Golf School? If yes, when might it happen? A. “Ben Sutton is zoned for residential homes and we intend to build homes there. It will be the final phase in what has been a remarkable legacy for a one of a kind 50-year community. We are still in the planning stages and have not finalized timing.” Q. Approximately how many more homes do you plan on building in Sun City Center and in what area? A. “Our target build out plans for approximately 400 to 500 more homes to be built between Sun City Center and Kings Point.”


You Called ... I listened.

“I’m very excited about having a nice area so close to our clubroom for relaxing breaks,” said Anita Garrison (R). She and Florence Opperman (L) and Karen Moore were enjoying their coffee in the CA’s most recent renovated space—Pineapple Plaza. The new fountain provided inspiration for the name.

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By John Bowker During the past month I solicited telephone calls to an answering machine for your comments about how great it is to live in Sun City Center! Since I was not able to call anyone back, callers may have thought their observations had gone for naught. But here is a summary of the first 65 calls I received that had any bearing on the subject. First of all, only seven callers failed to start with “yes, it is the best place to live” or words like that. And of those seven, three of them ended their comments with much the same comment. Is everyone thoroughly content here? Well, of the 65 calls, only four made no suggestions for improvement. The majority of calls offered suggestions falling in two categories. The most common unfulfilled need relates back to the café they were hoping for. They wondered why it had disappeared from the CA radar in all the recent handouts. As you now know, the café is back on the CA’s plate under the guidance of David Floyd who is already working with a Planning Committee to see what might be worked out to satisfy the majority of members. A second category of comment had to do with the appearance of our

community as one drives in from the Interstate. For the most part, it looks pretty darn nice, but one cannot just turn away from the old white wall along a portion of that route that is in poor repair, nor overlook the overgrown shrubs along eastern portions of Rickenbacker Drive. The short entryway to the “SCC Plaza” from State Road 674 with all its pot holes has been a bad joke for years. The problem with this second category is that there is no central organization to handle these issues.  The crumbling wall on 674 is a homeowner matter; there is no Home Owner Association in that area and the wall is on a resident’s private property. The auction of the property with the bad street in front of Payant, the Chamber of Commerce and a few other businesses resulted in a sale to a Tampa Company, but, although one of the local businesses once again stepped forward to patch the worst of the holes, there is no sign of general improvement to that area yet.   The telephone number is still in service and I would like to hear your suggestions for how these issues might be handled.  If you leave me your email address during your call, I will communicate with you and maybe we’ll get somewhere. Call 633-8686.


The News of Sun City Center

November 2013

Holiday Walk and Breakfast

Sawdust Engineers—

Home Away From Home for Many By Phyllis Hodges

time a few years ago. “Once we saw all the activities here, we knew this was where we wanted to be, ” he said. Ed formerly was a home builder, and since his son now runs the company and can use his dad’s tools, it wasn’t too traumatic for him to leave his tools behind when they became full-time SCC residents. He saw no reason to bring anything big with him since Sawdust Engineers has about every piece of equipment imaginable. The club welcomes new people who either have a passion for woodworking or think they might be interested. Both Ed and Kim say that everyone is friendly and willing to help. “We have a good time, both in the shop and at the socials we have from time to time. When we’re working on a group project, we don’t have male duties and female duties,” Ed says, “although the ladies seem to be better at fine detail work.” The clubroom is located on the Central Campus just north of the swimming pool. For information, call 813-938-5181 (Klein).

By Phyllis Hodges Time is fleeting, folks. It’s hard to believe that holiday events are starting to pop up on our calendars. Don’t forget the Holiday Walk and Breakfast on December 14. The breakfast will be served 7 a.m. to noon in the Florida, Armstrong and Heritage rooms on the N. Pebble Beach Central Campus. Pancakes, sausage, eggs, toast, coffee and juice are a bargain for only $5. Proceeds go to the Independence Day Fireworks Fund that is becoming a SCC tradition. Participating clubs will open their doors at 9 a.m. to welcome browsers, shoppers and visitors wanting to learn more about their clubs. Sam and Joanne Sudman, who are organizing the breakfast, have recruited 85 volunteers so far, but they still need about 35 people. Volunteers, who serve as ticket takers, greeters, 50-50 raffle ticket sellers, kitchen workers, line servers, etc., will work only three hours—6 to 9 a.m.; and 9 a.m. to noon. A clean-up crew begins sometime after 11 a.m. Contact the Sudmans at 633-3106 or if you want to help make this an enjoyable seasonal event for our community.



Ed Klein, now in his first year as president of the Sawdust Engineers, spends several hours most weekdays in the shop, as do many in the club. He says he is usually working on a project, but part of his time, as president, is spent ensuring that everything is running smoothly. Now with 300+ members, the Sawdust Engineers is one of the CA’s largest clubs. Kim Roush, one of the 50 or so women members, likes to work on educational aids for young children, although she finds satisfaction in special projects like the rebuilt wagon planter she made recently. Kim is relatively new to SCC. When a friend introduced her to the Sawdust Engineers when she came here two years ago from Columbus, Ohio, she immediately absorbed the club into her busy schedule. “I’ve always liked woodworking. In high school, while most of the other girls took home economics, I chose two years of wood shop,” she says. Also from Ohio, Ed came here with wife Sandra in 2005, first as snowbirds before moving here full-



Kris Collett finds a Shellcrafters bargain, while the Model Railroad Club (below) invites young visitors to run their trains at the 2013 Holiday Walk.

A perpetual philanthropic project for the club is creation of educational aids donated to area schools. Shown: Ed Klein, Kim Roush.

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Sawdust Engineers held a ladies-only woodworking class in October. Two of the three instructors were John Avis (L) and Jerry Schaub.

November 2013

The News of Sun City Center



Meet Your Neighbor...

Linda and John Bowker are the SCC Emergency Squad   featured They keep arriving every day; these wonderful, gifted folks who have volunteers for the month of October.  John joined the Squad in the IT moved to Sun City Center and we are so blessed to be able to say, “Hi,  Neighbor!”  Meet another “person of note” celebrating her retirement with us. department in 1997 and Linda followed a year later.  Together they now Ann Lee McKenzie work for Team 4 and 8 as —born in Oregon but considers night dispatchers.   Missouri her home state. Dad was During quiet a professor of the arts and a gifted m o m ents they are painter (samples of his artistry are able to continue their displayed throughout her home). various computer-related During a trip to London, her activities for the local parents took her to see Swan Lake,  m o nt h l y n e w s p ap e r introducing Ann to the magic of and the New England ballet and the beginning of a life time Club.  Linda continues of dedication to the world of dance. her life-long hobby of With her mother along, summers sewing, maintains the data were spent in New York studying bases for the Peripheral dance at the Ballet Arts School in Neuropathy Resource Carnegie Hall. And, although she felt Group and the Sew n’ Sews that anything that was not germane Club.  John is hailed as the to dance was a waste of time, Ann community historian, is honored her parents wishes and now in his 22nd year with attended Washington and New York the Amateur Radio Club universities. During her college and his 14th year producing an on-line newsletter for Sun City Center. years, she choreographed several shows and was chosen to dance the They met in high school and recently celebrated their 60th wedding lead in a ballet performed by the St. anniversary. Louis Symphony, titled “Symphony We are indeed fortunate to have such a dedicated and committed couple of Fashion”. Finally and with her on the Squad. parents blessings, She  moved to —Jan Huber New York to attend the School of Ann moved to Sun City Center American Ballet. With that move, in 2002 and immediately got involved another world opened to her: with her new community, becoming A n n a p p e a r e d i n m a n y a member of and usher at St. John Broadway productions as a dancer the Divine Church. She is currently but also singing and acting. Of note: president of the Timesteppers Oklahoma!, Bloomer Girl,  Carousel, Dance Club and past president of Where’s Charley? (w/Ray Bolger), Jazzamatazz. She has danced in the Call Me Madam (w/Ethel Merman), Follies, with the Performing Arts Paint Your Wagon (w/Kent Smith), Club and the Pelican Players. If you Guys and Dolls, The King and I, Kiss want to get the “Full Monte” on this me Kate, Girl Crazy, and Brigadoon. remarkable lady, ask to borrow her Married in 1955, Ann was Memoirs of my Life in Dance. Also blessed with four daughters who on the horizon is a musical she is became her  responsibility when developing of her experiences on divorced in 1970. To supplement her stage (and backstage as well, I would income, she babysat  during the day imagine!). With her wit and candor, while the girls attended school.A life this should be a “block-buster!” changing event occurred when she production. Ann has had her dreams took care of a young child who was realized many times over in both her (L to R): Bonnie and Tom Murphy; Terri Lance, asst. chief, med.; Elaine suffering from a heart ailment. This career life and her personal life and Shaefer; Noreen Schramm, chief; Toria Smith. led her to the decision to become we, the Sun City Center residents, a nurse; result was graduating can live ‘“the rest of the story” with The SCC Emergency Squad was treated to a wonderful luncheon hosted valedictorian (and the oldest!) in her. She will be appearing in the by Aston Gardens. It was their way of saying “thank you” for all that we do her class. She has three surviving “Follies” at the Borini Theater on daughters—Melinda, Diana and Nov. 7 and 8 and the Christmas show in the community. Shown here are some members of the Squad enjoying Charlotte,(daughter Megan died with the Jazzamatazz group at the the festivities. —Jan Huber in 1999) and six grandchildren— Rollins Theater on Dec. 7.  five guys and a gal. Kate is a new Let’s do some high-stepping pharmacist and always brings a smile with Ann and our other talented to her grandmother’s face. dancing neighbors!


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Pictured left to right: Robert Edelman, M.D. ~ Eric Berman, M.D. Anita Shane, M.D. ~ Jeffrey Davis, M.D.

813-633-3065 • 1515 Sun City Center Plaza


The News of Sun City Center

Dance Clubs

Free Sunday Dance Practice Need a place to practice your dance skills to various types of music? The perfect opportunity is every Sunday afternoon (2–3:30 p.m.) in the Dance Studio in the Atrium (CA Central Campus, N. Pebble Beach Blvd.). This is not a lesson, just a time to practice with some good music. The session, sponsored by the SCC Dance Club, is open to all members of the SCC Community Association and to residents of Kings Point. —Frank Carl

Send your Dance Club news to

November 2013

Academy of Ballroom Dance Club


Moonglow Ballroom Dance Club will feature the live music of “The Mellotones” at its monthly dance on Thursday, November 21, from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. The attire at Moonglow dances is Dressy Casual. Members are FREE, and guests pay $5 per person at the door. Singles Table(s) are always available. Please BYOB and snacks, and the club will provide ice, water, cups and napkins. The Moonglow 2013 Schedule of year-round monthly dances has had a great lineup of talented entertainers booked for your dancing and/or listening pleasure to live music. We are now registering new and current members for our exciting 2014 Schedule. Visitors are always welcome, so why not get your friends & neighbors to join you at a Moonglow dance? If you think that you can’t ballroom dance, remember that we are not “Dancing With the Stars.” We each do what our bodies allow us to do in time to the music.  For more information  call 813-633-1297 or 813-642-8845, or if you would like to receive Moonglow information by email, contact —Gail Bouverat

Come Dance With Us

Oldies But Goodies Dance Club Music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s Sunday - November 3 Community Hall Dancing 7 – 10 p.m. Entertainment: “Flashback” BYOB OBG Members free, Non-members $5 For more info, call Barbara: 633-5649

Foxy Seniors The Foxy Seniors Dance Club is having a dance on November 16 from 7 to 10 p.m. in the Florida Room. DJ music will be provided by “Spirit Entertainment.” Enjoy an evening of fun where you can sing and dance the night away. Open to Sun City Center, Kings Point and their guests. Couples & singles welcome. Members pay $3. Non-members pay $5. BYOB & snacks. Casual Attire. For information or to reserve a table for eight, phone Angelina at 634-1865. Tickets for the Foxy Seniors New Year’s Eve party are now on sale. Cost is $27.50. Buffet dinner and live music in the Florida Room from 7 p.m. until 12:30 a.m. Call Angelina to reserve your New Year’s Eve table.

SCC Dance Club

W E D , N O V. 1 6 T HA N K S G I V I N G DA N C E PART Y, 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., presented by the SCC Dance Club in Community Hall. Featuring our Exclusive SCC Dance Club Playlist spun by Gerardo.  Selections will include: East & West Coast Swing, Slow and Line Dance, Fox Trot, Latin variations, Waltz, Country and Polka.  Complimentary coffee and cookies will be served. BYOB and bring your friends.  Members free.  Visitors/Guests $6 pp at the door. Singles welcome.  For more info, call 634-9074.  —Frank M. Carl

Reminder... The Sun City Center


30 MPH

Saturday, November 2, at Community Hall Dance is from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. Night Club Two-Step dance lesson is at 6:30 p.m. Members free; guests $6 (Lesson with dance admission only) Lesson and Music by Bernice Dubro Attire: Dressy Casual. Everyone welcome, Singles tables available. BYOB For further information, call Lennie Crooks at 642-9975.

Dance Classes in November 2013 SOCIAL DANCE CLASSES Sponsored by the Academy Dance Club. Classes are held in the Dance Studio in the Atrium. Open to all Sun City Center CA and Kings Point residents. Couples and singles welcome. $5 per class. For information, call Bernice DuBro at 634-3205. TUESDAY EVENING CLASSES (Nov. 5,12,19,26) Beginning - Swing 5:30 p.m. Intermediate - Rumba 6:45 p.m. Advanced - Cha Cha 8 p.m. WEDNESDAY DAY CLASSES (Nov. 6,13,20,27) Beginning - Cha Cha 12:45 p.m. Intermediate -Night club two-step 2 p.m. Intermediate Silver - Silver Waltz 3:15 p.m.


This is a special dance session for FOR SINGLES ONLY. We will be teaching a few steps in the Fox Trot. Open to all SCC and Kings Point residents: DATES: Mondays (Nov. 4,11,18,25) TIME: 7:30 to 8:45 p.m. COST: $20 PER PERSON FOR ALL 4 WEEKS TAUGHT BY BERNICE DUBRO AND TOM GIANNINA CALL TO REGISTER: 634-3205

“Falling Leaves” Square Dance It’s hard to believe that the Sun City Center Swingers Square Dance Club will be celebrating their 45 th —yes that’s right 45 th —Anniversary t h i s y e a r. To honor this momentous event the Club will hold a Special Anniversary Mainstream/Plus Square Dance on Friday Night, November 22. Wellknown local callers, along with past Club presidents, will be invited to enhance the festivities. Delicious refreshments and beverages will be provided for the dancers’ enjoyment. Dancers: please come and join us in celebrating this wonderful occasion This Special Dance, along with the Club’s regular Friday Night Mainstream/Plus Dances, is held in Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Pre-Rounds 7 - 7:30 p.m. Mainstream/Plus Dance, with Rounds, 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

The caller for this special dance is Art Springer. Pat Hagen cues. The Callers for November are as follows: Nov.1 - Ron Reardon; Nov. 8 – Art Springer; *Nov.15 – Bob Ellis; Nov.22 –Art Springer; Nov. 29 – Ron Reardon. Pat Hagen Cues. *The Nov.15 Dance will be held in the Dance Studio rather than Community Hall. The Dance Studio is located in the Atrium on Pebble Beach North. See Club fliers for further directions. The Swingers will provide a Square Dance information table at the “Hi, Neighbor!” event, to be held in Community Hall on Thursday, November 7, starting at 6:30 p.m. Square Dancers: Come join us every Friday night for great dancing, fellowship and refreshments. For further information call Geri at 633-9742 or Leah at 6333986 and/or visit our website at index. —Dick Schultz

November 2013

Club Happenings 1

The News of Sun City Center



The Art Club in Sun City Center

House Tour

Ask Pete your questions about

prostate cancer Is there any kind of diet that is recommended to prevent prostate cancer? A—We do not know enough about the real cause or causes of this cancer to identify any specific foods as the culprits.

person and a map to the six locations will be provided at the time of ticket purchase. Tickets are available at the Kiosk in the Atrium on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to noon.. All SCC residents and their guests are invited on the tour. Members are encouraged to invite family and friend to attend..…. It will be worth it! For additional information about the tour, call Marsha Lucidi 938-5100.


The Art Club House Tour Committee is busy making plans for the 2013 House Tour on Saturday, November 16 from 10am-3pm. The presentation of six homes will offer the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the varied tastes and talents of our art club members and friends. Each home will present to visitors examples of the owner’s art and/or collections, craftsmanship, home décor and landscaping preferences. You’ll see a wide range of art, get ideas for home improvement projects, and purchase some wonderful jewelry. Some homes will offer free refreshments; and an opportunity to win a floral arrangement done by our own member, Marne Zieg. There will be something to appeal to everyone on this tour. Tickets to the tour are $10 per


(L to R) Brenda Levy, Dolores Phelps, Barbara Wurth, Marsha Lucidi and Robi Jackson


The first open house of the season will be on Nov. 29, the day after Thanksgiving, from 1 to 4 p.m. We expect to celebrate the presentation of our 1000th Junior Engineer certificate to much fanfare! Other Open House events will occur at Holiday Walk, Christmas school vacation, FunFest & Easter. For more information, call President Larry Bruni at 892-8255. —Larry Bruni

LEARN RADIO The Sun City Center Amateur R a d i o C lub w i l l b e of fe r i ng instruction for local residents interested in qualifying for an radio operator’s license from the FCC.  There are three license classes in Amateur Radio and none of them requires knowledge of Morse Code. Technician Class (entry level) licensees can be active in any of our community emergency operation drills. More advanced sessions are held for General and Extra Class licenses that permit the use of radio equipment capable of reaching other Amateurs around the world.  Classes are planned for early January, 2014, and will be held at the Radio Room in the Maintenance Building at 995 North Course Lane on the Sun City Center Central Campus. Classes will be held once a week from 1 - 4 p.m. The classes are f ree; the instructors are all volunteers. There is a textbook students will purchase, and the final test will have a nominal processing cost. Signup sheets are in the Radio Room each weekday morning from 9:30 to 11 a.m., or by calling David Schierenbeck, 633-5272.

We do know that the same diet suggested by the American Heart Association makes the most sense for all people, not just those concerned about prostate cancer. That diet is known as the Mediterranean Diet, and concentrates on lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, fish and chicken, use of olive oil, whole grains. Red meat should be totally eliminated, if possible, as well as highly processed foods, and most milk products. A good place to find this diet (and lots of recipes) is in the book: The New Prostate Cancer Nutrition Book, by Rose and Charles Myers, MD. It is available for $25 from Rivanna Press, (434) 220-3774

This information is provided by the Dattoli Cancer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Submit your questions to: 800/915-1001 or

Hearing Loss Association

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLA-SCC) will meet on Wed., Nov. 6, 2013, 9:30 a.m. at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 1239 Del Webb Blvd. West. Come at 9:15 for coffee & donuts. Kenneth Barringer, Ph.D, will discuss ways of Working Together to Solve Hearing Loss Challenges.  Dr. Barringer is a retired clinical psychologist. CART provided by Gayl Hardeman, Communication Access, Inc. & meeting room is equipped with an induction loop for those with a telecoil in their hearing device. HLA-SCC is sponsored by the Men’s Club of SCC. Contact Richard Herring at rhmann@tampabay. or Barbara Riley at 634-1706.

Driveway & Garage Coating 10%off Pool Decks & Patios 10%off Sandra Dillmuth, president; Kathy Vore, vice president, programs; Carolyn Wight, recording cecretary; Mary C. Smith, director of finance; Sandra Zeligman, corres. secretary; Lois Toeppe, outgoing treasurer; and Edith Rice, director public policy. (absent) Diane Waronka, vice president, membership The Sun City Center/South Shore Chapter of the American Association of University Women held a meeting on October 12 in the Atrium’s Florida Room. During the meeting, the new officers were installed. The officers, chairpersons and members look forward to an exciting year.  The next event is the Tea Time Trivia on Saturday, November 9, at 11 a.m. in the Florida Room. Tickets are $20. Information is available from Sandra Dillmuth at 642-0425. For membership in this association call Diane 641-2722.

(813) 601-6801 Wide Range of Colors Many Designs Available Residential & Commercial CONSISTENTLY DELIVERING VALUE TO ANY INVESTMENT Servicing Sun City Center For 20 Years

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Club Happenings 2

The News of Sun City Center

November 2013

Computer Club Classes

Men’s Club of Sun City Center Provides Funds for Computer Club

WINDOWS 8 WORKSHOP (GETTING ACQUAINTED WITH THE NEW OPERATING SYSTEM) Your choice of November 14 or November 21 9 a.m. – noon In the Computer Club Classroom Tuition $10 payable upon registration PRE-REGISTER IN CLASSROOM 12:30-5 p.m., MON-SAT


PATRIOTS CLUB Donates to Wounded Warrior Rehab Program

Jim Rottman, Men’s Club president; Gary Smith, Computer Club president; and Gary Bowman, Men’s Club v.p. special projects. In October 2013 the Men’s Club approved $ 8500 for the purchase of new computers for the Computer Club. Gary Smith, Computer Club President is shown with Jim Rottman and Gary Bowman of the Men’s Club, checking the new computers. The Computer Club was able to purchase 14 new computers with the latest software. As per Gary Smith “the Computer Club plans to offer the older computers to various Clubs in Sun City Center”. —John Armstrong The Organ/KeyBoard Club is looking for new students such as those who want to learn what the buttons on their keyboards do and why they are there.  Classes are held every Friday in the Armstrong Room from 1 - 4 p.m. with members teaching. No charge for the class but you need a reservation.  Call Kathy Katz at 634-1663. —Barb Carlini 

Thanks to the generosity of those who attended the Memorial Day Observance at Kings Point, the Sun City Center Patriots Club was able to make a donation of $1,009 to the Wounded Warrior Rehabilitation Program at the James A. Haley Veteran’s Hospital in Tampa. Cathy Williams, the program manager, is shown receiving the check from Uta Kuhn, president of the Sun City Center Patriots Club.

November 2013

Club Happenings 3

The News of Sun City Center


Audubon Club Meets Today, Nov. 2, Field Trip on Nov. 13


GFWC SCC Woman’s Club member Nan Dorsey receives recruitment award

AAUW Vice President of Programs Kathy Vore and guest.

Computer Club “COMPUTER VIRUS” At its Wednesday, November 6 meeting, The Computer Club will feature Charley Prince of Avast discussing how you can best protect yourself from a computer virus and the problems and expense that a virus will inflict. Consumer Report recently rated Avast as the best of the free anti-virus programs. Come and learn how to protect yourself. The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Florida Room. All Sun City Center and Kings Point residents are invited. For membership and meeting information, contact Gary Smith at 480-2753.

Clean it UP! Power Washing

813 317 1725 Keith Fishpaw

Cleaning UP Hillsborough & Manatee Counties 1145 Oxbow Road Sundance, Florida 33598

Need an excuse to dress up? Care to match wits with your friends old and new?  Then join Sun City Center/South Shore American Association of University Women for a special TEA and TRIVIA Luncheon on Saturday, November 9, at 11 a.m. in the Florida Room in the Atrium building.  The luncheon will feature the specialties of a high tea: fancy tea sandwiches, scones with jam, lemon curd and clotted cream plus a selection of mini pastries and cakes and, of course, TEA.  The Trivia questions will test your knowledge of women’s histor y and notable women’s contributions in all areas including science, music, government, etc. Prizes will be awarded to the table with the highest score. Guests are invited to dress for the occasion in formal tea attire (hats and gloves) but are not required. Tickets are $20 and are available at the Atrium Kiosk.  If more information is needed, call Sandra at 642-0425.  This luncheon will benefit the Mature Women Scholarship Fund. —Sandra Dillmuth

At the regular monthly meeting held in Community Hall on September 19, SCC Woman’s Club’s President Jean Smith presented Nan Dorsey with the GFWC White Star Recruitment Award. National recruitment award levels are determined by the number of new members brought into a club during the year.   A very active member of the woman’s club, Nan Dorsey is currently in charge of our birthday celebrations and bunco meetings.   As our past membership chair, Nan is always on the lookout for new members. During our 20122013 club year Nan Dorsey brought in nine new members.  Congratulations Nan!  —Mary Culliton



The Front Porch Pickers meet every Wednesday 2-4 p.m. in the Rollins Theatre, Cherry Hills Drive, to play country, bluegrass, traditional and gospel music. Acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, ukelele, dobro and bass fiddle players are welcome to join us. Listeners are invited to enjoy the music. For more information contact, davidlickfeldt@ or 813-633-6739. UKULELE JAM SESSION - Every Tuesday 10:3011:30 a.m. at Music Avenue, 3822 Sun City Center Blvd, SCC. Ukulele players are invited to jam weekly with other ukulele players. To reserve your seat at the studio phone Steve or Ruth 633-9688.  Space is limited. —Bonnie Mullen

Adogable Pets


The Sun City Center Audubon Club announces its first meeting of the 2013-14 year. Everyone is welcome to come and learn about birds and other wildlife and then take field trips to observe them. Saturday, November 2 at 9:30 a.m. is the date and time, and the Florida Room is the place. Refreshments are served from 9:30 to 10 a.m. Following a brief business meeting at 10, Ray Webb, our resident expert, will discuss the Florida Breeding Bird Atlas program. He will explain his participation in this grid-based survey of bird species currently breeding in Florida. A field trip is planned for Wednesday, November 13, to Little Manatee River State Park. A Park Ranger will guide a hike on the Oxbow Nature Trail, an easy one-mile trail through scrubby habitat, meandering near the bluffs of the Little Manatee River to the deep depression known as the Oxbow Wetland. There will be a $5 fee per vehicle (maximum eight people per vehicle). Club dues of $10 can be paid at the November meeting. Guests are welcome to attend all meetings. We hope that you will find the programs so interesting that you will want to join. For more information, call Lynn 938-1065 —Lynn Knapp

L to R - President Jean Smith and Nan Dorsey

The next exhibition to be unveiled at The Art Gallery In SCC will feature the works of the Club’s art instructors and their pupils. This exhibit will highlight the varied and unique painting styles of our talented instructors, each a professional in their own right. At the same time visitors will be able to appraise the works of individual students and see how their instructor’s guidance and painting style has, or has not, influenced the student’s approach to art. A wide variety of painting styles, media and subject matter can be expected. While at the Gallery, anyone interested in taking any art course can check the bulletin board in the Art Room to see what courses are available, the name and profile of individual instructors, as well as a sign-up sheet should a course be of interest. The reception for this new show will be held on Wednesday, November 6, from 1:30 to 4 p.m. in the Art Room. Admission is free and all are invited to attend.

Pet Supplies & Grooming Salon 4884 S.C.C. Blvd., SCC, FL 33573


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Mobile Grooming & More


*please call for grooming appointments

Terry Oster


813-641-1518 Ceiling Fans • Ceramic Tile • Minor Electric Work • General Handyman Services

Hair of the Pup Pet Grooming by Joe

Premium Pet Food Wholesale Cost Reasonable Rates



The News of Sun City Center

November 2013

Club Happenings 4 WINN-DIXIE AND THE SCC PATRIOTS Sun City Center Club: Sew ‘N Sews CLUB SPONSOR LAWN CONCERT Christmas “Opportunity” Quilt Members who pieced the blocks for the quilt are Carolyn Flora, Barbara Babair, Mary Lou Bogdan, Vita Chalone, Ruth Eckert, Patty Godfrey, Pat Kinney, Mary Kroner, Jan Love, Barbara Paugh, Jan Ring, Lanna Wheatley and Doris Zellers. About Sew ‘n Sews The Sew ’n Sews Club provides a place and equipment for experienced and novice stitchers or quilters to learn new techniques, to share in the joy of creating something beautiful, and to enjoy great fellowship. 

Memb ership is op en to any Sun City Center Community Association Member and annual dues are $10. Meetings and Classes are held Monday through Friday in the Arts and Crafts Building. The Sun City Center Sew ‘n Sews Club also has a long and interesting history of service to the community. Projects during the year include sewing items of need for “The Kids Place”, The VA Hospital, RCMA and other charitable organizations. For information on becoming a member, call Linda at 390-2377 or email

(L to R) Pat Kinney, Barbara Babair,  Mary Kroner, Jan Ring,  Patty Godfrey,  Mary Lou Bogdan

SCC Indiana Club

The Sun City Center Indiana Club invites residents and their guests to the annual party, Sunday, November 17, at the Community Hall, 1910 South Pebble Beach Blvd. Social hour begins at 5 p.m. followed by dinner at 6 p.m. The theme is country western with entertainment by The Merry Makers. Cost is $5 and a potluck dish. For reservations, call Mira at 6345892.

(Left to Right) John Custode, Winn-Dixie Manager, CA President Ed Barnes, Event coordinator Dave Mohl, Entertainer John Rinell, CA Director Dave Floyd On Tuesday, October 9, the Sun City Center Patriots Club sponsored a lawn concert in conjunction with Winn-Dixie Supermarkets. The concert was held at the bandstand on Cherry Hills Drive. CA Director Dave Floyd and Dave Mohl coordinated the event. Over 250 members attended the event, many arriving in their golf carts. It was a beautiful afternoon and all enjoyed the music provided by John Rinell and his repertoire of songs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The Patriots Club wants to thank Winn-Dixie for donating and drawing gift cards and for providing water for the attendees.


The Sun City Center Sew ’n Sews quilters spent the last year getting ready for Christmas. They recently unveiled their project that took 12 months of piecing and sewing, 13 volunteers, monthly gettogethers and several hundred of hours working together. And now, one very jolly person can have the opportunity to own this Christmas quilt. Each month for the last year, a group of club quilters met on Wednesday mornings to make a block for their own sampler quilt and a block for a Christmas quilt. The quilt is 69” x 86”. It is machine pieced and machine quilted. Tickets will be available at the Atrium Kiosk from noon to 3 p.m. on the following days: Tuesday, Nov 12; Wednesday, Nov 20; Thursday, Dec 5. In addition, tickets will be available at “Hi, Neighbor!” (Nov. 7), Holiday Walk (Dec. 14) and Monday Bingo on Nov. 18 and Dec. 2. Tickets are $1 each; 6 for $5; 12 for $10 and 24 for $20.

DJ John Rinell, who delighted hundreds at the first Concert at the Bandstand in May, returned to Sun City Center in October to an even larger crowd. The CA lawn around the bandstand—under the old oak tree—was the perfect setting for music from the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. This concert was sponsored by Winn-Dixie and the SCC Patriots Club.


703 Del Webb Blvd. W., Suite B Sun City Center • 813-634-3396

Michelle Halcomb, D.D.S. General Dentistry

Tooth Pain • Crowns • Dental Implants • Partials Cleanings • Sedation Dentistry • Tooth Whitening • Dentures • Bridges • Porcelain Veneers • Cosmetic Dentistry Lic#s 6193,9109,11099,15756,D1713809

November 2013

Club Happenings 5

Robert Winch Featured Photographer at the Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce

Robert Winch is the Sun City Center Photo Club’s featured photographer for the November photo display at the SCC Chamber of Commerce. This is part of a series of photographic displays at the Chamber located at 1651 Sun City Center Plaza. Robert’s exhibit is entitled Photographic Orbs: A collection of digitally generated images from Robert’s original photography. Combining his interest in photography and computing Robert creates striking and colorful images from everyday scenes and objects. Robert founded the Granpaparazi Photography Club in Cary NC, before moving to the Sun City Center area. Since then he has been an active member of the SCC Photo Club, teaching club members photography and computer techniques, and his photos have placed highly in local competitions. Come to the opening of his display at the SCC Chamber of Commerce between 4 and 5 p.m. on November 14 to meet him and enjoy some wine and cheese. His work will be on display through December 12. For more information on the SCC Photo Club and its activities, please see our website at or visit the photo learning lab at 960D Cherry Hills Drive. —Vicki Breaugh

The News of Sun City Center

SCC Photo Club Announces Fall Competition Winners Winners have been announced in the fall competition of the Sun City Center Photo Club. Five perfect scores were awarded. They were given to Andre Ledoux for Glass Sculptor, Jacquelyn Hanson for Oh, Wow!, Patt Sulzberger for The Tannery and Going to Market and Rolf Sulzberger for Taking the Sun in Morocco.

Senior Games Winner Nan McNamara of the Potter’s Wheel Club


In the Color Print category, at the Masters Level, Patt Sulzberger placed first for Going to Market and The Tannery and Rolf Sulzberger tied with Taking the Sun in Morocco. At the Advanced level, Kathy Griffith placed first for Grooming Daisy. At Level 2, Andre Ledoux placed first with Glass Sculptor. In the Unassigned category, Jacqueline Hanson placed first with Oh Wow! In the Monochrome Print category, Gina Hebert placed first in the unassigned category for Drama Queen.  In the Color Digital category, at the Master’s level, Kathy Vitale placed first with I’ll Get There. At the Advanced level, Robert Winch placed first with 1st Blue Lily. At Level 2, there was a three-way tie for first between Pat Jones for Concentration and Stan Lipski for Frutaria and Kodak. At Level 1, there was also a three-way tie between Roger Kele for C’mon We Can Do This and Portrait Lighting 101 and Erica Collins for Llama Growling. In the Unassigned category, Cheryl Levin placed first with two photos, Opera House Ceiling, Reykjavik and Opera House Ceiling 2, Reykjavik. In the Monochrome Digital category, at the Advanced Level, Rose Stack won with The Earring. At Level 2, Rod Rodrigues placed first with Inside of a Sea Monster. At Level 1, Roger Kele won with Bird on a Boulder and in the Unassigned category, Bobbie Ray placed first with Taking a Break.

On October 7, Nan McNamara, member of The Potter’s Wheel Club, won First Place in the Tampa Senior Games in the Hobby Show category. Her mixed media piece is entitled “Ken’s View of Florida Retirement.” Her piece was created using low-fired pottery, acrylic paint, photography and sea shells. Congratulations to Nan!

“The Game” is now playing at the Rollins Theater

In the Creative print category, Marion Scheller with Lake Michigan @ Las Vegas and Jacqueline Hanson with Moonlight Moment tied for first. In the Creative Digital category, three shared the top honor: Vicki Breaugh with Street Musician, Bobbie Ray with The Eyes Have It and Robert Winch with Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Flowers

For more information on the club and its activities, please see our website at www. or visit the learning lab at 960D Cherry Hills Drive. —Vicki Breaugh

The Shady Ladies, (Helen) Bev Carnes, (Grace) Babs Cominoli, (Miggie) Delyse Axinn and (Agnes) Wendy Smith enjoy their time together playing poker and matchmakers at Sunny Acres in the Performing Arts Company’s delightful new musical comedy, The GAME, which opened at the Rollins Theater in SCC on October 30, runs through November 9. Tickets are $10 and available at the SCC Atrium kiosk Monday ~ Friday from 9 a.m. ~ noon or with credit card by calling 400-7803.


Sunshine Skyway

SCC Bridge News

The Sun City Center Duplicate Bridge Association will be holding a Swiss Team game on Sunday, November 24, in the Horizon Room. Please bring a snack to share by 12:30 p.m.. Game starts at 1 p.m.

Jacquelyn Hanson’s Oh, Wow!

After an assignment that brought him to MacDill AFB 53 years ago, Robert Krowl retired and moved to Sun City Center in 2007, joined the Art Club and now has been named Artist Of The Month for November 2013 by the Club. Robert began painting about four years ago, taking lessons with Diane Simon, whom he highly respects and continues to take her instruction. He specializes in watercolor and pen & ink/watercolor art works. Besides membership in the SCC Art Club, he is also is a member of the Kings Point Art League, Florida Watercolor Society and the Gulf Coast Watercolor Society. Robert’s works can be seen during November at SCC Library, Sun Trust Bank, American Bank, A-I Connection Realty, Information Center on Cherry Hills Drive and in the Showcase at the front of the Art Room. —Ed Laudano


Club Happenings 6

The News of Sun City Center

Metaphysical Society

Join us for various metaphysical presentations and events that deal with the exploration of reality and how this knowledge may benefit human life on earth, both individually and collectively - a spiritual philosophy of life.  – Meetings and Presentations – November 5 at 12:45 p.m., in the Palm Room, Central Campus.  “Board Meeting.”   Open to Metaphysical Society members.  November 6 at 10 a.m., in the Heritage Room, Central Campus.  “Exploring the Mysteries of Numerology.”  Author Todd Curran returns to share with us the ancient system of character analysis used to convert one’s birth date and name to numbers.  Discover from your birth date and name, the spiritual blueprint of your natural talents, life challenges, personal characteristics, and your path of destiny. November 13 at 10 a.m., in the Heritage Room, Central Campus.  “Open Meeting – Meet the 2014 Candidates.” After the Nominating Committee’s announcement and introduction of candidates, members will share their thoughts on favorite metaphysical subjects.   November 20 at 10 a.m. in the Heritage Room, Central Campus.  “Living Deeply, Joyfully, and Successfully.”  Member Cathy Lauro, a professional speaker, life coach, creative artist, and author, shares her journey and some of the insights she’s gained along the way, regarding fear, love, and joy.  November 27 at 10 a.m. in the Heritage Room, Central Campus.  “Tarot Stories.”  Tarot Grandmaster and Author Christiana Gaudet shares the history of tarot; how it emerged first as a plaything of kings; its connection to other esoteric systems; and finally how it has become today’s choice tool of spiritual exploration.  Time permitting, she may do a few sample readings.   –  Events – Book Group – Mondays November  4, 11 and 25 at 1 p.m., in the Armstrong Room, Central Campus, and  November  18, at 1 p.m., in the Palm Room, Central Campus.  Features “The Feminine Aspect of Spirituality.”   Free admission.  No homework and the group reads aloud and discusses as they go.  Facilitator: Alice at 634-9065. Drum Circle – Second and Fourth Mondays November 11 at 6:30 p.m., in the Lawn Bowlers’ Bldg., Central Campus.  Bring your drums, rattles, flutes, rain sticks, pots and/or pans and enjoy each other’s company.  Facilitator: Holli at 419-4704.   Program – Friday November 1 at 10 a.m. in Rooms 3 and 4, Community  Hall, South Campus.  “Introduction to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as Taught by Yogi Bhajan.”  In this experiential introduction Jeanne Shanin (Sevapreet Kaur) will explore some of the principles, practices and benefits of Kundalini Yoga.  The “yoga of awareness” is a sacred science that uses profoundly transformative practices to increase consciousness and promote health, healing, and radiance.  Facilitator:  Jeanne at 914-523-1623. Meetings and Events: Free admission. Presentations: Love offering requested. Open Meeting, Events, and Presentations are open to SCC/KP members and guests. For general info, call Mike at 938-1252; for program info, call Holli at 419-4704; and for membership info, call Ludi at 938-5686. —Holli Cantrell

German-American Club Plans Holiday Affair Because caterers are involved, it is time to plan your December parties! The German-American Club of Sun City Center is planning a Christmas Dinner Dance on Thursday, December 12, to be held in Community Hall on S. Pebble Beach. This should be a gala affair, and the gentlemen are asked to wear a tie and jacket. The price for members is $25 and for non-members $29. The very special menu will be carved New York Strip loin served with red wine mushroom sauce, and salmon and mushroom willing wrapped in phyllo dough. All served with fresh vegetables, scalloped potatoes, bread & boursin and a very special dark chocolate cake, tea and coffee. Dinner will be ready at 6 p.m. Music for this gala event will be provided by versatile Alpine Express Band. For reservations, send your check to Mike Albanese, 1808 Granville Lane, Sun City Center 33573.

November 2013

Thank You Veterans!

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Sean D. Shanahan, D.P.M., M.P.H. 1901 Haverford Ave ,Suite 109 Sun City Center


Club Happenings 7

The News of Sun City Center


Don Koester, Men’s Club V.P. Lifeline, Updates Club Members

SCC Woman’s Club’s Foxy Fashions “Try and Buy” Luncheon is Back

Jim Rottman, Men’s Club president; Sue Bowman, Lifeline office manager; Don Koester, v.p. Lifeline; and Nellie Brock, Lifeline office manager

Fundraising co-chair Karen Messina is ready to sell tickets Our popular Foxy Fashions show and luncheon is back. This event has been a sell-out for the GFWC SCC Woman’s Club two years in a row, so mark your calendars for its return on  Saturday, November 23, with Janet Carr, Accessories and More.  It will be held at Community Hall again this year.  The doors will open at 10:30 a.m., luncheon at 12:30 p.m., followed by the fashion show.   This is a “Try and Buy” event with  Janet Carr’s Accessories and More of Sarasota bringing lots of fall and holiday clothing. You’ll have an opportunity to try things on both before and after the show. If you like it, you may purchase it right then and there. The luncheon will be catered by Banquet Masters  (Chicken Marsala entree), and there will be a mimosa to welcome you. Tickets are $25 and will be available at the Atrium Kiosk on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Please join us as this is one fun event you don’t want to miss.

At the Men’s Club September meeting Don Koester, V.P. Lifeline, updated Club members on the Lifeline Program in the Sun City Center community. Lifeline is a medical alert system and when installed in a client’s home, provides 24 / 7, 365 days a year monitoring.  If the client needs help, all they need do is push the personal help button and help is on the way.  The Lifeline program started in 1990 with just two units and now there are 791 units installed throughout the Sun City Center Community.  There is a monthly charge, but installation and maintenance is provided for free by Men’s Club volunteers. Lewis Riley and Louis Tovey were recognized by Don as two members that had a major impact on the development of Lifeline. Following Don’s update a buffet lunch by Banquet Masters was served, followed by the business meeting. In addition to the September meeting, 40 club members and spouses took a bus trip on September 23 to see the Rays play their last regular season home game at the Trop. The Rays won over Baltimore. The next meeting is October 16 at 11:30 a.m. in Community Hall on South Pebble Beach.  For information on Lifeline, call 633-7091 and for information on the Men’s Club call 634-6434. —John Armstrong

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By acquiring innovative technologies such as MAKOplasty precision knee resurfacing and hip replacement surgery, orthopaedic surgeons at LWRMC can now offer more precise techniques that can allow for more consistency and ultimately a better result.

David Cashen, MD, Harvard-trained Orthopaedic Surgeon Medical Director of the Orthopaedic Spine and Joint Center

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November 2013

The Orthopaedic Spine and Joint Center at Lakewood Ranch

8330 Lakewood Ranch Blvd. Bradenton, FL 34202


Club Happenings 8

Sun City Center Photo Club to Meet on Tuesday, November 12 at 6:30 p.m.

If you want to see the country of China, you will want to attend the November 12 meeting of the SCC Photo Club at 6:30 p.m. in the Caper Room. Club Vice-President Robert H. Trivus is a photographer who frequently travels with a digital camera, searching for the ideal picture of something of meaning or of beauty, be it in a person, building or tranquil scene. The photographs he will be presenting were taken in mainland China in 2012 and represent only a small portion of the many separate images taken there. It is his hope that you will enjoy them as much as he enjoyed taking them. Dr. Trivus’ photographs have graced fifteen magazine covers. A photograph of jellyfish, taken at the Vancouver Aquarium, was selected as a 2007 Grand Prize winner. Two of his photos won second place awards in June 2004 at the Pittsburgh Arts Festival. Since May 2004, his work has been on display at various exhibits in New York City, Atlanta, Georgia, Toronto, Canada, San Diego and San Francisco, California, Washington, DC, New Orleans, Louisiana, Oahu, Hawaii, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Sun City Center, Florida. His photograph of the lobby of Pittsburgh’s “Pennsylvania Station” is in the Archives of the Pittsburgh

The News of Sun City Center

November 2013

Photo Club introduces Peter Bates The SCC Photo club is pleased to introduce a new instructor, Peter Bates, who will be teaching at our photo lab. Peter Bates is an awardwinning photographer who has been teaching photography for more than thirty years. He has published multiple articles about photography, both in print and on the Web. His photographs have appeared in many publications in print and online. He is also a videographer. He is currently working on The Bodega Project, a photo-documentar y project about convenience stores and their owners. Visit his two sites at and pixelpost/. Peter’s first class will be “Shoot in Color, Think in Black & White” Date: November 13, 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. in the Palm Room Description: In this intermediate level class, you will learn to transform color photographs

into black and white, a technique that provides more creative options than just using your camera’s blackand-white mode. Through handson demonstrations, you will learn how to prepare and fine-tune your photographs in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, using both nondestructive adjustment layers and other settings. Please bring one color photograph with you that you would like to work on in the class. • Min.: 5 students; max.: 11 students • P r e r e q u i s i t e : Wo r k i n g knowledge of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements • Demonstration and hands-on • Class length: Approximately 2 hours • Price: $10 for members, $15 for non-members Any questions contact Rose Stack

History and Landmarks Foundation. His picture “Showtime” was selected for display at a juried exhibit entitled “Standing Out from the Crowd” at Sewickley’s Sweetwater Center for the Arts from June 11 through July 2, 2010 and is currently in their permanent archives. The Mount Lebanon Public Library has exhibited his work since 2004. They have also been on display at the Avalon Public Library in 2007, the South Park Township Public Library also in 2007 and the Homestead Branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh in 2010 and 2011. Community members and guests are welcome to attend. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Caper Room with a tutorial. After a short business meeting at 7 p.m., the program will begin. Club meetings are open to all in the area.  For more information on the club and its activities, please see our Sun City Center Photo club announces website at or educational classes for November visit the learning lab at 960D Cherry Hills Drive. Dues for the 2014 year Classes taught by Gayle Fischer remain at $20 per person or $30 • C l a s s T i t l e :     “ I n t r o d u c t i o n To T h e N i k C o l l e c t i o n” per household couple and provide Date:  Thursday, November 7, 9:30-11:30 a.m., Palm Room access to club activities, competitions Date: Tuesday, November 19 1 -3 p.m., Palm Room and classes as well as the photo lab Description:  This class will introduce you to the Nik Collection... a with computers, scanners and large suite of programs that can be used to edit and enhance the color and light format printers. in your photos, as well as bring out detail and clarity.  The software can also be used to convert your photos to B&W or HDR.   For really transformative effects, you can add a grunge look, painterly look, or old-fashioned faded film look.  To see examples of a few of the things this software can do, please visit the gallery I have set up on my web page at forclass. The Nik Collection has been purchased by the Photo Club and is available for members to use in the Photo Lab. Sponsored workshop Min. 3 students, Max. 11 students Lecture/demonstration (not hands-on) Class Length:  approximately 2 hours Price:  $10 for members, $15 for non-members • Class Title: “Intermediate Nik”Date: Tuesday,November 26 9-noon Palm Room Description:  This is an intermediate-level class that will delve into the 55 filters of Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4.  Each filter will be discussed and live demonstrations will be given of as many of the filters as time permits.  Those wishing to enroll should have already taken the Introduction class or have some working knowledge of the Nik Collection interface and controls.  Sponsored workshop Min. 3 students, Max. 11 students The Great Wall by Robert H. Trivus Lecture/demonstration (not hands-on) Class Length:  approximately 3 hours Price:  $15 for members, $20 for non-members Classes taught by Robert Winch The International Forum of Sun City Center announces a program and • November 5 9:30-noon Palm Room $10 members Max. 8 discussion on the topic of  “Immigration” on Friday, Nov. 8, 2013 featuring Matting and Framing (Class) by Robert Winch. You have enhanced, Professor Philip Leto, criminal defense and trial lawyer, adjunct professor cropped and printed that great picture, now you need to frame it and hang in the Department of Government and World Affairs at the University of it. Problem is the picture has not been cropped to a standard mat size, so Tampa, and most recently, founder of Sterling University Lectures. Known unless you spend a lot of money and get the matting cut professionally you for his acerbic and insightful teaching style, Professor Leto’s subject matter are stuck. Not any more,! This class will show you how to cut mat like a pro, ranges from history, politics, government, international affairs and emerging using the clubs matt cutting machine. world issues to sports, Americana, the media and the courts.   The thousands • November 14 9:30-noon Palm Room $10 members Max. 12 who have heard Professor Leto speak are impressed by his ability to relate Picture Management using Windows (Beginners Class) by Robert the detailed and sometimes complicated subject matter of his lectures to the listener in an understandable, entertaining, and often-humorous manner. Winch. With all of the pictures we take these days it is sometimes difficult to find them on your computer, with luck this class will help you get organized,  All International Forum programs are on Friday morning at 9:30 a.m. and suggest solutions to you management problems. We will talk about filing in the Florida Rm. in the Atrium Bldg. of the Central Campus on North and naming conventions, cataloging, etc. Pebble Beach Blvd. in Sun City Center.  Residents of Sun City Center, Kings • December 12 9:30-noon Palm Room $10 members Max. 10 Point and friends are welcome. Understanding the Flash on Your Camera (Beginners Class) by Robert Winch. Most cameras, no matter what type, have a built in flash. This class will explain how and when to use it , it’s limitations and issues. Bring your camera so that you can explore the capabilities in class.

International Forum

November 2013

Club Happenings 9

The News of Sun City Center

Fruit cake fans rejoice! Giant Book Sale at the There is evidently a clamoring SouthShore Library for fruit cake, specifically a Claxton

Irish Connection Movie Night  

Peripheral Neuropathy Resource Meeting DATE: Thursday November 14 TIME: 1 p.m. PLACE: Caper Room, Atrium Bldg, 945-A North Course Ln., Sun City Center Are you suffering from pain and numbness in your extremities? Has neuropathy affected your balance? Attend this meeting sponsored by the Men’s Club of Sun City Center.where Kerrie Sequin, director of Physical Therapy at Hometown Home Care will provide FREE BALANCE TESTING. She specializes in neuropathy, Anadyne therapy and sensor y deficits. She plans to do a “group balance test” that will provide instant feedback so that she may address the group with answers. The speaker has been arranged by our friends at Sun Towers Rehabilitation facility. Questions? Contact Ron Pelton: 633-0190

RN Club

The SCC Registerd Nurses Club’s next meeting will be Thursday, Nov. 8. Time to socialize and register will be at 9:15 a.m. with meeting time at 9:45 in the Atrium’s Caper Room. New members and guests are welcome. The speaker will be Robert Trivius MD PhD, a psychiatrist. He is a resident in SCC and had a practice in Pittsburgh for many years. He currently is on the staff of South Bay Hospital. He graduated from Hahnemann Medical Collage, Pittsburgh, PA. He received his PH.D in psychopharmacology from Hahnemann University. He has held many teaching, clinical and administrative positions in Pennsylvania and Massachusets. He is a Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association. He will speak about medications for the elderly and Alzheimer patients, psychotropic medications and interactions with other medications and recent innovations. Yearly dues are $5. Dues for new members are $10 which includes a magnetic name tag. For information, call Helen Tavares 813-938-4694.

Fruit Cake. Those who have been craving for the fruit cakes, your wait is just about over.  The fruit cakes arrived in Sun City Center on Tuesday, October 22. Last year, we ran out of fruit cakes very quickly. The cost this year is $5 for a one pound cake.

Yes, it is really that time of the year! Beginning immediately, you are able to order a 22” live noble fir evergreen wreath from any Sun City Center Lions Club member. The wreath will come with a red velvet, waterproof bow and painted white pine cones. Cost is $21 each. You may also order a wreath to send to a loved one or a friend—prices vary on these and your local Lion will have the information for you. All orders and money for the wreaths must be received no later than Wednesday, November 7.  The wreaths will be shipped from Washington state in  a refrigerated truck and will arrive the week after Thanksgiving. Wouldn’t you love to have one these beautiful wreaths hanging on your door or wall for the holidays?  Please help the Lions by purchasing a wreath for the holidays.  If you don’t know a SCC Lion member, please call Gloria and Gene Deiss at 6341978, Rich Cohen - 597-5368, Ellen and Terry McGovern - 633-4202 or President Dave Reagor at 634-3465. The SCC Lions meet the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at the Sandpiper Grille, 1702 South Pebble Beach Boulevard, Sun City Center.  Lunch is at 11 and meeting begins promptly at noon. Please join us. —Ellen McGovern

Those who would like to purchase Claxton Fruit Cakes, can purchase them at Boggs Jewelry, Cadence Bank or any Lions Club member in Sun City Center. Those who can’t get out to pick up a fruit cake will be pleased to know that a dedicated Lion will be more than happy to deliver the fruit cakes to their door. For more information, contact Terry and Ellen McGovern at 6334202; Gene and Gloria Deiss at 6341978; Dave Reagor at 634-3465; or Steve Shrago at 938-5825. —Ellen McGovern


If you are interested in placing an ad in The NEWS of Sun Center, please email or call John Wolf, our advetising sales person. Email: Phone 813-938-8721

Sun City Center Information Center 813-642-2044

The Friends of the SouthShore Library will hold a Giant Book Sale at the SouthShore Library on Saturday, November 16 in the large community room. 1,000’s of books will be on sale. The sale starts at 10 a.m. and ends at 1:30 p.m. Come early for the best selection. The sale will have a huge selection of books sold in the popular “Buck A Bag” sale format. You can fill a bag with your choice of books for just $1! Also, all books in the regular book sale room will be available at ½ off the already low price. All of the funds from the sale will go to provide free literacy, art and environmental programs for children and adults at the SouthShore Regional Library. Please call Jim Duffy at 634-1396 for more information on the Book Sale and how to donate books to the Friends.

Calling all Writers and Poets Sat. Nov.16 3- 5 p.m.  The widespread use of electronic media has changed the rules of the Copyright picture.  The Friends of the SouthShore Regional Library are privileged to present Anne Dalton, Esq. who will try to make sense of the current and ever-changing landscape of “Copyrights and Fair Use: Traps and Pitfalls for Writers.”  Her  talk, with plenty of time for questions, will be held in the Crawford Art Studio of the Library, 15816 Beth Shields Way in Ruskin. The event is FREE and no registration is required. For more information call 2733652. As an added attraction, the Friends are holding their Annual Book Sale in the Community Room where you can fill a plastic bag with books for $1. —Joan Shalleck

American Legion Post #246 Officer Installation Ceremony


Monday Nov. 11 6:30 p.m.     Feature:    How Green was my Valley Starring:   Maureen O’Hara, Barry Fitzgerald, Walter Pidgeon and Roddy McDowell A classic John Ford, Oscar winning film tells the story of a Welsh mining family and their struggles to deal with the demise of the coalfields, the environment and their cherished way of life. Nominated for 10 Academy Awards. All are welcome; bring a friend.


Newly elected officers of American Legion Post # 246, Sun City Center were recently sworn in by 15th District Commander Eunice Butts. Left to Right are  Adjutant and Past Commander Ron Engles, Post Commander Vernon Bartz,  1st VC Ken Browning, 2nd VC James Clor,  Sgt-at-Arms Marshall Tharp, Finance Officer Tom Culliton, Chaplain Willard Baker, Jr., Service Officer Blaine Brown  and Historian Paul Wheat. Officers installed who are not shown in the photo:  Judge Advocate Chuck McGervey.  


The News of Sun City Center

November 2013


Less Taxing in our LIFE CARE COMMUNITY. Moving to our Life Care community is a less taxing way to enjoy a great retirement lifestyle. You can deduct a signifcant percentage of the non refundable entry fee in the first year – plus the same percentage of the monthly service fee you pay – for a healthy tax deduction.

{As an example, on a two bedroom apartment with the entrance fee of $225,000 on our Value Plan, 40% refund contract, your 1st year tax deduction would be about $105,000, plus annually another $13,000}. And while you’re protecting your financial assets with a sound decision on Life Care, you’re also living a great lifestyle with fabulous food, abundant services and access to all the continuing care you may ever need. Look at the advantages of Life Care and you will never look back. Call A (813) 634-1824 for a no-obligation consultation with our Life Care today Community Life Care marketing specialist and learn how much you can save on this (813) 634-1824 year’s taxes while enjoying a superb lifestyle.

Your story continues here... A Life Care Community Exceptional Experiences Every Day

1010 American Eagle Blvd., Apt. 114 Sun City Center, Florida 33573 Sponsored by the Retired Officers’ Corp. Open to folks from all walks of life. ® Reg. U.S.Patent and TM Office.51111EF-ROP02-0212-LB

*Sample scenario only. Details and tax deductible amounts vary with entry fee and/or Life Care options selected. Please discuss with the sales counselor at our community.


1010 American Eagle 114, here... YourBlvd., storyApt. continues Sun City Center, Florida 33573

Sponsored by the Retired Officers’ Corp. Open to folks from all walks of life. ®Reg. U.S.Patent and TM Office.51111EF-ROP02-0212-LB

w w w . b r o o k d al e l i v i n g . c o m

We’ve been together since way back when Its our pleasure to serve you again You’re still the town that we adore We’re still having fun at

• General Dermatology • Mohs Surgery • Blue Light Therapy

John Moore

Practicing in the Tampa Bay area since 2007

Accepting New Patients

Sun City Center is a great place to live and work. It’s our pleasure to provide you with the best prices in quality flooring!



er 3 Ov

955 Del Webb Blvd. E., Ste. 101 Sun City Center, FL 33573

Call now: 813-634-1484

0 years Experience. S er v ing the 987 area since 1

33-7116 6 3 81

www.JohnMooreFloor 1629 Sun City Center Plaza (Near SCC Post Office) Sun City Center’s Oldest & Most Trusted Flooring Dealer • Golf Cart Accessible • Family Owned & Operated ®

Kortney D Hightower,MD Board Certified Dermatologist


November 2013

The News of Sun City Center



The Dahoon Holly does best on through tree crowns with the passage moist soils since the wet, boggy soils of time. Natural or mechanical of swamps is its native environment. wounds in the wood allow entry It can tolerate drier locations with some watering, but often has a thin crown in this environment. Little pruning is needed to create a wellstructured, strong tree.

east palaka

Dahoon Diseases and insects are not a major problem on hollies receiving optimum cultural care; however, there is a fungus that has become a severe problem especially on East Palatka and Dahoon hollies. This is the Sphaeropsis gall.

points for the organism. Pruning may allow it to spread rapidly by transferring the fungus and allowing an entry point into the plant. Infections may occur on unwounded branches, but evidence is strong that many infections are likely related to pruning cuts. There is no re al control for Spahaeropsis. Management recommendations in the early stages of the fungus include pruning branches 4 to 6 inches below symptoms if detected early. Prune during dry times, avoiding periods when rainfall is expected 24 hours before or after pruning. Sterilize pruners with diluted household

bleach or rubbing alcohol between cuts and/or plants. Fungicides are not effective except as a preventative, sprayed immediately after pruning. Severely infected plants should be removed and destroyed. Now, having said all of that, hollies still reap many benefits for the homeowner as well as the wild life that feeds upon it. They are beautiful in any landscape. REFERENCES: pdffiles/MG/MG02100.pdf;edis.ifas.; dahoon holly; east palaka holly; jos/Sphaeropsis.htm

Did you get your flu shot yet? One more chance to get it in the Sandpiper Room

November 6 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more info, contact Walgreens at 634-8393.

Don’t Store Your Love Ones....

Memorialize Them!

Most hollies are evergreen. Their diversity in size and form offer a great variety for planting in residential landscapes. Certain species perform well in informal or formal hedges, while other hollies are best suited as accent or specimen plants. Dwarf species are ideal for foundation plantings. Hollies generally prefer partial shade, but most will tolerate full sun. Well-drained soils are essential as are slightly acidic soils. They are best planted between November and March; however, container grown hollies can be planted any time of the year with proper post-planting care. Irrigation is necessary for optimum holly growth during extended dr y periods. Hollies transplanted during the dry season into deep sandy soils may require watering of the root mass twice a week. Care should be taken not to waterlog the soil since holly roots require good aeration. Fertilize established hollies in March and September with a complete fertilizer with a ratio of approximately 3:1:2 or 3:1:3 Hol l i e s re qu i re m i n i m a l pruning except to train the plants for special purposes, or to remove diseased or dead branches. Two of the most popular holly trees in Central Florida are the East Palatka and Dahoon Holly. The East Palatka Holly makes a durable street tree and is quite drought-tolerant once it becomes well established. The natural shape of the tree is a graceful pyramid of drooping branches growing from a strong central trunk laden with bright red berries which remain on the trees until eaten by birds.

Hollies are among the most c om m on l an d s c ap e pl ant i n the United States and are used extensively in Florida as shade trees and ornamental shrubs.


Sphaeropsis gall This gall of holly is incited by a fungus that can infect numerous woody shrubs and trees including citrus. Apparently all of the common holly species are susceptible and can often be severely damaged by this disease. Sphaeropsis gall gets its name from the swollen and enlarged portions of diseased stems and branches. The galls are produced on older branches and trunks, but another symptom, often more apparent, is the “witches broom” ef fe c t. Mites, vir us es, f ungi, mistletoe, insects, or nematodes may cause witch’s brooms. When something causes the growing tip to die or become distorted, the buds below may produce a tight cluster of shortened stems. The resulting dense cluster of twigs growing from a central source looks like it belongs in a witch’s lair, not on the branches of ornamental plants. Sphaeropsis often begins in lower branches of smaller (younger) trees and appears to progress upward

Did You Know ...

Skyway Memorial Gardens

Has Several Options For Cremation Memorialization? Cremation Benches, Granite Niches, and a Variety of Cremation Gardens Mausoleum & Ground Burial Also Available Affordable Payment Plans Available

A Life Lived Deserves To Be Celebrated! COMPLETE SIMPLE CREMATION $ 00

Cremation planning provided through the Florida Pre-Planning Alliances, and Page Theus Funeral Home and Cremation Service.


Free Information Seminar with Complimentary Lunch at Sandpiper Grille, 1702 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Tuesday, November 5th and 12th.

Please RSVP 941-722-4543

Skyway Memorial Gardens 5200 US Highway 19 North, Palmetto, FL 34221


22 The News of Sun City Center November 2013

Sun City Center Community Association

Director Candidates for Three-Year Terms David Floyd

Helen Lewis

Marvin (Sam) Sudman

How long have you been a resident of SCC and why did you select SCC as your place of residence? We have been here since April 2005. Sun City Center offered reasonable housing, good weather, and most importantly the amenities we were looking for in a retirement community. From where did you move? We moved to Florida in 2002 from Virginia. We lived in Tampa and Ruskin before Sun City Center What was your profession prior to retirement? I was a Biochemist What clubs/associations do you belong to? Patriots Club, Samaritans, SCC Ride, MOAA, American Legion, and SCC Men’s Club Do you participate in any community service/volunteer organizations? Samaritans & SCC Ride Why do you want to serve on the Board? I have been on the board for the past three years. Sun City Center is a great place to live. I feel I have the leadership and the team building skills to work effectively with my fellow board members. What do you feel you can contribute to the Board? I have served on a school board and a city council. I believe a board member should listen to and respond to the members. I feel I listen well and have a willingness to work with the membership to achieve the goals our community needs to remain viable. What would you like to accomplish as a Board member? Continue to work on the process to modernize and move our community forward – looking towards the next fifty years. We all have a vested interest in our community. Bringing the community together will allow Sun City Center to continue to draw in new residents. We need to present a welcoming appearance in the community to attract new residents.

How long have you been a resident of SCC and why did you select SCC as your place of residence? One year. We were impressed with the median on 674 and liked what SCC has to offer the residents. So many things to do! From where did you move? Rantoul, Illinois. Military folks might know of it as it is near the former Chanute Air Base. What was your profession prior to retirement? Banker What clubs/associations do you belong to? I play bridge several times a week but haven’t joined any of the clubs yet. Do you participate in any community service/volunteer organizations? As I am fairly new to the area, I haven’t committed to any of the organizations. Prior to moving here, I was our area’s first female Rotary Club member. I also served on the Village Board and was its first female president. Why do you want to serve on the Board? With my past experience on a community board, I would feel comfortable in such a position. When asked to run, I decided to say yes. What do you feel you can contribute to the Board? Experience as a member of previous boards. Besides being president of Rotary, I was also president of the Exchange Club. What would you like to accomplish as a Board member? Continue to upgrade Sun City Center. It has a lot to offer and needs to keep improving its facilities to get more people to come live here.

How long have you been a resident of SCC and why did you select SCC as your place of residence? My wife and I have been full-time residents of SCC since July 2005-8+ years. We chose SCC because of the stability of the community; the many available activities; the neighbor-helpingneighbor attitude; the Emergency Squad and Security Patrol; and the central location and proximity of SCC to venues of arts, entertainment, education and fine dining. From where did you move? We moved from Cincinnati, Ohio. What was your profession prior to retirement? My post-retirement profession immediately before my final retirement was as a Taxpayer Advocate with the Internal Revenue Service. Before that I completed a 34-year career in the United States Army Reserves as a microbiologist and inter-branch liaison to Great Lakes Naval, Illinois, retiring at the rank of Colonel. My earliest profession was as a public health and medical microbiologist; serving as director of state public health department laboratory systems in

Tennessee (with adjunct academic appointments at Vanderbilt University and the University of Tennessee at Memphis) and in Illinois. After retiring from public health I owned and operated an automobile leasing company for 6 years. What clubs/associations do you belong to? Ohio Club Treasurer; National and SCC branch of MOAA and Men’s Clubs of SCC and Temple Beth Israel. Do you participate in any community service/volunteer organizations? Board of Directors, SCCCA; Lifeline VIP, SCC Men’s Club; SCC Emergency Squad; SCC Security Patrol; Caloosa Lakes POA Board President; Pebble Beach Medians Taskforce, CO-AP; Tampa Bay/Straz Performing Arts Center Why do you want to serve on the Board? Continue strong governance for SCCA; maintain our premier status as an active adult community amidst vibrant, diverse businesses, fine restaurants, medical support and good government relations; provide capital expansion oversight. What do you feel you can contribute to the Board? SCCCA Board experience; Business acumen; Systems/holistic/strategic analysis and planning; consensus building; conflict resolution; mediation and negotiating. What would you like to accomplish as a Board member? Build on relationships with Kings Point and Freedom Plaza; work with area businesses, chambers of commerce, Minto and ClubLink to maintain the pre-eminent status of SCC; strengthen HOA, POA and COA.

MEET THE CANDIDATES NIGHT WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2013 COMMUNITY HALL - 7 p.m. Refreshments served at 6:30 p.m. CANDIDATES FOR YOUR BOARD OF DIRECTORS ARE: David Floyd Helen Lewis Sam Sudman Written questions from the audience will be collected prior to and during this meeting by the Elections Committee.



To be divided between the following funds in the amount stated: General Operating Fund Replacement Reserve Fund Replacement Reserve for Furniture & Equipment Reserve for Hurricane Deductible $275.00 per member

$233.00 31.00 5.00 6.00



To be divided between the following funds in the amount stated: General Operating Fund Replacement Reserve Fund Replacement Reserve for Furniture & Equipment Reserve for Hurricane Deductible

$275.00 per member

$233.00 31.00 5.00 6.00

Sam Sudman

Sam Sudman

Membership Dues for 2014

Helen Lewis

Helen Lewis

Board of Directors – Vote for up to three only:

Community Association Office 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center, FL 33573

David Floyd

Community Association Office 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center, FL 33573


OFFICIAL ABSENTEE BALLOT BOARD OF DIRECTORS DUES Must be received by 5:00 p.m. on December 4, 2013

David Floyd

Membership Dues for 2014

Board of Directors – Vote for up to three only:




OFFICIAL ABSENTEE BALLOT BOARD OF DIRECTORS DUES Must be received by 5:00 p.m. on December 4, 2013

Your Signature:


Your Signature:

FOLD DOWN AND SEAL WITH TAPE November 2013 The News of Sun City Center 23

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Sun City Center Community Association 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center FL 33573



CA Membership No. _________ (required) Printed Name and Address

-------------------------------- -First Fold: upward to the guide line. Be sure mailing address shows on outside --------------------------------------TAPE HERE

Sun City Center Community Association 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center FL 33573



CA Membership No. _________ (required) Printed Name and Address

-------------------------------- -First Fold: upward to the guide line. Be sure mailing address shows on outside --------------------------------------TAPE HERE

The News of Sun City Center

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24 November 2013

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November 2013

The News of Sun City Center


Military Affairs Military Order of the World Wars

Sun City Center Veterans Day Ceremony

Col. George Mercer Brooke Chapter DAR will  meet on Wednesday,  November 20,  in the Florida Room of the  Atrium Complex, 1009 North Pebble Beach Blvd, Sun City Center. Light refreshments will be served at 12:30  p.m.; the meeting starts at 1 p.m.  The program will be “A Personal Look at  On Monday, November 11, Sun City Center Florida’s Homeless Female Veterans” presented by Ciera Young, case manager of Athena House.      will observe Veterans Day at the Community Our members, members of other DAR Association’s Community Hall located at 1910 chapters and anyone interested in  joining the South Pebble Beach Boulevard. The ceremony DAR are invited. is sponsored by the combined military veterans For more information call Mary McIntyre, organizations of Sun City Center in recognition Regent at 634-3818. of our many community veterans. The program —Jo Prater will start at 10 a.m.; however it is suggested that all guests be seated by 9:45 a.m. Doors will be opened at 9 a.m. Coffee and cookies will be provided. The public is invited. The  guest speaker will be  Mr. Steve Otto, renowned columnist for the Tampa Tribune newspaper.

(L to R) Nancy Windsor, chaplain; Joan Chaille; Mary McIntyre, regent; Pat Fricke, membership chairman.

DAR New Member

Col. George Mercer Brooke Chapter, National  Society Daughters of the American Revolution in Sun City Center, welcomed new member Joan Chaille at its September meeting. —Jo Prater

A musical prelude and a musical tribute during the program will be presented by Fletcher Organ Studios.  The program also includes a musical interlude and recognition of veterans to be presented by the Trinity Singers directed by Rev. James Feist. The Color Guard will be composed of JROTC Cadets from East Bay High School. 

The Military Officers of the World Wars (MOWW) featured World War II veteran Harold Heil, who served in Germany in 1944, at their luncheon in Freedom Plaza on September 19, 2013.. Harold experienced eleven continuous months of combat as a combat Engineer while moving from Omaha Beach, across Germany, with the 205th Combat Engineers  His Battalion was charged with removing antipersonnel mines, building bridges and creating roads.  They were responsible for building  a strategically critical  bridge across the Ruhr River, which was considered the Gateway to Germany.  They built 6000 miles of roads, constructed 100 bridges, and removed 6000 anti-personnel mines on their march toward Berlin. After crossing the Elbe River they were ordered to stop before crossing the Rhine River to allow the Russians to take Berlin.  Harold is one of the veterans interviewed for the Library of Congress Veterans History Project. Although Harold is 90 years old, according to all accounts, he still beats most of the MOWW members (and others) in golf.  —B. Frank Kepley, CAPT, USN, (Ret)

This ceremony is complemented by the efforts of the Sun City Center Patriots Club which has, through its fundraising efforts, ensured that the flags will continue to fly along SR 674 during this special period in recognition to our veterans and active military forces.


DAR To Meet Nov. 20

WWII Veteran Harold Heil Addresses MOWW

For additional information call 634-7777.

DAR Announces Its 2013-14 Officers

Chapter Officers for 2013-2014: Seated L-R: Mary Culliton, vice regent; Jan Bassett, recording secretary;  Mary McIntyre, regent. Standing: L-R: Fran Eilert, corresponding secretary; Beth Clarke, librarian; Carol Acosta, historian; Nancy Windsor, chaplain; Bunny Blackstone, registrar; Ellen Cyr, treasurer.  The first meeting of the 2013 - 2014 season of the Col. George Mercer Brooke Chapter DAR was held on Wednesday, September 18, in Sun City Center.        The program was “Our Constitution, the Signers and their Stories” presented by Jan Bassett, chapter recording secretary. —Jo Prater

From left, Harold Heil, and Charles Conover Jr., LTC USA, (Ret), chapter commander.

MFST Presents Benefit Concert

The Military Family Support Trust (MFST) sponsored an entertainment program called MASQUERADE at Sun City Center Community Center on Sunday, October 6. David and Cherry Philips presented a fun-filled, two-piece band that the audience thoroughly enjoyed for over two hours.  Prior to the start of the entertainment, Bob Minthorn and his wife Sue Croley, both Southeastern Guide Dogs Paws for Patriots trainers, discussed the goals of that organization and presented their current dog in training, Charlotte, to the audience. At the intermission, a check for $2,000 was presented for Operation Warm Heart to MSgt. Scott Marshall, president of the 1st Sgt’s Council at MacDill AFB.  The event was staged as a Benefit Concert held to provide supporting funds for military families, past and present, that MFST supports through its grant programs. The beneficiaries include, but are not limited to: four-year scholarships for high school seniors; JROTC Honors Program; Homeless Women Veterans; Operation Warm Heart; Veteran Guide Dog; South Eastern Guide Dogs Paws for Patriots program; Operation Helping Hand and guardians for Honor Flights. Contributions are always welcome as without them none of the above assistance could be accomplished.  For more information, please visit their website at or call 6344675. —B. Frank Kepley, CAPT, USN, (Ret)


The News of Sun City Center

November 2013

Military Affairs Former Blue Angel Pilot rescues local Association of Naval Aviation October Luncheon Program!

JROTC Cadets honored at MOAA luncheon



The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) honored JROTC commanding officers and cadets at the October luncheon, held in the Florida Room at the SCC Atrium on October 2. Commanding officers from four area high school programs, East Bay, Bloomingdale, Brandon Major Fred Stankovich, USMC (ret.) stepped and Riverview, and a cadet from each were featured. up to the plate and delivered a grand slam! He The program consisted of a discussion by each commanding officer relative to their particular was scheduled for the November Silver Osprey JROTC program as well as cadet comments discussing how the programs have benefitted them and Squadron meeting, but agreed to come a month what their future goals and aspirations are.   early when the government shutdown prevented the scheduled US Army Colonel from speaking. Captain Hugh Howarth, USN (Ret), the MOAA  JROTC coordinator, moderated the discussion.          Marine Major Fred Stankovich was the The SCC Chapter supports the following JROTC programs: Bloomingdale, Brandon, Durant, #2 pilot of the 1979-1981 Blue Angels Flight East Bay, Lennard, Newsome, Riverview, and Spoto High Schools along with the South County Career Demonstration Team. Major Stankovich was Center.  commissioned a Second Lieutenant from Marine The chapter recognizes an outstanding junior cadet with a National MOAA Medal, a Certificate Corps Officer Candidate School in 1970. He is from its Chapter, and an Honorarium of $50.  a mechanical engineering graduate of the City —B. Frank Kepley, CAPT, USN, (Ret) College of New York. After OCS, he was assigned to flight training in Pensacola, receiving his wings in November 1971. His first assignment was to VMA-214 (the famed “Blacksheep Squadron”) at MCAS El Toro. He later completed “Top Gun” school and became a Top Gun instructor pilot. His next assignment was with the Blue Angels. When he completed his Blue Angel tour in 1981, he left active duty and became an airline pilot. Between 1981 and 2012, Major Stankovich flew as captain for People Express Airlines, Continental Airlines, and United Airlines. He has over 13,000 airline pilot hours in the 737 and 777 aircraft. As a Marine, his 3,500 hours was mostly in the Douglas A-4 Skyhawk, which he flew both in his Marine squadrons and with the Blue Angels. His talk gave the luncheon group gathered at Freedom Plaza a true insider’s look at the Blue Angels. Major Stankovich began his talk explaining that the reason the Blue Angels were formed (in 1946 at NAS Jacksonville) was to help recruit (L to R)  Tom Kilbourn, president SCC MOAA; Cadet Shaquone McCauley, Navy JROTC;  CDR Richard new members to Naval Aviation. Candidates for Steinestel USN Ret., Riverview High School commanding officer; Cadet Thapani Sawaengsri, Army the Blue Angels are not recruited. They apply as JROTC; LTC Guy Walsh USA Ret., Brandon High School commanding officer; Cadet Nick Johnson, individuals to be one of the eight pilots on the Air Force JROTC; LtCol John Wayne USAF Ret., Bloomingdale High School commanding officer; Cadet team. To become a new team member, they must Edward Parrino, Army JROTC; LTC Heriberto Garcia USA Ret., East Bay High School commanding be approved by all eight of the existing members. officer; Hugh Howarth SCC MOAA JROTC coordinator. Candidates must have a minimum of 1,250 tactical jet flight-hours and be carrier qualified. One slot is always reserved for a Marine aviator. MOWW sponsors YLC awards ceremony Major Stankovich fielded many questions Youth Leadership Conference (YLC) students from five local area high schools, East Bay, Lennard,  from the audience. Asked if the aircraft used by Riverview, Spoto and Plant City, gathered at the Sun City Center Renaissance Club on October 17 for the Blue Angels differed from the standard fleet lunch and participation in the Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) YLC Recognition and versions, he said yes in some small but important Special Awards Program.  ways. Because they are constantly flying so close LTC Charles Conover, USA (Ret), commander of the MOWW local chapter (center in group together (the goal is not closer than 3 feet), the photo) coordinated and emceed the event. There are a total of eight YLC schools involved. COL. Roy control stick is tighter than fleet models so pilots Conklin, USA (Ret), and Lt Col Jim Worchal, USAF (Ret), (unable to attend) were the team leaders can always have immediate response. This means for the eight schools. Newsom, Durant and Bloomingdale High Schools are also part of the YLC that the pilot must constantly pull back with 20 program, but were unable to attend the function. The Military Family Support Trust (MFST), is also pounds of force in order to maintain level flight. a participator and contributor in the YLC program. Special MOWW Patrick Henry Awards were It can be quite fatiguing when flying 40-minute presented to Christian Torres, Leonard High School and Brandi Boyer, and  Kisha Young, Riverview air shows and one-hour practice sessions. He High School for their outstanding leadership qualities. also pointed out that contrary to normal military —B. Frank Kepley, CAPT, USN, (Ret) procedures, they do not wear G-suits. The suits just “get in the way.” They would rather get through the 7 G turns without them. He said that this is just part of the job and is overcome through much practice. Major Stankovich talked about the effects of “sequestration” on all of the military flight demonstration teams. As many of you know, all military sponsored air shows were canceled in April. The next meeting of the Silver Osprey Squadron will be Friday, November 8. The speaker will be Captain Dick Petrucci, USN (ret.) who will give the squadron an update on the Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II of the Joint Strike Fighter program. Group photo of individuals from five attending schools. Center, LTC Charles —Submitted by Barry Dyer Conover (Ret), Commander Local Chapter MOWW. 

November 2013

The News of Sun City Center


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The News of Sun City Center

The Hope Fund for Children’s Breakfast & Bingo at Community Hall on November 9 It’s time again for The Hope Fund’s semi-annual Breakfast & Bingo (B&B)! On Sat., November 9, from 8:30 to 11 a.m., come to Community Hall on South Pebble Beach Boulevard in SCC to enjoy another B&B. The admission price is still only $6 for a large omelet of your choice, a bagel with cream cheese or a Danish, orange juice, coffee or tea. Bingo begins at 9:30 a.m. Bingo cards cost $1 each. Play for cash prizes! Tickets are available at the door. Everyone is welcome. The Hope Fund is a 501(c)3 organization made up entirely of volunteers who are dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk children who live in Wimauma and attend the after-school and summer programs at Bethune Park. The Hope Fund now partners with RCMA to maintain the buildings and keep the programs going so that these children will have a safe place to go after school and during the summer while their parents work. Currently, the main focus of the Hope Fund is to provide scholarships to those families who cannot afford the full cost of sending their children to Bethune Park. Along with a volunteer Board, The Hope Fund consists of people from SCC, including Kings Point, who generously give their time to

help the kids. They volunteer for one hour a week as tutors, mentors, readers and reading instructors. There is a running program to promote good exercise habits, and there are art classes which encourage the children’s creative side. The Fund also runs a Kids’ Cafe which provides healthy snacks after school, holiday parties and field trips. There is a sex and drug education program for older children. There are some wonderful things going on for the children at Bethune Park. The children are thriving and look forward to the visits from the senior community of SCC and other communities. Come to Breakfast & Bingo on Sat., November 9 from 8:30 to 11 a.m. at Community Hall in SCC and help the programs continue. For further information about The Hope Fund and Breakfast & Bingo, to volunteer to work with the kids for one hour a week or to give a tax-deductible contribution, call Carla Miles at 634-4268. All money raised goes entirely to benefit the children. More information may be found at the Fund’s website at www. We hope to see you on November 9! Bring your friends and neighbors. —Robi Jackson

The photo shows The Hope Fund President Carla Miles, center, receiving an appreciation plaque for her dedication from the children who attend the after school programs at Bethune Park. To the left is Josie Gracia, and to the right is Milagro Concepcion, both of RCMA.

November 2013

FREEDOM PLAZA Veterans Take Honor Flight

“We cannot all be heroes, some of us must stand on the curb as they go by.” Will Rogers E arly in t he mor ning of October 8, a group of WWII veterans, ages 85 -98, accompanied by guardians boarded an Allegiant Air plane at St. Pete-Clearwater airport for an all expense paid flight to our nation’s capitol. The 13 th Honor Flight sponsored by the West Florida Chapter of the Honor Flight Organization landed at BWI airport in Baltimore. The passengers were then transported by bus to the national Mall where they began the day with a tour of the WWII Memorial. Yes, those barricades magically disappeared as the vets were led by respectful and polite National Park guides into the monument honoring “The Greatest Generation.” Located between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial, it is a tribute to all who fought in WWII. On this clear, lovely fall day, it was the perfect place to reflect and remember. The first Honor Flight took off in May 2005 when six small planes carried twelve veterans to DC to see the completed Memorial. As demand grew so did the Honor Flight organization. There are now chapters and hubs all across America. The West Central Florida Chapter was founded in 2010. Funding comes from private sources. Bright House, McDonalds, Hooters, Allegiant Air and other local businesses contribute. Crews on the airplanes often donate their time. Veteran’s organizations pick up a good share of the cost of each flight. The mission is to see that every WWII veteran still alive has the opportunity to visit Washington and tour the National monuments. Planning every detail along the way, from the orientation gathering to the return of each flight, the many volunteers make sure every veteran is accompanied by a guardian, often younger relatives or volunteers paying their own way. The guardians see to their veteran’s every need throughout the long day, often pushing wheelchairs when needed.

Pictured are (L to R) Bill Shanks, Bob Shape, Alec Strong, George Johnson and Clarence Padgham At the end of the very long day a grand finale awaited. Much to the surprise and delight of the weary veterans and their guardians, a throng of folks of all ages waited in the terminal to greet them. As the first vets appeared, a swell of cheers, whistles, clapping filled the air. “Thank you, God Bless you” was heard over and over as hands reached out on all sides to clasp the hand of each veteran as they passed by. A stirring, emotional sight, hugs and tears were the perfect ending to a perfect day for these aging retired service men and women and their guardians who shepherded them through the long day. Although not the first to enjoy an Honor Flight, five residents of Freedom Plaza joined the 13th flight of the West Central Florida chapter. They were Bill Shanks, Bob Shape, Alec Strong, George Johnson and Clarence Padgham. They were accompanied by Freedom Plaza Business Development Coordinator Connie Lesko and Jim Ryan, parttime EMT. Both echoed all the veterans who have ever been on an Honor Flight. “We are so grateful to the Honor Flight organization. What an incredible day, a lifetime experience never to be forgotten.” If you know any WWII veterans or a terminally ill veteran of past wars or need information, please go to —MJ Rice

Interfaith Council Officers

Barbara Van Eycken, a wellknown SCC tribute artist, describes her December 12 concert as “Holiday with a Twist … filled with wonderful old standards along with favorite holiday tunes.” The When Music Was Music concert will feature songs recorded over time by such legendary divas as Barbra Streisand, Doris Day, Judy Garland, Rosemary Clooney, Patsy Cline and Liza Minnelli. Starting time for the concert at Borini Theatre is 7:30 p.m. Tickets ($10) are on sale now at the Kings Point Box Office. —Phyllis Hodges


SCC Tribute Artist Van Eycken in Holiday Concert

(L to R)   Elaine Gibbs, treasurer; Jim Clor, president; Pat Pelton, vice president; Dawn Hennen, secretary.

Guest speakers at a recent meeting were representatives from the SCC Broadcasting Task Force.

November 2013

The News of Sun City Center



From Left: Carol Kunerth, sales counselor; Mary Jane Scott, sales counselor; Kevin Lawler, sales counselor; Lois Russell, resident of Aston Gardens and volunteer at SCC Emergency Squad; Michael Jackson, first responder/driver and former chief of SCC Emergency Squad; Linda Roberts, executive director at the Courtyards; and Allison Bielanski, sales counselor. At the Annual Heroes Appreciation for the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue #28, District 4 Sheriff Department of Hillsborough County and the Sun City Center Emergency Squad was held on September 12 sponsored by Aston Gardens in Sun City Center, Florida. Members were treated to a wonderful gourmet luncheon and guitarist to show our appreciation and to say “Thank You” for a very big job of servicing all of us in the Sun City Center community.

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If you are interested in placing an ad in The NEWS of Sun Center, please email or call John Wolf, our advetising sales person. Email: Phone 813-938-8721

Recycle your Old Cell Phone

The United Community Church at 1501 La Jolla Avenue, Sun City Center, continues its cell phone recycling campaign. All cell phones and accessories will be accepted. Great for our environment! Cell phones can be refurbished, reused or recycled according to EPA. Keep cell phones and their toxins out of the landfills and entering our waterways. 100% of every phone will be recycled or reused! Drop off old cellphones and accessories at the Church office 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday. —Larry Piechoski

 

         

       

  


The News of Sun City Center

SCC Emergency Squad Welcomes 7 New Emergency Medical Responders

Security Patrol Names Volunteers of the Month Some long-time volunteers— Genevieve and Earl Johnson and Mieczyslaw and Aleksandra Zurko —have been named Volunteers of the Month by the Sun City Center Security Patrol. Especially if you drive for Team 10, you may recognize the voices of Genevieve and Earl. They dispatch, and he pitches in as a driver when needed.

(L to R): Michelle Blue, Al DiSalvio, M.J. Ricketts, Debbie Jasmer, Terri Lance, Asst. Chief Medical, Stephen Livingston, Gayle Hendrich, Hal Hendrich Seven students have successfully completed the intense 52-hour “Emergency Medical Responder” course given at the Squad training center.   Students are first trained and certified in CPR.   Following this aspect of the course, students studied medical and environmental emergencies, airway management, the human body, bleeding control, shock and poisoning.  Students also learned the proper technique for splinting, bandaging, back boarding and scooping a patient. Each student has now been assigned to one of eight teams and will begin a period of mentoring with an experienced ambulance crew. If you think you might be interested in joining this prestigious organization, please call 633-1411 or visit our web site at —Jan Huber

Permanent Drug Take-Back Boxes Available

November 2013

The Johnsons joined the Patrol in 1990. They had seen the Patrol cars making their rounds, talked about it and decided to join. Earl recalls the time he was called to a house where there was a snake. When he arrived he discovered the driveway was barricaded with orange crates, and underneath was a five- or six-foot snake. Eventually he and the homeowner dispatched the snake.

In addition to volunteering for the Patrol, Earl serves as a monitor in the exercise room and Genevieve has volunteered at South Bay Hospital.

Mieczyslaw and Aleksandra have served on Team 21 as drivers for almost 20 years, and as far as they’re concerned, there haven’t been too many fundamental changes. At least, they say, the basic job is still preventing crime and helping people. Just being visible, they add, is important to keep the community safe. From time to time they get a special satisfaction from looking for a lost resident or helping someone who needs a ride home. Both retired early, so they were young when they joined—at least young as defined in Sun City Center. They belong to several other groups, so there’s always something on their schedule, they note. —Bob Powers

Security Patrol Will Travel to Lightning vs. N.Y. Rangers

The Hillsborough County Drug Take Back Initiative has installed permanent drug take-back boxes at four Hillsborough County Sheriff’s After a sold out trip to a Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, the Sun City Office locations. This initiative, which allows drop-off of unwanted Center Security Patrol is heading for hockey when the Tampa Bay Lightning prescription drugs—with no questions asked—kicked off on Oct. 22 at hosts the New York Rangers at 7:30 p.m. November 25 at the Tampa Bay the District 3 office in Tampa. Times Forum. The boxes are located at the following Sheriff’s Office locations: “I know many Floridians think ice belongs in a drink, but, believe me, we have a lot of hockey fans here,” Bob Powers, Patrol chief, quipped. • District 1: 14102 N. 20th St. in Tampa “We completely filled the bus for the Rays trip, so we’re encouraging • District 2: 2310 N. Falkenburg Road in Tampa people to buy their Lightning tickets early.” • District 3: 7202 Gunn Highway in Tampa Tickets are $45 and the bus trip is $15. Anyone interested should pay for tickets at the Patrol office no later than November 16. Once a final count • District 4: 503 33rd St. SE in Ruskin is submitted to Lightning officials, tickets will be sent to the Patrol and can This initiative is designed to ensure that unwanted prescription drugs are be picked up at the office or on the bus. accounted for and disposed of in a safe and secure manner. Educational “You don’t have to be a Patrol member to join the fun,” Powers said. materials related to the effects of prescription drug abuse and information regarding addictions services providers also is available at the same The lines are down! More cart parking is now available for the locations. Atrium, the outdoor and indoor pools, the Rollins Theater, The Hillsborough County Drug Take Back Initiative is a collaborative effort the Florida Room and the Amateur Radio Club room in the by the Hillsborough County Strategic Planning/Criminal Justice Office, Maintenance Building. Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and members of the Hillsborough Community Anti-Drug Alliance. This project was selected for funding by the Hillsborough County Public Safety Coordinating Council and is supported by a Federal Justice Assistance Grant. For additional information about the Drug Take Back Initiative, contact the Criminal Justice Office at 276-2033.

The club will have their next party on Monday, November 11. The event will be a “Pot Luck/Share With Your Table” to be held at the KP Borini Theater.  The doors will open at 5 p.m.  The club will furnish a 1/4 chicken, dessert and coffee.  Gari will be the entertainer for the evening.  BYOB.  $5 per person.  Kindly make up your tables of eight and mail all names and checks together to Gerry Barba (633-5589), 201 Glenellen Place, SCC 33573. As always, there will be reserved seating for everyone. Cut-off date is November 5. —Annette Macdonald


Americans of Italian Heritage Club

November 2013

The News of Sun City Center




Happy Custom Very ers i 0 0 n

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Sun City C en


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Travertine / Pool Tile Remodeling

Driveways / Pool Decks / Patios

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Prince of Peace Catholic Church

702 Valley Forge Blvd, SCC • • 813.634.2328




Sun. 8am, 10am, 12n Sat. Vigil 4pm Daily 8:00 a.m.

Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m. Sat. 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

BETH ISRAEL The Jewish Congregation of Sun City Center, 1115 Del Webb Blvd. E. Sun City Center (813)634-2590



St. Joseph’s-South Physician Office Building

At St. Joseph’s-South Physician Office Building, you will find many health care services in one convenient place. Physicians n HealthPoint Medical Group Family Medicine


Coming Fall 2013:

BayCare Outpatient Imaging features comprehensive diagnostic imaging services, including MRI, CT, ultrasound, DXA bone density, X-ray and digital mammography.

n Neurology


n Orthopedics

BayCare Laboratories offers a team of highly trained and experienced professionals dedicated to providing accurate, timely and affordable testing. No appointment is necessary for most tests, and wait times are minimal.

n Podiatry n Pulmonary BC1303171-0913

St. Joseph’s-South Physician Office Building 10141 Big Bend Road, Suite 102 Riverview, FL 33578

For more information:

(813) 443-2008

St. Joseph’s-South


The News of Sun City Center

November 2013

Call me today to hear about these optional features: New Car Replacement, Accident Forgiveness and Deductible Rewards. RACHEL A WEISSMAN, CIC, LUTCF (813) 634-7100 955 Del Webb Blvd. E. Ste 102 Sun City Center RWEISSMAN@ALLSTATE.COM

Feature is optional and subject to terms, conditions and availability. Safe Driving Bonus won’t apply after an accident. Patent pending. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company; Northbrook, IL. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company

A doctors’ office that’s close to home. Our internal medicine physician is ready to meet your healthcare needs. Dr. Lester provides a range of healthcare services for adults, including immunizations, physicals and management of chronic health conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. • Same-day appointments available. • Secure online access to portions of your medical record via MyChart. FREE mobile app available. • We participate in most major health plans. Visit for a list of accepted insurance plans.

Jeffrey Lester, M.D. Board certified • Internal Medicine Treating patients 18 years of age and older

We’re open Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. For appointments, call (813) 844-4700.

1647 Sun City Center Plaza Sun City Center, FL 33573

Sun City Center Plaza

E College Ave.

Valley Forge Blvd.



Sun City Center Blvd./SR 674



La . Dr

Pebble Beach Blvd.


in Tr

Kings Blvd. tgh_27310_01_TGMG_Sun_City_Ctr_10x8_SCCO.indd 1

10/25/13 9:44 AM

November 2013

The News of Sun City Center


Facial Rejuvenation. Look like you did 5, 10, or even 20 years ago! Our Double Board Certified Facial Surgeons, Rich Castellano, M.D. and Randall Weyrich, M.D., have helped thousands restore their youthful appearance and achieve natural, lasting results. Our surgeons specialize in both surgical and nonsurgical facelifts, but also have fillers and other treatments available! The work we do will focus on rejuvenating your face, eyes, and neckline to help you look and feel younger again!

Our Services Include: • ImageLift

• Neck-Firming


(Small, Medium, or Large)

(Surgical & Non-Surgical)

• All Fillers (Temporary, Long-Term & Permanent)

• Botox , Dysport and Xeomin ®



• Advanced Laser Technology • Fat Grafting • Medical Skin Care

Get a FREE consultation at our upcoming seminar! Tuesday, Nov. 19th @ 1:00 pm Club Renaissance 2121 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center, FL 33573


Call to reserve your seat TODAY!

All seminars are 100% complimentary

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Golf League Results, Pictures and More

Hogans League of Sun City Center and Kings Point September 28: Sandpiper Oakes – Lakes, H-Skins: 1stPlace: Reggie Ryan and Rich Lucidi - Tied at 3 Skins. Low-net: Rich Lucidi - 64; Lowgross: Mike Brock – 79. Birds: Mike Brock - #9 Par 5. September 28: Freedom Fairways, H-Skins: 1stPlace: Charlie Brown - 5 Skins; 2ndPlace: Bill Giblin - 4 Skins. Low-net: Mike McClintic – 55; Lowgross: Mike McClintic – 70. Birds: Bill Giblin - #9 Par 4, #12 Par 4, and #14 Par 4; Charlie Brown - #15 Par 3; and Mike McClintic - #6 Par 4. L to R: Charlie Brown, Mike

The News of Sun City Center

Hogans League Cont’d.

Back Row L to R: Mike Brock, Paul Maki, and Reggie Ryan. Front Row Left to Right:  Rex, Bob Jacobs, Hank Smythe, and Rich Lucidi.

Caloosa CC Women (18)

October 11: Summerfield Crossings, H-Skins: 1st Place:   Mike Brock and Bob Jacobs - Tied at 3 Skins. Lownet:  Bob Jacobs – 72; Low-gross:  Mike Brock – 86.

October 2: Low Gross/Low Net: Flt 1:Beverly Valentine low gross 90; Pearl Ashe low net 73; Carmen Fields 2nd net 75. Flt 2:Sally Heffernan low gross 96; Lolita Johnson low net 73; Maxine Thompson 2nd net 74. Flt 3:Lucille Lanese low gross 108; Judy DeLaney low net 77; Ruth Ann Phelan 2nd net78. Flt 4:Barb Larsen low gross 113; Jackie Wrigley low net 72; Linda McDougall tie 2nd net 77, Joyce Shade 77. October 7+9: Member-Member: 1: Kim Roush/Kathi Nicolay 1st lowL to R: Bob Jacobs, Hank Smythe, gross score 168; Sally Heffernan/ Pearl Ashe 1st low net 127; Vicki Mike Brock and Rex Gibbons Franks/Mary Chabot 2nd 129; Barb Struble/ Joyce Stafford. Flt 2: Val Hogans League Pelkowsky /Maryanne Starrett 1st November Schedule low gross 187; Lynn Noyes/Ellen Date Day Course Offenbach 1st low net 132; Lucille Lanese/Dottie Morgan 2nd 139; Flt 3: 11/1 Fri Summerfield Helen Conaway/Janet Crews 1st low 11/2 Sat Freedom Fairways gross 201; Joyce Shade/Jody Delaney Sat Sandpiper 1st low net 136; Sandy Nodruff/Ruth 11/4 Mon Imperial Lakewoods Ann Phelen 2nd 138. Flt 4: Barb 11/6 Wed Sandpiper Sarman/Marletta Newberg 1st low 11/8 Fri Summerfield gross 206; Elizabeth T. Rodriguez/ 11/9 Sat Freedom Fairways Laura Horwath 1st low net 132; Joan Sat Sandpiper LaMar/Dolores Phelps 2nd 137. 11/11 Mon Imperial Lakewoods 11/13 Wed Sandpiper Caloosa CC Men’s Golf 11/15 Fri Summerfield 11/16 Sat Freedom Fairways September 19: Bill Devine 18 hole Men’s group-team, one Best Ball at Sat Sandpiper least: 1st Jose Rodriguez 24 Russ 11/18 Mon Imperial Lakewoods Rowe Rowe (Guest); 2nd Walt Sousa 11/20 Wed Sandpiper 23 John Burns Jack Morton. 11/22 Fri Summerfield 11/23 Sat Freedom Fairways October 1: One Best Ball at least: Sat Sandpiper 1st place: John McDougall score-30, 11/25 Mon Imperial Lakewoods Guest, Proxy; 2nd place: Dick Lanese 11/27 Wed Summerfield -29,, Dan Kelliher, Roy Long. 11/29 Fri Summerfield October 10: 2 BB: First Place (Score 11/30 Sat Freedom Fairways -19) NELSON, CONLEY, LONG; Sat Sandpiper Second Place (Score -18) SOUSA, KORN, ROWE. Caloosa Greens Ladies

McClinitic, and Bill Giblin. October 5: Sandpiper Oaks – Lakes, A-Skins: 1st Place:  Paul Maki - 3 Skins; 2nd Place:  Jim Hiller - 2 Skins. Low-net:  Rich Lucidi – 65; Lowgross:  Mike Brock – 81. Birds:  Bob Jacobs - #1 Par 5, #9 Par 5, #10 Par 5, and #12 Par 4; Paul Maki - #18 Par 4; Don Mowry - #14 Par 3; and Jim Hiller - #14 Par 3. Back Row:  L to R:  Don Mowry, Paul Maki, and Jim Hiller. Front Row:  Sept. 12: Shamble: A FLIGHT: Low Gross Gloria Nunn 75   match of cards; Low Net  Jane Fischer 55. B FLIGHT: Low Gross Nancy Mast 78;  Low Net Joann Edwards 57. C FLIGHT: Low Gross Vivian King 76; Low Net Pat Johnson 51 match of cards. Left to Right:  Bob Jacobs, Mike Brock, and Rich Lucidi. October 9:  Sandpiper Palms – Oaks, H-Skins: 1st Place:  Paul Maki - 4 Skins; 2nd Place:  Reggie Ryan, Rex Gibbons, Mike Brock, Hank Smythe, and Rich Lucid - Tied at 1 Skin. Low-net:  Rich Lucidi – 67; Lowgross:  Mike Brock – 81. Birds:  Paul Maki - #3 Par 4 and #6 Par 5; Rex Gibbons - #6 Par 5 and #17 Par 3; Mike Brock - #1 Par 4 and #8 Par 3; and Bob Jacobs - #14 Par 4.

Sept. 19: POINTS + HANDICAP: A FLIGHT: 1st place Mary Jo Miller 43 match of cards; 2nd place Joan Camelio   43. B FLIGHT: 1st place Nancy Mast 41 match of cards; 2nd place    Pat Johnson 41. C FLIGHT: 1st place Noreen Schramm 49; 2nd place Mary Merrill 44. Sept. 26: Low Gross/Low Net: A FLIGHT: Low Gross Mary Klopp 71; Low Net Jane Fischer 54  match of cards. B FLIGHT: Low Gross Nancy Mast 81; Low Net Mary Houston 58. C FLIGHT: Low Gross Mary Merrill 84; Low Net Pat Johnson 60. Oct. 4: Scotch Twosome: First Place  Jane Fischer & Pat Johnson 69; Second Place Claudia Wooley & Mary Houston 74.

Falcon Watch

Men 9/16: One Low Gross – Three Low Net: 1st Place Flight 1 – Bill Fitzhugh. 1st Place Flight 2 – Dave Gerow. 9/23: Three Man Team – One Best Ball Net: 1st Place Flight 1 – Vid Valiusaitis, Marvin Barnes, Dick McLaughlin. 1st Place Flight 2 – Dave Gerow, John Scott, Dave Hoffman. 10/2: 2 Best Balls: 1st Place Flight 1 - John Carroll, Wayne Hughes, Bob Condon.1st Place Flight 2 - Harry Porter, Dave Hoffman, Mike Sekol 10/9: 1st Place Flight 1 – Butch Gadd, George Krauss, Jim McClafferty. 2nd Place Flight 2 – Harry Porter, Dan Waldman, Marty Dain. Falcon Watch Classic Tournament Sept 17, 18, 20 Men Flight Winners: Flight 1 – White Tees Bill Salowitz, Jeff Clark. Flight 2 – Green Tees John Lyons, Phil LeMasters. Flight 3 – Green Tees John Carroll, Rod Benning. Flight 4 – Green Tees Bill Humes, Roger Hall. Flight 5 – Green Tees Tom Giddings, Vince Sortino.

November 2013

ClubLink Cont’d. Women 18 Holes: Red Tees: 1st Place Liz Lewis, Dindy Chandler. Women 9 Holes: Yellow Tees: 1st Place Patty George, Judi Gannon. Ladies 18 holes Winners 9/20: Better Nine Net: Ollie Keller. 9/27: Low Net: Kathy Payne 10/4: Quota: Tie - Ann Clark, Joy Dunn 10/11: Low Gross/Low Net: Sally Mathews, Kathy Payne. Ladies 9 holes Winners 9/27: Tee to Green:1st Flight Jane Boccieri. 2nd Flight Lorraine Fritzel. 3rd Flight Kathy Boccieri. 10/4: 3-2-1 Team Tie Mar y J. McClafferty, Mary McClafferty, Terry Wynne, Marilyn McCormick and Larraine Fritzel, Claudia, Woolley, Alice Chura, Kathy Boccieri. 10/11: FW-Caloosa Country Club H&H: 1st Place – Jane Boccieri, Margo Stonefield, Mary McClafferty, Alice Murphy; 2 nd Place – Wally McIntosh, Pat Fricke, Kathy Boccieri, Barbara Dotson.


Men 9/16: Individual Quota Points: 1st Place Flight 1 Bob Sanicola, Frank Paris. 1st Place Flight 2 Bill Barker. 1st Place Flight 3 Mike Noone. 10/2: Low Gross/Low Net: 1st Place Gross Flight 1 Phil LeMasters; 1st Place Net Flight 1 Nick Jimaki. 1st Place Gross Flight 2 Jerry Barrett; 1st Place Net Flight 2 Robert Viohl. 1st Place Gross Flight 3 Vince Robbio; 1st Place Net Flight 3 Bruce Cook. 1st Place Gross Flight 4 Chuck Weir; 1st Place Net Flight 4 Vince Sortino. 10/9 : Tea1 Best Ball Quota Points: 1st Place Flight 1 Don Freed & Lewis Lange. 1st Place Flight 2 Bruce Cook & Chuck Weir. Ladies 18 holes 9/17: Best 9: 1st Place Flight 1 Carolyn Clark. 1 st Place Flight 2 Dottie Girardi. 10/1: Revert to Par 2 holes each 9: 1st Place Flight 1 Judie Schafers. 1st Place Flight 2 Linda Belanger. 1st Place Flight 3 Jan Thumberg. 10/8: Alternate Shot: 1st Place Flight 1- Judie Schafers & Carolyn Avrett. 1st Place Flight 2- Debbie Lester & Carol Salowitz. 10/15: Team Quota Points: 1st PlaceJudie Schafers, Helen Adams, Ernie Stone, Jan Thunberg. Ladies 9 Hole 9/17: 1 Best Ball Odd, 2 BB Even: 1st Place Judy Huss, Ann Clark, Bobbie Ulbrich, Barb Kushnerick. 10/1: 2 Best Balls: 1st Place Terry Jacoby, Barb Kushnerick, Bobbie Ulbrich. 10/8: Low Gross: 1 st Place Flight 1- Hiroko Vetsch.1 st Place Flight 2-Colleen Savas . 10/15:1 Best Ball Odd, 2 BB Even: 1st Place- Judi Gannon, Elsie Megesky, Colleen Savas.


Men 9/26: 4 Man Team: 1st Place Ron Golik, Les Easton, John Wright, Peter

November 2013

ClubLink Cont’d. Brock. 10/3: 4 Man Team – Drop one: 1st Place Ron Golik, Ron Bimson (Blind Draw), Dieter Quitsch, Carl Lingertot. 10/10: 1-2-3: 1st Place Ron Pelow, Gerald Wick, Walter Wight, Bud Tolley. Ladies 9/17: Individual: 1 st Place Lois Pelow. 10/1: Points: 1st Place Tie Annetta Pucci , Sue Wyckoff. 10/8: Individual: 1st Place Annetta Pucci.



Larry Brown Memorial Golf Tournament

On Sunday, Nov. 17, the 3rd annual Larry Brown Memorial golf tournament will be held at the Sandpiper GC. All proceeds will go to the Moffitt Cancer Center Foundation. The format will be a scramble with prizes for top Men’s/Women’s/Mixed teams. The tournament will be open to all area golfers and will have a noon shotgun start with food and prizes following in the Florida room. The cost is $35/person. Registration forms are available at area courses but must be returned to the Sandpiper Pro Shop or by mail. For anyone who cannot play but would like to make a contribution to honor someone who has been touched by cancer, please email or call Judy Brown. For information and forms: or call 642-8072.

Annual Classic Team Tournament Flight Winners at Falcon Watch

From Left To Right: 1st Flight White Tee - Jeff Clark & Bill Salowitz; 2nd Flight Green Tee John Lyons & Phil Lemasters (Not in picture) 3rd Flight - John Carroll & Rod Benning; 4th Flight - Bill Humes & Roger Hall - 5th Flight  Vince Soritino & Tom Giddings; 6th Flight Red Tee Dindy Lewis & Liz Lewis - 7th Flight Gold Tee Judi Gannon & Patty George.

ol f Ca G y rt t i C

Sun City Center’s Only Golf Cart Superstore •4 BRANDS • 4 YEAR WARRANTIES* • 4 FACTORY CERTIFIED MECHANICS


c. In

Su n

Men 9/16: 2 Person Scramble: 1st Place Flight 1 Pat Gilbert/Steve Lockom. 1st Place Flight 2 Dave Bartku/John Skinner. 9/30: 1 Gross + 2 Net: 1st Place King Slater/Vic Morris/Bob Noelte/Dave Bartku. Ladies 9/17: 3-2-1 Best Ball: 1 st Place Kathleen Records/Karen Goldwater/ Ilene Davidoff. 10/8: 2 Week Eclectic: 1st Place Flight 1 Barbara Gaines. 1st Place Flight 2 Betty Rollins. 1st Place Flight 3 Betty McLoone. 1st Place Flight 4 Carol Moss. Couples 10/4: 1 Best Ball of 2: 1st Place Flight 1 John and Vicki Breaugh. 1st Place Flight 2 Vic and Judy Linn.

The News of Sun City Center


Brand New 2014 Yamaha Drives In Stock Now!

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SPORTS Caloosa G&CC Columbus Day Mixer

The News of Sun City Center

November 2013

Course Improvements and Future Plans For Golf Courses Announced By ClubLink

By Bob Black In a report to the Sun City Center golfing community, Tom Ritenour, ClubLink’s director of golf here, announced that the $78,000 renovation to the Sandpiper Palms course replacing irrigation electrical boxes, main control unit and much of the wiring is nearing completion. “With this done,” he said, “we’ll move onto the Sandpiper Oaks Course early next year for irrigation repairs and updating.” Sandpiper is getting the attention, he said, because it is the oldest course in Sun City Center and is the one with the weakest infrastructure. Ritenour said as many of the cart paths at Sandpiper as could be repaired with the constant rains this Winners with a 71 in the Caloosa Golf and Country Club Columbus Day summer were torn up and cement monthly 18 hole mixer Sunday October 13,2013. Seated: (LR) Joan Macholl, laid down in the areas where oak Lynn Noyes and Dolores Phelps. Standing (LR): John Macholl ,Bill Noyes and tree roots had made them difficult Dale Phelps. Tournament organizers were Ellen and Stu Offenbach. to transit. “Thus far,” he said, “We’ve poured 541 linear feet of concrete


Caloosa G&CC Member Attend Tampa Bay Rays Baseball Game

Caloosa Golf & Country Club members rode in style to the Rays vs Baltimore Orioles game. The Fox News Rays Express Bus took the group of 52 from the club in Sun City Center to Gate 3 at Tropicana Field. Baseball hats were given as souvenirs and the group was treated to an exhilarating game. In the 4th of the four-game sweep, James Loney hit a home run in the bottom of the 9th for a 5-4 win. Coordinators for this outside event were John & Merlene Smithyman and Bob & Helen Conaway. Caloosa Golf and Country Club, the only privately-owned club in Sun City Center, provides its members with a wide variety of both golf and social opportunities.

Caloosa G&CC Women’s Best Ball of Two Tournament Winners

Winners of the (CWGA18) Caloosa Golf and Country Club Member/Member 18 hole women’s league Best Ball of Two golf tournament October 7&9. 52 members participated. L/R: Teams: Low Gross Seated Flt1 Kathi Nicolay/Kim Roush 168, Flt2 Val Pelkowski/MaryAnn Starrett 187, Flt3 Janet Crews/Helen Conaway 201, Flt4 Barb Sarman/ Marletta Newberg 206. Standing L/R: Low Net Flt1 Sally Heffernan/Pearl Ashe 127, Flt2 Ellen Offenback /Noyes 132, Flt3 Joyce Shade/Judy Delaney 136, Flt4 Elizabeth T. Rodriguez/Laura Horwath 132.

which is much longer lasting than asphalt.” He added, “The greenside bunkers at Falcon Watch and Sandpiper are an immediate target for improvement. We’ll start grassing some of the fairway bunkers that do not come into play but hold water when it rains. Speaking of rains, we’re starting repairs on the weir structure that was damaged at Scepter during the downpours of early summer. We’re working on weed control. The rains have been murder on the courses this year.” Ritenour said the PGA initiative called “Play It Forward,” is on the books for Sun City Center courses. This idea, headlined by Arnie Palmer and Jack Nicklaus, “is particularly important for our courses here,” Ritenour said. Scepter and Renaissance already have forward tees for both men and women and Falcon Watch and Sandpiper are being remeasured for the program. “The idea,” Ritenour says, “is to have people play off tees that give them their best game and where they are most comfortable. Many men have moved from the white tees to the green in recent years as their drives fall short of where they used to be. Now some of them may want to ‘Play It Forward’ a little more.” He added, “My advice? Go where you are happiest and play best.” Ritenour also addressed the recent dues billing, saying ClubLink was holding the line against inflation. “The changes in Renaissance, Scepter, Falcon Watch and Sandpiper are all in the two to two and a half percent range. The Academy courses have even lower increases. True inflation rates are much higher,” he added.

Americans of Italian Heritage Club Christmas Party

The Americans of Italian Heritage Club will have its annual partially subsidized Christmas Party for MEMBERS ONLY on Tuesday, December 10. It will take place at the Borini Theater in Kings Point. The doors will open at 4:30 p.m.  Banquet Masters will serve a choice of Filet Mignon & Shrimp OR Chicken Piccata & Crab Stuffed Filet of Flounder. Wine will be supplied as well as dessert, coffee, tea and soda. BYOB. Those of you who attended last year surely remember the wonderful dinner we had.  The cost will be $18. The Club will subsidize the rest. GARI will be your entertainer. Please send your checks to Gerry Barba (6335589), 201 Glenellen Pl, SCC, FL 33573.  Tables of eight, please send your checks in together! Gentlemen, this is a formal Christmas Party and, therefore, jackets are required. Ladies, please feel free to wear your fanciest dress/gown!  Cut-off date is Dec. 4. —Annette Macdonald

November 2013

The News of Sun City Center

Jazzmatazz Dance Club




Jan Cline of Sun City Center represented the John Donnelly Table Tennis Club on October 7, 8, 9 and 10 at the World Senior Games held in St. George, Utah. She won silver for 2nd place in women’s singles and gold for 1st place in the women’s doubles with partner, Margo Lindsay, of Clearwater, FL. The weekend prior to the World Senior Games was the Las Vegas, NV tournament which many also played in. There she won silver for women’s singles, silver for women’s doubles and gold for mixed doubles with her partner, Joseph Cincotta of Bradenton, FL. Congratulations Jan !

Competitive Volleyball Meets three times per week

LR Front: Janet Cardulla, president; Diane LeFrancois, instructor and choreographer. LR Back:   Kris Collette, vice president; Margo Gunther; Ann McKenzie; Kathy Thomas; and Kathy Hathaway, secretary-treasurer.

The SCC Volleyball Club, located behind the Community Hall on S. Pebble Beach Blvd., has returned to winter hours. Play starts each Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 9 a.m. on their two courts. Returning snowbirds and new members are welcome to try the games for the next few weeks without charge. Dues are $10/year. The competitive interaction is alive and well on the courts! ­—Nan McNamara

Jazzmatazz Dance Club members are ready to dance in the annual “Follies” November 7 and 8 and the Performing Arts “Wall to Wall Christmas” performances this fall. Jazzmatazz meets each Wednesday at 6 p.m. and Saturdays at 10 a.m. in the Atrium Dance Studio. New members are welcomed to join in the exercises that train for technique and learn choreographed “Broadway” jazz dances. For more information, call 6346692.



Sun City Center New Year’s Eve Party



Oldies But Goodies Dance Club Enjoyable Music for all ages! Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Find out more information on making the best choice for you and your family.

Sun City Center Community Hall (1910 Pebble Beach Blvd. South)

Cocktails: 7 p.m. (BYOB) Elegant Hors d’oeuvres and Desserts Served by Banquet Masters beginning at 8 p.m. Champagne @ Midnight

Dancing till 1a.m.

Entertainment: “The KEGG” (Kelly E. & Gary G.)

Cost: $40 per person TICKETS GO ON SALE NOV. 3 AT 5 P.M. IN COMMUNITY HALL For more info or tickets call:

Barbara Gingrich 633-5649

• Affordable Options and Savings • Social Security Benefits • Veterans Benefits • Travel & Relocation Protection

Bob Evans

102 Commercial Center Drive, Sun City Tues., Nov., 12 at 2:00 PM 352-319-6816 Call today to reserve! Seating is limited.


The News of Sun City Center

Watch Your Speed!

With Deputy Jason Castillo It’s O c tob e r and that means we will begin to see our seasonal residents returning to Sun City Center and Kings Point. The increased traffic brings to mind an increased occurrence of traffic violations. Of particular interest to many drivers here in SCC are the fines that come with traffic violations. Some are surprised at how expensive it can be to ignore the speed limit. So let’s review the facts. Moving violations include but are not limited to speeding, red light violations and stop sign violations. That “rolling stop” or “not quite red” light can definitely come back to bite you. The fine for many moving violations is $153, but they can get much more expensive. Here is how the speeding fines break down by speed: 1 to 9 mph over posted limits is $118 10 to 14 mph over posted limits is $193 15 to 19 mph over posted limits is $243 20 to 29 mph over posted limits is $268

Once again, a l l of t hes e rates are only the minimum fees. Assessed fines could be increased depending on the situation which could include school zones, parked buses or construction zones, among other things. If you are ticketed for traveling more than 30 mph over the posted limit, you will receive a mandatory court appearance. Now, you might be thinking that it’s tough to reach some of those higher fines. But consider, a marked speed limit of 25 miles per hour. Think about how easy it is to let that speedometer drift up to 40 mph. That’s 15 mph over the posted limit and a $243 fine. It sounds like a lot when you say it like that, but historically, this has been the fine that officers in Kings Point write most often. Unfortunately, many of the folks getting the tickets are not really even aware how fast they are going. In those cases, the amount of a speeding fine can definitely come as an unpleasant surprise. Speeding violations are not the only moving violations that can get expensive. Running a stop sign or red light hits deep, too. The point of these laws is that they can save lives. So, please, for your own safety, for your neighbors, your friends and your pocketbook—slow it down and take care when approaching intersections.

ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS •Family Medicine • Skin Rejuvenation • Wellness and Prevention

•Preventative Medicine •Chronic Disease Management •Physicals •Routine and Urgent Care •Minor Surgeries •Immunizations, Labs, EKG’s •Weight Management •Joint Injections •Ostheopathic Manipulative Treatments •Skin Rejuvenation •Dysport® •Restylane® •Perlane®

Dr. Sasha Noe, DO, PhD

Board Certified Family Physician

6150 North US Hwy 41 • Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Call Now:


One more thing. Everything you just read applies just as much to golf carts as it does to traditional automobiles. That comes as a surprise to many people, so I wanted all of you to have a fair warning. Don’t Miss this month’s Crime Awareness Briefings I will be at the Kings Point Fiber Arts room at 1900 Clubhouse Drive on Tuesday, November 12, at 1 p.m. I will be at the American Momentum Bank at 131 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. in SCC on Wednesday, November 20, at 2 p.m. Hope to see you there. We will be discussing Level 1 crime in the area and answering resident questions and concerns. In subsequent months these meetings will continue to be held in Kings Point on the second Tuesday of the month and in SCC on the third Wednesday. Be safe out there!

Sun City Center


30 MPH

November 2013

November 2013

The News of Sun City Center


MOVIES at the Rollins Theater One showing only @ 1 p.m.

The Monday Movies will normally show two movies each month in the Rollins Theater at 1 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays. Dates and times may change as required. Seating is limited to 200 per showing and is reserved for current Sun City Center Community Association members and guests who present an up-to-date member/guest card or yellow ID badge.

November 4 “Heart of the Country” 90 min.

Faith and Luke have it all. Faith is a beautiful singer and Luke is an up-andcoming businessman. When their life together is shattered and she is forced to return home to the family she turned her back on years ago, she must find the strength to love again. Rated PG for mild thematic elements. Genres: Drama, Romance Starring: Jana Kramer, Gerald McRaney, Randy Wayne, Anne Hawthorne, Shaun Sipos Subtitles: English Rated: PG Run Time:1:30

(For bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings Of children and siblings who died at any age, from any cause, no matter how long ago)

Co-sponsored by the South Shore Coalition for Mental Health & Aging In collaboration with

The Compassionate Friends’

Worldwide Candle lighting© Sunday Dec. 1, 2013: 4 pm 951 North Course Lane Sun City Center, FL

November 11 “The Great Gatsby” 142 min. Rating: PG-13

Please bring a photo of you child for the memory table. You may also bring something to read in memory of your child. Information: call Cora at 634-1654 or Julia at 634-4980 or Email: Log on to: on 12/08/13 to leave a message and light a candle at 7 p.m. in memory of your child, grandchild or sibling.

The Performing Arts Company of SCC presents at THE ROLLINS

The “GAME”!

a NEW musical COMEDY about politics, poker & the GAME of life

October 30, 31 November 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 7:30 pm nightly w/ 2:30pm matinee Nov 9

Delyse Axinn Joe BirnBAum BABs Cominoli

The Players Bev CArnes Peter FArinA Jo PrAter

WenDy smith DAn tACkitt PAt WolFert

ellen kleinsChmiDt As rosemAry PhilliPs Written by

Lew Resseguie & eLLen KLeinschmidt

Rating: PG

Coming in January 2014 is Sinatra! & Ruby’s on 66 in February

Directed By

Lew Resseguie Music Director

eLLen KLeinschmidt Producer

BaRB BRtva Public Welcome! w w

Would-be writer Nick Carraway leaves the Midwest and travels to New York City in the spring of 1922, an era of loosening morals, glittering jazz, bootleg kings and sky-rocketing stocks. Chasing his own American Dream, Nick lands next door to a mysterious, party-giving millionaire, Jay Gatsby and across the bay from his cousin Daisy Buchanan and her philandering, blue-blooded husband, Tom. Through them, Nick is drawn into the captivating world of the super-rich and their illusions, loves and deceits. Rated PG-13 for some violent images, sexual content, smoking, partying and brief language. Genres: Drama Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Carey Mulligan, Joel Edgerton, Isla Fisher Language: English Subtitles: English Rating: PG-13  Runtime: 2:22

November 25 We have again experienced a limited pool of suitable movies to select from this month. Therefore, we are going to delay our selection for November 25 to a later date to allow for later releases to be available. Should we not be able to find a suitable new release, we will select an old favorite. Our selection will be PG or PG-13. We will post our selection on the Atrium bulletin board as soon as possible but no later than November 22.

Catch The NEWS on the web at FACTS YOU MAY NOT KNOW... Gold is the only metal that doesn’t rust, even if it’s buried in the ground for thousands of years. Airports at higher altitudes require a longer airstrip due to lower air density. Caffeine increases the power of aspirin and other painkillers, that is why it is found in some medicines. The military salute is a motion that evolved from medieval times, when knights in armor raised their visors to reveal their identity.




The News of Sun City Center

November 2013


Join the Parade & One Lucky Golf Cart Will Win a $1,000 Gift Card!* $6,000

nter for the Sights Ce ty Ci n Su at us Join Golf Car t Parade. n so ea S e th of s & Sound entertainment, a & ic us m e liv of y After, enjoy a da more holiday shopping & n, fu , od fo t, es nt pet co ented by Minto! es pr al iv st Fe r te in at the W

awarded in gift cards for golf cart category winners including a $1,000 raffle ticket drawing*

r 7, 2013 Saturday, Decembe :30pm | WinterFest 11am-2 am 10 at ts ar st de ra Pa 3 r FL 3357 h Blvd. Sun City Cente 1009 N. Pebble Beac y Hills Dr.) Beach Blvd. & Cherr (Corner of N. Pebble

, Center CA office m the Sun City fro d ine ta e. ob us s can be uth Clubho Registration form int North and So , or the Kings Po sk kio d. t 3r ke r tic be m m Atriu stration is Dece Deadline for regi

You Could Win $1,000 Minto will award one lucky golf cart with a $1,000 gift card just for joining the parade! Each decorated golf cart will receive a raffle ticket at registration, participate in the parade, turn in your ticket as you finish the parade and listen for your raffle number to be called at the awards ceremony…it’s that easy to win $1,000!* For more information about our award-winning homes and communities throughout Florida, visit

Luxury Single Family and Paired Villas from the $160s to high $400s. Models Open Daily Call to schedule your tour today (866) 754-9087


minto creates better places to inspire life *One raffle ticket per golf cart entry. Every golf cart must have decoration relating to the theme or holiday decor in order to receive a raffle ticket. Raffle tickets will be distributed at the registration table. The $1,000 grand prize will be awarded in the form of a gift card. Golf cart parade participants are limited to greater Sun City Center area residents. Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Not an offer where prohibited by state statutes. CGC 1519880. 12/13.



News of scc final nov 13  
News of scc final nov 13  

News of Sun City Center Nov 2013