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The News of May 2010 - ISSUE #22 official publication of the Community Association

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SCC DOG (Dog Owners Group) Hosts Successful 8th Annual Dog Show

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May Dates to Put on Your Calendar

CA Board Meeting


9 a.m.


Mother’s Day


Memorial Day


Will you be away for the summer months? Be sure to leave a forwarding address at the CA Office so you can keep up on The News of Sun City Center. For each month you are gone, the CA staff will mail you one. On the Inside CA President’s Report.. 2 CA Schedule................. 2 CARE......................... 17 Club Happenings..... 6-9+ Consumer Affairs.... 5, 12 Crossword.................. 15 Cryptoquote................ 13 Entertainment Corner... 3 Fitness Corner............ 22 Golf............................. 20 Military Affairs.........10-11 Movies........................ 23 Newcomers................ 23 Sports.................... 21-22 Sudoku....................... 17 We Want to Know....... 15

By Judy Stimson On Saturday, March 27, nearly 70 wagging tails and 200 smiles participated in the 8th Annual Sun City Center Dog Show. Mary Boyes, chairperson, Dan Tackitt, emcee, and Joe Dellinger, Dog Owners Group (DOG) president, along with many DOG members and volunteers were all on hand to showcase the four-legged

Kris Wells and Betty, the Best In Show winner. friends strutting their stuff won the “Medium Dog Best to an appreciative audience. Costume” award dressed J u d g e s L i n d a like a pilot complete with C a r d a m o n e , o w n e r o f plane wings extending on 3 - L e g g e d P o o d l e P e t each side of his body and Boutique, Mike Jackson, owned by Mary Boyes, and chief of SCC Emergency Betty that won the “Best in Squad, and Joann With, Show” award and shown by p r e s i d e n t o f C A R E Kris Wells and co-owned by Animal Shelter, selected Carolyn Clark. “Best Trained” and “Best Many of the dogs Appearance” in the Large Dog, Medium Dog, and Small Dog categories, plus “Best Costume” in the same three size classes, and a “Best in Show” from those nine category winners. The judges definitely had their work cut out for them, and it was so close the nine category winners needed to do a second walkthrough as a tie-breaker. The clear Judge and audience favorites were Jack that

had humble beginnings as rescues, and every dog had something special they enjoyed at home, at the dog park or brought to the stage. A double-hurdle was jumped by several dogs, with the small dogs excelling in this skill. A number of dogs not in the show also attended as part of the audience to pick up a few pointers. The Southeastern Guide Dogs on hand were also good role models. The humans attending had opportunities to purchase baked goods and buy tickets towards drawings for a large number of goodie baskets. Proceeds from the event went to supporting the DOG “Best Friends Parks” in Sun City Center. If you would like to join DOG, call President Joe at 813-634-1229.

CA Sponsors Poolside Party on Memorial Day, May 31 Poolside Party from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Tables/chairs/canopies will be set up in the courtyard area and poolside. Music by “Sundown” (There will not be food or drinks available for purchase. Bring your own!)

Bring only plastic (unbreakable) items for dining. In case of inclement weather, the party will be held in the Florida Room.

Pools are open from 6 a.m to 9 p.m. Pool Hours for Children Extended on Memorial Day: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (both pools) 3 p.m. to dusk Outdoor pool 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. Lap pool (lane 1 only) See Page 16 for Information on the Annual Memorial Day Observance.


The News of Sun City Center

From the Desk of

President Ed Barnes Delinquent Membership Dues I am sure everyone recognizes that finances are tight everywhere these days, including for your Community Association. Thus, the CA has implemented a new process designed to collect dues from members who are long-term delinquent. Currently we have 137 homes in Sun City Center with delinquent Membership Dues totaling $109,000. Thirty-six of these homes owe more than $1,000. Each of these 137 homes has a signed Membership Agreement and legal obligation to pay dues in accordance with the restrictive covenants that have been placed on the land. Each of these homes has liens filed against the property but the owners have refused to pay the Membership Dues. In order to ensure that property owners have ample notice of dues owed we follow this process: • A letter is sent to the property owner in February that dues are late • A second letter in March with second Notice that CA dues are past due and the owner has 15 days to pay • Certified letter is sent in April and the owner is notified that the account is past due and they have two weeks to pay or the CA will place a lien on the property • Late April/early May a lien is filed against the property • In May the property owner is notified that lien has been filed. The 137 property owners with past due Membership dues have chosen to ignore this process and not pay their dues. Some for as many as seven years! Our plan is to start foreclosure action on these properties in accordance with Florida Statutes. It is not the CA’s desire to get into the real estate business, but we must do what it takes to collect the Membership Fees. Can we do this? Absolutely, in January we instated a legal foreclosure process against one homeowner who had chosen not to pay Membership dues since 2003. As a result of this action, we collected more than $3,700 in past dues. In addition, the homeowner was required to pay our legal fees and court processing costs of another $1,800. The Community Association dislikes taking this kind of action, but all our residents—you and I included--are in this community

together and we all are responsible for the upkeep of our amenities. Our plan is to give these homes with delinquent dues 30 days to pay the past Membership Dues. If we don’t receive the delinquent dues by that date, we will institute foreclosure action starting with the home with the highest amount of delinquent dues and continue working down the list. We encourage these members to pay their past dues or at least to contact us and see if we can work out a payment plan. Golf Courses On April 5 we received a letter from WCI indicating they plan to sell the North and South golf courses. The letter sets forth the sales price and terms and conditions for sale of the North Lakes and Sandpiper Golf Courses. This letter was provided to meet the terms of the 1984 Agreement and was not unexpected. In accordance with our right of first refusal terms in the 1984 Agreement, we have 30 days to let WCI know if we have any interest in buying the golf courses and if we do have an interest in buying, we have 120 days to close on the deal. Based on the Town Hall Meeting we had last August and surveys that we took in the fall, my sense is that the Membership is not interested in buying the golf courses. If we do respond to WCI with a thanks but no thanks type of letter, the following will apply to the 84 Agreement and our Right of First Refusal: • If WCI receives an offer to sell the courses that has different terms than are set forth in the offer letter to us, then the Right of First Refusal is reinstated and the 120 day clock is ticking again for us to match the offer. • If WCI receives an offer to sell that is the same as the terms in their offer letter to us then we have lost our Right of First Refusal and the courses can be sold. At a Special Board of Directors meeting on April 26, the Board voted to respond to WCI that the CA is not interested in buying the North or South golf courses under the terms presented in the April 5 letter. There will be more on this issue in the next Newsletter.


The Board Workshops held prior to the monthly Board Meetings will no longer be held on the first Wednesday of the month. Beginning in April, they will be held at 9 a.m. in the Board Room on the following dates for the balance of 2010: Monday, May 3 Monday, August 30 Tuesday, June 1 Monday, October 4 Tuesday, July 6 Monday, November 1 Monday, August 2 Monday, November 29

Corrections and Improvements in Sun City Center

1. Sidewalks are being corrected over the drains. The six-year project began on Rickenbacker in April. The picture shows a repaired drain that was mutilated on the corner of Beach and Pebble Beach N.

May 2010

Consumer Complaints or Questions?

Sun City Center residents are encouraged to contact Susan Muise at the CAOffice if they have a consumer complaint and would like assistance from the Hillsborough County Consumer Protection Agency. Investigators are available for appointments right here in Sun City Center on the second and fourth Friday of each month. Consumer Protection also partners with State Attorney Mark Ober’s office and a representative can be made available in person or telephone to address some legal issues related to fraud and consumer protection. 2. The spa corrections were Common complaints handled completed by the end of March. The by Consumer Protection include picture below shows placement of problems with home improvement two handrails where only one was. contractors, automobile purchases, landlord-tenant relations, warranties, credit & billing, mail orders, telemarketing, and internet fraud. Residents can schedule appointments about their complaints by calling Susan at 633-3500. This service is provided at no cost to the consumer. Visit Consumer Protection on the web at consumerprotection. 3. The re-roofing of the Fitness Center is in progress. This picture The NEWS of Sun City Center by John Bowker shows the workers A publication of the completing the overlay. SCC Community Association 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center, FL 33573 813-633-3500 News Office: 813-642-2070 (located at 960A Old Town Hall)

COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION SCHEDULE May 3 12 18 19 24 June 1 9 16

Board Workshop* Board Room – 9 a.m. Board Meeting Rollins Theater – 9 a.m. Community Leaders Meeting Florida Room - 9 a.m. Welcome Newcomers Lawn Bowling Room - 7 p.m. CO-AP Meeting Caper Room - 2 p.m. Board Workshop* Board Room – 9 a.m. Board Meeting* Rollins Theater – 9 a.m. Welcome Newcomers Lawn Bowling Room - 7 p.m.

The Community Leaders and CO-AP meetings will not be held in June, July or August. * Please note change of dates for Board Workshops. Proposed agendas for monthly Board Meetings are discussed at the Board Workshops and posted on Official Bulletin Boards the Friday before. Will also be posted on our website (suncitycenter. org – under “Association.”) Every Wednesday: Orientation for new members in the Board Room starting at 1 p.m.

Editor-in-Chief: Karen Jones Reporters: John Bowker, Phyllis Hodges, Uta Kuhn, Judy Stimson Contributors: CA Board of Directors and Staff, Linda Bowker, John McRee, Susan Muise, Lyn Reitz, Judy Schings Photographer: Judy Stimson CA Board Liaison: Ann Marie Leblanc Advertising: John Wolf 813-938-8721 Publisher: Sun City Center Community Association Monthly deadline:

15th of each month Advertising: The NEWS is not liable for errors in advertising; it does not endorse and cannot verify the accuracy of representations made by advertisers who are solely responsible for advertisement contents. The NEWS welcomes announcements, articles, photos and stories about our community.

May 2010

The News of Sun City Center

From the Desk of

Director Donald P. Schings CENSUS

The 2010 Census is a count of everyone living in the United States and is mandated by the U.S. Constitution. Census data are used to apportion congressional seats to states, to distribute more than $400 billion in federal funds to tribal, state and local governments each year and to make decisions about what community services to provide. The 2010 Census form is one of the shortest in U.S. history, consisting of 10 questions, taking about 10 minutes to complete. Strict confidentiality laws protect the respondents and the information they provide.


Last month, HART launched its new HART FLEX program. HART FLEX is a door-to-door van service that transports passengers directly to their destinations, at a cost of 85 cents one way, or $1.85 for a day pass. The pilot program will provide service to residents in the Brandon, Wimauma, Ruskin and Sun City Center area. HART FLEX is a great way to reach these areas where some neighborhoods are difficult to navigate our traditional 40-ft. buses. It also allows customers to reach their destinations at a schedule that’s right for them. HART FLEX officially began April 12. The program could expand to other areas pending the success of the pilot. For more information, go to their website: and then scroll down to click on “Read more” in the HART FLEX portion. South County FLEX operates as a route where the van flexes up to ½ mile on request and will provide targeted service to major destinations such as La Estancia Apartments, Sun City Center, Walmart, South Bay Hospital, the Southshore Regional Service Center and Lennard High School. To use this service, you can make a reservation by calling 449-4555 anytime between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. The service does not operate in South County on the weekends. It will be available on some holidays.


Membership Directory Corrections (Cut and place in your 2010 Directory.)

PAGE CHANGE 1: Community Information Center … 642-2044 5. Meals on Wheels ... 634-9283 5: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Sun City Center, 633-0396 6: American Cancer Society & Women with Cancer Concerns should be 642-9020 7: Hearing Loss Association, email is, 634-1706 7: Lifeline Medical Alert ... 633-7091 22: Gadabouts: President - Barbara Hancock...633-5999 22: Minibus; President is Clara Rafinski … 642-9365 36: Gary R. & Donna Bowman, 633-8102 38: Kelly Bryant .. 938-5075; Hometown is Beattyville, KY 48: Claire Dowd, 2425 Emerald Lake Drive - Apt. 209, 633-3064 51. Martha Finley, 1605 Comfy Court, 633-1631 55: Arthur & Elizabeth Graham, 910 Regal Manor Way, Phone should be: 600-5350 57: Charles Halford, 938-3755 57: Alonzo Lee Hall, 633-3464 58: Richard B. & Sarah C. Hardy, 2307 Platinum Drive, 938-1351 63: Milan & Hana Husak, 634-9026, Hometown: Garrison, MN 66: Gary & Jane Keegan have moved to 403 Blackhawk Circle. 67: Lynn Knapp, 938-1065 72: Robert Long, 706 Augusta Dr, 813-633-0375, Hometown: New Orleans, LA 73: Judy Bradley Lynch, 1014 Regal Manor Way, 938-5965 73: Elmer F. and Betty J. Mack, should be 391-4561 74: John & Carolyn Manning, should be 634-5075 76: Tom & Mary McNichol, correct Area Code to: 813-938-5064 77: Mark Melchiori, 938-5188 84: Pat Passamani, 938-5188 87: Lucy Ray, 633-3464 89: Robinson, Peter X. & Carolyn A. Robinson, 649-4664 90: Kenneth & Lynne Rome, 329 Northway Drive, 633-7780 92: Daniel & Marilyn Schettle, 730 Tam O’Shanter Ave, 920-203-3443, Hometown: Wautoma WI 93: Carl & Janet Selavka, 633-2852 101: Edward & Gerry Towers, 262-2064 106: Patricia Wilson .. 938-5075; RN, South Bay Hospital Nurse Auditor 107: Cheryl Wright, 1601 Del Webb Blvd W., 813-938-3846 108: William J. Jr. & Pauline Yannotti, 810 Ojai Ave., 633-6450 148: Joyce A. McCoy / Hoffman, 2205 Sifield Greens Way, 634-6878 149: Wesley W. Hoffman, 2205 Sifield Greens Way, 634-6878 163: Mel and Marian Olbina, 1601 Flamingo Lane, 642-9100 164: Charles V. Parker, 402 Dorchester Place, 634-7894

Bylaws … Policies … Articles of Incorporation … What’s the Difference? By John Bowker

CA Contact Information Phone: 633-3500 Email: Web Site:


About 150 people joined me in “Preview to Carmen ...What Makes a Great Opera Melody?” by the St. Petersburg Opera on April 9. An intimate group ... but all who came enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll bring them back again?? Stay tuned. There are two Sunday concerts planned: May 23, “Salute to Heroes” and July 18, “Summer Celebration,” performed by the Sarasota Concert Band. Tickets are $13/person (or $15/person at the door). Or buy a ticket to both the May and July concerts and save $1 (both shows for $25). Tickets now on sale at the Community Association (CA) office, MondayFriday, 9 a.m.-noon, RESERVED SEATS. The first of three “poolside” holiday parties has been planned for Monday, May 31 (Memorial Day), 4-7 p.m.. Music by “Sundown,” who will perform in the courtyard area outside the Florida Room. Tables/ chairs/canopies will be set up both in the courtyard area and poolside. NO FOOD/DRINKS WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. Please bring your own ... but ONLY PLASTIC please. In case of rain, see you in the Florida Room. –Questions? Judy Schings (813) 642-2001

I couldn’t help chuckling at a recent CA Board meeting when one of the attendees referred to an item in our Articles of Incorporation … only to be corrected that he was citing a bylaw. His off-hand response was “Yes ... whatever.” Here in this community of some 11,000 we have three lists of directives under which our Community Association operates: Articles, Bylaws and Policies. Each board member must be familiar with each of these governing documents in order to function in our best interests. Now, I know the State of Florida requires that corporations such as ours have their Articles of Incorporation on file in Tallahassee. Bylaws can also be filed. So, what’s the difference between them? The Articles set the stage by identifying the Community Association as a corporation, and tell what the corporation is all about. They set the goals and establish the scope of the organization. The members of the corporation voted to establish the corporation back in 1986 and any changes (amendments) since then have required a vote by the members (that’s you and I). The current Articles are shown in your 2010 Membership Directory on pages 16 and 17, and on the website at, click on “Association.” The bylaws tell how those goals are to be accomplished. They define the duties of the corporate officers,

establish standing committees, and describe how our facilities are to be used. Voting procedures, details of how membership meetings are to be conducted, and how our dues and other assessments are to be established are covered in the bylaws. The corporate members (that’s you and I again!) vote to decide the bylaws. The bylaws are shown in your Directory on pages 18-21; note that there were two changes to Bylaw 2 (Section 9) and Bylaw 7 (Section 1.b.) at the membership meeting held in March, 2010. Details are shown on the website; click on “Bylaws.” Our policies spell out procedures and get into more and more detail. The question of when the pools will be open is one example of a policy decision by the CA Board of Directors. Policies can be adjusted by the board in short order when they spot something needing attention. Office procedures and management details are similarly handled by the day-to-day actions of the board, management firm and staff. Membership votes are not required to change policies or procedures. So, in simplest terms: (1) We are incorporated to limit our liabilities, (2) Our bylaws specify how we are organized to accomplish our stated goals, and (3) Our policies provide details of procedures for getting things done.


The News of Sun City Center


May 2010




1509 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center • 813-633-2020 • FAX 813-633-6403

Kingston 2/2/2 car garage. Shows like a model - light, bright, spacious, move-in condition. Open kitchen w/breakfast bar, separate dining area, expanded screened lanai, screened entry, vaulted ceilings, inside utility with washer/dryer plus laundry tub. This home is a beauty!

2187 ACADIA GREENS DR $98,500

102 NW 22nd St. (Ruskin)

A “Miller” home ‘Concept 2000’ expanded model 3/2/2 car garage and a POOL located in Cypress Creek Village on oversized lot. Greatroom floor plan, bright kitchen with separate eating area, 12’ sliding doors open to screened lanai and pool with solar heat and automatic vacuum sweep. So much more, so come and see!

1615 ORACLE DR. $199,000


“SHOWCASE HOME” Great golf course location! Terrific floor plan - over 2000 sq ft C/H/A, 2BR+den. Beautiful pecan wood flooring, large glassed wraparound enclosed lanai, plus family room and more. Thousands of $$ in upgrades and improvements. “MUST SEE”


Expanded Exeter 2/2/2 car garage. Beautiful POOL home on WATER and GOLF COURSE. Kitchen has upgraded cabinetry and beautiful Corian sink and counters. Breakfast room overlooks screened pool area and view. Pool has solar heat and spa has gas heat for extra boost. Color-coated drive and garage. Come see this beautiful home!

2315 LYNDHURST DR. $279,900

Little Manatee River, 4.17 acres

818 Oakmont Ave.

3/2 $119,000

DW37-roof and CHA ’08, screen porch

2023 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. 2/2 $299,000

Custom Islander-Pool, Spa, Waterfront

1803 Orchid Ct.

2/2 $115,000

DeSoto-Updated, roof ’03, replumbed ‘98

1916 East View Dr.

2/2 $239,900

Villager-Water view,pool,split bdrm plan

833 Manchester Woods Dr. 2/2 $114,000

Cornell-Florida room, very large kitchen

2014 East View Dr.

3/2 $239,900

Exp. Atrium-Water,split bdrm plan

11553 Captiva Kay Dr.

Located on pond, lrg upgraded kitchen

2003 Wedge Ct.

2/2 $219,900

Islander-Water,Caloosa Country Club

2415 Nantucket Field Way 2/2 $109,900

Concord-Cul-de-sac,updated appliances

603 Deep Lake Ln.

3/2 $199,900

Berkshire-Pool, lots of upgrades

1933 Grand Cypress

2/2 $108,900

Gardenia-Roof ’10, glass enclosed lanai

1509 Bunker Hill Dr.

2/2 $182,000

DW54-Lake view, exercise pool home

326 Club Manor Dr.

2/2 $ 99,800

Dedham-Golf Course, Home Warranty

1939 Sterling Glen Ct.

2/2 $179,000

Plumeria-Golf Course & Pond, open plan

712 Riviera Dr.

2/2 $ 92,000

DW37-New roof ’08, new a/c unit

2020 El Rancho Dr.

3/2.5 $164,900

Atrium-Water view,newer appliances

1206 Beach Blvd.

2/2 $ 90,000

T2-Replumbed, a/c ’03, encl. lanai

13011 Sea Pines Way

3/3 $154,900

Beautiful home w/large patio, hot tub

2507 Lambdin Dr.

2/2 $ 84,900

Sunrise-completely renovated,replumbed

832 Regal Manor Way

2/2 $149,900

Cezanne-Short Sale, spacious greatroom

1535 Chevy Chase Dr.

2/1.5 $ 79,900

Immaculate, lovely furnished home

1502 Bunker Hill Dr.

2/2 $139,900

DW54-Move-in condition,corner lot

2005 Heathfield Cr.

2/2 $ 69,900

Brentwood II-Upgrades, new kitchen

1507 Cloister Dr.

2/2 $136,000

Twintree-Water view, new carpet

702 Brockton Pl. E.

2/2 $ 69,000

DeSoto- newer roof ’07; plumbing ‘03

1716 Danbury Dr.

2/2 $135,000

On Water, updated/upgraded kit.

2206 Horsham Pl.

2/2 $ 65,000

Oxford-Furnished, screened lanai w/view

1611 Bentwood Dr.

2/2 $130,000

Twintree-Enclosed lanai,screened porch

1592 Council Dr.

2/1 $ 59,900

Everglades Duplex-cozy, great condition

902 El Rancho Dr.

2/2 $129,900

Palmtree-Remodeled kitchen, newer roof

403 Feltham Trail

2/2 $ 57,000

Stewart-Updated, golf cart incl.

1726 Coco Palm Cr.

2/2 $129,900

Custom-totally refurbished in ’07,

1801 Bedford Ln. #38

1/1.5 $ 46,000

Mansard-Encl. lanai/new appls. ‘08

1207 Wild Feather Ln.

2/2 $125,000

Twintree-Move-in condition,open backyd

1902 Dandridge D21

1/1.5 $ 45,900

York- Compact,nice layout

628 Masterpiece Dr.

2/2 $128,000

Melbourne-Updated, new landscaping

2248 Greenhaven Dr.

2/2 $ 44,500

Stuart-Sharp, bright, upbeat, Lrg utility

842 McCallister Ave.

2/2 $127,500

Malibu-Large lot, lanai, vol. ceilings

1906 Canterbury Ln. #1

2/2 $ 42,800

Stuart-Nice location,great amenities

2015 Sifield Greens Way

2/2 $127,000

Haddington-Water,many, many upgrades

201 Kings Blvd. #12

2/2 $ 39,000

Villa-WATER, close to all amenities

644 Masterpiece Dr.

2/2 $127,000

Melbourne-park-like view,encl lanai

401 De Grasse Pl. #5

1/1.5 $ 35,000

York-Nicely furnished,16x8 lanai w/CHA

609 Allegheny Dr.

2/2 $123,900

So. Pacific-Spacious,clean, screened porch

2202 Clubhouse Dr. #174

1/1.5 $ 28,000

Gable I-Move-in ready – “cream puff”

337 Green Manor Dr.

2/2 $119,900

Dedham-Remodeled kitchen,new roof ‘09

1801 Bedford Ln. #B47

1/1.5 $ 21,000

Best price in town and best location!

2/2 $110,000




$ 675 Nicely Decorated

324 Faircross Circle



$1,000 Sharp as a Tack

S 1552 Council U N 1512 Council



$ 700 Avail April

306 Stroll



$1,000 Spac Split Plan



$ 700 Sharp as a Tack

376 Club Manor



$1,000 Sharp w/Golf View

C 705 Torrey Pines I 704 Riviera T Y 721 Torrey Pines



$ 750 Dbl Carport

302A Fowling Court



$ 800 Lovely Furn




$ 775 RENTED

304 Grayston


Exp Hamp

$ 890 Furn, Scrn Porch



$ 800 Move in Now

2015 Hampstead



$ 900 Furn & Ready

1729 Atrium


Bel Aire

$ 825 Avail Furn or Un

2016 Hullhouse


Brentwood 1

$ 950 Furn or Not


701 Riviera


Seaforth +

$ 850 Unfurn/Terrazzo

1309 Idlewood



$ 1,000 Nicely Furn Golf

1805 Butterfly



$ 975 RENTED

842 McCallister



$ 1,100 Unfurnished

705 Churchill Pl



$ 975 New Thru Out 1G

2417 Nantucket Field



$1,150 Scn Lanai-Cons view

314 Caloosa Palms



$1,000 Golf Crse Beauty

2521 Lynx



$1,200 Two dens & more


Are you an agent looking for a new home? Come see us today!!!



May 2010

The News of Sun City Center

The Information Center Gets Facelift

disability. The Information Center also includes the History Society which was originally one of the two bedrooms. The home also had a utility room, which has been fireproofed and now stores the original documents from the 50-year history of Sun City Center. While the Center is open from 10-4 there is an American flag flying near the front entrance. Over the past couple of years, since moving to the new location, these flags have been donated by The Patriots Club of Sun City Center. In 2009, the Community Association installed a plaque on the building: “Sun City Center History Society and Community Information Center established on this site in 2006 through the dedicated efforts of John D. Bowker.”


By Uta Kuhn T h e I n f o r m at io n C e n t er, located at 1002 Cherry Hills Drive in Sun City Center, is staffed by 40 volunteers who work 2-3 hour shifts Monday through Friday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Center was first opened in 2002 in another location, and over the years has grown into an integral part of the community to greet newcomers, visitors and those who have lived here for years and want information about the community. The Center is not involved with real estate, but rather to “Sell The upgraded Information Center viewed from Cherry Hills Drive. the Sun City Center Lifestyle” and to help supply pertinent information Thanks to the dedication of Theresa set-up was donated by Doris Palmer, on issues and events taking place in Phillips (shown in picture at left), one of the volunteer hostesses. the Center is staffed for every shift. Special access ramps were just Visitors who want to learn more recently added to make entry easier about the facilities are cheerfully for those visitors with a physical taken on a tour of the campus. Depending on the visitor’s interest, a tour can last up to one hour. Among the many changes made in this original 1961 model home is a beautiful display rack which was built by Bob Dufresne, one of the volunteer hosts. He is also responsible for all of the painting of the inside. Cabinets to match those of the original house were built by Ray Leblanc of the Sawdust Engineers. the community. All of the volunteers New track lighting and a are knowledgeable on just about skylight add to the ambience as any subject, or questions which you walk into the Center. The audio might come up. If they don’t have system which includes a full stereo the answer, they will find it for you.

Precision. Faster recovery. And you don’t miss a beat (anymore)! ManaTee MeMOrial OFFerS The laTeST PrOCeDure FOr hearT rhyThM DiSOrDerS

If you have a heart rhythm disorder, there’s a good chance it’s caused by a glitch in your heart’s electrical pathways. Cardiac ablation allows surgeons at Manatee Memorial to target the heart tissue responsible for the electrical disturbance and leave normal heart muscle intact. This advanced technology can lead to better results and faster recoveries, according to electrophysiologists. Cardiac ablation is just one exciting new procedure offered at Manatee Memorial’s recently opened Heart and Vascular Center.

Could you have a heart rhythm disorder? Heart rhythm problems can occur at any age. Certain disorders are more prevalent for patients with these risk factors: • Older age • High blood pressure • History of heart disease • Obesity • Gland abnormalities, such as hyperthyroidism

To find an electrophysiologist, please call Direct DoctorsSM Plus at 1-800-816-4145. Or, visit and click Find a Doctor in the left menu. Physicians are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Manatee Memorial Hospital. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians.

206 Second Street East Bradenton, FL 34208


The electrophysiologists (cardiologists who specialize in the heart’s electrical system) on the medical staff at Manatee Memorial include: Jagan Akella, MD, Joseph Pace, MD, Jeffrey Rothfeld, MD and Kenneth Zide, MD.


Club Happenings 1

The News of Sun City Center

Art Club Artist of the Month

Tom Haverfield is Artist of the Month for May 2010, as selected by the Art Club of SCC. Originally from Ohio, Tom is now a permanent resident of Sun City Center. In addition to painting his brilliant watercolors, he is also doing another thing that he does so well ... he teaches to SCC residents a n x i o u s t o l e a rn watercolor painting from one of the best. Tom has been teaching and painting for 30 years, during which time he has sold over 3,000 of his paintings and won over 70 awards. A turning point in Tom’s career, strangely enough, came about through a sports connection.

The wrestling promoter Vince Risko, an art gallery owner, placed some of Tom’s works on display and within weeks, he had sold more than 50 of his paintings. Tom’s artworks will be on display during May at SCC Library, SCC Chamber of Commerce, Wells Fargo Advisors, Sun Trust Bank, A-1 Connection Realty, South Shore Bank, The Information Center on Cherry Hills Drive and in the showcase at the front of the Art Room. Additionally, his works can be seen online at: www.studioof5rings. com/HaverfieldGallery.htm. News of other Art Club activities can be found at: www. –Ed Laudano

MAY DANCE with the German-American Club

The German-American Club’s Folk Dance Group. The time is getting close for the German-American Club’s May Dance, with their own folk dance group performing on Thursday, May 6, at 4:30 p.m. in Community Hall. Again this year they will thrill the audience with a variety of folk dances, but the most prominent one is the May Pole Dance, which has been in demand to be performed at other functions of different clubs. This dance is an intricate art of the dancers weaving ribbons around a may pole and is done in Germany quite often, especially in the month of May. For everyone’s listening and dancing pleasure, as well as audience participation, the popular musical

duo “Jess ‘N Joan” will delight with their variety of music and their “cow bell” song demonstration, which is always amazing to watch. The Germans will serve their guests a complete authentic German meal buffet style and BYOB. The cost for all this is only $12 for members and $15 for guests. You do not have to be a member of the club; everyone is welcome. Gather your friends for a full table or call in individual requests to MIKE ALBANESE at 634-5512 and/or mail your check directly to him at 1808 Granville Lane, Sun City Center, FL 33573. –Elfi Nolden

May 2010

THE COMPUTER CLUB “Q & A Time, again”

It’s time to solve your PC problem, or answer your computer question. Bring your problem/question to the Computer Club meeting on May 5 and let our gang of “experts” help you. You may go home with the perfect solution. The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Florida Room. All Sun City Center and Kings Point residents are invited to attend. For membership and meeting information, contact Ilona Merritt at 633-9694.


The United German American Society of Florida held its festive annualGerman Heritage Day recently at the historic St. Petersburg Coliseum. Over 1,000 attended representing 31 clubs in the State of Florida. Presenting the flag for the Sun City Center Club were (l to r) Bob Lohr and Dieter Quitsch. The Sun City Center German American Chorus was part of the combined choruses that sang, as well as folk dancers from around the region. Photo by Nancy Williams.

Ed Myers, member of Organ/ KeyBoard club, playing new songs that are taught every Thursday in SOUTH BAY the Florida Room at 9 a.m. Cost is GENEALOGICAL $3 per lesson includes music for you to keep. SOCIETY For more information, call The May 16 meeting of the South Bay Genealogical Society Kathy Katz 813-634-1663. –Barb Carlini will feature Don Churchill telling about Elderhostel programs relating to genealogy, and the service program he has been doing: a week of “Cemetery Surfing” in St. Kitts. MEN’S CLUB of has titled his talk “Death and SUN CITY CENTER He Genealogy should not be avoided.” This will be the last meeting until The May 19 meeting of the September. The luncheon meeting Men’s Club will be its traditional will be held at noon at the SouthShore Ladies Day Spring Luncheon, where Regional Library. members take their “dates” to a Reservations are required grand luncheon by Banquet Master by May 12. Cost is $13. Contact and entertainment by the Dixie Sally Wepfer for reservations and membership information at 634Chaps. This meeting will be held in 7539. The Society is a Special Interest Community Hall (1910 S. Pebble Group of The Computer Club. Beach Blvd), beginning at 11:30 It provides “Ask a Genealogist” a.m. It is a “Members only” event. assistance at SouthShore Regional Membership information may be Library on a scheduled basis, holds obtained from Jerry Mahoney at 633monthly program meetings, as well 2879. Reservations are required. as workshops and seminars to assist those tracing their family history.

Mobile Dog Grooming Pet Sitting Adogable, LLC - Laura

813-300-7902 www

NDGAA Member • Licensed, Insured & Bonded

May 2010

Club Happenings 2

The News of Sun City Center

Photo Club People’s Choice Award Winners from FunFest

This year over 700 persons cast 2,082 votes for their favorite photograph in the Sun City Center Photo Club’s Viewer ’s Choice Competition at FunFest on March 20. Sixty-five entries were received this year. Here are several of the winning photos:


Feline Folks Awarded a Grant from the Community Foundation

Seventh place: (tie) Tampa at Night by Bill Anderson Pictured are the Board Members of Feline Folks displaying their Grant Certificate are: (l to r) Bottom Row: Susan Miotke, Sandy Kepley, Carol Gault, and Top Row: Dick Nabak (President), Norm Thurston, Norman Gault, Sharron Nabak.

First place: Aren’t We Cute? by Glenn Laucks

Second place: Grandpa’s Barn by Joe Pehoushek

Fourth place: Clouds Dressed in Sun Rays by George Seeley

SCC Photo Club Meets Tuesday, May 11, at 6:30 p.m.

Packing for a vacation is never easy, but packing for a vacation where you want to take great photos has its own set of problems. If you want to know how best to prepare for taking great travel photographs, you will want to attend the May 11 Photo Club meeting in the Caper Room. Photographer Chuck Stevenson from Sarasota will show what to pack, how to pack and will cover topics from weather to tripods to camera gear and everything in between. At 6:30 p.m., there will be a tutorial program, followed by a short business meeting. Dues for the 2010 year remain at $20 per person or $30 per household couple and provide access to club activities, competitions and classes as well as the photo lab with computers, slide scanners and large format printers. Please join us for this dynamic presentation. For more information on the club and its activities, please see our website at http://www. or visit the learning lab at 960D Cherry Hills Drive.

Eighth place: Colorful Macaw by Bill Anderson Others not pictured: Third place: Grand Canyon at Dusk by Stan Lipski Fifth place: Adult Green Heron by Patt Sulzberger Sixth place: Flamingo Quartet by Rolf Sulzberger Seventh place: (tie) Dragonfly by Patt Sulzberger and Flamingo Big Splash by Rolf Sulzberger Ninth place: Family Time by Bill Leasy Tenth place: I Don’t Give a Hoot by Matt Batt Photos submitted by Vicki Breaugh

Patriots Club Invites All to Flag Day Celebration

The Patriots Club of Sun City Center would like to invite all members of the community to a FLAG DAY CELEBRATION. Monday, June 14, 2010 Scottish Rite Masonic Center 5500 Memorial Hwy., Tampa 4 p.m. until approx. 9 p.m. The program consists of waving flags along the boulevard in front of the Masonic Center. (The flags will be supplied to you.) A BBQ dinner will be provided afterwards for a reasonable donation. In the evening there will be a patriotic program presented by various groups to help us remember how blessed we are to live in the good old USA. Having attended this celebration for the past several years, I would like to encourage everyone to attend. Let’s all show America that we really love our country and our Flag. If interested in participating in this event, please call Uta Kuhn 642-9555. –Uta Kuhn

Feline Folks has been awarded a grant of $5,000 to continue its Community Program of “Humane Feline Management” to sterilize free roaming and community cats, thereby controlling the population growth in the South Shore area of Hillsborough County. Their program utilizes a Spay/Neuter Clinic “Operation Feline Fix” on the 3rd Saturday of every month in partnership with C.A.R.E. They also utilize the spay/neuter services of A.C.T. & the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Feline Folks loans out humane cat traps to area residents who wish to participate in its control program, from its trap depots in Apollo Beach, Riverview and Sun City Center. They charge $10 per cat or kitten for spay/ neuter, rabies vaccination, ear tip & flea control. Feline Folks absorbs the remaining cost from its grant award. Feline Folks is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2007 to help control the feline population growth explosion in our community and to eliminate the need for a euthanization program. Since its inception they have spay/neutered over 1,244 cats and kittens. For more information contact us at 813-944-7651. –Dick Nabak


Club Happenings 3

The News of Sun City Center

May 2010

Woman’s Club Volunteer


Five CERT Members Earn Amateur Radio Licenses

Joyce Falandysz, pictured here, not only was chosen as the GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club, Inc. Volunteer of the Year, but she was chosen by the entire GFWC Woman’s Club District 8 as Volunteer of the Year. And deservedly so. Joyce has been a member of the club since 2002. Prior to that she was a member of the Apollo Beach Club for seven years. Throughout her life she has been a contributing member of her community. She has made uniforms for Catholic schools, volunteered at a school cafeteria and nurse’s office, been a girl scout leader, been a substitute teacher at a junior high school, managed a flower shop, owned a wine distributorship and owned a boutique shop. After moving to Sun City Center, she joined the Lapidary Club and spent 15 hours a week as a volunteer instructor in designing jewelry and beading. In 2003 she volunteered at the Nearly New Shop in charge of the jewelry department. She spends approximately 900 hours each year sorting, cleaning, repairing and selling jewelry that has been donated by Sun City Center residents. The Nearly New Shop donates funds and Joyce is a member of the volunteers grant committee, representing the Prince of Peace Catholic Church, in recommending where the funds will be awarded. Joyce is an active member of the GFWC Woman’s Club and has chaired the Arts and Crafts Committee and been a board member. She and her committee do an outstanding job providing beautiful and professional presentation of tables at our meeting. This year, she chaired the District 8 Arts and Crafts meeting that was held in Sun City Center. It was a tremendous success. Needless to say, Joyce is an exemplary member and truly worthy of this honor.

CERT members who recently earned amateur radio licenses are, from left, Jan Kjollesdal, Steve Uhlman, Phyllis Brown, Doug Gatchell and Lynne Kjollesdal. Bill Barron W1WAB (far right) was the course instructor. Five members of the Sun City Center Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) students successfully passed their Technician exam April 3 and are now licensed amateur radio operators. The class and testing session were conducted by CERT and the Kings Point Amateur Radio Club. Amateur radio plays a key role in emergency and disaster communications. Almost one-third of the 150 members of the SCC CERT team are now licensed “ham” radio operators. CERT, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, is designed to complement professional fire and police organizations in disaster situations where normal rescue and medical services are overwhelmed. CERT training and direction are provided by the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Department.


GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club at FunFest

The GFWC Sun City Center Woman’s Club, Inc. managed the Flea Market at FunFest. Carol Walker, a club member, is shown assisting interested buyers. It was a huge success. The funds will be going to the Sun City Center Library for equipment they need.

Please send your club news to The News of Sun City Center at the following email address:

CERT Graduates 22 at Sun City Center

CERT Program graduates (from left): Bobbie Godbey (Instructor-HCFR), Marilyn Griffith, Bob Griffith, Betty Dorman, Laurie Failing, Bob Failing, Doris Ferron, Chet Marmon, Mary Ghrist, Karen Marmon, Don Koebrich, William Miller, Nan McNamara, Reggie Lawrence, Ed Treacy, Bob Smolenski, Betty Treacy, Michele Thibault, Kathy Vitale. Not pictured: Carol Cloonan, Doug Gatchell, Monica Miller, Marilyn Safian.

The Sun City Center Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) added twenty-two new members with the graduation of its latest class on April 17, 2010. CERT is designed to complement professional fire and police organizations in disaster situations where the normal, uniformed rescue and medical services are overwhelmed. CERT is sponsored, trained, and equipped by Hillsborough County Fire Rescue. The hands-on training included basic search and rescue, firefighting, triage, and emergency first aid classes with additional sessions on hazardous materials, terrorism, disaster psychology, and the national incident command system. The new graduates reside in Kings Point, Sun City Center, and Apollo Beach. The two-weekend

class session was taught by Bill Barron, president of the local Sun City Center CERT team. With the addition of this latest class, SCC-CERT now boasts 150 members, one of the largest Florida CERT teams. CERT members meet for refresher training on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the Florida Room at 6:30 p.m. Sun City Center CERT is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation designed to support our local Florida community. Residents of SCC and surrounding communities interested in joining or making a tax-deductible contribution to SCC CERT should contact Bill Barron (642-9079) or Dick Tattarelli (634-9468) or by email to The next CERT classes will be offered in late 2010.

The News of Sun City Center

Club Happenings 4 ‘WHO KILLED ZEUS?’

George Seeley, Gary Keegan “Who killed Zeus?” was the theme for an evening of entertainment for the Simmons Lake Association spring meeting. After the business of the association was concluded, members of the association were treated to a delightful tale of the gods. The three-act skit was written by association member, Roxann Seeley. (Some characters were

loosely based on a short story by Patt Sultzberger.) The audience’s job was to discover the murderer. Starring as Zeus was Gary Keegan, Poseidon was George Seeley, Ares was Dick Timm, Apollo was Walter Croll and Hermes was Brad Braddy. Goddesses included Rusty Seiden as Athena, Sandy Braddy as Hestia, Elsie Shirley as Aphrodite, and Barbara Walker as Hera. Pizza Hut provided the refreshments which were a variety of fresh-baked pizzas and lots of salad with condiments, followed by a selection of homemade desserts. Who killed Zeus? Two winners actually picked Hestia—the lower goddess who was treated poorly by Zeus—the insensitive God who had mishandled Hestia’s cat! Photo courtesy of Art Shirley. –Jane Keegan

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Local DAR Chapter Welcomes Five New Members


May 2010

Colonel George Mercer Brooke Chapter welcomed five new members at their March meeting. Two of the new members, Bonnie Pichette and Jennifer Fieo are the daughter and granddaughter of member Ruth Day. L to R: Chaplain Mary Culliton, Mimi Korfhage, Mary Rinderer, Sandra Ghering, Bonnie Pichette, and Jennifer Fieo.

Swingers Square Dancers

You know summer is almost here when watermelon is on the menu. Therefore, the Sun City Swingers Square Dance Club will celebrate the coming of summer with a “Watermelon Delight” Plus/ Mainstream Square Dance on Friday night, May 21, 2010. Ice cold watermelon - just the way you like it - will be served for the dancers’ enjoyment. If you’re a watermelon enthusiast - or even if you’re not come join us for this Fun Night. These Special Dances, along with the club’s regular Friday Night Plus Dances, are held in Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Pre-Rounds 7 – 7:30 p.m. Plus Dance with Rounds 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Van Coble Calls and Pat Hagen Cues. A Mainstream and Plus Workshop is held every Tuesday Night, 7 - 9 p.m., in Community Hall. Van Coble is the Instructor. Square Dancers, come join us for this special dance and also every Tuesday and/or Friday night for great dancing, fellowship and refreshments. For information call Gail at 633-1297 or Sue at 633-8780. –Dick Schultz

SCC Dance Club is hosting their dance on May 19. Join us, for a delightful evening of social dancing . Community Hall 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Music by JUST THE 2 OF US Guest $5/person. Attire: Dressy Casual Singles always welcome. Set up and snacks will be provided. BYOB For more info call: 633-7173

Academy of Ballroom Dance Offers May Lessons

Tuesdays May 4,11,18,25 Evening social ballroom and Latin dance classes: 5:30 p.m. Beginning Waltz. 6:45 p.m. Intermediate Swing. 8 p.m. Silver fox Trot continued. Classes are held in the new Dance Studio in the Atrium Bldg. on N. Pebble Beach. Classes are $5 per lesson. Info: Bernice May 634-3205. Sponsored by The Academy Dance Club in SCC. Learn some new steps and review some old steps. Great exercise for the mind, body and spirit. A nice opportunity to be with friends and make new ones. Couples and singles welcome. Sun City Center and Kings Point residents welcome. Wednesdays, MAY 5,12,19,26 – Daytime social ballroom & Latin dance classes: 12:45 p.m. Beginning Cha Cha. 2 p.m. Intermediate Fox Trot. 3:15 p.m. Beginning/ Intermediate Slow Dance. Classes are held in the new Dance Studio in the Atrium Bldg. on N. Pebble Beach. Classes are $5 per lesson. Info: Bernice May 634-3205. Sponsored by The Academy Dance Club in SCC. Learn some new steps and review some old steps. Great exercise for the mind, body and spirit. A nice opportunity to be with friends and make new ones. Couples and singles welcome. Sun City Center and Kings Point residents welcome.


The News of Sun City Center

May 2010

Military Affairs Donate An Old Cell Phone And Help a Soldier Overseas DR. CHARLES W. TURNER TO ADDRESS MOAA

Sun City residents can help military men and women keep in touch with home from the Middle East, through the “Cell Phones for Soldiers” program. Each old cell phone donated will earn an hour of cell phone for a soldier, sailor or Marine deployed overseas. A collection box will be at the ticket kiosk in the Atrium Building until May 31, according to SCC coordinator Don Renwick. The program was started by two Massachusetts teenagers after reading about a soldier who ran up a huge phone bill calling home from Iraq. The brother and sister opened an account with $21 of their own money, and began collecting cash donations and old cell phones. Cell Phones for Soldiers has grown into a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that collected more than 3 million cell

phones nationwide in 2009, Renwick said. Hillsborough County donated more than 2,000 cell phones last year and is continuing the program. Donated phones don’t have to be new, or even working. They are sent to ReCellular, a recycling company that pays the county enough to buy pre-paid calling cards good for one hour of talk time each for deployed soldiers. Sgt. Patti Cormier, Hillsborough County coordinator, was recognized by the County Commission, and Renwick received a Community Association commendation for his work with the program in SCC. The program will continue throughout the year. For further information, call Don Renwick at (813) 634-1794.

Dr. Turner, MD, NREMT-P, MPH, MSPH, FACS, is a Diplomat of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery and a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery and American College of Surgeons. He is currently employed by Lockheed Martin and in that capacity, travels all around the globe wherever there is a natural or man-made catastrophe, and evaluates, assesses, organizes and supervises the medical emergencies and other humanitarian needs of the populace adversely affected by the disasters. Dr. Turner has had extensive training in radiological emergencies response operations, WMD technical emergency response training and hospital management of chemical, biological, radiological/nuclear, and explosives injuries. Much of his training was obtained through his association with FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security. The topic he will address at the Military Officers Association of America May luncheon will be “Terrorism Awareness.” The presentation and luncheon will be held at the Florida Room in the Sun City Center Atrium Building at 11 a.m. on Wednesday, May 5, 2010. Reservations ($14) should be made by calling 1-877-332-3016 no later than the Sunday prior to the Wednesday meeting. –Frank Kepley, CAPT, USN, Ret



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Left to right -- Helen Arnold and Australian Shepherd Troy, Kirk Faryniasz, and Diane Broda (volunteer) and Yellow Lab Pete. Helen Arnold was the featured speaker at the Military Officers of America Association meeting and luncheon held at the Florida Room in the Atrium Building on Wednesday, April 7. She has been employed at Southeastern Guide Dogs for nine years as the Community Outreach Coordinator. Her job entails representing the guide dog school at major functions, conventions and seminars. She also schedules all tours and presentations and presents many of them herself. Their “Paws for Patriots” program provides mobility with independence and dignity for our veterans with visual impairments — those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Receiving a guide or therapy dog is a life-changing event for a veteran. They now move about safely, independently and

with dignity. Some of their veteran graduates have returned to active duty with their dogs, while some have pursued new careers and started or returned to college. Southeastern Guide Dogs has also placed therapy dogs at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington and the Bethesda National Naval Hospital in Maryland, spreading encouragement and comfort to soldiers as they recover from their injuries. All of their services are provided to veterans and others at no charge, made possible through the generosity of caring individuals, corporations and service organizations. Southeastern Guide Dogs receives no government funding. –Frank Kepley, CAPT, USN, Ret

May 2010

The News of Sun City Center


Where do I go to find out about what’s going on in and near Sun City Center?

Stay Abreast of Area Happenings Cherry Hills Drive week days 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. You can also ask questions by calling 642-2044 or email jbowker@ CA Office: Call (633-3500) or drop in at 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. with your comments/ inquiries. Membership directory: The Bulletin boards line the Atrium walls. first 29 pages of the Greater Sun City Center Membership 50th Anniversary Table: Sun City Directory has a wealth of information Center begins celebrating its 50th about Sun City Center and Kings anniversary in May 2011. At the Point, including a Hometown table located in the atrium, you Section, street listings, business can purchase tickets for a 50/50 listings and yellow pages. Residents raffle for $5,000. It also serves as of Freedom Plaza, Golfview Terrace a central contact point to answer and Sun Towers are included as well. questions from potential volunteers and sponsors. Open mornings only. Bulletin Boards: Information abounds on the walls of the atrium eNEWS: Since December 1998, (Central Campus) and Community this informative newsletter has Hall (South Campus). Information been distributed by email to cover about club activities, CA business and events and issues in the Greater room schedules, Monday movies, Sun City Center area that the editor Computer Club, travel club trips, and (John Bowker) feels are of timely entertainment, as well as events in importance to report. Send your nearby areas (Kings Point, Freedom email request to be added to the Plaza, etc.). Some are accessible for distribution list to him at jbowker@ direct posting, including the Buy, Sell or Trade personal ads board. A website Others are accessed only through by John Bowker that provides the CA office. supplemental information about the Atrium Kiosk: Organizations lifestyle and administration of Sun sponsoring fundraisers reserve City Center. space at the atrium kiosk to dispense Free Ads and Events: Since October information and sell tickets for 2008, Nell and Jim Taze have been events. Space is assigned by Judy publishing a weekly email of special Schings (642-2001).


By Phyllis Hodges If you like to stay “tuned in” to your community, there are numerous ways to do just that. The SCC Community Association uses a myriad of methods to make it easy to stay aware and informed. In addition to the CA-sponsored information sources, several residents assist in keeping others informed by hosting websites and distributing news by email. And you know those local newspapers that arrive in your driveway—The SCC Observer and The Sun? They are full of area announcements, musings by area authors and feature stories of local interest. CA Website: Visit the official Community Association website at It’s filled with everything about the greater Sun City Center area. (Share this with your friends and relatives in other cities.) The site also contains links to various club websites. The News of Sun City Center: The official Community Association newsletter is mailed monthly to all CA members. The News Office is located at 960A Old Town Hall on Cherry Hills Avenue. Call 642-2070 or email with inquiries/suggestions. CA Newsline: A telephone message and meeting alert service at 6338200. CA Information Center: Information about the SCC lifestyle—clubs, organizations, golf courses, restaurants, churches, airport transportation companies, maps and more are available at 1002

events in the SCC and KP area which includes a section for free ads from readers. All information is gleaned from email submssions. Recipients must request to be added to the distribution list with an email to This information is also included on the website. Available and Monthly Meetings and Get Togethers: The Tazes also produce this email that lists club and organization meetings held regularly monthly, semi-monthly, etc. All information is submitted by email from residents. Recipients must request to be added to the distribution list with an email to SCC Free Press: A staff of area residents produce this online newspaper to provide additional information about area happenings. The site address is Hodges Videos: Want to expand your knowledge of local/state issues and gain more insight into your government representatives? This web site has the “Spotlight on Government” TV programs hosted by SCC resident Bill Hodges. Also included are selected Sun City Center events. The website is Friends of Sun City Center Florida: This Facebook source serves the dual purpose of giving Facebook users the opportunity to take Sun City Center information out of the community and allows you to communicate your thoughts with others.

Hodges Visit Toastmasters in India Call me today to hear about these optional features: New Car Replacement, Accident Forgiveness and Deductible Rewards. RACHEL A WEISSMAN, CIC, LUTCF (813) 634-7100 955 Del Webb Blvd. E. Ste 102 Sun City Center RWEISSMAN@ALLSTATE.COM

Bill and Phyllis Hodges with the officers of Deloitte Toastmasters in Mumbai India in March. Toastmasters Bill and Phyllis Hodges make it a point to visit fellow Toastmasters when traveling. Their recent three-week trip to India included attending the Mumbai Deloitte club. “It was an energetic group of 22 young career people and well worth the time we spent with them. I also had the privilege of presenting an educational session about taking command of the lectern,” said Bill Hodges. Toastmasters is an international organization that provides individuals the opportunity to improve their speaking, listening and leadership skills. In 2004, the Hodges founded the South Shore Toastmasters Club. It meets in Sun City Center at 9:30 a.m. every second and fourth Tuesday at Trinity Baptist Church. Visitors are welcome. Current president of South Shore Toastmasters is Russ Kevala who also toured India with the Hodges, his wife Yasmin, and Tom and Karen Hanson.

Feature is optional and subject to terms, conditions and availability. Safe Driving Bonus won’t apply after an accident. Patent pending. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company; Northbrook, IL. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company


The News of Sun City Center

A Little Advice from Consumer Affairs ... By Susan Muise

Air Conditioning Contractor Complaints We get a lot of complaints about air conditioning contractors. Here are 10 good tips from our Consumer Affairs Committee, two of whom are retired A/C professionals: 1. Don’t be fooled by a low price that you are quoted to check your A/C. When a company says they will be in the neighborhood and offers a low price, more than likely they just want to get their foot in the door. 2. Repair technicians should have an EPA Certificate for the handling of refrigerant (Freon). Ask to see it when the tech comes to your door. 3. If refrigerant (Freon) is taken out of your unit, remember it belongs to you and can be reused. 4. You can ask when you call for services how much they charge for refrigerant. It is sold by the pound. The normal average price is about $40 per pound. 5. Do not fall for a price of up to $450 to find a leak. That is five times the service charge some companies charge. A good tech can find a leak in less than one hour. 6. A good company will have sales people come to your home to talk about replacing your unit. The service tech should be there only to fix the unit. 7. Remember, you can always get a second opinion, and often that may be the best thing you can do. 8. Remember, you do not want to be taken advantage of when you need a repair. Do not be a cash machine for the quick-buck outfit. 9. All repair bills should show the condition of the unit when the tech leaves your property. 10. Ask questions. If you do not feel you are being given the correct answer, ask them to write it down on the invoice. The Consumer Affairs Register is available online at -click on Consumer Affairs on the left side of the page; -click on Directory Listing of Registered Contractors and Vendors on the left side of the page.

May 2010

Should you clean air ducts? A recent article in the St. Petersburg Times was so interesting that we are reprinting it in its entirety. “Is having the air ducts in your central airconditioning system cleaned worthwhile? At least the question is worthwhile, consumer advocates say. You may have seen ads – complete with close-ups of yucky, microscopic bugs – from firms offering to clean air ducts for $25. But homeowners should check the fine print. It could mean five ducts for $25 or one duct for $25. Additional ducts are usually at a higher cost. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association in Washington says a reputable firm will charge $400 to $1,000 to clean the ducts in a typical 2,000-square-foot house. A low-ball price and a short service time where equipment is connected to just one air return are both red flags. The process should take a couple of hours. But the Environmental Protection Agency says duct cleaning is unnecessary in most situations. There’s no proof that it prevents any health problems, the agency says; nor do studies conclusively show that dust levels in homes increase because of dirty air ducts. So first get a flashlight and take a look at the ducts in your home, the EPA says. Then consider having the air ducts cleaned if: • There is substantial visible mold growth inside the ducts. • Ducts are infested with vermin such as rodents or insects. • Ducts are clogged with so much dirt and debris that the particles are being spewed out. Keep in mind that although a substance may look like mold, only a certified professional can positively identify mold – and it may take a laboratory analysis. For about $50, some microbiology labs can tell you whether a sample mailed to them on a piece of clear tape is mold.” They suggest that you go to to check for membership in the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. And for more information go to Note: Yellow Page ads saying that businesses are “Registered with or approved by the Sun City Center Community Association” may not be correct. If you are relying on such advertising, please contact the Community Association Consumer Affairs to make sure this is accurate.

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NCWS Pianists Present Checks

Five of the seven pianists for NCWS (Nondenominational Christian Worship Services) are shown presenting checks totaling $1285 to Doris Ragland, center, president of Samaritan Services. The donations were from the love offerings for March. The pianists are (L to R) Leah Micklatcher, Linda Whitt, Claire Hadley, Betty Uber, & Phyllis Butner. Mrs. Butner said, “NCWS is thankful for the opportunity to be able to provide some financial support to Samaritan Services.” Not pictured: pianists Nancy Harris & Cathy Lindsey.

Solution on page 22.

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May 2010


The News of Sun City Center

No More Annual Golf Cart Registrations

North ... South ... East ... West ...

Expanding Our Horizons


Solomon’s Castle Outing

By Judy Stimson A country-ride hour away is Solomon’s Castle, nestled in Hardee County. Started in 1972 by Howard Solomon along Horse Creek, the castle is a 12-thousand square foot testament of what can be accomplished with recycled materials. It was featured on HGTV’s Extreme Homes. The castle’s outside shell is made from newspaper printing plates, and it is filled with many pieces of art made out of recycled, mostly metal, materials. The elephant pictured

here is a good example. The body was fashioned from eight oil drums, the tusks from a manatee’s ribs, and the toenails from seashells. A 35-minute tour costs $10 per adult, and includes several exhibition art gallery rooms, a view of the living quarters, and the majority of the 80-plus stained glass windows. In addition, you can enjoy lunch (and music the day I was there) at the Boat in the Moat–a 60-foot replica of a 16th century Portuguese Galleon. Afterwards,

May 2010

you can take a short walk including a boardwalk and drawbridge, and look for wildlife along the Horse Creek. The day I went I was rewarded with seeing both a river otter and a hawk. Gifts are available in the Castle lobby and Tree Top Gift Shop by the restaurant. I found a unique handcrafted cat sculpture for my younger sister’s upcoming birthday. The artwork is very creative. Even if it is not your cup of tea, you will enjoy a country ride and a nice lunch at someplace new. To get there drive East on SR-674 toward Wimauma. Take a sharp right on CR579 (watch closely for the regular street sign by the Sky Ranch sign). When CR-579 ends, turn left on SR-62. After passing the turnoff to SR-37, turn right on Duette Road towards the Duette Preserve, which is on the Great Florida Birding Trail. When Duette Road ends, turn left on SR-64. After around three miles, turn right on CR-665 (there is a sign to Solomon’s Castle). After around seven miles, turn left on Solomon Road (there is another Castle sign). It will take about an hour to get there. Solomon’s Castle is open 11 a.m.–4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays and July, August and September). More information is available from www. or by calling 863-494-6077.

By Uta Kuhn CA Board Member Del Schultz was in charge of golf cart safety and golf cart registration. Security Patrol committee members supported him with the registration process for several years. When he moved north, the project needed to be assigned to someone else. Consequently Bill Dauber of the Patrol was appointed to take over. He and his committee planned the three-day event once a year. Committee members included members of several SCC/KP Clubs. The registrations took place in mid-March and were very labor intensive. Planning for Registration Day was a major undertaking. Over the past three years demand for registrations dropped off considerably. Due to the time and effort needed to coordinate the event, Bill contacted numerous clubs in SCC/KP, the CA and the KP Federation to see if they could take over. Unfortunately, none of those contacted were willing to take over. Consequently, the Security Patrol Board and Martha Finley, chief of the Patrol, made the decision to discontinue golf cart registrations. Registrations are still available to any resident on the 17th and 29th of the month. The Security Office supplies the sticker. The purpose of the registration is to find the rightful owner in case the golf cart is stolen. The Patrol still has a record of all registrations.


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May 2010

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We Want to Know!!!

(Answers to frequently asked questions at the CA) By Susan Muise

“What are the rules for driving a golf cart in Sun City Center?”

We have received some very disturbing phone calls that young children have been seen driving golf carts on our streets. The privilege to drive golf carts in Sun City Center comes from the State of Florida, and they have certain rules that go with this privilege. The Florida State Statute 316.212 tells us: The operator of the golf cart must be at least 14 years of age. As much as we would like our grandkids to enjoy driving our golf carts, they are not allowed. It makes it extremely unsafe for all of us and especially for the kids. It’s also very unsafe to hold kids, especially babies, on our laps while we drive. We must obey all traffic laws especially coming to a complete

stop at stop signs. We do not have the privilege of ignoring stop signs just because we live here. Many of us have souped-up carts that can go really fast. Remember, we still have speed limits. Our golf carts must be in good working order with proper steering, reflectors, a rear view mirror and adequate breaks and tires. We can be on the road only between the hours of sunrise and sunset and never during the hours of darkness, even though we may have headlights and tail lights. We are not Kings Point. Our streets are not private. They are county roads. Violators can be subject to a $100 fine. If we violate any of these safety practices, we are in danger of losing our right to use our golf carts on Sun City Center streets. We really do need to be responsible drivers, not only in our golf carts but in our cars, too, and courteous to others so that we can protect our safety and continue to live happily together. Answer on page 22.

Protection for your favorite mode of transportation. Talk to me about Golf Cart Insurance. Did you know that you can get a policy for about $5 a month? Call me and I can help you select the right coverage to fit your needs and your driving preference. Debbie Bates CIC, LUTCF, CLTC (813) 633-0006 837 Cypress Village Blvd. Sun City Center

Average monthly premium based on Florida customer data for policies written in 2008. Actual premium will vary based on amount of insurance purchased and other factors. Insurance subject to terms, conditions and availability. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Company: Northbrook, IL © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company.


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FunFest Weavers Demonstration Peaks Youngster’s Interest

At FunFest 2009, Evan came into the SCC Weavers’ room and became fascinated by the Inkle Loom. That interest didn’t go away. We couldn’t put the picture in the paper last year because we didn’t have Evan’s name or his parents’ permission.

As you can see (picture above) Evan is still interested. He spent several hours in the Weaving Room with Club President Bonnie Reeves during FunFest 2010. Evan got so good at it that he taught someone else (picture below) how to weave.

He also told him he wanted an Inkle Loom of his own. BUT, who was that man? It was Lou Horner, a member of the SCC Sawdust Engineers’ Club. He told Evan he would make an Inkle Loom for him. Evan’s grandparents, John and Charlotte Ulrich of SCC, are going to make a donation to the Sawdust Engineers in thanks for making a young boy happy. His father is very happy about it, also, because next year he will be able to see more at the 2011 FunFest instead of just the weaving room. Another very interested future weaver, Alyssa Ryan, tried her hand at weaving under the watchful eye of Dottie Mugavero(pictured below).

May 2010


The annual Memorial Day Observance will take place on Monday, May 31. It will be held in the Kings Point Borini Theatre. Doors will open for seating at 9 a.m. Everyone is asked to be seated no later than 9:45 a.m. The program will begin at 10 a.m. As in previous years, all SCC veterans/ service organizations and the Patriots Club will be participating. The emcee for this year’s program will be Kirk Faryniase. Guest speaker will be Col. James D. Shumway IV, the son of SCC resident Col. James D. Shumway, III, retired U.S. Army. East Bay H.S. Jr. ROTC will be presenting the colors. Boy Scout Troop 661 of Ruskin will be placing the wreath (donated by SCC Funeral Home) at the flagpole outside of the auditorium. “The Living Flag Tribute” will again be part of the program. Members of Service/Military Organizations, various SCC Clubs and Emergency Squad will be the flag bearers. It is by far the most touching and memorable part of the program. –Uta Kuhn Those who live in freedom should always be thankful to those who fought to help preserve it.


A 1,200 page bible detailing the biblical structure of freemasonry has been given to Chester Ferguson, president of the Sun City Center Scottish Rite Club. It was published in 1932 with gold stamping on a leather binding to commemorate the 200th birthday of George Washington and has been passed down from families active in the organization. Ferguson points out the document contains special sections answering 160 questions about the symbolism of Masonry and its connection to the The Weavers expect that Alyssa bible. There are 60 pages of half-tone renditions of biblical locations, plus will be back for the 2011 FunFest many more pages regarding the restoration of King Solomon’s Temple, aids to bible study and biblical stories. He displays the document at meetings of weaving marathon. the Scottish Rite Club and offers it to any qualified individual or organization to use it temporarily. The Scottish Rite Club meets on the third Monday, October through May, at the Freedom Plaza Sales Office on Upper Creek Drive. Contact Chester Ferguson at 633-3853 for additional information.

May 2010

The News of Sun City Center


Kelsey Kelsey is a sassy Terrier mix. She and her baby boy (Cramer) were found wandering in a rural area with long chains attached to their necks. Kelsey is a loving lady who bounces up and down with the intention of giving you a big wet kiss on your lips. As part of her adoption, Kelsey will be spayed, microchipped, made current on her shots, and treated for Heartworm.



C. A. R. E.

Simon Simon is a black and white male domestic short hair. Brought to C.A.R.E. as a baby, he is now a beautiful young cat. He has bright eyes and seems to hang onto every word you say to him. Simon is looking for someone to be his lifelong tour guide. Interested parties should come and interview with him at the shelter. Simon has been neutered, microchipped, and made current on his shots.

C.A.R.E. is open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday For directions visit or call 813-645-2273

Answer on page 22.

For active senior living, Aston Gardens is the place to be! We have a full calendar of fun activities, events, entertainment and outings year round. There’s dancing, wine tasting, fitness classes, swimming, seminars, billiards and card tournaments, and a lot more. Plus, we pay residents’ dues for the Sun City Center Community Association, so you’ll also enjoy Sun City’s indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center, shuffleboard, Pickle-ball, tennis and 142 clubs. Come on 3-YEAR over and get involved!

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The BBC guys filming the Country Cloggers (pictured below) with SCC resident Karen Hosman (instructor) to the left.

British Film Crew Catches Up With the SCC Vintage Babes Playing Against the TurnOvers


A British film crew were busy for a week in Sun City Center filming how American seniors stay fit and active. The “Vintage Babes” women’s softball team was on their schedule to film. The team plays regularly against the lady inmates at Hillsborough Correctional Institution and requested the Brits film at that location only 15 minutes from SCC. The Star Spangled Banner was soulfully sung by two of the inmates, the two Brit gals helped with the announcing and the inmate cheering section was active. Warden Rhodene Mathis threw out the first pitch and the seven- inning game began. The lady inmate “Turn Overs” team beat the “Vintage Babes” 104, and a re-match has already been scheduled. Pictured are both teams gathered following the The Country Cloggers, led here by Instructor Karen game. Hosman, meet in the Dance Studio every Tuesday –Nancy Williams and Thursday from 10 AM to Noon. Tuesdays are for “Performers” and Thursdays are for “Beginners.” The first two lessons are free, and then a yearly membership is $15. For more information contact Instructor Karen at 633-8016, or Choreographer “JJ” Roberts at 642-0426 or

May 2010

Competition Caps BBC Fitness Week



BBC Invades Sun City Center to Film Seniors Keeping Fit

The News of Sun City Center



(R to L) Jacqaline Miller, Caroline Miller, Sean Ryan, Kevin Jay accompanied the BBC film crew to be exposed to SCC’s healthy lifestyle. At the end of a week in SCC, they pitted their youth against the prowess of senior athletes (L to R) Dick Vogt, bicycling; Jean Allen, swimming; Dot Guerrera, kayaking; and Rudy Lindner, running. Dot Guerrera came out on top in kayaking but youthful vigor prevailed in the other three contests. Mike Marenovic (center) helped train the young Brits and served as emcee for the contests. “I just wanted to help but never expected working with these kids to be such an amazing experience. I suspect the week here was a life-changing event for them and it certainly gave me a new perspective.” Paul Courter and Ed Barnes served as liaisons between the CA and the production companies for about a year to make the project a reality. Two SCC couples, Bruce and Joan Andersen and Rolande and Bert Poulin volunteered to host the young people for the entire SCC visit, providing them with fitness guidance. –Phyllis Hodges

May 2010

The News of Sun City Center


Clubs and Organizations from A to Z Seventh Installment: Groups beginning with Wi-Z

*Note: Information for all of these clubs should be available online on the CA website: suncitycenter. org. If your club has an asterisk before it, your club could not be found there. Your president should contact Millie in the CA office with the information so your club can be added. All club presidents are listed on the CA website even though their club might not be found in the alphabetical listing. –Karen Jones CLUB NAME/Meeting Day(s)/ Time(s)/Place “W” Woman’s Club (GFWC SCC Woman’s Club): Third Thursdays, 1 p.m., September through May. Contact club president Jean Rideout at 634-3668 for meeting sites. Women’s Golf Association-18 Hole (Go to Golf): Open to women members of the Sandpiper and Renaissance golf courses. The 18-hole division is open to all women who want to play 18 holes. Handicap is limited to no more than 40. They have a full 52-week schedule of events which includes five major tournaments.

Contact club president Joanne Brennan at 633-1864 for additional information. Women’s 9-Hole Golf (Go to Golf): This is the only group in Sun City Center that offers a membership for ladies who wish to play less than 18 holes in a competitive but very social environment. They have weekly play every Thursday at the Sandpiper Course. Contact Jeanne Nenarella at 642-9885 for additional information. Woodcarvers: Thursdays, 9 a.m. noon, Room 3 in Community Hall. Writers Club: The first and third Tuesday of each month in the Swan Room (Old Town Hall building in the central campus) starting at 2 p.m. “Y” Yoga: Contact club president Carla Miles at 634-4268 for meeting dates, times, and sites.

The Nearly New Shop Partners with the Interfaith Council

The Interfaith Council Grant Committee’s source of funds is the Nearly New Shop behind the SCC Plaza. This is where people bring in stuff for resale. They take in items and turn around and sell them for anywhere from 25 cents to larger dollar amounts. It all adds up. The Interfaith Council Grant Committee gave grants of almost $300,000 to organizations such as the Community Association and others in the South Shore area, including over $100,000 this year in scholarships.

Outreach Programs

A representative from Congressman Adam Putnam’s office is available for help with Social Security, Medicare, Veterans Affairs, or problems with other federal agencies, or if you just wish to express your views on any national issue. Stop into the Pelican Room (next door to Ceramics, facing If any new clubs have formed Lawn Bowling) on the third Wednesday of the month between 9:30 and 10 a.m. No appointment is necessary; however, you are asked to bring any since this article began, please written information or documentation that will allow the caseworker to send an email to the editor at provide assistance. A representative from the Public Defender’s Office is available to speak for inclusion in next month’s with Sun City Center residents on the third Wednesday of each month in issue. the Pelican Room (next door to Ceramics, facing Lawn Bowling) from 10 to 11:30 a.m. No appointment is necessary.


Golf League Results, Pictures and More

The News of Sun City Center

Hogans League Of Sun City Center and Kings Point


May 2010

Caloosa Golf & Country Club Member-Guest Winners

65; 2nd : two-way tie @ 66’s – Van daCosta & Don Peasley. Low-gross: Don Mowry, 85 & Dom Fanelli, 88.

April 6: Apollo Beach, Skins: 1st: Bob Oler, 6 skins; 2nd: four-way tie @ 3 skins each: Frank Carlin, Jim SCC WGA 9-Hole Cox, Larry Clark & Bill Hagen. March 25: Mystery Hole: First Low-net: Paul Maki,62; Low-gross: place: Connie Ream; Second place: Tom Kirchen, 82. Christel Fraebel. April 8: Riverside, K-skins: 1st: April 8: Low Net: 1st Place: Bob Harris, 6 skins; 2nd: two-way Christel Fraebel, 28; 2nd place: tie @ 4 skins each – Fred Mayes Shirley McCarty & Connie Ream, & Mac McKay. Low-net: two-way tie @ 64 – Bob Harris & Jim Sari; 35. Pictured (l to r): Allen Bell and his guest Jon Bell; Low Net Winner: Jim Low-gross: Bob Harris, 85. Fields and Kevin Fields; Jack D’’Entremont and his guest Jim Flashman; April 15: Throw out Worst Hole: Chuck Reeve and Daniel Reeve; Marvin and Bob VerSchure. Not pictured First place: Jean Vazquez, 20; April 10: SandPiper (Lakes/Palms), is Low Gross winner Bob Korsch and his grandson Joey Shreyer. Second place: Christel Fraebel, 25. Two Flights of Skins: Flight “A: 1st: Don Peasley, 9 skins; 2nd: Fred Hogans League Of Sun City Mayes, 6 skins. Low-net: Dave Hole-in-One Scored on April 24 Center and Kings Point Diehl, 60; Low-gross: Fred Mayes, Kathy Brantner scored her first March 19: Friday, Cypress Creek, 88. Flight “B: 1st: Jay Sparkman, hole-in-one on Saturday, April 24, on Match: 1st: John Kazlauskas, 9; 2 skins; 2nd: two-way tie @ 1 Sandpiper’s 138-yard 8th hole. She used skin each – Karen Jones & Fred 2nd: Charlie Strimpell, 94. her driver. Zizelman. Low-net: Jay Sparkman, Witnessing this event were fellow March 20: SandPiper (Lakes to 61; Low-gross: Jay Sparkman, 83. golfers Laura Hammaker, Anne Ginevan, Oaks), K-skins: 1st: Bill Hagen, 9 and Bev Crotty. skins; 2nd: Annie McTavish (guest) April 12: Diamond Hill, Classic 6 skins. Low-net - 1st: Fred Mayes, Skins: 1st: Liana Bublitz, 7 skins; 64; Low-gross – 1st: Fred Mayes, 2nd: Bill Hagen, 6 skins. Low-net: Liana Bublitz, 64; Low-gross: Dave 90. Please forward your sports results and Bublitz, 86. upcoming events to March 23: Apollo Beach, K-skins: The News of Sun City Center editor at 1st: Fred Mayes, 6 skins; 2nd: five- April 14: Summerfield, Skins: way tie @ 3 skins each – Frank 1st: Jenice Taylor, 4 skins; 2nd: Carlin, Jim Sari, Fred Zizelman, Rich Lucidi, 3 skins. Low-net: Jenice Taylor & John Kazlauskas. Rich Lucidi, 72; Low-gross: Tom Low-net: two-way tie @ 70’s – Kirchen, 98. Jenice Taylor & Rich Lucidi; LowApril 16: Cypress Creek, Match: gross: Chip Wood, 88. 1st : Mac McKay, 72; 2nd : Fred March 25: Renaissance, K-skins: Mayes, 76; 3rd : Bob Freiboth, 77. 1st: Fred Mayes, 8 skins; 2nd: twoway tie @ 4 skins each – Frank April 17: SandPiper (Oaks/Lakes), Carlin & Charlie Strimpell. Low- Low 16-Holes: 1st: Don Peasley, net: Frank Carlin, 77; Low-gross: 8 skins; 2nd: Don Mowry, 7 skins. Low-net (18 holes): Don Peasley, John Kazlauskas, 99. 60; Low-gross (18 holes): two-way March 27:SandPiper (Palms to tie @ 83 – Don Peasley & Dave Oaks), Play: flighted K-skins: Flight Bublitz. #1: 1st: Don Mowry, 8 skins; 2nd: two-way tie @ 4 skins each – Rich Lucidi & Bill Hagen. Low-net: Hogans League Don Mowry, 63; Low-gross: Don May Schedule Mowry, 84. Flight #2: 1st: two-way tie @ 8 skins each – Van daCosta & Date Day Course (09:30 a.m.) Bob Harris. Low-net: Jerry Syemas, 5/4 Tue Apollo Beach 68; Low-gross: Jerry Stemas, 84. 5/6 Thur Riverside 5/8 Sat SandPiper March 31: SandPiper, K-skins: 1st: 5/10 Mon Diamond Hill two way tie @ 4 skins each – Fred 5/12 Wed Summerfield Zizelman & Fred Mayes. Low-net: 5/14 Fri Cypress Creek Fred Mayes, 66; Low-gross: two way tie @ 89’s – Fred Zizelman & 5/15 Sat SandPiper 5/18 Tue Apollo Beach Tom Kirchen. 5/20 Thur Renaissance April 2: Imperial Lakewoods, 5/22 Sat SandPiper Classic Skins: 1st: Paul Maki, 5 5/24 Mon Apollo Beach skins; 2nd: Art Swallow, 4 skins. 5/26 Wed Summerfield Low-net: two-way tie at 64’s – Bill 5/28 Fri Imperial Lakewoods Hagen & Paul Maki; Low-gross: 5/29 Sat SandPiper Chip Wood, 85. April 3: SandPiper Lakes to Palms, Low-Net (six): 1st : Don Mowry,

May 2010

Sports Pages

The News of Sun City Center


55 Participated in the 7th Mixed Doubles Fun Day on April 17

SCC Traveling Tennis Team Celebrates Another Victory

The Sun City Center 2 traveling tennis team celebrated another win at a restaurant in Tampa. The team is currently in first place in their division of the ALOT teams in Hillsborough County with matches against Northdale and Brandon remaining. The 2010 winter/spring season began January 13 and concluded April 28. Playing in the match against Arbor Green were 1st row (l to r): Kathy Shedden, Mary Lou Dando, Petra Stimmel, Maggie Pliska, Nancy Williams, 2nd row (l to r): Rita Schwager, Joanne Schmitt, Kathy Norton, Lin Gagnon, Nancy Newman. For information about the Competitive Tennis Club, contact president Nancy Williams at 642-9121.

The Tennis Association held its 7th Mixed Doubles Fun Day with 55 participating. The morning and afternoon play was held on the 10 courts at the South Complex with rotation every 17 minutes to a new court with new partners. It was a beautiful, sunny Florida day, a chance to meet new friends and enjoy a delicious catered lunch by Danny Boys at the Horseshoe Pavilion. For information about the Tennis Association, contact Membership Director, Donna Waikel at 6335132. Photo by Jeff White.

SCC Softball Team Takes on SCCCA Maintenance Staff

The Maintenance Crew softball team defeated the Softball club team, 9-8, as the Softball Club’s season comes to a close for the summer.

Above, Kelly Emerson (Maintenance Chief) awaits pitch. At left, Aaron Cook at bat.

House Watch Service for Snowbirds

Weekly visits to your home to give you the Security and Peace of Mind you deserve while you are away from your home.

813-634-1523 Authorized E-Z-Go & Western Dealer

Sales Service Parts Accessories

120 South Pebble Beach Blvd.• 813.634.6671


Fitness Corner Machine of the Month

The News of Sun City Center

Softball Season Ends till October

May 2010

Golf Cart Crossing to Get to Walmart

In order for the light to change to green to cross US 301 on the golf cart path, you need to pull up as close as you can to the yellow lines.

Phyllis Hodges demonstrates use of the Seated Row machine.

The Seated Row is the Fitness Center machine of the month. Most exercisers use the bench press or chest press machines to strengthen and develop their pectoral (chest) muscles. It is important to develop muscles symmetrically and the Seated Row will accomplish this by strengthening the upper back (traps. and delts.). Follow these steps for proper use of the Seated Row machine. 1. Adjust the seat so the chest pad is at mid-chest level. 2. Position the chest pad so your arms are fully extended when you grip the handles with your body erect. 3. Keeping your forearms parallel to the floor pull the handles toward you while trying to pinch your shoulder blades together. Two count while exhaling. 4. Return to the beginning position resisting the force of the weight. Four count while inhaling. NOTE: Keep your chest firmly pressed against the chest pad during all phases of the exercise to maximize results.

With 51 games completed, our membership wants to extend their thanks to the residents, members and guests for their support of the club. We all hope we were able to provide some outstanding play for your enjoyment. The season runs October through April followed by the Awards and Recognition Banquet at Community Hall. We have batting, throwing and fielding practice every Monday at 10 a.m., weather permitting. We try to play pick-up games every Tuesday and Friday (April through September) if attendance is available and the weather permits. Our membership stands at 128, with usually 10-12 new players joining our club each season. If you have an interest or have questions about our club, please call Bob Fowler (634-4124) for more information. Our fall season ended with the Wolfpack of Fred Shulz winning the division, but they were defeated by the Indians of Walt Drugan in the playoffs. Our Winter season ended with Nothing Fancy of Harry Burgess winning the division, but they were defeated by the Cubs of Don Quast. Our spring season ended with the Cardinals of Shan Hise winning the division, but they were defeated by the Lookouts of Jerry Powers. Hope to see everyone next season at the South Sports Complex. –Ken Johnson Secretary

Anne Pidgeon’s


COLORFIELD FARMS Nursery, Garden Center and Gifts Fully Stocked with Fruit Trees, Shrubs, Planters Native Plants, Butterfly Plants, Herbs and Flowers

Bromeliads 25% Off Save Flowering Hanging Baskets $14 8 ft. Key Lime Trees $65 (were $125) Hybrid Roses are Ready! Hibiscus and Bougainvilleas Too! e


We Deliver. We Plant and Remove. “Put Some Color in Your Life”

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Exactly Five Miles East of Hwy 301

Open 7 Days: 9-6

Florida Department of Agriculture Registration Number 47229964.

May 2010

The News of Sun City Center

MOVIES at the Rollins Theater

NEWCOMERS March 2010

List prepared by Linda Bowker from CA staff data. Report corrections, additions to CA at 633-3500.

Last Schmidt Hughes Butler Rule Johnson Johnson Meyer Torzeski Swann Shelton Kistler Latimour Jakusz Lansberry Williams Scott Shanley Albero Apostolou Crewe Giuliano Gordon Schoenholtz

First Num Local street Hometown St Phone Robert 709 Bel Air Ave Philadelphia PA 624-2249 Harold & Arlene 210 Brockfield Dr N Horseheads NY 607-259-3148 Thomas 700 Brockton Pl W N Syracuse NY 633-8400 Roy & LaDonna 316 Caloosa Palms Ct Anderson IN 317-440-5834 Paul & Sylvia 317 Caloosa Woods Ln Westerville OH Barbara 317 Caloosa Woods Ln Roxanne 340 Club Manor Dr Rodney 340 Club Manor Dr Rockford IL 938-1426 Juanita & Bobby 1008 Del Webb Blvd E Batavia OH 938-3333 Virgil 401 Rickenbacker Dr Prestonburg KY 938-1890 James & Kathleen 313 Stroll Ln Cortland OH 330-307-4179 Richard & Arlene 1845 Wolf Laurel Dr Riverview MI 734-771-0663 Richard 1958 Wolf Laurel Dr Key West FL Travis & Deanna 715 Fairway Ridge Ct Plainfield IN Robert & Ann 2305 Emerald Lake Dr Golden CO 303-585-1694 Deborah 2413 Emerald Lake Dr Apt 103 Ft Thomas KY 938-3993 Paul & Maribeth 1126 Villeroy Dr Cedar Rapids IA 319-551-6692 Andrew & Deborah 1035 Emerald Dunes Dr Westwood NJ 938-3904 John & Gloria 834 King Leon Wy 585-281-7103 Peter 610 Fox Hills Dr Ft Wayne IN Carol 1536 Council Dr Old Lyme CT 203-738-9932 Elizabeth 1754 Pebble Beach Blvd S Halifax NS 634-1003 Mark 704 Reading Pl Philadelphia PA 634-2979

“AVATAR” Special Showing May 13

A special showing of the Academy Award winning film “AVATAR” has been scheduled for Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 6 p.m. in the Sun City Center Community Hall (1910 Pebble Beach Blvd South). The movie will be shown at the Community H a l l t o accommodate the expected demand for seating and the availability of additional parking.

James Cameron’s “Avatar” The greatest adventure of all time. “Avatar” is the story of a reluctant hero on an epic journey. A choice between the life he left behind and the incredible new world he’s learned to call home.

NOW is the time to upgrade your air conditioning system and take advantage Federal stimulus money, power company rebates and manufacturer’s promotions are available IMMEDIATELY. In addition to these savings, The Cool Team discounts through the end of February.

A donation will be collected to assistin paying for the license fee required to show this movie. SPECIAL NOTE: This film is not in 3D. One showing ONLY at 6 p.m. This movie DOES NOT have English subtitles. This special movie is for Sun City Center Community Association members ONLY. A current (2010) membership card must be presented for admission. After 12 years of thinking about it (and waiting for movie technology to catch up with his visions), James Cameron followed up his unsinkable “Titanic” with “Avatar,” a sci-fi epic meant to trump all previous sci-fi epics. Set in the future on a distant planet, “Avatar” spins a simple little parable about greedy colonizers (that would be mankind) messing up the lush tribal world of Pandora. Actors: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez. Rating: PG-13 Run Time: 162 minutes (2 hours 42 minutes)


May 10 “An Education” 100 min. PG-13 A young girl seduced by an older man may be a common story, but “An Education” is no common movie. As Jenny, a precocious middleclass British schoolgirl charmed by a small-time criminal, newcomer Carey Mulligan is luminous; her face can be plain and beautiful at the same time, her eyes expressing a restless intelligence and a hungry soul. As David, the seducer, Peter Sarsgaard (Year of the Dog, Garden State) gives yet another rich, thoughtful performance. The script, adapted by Nick Hornby (whose novels High Fidelity and About a Boy have been made into movies), is full of unexpected details that bring every moment to life. In short, “An Education” is a funny, smart, and compassionate movie that will launch a great career for Mulligan and be a jewel on the filmographies of everyone involved. May 24 “Crazy Heart”

112 min. R

In a career filled with unforced, naturalistic performances, Jeff Bridges gives one of his finest in “Crazy Heart.” His oft-married, boozesoaked troubadour Bad Blake has just rolled into Santa Fe when he meets Maggie Gyllenhaal’s journalist Jean. Against Jean’s better judgment, her fling with Blake blooms into a full-fledged relationship. Between gigs, Blake hangs out with the divorcée and her 4-year-old son, with whom he establishes an instant rapport, possibly because the musician is just an overgrown kid himself. Between Jean and Tommy (Colin Farrell), things start looking up for Blake until a critical error puts his stab at redemption in jeopardy. These movies have English subtitles for the hearing impaired. Monday Movies are for Sun City Center Community Association members ONLY. A 2010 membership card must be presented for admission.

One showing only @ 1 p.m.

Up to $1,000 cash back from manufacturer!

3,000 OFF


*see details below expires 5/31/10



Toll Free: 877-348-1343 Pinellas/Pasco: 727-894-4900 Hillsborough: 813-933-1000


*A combination of federal tax credit, power company rebate and manufacturer’s promotion. Check with your

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The News of Sun City Center

May 2010

Legendary Journeys

...Americas #1 Vacation Specialist 813-633-4521 800-511-5411 3818 Sun City Center Blvd. • Sun City Center • Next to Home Depot

You Are Invited! SUN CITY CENTER ~ KINGS POINT TRAVEL CLUB MEETING Mothers Day, Sunday, May 9th, 2:00 PM • Kings Point Clubhouse Bingo/Card Room

COME ENJOY Refreshments & hear about new DAY TRIPS, TOURS plus the latest CRUISE deals you can’t get anywhere else. Guests are always welcome. Not a member? A $5.00 guest fee will be charged at the door. RATES BETTER THAN WHAT YOU CAN GET FROM THE CRUISE LINE DIRECTLY!

Special Guest Speaker: Gayle Fortin


World’s Largest Ship Allure of the Seas

Inagural $540

5 Days/FreeBus 1 CRUISE ONLY on “big” sister to Oasis of the Seas & 231,000 ton ship. The most expensive ship ever built!


13 Days/FREE AIR ...............$1199 Fly to San Francisco and tour. Cruise to Alaska via Inside Passage, Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau, Glaciers!


23 Days/FREE AIR ...............$1899 Brazil & South America CRUISE to Canary Islands, Portugal, Med & Spain tour


26 Days/FREE AIR ...............$2099 CRUISE Beijing, Shanghai, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Anchorage, Glaciers, Alaska Inside Passage, Vancouver!


18 Days/FREE AIR............. $1199 CRUISE Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Portugal, Azores to Orlando Port Canaveral! ADD Russia & Baltic pre cruise, Norway tour & more!

CANADA Rail/Sail

13 Days/FREE AIR.................$799 TOUR Montreal to Quebec City, CRUISE Quebec, PEI, Nova Scotia, New England, New York, FLA. SCC Bus

VEGAS hollywood

12 Days/FREE AIR.................$899 Las Vegas for Thanksgiving & Hollywood for Christmas Parade. Then unique cruise to the Mexican Riviera. A wonderful Holiday trip!

SPAIN cruise

21 Days/Free Air .................$1399 Cruise on one of the largest ships in the world from San Juan to Spain. Spain Tour. Sail to Canary Islands, Seville, Cartagena, Mallorca, Corsica, French Riviera and tour of Spain!

NEW YEARS cruise

9 Days/Free Bus ....................$499 What are you doing for New Years Eve? How about a CruiseTour! Enjoy tour to Space Coast, great New Years Eve dinner party & Cruise to Carribbean. FUN!

DUBAI cruise

19 Days/Free Air................. $1999 Cruise from Dubai to Egypt, Red Sea, Suez Canal, Jordan, Spain and more! The BEST middle east cruise!

ITALY cruise

25 Days/Free Air................. $1799 Cruise on what many consider the world’s best ship - CELEBRITY EQUINOX from Florida to Azores, Lisbon, Seville, Barcelona, French Riviera to Italy. Enjoy 9 day Italy tour of Rome, Tuscany (with breakfast/ dinner daily) and Venice. FANTASTIC!

Fun Cruise

3 Days/Free Bus .....................$99 Cruise to Bahamas on lovely ship with 7 story atrium & glass elevators, 4 restaurants, more.

2010/11 LAND TOURS

Get our 28 page Super Value Brochure with the lowest rates on EVERY 2010 & 2011 Tour! MYSTERY TRIP.......................$299 3 Days. Lot’s of fun with most meals and all sightseeing. Everything a secret. Spring, Holidays, & more!

BALLOON albuquerque

8 Days/FREE AIR....................$899 Unique trip to Albuquerque Balloon Fesitival and tour of Western National Parks and Las Vegas. Great!



Get our 32 page Super Value Brochure with the lowest rates on Every 2010/2011 CruiseTour BEST OF ALASKA..................$699 9 Days/FREE Air, Seattle, Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway, Glaciers! GRAND ALASKA.................$1599 16 Days/FREE Air, Sail Vancouver to Anchorage, Tour Denali interior

Get our 48 page Super Value Brochure with the lowest rates on Every 2010/2011 CruiseTour



Get our 16 page Super Value Brochure with the lowest rates on Every 2010/2011 CruiseTour BEST OF ORIENT................$2399 21 Days/FREE Air Royal Caribbean cruise China, Korea, Japan, Taipei Canada/New England Get our 40 page Super Value Brochure with the lowest rates on Every 2010/2011 CruiseTour CANADA RAIL/SAIL..............$899 12 Days/FREE Air Boston/Quebec cruise plus Montreal Train tour! FALL FOLIAGE CRUISE.........$999 15 Days/FREE Air NYC, Boston, Maine, Nova Scotia, PEI, Quebec


Get our 64 page Super Value Brochure with the lowest rates on Every 2010/2011 CruiseTour ORLANDO CRUISE..............$259 8 Days/FREE Bus Sail Canaveral to Eastern or Western Caribbean SOUTHERN CRUISE.............$399 9 Days/FREE Bus choice of sailings to Grand Turk, Aruba, Curacao, St Lucia, St Kitts, St Maarten, Dominican Republic EAST or WEST CRUISE........$299 9 Days/FREE Bus choice of sailings to St Thomas, St John, St Maarten, Key West, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico, more!


Get our 36 page Super Value Brochure with the lowest rates on Every 2010/2011 CruiseTour CANAL & 3 Continents........$499 11 Days/FREE Bus One sailing to Jamaica, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Mexico from Florida!

EGYPT/GREECE Cruise ...$1699

16 Days/FREE Air.Barcelona,.Rome Athens, Turkey, Cairo, Malta TUSCANY Italy Cruise........$1799 25 Days/FREE Air Italy tour with most meals, Med cruise to Florida Get our 32 page Super Value Brochure with the lowest rates on Every 2010/2011 CruiseTour YOSEMITE RAIL/SAIL............$799 12 Days/FREE Air Mexico cruise, California Coast tour to San Fran! CANADA WESTCOAST.........$648 10 Days/FREE Air Cruise Seattle, Victoria, Portland, Frisco, LA. Add Canadian Rockies $499 or Reno Tahoe by High Siera Train $399! WINE CRUISE......................$799 12 Days/FREE Air Seattle, Victoria San Francisco,.Monterey,.San Diego COSTA RICA.........................$699 8 Days/FREE Air Stay in 1 hotel with day trip across Costa Rica! SMOKIES FALL FOLLIAGE.... $599 10 Days! This very unique tour travels to the highest point in the eastern USA for wonderful Fall color in North Carolina. Stay in 1 bedroom fireplace suite & enjoy daytrips all over the smokies for sightseeing & fall craft and oktoberfest festivals!

Just Announced! BILOXI BY non stop JET

4 Days/Free Bus ..................... $249 NOT a charter..but AIRtran non stop flight to Biloxi. We transport you from Sun City Center to airport, 54 minute flight, all transfers, Grand Palace Casino Hotel, and bonuses. Why ride a bus for 12 hours? Buy of the Year...and by the way...even the Airline luggage charge is FREE! Wow!

On Behalf of our more than 20,000 guests this Season...Everyone here at Legendary Journeys would like to thank the residents of Sun City Center for our best ever season here! If you are a winter resident preparing to return North, we wish you a pleasant Summer. If you are a year round resident you can be assured we will have new specials from Sun City Center all summer long. Legendary Journeys provides more group travel programs than all our local competitors COMBINED! There is a reason why...and we thank you for making us #1 in Sun City Center! We have been serving you since the mid 1990’s and we are the ONLY local travel company that provides: *Our own coaches for transfers/tours *Our own 100 seat meeting room * More CruiseTour choices than ALL our competitors in Sun City Center COMBINED! * More Sun City Center residents to Europe, The Orient, South America, Alaska & South Pacific than ALL our competitors in Sun City Center COMBINED! * FREE Air or FREE Bus provided on almost every trip from Sun City Center! All rates plus additional taxes & fees • Florida Seller of Travel # 29220 12 Florida Offices: Bradenton ~ Englewood ~ Ft Myers ~ Lakeland ~ Largo ~ Naples ~ Ocala ~ Port Charlotte ~ Sarasota ~ Sun City Center ~ Venice ~ The Villages

May 2010 The News of Sun City Center  

The News of Sun City Center May 2010

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