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The News of October 2013 - ISSUE #63 official publication of the Community Association — Named Best Newsletter in Hillsborough County 2011


October 2 Board Workshop Board Room – 9 a.m. 9 Board Meeting Rollins Theater – 9 a.m. 14 Membership Vote Sandpiper Room 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. 15 Membership Vote Community Hall 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 15 Community Leaders Florida Room - 9 a.m. 15 Town Hall Meeting Current HOA/POA Legislation Changes Community Hall - 1 p.m. 23 Membership Meeting Community Hall - 7 p.m. 28 CO-AP Meeting Caper Room - 2 p.m. November 6 Board Workshop Board Room – 9 a.m. 13 Board Meeting Rollins Theater – 9 a.m. 13 Meet the Candidates Night Community Hall - 7 p.m. 19 Community Leaders Florida Room - 9 a.m. 25 CO-AP Meeting Caper Room - 2 p.m. Proposed agendas for monthly Board Meetings are discussed at the Board Wo r k s h o p s a n d p o s te d o n O f f i c i a l B u l l e t i n B o a rd s t h e Fr i d ay b e fo re. They will also be posted on our website ( – under “Association”). Every Wednesday: Orientation for new members in the Board Room at 1 p.m.

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November 2 On the Inside Ballots................................................. 11 CA Board Actions.................................3 CARE.................................................32 Club Happenings..............................13+ Crossword..........................................29 CryptoQuote.......................................27 Entertainment Corner...........................5 Expanding Horizons...........................25 Golf...................................................30+ Library Update......................................5 Lifestyles..............................................6 Meet your Neighbors............................7 Military Affairs.....................................23 Movies................................................35 Newcomers..........................................2 Plants Happen....................................26 President’s Report................................3 Sports...............................................30+

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Community Association Members to Vote on Funding a New Multi-Purpose Building

Architect’s rendition of the Multi-purpose and Samaritans buildings. By David Floyd Corporate Secretary-Director The Multi-Purpose Building was originally intended to be only for the Security Patrol and Samaritan Service organizations. The Security Patrol opted out of that opportunity. The Board discussed cancelling the project or finding another use for this part of the building. After reviewing feedback received over the years from clubs as to their space needs and engaging in discussions with our Community Association members, it was decided that we should expand the space to accommodate clubs and dance and exercise groups. The new proposed MultiPurpose Building will have clubroom space for the Mac Users Club and the Photo Club. These two clubs share technologies based on the Mac Computer and will benefit from being in the same building and able to share resources and work together. Both clubs have expressed to the CA Board their needs for additional space and ongoing support for their activities. The CA BOD reviewed their existing clubroom space and agreed with the clubs that they do indeed need more space to continue their activities. This Multi-Purpose Building will also include a new and much needed additional Dance Studio. We have heard that some in the community question the need for a second Dance Studio. However, including this studio will enable our present and future dance/exercise/ yoga clubs to have more space and ease the high demand for space usage in the existing Dance Studio, Florida Room and Community Hall. These clubs and classes have had a growing need for more and better space for a long time and the new dance studio will benefit many of our members. Providing space for dance/exercise and yoga groups in the new facility will allow the CA to more effectively allocate space needs in the Florida Room and Community Hall. We will

be able to schedule more lunch and dinner functions for our members. It will allow other clubs to schedule events in these spaces. The new building will be a much needed win-win proposition for our members. The vacated spaces and time slots will be evaluated to determine the best usage for other clubs and events. A vote will be held on October 14 and 15 to approve this Multi-Purpose

Building. The monies needed by the CA not to exceed $664,000 (which includes 10% contingency) for the project will be covered by the Capital Fund with the pay-as-you-go format. The preliminary cost estimate of the building is $855,000 and may be adjusted as the plans are finalized. The Samaritans will reimburse the Community Association for their share of the building construction —estimated to be about $240,000 plus fees. The Community Association Board of Directors requests that t h e C om mu n it y As s o c i at i on Membership approve this project by voting “YES” on the ballot. Absentee ballots are available in the CA office and in this issue of The News of Sun City Center. In keeping with our membership’s wishes, all projects are still on the pay-as-you-go plan. The projects are financed by the Capital Fund which is funded by home sales.

Floor plan that also shows placement of the buildings in the Central Campus.


Florida law 62-555.360;FAC re qu i re s b a ck f l ow v a lve s on properties that irrigate their lawns from a pond or well. The state is conducting a survey to find out what you think about having a backflow valve on your property. Here is your chance to let the government know how you feel about having to pay for the installation and annual testing and maintenance of a valve that does nothing for you. A website has been created where you will find the current status of the Backflow Valve Law, a list of reasons why Backflow valves don’t belong in residential areas and a link to the state’s survey. Go to Click on “Florida Backflow Valve Survey.”


Before you sign contracts for work on your property, you would be wise to check the Sun City Center Consumer Affairs Registry of licensed contractors and vendors serving this area. The registry also contains input— accolades as well as complaints— from residents who have used the registered contractors/vendors. You can consult the registry two ways: 1 ) o n l i n e a t w w w. or 2) stop in the CA office on N. Pebble Beach Blvd. and look through the book. Note: If you have a suggestion for thi s feature , s e nd it to


The News of Sun City Center

October 2013

Where Will YOU Take the SCC Story?

We will publish your picture taken elsewhere in your SCC T-shirts or holding a copy of The News of Sun City Center. Email your photo with a caption to




Elaine Smith and Bob Nevin at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse in Acadia National Park, part of a 19day road trip through 16 states.

Bob & Jean Fortier recently visited Iceland and swam in the “Blue Lagoon,” a large lagoon created from the hot springs which are prevalent in Iceland and used to heat all the homes.

NEWCOMERS August 2013

List prepared by Linda Bowker from CA staff data. Report corrections, additions to CA at 633-3500.

Last First Num Profant Gary & Gail 609 Wagner Warren & Rebecca 643 Lowery Thomas & Donna 1019 White Lori 1706 Schiller Dieter & Judith 1604 Gebauer Charles & Glenna 1304 Brooks Linda 1811 Fink Jack 1811 Marcotte Jerry & Wendy 712 Goula Alex & Peggy 724 Westrich Gary 319 Aube René & Angela 225 Townsend Susanne 227 Pierburg Paul & Ruth 249 Detrick James & Sharon 305 Gunter Kenneth & Donna 1312 Lamoreaux Gertrude 1312 Ruby William & Dolores 1521 Erickson Margaret 1802 Cranch Robert & Lynn 405 Upham Ronald & Nancy 1107 Huss Janice 836 Lorenzo Mauricio & Katana 810 O’Keefe Daniel & Karen 823 Saia Frank 1003 Langlois Robert 1003 Sweeney Bridget 1811 Crispino Marcia 1811 Lloyd William & Lynn 2115 Swakow Paul & Claudia 2244 Lincoln Roger & Diane 1104 Duperrault Denise 1018 Elliott Chuck & Donella 1614 Burns Joseph & Rhonda 1728 Smith Gary 1201 Naughton Patricia 1201 Robbins Gary 2308 Amar-Robbins Anna 2308 Rice Elizabeth 708 Fasano Vincent & Sharon 1013 Fischer Robert & Janice 1419 Madden-Nadeau Cheryl & George 707 Sheppard Shep & Toni 722 Midkiff Gary 740 Zimmerman Wilbur & Patricia 1822

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George Lott and Barbara Wurth at Hammerfest, Norway, regarded as the world’s most northerly town. After touring Lapland over 400 miles north of the Arctic Circle in Finland, we cruised on a coastal steamer the length of Norway on the North Sea. Incredible sights of fjords, mountains and islands.

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October 2013

The News of Sun City Center


CA Board Meeting Actions

By Ed Barnes

Master Plan The Master Plan was recently revised to reflect projects for which funds are available or will be available at the time of construction. Projects in the Master Plan will be modified as the community’s needs are identified by our members. Capital Funds presently exist to support the Central Campus and Pebble Beach Blvd parking lot/landscaping improvements, the new Information Center, Library expansion and the new Multi-Purpose Building and CA Office expansion. As funds become available, additional projects would be started based on our community’s needs. Future projects which have been discussed could include, but not be limited to, a new theater, café, new Florida type room, renovation to the existing theater and additional club rooms. The Master Plan is progressing very well. The Phase II construction drawings for the Information Center, Library addition and the Central Campus parking area are moving along and will meet the expected delivery date. Phase I design for the Multi-Purpose Building and the CA Office expansion are on track to meet the scheduled delivery dates. Architectural rendering and basic floor plans of the Multi-Purpose and Samaritan Buildings are available for viewing in the Atrium. General Contractor We have selected a firm to act as our general contractor: Powers Construction located in Tampa. We have signed a Letter of Intent with Powers Construction so they can become involved in the design process to provide input from a construction point of view as the plans are being prepared by the architect. It is important that we integrate the general contractor as part of the team at an early date to provide input to the design and planning process. Early involvement of the general contractor is necessary to ensure we spend our time and money wisely. Vote On October 14 & 15, the community will vote for funding the new Multi-Purpose Building. This building will house a new dance studio, photo club room and MAC club room. The Samaritans will reimburse the CA for their share of the design, planning and construction costs. The vote will be to approve funds not to exceed $664,000 for the cost to design, plan and construct this building. This project will be on a pay-as-you-go basis from funds available in the Capital Fund. I encourage everyone to get out and vote and approve this much needed building. Your Board recommends a “YES” vote on the building.

CA Board of Directors In December the membership will vote for three directors’ positions for the Community Association Board. Applications are currently available in the CA office and are due no later than Wednesday, October 2. The terms for myself, David Floyd and Sam Sudman are expiring – Dave and Sam are eligible to run for another term. I am not. We will hold a Candidates Night on November 13 in the Community Hall at 7 p.m. Candidates Night will be moderated by John Bowker with assistance from the Elections Committee. Pebble Beach Median Maintenance The Pebble Beach Medians Task Force has scheduled several Coffee and Conversations and other sessions this fall. The Task Force has updated some of the information regarding the maintenance of the medians. I encourage everyone to become familiar with Task Force’s findings and recommendations. Anyone who thinks that letting the maintenance of the medians go back to Hillsborough County will not impact the home values in all of SCC is sadly mistaken. That impact will be felt in all of Sun City Center. It doesn’t matter whether you use Pebble Beach Boulevard or not. What will matter is the appearance of the medians to the people buying our homes. Should you want to see what the future of those medians will look like under county maintenance, just look at the S.R. 674 medians west of Cortaro Drive. You can see the huge difference between the medians maintained by the county and those maintained by the Beautification Corporation. HOAs and Others On October 15, from 1 to 3:30 p.m., in Community Hall, we will jointly host with Lou Ellen Wilson Management Company a meeting with local attorney Steve Mezer. Mr. Mezer will address the changes in the Florida Statues that impact HOA’s and other associations. It is primarily for HOAs but may be of interest to others. All CA members are welcome to attend.

CA Contact Information Phone: 633-3500 Email: Website:

SCCCA MEMBERSHIP MEETING WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2013 7:00 PM COMMUNITY HALL (Refreshments at 6:30 p.m.) 200 MEMBERS REQUIRED FOR A QUORUM -AGENDA I. Call to Order/Pledge of Allegiance II. Approval of Minutes: March 20, 2013 III. Treasurer’s Report Presentation of 2014 Budget IV. Community Manager’s Report V. President’s Report VI. Golf Cart Parade VII. Pebble Beach Blvd. Medians VIII. General Discussion by Members IX. Adjournment David Floyd, Corporate Secretary

New Election Committee Leadership


President’s Report

The following items were covered at the CA Board meeting on Wednesday, September 11. A report from Carl McGary, chair of the LPFM Committee, was received by the CA Board. At the Board Meeting, our treasurer reported that homes are selling well in the Community Association. The Board approved Barbara Rein as vice-chair of the Elections Committee. Dale Potter and Gerald Decker were appointed co-chairs of the Consumer Affairs Committee. A contract with Allengang Entertainment was approved for $5,900 for a Billy Joel Tribute show on Sunday, April 27. The sum of $64,858 was reallocated from the Capital Fund Account to the Replacement/Reserve Fund Account. These monies were expended for roof painting. $46,450 was approved for a contract with Hardeman Kempton and Associates for Phase II civil engineering for the Pebble Beach Blvd. North and Welcome Center parking lots. Funds were from the Capital Fund Account. A contract was approved for the temporary paving of the CERT and old stage areas for safety and to prevent erosion until the area is reconstructed. All Phase Paving & Sealing was awarded the contract for $13,500. The two air conditioners that service the Florida Room will be replaced at a cost of $17,094. Contract was approved for N & M Cool Today to replace the 19-year-old units.

Committee Chairperson Shelba Fields (left) greets Barbara Rein who was appointed as vice chair of the Community Association Election Committee by the CA directors at their September Board meeting. Barbara has had an active eight years of residency in Sun City Center having served as treasurer of the Bridge Club while maintaining an active role in the Low Vision Club and in her Homeowners’ Association.



The News of Sun City Center

October 2013

1509 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center • 813-633-2020 • FAX 813-633-6403 MARGARET “MARGE” CONNOLLY, Lic R.E. Broker • Excellence and Integrity

Sun City Center & Kings Point


Expanded Islander model with Custom cabinets and Corian counters. Lots of Tile, vaulted ceilings in living room and dining room. Located in the highly desirable GREENBRIAR on the 6th hole of the Lakes course of Sandpiper. Oversized 2 car garage with side entry for golf cart. Home was re-plumbed, furniture negotiable.

Gardenia model with a super WATERVIEW and a quiet Sun City Center neighborhood. This 2/2 home is lovely for year round or Snowbird living. Built in 1991 it features 1207 heated Square Feet.

TWINTREE Convenient Sun City Center location with a nice Lake view from lanai. Great street presence. This split bedroom floor plan with a family room is ideal. Furniture negotiable with Seller. Roof replaced in 2002, A/C in 2007, Range in 2009. Make this yours.

For Sale

Rentals Seasonal • Furnished

WINDSOR model located in Kingspoint with view of the Golf Course and Water. Light and bright with three solar tubes, lanai has Golf Cart storage door. Laminate flooring plus being sold As-Is partially furnished. Ideal for Snowbirds or year round living. $

1903 Canterbury Lane B-2

1950 Grand Cypress Lane 102 22nd NW St .............. 1015 River Dr SW............ 1937 New Bedford Dr ...... 1149 Emerald Dunes ....... 1834 Wolf Laurel.............. 832 Regal Manor ............. 1501 Cloister Dr............... 1604 N Pebble Bch .......... 1205 Lyndhurst Greens ... 1950 Grand Cypress ...... 2022 Acadia Greens ........ 203 Genet Court .............. 205 Islip Way ................... 2404 New Haven ............. 1903 Canterbury B-2 ....... 1907 Canterbury-19......... 201 Kings Blvd A-23 ........

VAC ..... 2/1 ....... 3/2 ...... 2/2 ...... 2/2 ...... 2/2 ...... 2/2 ...... 2/2 ...... 2/2 ...... 2/2 ...... 2/2 ...... 2/2 ...... 2/1 ...... 2/2 ...... 2/2 ...... 2/2 ...... 1/1.5 ...



$375,000 ...... 4.17 Acres. 178 Ft on Little Manatee Rvr $250,000 .... 1.29 Acres 1950 Home Near Manatee Rvr $229,900 ................... Tradewinds Large Lot PENDING $193,900 ................... Charente Lovely Home with Den $180,700 ................ Islander Spacious, Updated, Golf! $175,000 ................. Cezanne- Renaissance $123.Mo $133,000 ............. Twintree-Encl Lanai with Water View $119,000 .................. DW52 North Lake with Upgrades $105,000 ................. Brentwood Park Like Area SOLD $103,900 ................. Gardenia Delightful WATER View $95,000 ................. Halifax Open Plan, 2 Master Suites $87,900 ................ Gantree II Immac Condit PENDING $79,900 ........... Keystone Gorgeous Remodel+Garage $79,900 ................. Concord Split Bed, Vaulted Ceiling $59,900 ......... Windsor Neat and Clean, Nice Location $44,900 ............ Stuart Well Kept Home, Copper SOLD $29,000 ........ Mansard Kingspt Great Location on Pond

Rentals Annual • Furnished

Andover E 118 ................. 1/1.5/1C .....Cute as Button .................................................. $675 307 Knottwood................. 2/2/1C ........Knolls-Private Pool ............................................ $875 2304 Lancaster ................ 2/2/2G ........Augusta Plan ................................................... $1200 1123 Jameson Grns ........ 2/2/1.5G .....Screen Porch................................................... $1300 912 Kings Blvd................. 2/2/2G ........+Den Single Family ........................................ $1300 2116 Acadia Grns............ 2/2/2G ........Nearly New...................................................... $1350

1834 Wolf Laurel

1501 Cloister Drive





201 Kings A 6 .................. 1/1.5 .............. Designer Décor .......................................... $1200 301 Andover PL 187 ....... 1/1.5/1C ......... Golf View .................................................... $1200 1801 Bedford Terr 179 ..... 1/1.5/1C ......... Tennis Area ................................................ $1250 206 Andover pl D 93 ........ 2/2/1C ............ Private ........................................................ $1300 617 La Jolla ..................... 2/1/2C ............ Compact / Clean ...................................... $1400 1903 Canterbury B3 ........ 2/2/1C ............ Golf & Spotless .......................................... $1500 307 Knottwood................. 2/2/1C ............ Private Pool ................................................ $1500 2304 Lancaster ................ 2/2/2G ............ Augusta ...................................................... $1600 1012 Newpoint Lp............ 2/2/G .............. Brockton ..................................................... $1600 912 Kings Blvd................. 2/2/2G ............ Single Family .............................................. $2000

Rentals • Unfurnished 402 Dorchester 33 ........... 1/1.5/1C ....... New Shower & A/C ......................................... $775 1503 Dickman Cir ............ 2/2/2G .......... Cul-De-Sac DW52 ........................................ $1050 1622 Faxton ..................... 2/2/2G .......... 2 Split Master Suites ..................................... $1100 2709 Lancaster ............... 2/2/2G .......... Augusta ......................................................... $1100 104 Cactus Flower........... 2/2/2G .......... Twintree on WATER ...................................... $1200 2171 Acadia Grns............ 2/2/G ............ Westport ....................................................... $1300 1752 Pebble Beach S ...... 2+Den/2/G ... Scrn Porch/ Water ......................................... $1300 2248 Preservation Grn .... 3/2/2G .......... Preserve/Golf ................................................ $1525


The News of Sun City Center

Golf Cart Parade




Last year’s Golf Cart Parade netted Ron and Linda Ringenback $900 plus a trophy for winning First Place as well as Best in Show for capturing the parade theme (‘Tis the the Sea-Sun). Theme for this year is Sights and Sounds of the Season! Participants in the December 7 parade will be vying for $5,000 in “best decorated” prize money being donated by Minto Communities. Categories are: Individual, Business, Group (clubs, organizations, HOA, COA). In addition, all entries who finish the route will participate in a drawing for $1,000. No walking participants or other motorized vehicles please. Contacts for info davesccsic@gmail. com (Dave Birkett) or chris4171948@ (Chris Robinson).



$456 To offset license fees

Community Foundation of $5,500 Florida Friendly transition on Greater Sun City Center medians “Spirit Fund”

SPOTLIGHT ON ENTERTAINMENT What’s coming up from now through April 2014?? Lots of good shows!   And JUST ADDED... Billy Joel Tribute, Sunday April 27. More details to be provided at a later date. No matter what, I don’t think you will be bored!   The 2013-14 Entertainment Series of Shows go on sale Monday, October 14; $70/person/series. Purchase of either series includes a FREE ticket to this season’s Showcase scheduled Wednesday, January 29, 1-3:30 p.m. SUNDAY SHOWS (2:30-4:30 p.m.):    Tribute to Elton John  -November 10; Streisand/Mathis Holiday Show-December 8; Top 10 Rock-and-Roll Revue -January 12;  Jay White as Neil Diamond-February 9; and Finis-March 30. Ticket price includes a wine-and-cheese reception, sponsored by Brandon Honda. FRIDAY DANCE/SHOWS  (7-10 p.m.):  Sounds of Soul-November 15; Flashback-January 24; Phil Dirt & the Dozers-February 14; and FabulonsMarch 21. Individual tickets go on sale November 4. And then.... Other Performances to look forward to: ...October 25 (Friday) - Buddy Holly/Fats Domino Show - Tables of 10 with dance floor - BYOB - $15/ticket - Tickets go on sale Mon, Sept. 23 at Kiosk, 9-12 - Then Mon-Wed-Fri 9-12. ...November 17 (Sunday) Opera “Idol” - St. Petersburg Opera Co.   ** ...December 19 (Thursday) - A Christmas Concert - South Shore Concert Band.  Tickets go on sale November 18 - $5/person. ...January 26 (Sunday) - Highlights of Susannah -St. Petersburg Opera Co.** ... February 27 (Thursday) - A Pop Concert - South Shore Concert Band.  Tickets go on sale November 18 - $5/person. ...March 2 (Sunday) - The Platters, Coasters, Drifters and Temptations Salute - $20/person.  Tickets will go on sale in January - $20/person. ...March 23 (Sunday) - Seven Most Unwise Moments in Opera - St. Petersburg Opera Co. ** ...March 28 (Friday) - Patrick & Matilda - A fabulous ventriloquist act performed in a nightclub setting; BYOB. Reserved tables of 8.  Tickets will go on sale in January (date to be decided on) - $12/person. ...April 6 (Sunday) - Big Band Jamboree - the Sarasota Jazz Project. Tickets will go on sale in 2014 (date to be decided on) - $12/person. ** Tickets for the operas will go on sale at Atrium-Kiosk Mon, Oct. 14, 9-noon; then Mon-Wed-Fri, 9-noon.  Buy all three operas (mini-series) for $30 or $12/ person/opera. Reserved seats. Info: 813-642-2001 —Judy Schings


Holiday Walk Needs Volunteers

By Phyllis Hodges Although we’re still two months away from the Holiday Walk/ Breakfast on December 14, Sam and Joanne Sudman are starting to recruit volunteers. They need about 120 people to serve as ticket takers, greeters, 50-50 raffle ticket sellers, kitchen workers, line servers, etc.   The breakfast will be served 7 a.m. to noon in the newly redecorated Florida Room on the N. Pebble Beach Central Campus. The morning work schedule is divided into two shifts. That means volunteers will work only three hours—6 to 9 a.m.; and 9 a.m. to noon. The clean-up crew begins sometime after 11:00 a.m. If you want to help, contact the Sudmans at jsudman@tampabay. to select the job best suited for you.

Outdoor Concert on the Lawn

Winn-Dixie and the Patriots Club are sponsoring a FREE outdoor concert at the gazebo by the outdoor pool. The previous concert in May was such a success that we have again arranged for John Rinell to lead the concert with songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s. The gazebo has shade trees for 300 people or more. Bring your picnic basket and golf cart for an easy listening concert. The concert will be from 4-6 p.m. on Tuesday, October 8. If you have questions, call Dave Mohl at 813633-6893.


October 2013

Volunteers on one of the two serving lines were ready for the 627 people who supported the Holiday Walk Breakfast last December. Proceeds from the breakfasts go to SCC Fireworks Fund.

What’s New at the Library?

One of the joys of reading is the ability to “travel” where we are not able to go, or to share someone else’s adventure in a close-up, personal way. Journalist Amanda Lindhout’s amazing memoir, House in the Sky, allows us to share the agony of a female journalist’s fifteen-month captivity in Somalia. Chained, starved, and abused, Amanda Lindhout survived her ordeal by imagining that she was in a house in the sky looking down on the woman in chains. After her release, Lindhout established a foundation to help the Somali people rebuild their country through improved education. Her story is one that demonstrates the power of compassion and forgiveness. Thanks to the grant from the Interfaith Council and the Nearly New Shop, six new large print bestsellers arrived last month: W is for Wasted by Sue Grafton; Robert B. Parker’s Damned if You Do by Michael Brandman; Dick Francis’s Refusal by Felix Francis; Thankless in Death by J. D. Robb; Bones of the Lost by Kathy Reichs; and The Mayan Secrets by Clive Cussler. Community Church College classes will begin October 24 for five weeks. I will once again be presenting

a class on various genres of fiction on Thursday mornings at 10:30 a.m. Classes begin with a book review and lead into a discussion about similar books. A great way to learn about good reads! It is good to see so many of you using the online catalog to reserve books and DVDs. Putting in a request is the best way to make sure you don’t miss getting our newest items. Most new items go back out within a few hours (or minutes) of being checked in so it is hard to catch them! We would ask that you please only put your name in once for a title. Even if there are two copies of the same book, your request will put you in line for whichever copy comes in next. Putting in two requests slows down the process for everyone and makes the request lists longer. If you are not sure whether you have an active request on an item, log in to your account in the catalog and click on the “Reserves” tab. All of your active requests will be listed there, along with your number in the queue. If you see that you have more than one request on a title, please delete it. Happy reading! —Elaine Birkinshaw

The News of Sun City Center

October 2013

Coming November 7 – Hi, Neighbor!


By Phyllis Hodges

Master Swimmers in SCC

By Phyllis Hodges Diana Nyad, 64, after she swam running and bicycling. Currently Jo 110 miles from Havana to Key West Fosse is the club’s only triathlete.   in September said, “You never are too Jean is a (very) competitive old to chase your dreams.” It was her swimmer; you can find her at the pool fifth attempt and came 35 years after several mornings a week. Although she first tried. Her team reported that she also loves golf, the 25-yard inside she finished the swim in 52 hours, 54 pool is the feature that drew her here minutes and 18.6 seconds—and she 16 years ago. SCC was the only Florida did it without a shark cage. That was senior community she could find that a first. had such a pool. Here in Sun City Center, we have Hartzell Stringer is relatively new our own “master swimmers” who are to the club; she has been a member living their dream. They are members of the club about two years and loves of the Master Swimmers Club, and you it. She also bikes and is a member can catch some of them swimming of the Front Porch Pickers and the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Audubon Society. Hartzell is also a Sundays in the lap pool on the competitive swimmer. She came to Community Association Central SCC about 5-1/2 years ago from Luray, Campus from 6 to 9 a.m.  That’s when Virginia, where she was a member of the club has exclusive access to that U.S. Masters Swimming. She lived on pool.    a river in Luray and often swam there. President Jean Allen says, “We Our master swimmers may encourage and challenge each other. never get global accolades as Nyad We also give lessons from time to time did, but that’s not what they are and will help non-members with their seeking. Although many do compete, techniques if they ask.”  The club has self-satisfaction and maintaining a three levels of swimmers. Competitive healthy body are their primary goals. swimmers are always training for The Master Swimmers Club holds a their next local or national meet; the general membership meeting on the fitness swimmers swim for the health second Tuesday in November, as well benefits. Then there are the triathletes; as other meetings as needed. For club these are the hardy souls who compete information, call Jean Allen at 633in triathlons that combine three 9268. consecutive events—swimming,

Hundreds of people will flock to the SCC Community Ha l l Thurs day, November 7, for Hi, Neighbor! That’s the evening (6:30 to 8:30 p.m.) that the Community A s s o c i a t i o n ’s 150+ clubs and organizations have the opportunity to be on hand with Hi, Neighbor! attracts a crowd every year. It is nice to information about be reminded that there are so many activities here. the things we do here to stay mentally and physically active. Hi Neighbor! is especially helpful for those who recently moved to the area; it also helps those who have lived here for a while when they are considering involvement in different or additional activities. Attendees will be treated to cookies from Aston Gardens and music provided by the SCC Organ and Keyboard Club. Janet Ditmore, who is organizing this year’s event, says that preparations have been in full swing for the last couple of months. Groups who are participating made their intentions known in September and will be given table assignments at the Community Leaders meeting on October 15. At press time, 80 clubs had registered. Janet gives well-deserved credit to Claudia Hinson in the CA Office for her efforts in working with the clubs to get them registered and placed. For information on the event or to express interest in volunteering in some capacity, contact Janet Ditmore ( Clubs should now contact Claudia Hinson ( about specifics and assigned space for their groups.




SUN CITY CENTER & KING’S POINT Are Cordially Invited By

The Men’s Club of Sun City Center

TO ATTEND THE FOLLOWING FREE EVENT including Live Music, Ice Cream, Cupcakes and Coffee

Tuesday, October 22, from 1:00 to 4:00 PM at the PHOTO BY PHYLLIS HODGES

SCC COMMUNITY HALL (1910 South Pebble Beach Blvd.)

Jean Allen (R) and Hartzell Stringer are members of the SCC Master Swimmers Club that is open to all CA members.

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This Ice Cream Social with Live Entertainment is Sponsored by

St. Joseph’s Hospital-South

With Presentations about the New Hospital at approximately 1:15, 2:30 & 3:45 FREE Bone Density Screenings and limited number of Give-Aways


K.E.G.G.(Featuring Kelly Emerson and Gary Garbelman) from 1:30 to 2:15 & Billy “ELVIS” Lindsey from 2:45 to 3:30

ICE CREAM and COFFEE Provided by the Village Inn INFORMATIVE DISPLAYS BY St. Joseph’s Hospital-South / Bay Care Health System Sun City Center Emergency Squad Phillip’s Life-Line Alert* Neuropathy Resource Group* Hearing Loss Support Group* Male Call for Prostate Health* Parkinson’s Support Group* SCC History Center (*Supported and Sponsored by the Men’s Club of Sun City Center)

SAVE THE DATE for this FREE EVENT on October 22 Come mingle with friends and neighbors Enjoy the Live Entertainment and FREE Food and Give-Aways Learn what’s new with St. Joseph’s Hospital South (our new neighbor on Big Bend Road)

And Have a GREAT, RELAXING, INFORMATIVE and FUN TIME Look forward to seeing you there. Regards, The Men’s Club of Sun City Center

October 2013

The News of Sun City Center

The Value of Enhanced Landscaping on Pebble Beach Blvd.

Meet Your Neighbor... by Agnes Baker M E ET E li z ab e t h “ B e t t y” Pettersson - The 11th of 12 children, Betty was born into a loving family whose sister Frances is her only surviving sibling. She is a member of the Prince of Peace Catholic Church where she served as bereavement minister and lector. Born in Waterville, NY (pop. 2,000) she earned her BSN and MSN at Catholic University of America in Washington, D. C. and her RN in 1954 at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Syracuse, NY. Additionally, she was a Sister of St. Francis, serving in New York State and Hawaii. With first husband, Pete, Betty moved to Sun City Center in 1978 and immediately got involved with the Emergency Squad, serving for some 20 years. After Pete’s passing, she met Joe; they were married in 1996 and, in February 2012, moved to Aston Gardens Courtyard. My first encounter with Betty came about when I was at a Lifepath workshop. The door opened and in walked this magnetic duo—Betty and Joe —singing “We ain’t got a barrel of money,” hand in hand, as they were until Joe’s passing. In 1989, the SCC Chamber of Commerce honored three “people who care,” all outstanding community contributors and, of course, Betty was one of the three being named “Woman of the Year.” In March 1994, the first “Friends of Hospice Auxiliary of SCC” meeting was held and Betty reported on a trip to Venice, FL to tour a hospice facility. This meeting started the movement that brought Hospice House to us. The original “house” was closed in 2008 when the new facility on Upper Creek Drive opened. Additionally, she is a long time member of the Gibbons Pathway Society, where individuals are honored for their outstanding dedication and financial


support to LifePath Hospice. Always the advocate, Betty’s efforts are now focused on obtaining much deserved recognition for Florence Wald, the founder of holistic hospice care in the United States. Currently, she volunteers in the Emergency Room at South Bay and as a dispatcher with Sun City Ride. However, her major endeavors are with Lifepath Hospice which includes visiting Hospice patients at home or in a facility. A regular visitor, always with a song in her heart and on her lips, she shares her love of singing as she enters a building or a person’s room, breaking out in an old melody familiar to those around her, encouraging them to join in. And, always looking for another way to help, she is working on the upcoming “walk for Alzheimer’s,” scheduled October 26, an illness very familiar to her. SO, IF YOU SEE HER AND CAN SLOW HER DOWN, BE PREPARED T0 SING A SONG WITH ---

By Paul Wheat Several of the many questions and comments I have received concerning the enhanced landscaping on the medians of Pebble Beach Blvd. (PBB) can be summarized as follows: I don’t live on PBB and seldom use it, why should I pay for any enhanced landscaping because it will not affect me or the value of my property in any way? I re commend t hat t hos e residents of our community who feel this way talk to any of the many realtors or sales agents doing business in SCC. I am sure you will be told that no matter where your house is in our community, the appearance of PBB has a big impact on the perception of any potential buyer of your home, a perception of your lifestyle by your visitors and your own sense of wellbeing when you do use PBB. It is a fact that the successful sale of a home is based, in large part after price, on the perceptions of the buyer when viewing the property. A well-maintained house, in a wellmaintained neighborhood, in a wellmaintained community, will more likely result in a sale at the asking price than if any one of these areas projects a negative perception to a potential buyer. Certainly the term “curb appeal” applies in all three areas. The Pebble Beach Task Force researched this issue and will

include its findings concerning the potential impact on home values as an appendix to its final report and recommendations to be presented to the CA Board on November 1. A joint study by the 50+ Housing Council of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the MetLife Mature Market Institute summarizes it succinctly by stating “55+ buyers consider the design, amenities, and appearance of the residence and the community that they move to be very important”. If you as a CA member (or your visitors) visit the CA office, use any of the arts and crafts rooms, use the dance studio, fitness center or swimming pool, attend club or social functions, organizational meetings, various CA meetings or all the other functions held on the CA central campus, you will most likely travel on North Pebble Beach Blvd. Likewise, if you visit the Community Hall for any of the many functions that take place there, or use the outdoor sports complex for tennis, pickleball, horseshoe pitching, softball or take the best family friend to the dog park, you will travel on South Pebble Beach Blvd. In short, do you as a CA member want to risk the future appearance of the medians on PBB for less cost than a cup of coffee each month?



Correction: The September issue listed an incorrect online address for the Community Church College. The correct address (URL) is

For those skeptics who believe the County mows as needed, I submit the following picture taken September 11th of the County owned property in the 1800 block of New Bedford Dr. The red ruler is 12 inches long.

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813-633-3065 • 1515 Sun City Center Plaza


The News of Sun City Center

Dance Clubs

Come Dance With Us

Oldies But Goodies Dance Club Music from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s Sunday - October 13 Community Hall Dancing 7 – 10 p.m. Entertainment: “Shout” BYOB OBG Members free, Non-members $5 For more info, call Barbara: 633-5649

Free Sunday Dance Practice Need a place to practice your dance skills to various types of music? The perfect opportunity is every Sunday afternoon (2–3:30 p.m.) in the Dance Studio in the Atrium (CA Central Campus, N. Pebble Beach Blvd.). This is not a lesson, just a time to practice with some good music. The session, sponsored by the SCC Dance Club, is open to all members of the SCC Community Association and to residents of Kings Point. —Frank Carl

Foxy Seniors

Janis Merluzzo performs with Daniel Fugazzotto and will give an exhibition during intermission.

October 2013

Academy of Ballroom Dance Club


Moonglow Ballroom Dance Club will feature the live music of “Daniel Fugazzotto” at its monthly dance on Thursday, October 24, from 7:30-9:30 p.m. at Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. As a special treat, Daniel and his partner Janis Merluzzo, will perform a dance exhibition at Intermission. The attire at Moonglow dances is Dressy Casual. Members are FREE, and guests pay $5 per person at the door. Singles Table(s) are always available. Please BYOB and snacks, and they will provide ice, water, cups and napkins. The Moonglow 2013 Schedule of year-round monthly dances has had a great lineup of talented entertainers booked for your dancing and/or listening to live music. Membership details and our exciting 2014 Schedule will be available at the October Dance. Visitors are always welcome, so why not get your friends & neighbors to join you at a Moonglow dance?  If you think that you can’t ballroom dance, remember that we are not “Dancing With the Stars.” We each do what our bodies allow us to do in time to the music.  For more information  call 813-633-1297 or 813-642-8845, or if you would like to receive Moonglow information by email, contact —Gail Bouverat

The Foxy Seniors Dance Club is having a dance on October 19 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. in the Florida Room. Enjoy an evening of fun where you can dance the night away. Open to Sun City Center, Kings Point and their guests. Couples & singles welcome. Members pay $3. Non-members pay $5. BYOB & snacks. Casual Attire. For information or to reserve a table for eight, phone Angelina at 634-1865.

Send your Dance Club news to:

Saturday, October 7, at Community Hall Dance is from 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. Night Club Two-Step dance lesson is at 6:30 p.m. Members free; guests $6 (Lesson with dance admission only) Lesson and Music by Bernice Dubro Attire: Dressy Casual. Everyone welcome, Singles tables available. BYOB For further information, call Lennie Crooks at 642-9975.

Dance Classes in October 2013 SOCIAL DANCE CLASSES Sponsored by the Academy Dance Club. Classes are held in the Dance Studio in the Atrium. Open to all Sun City Center CA and Kings Point residents. Couples and singles welcome. $5 per class. For information, call Bernice DuBro at 634-3205. TUESDAY EVENING CLASSES (Oct. 1,8,15,22,29) Beginning - Rumba 5:30 p.m. Intermediate - Waltz 6:45 p.m. Intermediate/Advanced - Tango 8 p.m. WEDNESDAY DAY CLASSES (Oct. 2,9,16,23,30) Beginning - Fox Trot 12:45 p.m. Beginning/Intermediate -Night club two-step 2 p.m. Beginning Silver - Silver Waltz 3:15 p.m.


This is a special dance session for FOR SINGLES ONLY. We will be teaching a few steps in the Four Count Hustle. Open to all SCC and Kings Point residents: DATES: Mondays (Oct. 7,14,21,28) TIME: 7:30 to 8:45 p.m. COST: $20 PER PERSON FOR ALL 4 WEEKS TAUGHT BY BERNICE DUBRO AND TOM GIANNINA CALL TO REGISTER: 634-3205

SCC Dance Club

WED, OCT 16 - SPRING DANCE PARTY, 7:30 to 9:30 p.m., presented by the SCC Dance Club in Community Hall. Featuring our Exclusive SCC Dance Club Playlist spun by Gerardo.  Selections will include: East & West Coast Swing, Slow and Line Dance, Fox Trot, Latin variations, Waltz, Country and Polka.  Complimentary coffee and cookies will be served. BYOB and bring your friends.  Members free.  Visitors/Guests $6 pp at the door.  Singles welcome.  For more info call 634-9074.  —Frank M. Carl

“Falling Leaves” Square Dance It’s October, and what we northerners expect this time of the year is falling leaves— but we’re living in Florida—no falling leaves and no having to rake them up. However, the Sun City Center Swingers Square Dance Club will celebrate this colorful season with a Mainstream/Plus “Falling Leaves” Square Dance on Friday Night, October 18.  To “top off” the night, the Club will supply PIZZA and beverages for the dancers to enjoy.  So be sure to put on your pizza-eating duds and come join us for a great night of dancing and refreshments. This Special Dance, along with the Club’s regular Friday Night Mainstream/Plus Dances, is held in Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Pre-Rounds 7 - 7:30 p.m. Mainstream/Plus Dance, with Rounds, 7:30 to 9:30 p.m.

The callers for October are as follows: Oct. 4 - Bob Ellis; Oct. 11 - Art Springer;   Oct 18 - Ron Reardon; Oct. 25 - Art Springer. Pat Hagen cues.  The Swingers will provide a Square Dance information table at the SCC Newcomer “Hi, Neighbor!” event, to be held in Community Hall on Thursday, November 7.  ADVANCED NOTICE:   The SCC Swingers Square Dance Club will Celebrate its 45th Anniversary with a Gala Dance on Friday, November 22.  Dancers: Be sure to come and celebrate with us on this historic night – enjoy great dancing, fellowship and refreshments.  Additional information will be forthcoming. Square Dancers: Come join us every Friday night for great dancing, fellowship and refreshments. For further information call Geri at 633-9742 or Leah at 6333986 and/or visit our website at index. —Dick Schultz

The News of Sun City Center

OFFICIAL NOTICE REFERENDUM VOTE CENTRAL CAMPUS MULTI-PURPOSE BUILDING Monday, October 14, 2013 Caper Room, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, October 15, 2013 Community Hall, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Absentee Ballots are in this issue of the NEWS on page19 and at the CA office.

ATTENTION: HOMEOWNER & CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATIONS DISCUSSION ON CURRENT LEGISLATION CHANGES OCTOBER 15, 2013 COMMUNITY HALL 1 to 3:30 p.m. Board Certified Real Estate Attorney Steve Mezer will present a summary of the new laws impacting homeowner associations, condominium associations, board members and property managers. This year’s new laws include a statewide census of homeowner associations, education or compliance disclosure requirement for HOA directors, new remedies for squatters, new laws governing recalls and elections and many more laws that may impact how you operate your association. Attendees will be given a written summary of the laws and there will be a question and answer session.

Flood Zone Information Available in Library and at CA Office

By Joye Gasser Notebooks have been placed in the SCC CA office and library with an information article entitled, “FLOOD ZONES IN AREA OF SUN CITY CENTER COMMUNITY ASSO CIATION - JULY, 2013 UPDATE”. It contains information, supporting documents and examples for SCC owners and residents, within the boundaries of the CA, about a special Flood Zone condition called “Structures Out-as-Shown” granted by FEMA to some 1300 homes in our SCC CA area in 2008. The designation carries a Flood Zone code which has a lower flood insurance premium relative to other higher risk codes. If you have been carrying flood insurance on your home and contents, the Flood Zone code on your next insurance notice should be unchanged. The flood maps in our area have not been updated since 2008, and we are being told by the County it will be a couple years before another update is completed and becomes effective. If your entire property has a Flood Zone code = X (low risk) or your address is listed in a FEMA letter as “Structures Out-as-

Shown,” you will continue to get the lowest premiums available. The situation being hyped in news media about premiums being raised thousands of dollars are located in Coastal Zones. Emphasis has been placed on updating maps for such areas. Both small home owners and the mansion owners on coastal waters have been heavily subsidized for years; ie taxpayers have been paying to insure them. There are some properties in SCC in a high-risk flood zone which may face significant increase in premiums, but not like in a coastal zone. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR INSURANCE AGENT OR MORTGAGE LENDER. DO NOT ASK STAFF FOR HELP BEYOND COPYING DOCUMENTS FROM NOTEBOOKS. NEITHER S TA F F N O R C O M M U N I T Y VOLUNTEERS HAVE THE LEGAL BACKGROUND TO ADVISE INDIVIDUALS BEYOND HELPING TO DETERMINE WHETHER AN ADDRESS IS LISTED IN A FEMA LETTER.


Applications Due 10/2 for CA Board Seats

By Phyllis Hodges If you’re “on the fence” about wanting a seat on the Community Association Board, you should make that decision fast. Applications must be filed with the CA Office by 3 p.m., Wednesday, October 2. The three positions now held by Ed Barnes, David Floyd and Sam Sudman are up for grabs this year. Ed has completed his second three-year term and is not eligible to run again. Both David and Sam are eligible to run for a second term. Any CA member with paidup dues is qualified to run for the volunteer position. Applications are available at the CA Office. If you want an objective view about serving on the board, who best to talk to than a past director? Bob Deutel, for example, was a director six years (2001–2007). He says he was “talked into running” a few years after he moved here because he was showing a real interest in volunteering and staying informed about community issues. That interest hasn’t waned in the years since he left the board. The NEWS OF SCC, the official CA newsletter, is important to him. He pores over it every month and is surprised at anyone who says they don’t.      He also stays informed by attending every monthly board workshop and board meeting. The workshops, open to all CA members, are held on the first Wednesday at 9 a.m. in the conference room in the CA office. Directors go over the planned agenda for the next board meeting. An open discussion follows that includes anyone there.  The board meetings (second Wednesday, 9 a.m., Rollins Theatre) are also open to all members. Again, he can’t understand why more members don’t take advantage of these opportunities.    Bob says that serving on the board gave him valuable insight into how to get things done. He also knows that member feedback is critical, and directors really do want it. Because he is an ex-director and stays involved, people often ask

him to pass along their opinions (whether they are kudos, suggestions or criticism). Sometimes he will do that, but most often, he encourages them to go direct to the person who should be hearing it firsthand.    Reflecting on his two terms, Bob considers the Transfer Fee that was instituted during that period as a major achievement. The fee has been invaluable in providing funds for capital improvements. He remembers clearly when fees barely covered operations and there just wasn’t much money to make improvements. He did get the board to scrape up enough money to add the Community Hall canopy, so he is reminded of those lean years every time he visits or passes by the South Campus.      Summing up Bob’s attitude toward board service, he says that he has never regretted the time he invested on the board.  He encourages anyone who is considering running to “just do it.”  


October 2013

Bob Deutel, who served as a director for six years (2001 – 2007), says, “Sun City Center can be only as strong as the involvement of the people who live here. That means not sitting back and letting others do all the work.” Bob walks the talk by continuing to volunteer with other groups, including the Guardianship of SCC program, a nonprofit group that aids residents who no longer can handle their financial affairs.

Guest Passes After Hours

All Guest Cards must be purchased by the member at the CA office and may be purchased in advance. When the CA office is closed, members may purchase cards at the Fitness Center. To purchase Guest Passes at the Fitness Center, the CA member must have his/her CA membership card with a current sticker. Fitness Center Hours: Monday-Sunday 6 a.m.- 8 p.m. Except closed Thursday from 1 to 2:15 p.m. for cleaning Guest Cards are dated at the time of issue. They may be purchased for either daily use ($1/day) or for a period of thirty days ($25/30 days). Guest Cards are issued for daily use periods and unused days are not refunded and do not carry over for succeeding visits. Guest Cards must be displayed when accessing or using the facilities. A separate Guest Card is required for each person 18 years of age and older. Children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a CA member or an adult with a Guest Card. A CA member must purchase a Guest Card permitting House Guest(s)/ Guest(s) to use the facilities.


The News of Sun City Center


The Community Association Board of Directors will be voting on the following changes to Board Policy at the October 9 Board Meeting. Additions are in bold. Deletions are struck through. 3.03 LATE FEES/LIENS C. The following procedure shall be followed: 1. Within ten (10) 15 working days after the original due date, a statement, with 7% late fee added, will be sent to members along with a copy of this policy and Policy 3.03 Financial Hardships. 2. When a balance remains unpaid after 30 40 days from the original due date, a second statement will be sent notifying the member that payment must be received within 15 days. 3. When a balance remains unpaid after 60 days from the original due date, a certified letter (intent to file) shall be sent notifying the member that if payment is not received within 45 days, the Association will have the right to file a lien against their property. payment must be received within 10 days. This letter will state that the CA may exercise its right to lien. 4. On the 70th 105th day after the original due date, a Claim of Lien, properly prepared for signature by the Corporate Treasurer, should shall be executed and filed by the CA in the public records of Hillsborough County. 3.06 CAPITAL FUND FEE At the time of closing on the resale of a residence within Sun City Center, by a buyer who has not previously purchased is not an owner of a residence within Sun City Center or who has not owned or jointly owned a residence in Sun City Center within three (3) years of the date of closing, the Association shall cause to be collected from that buyer, a standard/customary Capital Fund Fee in the amount of $1,500.00. Buyers who own one residence in Sun City Center are responsible for the payment of the Capital Fund Fee on the purchase of all additional residences in Sun City Center. 3.07 EXEMPTIONS FROM CAPITAL FUND FEE Section E. 2. a. Notwithstanding the Capital Fund Fee will not be returned if the buyer owns two or more than two residences and he/she purchases additional residences. Additionally the Capital Fund Fee will not be returned b. if the buyers initial residence has been used as a rental property or does not become the primary residence within three (3) months of purchase. is occupied by any individual(s), including the buyer, after (2) two weeks from the purchase of the “new” residence, unless said occupancy is for the sole purpose of “improving” the residence for sale, as determined by the Board of Directors of the Sun City Center Community Association.

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October 2013

SCC Shows The Way For Florida-Friendly Medians

Florida Friendly landscaping is coming soon to a median near you. Sun City Center has been selected for a pilot project to show how the innovative practice can help beautify a community and save resources, time and money at the same time. The concept emphasizes the use of plants well-suited to local soil, water, and weather conditions to minimize maintenance, watering and fertilizing requirements. Two North Pebble B each Boulevard medians adjoining Cherry Hills Drive were selected for the project. That high-traffic area serves the Community Association’s central campus facilities, and also is the primary entrance to many north-side neighborhoods. Those medians will be converted from the current sod to a variety of plantings that are both attractive and low-maintenance. Water sprinklers will be replaced with a low-volume drip irrigation system. C om mu n it y As s o c i at i on President Ed Barnes, explaining the origins of the project, said, “The county heard about our task force working for the upkeep of our medians and approached us about doing a pilot project, because the county spends a ton of money on median maintenance and is looking for ways to reduce those maintenance costs.” Wanda Sloan, Hillsborough County Neighborhood Relations liaison, initiated the plan and shepherded it through the convoluted governmental approval and financing process. The program, she said, benefits the county because, “The medians are more attractive, and maintenance is taken on through an agreement with the community. We are all taking responsibility for the maintenance of our medians. It’s a partnership, and we found the money through the Environmental Restoration Fund to help the community establish it.” A model for others Once the plantings are established, the refurbished medians will be used as demonstration plots to show other communities how they can use Florida Friendly practices to improve their own neighborhoods. Working with Sloan on the project is Ed Schreckengost of the County Development Ser vices Department. Recommendations for plant selection and maintenance practices will be provided by Cooperative Extension Service Florida Friendly landscaping specialist Lynn Barber and forestry specialist Rob Northrup. Sun City Center was selected for the project, Sloan said, because “The community has shown a willingness to undertake a project like this. It’s important to get a buy-in from the community, and it also gives the community and the people who work for Hillsborough County a social relationship. I’m excited about it.”

Barnes said the two medians were chosen because “They’re pretty standard—typical examples of SCC medians, with Bermuda grass to cut and trees to trim. I think the project is a super idea that will show people how to improve the quality and appearance of our medians, and save money at the same time.” He appointed a task force of SCC residents John Jackson, Ron Pelton, John Luper and Teri Brockway to examine the project from the community’s perspective. The group produced a plan prepared by Jackson, a long-time Florida Friendly advocate. It calls for a variety of colorful plants well-suited to local soil and weather conditions. Funded by grants The project is financed entirely through grants and will require no money from the community, or from county taxes. Four elements are involved: Sod removal and soil preparation; installation of FloridaFriendly plantings; converting sprinkler irrigation to a low-volume drip-line system; and maintenance. A $5,500 grant from the Greater Sun City Center Community Foundation will pay for the sod removal/soil preparation phase. The total $25,000 cost for plantings will be paid for by 10 individual $2,500 Environmental Restoration Fund grants requested by nine SCC homeowner associations and the CA. Two $2,500 grants from the County Water Department will pay for the irrigation system conversion. Maintenance on all SCC medians will be continued through 2015 by the Minto Group, including those in the pilot project. Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful, a non-profit volunteer group that has the proper insurance and knowhow for working with medians, will provide assistance in soil preparation and establishing the plantings. Target date to begin work on the project is mid-October. —Paul Courter

This median on Boyette Road was converted to Florida Friendly landscaping by Mosaic Corporation. Photo by John Jackson.

Villas on the Green POA installed Florida Friendly landscaping on this median on Fairway Ridge Court, designed by Sue Curtis. Photo by Lannie Cardwell.



By voting YES, you support this spending; by voting NO, you reject this spending.

Do you approve spending up to $664,000, the Community Association’s share of the costs, for the Central Campus Multi-Purpose Building as described in the August and September 2013 editions of “The News of Sun City Center”? The building will contain two clubrooms – a Mac Users Room and a Photo Club Room, plus a Dance Studio for our dance and exercise clubs. Space will also be allocated for the Samaritans. The Samaritans will reimburse the SCC Community Association for all expenses associated with their section of the proposed building.



By voting YES, you support this spending; by voting NO, you reject this spending.

Do you approve spending up to $664,000, the Community Association’s share of the costs, for the Central Campus Multi-Purpose Building as described in the August and September 2013 editions of “The News of Sun City Center”? The building will contain two clubrooms – a Mac Users Room and a Photo Club Room, plus a Dance Studio for our dance and exercise clubs. Space will also be allocated for the Samaritans. The Samaritans will reimburse the SCC Community Association for all expenses associated with their section of the proposed building.

Must be received by 5:00 p.m. on October 15, 2013 Community Association Office 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center, FL 33573



Must be received by 5:00 p.m. on October 15, 2013 Community Association Office 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center, FL 33573





Your Signature:


Your Signature:


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Sun City Center Community Association 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center FL 33573



CA Membership No. _________ (required) Printed Name and Address

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Sun City Center Community Association 1009 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center FL 33573



CA Membership No. _________ (required) Printed Name and Address

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October 2013

Club Happenings 1

The News of Sun City Center


ACADEMY BALLROOM DANCE CLASSES Come join us for a FREE fun-filled afternoon to learn more about what the ballroom dance classes are all about here in Sun City Center. If you are new in the community, it will be a great opportunity for you to meet new people who enjoy dancing. We will have dance demonstrations, introductory dance lessons, refreshments, fun mixers plus some general dancing. COUPLES AND SINGLES WELCOME. DATE: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2013 TIME: 2:30 TO 4:30 PM PLACE: COMMUNITY HALL (1910 SOUTH PEBBLE BEACH) FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL: 634-3205 E-MAIL:

Simmons Lake Ladies

The Ladies of the Lake met at the home of Jane Keegan recently to study the latest news regarding the Master Plan. Shown are Suzanne Gutter, Rusty Seiden, Paula Simonson, Sue Bensman, Pat Christie and Pat Pelton. Back row are Linda Ricedorf, Linda Boulanger, Elsie Shirley, Karen Marotta, Marian Olbina and Brenda Daniels.

Computer Club “IMPROVING PC PERFORMANCE” At its Wednesday, October 2, meeting, The Computer Club will feature Matt Batt, discussing ways to speed up your computer. He will recommend several software tools and discuss things to avoid. Learn how to get a faster and more stable computer system. The meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. in the Florida Room. All Sun City Center and Kings Point residents are invited. For membership and meeting information, contact Gary Smith at 480-2753.

SCC Newplicate Bridge update

There is exciting news for the SCC Newplicate bridge players. Newplicate games will be held on Wednesday afternoons. Games will begin at 12:30 p.m. in the Horizon Room. This game will be a separate section in the same room with the open game. The Newplicate players will NOT be playing in or with the open game. However, they may reap an added benefit of added master points based on scoring across two sections. All bridge players with 0-99 master points are welcome to this new afternoon game! For more information, visit —Marianne Strehar

Neuropathy Meeting

The monthly meeting of the Neuropathy Resource Meeting will be held on October 10 at 1 p.m. in the Caper Room which is off North Course Lane in SCC. All SCC residents are welcome.  This meeting is sponsored by the SCC Men’s Club and is one of its community service projects that hopefully can better the lifestyle of our residents. The meeting will feature a doctor who has an extensive background in treating neuropathy and has been arranged by our friends at Sun Towers Rehabilitation facility. Dr. Chris M. Nussbaum is a 25-year experienced clinician and diagnostician. His diverse and extensive background brings to you excellence and versatility in the healthcare arena. Among other achievements, Dr. Nussbaum founded and was the chief medical officer of Synergy Medical Group, was program group leader for IPC - The Hospitalist Company, and served as associate medical director for Gulfside Regional Hospice. He is a Fellow of Hospital Medicine and former chief resident of Internal Medicine at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, N.J. Dr. Nussbaum completed his third and fourth years of medical training in the United Kingdom. He is a former National Science Foundation scholar, associate clinical instructor at local medical schools, medical director of a number of rehab and ancillary services, and is a trained healthcare mediator. Come join us at our meeting in October.  The meeting is only one hour and should be of great interest to all of us suffering from this affliction.  Call Ron Pelton, 633-0190, if you have questions.

Sun City Center Information Center 813-642-2044


Ask Pete your questions about

prostate cancer How can I get a straight answer  about what is the best treat‐ ment for my prostate cancer?  A— This is the most frustra�ng part  of learning you have prostate can‐ cer.  Today there are so many  different types of treatments and  each one believes that it is the best.     We recommend that you inter‐ view at least one doctor from each  major specialty—one surgeon  (usually the urologist who diagno‐ ses you); one radia�on oncologist  (ask your friends who they recom‐ mend) and one ac�ve surveillance  proponent (maybe a medical oncol‐ ogist).      Don’t let anyone rush you to  make a decision —prostate cancer  is rarely an emergency (but some  doctors will try to make you think  so).  And don’t worry about offend‐ ing the doctor who diagnosed  you—this is a life decision for you,  but a business opportunity for him.                    This informa�on is provided by the Da�oli  Cancer Founda�on, a 501(c)(3) not‐for‐prot  organiza�on. Submit your ques�ons to:  800/915‐1001  or gcarnahan@da�            www.da�olifounda�  

MALE CALL FOR PROSTATE HEALTH The Men’s Club of Sun City Center will host the next “Male Call” meeting on Monday, October 14, 2 p.m. at St Andrew Presbyterian Church, 1239 Del Webb Blvd., West. The speaker will be Dr. H. E. “Pat” Crow MD. His topic is  “Knowing and Understanding your Options for Prostate Cancer Treatment.”  Dr. Crow will discuss the various forms of treatment for prostate cancer and the importance of t h orou g h l y u n d e r s t an d i ng the various treatments available.  He will also discuss the pluses and minuses of treating or not treating various forms of prostate cancer. It is suggested that patients, partners, and physicians attend.  Refreshments will be served. —Harry Benter

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Club Happenings 2

The News of Sun City Center

Men’s Club Adds to Lifeline System

The Philips Corporation, a longtime major home electronics supplier and manufacturer of the Lifeline PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) has announced that they have added a new product, “HomeSafe” to the Lifeline equipment provided by the Men’s Club of Sun City Center. It is a home use cellular device to transmit personal help button calls. This is designed to serve those subscribers that rely wholly on cell phones and no longer have the telephone land line required by their existing Lifeline equipment. The Club has also been actively adding the new Auto Alert system to their home based personal help button subscribers. This unit automatically detects a fall, and starts the response action even if the wearer is unable to press the waterproof pendant button (such as a fall in the shower). The Men’s Club Web site is featuring brief video descriptions

on the way the Lifeline system works and the automatic fall detection system. ( lifeline/) The communit y b enef its because of the Men’s Club not-forprofit status. They are able to provide and maintain reliable equipment through subsidizing and volunteer labor. There is never a charge for installation, repair or other problem solving. Lifeline Office staff in SCC takes calls Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and provides weekend/ holiday help for repair and trouble shooting services, again at no charge for these service calls. Standard cost is $25 per month for the basic system and $35 per month for the Auto Alert automatic fall detection. The HomeSafe cellular option will add $12 per month to either. For more information, call 633-7091.


The Sun City Center Duplicate Bridge Association will be holding an Instant Match Point Game for Gold Points on Wednesday, October 2 at 7 p.m. in the Horizon Room. Beginning on Monday, October 7, the regular weekly Monday night Open Game will resume in the Horizon Room. Game will start at 7 p.m. For information on either of these events, please contact Ron at 6336162. Watch for news on the new Easy Bridge game starting October 25 8:30-11 a.m. in the Horizon Room. For information, call Kathy at 480-3368. —Marianne Strehar

October 2013

Computer Club Classes


Your Choice of OCTOBER 17 OR OCTOBER 24 A THREE-HOUR WORKSHOP 9:00 AM – Noon Computer Club Classroom Tuition $10 payable upon registration

“CAMERAS AND COMPUTERS” USING A DIGITAL CAMERA WITH YOUR COMPUTER OCTOBER 27 A THREE-HOUR WORKSHOP 9:00 AM – Noon Computer Club Classroom Tuition $10 payable upon registration

“INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS” A FOUR-SESSION CLASS BEGINNING OCT. 15 AND CONTINUING ON OCT. 22, OCT. 29, Nov. 5 10 a.m. – noon, Computer Club Classroom Tuition $20 payable upon registration PRE-REGISTER NOW IN CLASSROOM 12:30 – 5 PM, MON. THRU SAT.

Irish Connection

Movie Night Oct. 14 @ 6:30 p.m. at The Rollins Theater Feature: “Hear My Song” Starring Ned Beatty, Adrian Dunbar & David McCallum. Loosely based on the life of famed Irish Tenor, Josef Locke. A rogue manager of a Liverpool music hall tries weird ideas to save his dying business including using a Locke impersonator. Failing, he launches a quest across Ireland to find the real Josef Locke and hopefully save his business and win back his girl friend. A charming and delightful Irish comedy. All are welcome. Bring your friends.

October 2013

Club Happenings 3 Tampa Bookstore Owner AAUW Speaker

    The Sun City Center South Shore Chapter of the American Association of University Women will open its new season by hosting a luncheon meeting on Saturday, October 12, at 10:30 a.m. in the Florida Room on the Central Campus.

Stefani Beddingfield will speak about her experiences as the owner of Inkwood Books, a full service INDEPENDENT bookstore located at 216 S Armenia in Tampa. In a growing E-book world, she believes there is room for both formats on the written word. A self-proclaimed “risk taker,” Stefani is as independent as her bookstore. Every day she lives her belief that when she identifies a goal she will find a way to make it happen. Her lively personality, willingness to work hard and endless vision of continued growth, has helped her become successful. If you would like to attend the luncheon meeting, call Margie at 633-8253.

There’s excitement in the air…

The Art Club in Sun City Center will hold its 2013 House Tour on Saturday, November 16 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The presentation of six homes will offer the opportunity for everyone to enjoy the varied tastes and talents of our art club members and friends. Each home will present to visitors examples of the owner’s art and/or collections, craftsmanship, home décor and landscaping preferences. Some homes will have items for sale, offer free refreshments and an opportunity to win a floral arrangement done by our own member, Marne Zieg. There will be something to appeal to everyone on this tour. Tickets to the tour are $10 per person and a map to the six locations will be provided at the time of ticket purchase. Tickets will be available at the Kiosk in the Atrium beginning Oct. 14 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9 a.m. to noon. All SCC residents and their guests are invited on the tour. Members are encouraged to invite family and friends to attend ... it will be worth it! For additional information about the tour, call Marsha Lucidi 938-5100.

Terry Oster


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The News of Sun City Center

George Seeley Featured Photographer at the Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce



George Seeley is the Sun City Center Photo Club’s featured photographer for the October photo display at the SCC Chamber of Commerce. This is part of a series of photographic displays at the SCC Chamber of Commerce at 1651 Sun City Center Plaza.

Originally from Chicago, Illinois and a resident of Sun City Center since 2004, Ann Johnson has been named Artist Of The Month for October, 2013, by the Art Club of SCC. With a sister, brother-in-law and aunt as professional artists, it would seem natural for Ann to have an interest in the arts. Joining the SCC Art Club six years ago, she took advantage of the art classes offered by the Club, taking lessons from Art Pressman, Virginia Laudano, Linda Scola, Tom Haverfield and Diane Simon. Perfecting her skills in oils and watercolors, she entered several art shows and won ribbons for her artworks. Ann’s paintings will be on display during October at SCC Library, American bank, A-1 Connection Realty, Sun Trust Bank, Information Center on Cherry Hills Drive, and in the showcase George’s exhibit is entitled Nature’s Beauty. at the front of the Art Room. His interest in photography was sparked by the WILLKOMMEN ZUM OKTOBERFEST animals and scenery around him. George has been a member of the SCC Photo Club for five Welcome to Octoberfest years and currently serves as its president. He has received many awards in local and state-wide It’s not too early to think about—Oompah at competitions. His photos have placed high in its best—on October 17 in Community Hall on S FunFest voting as well. Pebble Beach Blvd. You are encouraged to attend Come to the opening of his display at the to sing, toast and dance at one of the happiest SCC Chamber of Commerce between 4 and 5 p.m. parties of the year. Doors will open at 4:30 and on October 10 to meet him and enjoy some wine dinner is at 5:45. Music for dancing and fun will and cheese. His work will be on display through be provided by the Alpine Express Band and who better to host this annual party but the GermanNovember 13. For more information on the SCC Photo American Club of Sun City Center. The usual Club and its activities, please see our website at bratwurst meal will be replaced this year with a or visit the photo learning roast pork dinner catered by the Orange Blossom Caterers—mmm good! Free beer and soft drinks lab at 960D Cherry Hills Drive. are also included for the ticket price of $19 for —Vicki Breaugh members and $23 for non-members. For tickets, please send your check to Mike Albanese, at 1808 Granville Lane, Sun City Center 33573.

FRONT PORCH PICKERS The Front Porch Pickers meet every Wednesday 2-4 p.m. in the Rollins Theatre, Cherry Hills Drive, to play country, bluegrass, traditional and gospel music. Acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, ukelele, dobro and bass fiddle players are welcome to join us. Listeners are invited to enjoy the music. For more information contact, davidlickfeldt@ or 813-633-6739.

Mother, granddaughter and daughter share an evening at the Oktoberfest.

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The News of Sun City Center

Club Happenings 4 Performing Arts Company

Let “The GAME” Begin

Get ready to catch the excitement as the Performing Arts Company opens its 2013 -14 season on October 30 at the Rollins Theater with an original musical comedy called “The GAME.” Taking place at Sunny Acres, a retirement resort and spa for the discerning woman, “The GAME” is sure to tickle the funny bones of old and young at heart alike. Filled with popular Broadway show tunes, pop standards and even a sprinkling of country and disco, audiences will embark on a delightful musical journey with the hippest old folks in town! The main pastime at Sunny Acres for a group of card sharks known to all as “The Shady Ladies” seems to be sitting in the rec room playing poker, gossiping and trying to play matchmaker for activities director, Rosemary Phillips, who is not one bit interested in the prospect. Troubles abound when the Sunny Acres management runs short on funds and has to make a decision that isn’t popular with many of the ladies. This merry musical jaunt will bounce around from poker to politics to love as the residents of Sunny Acres play and attempt to WIN at the game of life. The PAC is thrilled to announce the addition of several new talented actresses to the cast of their latest production. Full of energy, spirit and experience, they include Babs Cominoli (Grace), Delyse Axinn (Miggie), Jene Evans (Helen), and Bev Carnes (Donna) in the ensemble. Rounding out this talented cast are

James Dean VanderHooten (Peter Farina) and his mother Grace (Babs Cominoli) don’t always exactly see eye to eye in the Performing Arts Company’s production of “The Game.” PAC favorites Ellen Kleinschmidt (Rosemary Phillips), Dan Tackitt (Artie), Peter Farina (James Dean Vand e r Ho ote n ) , Pat Wol fe r t (Millicent), Jo Prater (Naomi), Wendy Smith (Agnes) and Joe Birnbaum (John). “The GAME” was written by Lew Resseguie and Ellen Kleinschmidt. Lew is the show’s director and Ellen, the musical director. Show dates for “The GAME” are October 30, 31, November 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9 at 7:30 p.m. and a matinee on November 9 at 2:30 p.m. Tickets are $10 and available at the SCC Atrium kiosk with cash or check or with credit card by calling the box office at 400-7803. For further information go to www.performingartsco-scc. org. Get in “The GAME” early and get your tickets while the gettin’s good!

October 2013

Boy Scouts of America Representatives Speak at the Men’s Club August Meeting”



(L to R) Jim Rottman, Men’s Club president, Steve Cox, BSA district director, Anthony Rabago, BSA district executive for the Gulf Ridge Council, and Joe Elam, Men’s Club V.P. programs. BSA District Director Steve Cox and BSA District Executive Anthony Rabago of the BSA Gulf Ridge Council spoke at the Men’s Club Meeting on August 21. The speakers outlined the programs available for boys of all ages.  The speakers provided information on how the BSA was funded and how the funds were used to support the scout councils. They also touched on the positive changes made in the Gulf Ridge Council over the last several years. For more information on the BSA, to volunteer your time or make a monetary contribution, contact District Executive Anthony Rabago at 928-4814. The theme for the August meeting was baseball and club members wore team apparel. Prizes were awarded for the best dressed

members. The lunch provided by Banquet Masters matched the meeting’s theme with hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, salad bar and desserts. The next Club meeting is September 18 at 11:30 a.m. in Community Hall at 1910 South Pebble Beach.  For Club information, contact John Armstrong at 634-6434 or 546-8649. P.S. On October 22, the Men’s Club of Sun City Center is planning an “Open House Event” for the residents of the Greater Sun City Center Community.  There will be free ice cream, cupcakes, coffee, live entertainment and a presentation by St. Joseph Hospital. Be sure to save the date, you don’t want to miss this event. Watch for more information from the Men’s Club in the coming weeks.

Hearing Loss Association

The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLA-SCC) will meet on Wed., Oct. 2 at 9:30 a.m. at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 1239 Del Webb Blvd. West. Come at 9:15 for coffee & donuts. Vertigo: Background, Causes, and Treatment will be discussed by Scott Sims, Au.D. Dr. Sims practices at Physician’s Choice Hearing & Dizziness Center in SCC. Captioning provided by Gayle Hardeman, Communication Access, Inc.; and the meeting room is equipped with an induction loop to benefit those with a telecoil in their hearing instrument.  HLA-SCC is sponsored by the Men’s Club of Sun City Center.  Contact information: Richard Herring at or Barbara Riley at 634-1706. —Shirley Nauman

• General Dermatology • Mohs Surgery • Blue Light Therapy Practicing in the Tampa Bay area since 2007

Accepting New Patients

Sun City Center Photo Club Meets Tuesday, October 8 at 6:30 pm Can blurry photos be good? Photographer Doug Moore will talk about when you want blur and how to get it and when you don’t want blur and how to avoid it. Blur is a way for photographers to capture movement in images. Many types of photographs, not just sports, can benefit from the emphasis of movement in a shot—even when the movement is very small, slow and/ or subtle. Doug will show examples of the effective use of blur and will talk about how to achieve those effects. Community members and guests are welcome to attend. The meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. in the Caper Room with a tutorial. After a short business meeting at 7 p.m., the program will begin. Club meetings are open to all in the area.   For more information on the club and its activities, please see our website at or visit the learning lab at 960D Cherry Hills Drive. Dues for the 2013 year remain at $20 per person or $30 per household couple and provide access to club activities, competitions and classes as well as the photo lab with computers, scanners and large format printers. —Vicki Breaugh



955 Del Webb Blvd. E., Ste. 101 Sun City Center, FL 33573

Call now: 813-634-1484 Kortney D Hightower,MD Board Certified Dermatologist

October 2013

Club Happenings 5

The News of Sun City Center

Radio Station Task Force Gets Green Light


By Carl McGary

Carl McGary exchanges ideas with Board member Sam Sudman, Liaison to the Broadcasting Task Force, and CA President Ed Barnes following the Board’s approval of proceeding with the new station. At it s S e pte mb e r 1 1 , 2013 meeting, the Community Association Board of Directors approved the recommendation of the SCC Broadcasting Task Force that the Association file an application with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) for a noncommercial Low Power FM radio station for Sun City Center. Following several weeks of surveying the opinions of residents, members of the Task Force filed its report with the Board September 1, 2013 highlighting the results and sharing the many comments received. A

strong majority of our neighbors and friends see a SCC radio station as a valuable asset for our community that will add to the many reasons cited to become a homeowner and happy resident. Simultaneously with filing of the FCC application, the Task Force will be looking for people interested in being part of the allvolunteer staff that will operate the station. Positions to be filled would include not only the station manager, program director and station engineer, but on-air personalities, local program producers, people

to gather and report the news, to develop a network of supporting businesses and a host of other people to produce special programs, events and interviews. In the plan will be a need for people to staff our remote operations and look after the day to day requirements that will include receptionists and a bookkeeper. If any of these opportunities register with you our reader, please contact any of our five Task Force members--Carl McGary, John Bowker, Jennifer Edwards, John Price, or Dan Tackett. And if you see Board of Director member Sam Sudman, our liaison to the CA Board of Directors, he too will take your name and contact information. You can also indicate your interest to us at sccfmstation@ On or about October 15, 2013, our FCC application will be submitted well within the application window that runs until October 29, 2013. After that it will be one of those “wait and see” time periods to learn if we are a successful applicant. In the meantime, we will be optimistic and plan to be ready should we be awarded a Construction Permit. If that happens, it will take another three to six months to get the equipment ordered and installed. It is an exciting time for Sun City Center. If you share our enthusiasm and would like to be part of this very special project, contact one of the names above and become part of the vision!


OUR MILITARY HEROS Many of our residents were proud to serve our nation. And our staff is just as proud to serve them every day. Join us as we salute our retired military residents and friends with a special military luncheon. Situated on a 140-acre nature preserve midway between Tampa and Sarasota, Freedom Plaza at Sun City Center is one of the area’s premier Life Care retirement communities. And as a partnership venture with the Retired Officer’s Corporation, Freedom Plaza is proud of its military ties. We’re also proud of our community, which


offers an active, maintenance-free lifestyle and a Life Care benefit that includes unlimited longterm care through our Value Plan contracts*. From social gatherings to clubs and activities to golf and travel, everything our residents could want or need is at their fingertips. More than half our residents are retired military personnel or federal employees whose life experiences have taken them across the nation and around the globe. That they have chosen Freedom Plaza as their place to call home speaks volumes about all we have to offer. But, don’t take our word for it…come and see for yourself.

Interested in Ceramics?

Mark your Calendars

The Sun City Center Ceramic Club is once again offering free workshops! They will be held on three consecutive Mondays, October 14, 21, 28, at the club studio from 1 to 3 p.m. The only requirement is that you must be a current CA or Kings Point member. Your ID card is necessary. You will be introduced to the world of bisque, underglazes, greenware, acrylics, stains and glazes. The mystery of “how we do it” will be solved for you. A small ceramic piece, tools and paints will be provided at no cost and it will be your own personal work of art. Work space is limited so please sign up in the ceramic club studio Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. by October 9. Call Carol Cook with questions 633-0293.

FACTS YOU MAY NOT KNOW... Warner Communications paid $28 million for the copyright to the song Happy Birthday. Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair. In ancient times strangers shook hands to show that they were unarmed.

Freedom Plaza is more than Life Care; it’s a

fabulous Life Style. Sports & Recreation: • 18-hole Executive Golf Course • Pickleball • Bocce Ball • Indoor & Outdoor Swimming Pools • Indoor Track & Fitness Rooms

To learn more about Freedom Plaza, call or visit today.

Your story continuesCommunity here... Continuing Care Retirement Exceptional Experiences Every DaySM 1010 American Eagle Blvd., Apt. 114 Sun City Center, FL 33573

(813) 634-1824

Sponsored by the Retired Officers’ Corporation. Open to all walks of life. ® Reg. U.S. Patent and TM Office. Exceptional Senior Living is a Service Mark of Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Nashville, TN, USA.


Club Happenings 6 Metaphysical Society

The News of Sun City Center

Join us for various metaphysical presentations and events that deal with the exploration of reality and how this knowledge may benefit human life on earth, both individually and collectively - a spiritual philosophy of life.  – Meetings and Presentations –  October 1 at 12:45 p.m., in the Palm Room, Central Campus.  “Board Meeting.”   Open to Metaphysical Society members.   October 2 at 10 a.m., in the Heritage Room, Central Campus.  “Open Meeting – A Call for 2014 Candidates.”  Lively discussion as members share their thoughts and insights on favorite metaphysical subjects.  Brief announcements follow. October 9 at 10 a.m., in the Heritage Room, Central Campus.  “Blooming Where I Am Planted – Part 2.”   Presenter Marti Capodiferro, from her roots in her church choir to professional theater productions, returns to inspire members as she shares her stories and sings from her heart and soul.   October 16 at 10 a.m., in the Heritage Room, Central Campus.  The Choices We Make.”  Presenter Alice Ukoko, recognized by “Worldwide Who’s Who” for Excellence in Humanitarian Outreach, is a well-known speaker on the international stage.  She speaks today of the choices we make regarding the significant people in our life, as well as, when and where we will be born, the purpose of our life, the major obstacles we face, and the opportunities offered for our spiritual growth.  Q&A follows.  October 18 at 10 a.m., in the Caper Room, Central Campus.  “Healing The Subtle and Physical Body.”  Special Presentation:  Shaman Elka Boren, a spiritual healer, clairvoyant, and sensitive from childhood, shares her vision of wholeness for the subtle and physical bodies.  Elka works with Ascended Masters and Angelic Beings, and will open a vortex through which their presence will fill the gathering.  October 23 at 10 a.m., in the Heritage Room, Central Campus.  “Telos - Inner Earth.”  Speaker Member Jennifer Lutz shares with us the legendary story of Telos, an ancient city believed to be inside the Earth that was settled by people or beings from Lemuria.  Discussion to follow.    October 30 at 10 a.m., in the Heritage Room, Central Campus.  “The Sounds of Energy Healing.”  Speaker Robert Austin returns with his amazing Crystal and Tibetan bowls to share with us how sound transforms and heals consciousness at all levels.  Treat yourself to “high vibrations”!   –  Events –   Book Group—Mondays, Oc tob er  7, 14 and 28 at 1 p. m . , i n t h e A r m s t r o n g R o o m , C e n t r a l C a m p u s , a n d October  21, at 1 p.m., in the Sandpiper Room, Central Campus.  The current metaphysical book is “Ask and It Is Given,” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  No homework and the group reads aloud and discusses as they go.  Facilitator: Alice at 634-9065. Drum Circle—Second and Fourth Mondays October 14 and 28 at 6:30 p.m., in the Lawn Bowlers’ Bldg., Central Campus.  In the Native American tradition. Bring your drums, rattles, flutes, rain sticks, pots and/or pans and enjoy each other’s company.  Facilitator: Holli at 419-4704.   Discussion Group—Thursdays October 3, 10, 17, 24, and 31 at 11 a.m., in the South Social Room, Kings Point North Clubhouse (tell gate “going to the Clubhouse”).  “End of Life Choices.”  Facilitator Mike McGoldrick focuses on any facet – from the thought of one’s own path of dying or preparing one’s self and their family for their death.  Facilitator: Mike at 813 / 938-1252  Program—First and Third Tuesdays October 1 and 15 at 3 p.m., in the Royal Room, Central Campus.  “The Basics of the Mayan Calendar.”  Facilitator Vicky shows us how to follow the teachings of the Mayan Calendar which is based on the emotional view of life.  Discover what is your kin, glyph and tone.  Facilitator: Vicky at 398-7033. Meetings and Events: Free admission. Presentations: Love offering requested. Open Meeting, Events, and Presentations are open to SCC/ KP members and guests. For Presentation info, call Holli at 419-4704. For membership info, call Ludi at 938-5686. —Holli Cantrell

October 2013

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October 2013

Club Happenings 7

The News of Sun City Center

Trash or Treasures?

SCC Bridge Association invites you to ...

Have Fun And Improve Your Memory!

Where are my car keys? I can’t remember my brother’s phone number! What was I supposed to get at the grocery store? The fear that our memory is slipping or eroding is on the minds of most of us. I have two choices. I can live with that fear every day or I can choose to fight it at every opportunity. The speed with which your brain processes information slows down with age. However, Professor Marian Diamond, director of Lawrence Hall of Science at Berkeley University, in a major discovery believes that “with proper stimulation, the brain can continue to develop at any age,” a fact that “has revolutionized our thinking about aging by emphasizing the importance of growth and learning throughout life.” Asked whether she thought that learning to play bridge would constitute stimulation, she replied, “Absolutely. Learning any new hobby and continuing the education process will stimulate the brain and the game of bridge would be a fun way to do it.” For many years, Diamond has been enthusiastically promoting her “use it or lose it” theory, encouraging her students to remain active, mentally as well as physically, for the rest of their lives. Your first line of attack should be to let your doctor determine that you are physically healthy. A poor memory could be the result of a recent illness or even depression which sometimes can be treated medicinally. The next key step to improving your memory is to pick out

a certain activity that involves learning. The search has led a great many people to the fascinating game of bridge. Bridge has been proven to increase memory and concentration skills and helps to develop improved judgment and logic. It is low in cost and will help increase your social opportunities, providing you with the chance to meet other people, travel, make new friends with whom to attend social functions and more! You will have so much fun you won’t even remember that it’s actually good for you. Painless memory therapy—what a concept! The SCC Bridge Association is offering four FREE “Easybridge!” lessons to introduce you to this fabulous pastime. The lessons are for beginners and people returning to bridge after some years or social players who want to learn modern bridge. It will be held in the Horizon Room starting Friday, October 25 from 8:30 to 11 a.m. and will continue on successive Fridays at the same time. You’ll be playing bridge your very first day and meeting other new players in the community. These lessons are open to everyone, so bring your friends with you and learn together. If you need a partner, someone will be there to play with you and fun is guaranteed every week! Free parking and free refreshments. The Horizon Room is located in Sun City Center’s Atrium Building off North Pebble Beach Boulevard. To register or for more information, call (813) 480-3368.

The Elegant Gardeners Club will be sponsoring “Trash or Treasures” on October 12 from 8:30 a.m. - 2 p.m. at Community Hall. The Trash & Treasure sale was first held in observance of Sun City Center’s 50th Anniversary, then again in 2012 by the Garden Club. All Community Association clubs are invited to join us by renting tables to set up for the sale of “flea market” items and/or their club items to add to their treasury. We all have things we no longer need or use that can be donated to “your club” for this event, making it a communitywide effort. Tables can be reserved for your club by calling Garden Club president Teri Brockway at 6339767. Cost for table(s) is $10 for up to 3 - 8 ft. tables. Clubs have choice of set-up spot on first-come first-serve basis. If your club is interested, give Teri a call.


Burchard Galleries will again be doing antique appraisals in adjoining rooms in Community Hall. Appraisals will be three items for $5. In an effort to expedite appraisals, garden club volunteers will be at the Kiosk in the Atrium in early October to take appointments for time slots. Priority will be given to CA/KP residents. ID’s are REQUIRED to obtain an appointment. An official ticket with time slot will be issued with payment at that time. Seating will be available while waiting for your appointment. Garden Club members want to make this a fun event for all. Contact your club president for additional details or Garden Club President Terri Brockway. —Carol Sowers



Breast Care Services from

Manatee Healthcare System Breast cancer is most treatable in the early stages, and the best form of early detection is mammography. The American Cancer Society recommends that all women have a yearly mammogram, starting at age 40. A clinical breast exam is recommended about every three years for women in their 20s and 30s, and each year for those age 40 and over. The Manatee Healthcare System’s breast care services include 3-D imaging technology at Lakewood Ranch MedicaL centeR. This advanced technology enables radiologists to see through multiple layers of tissue. Manatee MeMoRiaL hospitaL offers a comprehensive spectrum of services and is certified by the American College of Radiology as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

Don’t wait! Call us at 941.745.7391 today to schedule your mammogram.

206 Second Street East Bradenton, FL 34208 | 941.745.7225

8330 Lakewood Ranch Boulevard Bradenton, FL 34202 | 941.782.2264

Physicians are on the medical staff of Manatee Healthcare System, but, with limited exceptions, are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Manatee Healthcare System. The hospitals shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians.


The News of Sun City Center

Club Happenings 8 KEEPING IN TOUCH

October 2013

Men’s Club Provides Funds for the Amateur Radio Club of Kings Point



by Al Clark, KJ4FUH

You may wonder about all those antennas on the metal prefab Maintenance Building next to the Atrium. The first room as you enter that building is the Sun City Center Amateur Radio Club. Each antenna outside has a special purpose; the one that looks like a large television antenna on a tower is a directional antenna that can be pointed to any point on the compass to talk to distant countries, and the large, straight vertical antennas are for wide area receiving and transmitting to other states and countries. On top of that television looking antenna is a shorter vertical antenna that is hooked into our “2 meter” repeater. That is a system that can receive transmissions from small hand-held radios with 5-7 watts and then retransmit those weak signals with 50 watts of power to cover the whole area. We also have an older repeater that we keep just in case the primary repeater fails. Why do we want a backup? Because if a hurricane were to hit this area all cell phones and home phones would no longer be available. There are other things that could happen to our commercial power that could mean weeks without power. Our base station equipment, therefore, is designed to operate with 12-volt batteries, so in an emergency we can be on the air for days just using golf cart battery power. One of the antennas is part of the system tuned to communicate with the Emergency Operations Center in Tampa, and yet another is for a CB radio to direct commercial trucks bringing in emergency supplies. If you look around town, you will find one of our special antennas on the emergency squad and the security patrol buildings and two antennas on South Bay Hospital. We have mobile radios in the radio

room which we deploy to these locations along with members of our club in case of emergency. We also deploy them for practice 2-3 times per year. We use car and hand held radios for our members who are assigned to the fire station, the emergency evacuation point at the Middle School off 19th street near the South Shore Library, the supply point of distribution for emergency supplies, our deputy, and other points as needed. For practice we have radios at our parades, walkathons and firework displays to provide emergency communications for the community. If emergency messages are needed for our residents, our members will place a picture of an old fashioned telephone in their front window . That lets anyone know that their home has a radio that can communicate with other amateur radios including the powerful radios in the radio room that can get in touch with emergency services or family outside our area to let them know you are okay. For $15 per year, $20 for a couple, you can join the radio club and get 24/7 access to all of our equipment and join in the fun if you have a radio license. How do you get a license? You no longer need to learn Morse Code (even though it is still good to know). Just stop by, express an interest, pick up a brochure, and order a textbook. Members of the club will help you learn. There are websites that have practice tests. When you are ready to test, our radio club has authorized test givers that can give you the tests and get your license to operate amateur radio. This learning experience is available whenever we have a prospective student. Come on by the radio room and just talk, or call Club President Albert Clark at 634-2520.

Retail Hours for Nearly New Shop

The Nearly New Shop, located at 1515 SR 674 (Sun City Plaza) behind the Bon Worth Store, is now open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8 a.m.-noon. Donations can be dropped off between the hours of 7 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Arrangements for large items to be dropped can be made by calling 813-642-9099. —Janet M. Odell

(L to R) Jim Rottman, Men’s Club president with Kings Point Amateur Radio Club representatives Bill Love and Dick Bishop On September 13, the Men’s Club of Sun City Center (SCC) presented a check for $ 2,700 to representatives from the Kings Point (KP) Amateur Radio Club for the purchase of a Digital Repeater. As per Dick Bishop, Radio Club member, “The Kings Point Amateur Radio Club has undertaken a project to build and operate a digital ham repeater system to serve Sun City Center and Southern Hillsborough County. The digital repeater system known as D-Star is a growing mode of operation in ham radio. It has the advantage of transmitting digital and voice message at the same time, plus it utilizes the Internet to link repeater coverage zones all over the world. Digital messages are sent errorfree and semi-encrypted making it possible to keep personal information private. The digital system has been adopted by law enforcement, weather agencies, FEMA and many state and local Emergency Operation Centers (EOCS) for back up emergency communication needs. The repeater and user groups will be open to all amateurs. As a hobby, amateur radio utilizes many modes of communication and having a D-Star repeater in our SCC community will allow our hams to stay in touch with family and friends around the world while providing an important service if the need arises.” Other projects funded and supported by the Men’s Club in 2012 and 2013 include $3,900 for a hearing loop system in the Community Hall, $2,000 for a hearing loop system

in the Florida Room, $5,200 for an automatic sliding door from the indoor to the outdoor pool, $1,700 for a defibrillator for the Pickleball Club, $1,000 to the Kings Point Library, $2,000 to the SCC Community Association from which $1,200 was used to purchase a new computer for the SCC Library, and presently $4,000 is allocated for a hearing loop system in the Rollins Theatre. The Men’s Club also provides operating funds for the Men’s Health Project (prostate cancer), Parkinson Support Group, Hearing Loss Group, and the Neuropathy Resource Group. In addition to the above, the club installs and maintains the Life Line Medical Alert system in residents’ homes. Life Line provides 24/7 medical alert monitoring for residents who have the system installed. Help can be summoned by simply pressing the Personal Help Button. On October 22, in appreciation for support given by residents of the Sun City Center community, the Men’s Club is planning an open house with free ice cream, cup cakes, and entertainment at Community Hall on South Pebble Beach Blvd. Watch for additional information from the Men’s Club. For information about the Men’s Club of Sun City Center please visit the Club website at or call John Armstrong at 634.6434. —John Armstrong

Americans of Italian Heritage Club

The Americans of Italian Heritage Club will start fall 2013 with its annual Columbus Day Dinner Dance on Monday, October 14, at the Kings Point Borini Theater. Banquet Masters will be the caterer. The doors will open at 4 p.m. with cheese and crackers and vegetables with dip. The buffet is planned at 5:30 p.m. As always, coffee, iced tea and water will be provided. It is a BYOB. Gari will be the entertainer. Wine will be provided. Everyone is always welcome to come and have a good time. Gentlemen: Please, jackets are required! Members $25 and guests $27. There will be table reservations for everyone. To reserve a full table, please send all names and checks in “one” envelope. Make checks payable to A.I.H. and mail to Gerry Barba, (813-633-5589) 201 Glenellen Place, SCC 33573. Cut-off date is Oct. 8. —Annette Macdonald

October 2013

The News of Sun City Center


Moving Forward !


Security Patrol Joins Walk to End Alzheimer’s

One of the first signs of the overall plan to upgrade, update, rejuvenate and modernize the Community Association properties in Sun City Center became visible on September 17 when the Florida Room doors were unlocked after two months of painstaking work. Combining the commercial contractor workloads along with our own Maintenance Staff talents, that room was stripped down to bare floors and walls, cleaned, and then rebuilt into a 21st Century greeting hall and meeting room. Community Manager Lyn Reitz was responsible for the design, materials selection, the new chandeliers (from the “Barcelona Collection”), new Coletta Carpeting from the John Moore flooring folks in Sun City Center, Parkland window dressings from Dove Interiors in Ruskin, new chairs and even a new border around the dance floor so we won’t be tripping over the edging any more. The best part? She recovered all of the costs from our regular Replacement/ Reserve Fund, so no new money was needed to accomplish what you will see the next time you pop into the Florida Room in our Atrium Building. —John Bowker

Adult Primary Care


In a State-of-the-Art New Facility!

The Sun City Center Security Patrol has joined the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, adding a major community organization to the roster of companies, individuals and neighborhoods supporting the effort. “When the Patrol gets involved, it is never half-hearted,” said Connie Lesko, business development coordinator at Freedom Plaza and the coordinator behind the event. Churches and service clubs are also joining in. A signup sheet has been posted in the Patrol office. The two-mile walk will begin at 10 a.m. October 26, with registration and pre-walk activities scheduled for 9 a.m. The event starts at the United Methodist Community Church at 1210 West Del Webb Boulevard. Participants will walk north on Del Webb, cross onto the Freedom Plaza nature trail, and continue to Golfview Terrace. At that one-mile point a bus will be provided to take anyone back to the church. Those who take the roundtrip back will have covered two miles. Individual teams solicit donations. A team can be as small as one, or encompass an entire organization or neighborhood. There is no minimum donat ion re quire d, and a $100 contribution entitles the donor to a T-shirt.

Walkers can preregister online at Bicycles, inline skates, wheelie footwear, skateboards, scooters – and pets – are not allowed.



JSA Medical Group - Sun City Center Activity Center is open to the community & offers a variety of FREE community & patient events! (Classes are subject to change)

octoBer upcoMinG eVentS *Register Now! (813) 419-5020 Tue 01:

SilverSneakers® (MSROM)*

11 am to Noon

JSA Medical Group in Sun City Center is a comprehensive primary care clinic with many services offered in-house including radiology and labs! There is no better time to become a member of JSA!

Wed 02:

LiNe DANCiNG*: Beginners or Advanced (Classes Limited to 30 ppl)

11 am to Noon; 12:15 to 1:15 pm

Thu 03:

SilverSneakers® (MSROM)* TAiJUTSU (NeW!)

9:30 to 10:30 am 2 to 3 PM

Fri 04:


10 to 11 am 1 to 2 pm 2:15 to 3:30 pm

Mon 07:


11 am to Noon 1 to 2 pm 2:15 to 3:30 pm


Tue 08:

SilverSneakers® (MSROM)*

11 am to Noon

Including Humana and CarePlus Medicare Advantage Plan Members

Wed 09:

LiNe DANCiNG*: Beginners or Advanced (Classes Limited to 30 ppl)

11 am to Noon; 12:15 to 1:15 pm

JSA MedicAl Group - Sun city center

Thu 10:

SilverSneakers® (MSROM)* TAiJUTSU (NeW!)

9:30 to 10:30 am 2 to 3 PM

Fri 11:


11 am to Noon 1 to 2 pm 2:15 to 3:30 pm

Mon 14:


11 am to Noon 1 to 2 pm 2:15 to 3:30 pm

Tue 15:


11 am to Noon 2 to 4 pm

Wed 16:

LiNe DANCiNG*: Beginners or Advanced (Classes Limited to 30 ppl)

11 am to Noon; 12:15 to 1:15 pm

Thu 17:

SilverSneakers® (MSROM)* TAiJUTSU (NeW!)

9:30 to 10:30 am 2 to 3 pm

Fri 18:


11 am to Noon 1 to 2 pm 2:15 to 3:30 pm

Mon 21:


11 am to Noon 1 to 2 pm 2:15 to 3:30 pm

Tue 22:

SilverSneakers® (MSROM)*

11 am to Noon

Wed 23:

LiNe DANCiNG*: Beginners or Advanced (Classes Limited to 30 ppl)

11 am to Noon; 12:15 to 1:15 pm

Thu 24:

SilverSneakers® (MSROM)* TAiJUTSU (NeW!)

9:30 to 10:30 am 2 to 3 pm

Fri 25:


11 am to Noon 1 to 2 pm 2:15 to 3:30 pm

787 cortaro dr., Sun city center, Fl 33573



Call Today! (813) 634-2500

Dominoes are always available to play at the SCC Activity Center! Some classes have limited space - waitlists are available if full! Please call for availability Please check your insurance coverage for SIlverSNeAkerS class participation eligibility. *MSrOM: Muscular Strength & range of Movement Classes lINe DANCe ClASS AtteNDeeS: Please wear closed-toe shoes & no perfumes or scented body creams please. Visit us online for the rest of the monthly schedule of classes and events for October: Click “Events” kIDNey SMArtSM Next class is: OCtOBer 30 Classes offered through DaVita Dialysis on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Call for more info.


The News of Sun City Center

October 2013

October 2013

The News of Sun City Center


MFST Annual Benefit to Present Masquerade Entertainment

Military Affairs


Dave Floyd Addresses MOAA on SCC Renovations

Dave Floyd, SCCCA Corporate Secretary-Director Dave Floyd, Sun City Center Community Association Board of Directors member (Corporate Secretary-Director) and MOAA Board of Directors member, was the featured speaker at the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) monthly luncheon, which took place at the Sun City Center (SCC) North Side Eberhardt Building on September 4th , 2013. David earned a B.A. in Biology at the University of Massachusetts in 1967, a MS in Chemistry at Suffolk University, Boston MA in 1972 and a MA in Biochemistry at the University of Massachusetts in 1977. Serving in his position as a CA board member, Dave has been intricately involved in the development and implementation of the numerous changes and additions currently being planned for the SCC administrative and recreational areas. Dave outlined the various proposals under consideration and brought the MOAA members up to date on the progress of the project. The presentation was comprehensive and was well received by the MOAA members.  —B. Frank Kepley, CAPT, USN, (Ret) Local MOWW Chapter wins national award

The Sun City Chapter of MOWW was recently presented a national award for the Best Mid-Sized MOWW Chapter at its National Convention. This is the third consecutive year that the local chapter has received the award.    Accepting the award, in the above photo, from left to right is: Chapter Senior Vice Commander Jim Warchol; National Commander in Chief Gary Engin; Chapter Commander Charlie Conover;  Past Chapter Commander Sheila Greason and Chapter Companion Tom Turpin. —B. Frank Kepley, CAPT, USN, (Ret)

  The Military Family Support Trust (MFST) will present entertainment featuring a program entitled Masquerade on Sunday, October 6, from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. at Community Hall, located at 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd.  The proceeds of the annual event will benefit the various MFST programs, which include Operation Warm Heart, Paws for Patriots, Wounded Warriors and others.  T h e s e Masquerade performers have opened for nationally known acts such as Tanya Tucker, L i t t l e Te x a s , Keith Whitley, Dwight Yoakam, Buck Owens, The Fabulous Thunderbirds and George T h o r o g o o d .  They will take you through the magic of music on a journey through time with the McGuire Sisters, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Celine, Brenda Lee, Patsy Cline, Judy Garland, the Righteous Brothers and more.    Cost is $10 per person and tickets are on sale from 10 – noon at the Atrium-Kiosk or at the MFST office (4th floor) in Freedom Plaza (9-noon).  Open to public.  Information can be obtained at 634-4675. —B. Frank Kepley, CAPT, USN, (Ret)

Sons of the American Revolution The Florida Society Sons of the American Revolution is pleased to announce the chartering of its society’s 33 rd chapter, the South Shore Chapter, at a luncheon on Saturday, October 5. The Florida Society of the Sons of the American Revolution invites you to attend and participate in this momentous event to establish this chapter. This event will begin at noon in the Maui Room of Freedom Plaza, 1010 American Eagle Blvd., SCC. You will have your choice of Country Fried Steak with Mushroom Gravy or a Chicken Breast Mandarin Salad. The cost will be $13 per person, payable in advance to Treasurer, Bill Love, at 2007 Grantham Greens Dr. in SCC, or upon arrival at this function. Your reservation, meal choices and the number in your party are needed no later than September 30. The dress code will be coat and tie for Chapter officers and casual for members. The ladies always know appropriate attire.  Should you have Revolutionary Era attire, it is also appropriate. Please advise us of your attendance at your earliest convenience. Cancellations can be made to Bill Love at 634-2749 up to 48 hours before the luncheon. The Florida Society looks forward to having you help us celebrate this very happy and special event.

Association of Naval Aviation Silver Osprey Chapter to Kick Off Fall Season October 11

COL John R. Robinson, USA, United States Central Command (above), is the keynote speaker for the Silver Osprey Squadron’s Friday, October 11, luncheon meeting. COL Robinson is Director of Communication for U.S. Central Command. His subject is “The Mission of U.S. Central Command.” Its area of responsibility is 20 countries in the central area of the globe. In 1987, COL Robinson was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant from the Army ROTC. He holds a Master’s degree in journalism from Marshall University and a Master’s in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College. His first assignment was as a Field Artillery officer from 1987 to 1993. From there, he filled many army communication assignments, ranging from Africa to Europe and Iraq. In 2003, he served as Deputy Director of Central Command Public Affairs and provided public affairs counsel to U.S. Central Command staff. From 2005 to 2008, he served in the Pentagon where he managed nearly all U.S. Army media, becoming the Army Public Affairs Director of Planning. COL Robinson assumed his current duties as Director of Communication at USCENTCOM in August 2010. You do not need to be former military to attend. All that is required is an interest in military activities. For reservations ($17) and meeting location, contact Tom Harding by phone or e-mail. Phone is 813-634-1236. E-mail is tharcons@aol. com. Visit our website at, click on Activities and then Veterans Activities.


The News of Sun City Center

October 2013

Now Accepting NEW Patients at our NEW Brandon Location

You’ve never been treated so well! All of our Doctors are Board Certified Dermatologists and Trained to the Highest Professional Standards in their Field!

621 Medical Care Drive, Brandon, FL 33511 1-855-phd4you (743-4968)

Complete and Effective Dental Care in a Comfortable Modern Facility

Don’t Wait! Call (813) 655-9944 for your appointment today!

New Patient Offer Exam, X-rays and Cleaning*



*In absence of gum disease. Reg price $266. Expires November 30, 2013 The patient and any other person responsible for payment have the right to refuse to pay, cancel a payment, or to be reimbursed for any other service, examination, or treatment which is performed as a result of and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee service, examination or treatment. Fees quoted are minimum fees only.

Dr. Amandeep Sandhu 767 Cypress Village Blvd. Sun City Center, FL 33573

(813) 655-9944

• We’ll help you keep your teeth and gums healthy • Friendly and professional Dentist and Staff • We have practical solutions that address your specific dental problems • Gentle care, keeping your well-being in mind

October 2013

The News of Sun City Center


North ... South ... East ... West ...

Expanding Our Horizons

Florida Scrub Jays By Judy Stimson The Florida S crub Jay is considered a federally threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, and they are found nowhere else except Florida. The best place in our area to find these blue and silver-gray birds is Oscar Scherer State Park, which is located six miles south of Sarasota. The park is open 365 days a year from 8:00 a.m. to sunset, and the entry fee is $4 per vehicle with a single occupant and $5 per vehicle with 2 to 8 occupants. There are both self-guided and guided tours by either Rangers or Audubon Society volunteers depending on the time of year. The most popular self-guided tour trails are the Blue Trail and the Lester Finley Trail. The Blue Trail is 1.5 miles through the Florida Scrub Jay habitat that includes Mesic Pine Flatwoods and Scrubby Flatwoods. A portion of the trial parallels the Rails-to-Trails before returning to the starting point. Much of the trail can be sandy in dry weather and provides little shade. The Lester Finley Trail is a ½-mile barrier-free trail that provides hiking opportunities for those with disabilities. It is wheelchair accessible, has two butterfly gardens, two picnic tables and a water fountain as it meanders through a hardwood hammock along a tidal reach of South Creek. There are also five audio boxes along the trail that explain aspects of the different habitats. In addition to Florida Scrub Jays, other birds and that are present in the park include Red-Headed

Woodpeckers, Brown Thrashers, Northern Flickers, hawks, owls and eagles. To find these birds you can also take seasonal guided tours: (1) Guided Scrub Walk that lasts 1 to 1.5 hours that is on Sundays starting at 8:30 a.m., and (2) Bird Walk that lasts 1 to 2 hours that is on Thursdays starting at 8:00 a.m. Call the Ranger Station at 941-483-5956 ahead of time to confirm tour dates and times. To get to the State Park, take I-75 South, get off at Exit 200 on the right to get on SR-681 S. towards Venice / Osprey, take Tamiami Trail N. on the right towards US-41N / Osprey, and the park entrance is on your right. It is less than 50 miles and takes less than 1 hour to get there. If you plan to make a day of it, another place of interest near-by is the Historic Spanish Point (941-9665214, www.HistoricSpanishPoint. org) that has docent-led tram tours with reservations (ext. 285). Local food spots include the Spanish Pointe Restaurant (941-966-5746,www. and Casey Key Fish House (941-966-1901, www. Both are waterfront and casual, and provide terrific seafood.

Recycle your Old Cell Phone

The United Community Church at 1501 La Jolla Avenue, Sun City Center, continues its cell phone recycling campaign. All cell phones and accessories will be accepted. Great for our environment! Cell phones can be refurbished, reused or recycled according to EPA. Keep cell phones and their toxins out of the landfills and entering our waterways. 100% of every phone will be recycled or reused! Drop off old cellphones and accessories at the Church office 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday. —Larry Piechoski 

 

         

Solution on page 34.

Supplemental Insurance Questions? Medicare Advantage Questions? Turning 65? Retiring? Price increase on plan F, G or N? Average Savings of $450 a Year


       

  


The News of Sun City Center

October 2013


Chrysanthemums Chrysanthemums are just about the easiest of all of the perennials to grow. They can be planted almost any time, as long as they have time to establish their root system before the hottest weather. They grow best and produce the most flowers if planted in full sunshine, and respond to plenty of food and moisture. The chrysanthemum is one of the most colorful of all fall flowering perennials. A wide selection of varieties is available in white, pink, yellow, lavender, bronze, salmon, or ange, or re d. Nat i onw i d e, Chrysanthemums ranked third in sales last year, behind orchids and the front-runner, poinsettias.

EDIBLE CHRYSANTHEMUMS A somewhat different variety is the vegetable chrysanthemum, also called “garland chrysanthemum.” The leaves have a whitish green color and notched leaf appearance. It is commonly eaten in Asia where it is known as shungikee in Japan and kor tongho in China. In Florida gardens, it grows fairly well when seeds are sown in the fall (September through November), and in the spring. Ordinary vegetable garden practices of fertilizing, mulching and soil preparation are suggested. The young tender leaves are ready for harvest about a month after the seeds are sown.

they still appear to have an insect repellent effect. They are harmful to fish, but are far less toxic to mammals and birds than many synthetic insecticides and are non-persistent, being biodegradable breaking down easily on exposure to light. They are considered to be among the safest insecticides for use around food.

SCC DAV Chapter 110 and American Legion Post 246 join forces for Veterans The SCC Disabled American Veterans Chapter 110 and American Legion Post 246 have combined their efforts to counsel with veterans on the many programs that are available to them which offer assistance.  

At a r e c e n t c o u n s e l i n g appointment shown above, seated rear (L to R) are Bob Gerdes, DAV; Blaine Brown, American Legion; and Darrell Katz, of DAV and American Legion. Also seated at the table receiving counseling is veteran George Bodmer. Appointments are available every Monday from 1 to 5 p.m. at SCC Community Hall, room 3. For appointments call Blaine Brown at 633-5671;   Darrell Katz at 260-3692;  or Bob Gerdes at 6341761.  Veterans with appointments will be given priority but walk-ins are welcomed as well.

James M. Stephens Univ. of Florida

Pyrethrum, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia As can be seen, chrysanthemums are not only a great fall addition to your landscape but have many other uses as well. REFERENCES:edis.; CHRYSANTHEMUM TEA C hr ys ant hemums can b e purchased in bloom from nurseries, Yellow or white chrysanthemum garden supply stores and florists. flowers are boiled to make a sweet p l ant s ; w w w. l i v i ng w it hbu g s . A problem may exist when trying drink. The resulting beverage is c om / p e r m e t h r i n _ py re t h r u m . to plant a mum obtained from a known simply as “chrysanthemum ht m l; en.w i k ip e di i k i/ florist. This is because there are tea” and has many medicinal uses, P y r e t h r u m , i n s e c t i c i d a l ; “hardy mums” and “florist mums.” including an aid in recovery from e n . w i k i p e d i a . o r g / w i k i / Chrysanthemum_tea Hardy mums put out stolons which influenza. are horizontal stems which grow at To p r e p a r e t h e t e a , the soil surface or below ground, chrysanthemum flowers (usually and form new plants at the ends or dried) are steeped in hot water at the nodes. Florist mums put out around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. few or no stolons and are less likely Often rock sugar is added after to survive. Buying from a nursery or cooling. The resulting drink is garden store has an advantage over transparent and ranges from pale to growing them from cuttings because bright yellow in color, with a floral one can see the flower color and type, aroma. In Chinese tradition, once and can have instant color in your a pot of chrysanthemum tea has flowerbeds. When buying potted been drunk, hot water is typically chrysanthemums, look for healthy, added again to the flowers in the pot well-shaped plants with many flower (producing a tea that is slightly less buds. It is better to buy a plant with strong); this process is often repeated many partially opened buds since it several times. Did You Know ... will have a longer period of bloom than a plant in full bloom. PLANTING Has Several Options For Cremation Memorialization? CHRYSANTHEMUMS Cremation Benches, Granite Niches, Chrysanthemums should be and a Variety of Cremation Gardens planted into well-prepared, fertile, Mausoleum & Ground Burial Also Available sandy soil. A good rule is to not Affordable Payment Plans Available continue to grow mums in the same spot for more than three consecutive years to help prevent disease and pest problems. Every third spring, divide chrysanthemums to rejuvenate them. Cremation planning provided through the Florida Pre-Planning $ 00 The plants should be spaced Alliances, and Page Theus Funeral Home and Cremation Service. 18-30 inches apart for best results. Free Information Seminar with Complimentary Lunch When the plants are six inches tall, at Sandpiper Grille, 1702 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. INSECTICIDAL MUMS pinch about 3/4 of an inch from each branch to promote more blooms and Monday, October 7 & 14 at 11 am. C h r y s ant h e mu m f l owe rs bushier plants. When they reach a are pulverized yielding the active Please RSVP 941-722-4543 foot tall, pinch them again. components in the seed cases which Two to three applications are called pyrethrins. Pyrethrum is of a 6-6-6 fertilizer at the rate of economically important as a natural one pound per 100 square feet of source of insecticide. Pyrethrins 5200 US Highway 19 North, Palmetto, FL 34221 bed during the growing season attack the ner vous systems of all insects, and inhibit female are sufficient to grow a good crop of flowers. Water thoroughly to mosquitoes from biting. When not distribute the fertilizer throughout present in amounts fatal to insects, the root area.

Don’t Store Your Love Ones....

Memorialize Them!


Skyway Memorial Gardens

A Life Lived Deserves To Be Celebrated! COMPLETE SIMPLE CREMATION 995

Skyway Memorial Gardens 941-722-4543

October 2013

The News of Sun City Center




Happy Custom Very ers i 0 0 n

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Sun City C en


Exp. 10/31/13

Any Project of $2,500 or More

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813-685-3900 Exp. 10/31/13

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401 South Parsons, Brandon, FL Call for showroom hours


Travertine / Pool Tile Remodeling

Driveways / Pool Decks / Patios

Coupons must be presented at time of contract.


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Prince of Peace Catholic Church

702 Valley Forge Blvd, SCC • • 813.634.2328



Sun. 8am, 10am, 12n Sat. Vigil 4pm Daily 8:00 a.m.

Mon.-Fri. 7:30 a.m. Sat. 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

BETH ISRAEL The Jewish Congregation of Sun City Center, 1115 Del Webb Blvd. E. Sun City Center (813)634-2590



• FREE ESTIMATES!! • Fully Licensed & Insured



Ages 9-99

American Contract Bridge League


4 FREE Lessons

Everyone welcome! Join the elite! You play in a game your very first lesson. Bring a partner or come alone. You won’t be alone for long! Meet new and interesting people. Improve your mine.

Easy to learn! Fun to play! This is your opportunity for FOUR FREE LESSONS! Bring your friends, kids, spouses, relatives. Enjoy a fascination pastime. You can learn in just a few weeks, while meeting new friends. Join us! Learn the world’s greatest game the Easybridge! way.

Every Friday, Starting October 25, 2013 • 8:30 to 11:00 am Horizon Room in the Atrium Building

947 North Course Lane (off Pebble Beach N.) Sun City Center, FL 33573 Contact: Kathy Smith 813-480-3368


The News of Sun City Center

October 2013


29910 SR 56, Wesley Chapel, FL 33543


Compassionate Care is closer than you think

Get Help NOW!


Proud to be serving the Sun City Center Area!



703 Del Webb Blvd. W., Suite B Sun City Center • 813-634-3396

RACHEL A WEISSMAN, CIC, LUTCF (813) 634-7100 Michelle Halcomb, D.D.S. General Dentistry

Tooth Pain • Crowns • Dental Implants • Partials Cleanings • Sedation Dentistry • Tooth Whitening • Dentures • Bridges • Porcelain Veneers • Cosmetic Dentistry Lic#s 6193,9109,11099,15756,D1713809

Call me today to hear about these optional features: New Car Replacement, Accident Forgiveness and Deductible Rewards.

955 Del Webb Blvd. E. Ste 102 Sun City Center RWEISSMAN@ALLSTATE.COM

Feature is optional and subject to terms, conditions and availability. Safe Driving Bonus won’t apply after an accident. Patent pending. Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company; Northbrook, IL. © 2009 Allstate Insurance Company

October 2013 Paid Advertisement

The News of Sun City Center


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Replace Old Drafty Windows & Cut Energy Bills With Special “No Cost Now Program" Sun City Center, FL – Michael Hollander, owner of WeatherTite Windows, announced a great savings plan for Sun City Center residents. His deferred payments, along with reduced pricing, are great for homeowners who are in need of affordable, replacement windows and doors. All homeowners who respond within two weeks from the date of this notice and purchase energy efficient money saving WeatherTite windows or doors are eligible to make this purchase with no money down and have a payment plan with no interest until 2016. Mr. Hollander emphasized the program is effective immediately – and he will be able to arrange monthly payments to suit the budgetary needs of every homeowner. This very special program features the finest tilt-in w i n d o w s m a n u f a c t u r e d t o d a y. WeatherTite Windows come with 6 great warranties, meet stringent codes

for hurricanes and provide year round security for your home. They are also very energy efficient and custom designed by WeatherTite, your window design specialists for a perfect fit in every home! Plus for the next 2 weeks, homeowners who purchase WeatherTite Windows will get an exclusive special. Buy two windows and get one FREE plus receive a FREE entry door, with minimum purchase. This is an offer that includes a special energy savings warranty and 100% financing. Kings Point owners should call as well. WeatherTite can design and build a window or door to meet your association requirements and work with your board for proper approvals. As always, WeatherTite is proud to offer a special discount to seniors and to retired military. Estimates are always FREE. Call tollfree 24 hours a day for a FREE in-home estimate. These offers will expire October 15, 2013.

Call Weathertite WindowsToday!

813-908-0131 #CGC-1515541

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o t P n r l a a e y L Bridge B d n a n u F etter e v Bridge Teachers’ Association a H Sun City Center Bridge Lessons for players on all levels Easy Bridge, for Beginners & Novices Play & Learn • 4 FREE Weeks

Starting Friday, October 25, 8:30 a.m., Horizon Room For information: Kathy Smith, 480-3368


Intermediate Bridge for Returning Players, 9 Week Course Starting Monday, October 21, 8:30 a.m. Horizon Room Instructor: Pat Rippel, 642-9216

Defense –The Hardest Part of the Game, 8 Week Course Starting Tuesday, October 22, 9 a.m., Horizon Room Instructor: Marian Howarth, 642-0719

Hand Evaluation & Counting Your Hand, 8 Week Course Starting Thursday, October 24, 9 a.m., Royal Room Instructor: Virgil Eveleigh, 642-9005

Courses are $50 & Include textbook Register Now: call or email the Instructor


Golf League Results, Pictures and More

Hogans League of Sun City Center and Kings Point August 17: Sandpiper Lakes – Palms, Play: H-Skins: 1st Place:  Joe DeFelice - 3 Skins; 2nd Place:  Ron Windsor - 2 Skins. Low-net:  Ron Windsor – 63; Low-gross:  Mike Brock – 83. Birds:  Mike Brock - #6 Par 4, Hank Smythe - #6 Par 4, Ron Windsor - #3 Par 4.

Left to Right: Joe DeFelice, Ron Windsor, John Apostol, Hank Smythe and Mike Brock.

The News of Sun City Center

Hogans League Cont’d.

Caloosa CC Women (18)

net: Burt Easter 63; Low-gross:  Bob August 28: Throw Out 2 Odd Holes, Front and Back: Flt 1 Anita Ciota 1st  Jacobs - 79 46; Mary Chabot  tie  2nd  with Jan September 7:  Sandpiper Lakes- Harding 47. Flt 2 Sandy Gaither 1st  Palms, Play: A-Skins: 1st Place:  Rich 44; Maxine Thompson  2nd 48. Flt 3 Lucidi - 2 Skins; 2nd Place:  Mike Jodie Allison 1st 48; Jan Churchill 2nd Brock - 1 Skin. Low-net:  Bob Jacobs 49. Flt 4 Laura Horwath1st 48; Joan – 66; Low-gross:  Mike Brock – 81. LaMar tie 2nd with Barb  Larson 50. Birds:  Rich Lucidi - #12 Par 4; Mike September 4: Low Gross/Low Net: Brock - #8 Par 3; and Bob Jacobs - #4 Flt 1 Anita Ciota 1st Low Gross Par 5. 89; Sally Heffernan 1st Low Net 71 Kathi Nicolay 2nd Low Net  72. Flt 2 Maxine Thompson 1st Low Gross 98; Sarah Chambers 1st Low Net 73; Lolita Johnson 2nd Low Net 76. Flt 3 Lucille Lanese 1st Low Gross 104; Jodie Allison  tie 1st Low Net with Sue Daveler 74. Flt 4 Timi Pratt 1st Low Gross 108; Sue Habblett 1st Low Net 73; Joan LaMar 2nd Low Net  75. September 12: Throw out2 Holes Left to Right:  Mike Brock, Bob (F&B): Flt 1 Kathi Nicolay 1st score Jacobs and Rich Lucidi 56; Bev Valentine 2nd 57. Flt 2 Maxine Thompson 1st 52; Aileen Engel September 11:    Sandpiper Palms- 2nd 53. Flt 3 Rose Huggard 1st 54; Oaks, Play: H-Skins: 1st Place:  Burt Judy Delaney 2nd 56. Flt 4 Jackie Easter, Rich Lucidi, and Mike Brock Wrigley 1st 53; Linda McDougall - Tied at 2 Skins. Low-net:  Burt 2nd 54. Easter – 66; Low-gross:  Mike Brock – 79. Birds:  Mike Brock - #4 Par 5 and Burt Easter - #6 Par 5.

August 24: Sandpiper OakesLakes, Play: A-Skins: 1 st Place:  John Apostolou - 3 Skins; 2nd Place:  Hank Smythe - 2 Skins. Low-net:  John Apostolou – 65; Low-gross:  John Apostolou – 83. Birds:  John Apstolou - #3 Par 4 and #17 Par 3; Left to Right:  Mike Brock, Rich Mike McClintic - #12 Par 4 and #17 Lucidi, Hank Smythe and Burt Easter Par 3; Mike Brock - #4 Par 4; and Bob Jacobs - #12 Par 4. September 14: Freedom Fairways, Play: H-Skins: 1 st Place:  Mike McClintic - 5 Skins; 2nd Place:  Andy Betz - 3 Skins.  Low-net:  Mike McClintic – 55; Low-gross:  Mike McClintic – 70. Birds:  Mike McClintic - #5 Par 4. September 14:  Sandpiper Palms – Oaks, Play: H-Skins: 1st Place:  Ron Windsor and Bob Jacobs - Tied at 2 Skins. Low-net:  Bob Jacobs – 61;  Left to Right: Bob Jacobs, Mike Brock, Low-gross:  Bob Jacobs – 76. Birds:  Hank Smythe, Ron Leombruno, John Bob Jacobs - #12 Par 4 and #18 Par Apostolou and Mike McClintic 5; Jay Sparkman - #6 Par 5.

Renaissance 8/26: TPC Prestancia Road Trip -1st Place by flight: Flight 1 Dick Jackson/ Ray Sparks/John Mengelson/John Lazarus. Flight 2 Kyle Creasy/John Durm/Jerry Gibson/Gaylen Wallace. Flight 3 Tim Beattie/King Slater/ Bobby Hall/John Skinner. Flight 4 Gene Pliska/Joe Pliska/Alex Trevino/ Jim Aune. Flight 5 Mike Crabtree/ Bob Beck/Dennis KintzelFlight 6 Debbie Lester/Linda Belanger/Joan Richardson/Carol Salowitz.

September 4: Sandpiper Oaks-Lakes, Play: H-Skins: 1st Place:  Bob Jacobs - 4 Skins; 2nd Place:  Burt Easter and Rich Lucidi - Tied at 3 Skins. Low-

Hogans League October Schedule Date Day Course 10/2 Wed Sandpiper 10/4 Fri Summerfield 10/5 Sat Freedom Fairways Sat Sandpiper 10/9 Wed Sandpiper 10/11 Fri Summerfield 10/12 Sat Freedom Fairways Sat Sandpiper 10/16 Wed Sandpiper 10/18 Fri Summerfield 10/19 Sat Freedom Fairways Sat Sandpiper 10/23 Wed Sandpiper 10/25 Fri Summerfield 10/26 Sat Freedom Fairways Sat Sandpiper 10/30 Wed Summerfield

Left to Right:  Ron Windsor, Bob Jacobs, Mike Brock, Jay Sparkman, Rich Lucidi and Charlie Brown.

Caloosa Greens Ladies August 22: Odd-Even Teams: 1st place Eleanor Schreiber & Joan Edwards 54; 2nd  place Joan Camelio & Pat Johnson 55.5 August 29: Low Putts: 1st place Vivian King 27; 2nd place Claudia Woolley 28.

L to r: Rosie Kintz, Jeannie Shively, Nadi Bennett

Men 8/19: Prize Fund 2 Best Balls of 4: 1st Place Sam Thompson/Vic Morris/ Bob Stephens/John Falco. 9/2: Individual Low Net flight winners: Flight 1 Dave Liehr. Flight 2 Bobby Hall. Flight 3 Gene Scoppettuolo. Flight 4 John Richards. 9/9: Texas Scramble: 1st Place Gaylen Wallace/Bobby Hall/Stan Pearsall/ Dave Bartku.

October 2013

ClubLink Cont’d.

L to R: Bob Stephens, John Falco, Sam Thompson

Ladies 8/20: Prize Fund 2 Best Balls of 4: 1st Place Jeanie Shively/Nadi Bennett/ Rosie Kintz and Kathleen Records/ Bette Mannon/Mary Wiethe/Karen Gibson. 8/27: 2 Best Balls of 4: 1 st Place Anne Skinner/Betty McLoone/Betty Rollins/Emily Rohner. 9/10: Individual Quota Points winners: Flight 1 Barbara Gaines. Flight 2 Deloris Durm. Flight 3 Carol Moss. Falcon Watch Men 8/19: 1 BB even 2BB odd flight winners: Flight 1- John Carroll, Manny DeBono, Joe Spaziano. Flight 2- Vince Pirone, Sammy Sammuelson, Dan Waldman. 8/26: Low Net- Best ball flight winners: Flight 1- John Carroll, Ralph Fuente. Flight 2- Bob Trombetta, Marty Dain tied with John Scott, Neal Spontak. 9/2: 2 Best Balls flight winners: Flight 1- Wayne Hughes, John Carroll, Bob Condon. 1st Place Flight 2- Harry Porter, Dave Hoffman, Mike Sekol. 9/9: Quota Points flight winners: Flight 1- Vid Valiusaitis, Duke Martin, Bill Meier, Manny DeBono. Flight 2-Bob Trombetta, Dave Hoffman, Neal Spontak. 18 Hole Ladies 9/6: Odd Holes: 1st Place- Ollie Keller. 8/2 : Low Net: 1st Place- Ollie Keller. 9 Hole Ladies 8/30: Alternate Shot: 1st Place Terry Wynne, Mary McClafferty. 9/6: Mystery Hole flight winners: Flight 1- Jane Boccieri. Flight 2 Sue Freed. 3 Mary McClafferty. 9/13: Low Gross/Low Net flight winners: Flight 1- Jane Boccieri, Mary McClafferty, Janine Johnson. Flight 2 Sue Freed, Lorraine Fritzel, Donna Berger. Flight 3 Kathy Boccieri, Mary McClafferty, Mary Arpaia. Scepter Men 8/19: 2 Best Balls: 1st Place Bill Yost, Doug Tanzer, Rick Nowak, Vince Robbio.

October 2013

The News of Sun City Center

Shriners Golf League Forms

ClubLink Cont’d.

8/27: Points: 1st Place Annetta Pucci. 9/3: Individual: 1st Place Lois Gluntz.

Notice to All Sports Teams Please send your results/ schedules/news to by the 15th of each month.







Caloosa Golf & C.C.



Purchase a 2014 membership between October 1 and December 15th, 2013 and play all the golf you desire for the remainder of 2013 for FREE

Single membership $3,060

Couples $ 4,080

(Compare with what you’re paying!!!)

Vicki Franks, Membership Director Call 417-343-7196 or email

L-R: Chuck Reeve, Ken Buckland, Dave Welsh & Bob Russell. Missing from the pic: Jim Hiller, Dutch James & Jim Raymond. O n S e pte mb e r 3 , l o c a l Shriners met to form a golf league that would be open to Shriners and any male friend. Public Club Link courses were selected as the choice to play. The 4th Wednesdays of every month were chosen as the play dates. One of the main features of this league will be that 25% of all prize monies will be donated to the Shriners Childrens Hospital in Tampa. —Art Swallow

ol f Ca G y rt t i C

Sun City Center’s Only Golf Cart Superstore •4 BRANDS • 4 YEAR WARRANTIES* • 4 FACTORY CERTIFIED MECHANICS

s c. In

Su n

8/27: Even Holes ½ handicap: 1st Place Roe Murphy. 9/3: Low Net: 1st Place Roe Murphy. Sandpiper Men 8/15: Scramble: 1 st Place C Kim, Charlie Gebauer. Bob Keys. 8/22: 2 Man Team: 1st Place C. Kim, Bob Keys. 8/19: 1-2-3: 1st Place Bert Poulin, Ron Bimsonn, Michael Prach, Larry Brunke. 9/15: One Net One Gross: 1st Place Bert Poulin, Les Easton, Harold Geldbach, Larry Brunke.

9/12: 3 Man Team: 1 Place Ron Golik, Ron Bimson, Peter Brock. Ladies 8/20: 9’s: 1st Place Annetta Pucci. st


9/2: Scramble: 1 Place Dick Green, Doug Tanzer, Bob Walker. 9/9: 2-3 Continuum: 1st Place- Bill Horobec, Rick Nowak, Lewis Lange. Ladies 18 holes 8/20: Oddity flight winners: Flight 1 Carolyn Avrett. Flight 2 Carol Salowitz. 8/27: Quota Points flight winners: Flight 1 Judie Schafers. Flight 2 Bobbie Ulbrich. Flight 3 Jan Thumberg. 9/10: 2 BB (1 gross, 1 net): 1st Place Joan Richardson, Liz Lewis, Linda Berlanger . Ladies 9 holes 8/20: Low Net: 1st Place Judi Gannon. st


I WANT YOUR USED CART Push it-Pull it! Get it Here!



Minimum Trade Value MimimumTrade

on a NEW 2014

*See *See associate associate for for details! details!

• 1605 Sun City Center Plaza • (813) 633-7843

The News of Sun City Center

SPORTS SCC Lawn Bowling Club Labor Day Tournament

The SCC Lawn Bowling Club Labor Day Tournament was won by the team of Ben Caudill, Jim Ferguson and Cesar Eyssautier: seated in the first row. They had the highest total points for 2 game winners. 2nd place was Mike Perkins, Kathy Gonnella & John Hartz. 3rd place: Dave Barrett, Cecelia McBride and Brenda Perkins. 4th place belonged to Phil Griffin, Dian Thomas & Shirley Hartz. The luncheon committee was chaired by Sue Bellerose with delicious dishes prepared by many members of the club. The Tournament was directed by Jim Bittman and Ray Turman. —Barbara Mignogna

October 2013



Alley Cooper Alley is a a dark gray shorthair Cooper is a delightful little dog. He has an easy going and young cat who was brought to affectionate personality. He gets C.A.R.E. with her three siblings, along well with everyone! He is a Magnum PI, Silver and Rascal. Alley, lap dog and would make a great a true beauty, loves to play with companion. Cooper enjoys walks the other kittens at the shelter. She and Swiss cheese Cheez-Its. Come enjoys sunning on the lanai, and is and meet handsome Cooper today! quite a charmer but she would like As part of his adoption, Cooper has to come to live  at a forever home been microchipped, brought current of her own. Alley has been spayed, on his shots and neutered. He does microchipped, and brought current require daily eye medication that will on her shots. DOB: July 2, 2012 be discussed at the meet and greet. DOB: April 2,  2012 . C.A.R.E. is open 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For directions, visit or call 813-645-2273

Membership is open to all persons who have an interest in military aviation; veterans, retired military or civilian. We meet on the 2nd Friday of the month during the Winter season. Luncheon and a guest speaker. Local annual dues are $20.00. For Info: Email: or call CDR Roger Kennicutt, USN(retired) at 813-260-3221

Fall Semester 2013

Community Church College

Monday, October 21- Thursday, November 21, 2013

1501 La Jolla Ave. Sun City Center, FL 33573

Tuesday September 24, 2013 • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

United Community Church (in the Great Hall) 813-634-8607

Fall 2013 Semester

Adult Education Classes. These are non-credit courses with no previous education needed. Classes are open to everyone in the entire community & surrounding areas.


8:30 - 10:00 Ancient Rome 8:30 - 10:00 Search For God 8:30 - 10:00 Memory Techniques 10:30 - 12:00 Music “Fun”damentals * 10:30 - 12:00 Flower Arranging * (3 classes: 10/21, 11/4, 11/18) $15.00 registration 10:30 - 12:00 Sign Language-Beginning 10:30 - 12:00 News and Views 10:30 - 12:30 Bridge Basics I * 10:30 - 12:00 Words We Use 1:00 - 2:30 Android Tablets & Smartphones 1:00 -3:00 Computer Organization 1:00 - 2:30 Sign Language-Advanced 1:00 - 2:30 Civics and the American System 1:00 - 2:30 Karate for Seniors 1:00 - 2:30 Intro to Windows 8 * 3:00 - 4:30 Interactive Cooking *


8:30 - 10:00 Interior Design 8:30 - 10:00 Terrorism: Justifiable? 8:30 - 10:00 Computer Applications * 10:30 - 12:00 More Income/Less Worry 10:30 - 12:00 Bible and Spiritual Growth 10:30 - 12:00 Controversial Issues of Today 10:30 - 12:00 Herbs and Oils 1:00 - 2:30 How to Buy and Sell Jewelry * 1:00 - 2:30 Wiley’s World and Welcome To It 1:00 - 2:30 The Buddhist Path *


10:30 - 12:00 Astronomy/Astrology * 10:30 - 12:00 Tampa General Series 10:30 - 12:00 American Jazz History * 10:30 - 12:00 Health Care in the U.S. 10:30 - 12:00 Economics of Modern Investing 1:00 - 2:30 Empires of the Sea 1:00 - 2:30 Meditation * 1:00 -3:00 Bridge Basics II * 3:00 - 4:30 Zentangle


10:30 - 12:00 Hypnosis * 10:30 -12:00 If You Like Book Talks * 10:30 - 12:00 Tax and Estate Planning 1:00 - 2:30 Probate, Wills and Trusts 1:00 - 2:30 Seminar Variety 1:00 - 2:30 Reincarnation 1:00 - 2:30 Manage Your Diabetes * Limited enrollment courses - do not permit walk-ins unless noted.


with full details for the courses and trips available at college office in the church, SCC Library and around town.

For information Call: 813-634-8607 or Email: Website:

GIFT CERTIFICATES will be available for purchase on Registration Day September 24, and in the College Office thereafter. A gift certificate is a perfect gift to give to a friend, a relative, your spouse, or as a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift for new neighbors! A gift certificate is also a great way to say “thank you” too! Give the gift of fun and learning – one size fits all!! The price for one certificate/course is $25.00, and the recipient can select the course they wish to take. There is no limit to the number of gift certificates one may purchase. The gift certificate will be valid for one year from date of purchase. PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE NOT VALID FOR TRIPS, ONLY COURSES.

Open Registration

Regular courses: $25.00 for five 90-minute classes (unless otherwise noted) Walk-Ins & Seminars: $6.00 per class & seminar Trips and tours: Cost varies according to expenses involved. Payment may be made by cash or check only. No credit cards. Make checks out to Community Church College. No refunds unless the course is cancelled!

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Continues in the College Office Mondays thru Thursdays: 8:30am - Noon September 25 thru October 24 Note: College Office is not open on Fridays

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*(all trips are limited enrollment)

Rosa Fiorelli Winery – Bradenton, FL

Friday, October 25, 2013 Cost: $40.00 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Walk through the vineyards and learn about the wine making process. A wine tasting will follow. Lunch is included, and leave with a souvenir wine glass.

Venice Art Festival B Venice, FL

Saturday, November 2, 2013 Cost: $25. 9:00 am – 3:00 pm Browse the art exhibits displayed on the festival streets, and browse the many stores and boutiques at your leisure. Lunch will be on your own.

Museum of Fine Arts – St. Petersburg, FL

Friday, November 8, 2013 Cost: $49.00 9:00 am – 2:00 pm A docent led tour is a wonderful way to enhance your visit to the museum. A gourmet lunch at the MFA Café is included. Menu choices will be available on Registration Day.

Sarasota Opera – “Die Fledermaus” (in English) – Sarasota, FL

Friday, November 15, 2013 Cost: $62.00 Noon - 5:00 p.m. Attend a matinee performance of Die Fledermaus, by Johann Strauss, Jr.; an Operetta in three acts performed in English.

Vinoy Resort Hotel, History Tour & Luncheon – St. Petersburg, FL

Friday, November 22, 2013 Cost: $45.00 9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. A docent guided tour of the historic building and gardens. Afterwards, enjoy a 3-course lunch in the stunning dining room – Marchand’s Bar and Grill is included

October 2013 The News of Sun City Center 33 Actually, he means she handles radio Chief Schramm Welcomes Five New Responders communication with the dispatcher. Five students have successfully completed the intense 52-hour One of their tales involves the “Emergency Medical Responder” course given at the Squad training time the Patrol received a call from a center. Students are resident who had been talking on the phone with a friend. Suddenly, in mid- f i r s t t r a i n e d a n d sentence, the friend stopped speaking. c e r t i f i e d i n C P R The Sun City Center Security The dispatcher asked the Shierkolks to and proper use of Patrol’s Volunteers of the Month for check the house. They discovered the an AED.  Following September are Fred and Rosalie Garman woman had passed out, so medical this aspect of the and Sally and Chester Schierkolk. help was summoned. course, the students

Security Patrol Names September’s Volunteers of the Month

The Hope Fund Volunteers to Attend Orientation on October 30

When the Garmans joined the Security Patrol 18 years ago, Fred brought to the job background as a security director for two major hotel chains. Sure, he says, the Patrol is different, but there is one bit of insight he brought with him. If nothing happens after there is a crime, that crime will be repeated. That’s why the highly visible work of the Patrol as the community’s eyes and ears is so important. Both are drivers for Team 10. Like other Patrol veterans, they have their share of stories to tell. For example, late one night they spotted a man in a car in the Tillers and Toilers garden area. Turned out the man and his wife had a fight, and he figured he would sleep in his car overnight. “As a Patrol member you do so many good things for people in Sun City Center,” Rosalie declares. “It’s such a good thing to help,” Fred adds. They agree that as the Sun City Center population has grown during the 21 years they’ve lived here, the Patrol has become even more important.

In addition to volunteering for the Patrol, Sally Schierkolk works at the Information Center. She has discovered people considering moving here definitely appreciate the security, including the Patrol, Sun City Center offers. Until arriving in Sun City Center 10 years ago, the Schierkolks had lived in 17 houses. A career military man, Chester served in both the Navy and Air Force. Sally held federal civil service jobs and also did a lot of volunteer work. Both are drivers for Team 18, or as Chester quips, “I drive and she talks.”

Now that the summer programs are completed, it’s time to prepare for the main school season at Bethune Park in Wimauma where The Hope Fund, an all volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization, conducts after-school programs for at-risk children. An orientation meeting for volunteers, whether you’ve been with us awhile or will be new this year, will take place on Wednesday, October 30, at 1 p.m. at the Wimauma Senior Center. The only requirement for volunteering is that you enjoy children and want to help give those less fortunate to get a good start in life.

studied medical and environmental emergencies, airway m an a g e m e nt , t h e human body, bleeding control, shock and poisoning. Students also learned the (L to R) Gregory Pruett, Jonie Fleischman, Glenda proper technique for Foerster, Ted Adamczyk, and Chief Noreen Schramm. splinting, bandaging, (Not pictured is Julian Vasquez). back boarding and scooping a patient. Each student has now been assigned to one of eight teams and will begin a period of mentoring with an experienced ambulance crew. The Sun City Center Emergency Squad is an all-volunteer organization committed to our motto of “Neighbors helping Neighbors.” If you think you might be interested in joining this respected organization, please visit our website at or call us at 813-6333-1411. —Jan Huber, Asst. Chief, PR

a NEW musical COMEDY about politics, poker & the GAME of life Volunteers are needed, starting Nov. 4, 5 and 6, to read to the children on Mondays; on Tuesdays, to help with a running program and an art class; and on Wednesdays, to work with the children as a mentor or a tutor. All programs last one hour per week. The Hope Fund also sponsors the summer program, field trips, sex and drug education for older children, guest speakers, and helping those with special needs, and The Fund also gives out scholarships to those families that cannot afford the full cost of the tuition for their children. Funds for the programs are raised through tax deductible donations, fund raisers, and grants. The main fundraiser is Breakfast and Bingo which is held twice a year. The next one is coming up on Saturday, November 9, at Community Hall from 8:30 to 11 a.m., so save the date. More information will be forthcoming. Fo r i n f o r m at i o n o n t h e orientation meeting and how to get there on October 30, call Carla Miles at 634-4268. Check out our website at for more information about The Hope Fund.

Adogable Pets

Pet Salon & Store Quality, Convenient & Dependable

Ellen Kleinschmidt as

Writ ten By Lew Resseguie & Ellen Kleinschmidt

Music Director

Ellen Kleinschmidt Producer

Barbara Brtva

Tickets $10

available at SCC Kiosk Credit Card Orders 813-400-7803 PUBLIC WELCOME!

Dire cted By

Lew Res seg uie

October 30, 31 November 1, 2, 7, 8, 9 7:30pm Nightly 2:30pm matinee Nov 9 ask about SEASON TICKETS

coming up in 2014...Jan 8 Sinatra! and Feb 26 Ruby’s on 66

provided by Mens Club of SCC

The mission of the PAC is to educate and equip actors; and to inspire and entertain audiences through high quality theater productions.

4884 Sun City Center Blvd.

east end of Publix Plaza

813-419-7972 Mobile Grooming


Call for an Appointment

Sun City Center’s Premier Grooming Salon & Holistic Pet Supplies Store



The News of Sun City Center

October 2013

Simmons Lake Gator Removed

Pat Pelton watches as the trapper readies the gator for transport.

Marilyn and Dick McCormick are our featured volunteers for this month. They joined the Squad approximately eight years ago and have never looked back. They saw firsthand how valuable and effective the Squad was when the Squad was called upon to care for Marilyn’s mother. At that point, Dick said, we realized that we wanted to be a part of the Emergency Squad family. Both agreed that it has been the most personally rewarding thing that they have ever done. Dick said that had he known how wonderful and rewarding it was, he would have joined the Squad 10 years sooner. Dick is an ambulance driver as well as an assistant captain on Team 6. Marilyn is a blood pressure tech and works in the front office. Marilyn and Dick met in their senior year of high school and have been married for 63 years. We are so fortunate to have such a committed and dedicated couple on our Squad. —Jan Huber

The gator t hat has b e en inhabiting our lake for months is now gone, having taking the bait set out by the State. The capture seems uneventful (if you know what you are doing). The trapper says it was about eight feet long and will be taken to the sanctuary and released. —Ron Pelton


Minto Debuts Ten New Model Homes at Sun City Center.



Sun City Center has been named a Where to Retire Magazine Hall of Fame Community. And with Minto’s introduction of ten new model homes including paired villas and single family homes, the best just got even better! These exceptional residences complement the refined beauty of an active master-planned community with six golf courses, a world of refreshing recreation, four grand clubhouses totaling 196,000 square feet, and easy access to the relaxed elegance of Florida’s Gulf Coast.

No CDD Fees at Sun City Center!

Unlike many of our competitors, Sun City Center has been developed without utilizing Community Development District (CDD) Funding. This means you won’t see annual CDD assessments on your tax bill, which saves you thousands of dollars over the life of your home! Once you compare, the choice is clearly Minto!

Test drive Sun City Center with a Stay & Play Getaway! - Only $99!* • • • • • •

3 days/2 nights in a Minto home Golf for 2 Dining at Club Renaissance Full access to resort recreation Use of a private golf cart during your stay And more!




Elegant Paired Villas from the $160s to $190s Luxury Single-Family & Estate Homes from the low $200s to $400s Schedule your visit today, call (888) 810-1887 105 Commercial Center Drive Sun City Center, FL 33573

For more information about our award-winning homes and communities throughout Florida, visit *Price excludes taxes. Costs of trip including airfare and expenses will be reimbursed up to $500 after the buyer closes on a Minto home. Purchase must be made within 90 days of Stay & Play visit. Receipts for airfare and expenses must be submitted in order to be reimbursed for exact expenditures. The reimbursement cost is not to exceed $500. All dimensions, prices, specifications, features, programs, amenities, designs, materials, HOA fees, and availability are approximate and subject to change or substitution by Seller without notice. CGC 1519880. © M2013 Minto Communities, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

minto creates better places to inspire life.

October 2013

The News of Sun City Center


MOVIES at the Rollins Theater


One showing only @ 1 p.m.

The Monday Movies will normally show two movies each month in the Rollins Theater at 1 p.m. on the second and fourth Mondays. Dates and times may change as required. Seating is limited to 200 per showing and is reserved for current Sun City Center Community Association members and guests who present an up-to-date member/guest card or yellow ID badge.

October 7

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ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS •Family Medicine • Skin Rejuvenation • Wellness and Prevention

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Dr. Sasha Noe, DO, PhD

Board Certified Family Physician

6150 North US Hwy 41 • Apollo Beach, FL 33572

Call Now:


95 min.

Rating: PG-13

Andy Brewster is about to go on the road trip of a lifetime...accompanied by his overbearing mother Joyce. After deciding to start his adventure with a quick visit at mom’s, Andy gets guilted into taking her along for the ride. As they cross 3,000 miles, he is constantly aggravated by her antics, but over time he comes to realize that they actually have more in common than he originally thought, and in fact, his mother’s advice might end up being exactly what he needs.

Steve and Ruth at Music Avenue, Sun City Center, are hosting Ukulele Jam Sessions Tuesday mornings, 10:30-11:30. Specializing in Hawaiian music are L to R: Betty Pettersson, Bonnie Mullen, Jim Spencer and Sally Drain enjoying the first Jam Session. To join the group, phone Music Avenue, 633-9688, to reserve a seat.

Retirement Plans - Medicare - LTC Life Insurance

“Guilt Trip”

Run Time:1:35

Rated PG-13 for language and some risqué material. Genres: Comedy Starring: Barbra Streisand, Seth Rogen, Brett Cullen, Colin Hanks, Adam Scott Subtitles: English Rated: PG-13

October 14 “The Company You Keep” 128 min. Rating: R Jim Grant is a public interest lawyer and single father raising his daughter in the tranquil suburbs of Albany, New York. His world is turned upside down when a brash young reporter named Ben Shepard exposes his true identity as a former 1970s antiwar radical fugitive wanted for murder. After living for over 30 years underground, Grant must now go on the run. With the FBI in hot pursuit, he sets off on a cross-country journey to track down the one person that can clear his name. But Shepard is hell-bent on capitalizing on the story and relentlessly pursues Grant despite warnings from his editor and threats from the FBI. Shepard uncovers the shocking secrets Grant has been keeping for decades just as the FBI is closing in. Both men must come to terms with who they really are when they come face to face in the wilderness of the Upper

Peninsula of Michigan. Rated R for language. Genres: Drama, Suspense Actors: Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf, Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon, Nick Nolte Language: English; Subtitles: English Rating: R Runtime: 2:02

October 28 “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” 120 min. Rating: R Lahore, Pakistan 2011. At an outdoor café, a Pakistani man named Changez tells American journalist Bobby about his experiences in the United States. Roll back ten years, and we find Changez, fresh from Princeton, seeking fortune and glory on Wall Street. The American Dream seems well within his grasp, complete with a smart and gorgeous artist girlfriend, Erica. But when the Twin Towers are attacked, a cultural divide slowly begins to crack open between Changez and Erica. Changez’s dream soon begins to slip into nightmare: profiled, wrongfully arrested, strip-searched and interrogated, he is transformed from a welleducated, upwardly mobile businessman to a scapegoat and perceived enemy. And with time, he begins to hear the call of his own homeland.

Genres Drama, Suspense Actors: Riz Ahmed, Liev Schreiber, Kate Hudson, Kiefer Sutherland, Om Puri Language: English; Subtitles: TBD Rating: R Runtime: 2:10


The News of Sun City Center

October 2013



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9 FLORIDA OFFICES: Ft Myers • Lakeland • Largo Ocala • Port Charlotte • Sarasota Sun City Center • Venice • The Villages


(813) 633-4521 Cypress Village Plaza 3818 Sun City Center Blvd SCC, FL 33573

(800) 511-5411

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News of Sun City Center, Sun City Center, Florida October 2013