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October 2010

School Supplies Deliver Joy, Appreciation & Opportunity NOKP Staff Thanks to the generosity of John Moore Floor Covering, other local businesses and many generous Kings Point residents, the first annual “Still in School Supply Drive” was a tremendous success! On September 27, 2010, representatives from the News of Kings Point and John Moore Floor Covering delivered a truck full of school supplies to Ruskin Elementary School. Teachers and administrative staff gathered at windows as John Moore, Assistant Principal Ismael Lebron-Bravo and a custodial team loaded supplies onto flatbed carts and wheeled them into the office. Inside, the room quickly filled with folders, paper, glue sticks, crayons, pens, pencils, calculators – just about everything students will need to get the most out of their education. Including items folks may not ordinarily think of. As he unloaded a case of Kleenex, Lebron-Bravo held up a box, “This will go quick with cold

Adam Porter, Ismael Lebron-Bravo and John Moore survey some supplies.

and flu season right around the corner.” Inside the office, as teachers and administrative staff began to separate and organize the donated supplies, one held out a 3-ring binder to another, “Weren’t you just saying how you needed a notebook for one of your classes?” Not even unloaded yet and the supplies

The Gift of Time

NOKP Staff Report The giving spirit is truly alive and well in Kings Point and Sun City Center. Each month in the pages of the News of Kings Point our staff highlights an organization in your community which is busy with the work of helping their friends and neighbors. And, judging from the positive response to the “Still in School Supply Drive”, many of you are passionate about teaching, enriching and encouraging children. Have you been wondering how you could get involved other times during the year? Would you like to have a direct impact on the lives and learning our kids in your surrounding community? Do you have a sweet smile, a warm heart and a desire to add light and love in the life of a child? If you do, the supply drive is not the only way you can be involved in the success of schools in your community. Area schools are ready and willing to help volunteers find a place to make their mark. Not sure how to volunteer? The


school district of Hillsborough County manages all volunteer time through an organization called SERVE. This is a private, nonprofit agency, founded in 1969 with the goal of recruiting “diversely talented volunteers from the community” to serve in area schools. Volunteers help to enrich the curriculum, assist school administrators and help to meet the needs of individual students. Here are just a few of the ways you can get involved (courtesy, SERVE): Speakers Bureau –live classroom presentations are an indispensable teaching tool. Do you have life experience? Then this is a great way to get involved. SERVE’s Speakers Bureau taps the life experiences of its volunteers helping teachers and giving kids living examples of historical and occupational topics they are discussing. Some kids never hear stories from grandparents that are so important in shaping their view of the world. You can help bridge that gap.

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were already being put to use. Another teacher held up a pack of glue sticks. “We’re nearly out already, this is so great!” As the unloading and sorting continued, the floor and small wall separating administrative desks from the lobby began to fill. Mr. Lebron-Bravo expressed his appreciation again. “Thank you so much for being so

generous.” He gestured to the growing stacks of offloaded supplies. “This is perfect! We are so thankful!” After the supplies were unloaded, NOKP asked if there were any other ways in which our readers could help the kids at Ruskin. This question was met with another enthusiastic round of gratitude and a simple request – people willing to donate time. If the need for supplies was pressing, the need for volunteers willing to make a difference in a child’s education is even more vital. According to Lebron-Bravo there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer. “Even if a person can only come in for an hour at a time to help a child with reading. That’s huge.” In addition to the efforts of local residents, Vicky Thomas of the South County Career Center is busy organizing a buddy-mentor program for students at Ruskin Elementary. Older students are taught to help younger peers who are struggling with reading. School Supplies Continued on Page 2

You can learn more about SERVE and how to volunteer at the SERVE website, or by calling 813.872.5254. For specific opportunities at local schools, call Ruskin Elementary at 813.671.5177, Wimauma Elementary at 813.671.5159, Summerfield Elementary at 813.671.5115, Summerfield Crossing at 813.672.5621 and Symmes Elementary at 813.740.4182. Training and Volunteer Management – this is your opportunity to help students in need maximize his or her potential. SERVE’s structured program provides necessary training to ensure a rewarding experience for both students and volunteers. Tutors provide support for more than 5,000 students annually. Do you remember an adult taking extra one-on-one time with you to help you get past a rough patch in school? You could be that lifelong blessing to someone else. School Based Volunteering – SERVE supports several schoolbased volunteer programs

through referrals and training assistance. In addition, SERVE coordinates events and awards at district and state levels. If you have a specific school in mind or to learn more about school-based programs in south Hillsborough County, call 813.872.5254. Mentoring Program – these programs provide students with caring adults to support and promote the educational and emotional growth process. Mentors work one-on-one with “at risk” kids.

Volunteer to help define a life. SERVE.

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The News of Kings Point

The Editor’s Corner All the Colors of Fall

By Adam Porter, EIC News of Kings Point The season is upon us, and, of course the heat is still on. The weather may not have changed much in the Sunshine State, but the all the colors of fall are out and about just the same. Red, brown, yellow, ochre, orange, green, maize and blue. Blue? Of course. If you don’t know, ask a neighbor. It’s a sure bet that, for someone on your street, fall’s favorite colors are maize and blue. Or perhaps some other combination not normally seen in the leaf spectrum: crimson, gray, garnet, black…you need a box of the grandkids’ Crayolas to keep up because college football is back! They say that you never forget your first love. That loyalty learned in childhood is stamped on your heart forever. We all have our favorites – and we’re certainly not subtle about it. After all, football season allows us to remind everyone where we’re really from. We wear our colors on our shirts, bumper stickers, golf clubs and license plates. Flags wave from our cars and matching visors keep the sun out of our decidedly partisan eyes. In many yards even the garden gnomes and poodles have taken sides. Any why not? Saturday around the TV cheering on the mighty (???) is a slice of Americana at least as old as – the TV. And then there was going to the game. Sitting in the stands of the hallowed Horseshoe, the vaunted Big House and in college towns all across the South, Northeast and Midwest. Shouting in unison with tens of thousands of cheering fans, hearts beating as one – or skipping a beat waiting for the zebra to raise his hands. For many of you, your current – or seasonal – home is far away from the home of your favorite team. Maybe a picture of the stadium hangs on the wall or you have a faded ticket stub framed. You are always planning to take ‘one more trip up to see the game’ at home. But what if that home doesn’t exist anymore? See, I’m a ‘Cane. Have

been since Schnellenberger took Miami to the top of college football in 1983. Growing up I watched Miami win game after game in the storied Orange Bowl, a charmless relic that the Canes faithful loved and opposing teams feared. During that time the Hurricanes set a record for home wins that may never be equaled, let alone beat. 58 straight home victories. A feat one better than Bear Bryants’ Crimson Tide. Most recently, Nebraska’s Huskers came closest, falling short by nearly two seasons. But, a few years ago, they tore the stadium down. As a Hurricane fan, it brought a tear to my eye watching the bulldozers attack the Orange Bowl. Dilapidated and unfortunately placed as it was, it was still the stadium in which the boys from The U set that fabled home winning streak. The field more NFL players have called home in the last three decades than any other. They tore it down, and with each chunk of ancient gray concrete to fall, the colors of autumn faded a bit. Then came the ultimate insult, Miami’s on-field success began to mirror the rubble that stood where the Orange Bowl used to be. Yes a new stadium is planned and yes it will have all the modern amenities the Orange Bowl lacked, but there’s something to be said for tradition, for nostalgia… for a place where your team didn’t lose for nearly nine seasons. But, enough of that. This may be the year that the boys from the U finally – finally – bring that undefeated swagger back. But, for my friends and neighbors who love another color of fall, who bleed red and gray or maize and blue or green and white or (shudder) orange and blue… good luck. Hope your team gives you lots of reasons to wear your favorite fall colors with pride. Unless, of course, those colors are garnet and gold. Noles, we’ll see you on October 9th…and I have polite suggestion for where you can place that flaming spear.

October, 2010

Ruskin staff look through supplies. School SuppliesContinued from Page 1

These kids are learning to give and to lead by example. So, even as teachers and staff at Ruskin Elementary applaud the efforts and generosity of the community, who provided a truck full of what’s needed to keep the kids learning, there are still yearround opportunities for folks who understand the value of a good education to get involved. Editor’s Note: The News of Kings Point would like to thank John Moore Floor Covering and each and every one of you who

John and Ismael wait on a flat bed.

helped to make the supply drive a success. I can assure you that, even as you are reading this, those supplies are being put to good use.

News of Submissions

The News of Kings Point is not just the news of your community – it is your community newspaper, exclusively serving Kings Point, Sun City Center. We are dedicated to providing a local paper that has a “home town” feeling with family and community oriented stories. We aim to provide a balance of content for our readers. It is our desire to represent each and every person, business and organization with respect, dignity and fairness. Send us information about your special events. Tell us about your hobbies and take us to places you love to go. Community news, Club events and feature stories are always welcome! Please include photos. Mailed photos will only be returned if a SASE is included. We will also review creative submissions including stories – fact or fiction – and poems. Inspire us. Make us smile. Share your favorite story, joke or song. The publisher reserves the right to refuse and/or edit all materials submitted for placement in the News of Kings Point. The publisher assumes no responsibility for the return of advertising, manuscripts, art or photographs. The News of Kings Point is not affiliated with Kings Point, Kings Point Mgmt LLC, Sterling Management or the Federation of Kings Point Associations, Inc. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written consent of The News of Kings Point, Inc. All editorial copy is strictly the opinion of the author and does not necessarily reflect the attitude or opinions of this publication or that of the supporting organizations. Pieces will be considered, subject to editing and depending upon space limitations Thanks for reading and for helping us make this truly YOUR community newspaper. We look forward to serving you and can’t wait to hear from you! Electronic submissions are preferred, which you may send by email to: or mail to The News of Kings Point, Inc. PO Box 6212 Sun City Center, Florida 33573-6212 Phone: 813-938-8721 Thank you for your support. Staff and Contributors Adam Porter Editor in Chief

John Wolf Advertising Sales

Karen Jones Contributing Editor

Anne Pidgeon Horticulture Correspondent


Nancy Jean Design and Layout

Jim and Nell Taze 33573 Events

2010, October

The News of Kings Point

Bridge Club Offers Classes Submitted by Ronda O’Farrell The Bridge Teachers of Sun City Center are offering lots of ways to learn about our fascinating game. New bridge classes are being offered this fall. A beginning bridge class - nine weeks- is being offered by John Foster, beginning on October 19, every Tuesday from 9 until 11:30 a.m. in the Royal Room. This class is for beginners and novices. John is well known for “getting people hooked on bridge” with his comfortable and knowledgeable style of

teaching. John always wants to speak to new students prior to the beginning of the class, so call him at 813.634.3240. A refresher class which is eight weeks long, for those who haven’t played since college or are ready for the second in our series, is being offered by Pat Rippel beginning on October 18, every Monday morning from 9:00 until 11:00 a.m. in the Horizon Room. An eight-week class on Defense will begin on October 20, offered by Leslie Cox. For

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those who play bridge, you know that we play defense twice as often as we are declarer. This class includes: how to make a defensive plan, how to interfere with declarer’s play, signaling to your partner, how to develop defensive tricks, and opening leads. These classes will be on Wednesday mornings. An eight week class on Improving your bidding judgment will be taught by Virgil Eveleigh on Thursday mornings, beginning on Oct. 21 in the Royal Room. This class will include hand evaluation, doubles, successful slam bidding, balancing doubles,


and meeting the challenges of pre-emptive bids. Books are included, interested students are invited to call or email the individual teachers or the Director of Bridge Education, Ronda O’Farrell, rondastart@ to register or to ask further questions. 8 or 9-week classes are $50, Mini lectures are $5 per session. All materials are included. A series of five mini lessons on the Two over One Bidding System is being offered by Marian Howarth on Tuesdays, beginning October 19 at 9 a.m. in the Horizon Room.

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Fall in love with FREEDOM PLAZA Join us for our Fall Festival and Craft Show

Get a jump on your holiday shopping by attending our Freedom Plaza’s Fall Festival and Craft Show. If you prefer, you can begin with a tour of our community, featuring a condominium lifestyle with all the benefits of long-term care through Life Care protection. Visit some of our residents’ homes and note the spaciousness of our Golf View Terrace apartments as well as each apartment’s own garage and golf cart. • Browse a variety of crafts and hidden treasures • Tour our condo-style two bedroom apartments • Learn how you can save up to 30% off a spotlight apartment today • Entertainment, fall activities and pie baking contest • Support the Hillsborough County Sheriffs Emergency Services with a purchase of a hot dog, chips and soda for only $2

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22 9 A.M. - 2 P.M.

For more information, Call (813) 634-1824. FOLLOW EVENT SIGNS. (Rain Date: Friday, October 29)

A Life Care Community Exceptional Experiences Every DaySM 1010 American Eagle Blvd., Apt. 114 Sun City Center, FL 33573 Sponsored by the Retired Officers’ Corp. Open to folks from all walks of life. Exceptional Experiences Every Day is a Service Mark of Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Nashville, TN, USA. 51111EF-ROP01-1010

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The News of Kings Point

October, 2010



1509 Rickenbacker Dr., Sun City Center • 813-633-2020 • FAX 813-633-6403

Price reduced $5,000! This expanded TWINTREE features a very open plan with 1756 sq ft. Beautiful custom window treatments, upg carpeting and new vinyl. Painted in and out in 09 make this your next year round or winter retreat. Enjoy all the amenities in this conveniently located home.

This favorite TRADEWINDS model features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Located in Caloosa Estates on the private golf course with water too. You will enjoy the very large pool in this one owner home. Call for an apptand be impressed.

Don’t miss this popular HAMPTON model home located on a quiet cul-de-sac with a park like setting within close proximity to the North clubhouse and amenities. Newer hurricane rated thermal double pane windows and front door, CPVC plumbing and newer appliances.

1918 EAST VIEW DRIVE $260,000

502 FALLOW COURT $53,900

1611 BENTWOOD DRIVE $125,000

Immaculate updated DEDHAM model features laminate flooring, ceramic tile, newer appl inc Double door refrigerator with bottom freezer. Kitchen features newer Oak cabinets with pull-out shelves. Home is located in Club Manor POA where $236. Qrtly covers lawn care.

319 GREEN MANOR DRIVE $113,900

1934 33rd St. SE (Ruskin)


Family-friendly mobile home/RV park

1705 Cloister Dr.



Twintree-Lovely Home Near Caloosa Glf.

102 NW 22nd St. (Ruskin)


Little Manatee River, 4.17 acres

2015 Sifield Greens Way


$ 99,900

Haddington-Waterfront,Seller says Sell !



1.28 Acre on River, Value in Land

2415 Nantucket Field Way 2/2

$ 99,500

Concord-Cul-de-sac,updated appliances

2023 N. Pebble Beach Blvd. 2/2


Custom Islander-Pool, Spa, Waterfront

11553 Captiva Kay Dr.


$ 95,000

Located on pond, lrg upgraded kitchen

1918 East View Dr.



Tradewinds-Golf, Water and large Pool

712 Riviera Dr.


$ 92,000

DW37-New roof ’08, new a/c unit

1909 East View Dr



Tradewinds-Spacious home, Private Golf

1761 Atrium Dr.


$ 89,900

Somerset I-Furnished, many upgrades

2003 Wedge Ct.



Islander-Water, greatroom, lrg utility rm

818 Oakmont Ave.


$ 89,000

DW37-roof and CHA’08, screen porch

1916 East View Dr.



Villager-Water view,pool,split bdrm plan

2507 Lambdin Dr.


$ 79,900

Sunrise-completely renovated,replumbed

10905 Hoffner Edge Dr.



On Golf Course, pool, & well maintained

1108 Beach Blvd.


$ 78,000

T-2 Great Curb Appeal, Newer Appls.

1615 Oracle Dr.



Miller Home-Pool, greatroom floorplan

1535 Chevy Chase Dr.


$ 69,900

Sparkle Plenty Lives Here !!

715 Camellia Greens



Heather-Cul-de-sac On Golden Pond

2005 Heathfield Cr.


$ 69,900

Brentwood II-Upgrades, new kitchen

1509 Bunker Hill Dr.



DW54-Lake view, exercise pool home

2419 Lancaster Dr


$ 68,900

Sunrise-Fresh paint, new roof & more.

2020 El Rancho Dr.



Atrium-Water view,newer appliances

211 Glenellen Pl.


$ 67,500

Hampton-park-like views, screened patio

1702 Cloister Dr.



Twintree Exp-On Water, move-in ready!

702 Brockton Pl. E.


$ 62,000

DeSoto- newer roof ’07; plumbing ‘03

633 Masterpiece Dr.



Madeira Exp.-Golf Course & Water

207 Islip Way


$ 59,900

Keystone-Priced to Sell! Great location!

717 Fox Hills Dr



Custom-Golf, Water, Bonus Rm, & more

1534 Council Dr


$ 48,000

T-1-Neat as a pin, close to all amenities

1207 Wild Feather Ln.



Twintree-Move-in condition,open backyd

1801 Bedford Ln. B38


$ 46,000

Mansard-Encl. lanai, new appls. ‘08

641 Ft. Duquesna Dr.



Custom-Updated, 2 lrg master suites

2248 Greenhaven Dr.


$ 39,900

Stuart Sharp as a Tack,Bright & Upbeat

1520 Danbury Dr.



DW52-Everything new, custom kitchen

1906 Canterbury Ln. L1


$ 37,800

Stuart-Good Location-Needs TLC

1211 Wildfeather Lane



Twintree-Park like Setting, Move-in Now!

1907 Canterbury Ln #13


$ 35,000

Stuart-End unit, CPVC plumbing

644 Masterpiece Dr.



Melbourne-park-like view,encl lanai

1902 Dandridge St. D21


$ 35,000

York- Compact,nice layout

1502 Bunker Hill Dr.



DW54-Move-in condition,corner lot

401 De Grasse Pl. #5


$ 33,000

York-Nicely furnished,16x8 lanai w/CHA

806 Manchester Woods



Malibu-Bonus room, 2 porches & more.

2202 Clubhouse Dr. #174


$ 28,000

Gable I-Move-in ready – “cream puff”

833 Manchester Woods Dr. 2/2


Cornell-Florida room, very large kitchen

1015 River Dr. SW




$ 975. UNFURN – NEW

2016 Hullhouse


Brentwood 1


306 Stroll



$ 995 Split BR – NICE

2415 Nantucket Field



$1,600 Side by side rentals

A 1622 Faxton



$ 995 Split - SHARP

1309 Idlewood Dr



$1,600 Spacious on Golf

201 Bedford D-89



$ 695 Nicely Updated

2012 Heathfield



$1,600 Mbr-King--Water

1309 Idlewood



$1,000 Nicely Furn Golf

660 Allegheny


Adventurer 2

$1,600 Glass Lanai-Golf

842 McCallister



$1,100 Unfurnished

1301 Beach Blvd



$1,600 Swan Lake beauty

U 1730 Council Drive


Exp T-2

$1,200 Located on S Lake

1320 New Bedford



$1,600 Nice Furn + Den

A 2521 Lynx 1207 Peterborough Cir L 2709 Lancaster - 2718 Lancaster Dr



$1,200 his/her DENS (2)

2022 W Del Webb



$1,600 Scn Porch-Water




$1,200 Pond Loc, Scr Rm

1601 Brookton Green



$1,600 Tile Thruout



$1,200 Golf-Unfurn/Tile

2125 Meadowlark



$1,700 Split Bedrooms


Exp Sunrise

$1,200 Stainless Appls

324 Faircross Circle



$1,700 Sharp as a Tack

1512 Council



$1,200 Sharp as a Tack

1010 Augusta Dr




205 Andover E118



$1,200 Furn or Unfurn

1214 Wildfeather



$1,800 Waterft-Enc Lanai

1306 Burbank



$1,200 Addl small Bedrm

513 Princeton Grns



$1,800 2 Story W Loft

617 LaJolla



$1,400 Cozy & Comfy

2457 Nottingham Grns



$1,950 Golf w/scn Porch

2316 Gainsborough Lp



$1,500 Exp Living Rm

2427 E Del Webb



$1,950 Lovely Pond Loc

401 Gladstone



$1,550 Enc Lanai-Glf-Vew



Avail Jan/Feb

Are you an agent looking for a new home? Come see us today!!!


2010, October

The News of Kings Point

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“Fiddler” To Play At Rollins Theater

and inspired audiences around the world, with its universal themes and its songs of joy and heartbreak by composer Jerry Bock and lyricist, Sheldon Harnick, including “Tradition,” “Matchmaker, Matchmaker,” “If I Were A Rich Man,” “Sunrise, Sunset,” “Miracle of Miracles,” and “Do You Love Me?” Produced by Barbara Brtva with a large cast and original set, “An Evening With Fiddler On The Roof” is an abridged version of the. Sholom Aleichem story. Dates at Sun City Center’s Rollins Theater: Oct. 28, 29, 30, Nov. 4, 5, Joseph Stein, author of the Broadway musical, “Fiddler On The Roof,” 6, 11, 12, 13. Performances: 7:30 congratulates actor Lew Resseguie on his starring role as Tevye in a 1971 p.m. Tickets ($10.) are on sale tour of “Fiddler” by the American Musical Theater. through October 8, from 9:00 a.m. to Noon, Monday through Friday at The Rollins Theater and, beginning Oct 11, 9:00 a.m. to Frozen, Ready to Heat and Serve Noon, Monday through Friday, at the SCC Atrium Ticket Kiosk. • Full Homestyle Menu Credit Card orders: 813.642.0606.


For more information about PAC, call 813.642.0606.

• Low Sodium Meals • Diabetic-Friendly Meals

Call for a catalog or go online for full details. Mention promotion code “KingsPoint”and get FREE DELIVERY* *On orders of $70 or more Toll Free:

I want youto know how pleasedI am with yourDiabetic meals. Your meals are easy. James F.


Go online or call for our menus!!


“I saw the seventh Tevye of the world.” That’s the extraordinary praise “Fiddler On The Roof” author Joseph Stein had for actor Lew Resseguie’s portrayal of the beleaguered milkman in a 1971 production of “Fiddler” by the American Musical Theater. Resseguie has reprieved the role many times since then and will again take up the character next month at the Rollins Theater, when the Performing Arts Club of Sun City Center presents “An Evening with Fiddler On The Roof.” Ellen Kleinschmidt, a leading community theater singer and actor, co-stars as Tevye’s sharptongued and forbearing wife, Golde, who struggles with him to raise five daughters against the weight of poverty, the uncertainties of a changing world, and the threat of anti Semitic pogroms in pre-revolution Tsarist Russia. Based on the stories of Sholom Aleichem, “Fiddler On The Roof,” has entertained

6 Page

The News of Kings Point

October, 2010

SCC Yuletide Golf Cart Parade Submitted by Anne Cross Last years parade brought many out to witness the creativity of our residents. Golf carts took on shapes and themes that brought a smile to all who watched. The parade committee thought about adding a marching band but costs would have sky rocked. It was decided to keep it simple, creative and a joy to behold. We are pleased, however, to tell you that our friends in Kings Point will be joining in the fun. Their board has agreed to share expenses and to help collect gift certificates, for prizes. It’s early yet, but we’d like you to put on those thinking caps. The season will be here all too quickly. Following are a few things you will need to know: Date: Saturday, December 11. Time: 10:30 a.m. Parade Route: Begins in the

far end of the North Pebble Beach parking lot. Carts take an immediate right onto La Jolla, then another right onto Cherry Hills. Parade ends at the Gazebo where prizes will be presented by Tropical Santa. Five Categories to choose from: •Business •Church •Club •Homeowners Association •Individual *One cart per entrant. Registration dates and deadlines will be featured in the November issue. Please know that at least 50% of the cart should be decorated and that signage is limited to two (2) standard size poster boards. It’s believed that golf carts with only an advertising sign and a few decorations such as a wreath or bow are not showing the true spirit of the holiday parade.

News of Kings Point on Line

Manatee Memorial Hospital Keeps the Beat Going Strong Surgery Can Correct Potentially Dangerous Heart Condition The mitral valve, located between the upper- and lower-left chambers of the heart, is susceptible to problems. When it doesn’t close all the way, it can leak a small amount of blood. This condition is known as mitral valve regurgitation. To correct this condition, surgeons at Manatee Memorial can access the mitral valve through the breastbone and repair the valve to create a tighter seal. This procedure may require a threeto five-day hospital stay. “Patients who have successful mitral valve surgery dramatically increase their life expectancy, so they’re on par with someone with a completely normal heart,” says Alessandro Golino, MD, Chief of Surgery at Manatee Alessandro Golino, MD Memorial and a cardiothoracic Trained by renowned cardiac surgery pioneer surgeon who specializes in mitral Denton Cooley, M.D. valve repair. Dr. Golino had a 100 percent success rate for mitral valve surgery from January 2009 through December 2009.* Nationally, the overall success rate for mitral valve repair is less than 60 percent. *According to data from the Society of Thoracic Surgeons

How Do I Know if I Have Mitral Valve Regurgitation? Mitral valve regurgitation can strike anyone at any age, but the risk does increase as you get older.

If you have been diagnosed with a heart murmur and you experience the following symptoms, talk to your doctor. Shortness of breath Heart palpitations Chest pain Light-headedness Dizziness Fatigue Migraine headaches

Sometimes, people who have potentially deadly mitral valve problems do not have warning symptoms. This is why regular check-ups with your family doctor or cardiologist are important. For more information about mitral valve regurgitation surgery at Manatee Memorial, please call 941.745.7204. Physicians are independent practitioners who are not employees or agents of Manatee Memorial Hospital. The hospital shall not be liable for actions or treatments provided by physicians. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.

Become a fan 206 Second Street East Bradenton, FL 34208

2010, October

The News of Kings Point



Dear Catherine, My mother is 86, in pretty good health and lives alone in her own home. A few months ago, she fell while getting out of bed in the middle of the night. She wasn’t badly hurt, but ever since that happened, I can’t help but worry that it could happen again. My wife and I are trying to convince her to move in with us, but she won’t hear of it. Are we over-reacting? How can we make sure she is safe? Larry Dear Lawrence, You are certainly justified in your concern about your mother and the serious nature of her fall. For seniors, falling down is the most common type of accident that leads to a hospital visit. And once a person falls, they are very likely to fall again in the near future. Those second falls are usually worse than the first and oftentimes lead to lengthy hospital stays or even permanent placement in a skilled nursing facility. If your mother doesn’t want to move in with you, we can be pretty certain she doesn’t want to move into a facility either. There are a few things you can do to

Page 7

help improve her chances of staying safe: 1. Encourage her to enroll in a Falls Prevention class. The first thing these classes teach people is why they fall they in the first place. Although falling is usually caused from getting up too quickly, it can also be brought about by certain medications, poor balance, or weak muscles, among other things. These classes will help her to identify why she fell and then initiate a plan to decrease her personal risk of falling again. 2. Another thought is to get your mother a medical alert device. These devices are to be worn day and night, and will allow your mother to notify you and the appropriate authorities in the event of a fall or other personal emergency. For additional suggestions about preventing falls and the safety of an older loved-one, you can call the Elder Helpline, a free service of the West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging at 1.800.96.ELDER, or 1.800.963.5337.

The Observer News • Sun City Center Observer • Riverview Current • November 12, 2009 • WELCOME BACK m 11

discover the wildlife and wonder of

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Tuesday, October 19 • 2:00pm St. Andrew Presbyterian Church 1239 Del Webb Blvd. West, Sun City Center, FL 33573 RSVP required. Space is limited.

To register go to For more information call 813.633.4880

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The News of Kings Point

Adopt a Friend That C.A.R.E.s

October, 2010

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Isabella Isabella is a very sweet young female cat. She is a white tabby with grayish white markings. One of our volunteers brought Isabella in rescuing her from a cat colony. She is already fitting in quite well with her fellow felines at the shelter. But Isabella is really looking for a forever home; so get down to the shelter and meet this beautiful lady today! Isabella is spayed and current on her shots. DOB Est. June 2009. C.A.R.E. is open 10 am to 3 pm on Tues. - Sat.• For directions visit or call 813-645-2273.

Liz Liz is a sweet Shepherd mix. She was found just wandering on her own. Liz wags her tail and smiles whenever she is about to get attention. She loves people! To us, she seems like the kind of gal who would like to go for leisurely walks and then sit next to you for an evening of chick flicks. If that sounds like your kind of lady, come and meet Liz! As part of her adoption, she will be spayed, microchipped, and brought current on her shots. DOB Est. July 2005

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Sun City Center Newsletter 2C (4.9) x 3.0

for June 2010

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2010, October

Have a Horticulture Question? Just ask Anne! Email your gardening and landscaping questions to editor@ and put “Ask Anne” in the subject line . Dear Anne, My orange tree, which is five years old, is not looking good. The leaves are yellowing, curling, and turning brown. The fruit is fine, but what is going on? Anneswer: There are three major issues with citrus. 1. Water 2. Fertilizer 3. Insects and Disease Water When trees are young or if we have extended periods of drought they will need to be deep watered. That means applying large amounts of water directly over the top of the root system slowly over several hours so the water can penetrate into the center of the hard root-ball. Recently this year we have the opposite problem: too much water. Citrus doesn’t like to have wet feet. They will show their dislike by dropping lower yellow leaves. Unless the tree was buried too deep at planting this is merely temporary, and it will stop when the daily rains abate. Fertilizer Citrus should be fertilized four times a year using a complete fertilizer labeled for citrus. I

The News of Kings Point

recommend February, April, June, and September as the months to apply. This fertilizer must include minor elements that citrus trees require. The amount to use depends on size of tree. Use one pound per four foot of tree height up to five pounds for a twenty-foot mature tree. Always scatter the fertilizer in a circle under the canopy of the tree; never allow fertilizer to touch the trunk. The February fertilizer application is very important as it provides strength for flowering and fruit production in March and April. Insects and Disease In the question the leaves are yellowing, curling and turning brown. After seeing many of these samples brought in by concerned homeowners the problem is usually leaf miners. The culprit is a larva from a small fly that lays eggs on new, young soft growth, known as a flush, it then tunnels inside the leaf, causing the curling, malformed leaves. As the damage ages the scarred tissue appears yellow. These leaves usually do not fall off, since they are only cosmetically damaged are still functioning well as solar collectors. The bad news is that on young trees they must be aggressively controlled since they can stunt the overall growth of the tree. On older trees you must assess how bad they are affecting the overall growth of the tree. You have several control options. The most important factor is timing. The larva can only enter the new soft emerging leaves. You must spray then and only then! Once the leaves are damaged by leaf minors they cannot be “fixed”. They will always be ugly and scarred. Spinosad is the ingredient that is a biorational, meaning it is derived from naturally occurring control measures so they are less toxic

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to you and the environment. The brand name is Naturlite. If you spray the new leaves it is also effective on the orange dog caterpillars, bad guys who will make your new leaves disappear! Horticultural Oil and Malathion will also work but you must use all the self-protective safety measures that are listed on the label. Although there are many diseases that can attack citrus there are two that get worse in this wet, humid weather. The first is called alternaria. It appears as black surrounded by yellow circular spots on leaves, which then fall off. Minneola tangelos, key limes, and some tangerines are most susceptible. Liquid copper every 14 days will control this. Pick up affected leaves under tree. Citrus is very susceptible to foot rot, which causes trees to decline, not produce, and eventually die. Trees must never be planted too deeply or in areas without excellent drainage. No control for foot rot is presently available to homeowners. A licensed horticulturist must treat the tree with commercial chemicals. Dear Anne, I bought a plant in a gallon pot and transplanted it into a larger ceramic planter. It is outside and gets sun. It was growing well at first but now it has brown leaves and wilts even if I give it water. Help! What happened? Anneswer: It sounds like your plant is

suffering from too much water; there is a lack of air around the roots. When a plant cannot breathe it wilts, which makes it appear to need more water. Any outdoor planter must have drainage holes especially with all the rain we have had. Use an electric drill with a sharp bit made for tile on ceramic planters and drill slowly. Always use a container growing mix, which is lighter and faster draining than topsoil or regular potting mix. For a plant that has been drowned, carefully remove it from the waterlogged container, gently remove any wet soil that wants to fall off (don’t damage the roots) then put it into new, dry soil in a container close to the original size and allow it to dry. Do NOT water it even if it is wilting. Next empty all the old, wet soil out of the decorative container and drill a new drainage hole. I drill more than one hole when possible, so if one clogs up you have a spare. Add some material to keep the soil from clogging up the drainage holes. You can use gravel, window screen, and packing peanuts, whatever you have. Refill the container with a high quality, container growing mix. If the original plant puts out new white roots it probably will live. If not replace with it a healthy one. Do not contaminate your new soil with a diseased, unhealthy plant. When you plant a small plant in a much larger container, be careful not to overwater it.

Anne Pidgeon’s WONDERFUL WORLD of

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Fall Garden Festival

Saturday and Sunday October 16-17

Educational Demonstrations and Speakers 10 AM: Growing Herbs and Commonly Used Veggies. Noon: Container Gardening Made Easy. 2 PM: Low-Volume Irrigation, A Genius Idea. 4 PM: Pests, Bugs, Sap-Suckers and Undesirables. Free Admission, Free Parking, Free Events.

(813) 833-2545 8221 Hwy 674 Wimauma, Florida 33598 Exactly Five Miles East of Hwy 301

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Florida Department of Agriculture Registration Number 47229964.

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The News of Kings Point

October, 2010

Kings Point Ladies 18 Hole League August 30 Game: Points, double on even holes A Flt 1st. Marion Crowe ......Plus 6 2nd Rosa Gerry ............Plus 5 3rd Emma Gadd ........Plus 4 B Flt 1st Gladys Lowrie ....Plus 12 C Flt 1st Diane King ............Plus 3 Submitted by Marilyn McCormick

Winners in order left to right.Green tee winners 3rd Flight 2nd Marty Dain & Will Conwell - 1st Bob Ney & Bo Dahlgreen 2nd Flight -2nd Manny DeBono & Norm Davis 1st Bill Herzberg & Harry Porter.1st Flight - 2nd Buddy Farrell & Bob Trombetta (Not in Picture) 1st Flight Rod Benning & Al Spatola (Not in Picture). Ladies Red Tee Flights - 1st Carolyn Avrett &Dindy Chandler - 2nd Debbie Lester & Carol Salowitz. White Tee - 1st Flight Tom Carty & Ray Parisen (Not in Picture) 2nd -Bill Fitzhugh & Jack Riley -2nd Flight - 1st Walt Towner & Kurt Hoffmann - 2nd Dick Manion & Jack Kehl (Not in Picture). 3rd Flight Bill Stoces & Don Edwards - 2nd Bill Humes & Roger Hall.

Falcon Watch Annual Classic Teams Tournament Winners

The Classic was held August 18th, 19th & 21st - 70 players participated.Flighted with Six Teams using Lowest combined handicap. Each team plays Five 9 Hole Matches in their Flights. Competition; Net Best Ball Score of Each Team. Falcon Watch Ladies 9 Hole leagueWinners 8/27/10 Game Scramble First Janine Johnson, Tee Bomba, Kathy Boccieri & Lorraine Fritzel Second Emma Gadd, Nancy Scott, Jo-Alice Nieter & Marty Gifford

Accomplished by: ❖ ❖ Wayne Musholt ❖ ❖

August 31, 2010

Hole#8 137 Yards 8 Iron Course: Falcon Watch Witnessed By:

Carl Nunn Harry McMahon

Accomplished by: ❖ ❖ John Gelcich ❖ ❖

September 27, 2010 Hole#4 125 Yards 8 Iron Course: Challenge Witnessed By:

Gene Brenner Ray Martin George Ferguson

1Flt 2Flt 2nd 3Flt 4Flt

Falcon Watch Ladies 18 Hole League Game: CIRCLE NINE BEST HOLES 9/3/2010 1st Linda Belanger ............ 29 1st Jane Boccieri............ 26.5 Sue Hoth ....................... 27 Tie Roe Murphy ................. 27 1st Celeste DeBono .......... 26 Tie Pat Head ...................... 26 1st Qualkenbush, Marge . 24

Falcon Watch 9 hole League 9-10-10 Mystery Hole Minus Hdcp Flt A 1st Marge DeWilde ........... 27 2nd Judi Gannon................ 29 3rd Mary McClafferty(Jim) 30 3rd Yuko Vetsch ................. 30 Flt B 1st Becky Burgardt ............ 29 2nd Lorraine Fritzel .............. 29 Flt C 1st Gloria Hayden ............. 27 2nd Terry Wynne ................. 31 2nd Kathy Boccieri ............. 34 Flt C 1st Mary McClafferty ........ 28 2nd Nancy Scott ................. 31 2nd Ann Parisen .................. 31 Flt C 1st Gloria Hayden ............. 27 2nd Terry Wynne ................. 31 3rd Kathy Boccieri ............. 34 Flt D 2nd Nancy Scott ................. 31 2nd Ann Parisen .................. 31

Flt A

Flt B

Flt C Flt D

Falcon Watch Ladies 9 Hole League Game: Low Net 9/24/10 1st Marge DeWilde ........... 32 TIE Pat Morton ................... 32 2nd Judi Gannon................ 34 TIE Janine Johnson ........... 34 1st Connie Stephan .......... 34 2nd Becky Burgardt ............ 36 3rd Lorraine Fritzel .............. 37 TIE Susie Buck .................... 37 1st Kathy Boccieri ............. 35 2nd Gladys Lowrie .............. 38 TIE Terry Wynne ................. 38 1st Rosie Ricciardi ............. 31 2nd Mary McClafferty ........ 34

1st Flt 2nd Flt 3rd Flt 4th Flt

1st Flt 2nd Flt 3rd Flt 4th Flt

Falcon Watch Ladies 18 Hole League Game: ONE LOW NET (LN) REST LOW GROSS (LG) 9/17/2010 LN Linda Belanger....72 LN Kris Wells ...............72 1st LG Jane Magalski.....98 2nd LG Roe Murphy.......101 LN Celeste DeBono .68 1st LG Joan Emmrich .....98 LN Linda Suh .............66 1st LG Doris Ballard.......108 2nd LG Lindy Langlois ....109

Kings Point Ladies 18 Hole League September 6 Game: Double Points on Odd Holes A Flt 1st Mary McClafferty Plus 13 2nd Linda Suh ...........Plus 10 B Flt 1st Colleen Walker ..Plus 11 C Flt 1st Judy Maar ............Plus 7 Submitted by Marilyn McCormick Kings Point Ladies 18 Hole League September 13 Game: Points A Flt 1st Emma Gadd ........Plus 5 2nd Mary McClafferty .Even B Flt 1st Gladys Lowrie ......Plus 3 C Flt 1st Nancy Sanders ....Plus 2 2nd Marge Miller ..........Even TIE Marge Qualkenbush Even Submitted by Marilyn McCormick Kings Point Ladies 18 Hole League September 20 Game: Points A Flt 1st Mary Ann Vinci ....Plus 2 2nd Emma Gadd ........Plus 1 TIE Loraine Napier .....Plus 1 B Flt 1st Gladys Lowrie .......Even TIE Terry Jacoby .........Even C Flt 1st Connie Gilbert .....Plus 3 2nd Marge Millere .......Plus 2 TIE Marie Schick.........Plus 2 3rd Joan Henry ....... Minus 1 Submitted by Marilyn McCormick Kings Point Ladies 18 Hole League September 27 Game: Points A Flt 1st Rosa Gerry .............Even TIE Linda Suh ...............Even 2nd Mary McClafferty .. Minus B Flt 1st Gladys Lowrie ......Plus 1 C Flt 1st Nancy Sanders Minus 1 TIE Marie Schick..... Minus 1 2nd MargeMiller ..... Minus 2 Submitted by Marilyn McCormick

Falcon Watch Ladies 18 Hole League Game: EVEN STEVEN 9/24/2010 1st Debbie Lester......29 1st CC Conlon ..........31 2nd Ruth Gaughf .......32 3rd Sue Sussman.....32.5 1st Carol Salowitz . 28.5 2nd Ollie Keller .........29.5 1st Sue Freed.............30 2nd Terry Jacoby .......31 Tie Linda Suh .............31

Do You want to see your Golf League Scores & Photos Here? Send them to:

2010, October

The News of Kings Point

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Dixon’s Day Trips: The Ringling Museum By Eddie Dixon (photos courtesy of What do you do when you have a collection of priceless masterpieces your friends say rivals museums worldwide? Well, if you’re Circus Legend, John Ringling, you build a place, fill it with pieces from your own vast collection and welcome the public to come have a peak. Today, the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art is world famous, has its own justifiably touted Art College and still maintains one of the best collections of masterful art anywhere in the U.S. Visitors can stroll past paintings and sculptures by Rubens, van Dyck, Velázquez, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese, El Greco, Gainsborough and others. The scope of the masterworks spread over three continents, Europe, America and Asia, and countless centuries – amazing, considering the museum almost got scrapped before it got started. Ringing hired architect John Phillips to design the museum in 1925. Construction began two years later – followed, in succession, by the collapse of the Florida land boom and the stock market crash. Then, closer to home for Ringling, his beloved Mable died. The dream of the museum may have died with

her, but instead gave him focus. In 1931 the museum, dedicated in perpetuity to his wife, was opened. So, that’s the history…now my wife, who’s the real art aficionado, can tell you all about what we saw. (I had a good time, of course, but I was also thinking about the cold drink and perfect sunset waiting for me over on Lido Key). In the courtyard you are greeted by casts of original artistic antiquities and Renaissance sculptures, punctuated by a stunning recreation of Michelangelo’s “David.” Two fountains, replicas of those found in Rome and Florence respectively, add ambiance. Inside, both the featured exhibitions and the continually expanding permanent collections are worth a look. Two current exhibits – which run through January, 2011 – are “Splendid Treasures of the Turkomen Tribes” and “Threads of Gold.” The first highlights examples of exquisite ornamental jewelry worn by a deeply spiritual but hardscrabble central Asian tribe. The second is a collection of stunning tapestries on loan from the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna. Now, the galleries were

incredible – even to the missus, who has much more discerning taste than me. But – and you can call me a softy if you like – my favorite part of the day was the stroll around the grounds. There are several themed gardens, each with its own particular beauty. They are spread out around the museum, along the water and around the impressive 56-room Cà d’Zan mansion. There are plenty of reasons to visit Ringling, so many that they quickly become reasons to return. You can see everything

in a day, but you may end up – trust me on this one – footsore and tuckered out. My advice, check out the website at www. Then pick which attraction you want to see on which day and make it a “twoday” trip. After all, what’s the point in being retired if you can’t take it easy? For more information about the Ringling Museum, the Cà d’Zan mansion or the estate grounds, visit the website or call 941.359.5700. Happy Travels, folks!

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The News of Kings Point

October, 2010

Prevention, Protection and Solving Civil Disputes By Deputy Chris Girard Recently I worked two cases in which a resident’s loss of money could have been prevented with a little bit of preparation and communication before money changed hands. In the first scenario, a homeowner hired a contractor to trim his trees. The individual trimmed some branches, received payment for the service and explained to the homeowner that he needed to go pickup his truck and removal crew. The tree trimmer never returned. The resident was left with a yard full of limbs and was out of pocket the money for a job never completed. In this case, because there was no contract signed and the worker was not properly licensed or bonded, the case became a civil matter. Yes, the homeowner was cheated, but without proper business credentials and no legal agreement, the case could not be criminally charged. There is help for this homeowner, but in civil court. More on that in a bit. In the second scenario a woman hired an in-home nurse to help with her husband’s medical care and to help her around the house with cleaning, grocery shopping and whatnot. Because the woman wished to save some money, she did little checking before hiring the caregiver. Unfortunately, the woman did a poor job and, after receiving money for services

not yet rendered, left. When the cheated woman contacted the Sheriff, the only name she had to give us was the false one the caregiver had offered. Again, we could not pursue the case as a criminal matter. Unfortunately, because the victim had nothing to go on but a false name, her chances in civil court were also very slim. Here are few tips that will help keep you from becoming a victim of this type of scam: • Only consider representatives from reputable companies you can track via name, phone number, address and/or website • Only hire properly licensed, bonded and insured contractors * Contact the Better Business Bureau at 1.800.525.1447 to check up on the prospect • Insist on and check references, ask specifically what work was done • Insist on seeing a prospective serviceperson’s drivers or occupational license. This is not rude. In fact, some professions keep their licenses publically posted

If you end up in a civil dispute over work, or in a landlord-tenant issue or have a dispute with a neighbor that you are unable to successfully arbitrate, we strongly recommend the Southshore Community Justice Center. This free service is sponsored by the 13th Judicial Circuit Court and will assist you in civil matters. Call them at 813.672.7442. Other important numbers to have on hand both before and after you hire someone or have a dispute with a neighbor include: Seniors Versus

Crime (813.634.8666), the Consumer Protection Agency (813.903.3430) and Bay Area Legal Services (813.232.1343). Prevention is the best deterrent, so I strongly recommend that you follow the steps above before hiring anyone to do anything for you. But, if you find yourself in a civil matter, do not hesitate to call the numbers above. All are non-profit community services working every day to see justice done. Be safe out there! Deputy Chris

2010, October

33573 is provided by Jim and Nell Taze from items submitted to them for publication. To submit events for future publication, send them by the 15th of the previous month. In addition to information about the event, it should contain cost, or state that it’s Free, and a contact name and/or email address. Limit of 6 lines maximum. Jim and Nell Taze also publish Ads and Events, a weekly e-mail containing information about what’s happening in 33573. Your event will also appear in the weekly Ads and Events e-mail. Send all events by e-mail to scfreeads@ You only need to submit your Event one time each month for it to appear in both News of Kings Point and SCC Ads and Events. FRI. OCT 1 and SAT OCT 2 HOGAN’S GOLF SCHEDULE 9:30 a.m. T-Time. Oct 1 Buffalo Creek $20.99; Oct 2 SandPiper $25.00 + free sleeve. Contact for reservation(s). Hogan’s Golf Schedule is listed on a weekly basis. The Hogans is open to SCC and KP residents only. Additional info (membership application, By Laws, detailed schedule) may be had by contacting or visit http:// FRI. OCT 1 –SCC ASTRONOMY CLUB MEETS 11:00 a.m. Armstrong Room of the Atrium Bldg. across from the new Maintenance Bldg. N CA Campus. For more info, call 634.5075. Astronomy Club meets the 1st Friday of each month. FRI. OCT 1 – KINGS POINT LINE DANCERS 5:00 – 6:00 p.m. Palm Court Café at the South Clubhouse in Kings Point. Come line dance on the first Friday of each month. Instructor Jan Ulics (634.6226) will lead (and help) everyone who wants to dance. Beginners and advanced dancers are invited. Waltz, polka, country, rumba, salsa, and more genres of music are played. Dance is good for the body and the mind. Come join the fun! FRI. OCT 1 – BROADWAY BABY – AN EVENING OF RODGERS and HAMMERSTEIN 6:30 p.m. United Methodist Church, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. W. $5.00 donation at the door. Info: Jeff Jordan, Director of Music and the Arts. 813.634.2539. “Broadway Baby” features Rogers and Hammerstein’s music of Broadway’s Golden Age sung by local favorite, Kathy Straub. Ms. Straub will be singing music from Oklahoma, Carousel, South Pacific, The King and I, Flower Drum Song, and the Sound of Music. Concert-goers are encouraged to arrive early for a good seat. SAT. OCT 2 – JEWELRY MAKING CLASS WITH GERI 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. The Courtyards, 231 Courtyards Blvd. $15.00 charge for supplies. Limited Seating Available. RSVP to 813.642.8950. Always wanted to know how that favorite piece of jewelry was made? Well now you can learn how to make your own. Refreshments provided. SAT. OCT 2 – CARS, BLUES, and BARBEQUE – THREE EVENTS 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Riverside Golf and Marina (S of Ruskin – 41 S to Universal E on Universal, R on Stephens) FREE. Classic cars from all over the region. A Benefit for Elmira’s Wildlife Sanctuary. 5:00- 7:00 p.m. BBQ DINNER $10.00 Pulled Pork or BBQ Chicken. 7:30 p.m. Live Concert $15.00 in Advance $18.00 at the door. Military personnel $15.00. Eric Culberson Blues Band from Savannah, GA.

The News of Kings Point

SAT. OCT 2 and SUN. OCT 3 – PLACE YOUR SHARE ORDERS Sat 2: 5:00 p.m. & Sun 3: 9:30 – 10:30 and 12:00 Noon. United Methodist Church, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. W. AND Oct 3 at 10:30 a.m. at both St. John the Divine campuses. Info: ONLINE: You can also place orders the first week of each month at the 3-Legged Poodle. Buy Groceries at 50 % or more off. Sponsored by Cornerstone Family Ministries and TECO Energy. Pick up orders Sat. Oct 23 at 1210 W. Del Webb Blvd. at 11:00 a.m. You can also place orders for Nov. at that time. SAT. OCT 2 – ACADEMY DANCE CLUB DANCE 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Community Hall, South CA Campus. Members free, guests $5.00. Info: call Charlie Brown at 642.9817. Coffee, cookies and door prizes at intermission. Dressy casual, BYOB. Ms. Bernice Dubro-May will be teaching a Swing lesson at 6:15 for $2.50 per person. Everyone is invited. SUN. OCT 3 – ADVENTURES IN AMERICAN JAZZ 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. Community Hall, South CA Campus, $8/person in advance or $10 at the door. Reserved seats. Open to public. Info: Judy 642.2001. Tickets available 9:00 a.m. – Noon at Community Association Office. A new and exciting 17-piece professional jazz ensemble (Sarasota Jazz Project) will perform both contemporary and classic music from the American Songbook: Take the “a” train, Tapestry in Blue, Just in Time, Polka Dots and Moonbeams…a special vocal tribute to Frank Sinatra. SUN. OCT 3 – ST. ANDREW FINE ARTS CONCERT 3:00 p.m. St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 1239 Del Webb Blvd. W. Seven concert season tickets $35.00 can be purchased at the church. Individual tickets $9.00 at the door. Info: Church Office 634.1251, Judy Voorhees 622.8125 or John Scott 642.9554. Ever Popular Robert Winslow will be featured on piano with talented artists, Kim McCormick on flute and Amy Collins on oboe with works by Delibes, Salieri, Massenet, Marcello and Holst. This is the 13th consecutive Fine Arts Concert Series. SUN. OCT 3 – RECEPTION TO WELCOME DR. KEN ATWATER TO HCC 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. SouthShore Campus of Hillsborough Community College, Dickman Community Center, Rooms 201-202, 551 24th St. NE, Ruskin. RSVP to kjacobs@hccfl. edu. You are cordially invited to a reception to welcome Dr. Ken Atwater, Seventh President of Hillsborough Community College. Refreshments will be served. SUN. OCT 3– SINGLES SOCIAL DANCE CLUB 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. Florida Room, Atrium Bldg. Central CA Campus. Members $3; Nonmembers $5.00. Info: Janet 633.3558. Music by Thor Stevens. BYOB, snacks, water and ice provided. Proper dress required. Meets every 1st and 3rd Sunday. MON. OCT 4 – SAT OCT 9 HOGAN’S GOLF SCHEDULE 9:30 a.m. T-Time. Tue. Oct 5, Apollo Beach $25.00; Thu. Oct 7, Renaissance $30.00 + free sleeve; Sat. Oct 9, Sandpiper $25.00 + free sleeve. Contact for reservation(s). Hogan’s Golf Schedule is listed on a weekly basis. The Hogans Golf Club was formed in Feb. 2008 by SCC and KP residents who wanted to play with other golfers who chose to play the area public golf courses (including several private courses that offer “public” play.) MON. OCT 4, 11, 18, 25 - WEIGHT WATCHERS MEET 1:30 p.m. Weigh In. 2:00 Meeting Starts. St Andrew Presbyterian Church, 1239 Del Webb E. Meeting discount offered for those 65 and older. Check out a meeting for free at any time. Go to or call 1.800.651.6000 for additional information. Weight Watchers meets every Monday…same time…same place. MON. OCT 4, 11, 18, 25 – LIFE CONCERNS SUPPORT GROUP 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Homewood Residence, 3810 Galen Court, Library across from the elevator on the 2nd Floor. Free. Info: Frank Koebrich 642.0773 or Harriet Susskind 633.9899. Our purpose is to help you resolve your worries, fears, problems and frustrations be they personal, with children, family or friends by sharing with others and receiving support. All are welcome, in full confidence. Come join us and experience the enrichment and healing that so many have enjoyed. TUE. OCT 5 – MEDICARE EDUCATIONAL SEMINAR 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Aston Gardens, 1311 Aston Gardens Ct. FREE. RSVP 813.642.8950. Help in understanding plans and choices available to you for 2011 Open Enrollment. Refreshments will be served. TUE. OCT 5 – GOLF TOURNAMENT TO BENEFIT GIRL SCOUTS and CUB SCOUTS 12:30 p.m. Shotgun start, Freedom Fairways. $50 includes dinner afterward and prizes. Contact Dave Boyer at 813.938.3187. Golf Tournament benefits girl

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scouts and cub scouts of South Hillsborough County sponsored by the Sun City Center United Methodist Church. TUE. OCT 5 – BETH ISRAEL SISTERHOOD 1:00 p.m. Beth Israel Henry Gibson Social hall. For more information about Sisterhood please call membership Chair June Bell 642.8013. Sisterhood president, Ellen Stein will welcome everyone to the start of a wonderful year. The program, “Your Best laid Plans,” will be presented by Rosie Clifton, SCC freelance writer and author, known for her joie-de-vivre and humorous escapades. Dessert and coffee will be served at the conclusion of the program. Gift Shop and Judaica Library open before meeting. TUE. OCT 5 – DISCOVERY UNIVERSITY 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Aston Gardens, 231 Courtyards Blvd. FREE. RSVP 813.642.8950. Speaker, Professor Phil Leto III, will give an educational seminar on History and Politics in the USA. This month’s topic is “The Golden Age of Hollywood. See how Sam Goldwyn, Louis B. Mayer, Adolph Zukor, William Fox and the Warner Brothers created the motion picture industry.” Refreshments will be served. WED. OCT 6 – HEARING LOSS ASSN OF SCC MEETS 9:30 a.m. St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, 1239 Del Webb Blvd. W. Contact Richard Herrig at or Barbara Riley at 634.1706. Assistive listening/alerting devices, which can be used with or without hearing aids, will be demonstrated by Flo Innes, President of ABH Hearing Center in Sarasota. CART (captioning) provided by Tess Crowder, Communication Access, Inc WED. OCT 6 – MILITARY OFFICERS ASSN. MEETING and LUNCHEON 11:00 a.m. Florida Room, Atrium Bldg. Central CA Campus. $14.00. Reservations should be made by calling 1.877.332.3016 no later than the Sun. prior to the Wed. meeting. Guests of members are welcome. Lt. Colonel Eugene Morris, USAF (Ret), a former fighter pilot, will be the featured speaker. Topic will be “The Politics of The Vietnam War as seen by an Air Force Fighter pilot. WED. OCT 6 – SCC STROKE SUPPORT GROUP MEETS 1:00 p.m. East/West room of KP Clubhouse. FREE. Info: Kim McKell, RN, MSN 634.0249. Open to all residents of KP and SCC and their guests. Refreshments served, Reservations not required. This month’s presentation will feature guest speaker Lauren M. Deluna, M.ED, CCCSLP Speech Language pathologist at South Bay Hospital. She will be discussing speech and memory issues for stroke survivors. Meets every 1st Wed. Social, informative group open to stroke survivors, caregivers and guests. WED. OCT 6, 13, 20, 27 - FRONT PORCH PICKERS MEET 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Heritage and Armstrong Rooms, Atrium Bldg. Central CA Campus. We meet every Wed. year round. We welcome all folks who play the guitar, ukulele, mandolin, base, dobro, fiddle or banjo. Come visit us. We also love an audience. Info: David 633-6739 or Sally 633-1379. WED. OCT 6, 13, 20, 27 – SCC MEN’S CHORUS REHEARSAL 2:00 p.m. St. Andrew Presbyterian Church on W. Dell Webb. Info: Bob Garrod 634.4110. Do you sing…in the shower? In the car? Always humming your favorite tune? We are always looking for additional members! Come join the SCC Men’s Chorus! Meet our members, accompanist and artistic director. Rehearse and have some fun! If you love to sing and can carry a tune, have a desire to make a commitment of your time or just want to be part of a great organization, come to a rehearsal. WED. OCT 6, 20 - LIFE AFTER LOSS BEREAVEMENT GROUP 2:30 – 3:30 p.m. United Community Church, Church Chapel. Info: Cora 813.634.1654 or Mitzi 813.938.4955. A new group has been formed to help those who have recently lost a loved one or are having difficulty coping or adjusting to life on their own. The group will be led by Cora Ruff, PhD, RN and Mitzi Campbell. Meets every 1st and 3rd Wed. WED. OCT 6 – GERMAN-AMERICAN CLUB OF SCC HOSTS OKTOBERFEST CELEBRATION 5:00 p.m. Community Center, S. Pebble Beach Blvd. South CA Campus. Member Price is $18.00. Guests $23.00 All Beer and Food are included in the price. Call Mike Albanese at 813.634.5512 for reservations. Advanced Ticket Sales are a MUST. Music by Alpen-Diamanten German Band, Dancing and special performances will be throughout the evening. Traditional German Food and German Beer will be served. THU. OCT 7, 14, 21, 28 – WEIGHT WATCHERS MEET 8:00 and 9:30 a.m. United Community Church, 1501 La Jolla. For info email Sandy at samt1995 Check out our great summer sales and raffles! Weight Watchers meets every Thu. 33573 Continued on Page 14

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The News of Kings Point

October, 2010

33573 From Page 13 THU. OCT 7, 14, 21, 28 - SCC ORGAN & KEYBOARD CLUB GROUP LESSON 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Every Thu. Armstrong Room, Atrium Bldg. Central CA Campus. Each class cost $3.00 payable at the door and you learn 2 songs each lesson. It is a group lesson with teacher and music provided that is yours to keep, learn, and practice. Info: Bob Mulcahy 813.633.4628. SCC and KP residents only. Learning music is a good stimulant for your mind and is a good way to relax with new friends that have music in common. THU. OCT 7 – REGISTERED NURSES RESUME MONTHLY MEETINGS 9:15 a.m. Social. 9:45 a.m. Meeting Starts, Caper Room, Atrium Bldg. Central CA Campus, Dues of $5.00 can be paid from the Oct. thru Dec. meeting. Make check to SCC Registered Nurses Club. Info: Dorothy 633.2364. Speaker will be Dr. Amshel, Gastroenterologist. Topic will be “New Detentions in Colon Cancer” Please remember items from Sister Sara’s list and Campbell’s coupons for Shriners’ Hospital Educational Program. Open to all Registered nurses who are residents of SCC. Guests of members welcome. THU. OCT 7 – OKTOBERFEST CELEBRATION (NEWCOMERS ONLY) 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Aston Gardens, 1311 Aston Gardens Ct. FREE. MUST RSVP (Limited Seating) 813.642.8950. Come and see what all the BUZZ is about at Aston Gardens! Have a great time with entertainment, food and German Beer! THU. OCT 7, 14, 21, 28 – THURSDAY NIGHT PARTNERS BRIDGE Arrive by 6:30 p.m. Play begins promptly at 7:00 p.m. Horizon Bridge Room, Atrium Bldg. Central CA Campus. 50c per person and all winners receive a cash prize. Please call Pat Nolle at 642.9280 if you have questions. Open to all bridge players in SCC and KP every Thu night throughout the year (unless CA Board closes Horizon Room for a holiday). All players must bring a partner (of either sex). THU. OCT 7 – MUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZA BENEFITS WOUNDED WARRIORS 7;00 p.m. CA Community Hall, 1910 S. Pebble Beach Blvd. Tickets $15.00 each on sale at SCC CA Atrium 9:00 a.m. – Noon every weekday. Also Oct 4 and 6, they will be sold in the Conference Room of the C.A. Maintenance Building, Central CA Campus. Info: 633.9500. Staring Lily Marlane and Lotarr Bergeest, both versatile entertainers who deliver a variety of music from Broadway to Pops and light classics. They will be backed up by Bob Boyd and the ever popular 42nd Street Orchestra. FRI. OCT 8 – LAFF*A*LOT CONNECTION 1:30 p.m. Heritage Room, Atrium Bldg. Central CA Campus. Info: Ivan 633.9835. Meets every 2nd Fri all 12 months. Never any dues and all SCC and KP welcome. If you can’t tell jokes, just come and have light refreshments and meet some new friends. If you have gotten something funny on the Internet, come and READ it to us. Laughter is like free medicine. It gets those jolly-juices going in our brain and helps you feel better about yourself and life in general. Prizes. SAT. OCT 9 LOW COST SPAY/NEUTER CLINIC (OFF) 7:30 a.m. Drop-off time at C.A.R.E. 2:30 p.m. Pickup time. C.A.R.E. in Ruskin. $10 per Cat or Kitten (must weigh 4 pounds and be at least 4 months old). Reservations Required. Must call 813.633.7302. Feline Folks will conduct a Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic (OFF) Operation Feline Fix for free-roaming cats. SAT. OCT 9 – THE SUNSHINE KINDS FOUNDATION FUNDRAISER 5:00 p.m. Community Hall, S. Pebble Beach Blvd. $18.00 person/donation. Sponsored by Prudential Florida Realty. Info: 642.1500. Dinner catered

Two Great Communities. One Legendary City. Enjoy affordable luxury at America’s award-winning senior-living communities in Sun City Center. Aston Gardens at Sun City Center borders The Caloosa Golf Course and offers a charming residential setting. At Aston Gardens at The Courtyards, you’ll live in “downtown” Sun City Center, in the heart of it all. Call or visit today and ask about a free lunch for you and a guest!

Lock In Your Rent...Ask Us How! Arrange a tour and lunch is on us for you and a guest.


At The Courtyards At Sun City Center 231 Courtyards Blvd. 1311 Aston Gardens Ct. Sun City Center, FL 33573 Sun City Center, FL 33573 Independent Living | Assisted Living | Memory Care 813.642.8950 | Rent Protection applies to Independent Living Homes only. All offers subject to change or withdrawal at any time without notice. Speak with a Senior Lifestyle Counselor for all the details. Assisted Living Facility License AL#9439 | ©2010 DISCOVERY MANAGEMENT GROUP | MANAGED AND OPERATED BY

by Carrabba’s Italian Grill of Brandon. Entertainment, raffle and silent auction. SUN. OCT 10 - OLDIES BUT GOODIES DANCE 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. Community Hall, S. CA Campus. Club members are free and others pay $5.00 at the door. Info: 633.5649. Entertainment will be provided by The Dukes. The dress is casual. EVERYONE (Singles and Couples; SCC and KP) is welcome. BYOB. Come dance with us. Oldies but Goodies Dances are the 2nd Sun. of each month. SUN. OCT 10 – “THE ENTERTAINERS” AN EVENING OF ONE ACTS, PELICAN PLAYERS 7:00 p.m. Kings Point Banquet Room, 1900 Clubhouse Dr. Tickets are $5.00. For this show only contact Mary 813.634.4430. Plays include “The Talking Bench by Kent R. Brown, directed by Bill Turcotte; “The Actress” directed by Carlyn Postle; and “Miss Lillian’s Supper” directed by Judy Michael. All monies after expenses go to the Pelican Players’ Scholarship Fund. If you are planning an event, remember to contact The Pelican Players as they have “something for everyone,” all at unbelievably low prices. MON. OCT 11 – SAT OCT 16 HOGAN’S GOLF SCHEDULE 9:30 a.m. T-Time. Mon 11 SandPiper $25.00 + free sleeve; Wed 13 Summerfield $34.00 + lunch; Fri 15 Imperial Lakewoods $26.63; Sat 16 SandPiper $25.00 + free sleeve. Contact for reservation(s). Hogan’s Golf Schedule is listed on a weekly basis. Membership in the Hogans cost $30 (includes GHIN membership) per year with meetings every two years (next meeting is December 2011). Election of officers is held in November/December. MON. OCT 11 – ESTATE PLANNING FOR THE FLORIDA RESIDENT – SPENCER FAIRCLOTH 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Gingery Room, Community Church College, 1501 La Jolla. SIX Seminars. To register, call 634.8607. Info: www.cccinscc. org. Seminar 1: Claiming Florida Domicile/Dying without a Will. Led by Spencer Faircloth, retired SunTrust Bank Trust Officer, who has been teaching these seminars since moving to Florida from New York in 1989. Over 4,000 SCC residents have taken these seminars. Future Seminar dates: Oct 18, Oct 25, Nov 1, Nov 8, and Nov 15. MON. OCT 11 – AIH COLUMBUS DAY DINNER and DANCE 4:00 p.m. Doors Open. KP Borini Theater. $25 PP for members or non-members. Tickets, call Annette at 633.9697. BYOB. Banquet Masters’ appetizer table, 14 item salad bar, pork carving, stuffed shells, crab meat stuffed filet of sole and vegetables. Dessert and a bottle of wine at table. The Ashleys for your entertainment. TUE. OCT 12, 26 – SOUTH SHORE TOASTMASTERS CLUB MEETS 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. Trinity Baptist Church, Social Room (west side of church) corner of SCC Blvd. and Del Webb blvd. W. No charge. Info: Russ Kevala (VP Education) 813.484.8333 or Bill Hodges (co-founder) 813.633.1523 or come to the meeting, meet our friendly members and see for yourself how a meeting is conducted. Toastmasters meetings provide the tools and experience for effective communications in community service, business, professional and family activities. TUE. OCT 12 – DISCOVERY UNIVERSITY 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Aston Gardens, 1311 Aston Gardens Ct. FREE. RSVP 813.642.8950. Speaker, 33573 Continued on Page 15

2010, October

The News of Kings Point

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33573 From Page 14 Professor Phil Leto III, will give an educational seminar on History and Politics in the USA. This month’s topic is “The Golden Age of Hollywood. See how Sam Goldwyn, Louis B. Mayer, Adolph Zukor, William Fox and the Warner Brothers created the motion picture industry.” Refreshments will be served. TUE. OCT 12 – COOKING WITH “OUR” CHEF 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. Aston Gardens, 231 Courtyards Blvd. FREE. RSVP to 813.642.8950. Each month our Chef will demonstrate new cooking techniques and make new recipes to try and taste. TUE. OCT 12, 26 – FAMILY CAREGIVER SUPPORT GROUP – MANAGING YOUR STRESS 3:00 p.m. Homewood Residence, 3910 Galen Ct. 2nd Floor. FREE. Info: Bev 813.633.4340. Burnt out? Can’t remember when you last sat down to read a paper or went to lunch with friends? Come to our Family Caregiver Support Group and let’s talk. Caregiver stress is a serious condition that plagues many families. Kay Coburn Dyer, a professional Geriatric Care Manager with both professional and personal experience will facilitate the group. Light refreshments. Group meets 2nd and 4th Tue of each month. TUE. OCT 12 & THU. OCT 14 – BEGINNER TAI CHI CLASSES 3;30 – 4:30 p.m. Dance Studio (old Fitness center), Atrium Bldg. Central CA Campus. These are free classes. No need to register – just wear comfortable clothes and show up. Sponsored by the SCC Tai Chi Club These classes offered EVERY TUE and THU. TUE. OCT 12 – SUN CITY CENTER PHOTO CLUB MEETS 6:30 p.m. Tutorial presenting tips and techniques for photographers. 7:00 p.m. Program. Caper Room, Atrium Bldg. Central CA Campus. Dues for 2010 year, $20 per person or $30 per household couple and provide access to club activities. Info about club: or visit learning lab at 960D Cherry Hills Dr. Jeff Brown, the featured speaker, will talk about the advantages of shooting with a RAW format for more creative flexibility. Community members and guests are welcome to attend. WED. OCT 13 – WEAVERS’ MEETING “OKTOBERFEST” 10:30 a.m. Meeting followed by Lunch. Sandpiper Room, Atrium Bldg. Central CA Campus. Lunch will be $7.00 (including Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and German Potato Salad). Sign up and pay in the weavers’ room by Oct 6th before noon. Entertainment by Larry Lundeen playing the Accordion and leading a sing-a-long. WED. OCT 13 – WELCOME HOME SEMINAR (SERIES 1 OF 5) 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. Aston Gardens, 1311 Aston Gardens, Ct. FREE. RSVP 813.642.8950. Speaker Beth Warren, Owner of Welcome Home Relocation, discusses the feelings Seniors may experience when on the cusp of making the decision to move to retirement community living. Common reasons seniors say “I’m Not Ready1” Participation from the public is encouraged to share their thoughts. WED. OCT 13 – INFORMATIONAL SEMINAR 2010 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Aston Gardens, 231 Courtyards Blvd. FREE. RSVP 813.642.8950. Seminars with an Elder Law Attorney, Amanda Wolf and an Estate Liquidation Expert, Dale Smrekar. The topics are: “Establishing a Succession Plan for your Physical Assets,” and “The Legal Issues for caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients.

WED. OCT 13 – KINGS POINT ROD and REEL CLUB MEETS 7:00 p.m. Kings Point Clubhouse Craft Room. Info: email Rod and Reel members meet the second Wed. of the month. WED. OCT 13 – AMICI, THE ITALIAN CULTURAL CLUB MEETS 7:00 p.m. East Social Room of the Kings Point Clubhouse. Membership $8 or donations at the door $3 each time. Info: 634.0955. Meteorologist John Frizzola will talk about the little publicized aspects of Columbus’ voyage. Weather affects us all and had much to do with crossing the Atlantic safely in the 1400s. Meetings are open to residents of SCC. An exciting year is planned. THU. OCT 14 – AGING IN PLACE OPEN FORUM 1:30 – 3:30 p.m. United Methodist Church, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. W in Creason Hall. FREE. South Shore Coalition for Mental Health and Aging. Come with your questions! Speakers can address legal issues of aging, mental health risks and benefits, community resources, in-home care options, and more! Presenters: Amanda Wolf - Elder Law Attorney, Mini Buderus - InHome Care provider, Teresa Jackson – Geriatric Care Manager, and Ed Dubreuil, Mental Health Consultant. Refreshments, Door Prizes. THU. OCT 14 – SOUTH BAY HOSPITAL EDUCATION SEMINAR 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. Aston Gardens, 1311 Aston Gardens Ct. FREE. RSVP 813.642.8950. Aston Gardens at Sun City Center presents a monthly education Seminar with South Bay Hospital. The 2nd Thursday of each month for 2010 will bring you a new topic and new experts to meet from South Bay Hospital. This month’s topic is “Breast Cancer Awareness.” Our speaker this month is Dr. Jocelyn Bueno, M.D. FRI. OCT 15 – FANTASTIC FRIDAY DINNER and ENTERTAINMENT 5:30 p.m. Doors open, 6:00 p.m. Dinner served; 7:15 p.m. Show begins. United Community Church, 1501 La Jolla Ave. $17.00 per person. Show only tickets are $5.00 per person. Info: Co-Chairs Paula Lickfeldt 633.6739 or Karl Buffington 813.431.5444. Master Magician Vince Carmen. Complete dinner with Chicken Marsala. Dinner/Show tickets may be purchased following the 10:00 a.m. Sunday worship service. Show tickets only may be purchased the night of performance. SAT. OCT 16 – RALLY FOR THE CURE – SHOP FOR A CAUSE All Day, Macy’s. Ask a lady golfer in your neighborhood or email Includes Falcon Watch and Caloosa Greens. Unique one-day-only shopping event. Purchase a shopping pass, enjoy a day of spectacular discounts, entertainment, special events, and a chance to win $500 shopping spree. Donations go to the Florida Suncoast Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Discounts apply to men’s, women’s orkis apparel or accessories. Have a fun day with friends and help! SAT. OCT 16 – TEAM “RUDY” WALKS FOR ALZHEIMER’S 8:00 a.m. Meet, 9:00 a.m. Begin Walk. United Methodist Church, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. W. Coffee and Donuts. Info: Alzheimer’s web site and search by zip code. Please RSVP to Denny Hanson 633.7733. Wear something Purple, the Alzheimer’s color. Walk as little as you want at your own pace, entire walk is just two miles. Tax free donations. Please donate even if you can’t walk. 33573 Continued on Page 16

If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s... ...then maybe it’s time we talked. Caring for an elderly loved one who suffers from Alzheimer’s or dementia is one of life’s great challenges. But the memory care program at Homewood Residence® at Freedom Plaza can enhance the quality of




life, not just for your loved one, but for your entire family as well. We


understand the nature of Alzheimer’s and we deliver compassionate


Exp. 10/31/10

care in a program that focuses on Daily Moments of SuccessSM. If your family has a loved one with Alzheimer’s, then call us. We can talk about the details later, but for now let’s just talk.

Call (813) 633-4340 for more information or to schedule your personal visit.

Exp. 10/31/10

Personalized Assisted Living Respect for Individual PreferencesSM Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Daily Moments of SuccessSM 3910 Galen Ct., Sun City Center, FL 33573 Assisted Living Facility # 9634 Respect for Individual Preferences and Daily Moments of Succes are Service Marks of Brookdale Senior Living Inc., Nashville, TN, USA. ® Reg. U.S. Patent and TM Office




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The News of Kings Point

October, 2010

33573 From Page 15 SAT. OCT 16 – 1ST ANNUAL BEEF ‘N’ BONES AT THE BAYOU 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. Camp Bayou Outdoor Learning Center, 3 mi. S of SR 674 at end of 24th St. SE in Ruskin. $20 pp or $35 per couple (children under 12 free). Table Sponsors $300 (8 tickets, VIP parking & seating). Info: 813.641.8545 or Delicious food by a team of “Bayou grillers” music, entertainment and silent auction. Frank Garcia of the Paelo Preserve will set the karaoke stage with Tedd Web of WFLA Radio and come of the Famundah All-Stars of Tampa Bay. SAT. OCT 16 – SINGLES MINGLES HALLOWEED DANCE 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. Kings Point North Club House Studio Room. Members $3.00, Non-Members $5.00. Info: Jeannette 634.5560. Costumes or “come as you are” No dress code for this dance. SUN. OCT 17 – SCC MONTHLY GOLF SCRAMBLE 8:00 a.m. and will be a shotgun start. Sandpiper. $2.00 per person entry fee. Call Chuck Roth 642.0679 or Tim Broad 476.3707 a week prior to the event. All monies paid in cash. All singles and couples welcome. Meets 3rd Sunday of each month. SUN. OCT 17 – SOUTH SHORE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA CONCERT 4:00 p.m. United Methodist Church, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. W. Tickets $15/20 by calling the SSSO office at 813.667.7776. Featuring the Music of the Three B’s: Bach: Passacaglia & Fugue in C minor; Beethoven: Symphony No. 5 in C Minor; Brahms: Academic Festival Overture, Hungarian Dances #5 and #6; and Strauss, Sr: Redetzky March, Op 228. First Winter Season Concert. SUN. OCT 17 – SINGLES SOCIAL DANCE CLUB’s HALLOWEED DANCE 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. Florida Room, Atrium Bldg. Central CA Campus. Members $3; Non-members $5.00. Info: Janet 633.3558. Music by Thor Stevens. BYOB, snacks, water and ice provided. Proper dress required. Meets every 1st and 3rd Sunday. Costumes Optional. MON. OCT 18 – WEAVING CLASSES BEGIN 9:00 a.m. Weaving Classroom next to Rollins Theatre, Central CA Campus. $25.00 which will include lessons and yarn for a sampler and one project (scarf). Questions: Charlene Roberts 634.2651 or email Please put Weaving in the subject line. Looms will be provided. Sign up on the sheet in the front of the room in the weaving room and Charlene will contact you. MON. OCT 18 – SAT OCT 23 HOGAN’S GOLF SCHEDULE 9:30 a.m. T-Time. Tue 19 Apollo Beach $25.00; Thu 21 Riverside $18.00; Sat 23 SandPiper $25.00 + free sleeve. Contact for reservation(s). Hogan’s Golf Schedule is listed on a weekly basis. Twice-annual “Snowbird and SunBird” simple social events (typically dinners) are arranged for the golfers and their spouses. Members hold impromptu pizza parties and the like on occasions. Membership is open only to SCC and KP residents. MON. OCT 18 – ESTATE PLANNING FOR THE FLORIDA RESIDENT – SPENCER FAIRCLOTH 3:00 – 4:30 P.M. Gingery Room, Community Church College, 1501 La Jolla. 2nd in 6 Seminars. To register, call 634.8607. Info: www. Seminar No. 2: Understanding Last Wills and Testament. Led by Spencer Faircloth, retired SunTrust Bank Trust Officer, who has been teaching these seminars since moving to Florida

from New York in 1989. Over 4,000 SCC residents have taken these seminars. Future Seminar dates: Oct 25, Nov 1, Nov 8, and Nov 15. TUE. OCT 19 – PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING BREAKFAST 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. Aston Gardens, 1311 Aston Gardens Ct. FREE. RSVP 813.642.8950. Please attend our monthly Professional Networking meeting. Held the 3rd Tue. of every month. This month our Speaker is Charles Crump, Owner of Save a Life Today. FOR PROFESSIONALS ONLY. TUE. OCT 19 – HANDICAPPED CLUB MEETS 1:00 p.m. Cypress Creek Golf Course. Info: Don 642.9116. Open to all handicapped individuals and/ or their caregivers. We are a social club who meet once a month on the 3rd Tue and just talk. A small, intimate group. Come join us. TUE. OCT 19 – DISCOVERY UNIVERSITY 1:30 – 3:00 p.m. Aston Gardens, 231 Courtyards Blvd. FREE. RSVP 813.642.8950. Speaker, Professor Phil Leto III, will give an educational seminar on History and Politics in the USA. This month’s topic is “Immigrants Gone Bad! Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky and organized crime pursued the American Dream in unconventional ways. Refreshments will be served. WED. OCT 20 – JEWELRY MAKING CLASS WITH GERI 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. The Courtyards, 231 Courtyards Blvd. $15.00 charge for supplies. Limited Seating Available. RSVP to 813.642.8950. Always wanted to know how that favorite piece of jewelry was made? Well now you can learn how to make your own. Refreshments provided. WED. OCT 20 – CLASSICAL MUSIC APPRECIATION 3:00 p.m. Kings Point main clubhouse, East-West Social Room. Free. Info: Arthur C. Joy 813.633.9783 All lovers of classical music are invited. WED. OCT 20 – ITALIAN DINNER NIGHT (NEWCOMERS ONLY) 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. Aston Gardens, 231 Courtyards Blvd. FREE. RSVP 813.642.8950 (Limited Seating). Have you ever tried the food at Aston Gardens? Well now is your chance! And you will see why we are America’s Award Winning Senior Community! WED. OCT 20 – KINGS POINT LINE DANCERS HALLOWEEN DANCE 7:00 – 9;00 p.m. Borini Theatre at Kings Point. Tickets $5.51 available at the box office. Info: Jan 634.6226. Dress in costume or not, come dance and join in the fun. Beginners and advanced dancers invited. Couples are always invited and can dance in the many genres of music played. BYOB and setup. Open to SCC and KP residents and their guests. WED. OCT 20 – SCC DANCE CLUB DANCE HALLOWEEN DANCE – IF YOU DARE 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Community Hall, South CA Campus. Members free, guests $5.00 pp. Info: 633.7173. Music by “DJ” Darlene. Costumes preferred but not required Prizes will be awarded. Dance exhibition. EVERYONE (Singles and Couples; SCC and K.P.) is welcome. BYOB. Come dance with us. THU. OCT 21 – POST-POLIO SUPPORT GROUP MEETS 10:30 – 11:30 a.m. United Methodist Church, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. W. Info: Pam Vogelsang at 642.8707. The speaker will be: Hanson Services and Home Care. This group meets the third Thursday of every month from Sep. to May and EVERYONE is welcome to attend. 33573 Continued on Page 17


2010, October

The News of Kings Point

Page 17

33573 From Page 16 FRI. OCT 22 – FUNSQUAD 4TH FRIDAY EVENT 5:00 p.m. Atrium Pool (North side) Central CA Campus. Cost $3.00 Come enjoy a sub, chips and cookies. Suzy will be there for your dancing and listening pleasure. Bathing suit optional. SAT. OCT 23 – ADVANTAGE CRUISES & TOURS, MEETS 10:00 a.m. Card Room of the Main Club House at Kings Point. $15.00 per person to join includes nametag, monthly meeting and mailing (also to your Summer residence). Info: 1.866.824.1613. Club will meet every 4th Sat and be offering day trips, multi-day bus tours, and cruises. All club trips are fully escorted. Also, nonescorted, but great value, cruise deals available. SAT. OCT 23 – BIG BAND CLUB DANCE SEASON STARTS 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. Community Hall, South CA Campus, Season Tickets $59 pp includes a $5 Membership fee and covers the 8 dances Oct thru Apr. Membership Fee plus $9 for individual dances. Info: Mike 634.5512. Dress code is jackets for men (ties optional) and dressy attire for the ladies. So, come join us for a fun filled season of dancing to the music of SCC’s own live 18 piece Swing Band playing the “Music Of Your Life” from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. MON. OCT 25 – SAT OCT 30 HOGAN’S GOLF SCHEDULE 9:30 a.m. T-Time. Mon 25 Diamond Hill $22.00; Wed 27 Summerfield $34.00 + lunch 5:00 P.M. HALLOWEED PARTY; Fri 29 Buffalo Creek $20.99; Sat 30 Sandpiper $25.00 + free sleeve Contact for reservation(s). Hogan’s Golf Schedule is listed on a weekly basis. The Hogans Golf Club was formed in Feb. 2008 by SCC and KP residents who wanted to play with other golfers who chose to play the area public golf courses (including several private courses that offer “public” play.) MON. OCT 25 – ESTATE PLANNING FOR THE FLORIDA RESIDENT – SPENCER FAIRCLOTH 3:00 – 4:30 P.M. Gingery Room, Community Church College, 1501 La Jolla. 3rd in 6 Seminars. To register, call 634.8607. Info: www. Seminar No. 3: Titling Your Property and Avoiding Probate. Led by Spencer Faircloth, retired SunTrust Bank Trust Officer, who has been teaching these seminars since moving to Florida from New York in 1989. Over 4,000 SCC residents have taken these seminars. Future Seminar dates: Nov 1, Nov 8, and Nov 15. TUE. OCT 26 – DISCOVERY UNIVERSITY 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Aston Gardens, 1311 Aston Gardens Ct. FREE. RSVP 813.642.8950. Speaker, Professor Phil Leto III, will give an educational seminar on History and Politics in the USA. This month’s topic is “Immigrants Gone Bad! Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky and organized crime pursued the American Dream in unconventional ways.” Refreshments will be served. WED. OCT 27 – ALZHEIMER’S/CAREGIVERS SUPPORT GROUP 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. The Inn at The Courtyards, 255 Courtyards Blvd. FREE. RSVP 813.634.4497. If you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s/Dementia you will want to attend this very educational meeting. Learn how to deal and copy with Alzheimer’s from others who are in the same position as you. THU. OCT 28 – FRIDAY NIGHT (NEWCOMERS ONLY) 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Aston Gardens, 231 Courtyards Blvd. FREE RSVP 813.642.8950 (Limited Availability) Come and enjoy some great fun! Prizes for best costumes! Come and enjoy the fun, games and entertainment! THU. OCT 28 – MOONGLOW DANCE CLUB DANCE 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Community Hall, S. CA Campus. Members Free. $5.00 guests. Info: Claire

642.0171, President. BYOB. Attire: Dressy, Singles Welcome. Music by Mellotones. Everyone in KP and SCC is invited. OCT 28, 29, 30 – AN EVENING WITH FIDDLER ON THE ROOF 7:30 p.m. Rollins Theater. Tickets $10.00. Tickets available 9:00 a. – Noon, Mon thru Fri, Rollins Theater. Credit Card Orders 813.642.0606. Presented by the Performing Arts Club of SCC featuring Lew Resseguie as Tevye and Ellen Kleinschmidt as Golde. Resseguie has portrayed Tevye many times in professional productions. Also plays Nov 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 13. FRI. OCT 29 – ARABIAN NIGHTS (NEWCOMERS ONLY) 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. Aston Gardens, 1311 Aston Gardens Ct. FREE. MUST RSVP 813.642.8950. Try something new and exciting….Expand your horizons! This is a great way to meet new people and have a wonderful time at American’s Award Winning Senior Community! SAT. OCT 30 – WAR VETERANS-MOWW INTERVIEWS for LIBRARY of CONGRESS 10:00 a.m. Armstrong Room at Atrium, Central CA Campus. FREE. Info: Gordon Bassett 642.0691. Richard Wallace 642.0212 or Ken Barringer 633.8490. Appointment is necessary at either 10:00 or 11:30 a.m. Interviews are on the last Sat. of each month. The Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) conducts interviews for Library of Congress Veterans History Project to preserve the military veteran’s record for perpetuity as its American Folklife Center. Bob Swing videographer, editor and DVD publisher.

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The News of Kings Point

October, 2010

B U L L E T I N Friendly Bulletin Board reminder…

Please remember that many of our residents may be new to our community and have or use out of state phone numbers. Because of this, we request that ALL SUBMISSIONS to NOKP with phone numbers for more information include area codes with those phone numbers. This will encourage participation and help avoid confusion. Thanks!

Family Caregiver Support Group: Managing Your Stress

Burnt out? Can’t remember when you last sat down to read the paper or went to lunch with friends? Come to our Family Caregiver Support Group and let’s talk. Caregiver stress is a serious condition that plagues many families as they struggle to meet the overwhelming demands of a loved one. Kay Coburn Dyer, a professional Geriatric Care Manager with both professional and personal experience in care management will facilitate the group. Kay is a graduate of the University of Vermont, a Sun City resident and is currently completing her Masters Degree in Aging. This group will meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. at Homewood Residence, 3910 Galen Ct., 2nd Floor. Light Refreshments. Call Bev @ 813.633.4340 for information.

Krafters Donate to CERT S.C.C. DAV Chapter 110 News

S.C.C.DAV Chapter 110 transports all Veterans to the James A Haley Veterans Hospital Mon. thru Fri. leaving at 6:30 A.M. retuning at 1:00 P.M. This Van is not wheel chair assessable. We are in need of Drivers for this Van. No special license required. We need you even for 1 day a month. The Chapter meets every 4th Thurs. in the Caper Room, Lunch at 12:00, meeting at 1:00 Contact Commander Tom Williams 813.777.0914 or Helmut at

Come Celebrate with Song and Join the Women’s Chorus

June Crittenden, president of the Kings’ Point Krafters Club, presents a check to Sun City Center CERT leaders Bill Barron (left) and Dick Tattarelli. The donation will be used by the CERT team to buy mobile tents and awnings for use in emergencies. CERT is the Community Emergency Response Team; a group of residents trained by the Hillsborough County Fire to complement uniformed organizations in disaster situations.

The Women’s Chorus, located in SCC, invites all ladies from SCC, Kings Point and the surrounding communities to join us beginning Thursday, September 16, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. when we commence rehearsals for our Christmas concert of secular and sacred music. While past choral experience or musical ability is helpful, it is not required. All we ask is you bring your love of singing and attend weekly rehearsals on Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. Rehearsals held courtesy of St. Andrew Presbyterian Church located at 1239 Del Webb Blvd. West. Our concert will be held on Sunday, November 28, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. at St. Andrew’s. Questions, please contact Betty Lance at 813.633.3862 or Mim Quast at 813.634.1148. Celebration in song lifts the spirit and we promise you’ll have a great time. Come join us, have fun and experience celebration in song. October is NOT too late to join! Call for more information and come sing with us!

Italian Cultural Club

The 2010-2011 season of AMICI, the Italian Cultural Club, will begin on September 15, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. in the East Social Room of the Kings Point Clubhouse. Peggy Burgess will delight again with facts and stories of opera. Her subject will be Italian comic opera. Join AMICI for an informative and entertaining program. Membership for the 2010-2011 year is $8. Donation at the door is $3. For further information call Arnie 813.634.0955.

Kings Point Line Dancers Halloween Dance Submitted by Jan Ulics

The Kings Point Line Dancers are having a Halloween Dance on Wed Oct 20, 7 – 10:00 p.m. in the Borini Theatre at Kings Point. Singles and couples, KP and SCC residents and their guests are welcome. Tickets are available at the box office, $5.51 each. Wear your Happy (or scary) Halloween gear. BYOB and setups. Call Jan 813.634.6226 for more info.

Heart Failure Support Group, October Meeting

The South Bay Hospital Heart Failure Support Group will meet on Wednesday, October 13th at 10:30 a.m. Suite 106, behind the hospital. This month’s presentation will feature guest speakers Robin Mason, RN and Aaron Gibson, Rehabilitation Manager at South Bay Hospital. They will be presenting on Cardiac Rehabilitation and showing the group how to exercise for heart health. The group meets on the second Wednesday of each month and features monthly guest speakers, information on community resources, tips for maintaining a heart healthy diet while eating out and more. Those suffering from heart failure, caregivers and loved ones are all welcomed and encouraged to attend. Refreshments are served and reservations are not required. For further information, call Kim McKell, RN, MSN at 813.634.0249.

Women With Cancer Concerns

The Women With Cancer Concerns group invites you to come for a very special offering to the United Community Church, 1501 La Jolla Avenue, Sun City Center. Cecilia de Brigard, PT, CLT, Senior Physical Therapist, and Certified Lymphedema Therapist from Moffitt Cancer Center will present a talk on “Intro to Cancer and Exercise”. The meeting will be held on Friday, September 10, at 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. The meetings are free of charge and no reservations are necessary. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors. For information, contact Meeting Facilitator, Hazel Martin at 813.642.9020.

NCWS Continues Community Support Submitted by Jim Butner

Evelyn Villa, right, liturgist for NCWS (Nondenominational Christian Worship Services) is shown presenting a check to Judy Woolheater, Social Services Specialist for LifePath Hospice. The check for $1,584.00 came from the love offerings for August. John Wilbur, Major Gifts Officer for LifePath said, “We are grateful for everyone connected with NCWS for kindly directing their love offerings for the month of August to LifePath Hospice. You are wonderful, generous people who have truly embraced the hospice mission.” For more information regarding NCWS, please call Jim Butner at 813.634.3114.

Feline Folks Fundraising Auction Submitted by Dick Nabak, President, Feline Folks

Feline Folks, a 501c3 Organization committed to “Humane Feline Management”, announces it’s Annual Fundraiser: the Third Annual Cat Meow Auction. Grant money is scarce in 2010 and this Fundraiser may be our only source to continue our community service. Since 2007 we have Spay/Neutered 1,535 cats & kittens and socialized 447 cats & kittens for adoption to forever homes. Those 1,535 cats would have resulted in excess of 37,000 free roaming cats in the community. Feline Folks is strictly volunteers living in the communities we serve: Sun City Center, Ruskin, Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, Riverview & Wimauma. The silent auction will begin at 4:30PM Wed, Oct 27th at the North Clubhouse of Kings Point on Hwy 674 in Sun City Center. For further information on Feline Folks please visit our web site www.felinefolks. us.

2010, October

The News of Kings Point

Page 19

B U L L E T I N SCC 50th Anniversary Pancake Breakfast

Photo by Hazel Martin Seated Left to right: Marcy Kuhn, 50th Anniversary Chair Ann Marie Leblanc and Joe Kuhn Standing Left to right: Ted Verzino, Dee Raimondo and Bill Kobel.

The Sun City Center 50th Anniversary Pancake Breakfast Committee/ Chefs, review with Anniversary Chair Ann Marie Leblanc, the plans and recipes for the great event occurring this month. The fundraising Pancake Breakfast will be held on Saturday, September 25, 2010, from 7 AM until noon in the Florida Room. The cost will be $4.00 per person. Featured and a wonderful benefit to the morning breakfast will be the new coffee maker donated by the Sun City Center Men’s Club to the Sun City Center Association. It is fantastic --- the machine will brew 100 cups of coffee in nine minutes! The proceeds from the Pancake Breakfast will be funding the “50th Anniversary Celebration” events to keep them affordable for the entire community. Volunteers continue to be needed. Call Ann Marie Leblanc at 813.633.3500 if you can help pour coffee or juice, make toast, clear the tables and smile a lot.

Kings Point Condominium Owners Sponsor Thanksgiving Dinner

Kings Point Condominium Owners Association will be Co-Sponsoring Thanksgiving Dinner on November 25, 2010 with: “Right at Home Care, Brandon” for shut-ins only of Kings Point. Dinner is being prepared by Beanies Family Restaurant. Persons need to register at the KP C.O.A. Office, telephone number 813-633-1710. Delivery will be by COA Volunteer members. Deadline to register is November 12, 2010. Call Millie Aumack at 813.633.9191 for more information.

British Connection Trivia Night

The British Connection of Sun City Center will start its 2010-2011 season on Thursday, November 11th, for Trivia Night from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. in the Florida Room of the Sun City Center Atrium. Doors open at 5:45. All residents of Sun City Center and Kings Point are welcome. BYOB and a Main Course Dish for six to share. Dessert, salad, tea, coffee and setups will be provided. Contact Helen Roberts at 813.633.6008 for reservations NO LATER THAN Saturday, November 6. Tickets are $5.00 per person for members and $7.00 per person for non-members. Make checks payable to The British Connection and mail to Helen Roberts, 206 Stoneham Court, Sun City Center, FL 33573.

Pelican Players “One Acts” Sure to Please Submitted by Dora Murray

“The Entertainers “ the traveling troupe of the Pelican Players are hosting “An Evening of One Acts” at the Kings Point Banquet Room at 1900 Clubhouse Drive ,Sun City Center Florida. The show will be on Sunday, October 10, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. Tickets are $5 and for this show only. To purchase tickets, contact Mary at 813.634.4430. “The Talking Bench” by Kent R. Brown is A One Act Play, Directed by Bill Turcotte. It is the story of a still working businessman who thinks he is indispensible to his job. His frustrated wife wants to vacation in Italy. He says he cannot leave his job. Their only child, Terri Lynn tries to mediate the conflict. Does it all end Happily? Come and find out!? ? “The Actress”, directed by Carlyn Postle, is the story of an actress who has just been fired from a part in a play during its reversals. Through an accidental meeting with an older woman in the park she is given the guidance for unexpected disappointments life may hand her in the future. “Miss Lillian’s Supper, directed by Judy Michael is about an elderly woman who feels lonely. After an accident at home, she discovers that help and friendship are only a phone call away.? Remember that all monies after expenses goes to The Pelican Players’ Scholarship Fund to send area high school graduates from East Bay, Riverview and Lennard to the college of their choice with a major in the Arts. For more information, visit www.pelicanplayers. org.

Community Seminar on the Proposed Amendments to the Florida State Constitution

NOTE: while the NOKP is committed to remaining intentionally nonpartisan with regard to politics both locally and nationally, the stated purpose of this meeting is to inform the voting public as to the substance of the proposed amendments. An informed body politic is something all Americans can and should support. Thanks. Do you fully understand the proposed amendments to the Florida State Constitution that will be on the November 2, 2010 ballot? If you do not understand the impact these amendments will have on you as a voter, taxpayer and resident of Greater Sun City Center, you want to be sure to attend an educational seminar to be held on Thursday, October 14th, at 2:00 p.m. in the SCC CA Community Hall located at 1910 South Pebble Beach Blvd. Sun City Center. This free nonpartisan educational seminar, open to the public, is cosponsored by the Women’s Club, Men’s Club and Forum Club (all in SCC). The speaker will be Mickey Castor, President of The League of Women Voters of Hillsborough County. The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan organization in that it does not support or oppose any political party or candidate. Therefore questions concerning these amendments will be entertained by the speaker but NO DISCUSSION concerning political parties or candidates will be allowed.

UCC Twelfth Annual Craft Fair Submitted by Hazel Martin

Palmetto Historical Park Yard Sale

Our community yard sale will be held on Saturday, October 2nd from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Set up will begin at 8:00 a.m. Participants will price their own items, man their own tables and keep their profits. The Historical Park has 13 tables that will go to the first 13 people to call for reservations. Everyone else will need to provide his or her own table. We will be limiting the number of participants to 30. Available space filled up very quickly last year, so please call to reserve a spot as soon as possible. Word of Mouth Barbeque will be here selling barbeque chicken sandwiches, barbeque pork sandwiches, hamburgers & smoked mullet. As in past years, the buildings will be open for touring. New this year: Ina Baden, of Ina Baden Estate Sales will be donating her time to conduct appraisals during the Community Yard Sale from 9:00 a.m. to noon. For $5 per item (no jewelry), a limit of 3 items per person, all proceeds will be contributed to the Park & Museum’s fund for children and family programming. The fee to reserve a spot at the yard sale this year is $5.00 for Palmetto Historical Commission members & $10.00 for non-members. If you are interested in securing a table or volunteering at the event or if you have items you would like to donate to the Historical Commission’s table, please call 813.723.4991.

Photo taken by Jo Prater Seated L-R: Luncheon Carole Friedenreich, Craft Fair Chairman Harry Friedenreich, Dorcas Group Helga Martin. Standing L-R: Luncheon Barbara Schuler, Bake Sale Linda Shaw and Publicity Hazel Martin.

Mark your calendars for the Twelfth Annual Craft Fair. Saturday, November 6, 2010, at The United Community Church, 1501 La Jolla Avenue, Sun City Center, from 8:30-1:00 p.m. will be the place, date and time. Come and shop for new, mostly handmade items, enjoy a morning coffee and tasty treat from the Bake Sale booth and complete your day with a delicious lunch. One of the talented vendors is Rachel Flack, who creates custom designed jewelry of semi-precious stones, metals, pearls, glass and ceramic beads. Rachel will convert any earnings to post or clip at no charge. Plan on having fun and great fellowship.

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The News of Kings Point

October, 2010

B U L L E T I N Heart Failure Support Group October Meeting

The South Bay Hospital Heart Failure Support Group will meet on Wednesday, October 13th at 10:30 a.m. Suite 106, behind the hospital. This month’s presentation will feature guest speakers Robin Mason, RN and Aaron Gibson, Rehabilitation Manager at South Bay Hospital. They will be presenting on Cardiac Rehabilitation and showing the group how to exercise for heart health. The group meets on the second Wednesday of each month and features monthly guest speakers, information on community resources, tips for maintaining a heart healthy diet while eating out and more. Those suffering from heart failure, caregivers and loved ones are all welcomed and encouraged to attend. Refreshments are served and reservations are not required. For further information, call Kim McKell, RN, MSN at 813.634.0249.

Scandinavian Club Meeting at IKEA

The Scandinavian Club of Sun City Center will hold a lunchtime meeting at IKEA in Tampa on Thursday, October 21st. Debra Faulk of IKEA will address the members at this luncheon. Transportation will probably be by car-pooling. The exact meeting time and place will be forthcoming. For additional details, and to make reservations, send an email to, or call 813.634.1927.??Future meetings will be a wine & cheese/show & tell on November 18th, and a Christmas Smorgasbord on December 13th.

SCC Swim Dancers Starting New Group

For over 20 years, the local synchronized swim team has been performing swim programs for our community, presenting choreographed numbers which included synchronized swim skills learned and practiced at their three-times-perweek pool sessions. Beginning this Fall, the group will include a novice group, which will include no underwater routines, but concentrate of swimming “floating” patterns - all done to music. This group will practice on Wednesday evenings with pool time from 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the Lap Pool. Members of our local team recently traveled to The Villages to observe their teams performing various intricate float patterns, and felt that we have the ideal facility and member skills to create such a group here. This new group is just beginning, as most of the local swimmers are back in Sun City Center and Kings Point. This is an invitation to attend an introductory open house at poolside in Sun City Center on Wednesday, October 13 at 7:30 p.m. If you’d like to get you feet wet, bring your suit along. If you are interested and have questions, please contact Judy Quitsch 813.642.0157 or Mary Blose 813.633.3101.

Broadway Baby – an Evening of Rodgers & Hammerstein with Kathy Straub

SSAC Offers Free Art Classes

Ruskin is celebrating art and community during the third annual Big Draw. Throughout the month of October, artists will be offering free classes to adults and children at the Big Draw Studio (Thriftway Plaza, 613 N US Hwy 41). Author/illustrator David Macaulay (The Way Things Work) Caldecott award winner and Macarthur ‘Genius,’ will give an exciting demonstration/talk at 6:30 on Oct 11th at HCC. Sponsors include Target and the John Crawford fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Sun City Center. For more information and to sign up for workshops, visit the www. website.

Low Cost Spay/Neuter Service One Day Only!

Feline Folks will conduct its Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic (OFF) Operation Feline Fix for free-roaming cats on Saturday Oct. 9 at C.A.R.E in Ruskin. $10 per Cat or Kitten [must weigh 4 pounds and be at least 4 months old.] Reservation Required. Must call – 813.633.7302. Drop-off time at C.A.R.E. – 7:30 a.m. Pickup time – 2:30 p.m.

Dance Open House Oct. 31

Want to know the difference between Rumba and Swing, Mambo and Cha Cha, etc.? And are there really steps for Slow Dance? You can learn on October 31, 2 to 4 p.m. at Sun City Center Community Hall. The Academy dance club is sponsoring an open house to show SCC and Kings Point residents just how stimulating (mentally and physically) dancing can be. It will be a fun FREE afternoon with demonstrations, lessons, refreshments and socializing. Casual dress. Info contact: 633-3205

Phyllis Hodges photo Bernice May leads Slow Dance steps in a recent class.

Presented by the United Methodist Church of SCC

The United Methodist Church of Sun City Center, 1210 Del Webb Blvd. West, is proud to present Kathy Straub as the Broadway Baby singing the music of Rodgers & Hammerstein on Friday October 1st at 6:30 p.m. at the United Methodist Church of Sun city Center, 1210 Del Webb Blvd West in Sun City Center. Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musicals from the 1940s and 50s are considered the “golden age” of Broadway. Ms. Straub will be singing music from Oklahoma (1943), Carousel (1945), South Pacific (1949), The King and I (1951), Flower Drum Song (1958), and The Sound of Music (1959). Kathy is a member of the Sun City Center Performing Arts Company and has appeared in two of their performances, Broadway Goes Pop and I Wanna Be a Star! She has also appeared as the featured soloist with the South Shore Symphony Orchestra. Kathy has played the roles of Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady” and Gloria in Mame. Kathy is retired from teaching after twenty-four years of choral directing in her home state of Kentucky. Her greatest source of pride and joy is her daughter, Sara, who is in graduate school at the University of Oklahoma. Concertgoers are encouraged to arrive early for a good seat. A donation of just $5 is requested at the door. For additional information about this and other concerts and recitals at the United Church of Sun City Center, please, please contact Jeff Jordan, Director of Music and the Arts, at 813.634.2539. To learn more about the United Methodist Church of Sun City center, please visit our website at

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2010, October

The News of Kings Point

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Assume you’re declarer in four spades and West leads the queen of diamonds. You take the trick with dummy’s ace and lead a spade, on which East produces the jack. How would you proceed from here? When the deal occurred, South finessed the queen, losing to the king. He then ruffed West’s diamond return, drew the missing trump and played the Q-K-A of hearts, hoping the missing hearts would break 3-3. When they didn’t, he ruffed his last heart in dummy and led a club to the queen and king. West’s club return then settled

South’s hash, and he finished down one, losing three clubs and a spade. In failing to make the contract, South fell prey to “finessitis,” a serious but curable disease that afflicts the play of many declarers. Once East’s jack of spades appeared, South had a virtually sure way to make four spades by not attempting the finesse. Instead, he should have put up the ace and then taken the steps necessary to assure that he would not lose three club tricks. After taking the spade ace, he should next lead a heart to the queen and ruff dummy’s remaining diamond. This is followed by the A-K of hearts. When the suit fails to divide evenly, declarer ruffs his last heart in dummy. While the last two hearts are being played, West has the option of choosing his own poison. He can ruff or discard, as he pleases, but he cannot avoid being forced to hand South the contract. Assuming West doesn’t ruff, declarer trumps his fourth heart in dummy and leads a trump. West wins, but must then yield a ruff-and-discard or play a club. In either case, South is assured of losing no more than two club tricks. Note that if East started with the king of spades, the outcome is exactly the same. © 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.

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The News of Kings Point

October, 2010

“Making Love, Tampa Bay Area”

Submitted by Tod McGinley Raymond James Stadium beneath the goal posts, would be nice, Or at the St. Pete Forum, astride the Zamboni, making ice. Consider the sunshine Skyway Bridge, at the very top, While in the monkey cage at Lowry, it would be hard to stop! Maybe you might prefer the T.I.A luggage carrousel, But Mac Dill’s busy south runway would do just as well. You could lie on a bunch of sponges up in Tarpon Springs, Or on a Ybor City cigar leaf table, to feel the joy it brings. And don’t overlook Tampa General’s  helicopter pad, though desk tops at the Hillsborough Courthouse, are the current fad! Now, I have my favorites, and you may have yours, But the old country music song claims , that the best  time to love   is: “when we get behind closed doors!!”

2010, October

The News of Kings Point

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The News of Kings Point

October, 2010

Legendary Journeys

...Americas #1 Vacation Specialist 813-633-4521 800-511-5411 3818 Sun City Center Blvd. • Sun City Center • Next to Home Depot

You Are Invited!

SUN CITY CENTER ~ KINGS POINT TRAVEL CLUB MEETING Sunday, October 10, 2:00 PM • Kings Point Clubhouse

COME ENJOY Refreshments.&.hear about new DAY TRIPS, TOURS plus the latest CRUISE deals you can’t get anywhere else. Guests are always welcome. A $5.00 guest fee will be charged at the door. RATES BETTER THAN WHAT YOU CAN GET FROM THE CRUISE LINE DIRECTLY! Travel club membership has its Privileges !! See Travel club membership only trips below !!

America’s Got Talent ............From $189

Travel to Orlando/Hotel • Visit Downtown Disney Reserved Premium Seats • Historic Mt. Dora Sightseeing & Shopping

• Yahala Bakery & Lakeside Winery Visits

Allure of the Seas Ship Tour ................$149

History In The Making - Will you be there ? This is the largest ship afloat at 223,000 tons! Be the first to see this Magnificent Ship !! Ship tour, hotel overnight, shopping included.

Broadway National Tour ................... $99

Choice of : 9 to 5 - The Musical - Oct 30 • Dreamgirls - Nov 20 • Irvin Berlin’s White Christmas - Dec 4 • Disney’s Beauty & The Beast - Jan 22 • Billy Elliot the Musical - Feb 19 • West Side Story - Mar 5 • Jersey Boys - Apr 16 • Shrek The Musical - May 7 • Hair - May 28

Just Announced


3 Nights/4 Days from $199

NON-STOP Commercial Air, all transfers in Gulfport, choice of Deluxe Casino Hotel, FREE Slot Play, FREE meal. EXCITING, FUN TRIP!


9 Days FREE Air from $999 LA, Float Palace Tour, New Year’s Eve party, reserved parade seats; choice of 7 cruises! ADD Las Vegas 4 day post trip just $199! FUN!

EXOTIC Southern Caribbean 10 Days/FREE Bus $369

Unique CRUISE Dominican Republic, Tortola, Antigua, Barbados, St. Kitts, Open Bar Cocktail Party! Best Deal!!


24 Days/FREE Air $1599

FREE Bus to pier, Southern Caribbean, Portugal, Spain, Italy plus 6 day Tuscany post tour including breakfast & dinner DAILY! FANTASTIC VALUE!

St. Johns River

3 Days/FREE Bus $349

CRUISE Historic St. Johns River Jacksonville to Sanford with narration, meal. Overnight in Palatka! FUN!

Best of the MED

13 Days/FREE Air $1999

Barcelona, CRUISE Monaco, Florence & Pisa, Rome, Naples, Sicily, Mallorca, Marseilles, 1 Night Madrid.

MYSTERY TRIP 3 Days $299

Our most popular coach trip, most Meals included, all sightseeing & attractions along with lots of surprises!


8 Days/FREE Bus from SCC from $369! Sail Port Canaveral to Eastern or Western Caribibbean!

NEW YEAR’S Cruise Tour

9 Days/FREE Bus from SCC from $449. New Year’s Eve Dinner Party, Deluxe Cruise!

2011 ROSE PARADE & PANAMA CANAL from $1599

18 Days/FREE Air & Bus to SCC!Reserved seats for world famous parade, CRUISE Cabo San Lucas, Acapulco, Huatulco, Guatemala, Costa Rica, transit Panama Canal, Cartagena, Key West, Miami!

BRAZIL TO EUROPE Cruise $1899 23 Days/FREE Air, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Canary Isl, Spain, Portugal!

PRESIDENT’S CRUISE DUBAI- MED Cruise..$1999 Scandinavia to Florida! 19 Days/FREE Air, Dubai, Cairo, Egypt, Suez Canal, Jordan, Red Sea, Spain! UNIQUE ITINERARY!

Copenhagen to Port Canaveral One night Copenhagen, enjoy President’s Cruise amenities, ITALY & MED Cruise...$1499 Holland, Belgium, Portugal, 14 Days/FREE Air, Venice pre tour, DUBAI/EMIRATES Azores, FREE Bus to Sun Croatia, Sicily, Monaco, Barcelona 12 Days/FREE Air $1999 WEST COAST City Center! ADD Baltic/ Enjoy 2 nights Dubai pre tour, CRUISE YOSEMITE RAIL/SAIL..$799 Oman, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain Russia; Norway or Capitals of 12 Days/FREE Air, Mexico cruise, Scandinavia tours from $899! & one night post Dubai stay!

ALASKA Super Value 9 Days/FREE Air.......$749

Enjoy two nights Seattle, CRUISE Canada’s Inside passage, visit glaciers, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, Victoria & Vancouver! Don’t Miss Out on the Cool Deal!


35 Days/FREE AIR.......$2499

One Night LA, CRUISE Mexican Riv, Peru, Chile, ADD Macchu Picchu, 2 days Santiago, Strait of Magellan, Argentina, Cape Horn, 2 days Uruguay, 2 nights Sao Paulo! ADD 4 day Rio tour just $249!

California Coast tour San Fran!




HAWAII plus FIRE & ICE $1249

13 Days/FREE Air, ESCORTED Rockies tour & CRUISE Alaska ports! $1299!

12 Days / FREE Air Boston to Quebec cruise plus Montreal Train tour! $899


12 Days/FREE Air, Hollywood Xmas Parade, Crystal Cathedral!

15 Days/FREE Air, Seattle, CRUISE Vancouver, Kauai, Maui, Kona, Hilo, Honolulu. ADD Alaska Glacier cruise!


SOUTHERN ITALY 15 Days$1999 FREE Air, Rome, nearly 2 weeks in Sorrento with Breakfast & Dinner daily, Pompeii, Naples, Amalfi Coast, more!


15 Days............$2299 FREE Air, 1 week in Southern & Central England with day trips, most meals!

AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND 21 Days....$3999 FREE or Low cost Air, North & South Island of New Zealand & Australia!


15 Days............$1899 FREE Air, Rome plus TWO weeks ONE Tuscany hotel, meals, day trips!


15 Days......................$1999 FREE Air, 1 week Dublin & 1 week Western Ireland, meals, day trips!


15 Days.............$1799 FREE Air, 2 weeks ONE hotel, all meals, day trips to FOUR countries!

SWITZERLAND 15 Days.....$1999

FREE Air, 2 weeks Engelberg, meals, day trips, Lucerne, Zurich, Bern, more

COSTA RICA 8 Days..$699

FREE or Low Cost Air, 1 week San Jose, meals, day trips Poas, rain forest All rates plus additional taxes & fees • Florida Seller of Travel # 29220 15 Days/FREE Air NYC, Boston, Maine, Nova Scotia, P E I, Quebec! $999

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