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Feb 2013 — May 2013

The National Centre for Craft & Design Feb 2013 — May 2013

Luke Jerram Revealing the Invisible 02 Feb 2013 — 14 Apr 2013 Main Gallery Luke Jerram is an internationally respected multidisciplinary artist whose work with discreet objects, large scale public performances and installations has brought him international acclaim. With an interest in science, engineering and design many of his works relate to these subjects. Building teams of people to create his art, Jerram collaborates with specialist craftsmen to create his works which often explore new ways to represent and reveal invisible phenomena and are all connected by the material they are predominantly made from – glass. This exhibition includes works from three major series: Radiometer Chandeliers, Glass Microbiology and Rotated Data Sculptures. By capturing phenomena beyond the reach of the human eye and making them material, Jerram draws our attention to a vast gathering and questions, if and how does this knowledge serve us. His Radiometer Chandeliers reveal the invisible power and beauty of light. The multi-tiered chandeliers are built of dozens, sometimes hundreds, of solar radiometers which convert the heat of light into movement. Observed from a distance, the sculpture is a form of glass with beautiful shadows being formed as light passes through the artwork. Glass Microbiology continues Jerram’s exploration of clear glass rendering of viruses and bacteria at the root of the most dangerous diseases such as HIV, H1N1 and SARS. Working with virologists from the University of Bristol, Luke Jerram collaborated with specialised

glassblowers to fabricate the pieces. Made to contemplate the global impact of each disease, the artworks were created as alternative representations receive through the media. By extracting the colour from the imagery and creating jewel like beautiful sculptures in glass, a complex tension has arisen between the artworks’ beauty and what they represent. Rotated Data Sculptures are information driven objects which take form by translating statistics (the invisible data) into three-dimensional objects. To produce these visually captivating works, Jerram has chosen data sets with large scale deviations or dramatically earthquake which caused a Tsunami and

E Coli. Photo Luke Jerram.

tumultuous trading activity on the NY stock exchange, rotating them using computer aided design and then created in glass.

In 2007 he was awarded the Institute for Medical Imaging Award’ and in 2010 the coveted “Rakow Glass Award” for his work. Jerram has recently completed a fellowship at the Museum of Glass, Washington, USA.

SARA Corona Virus. Photo Luke Jerram.

Jerram’s Glass Microbiology sculptures are in museum collections around the world from The Corning Museum in New York to the Wellcome Collection in London. In 2009 his sculptures were presented at The Mori Museum, Tokyo alongside work by Damien Hirst, Warhol and Leonardo da Vinci.

Stars Underfoot (detail). Michael Brennand-Wood.

The National Centre for Craft & Design Feb 2013 — May 2013

Beauty is the First Test 27 Apr 2013 — 30 Jun 2013 Main Gallery The title of the exhibition is drawn from an essay published in 1940 by accomplished mathematician G H Hardy who declared: “The mathematician’s patterns, like the painter’s or the poet’s, must be beautiful, the ideas, like the there is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics.” This exhibition will explore how mathematical concepts underpin craft techniques and artistic development in an attempt to demystify a subject that can intimidate both adults and children. ‘Beauty is the First Test’ draws together unique and stimulating arts which invite in-depth consideration of contemporary craft practice in a wider context. Beauty and playfulness will be evident in the exhibits, illustrating exactly what delights craftspeople and maths geeks alike! The artists exhibiting are a mix of

emerging and established; the latter of national and international importance, and include Michael Brennand-Wood, Suresh Dutt, Janice Gunner, Lesley Halliwell, Lucy McMullen, Janette Matthews, Peter Randall Page, Ann Sutton and Laura Thomas. Alongside the artworks will be several case studies of maker practices, examining how mathematical theory supports the development of their work. More details will be announced on our website. This exhibition is curated by Liz Cooper and has been supported by Arts Council England, and developed in partnership with Crafts Council, Wandsworth Arts, Wandsworth Children’s Services and The National Centre for Craft & Design.

Box Clever 18 Feb 2013 — 25 Feb 2013 Sleafrod Embroiderers.

Roof Gallery A week long exhibition by local textile artists the Sleaford Embroiderers, with the title of the exhibition originating from a self-set challenge for the members to create a three-dimensional piece work incorporating a 30cm box. Works on display will include interior textiles; wall pieces; fashion accessories of the group during workshop sessions at NCCD over the past year.

Claire Welling Lincolnshire Landscapes / Light Incorporations.

Sleafrod Embroiderers.

Members of the group will be present in the gallery each day to meet visitors and answer questions about the work on display. Visitors will also have the opportunity to visit the Craft Studio to see members and their work in progress and learn about the skills members use to create their work as well as having a go at some simple techniques.

18 Feb 2013 — 02 Jun 2013 ExChange Space Your art. Your Ideas. Your Community

Streetlights. Claire Welling.

Local painter Clare Welling will be exhibiting her innovative landscapes featuring real lights which animate her paintings of well known local landscapes by night, creating an absorbing atmosphere in our ExChange Space.

Sharyn Dunn.

Phiona Richards.

Samantha Robinson.

The National Centre for Craft & Design Feb 2013 — May 2013

Design Factory: Synchronise – Creating Craft Collaborations 09 Mar 2013 — 02 Jun 2013 Roof Gallery The NCCD are excited to be presenting this exhibition of Design Factory members who have embraced the challenge to collaborate with each other to create new work. The brief to investigate collaboration was designed to act as a catalyst to stimulate new and exciting developments in the makers’ creative practices and to encourage skill-sharing. Exhibitors have interpreted the idea of collaboration in a number of ways, for example working together and using their individual skills to make a combined piece or body of work, ‘swapping’ materials, before learning a skill or producing work that is inspired by their chosen collaborative partner.

We see a fresh merging of media and disciplines including textiles and ceramics, textiles and furniture, jewellery and ceramics and ceramics and clock making. Over 20 exhibitors are coming together for this show to present some intriguing work. Exhibitors include; Jan Garside, Clare Gage, Gillian Lee Smith, Pete Moss, Ruth Singer, Alys Power, Kate McBride, Anna Collette Hunt, Phiona Richards, Samantha Robinson and Sharyn Dunn. Pick up a copy of our ‘see. experience. learn’ brochure for details of Design Factory led events that will accompany this exhibition.

The Window Collection An Anthropology of Ourselves

In March 2013 The National Centre for Craft & Design will launch an experimental new curatorial project called The Window Collection. This exciting undertaking will grow to become an intricate web of objects illustrating and demonstrating the role that art, design and craft play in our shared experiences of the world; the things we populate it with and the functions they perform. With the design aesthetic and interaction of a distinct visitor attraction the Window Collection will weave its way up the staircase and landings to the very top of our four storey building giving it the feel of a permanent museum collection.

In order to create this on-going and evolving display and to directly affect the direction and appearance of this exhibition, we are inviting members of the public, selected artists, curators and writers to donate or nominate items for us to exhibit. We want whatever you feel is relevant. This may be historical artefacts or objects, iconic design pieces, craft objects both old and new as well as contextual material such as images, texts, maps and equipment that in global contemporary culture. Your nominated or donated object will be displayed next to and alongside items selected by our curatorial team and guest artists which have a connection to your original donation. For more information please email See also Opportunities within this brochure

Ole Worm’s Cabinet of Curiosities from Museum Wormianum, 1655.

Window Space

The National Centre for Craft & Design Feb 2013 — May 2013

BH3 by Robin Jackson.

On Tour

Tried and trusted touring favourite ‘Bathing Beauties’, a brilliant collection of beach hut models for the 21st century, will be on show at Aberystwyth Arts Centre, part of Aberystwyth University, from 23 March to 4 May: an excellent reason to visit the west of Wales this spring.

From Spalding to Kangaroo Bay Photo: David Withycombe

Our jewellery exhibition ‘Transplantation’ opened at the Crafts Study Centre at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, Surrey, on 8 January and will be on show until 2 March. A week later it opens at its last UK venue, Devon Guild of Craftsmen, in Bovey Tracey, where it can be seen until 21 April. This is the last chance to view these lovely jewellery pieces in the UK before they travel to Australia for the second phase of the tour.

Coming Next Season Main Gallery 20 Jul — 29 Sep 2013

Our 10th Anniversary This summer we celebrate our 10th anniversary. There will be a special exhibition in the Main Gallery which and will also investigate what the future might hold for craft and design. We’ll accompany this show with a host of exciting activities and events.

Roof Gallery 08 Jun — 26 Aug 2013

Atelier D’art de France: A Vos Mailles A Vos Mailles is an exhibition of crochet from the French organisation Atelier d’Art de France. The exhibition focuses on four textile artists whose practices are based around performance textiles; Hélène Angeletti, Pierre Bernard, Cécile Dachery and Agnès Sébyleau and photographic artist Nicole Dufour. The artists have interpreted the exhibition theme ‘textiles and the body’ in a variety of ways. Pieces have been created involving large scale textiles in physical performance with other works based on the internal and external forms of the human body as well as objects to be worn or experienced by our bodies. ‘Rosa’ by Hélène Angeletti, a huge, voluptuous pink knitted form will cover works hanging from the ceiling and walls to create an intriguing environment with the contrast between material and subject matter promoting comfort and discomfort simultaneously.

Opportunities Thursday 11 April 2013 10am — 5pm

Meet the Curator If you are a maker or artist who has an idea you want to share with the curatorial team at NCCD, or if you feel you need advice with regards to exhibiting your work or practice; then pop along for a 30 minute one-to-one session with a member of the team who will be on hand to offer individual support and guidance. Please telephone 01529 308710 or email Booking is essential.

Call out for The National Centre Presents 2014… Are you an emerging designer based in the East Midlands region? Would you like to work with us to plan and curate an exhibition of your work in our Roof Gallery? Contact us at the email address below for details and an application pack. We welcome applications from individual practitioners as well as groups or partnerships. Email: for more details.

The Window Collection Get involved! We need you to help us build a new collection of craft and design objects. People from all over the region and beyond are invited to donate or nominate items for The National Centre for Craft & Design to exhibit. Visitors from all backgrounds and professions are encouraged to select images, objects diversity of global contemporary culture. To inspire nominations, donations and selections we have included three potential categories to get people started: A Design Classic — iconic, revolutionary or ground breaking Craftsmanship — with an established tradition of making Popular Culture — a record cover, a movie poster, a book or item of clothing An application pack with all the details about submitting an object is available by emailing

The National Centre for Craft & Design Feb 2013 — May 2013

see experience learn shop eat visit

Experience. A visit to The National Centre for Craft & Design makes an ideal day out for adults and children alike. Make it an occasion to spend time with family and friends; an opportunity to seek out new experiences and a chance to explore your creative side.

Learn. The National Centre for Craft & Design offers a lively programme of gallery talks and tours, lectures, workshops, clubs, courses, events and conferences all of which are inspired by the themes and objects found within our curated and touring exhibitions. Our activities are delivered by high skilled and professional facilitators who have an excellent reputation for leading authentic and personal workshops which will develop your knowledge, expertise and competencies in all areas of craft and design. We work closely with schools, colleges and universities designing bespoke workshops and delivering a programme of lectures and events that meet creative and curriculum needs. Each season we welcome teachers for an evening of craft, design and conversation outlining forthcoming exhibitions and discussing how NCCD can support programmes of study through our vibrant cross curricular activity. Pick up a copy of see.experience.learn or check the website for up to date listings of our full learning programme, holiday activities, craft workshops, demonstrations and short courses. There is something for everyone to enjoy. So whether a novice, expert or enthusiast, discover what you can see.experience.learn at The National Centre for Craft & Design.

Eat. A day out at The National Centre isn’t complete without a visit to our Riverside Café. From fresh salads to mouth-watering cakes our homemade delicacies are sure to tempt you! We serve locally sourced produce that is freshly prepared each day offering a healthy choice and great value for money. Open 10am — 4pm Mondays to Saturdays and 11am — 4pm on Sundays. If you would like to plan a group visit to The National Centre for Craft & Design, please contact our learning team at

Shop. Offering a little something special and unique for you and your home! Our shop features some of Britain’s very best craft and design work across the mediums of wood, glass, ceramics, paper, textiles and metal, offering a wide range of products for the home, accessories and jewellery. Our collection new and exciting at every visit. We also offer a selection of toys, kits and gifts for children and adults, a range of books and magazines, art supplies and an ever changing selection of design greeting cards and gift wraps. To compliment the Luke Jerram exhibition in the main gallery this spring, our specially featured material will be exciting new glass arriving in the shop from January to April. Do come in and see some of the fascinating work available for sale across a wide price range, and featuring over 12 different glass artists. We’re also happy to welcome a number of additional Design Factory members to the shop, particularly during their Roof Gallery exhibition beginning this March. If you are an accomplished artist or designer / maker and would like to show and sell your work at NCCD, we do have submission deadlines on February 1st and May 1st and July 1st. We’d be happy to send you an application, just drop us an email or give us a call . or telephone 01529 308710

The National Centre for Craft & Design Feb 2013 — May 2013


We are in LOV

The National Centre for Craft & Design is a world class venue, the largest in England entirely dedicated to the exhibition, celebration and promotion of international and national craft and design. We sit in the heart of the market town of Sleaford in Lincolnshire in the beautiful riverside setting of Navigation Wharf.

Lincolnshire One Venues is a network of arts venues across the county who are working together to bring the people of Lincolnshire the very best in arts & culture.

With four exciting exhibition spaces; a stimulating programme of special events, workshops, talks, short courses, clubs, conferences and demonstrations; an inspiring shop stocking the latest contemporary British handmade craft; and a scrumptious licensed café to sit, relax and enjoy a creative respite; there is something for everyone at The National Centre for Craft & Design.

Currently LOV comprises: Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford | The South Holland Centre, Spalding | The Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham | The National Centre for Craft and Design, Sleaford | Lincoln Drill Hall | The Terry O’Toole Theatre, North Hykeham | The Collection, Lincoln | Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough | Riverhead Theatre, Louth | LPAC, Lincoln A158 A57


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For up to date details and listings please visit our website To book a place on any of our events, please ring +44 (0)1529 308710. Visit for booking information and up to date listings. Early booking is advised to avoid disappointment. We are open from 10am — 5pm every day except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Free Entry.

The National Centre for Craft & Design Navigation Wharf Carre Street, Sleaford Lincolnshire, England NG34 7TW +44 (0)1529 308710 Nearest car park is Eastgate car park. Disabled spaces available and the building is accessible to all. For sat navs use NG34 7DW.

The National Centre for Craft & Design  

Feb-May 2013