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by C E A N


New Ravenna is delighted to introduce the Kiddo collection of mosaics designed by Cean Irminger. The seven joyous designs combine elegant patterns with elements of child’s play. Hare Apparent is a traditional damask populated by frolicking bunnies. Llamas and foxes prance across Otomi, named for the fabled Mexican textile design, with hand cut glass replacing embroidery stitches. What’s In the Box, combines an ancient Roman pattern with whimsical creatures peeking out of geometric blocks. Creatures of the Night star hand shadow puppets; Fleet is comprised of origami sailboats; and paper airplanes zip around Loop De Loop. The jungle animals in Wild Ones are far more friendly than fierce.


The Glade jewel glass mosaic

Arrow Rows brass, aluminum, and stone mosaic 2

ÂŽ 2017 New Ravenna

Tzarry Tzarry Night brass and stone mosaic

Arrow Rows stone mosaic

Loop-De-Loop stone and glass mosaic

Subway! glass mosaic

Subway! glass mosaic

® 2017 New Ravenna


Personal Space brass, aluminum, and stone mosaic border

Personal Space brass, aluminum, and stone mosaic

ÂŽ 2017 New Ravenna


Hare Apparent stone mosaic


Caroushell stone mosaic

Fleet glass mosaic


Otomi glass mosaic

What’s In the Box? glass mosaic

The Wild Ones glass mosaic

ARROW ROWS pg 2 Tumbled Nero Marquina, polished Allure, Dolomite, Calacatta Radiance, and Brass

ARROW ROWS pg 4 Tumbled Dolomite and polished Xanadu, Red Travertine, Chartreuse, Kay’s Green, Blue Macauba, and Nero Marquina.

CAROUSHELL Opal and Moonstone

front cover

CAROUSHELL pg 11 Polished Pacifica and Bianco Antico

CREATURES OF back cover THE NIGHT Honed Allure and Afyon White

FLEET pg 12 Lapis Lazuli, Iolite, Absolute White, and Moonstone

HARE APPARENT pg 10 Honed Labradorite and Alabaster

HARE APPARENT pg 17 Honed Cashmere and Afyon White

LOOP-DE-LOOP pg 5 Tumbled Calacatta, polished Nero Marquina, and Carmen Red glass

OTOMI pg 13 Absolute White, Peridot, Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli, Sardonyx, Citrine, and Ruby

PERSONAL SPACE pg 9 Tumbled Nero Marquina, Desert Pink, Socorro Gray, Blue Macauba, Spring Green, Verdi Alpi with polished

SUBWAY! pg 6 Absolute White, Obsidian, and Alabaster

TZARRY TZARRY NIGHT pg 3 Polished Nero Marquina, Bardiglio, and Dolomite with Brass

THE GLADE pg 1 Lavastone, Dusk Mirror, Obsidian, Alabaster, and Absolute White

THE WILD ONES pg 15 Peridot, Olivine, Obsidian, Tortoise Shell, Amber, Citrine, Sardonyx, and Absolute White

WHAT’S IN THE BOX pg 14 Labradorite, Pearl, Absolute White, Sardonyx, Citrine, Peridot, and Peacock Topaz

9” PERSONAL SPACE pg 8 Tumbled Nero Marquina, Desert Pink, Soccoro Gray, Blue Mac, Blue Bahia, Spring Green, Alpi with polished polished Red Travertine, Cirrus, Rose Noriega, Alba Chiara, Cippolino, Honey Onyx, White Onyx, Azure, honed Horizon, with Brass, Aluminum, Shell, and 24k gold

7” SUBWAY! Absolute White, Obsidian, and Zircon with brushed Aluminum

pg 7


Hare Apparent stone mosaic

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Kiddo Collection  

Kiddo Collection