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Spring 2019

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ELEISH VAN BREEMS | H O M E Furniture • Antiques • Lighting • Pillows • Tabletop • Accessories

EVB HOME 99 Franklin Street | EVB DESIGN 22 Railroad Place | Westport, Connecticut |

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20 Broad Street | Norwalk, Ct 06851 203-302-1086 | www.ShoreliNepaiNtiNg.Com

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We clean and preserve cedar roofs to add beauty and extend their lives! We clean and preserve cedar roofs to add beauty and extend their lives!

20 Broad Street | Norwalk, C t 06851 203-847-5740 | www.CedarroofCoatiNgS.Com

20 Broad | Norwalk, 12 eaSt EAST 49TH FLOOR |Street NEW York YORK CITY 12 49th ST. St. || 11TH 11th Floor, New CitY

C t 06851 | www.CedarroofCoatiNgS.Com 203-302-1086 |203-847-5740 NYChighgloSS.Com

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132 Water Street, South Norwalk, CT 203-831-9000

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EN . . S ...............



Berry Bushes and Fruit Trees



Garden Renovation Garden Planning and Maintenance






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Raised Bed Garden Design and Construction



Beekeeping Maple Syrup Tapping

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Longing for tasty, homegrown, organic vegetables, but short on time or experience? Homefront Farmers is here to help. From the first spicy radishes of spring through summer’s juicy heirloom tomatoes and on to a bountiful fall harvest of potatoes and squash, our expert organic gardeners do everything that’s needed to keep your garden productive and beautiful. Want to get your hands dirty yourself? Join in for a lesson as often as you like! And if you don’t have a garden yet, our skilled craftsmen can build you one that is as beautiful as it is functional. So give us a call today, and let us help you create the garden of your dreams.

Your Own Beautiful, Organic Vegetable Garden. Done Right. Made Easy. 203.470.3655 : : : Like Us on Facebook

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203-962-3453 |

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G AT E H O U S E PA R T N E R S . C O M | 2 0 3 . 5 3 2 . 9 4 8 6 | 11 H E N R Y S T R E E T G R E E N W I C H C T 0 6 8 3 0

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Extraordinary moments happen on ordinary days. Let’s set the stage for the extraordinary to happen every day.

Our passionate team, cordially invites you to visit our new bulthaup showroom in Greenwich. Together we can create the kitchen of your dreams by exploring the unique materials, technical precision, timeless form and streamlined functionality of bulthaup. bulthaup Greenwich 95 East Putnam Ave. Greenwich, CT 06830 Tel. +1 203 769 5588

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In This Issue

Spring 2019 I Volume 10, Issue 2



122 SAFE HARBOR Custom touches turn a brand-new waterfront townhouse in Greenwich into a warm, personal sanctuary. | Text by Bob Curley  | Photography by Michael Partenio  | Produced by Stacy Kunstel

132 TRUE TO FORM A Westport home remains faithful to its midcentury pedigree without becoming a slave to the past. | Text by Debra Judge Silber  | Photography by Tria Giovan | Produced by Stacy Kunstel

144 HOW DARE SHE? A designer’s bold vision merges traditional and modern to give a nineteenth-century Southport house a vivacious new look.


| Text by Annie Sherman  | Photography by Michael Partenio  | Produced by Stacy Kunstel

ON THE COVER: Elegance and a dose of drama come together in a waterfront townhouse in Greenwich, with interior design by Lauren Muse. Photograph by Michael Partenio. To see more of this home, turn to page 122. Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  21

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In This Issue

Spring 2019 I Volume 10, Issue 2



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26 From the Editor 34 Artistry: Chef ’s Surprise Long renowned for his artistry in the kitchen, Jacques Pépin turns his talents to a different medium these days—with equally delightful results. | By Maria LaPiana

40 In Our Backyard: Sparkle and Shine Joanna Buchanan draws from her colorful personal history to create heirloom-worthy bejeweled home accessories. | By Allegra Muzzillo

48 Special Spaces: Happily Ever After A sweet carriage house—part gardening room and part garage— helps these newlyweds pursue their passions together. | Text by Megan Fulweiler | Photography by Neil Landino

56 In the Showrooms Unique, beautiful, and now appearing in Connecticut shops and showrooms.


Special Marketing Section:


| Edited by Kyle Hoepner

63 Perspectives Functional objets d’art for your desk; Alexis Parent offers ideas for bringing a tropical touch to the porch; Kate Ferguson of Palomino Bazaar on her unique design aesthetic; Tusk Home + Design delights and surprises; a sportsloving girl gets the bedroom of her dreams. 76 Calendar | Edited by Erika Ayn Finch

82 Scene & Heard New and noteworthy happenings in the Connecticut design business. | By Paula M. Bodah

88 Design Life Our candid camera snaps recent gatherings that celebrate architecture and design. | Edited by Cassidy Mitchell

158 Resources A guide to the professionals and products featured in this issue. 159 Advertiser Index 160 Sketch Pad A metalsmith employs a light touch to make a steel candelabra look fluid, organic, and almost magically ethereal.

22  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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We put the “Show” into “Room” Walk into our award-winning showrooms and immerse yourself in design. Consult with our design experts who bring together style, function, and budget. View our countless tile and stone selections. Test functionalities with working showers, faucets and lighting. Envision the aesthetic of your updated space. And be inspired like never before.

Bender is honored to receive this award from the National Kitchen & Bath Association.

Visit us at | 203.498.5182 decorative plumbing | kitchen & bath cabinetry | lighting | tile & stone © Bender Plumbing Supplies, Inc., 2019. All rights reserved.

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4 0 1 W E S T P O R T AV E , N O R WA L K , C T 0 6 8 5 1 • 2 0 3 . 8 4 7. 2 4 7 1 • I N F O @ A I T O R O . C O M • A I T O R O . C O M

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Editor’s Letter

It All Begins With Trust


s I look over the stories we have assembled for this issue of New England Home Connecticut, I am struck by something that shouldn’t be a surprise, since it’s an issue at the very heart of the home design process. But it’s an issue we don’t always call out for special consideration: the necessity for trust. We see so many newly built, renovated, or redecorated houses in the media these days that we can easily take the whole activity for granted, losing sight of what a big, scary undertaking it actually is to create a new living environment—and how much vulnerability is entailed. In this age of broad public interest in design, it’s not hard to be deceived by the “do it yourself ” or “you can be an authority, too” slant of many stories and TV shows, and even more so by the instant availability of vast amounts of product information.

Corrections and Amplifications: In the Design Life section of our Winter 2019 issue, we incorrectly identified Brian Knies, owner/president of Tile America, in the caption for photo number 9 on page 66. Also, in the Resources section for the feature “Sweet Success,” we listed an incorrect website for the Westport home boutique Bungalow. The correct URL is

For subscriptions call 800-765-1225 or visit See additional great content at:

26  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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Being able to prospect via Google search for a super-cool dining room chandelier is a boon, absolutely—I’m not arguing against that. And many architects and designers cleverly use Pinterest boards as a way of sussing out their clients’ tastes and sharing suitable resources for a project. But the Web can become more hindrance than help if the temptation is to “check up” on your designer. Just because you may find five or six apparently similar products that are cheaper than the one that has been suggested to you, it doesn’t mean that all of those other options will work as well. In our parents’ and grandparents’ time, design professionals were often gatekeepers who controlled “secret” sources for wonderful things. At present, the true value of designers is their role as creative experts. Since the best design decisions are frequently ones that won’t feel entirely safe, especially at first, your design team will be able to guide you to the right way to stretch your comfort zone. They will also explain why a particular tile or upholstery fabric or cabinet pull—which won’t always be the cheapest, but won’t necessarily always be the most expensive either—really will both look and perform best in the context of your home and your life. They and their staffs have the knowledge and time to ensure that complex items are ordered correctly, manufactured correctly, shipped without damage, and installed to the exacting standards you undoubtedly want. None of these things are easily achieved through a simple, quick-click online purchase. All three of our feature stories in this issue are about homeowners who found a true rapport with their design team, and collaborated to make three very different, but similarly beautiful and functional, homes. Each one was an act of trust, well rewarded. —Kyle Hoepner

Find more at

Our editors and a fascinating lineup of guest blog­gers share beautiful photography, design ideas, and advice every week on the New England Home Design Blog. The site also features ongoing content updates, where you’ll encounter house tours, interviews and commentary, before-and-after stories, and other special items for lovers of great home design.

Sign up for our Design Discoveries editorial ­e-newsletter and get weekly updates on luxury home style, including the latest products, upcoming events, and green ideas.

Portrait by Hornick/Rivlin Studio

3/13/19 6:23 PM

You’re Invited Where inspiration begins.


Does your home reflect your personal style?

Do you wish there was a way to achieve your “look” without having to search a million websites or drive around to different stores? Our Designer-On-Call program is here to help you create a look tailored to fit you and your home. Call DesignSourceCT LLC today to learn more about our extensive and ever-changing collection of designer-curated home furnishings. You will be inspired by all you see and transformed by what true quality feels like.

1429 Park Street, Suite 100 | Hartford, CT 860.951.3145 |

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28  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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30  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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WAKEFIELD design center

Curated by Designers for Designers

Instant Gratification | Finishing Touches and Makeovers by Appointment Only

To The Trade Only 652 Glenbrook Road, Stamford, CT 06906 T: (203) 358-0818 |

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The newly redesigned Masterpiece® Collection blends modern design with timeless elegance and provides powerful innovation that only Thermador delivers. 2770 Summer St. Stamford, CT 06905 © 2 0 1 9 B S H H O M E A P P L I A N C E S C O R P O R AT I O N. A L L R I G H T S R E S E R V E D .

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CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: Jacques Pépin is larger than life—just like the gallery-size limited-edition print of The Cock he displays here. A signed print of Pépin’s hand-drawn Pour Deborah menu. Les Legumes is a retired limited-edition print.

Chef’s Surprise

Long renowned for his artistry in the kitchen, Jacques Pépin turns his talents to a different medium these days—with equally delightful results. has been Jacques Pépin’s muse for •Food seventy years, since he first apprenticed at the

Grand Hotel de L’Europe near Lyon, France, at the age of thirteen. A love of fresh, sustainable food and a mastery of French cooking have defined his distinguished career as a celebrated chef, instructor, author, and one of TV’s first foodie fan favorites. He has hosted fourteen popular public television cooking shows (so far), including Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home, with Julia Child back in 2000, and has been in the culinary spotlight for most of his adult life. Pépin eats, sleeps, and breathes food. But for some

fifty years, another thing has also inspired him: art. His interest in it began casually; he started sketching and painting “here and there, only when I was in the mood,” he says. His subjects: mostly food, flowers, abstracts, tablescapes, menus, and chickens.

| TEXT BY MARIA L A PIANA | PHOTOGRAPHY BY TOM HOPKINS | 34  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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3/13/19 6:00 PM


ARCHITECTURE | INTERIORS | RENOVATIONS | L ANDSCAPES For over 40 years, Wadia Associates has been designing magnificent family homes in a collaborative and accessible manner while creating value through meticulous respect for individual lifestyle and investment. The interpretation of each clients’ vision from concept to build is carefully supervised by Dinyar Wadia himself regardless of scope. Our goal is to give every client complete satisfaction and pride in their dream home. N E W C ANA AN , C T 203.9 66.0 04 8 | WAD IA A SSOCIATES .COM

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3/13/19 7:40 PM



edition print; Mighty Fowl, limited-edition print; La Cuisinière, acrylic on paper; Flowers and Wine, signed limited-edition print. FACING PAGE: A signed print of Pépin’s hand-drawn menu NYC April 12, 2018.

For an accidental artist, Pépin has been prolific. Now, through his online gallery, The Artistry of Jacques Pépin, he is making some of his favorite works available for sale. A portion of the sales of his signed fine art giclées, original paintings, and lithographs supports efforts in sustainability and culinary education for underserved communities. Two of the organizations that benefit are Wholesome Wave, a Bridgeport-based nonprofit that provides affordable access to locally and regionally grown foods, and the artist’s own Jacques Pépin Foundation, dedicated to advancing culinary training for some of the country’s neediest men and women. The chef and artist, who lives in Madison with Gloria, his wife of fifty-three years, recently shared his thoughts on his art. Why, after a half-century, is he selling his work now? It’s simple: the eighty-threeyear-old has more time to paint. “Also, Tom ­[Hopkins, his friend and personal photographer] is doing all the hard work of cataloging my paintings, and essentially taking care of the project,” he explains. Pépin, who doesn’t consider himself a professional

artist, compares process in the studio to process in the kitchen. “Creativity in the kitchen doesn’t come out of chaos. It’s based on practice and technique,” he says. “And yet, technique will only take you so far. It’s true that some of our greatest painters rejected technique, the formal training they had, but in order to reject something, you have to acquire it first. Otherwise, there’s nothing to reject.” What he may lack in technique at the easel, he makes up in intuition and authenticity. He usually paints with acrylics but sometimes dilutes them to a watercolor consistency. He works from still life and from memory. And while it’s not easy to pin down his “style,” the one thing that’s a constant in his paintings is joy.

36  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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3/13/19 6:00 PM

“I just never know exactly where a painting will go,” he says. “I start with something I like—two potatoes, or a leek—and then I add color here, there. It’s like preparing a dish. You taste and add, taste and add.” In the end, if it makes him happy, then it’s done. Menus are among his favorite subjects. That’s because he’s been writing down his own menus, sketching in the borders, and journaling about every important meal

he’s shared with family and friends for more than half a century. “I have twelve large books filled with menus,” he says. “My daughter turned fifty last year, and I can tell you what she had for her third birthday. I can see my mother and two brothers again in my books. They tell the story of a life.” He offers a book, simply called Menus, that is a collection of some of his favorite paintings framing blank pages on which you can commemorate your own meals with loved ones. It’s more than a practical reminder of dishes served; the book over time can become a treasure trove of one’s own memories. From ripe fruits and vegetables to lovely landscapes and whimsical chickens (an especially popular subject), Pépin’s cheerful kitchen art is a delight. Some limited-edition prints have sold out quickly, a surprise to the artist. “I have to admit,” he says, “I’m a bit astonished that people want them at all.”  EDITOR’S NOTE: To see more of Jacques Pépin’s art, 203.865.0567 | 73 ELM ST. NEW HAVEN, CT 06510

go to; to learn more about the Jacques Pepin Foundation, visit

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  37 Kebabian_NEH_TwoThirds_Feb2019.indd 1 CT-SPR19 Artistry.indd 37

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Advanced Home Audio Inc. is the preeminent designer of sophisticated music, theater, environment, and lighting systems. We’re known by the area’s best architects, builders, and interior designers for our elegant designs that complement your home and are tailored to your needs.

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9/20/17 1:06 PM

Tel. 203.489.3800 y


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In Our Backyard

LEFT: Hand-embroidered and beaded in India, Joanna Buchanan’s stripey bee cocktail napkins are inspired by her fondness for gardening. BELOW: Bejeweled plated-brass napkin rings feature a menagerie of animals like koi fish, bugs, Scottie dogs, crabs, and birds imagined in enamel with glass stones.

Sparkle and Shine

Joanna Buchanan draws from her colorful personal history to create heirloom-worthy bejeweled home accessories. Buchanan has always loved a • Joanna bit of bling. It became part of her visual vocabulary as a child living in Hong Kong, steeped in a culture in which bright color and ornamentation are considered auspicious. Born in the Philippines to a British father and an American mother, Buchanan had a youth rife with multicultural cues. Formative years spent in England fostered an appreciation of antique fineries, so evident in her vintage-

inspired homewares. “In Europe, old is good,” she declares. “No matter where you grow up, you absorb the aesthetic. It’s always with you, and you reference it throughout your life.” The color, richness, and variation in Buchanan’s handiwork—from cocktail picks to wine charms and napkin rings decorated in semiprecious stones and glass—closely resembles the sparkling designs of art deco, retro, and art modern costume jewelry.

| TEXT BY ALLEGRA MUZZILLO | 40  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 IOBY.indd 40

Images courtesy of Joanna Buchanan

3/13/19 6:13 PM

Handcrafted in New Hampshire Custom cabinetry for every room in your home

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Available direct, nationwide 800-999-4994 •

Work with one of our in-house design professionals

3/13/19 6:59 PM

In Our Backyard



LEFT: Buchanan’s evil eye tree ornaments, cocktail picks, and beaded coasters are inspired by the everpresent ancient talisman. The designer’s placemats are handmade in India using glass beads and cotton backs; no two are exactly alike. Buchanan offers up a charcuterie spread—complete with evil eye cocktail picks—in her verdant Wilton garden. The designer’s diminutive palm tree jewelry box in gold-plated brass, enamel, and glass is lined in suede.

industry and the corporate world, Buchanan decided to explore a wild idea she had harbored for years: she wanted to design Christmas decorations. “In my subconscious, I just knew it was something I’d eventually do,” she says. Buchanan’s yen for all things Yuletide stemmed from fond childhood memories of Christmastimes with her mother, reminiscing on holidays past as decorations were brought down from the attic loft and unwrapped. Buchanan was spellbound. “My mum told the interesting stories of each one, where The designer’s professional trajectory, too, is one of purely aesthetic pursuits. While at university earning degrees in art and fashion design, Buchanan accepted a coveted product development position at the colossal British retailer Marks & Spencer. She later hopped across the pond, into a position designing and buying women’s sweaters for Saks Fifth Avenue, in New York City. When she landed a role designing accessories for Banana Republic, under the tutelage of fellow Brit and fashion design icon Deborah Lloyd, it was, as Buchanan tells it, her seminal moment. This successful fashion career prepared her to weather the challenges of establishing and running her eponymous brand of home decor—a business she started in 2014, after she and her young family moved to Wilton. Wanting a break from the fashion

42  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 IOBY.indd 42

Portrait courtesy of Joanna Buchanan

3/13/19 6:13 PM

We believe in creating spaces that bring people together. And to do that, we bring together all of the components of a property into one company. Regardless of size, style or scope of project, we have the right teams – from design to construction to on-going care – all in one integrated offering. One contact for everything and not one detail overlooked – to make your property and your memories nothing less than unforgettable. To find out what we can do for you, visit or call 203.762.2000.

L a n d scape Arch i tecture & Con structi on

full page.indd 1

Ga rden D esign & Installa tion

Pool D esign, Build & Re nova tion

Prope rty Care & Pool Care

3/13/19 7:03 PM

In Our Backyard Among Buchanan’s first designs were a faux-pearl-and-sequin tree ornament and enameled wreath clips like this trio of crystal-studded birds. FACING PAGE: Beethemed embroidered linen cocktail napkins partner with jeweltoned wine charms of zinc, resin, and glass.

and when her mother and grandmother had acquired them and what made them special.” The designer’s first line of her self-described “unChristmas-y” wreath clips, featuring bejeweled honeybees and insects, debuted with home furnishings retailer One Kings Lane. “There’s more to Christmas than Santa and reindeer,” Buchanan says. Apparently, customers agree, because those clips remain best sellers, and her festive collections are now offered by retail giants such as Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus.

Fancy flora and fauna are yet another vestige of her colorful past, born of a decades-long passion for gardening, a calming, restorative pastime she enjoyed with her mother while growing up in the English countryside. “To me,” she says, “a garden represents freshness, vitality, and vivacity. I try to impart these qualities to all of my pieces.” Soon after her first success, Buchanan ventured outside the seasonal realm, appropriating her popular clips to a line of bejeweled napkin



We complement your outlook. From pergolas and trellis, to planters, arbors, fence, and more, Walpole will meet your custom design needs. Crafted in AZEK®. Call 800-343-6948.

44  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019 WW24895_NE Home2019REV.indd 1

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2/21/19 3:22 PM

3/13/19 6:14 PM

rings. “After that,” she says, “Napkins and placemats became, as I like to call them, glorious adjacencies.” It’s a term she uses to describe the creative process— a logical progression from ideation to final product. Fittingly, her windowed studio looks out onto her beloved garden. “I’m able to see birds, bees, and

insects and the changing colors of each season every day I’m working in there,” she says. “It’s incredibly inspiring.” Buchanan maintains cherished relationships with overseas artisans. Her linen soft goods (coasters, placemats, throw pillows, and the like) are sewn and beaded by hand in India, while workrooms in the Philippines help produce marbled-porcelain tree ornaments and ring dishes, as well as an upcoming line of handwoven straw placemats. In China, Buchanan works with two factories to produce plated-brass pieces such as wreath clips, napkin rings, barware, and stone-encrusted treasure boxes. Lest one question the caliber of such workmanship, “Quality is of the utmost importance,” insists Buchanan. “I want my things to last so other parents hand them down to their own children, just as my mum did.” Her pieces are not simply dazzling, they also have a depth and soul that make mass-produced home goods pale in comparison. As Buchanan puts it, “My things are the truest expressions of what I love and who I am.”

Joanna Buchanan Wilton

Visit our new showroom today for outdoor living inspirations and ideas!

Since 2000, Torrison Stone & Garden has been creating beautiful, thoughtful landscapes that allow people to enjoy their outdoor spaces, yielding beautiful curb appeal and functional outdoor living space.

422 Main St. Durham CT | (860) 349-0119


Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  45

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Audio | Video | Lighting | Shades | Climate | Security | WIFI network

who’s smarter? YOUR DOG or your home? Total Smart Home Integration. Simple and intuitive voice and touch control of your home.











Visit or call us at: 914.939.7000

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41 West Elm Street Greenwich CT

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Tel. 203.622.7000

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Special Spaces

Happily Ever After

A sweet carriage house—part gardening room and part garage—helps these newlyweds pursue their passions together. if gardens, by their very nature, aren’t • As romantic enough, the picturesque carriage

house that sprang up on this Durham property really is the result of the stars aligning. Zoom back to the beginning, and the owner is a contented bachelor living in a handsome center-hall colonial. With help from designer Lisa Davenport he’s finessing the place room by room. Then he meets the love of his life on a blind date and a year later carries her over the threshold. A passionate gardener and an animal lover, the

bride brings along her dog and a burgeoning collection of plants. The husband, wanting her to feel at home, is delighted. But to ensure the place is as much hers as his, he enlists Davenport to design a special structure—a garage for his prized Porsche on one side and a pretty, practical garden room for his lady on the other. At the same time, the home’s deck was due for an overhaul. Davenport devised a two-phase plan: for phase one, she designed a freestanding carriage house with a brick and bluestone terrace along with stone

The south-facing carriage house welcomes light into the garden room through a generous bank of windows. Pots of colorful flowers line up on the adjacent patio and overflow onto the bluestone staircase, which leads the owners to their raised beds.

| TEXT BY MEGAN FULWEILER | PHOTOGRAPHY BY NEIL LANDINO | 48  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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3/13/19 6:21 PM

Crown Select by

A whole new line of custom built inset cabinetry with the impeccable Crown Point fit and finish. Handcrafted in New Hampshire and available direct, nationwide

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Beautifully designed and engineered to be budget friendly 603 • 542 • 3399

Available only from Crown Point Cabinetry

3/13/19 7:00 PM

Special Spaces

stairs cascading to the lawn. In phase two, the existing deck on the main house was reworked, and a fleet of above-ground planting beds was added with help from landscape designer Nancy DuBrule-Clemente from Natureworks, a Northford company, and Torrison Stone & ­Garden, a Durham firm responsible for all the project’s hardscape. Today, at either end of the home’s new deck, stairs carry the owners to an inviting sitting area with a fire pit centerpiece. A rounded patio of stone and brick complements the curve of the built-in bench. And mere steps away, raised beds framed with concrete timbers fairly burst with everything from cabbages and tomatoes to chives and corn. The carriage house is a dream come true. Working with builder Tony Cuomo of Cuomo Construction, Davenport included all the features any green thumb could ever want. The garden room is framed in easycare Azek, for example. The wife need never worry about splashes, mold, or mildew. Excess water is ferried away by drains set around the perimeter of the bluestone floor. The deep soapstone sink is framed in galvanized steel with an Azek cabinet below.

“BREATHING NEW LIFE INTO ANTIQUES AND OLD ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENTS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS TO DO,” SAYS LISA DAVENPORT. And there’s a handsome cupboard—designed by Davenport and crafted by Brunarhans in Woodstock—that incorporates a cabinet with chicken-wire doors to provide a spot for must-haves such as allnatural fertilizers and peat pots. “Items like that have to be ventilated,” Davenport explains. The cupboard’s age-evoking crackle finish, like the timeworn but handy shelf (once part of a dresser) that Davenport mounted on the wall, lends the space character. “I found the piece in Texas at the Round Top Antiques Fair, and knew it would be perfect,” the designer says. “Breathing new life into antiques and old architectural elements is one of my favorite things to do.” In this same vein, she incorporated an aged scale that can be loaded with plants and hoisted toward the skylights for an extra dose of sun. Grand old


TOP LEFT: The wellequipped garage, like the garden room, is heated for year-round use. In addition to Azek walls, the garden room includes a durable bluestone floor. The wife changes the old scale’s cargo of plants every season, keeping the display looking fresh and decorative.

50  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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3/13/19 6:21 PM









Balancing classic and modern in the spaces you call home. | (860) 904 - 5902

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2/25/19 4:27 PM

Special Spaces The main house sports a new deck with tiered seating options. A wellchoreographed lighting plan by RLI Electric transforms the pretty-by-day garden into a magical scene at night.

PROJECT TEAM Interior design:

Lisa Davenport, Lisa Davenport Designs Builder:

Tony Cuomo, Cuomo Construction Landscape design:

Nancy DuBrule-Clemente, Natureworks

chestnut beams span the vaulted knotty-pine ceiling, and a rustic pulley fan with wooden blades stirs the air. But maybe most engaging is the antique copper roof and weathervane on the carriage house’s cupola. “Imagine the history if they could talk,” says Davenport with a chuckle.

On the new building’s street side, an energy-efficient faux cedar door frames the one-bay garage. Like the wife’s garden room, the space is functional and good looking. The walls are clad in durable knotty pine, and Davenport has designed a personalityfilled tool bench using finds from antique shows she

Please visit our kitchen showroom at Tile America: 63 Harborview Avenue, Stamford, CT


212-685-5797 | 917-837-9948 HOLZMANINTERIORS.COM

52  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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3/13/19 6:21 PM

LEFT: Incorporating a planting bed behind the deck’s built-in bench allows room for a stand of leafy palms. RIGHT: The carriage house’s faux cedar garage door matches the building’s character but is energy efficient and— despite its swing-out appearance—opens vertically. The antique copper weathervane and roof atop the cupola once crowned a Massachusetts barn.

attended in Brimfield, Massachusetts, and Texas. A gallery of Porsche photos brings some extra charm. And vintage metal wall cabinets make way for tools. Of course, Davenport’s designs not only allow the couple to better enjoy their interests, they’ve also given them more reasons to stay outdoors. Alfresco

meals and starlit nights by the fire are just the beginning. Recently retired, the husband has discovered he has a knack for cultivating vegetables. Two dedicated gardeners will make for one beautiful, happily-everafter garden.  RESOURCES : For more information about this home, see page 158.

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  53

CT-SPR19 Special Spaces.indd 53

3/13/19 6:21 PM

Photography: Warren Jagger Architecture: Mark P. Finlay Architects, AIA


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3/14/19 1:39 PM

Brooks & Falotico associates, llP

199 elm st. new canaan, ct connecticut kiawah





Brooks & Falotico_CT-SPR19_1.00_v1.indd 1

martha’s Bermuda



nantucket Beach


203.966.8440 rhode



• •

juPiter jackson

island hole

Photo By jane Beiles

3/4/19 12:05 PM

In The Showrooms 1 2 3


5 1. Reflected Glory Pale greens, pinks, and antique golds lend the Cannaregio mirror a subtle opulence perfect for traditional or contemporary surroundings. | Decorative Crafts, Greenwich, 2. Floral Fancy Each glass shade on the Blossom ring chandelier from Hammerton Studio is a one-of-a-kind artisanal creation. Taken together, they are a showstopper.  | Your Lighting Source, West Haven, 3. The Royal Treatment Looking for a touch of imperial luxe in your life? The Josephine daybed, designed by Lillian August for Hickory White, may be just the thing. | Lillian

August, Greenwich, Norwalk, and Stamford, 4. Pillow Talk The graphic brushstrokes embellishing Kerri Rosenthal’s Ligne pillows are modeled after an original painting she did for a client’s home. | Kerri Rosenthal, Westport,


5. The Art of the Everyday This luminous hexagon of clear and sapphire-tinted acrylic: sculpture or storage box? Your call. . . . | Kirby and Company, Darien, 6. Pattern Play A table in a Paris shop window inspired this blackened zinc and light oak beauty.  | R.T. Facts, Kent,

| EDITED BY KYLE HOEPNER | 56  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 In the Showrooms.indd 56

3/14/19 12:32 PM

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2/27/19 11:12 AM

In The Showrooms


3 2



1. Rock Your World Perhaps the most elegant imaginable riff on waterworn pebbles, Spindrift marble tiles from Island Stone will turn your floor into a streambed of delight. | Tile America, various locations, 2. Flower Power This spring, Schumacher brings back the joyful designs of artist Vera Neumann—such as Wild Poppies, shown here—in a selection of fabrics, wallpapers, and pillows. | DesignSourceCT, Hartford, 3. Retro Chic Newly replated in polished brass, this circa1960 torchiere may be slight in silhouette, but it’s definitely substantial in impact. | Montage, Bridgeport,

6 4. Get a Grip Nest Studio’s Organic Series cabinet hardware recalls the see-through voids and undulating curves of English sculptor Henry Moore. | Schwartz Design Showroom, Stamford, 5. Modern Love For her Sommer collection of outdoor furniture, designer Chris Liljenberg Halstrøm married the textured look of paper-cord weaving to a sleek aluminum frame. | Design Within Reach, Stamford and Westport, 6. Bottle It Up These handsome bottles are hand-blown in Tunisia from recycled glass. | Plain Goods, New Preston,

58  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 In the Showrooms.indd 58

3/14/19 12:32 PM

ARTEMIS landscape architects, inc 203.683.1808 full page.indd 1

12/14/17 3:13 PM

21 Bridge Square, Westport, CT 06880 t: 203.331.5578 f: 203.557.4321

J Hiltz_CT-SPR19_1.00_v1a.indd 1

2/26/19 3:09 PM

Come visit our new Westport showroom for an interactive stone experience




203.790.9023 Exceptional Products, Personal Service

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9/5/18 11:25 AM


C E L E B R AT I N G O U R 2 0 T H A N N I V E R S A RY




C O N S T R U C T O R S , G R E E N S FA R M S , C T

Domus_CT-SPR19_1.00_v6.indd 1


L . L . C .




3/6/19 4:02 PM

•PERSPECTIVES Connecticut Design Considered From Every Angle

Power Study

Top your desk with these beautiful objets d’art that are anything but mundane.



3 4


6 7 1. Georg Jensen Magnifying Glass | Privet House, New Preston, 2. Cyan Large Rubicon Container | Schwartz Design Showroom, Stamford, 3. Arc Table Lamp by Matt Downer | Axel Interiors, Norwalk, 4. Cubisme Bookends | Putnam & Mason, Greenwich,


5. Zenith Special Cockpit Pilot Console Clock | The Antique and Artisan Gallery, Stamford, 6. Duvall Picture Frame | Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, Greenwich, 7. Kevin Pearce LoveYourBrain Intention Stones | Simon Pearce, Greenwich and Westport, 8. Genuine Horn Pencil Cup | Privet House

| EDITED BY ERIKA AYN FINCH | Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  63

CT-SPR19 Perspectives.indd 63

3/14/19 2:15 PM



Style Scheme 3

1 2




Porch Party

Alexis Parent has serious cred when it comes to designing the perfect porch: she counts numerous residents of the island of Anguilla among her clientele. Parent anchors this porch with a modern Danish-designed swinging sofa. Potted bird-of-paradise plants, inspired by her recent trip to Havana, add a tropical touch. Supplemental seating mixes nautical elements with clean, contemporary lines. A slender woven table, perfect for a narrow porch, is illuminated by a woven pendant lamp in unexpected black. The whole space is grounded with a sisal outdoor rug in a natural shade. Add coasters that mimic the tiles Parent fell in love with in Cuba, and you’re ready for spring’s lingering daylight! | Alexis Parent Interiors, Fairfield, 203-451-5630, | 1. Bird-of-paradise in slate container, Greenery NYC, Brooklyn, N.Y., | 2. Headlands bell pendant, Serena & Lily, Westport, | 3. Vanda coasters, Anthropologie, Greenwich, South Windsor, Farmington, Danbury, | 4. Tropical Foliage melamine plate, Terrain, Westport, | 5. BK13 swing sofa by Bodil Kjær, Carl Hansen & Søn, New York City, | 6. Napoli outdoor coffee table by Palecek, Connecticut Home Interiors, Hartford,, and Lillian August, Stamford, | 7. Recaro outdoor lounge chair by Palecek, Connecticut Home Interiors and Lillian August | 8. Palm and Portsmouth outdoor pillow covers, Serena & Lily | 9. Eclipse Coronado rug in balsa by JANUS et Cie, Elise Landscapes & Nursery, New Canaan,

| EDITED BY ERIKA AYN FINCH |  64  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Perspectives.indd 64


9 Parent portrait by Nicole Stevens

3/14/19 2:15 PM | Since 1917 | 203.307.4802





Danbury | East Windsor | Fairfield | New Haven | Stamford | Waterbury

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2/27/19 11:58 AM


Five Questions

Kate Ferguson, owner of New Canaan’s Palomino Bazaar, explains her unique design aesthetic.


How did you become an interior designer? My career as an interior designer evolved organically. I’ve always been passionate about antiques and items with interesting provenance and character, and I’ve always collected pieces from thrift stores and antique shops and auctions. I’m not afraid to climb into a dumpster, either—I found an amazing pair of Donghia

chairs in one in New Canaan! What started out as a hobby grew into a business when I began selling furniture and accessories from a booth at the Fairfield County Antique and Design Center. People who bought things would ask for advice on how to style them, so I started offering my services as a designer, and now Palomino Bazaar is a full-service interior design firm.

| INTERVIEW BY ROBERT KIENER | PHOTOGRAPHY BY LAURA MOSS | 66  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Perspectives.indd 66

3/14/19 2:15 PM

r o b e r t

d e a n

a r c h i t e c t s

Robert Bruce Dean, AIA

111 Cherry Street, New Canaan, CT 06840 t (203) 966-8333 w w w. ro b e r t d e a n a rch i t e c t s . c o m

ad - full page.indd 1

3/11/15 2:42 PM



Five Questions

Do you still spend time searching for perfect pieces? Definitely. Part of the attraction is the thrill of the hunt! Many of my clients enjoy coming along, too, especially to auctions. I’m there to offer my expertise, and they enjoy the excitement of bidding. I use Westport Auction house often, and I always look at catalogs and take note of pieces that might work for certain clients or are “must haves” because I think they will work for someone down the road. I guess I am kind of a hoarder! I also scour websites such as or chairish. com. I just found a dining table from São Paulo, Brazil, on 1st Dibs. I like to go to the Stamford Antiques Center, or even to thrift stores, looking for pieces that have potential. I also have great local resources, including dealers I have established relationships with. I can pick up the phone and call to ask if they have a certain item, either in their shop or their warehouse. Clients often like to go with me, so they can touch and feel items.


What does your own home look like? My own home is kind of a laboratory, constantly evolving, and I often sell things in my home to clients. My husband says, “Everything is for sale, except the children.” I also have a storage unit. Over the holidays I opened a pop-up shop. It was a great way to purge—and it gave me the opportunity to collect more! I love anything that has an Asian influence, and I love English-designed furniture. A George III wingback chair will always be comfortable, stylish, and useful. I tend toward a lot of global influences—I think that goes back to my background as an anthropology major in college. And I love textiles.


How do you define great design? Great design is about being brave. It’s not necessarily rooted in what something costs. If you have a good eye, you can even find things at Goodwill. I like eclectic design. Every room might have a mix of high and low pieces. I’m not against including something from Target or even Ikea. I may suggest investing in more expensive fabric on a

couch or chair that will last longer, and maybe keep the budget down on things that will be replaced more often, such as a lamp. I think for me it’s more about being scrappy and seeing the potential of something that can be altered or modified or reworked. For example, I just took a client’s painting and had its gold frame painted a matte chalky white that gave it a new life. Instead of having to go out and buy another expensive piece, we made what she had work. I try to be respectful of the fact that everyone has a budget and comfort zone of what they want to spend.


What are some of your tips for avoiding a “cookie cutter” look? Original art. It needn’t be expensive. There are some great artists out there doing unusual and different things that make a statement but aren’t expensive. Artists are also designing small-batch textiles that can add a unique touch. Also, I like to find things that are personal. I have a client who grew up summering on the Cape, so I collected vintage and antique books at a local library book sale that reference the region. | Palomino Bazaar, New Canaan,

The First Thing We Build Is Trust 1 8 R e y n o l d s s t R e e t | n o Rwa l k , C t | ( 2 0 3 ) 8 3 1 - 8 3 0 0 | w w w. s w b u i l d i n g R e m o d e l i n g . C o m 68  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Perspectives.indd 68

3/14/19 2:15 PM


Linen Shop_CT-SPR19_1.00.v2.indd 1

3/13/19 5:38 PM


Shop Visit

Tusk Home + Design

A stone’s throw from the shopping mecca of downtown Westport, Tusk Home + Design is spacious, lightfilled, welcoming—and disarming. The store is brimming with fine, artisanal furnishings and accessories displayed in freestyle vignettes. There’s something lovely, surprising, and “essential” at every turn. That was the idea, says Tusk’s owner, interior designer Sarah Weiland. “I want the furniture and accessories to be things people could see in their homes, while also pushing their comfort level a bit with color and unique pieces.” There’s a natural, organic quality to much of the merchandise. From rustic tables and midcentury chairs to whimsical doormats, woven lamps, painted pillows, and intriguing abstract art, everything feels curated, collected, discovered. Much of it is handcrafted. “I try to incorporate pieces from around the

world,” says Weiland, who travels extensively to buy for the store. “I have a love for all things African, Turkish, Moroccan, and beyond,” she adds. “One focus I have is to promote local artists, especially women. I think original art is very special.” Since she is the sole buyer, nothing makes it into the shop unless Weiland loves it. “Customers often say that our store makes them happy, that they love popping in because of how it makes them feel,” says Weiland. “There really is no bigger compliment in my eyes than that.” We can absolutely attest to the feel-good quality of the place. We also love that everything can be purchased off the floor, but if you don’t see exactly what you want, no worries: they’ll get it for you.  | 1375 Post Road East, Westport, 203-319-0001,

| BY MARIA L A PIANA |  70  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Perspectives.indd 70

Photos courtesy of Tusk Home + Design

3/14/19 2:16 PM


DANIEL CONLON ARCHITECTS 11 Grumman Hill Road, Wilton, CT 203.544.7988

D Conlon_CT-SPR19_1.00_v2.indd 1

2/26/19 1:48 PM


What Makes It Work

Created for a sports-loving girl, this Darien bedroom hits all the notes its active young client asked for. 4 6


2 5



A multilevel space to accommodate homework and sleepovers was requested, which led to carving a loft—completely wired for TV, iPads, and other gadgets—out of the attic above.


The ceiling introduces a feminine touch with its paper in a pattern of floral rosettes; the rosette was also enlarged and hand-painted by the designer onto a pair of throw pillows. Additional patterned papers and fabrics bridge the rectangular-circular divide.


Interests in hockey, football, and all things maritime dictated a crisp, ice-white shell and a feature wall of horizontal shiplap paneling. Navy blue and a few energizing jolts of orange round out the color scheme.


A handful of soft, tactile items, including a faux-fur desk lamp and a wonderfully fluffy wool rug, pumps up the coziness factor.


A secondary network of circular forms, including the globe ceiling light, cutouts in the loft front, and nail heads adorning the base of the custom bed, plays against the overall rectangular setting.


Other nautical touches are scattered here and there: a post-and-rope railing and movable access ladder on the loft, a rope-hung pendant above the desk, orange cage lights framing the bed nook, and festive pennant streamers cut from fabric swatches.


Interior design: Pavleta Landjeva Mitev, PL Design | Westport, 203-550-5371, Builder: Mark Ciferri, with Patrick and Carlos Cuenca, Atlantic Building Contractors | Ridgefield, 203-943-5284

| EDITED BY KYLE HOEPNER | PHOTO BY ANNA ELWART | 72  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Perspectives.indd 72

3/14/19 2:16 PM

BEN KRUPINSKI BUILDER Inte g ri ty. I n n ova t i o n . I n Sy n c . EAST HAMPTON, NY 631 324 3656

SOUTHAMPTON, NY 631 283 8344

OLD GREENWICH, CT 203 990 0633


full page.indd 1

3/14/19 9:21 AM


Robert Sherwood Landscape Architect

page - half horizontals.indd 1

3/13/19 8:18 PM

Parker Rogers Katie Mott Holmberg | 411 Pequot Ave Southport, CT 203.256.2742

Parker&Co-CTWIN19.indd 3 Parker_CT-SPR19_1.00_v1.indd 1

12/20/18 PM 3/11/19 12:02 9:19 AM


Art + Identity: an international view April 27–May 5 More than 50 international artists reflecting five continents will take an expansive look at identity and art in a global world.  I browngrotta arts, Wilton, 203-834-0623,


Rachel Cobb: Mistral April 27–June 8 See images from New York City–based photographer Rachel Cobb’s book Mistral. The book features images of the effects of Provence’s legendary wind, whether it’s a leaf caught in flight or a bride tangled in her veil.  I KMR Arts, Washington Depot, 860-8687533,


2 APRIL Harmony Hammond: Material Witness, Five Decades of Art Through September 15 The first museum survey of the work of trailblazing artist, feminist and lesbian scholar, curator, activist, and author Harmony Hammond. The exhibit spans 1971–2018.  I The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, 203-438-4519,

3 1) Porcelain artist Valeria Nascimento’s work is on display in Bloom at Heather Gaudio Fine Art. 2) The legendary winds of Provence are the subject of an exhibition of photographs from Rachel Cobb’s book Mistral at KMR Arts. 3) The Brimfield Antique Show is a treasure hunter’s heaven.

The Well-Dressed Window: Window Treatments at Winterthur April 1 As a collector and decorator, Henry Francis du Pont’s unique talent was his ability to arrange his extraordinary collection of antiques. Du Pont paid particular attention to window treatments. Sandra Brown, of Delaware’s Winterthur Museum, will talk about how du Pont designed and selected his antique textiles in relation to the architectural and decorative elements in rooms. I The Bruce Museum, Greenwich, 1:15 p.m.–3 p.m., reservations required, email, greenwich Spectrum Contemporary Art Show: DITTO April 6–May 9 Now in its 29th year, Spectrum is a juried exhibition of original, contemporary artwork by local and regional artists in all media. An opening reception takes place April 6, 5 p.m.–7 p.m. I The Carriage Barn Arts Center, New Canaan, 203-594-3638, 98th Annual Elected Artists and Connecticut Watercolor Society April 26–June 7 Lyme Art Association’s most respected artists come together for their annual group show. In an adjacent gallery, enjoy works from the Connecticut Watercolor Society. I Lyme Art Association, Old Lyme, 860-434-7802,

MAY To The Trade Only Day May 2 See the latest trends in home furnishings, learn about new products, and experience designer talks, panel discussions, book signings, and more. I Wakefield Design Center, Stamford, 3 p.m.– 6 p.m., 203-358-0818, ­ The Glass House Tours May 2–November 30 Built in 1949 by Philip Johnson, the Glass House is best understood as a pavilion for viewing the surrounding landscape. Tour this unique home and its galleries. I Ticket prices range from $25 for a one-hour tour to $250 for a private, three-hour tour. The Glass House, New Canaan, 203-594-9884, Valeria Nascimento: Bloom May 4–June 22 Meet the London-based porcelain artist at an opening reception on May 4, 4 p.m.–6 p.m. I Heather Gaudio Fine Art, New Canaan, 203-801-9590, heathergaudio Brimfield Antique Show May 14–19 Time to cross the border into Massachusetts for the renowned Brimfield Antique Show. Considered one of the best and biggest antique and flea markets in the country, this show features more than 6,000 dealers selling everything from vintage bric-a-brac to fine antiques. Show hours and admission vary depending on field and venue location.  I See for details. The Westport Arts Center 50th Anniversary Gala May 18 To mark the gala’s 50th anniversary, this year’s theme is Celebrating Our Past—Envisioning the Future. The evening includes cocktails, dinner, and dancing. I Shorehaven Golf Club, Norwalk, 5:30 p.m., 203-222-7070, Trade Secrets May 18–19 Trade Secrets is back for its 19th year. Day one features a sale of rare plants and garden antiques with up to 60 vendors at LionRock Farm in Sharon. On day two, tour four picturesque, private gardens in Falls Village and nearby Ashley Falls, Mass. I Admission for plant sale: early buying, 8 a.m., $125 includes breakfast;

76  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Calendar.indd 76

3/14/19 12:39 PM

Space is the breath of art. -Frank Lloyd Wright

212 840 0004 203 966 6696

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6/17/16 2:59 PM

Announcing Keynotes and Featured Speakers!


Alexa Hampton Renowned Designer and Principal, Mark Hampton

Timothy Corrigan Celebrated Designer and Entrepreneur, Timothy Corrigan

Andrew Davis Top Global Marketing Influencer and Speaker

Suzanne Kasler Preeminent Designer andPrincipal, Suzanne Kasler, Inc.

May 19-21, 2019 Chatham Bars Inn Resort & Spa Chatham, MA

Steve Miller Prominent Speaker on Marketing and Branding

The Luxury Home Design Summit is a new conference programmed to help design professionals embrace their own strategic imperatives for creating sustainable business models. Facing external factors such as economic cycles, consumer market shifts or digital disruption, as well as internal challenges like start-up phases, growth spurts, leadership, family legacy, funding, sourcing or key staff changes requires more than just design talent. The event exists to help the professional design community see both today’s and tomorrow’s inflection points while providing context for navigating them successfully. While many other design events are produced to help attendees optimize current business systems, continue design education, and hear design icons recant their journeys, the Luxury Home Design Summit is a serious education and networking forum for owners and leaders of professional design businesses hoping to build lasting enterprises with considerable value. Register Now–Seating is Limited!

Hurry, 75% of Our Sponsorships Are Already Sold! SPONSORED BY: PRODUCED BY:


Groom construction

Calendar regular buying, 10 a.m.–3 p.m., $50; late bloomer, 1 p.m.–3 p.m., $25. Garden tour, 10 a.m.–4 p.m., $75 advance purchase only. The Garden Conservancy Open Days Fairfield County: May 26, June 15 Hartford County: June 8 Litchfield County: June 1, June 16 New Haven County: June 8 New London County: June 15 Tour some of Connecticut’s most spectacular and charming private gardens through the Garden Conservancy’s special Open Days. I 845-424-6500,

JUNE Folly or Fantastic: Garden Art and Architecture from the Sublime to the Absurd June 3 The Greenwich Decorative Arts Society leads you on a journey through time and place to discover the unique, unusual, and extremes in garden art and architecture. I First Church of Old Greenwich, Old Greenwich, 1:15 p.m.–3:15 p.m., reservations required, email, The Darien House Tour: Homes with Heart June 6 This annual house tour offers the chance to see some of Darien’s beautiful homes. Proceeds from the tour will benefit more than 20 local nonprofit organizations. I $75; enjoy lunch at The Country Club of Darien for an additional $25. The First Congregational Church of Darien, 9 a.m.–3 p.m., 203-655-0491, Annual Grandiflora Garden Tour June 7–8 Take a self-guided tour of Greenwich gardens including in-town treasures and palatial estates. Tickets are $75 in advance and $95 the day of the event.  I Garden Education Center of Greenwich, June 7, 10 a.m.–4 p.m., and June 8, 10 a.m.–2 p.m., 203-869-9242, Connecticut’s Historic Gardens Day 2019 June 23 Fifteen of Connecticut’s beautiful historic gardens will host tours and demonstrations. Noon–4 p.m. Admission varies according to location. I Visit cthistoric for details.  EDITOR’S NOTE: Events are subject to change. Please confirm details with event organizer prior to your visit.

78  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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3/14/19 12:39 PM


Stamford’s Most Complete Showroom for Design Professionals ProSource offers a dedicated team of experts and private showrooms with the largest selection of home and commercial products at wholesale prices. This one-of-a-kind combination supports our strong relationships with the most talented designers in the business Find out why so many have come to trust the unique solution ProSource offers. We are pleased to announce our Kitchen & Bath Department is NOW OPEN! Cabinets | Countertops | Sinks | Faucets | Cabinet Hardware | And More

ProSource of Stamford 25 Harbor View Avenue | Stamford, CT 06902 203-602-0607

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3/13/19 7:34 PM

A Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

APRIL 22 STUDENT EXHIBIT See the week-long exhibit, featuring the work of Bullard-Havens and Platt Technical High Schools Sustainable Architecture Program. AIA Connecticut 370 James Street New Haven, CT


Walking tours in New Haven, Hartford, Southport, and the CT Shoreline

Panel discussion with the AIA Connecticut Women in Architecture committee.

APRIL 25 CONNECTICUT ARCHITECTURE FOUNDATION GALA Lecture, Reception, & Dinner University of Hartford West Hartford, CT


APRIL 27 8TH ANNUAL WESTPORT MAKER FAIRE 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Jesup Green & The Westport Library Westport, CT

As part of New Haven’s 381st birthday celebration. New Haven Public, Main Library 133 Elm Street New Haven, CT

Go to for the latest information on National Architecture Week events!

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2/26/2019 11:42:43 AM 2/26/19 1:17 PM

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2/6/19 4:17 PM

Scene & Heard BY PAULA M. BODAH



The sudden closure of Klaffs Lighting last summer was a blow to Connecticut designers. Luckily, two Klaffs alums, Candace Pereira and Rina DiMarte, have jumped in to fill the void, launching Chloe Winston Lighting Design. With its exposed brick walls and hardwood floors, the 1,400-squarefoot showroom in historic South Norwalk (named for Pereira’s cat, Chloe, and DiMarte’s pup, Winston) makes a chic backdrop for a beautiful lineup of high-end lighting products in styles from traditional to cutting-edge modern and from such companies as Visual Comfort, Hudson Valley, Feiss, Crystorama, and Fourteenth Colony Lighting. | South Norwalk,


Lux Locale

Greenwich has long been a prime destination for those on the hunt for luxury furniture, and now the town’s furniture district has added yet another option with the opening of a 4,000-square-foot Roche Bobois showroom. Besides the brand’s iconic pieces and latest collections, the East Putnam Avenue spot will also have an in-house design studio, with a team of experienced consultants available to help clients choose products, customize pieces, and provide 3-D planning. I Greenwich,

Below: A schematic for an award-winning landscape by Reed Hilderbrand

Modern Makeover

Wende Cohen’s shop, Bungalow, has had a loyal following since it opened more than twenty years ago, kick-starting Sconset Square’s reputation as a go-to place for great design. Not one to rest on her laurels, however, Cohen recently renovated her store inside and out, giving it a fresh new look. The exterior, with its metal roof and clean black-and-white facade, hints at the changes within, where an airy floor plan with an organic, modern vibe shows off Cohen’s eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary furniture and accessories. The shop also has a quiet spot called Bar Bungalow, an intimate space where customers can relax with a cappuccino or a glass of wine. I Westport,


The Connecticut chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects celebrated its 2019 Professional Awards recently, recognizing the best design for residential, corporate, and municipal and public spaces. Among the winners in the residential category were Reed Hilderbrand, who took home an Honor Award, and Doyle Herman Design Associates, who garnered an Honor Award and a Merit Award. Other Merit Award winners were Anne Penniman Associates and Janice Parker Landscape Architects. For a complete list and to see photos of the award-winning properties, go to  I New Haven,; Greenwich,; Essex,; Greenwich,

Dan and John Weiss— the brothers who co-own the company their mother, Lillian August, began back in the 1980s—never sit still it seems. Their latest venture is the expansion and renovation of the Lillian August Warehouse Shop. The Stamford shop is now 50,000 square feet of retail space, a rug gallery, and a dedicated to-the-trade showroom. The Weiss brothers are confident the Warehouse Shop will have something for everyone, from the outlet deals and one-of-a-kind finds the now-closed SoNo Annex location was known for to the company’s popular Modern Living Collection and Lillian’s own signature line for Hickory White. | Stamford,

82  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Scene & Heard.indd 82

3/14/19 12:46 PM

New and Classic Pieces for your Home and Garden We specialize in unique men’s gifts and grooming products, and new and vintage barware

Lattice House | 411 Pequot Avenue | Southport, CT 06890 | Follow us on Instagram

Lattice House-CTWIN19.indd 1

12/20/18 12:14 PM

Scene & Heard

Right: Amanda Lindroth’s étagère kicks off oomph’s tenth-anniversary collection

We knew Calla McNamara was special way back last year, when we honored her as one of our 5 Under 40 winners for 2018. The young designer, who started her RISING own firm, Calla Studio, in 2014, recently moved STAR into a new South Norwalk location—a Water Street office that puts the designer and her team closer to the downtown SoNo action. Besides meeting and design space, the new digs will also include a small retail area offering a select lineup of furnishings and accessories. | South Norwalk, McNamara portrait by Jeff McNamara

Top Ten

Some people really know how to celebrate. To honor its tenth anniversary, oomph is pulling out all the stops. The Greenwich-based furniture and lighting firm has collaborated with some of its best-known designers to create a capsule collection of ten new limited-edition pieces that will debut one at a time throughout the year. Item one is an étagère by Amanda Lindroth—an ingenious design with six pieces that collapse into nesting tables. The list of guest collaborators includes Meg Braff, Celerie Kemble, Young Huh, India Hicks, Nina Campbell, and Norwalk’s own Lynn Morgan. What’s more, the company has also expanded, opening a showroom within the Quadrille showroom in New York City’s D&D Building. I Greenwich and New York City,


Lisa Davenport and her team at Lisa Davenport Designs have always loved breathing new life into old things, whether that means redesigning a Victorian house to suit a twenty-first-century family or judiciously mixing antiques and modern pieces to give a room Right: Laurie Tuttle, Kathleen a unique personality. So it’s only fitting that the company recently took up resiRapp, and Lisa dence in the old Lyman Gun Sight Factory, a late nineteenth-century mill building Davenport that has now been renovated. Davenport says the pastoral location, surrounded by farms and fields, and the rustic nature of the 2,500-square-foot space make it the perfect environment for her firm’s signature style—a comfortable yet chic, polished yet effortless look she calls Cashmere & Blue Jeans I Middlefield,

Ceiling upholstery and drapes by Finished In Fabric Design: Tina Anastasia, Mark P. Finlay Interiors Photography: Brantley Photography

An eye for detail... Upholstery, Wall Coverings, Fine Drapery & Antique Restoration


84  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Scene & Heard.indd 84

3/14/19 12:37 PM

Empirium Collection | Cascades


The Finest Luxury Flooring Handmade by American Craftsmen


full page.indd 1



2 0 3 . 6 0 1.7 749


L R O B I TA I L L E @ W I D E P L A N K F L O O R I N G .CO M



15 0 E . 5 8 T H S T R E E T, 5 T H F LO O R , N E W YO R K , N Y 10 15 5




3/14/19 1:23 PM


March 21–24, 2019 Piers 92 & 94 NYC Buy tickets now

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1/29/19 6:09 PM

full page.indd 1

3/13/19 7:07 PM

Design Life


Networking Event

Networking Event at Bulthaup


On a warm February evening, guests were delighted to visit the beautiful Bulthaup showroom in Greenwich. Bulthaup’s owner and designer, Constantin Oltean, and New England Home’s editor-in-chief, Kyle Hoepner, welcomed the crowd and kicked off an evening filled with light-hearted chatter over cocktails and appetizers.










| 1. John Eigo and Garrett Wilson of Garrett Wilson Builders, Peggy Kebabian of Kebabian’s Rugs, and Chuck Hilton of Charles Hilton Architects | 2. New England Home’s Tess Woods with Leo Robitaille of Carlisle Wide Plank Floors  | 3. Francine Gardner of Interieurs with Cheryl Jordan of Maison D’Alexandre  | 4. Luigi Altamura of Altamura Homes and Matthew Dougherty of Matthew R. Dougherty Architect | 5. Jill and John Mastera of John R. Mastera & Associates Architects and Constantin Oltean of Bulthaup | 6. Luigi Tevolini of County TV & Appliance, Frank Branca of Crown Select Cabinetry, and Dick Laughton of Front

88  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Design Life.indd 88




Row Kitchens | 7. Nancy Bookchin of Merritt Staffing, Lisa O’Mara of Smart Home and Theater Systems, and John Jelliffe of Digital Home Systems  | 8. Rina DiMarte and Candace Pereira of Chloe Winston Lighting Design  | 9. Constantin Oltean, Kyle Hoepner of New England Home, and Arthur Hanlon of Shope Reno Wharton | 10. New England Home’s Kathy Bush-Dutton and Chuck Hilton | 11. Beth Cannon and Antonio Vergara of Wakefield Design Center | 12. Designer Philip A. Gulotta Jr., Richard Upton of ICON, Marta Muryn of D&D Homes, and Greg Der Calousdian of Vahan Jewelry Photography by Phil Nelson

3/14/19 2:20 PM


Inspired by beauty, art & life... HARTFORD 860-249-7631 160 BRAINARD RD (I-91• EXIT 27) SOUTHINGTON 860-621-7585 50 GRAHAM PLACE (I-84• EXIT 32) – next to Pilgrim Furniture & CAFD Hours: Mon-Fri 8-8pm, Sat 9-5pm, Sun 12-5pm

worth a trip from anywhere!

Two amazing 12,000+ sq. ft. showrooms Hartford & Southington

HARTFORD 860-493-2532 167 BRAINARD RD (I-91• EXIT 27) Across the street from Connecticut Lighting Centers Hours: Mon-Wed 9-6pm, Th-F 9-8pm, Sat 9-5pm, Sun 12-5pm

Locally family owned & operated since 1972 – now in 3rd generation.

Full-Service Interior Design Serving Fairfield and Westchester Counties. 917-579-6959 | |

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3/13/19 8:17 PM

Design Life ASID Holiday Party

The Connecticut chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) hosted a holiday party at the Lillian August Design Center in Norwalk, with cocktails, appetizers, and a trunk show filled with local designers’ unique gifts.





Stacy Kunstel at Schwartz Design Showroom




90  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Design Life.indd 90

| 1. Miranda Girard and Pippa Ellis | 2. Sandra Joseph and Katerin Mendoza | 3. Rose Vilay, Tiany Hicks, and Laura Jara-Rivera | 4. Lonnie Gorham and Elisa Billings | 5. Laura Michaels and Lisa Belvedere

Stamford’s Schwartz Design Showroom was the setting as the Connecticut chapter of the Interior Design Society hosted Stacy Kunstel, of New England Home and Dunes and Duchess, who discussed best practices for styling and showing off one’s work.


| 1. Stephanie Rapp, Alexis Varbero, Lynn Breindel, and New England Home’s Debra Judge Silber | 2. Stacy Kunstel gives designers hints about styling their work | 3. Angela Legg and Bryan Short | 4. Kathleen Bivona and Shirley Mitchell | 5. Stacy Kunstel talks social media with a few new friends



ASID Holiday Party photos by Regina Tamburro Schwartz Design Showroom photos by Debra Judge Silber

3/14/19 2:21 PM

Connecticut Appliance & Fireplace Distributors Appliance • Fireplace • Outdoor Living


FULL FIREPLACE PRODUCT LINE A Fireplace, Stove, Insert or Logset for Every Home


Established in 1968, We Have Over A Century of Collective Fireplace Experience.


Onsite Expertise For You or Your Customers


Complete Your Home with CAFD!

Let Us Help You Get The Job DoneRight!

Gas i Wood i Pellet i Fireplaces i Stoves i Inserts i Logsets ı (860)621-9313 50 Graham Place, Southington CT 06489

2018 HOBI Award Winner

1 1 7 N EW C A NA A N AV E N U E I N O RWA L K , C T 0 6 8 5 0 I 2 0 3 . 8 4 9 . 0 3 0 2 I F R O N T R OWK I TC H E N S . C O M

page - half horizontals.indd 1

3/13/19 8:19 PM

Design Life Luxury Living Talk


Browngrotta arts hosted a Luxury Living Talk, entitled The Art of Living with Art, at its Wilton gallery. New England Home editor-in-chief Kyle Hoepner moderated a panel that included some of Connecticut’s most notable gallery owners and art experts. 3


| 1. Panelist Heather 5 Gaudio adds to the discussion  | 2. Ron Marshall and Lara Degl’Innocenti | 3. Katie Ré Scheidt and Greg Randall  | 4. Panelists Eric Mauskopf, Tom Grotta, and Kathryn McCarver Root | 5. Dorothy Robertshaw and Donna Davie | 6. Gaby Chautin with New England Home’s Marcia Noble | 7. Bryan Short with New England Home’s Debra Judge Silber

Greenwich Winter Antiques Show



The Eastern Greenwich Civic Center hosted this year’s Greenwich Winter Antiques Show. At the preview gala, guests got a first glimpse of a wide array of art, jewelry, furniture, prints, luxury handbags, and more from the eighteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries.




92  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Design Life.indd 92




| 1. One of the stunning entryway tables that guests saw upon their arrival  | 2. Alex Papachristidis (with Teddy) and David Monn | 3. Anne and David Ogilvy | 4. The decorations were a perfect combination of refined and fresh | 5. Liz Anderson, Alex Papachristidis (with Teddy), Loren and Jeff Taufield, Virginia Tupker, and Heather Georges  Luxury Living Talk photos by Regina Tamburro Greenwich Winter Antiques Show photos by Elaine Ubiña

3/14/19 2:21 PM

Mark Finlay Architects

Contracting | Home Property Management 203-324-6308

NEHomeCT_Davco_19_Spring.indd 1

page - half verts.indd 1

3/9/19 8:10 PM

3/13/19 8:20 PM

Design Life Wakefield Design Center Twentieth Anniversary Celebration 1

As 2018 drew to a close, designers gathered to celebrate Wakefield Design Center’s twentieth anniversary. Partygoers enjoyed light refreshments, giveaways, and the chance to explore two floors—10,000 square feet—of custom vignettes created by local vendors. 3




Eleish Van Breems Breakfast

Guests gathered at the new Eleish Van Breems showroom in Westport to chat about women in Scandinavian design. Attendees enjoyed breakfast as well as each other’s company— and the beautiful space.


| 1. Peggy Kebabian and Jolley 4 Frank | 2. Lora Mazurak with Rhonda Eleish | 3. New England Home Connecticut’s Debra Judge Silber  | 4. New England Home Connecticut’s Marcia Noble with Sarina Galu  | 5. Edie Van Breems and Kerie Boshka

94  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Design Life.indd 94

| 1. Beth Cannon and Keira C. Heath | 2. Beth Dempsey, George Snead, New England Home’s Roberta Mancuso, Carey Karlan, Joanne O’Neil, and Christina Lake  | 3. Charles Pavarini and Larry Laslo | 4. Antonio Vergara, Keith Gordon, Barry Goralnick, and George Snead | 5. Dale Minske with New England Home’s Kathy Bush-Dutton and Roberta Mancuso




Wakefield Design Center photos by Phil Nelson Eleish Van Breems Breakfast photos by Regina Tamburro

3/14/19 2:21 PM

Technology to Simplify Your Life Home Automation Custom Home Theaters Lighting | Music Motorized Shades Wifi & Networking Climate Control Cameras Automated Door Locks



AUDIOVIDEOCT.COM | 203-659-4734

Your Trusted Technology Design & Installation Experts.


SellarsLathropArchitects llc

page - half horizontals.indd 1

1 Kings Highway North Westport Ct 06880 203.222.0229

1 Kings Highway North | Westport, CT 203.222.0229 |

3/14/19 2:19 PM

Thank you to our presenting sponsors!

City Bench grew out of our passion for building beautiful objects with meaning and a story. It also grew out of a reverence for the trees that line our streets, fill our public spaces, and enliven our campuses. Those trees represent our shared space and generations of common stories — they are also a vital and overlooked resource. We transform Connecticut’s city trees into uniquely handcrafted furniture. Visit us on the web at or make an appointment to visit our Higganum showroom.

City Bench | 73 Maple Ave. | Higganum, CT 860-716-8111 |

Digital Home Systems was founded in 1999 and proudly provides sophisticated digital solutions that reflect unparalleled levels of performance, simplicity, and elegance. The DHS team is led by Tom Manna, a technology enthusiast, seasoned sales and marketing executive as well as a lifelong musician. With a keen understanding of what makes a first rate audio and video experience, Tom turned his passion into a vocation. Along with a talented team of music industry professionals and fellow techies with a high aptitude for craftsmanship, Tom drives DHS to meet the exacting technology needs of discriminating clients that share his high aesthetic standards (most notably, DHS’s earliest clients came from the music and film industries, and remain to this day). You can find DHS’ wizardry in distinctive properties throughout New York’s Westchester County, Fairfield County in Connecticut, NYC, and the Hamptons. To learn more, visit

38 S. Ridge Street | Port Chester, NY 10573

The Interior Designer’s source for showroom quality custom carpets and rugs at direct prices. Transform your design concept into a custom made carpet or rug at a fraction of the showroom price. L&M works directly with artisans in Nepal and India to bring you Flat Weaves, Kilims, Textures, Soumaks, Moroccans, Hand Knot, Hand Tufted, Hand Loomed Tencel and Hair on Hide Leather construction options.

L&M Custom Carpets and Rugs LLC 201-951-0980

Wakefield-TTTD-CTSPR19.indd 2

As a purveyor of fine linens and home furnishings, The Linen Shop is known for offering unparalleled choice and personalized customer service. Whether for easy living or luxurious entertaining we stock the best of everything for bed, bath and table. And for the perfect finish, we offer a curated a collection of exceptional home accessories. As specialists in custom linens, The Linen Shop is a destination for a devoted clientele of designers and architects. Join our Designer Trade Program to enjoy the many benefits we offer. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your unique design needs from our vast collection of custom styles, fabrics and finishes. Please contact us at for further information.

The Linen Shop | (203) 972-0433 | 21 Elm Street New Canaan, CT |

3/14/19 2:51 PM

New England Home and Wakefield Design Center invite you to:

To The Trade Only Market Day Thursday, May 2nd, 2019

Presenting the latest trends in fabrics, furniture, art and accessories, panels, book signings, and more… 3:00 – 3:45pm Mara Miller and Jesse Carrier of Carrier and Company Magic of the Mix: Assembling Eclectic Interiors From the offices of Vogue to Anna Wintour’s personal home, this talented design duo has created one of the leading interior design firms with an impressive client roster of tastemakers. Mara and Jesse will inspire you with the creativity behind designing rooms with a mix of familiarity and freshness. And how their latest adventure into the world of licensing with Century Furniture, lighting with Visual Comfort and a textile collection with Lee Jofa capture their style and design philosophy. Moderated by New England Home Editor-in-Chief Kyle Hoepner.

Mara MIller and Jessie Carrier

4:00 – 4:45pm Fawn Galli of Fawn Galli Interiors Magical Rooms Join interior designer Fawn Galli as she shares highlights from her new book Magical Rooms: Elements of Interior Design. Known for her energetic and enchanting interiors, Fawn is guided by her philosophy “A room should awaken the senses,” and will be discussing some of her close-kept secrets for creating memorable rooms full of discovery and inspiration. *Book Signing to follow

Fawn Galli

5:00 – 5:45pm Alexa Hampton of Mark Hampton LLC and Alexa Hampton Inc. Growing a legacy Discover how renowned designer Alexa Hampton took the reins of her father’s iconic firm and grew it to be globally respected, reaching from New York City to Hangzhou, China. Alexa Hampton extended her own blend of sophisticated style with practical application for an ever-expanding portfolio of licensed products. This spring Alexa will be launching a furniture collection with Theodore Alexander. Reception to follow Alexa Hampton

RSVP to: For more information, please contact 203 358-0818 Or visit PRESENTED BY: FOR MORE INFORMATION:


Wakefield-TTTD-CTSPR19.indd 3

Wakefield Design Center 652 Glenbrook Road | Stamford, CT 203-358-0818

3/14/19 2:51 PM


Apex_CT-SPR19_1.00_v4.indd 1

3/14/19 3:59 PM

Special Advertising Section

Portfolio of




3/13/19 3:25 PM

Special Advertising Section


Fine Landscape Design & Outdoor Living

Anne Penniman Associates LLC


nne Penniman Associates LLC (APA) has been creating beautiful, sustainable and meaningful landscapes for clients, stakeholders and communities since 1991. We are a small firm of skilled landscape architects and designers who are passionate about the narratives, materials and building blocks that each unique landscape presents. We understand that landscape is a process; a multidimensional template with not only

spatial and material considerations, but also with temporal and seasonal considerations. APA believes that each landscape and green space should be an expression of human memory and aspiration while enhancing ecological diversity and function. We work closely with clients to determine a site program. Our site inventory process generates a thorough understanding of the physical and experiential aspects of the land.

Our design process is iterative and responsive to input. We work as a team, and we engage with clients to develop workable and inspirational landscape designs. All our projects demonstrate our commitment to excellence and our sensitive and specialized approach to each project site. Our purpose is to make spaces that fuel the human desire for social interaction in beautiful and restorative open space.

100  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019


3/14/19 1:56 PM

Special Advertising Section

➊ A Southampton pool, spa, firepit, and pollinator border. ➋ A rain garden infiltrates and blends with the native plantings overlooking the Connecticut River. ➌ A picturesque lake with a native stone landing and a dock provides an inviting setting for a rower. ➍ Organic stonework meanders through exuberant plantings.

Landscape Architecture Site Planning Habitat











Landscapes for People & Nature




35 Pratt St. Essex CT 06426 860-767-7540

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  101


3/14/19 1:56 PM

Special Advertising Section

Fine Landscape Design & Outdoor Living

Aqua Pool & Patio


ince 1970, Aqua Pool has been in continuous operation, providing clients in Connecticut with award-winning design, construction, and service. Now celebrating our 50th year in business, we continue to learn and strive to create more state-of-theart, technologically advanced, highquality engineered gunite works of art. Aqua’s dedication to customer service and quality construction techniques has been noticed around the country and within the pool industry.

The industry trade magazine Pool & Spa News has ranked Aqua Pool one of the Top 50 Pool Builders in the country seven years in a row! The dedication to excellence that’s necessary to stay on this list requires us to invest heavily in employee education and training. Such dedication is reflected in the quality water sculptures we create at our clients’ homes. With our exclusive Paramount infloor cleaning systems, we can craft a pool that is 99 percent vacuum-free!

No robots, no annoying cords or transformers: a nearly invisible system that will keep the pool clean 24/7 even without a pool service visit. Now in our second generation of ownership, the Giannamore family invites you to meet with one of our designers and learn why one need not pay more than necessary to still get the absolute best. Visit us at to learn more.

102  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019


3/13/19 10:23 AM

➊ Simple yet classic Roman-shaped pool with a bench along the entire perimeter. ➋ Freeform-shaped pool and spa combo with a vanishing edge detail. ➌ A limestone quarry turned into a fully functional heated pool. ➍ Pool with spa, waterfall and “sun-shelf” tanning bed. ➎ White Pebble Tec interior on a freeform-shaped pool-spa combination with water features.

From simple to elaborate, each project is customized to the clients’ tastes, needs and budget. Each is a unique piece of yard art.

53 Newberry Road East Windsor, CT 06088 70 Danbury Road Wilton, CT 06897 860-623-9886 800-722-2782

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  103


3/13/19 10:23 AM

Special Advertising Section

Fine Landscape Design & Outdoor Living

Austin Ganim Landscape Design


ustin Ganim Landscape Design offers a full range of design, installation, and maintenance services for properties of all sizes and styles. Our staff includes landscape designers, a horticulturalist, and a licensed landscape architect. Influenced by our backgrounds in horticulture, garden design, historic preservation, and landscape architecture, as well as hands-on experience, our designs create a seamless transition between the home and garden. Whether renovating an existing

landscape or starting from scratch, our design-build team assists clients through the entire process. After the initial meeting at your property to discuss the scope of work, we determine the appropriate type of services, develop a landscape plan customized to your needs and site conditions, review material selections, and provide an estimate. We can assist with project phasing and value engineering to help you achieve your desired results. Once the scope of work has been finalized, our skilled crews will

install your landscape and hardscape in a timely manner, with the utmost of professionalism. After installation, proper maintenance by trained professionals, who understand not only the appropriate pruning techniques for the specific plant material at your home, but also the desired style, is essential to the garden’s success. Our goal is to create timeless landscapes that our clients are pleased with at completion and for many years to come.

104  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019


3/14/19 1:20 PM

Special Advertising Section

Austin Ganim Landscape Design, LLC Austin Ganim & Eva Chiamulera, ASLA, PLA 320 Kings Highway Cutoff Fairfield, CT 06824 203-333-2003

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  105


3/14/19 1:21 PM

Special Advertising Section

Designers at Christensen enjoy working with many clients to enliven their landscapes by transforming forgotten outdoor areas into meaningful living spaces that invite interaction, nourishment, and reflection.

325 Reeds Gap Road Northford, CT 203-484-0424

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  107

Christensen-CTSPR-FINE LANDSCAPE AND OUTDOOR-2019.indd 107

3/13/19 10:24 AM

Special Advertising Section


Fine Landscape Design & Outdoor Living

Christensen Landscape Services


hristensen Landscape Services is a full-service landscape firm widely recognized for innovative, sustainable design and quality installations. Their expertise enhances your home with a broad complement of landscape options. Because they offer complete hardscape capabilities, including stone masonry, concrete finishing, and on-site carpentry, there is virtually no limit to what they can create in your landscape. Whether

your plan calls for intricate stonework, native plantings, or a luxurious water feature, the professionals at Christensen Landscape Services take pride in providing quality and excellence. The family-owned business has earned numerous awards for design, installation, and maintenance. Owner David Christensen and lead designer Donna Christensen work with a team of managers, designers, carpenters, masons, and certified landscape

106  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

Christensen-CTSPR-FINE LANDSCAPE AND OUTDOOR-2019.indd 106

gardening professionals who take great pride in upholding their tradition of building and maintaining beautiful, functional, and long-lasting gardens. Their services include full garden and estate maintenance throughout New Haven, Middlesex, and Fairfield counties. They provide custom fertilization and weed control packages, and are a NOFA Certified Organic Landscape Supplier specializing in sustainable and organic landscape design and maintenance.


3/13/19 10:24 AM

Special Advertising Section

Fine Landscape Design & Outdoor Living

Connecticut Stone


t Connecticut Stone, we have over seventy years of manufacturing experience and the products to complete the outdoor living environment of your client’s dreams. We have the materials to match any exterior application, and they can be added into any design plan without sacrificing the homeowner’s style. With one of the largest stone selections in the country, Connecticut Stone provides a variety of natu-

ral stone for outdoor applications. From ThinStone, bluestone, thermal granite pavers, mosaic flagging, and hundreds of palletized stone, the choices are endless. Whether you’re building an outdoor fireplace, pool patio, or an exterior wall of a house, we can custom cut and finish every project to be one-of-a-kind. Our final product is sure to be jaw-dropping and create that statement piece or luxurious gathering area of your cli-

ent’s dreams. No other company can manufacture a product quite like we do at Connecticut Stone. From cradle to installation, we make all stone products on premise in our manufacturing facility. Our attention to detail, wealth of knowledge, and expertise truly sets us apart so we can create completely custom pieces. Whether you’re across the country, across the world, or down the street, we’ll ship the stone right to you!

108  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019


3/13/19 10:25 AM


Special Advertising Section

➊ Designer Ray Forehand of Forehand & Lake selected Honed Absolute Black Granite for this luxurious outdoor kitchen and waterfall island. ➋ Beinfield Architecture and Clarity Home Interiors selected a custom Connecticut Stone blend of both warm gold and cool gray stone to create this beautiful statement fireplace. ➌ This gas-fired firepit is clad with slabs of Liberty Hill and topped with a slab of Honed Absolute Black Granite. ➍ Connecticut Stone created a custom blend of three different colored granites in a square-cut pattern for Peter Cadoux Architects.

This spring, updating outdoor living spaces will be at the top of a homeowner’s renovation wish list. They will be focusing on expanding to create a luxurious gathering place for guests.

Connecticut Stone 138 Woodmont Road Milford, CT 06460 203-882-1000

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  109


3/13/19 10:25 AM

Special Advertising Section

Fine Landscape Design & Outdoor Living

Freddy’s Landscape


reddy’s Landscape Company has been making outdoor spaces more beautiful for more than twenty years. The company has earned a reputation throughout Fairfield County for quality landscape installation and maintenance, planting, and tending to the “softscape” around the home. Freddy’s Landscape Company is also known for creating outdoor living spaces complemented with custom-designed fireplaces, cooking, and dining areas. To complete the perfect entertainment setting, they design fences, masonry

walls, and driveways; install outdoor lighting; and create arbors, pergolas, and gazebos. Freddy’s Landscape Company’s services also include traditional pool design and maintenance, and they are the only distributor of BioNova® all-natural swimming pools in Connecticut. These swimming pools are 100 percent organic and have been widely accepted in Europe as the ideal standard. Because the water is filtered using plants and organic filtration systems, not chemicals, these pools are completely safe for the entire

family. BioNova® pools can be custom designed to meet any client’s design wishes. Existing pools can also be retrofitted to become chemical free. Freddy’s Landscape Company enhances, maintains, and preserves residences throughout every season. Freddy’s also has a seasonal nursery at the Fairfield location to supply clients with quality trees, shrubs, and plants. Principal Freddy Miraballes has a proven history of working with homeowners and designers to create award-winning gardens and outdoor spaces that are beautiful and timeless.

110  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

Freddys-FINE LANDSCAPE AND OUTDOOR-2019.indd 110

3/14/19 2:52 PM

Special Advertising Section

40 Belmont Street Fairfield, CT 06824 Greenwich, CT 06830 203-855-7854

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  111

Freddys-FINE LANDSCAPE AND OUTDOOR-2019.indd 111

3/14/19 2:52 PM

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Fine Landscape Design & Outdoor Living

InnerSpace Electronics, Inc.


or decades InnerSpace Electronics has delivered innovative technology solutions and entertainment systems to enhance outdoor living. We believe an exterior space should reflect similar usability as interior spaces—a place to gather and enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing the ability to entertain. From discreet, all-weather, highperformance landscape audio systems and outdoor televisions that output a brighter picture, reduce glare, and are engineered to handle extreme 112  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019


climate conditions, to motorized insect screens that enable an exterior porch to quickly transform into a screened-in porch, InnerSpace will design a system that brings lasting memories to a home. The possibilities are endless. A well-lit landscape creates additional livable square footage, showcases beautifully landscaped properties, and offers an extra layer of home security. A lighting-control system, paired with energy-efficient fixtures, can be programmed to match your

lifestyle, and add hours of outdoor time to the day. Exclusive partnerships with leading manufacturers allow us to specify the right products per project and budget. Our experience with the designbuild community in Fairfield County, coupled with our esteemed project management and engineering team, makes us effective collaborators, ensuring a project runs seamlessly— keeping the focus on delivering a one-of-a-kind, technology-driven outdoor livable environment.


3/14/19 4:25 PM

Special Advertising Section

➋ Outdoor living zones combine natural elements with discreet technologies. ➌ Landscape lighting design and exterior fixtures can transform and enhance a property. ➍ Set and control pool temperature remotely from an app on any smart device.

We believe an exterior space should reflect similar usability as interior spaces.

InnerSpace Electronics, Inc. 333 N. Bedford Rd. Mount Kisco, NY 10549 914-937-9700

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  113


3/14/19 4:25 PM

Special Advertising Section

Fine Landscape Design & Outdoor Living

The LaurelRock Company


eady to enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest degree? “Making A Positive Difference” has been the foundation upon which The LaurelRock Company has built its reputation. For forty-plus years, the firm has made a positive impact and lent its design, build, and maintenance expertise to more than 1,000 of the area’s most stunning residential properties in Fairfield County and beyond. It’s more than a project. It is an experience. As an award-winning

landscape development firm, the company prides itself on creating and maintaining landscapes that reflect each client’s lifestyle. Believing that the great outdoors is an extension of a home’s living space, LaurelRock’s team of landscape architects, designers, horticulturists, garden and property managers, and construction and maintenance crews are dedicated to enhancing each property’s aesthetic beauty, while keeping an eye on preserving the environment. LaurelRock encourages

clients to bring sustainable practices into their landscapes and their lives. From edible gardens to green walls and rooftop gardens, LaurelRock can bring that vision to life and provide ongoing care. LaurelRock has received numerous accolades throughout its history, including national recognition for its residential design and construction services, residential maintenance, and safety practices. In 2018, LaurelRock received its second Hearst Connecticut Top Workplace honor.

114  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019


3/14/19 1:23 PM


Special Advertising Section

➊ Featuring a green roof of sedum, the pool pavilion is the center of this sixteenacre property and is the ultimate spot for entertaining family and friends. ➋ Boxwood hedges and low stone walls complemented by soft perennials and groundcover provide drama and structure to an inviting square court. ➌ A multitude of lush plantings surrounding this curvilinear gravel pathway makes the perfect setting for taking a leisurely stroll. ➍ A homegrown garden can become a reality. Here, a mix of vegetables, herbs, and ornamental flowers create a stylish, modern garden right outside the homeowners’ kitchen door.

The LaurelRock experience is predicated on the personalized attention that we provide to our clients’ outdoor living needs.

The LaurelRock Company 969 Danbury Road Wilton, CT 06897 203-544-0062

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  115


3/14/19 1:23 PM

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Fine Landscape Design & Outdoor Living

O&G Industries Masonry Division & Louis Fusco Landscape Architects


collaboration between O&G Industries and Louis Fusco Landscape Architects created an impressive landscape design project. The selection of the cool, creamy natural stone, which has solar-reflective, frost-resistant properties, adds warmth, functionality, and beauty. A combination of plantings and stone provide practicality, versatility, and distinctive style. O&G’s Italian stone, White Linen, frames the infinity pool and connects the entertainment area to the spectacu116  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019


lar water view. The flow of the White Linen steps, supported by New England Fieldstone veneer, leads to the yard and beachfront. A New York natural cleft bluestone patio and walkway complement the side entrance to the estate. Contrasting traditional and contemporary stones merge to create a fresh and exciting textural result. Superb landscaping emerges through the careful selection of aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance native plants. For nearly a century the masonry division of O&G Industries has

remained a solid presence in New England and beyond. The company has six showrooms throughout Connecticut that are open to the public. O&G offers the most extensive selection of earth-based materials available as well as comprehensive stone fabrication services to meet your design specifications and budget. Louis Fusco Landscape Architects has created award-winning private gardens, in addition to innovative parks, country clubs, rooftop gardens, civic spaces, and university campuses. PHOTO CREDIT: SALVATORE CORSO

3/13/19 10:26 AM

Special Advertising Section

➊ White Linen marble. ➋ White Linen marble. ➌ White Linen and New England Fieldstone veneer. ➍ New York Bluestone.

O&G Industries Masonry Division (866) 748-5694

Louis Fusco Landscape Architects (914) 764-9123

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  117


3/13/19 10:26 AM

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Fine Landscape Design & Outdoor Living

Seventy Acres Landscape Architecture & Design


nder the leadership of Nancy King and Brook Clark, Seventy Acres strives to build collaborative relationships with our clients. Listening to the needs and wishes for each project, we bring together the best possible design solutions through our dynamic approach and refined aesthetics. Working in close collaboration

with clients, architects, engineers, and town agencies, we provide sustainable, innovative solutions that respond to the specific conditions of a site. As landscape architects, we love getting to know a property and are uniquely qualified to unlock its potential. We specialize in understanding outdoor spaces and how people use them; this results in enhanced outdoor living experi-

ences for our clients, while creating lasting connections with nature. Seventy Acres knows the power of design. We are skilled at creating large-scale and estate master plans, private gardens, precise construction documentation, and innovative installations with attention to the smallest detail. We design dynamic, memorable landscapes. Work with us!

118  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

Seventy Acres-CTSPR-FINE LANDSCAPE AND OUTDOOR-2019.indd 118


1:22 PM

Special Advertising Section

➊ An artfully designed new pool and stone terrace are perfectly integrated into a steeply sloping Westport residence. ➋ Monolithic fieldstone steps lead up to a crisp, geometric lounging area with views of Long Island Sound. ➌ Drifts of Pennisetum, Rudbeckia, Echinacea, Perovskia and Purple Asters bring vivid interest, color and texture to the garden. ➍ A harmonious palette of green, travertine, and smooth beach gravel create an intimate outdoor setting in this Compo Beach residence.

Every property has a story… it begins with a vision.

Seventy Acres Landscape Architecture & Design 49 New Street Wilton, CT 06897 203-470-2742

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  119

Seventy Acres-CTSPR-FINE LANDSCAPE AND OUTDOOR-2019.indd 119

3/14/19 1:22 PM

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Fine Landscape Design & Outdoor Living

Wagner Hodgson


agner Hodgson is an award-winning professional landscape architecture and design studio founded in 1987 with offices in Burlington, Vermont, and Hudson, New York. Wagner Hodgson believes that landscapes are a special art form. Our design process seeks to express the inherent beauty of nature through the creation

of modern sculptural landscapes that unite context, program, form, and materials. Wagner Hodgson encourages and fosters a collaborative design process amongst our team and clients. Our services include everything from initial site selection consultations, estate master plans, and site planning in conjunction with architects, to design development

120  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

Wagner Hodgson-CTSPR-FINE LANDSCAPE AND OUTDOOR-2019.indd 120

and bid document preparation, bidding assistance and construction observation for both existing and new home sites. The firm’s leadership—H. Keith Wagner, Jeffrey Hodgson, and Dale Schafer—have amassed a diverse portfolio of projects across New England, New York, and the Atlantic coastline.


3/13/19 10:27 AM

Special Advertising Section

➊ A lakeside terrace crafted from local stone to match the house and skillfully nestled into the hillside. A custom inset bar shelf provides function and visual interest. ➋ Careful site editing opened up this once overgrown property allowing light in and views out to the surrounding water and mountains. ➌ Two existing houses were relocated and renovated providing guest quarters each fronting a separate bay. ➍ Pathways and dry-laid walls of local stone stitch together the site providing an artful expression of placemaking and wayfinding.

Wagner Hodgson guided the master planning of this 140 acre waterfront parcel. The landscape plan along with a rich material palette including local stone is the unifying element that ties together this family compound comprised of a gracious main house, two guest houses, pool and pool house, lakeside terrace and barn.

Burlington, VT 802-864-0010 Hudson, NY 518-567-1791

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  121

Wagner Hodgson-CTSPR-FINE LANDSCAPE AND OUTDOOR-2019.indd 121

3/13/19 10:27 AM

Oversized Schumacher Feather Bloom wallpaper adds drama to the dining room, where an elegant Ro Sham Beaux chandelier hangs over a custom dining room table and chairs. FACING PAGE: Coral-like wall art and a shimmery rug announce the home’s subtle nautical theme in the foyer. A custom bench is fashioned with an ikat pattern that gets repeated throughout the house.

122  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Muse-Greenwich.indd 122

3/14/19 12:27 PM

Safe Harbor Custom touches turn a brand-new waterfront townhouse in Greenwich into a warm, personal sanctuary. Text by Bob Curley | Photography by Michael Partenio | Produced by Stacy Kunstel Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  123

CT-SPR19 Muse-Greenwich.indd 123

3/12/19 9:59 PM

124  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Muse-Greenwich.indd 124

3/12/19 9:50 PM

A custom table reflects the geometric pattern on the rug in the family room, which effortlessly steps out to a harborside patio through a vanishing glass wall. Subdued, sandy tones on the sofa and wallcoverings are enlivened by pops of blue from the toss pillows and twin ottomans.


was the biggest job of ­ auren Muse’s career. She L was hired to design the interiors of The Harbor at Greenwich, a development on the shores of Smith Cove that included four single-family homes and seven condominiums. Despite the large scope of the project, however, the job still ultimately came down—as it always does—to matching the skills of the designer with the individual tastes of the buyers. “Initially, we selected and designed all the hard surfaces, from the cabinetry design to tile, faucets, and lighting,” Muse explains. “But as the homes started to sell, we were hired by many of the homeowners to complete them with furnishings, as well.” John and Michele Tesei were among those clients. Michele was familiar with Muse’s work— she’s the principal real estate agent for the project—and became so enamored with The Harbor that she and John eventually decided to buy one of the single-family homes for themselves. “Lauren and I did the model home together, and then I picked out the finishes on the house that John and I ended up buying,” Michele relates. “I chose what I would have wanted if it was my own house—and then it was.” The Teseis moved into town from a country Greenwich estate, but with 7,000 square feet of living space, the new place wasn’t exactly a pied-àterre. “Downsizing to a property that size is pretty funny, but that’s Greenwich,” says Jim Carnicelli, president of the Gateway Development Group,

PROJECT TEAM Architecture: Kevin Molnar, Gateway Development Group Interior design: Lauren Muse, Muse Interiors Builder: Gateway Development Group

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  125

CT-SPR19 Muse-Greenwich.indd 125

3/13/19 6:33 PM

126  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Muse-Greenwich.indd 126

3/12/19 9:50 PM

RIGHT: A built-in banquette cozies up to a glass-topped table in the breakfast nook. LEFT: A sloped custom range hood and a pair of Geo Lantern pendants from Ilex Lighting are the eye-catching features of the kitchen. The cab­i­ net­ry has backlit glass cutouts displaying keepsakes.

which designed and built The Harbor specifically to appeal to Greenwich residents looking to trade their backcountry houses for a “new urbanism” lifestyle of low-maintenance homes within walking distance of downtown. Muse’s main design challenge centered on maximizing the efficiency of individual rooms and ensuring a sense of flow from one space and floor to the next. Spread over four levels—with a below-grade in-law apartment, first-floor common spaces, second-floor bedrooms, and a roof deck— the house is unusually “vertical,” she notes. “Even though the home is quite large, the rooms, while plentiful, are compact,” says Muse. Clever designer tricks help these smallish spaces feel larger. In the kitchen, for example, Muse snugged a built-in seat into a bay window to create a casual dining area. A custom glass-topped table keeps things light and airy. “Practically every piece of furniture is custom made, so we can control the scale and proportion in each room,” she says. Muse also favors a degree of design consistency from room to room, “so if you want to move things


around, they all relate to each other.” Thus, for example, the Indonesian ikat patterns seen on the custom chair in the foyer are encountered again in throw pillows in the living room and bedroom, and even the window shades in the breakfast nook. Predictably, a home with abundant water views from patios, decks, and an expansive rooftop favors a nautical motif, but under Muse’s direction, it’s admirably restrained. There’s nary an anchor or sailboat to be seen; rather, the colors of the bay are reflected in the blue/beige/grey color scheme and especially

he owners wanted a sophisticated coastal look—a nod to the fact they are on the water, but in an elegant way,” says Lauren Muse. Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  127

CT-SPR19 Muse-Greenwich.indd 127

3/12/19 9:50 PM

in the choice of materials, textures, and decor. “The owners wanted a sophisticated coastal look—a nod to the fact they are on the water, but in an elegant way,” Muse says. “The color palette is very natural and blends seamlessly throughout the home.” Perhaps the best example is in the foyer, where round resin panels resembling coral are hung over

grasscloth walls, while open-weave hemp ceiling fixtures cast light on a hand-knotted wool and silk rug that shimmers like water. In the adjacent dining room, a seagrass and hemp chandelier pairs with geometrically pattered Schumacher Feather Bloom wallpaper. “You don’t need to have any artwork in this room, because this is artwork,” says Muse of

128  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Muse-Greenwich.indd 128

3/12/19 9:50 PM

LEFT: The vibrant living room centers on a round Ralph Lauren seagrass table with a glass top; the chairs are covered in a mix of Romo and Schumacher fabric to match the Stark Carabello carpet. RIGHT: Cabinets with a built-in sink and refrigerator pair with a gas grill to create a seasonal open-air kitchen perfect for entertaining.

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  129

CT-SPR19 Muse-Greenwich.indd 129

3/13/19 6:34 PM

THIS PAGE: Parquet-style teak flooring covers the expansive roof deck that sports an outdoor fireplace and flat-screen TV. FACING PAGE, TOP TO BOTTOM: The master bed is accessorized with a custom headboard, bench, and pillows covered in Quadrille fabric. The freestanding tub is an island of serenity in the master bathroom, with plenty of natural light reflecting off of the herringbone-pattered tile floor.

CT-SPR19 Muse-Greenwich.indd 130

3/12/19 9:50 PM

the attention-grabbing wallcovering. “I love how the foyer and dining room relate to each other. It’s tranquil and inviting—beckoning you to come in and stay awhile.” Quiet but significant custom touches abound throughout the home. Bedside tables, for example, are fronted with leather to add a bit of warmth and texture; the Visual Comfort pendant hanging over the breakfast table has a custom linen shade accented with a strip of slightly darker grosgrain ribbon. When it’s time to be bold, however, Muse doesn’t hold back. Custom living room chairs covered with sunlit navy and white fabrics swivel to take in the views of the bay through a retractable glass wall; in the middle sits a statement-making seagrass coffee table. Another sliding glass wall opens from the living room to a waterfront deck with a barbecue, refrigerator, and sink built into teak cabinetry, and chairs upholstered in durable sailcloth. It’s perfect for summer meals, but when it comes to entertaining the fun tends to migrate to the spacious roof deck with its full outdoor kitchen, ample seating, and spa. The size of the home may be comparable to the one it replaced, but with its multiple layers, “it lives


his is the kind of place where we can grow old together,” says Michele Tesei. “I think this is where we will end up—what’s not to love?”

differently,” says Michele. With an apartment on the garden level, John’s mother has her own private space, as do the couple’s adult children when they come home to visit and settle into the guest suites on the second floor. Yet the compact rooms mean the house never feels empty. “It can be as big or small as we need it to be when it’s just the two of us, but it houses a big family when the time comes,” says Michele. When not providing safe harbor to family or entertaining friends, the couple can usually be found watching the boats bob on Smith Cove from the family room or having breakfast on the deck off the master bedroom—unless it’s baseball season, when John is on the roof deck watching his beloved Mets on the outdoor flat-screen TV. Kayaks are just a few steps away from the Teseis’ back door, and downtown Greenwich’s shopping, dining, and entertainment venues aren’t much further off than that. While the couple isn’t ready for retirement, “this is the kind of place where we can grow old together,” says Michele. “I think this is where we will end up— what’s not to love?”  RESOURCES : For more information about this home, see page 158. Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  131

CT-SPR19 Muse-Greenwich.indd 131

3/12/19 9:50 PM

132  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 132

3/11/19 9:08 PM

A wall of local fieldstone bisects the Westport home of Geoffrey Stein and Patricia Poglinco, anchoring it to its midcentury roots. In this living room and throughout, designer Denise Davies celebrated the era with a balanced blend of vintage and contemporary furnishings.




CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 133

3/11/19 9:08 PM

Midcentury modern has become the hula hoop of the current decade. Look around, and you see everybody doing it. But few embrace the style with the dedication of Denise Davies. The founder and CEO of D2 Interieurs has spent decades collecting art, artifacts, and furniture from the days of Sputnik and Saarinen, Mad Men, and Mies Van der Rohe. So when New York–based artist Geoffrey Stein and his wife, attorney Patricia Poglinco, went looking for a designer to restore the midcentury house they bought in Westport, 134  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 134

3/11/19 9:08 PM

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: A finish of brick-red paint (Farrow & Ball’s Blazer) spotlights the front entry. In the living room and throughout the house, paintings by Stein, an artist, enliven the walls. In remodeling, Davies retained the living room’s original stone planting bed but reduced the foliage to a level more appropriate for her busy clients.

PROJECT TEAM Interior and architectural design: Denise Davies, D2 Interieurs Builder: Marek Bil, Old World Construction

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  135

CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 135

3/11/19 9:08 PM

The dining room’s Saarinen table and chairs from Knoll serve up midcentury style beneath a contemporary chandelier. Light from an existing skylight floods the room, which was made even airier with the removal of a wall separating it from the kitchen.

The new owners were smitten with the home’s retro design. “We loved the way it flowed. The light was just terrific,” says Geoffrey Stein. “To me, it was the classic midcentury modern.” their choice was obvious. They were impressed not only with Davies’s knowledge and use of vintage pieces, but also her knack for contemporizing the style. “Denise was loyal to the aesthetic but not a slave to the period,” Stein says. In projects like this one, Davies doesn’t stop at referencing the period in the chairs, coffee tables, and lamps she chooses. By taking on the task of landscape and architectural design as well, she envelopes all those selections in a virtual time capsule where past and present coexist. Her work honors the home’s origins, but doesn’t allow its design to become mired there. The single-level house bears familiar hallmarks of midcentury architecture. A thick fieldstone wall bisects the house, emerging out the back wall. Random slate floors in the entryway course through the center hall and into several rooms. In the slightly

136  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 136

3/11/19 9:08 PM

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  137

CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 137

3/11/19 9:08 PM

138  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 138

3/11/19 9:08 PM

ABOVE: The long, narrow family room presented a spatial challenge that Davies conquered with extra-slim walnut shelving and a custom sofa from Vladimir Kagan. RIGHT: The designer’s contemporary redesign of the kitchen is less a midcentury move than an elegant response to a confined space. FACING PAGE: Concealed behind shoji-style doors, a bar cabinet is outfitted with vintage shakers and glassware from Davies’s collection.

sunken living room, an indoor planting bed sprouts tropical foliage in the light of floor-to-ceiling windows. Although it mimics the style of well-known architects working in Fairfield County at the time, the home was designed and built in the early 1950s as a labor of love—and thrift—by a man named William S. Hinn and his wife. In 1951, House Beautiful magazine published Hinn’s account of his project, in an article titled “How to Get More House for Your Money.” Ten years later, the same magazine featured a photo of the living room on its cover, this time with a colonial-style wing chair backed against the stone wall. The current owners discovered the property in 2015. It was exactly the type of house they were seeking as a Connecticut retreat—a style Stein defined simply as “not Colonial.” They were smitten with the home’s retro design, especially the way Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  139

CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 139

3/11/19 9:08 PM

Davies describes her selection as “an eclectic midcentury mix. I wanted it to be of this century and feel fresh and new, so I was very careful on my choices of color,” she says. “I did not want it to feel like a decorator was there.” 140  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 140

3/11/19 9:08 PM

the intersecting stone wall anchored the house to the landscape. “We loved the way it flowed,” Stein says, adding that the large windows and skylights appealed as well. “The light was just terrific,” he says. “To me, it was the classic midcentury modern.” The structure was in good condition but would need a thorough overhaul, Davies recalls. “They wanted it to have all the character and the feel of the original, but they wanted it to be modern and comfortable,” she says. Calling in trusted collaborator Marek Bil of Old World Construction, Davies embarked on a full-scale renovation. The fieldstone walls were sandblasted

and repointed, the HVAC and electrical systems were updated, and a new bathroom was installed. A kitchen renovation replaced the European cabinetry with a custom design by Davies that makes more efficient use of the space while opening it up to the dining room. Outside, Davies updated the pool area, refreshed the vertical siding, installed new windows, and replaced all the doors, except for the main entrance. Charmed by the front entry’s perfectly round brass doorknob, she had it replated and then accentuated it by painting the doorframe around it a vermillion hue. “It felt amazing,” the designer says, recalling each step

ABOVE: The master bedroom’s built-in shelves, stocked with period treasures and dominated by Stein’s portrait of comedian Samantha Bee, float above the floor. RIGHT: The bedside nightstands, too, are suspended from the wall to visually increase floor space. The sculptural female form of this vintage lamp is partnered with a male version on the opposite side.

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  141

CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 141

3/11/19 9:08 PM

taken to reanimate the home’s period details. “This is an era of design that I study, that I love, and I knew exactly what had to be done.” The designer also drew on her experience to maximize comfort in the small rooms so common to vintage houses. In the master bedroom, she designed builtin shelving and nightstands that hang from the walls, visually opening up floor space. In the family room, she boosted the

midcentury vibe with a wall of 1950s-style walnut shelves that are just twelve inches deep. The designer called in carpenter Michael Yedowitz to craft the cabinetry, which accommodates a flat-screen TV along with books and vintage curiosities from Davies’s vast inventory. The retro lines of the shelves and their curated contents make it hard to discern what is old, and what is new—exactly as Davies would want it. “It feels like it has always

142  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 142

3/11/19 9:08 PM

been there, because the style winks to the period of the house,” she says. With an authentic wink here and a custom nod there, the furniture references—but doesn’t replicate—the period as well. Davies describes her selection as “an eclectic midcentury mix,” an approach she favors over stuffing rooms with every vintage piece she can find. A neutral palette, which draws cues from the earthy tones of the stone wall and slate floors, also bridges the decades. “I wanted it to be of this century and feel fresh and new, so I was very careful on my choices of color,” she says. “I did not want it to feel like a decorator was there.” A decorator, perhaps no—but an artist, yes. In many rooms, bold paintings

and collages by Stein and other artists punch up the style more effectively than any decorator’s calculated dash of color. “He had this amazing, amazing artwork. That’s what really inspired the design of the house,” says Davies. Stein’s own portfolio includes portraits of public personalities captured in collages that combine paint and printed matter. Their bold style casually hints at the work of midcentury artists, reinforcing the sense that inside this home, this year could be The New 1950. And that’s just as Davies envisioned it. “I try to keep it real as a designer,” she says, “and it doesn’t get any realer than this.”

ABOVE: The artist’s weekend studio contains a custom built-in desk and enough room for recent works, in this case, likenesses of Jay Leno, Jon Stewart, and Chelsea Handler. FACING PAGE: The random flagstone pool deck is a throwback to midcentury summers.

RESOURCES : For more information about this home, see page 158. Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  143

CT-SPR19 D2-Westport.indd 143

3/11/19 9:08 PM


144  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Reider-Southport.indd 144

3/11/19 9:17 PM

Its new homeowners loved the 1882 Queen Anne Victorian for its historic charm as well as its location on a quiet Southport street within walking distance of both the beach and town.

A designer’s bold vision merges traditional and modern to give a nineteenth-century Southport house a vivacious new look. CT-SPR19 Reider-Southport.indd 145

Text by ANNIE SHERMAN Photography by MICHAEL PARTENIO Produced by STACY KUNSTEL Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  145

3/11/19 9:17 PM

146  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Reider-Southport.indd 146

3/11/19 9:17 PM

LEFT: Lotus-patterned wallpaper makes a bold background in the dining room. BELOW: Homeowners Sandi and Chris Wright had different ideas for the foyer, so designer Rachel Reider made them both happy

with the red-wine-colored paint for Chris and white marbleized wallpaper for Sandi. FACING PAGE: Reider salvaged some of the great room’s old wallpaper, pairing it with gunmetal paint for a contemporary touch.


began with the stained-glass window. Tucked in a corner of the dining room, the shrinking violet’s subtle shades of aquamarine, red wine, and goldenrod were all but hidden from view, overwhelmed by busy wallpaper and layers of lacquer trim. Even its lead seemed withered. But the redesign plan for the circa-1882 Queen Anne Victorian near the water in Southport held something special in store for this vintage detail, something more apropos of the home’s stately provenance. Built for John Hoyt Perry, a prominent judge, politician, businessman, and philanthropist at the turn of the twentieth century, the 6,000-square-foot home features numerous period details. The original

PROJECT TEAM Interior design: Rachel Reider, Rachel Reider Interiors Builder: Taylor Moore, Moore Carpenters Landscape design: Kristina Gates, Southport Design Works

architectural embellishments—from the intricate corbels and exposed beams to the inlaid parquet floors—were resuscitated with the help of daring new owners, Sandi and Chris Wright, and designer Rachel Reider. “It was important to the owners to respect and maintain that architectural history, but make it feel more like theirs,” Reider says. “Make it fresher, a place they could feel comfortable spending time as a family.” “We like old homes with character,” says Sandi. “We always wanted to live in the village because the kids could ride their bikes, walk to town or the beach, do things on their own. Then we saw this house, on a nice quiet street, with a five-minute walk to the train. And it’s so unique. It just needed a facelift.” With three daughters and a full-time life in New York, the family spent weekends, holidays, and a Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  147

CT-SPR19 Reider-Southport.indd 147

3/11/19 9:17 PM

148  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Reider-Southport.indd 148

3/11/19 9:17 PM

Metallic paper on the ceiling ramps up the glamour in the show-stopping dining room. Reider’s color scheme for the room, like the rest of the house, is based on neutrals energized with jolts of vivid color.

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  149

CT-SPR19 Reider-Southport.indd 149

3/11/19 9:17 PM

150  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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3/11/19 9:17 PM

“The stainedglass window was the starting point for the color palette on the whole first floor, with touches of teal and maroon dotted throughout,” says Rachel Reider. LEFT: A fun powder room pushes the design envelope. “You might not want to see that pattern in a large room, but here, it’s a little surprise,” says Reider. BELOW: Reider

added spark to the quiet palette with accents of gold. FACING PAGE: Benjamin Moore’s Arctic Shadows trim lets the parlor’s rich architectural detail shine.

few summers here before attempting this first-floor refresh. Sandi was torn about the direction to take, however. The mother in her yearned for a clean and simple aesthetic, a neutral backdrop to balance their multi-state menagerie of activities and events, work and school, the constant to and fro. “An inviting, comfortable space” was what she wanted. But, she relates, Chris, more of a purist, told her, “That’s not this house. It can’t be white. We have to respect its history and integrity. It wouldn’t be respectful to strip it all away and paint it white.” So they didn’t. Paint it white, that is. Nor did they gravitate toward the traditional out of guilty respect. Rather, it is contrast and geometric patterns that transform this Gilded Age beauty into a welcoming retreat and entertaining haven. And it all originated with that overlooked stained-glass window. “That was the starting point for the color palette on the whole first floor, with touches of teal and maroon dotted throughout,” says Reider. Although the house comes across as colorful, Reider points out that the foundation is anything but. “It’s comprised of neutrals—whites, blacks, grays, and Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  151

CT-SPR19 Reider-Southport.indd 151

3/11/19 9:17 PM

BELOW: Cozy velvet chairs and an oversize wool sofa make a convivial seating arrangement in the great room. RIGHT: The kitchen strikes a balance between modern and tradi-

some metallic accents—with layers of jewel tones,” she says. Even in the show-stopping dining room, where the peacock trim and lotus wallpaper are standouts, the designer notes that upholstery in black and white, a geometric wool rug, and the family’s traditional dining table and chairs (now covered in a modern abstract fabric) form the nucleus of the novel new space. To Sandi’s initial chagrin, Reider suggested leaving some of the tapestry-patterned wallpaper in the great room—an expansive space that holds two sitting areas—to accommodate her honor-bound husband. She added a merlot-hued textured wallpaper and Benjamin Moore’s Gunmetal trim to update the old-school vibe. “It was so dark and it ran through the whole room. I didn’t like it,” Sandi says about the paper, “but Rachel found wallpaper that

tional with its leaded-glassfront cabinets painted a rich green. A Dunes and Duchess chandelier in an unexpected bright red illuminates the island.

tied the space together and drapes to lighten up the other part of the room. So she neutralized it and we met in the middle.” Snuggle-friendly velvet chairs and an oversize wool couch strewn with pillows call for settling in with a book, and there’s room for the whole family to gather to watch a movie or play games. Meanwhile no one is afraid to touch anything, Sandi says, especially the faux snakeskin leather ottoman, because the whole house is designed to be lived in. “It was made for holidays and entertaining.” In the separate parlor, Reider went for a quieter look that relies more on texture to create interest. A muted grasscloth invites tactile discovery, and blackand-white furniture is enlivened with accents of gold and turquoise. The original wood trim throughout the first floor

152  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Reider-Southport.indd 152

3/11/19 9:17 PM

Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  153

CT-SPR19 Reider-Southport.indd 153

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154  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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“We took who we are and what the house was, and synthesized them into a space that is very comfortable... something that feels very livable,” says Sandi Wright. also received lots of attention from Taylor Moore of Moore Carpenters. His team of six “took off 100 years of paint, lacquer, stencils, and wallpaper, stripping it down to nothing and starting from scratch,” Moore says. Benjamin Moore’s Adriatic Sea washes across the dining room, causing jaws to drop the moment one walks through the front door. “That teal trim was something that really resonated with me,” says ABOVE: The Wrights “have a clean and modern aesthetic,” says landscape architect Kristina Gates. “We removed plantings that blocked the house, added hedging, and created little moments to enjoy.” LEFT: A lush landscape provides shade for the pool and inviting fire pit areas, where diving contests and s’mores are regular summer rituals. FACING PAGE: A pagoda-inspired pergola makes a welcoming shelter by the pool.

Sandi. “In a circa-1882 house, you don’t expect to see statement wallpaper and teal trim, and I think that’s really fun.” A metallic wallpaper on the ceiling adds a magical glow for entertaining. Boldness billows into the foyer where eggplant trim and wainscoting in Farrow and Ball’s Brinjal is the ultimate compromise. “My husband and I went back and forth on the entry,” Sandi admits. “I wanted it to be light. He wanted dark mahogany because of the house’s history. But we both agreed to this purple wine color because at certain times of day you saw different colors.” White-on-white marbleized wallpa-

per adds a note of modernity and reflects light. The old house now has a fresh new look that respects and celebrates its history. Every room makes the family happy, and they can really unplug the moment they arrive. “We took who we are and what the house was, and synthesized them into a space that is very comfortable, extremely unique and special, and also something that feels very livable,” Sandi says. And the unassuming stained-glass window that kick-started the design now gets the attention it deserves.  RESOURCES : For more information about this home, see page 158. Spring 2019 | New England Home Connecticut  155

CT-SPR19 Reider-Southport.indd 155

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NEW MEMBER INVITATION Our 470+ member association is made up of a diverse group of building industry professionals. Our mission is to help promote, protect, and improve the building industry in Fairfield County.


• Awards and recognition • Networking events • Educational programs and certifications • Legislative advocacy • Sponsorship and advertising opportunities • Discounts and rebates • Business development • Professional Women in Building Council


Please contact the office at 203-335-7008 or email for more information. You can also visit our website at

The Value of Membership Builder members have tangible benefits including business building resources and money saving discounts. You become part of an effective statewide and national grassroots network that helps shape the views of elected officials and lawmakers to protect your business. Associate members include industry professionals from all facets of the building industry including architects, designers, suppliers, subcontractors, lenders, and more. Membership with the HBRA provides your business a unique opportunity to help shape the strength and future of our industry and expand your client base in the process. Members take our philosophy of “do business with a member” seriously.

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Mingle with new and prospective members, sample the latest craft beers and network with other industry professionals.

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Dickinson Small Chandelier in Soft Brass with Clear Glass and Cream Pearls by kate spade new york

C.R. Laine Furniture Custom, American-made and sustainable furniture with hundreds of styles, fabrics and finishes to choose from. Let one of our on-site designers help create the perfect piece for your home.

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Chloe Winston Lighting Design Norwalk, CT

This table grew on the city streets. At City Bench, we transform Connecticut’s city trees into uniquely handcrafted furniture. Visit us on the web or make an appointment to visit our Higganum showroom.

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The Drawing Room Cos Cob, CT

Wow Factor Beautiful in both appearance and meaning, Canadian artist James Verbicky’s resin and paper collages bring color, texture, and depth to any room.

Samuel Owen Gallery Greenwich, CT Nantucket, MA

3/14/19 1:38 PM


A guide to the products and professionals in this issue’s featured homes


Interior design: Lisa Davenport, Lisa Davenport Designs, Middlefield, 860-316-5718, and Naples, Fla., 239-260-1845, lisadavenport Builder and interior millwork: Cuomo Construction, Durham, 860-349-0036, Cabinetmaker: Brunarhans, Woodstock, 860-928-0887, Landscape design/installation: Nancy DuBruleClemente, Natureworks, Northford, 203-4842748, Hardscape: Torrison Stone & Garden, Durham, 860-349-0019, Landscape lighting: RLI Electric, Durham, 860-349-8855,


Architecture and construction: Gateway Development Group, Greenwich, 203-422-6700 Interior design: Lauren Muse, Muse Interiors, Greenwich, 203-344-9444, Interior millwork: JEM Woodworking, Cos Cob, 833-734-5306, Page 122: Feather Bloom wallpaper by Celerie Kemble from Schumacher,; chandelier from Ro Sham Beaux, ro-sham; chair fabric from Romo, romo. com; entry wallpaper from Schumacher; chandeliers from Ro Sham Beaux; fabric on bench from TylerGraphic,; area rug from Palace Oriental Rugs of Wilton,; “coral” wall art from Made Goods,; painting by Shawn Dulaney,, through Weber Fine Art, Pages 124–125: Sofa fabric from Holly Hunt,; lamp from Arteriors, arteriors; ottomans from Studio A Home,; with fabric from Pierre Frey,; sofa pillow fabrics from Kravet,, and Zimmer + Rohde,; drapery fabric from

Romo; coffee table from Ralph Lauren Home,; Kimsey rug from Stark, Pages 126–127: Lamps over island from Ilex Architectural Lighting,; breakfast area light from Hudson Valley Lighting,; banquette built by JEM Woodworking, with fabric from Kravet; pillow fabrics from Schumacher and Kravet; chairs from Brownstone Furniture, brownstonefurniture. com, with seat fabric from Romo. Page 128: Carabello rug from Stark; front chair fabric from Romo; back chair fabric from Schumacher; woven table from Ralph Lauren Home; drapery fabric from Romo. Pages 129–130: Outdoor furniture from Restoration Hardware,; round outdoor side table from Arteriors. Page 131: Bedside table from Robert Allen,; lamp from Arteriors; bench and pillow fabrics from Quadrille,; bolster fabric from Jim Thompson Fabrics,; master bath floor tile from Greenwich Tile & Marble,; window shade fabric from Anna French through Thibaut,


Interior design: Denise Davies, D2 Interieurs, Weston, 646-326-7048, Builder: Marek Bil, Old World Construction, Redding, 203-858-4819 Interior millwork: Michael Yedowitz, Wainscot Solutions, New Milford, 203-509-8120, Pages 132–135: Rug and chairs from D2 Interieurs; sofa and coffee table from LawsonFenning,; side table and standing lamp from 1stdDibs,; pillows from Rosemary Hallgarten, rosemary; drapery fabric by Holly Hunt,; Piper: Red Pearls art on stone wall and Heather (Diet Coke) behind green chairs by Geoffrey Stein,;

Blazer front door color from Farrow & Ball,; egg sculptures by Jonathan Adler, Pages 136–137: Custom rug from D2 Interieurs; table and chairs from Knoll,; chandelier from West Out East,; drapery fabric from Holly Hunt; art by Peter Keil, Page 138: Chair from Knoll; bar cabinet designed by D2 Interieurs. Page 139: Sofa from Vladimir Kagan,; coffee table/ottoman by D2 Interieurs, with Kelly Wearstler fabric,; side table and standing lamp from 1stdibs; chair from Design Within Reach,; rug from D2 Interieurs; drapery fabric from Holly Hunt; art by Geoffrey Stein; kitchen cabinetry designed by D2 Interieurs; Pietra de Cardoza countertops from Dushi Marble and Granite,; chairs from Design Within Reach; pendants from Industry West, Pages 140–141: Black chair from Design Within Reach; table from the Paris Flea Market,; drapery fabric by Larsen,; Samantha Bee art by Geoffrey Stein; vintage table lamps from Chairish,; reading light from Ylighting,; headboard fabric from Osborne & Little,; art by Meighan Morrison,; pillows from Rosemary Hallgarten. Page 142: Yellow patio furniture from Design Within Reach; poolside chairs from CB2, cb2. com. Page 143: Built-in desk designed by D2 Interieurs; rug from Chairish; art by Geoffrey Stein.


Interior design: Rachel Reider, Rachel Reider Interiors, Boston, 617-942-2460, rachelreider. com Builder: Taylor Moore, Moore Carpenters, Fairfield, 203-258-0385

158  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

CT-SPR19 Resources-AdIndex.indd 158

3/14/19 3:51 PM

Landscape design: Kristina Gates, Southport Design Works, Fairfield, 203-913-1867, Pages 146 and 152: Great room rug from Landry & Arcari,; ceiling light by Tim Clarke Design through Dering Hall,; octagonal ottoman from Partners in Design,; black and white chairs from Lee Industries,; Desert Modern sectional sofa, large Brook Street ottoman, and small Modern Hollywood ottoman from Ralph Lauren Home,; red velvet Marlena chairs from Mitchel Gold + Bob Williams,; Agave wallpaper in plum from Hines and Company,; gray Gunmetal paint from Benjamin Moore, Page 147: Summer Lily dining room wallpaper from Cole & Son,; Brinjal paint from Farrow & Ball,, Heron sideboard from Ironies,; Entwined Dolphins mirror from Carvers’ Guild,; Grace sconces from Visual Comfort,; Ebru foyer wallpaper from Zoffany,; Abigail console from Roger + Chris, rogerandchris. com; Lotus rug from Galbraith & Paul,; mirror from Mirror Image Home,; Gramercy sconce from Visual Comfort. Pages 148–149: Summer Lily dining room wallpaper from Cole & Son; Adriatic Sea paint color from Benjamin Moore; Glimmer Peacock window treatment fabric from Schumacher,; Carousel chandelier from McLain Wiesand,; Heiress double pedestal dining table from Ralph Lauren Home; dining chairs from Bernhardt,; rug from Landry & Arcari. Page 150: Wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries,; Pampas Steel drapery fabric from Designers Guild, designersguild. com; Heiress sofa and Somerville chairs from Ralph Lauren Home; cocktail table from Mr. Brown,; chandelier from Visual Comfort; brass side table from Century Furniture,; Fulton side table from Made Goods,; mirror from Made Goods; lamps from Visual Comfort. Page 151: Tibet powder room wallpaper from Clarence House,; sconces from Visual Comfort; Clarendon mirror from Crate & Barrel, Page 153: Caldwell Green cabinet color from Benjamin Moore; backsplash tile from Waterworks,; Atlantic island pendant from Dunes and Duchess, dunesand Pages 154–155: Capri wing chairs from Palecek,; South Hampton poolside chairs from Kingsley Bate, kingsleybate. com.

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Sketch Pad

Design Ideas in the Making

At the time when I made this piece, I was particularly interested in showing what I could do, producing work that I hoped would make people go, “Whoa, that’s really awesome!” What I do begins with the material. You have to understand its limitations as you work with it; you have to figure out what the material wants to do relative to your idea for shaping it. The candelabra looks like an old tree, but it wasn’t inspired by any specific tree. The idea came more from things I had been looking at or thinking about: how to make metal look organic, fluid, with a reference to Art Nouveau and, even more, to an earlier tradition of blacksmithing. I wanted to do something you wouldn’t expect metal to do. Working with metal, you can’t go backwards, so you have to have that extra level of detail in your mind before you start. In this case, that meant hammering out each little strand of steel—some longer, some shorter—before they could be bound together and welded at the base, then put back into the forge and spun and twisted together. I still have this candelabra, actually. A lot of people have made offers on it, but no one (so far) has come close to matching the amount of time and work that went into making it. | Erich Davis, E.J. Davis Aesthetics, Bethany, 203954-9197,

160  New England Home Connecticut | Spring 2019

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Master Planning

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custom carpets and rugs Old Greenwich, CT | 203-637-8730 | | 646-326-7048 | | 201-951-0980 |

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