New Israel Fund 2014 Annual Report

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EPO R L A ANNU 4 1 0 2


The New Israel Fund The New Israel Fund (NIF) is the leading organization advancing democracy and equality for all Israelis. We believe that Israel can live up to its founders’ vision of a state that ensures complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants, without regard to religion, race, gender, or national identity. Widely credited with building Israel’s progressive civil society from scratch, we have provided over $300 million to more than 900 cuttingedge organizations since our inception. And we are more than a funder; NIF is at philanthropy’s cutting edge thanks in large part to Shatil.

Shatil Shatil is the New Israel Fund’s Initiative for Social Change. Shatil provides NIF grantees and other social change organizations with hands-on assistance, including training, resources, and workshops on various aspects of non-profit management. Today, NIF/Shatil is a leading advocate for democratic values, builds coalitions, empowers activists, and often takes the initiative in setting the public agenda.

Dear Friends s we write this, Israel is undergoing another summer of incitement and violence. The murders of a young LGBT activist and the parents and infant son of a Palestinian family, both apparently at the hands of religious and political extremists, have roiled Israel and caused many to consider the root causes of Jewish violence. Israeli leaders like President Rivlin who protest incitement and exclusion are receiving death threats. So are High Court of Justice President Miriam Naor and U.S. Ambassador Dan Shapiro. So are Israeli staffers of the New Israel Fund. It is no surprise that we again have been publicly targeted by the extreme right. There is

legislation looming in the next Knesset session that could seriously cripple the ability of Israeli civil and human rights groups to function or even survive. Nonetheless, we see some cause for optimism. Ordinary Israelis are waking up to dangerous trends that have been ignored for too long, or countenanced with a wink and a nod by some Israeli political leaders. Israelis and Americans are speaking out against the harsh, messianic version of Judaism that recognizes no authority other than a warped version of Jewish law and that continues to underlie a harsh occupation.

And we at NIF are moving forward in countering these trends. Our grantees and partners continue to work to realize the liberal, egalitarian and democratic vision of Israel enshrined in the Declaration of Independence. And despite (or because of) the increasingly desperate attacks on our work, with your support we increased our resources substantially in 2014. We continue to implement the New Initiatives For Democracy (NIFD) program, building partnerships and incubating projects that we hope will create an environment where progressive change can happen. And we have focused and aligned our traditional work for impact (see page 17) and made some hard but necessary decisions about our investments in social change. We are committing ourselves to a just and democratic society in Israel. Please join us in that recommitment— there is no time to lose.

Talia Sasson

Daniel Sokatch

Rachel Liel


Chief Executive Officer

Executive Director in Israel

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


In 2014, the New Israel Fund made significant

progress towards focusing our resources and expertise for greater impact.

er war, and th o n a d re e ff u Palestinians s a z a G citizens, li d e n a ra s Is li e n e ra e Is tw s A t increased be s u tr is m d n a ent in a more tm s e v as polarization in r u o n to intensif y io is c e d e th e we mad





Last year NIF proudly launched our New Initiatives for Democracy (NIFD), possibly the most important investment we’ve made since establishing Shatil in the early 1980s. We’re committed

Y T E I C to changing Israel by strengthening

and expanding the pro-democracy,

progressive camp. Our traditional work, now focused for even greater impact,

will also include investments to expand shared society initiatives throughout

Israel and contribute to the efforts of

those Israelis working to end the now 48-year occupation.

NIF TOTAL REVENUE 19 8 3— $ 4 4 9,0 0 4

2 014— $ 2 9,7 73 , 9 07

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


EQUALITY FOR ALL IN ISRAEL WE ARE RE ACHING FOR A SHARED D E M O C R AT I C FUTURE ! NIF is creating alternatives to hatred, racism, incitement, and violence.

Countering Racism trife between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens was the defining domestic issue of 2014. The year was marked by an increase in hate crimes, from torched property and mosques, to physical assault, to racist anti-Arab graffiti daubed on cars, religious institutions, and in villages. Although the sharp upswing in incitement and violence was condemned by some politicians and other public figures, most notably Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, the vast majority of these crimes have gone unpunished. Tensions continued to climb following the tragic kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers in June and the revenge killing of a Palestinian teenager. As hostilities between Jewish and Arab Israelis increased, Operation Protective Edge, the third Gaza operation in five years, commenced. Capitalizing on the discord, extremists used the moment to incite racial violence and vitriol, causing an already precarious situation to further deteriorate.

Extremism is no virtue. Israelis like those of the Tag Meir Coalition are paving the path forward towards a more inclusive and truly shared society.

But in these dark moments, growing numbers of Jewish and Arab Israelis spoke out against racism and separatism. Through efforts big and small, these inspirational figures are paving

the path towards an Israeli future characterized by equality and justice, not hatred and division.

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


While the extremists behind the hate seek to rip Israeli society apart, the NIF-convened Tag Meir coalition—the leading grassroots Israeli response to incidents of racism and intolerance—is working

to heal divisions and demand a meaningful effort to end hate crimes. Last year, Tag Meir events included a major solidarity rally at the site of the torched Hand in Hand bilingual school in Jerusalem; a demonstration demanding action to stop hate crimes; and condolence visits to Jewish and Arab families who have lost loved ones to hate crimes and racist violence. From solidarity visits to rallies to joint-action, NIF-supported groups are working to end the cycle of hatred, inequality, and violence.

During last summer’s fighting, Amna Kanane, director of NIF grantee Awareness 4 U, organized a vigil. Standing at a heavily traveled intersection in the predominantly Arab Wadi Ara region, Jews and Arabs held signs that said “Neighbors for Peace.” The vigil garnered so much attention and interest that it became a nearly weekly event, continuing long after the rockets ceased. “We felt that we had to do something in light of the recent deterioration,” Kanane said. “Together we can strengthen dialogue and partnership, together we can protect our democracy. All of us—Jews and

Arabs, equal citizens before the law, condemn the killing and support a return to hope and optimism.”



R acism

Jews and Arabs held signs saying “Peaceful Neighbors” at an Awareness 4 U demonstration promoting shared society at the Kfar Kara junction near Wadi Ara.

n i M RACIS el isra 79%













N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


During an emotional wartime visit to Soroka hospital in Be’er Sheva, Rachel Liel, NIF’s Executive Director in Israel, met with families of Bedouin Israelis whose children were injured by rocket attacks.

of despair. e c n e lg u d in e luxur y and th rd o ff a t spairing… o e n d e th to We can ft le erate to be p s e d o to is n The situatio

. e p o h n o p u t s i We ins

in n in s m a n , P ri ze -W s ro G d vi a D –

or g Is ra e li A u th

A user-generated racism map based on Google’s popular Waze traffic app allows anybody with a smart phone to report racist incidents. To promote accountability, the app also tracks how the reports are handled by the authorities.



The Parents Circle Families Forum, another grantee, is a joint Palestinian-Israeli organization of more than 600 families, all of whom have lost a close family member as a result of the prolonged conflict. During the war, the Forum organized “Peace Square,” where Parents Circle members engaged passersby in dialogue circles every day in the heart of Tel Aviv. They also created quite a buzz with an emotional video in which Arabs and Jews stated, “We don’t want you.” The twist at the end revealed that all participants had lost a family member to the violence; a club no one wants to join.

R acism

BELOW : To cool wartime tensions,

The Parents Circle made a compelling video featuring Israelis who have lost loved ones — saying they don’t want to add to their numbers. BOTTOM : The Team of Equals

brought together Jewish and Arab children from Jerusalem to combat division and hostility and to advance a shared life in the city.

In addition, NIF continues with its acclaimed Kick Racism Out of Israeli Soccer initiative, which works to fight racism in Israeli society through soccer. In early 2015, it launched the “Team of Equals,” which

brings together children from East and West Jerusalem in order to combat the division and hostility between them and to advance a shared life in the city.

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


WE ARE THE VOICE OF EMPOWERED PROGRESSIVES! At a time when the ultra-nationalist discourse dominates the public sphere, NIF is reframing the debate and offering a new narrative.


Reinventing a Progressive Israel ince its inception, Israel has described itself as the only democracy in the Middle East. Despite the authoritarian regimes surrounding them, Israelis’ support for Western-style liberal democracy seemed secure for most of its brief history. In the last decade, however, basic democratic norms have been eroded by ultra-nationalist politicians and their allies in Israel and abroad. More than 25 bills have been introduced in the Knesset threatening freedom of speech and religion, and other democratic fundamentals. The fight against these initiatives is essential because—as former MK and past NIF president Naomi Chazan eloquently put it— “it is a struggle for our very soul.”

In a Coalition against Racism campaign, celebrities, activists, and ordinary Israelis were photographed with signs that said “I vote against racism.”

NIF is proud of our 35-year history of founding and funding progressive civil society. As we discovered in the last few years, these investments are necessary but not sufficient for addressing the urgent new challenges to Israeli democracy. We knew more had to be done. We knew it was time to act. Last fall, NIF launched New Initiatives for Democracy (NIFD), a major investment in programs and partners designed to create an environment for progressive change to really happen. NIFD is a set

of infrastructure projects that build up towards power and influence, reach out to new constituencies, and focus in by concentrating NIF’s resources for strategic impact.

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


In the first year of NIFD, our partners had impact. In September, Molad, the Center for Renewal of Israeli Democracy, published a groundbreaking report on settlement funding. The report, which uncovered a massive, hidden pipeline used by the government to fund West Bank settlements at the expense of communities in Israel, created major buzz in the Israeli media and led to Deputy Attorney General Dina Zilber ruling that the state should stop its hidden support. Despite this, right-wing factions are currently attempting to increase funding for settlements and settlement infrastructure.

TOP : NIFD partner Molad uncovered a massive funding pipeline through which the Israeli government funds West Bank settlements. ABOVE : Nimrod Goren, founder

of NIFD partner Mitvim, discusses Israeli foreign policy in New York. PHOTO CREDIT: MICHAEL BROCHSTEIN


Another partner, the “think-and-do-tank� Shaharit, was able to utilize the election moment to show the faces and broadcast the voices of diverse community leaders that reflect the mosaic of inclusive Israeli society. This was possible because of the relationships and networks that Shaharit had cultivated, efforts that bore fruit in the lead-up to the election. And the Council for Peace and Security (CPS), run by former high-ranking military and security officials, continued to redefine the discourse over security issues in Israel. Throughout Operation Protective Edge, CPS positioned itself as a source of professional and authoritative knowledge. From op-eds to radio and TV interviews to panel discussions to coverage of organizational positions and reports, CPS provided a cogent alternative to the hawkish perspective dominating mainstream media in Israel.


ga R einventin l e ra Is e Prog ressiv

Question: SHould PUBLIC criticism of Israel be banned? israelis ANSWERED:

of national-religious sector SCHOOL principals do not believe IN teaching democracy of religious schools had teachers attend workshops in democracy education SO UR CE S:



Introducing Zazim! One of the core components in NIFD is about giving Israelis the opportunity to take action together about the issues they care about using digital tools. Much like in the U.S., Zazim will empower and amplify progressive voices in Israel using innovative online campaigning techniques.

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


The leadup to the national elections in February 2015 was also controversial for NIF. As part of our efforts to promote democratic values, NIF co-sponsored Haaretz’s Democracy Conference in Tel Aviv. Although some right-wing politicians pulled out in a coordinated election stunt, the sold-out event hosted dozens of Israeli leaders engaging in debate on the most contentious issues facing the country. During a speech at the event, President Reuven Rivlin said, “There is a crisis on the right. It sees the Jewish and democratic state as a democracy for the Jews. Leading players in Israeli politics — including President Rivlin and the heads of several major political parties — attended Haaretz’s Democracy Conference co-sponsored by NIF.

This is something I cannot countenance.” But, as we all know, the struggle for a democratic Israel was never only about the outcome of a single election; it is a deeper effort to build power for those who have none, to build ties between Israelis now alienated from one another, and to oppose racism and inequality wherever they appear.

Through NIFD, the groundwork is being laid for a progressive movement that builds on tactical victories. We’re funding the best and the brightest voices; we’re building new partnerships with communities not typically associated with the left; we’re creating new and exciting ways to counter media bias and build an engaged grassroots. The election was a snapshot in time. With NIFD, we’re in it for the long haul.


ga R einventin l e ra Is e Prog ressiv

1,500 people attended the sold-out Democracy Conference in Tel Aviv.

I think the que stion really is: How does Isra create a State el survive? An of Israel that m d how can yo a in tains its demo How can you u cratic and civ preserve a Je ic traditions? wish state tha t is also reflec tive of the


– B a ra c k O b a m a , P re s id e n t o f th e U n ite d S ta te s

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


W E A R E PA V I N G A PAT H T O E Q U A L I T Y AND JUSTICE ! NIF is building bridges to groups that may not identify as progressive, but share our goals and values.



Focusing for Impact ell before last year’s elections, we made the strategic decision to focus the New Israel Fund’s resources on larger, longer and more consistent support for organizations and coalitions with the potential for long-term impact and progress in Israel. As a result of our process of focus and alignment, and in response to the frightening surge in racism and incitement in Israeli society, we have established a new issue area: Building a Shared Society and Combatting Racism. Over the past few years, relations between Jews and Arabs have deteriorated; hate crimes have increased, and racism—especially and most troubling, among Jewish youth—is worsening. But we’ve also seen sparks of a new perspective—of new potential. At the Democracy Conference in Tel Aviv we heard MK Ayman Odeh, head of the Arab Joint List, discuss how Arabs and Jews must partner for a truly shared society. We know that there must be a renewed commitment

to strengthening communal relationships. And we are amplifying our support for pro-democracy and human rights organizations. Although the democratic fabric of Israeli society is under threat as never before, we are the engine and support network for the individuals and organizations working to save and strengthen it. We are aiming to not only end the erosion of basic democratic principles but to bolster these fundamental rights in the public eye and to enshrine them in public policy. Through intensive lobbying and other efforts,

NIF has added an issue area: Building a Shared Society and Combatting Racism, in response to disturbing trends in Israel.

we will work to halt the onslaught of anti-democratic bills and increase transparency in government.

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


NIF will also be focusing on the occupation and human rights in the occupied territories. While the emotional, financial, and physical cost of the occupation fades from public view, we are supporting work that keeps these realities visible for ordinary Israelis. Additionally, a focus on East Jerusalem is designed to help improve daily life for the underprivileged Palestinian community, stop settler expropriation of Palestinian property and build a truly shared city for all its inhabitants.

A new focus for NIF is ending the occupation and improving the lives of East Jerusalem residents.


We know that a better Israel is possible. An Israel where the Jewish people achieve self-determination in their homeland predicated on the best values of Judaism, humanism, and liberal democracy. We are excited about our new focus and look forward—with your partnership—to building a more equal, democratic, and just Israel.

r Impact Focusing fo

B’Tselem and other Israeli human rights groups ensure that there are independent voices reporting on government activity. They serve as a check and balance on potential abuses of power.

ciety, o s li e ra Is in d r, so neede e th e g to g in v li guage, n la il iv c The vision of a f o e shaping th h it w ls a e d t is one tha and with , y m o n o c e t g of a join in d il u b e th h it w



Is ra e l P re s id e n t o f , lin iv R n ve – Reu

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


Mobilizing Support.

Combatting Racism.

In 2014, NIF increased fundraising for its core mission by over 12%. The additional funding allowed us to make great strides in advancing human and civil rights, religious freedom, and social and economic justice in Israel.

Palestinian Israelis whose property has been damaged in a hate crime will now be entitled to compensation under the Property Tax and Compensation Fund Law. Until now, attacks on Palestinians were not legally described as terrorist actions, rendering victims ineligible for compensation.

Bedouin Israelis. In a major victory for Bedouin land rights, a Be’er Sheva court upheld the cancellation of 51 demolition orders in the Negev village of Alsira. The decision follows an eight year legal struggle led by Adalah. This case is an important legal precedent for all unrecognized Bedouin villages in the Negev, and means that the 350 Bedouin citizens of the village will remain in their homes.

Social Justice and Human Rights. During the Gaza War, NIF distributed more than $150,000 in emergency grants to protect marginalized communities, counteract racism and separatism, and bolster the human rights community. Our organizations distributed food to low-income Israelis, brought together Jews and Arabs for dialogue, and petitioned the Supreme Court to help Negev Bedouin Israelis get access to bomb shelters and other basic needs.

Economic Justice. Thousands of Israelis will be able to take a critical step out of poverty. Israel’s Public Housing Law, passed in 1998, will finally be implemented due to the Shatil-led Public Housing Forum’s intensive advocacy work. Among other actions, the law requires the government to sell public housing residents their apartments at a subsidized price after five years of residency.



Challenging the Orthodox Monopoly. Two victories marked progress for religious freedom in Israel. In a precedent-setting ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that the Orthodox authorities do not have a monopoly on determining how Jews pray at the Kotel. And veteran NIF grantee Israel Religious Action Center helped score a landmark victory that will allow Reform and Conservative rabbis to serve as state-salaried clergy.

Social Justice. In a victory for diversity in leadership, the Supreme Court has ordered the state to ensure that women and Arabs are fairly represented on the Israel Land Authority (ILA) Council. The ILA controls 93% of the land in Israel, and has huge power over land use decisions. At the time of the decision, there was only one woman and no Arabs serving on the ten-member Council. This victory was made possible by a petition advanced by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) and Itach-Maki (Women Lawyers for Social Justice).

Social Justice. A major breakthrough cancelling private, fee-for-service care in public hospitals will help ensure quality healthcare for all Israelis. An additional billion shekels granted to the Health Ministry will be used to shorten wait times at hospitals and provide quality healthcare irrespective of income. The victory follows a campaign led by ACRI, Physicians for Human Rights, and the Adva Center.

Women’s Empowerment. Following a long struggle by Itach-Maki (Women Lawyers for Social Justice), a new law will reduce women’s financial reliance on their husbands. Welfare payments will now be transferred to a couple’s shared account instead of to the man’s account, which will increase the economic independence of vulnerable and abused women.

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


financial ts statemen New Israel Fund Statement of Financial Position As of December 31, 2014 and 2013


2014 2013


Cash and cash equivalents



9,356,879 9,021,247

Pledges receivable, current portion, net of allowance for doubtful accounts of $58,780 and $81,713 in 2014 and 2013, respectively












Bequest receivable Accounts receivable Prepaid expenses

Total current assets



Furniture, Equipment and Leasehold Improvements, NET OTHER ASSETS

Pledges receivable, net of current portion Deposits

Total other assets


– 9,685 87,966 84,918 87,966






Accounts payable and accrued liabilities



Grants payable









Deferred rent abatement



Annuity payable




Annuity payable, current portion Deferred rent abatement

Total current liabilities


The statement of financial position of New Israel Fund as of December 31st 2013 and 2014 and related statements of activities and changes in net assets for the years there ended have been derived from the audited financial statements. For full financial

Total long-term liabilities Total liabilities





7,968,274 7,473,819

Temporarily restricted



2,127,043 2,099,997

statements, please visit

Total net assets










Statement of Activities and Change in Net Assets For the year ended December 31, 2014 with summarized financial information for 2013



2013 TOTAL

REVENUE Contributions






Special events




Other revenue




















Management and general














Net assets released from donor restrictions



Grants and SHATIL Other program expenses

Total program services


Total supporting services


Change in net assets before other item












Transfer of assets



Total other items






Change in net assets






Net assets at beginning of year





$2,127,043 $13,943,834






Program and Support Services Expenditures Grants to Israeli not for profit organizations







Other program expenses



Management and general



Fundraising TOTAL







N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


l a n o i t a n Inter COUNCIL Michel Abitbol

Susan Adelman Karen Adler

Sari Agatston Arieh Arnon

Adeeb Awad

Avner Azulay

Zouheir Bahloul Mark Baker

Eliyahu Bareket Maya Bar-Hillel

Mordechai (Morale) Bar-On Illan Baruch

Uri Bar-Yosef

Haim Ben Shachar Oz Benamram

Michael Ben-Yair Melissa Berman Mindy Berman

David Bernstein Michael Bien

Rabbi Sharon Brous David Broza Avram Burg

Sara Cannon

Ruth Cheshin

Aaron Ciechanover Alan Cohen

Yehudah Cohn Rachel Cowan

James Cummings Ellen Dahrendorf

Jerome Davidson Avner De-Shalit Reuben Dori Omri Dotan

Roger Dreyfuss Isser Dubinsky Sara Ehrman Akiva Eldar

Rachel Elior

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Michael Hirschhorn Avraham Infeld

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June Jacobs


Daniel Kahneman Arlene Kanter

Emile Karafiol Judith Karp

Robert Mnookin

Harriet Mouchly-Weiss Jacob Ner David

Peter Shapiro

Aliza Shenhar

Ruth Sheshinski

Jane Katcher

Raquel H. (Racky) Newman

Leslie Kimerling

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G N I V I G D PLANNE William Rosen

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Marcus M. Rosenblum Howard & Kathy Rosof Lori A. Roth Jane Rubin

The following individuals have generously provided for the future of the New Israel Fund by naming NIF the beneficiary of a will, life insurance policy, retirement plan or by establishing a charitable gift annuity or trust.

Endowed Funds & Planned Gifts

Sonia Fuentes

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David Hochberg Foundation

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Estates & Trusts In 2014 NIF received the following estates. Edith Atkin

Rosalind Biskind

Donald L. Cohen

NIF is grateful to many individuals & foundations for establishing endowments, family endowments & memorial funds. These funds honor or memorialize individuals whose lives & values are reflected in the work of the New Israel Fund. Rosalyn Amdur Baker Endowment Fund

The A. Hiatt Fund

Toby & Nathan Jelinski Fund Kahal Foundation Special Fund

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The Mitchell & Esther Fisher Law Fellowship

Ford Foundation ACRI Fund Ford Foundation Endowment Fund

Ford Foundation Shatil Fund Phyllis K. & Howard A. Friedman Fund Dafna Izraeli Fund

Gallanter Family Philanthropic Fund

Herbert Z. & Rita Gold Fund

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


s r o n o d 2014 $100,000 + Anonymous (6)

Kathryn Ames Foundation, Inc. Basser Arts Foundation

The Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Foundation

Barbara & Eric Dobkin

Paul & Joanne Egerman Estate of Audrey Eisenstadt

New Israel Fund United Kingdom

Michael Hirschhorn & Jimena Martinez

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung

The Rita Poretsky Foundation

Daniel & Anne Marie Kahneman

Fischman Family (Steve, Nancy, Laura, Ben & Wendy)

Debra F. Pell

Estate of Helen Rehr Sylvia Sabel & Joel Rubinstein Alan B. Slifka Foundation

Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation

The European Union

Bonnie & Marty Tenenbaum

The Fine & Greenwald Foundation

Carole & Saul Zabar

Estate of Lotte Fields

Franklin M. Fisher & Ellen Paradise Fisher Fohs Foundation Sanford & Linda Gallanter

Drs. Carol & Terry Winograd Ruth B. Ziegler

$50,000– $99,999

William & Serra Goldman

Anonymous (7)

Lois & Richard Gunther

Robert Arnow

Sally Gottesman

Stella & Charles Guttman Foundation Mimi & Peter Haas Fund Hiatt Family

Geraldine P. Kay Revocable Trust

Murray Koppelman

The Louis & Anne Abrons Foundation The Beverly Foundation Michael Bien & Jane Kahn

Naomi & Nehemiah Cohen Foundation Lois & Richard England Family Foundation

Leichtag Foundation

The Everett Foundation

Amy Mandel & Katina Rodis

Phyllis K. Friedman

Caroline & Brian Lurie

Middle East Partnership Initiative Lisa & Yaron Minsky-Primus

Moriah Fund, Inc. Libby & Leo Nevas Family Foundation, Inc.

The Moses Feldman Family Foundation Germanacos Foundation

Jackson & Irene Golden 1989 Charitable Trust

Jane Gottesman & Geoffrey Biddle

Joel & Julia Greenblatt

New Israel Fund Australia Foundation

Stephen Gunther & Linda Essakow

New Israel Fund Switzerland

The Irving Harris Foundation

New Israel Fund of Canada


Walter & Elise Haas Fund

Hellman Foundation

Joan & Irwin Jacobs

The Lee & Luis Lainer Family Foundation Maor Foundation

Yaffa & Paul Maritz Joseph & Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds Open Society Foundations Bonnie Orlin

Rosenzweig Coopersmith Foundation Segal Family Foundation

FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds Olive Bridge Fund

Swiss Fed Department Foreign Affairs

$25,000 – $49,999 Anonymous (12)

Samuel I Adler Family Supporting Foundation The Audrey & Sydney Irmas Charitable Foundation

David Berg Foundation Michael & Judith Berman

Diane & Norman Bernstein Foundation The Morton K. & Jane Blaustein Foundation, Inc.

The Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies

The Cannon Family Foundation The Crown Family

Robert & Marjorie Feder

Fox Family Foundation

Claude P.J. Ghez, M.D. Estate of Adele Ginsburg Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund

Greater Miami Jewish Federation Green Environment Fund John & Kathryn Greenberg

Lisa & Joshua Greer

Stacy & Keith Palagye Katheleen Peratis

Robert Pindyck & Nurit Eini-Pindyck

Elaine Reuben

Arnow Family Foundation

Repair the World

Charles H. Revson Foundation Samuel Rubin Foundation

Frederick Schaffer & Barbara Schatz, Geraldine Family Foundation

Dan & Gloria Schusterman Charitable Foundation

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Shepard Broad Foundation

Jim & Catherine Koshland Landau Family Foundation

Estate of Hadassah Levin Winter Cove Foundation

Jan Abby Liff

Rochelle Kaplan & Arthur Lipson Estate of Margit Lowenstein Key Foundation

The Purple Lady/ Barbara J. Meislin Fund Ilse Melamid

Leo Model Foundation, Inc.


Ronald M. Ansin

Lorraine Honig— in memory of Victor Honig

Jane & Gerald Katcher

Sheldon Alster

Rita Poretsky Memorial Fund, Inc.

Shelley Levine & Larry Schwartz

Marvin Israelow & Dorian Goldman

Susan Adelman & Claudio Llanos

Daniel & Sheila Segal Peter Shapiro & Bryna Linett

Rose L. Shure

Jeffrey Solomon & Audrey Weiner

The Sam Spiegel Foundation

Aryeh & Betsy Stein

Sidney & Lillian Topol Agnes Varis Irrevocable Trust

Dr. Bettyruth Walter Marcie & Howard Zelikow

$10,000 – $ 24,999 Anonymous (25)

Walter & Alice Abrams Family Fund

Izhar Armony & Naomit Armony-Erel

Arnow Family Foundation

Peter & Lucy Ascoli

Estate of Edith Atkin The Barn Road Foundation

Richard & Eileen Bazelon

Melissa A. Berman & Richard Klotz Mindy Berman & Andrew Sumberg

Estate of Rosalind Biskind Sy Blechman

All Voices Welcome

Sally Weiskopf Bock

Heinrich Boell Stiftung Jon & Bobbe Bridge Beth Burnam

The Bydale Foundation Dennis & Jane Carlton Champaign-Urbana Jewish Federation Cogan Family Foundation

David Cohen & Ellen Goodman

Jonathan Cohen & Eleanor Friedman Marshall & Shirley Cohen Aaron Cohn

Estate of Renee F. Cooper

CRA International

Ilana DeBare & Sam Schuchat

The Nathan Cummings Foundation

Abigail Disney & Pierre Hauser

Barbara & Maurice Deane

Isabel P. Dunst

Ilana d’Ancona

Dorot Foundation

Daniel & Alisa Doctoroff

2014 Donors

Nobel Peace Prize nominee and NIF International Board member Amal ElSana Alh’jooj (bottom left) was the keynote speaker at San Francisco’s annual Guardian of Democracy Dinner in September. Paul & Dorothy Wachter

Yehudah B. Cohn

Denis Weil

Congregation Beth El Tzedakah Hevra

The Chrysalis Fund John Weinstein & Heidi Stewart Moise & Carol Emquies

Concepción & Irwin Federman Firedoll Foundation Forrest & Miriam (z”l) Foss

Fowey Light Fund, Inc. Thomas & Ann Friedman

Benjamin & Rachel Geballe Judith Gelman & Steven Salop

Roger & Brenda Gibson Family Foundation

The Jacob & Malka Goldfarb Charitable Foundation Robert Goodman & Jayne Lipman

Robert & Doris Gordon Mark & Janet Gottesman

David & Rita Gottlieb Terry E. Grant

Joseph & Beth Green Thomas C. Green Marc & Diane Greenwald

Hadassah Foundation Dr. Jacqueline Heller

The Louis J. & Ruth G. Herr Foundation Independent Charities of America Frederick J. Isaac Dr. Sherry Israel Sara Jamison & Matthew Semel

Dr. Morton & Merle Kane Doron Kempel

Steven & Priscilla Kersten

Paul & Susanne Kester Sara & Jonathan Klein Eve Biskind Klothen & Kenneth Klothen

Barbara N. Kravitz

Myer S. & Dorothy Kripke Charitable Remainder Unitrust #1

The Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation

Bettylu & Paul Saltzman Lela & Gerard Sarnat SHIFT

Gail Bates Yessne & Peter Yessne

$ 5,000 – $ 9,999

Roger Langsdorf

Hanns Seidel Stiftung

Anonymous (21)

Gordon Lafer

Harry & Sadie Lasky Foundation

Susan Morse-Lebow

Seed Foundation

Charles & M. R. Shapiro Foundation, Inc. Ben & Norma Shapiro

Paul Lehman & Ronna Stamm

Joan & James Shapiro Foundation

David & Barbara Lipman

Beverly Shurman Lavitt

Ted Live

Peter J. Silverman & Janet Heettner

Lew & Laurie Leibowitz

Andrew & Sara Litt Helen Lowenstein in memory of Louis Lowenstein Walter S. Mander Foundation

Dr. Marcia Kramer Mayer MAZON: A Jewish

Response to Hunger Beth Sieroty Meltzer

The Mills Family Charitable Foundation Jonathan M. Nadler Anita Navon

Annette Newman Philanthropic Fund Marion Newman Philanthropic Fund

Raquel H. Newman Fred & Gilda Nobel Rabbi Suzanne & Andy Offit

The Vivian & Paul Olum Foundation

Lisa Messinger & Rabbi Aaron Panken Joseph & Eda Pell Marc B. Porter

David Roberts & Sue Fischlowitz

Harry Kramer Memorial Fund

Rothman Family Foundation

Norman Rothfeld

Joan Blum Shayne

Alan Sieroty

Karen Sloss

Bruce, Steven, Gerald & Diane Solomon Fund Herbert Solomon & Elaine Galinson Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego Sparkplug Foundation Jim & Debby Stein Sharpe Henry Steiner

Arthur & Edith Stern Family Foundation Susan Stockel

Sandor & Faye Straus The Tartell Family Foundation

Thomases Family Endowment of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation Tides Foundation

TNA North America Inc.

Karen Tucker & Jerry Avorn Elisabeth & Gareth Turner

Uncle Mike Foundation United Jewish Endowment Fund Middle Road Foundation

Emily & Frank Vogl

Michael & Rhoda Danziger Anonymous 13

Renee & Michael Dernburg

Reuben & Rivka Dori

Edward & Rose Dreyer

Debra R. Schoenberg

Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP

Gaia Fund

Otto & Marianne Wolman Foundation

Linda & Frank Kurtz

Margaret Kohn

Peter B. Kovler

Nancy & Miles Rubin

Amos & Ruth Wilnai

Edith Simon Coliver Family

Steve & Joanne Abel Karen Adler & Laurence Greenwald Almoney Fund Alpern Family Foundation

Amcha For Tsedakah Evan Aptaker

Deena Aranoff & Adam Berman Noah & Tamara Arnow Aronson Foundation, Inc. B&D Foundation

Barry & Elizabeth Bar-El Nan Bases

Alvin H. Baum, Jr.

David M. Becker & Leslie C. Seeman Ruth Belzer

Froma & Andrew Benerofe

John R. Dreyer Peter Edelman

Catherine S. England Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective

Jerome & Nancy Falk Lois & Irving Blum Foundation

Susan Feit & Eitan Stern Lois Frank

David Friedman & Paulette Meyer

Rabbi Dayle Friedman & David Ferleger Marty Friedman

Robert & Janine Frier

The Generations Fund Candice Gold

Stanley & Ilene Gold Judith F. Goldberg

Frances E. Goldman Marcia & John Goldman

Sandra J. Berbeco

The Marvin Naiman & Margery Goldman Family Foundation

Jessica Bernhardt & Theodore Goldstein

Meredith J. Goldsmith

Julie & Jeffrey Bercow

Natalie & Stephen Goldman

Martin & Eleanor Bernstein

Robert & Ruth Goldston

The Billstein Family Foundation

Carol & Allen Gown

Nancy Bernstein & Robert Schoen

Gay Block/The Shlenker Block Philanthropic Fund Harvey Bock

Ernest & Rita Bogen Amy L. Cahn

Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Alan Cohen & Robert Bank Peter & Barbara Cohen

Nadine Joseph & Neil Goteiner

Alexander Greenbaum Steven Greenberg & Avra Goldman

Diane Asseo Griliches

Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund Mr. & Mrs. Mark A. Harris

James & Marlene Henerson

Herst Family Foundation of the

Jewish Community Endowment Fund Anita Hirsh

Marvin Hoffman & Rosellen Brown Holzer Family Foundation

Joanne Hovis & Andrew Afflerbach Harry Hutzler

The Howard G. & Samita B. Jacobs Foundation

Rabbi Richard J. Jacobs & Ms. Susan K. Freedman

Simon & Marie Jaglom Foundation, Inc. Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Phoenix Jewish Women’s Foundation of New Jersey

Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York Jan Kallish

Kaminer Family Foundation Kaplan Family Foundation Emile Karafiol

Kat Charitable Foundation

Kates Diamond Family Foundation Dennis & Barbara Kessler

Linda G. Klein Charitable Lead Trust Lauren Kogod & David Smiley

Leslie S. Kogod

The Nathan & Helen Kohler Foundation Kenneth & Naomi Koltun-Fromm Robin Kosberg

Charles & Naomie Kremer

Lizbeth & George Krupp Louis Krupp

The Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation Inc Edward Labaton Pnina Lahav

Dorothy & Brian Landsberg Elliot & Frances Lehman

Sheldon L & Pearl R Leibowitz Foundation

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


At the Celebrate Israel Parade, we showed New York that there is a strong and vibrant progressive community supporting Israel and the thousands of Israelis working for a just and peaceful society. $5,000– $9,999 continued

June & Marvin Rogul

Rabbi Marion LevCohen & Prof. Steven M. Lev Cohen

Lyle & Gloria Rosenzweig

The Renaissance Foundation, Irving Levin & Stephanie Fowler

Joshua Levin & Debra Fried Levin Cynthia & Sanford Levinson Lisa J. Lieberman Robert B. Lifton & Carol Rosofsky

Dr. Russell M. Linden Phil & Carol Lyons

Carlos D. Malamud

Daniel & Lenore Mass Henry Massie

Steven Matthews & Rebecca Stein

The Milton & Sophie Meyer Fund William Mindlin Ruth Minka

Abigail S. Moore Morse Family Foundation

The Matching Gifts Program of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation

Morey & Sondra Myers Judy W. & Jay A. Nadel Jeffrey Newman

John & Kayla Niles Ilana Nossel & Jordan Kolar

Benette Phillips

Dinah PoKempner & Robert Kushen Justin Pollack & Suzanne Reisman

The Honorable Stuart & Lee Pollak

Jill J. Prosky & James R. Posner, PosnerWallace Foundation Daniel C. & Lisa R. Price

Suzanne & Harvey Prince Elsbeth Reisen & Mark Dyen Paul Resnick & Joan Karlin

Robert S. Rifkind

Shai & Judy Robkin


Tobey H. Roland

Seymour & Sylvia Rothchild Family 2004 Charitable Foundation Rothfield Family, Melbourne, Australia Phyllis & David Rothman

The Rubin Family Foundation

Dr. David & Mrs. Catharine D. Rush William & Alice Russell-Shapiro

David Salem & Laurie Aloisio Michael & Julie Salinger

Steven J. Samuel Harriet (z”l) & Leonard Schley

Weisman Discretionary Trust

Whizin Philanthropic Fund Ann F. Wimpfheimer Frances A. Wolgin World Institute for World Peace Foundation

Stanley Wulf & Linda Press Wulf Max Yaffe

Allan & Ray Ellen Yarkin

Robert & Edith Zinn

$2,500 – $4,999 Anonymous (14) Steven & Valerie Abrahams

Rabbi Gustav & Sheila Buchdahl

Jeffrey Gaynes

Pamela S. Burdman

Aliza Geretz & Ben Mayer

Hon. Minna Buck

Norman L. Cantor

Rabbi Kenneth Chasen & Allison Lee

Jack Z. Gilad & Douglas D. Hauer

Isaac Cohen

David Glaser & Leslie Ann Elton

Donald L. Cohen Irrevocable Trust

David Gildin

The Silver Tie Fund

Nathalie & Emanuel Goldberg Advised Fund of Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester

Saul & Miriam Cohen Barbara Cohn

Compton Foundation

William & Susan Abrams

Mary I. Coombs

Arthur Applbaum & Sally Rubin

Mark Davidow

Deborah Shapira & Barry Stern

Mark & Judith Aronchick

James Dubey

Gabrielle Sigel & Howard Epstein

Meredith Ball

Stanley & Kay Schlozman

The Seiger Family Foundation David Shainok

Jonathan B. Sheffer

The Nancy & Richard Silverman Charitable Foundation, Inc. Jackie & Manny Silverman Smithfield Trust Company

Daniel Sokatch & Dana Reinhardt Gary B. Sokol

Ambassador Alan Solomont (retired) & Susan Solomont

Eugene & Marilyn Stein Jerry V. Sternberg Hazel S. Stix

David P. Stone

Henry & Marilyn Taub Foundation Rachel B. Tiven

Stephen Tobias & Alice Webber Janet Traub

Diane Troderman

Lloyd & Lassie Ulman Roberta Elliott Wantman

Carol & Seth Alberts

Cravath, Swaine & Moore

Walter & Diane Ariker

Joan Davidson & Neal Barsky

Rabbis Justus Baird & Julie Roth Frank K. Bamberger Harry & Lore Bauer William & Debbie Becker David Berger

Eve Bernstein & Alex Gersznowicz The Wexler-Beron Family Foundation

Eric Berzon & Danielle Ruymaker Congregation Beth Sholom BFK Foundation

David & Rachel Biale Asher J. Birnbaum Stanley & Roberta Bogen

Sue & Benjamin Boley Stephanie & Alex Borns-Weil Joseph L. Bower

Dr. David & Mrs. Ellen Braun Richard & Barbara Braun

Laura S. Brown, Ph.D.

Janice Gepner & Eric Newman

Dina Dublon

Kevin R. Dwarka

Marcy Eisenberg

Ms. Lisa Erdberg & Mr. Dennis Gibbons Leroy & Edna Mae Fadem David Fisher & Pearl Beck

Samuel Fleischacker & Amy Reichert

Deborah & Marc Fogel Tom & Myrna Frankel

Dr. Morrie & Carol Fred Barbara Freedman Lynn P. Freedman & David S. Frankel

Peter Frey & Carrie Shapiro Morris F. Friedell

Anita Friedman & Igor Tartakovsky Howard Friedman & Sherry Leibowitz Rabbi Michael S. & Haley Friedman Jonna Gaberman & Bruce Wintman

Terry Gamble Boyer Rosalie Katz Family Foundation

Bruce N. Goldberger & Esther Sperber

Susan Sachs Goldman Lynda M. Goldstein

Thomas J. Goldstein Betty B. Golomb

Rabbi Judy Shanks & James Gracer

Barry Green & Jennifer Altshuler Jeffrey & Beth Green Linda & Richard Greene

Linda & Thomas Kalinowski

Leslie Kane & M. Manuel Fishman Sally B. Kaplan Warren Kaplan

Michael & Donna Kaplowitz

Karuna Foundation Ezra Jack Keats Foundation

Michael & Esther Kenny Leona & Ralph Kern

Susan & David Kraemer

Maris & Jesse Krasnow Mona B. Kreaden

Linda & Jake Kriger Susanne & Bruce Landau

Becky & David Landis Lederer Foundation Terry & Margaret Lenzner

Rich & Kathleen Levin Robert & Bonita Levin Rochelle S. Levin

David Greenfield

Toby & Jerry Levine

Brenda Gruss & Daniel Hirsch

Rabbi Noa Kushner & Rabbi Michael Lezak

Herman Foundation

Madelyn Mallory

Michal & Jack Hillman

Albert E. Marks Charitable Trust

Martin & Audrey Grossman

Bernard & Lory Levinger

Mark Heiman

Richard & Helen Lynn

Willard J. Hertz

Gayle & Jerry Marger

Linda Lurie Hirsch Dale & Stephen Hoffman

Howard Horowitz & Alisse Waterston Stephanie Ives & Yehuda Kurtzer

Silvia Marx

Arlene Alpert & Dr. David Mehlman

Daniel Meltzer (z”l) & Ellen Semonoff

Howard Metzenberg

Daniel Jackson & Claudia Marbach

Rabbi Rachel Mikva & Mr. Mark Rosenberg

Peter & Karen Jakes

Vicki F. Miller & Warren Zinn

Adam Jacobson & Beth Levine

Dale S. Miller

Elana Caplan Jassy & Andrew Jassy

The Mishan Family

Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor Paul L. Joskow

Robert & Dale Mnookin

Jane & Norman Moscowitz

2014 Donors

Evelyn Musher Shechter

Joshua Musher

David Myers & Nomi Stolzenberg Jack Needleman Jane Newman & Amy Lange

Sharee & Murray Newman

Lawrence & Melanie Nussdorf

Eric & Kathleen Orlin Beth Pacheco

William R. Padnos

Julia Parzen & Daniel Johnson Dan Perlman & Lili Zohar

Ronald Poretz

TUW Posnack Foundation

Arleen & Aaron Priest Lisa & John Pritzker

Yale & Barbara Rabin Roy R. Raizen & Family

Alan & Nancy Raznick Robert Rebitzer

Paula & Daniel Reingold David Reisen & Ann Peck Reisen

Eugene & Libby Renkin Marjorie & Stephen Richards

Dorothy Richman & Michael Steinman Dan J. Roberts

A.J. Robinson & Nicole Ellerine

David & Marian Rocker Thelma S. Rodbell Nathan Rome & Bonnie Alpert

Susan Romer & Donald Ungar

Harold L. Rosen Rabbis Jennie & David Rosenn

Gerry Rosenstein

Joyce Zinbarg Rosenthal & Steven Rosenthal Jennie Rothschild Jerry & Bernice Rubenstein

Toby & Robert Rubin

Peter Rukin & Sharon Djemal

The Robert Russell Memorial Foundation Moshe Safdie The Samuels Foundation

Fain Malsky Charitable Foundation

Louis & Barbara Savrin Machelle N. Schaeffer Steven & Bonni Schiff

Mark & Isabel Schiffer Leonard & Celia Schuchman Jolie Schwab & David Hodes Renata & Jack Schwebel

Joshua Segal & Jennifer Geetter

Leonard M. Wasserman

Roger Weisberg & Karen Freedman Dr. David & Estare Weiser

Westchester Reform Temple Naomi Wise

Rudolph & Sara Wyner Prize Fund at the Boston Foundation, established by their children, Elizabeth Wyner Mark & Justin L. Wyner

Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz Deborah Zimmer

Stephen & Patty Segal

$1,000 – $2,499

Lauren Moskovitz & Scott Sholder

Anonymous (42)

Greg Sharenow & Julie Gersten

Susan & Y. Judd Shoval

Louis & Jean Sloss Steven Slutsky Naomi Sobel

Robert S. & Jean M. Solomon

Alfred & Ruth Sporer

Ruth & Henry Aaron Sonia S. Abrams

Nancy Abramson & Mitchell Glenn Karen Abravanel

David Abromowitz & Joan Ruttenberg S. James & Mary Adelstein

Abbe & Peter Steinglass

Rabbi Rachel Adler, Ph.D.

Thomas H. & Donna M. Stone

Albuquerque Community Foundation

Leah Stolar

Strear Family Foundation

Lawrence H. Summers & Elisa F. New Dr. Anna Newman Taylor

Avner Aharoni

Henry & Rachel Alcalay Debra & John Aleinikoff

Richard Almond, M.D. & Barbara Almond, M.D.

Arthur Telegen & Abigail Ostow

Mr. & Mrs. Myer M. Alperin

The Joseph & Anna Gartner Foundation

Liora Alschuler

Tree of Life Education Fund, Inc

David & Linda Altshuler

Steven Tulkin & Sydney Kapchan

AM Kolel, Inc

Temple Beth Avodah

Joan Alpert

Jeffrey Thomases

Anita Altman & Gil Kulick


Fred H. Altshuler & Julia W. Cheever

David & Bonita Turner Mark Tushnet

Michael & Judith Walzer

George S. Warburg Mary Ann & David Wark

Beulah & Ezra Amsterdam

Gary Angel & Sharman Spector-Angel Sanford Antignas Michael Appel & Ruth Kraut Ruby Apsler

Aryea Aranoff

Dan Arnon & Tao Kai Lam

Joshua & Elyse Arnow

NIF’s Donor Appreciation Reception in New York was followed by a film screening and a live performance by David Broza and Mira Awad. PHOTO CREDIT: MICHAEL BROCHSTEIN

Rabbi Melanie Aron & Professor Michael Dine Howard I. Aronson Dorothy Rose Ascherman

Bennett Ashley & Ruth Weinreb

Alexander Astrakhan

Eileen Auerbach & Lawrence Burgheimer Pamela & Erez Azaria Maia Azubel

Victor Daniel Azubel

Mitchell A. Bacharach Michael & Charlotte Baer

Lawrence Bailis & Susan Shevitz

Susan V. Berresford

Barbara Balaban

Hannah (z”l) & Ernst Biberstein

Judith Bain

JoAnne & Michael Bander Ephraim Baran

Peter J. Barrer & Judith Nichols Harvey & Sonya Barsha Jacob Baskin

Beth Haverim Shir Shalom Temple

Richard & Elaine Binder

Joseph & Joan Birman Linda Blackstone & Paul Castleman Madeline & Alan Blinder

Abraham & Elizabeth Bass

Barry Block & Toni Dollinger Block

Howell Baum & Madelyn Siegel

Jordan & Judy Bloom

David Bassein

Wendy Bear

Jonathan Beard & Rachel Theilheimer

Rabbi Bernard & Bailey Bloom Steven & Karen Bloomberg

Seymour S. Bluestone

Barbara Beck

Lauren Blum

Howard Belfer & Laurie Leventhal-Belfer

Shirley Bob

Ruth R. Been

Gadi BenMark

Richard Bennett & Deborah Gaffin Judith A. Benstein, M.D.

Marc & Elizabeth Berger Mark Berger

Robert L. Bergman, M.D. Esther Berkow William Berley

Norma & Rabbi Donald R. Berlin

Jim & Diane Berliner

Ralph & Gail Bernstein

James Blume & Kathryn Frank The Milford & Lee Bohm Charitable Foundation Robert L. Book

Seymour & Sylvia Boorstein

Jeffrey Bornstein & Veronica Sanchez Rabbi Jill Borodin & Cary Atlas

Sheila & Edward Braun Vicki & Joel Breman Brener Family Foundation

Naomi Brenner & Ari Berger

Martin I. & Shirley B. Bresler

David Bressler & Susan Adler-Bressler

Leona & Murry Brochin Meryl Brod

Marvin & Lois Broder David Brodsky

Joan & William Brodsky

Rabbi Les Bronstein & Cantor Benjie Schiller Shifra Bronznick

Katherine Browning Marcia Burnam Robert & Ann Buxbaum

Burton & Shulamith Caine

Allen & Dorothy Calvin Carolyn Cavalier Rosenberg

Zehava Chen-Levy & Eyal Levy Bonnie & Mervin Cherrin

Michael J. Churgin Alice S. Cohen

Annebelle & Arnold Cohen Gale Mondry & Bruce Cohen

Jonathan & Victoria Cohen

Marshall & Avis Cohen Rachel Cohen

Julie Shapiro & Shelly F. Cohen

Stephanie & Charles Cohen

N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


Study Tour participants explore the most pressing issues facing Israel today, meet the leaders of Israel’s dynamic social change movement, and enjoy the beauty of Israel while gaining a deeper understanding of its challenges and its hope for the future.

$1,000– $2,499 continued Steven Cohen & Mary Akerson Steven Cohen & Elsie Stern

Barry & Debbie Cohn Jonathan Cohn

Len & Roberta Cohn Susan Coliver & Robert Herman

Congregation Beth Am Congregation Beth Israel

Congregation B’nai Israel

Ben N. Teitel Charitable Trust, Gerald Cook, Trustee Paul & Valerie Crane Dorfman Larry Cuban in memory of Barbara Cuban

Burton & Diana Cutler Charles & Ada Beth Cutler

Claudia Davidoff & Joseph Kahan

Charles & Jonis Davis Joel Deitz & Barbara Berko Jay & Phyllis Denbo

Sandy Edwards & Gary Levin

David & Audrey Egger Tom & Ellen Ehrlich Jack Eiferman & Fern Fisher

Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation, Inc. The Elovitz Family

Diana R. Engel (z”l)

Clement & Caroline Erbmann

Lee & Esther Erman

Sherri Ades Falchuk Deborah Falik

David & Judith Falk Dr. David S. Fankushen

Leonard & Stephanie Farber Ellen Farbstein

Ruth Fein & Professor Rashi Fein (z”l) Andrew Feiner

Leslee & Wayne Feinstein

Sumner Feldberg Martin & Kate Feldstein

Michael D. Felsen

Peter Felsenthal & Jennifer Litchfield

Harriet & Albert Fishlow Leora Fishman

Rabbi Nancy A. Flam

Elkan & S. Zelda Gamzu

Shalom Flank & Deborah Hittleman

Diane Gardsbane & Paul Sully

Michael Flamm & Jennifer McNally

William Ganong & Marilyn Newman

David Flitter

Barbara & Richard Garrett

Martin & Helen Flusberg

Alvin & Parvin Fogel David Fox

Nathan A. Fox Samuel Fox

Robert Fram

Richard & Phyllis Franco

Aaron & Julia Frank

Meryl & Steven Frank Diane & Charles L. Frankel Ruth Frankfurt

Barbara & Herb Franklin Marc D. Freed

The Honorable & Mrs. Frederick A. Freedman Gerald & Anne Freedman Henry & Helen Freedman

Ziva Freiman Katz Harvey & Brenda Freishtat

Ernest Fried & Laura Barbanel Elizabeth Friedman Branoff & Steven Branoff Fridman Family Foundation

Benjamin M. Friedman Diana Friedman

Elizabeth & Glen Friedman Diamondston Foundation

Nancy Dickenson Hilla Dishon & Uri Kolodny

Ruth Donig-White & Robert White Kenneth Douglas Foundation Daniel Drake

Adam & Shelley Ducker

Harriett M. Eckstein


Marc Fenton & Gail McClelland Fenton Sybil Fields

Harriet & Michael Finck

Charlie & Paula Fisch Sheri Fisch

Abigail & Stephen Fisher Bruce Fisher

Eric Fisher & Rachel Mesch

Quentin & Gail Fisher

Lorraine Gallard & Richard Levy

Rabbi Stacy & Frank Friedman Rabbi Dara Frimmer Daniel & Rosele Frishwasser

Sherry & Leo Frumkin

Dr. Jonathan D. Fuchs Dr. Victor R. Fuchs Jonathan A. Funk Barry & Joan Gaberman

Barbara Gaffin & Douglas Cahn

Mia & Joe Buchwald Gelles Jerilyn Gelt

Stephen & Rhea Gendzier

Bob & Veronique Gerber

Ruth & Jack Glantz Family Foundation

Susan Goldstein & Andy Kivel

William H. Helfand

Lirona Kadosh & Ethan Goldstine

Alice H. Henkin

Abner & Roslyn Goldstine

Peter J. Gollon The Goodwin Foundation

Enoch Gordis, M.D.

Linda & Gregory Gore David B. Gorodetzky Elaine & Werner Gossels

Marcus Gottlieb

Roberto & Evelyn Graetz

Richard & Mary Gray

Marian & Arthur Glasgow

Arthur & Kathy Green

GMC Industries LLC

Jerry & Pamela Green

Myron & Penina Glazer

Barbara & Isaac (z”l) Green

Alfred & Joan Goldberg

Stuart P. Green & Jennifer A. Moses

Edward Goldberg & Barbara G. Saidel

Peter Greenberg

Avram & Carol Goldberg

Milton & Jean Goldberg

Nancy Goldberg

Steven Goldberg & Sandee Bleechman

Victor J. Goldberg & Patricia A. Waldeck Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg & James Talbott Harry Goldin & Jane Kaplan Amy Goldman & Joel Brill

Debbie J. Goldman Irle Goldman & Janet Yassen

Karla A. Goldman Phyllis & Alvin Goldman

Robert & Rebecca Goldman Edward & Joanne Goldstein Helen Goldstein Jeffrey & Doris Goldstein Rabbi Lisa L. Goldstein

Melvin & Caryl Goldstein

Sandy & Jorge Goldstein

Sherri Greenbach & David Goldstein David & Zelda Greenstein

Liz Greenstein

Robert Greenstein

Win & Jerry Greenwald Ted & Catherine Greenwood Suzanne Griffel & Saul Weiner Natasha Grigg

Ellen Grobman Rosalyn Gruen

Dr. Carl & Gay Grunfeld

Clifford Hendler & Deborah Neipris Hendler Judith N. Herr

Stuart S. Hershey Frederick Hertz

Josh Herzig-Marx and Carla Naumburg Sandra D. Hess

Sylvan & Marjorie Heumann Howard Hiatt

Jeremy Hockenstein & Joanna Samuels Paul Homer

Ellis & Margot Horwitz

Larry Horwitz & Naomi Pinchuk Sylvia Horwitz

Grace A. Hughes Arthur Hurwitz

Toby R. Hyman

Hana Ivanhoe & Adam Greenstone

Valerie & Thierry Jahan Robert & Ellen Jasper Naomi Jatovsky

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

The Jewish Federation of Nashville & Middle Tennessee Earl M. & Margery C. Chapman Foundation

Arthur & Lorie Juceam Barbara & Clive Kabatznik

Werner Gundersheimer

Daniel & Katherine Kaberon

Frederic Haber & Jill Jacobs

Max Kahn & Kathy Lampe

Joel Handelman & Sarah Wolff Handelman

Michael & Jacqueline Kallay

Ronald & Amy Guttman

Arlene Kahn

Philip & Judith Hahn

Rachel Kalikow & David de Graaf

Dean Hansell

Eliyahou & Britt Harari Helen Harkaspi Herbert Harris

Alan Haubenstock Robert & Carol Hausman

Havaruh Or Hadash Jay B. Heimowitz

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Lois & Philip Macht Family Philanthropic Fund of THE

Glenda & David Minkin


Dagny Maidman & Molly Wood

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Moser Family Philanthropic Fund

Bill & Susy Morrison

The Bernard & Vivian Manekin Foundation, Inc.

David & Jenifer Mumford

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N I F 2 0 1 4 AN N UAL REP OR T


NIF New England hosted its first dinner for 230 participants honoring NIF board member and former board chair Franklin M. Fisher and featuring Peter Beinart and Rachel Liel. $1,000– $2,499 continued Daniel & Lauren Resnick

Kalman & Rachel Resnick

Paul Resnick & Caroline Richardson

The Returning Wealth Philanthropic Fund Catherine Ribnick

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Claire Satlof & Jeffrey Bedrick Judith & Richard Schachter

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The Jean & Charles Segal Foundation Emily Segal & Andrew Ellis

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Sylvia Weider-Amber Family Foundation Steven & Sheila Taube Richard & Ann Tavan Rayla G. Temin, in memory of Howard M. Temin Temple Sinai

Judith Tenzer Benn

Gregory & Rachel Tertes Susan Thal

The Hyman Levine Family Foundation: L’Dor V’Dor

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The Emanuel & Anna Weinstein Foundation Marilyn (z”l) & Raymond Weisberg

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Mordechai & Barbara Winter

Milton & Miriam Waldbaum Family Foundation

Doug Wissoker & Alys Cohen

Stanley Wachs

Robert Waldinger & Jennifer Stone Andrea & Arthur Waldstein The Sarah Wall Memorial Trust John H. Walter

Ron & Marilyn Walter Joan Warshaw

Gerald J. & Naomi Wasserburg

Laurie J. Wasserman Henry Webber & Christine Jacobs

Emily Aber & Robert Wechsler Kevin & Susan Weidenbaum

Marilyn Weiker, in memory of Wendy Weiker-Gordon

Alan Weiner & Nancy Maizels Louise Weiner

Judy Wise & Sheldon Baskin

Iris Witkowsky

Brenda A. Wolfson Wolin Family Tzedakah Fund

Fredric Woocher & Wendy Dozoretz Linda Yenkin

Norma & Arnold Zack B. Andrew Zelermyer & Daniel Romanow Jonathan F. Zimman Emer. Prof. Stanley Zimmering/Brown University Margot & Paul Zimmerman

Mark & Margie Zivin Ruth A. Zlotnick

Mark & Stacey Zoland Jane & Stacey Zones

Irwin & Barbara Zonis

Eleanor L. Zuckerman Steven Zuckerman & Paula Gorlitz

HOW YOU CAN HELP The New Israel Fund is a powerful engine for


democratic change in Israel. NIF believes that Israel

is strengthened by its diversity, and by fulfilling its

Go behind the headlines and sound

promise of equality and dignity to all of its citizens.

bites to examine the realities of con-

It is also a network of people around the globe who

temporary Israeli life. Meet the leaders

work together in common purpose. When you join

of Israel’s dynamic social change

together with NIF—as a donor, volunteer, advocate, or activist—you help make change possible.

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NIF can work with you to tailor your giving to your philanthropic interests. Whether it is an unrestricted gift for NIF, a gift underwriting an area of work or a project, or a donor advised gift to a specific organization, a gift to NIF is a potent way to express your commitment to building a better Israel.

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Board of Directors Talia Sasson President Beit Zayit, Israel

Itzik Danziger Vice President in Israel Ra’anana, Israel

Paul Egerman Vice President in North America Weston, Massachusetts

Stephen Gunther Treasurer Santa Monica, California

Elah Alkalay Secretary Kfar Mordechay, Israel

Amal ElSana Alhjooj Be’er Sheva, Israel

Naomi Chazan Jerusalem, Israel

Peter Edelman Washington, District of Columbia

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Daniel Sokatch


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New Israel Fund

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San Francisco, California

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Postfach 425 CH-4010 Basel 41 61 272 14 55


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Sydney NSW 2000

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NIF Global 212.613.4400

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