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Every step 0f their 0pens up an0ther When extremists try to turn Jewish and Arab citizens against each other, we turn up the volume on inclusion and shared society. When fundamentalists voice hatred in the name of religion, we show that tolerance is a religious value. When ultra-nationalists work to entrench the occupation, we ensure that Israelis cannot ignore the reality on the other side of the wall. The fight against racism and exclusion is inspiring, and more importantly — it’s working. In 2016, we saw watershed moments when right-wing extremism galvanized Israelis to take a stand for democratic values. In these cases, NIF grantees were able to take advantage of the opportunities and organize for human rights and social justice. NIF’s investments ensured that they were ready for these moments.

This is how our investment in Israeli changemakers pays off.

0pp0rtunity f0r



We cannot always predict when watershed moments will happen. But we can build a bold and innovative progressive movement that is ready for these moments, gathering momentum towards the next victory for equality and democracy. This is how we are building a better future for all Israelis.


NIF 2016 Annual Report

Rejecting Segregation in Israeli Hospitals A report by an Israeli radio station on institutional racism shocks the public. Progressive activists spring into action. They send a powerful message— and they win.


The Moment In April 2016, Reshet Bet radio reported that hospitals all over the country were practicing segregation between Jewish and Arab women in maternity wards. Some hospitals proactively separated mothers based on ethnicity, while other hospitals did so when requested. Either way, the exposé revealed that this kind of segregation was far more common than anyone imagined.

MK Bezalel Smotrich, of the far-right Jewish Home Party, came out in support of this practice. “It’s natural that my wife wouldn’t want to lie [in a bed] next to a woman who just gave birth to a baby who might want to murder her baby twenty years from now,” he said. “Arabs are my enemies and that’s why I don’t enjoy being next to them.” Our movement was ready and was not about to let this controversy fade into the next news cycle. Instead, progressive activists used the tools they had to take advantage of the moment and put an end to this practice of segregation.

Sending a MessaGE Activists put up a billboard with the raised hands of Jewish and Arab children, calling on the head of Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba to ‘end segregation in maternity wards.’



NIF 2016 Annual Report


Israeli activists used digital tools to fight segregation in hospitals, producing graphics like the one below that divides a group of babies into “Jews” and “all the rest.”

We Responded The news of hospital segregation galvanized the members of ZAZIM – Community Action, an organization incubated and launched last year by NIF as part of our New Initiatives for Democracy (NIFD). Modeled after, ZAZIM, a memberdriven online organizing community, channeled this moment into a sustained effort to end segregation in Israeli hospitals. ZAZIM’s first response to the scandal, a petition to hospital executives demanding an end to segregation policies, garnered over 2000 signatures in just a few days. Together with Physicians for Human Rights–Israel (PHR-I), ZAZIM then raised thousands of shekels, mostly

APRIL 6 APRIL 5 Reshet Bet radio reports that Israeli hospitals segregate Jews and Arabs in maternity wards and MK Bezalel Smotrich provocatively expresses support for this practice.

ZAZIM responds with a petition against hospital segregation that collects more than 2000 signatures in just a few days.

in small donations from concerned Israelis, for a series of billboards near offending hospitals with the message “stop the segregation in maternity wards.” One of these billboards, outside of Meir Hospital in Kfar Saba, came under fire from the municipality because it “offended public sensitivities.” When local authorities took down the billboard, the media firestorm and criticism only grew stronger.

The pressure from ZAZIM members was unrelenting, and ultimately, it worked. A few weeks later, a court ruling forced the hospital to meet with the campaign’s organizers to discuss steps to prevent segregation. As a result, PHR-I was invited to run antiracism trainings for hospital staff.

tIMELINE MAY 1 ZAZIM and PHR-I put up an antisegregation billboard outside of Meir Hospital, which the Kfar Saba municipality removes because it is “offensive.”

We Were Ready Since NIF’s inception, our work to combat discrimination and bridge gaps between Jews and Arabs has been vital to protecting Israel’s democracy. But with a rising tide of racism and extremism, we responded with NIFD and the creation of a new platform for Israelis to take action together, one that could leverage the right moment to make a lasting impact. ZAZIM was designed to mobilize in response to moments like this one. Using online organizing tactics, this platform is able to connect thousands of Israelis and bring the important work of combating racism

and other issues in the progressive consensus, to the critical mass of people who can and should make a difference. Ordinary Israelis participate in creative campaigns— and even determine what those campaigns will be about in the first place. When this shocking practice was revealed, ZAZIM was there to channel the outrage over segregation in maternity wards into real pressure that the hospitals could not ignore. ZAZIM turned up the volume on shared society when it was needed most, amplifying the voices in favor of Jewish-Arab equality. NIF’s investment ensured that the moment would not go to waste.

JULY 10 A court order

compels Meir Hospital to meet with

ZAZIM and PHR-I to

discuss steps to prevent

segregation, leading to


trainings for

hospital staff.



Following the reports of segregation, Tag Meir/Light Tag Forum led Jewish-Arab solidarity visits to hospitals across Israel.

Tag Meir/Light Tag Forum, an NIF grantee known for its anti-racism vigils and solidarity visits to victims of hate crimes, successfully pressured the Israeli government to prioritize addressing “Price Tag” violence. The Forum’s efforts led to the government formally recognizing a Palestinian Israeli woman as a terror victim after she was attacked by soccer hooligans in Jerusalem. With Shatil’s assistance, Tag Meir organized a special Knesset session dedicated to addressing Price Tag attacks. The Israeli authorities are finally taking these hate crimes seriously, and the result has been a dramatic drop in Price Tag violence against Palestinians and other minorities. NIF grantee Sikkuy published a groundbreaking report that found that, despite constituting 20% of Israel’s population, Arab citizens represented only 2% of all interviewees in the Hebrewlanguage electronic media. Armed with this information, Sikkuy successfully pressured media outlets to include Arab experts in their programs. This effort paid off when a follow-up study, published several months later, found that the number of Arab experts on Hebrewlanguage radio and TV shows had increased by 50%.


NIFNIF 2016 2016 Annual AnnualReport Report

RAISINg Standing Up for Inclusion at Jerusalem Pride How do Israelis respond to hateful rhetoric? With historic turnout. The Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance draws its largest crowd ever, including a strong showing from the religious community.


1 The Moment In July 2016, Yigal Levinstein, a prominent rabbi and head of a state-funded pre-military academy, criticized LGBTQ inclusion in the military, calling LGBTQ people “deviants.” These hateful comments came just days after it was revealed that IDF Chief Rabbi Eyal Karim had said that LGBTQ people were “sick or disabled.” Later that month, the mayor of Jerusalem yielded to extremist pressure and announced that he would not attend the city’s Pride March.


Just days before Jerusalem Pride, people were faced with a stark choice: let hateful rhetoric go unchallenged or stand up for inclusion. Israelis from a range of backgrounds—secular, religious, and everything in between— came to Jerusalem in droves to make a statement about the kind of society they want to live in: diverse, inclusive, and one that has room for everyone. These progressive values, powerfully displayed at this watershed moment, did not develop in a vacuum. Rather, they were the result of decades of investment in educators, advocates, and community leaders who have developed their own authentic moderate voices and are promoting democratic values in their communities.

Thousands marched at Jerusalem Pride, including religious Israelis with signs that read “the supportive religious community” and “I too studied in a religious academy.”


NIF 2016 Annual Report

tIMELINE JULY 30 2015 JULY 11-13 16-year-old Shira Banki is 2016 murdered by a Jewish religious extremist at Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance.

JULY 20 The mayor of Jerusalem announces that he will not attend the upcoming Pride March.

JULY 21 A record-breaking 25,000 people attend Jerusalem Pride, taking

a stand for inclusion, tolerance, and democratic values.

Homophobic comments by Rabbi Yigal Levinstein and IDF Chief Rabbi Eyal Karim, calling LGBTQ people “deviants” and “sick,” are made public.


We Responded In cities like Tel Aviv or New York, pride parades are raucous celebrations. But in culturally conservative Jerusalem, the parade is a sober march for civil rights and tolerance. Jerusalem Pride is about LGBTQ rights and so much more – the character of Israel’s democracy, equality for all citizens, and respect for diversity. That is an agenda that large numbers of Israelis can get behind. One year after Shira Banki was murdered by a religious extremist at Jerusalem Pride, the response from


the Israeli grassroots could not have been clearer. Over 25,000 people attended the march, shattering the previous record of 5,000. Close to 1 million more participated from afar through NIF’s Facebook live-stream.

3 We Were Ready Defending liberal democracy cannot be the job of the secular left alone. When over 50% of Israeli Jews identify as either religious or traditional, the powerful and widespread influence of Judaism on Israeli society means that moderate religious allies are essential in our struggle for equality and social justice. That’s why NIF and Shatil support religious voices that have the credibility to promote democratic values. Progressive Orthodox activists have shifted the conversation in their community and beyond. NIF grantees like Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah and Bat Kol-Religious Lesbian Organization have been at the forefront of pushing the religious public’s discourse towards greater openness and tolerance. NIF also seed-funded the Jerusalem Open House for Pride and

While Israelis of all backgrounds were represented, it was impossible to ignore the large number of religious head coverings in the crowd. Thousands of religious

Israelis demonstrated that the extremists don’t speak for them. NIF grantees like Tag Meir and Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah, whose work promotes tolerance in Israel’s Orthodox community, held afternoon prayers at the parade, and raised a powerful voice opposing bigotry in the name of religion.

In a precedent-setting decision, the Supreme Court ordered the appointment of a female Deputy Director-General of the Rabbinic Courts, following a petition by

Tolerance in the late 1990s and has continued to support the organization since. Their decades of organizing and educating laid the foundation for this watershed moment at Jerusalem Pride. When extremists overreach, as they did leading up to Jerusalem Pride, they open up opportunities for people to stand up for their

NIF grantee Mavoi Satum and a number of other women’s rights organizations. This will be the first time that a woman has taken such a senior position in the religious establishment, and it sends an important signal that the exclusion of women is unacceptable in the public sphere. In another milestone Supreme Court ruling, state-funded mikvahs (ritual baths) must be open for non-Orthodox

beliefs. It is not a coincidence that when the lines were drawn between intolerance and empathy, members of the moderate Orthodox community were ready to take a stand. For NIF grantees working in the trenches and their supporters watching online, it was a moment years in the making.

conversions and for use by non-Orthodox Jews. This victory followed protests organized by Shatil and an appeal by two NIF grantees—the Masorti Movement and the Israel Move-ment for Progressive and Reform Judaism— against a prior ruling that had upheld a ban on non-Orthodox converts using the ritual baths. This breakthrough for religious freedom represents another limit placed on the ultra-Orthodox monopoly over religious services. 9

NIF 2016 Annual Report

Soldiers stand at a checkpoint in Hebron, where the Israeli army enforces harsh restrictions on Palestinians’ freedom of movement.

Exposing the Price of the Occupation A shooting caught on video sparks fierce debate on the army’s rules of engagement. On the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Six-Day War and the start of the occupation, new voices are changing the paradigm that deems Israel’s security and Palestinian rights irreconcilable.


The Moment In March 2016, a Palestinian approached a checkpoint in Hebron and attacked an Israeli soldier with a knife. After the terrorist was injured and lying on the ground—no longer posing a threat—another soldier on the scene shot and killed him. The soldier was arrested, sparking a national conversation on morality, the rule of law, and the costs of the occupation. For several months, this story, along with the moral and legal debate it created, dominated the national news. Progressive Israelis pointed to the shooting

in Hebron as proof of the occupation’s ethical toll and the harmful impact of military rule. Far-right politicians defended the shooting and harshly criticized the IDF for enforcing the rule of law. This trial indirectly led to the ousting of former Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, who publicly supported putting the soldier on trial for criminal conduct. This case was not an isolated incident. What set it apart, however, was that the shooting was caught on video at a time when NIF grantees were actively challenging hawkish ideas about the occupation and Israel’s security. Human rights activists and national security experts were ready when this tragic moment came.

shaping the debate 10


NIF 2016 Annual Report


While a physical wall may separate Israel from parts of the West Bank, NIF grantees work to ensure that it is not enough to hide the reality of occupation from the Israeli public.

We Responded In recent years, some have concluded that the Israeli public has “moved on” from the occupation. Ordinary Israelis no longer care about what happens in the West Bank, according to these claims. The conflict can simply be managed, they assert, and the way to keep Israelis safe is by force. But the events of the last year prove otherwise. The intense and vigorous debate over the Hebron shooting— along with the far-right government’s efforts to silence human rights organizations—made it clear that the occupation matters to both its defenders and its critics. Exposing

the toll of the occupation and bringing new moderate perspectives on Israel’s most pressing security issues is as critical as ever.


MARCH 24 A Palestinian attacks an Israeli soldier at a checkpoint in Hebron, and after he is subdued and immobilized on the ground, another soldier shoots and kills him.


NIF grantees were there every step of the way in response to this watershed moment. B’Tselem released the video of the Hebron shooting to the public, and when the video went viral, progressive activists leveraged the opportunity. New voices from the security establishment used their credibility to challenge the myth that the occupation makes Israel safer, and to defend the rule of law. Against the backdrop of this controversy, their arguments took on a new power and urgency. This moment shaped the public discourse on the future of Israel’s control of the West Bank, and activists were there to document, advocate, and impact the way that Israelis think about the occupation.

NIF grantee B’Tselem releases the video of the Hebron shooting, which goes viral. The soldier is arrested by the IDF.

APRIL 18 An indictment is filed against the soldier, sparking a national conversation on the IDF’s rules of engagement that includes highranking security officials.

3 We Were Ready

MAY–NOVEMBER The top news story is the aftermath of

the Hebron shooting,


NIF Grantee B’Tselem has been providing its volunteers with cameras since 2007, recording scores human rights abuses in the West Bank since then.

which progressive

activists leverage to magnify the debate about the costs of

the nearly 50-yearold occupation.

The role of human rights organizations is to hold up a mirror to society and ask, “is this what we want to be?” Confronting the occupation demands exposing what those in power would rather keep hidden and asking difficult questions about morality and security. While this makes opposing the occupation unpopular at times, it is crucial for the survival of Israel’s democracy. NIF grantees like B’Tselem, Breaking the Silence, and Yesh Din monitor the brutal realities of life in the West Bank, documenting human rights violations against Palestinians. While too many crimes are not fully investigated or prosecuted, Israel’s human rights community ensured that the shooting in Hebron could

not be covered up. NIF’s support of groups reclaiming the national security discourse, like NIFD grantees Mitvim and the Peace and Security Association, complements this crucial work by exposing how the occupation harms Israel’s security. All these factors came together to create this moment, by launching a national debate on the price of the occupation. As the occupation turns 50, our strategy to advance a long-term moral and political solution is clear. Human rights defenders will continue to challenge the policies of occupation—land appropriation, restrictions on movement, and violence—in the courts, in the media, and in the public square. This is how the fight against the occupation will persist.

After initially awarding 20,000 shekels to NIF grantee Breaking the Silence, an organization of IDF veterans who testify about the harsh reality of the occupation, BenGurion University revoked the prize due to pressure from far-right groups. That’s when NIF stepped in. In just two days, we raised over $25,000 from grassroots donors to support Breaking the Silence. Thanks to your help, NIF sent a powerful message that human rights organizations have our support and will not be silenced by extremists. After more than ten years of litigation and pushback from the Israeli government, the illegal West Bank outpost of Amona, built on private Palestinian land in 1995 was finally evacuated. Yesh Din, a longstanding NIF grantee, represented the Palestinian landowners and led the legal fight through several Supreme Court petitions.


NIFNIF 2016 2016 Annual AnnualReport Report

NIFD UPDATE Think-and-do tanks. Online

mobilization and local grassroots organizing. Watchdog groups for the media and the government. Constituency-building outside of the progressive left. These

putting 0ut fires


were some of the initial components of NIF's New Initiatives for Democracy (NIFD), which took a two-

Wildfires consume northern Israel, but fail to divide Jewish and Arab residents. In November 2016, a wave of wildfires broke out in northern Israel, destroying hundreds of homes and leaving their residents homeless. Ultra-nationalist politicians were quick to scapegoat Israel’s Arab minority and claim that the fires were caused by arson. But in the end, evidence for the supposed mass wave of arson and incitement never materialized. Many Israelis saw through the stunt for what it was—a shameless attempt to provoke tension for political gain. Instead of giving in to mistrust, many Jewish and Arab citizens responded with generosity and solidarity. Arabs and Jews across the country opened their homes to those displaced by the blazes. When a synagogue in Haifa suffered damage from the fires, Arab-Israeli timber suppliers donated materials and labor to repair the building. Alumni of Shatil’s anti-racism training programs spoke out against incitement,

pronged approach to rebuilding a movement: developing infrastructure that can turn up the volume for the entire field of progressive activism, while building coalitions with other groups that share our values. NIFD continues to grow and evolve. In 2016, we launched two newly incubated projects,

while other alumni who worked in local government were able to maintain a cooperative atmosphere under pressure. Israelis from all backgrounds, along with Palestinian neighbors, came together to put out the fires and care for one another. Strong relationships make moments like these possible, and that’s exactly what NIF has built for decades by bringing Jewish and Arab citizens together in a shared struggle for equality and civil rights. “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies” is not just a slogan—it’s NIF’s work to prevent the deterioration of JewishArab ties during times of crisis and remain focused on building a shared society and a shared future. That’s why cynical attempts to divide Israelis will ultimately fail.

Extremism, like wildfires, can be a destructive force. But it can also create opportunities to promote an inclusive future and take steps to make that vision a reality. In these moments, Jews and Arabs can put out fires together and recommit to democratic values, equality, and social justice.

ZAZIM–Community Action and The Whistle–Independent and

Pictures from an NIF-funded photography exhibit showcased images of loss and hope from the wildfires in northern Israel.

Accurate Media for Israel, as independent organizations, and we are continuing to evaluate and reassess our partnerships and theories of change every step of the way. As wildfires raged in northern Israel, Arabs and Jews worked together to put out the blazes.



NIF 2016 Annual Report

New Israel Fund Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Activities and Change in Net Assets

As of December 31, 2016 with summarized financial information for 2015

For the year ended December 31, 2016 with summarized financial information for 2015


2016 2015


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Pledges receivable, current portion, net of allowance for doubtful accounts of $69,400 and $85,139 in 2016 and 2015, respectively





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4,429,977 — — 4,429,977 4,854,874

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Accounts receivable


Total net assets






The statement of financial position of the New Israel Fund as of December 31st 2016 and 2015 and related statements of activities and changes in net assets for the years there ended are unaudited. For full financial statements, please visit


2016 2015

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NIF 2016 Annual Report

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Harriet Mouchly-Weiss & Charles Weiss

Arthur & Dorothy Stone

Jacques & Laura Zakin Margot & Paul Zimmerman Janet Zobel


NIF 2016 Annual Report

Anonymous (9) Kathryn Ames Foundation, Inc. The Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Foundation Dobkin Family Foundation Dorot Foundation Paul & Joanne Egerman Eldman Family Trust Lois & Richard England Family Foundation The Everett Foundation Estate of Lotte Fields The Fine & Greenwald Foundation Fohs Foundation Phyllis K. Friedman Sanford & Linda Gallanter William & Serra Goldman Sally Gottesman

Jonna Gaberman & Bruce Wintman

Leo Model Foundation, Inc.

Carole & Saul Zabar

Benjamin & Rachel Geballe

Anita Navon

$50,000– $99,999

Robert Arnow The Molly Blank Fund of the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Naomi & Nehemiah Cohen Foundation The Moses Feldman Family Foundation Franklin M. Fisher & Ellen Paradise Fisher Foundation For Middle East Peace Anne Germanacos

Joel & Julia Greenblatt

Mimi & Peter Haas Fund

Lisa & Joshua Greer Stephen Gunther & Linda Essakow

Caroline & Brian Lurie Estate of Dolly & Richard Maass Lisa & Yaron MinskyPrimus Moriah Fund, Inc. The Morningstar Foundation Libby & Leo Nevas Family Foundation, Inc. New Israel Fund Australia Foundation New Israel Fund of Canada New Israel Fund Switzerland New Israel Fund United Kingdom OM Foundation Ltd Debra F. Pell Estate of Françoise Rothman Sylvia Sabel & Joel Rubinstein Estate of Arthur & Dorothy Stone Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation Bonnie & Marty Tenenbaum Union Square Fund, Inc.

Frances E. Goldman John & Marcia Goldman Foundation

Izhar Armony & Naomit Armony-Erel

Stella & Charles Guttman Foundation

The Lopatin Family Foundation

Joseph & Leelah Gitler

The Louis & Anne Abrons Foundation

Jane Gottesman & Geoffrey Biddle

Hiatt Family

Judith Gelman & Steven Salop

Anonymous (5)

Lois & Richard Gunther

Estate of Maureen Hack, MD


Drs. Carol & Terry Winograd

Walter & Elise Haas Fund The Irving Harris Foundation Robert & Phyllis Henigson Living Trust Joan & Irwin Jacobs Jewish Women’s Foundation of the Greater Palm Beaches The Lee & Luis Lainer Family Foundation Amy Mandel & Katina Rodis Yaffa & Paul Maritz Joseph & Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds Middle East Partnership Initiative Open Society Foundations Bonnie Orlin Estate of Gerald B. Rosenstein Estate of Norman Rothfeld Segal Family Foundation Sidney & Lillian Topol Agnes Varis Irrevocable Trust

The Guardian of Democracy dinner is NIF’s largest event in the Bay Area, bringing together nearly 500 people, including more than 100 members of NIF’s New Generations community. Alfred R. Bader Beller Moses Family Foundation

The Morton K. & Jane Blaustein Foundation The Cannon Family Foundation Ilana d’Ancona Estate of Shirley Kaufman Daleski Barbara & Maurice Deane Dan & Alisa Doctoroff Mitzvah Fund of New Mexico Robert & Marjorie Feder Fischman Family (Steve, Nancy, Laura, Ben & Wendy) Fox Family Foundation Claude P.J. Ghez, M.D. Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund Thomas C. Green John & Kathryn Greenberg Diane Asseo Griliches The Victor & Lorraine Honig Fund of the Common Counsel Foundation Marvin Israelow Daniel & Anne Marie Kahneman Jane & Gerald Katcher Eve Biskind Klothen & Kenneth Klothen Jim & Catherine Koshland

Louis & Helen Padnos Foundation Stacy & Keith Palagye Kathleen Peratis Robert Pindyck & Nurit Eini-Pindyck Bill Resnick & Michael J. Stubbs Elaine Reuben Nancy & Miles Rubin Gaia Fund Frederick Schaffer & Barbara Schatz Daniel & Sheila Segal Shepard Broad Foundation Gavin Simms & Sarah Gray Olive Bridge Fund Talma & Yossi Vardi

$10,000– $24,999 Anonymous (12) Walter & Alice Abrams Family Fund Sheldon Alster Am Kolel Jewish Renewal Community Ronald M. Ansin Madeleine & David Arnow Aronson Foundation, Inc.

Sally Weiskopf Bock Gesher Family Foundation Ossi & Paul Burger Beth Burnam The Bydale Foundation Dennis & Jane Carlton Champaign-Urbana Jewish Federation Cogan Family Foundation

Joseph & Eda Pell

Carol & Allen Gown

The Estate of Carol S. Plaut

Hadassah Foundation

Independent Charities of America Dr. Sherry Israel Rabbi Richard J. Jacobs & Ms. Susan K. Freedman Dr. Morton & Merle Kane Paige Kaneb Charles & Joann Kaplan Michael & Donna Kaplowitz Family Steven & Priscilla Kersten

Jonathan Cohen & Eleanor Friedman

Paul & Susanne Kester

Marshall & Shirley Cohen

Harry Kramer Memorial Fund

Coliver Family Congregation Rodeph Sholom The Nathan Cummings Foundation Implementation Allies Ilana DeBare & Sam Schuchat Edmund P. DeLaCour, Ph.D. Roger Dreyfus & Elizabeth DreyfusBraasch Isabel P. Dunst Concepción & Irwin Federman Susan Feit & Eitan Stern Feldman Foundation TX Alan & Betty Feldman Sybil Fields

Peter & Lucy Ascoli

Firedoll Foundation

Peter J. Barrer

Forrest & Miriam (z”l) Foss

Landau Family Foundation

Richard & Eileen Bazelon

Anonymous (14)

Peachy & Mark (z”l) Levy Jan Abby Liff

David M. Becker & Leslie C. Seeman

The Estate of Martin & Ruth B. Fox

Melissa A. Berman & Richard Klotz

Mary & Stanley Friedman

David & Barbara Lipman

David & Rita Gottlieb

Peter J. Silverman & Janet Heettner

$25,000– $49,999 Samuel I Adler Family Supporting Foundation

Lisa Messinger & Rabbi Aaron Panken

Peter Bokor & Jeannie Blaustein


Michael Bien & Jane Kahn

Opportunity Fund

Mark & Janet Gottesman

Key Foundation

Diane & Norman Bernstein Foundation

Fowey Light Fund, Inc.

Rabbi Suzanne & Andy Offit

Robert & Doris Gordon

Terry E. Grant

All Voices Welcome Fund

Susan Bay Nimoy

Richard C. Goodwin

Mindy Berman & Andrew Sumberg

The Purple Lady/ Barbara J. Meislin Fund

Raquel H. Newman

The Vivian & Paul Olum Foundation

The Longhill Charitable Foundation, Inc.

Judith & Michael Berman

Louis Newman & Rabbi Amy Eilberg

Roz Klein

Barbara N. Kravitz Lizbeth & George Krupp The Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation Linda & Frank Kurtz Harry & Sadie Lasky Foundation

Andrew Franklin Pleatman Marc B. Porter Prior Family Foundation Jeffrey Rappin & Penny Brown Rappin Elsbeth Reisen & Mark Dyen David Roberts & Sue Fischlowitz Tobey H. Roland Rothman Family Foundation Samuel Rubin Foundation Bettylu & Paul Saltzman The Barn Road Foundation

Charles & M. R. Shapiro Foundation, Inc. Ben & Norma Shapiro Joan Blum Shayne Michael J. Skloff

Lianna Levine Reisner & Elnatan Reisner Ted Live Helen & Louis Lowenstein Walter S. Mander Foundation Dr. Marcia Kramer Mayer MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger Ilse Melamid

Karen Sloss Susan & James Snider Bruce, Steven, Gerald & Diane Solomon Fund Elaine Galinson & Herbert Solomon Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego Jeffrey Solomon & Audrey Weiner The Sam Spiegel Foundation Jim & Debby Stein Sharpe Henry Steiner Arthur & Edith Stern Family Foundation Robert Stillman & Janet Surkin

Marvin Hoffman & Rosellen Brown

Joshua Levin & Debra Fried Levin

Hadas & Doron Davidov

Inge S. Hoffmann

Roger & Chagit Deitz

Harry Hutzler

Cynthia & Sanford Levinson

Renee & Michael Dernburg

HWS Enterprises Trust

Economic Policy Institute Peter Edelman

Paul & Dorothy Wachter

Marcy Eisenberg

George S. Warburg

Stanley Eisenberg

The Chrysalis Fund

Roberta Elliott Wantman

John Weinstein & Heidi Stewart

Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective

Amos & Ruth Wilnai Foundation

Leroy & Edna Mae Fadem

Otto & Marianne Wolman Foundation

Jerome & Nancy Falk

Gail Bates Yessne & Peter Yessne

$5,000– $9,999 Anonymous (33)

Elias Feuer & Ethel Rubinstein Sandra F. Fisher

Thomas & Ann Friedman Robert & Janine Frier The Generations Fund Estate of Gloria L. Goldberg Judith F. Goldberg Alexander Goldenberg Lynne Silbert

Nan Bases

The Marvin Naiman & Margery Goldman Family Foundation

Alvin H. Baum, Jr.

Robert & Ruth Goldston

William & Debbie Becker

Betty B. Golomb

Ruth Belzer

Nadine Joseph & Neil Goteiner

Froma & Andrew Benerofe Sandra J. Berbeco Julie & Jeffrey Bercow Nancy Bernstein & Robert Schoen The Wexler Beron Family Foundation Eric Berzon & Danielle Ruymaker Ernest & Rita Bogen Sue & Benjamin Boley Stephanie & Alex Borns-Weil Alan Cohen & Robert Bank David Cohen & Ellen Goodman Barbara Cohn Natembea Foundation Yehudah B. Cohn Congregation Emanu-El

Madelyn Mallory & Mark Bresnik M.D. Daniel & Lenore Mass Steven Matthews & Rebecca Stein

Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta

Rabbi Rachel Mikva & Mark Rosenberg

Leslie Kane & M. Manuel Fishman

The Mills Family Charitable Foundation

Kaplan Family Foundation

Morris Family Fund

Emile Karafiol

David E. Nachman & Amy Schulman Judy W. & Jay A. Nadel Jeffrey Newman

Ziva Freiman Katz

Alpern Family Foundation

Noah & Tamara Arnow

Carlos D. Malamud

Jewish Women’s Foundation Endowment Fund

Stuart Katz

David Friedman & Paulette Meyer

Deena Aranoff & Adam Berman

Phil & Carol Lyons

Simon & Marie Jaglom Foundation, Inc.

Tom & Myrna Frankel

Susan Adelman & Claudio Llanos

Ameinu: Our People, Inc.

Lois & Irving Blum Foundation

Institute of International Education

Lois Frank

David Friedman & Tirzah Firestone Friedman

Amcha For Tsedakah

Andrew & Sara Litt

Martin Indyk

Kates Diamond Family Foundation

William & Susan Abrams

B&D Foundation

The Seiger Family Foundation

Michael & Rhoda Danziger

Emily & Frank Vogl

Shelley Levine & Larry Schwartz

Legacy Heritage Programming IV LLC

Winter Cove Foundation

Middle Road Foundation (Elizabeth R. & Michael A. Varet)

Dorothy Rose Ascherman

Alan Sieroty

The Leiter Family Foundation

Karen Tucker & Jerry Avorn

Stanley & Kay Schlozman

Susan Morse-Lebow

The Lehman-Stamm Family Fund

Thomases Family Endowment of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation

Rabbi Judy Shanks & James Gracer Greater Miami Hillel Foundation, Inc. Barry Green & Jennifer Altshuler Alexander Greenbaum Steven Greenberg & Avra Goldman Brenda Gruss & Daniel Hirsch Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund James & Marlene Henerson Herst Family Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Juliane M. Heyman Anita Hirsh Pamela & Steve Hirsh

Five gifts of


allowed a human rights lawyer to work full-time on behalf of the most needy in Israel.

Ezra Jack Keats Foundation Dennis & Barbara Kessler Susan L. & James D. Klau Linda G. Klein Charitable Lead Trust Sara & Jonathan Klein Lauren Kogod & David Smiley Leslie S. Kogod Kenneth & Naomi Koltun-Fromm J. Hannah Kranzberg Louis Krupp Edward Labaton Gordon Lafer Elliot (z”l) & Frances Lehman Rabbi Marion & Professor Steven Lev Cohen David Levin The Renaissance Foundation, Irving Levin & Stephanie Fowler

John & Kayla Niles Fred & Gilda Nobel Foundation Ilana Nossel & Jordan Kolar Arthur Peck Justin Pollack & Suzanne Reisman Ruth & Stephen Pollak The Honorable Stuart & Lee Pollak Dr. Norman Postone & Lisa Fruchtman Daniel C. & Lisa R. Price Suzanne & Harvey Prince Jill J. Prosky & James R. Posner, PosnerWallace Foundation Varda Rabin Robert Rebitzer Eugene & Libby Renkin Ellen Rifkin Robert S. Rifkind Marlin Risinger, III & Lori Ellen Fields


NIF 2016 Annual Report



Shai & Judy Robkin Rockefeller Brothers Fund Thelma S Rodbell Charitable Foundation June & Marvin Rogul Aaron Roland & Annelise Goldberg Susan Romer & Donald Ungar Rosen Bien Galvan & Grunfeld LLP Lyle & Gloria Rosenzweig

Deborah Shapira & Barry Stern

Marcie & Howard Zelikow

Joan & James Shapiro Foundation

Robert & Edith Zinn

Karina A. Litvack

$2,500– $4,999

Gay Sigel & Howard Epstein

Leona Kern

Jane & Norman Moscowitz

Rabbi Stacy & Frank Friedman

Carol & Seth Alberts

Samuel P. Sporn

Liora Alschuler

Janice Gepner & Eric Newman

The Edwin & Roslyn Srebnik Family Trust

Gary Angel & Sharman Spector-Angel

Joelle Steefel

Arthur Applbaum & Sally Rubin

Aryeh & Betsy Stein Abbe & Peter Steinglass Hazel S. Stix

Rabbis Justus Baird & Julie Roth Meredith & Andrew Ball Frank K. Bamberger Barry & Elizabeth Bar-El David Bassein

Four gifts of


made it possible for ZAZIM to do digital organizing in Arabic.

Harry & Lore Bauer Wendy Bear David Berger BFK Foundation Hannah (z’’l) & Ernst Biberstein Gay Block/The Shlenker Block Philanthropic Fund Joseph L. Bower

Noreen Gordon Sablotsky Family Foundation

Morse Family Foundation

Gary B. Sokol

Irl Barg & Janet Walkow

William & Alice Russell-Shapiro

Sally Karasov & Jonathan Katz

William & Madeline Selden

Jeffrey Gaynes

Jerry V. Sternberg

Toby & Robert Rubin

Renata & Jack Schwebel

Robert & Dale Mnookin

Steve & Joanne Abel

Seymour & Sylvia Rothchild Family 2004 Charitable Foundation

Hagai Rottenberg

Ruth Minka

Sally B. Kaplan

Daniel & Rosele Frishwasser

Eugene & Marilyn Stein

Jennie Rothschild

Helen Kaplan

Haley Lieberman & Rabbi Michael S. Friedman

Anonymous (21)

Daniel Sokatch & Dana Reinhardt

Jocelyn Ross & Ben Blumenfeld

Phyllis & David Rothman

Barbara Freedman

The Henry & Marilyn Taub Foundation Charles & Miriam Tawil Arthur Telegen & Abigail Ostow Temple Beth Avodah Tikkun Fund

Dr. David & Mrs. Ellen Braun Richard & Barbara Braun Naomi Brenner & Ari Berger

Jack Z. Gilad & Douglas D. Hauer Dennis & Nancy Gilbert David Glaser & Leslie Ann Elton Marian & Arthur Glasgow Harold Goldberg & Alisa Israel Goldberg Nathalie & Emanuel Goldberg Advised Fund of Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester Victor J. Goldberg & Patricia A. Waldeck Bruce N. Goldberger & Esther Sperber Jerome & Linda Golden Natalie & Stephen Goldman Meredith J. Goldsmith Lynda M. Goldstein Thomas J. Goldstein Peter J. Gollon Jeffrey & Beth Green David & Rennie Greenfield

Elisa J. Harvitt

Laura S. Brown, Ph.D.

Willard J. Hertz

Uncle Mike Foundation

Rabbi Gustav & Sheila Buchdahl

Michal & Jack Hillman Linda Lurie Hirsch

Steven J. Samuel

Monique Weil

Pamela Burdman

Norman L. Sandfield Charitable Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

Austin Wertheimer & Caryl Goodman

Amy L. Cahn

Dale & Stephen Hoffman

Whizin Philanthropic Fund

Norman L. Cantor The Silver Tie Fund

Howard Horowitz & Alisse Waterston

Senator Elliot Schewel & Rosel Schewel Avner & Rina Schneur Debra R. Schoenberg

Drs. Steven & Sybil Wolin Paula Wolk M.D. Stanley Wulf & Linda Press Wulf

Hon. Minna Buck

Peter & Barbara Cohen Saul & Miriam Cohen Compton Foundation Dr. & Mrs. Dan Costin James & Sonia Cummings Mark Davidow Reuben & Rivka Dori

Stephen & Patty Segal

Rudolph & Sara Wyner Prize Fund at the Boston Foundation, established by their children, Elizabeth Wyner Mark & Justin L. Wyner

Richard & Betty Seid

Allan & Ray Ellen Yarkin

Lisa Erdberg & Dennis Gibbons

David Shainok

Youngstown Area Jewish Federation

Carl (z”l) & Leonore Foorman

Myron & Linda Schonfeld David Schorr


Maris & Jesse Krasnow Charles & Naomie Kremer Linda & Jake Kriger Clifford & Robin Kulwin Pnina Lahav Becky & David Landis Evely Laser Shlensky Judith Lasker & Barry Siegel Elizabeth & Scott Lassar Richard Lavenstein Serene Lazar David H. Lee Carol A. Leif Terry & Margaret Lenzner Irwin & Rachel Levin Rich & Kathleen Levin

Kenneth Douglas Foundation Michelle Engelmann

Jon & Idit Isaacsohn The Howard G. & Samita B. Jacobs Foundation Adam Jacobson & Beth Levine Valerie & Thierry Jahan Peter & Karen Jakes Juel M. Janis Elana Caplan Jassy & Andrew Jassy Barbara & Clive Kabatznik Jan Kallish Rabbi Jeremy & Rabbi Amy Kalmanofsky Alan & Carol Kaplan

David Myers & Nomi Stolzenberg Jack Needleman Jane Newman & Amy Lange Sharee & Murray Newman Don & Shari Ornstein Estelle Nachimoff Padawer Margery A. Kaye & William R. Padnos Marilyn Paul & David Stroh The Joseph Perlman Family Foundation Felice & Daniel Perlmutter Ronald Poretz Arleen & Aaron Priest Queens Gate Foundation Roy R. Raizen & Family Dorothy L. Raizman Alan & Nancy Raznick Sue Reinhold & Deborah Newbrun

Robert & Bonita Levin

David Reisen & Ann Peck Reisen

Toby & Jerry Levine

Shai & Rotem Reshef

Bernard & Lory Levinger

Paul Resnick & Joan Karlin

Jennifer Lewis & Marc Bernstein

Steven Hochstadt & Stephen Sass

Suzanne Schecter

Arieh Konigl & Alice Roston

Herbert Harris

Renee & Harold Brook

Frances A. Wolgin

Robert & Joan Klivans

Joan & William Brodsky

Jean & Adolph Weil, Jr. Family Fund

Fain Malsky Charitable Foundation

Miriam Klevan & Steven Meier

John Lewin

Janet Traub

Brenda A. Wolfson

Rabbi Emma KippleyOgman & Benj Kamm

Ted & Dru Greenwood

David Salem & Laurie Aloisio

Lela & Gerard Sarnat

Ellen & Jack Kessler

Paul Resnick & Caroline Richardson Marjorie & Stephen Richards

Ellen Semonoff Abby Sher Mara & Robert Shlachter Lauren Moskovitz & Scott Sholder Silicon Valley Community Foundation Sandra & Charles Simon Peter & Amy Sloane Steven Slutsky Naomi Sobel & Rabbi Becky Silverstein Adele H. Steinberg Rabbi Ariel Stone & Dr. Joseph Thaler Thomas H. & Donna M. Stone Strear Family Foundation Sylvia Weider-Amber Family Foundation The Joseph & Anna Gartner Foundation

Karen Abravanel & Jonathan Yaeger

Michelle Dardashti

Bernard & Raquel Agranoff

Charles & Jonis Davis Joel Deitz & Barbara Berko

Henry & Rachel Alcalay Debra & John Aleinikoff

Jay & Phyllis Denbo

E. Davies Allan Mr. & Mrs. Myer M. Alperin Joan Alpert Ralph Alpert The Altman-Aronow Charitable Foundation Anita Altman & Gil Kulick David & Linda Altshuler Fred H. Altshuler & Julia W. Cheever

Michael Appel & Ruth Kraut

Cecille Wasserman

Richard Dale & Dorit Harverd

Sari K. Agatston

Sanford Antignas

Mary Ann & David Wark

Diana Cutler

Rabbi Rachel Adler PhD

Diane Troderman

Michael & Judith Walzer

Charles & Ada Beth Cutler

S. James & Mary Adelstein

Gary & Evelyn Trachten

Ron & Marilyn Walter

Larry Cuban in memory of Barbara Cuban

Rabbi David Adelson & Ms. Lynn C. Harris

Jeffrey Thomases

Mark Tushnet

George P. Croog

Mara & Stephane Acel-Green

Beulah & Ezra Amsterdam

David & Bonita Turner

Rabbi Rachel B. Cowan

Ruby Apsler Joanna Arch Walter & Diane Ariker Dan Arnon & Tao Kai Lam

In January, NIF’s International Council and regional leaders from across the country convened for two leadership summits in New York and San Francisco to discuss their local organizing and fundraising strategies. Ruth R. Been Howard Belfer & Laurie Leventhal-Belfer Rabbi Haim Dov & Lynn Beliak Ami & Mark Belsky Gadi BenMark B. Richard & Mary Benioff Richard Bennett & Deborah Gaffin

Esther Berkow

Mark L. Braunstein

Gale Mondry & Bruce Cohen

Leonard M. Wasserman

Mark & Judith Aronchick

William Berley

Robert & Catherine Breit

Alan Weiner & Nancy Maizels

Howard I. Aronson

Norma & Rabbi Donald R. Berlin

Martin I. & Shirley B. Bresler

Jim & Diane Berliner

David Bressler & Susan Adler-Bressler

Victoria Riskin & David W. Rintels

Naida S. Wharton Foundation

Jeffrey & Arella Axelrod

Max Yaffe

Maia Azubel

Ralph & Gail Bernstein

Roger Low

A.J. Robinson & Nicole Ellerine

Victor Daniel Azubel

Dana Beyer

Michael & Maxine Mantell

Nathan Rome & Bonnie Alpert

B’nai Israel Jewish Center

David & Rachel Biale

Gayle & Jerry Marger

Sidney & Esther Rosen Memorial Fund

$1,000– $2,499

Suzanne Marks Mazur Family Foundation Arlene Alpert & Dr. David Mehlman Peter Melnick Beth Sieroty Meltzer Howard Metzenberg Dale S. Miller Vicki F. Miller & Warren Zinn William Mindlin

Rabbis Jennie & David Rosenn Linda A. Rosenthal Laura Saunders Louis & Barbara Savrin Jim & Emily Scheinman Debby Appel & Gene Schneyer Leonard & Celia Schuchman

Ruth & Henry Aaron Eliot C. Abbott David Abel Bradley Abelow & Carolyn Murray Jesse & Amy Abraham Steven & Valerie Abrahams Joel & Robin Abrams Ronald & Marie Abrams Sonia S. Abrams Cantor Nancy Abramson & Mitch Glenn

Lawrence Bailis & Susan Shevitz JoAnne & Michael Bander Harvey & Sonya Barsha Bartenura Foundation Jacob Baskin Sarah J. Bassin Howell Baum & Madelyn Siegel Barbara Beck Ornah Becker & Marc Robbins Ronald Becker

Michael J. Churgin

Annebelle Cohen

Laurie J. Wasserman

Anonymous (57)

Phyllis Chovitz & Daniel Gainsburg

Alan & Teri Cohen

Rabbi Melanie Aron & Professor Michael Dine

Michael & Charlotte Baer

Joshua Chover

Sheila & Edward Braun

Mark R. & Pamela Berman

The Joseph & Evelyn Rosenblatt Charitable Fund

Rabbi Jill Borodin & Cary Atlas

Alexandre J. Chorin

Mikhal Bouganim

Eileen Auerbach & Lawrence Burgheimer

The Returning Wealth Philanthropic Fund

Jeffrey Bornstein & Veronica Sanchez

David Chodirker & Shira Deener

Mark Berger

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Weisberg

Amnon Lotan

Robert L. Book

Bonnie & Mervin Cherrin

Marc & Elizabeth Berger

Dorothy Richman & Michael Steinman

Susan Liss & Rabbi Fred Reiner

The Milford & Lee Bohm Charitable Foundation

Zehava Chen-Levy & Eyal Levy

Marjorie & Barry S. Berg

Bennett Ashley & Ruth Weinreb

Dr. Russell M. Linden

Ellen Bogolub & Neil Friedman

The Chasin Family

Boston New Generations Pop-Up Giving Circle

Judith A. Benstein, M.D.

Sanford & Karen Weiner

Rabbi Noa Kushner & Rabbi Michael Lezak

Stanley & Roberta Bogen

Mara Berman

Peter Bickel & Nancy Bickel Marsha & Brian Bilzin Richard & Elaine Binder Joseph & Joan Birman Madeline & Alan Blinder Rabbi Bernard & Bailey Bloom Jordan & Judy Bloom Steven & Karen Bloomberg

Meryl Brod Marvin & Lois Broder Broms Family Foundation Shifra Bronznick Rabbi Sharon Brous & David Light Katherine Browning Melissa D. Burgess Marcia Burnam Mark Burstein & David Calle Bradley Burston & Varda Spiegel Burton & Shulamith Caine

Seymour S. Bluestone

Maria Cancian & Charles Kalish

Lauren Blum

Ronald & Libi Cape

James Blume & Kathryn Frank

Rabbi Angela Buchdahl

Shirley Bob

Rabbi Kenneth Chasen & Allison Lee

Richard Claman & Elizabeth Clark

Jonathan & Victoria Cohen Stephanie & Charles Cohen

Nathaniel Deutsch Nancy Dickenson Jeanne Dinkelspiel Ruth Donig-White & Robert White Gayle Donsky & Morton Stein Daniel Drake Joy & George Dryfoos Charitable Fund Harriett M. Eckstein Rabbi Judith Edelstein & James Meier Michael & Ruth Edidin Sandy Edwards & Gary Levin Audrey & David Egger Charitable Fund at the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer Tom & Ellen Ehrlich Jack Eiferman & Fern Fisher Avraham & Emily Eisbruch Jenny Eisenberg Ruth Eisenberg

Stephen B. Cohen

Al & Naomi Eisman

Steven Cohen & Mary Akerson

Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation, Inc.

Steven Cohen & Elsie Stern

Michael Ellenberg

Marcia Cohn Spiegel Barry & Debbie Cohn Jonathan Cohn Roberta Cohn Adina Hoffman & Peter Cole Congregation Beth Israel

Rabbi David & Rabbi Jacqueline Koch Ellenson The Elovitz Family Alan & Shulamit Elsner Clement & Caroline Erbmann Lee & Esther Erman Regina L. Espenshade

Congregation Kol Shofar

Aharon Eviatar

Congregation Sherith Israel

Robert M. Factor

Ben N. Teitel Charitable Trust, Gerald Cook, Trustee Lawrence Cooley & Marina Fanning Ellen B. Corenswet

Deborah Falik Dr. David S. Fankushen Leonard & Stephanie Farber Leslee & Wayne Feinstein

Stephan Cotton


NIF 2016 Annual Report


$5,000–$9,999 continued

Liat & Dror Feitelson Feldman Family Charitable Fund Michael D. Felsen Joel & Jessica Fields Barry & Karen Fierst Harriet & Michael Finck

Elizabeth & Glen Friedman Howard Friedman & Sherry Leibowitz Lauri Friedman Robert & Rochelle Friedman Rabbi Dara Frimmer Joseph & Maya Froomkin

Myra K Levenson Helen Goldstein Rabbi Lisa L. Goldstein & Igal Harmelin Moria Sandy & Jorge Goldstein Susan Goldstein & Andy Kivel Abner & Roslyn Goldstine

Kathryn Haslanger & Gordon Berlin

Jewish Federation of San Diego County

Tracey Keij-Denton & Eelco Keij

Barbara Hasten

Jonathan Joseph & Paula Casson Joseph

Bill & Lisa Kelly

Robert & Carol Hausman Abraham Havivi & Deborah Schmidt Shai Held & Rachel Forester Held William H. Helfand

Daniel & Katherine Kaberon Olivier Kahn Beatrice & Robert Kahn Tamar & Jeremy Kaim Doniger

Herbert & Rose Kelman Jennifer & Doron Kenter Byron & Madalene Kesner

Doris & George Krevsky

Lee Lichter

Samuel & Marilyn Krimm

Robyn Lieberman

Susan G. Krinsky

Jeffrey & Anna Lieblich

Joseph A. Kruger

Paulette Light & Jeff Rake

David & Lucy KurtzerEllenbogen Jed Kwartler & Carol Barash

Bennett & Rebecca Lindenbaum

Adina Sue Kleiman

Patrick Lacefield & Dinah Leventhal

Manfred & Annabel Lindenbaum

Clifford Klein & Linda Reisz

John Antignas & Rabbi Susan Laemmle

Marc Lipsitch & Meira Levinson

Karen Wilk Klein

Dr. Barbara Lafer

Kenneth Klein & Harriet Bograd

Ruth & Peter Laibson

Alan Gordon Lipson & Judith D. Harris

Harry & Doraline (z”l) Kesten

Wendy J. Frosh

Lirona Kadosh & Ethan Goldstine

Dr. Jonathan D. Fuchs

Matthew Gore

Steven & Bonnie Heller

Richard M. Fuchs

Jennifer & Eric Gorovitz

Robert A. Helman

Abigail & Stephen Fisher

Dr. Victor R. Fuchs

David Fisher & Pearl Beck

Jonathan A. Funk

Samuel & Judith Gorovitz

Clifford Hendler & Deborah Neipris Hendler

Tamara Gottstein

Alice H. Henkin

Isaac K. Fisher

Barry & Joan Gaberman Betsy & Richard Gaberman

Richard & Mary Gray

Alice Herman

Arthur & Kathy Green

Judith N. Herr

Jerry & Pamela Green

Frederick Hertz

Murray Kane & Norma Kane, z”l

Stephanie Green & Zeke Vanderhoek

Sandra D. Hess

Alan H. Kanner

Howard Hiatt

William & Phyllis Kantor

Merle Hilliard Charitable Trust

Daniel Kaplan & Kay Richman

Rabbi Joanna Samuels & Jeremy Hockenstein

Howard P. Kaplan

Rabbi Stephanie Kolin & Jocelyn Berger

Paula E. Kaplan

Janet L. Kolodner

Morelle Lasky Levine

Stephen & Rachel Kaplan

Patricia Konstam

Elliott & Phyllis Lasser

Mary Kostman

Gary & Laura Lauder

Jill Kowal

Stuart Laurence

Susan & David Kraemer

Dr. Joel L. Lebowitz

Ruben Kraiem & Elizabeth Leiman

Aviva & David Lee-Parritz

Robert Fine & Nina Cortell Jesse & Roberta Fink David Firestone

Renee B. Fisher Foundation Harriet & Albert Fishlow Leora Fishman Michael Flamm & Jennifer McNally Samuel Fleischacker & Amy Reichert Martin & Helen Tager Flusberg Deborah & Marc Fogel Nathan A. Fox Carl & Blossom Fraiman Richard & Phyllis Franco Aaron & Julia Frank Diane & Charles L. Frankel Rabbi Joshua Frankel & Rachel Berger Noam Frankel & Laura Sova Barbara & Herb Franklin Dr. Morrie & Carol Fred Steven & Marion Fredman Marc D. Freed Anne Freedman Henry & Helen Freedman Jacqueline L. Freedman Lynn P. Freedman & David S. Frankel Barry & Fradle Freidenreich Peter Frey & Carrie Shapiro Morris F. Friedell

Andrew Gabor & R. Iris Bahar Barbara Gaffin & Douglas Cahn Lorraine Gallard & Richard H. Levy Miriam Galston Elizabeth Carty & Ernest Galvan Terry Gamble Boyer Elkan & S. Zelda Gamzu William Ganong & Marilyn Newman Diane Gardsbane Jared Garelick & Ellen Kramarow Barbara & Richard Garrett

Sheldon & Judy Greene GreenKar Tzedakah Fund Liz Greenstein Robert Greenstein Win & Jerry Greenwald Suzanne Griffel & Saul Weiner

Estate of Sidney Hollander Jr. Larry Horwitz & Naomi Pinchuk Sylvia Horwitz William D. Hower

Sheila B. Kamerman Grace Kamins

Warren Kaplan David Karnovsky & Sue Kaplan

Grace A. Hughes

Richard Kass & Elaine Soffer

Arthur Hurwitz

William & Judith Kates

Toby R. Hyman

Mandy Katz & Jonathan Massey

Paul & Michelle Grobman

Stephanie Ives & Yehuda Kurtzer

Norman I. Gelman

James Grodd & Debbie Roberts

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Dr. & Mrs. Sidney W. Katz

Rabbi Arthur & Laurie Gross-Schaefer

The Jewish Federation of Nashville & Middle Tennessee

Rabbi Elie Kaunfer & Lisa Exler

Jerilyn Gelt Lane & Joanna Gerber Michael D. Geschwind Rochelle & Eli Ginsburg

Martin & Audrey Grossman

Myron & Penina Glazer

Liz & Steve Gruber

Dr. Linda Gochfeld Charitable Fund of the Princeton Area Community Foundation

Rosalyn Gruen

Candice Gold

Ronald & Amy Guttman

Alfred & Joan Goldberg

Frederic Haber & Jill Jacobs

Avram & Carol Goldberg Nancy Goldberg Harry Goldin & Jane Kaplan

Irle Goldman & Janet Yassen


Linda & Richard Greene

Mordechai Kamel & Sara Weinberger

Jay Geller & Lowell Gallagher

Friedman Family Foundation

Diana Friedman

Peter Greenberg

Linda & Thomas Kalinowski

Mark & Susan Irvings

Amy Goldman & Joel Brill

Rabbi Dayle Friedman & David Ferleger

Arthur N. Greenberg

Rachel Kalikow & David de Graaf

Natasha Grigg

Elizabeth Friedman Branoff & Steven Branoff

Benjamin M. Friedman

Sherri Greenbach & David Goldstein

Michael & Juliet Helft

Debbie J. Goldman

Dr. Carl & Gay Grunfeld Werner Gundersheimer

Janet R. Halbert The Ada G. & Stanley I. Halbreich Foundation Joel Handelman & Sarah Wolff Daniel Handler & Lisa M. Brown Helen Harkaspi

Phyllis & Alvin Goldman

Earl Harris Fifteen Year Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

Robert & Rebecca Goldman

Michael Harris & Elizabeth Foster

Karla A. Goldman

Rabbi Marc Katz Rebecca Katz

William I. Lightfoot

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum Morton & Carla Klevan Persis Knobbe Jerry & Sharon Knoppow Richard Koch & Lynn Rothman

Daniel Kramer & Judith Mogul Robin M. Kramer Marvin & Gerry Kraus Rabbi Harold J. Kravitz & Dr. Cynthia F. Reich Arthur Kreiger & Rebecca Benson Ruth S. Kremen

NIF is committed to investing in those who represent us and our work in communities across the country. That’s why NIF’s East Coast leadership summit brought together regional leaders from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Miami.

Jesse & Dani Lainer-Vos Patsy & Benny Landa Susanne & Bruce Landau Dorothy & Brian Landsberg Eva & Arthur Landy Eugene M. Lang, z”l Ken & Nancy Larner Suzanne & David Larsen

Jonathan & Shelah Lehrer-Graiwer Hollis G. Lenderking Libby Lenkinski Dr. Robert & Yael Lenkinski Suzanne Lerner Stephen O. Lesser Alan & Jean Lettofsky David & Cathy Levenson Jill & Aaron Levin Diane Keefe & John Levin Rachel Levin & Hillel Elkins The Hyman Levine Family Foundation: L’Dor V’Dor Leonard & Beryl Levine Edward P. Levine Leslie & Marsha Levine Kim Muth & Alex Levinson Judith Levitan Aviram Levy Herbert L. Levy Paula & Joel Levy Bruce & Claudia Voss Lewenstein David C. Lewis, M.D. Rabbi Sheldon & Lorri Lewis

Channing T. Lipson, M.D. Steven & Judith Lipson Alan & Sharon Lipworth Sarah Liron & Sheldon Kahn Paula & Barry Litt, Joseph & Jacqueline Kirshbaum Memorial Fund of the Liberty Hill Foundation Ellen Livingston & Jason Brown Michael Livingston & Anne Weiss Jeremy Lizt Aviva & Noam Lockshin Garry & Sorel Loeb Andrea & Daniel London Gerald & Selma Lotenberg Peter Lovenheim Inbar Telem & Martin Lowenstein Esther & Elie Lowy Steven Lubet & Linda Lipton Marilyn Luebeck J. Zel Lurie, z”l Ross & Retha Lynch Lynchburg Jewish Community Council Richard & Helen Lynn Len & Maxine Lyons Bernard Lytton, M.D. Lois & Philip Macht Family Philanthropic Fund of THE

Roy Marantz & Rochelle Henner

N. James & Ellen Myerberg

Steve & Shelley Marcus

Maxine Myers

Diamondston Foundation

The Posel Foundation

Harold L. Rosen

Sharri S. Posen

Lorraine A. Rosen

Morey & Sondra Myers

The Isaac & Leah M. Potts Foundation, Inc.

Professor Robert E. Rosen

Sanford H. Margolin

PSN Family Charitable Trust

Russell & Joni Pratt

Diane Rosenberg

Laura & David Margolis

Marcia & Aaron Naveh

Naomi Prusky & Rabbi David Levin

Norman S. Rosenberg & Tanya George

Judith & Michael Margulies

Kenneth & Janice Neiman

Orlee Rabin & David Shlachter

Adele & Sidney Margulies

Nelco Foundation Inc.

William Rabinowitz

Barbara Ellison Rosenblit & Ish Rosenblit

Bettyrose Nelson

Maryann Rabovsky & Daniel Rabovsky

Elizabeth L. Marks & Paul A. Taylor Larry & Gladys Marks Paulina K. Marks Willy & Susan Mautner

Iris Newman

Daniel & Karen Mayers

Myra & Bruce Newman

Michael & Agnes McGaha

Diane Nissen & Jerry Gollub

The Harvey & Barbara Ratner Family Fund

Emily & Bernard Mehlman Family Fund

Christopher Noxon & Jenji Kohan

Adam Rattner

Joseph A. Meis

Lawrence & Melanie Nussdorf

Joan Meisel Thomas Meites & Lynn Frackman Juliet A. Melamid Gerald & Sherry Merfish Andrew Lachman & Ruth W. Messinger Steven J. Metalitz Ariel & Alison Meyerstein Ariela Migdal Gary & Maria Milgrom Rabbi Shira Milgrom & Prof. David Elcott Miller Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Tompkins County

Rafael Mandelman Jason & Belle Mann Judy Mann

Richard & Jill Olswanger Bernard & Renee Oppenheim Lisa Orlick-Salka & Corey Salka Eric & Kathleen Orlin Elissa & William Oshinsky Jeremiah & Alicia Ostriker P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds

Charles & Lyndall Miller

Susan E. Parker

Gerri & Larry (z”l) Miller

Curt & Susan Parnes

Lindsay & Aaron Miller

Julia Parzen & Daniel Johnson

Shirley G. Miller & Mitchell W. Miller (z”l) Shirlyn Miller Glenda & David Minkin Rabbi Joshua & Betsy Minkin Donald Mintz

Moser Family Philanthropic Fund Rabbi Steven Moskowitz Kenneth & Anne Moss Ellen & Michael Mundell Alfred Munzer & Joel Wind Evelyn Musher Shechter Jerold & Carol Muskin A. J. Muste Memorial Institute

Kenneth Rosenthal Sheldon & Rose Rosenthal

Jack Rapaport Elizabeth Rappaport & Daniel Fife

Ann Rosewater Carol Rosofsky Ellen A. Roth PhD Bob Roth Charitable Fund

Laurayne Ratner

Two gifts of


enabled Shatil to bring residents of public housing to the Knesset so they could advocate for their rights in person.

Beth M. Pacheco Sheryl Parker & James Grayer

Elaine & Ronald Morris

Steven J. & Barbara K. Mandel

Rabbi Janet I. Offel & Michael R. Nebenzahl

Andrea Miller-Keller

Louise D. & Morton J. Macks Family Foundation, Inc.

Laura K. Mandel

Elisa Rapaport & Michael Schoenbaum

Sara J. Marks

Leora Mirvish

Michael & Anita Malina

Jan Neuenschwander

Elden & Marjorie Rosenthal

Edward Raboy

Ernest & Eva Miriam Newbrun


Dagny Maidman & Molly Wood

Ruth Nemzoff & Harris Berman, M.D.

Irwin & Cecilia Rosenblum

Richard & Martha Pastcan Wendy Peikes Rabbi Ephraim Pelcovits & Rachel Weber Joel Perwin Laurence & Caren Peters Benette Phillips Geoffrey P. Picket Judith Plaskow & Martha Ackelsberg William & Karen Podolsky Mark & Eileen Polasky Lana Pollack The Jean & Henry Pollak Division of the Lucile & Maurice Pollak Fund Lisa Portnoy

Lynne Reder & John Anderson

Meyer & Naomi Rothberg

David Reed & Laurie Fanger-Reed

Edward Rothfarb

Michael & Lynn Reichgott Julian & Frieda Reitman Drs. Barak & Laura Richman Elizabeth & Hershel Richman

Steven Rothman & Kathleen Tierney Dan Rothstein & Ana Karchmer Merrill & Laura Rotter Nathalie Rubens & Saul Goodman

Elisabeth L. Richter

Jerry & Bernice Rubenstein

Joseph & Naomi Skop Richter

The Rubin Family Foundation

Robert & Ellen Rinsky

Jane Rubin

Steven M. Riskin & Claudine Isaacs

Peter J. Rubinstein

Arthur & Judy Robbins

Peter Rukin & Sharon Djemal

Rachel & Richard Robbins

Dr. David & Mrs. Catharine D. Rush

Dan J. Roberts & Amanda Gellar

The Robert Russell Memorial Foundation

Jeffrey Robinson & Carol Stockton

Rebecca & David Russo

Ropes & Gray Bruce A. Rosen

Ruth Gottlieb Ryave Jonathan L. & Barbara Ryder


NIF 2016 Annual Report


$1,000–$2,499 continued

$1,000–$2,499 continued James & Margery Sabin Michael & Julie Salinger Charlotte Salomon & R. Scott Fetherston Judy Samelson Alfred & Marta Samulon Victor & Annette Sandler Claire Satlof & Jeffrey Bedrick The Sheree Savar Philanthropic Fund Judith & Richard Schachter Charles E. Scheidt

Joshua Segal & Jennifer Geetter

Aviva Panush & Mitch Silverman

Lawrence P. Seidman

Jan Silverstein

Joel & Beverley Seligson

Ernest & Eve Simon

Elisabeth Semel & James Thomson

Daniel & Maxine Singer

Rita R. Semel

Louis & Jean Sloss Mitchell & Valerie Slotnick

Vice President in North America Weston, MA

Brian Lurie

Margaret & Howard Shainberg Gail & Steve Shak

Ronda Small & Ira Wolfman

Elah Alkalay

Los Angeles, CA

Leslie Shalom Risa Shames & Neil Silverston Gary & Dana Shapiro

Seymour Smidt Malcolm & Betty Smith Richard & Greta Smolowe

Robert Socolow Eugene Sofer & Judith Bartnoff

Leonard Schley Alice & Robert Schloss Geraldine C. Schneeberg

Arleen Sorkin

Charles Taylor & Lisa Cannon Taylor

Rabbi Abigail N. Sosland Helen & Thomas Spiro Arthur Spitzer & Elisabeth K. Boas Alfred & Ruth Sporer

Paul M. Schneider Lisbeth B. Schorr & Family The Schreck Family Foundation Martha & David Schurman Jolie Schwab & David Hodes Amy Schwartz & Eric Koenig Donald & Mary Schwartz Jodi J. Schwartz Jonathan & Oriyan Schwartz Victoria Schwartz Rabbi Sid Schwarz & Sandy Perlstein Lynn & Paul Sedway


Robert & Andrea Stanger

Greg Sharenow & Julie Gersten

Marc & Wendy Stanley

Reuben & Leona Shevitz Varda Shiffer Audrey Shiffman & Peter Langmaid Alan & Heidi Shonkoff Hannah P. Shostack Susan & Judd Shoval Edwin & Ellen Sue Shulkin Adam Shyevitch & Nicole Lamberg Ariella Sidelsky & Roy Alcalay Peter Siegel & Hope Stevens David Silberman & Claire Engers Jonathan Silberman & Debra Fields Jackie & Manny Silverman

Steven & Sheila Taube

Dr. Anna Newman Taylor

Harold (z”l) & Myra Shapiro

Steven Sheriff & Michele Alperin

James Taber & Mia Simring

Rabbi Felicia L. Sol

Miriam R. Stampfer

Rochelle E. & Jesse Shereff

Acclaimed Palestinian-Israeli singer Mira Awad (second from right) performed at NIF’s “Mobilizing for a Shared Society” concert in Boston and spoke about the importance of building a shared society in Israel.

Dr. Ingrid D. Tauber & Frank Taforo

Joanne Shapiro

Corey & Amichai Shdaimah

Paul Egerman

Howard & Ann Sohn

Ann Sprayregen & Shalom Sperber

Jean Schiro-Zavela & Vance Zavela

Menachem Lorberbaum

Karen Senter

funded monthly tours of Hebron so that ordinary Israelis could learn about the harsh reality of the occupation.

Mary Beth Schiffman

Executive Director in Israel Mevaseret Zion, Israel

Michael & Kathleen Slater


Mark & Isabel Schiffer

Itzik Danziger

Vice President in Israel Ra’anana, Israel

Rachel Liel

Michelle R. Sender

Ten gifts of

Steven & Bonni Schiff

NIF Board President Beit Zayit, Israel

Rabbi Jonathan Slater

Deborah Kaufman & Alan Snitow

Rabbi Laurence Scheindlin & Alison Mayersohn

Talia Sasson

James Steiker & Wendy Epstein

Rayla G. Temin, in memory of Howard M. Temin Bruce Temkin & Judson Morrow Bruce & Judith Tennebaum Judith Tenzer Benn Gregory & Rachel Tertes

Ruth Waddell & Eric Stockel Susan R. Stockel Marshall Stoller & Mikiko Huang Or Zarua Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay Walter I. Strauss

Milton & Miriam Waldbaum Family Foundation

Louise W. Wiener

Murry & Marilyn Waldman Andrea & Arthur Waldstein Jacqueline D. Waldstein The Sarah Wall Memorial Trust Dr. Bettyruth Walter Joan Warshaw

Henry Webber & Christine Jacobs

Marjorie B. Tiven

Gail Tomberg Jay & Joan Topkis Ilana Trachtman & Jonathan Friedan Abigail Rome Steven Tulkin & Sydney Kapchan

ERJ Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven

Richard & Ann Weiner The Odyssey Fund

Michael & Bryna Sweedler

Dianne & Daniel Vapnek D. Jean Veta & Mary Ann Dutton Michael & Serene Victor Milton & Judith Viorst

Rabbi Max Weiss Stephen & Rita Weisskoff Rabbi Lisa Grant & William Weitzer Janet Zwick & Daniel J. Weitzner Richard & Beatrice Wernick Westchester Reform Temple Gerald Westheimer

Stephen Gunther

Ross, CA

David N. Myers Achinoam “Noa” Nini

Tel Aviv, Israel

Treasurer Santa Monica, CA

Debra Pell

Amal Elsana Alh’jooj

Carole Segal

Beersheva, Israel

Odeh Bisharat Nazareth, Israel

Vadim Blumin

Tel Aviv, Israel

Naomi Chazan

Jerusalem, Israel

Peter Edelman

Iris Witkowsky

Washington, DC

Gregory Witter & Anne McGonigle

Franklin M. Fisher

Beit Zayit, Israel

Chicago, IL

Clive Sheldon London, England

Daniel Sokatch

Chief Executive Officer San Francisco, CA

Mary Ann Stein Bethesda, MD

Yael Sternhell

Tel Aviv, Israel

Yossi Sucary

Rabbi Peretz & Becki Wolf-Prusan

Cambridge, MA

Tel Aviv, Israel

Susan & Robert Wolfe

Sanford Gallanter

Jenna Weinberg

Fredric Woocher & Wendy Dozoretz Carl Woolf Linda Yenkin

Ruth Zalika

Jed Ariel Weiss & Ilana Braun Weiss

Jack & Margrit Vanderryn

Doug Wissoker & Alys Cohen

Norma & Arnold Zack

Dr. Jonathan W. Uhr

Joe Sultan & Sandy Chilewich

Mordechai & Barbara Winter

Sheila Weinberg & Maynard Seider

Jan I. Weiss

Michael & Marion Usher

Steven P. Willner

Denis Weil

Andrea Turner

Avi & Yael Urban

Carole F. Wilder

Josephus Youngerman & Ronnie Scharfman

Barbara C. Weisenfeld

Richard & Gail Ullman Charitable Gift Fund

Noam Wiener & Laura Appleby

Kevin & Susan Weidenbaum

Judith Tuller

Raphael van Nieuwenhoven

Emanuel Tabachnik & Debra Levis

Larry Frankel & Martha Whitman

Barry & Elsa Waxman

Peter E. Strock

Barbara Tabachnick

David Waksberg & Ellen Bob

Paul Tischler

Aaron & Ziva Tomares

Merrily & Maurice Sterns

Roger White

Walter (z”l) & Anne Tick

Jonathan Steinberg & Alice Cohen

Judge Edward Stern & Judge Maxine Chesney

Stanley Wachs

Susan Thal

Udi Toledano

Robert & Ann Stephens

Carol & Brad White

David Wasserman & Susan Ginsberg

Harold & Vera Stein

Edward Steinhouse

Deborah Waber

Secretary Kfar Mordechay, Israel

Jerusalem, Israel

B. Andrew Zelermyer & Daniel Romanow Rabbi Daniel & Louise Zemel Rabbi Irwin Zeplowitz Elaine Leitner & Steve Zieff Naomi & Michael Zigmond Jonathan F. Zimman Deborah L. Zimmer Emer. Prof. Stanley Zimmering/Brown University

San Francisco, CA

Joan Garson

Toronto, Canada

William (Bill) Goldman

San Francisco, CA

Lisa Greer

Los Angeles, CA

New York, NY

Reem Younis Nazareth, Israel

Carole Zabar New York, NY

U.S. Offices New York (HQ) New Israel Fund

6 East 39th Street, Suite 301

New York, NY 10016

San Francisco

235 Montgomery Street, Suite 920

San Francisco, CA 94104 415.543.5055

415.543.6066 fax


Washington, D.C.

212.714.2153 fax


437 Newtonville Avenue, #4

Newton, MA 02460

International Offices

Chicago, IL 60610


P.O. Box 53410




305.392.4004 fax

Los Angeles 3250 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1630


44.207.724.2299 fax


Postfach 023565

202.842.0991 fax


Miami, FL 33172

London N2 9DF


Washington, DC 20037

1400 NW 107th Avenue

Unit 2, Bedford Mews



New Israel Fund UK

2100 M Street NW, Suite 619


106 W. Germania Place, #254

United Kingdom

New Israel Fund Jerusalem 91534 972.2.672.3099 fax

Neuer Israel Fonds Deutschland 10127 Berlin


www.nif-deutschland. de


Neuer Israel Fonds Schweiz

Postfach 425 CH-4010 Basel



New Israel Fund Australia

Jerusalem, Israel 91533

Sydney NSW 2000

PO Box 53395


972.2.673.5149 fax

Level 10, 65 York Street, 61.2.9045.3688

Los Angeles, CA 90010-1577 www.english.shatil.

NIF Global

323.964.0042 fax



323.NIF.1616 (323.643.1616)

New Israel Fund of Canada

801 Eglinton Avenue West #401

Toronto, Ontario M5N 1E3

Carol Zimmerman & David Abramson


Margot & Paul Zimmerman

Eleanor L. Zuckerman


NIF 2016 Annual Report

Thank you NIF, for believing in us from the very beginning. For helping us promote religious freedom and transparency in the Knesset. Together we can make it happen. — Shira Ben-Sasson Furstenberg, Jewish Pluralism Watch/The Masorti Movement

We would like to thank NIF for supporting our efforts to uphold human rights and the rule of law, through the public campaign for the evacuation of the unauthorized outpost of Amona.

The New Israel Fund has supported us from day one and this past year has strengthened and enhanced our bond. With every challenge we face, we always know that NIF has our back and will help us overcome.

— Gilad Grossman, Yesh Din

— Yuli Novak and Avner Gvaryahu, Breaking the Silence

With your support we are working to reshape Israel's standing in the Middle East, Europe and the Mediterranean. Thank you for enabling us to promote a paradigm shift in Israeli foreign policy, enhance Israel's regional belonging, and advance Israeli-Arab peace. — Nimrod Goren, Mitvim

What gives us the power to keep going, is knowing that the New Israel Fund support is first and foremost a moral support, built on a solid partnership of shared values and a shared hope for a better future.

We are deeply indebted to NIF for its commitment to equality, democracy and shared society, and for suporting us since 1991. Your support for our project advancing the inclusion of Arab citizens in the Hebrew-language media has enabled us to substantially increase the quantity and range of Arab voices being seen and heard in the public discourse in Israel.

— Raluca Ganea, ZAZIM – Community Action

Thank you for speaking out against the occupation. — Danya Cohen and Sarit Michaeli, B’Tselem

Your support enables us to ensure that every woman who turns to us receives the best possible legal representation and emotional support in her often grueling quest for a get [religious divorce]. It allows us to keep pushing boundaries in our advocacy work in the Knesset to find a systemic solution to the problem of get refusal.

You can't wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time. Supporting NIF is the only choice for those who want to participate in the building of a just Israel.

— Batya Kahana-Dror, Mavoi Satum

— Anat Hoffman, Israel Religious Action Center

Thank you for supporting our efforts to build an inclusive, socially cohesive society in Israel. — Yaniv Sagee, Givat Haviva

— Rawnak Natour and Ron Gerlitz, Sikkuy

I am sincerely grateful for two of NIF donors’ traits— courage and trust in their Israeli grantees.

I want to thank NIF for helping us create Tag Meir almost 6 years ago. Without NIF and Shatil, this amazing project would not and could not be possible. Thank you!

— Boaz Rakocz, The Whistle – Independent and Accurate Media for Israel

Your support allows us to continue to work with the courts, the Knesset, and civil society to tackle the most urgent injustices in Israel and the areas under its control. We’re so grateful to have you on board. — Sharon Abraham-Weiss, Association for Civil Rights in Israel

— Gadi Gvaryahu, Tag Meir



NIF 2016 Annual Report

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The New Israel Fund The New Israel Fund (NIF) advances and protects liberal democracy in Israel. We believe that Israel can live up to its founders’ vision of a state that ensures complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants, without regard to religion, race, gender, or national identity. Widely credited with building Israel’s progressive civil society from scratch, we have provided over $300 million to more than 900 cutting-edge organizations since our inception. And we are more

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TRAVEL Go behind the headlines and examine the realities of contemporary Israeli life. Meet the leaders of Israel’s dynamic social change movement. Learn about challenges facing Israel as a Jewish and democratic state and the steps Israelis are taking to meet these challenges. Tour participants come back energized partners in the effort to build a more just society in Israel.

than a funder; NIF is at philanthropy’s cutting edge


thanks in large part to Shatil.

Shatil Shatil is the New Israel Fund’s Initiative for Social Change. Shatil provides NIF grantees and other social change organizations with hands-on assistance, including training, resources, and workshops on various aspects of non-profit management. Today, NIF/Shatil is a leading advocate for democratic values, builds coalitions, empowers activists, and often takes the initiative in setting the public agenda.

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