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New Israel Fund:


New Initiatives for Democracy

“One of Israel’s greatest strengths is its origins as a democratic state committed to liberal values and human rights. Those basic

“We are at a stage where we are fighting for the soul of Israel…

truths are in danger of being lost.” —NYT editorial, Israel’s Embattled Democracy

“If this trend continues, all vestiges of democracy will one day disappear, and Israel will become just another Middle Eastern theocracy.” —NYT, Israel’s Fading Democracy

“Israel’s democratic principles are in need of reinforcement: We must remember that to this day, the principle of equality is not explicitly enshrined in any Basic Law, even if the Supreme Court has interpreted it as being part of the right to human dignity...” — Haaretz, A Move Away From Democracy

...the protection of Israe l’s democracy is the key to its future. Every thing else is secondary.” —Naomi Chazan

{ if you believe in organizations that are on the cutting edge of social change take bold steps to effect progressive change in Israel passionately advance a liberal, pluralistic, and just society are developing an inspirational vision for Israel’s future in the missions of ACLU People for the American Way Human Rights Campaign NAACP Legal Defense Fund Southern Poverty Law Center Economic Policy Institute Media Matters for America Center for American Progress National Partnership for Women & Families

then we share the same values We have always asked you to invest in social change with us. This is not about tzedakah, it is about mobilizing resources and strategically investing them in high-impact work that will help us realize the Israel that we dream of — the Israel envisioned by the founders of the State as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence: Peace, Equality, Justice.

that Israel is striving for an ideal not yet attained


3 New Initiatives for Democracy

NIF is…

Visionary VISIONARY:

NIF Total Revenue

It is time to look past the current

evaluating progress in the short term. Using

stalemate on key domestic and foreign policy

objective research and best global practices,

issues. Our founders envisioned an Israel with a

we will work towards substantive change in

vibrant “third sector” to effect social change. We

Israeli society that reverses years of stagnation,

now take their vision to the next level, to build a

polarization and reliance on ultra-nationalist and

shared society, reduce polarization and reaffirm

exclusionary paradigms.

Israel’s identity as a liberal democracy.


$ 4 4 9, 0 0 4


$ 29,403,731

Integrated I N T E G R AT E D :

NIF envisions an integrated

“ecosystem” where new partners and veteran grantees work together, developing and using

In the 35 years since its founding, the New Israel Fund has played a critical role in developing and seed-funding Israeli civil society organizations that have had a significant impact on the lives of all Israelis.

particular issues. By integrating and unifying the work of progressive activists across Israel, we will magnify their impact, move beyond temporary coalitions and build the architecture for a revived progressive movement.

Social change is a long

FA R - S I G HTE D :

has worked on the cutting edge of social change.

process, two steps forward and one back. The

resources, to effect innovative, progressive social change in Israel.

New ideas are desperately needed in

Israel. Our partnership with think-and-do tanks and our network of social change professionals can succeed by researching and recommending new policies, embracing new strategies and

Bold finding new ways to communicate with an often-apathetic and cynical Israeli public.


From the first rape crisis centers to the banning of torture in interrogations, the NIF family

Now we are ready to take bold new steps, using our knowledge, expertise and financial


new tools that reach across sectors and


New Israel Fund has the experience to take the long view while establishing benchmarks and

NIF knows that progress on a few issues or among a few population sectors isn’t

enough — only an interconnected and ambitious initiative can succeed over the long term in building a better Israel.

5 New Initiatives for Democracy

New Initiatives for Democracy (NIFD) are designed to complement our existing work and create an ecosystem in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. NIFD will BUILD UP toward power and influence, REACH OUT to new constituencies, and FOCUS IN by concentrating resources.


How can we enlist activists in progressive campaigns?

How do we build bridges to new constituencies?


By using Online Engagement to build an activist community.

Over the past two decades, the Internet has redefined our reality in almost every aspect of life — media consumption, consumer activity, political and social interaction, and more. It has provided an entirely new set of tools that, when used well, can facilitate civic engagement, organize and mobilize people around causes, and build constituencies with power. After California’s Silicon Valley, Israel is the most concentrated hub of technological innovation in the world. In addition to their technological savvy, Jewish Israelis enjoy a sense of ‘civic entitlement’ — they believe that their voices and votes matter. NIF’s new investments in online organizing seek to capitalize on the potential for smarter use of new technologies to enlarge and empower progressives.

Online Organizing from the Bottom Up A major component of NIF’s new investment will be seed-funding an Israeli multi-issue platform. The mission of a multi-issue group is to find as many people as possible who agree with a broad range of progressive issues — and then expand their power and influence through strategic, consistent collective action. In this bottom-up model, the grassroots themselves decide which issues

The Masorti-Mizrachi sector — Israelis of Middle Eastern origin who adhere to traditional Jewish observance — are a key constituency in Israel, and one that cares strongly about many issues of social justice and inclusion. For historic and traditional reasons, however, this constituency has often rejected affiliation with progressive groups and movements.

will spark the public imagination and garner significant support online.

Bolstering Non-Profits Online

Founded in 1860, KIAH is the most veteran and distinguished organization operating in this Israeli sector today. In response to increased racism and polarization in Israel, KIAH is expanding beyond its traditional focus on education, and moving to establish itself as a strong public voice for tolerance and democratic values in the Masorti-Mizrachi community.

NIF’s action-arm Shatil — alongside ANU, an organization specializing in digital campaigning — will be providing strategic expertise to grassroots organizations to enhance their expertise in online organizing. Shatil will provide a range of trainings and seminars to bring together activists and leaders around online engagement tools and opportunities.

Together, NIF and KIAH will amplify a Masorti-Mizrachi voice to counter racism, intolerance, and exclusion. We aim to strengthen the dialogue between human rights and other social change organizations that are part of the progressive camp and the MasortiMizrachi community. We believe that there can be symbiosis between traditional Jewish and progressive values, and that segments of a community that has long seen itself as marginalized can become valued and valuable allies.

Supporting Issue Organizations and Campaigns Single-issue campaigns provide a unique opportunity to bring together activists — including unlikely bedfellows — around a specific cause. In their work fighting for freedom of religion, for example, NIF grantee Be Free Israel mobilized over 25,000 people — including a mix of progressives, right-wing secular Russian immigrants, and others who object to ultra-Orthodox hegemony — using mostly online tools. NIF intends to further invest in and support singleissue campaigns and organizations in implementing effective digital strategies.

The NIF Ecosystem

Engage using digital tools

By Reaching Mizrachi Communities in ways that emphasize shared values.

Reach Mizrachi communities

Articulate progressive vision and policy

Promote progressive forces in the local arena

Expand the camp

Reclaim national security

Correct media misinformation and bias

Strengthen progressive leadership

7 New Initiatives for Democracy

How do we change Israelis’ day-to-day lives for the better?

How can we change the discourse and advance our values? With new partners who can Articulate a Progressive Vision and Policy. Emulating the American conservative movement, Israel’s ultra-nationalist camp developed a well-funded network that dominates Israeli discourse and works to influence politicians and policy-makers, while selectively elevating like-minded organizations and leaders. Israeli progressives, meanwhile, have failed to articulate an overarching vision that could yield real change. As a result, they are too often viewed as ineffectual, or as the voice of a chastising conscience. However, the success of the right-wing machine in Israel does not necessarily reflect the political beliefs and values of other broad segments of the Israeli public. Recent polling suggests that more than half of Israelis want real change on core issues facing the country including security, pluralism, social-economic equity, and Jewish-Arab relations.


By Promoting Solutions at the Local Level. The local arena, including municipal government, provides an avenue to promote civic engagement. Not only are local issues more likely to impact people’s everyday lives, but citizens advocating and organizing for policy change on the local level have a higher likelihood of success than in comparable country-wide campaigns. With

From Policy to Action

With NIF’s support, Molad intends to build and reinforce a coherent, strategic policy agenda, promote it through elite channels, and restore viable, intellectual leadership for liberal democracy in Israel.

A Catalyst for Change Molad also engages political leadership, organizations, journalists, pundits, opinion makers, and diplomats, providing them with fresh analysis and messaging. Its research teams also unearth findings on secret government activity that, when publicized, catalyses real policy change.

Where Progressive Meets Policy Enter Molad — the Israeli Center for the Renewal of Israeli Democracy.

Translating ideas into policy, Molad also runs a training program for young leaders. In addition, it holds non-partisan issue briefings for campaign managers and parliamentary aides; workshops on best practices with leading American grassroots organizers, pollsters and campaigners; and sponsors strategic communications forums with leading progressives.

Founded in 2012, Molad has quickly established itself as a leading think tank and hub for innovative thinking. In its short existence, it has already undertaken ambitious research on some of Israel’s touchiest subjects; generated significant policy

Engage using digital tools

Reach Mizrachi communities

Articulate progressive vision and policy

NIF’s operational arm, Shatil has developed an approach to organizing on the local level that deepens roots for democratic change-making in communities

around the country. These efforts establish relationships between national and local players. By identifying and leveraging local campaigns with national ramifications — particularly around issues related to shared society, pluralism, racism, and discrimination — we can influence the national direction.

commentary, analyses, and recommendations; and established itself as the go-to institution for savvy political leaders, the media, and progressive strategists in Israel and abroad.

We believe that an applied think tank — in some ways similar to the Center for American Progress — that focuses on changing the public debate in Israel can play a foundational role in building a cohesive set of progressive, democratic initiatives. It can generate new ways to think about old problems; facilitate mobilization through communication and outreach; and put forward clear policy recommendations based on those ideas. Producing strategic research, analyses, and communications, it can respond to and reframe issues dominating the public discourse.

The NIF Ecosystem

the left-right schism less acute, alliances across groups and communities are more likely, and the ability to engage diverse constituencies is much greater.

Promote progressive forces in the local arena

Expand the camp

Reclaim national security

Correct media misinformation and bias

Strengthen progressive leadership

9 New Initiatives for Democracy

How can we build bridges to communities outside the progressive camp with whom we share values?



Expanding the Circles

Working in the Local Arena

From dialogue to action, Shaharit is working to create new partnerships and jumpstart social change. Russian, Arab, ultra-Orthodox and other Israelis bring fresh voices to the public debate that include their complex religious, cultural, and national identities.

Despite high tensions and increasing polarization between sectors at the national level, there is significant potential for collaboration locally. The successful joint secular/religious effort to fight women’s exclusion in Jerusalem is an excellent example of positive change at the municipal level that also impacted the national agenda. Additionally, prior to the 2013 municipal elections, Shaharit nurtured coalitions that brought together diverse constituencies in 20 locations throughout Israel, creating an inclusive vision for their towns, with some participants eventually going on to join the leadership in their municipalities. They are now expanding this network to include work in the Arab towns of Sakhnin and Arara, and in the northern border town of Kiryat Shemona.

For example, two years of meetings between leading human rights advocates and ultra-religious educators have revealed shared values that inform both human rights and traditional religious discourse and that can underlie a budding partnership. And the first cohort in a yearlong leadership program launching in the fall of 2014 will bring together emerging leaders from Israel’s diverse communities who share a commitment to a common set of core values for Israeli society.

By partnering with a think-do tank that creates new alliances and possibilities.

In order to mobilize the largest possible constituency in Israeli society for a democratic, shared future, we must build bridges to constituencies that do not identify as progressive but that share goals and values.


Alongside Shaharit, NIF aims to build coalitions advocating for an Israel rooted in decency, fairness, and social justice.

The NIF Ecosystem

Engage using digital tools

Reframing the conversation and generating innovative ideas are at the core of Shaharit’s mission. Shaharit Fellows, a multicultural team of intellectuals/ activists, have already published dozens of articles in the Israeli press; a newly formed group is working to develop a socially conscious economic agenda; and the annual Shaharit Survey on Social and Political Values, now in its second year, will continue to examine the relationship between social and political values and map potential partners between unlikely communities.

How can we move policy from military to political solutions?

Shaharit, a “think-and-do tank,” promotes partnerships that span the divides in Israeli society — right/left, religious/ secular, Jews/Arabs, and Mizrachim/Ashkenazim — with the aim of creating networks vital for future collaboration across sectors. Shaharit conducts research and surveys, promotes intellectual discourse, brings disparate communities together, and facilitates partnerships.


Building the Intellectual Infrastructure

By Reclaiming National Security to include progressive ideals.

National security is a litmus test for leadership in Israel, trumping other issues when citizens decide whom they trust to be in power. Despite the more recent focus on issues of social and economic equity, there is a perception among many Israelis that only the right can be trusted with military security.

Reach Mizrachi communities

Articulate progressive vision and policy

Promote progressive forces in the local arena

Expand the camp

Reclaim national security

Correct media misinformation and bias

Strengthen progressive leadership

Through our partnership with the Council on Peace and Security (CPS), a progressive association of former senior security officials in Israel, we intend to reclaim and redefine the security discourse. By amplifying CPS’ resources and outreach, we can counter the current narrative, which exploits security issues for the purposes of defending the occupation. With our assistance increasing organizational resources, CPS will focus on articulating new and compelling ideas on the immediate and long-term security challenges facing the country, and on redefining the security paradigm in ways consistent with progressive values. They will provide a strong and reputable voice for moderation on security policy issues.

11 New Initiatives for Democracy

How can we engage the next generation in revitalizing Israeli democracy?

In the last decade, the Israeli media landscape has changed considerably. Many newspapers have been consolidated under right-wing ultra-nationalist ownership, skewing coverage of issues and the editorial voice to the ultra-nationalist perspective. Israel’s most popular newspaper is funded by a conservative American billionaire, hews closely to the Likud line, and is distributed to hundreds of thousands of Israelis every day.

Beyond rapidly responding to misinformation in the media, the organization will work with online organizers to encourage activist support for campaigns that combat hate speech. Building up a meaningful presence on social media sites will be critical in quickly getting the word out about the organization’s findings. These campaigns will also give ordinary Israelis an opportunity to participate in combating ultra-nationalist “spin” and contribute to rebutting media falsehoods.

‫היום‬ '‫עלייה בטמפ‬

‫מחר‬ ‫התחממות‬

‫ עותקים‬320,00

02 '‫ עמ‬,‫רואי חשבון‬0 ‫מודפס ב‬ ‫*באישור‬

64 ‫גיליון ענק‬ ‫עמודים‬

:‫המונדיאל‬ ‫מש‬ ‫חקינרחב באתר‬ ‫סיקור‬ isra


‫תקפה ברמת הגולן‬ ‫למ‬


‫העולם היום‬ ‫ "ירדן ריכזה‬:‫וערת‬ "‫עיראק בצבא לאורך הגבול‬ ‫כוחות‬


‫ תקלה‬:‫חדשות היום יעות‬ ‫בשיא עונת‬ ‫הנסעשרות טיסות‬ ‫בנתב"ג עיכבה‬

‫"ל תקף בסוריה‬ ‫צה‬

‫בא סוריה בתגובה‬ ‫ יעדים של צ‬9 ‫קף‬ ‫ צה"ל ת‬01:30

,‫היישוב יתד‬ ‫גדר‬ ‫פיסת המחבל‬ ‫באזור ת‬ .‫יכלית שנפגעה‬ ‫הממוחמד קראקרה‬ :‫מימין‬

03 '‫מור << עמ‬


‫אב‬ ‫ונהרג מפגיעת‬ ‫יו בתוך אי ודאות‬ ‫ביו"ש מנווטים‬ ‫מחיל ההנדסה‬ ‫הל"ם‬ :‫בא אסד √ יו"ש‬- ‫הגיע עם אביו לעבודה‬ ‫לוחמי י מנהרה בבית‬ ‫חושפים‬ ‫(האוויר תקף מפקדות של צ יד חצה את גדר‬13) ‫ מוחמד קראקרה‬:‫סוריה‬ 02 '‫ עמ‬,‫ מחבל שנשא רימון סיריוטי‬:‫ חיל עזה‬- ‫ חזיתות √ גבול ישראל הגבול; לאחר חצות‬3 ‫עוטף‬ ‫גדר‬ ‫בין‬ ‫ילך שובל ודניאל‬ ‫טיל נ"ט במיכלית מים ליד מנהרות ומעבדות נפץ √רית אשכול √ ל‬ ‫רות‬ ‫במועצה האזו‬ ‫לוחמי הנדסה חשפו עשידי סייר אזרחי‬ ‫ ונלכד על‬- ‫כת‬ ‫המער‬

‫חות בחקירת‬ ‫התפת‬ ‫שלי דדון‬ ‫רצח‬ ‫יותר מאי פעם‬ ‫משטרה קרובה‬ ‫חיים‬ ‫שה‬ ‫ הכאב קו‬,‫משך‬ ‫בסיוט מת‬

‫בית גוברין‬ ‫ליגה‬ ‫בהעולמית‬

‫ "אנחנו‬:‫קב‬ ‫ייתכן‬ 15 '‫לפענוח מלא √ אביה יע רע" √ עמ‬




The NIF Ecosystem

Engage using digital tools

Reach Mizrachi communities

Articulate progressive vision and policy

Promote progressive forces in the local arena

‫מתקדם יותר‬

Expand the camp

Reclaim national security

Correct media misinformation and bias

Strengthen progressive leadership

‫חפשו אותנו‬ ‫בפייסבוק‬

‫י‬ ‫ו"ש‬


Misinformation is most dangerous when it metastasizes. The team of researchers will be critical in catching and responding to errors within the news cycle, in addition to publishing long-form comprehensive research analyzing and influencing the media landscape in Israel. Staffers will fact check and identify instances of inciting or racist language daily.



With no medium left unscrutinized — cable and network TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and websites — researchers will meticulously scour the media for misinformation. Their work will allow for real-time knowledge of the news cycle, note broader trends in coverage, and foster research items or blog posts. The organization will aim to build a reputation as a trustworthy resource, with the capacity to rapidly respond to unfolding events by disseminating reliable facts and information.

‫סו‬ ‫ריה‬

NIF is seed-funding a new organization that will systematically monitor print, broadcast, and online media outlets for falsehoods and misinformation — particularly news or commentary that is inaccurate or misinformed, and that serves to advance an antidemocratic agenda. Like Media Matters in the US, a professional Israeli media monitoring organization can hold journalists and media outlets accountable to the truth and help keep the media a free marketplace of ideas.

Media Monitoring

on fostering deep knowledge and cooperation within a single issue area, while connecting leaders who share common values, the program facilitates the creation of strategic partnerships among these leaders and other decisionmakers and opinion-leaders.

‫ דו"צ‬:‫צילום‬


With sophisticated Media Monitoring and Rapid Response to misinformation.

After years of recruiting and training new leaders from many sectors of Israeli society, Shatil is now developing a program to help existing or emerging leaders expand their skills. While leadership development is not new to Shatil, the initiative proposes new models and uses best practices from other democratic societies. Focusing

‫ ליאור מזרחי‬:‫צילום‬

Emerging leaders dedicated to the values of liberal democracy need opportunities to collaborate, develop their skills, and grow as social change professionals. Investing in a better trained cohort of young leaders, and enabling them to network, can have a profound influence on the course of the country for a generation.





By refining training and engagement to Create Progressive Leadership.

23|06|14 ‫יום שני‬ ‫כ"ה בסיוון תשע"ד‬ 1978 '‫גיליון מס‬ ‫ללא תשלום‬

How do we challenge growing right-wing bias in the media?

‫למזמינים‬ ‫עכשיו‬ ‫התקנה תוך‬

‫ הגן‬:‫השמינית‬ ‫כבוד בפעם‬ ‫ מערות‬- ‫גוברין‬ ‫לאומי "בית‬ ‫שבעת אתרי‬ ‫ה רשה" הצטרף ל‬ ‫ולמית המוכרזים‬ ‫מ‬ ‫הע‬ ‫המורשת ידי אונסק"ו‬ ‫שראל על‬ 17 '‫ עמ‬,‫בי לביא‬ ‫√ דן‬

‫סינון הספירלי‬ ‫עם טכנולוגיית ה‬ !‫טובים מאי פעם‬ ‫חדש‬ ‫בר המים ה טיחה לכם מים‬ ‫המב‬

* 8191 :‫חייגו עכשיו‬


.‫בבית הלקוח‬

‫תקנה סטנדרטית‬

‫לאפשרות ה‬

‫ כפוף‬.‫והערבה‬

‫ציפוי אנטי‬ ‫קטריאלי לחלקים‬ ‫ב חשופים למים‬

‫מעט אזור אילת‬

.‫ ויש ספירל‬,‫בר‬ ‫יש‬

‫החלפת‬ ‫סננים‬ ‫פעם בשנה‬

‫ ל‬,‫בימי שישי‬


‫מים‬ ‫מטוהרים‬ ‫בטמפ׳ החדר‬

‫ למעט‬,16:00



‫מסך מגע‬ ‫חדשני‬

Ful Full





New Initiatives for Democracy

‫בלבד עד השעה‬




‫קטרה בר ספירל‬

‫למזמינים אל‬

,30.6.14 ‫תוקף עד‬


The NIF Ecosystem NIF’s new programs and partnerships are built on the foundation of our existing relationships with hundreds of social change organizations, and are designed to integrate with them. The diagram below illustrates how our eight new programs will interrelate with 18 existing grantees; the color-coding demonstrates a relationship or an overlap in issues and objectives between existing and new partners.


progressive vision and policy Developing and promoting progressive policy alternatives

Association of Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) Israel’s oldest and largest human rights organization


p. Ahoti - Sister for Women in Israel A Mizrachi-feminist organization that empowers marginalized women

Kav LaOved - Worker’s Hotline Providing legal aid to Israel’s most disadvantaged workers

Negev Coexistence Forum Arabs and Jews working for equality for all those living in the Negev

Israel Religious Action Center The key advocacy organization for religious pluralism in Israel

Breaking the Silence — Veteran Israeli combat soldiers providing testimony about serving in the occupied territories

The Social Guard — An innovative initiative that maintains a constant civic monitoring presence in the Knesset

Sikkuy The preeminent shared society organization in Israel

Adva Center — A non-partisan policy analysis institute focused on economic equality and social justice




Mizrachi communities


national security

the camp

Redefining the security paradigm in the public sphere based on progressive values

Establishing a strong public voice for tolerance and democratic values in the Mizrahi community

Building alliances and constituencies based on the “common good”




progressive forces in the local arena Leveraging local campaigns for national impact on issues related to core values






using digital tools


media misinformation and bias

Infusing the sector with new tools for engaging people online — including starting up a new organization

Creating a media monitoring apparatus to hold journalists and editors accountable to the truth









Kayan An Arab feminist organization focused on grassroots capacity building


Public Knowledge Workshop Promoting open government and public knowledge in the public sphere and among relevant target audiences

Dirasat A “think-and-do-tank” working on behalf of the Palestinian minority in Israel

Tag Meir Coalition — More than 40 organizations working to “spread the light” with a message of nonviolence, tolerance and anti-racism

Shatil Center for Policy Change Develops and disseminates skills and strategies for social change

progressive leadership Investing in a better networked, more skilled, and more robust cohort of young leaders





B’Tselem The leading human rights organization working in the occupied territories





Israel Hofshit (Be Free Israel) — The only Israeli grassroots movement whose mission is promoting freedom of religion and pluralism

Mossawa The advocacy center for Palestinian citizens of Israel

Kolech: Religious Women’s Forum The first Orthodox feminist organization in Israel

15 New Initiatives for Democracy

2013 Donors $1,000– $2,499 Continued

Joan L. Treiman Steven Tulkin & Sydney Kapchan Dr. Jonathan W. Uhr Richard & Gail Ullman Michael & Marion Usher Jack & Margrit Vanderryn Dianne Vapnek Sharisse & James Vergara D. Jean Veta & Mary Ann Dutton Barbara Volin Elizabeth Vorenberg Philip Wachs & Juliet I. Spitzer David Waksberg & Ellen Bob Milton & Miriam Waldbaum Family Foundation Andrea & Arthur Waldstein The Sarah Wall Memorial Trust Dr. Bettyruth Walter John H. Walter Ron & Marilyn Walter Joan Warshaw Gerald J. & Naomi Wasserburg David Wasserman & Susan Ginsberg Leonard M. Wasserman

Henry Webber & Christine Jacobs Emily Aber & Robert Wechsler Penny Kirsch Wein & Bruce J. Wein Alan Weiner & Nancy Maizels Sanford & Karen Weiner Marilyn (z”l) & Raymond Weisberg Roger Weisberg & Karen Freedman Carl & Jamie Weisbrod Barbara C. Weisenfeld Weiser Family Foundation Charlotte Weiss Jed Ariel Weiss & Ilana Braun Weiss Jeff & Paula Kramer Weiss Nina Weissberg Richard & Beatrice Wernick The Western Wall for All Carol & Brad White Howard J. Wial Ruth Wielgosz & Benjamin Edelman Louise W. Wiener Noam Wiener Carole F. Wilder Jonathan Wilkenfeld & Suzanne Stutman

Mordechai & Barbara Winter Iris Witkowsky Carl Wolf Estate of Beverly Wolfe, (z”l) Susan & Robert Wolfe Robert & Joan Wolff Brenda A. Wolfson Steven & Elsa Wolfson Drs. Steven & Sybil Wolin Fredric Woocher & Wendy Dozoretz

Benjamin & Denise Zalman B. Andrew Zelermyer & Daniel Romanow Jonathan F. Zimman Deborah Zimmer Emer. Prof. Stanley Zimmering /Brown University Alan & Monica Zimmerman Rabbi Jessica Zimmerman Graf & Dr. Jonathan Graf


Three gifts of $1,000 funded a cooperative restaurant Donor Impact — born out of the 2011 social justice protests — that serves as a hub for social change activists.

Carl Woolf Carole Yass Gerald Yass Jeff Yass Linda Yenkin Michael Young & Debra Raskin Josephus Youngerman & Ronnie Scharfman

The New Israel Fund


The New Israel Fund (NIF) is the leading

Shatil is the New Israel Fund’s Initiative for

organization advancing democracy and equality for all

Social Change.

Israelis. We believe that Israel can live up to its founders’

SHATIL provides NIF grantees and other social change

vision of a state that ensures complete equality of social

organizations with hands-on assistance, including training,

and political rights to all its inhabitants, without regard to

resources, and workshops on various aspects of non-profit

religion, race, gender, or national identity.


Widely credited with building Israel’s progressive civil

Today, NIF/SHATIL is a leading advocate for democratic

society from scratch, we have provided over $250

values, builds coalitions, empowers activists, and often

million to more than 850 cutting-edge organizations

takes the initiative in setting the public agenda.

since our inception. And we are more than a funder; NIF is at philanthropy’s cutting edge thanks in large part to SHATIL.

Margot & Paul Zimmerman Mark & Stacey Zoland Hillit Zwick

2013 NIF Board of Directors Brian Lurie

Yifat Bitton

Amal Jamal

Daniel Segal

President Ross, California

Ramat Hasharon, Israel

Yarka, Israel

Merion Station, Pennsylvania

Naomi Chazan

Dan Kurtzer

Peter Shapiro

Noam Lautman

Jerusalem, Israel

Princeton, New Jersey

South Orange, New Jersey

Vice President in Israel Tel Aviv, Israel

Itzik Danziger

Daniel Levy

Daniel Sokatch

Ra’anana, Israel

London, United Kingdom

Vice President in North America Washington, District of Columbia

Peter Edelman

Harriet Mouchly-Weiss

NIF Chief Executive Officer San Francisco, California

Washington, District of Columbia

New York, New York

Stephen Gunther

Paul Egerman

Debra Pell

Treasurer Santa Monica, California

Weston, Massachusetts

Beit Zayit, Israel and San Francisco, California

Yael Sternhell

Deborah Bussel

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Nicholas Saphir

Alfred (Fred) Tauber

Secretary Miami, Florida

Itzhak (Itzik) Galnoor

East Sussex, United Kingdom

Concord, New Hampshire and Jerusalem, Israel

Mary Ann Stein

Elah Alkalay Kfar Mordechay, Israel


Franklin Fisher

Jerusalem, Israel William (Bill) Goldman San Francisco, California

Talia Sasson Beit Zayit, Israel Carole Segal Chicago, Illinois

Jeffrey Solomon New York, New York

Tel Aviv, Israel

2013 Donors

2013 Donors

$1,000– $2,499 Continued

Victor J. Goldberg & Patricia A. Waldeck Laura Goldblum Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg & James Talbott Debbie J. Goldman Irle Goldman & Janet Yassen Karla A. Goldman Phyllis & Alvin Goldman Robert & Rebecca Goldman Susan Sachs Goldman Meredith J. Goldsmith Debra E. Goldstein Helen Goldstein Jeffrey & Doris Goldstein Rabbi Lisa L. Goldstein Susan Goldstein & Andy Kivel Ethan Goldstine Arthur & Judith Goodkind Rabbi Donald M. Goor & Cantor Evan Kent Enoch Gordis, M.D. Francine M. Gordon William Gorin David B. Gorodetzky Lois Lehrman Grass Foundation Bennett & Marcy Grau Richard & Mary Gray Arthur & Kathy Green Barbara & Isaac Green Jeffrey & Janie Green Sherri Greenbach & David Goldstein Arthur N. Greenberg Gerald & Sharon Greenberg Peter Greenberg Drs. Peter & Suzanne Greenberg David Greenfield Liz Greenstein Robert Greenstein Win & Jerry Greenwald Ted & Catherine Greenwood Susan E. Grosser Martin & Audrey Grossman Walter & Ruth Gusdorf Ronald & Amy Guttman Joel Handelman & Sarah Wolff Handelman


Frederic Haber & Jill Jacobs Samuel & Marlene Halperin Eliyahou & Britt Harari Dorothy Harman Earl Harris Fifteen Year Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Herbert & Stella Harris Vaughn P. Harrison Richard Harriton & Heather Gold Martin L. Haubenstock

Michael & Jacqueline Kallay Sheila B. Kamerman Grace Kamins Arlene Kanter & Steven Kepnes William & Phyllis Kantor Dalit Kaplan & Raphael Dascalu Norman & Audrey Kaplan Paula E. Kaplan Stephen & Rachel Kaplan

Arieh Konigl & Alice Roston Scott Koppelman Rabbi Emily Faust Korzenik Victor & Sarah Kovner Robin Kramarow Daniel Kramer & Judith Mogul Jane & Brian Krantz Maris & Jesse Krasnow Marvin & Gerry Kraus Arthur Kreiger & Rebecca Benson



Three gifts of $2,000 facilitated three conferences DONOR IMPACT promoting sociallyresponsible budget priorities in the run-up to the Israeli municipal elections.

Robert & Carol Hausman Rabbi Shai & Rachel Held Clifford Hendler & Deborah Neipris Hendler Alice H. Henkin Judith N. Herr Frederick Hertz Joshua Herzig-Marx Sandra D. Hess Highland Park Minyan Steven Hochstadt & Stephen Sass Paul Homer Mark & Loraine Horne Howard Horowitz & Alisse Waterston Jill Horowitz & Jonathan Kaufman Sylvia Horwitz Grace A. Hughes Arthur Hurwitz Toby R. Hyman Stephanie Ives & Yehuda Kurtzer Daniel Jackson & Claudia Marbach Peter & Karen Jakes Juel M. Janis Robert & Ellen Jasper Arthur & Lorie Juceam Beatrice & Robert Kahn Rachel Kalikow & David de Graaf

Warren Kaplan Michael & Donna Kaplowitz Chavi Karkowsky Karuna Foundation Richard Kass & Elaine Soffer Kates Diamond Family Foundation Rebecca Katz Richard & Heidi Katz Dr. & Mrs. Sidney W. Katz Elie Kaunfer & Lisa Exler Kehila Chadasha Tracey Keij-Denton & Eelco Keij Ezra Kenigsberg Kenneth Kenigsberg, M.D. Harry & Doraline Kesten Rabbi Emma KippleyOgman & Benj Kamm Adina Sue Kleiman Hugh Klein & Judy Lebedoff Jonathan Klein & Amy Schottenfels Sara & Jonathan Klein Karen Wilk Klein Stephen Klein Robert & Joan Klivans Martina & Michael Knee Jerry & Sharon Knoppow

Dr. Dolores Kreisman Doris & George Krevsky Stephan & Arlene Krieger Susan G. Krinsky Allen Kronstadt Joan Kuriansky David & Lucy KurtzerEllenbogen Rabbi Lawrence & Karen Kushner Becky & David Landis Betsy & Donald Landis Renata Landres Eva & Arthur Landy Patrick Lacefield & Dinah Leventhal Alyse Laemmle John Antignas & Rabbi Susan Laemmle Dr. Barbara Lafer Robert Lafsky, M.D. Ruth & Peter Laibson Ellie & Mark Lainer Jesse & Dani Lainer-Vos Richard Lapedes & Maureen Lynch Kenneth Larner Suzanne & David Larsen Evely Laser Shlensky Morelle Lasky Levine Elliott & Phyllis Lasser Stuart Laurence

Ariela Lazar & Daniel Diermeier Kenneth & Lucy Lehman Jonathan & Shelah Lehrer-Graiwer Marcia & Alan Leifer Suzanne Lerner Stephen O. Lesser Rabbi Marion LevCohen, Prof. Steven M. Lev Cohen Herbert & Bernice Levetown Irwin & Rachel Levin Jeryl Levin & Matthew Holzman Leonard & Beryl Levine John L. Levinsohn Judith Levitan Jack Levy & Judith Bass Paula & Joel Levy Zehava & Eyal Levy Gloria & William Lewit Rabbi Michael Lezak & Rabbi Noa Kushner Lee Lichter Jeffrey & Anna Lieblich Marc Lipsitch & Meira Levinson Alan Gordon Lipson & Judith D. Harris Alan & Sharon Lipworth Sarah Liron Edward & Philip ListonKraft Stuart Litwin & Laura Baskes Litwin Ellen Livingston & Jason Brown Michael Livingston & Anne Weiss Jeremy Lizt Noam Lockshin Henry & Elsie Loeb Gerald & Selma Lotenberg Inbar Telem & Martin Lowenstein Steven Lubet & Linda Lipton Marilyn Luebeck Steven Lurie Lynchburg Jewish Community Council Leonard S. & Maxine Lyons Phil & Carol Lyons Bernard Lytton, M.D.

Lois & Philip Macht Family Philanthropic Fund of THE ASSOCIATED Jeffrey D. Macklis Dagny Maidman Michael & Anita Malina Carol Malnick Judy Mann Marvin Marcus Paul & Annette Marcus Steven & Jeanne Marcus Jesse Margolin Judith Margolin & Seth Schwartz Judith & Michael Margulies Kenneth & Marlene Markison Jonathan Markowitz & Ruth Wenger John Marks Larry & Gladys Marks Paulina K. Marks Anthony & Lenore Martin Rabbi J. Rolando Matalon & Talia Hatzor Steven Matthews & Rebecca Stein Daniel & Noémi Mattis The Max Fund, Inc Daniel & Karen Mayers Medress Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation Emily & Bernard Mehlman Family Fund Joseph A. Meis Thomas Meites & Lynn Frackman Elyce Melmon Daniel Meltzer & Ellen Semonoff Jeffery Mendell & G. Edgar Adkins Sameer Merchant & Catherine Keene Ariel & Alison Meyerstein Philip Mezey Rabbi Rachel Mikva & Mr. Mark Rosenberg George & Roslyn Miller Lindsay & Aaron Miller Shirley & Mitchell Miller Vicki F. Miller & Warren Zinn Glenda & David Minkin

Rabbi Joshua & Betsy Minkin Margaret Mintz & John Birdsall Judith Mishkin Robert & Dale Mnookin Seth Morrison Moser Family Philanthropic Fund Mark Moskowitz Rabbi Steven Moskowitz David & Jenifer Mumford Ellen & Michael Mundell Evelyn Musher Shechter Jerold & Carol Muskin N. James & Ellen Myerberg David Myers & Nomi Stolzenberg Maxine Myers Benjamin Nahum & Tamar Roodner Amy J. Nathan Carol Navsky Bettyrose Nelson Stanley & Adella Nemer Jean & Nerenberg Janet Neuenschwander Ernest & Eva Miriam Newbrun Ms. Iris Newman Myra & Bruce Newman David & Marcia Nimmer Samuel Norich & Deborah Ugoretz Ilana Nossel & Jordan Kolar Libby Novack Nita Novy Christopher Noxon & Jenji Kohan Edward D. Ohlbaum & Karyn L. Scher Cynthia L Orensten Elissa & William Oshinsky Estelle Nachimoff Padawer Sheryl Parker & James Grayer Richard & Martha Pastcan David Paul & Marilyn Paul Karen Paul-Stern & Jonathan Stern Arthur Peck

Wendy Peikes Rabbi Ephraim Pelcovits & Rachel Weber Avigdor Pemper & Dr. Mark Rabiner Miriam Peretsman & Paul Breene Dan Perlman & Lili Zohar Daniel & Felice Perlmutter Joel & Jean Perwin Geoffrey P. Picket Pioneer Investments Judith Plaskow Rebecca Plaut Mautner Allan & Ruth Pleaner William & Karen Podolsky Dinah PoKempner & Robert Kushen Sandy Polishuk The Mark E Pollack Foundation The Jean & Henry Pollak Division of the Lucile & Maurice Pollak Fund Adam Pollock & Michal Lewin-Epstein Betty Ann Polse Ronald Poretz The Posel Foundation Frances R. Posel Sylvia Posner Adena Potok The Isaac & Leah M. Potts Foundation, Inc. Russell & Joni Pratt Debbie Rabina & Ulie Bardosh William Rabinowitz Edward Raboy Paula J. Rackoff Ariella & Michael Radwin Ruth Raisfeld & Leonard Benowich Jack Rapaport Robert & Margaret Rashti Elinor G. Ratner Julie Ratner Marshall A. Rauch Alan & Nancy Raznick David Reed & Laurie Fanger-Reed Barbara & Alan Reef Michael & Lynn Reichgott

John Reichman Fred N. Reiner & Sherry Levy-Reiner Sue Reinhold & Deborah Newbrun Julian & Frieda Reitman Eugene & Libby Renkin Eli & Adina Reshotko Paul Resnick & Caroline Richardson Peter & Susan Restler Catherine Ribnick Dorothy Richman & Michael Steinman Marilyn M. Richman Joseph & Naomi Skop Richter Ellen Rifkin Robert & Ellen Rinsky Zelma Rivin Arthur & Judy Robbins Rachel & Richard Robbins A.J. Robinson & Nicole Ellerine Adam J. Robinson Jeffrey Robinson & Carol Stockton Harold L. Rosen Lawrence & Corinne Rosen Professor Robert E. Rosen George & Dorothy Rosenbaum Diane Rosenberg Lucille & Jack Rosenberg Gerry Rosenstein Elden & Marjorie Rosenthal Sheldon & Rose Rosenthal

Dr. Rothschild & Dr. Baouendi Dan Rothstein & Ana Karchmer Judith & Michael Rowland Cynthia B. Rubin Jane Rubin Toby & Robert Rubin Dr. David & Mrs. Catharine D. Rush Edmond Russell Rebecca & David Russo Jonathan L. & Barbara Ryder Barbara Sachs Senn Adene Sacks & Joseph Hellerstein Anne Salsbury Amiram & Rena Samin Alfred & Marta Samulon David N. Saperstein Michael J. Sarid Claire Satlof & Jeffrey Bedrick Deborah & Larry Sayah Judith & Richard Schachter Machelle N. Schaeffer Thomas Schatzki Jim & Emily Scheinman Mary Beth Schiffman Philip Schild & Shirley Dichek Schild Jean Schiro-Zavela & Vance Zavela Leonard & Paula Schneiderman S. Ruth Schulman Jolie Schwab & David Hodes

Emily Segal & Andrew Ellis William & Madeline Selden Karen Senter Margaret & Howard Shainberg Risa Shames & Neil Silverston Edmond & Marla Shapiro Gary & Dana Shapiro Joanne Shapiro Stanley & Gertrude Shapiro Greg Sharenow & Julie Gersten Rochelle E. & Jesse Shereff Steven Sheriff & Michele Alperin Reuben & Leona Shevitz Varda Shiffer Robert Shlachter Jerry & Cecile Shore Hannah P. Shostack Edwin & Ellen Sue Shulkin Ariella Sidelsky & Roy Alcalay Peter Siegel & Hope Stevens Donald & Goldie Silverman Sidney B. Silverman Ernest & Eve Simon Andrea & Nathaniel Singer Michael & Kathleen Slater Steven Slutsky Ronda Small & Ira Wolfman



Nine $1,000 gifts provided security cameras and DONOR IMPACT firefighting equipment for a women refugees’ shelter in south Tel Aviv.

Howard Rosof Bob Roth Charitable Fund Meyer & Naomi Rothberg Edward Rothfarb Steven Rothman & Kathleen Tierney

Amy Schwartz & Eric Koenig J. Sanford & Susan Schwartz Jonathan Schwartz Arthur & Elizabeth Seagull Lynn & Paul Sedway Charles Segal

Seymour Smidt Malcolm & Betty Smith Richard & Greta Smolowe Deborah Kaufman & Alan Snitow Naomi Sobel Robert Socolow & Emily Matthews

Eugene Sofer & Judith Bartnoff Aviam Soifer & Marlene Booth David & Lea Soifer Rabbi Felicia L. Sol May Soll Sharmon Sollitto & Michael Lederman Rabbi Abigail N. Sosland Marcia Cohn Spiegel Helen & Thomas Spiro Arthur Spitzer & Elisabeth Boas Alfred & Ruth Sporer James Steiker & Wendy Epstein Harold & Vera Stein Edward Steinhouse Jane R. Stern Kenneth Stern & Linda Stein Susan & Jeffrey Stern Robert Stillman & Janet Surkin Evelyn M. Stock Eric Stockel Leah Stolar Rabbi Ariel Stone Michael Strassfeld & Joy Levitt Walter I. Strauss Joan & Steve Subrin Joe Sultan & Sandy Chilewich Richard & June Swartz Joel M. Sweet Rabbi Susan Talve & Rabbi Jim Goodman Steven & Sheila Taube Dr. Anna Newman Taylor Rayla G. Temin, in memory of Howard M. Temin Bruce Temkin Sandy & Bob Temkin Temple Shalom of Newton Judith Tenzer Benn Gregory & Rachel Tertes The Milford & Lee Bohm Charitable Foundation Walter (z”l) & Anne Tick Marjorie B. Tiven Aaron & Ziva Tomares Gail Tomberg Gary & Evelyn Trachten

11 2013 NIF Annual Report

2013 Donors

2013 Donors

$5,000– $9,999 Continued

Gabrielle Sigel & Howard Epstein The Nancy & Richard Silverman Charitable Foundation, Inc. Lawrence E. Silverton Karen Sloss Daniel Sokatch & Dana Reinhardt Gary B. Sokol The South Wind Foundation Eugene & Marilyn Stein Arthur & Edith Stern Family Foundation Jerry V. Sternberg Hazel S. Stix David P. Stone Strear Family Foundation The Henry & Marily Taub Foundation Temple Beth Avodah Temple Israel Center Diane Troderman Lloyd & Lassie Ulman Ira J. Wagner Denis Weil Bernard & Jack Weingarten Women Donors Network Stanley Wulf & Linda Press Wulf

$2,500-$4,999 Anonymous (21) Steve & Joanne Abel Steven W. Abrahams William & Susan Abrams Joan Alpert Mark & Judith Aronchick Barry & Elizabeth Bar-El Barg & Walkow Harry & Lore Bauer Alvin H. Baum, Jr. Alice Benston David Berger The Wexler-Beron Family Foundation BFK Foundation Hannah (z”l) & Ernst Biberstein The Billstein Family Foundation Irene & Asher Birnbaum


Rita & Irwin Blitt Sue & Benjamin Boley Joseph L. Bower Richard & Barbara Braun Laura S. Brown, Ph.D. Rabbi Gustav & Sheila Buchdahl Amy L. Cahn Rabbi Kenneth Chasen & Allison Lee Robert Cherry Sandra Coliver Mark Davidow Marcy Eisenberg Ms. Lisa Erdberg & Mr. Dennis Gibbons Leroy & Edna Mae Fadem Leonard Fein (z”l) Mark Finklestein & Janet Penn Nettie Fisher Foundation For Middle East Peace Mr. Murray Frank Diane & Charles L. Frankel Tom & Myrna Frankel Barbara Freedman Ziva Freiman Katz Bernard Friedman & Lesley Hyatt Rabbi Dayle Friedman & David Ferleger Michael S. Friedman Larry Garber & Gayle Schwartz The Joseph & Anna Gartner Foundation Jeffrey Gaynes Janice Gepner & Eric Newman Anat S. Geva Jack Z. Gilad & Douglas D. Hauer David Gildin Candice Gold Harold Goldberg & Alisa Israel Goldberg Nathalie & Emanuel Goldberg Advised Fund of Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester Bruce N. Goldberger & Esther Sperber Jerome & Linda Golden Thomas J. Goldstein Betty B. Golomb

Richard C. Goodwin Nadine Joseph & Neil Goteiner Marcus Gottlieb Rabbi Judy Shanks & James Gracer Barry Green & Jennifer Altshuler Jeffrey & Beth Green Linda & Richard Greene Ellen Grobman Paul & Michelle Grobman Brenda Gruss & Daniel Hirsch Estate of Martin Hamburger Mark Heiman Herman Foundation Willard J. Hertz Howard Hiatt Michal & Jack Hillman Linda Lurie Hirsch Marvin Hoffman & Rosellen Brown Dale & Stephen Hoffman Independent Charities of America Adam Jacobson & Beth Levine Simon & Marie Jaglom Foundation, Inc. Elana Caplan Jassy & Andrew Jassy Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Jewish Federation of Greater San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys

Leona & Ralph Kern David M. Kies Ruth G. King Sonia & Lawrence Klein Janet L. Kolodner Susan & David Kraemer Mona B. Kreaden Linda & Jake Kriger Susanne & Bruce Landau Pnina Lahav Elizabeth & Scott Lassar Dr. Joel L. Lebowitz Lederer Foundation Terry & Margaret Lenzner Rochelle S. Levin Toby & Jerry Levine Bernard & Lory Levinger Judith Lichtenberg & David Luban Robyn Lieberman & Asher Kotz Charlotte Lindon Louise D. & Morton J. Macks Family Foundation, Inc. Michael & Maxine Mantell Gayle & Jerry Marger The Returning Wealth Philanthropic Fund Albert E. Marks Charitable Trust Silvia Marx Matan The Mazur Family Foundation Andrew Lachman & Ruth W. Messinger

Sharee & Murray Newman Michael N. Newmark John & Kayla Niles Lawrence & Melanie Nussdorf Arthur & Judith Obermayer Donald & Shari Ornstein William R. Padnos Julia Parzen & Daniel Johnson Arleen & Aaron Priest Suzanne & Harvey Prince Lisa & John Pritzker Irving (z”l) & Varda Rabin Roy R. Raizen & Family Miriam Arfin (z”l) & Robert Rebitzer Paula & Daniel Reingold David Reisen & Ann Peck Reisen Paul Resnick & Joan Karlin Marjorie & Stephen Richards David W. Rintels & Victoria Riskin Steven M. Riskin & Claudine Isaacs David & Marian Rocker Tobey H. Roland Susan Romer & Donald Ungar Gaylia Rooks & Joe Rooks Rapport Irwin & Cecilia Rosenblum



Four gifts of $10,000 enabled NIF grantee Bina D O N O R I M PA C T to run the world’s first secular yeshiva in Tel Aviv.

Linda & Thomas Kalinowski Mordechai Kamel & Sara Weinberger Leslie Kane & M. Manuel Fishman Kaplan Family Foundation Sally B. Kaplan Ezra Jack Keats Foundation

Howard Metzenberg Dale S. Miller Norman & Shirlyn Miller The Mishan Family Jane & Norman Moscowitz Jack Needleman Hemda Arad & Yuval Neeman Jane Newman & Amy Lange

Walter & Marjorie (z”l) Salmon Fain Malsky Charitable Foundation Louis & Barbara Savrin Steven & Bonni Schiff Alice & Robert Schloss Susan Schor Leonard & Celia Schuchman Stephen & Patty Segal Renata & Edward Selig Rita R. Semel Harold & Myra Shapiro Lauren Moskovitz & Scott Sholder Susan and Y. Judd Shoval Morton J. Silk Manny & Jackie Silverman Daniel & Maxine Singer Bruce Sloane Louis & Jean Sloss Abbe & Peter Steinglass Thomas H. & Donna M. Stone Foundation Arthur Telegen & Abigail Ostow Jeffrey Thomases David & Bonita Turner Sanford & Beth Ungar United Jewish Fund & Council of Greater St. Paul, MN Stephanie A. Vendig Milton & Judith Viorst Michael & Judith Walzer George S. Warburg Mary Ann & David Wark Cecille Wasserman Daniel & Katherine Whalen Max Yaffe Robert & Edith Zinn

$1,000-$2,499 Rabbis Jennie & David Rosenn Joyce Zinbarg Rosenthal & Steven Rosenthal Lyle & Gloria Rosenzweig Jennie Rothschild Peter Rukin & Sharon Djemal Moshe Safdie

Anonymous (46) Ruth & Henry Aaron Jay & Jean Abarbanel Sonia S. Abrams Karen Abravanel Iris S. Abrons S. James & Mary Adelstein Patricia & Ronald Adler Rabbi Rachel Adler PhD

Sari K. Agatston Avner Aharoni Mr. & Mrs. Myer M. Alperin Joel & Barbara Alpert The Altman Aronow Charitable Foundation David & Penny Alschuler Liora Alschuler Jeff & Lauren Altholz John & Betty Ann Altman David & Linda Altshuler Fred H. Altshuler & Julia W. Cheever Beulah & Ezra Amsterdam Gary Angel & Sharman Spector-Angel Sanford Antignas Michael Appel & Ruth Kraut Arthur Applbaum & Sally Rubin Rachel Wainer Apter & Jonathan Apter Paul & Barbara Arenson Walter & Diane Ariker Jeremy Aron-Dine Howard I. Aronson Dorothy Rose Ascherman Bennett Ashley & Ruth Weinreb Eileen Auerbach & Lawrence Burgheimer Maia Azubel JoAnne & Michael Bander Aaron I. Back Diane & Jean-Loup Baer Michael & Charlotte Baer Peggy Bagley & Douglas Goldhamer Lawrence Bailis & Susan Shevitz Judith Bain Harvey & Sonya Barsha Jacob Baskin Howell Baum & Madelyn Siegel Wendy Bear Barbara Beck William & Debbie Becker Ruth R. Been

Marc & Elizabeth Berger Mark Berger Robert L. Bergman M.D. Esther Berkow William Berley Jim & Diane Berliner Kerrin & Peter Bermont Linda Lipsett & Jules Bernstein Max Bernstein & Karen Robbins Ralph & Gail Bernstein Beth Haverim Shir Shalom Temple Liba Beyer David & Rachel Biale Marsha & Brian Bilzin Richard & Elaine Binder Joseph & Joan Birman Madeline & Alan Blinder Rabbi Bernard & Bailey Bloom Jordan & Judy Bloom Steven & Karen Bloomberg Lauren Blum Joscelyn Blumenthal Shirley Bob Ellen Bogolub & Neil Friedman Robert L. Book Jeffrey Bornstein & Veronica Sanchez Stephanie & Alex Borns-Weil Sheila & Edward Braun Naomi Brenner & Ari Berger Martin I. & Shirley B. Bresler David Bressler & Susan Adler-Bressler Leona & Murry Brochin Meryl Brod Marvin & Lois Broder Shifra Bronznick Renee Brook Rabbi Sharon Brous & David Light Katherine Browning Rabbi Angela Warnick Buchdahl Buncher Family Foundation Pamela S. Burdman Marcia Burnam Maria Cancian & Charles Kalish

Norman L. Cantor Carolyn Cavalier Rosenberg Judy & Brad Chase The Chasin Family Ava Cheloff Bonnie & Mervin Cherrin Chizuk Amuno Congregation Michael J. Churgin Cogan Family Foundation Adina G. Cohen


Ruth Cummings Charles & Ada Beth Cutler Miriam Daniel Stuart Davidson & Ann Cohen Charles & Jonis Davis Joel Deitz & Barbara Berko Anne E. Delaney Jay & Phyllis Denbo Nancy Dickenson Hilla Dishon & Uri Kolodny

Susan Feit & Eitan Stern Sumner Feldberg Alan & Betty Feldman Alan Feldman & Carol Seitchik Elliot & Lily Gardner Feldman Rabbi Ted Feldman Michael D. Felsen James E. Fenn Marc & Gail McClelland Fenton Albert Feuerwerker


Three gifts of $5,000 funded a program to develop female DONOR IMPACT leadership and promote shared society in the mixed Jewish-Arab town of Lod.

Albert & Debra Cohen Annebelle & Arnold Cohen Gale Mondry & Bruce Cohen Isaac Cohen Jonathan Cohen Jonathan & Victoria Cohen Stephanie & Charles Cohen Stephen B. Cohen Steven Cohen & Elsie Stern Jonathan Cohn Susan Coliver & Robert Herman Compton Foundation Alan Conen Congregation Beth El Congregation EmanuEl B’ne Jeshurun & Rabbi Marc E. Berkson Congregation EmanuEl Congregation Rodeph Sholom Ben N. Teitel Charitable Trust, Gerald Cook, Trustee Mary I. Coombs Bruce & Toni Corwin Paul & Valerie Crane Dorfman Larry Cuban in memory of Barbara Cuban

Dorothy & Yale Doberne Ruth Donig-White & Robert White Gayle Donsky & Morton Stein Kenneth Douglas Foundation James Dubey Adam & Shelley Ducker Kevin R. Dwarka Ebb Point Foundation Richard Ebers Harriett M. Eckstein Rachel C. Efron David & Audrey Egger Tom & Ellen Ehrlich Jack Eiferman & Fern Fisher Heidi & Ron Einhorn Stanley Eisenberg Will & Ann Eisner Family Foundation, Inc. The Elovitz Family Diana Engel Clement & Caroline Erbmann Lee & Esther Erman Sherri Ades Falchuk Deborah Falik Dr. David S. Fankushen Leonard & Stephanie Farber Jay Farbstein Fred Feigenson

Rabbi Harvey & Sybil Fields Abigail & Stephen Fisher Harriet & Albert Fishlow Leora Fishman Michael Flamm & Jennifer McNally Shalom Flank & Deborah Hittleman Barbara & Isaac Florentine Deborah & Marc Fogel Steven Foldes & RivEllen Prell Carl (z”l) & Leonore Foorman Nathan A. Fox Richard & Phyllis Franco Ruth Frankfurt Barbara & Herb Franklin Gerald & Anne Freedman Lynn P. Freedman Harvey & Brenda Freishtat Deborah M. Freund Peter Frey Ernest Fried & Laura Barbanel Morris F. Friedell Elizabeth Friedman Branoff & Steven Branoff

Anita Friedman & Igor Tartakovsky Benjamin M. Friedman Bonnie Friedman & John Atlas Diana Friedman Howard Friedman & Sherry Leibowitz Joyce Friedman K. Bruce & Lois Friedman Marty Friedman Robert Friedman & Kristina Kiehl Rabbi Stacy & Frank Friedman Rabbi Dara Frimmer Daniel & Rosele Frishwasser Richard M. Fuchs Dr. Victor R. Fuchs Roy & Frida Furman Barry & Joan Gaberman Andrew Gabor & R. Iris Bahar Barbara Gaffin & Douglas Cahn Dennis Gaitsgory Elizabeth Carty & Ernest Galvan William Ganong & Marilyn Newman Hal & Laure Garnick Mia & Joe Buchwald Gelles Jerilyn Gelt Stephen & Rhea Gendzier Rabbi Stuart Gershon Atherlie K. Gidding Laurie & Stephen Girsky Ruth & Jack Glantz Family Foundation Gina & Ronald Glantz Marian & Arthur Glasgow Michael S. Glass Penina M. Glazer Sandra Glicksman GLSEN, Inc. Bernice Godine Family Foundation Alfred & Joan Goldberg Avram & Carol Goldberg Edward Goldberg & Barbara G. Saidel Milton & Jean Goldberg Nancy Goldberg

9 2013 NIF Annual Report

2013 Donors

$100,000+ Anonymous (6) Kathryn Ames Foundation, Inc. The Jacob & Hilda Blaustein Foundation The Andrea & Charles Bronfman Philanthropies Naomi & Nehemiah Cohen Foundation The Nathan Cummings Foundation Barbara & Eric Dobkin Paul & Joanne Egerman Lois & Richard England Family Foundation The European Union The Everett Foundation The Fine & Greenwald Foundation Franklin M. Fisher & Ellen Paradise Fisher Fohs Foundation Sanford & Linda Gallanter Jackson & Irene Golden 1989 Charitable Trust William & Serra Goldman Stella & Charles Guttman Foundation, Inc. Mimi & Peter Haas Fund Hiatt Family Murray Koppelman Charles B. Lawton Peter S. Lawton Leichtag Foundation Caroline & Brian Lurie Middle East Partnership Initiative Moriah Fund, Inc. The Morningstar Foundation New Israel Fund Australia Foundation New Israel Fund of Canada New Israel Fund Switzerland New Israel Fund United Kingdom Estate of Helen Rehr Repair the World Rosenzweig Coopersmith Foundation Sylvia Sabel & Joel Rubinstein


2013 Donors

Peter Shapiro & Bryna Linett Laszlo N. Tauber Family Foundation Bonnie & Marty Tenenbaum Carole & Saul Zabar

$50,000$99,999 Anonymous (8) The Louis & Anne Abrons Foundation Robert Arnow The Morton K. & Jane Blaustein Foundation, Inc. Bloomberg Philanthropies The Moses Feldman Family Foundation Phyllis K. Friedman Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund Jane Gottesman & Geoffrey Biddle Sally Gottesman

Amy Mandel & Katina Rodis Maor Foundation Yaffa & Paul Maritz Joseph & Harvey Meyerhoff Family Charitable Funds J.S. & S. Michaan Foundation Olive Bridge Fund Open Society Foundations Debra Pell Segal Family Foundation Alan B. Slifka Foundation Swiss Fed Department Foreign Affairs Drs. Carol & Terry Winograd

$25,000$49,999 Anonymous (11) Samuel I. Adler Family Supporting Foundation

FJC: A Foundation of Philanthropic Funds Fox Family Foundation Germanacos Foundation Greater Miami Jewish Federation Green Environment Fund Alan C. Greenberg Foundation John & Kathryn Greenberg Lois & Richard Gunther Lorraine Honig - in memory of Victor Honig Marvin Israelow & Dorian Goldman Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh Jane & Gerald Katcher Jim & Catherine Koshland Landau Family Foundation Shelley Levine & Larry Schwartz Jan Abby Liff



One gift of $17,000 enabled the Tag Meir D O N O R I M PAC T coalition to organize solidarity visits to victims of hate crimes at hospitals, mosques, churches, homes, and even army bases.

Joel & Julia Greenblatt Stephen Gunther & Linda Essakow Walter & Elise Haas Fund Yad Hanadiv The Irving Harris Foundation Hellman Foundation Dr. Gabor T. Herman Juliane M. Heyman Michael Hirschhorn & Jimena Martinez David Hochberg Foundation Joan & Irwin Jacobs Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco The Lee & Luis Lainer Family Foundation

Arnow Family Foundation Peter & Lucy Ascoli Estate of Edith Atkin David M. Becker & Leslie C. Seeman David Berg Foundation Diane & Norman Bernstein Foundation The Beverly Foundation Michael Bien & Jane Kahn Estate of Ellen Blair The Cannon Family Foundation The Crown Family Dorot Foundation Fischman Family (Steve, Nancy, Laura, Ben & Wendy)

Key Foundation The Purple Lady/ Barbara J. Meislin Fund Yocheved Mintz Leo Model Foundation, Inc. Harriet Mouchly-Weiss & Charles Weiss Libby & Leo Nevas Family Foundation, Inc. Bonnie Orlin Vivian Ostrovsky Stacy & Keith Palagye Elaine Reuben Frederick P. Schaffer Daniel & Sheila Segal Hanns Seidel Stiftung Joan Blum Shayne

Shepard Broad Foundation Rose L. Shure Jeffrey Solomon & Audrey Weiner Sandor & Faye Straus Sidney & Lillian Topol Paul Uhlmann Jr. Ruth B. Ziegler

$10,000$24,999 Anonymous (23) Sheldon Alster Ronald M. Ansin Izhar Armony & Naomit Armony-Erel Madeleine & David Arnow The Barn Road Foundation Richard & Eileen Bazelon Melissa A. Berman & Richard Klotz Mindy Berman & Andrew Sumberg Gay Block/The Shlenker Block Philanthropic Fund Sally Weiskopf Bock Heinrich Boell Stiftung Jon & Bobbe Bridge The Bydale Foundation Champaign-Urbana Jewish Federation The Chrysalis Fund Cogan Family Foundation Jonathan Cohen & Eleanor Friedman Steven Cohen & Mary Akerson Ilana DeBare & Sam Schuchat Daniel & Alisa Doctoroff Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Embassy of the United States The Fine Foundation Sylvia Fischer Forrest and Miriam Foss Fowey Light Fund, Inc. Thomas & Ann Friedman Benjamin & Rachel Geballe Judith Gelman & Steven Salop

Bob & Veronique Gerber Roger & Brenda Gibson Family Foundation The Howard Gilman Foundation The Jacob Goldfarb Charitable Foundation The Goldhirsh-Yellin Foundation, Inc. Lynda M. Goldstein Mark & Janet Gottesman Terry E. Grant Joseph & Beth Green Thomas C. Green Marc & Diane Greenwald Lisa & Joshua Greer The Family of Jonathan Grossman Hadassah Foundation Dr. Jacqueline Heller James & Marlene Henerson Bob & Phyllis Henigson Gabriel Isakson Survivors Trust Kahanoff Foundation Peter S. Kalikow Dr. Morton & Merle Kane Steven & Priscilla Kersten Paul & Susanne Kester Eve Biskind Klothen & Kenneth Klothen The Nathan & Helen Kohler Foundation Peter B. Kovler J. Hannah Kranzberg Barbara N. Kravitz The Zanvyl & Isabelle Krieger Fund The Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation Linda & Frank Kurtz Roger Langsdorf Harry & Sadie Lasky Foundation Susan Morse-Lebow Elliot & Frances Lehman Paul Lehman & Ronna Stamm Lew & Laurie Leibowitz Peachy & Mark (z”l) Levy Dr. Russell M. Linden David & Barbara Lipman Andrew & Sara Litt

Ted Live Helen Lowenstein in memory of Louis Lowenstein Walter S. Mander Foundation Dr. Marcia Kramer Mayer MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger Ilse Melamid Beth Sieroty Meltzer The Milton & Sophie Meyer Fund Middle Road Foundation Rabbi Shira Milgrom & Prof. David Elcott The Mills Family Charitable Foundation Louis Newman & Rabbi Amy Eilberg Raquel H. Newman Fred & Gilda Nobel The Vivian & Paul Olum Foundation Lisa Messinger & Rabbi Aaron Panken Kathleen Peratis Robert Pindyck & Nurit Eini-Pindyck Michael & Jo-Ann Price Charles H. Revson Foundation The Elizabeth B. & Arthur E. Roswell Foundation, Inc. Norman Rothfeld Nancy & Miles Rubin Gaia Fund Bettylu & Paul Saltzman The Else & David Schnur Charitable Trusts Debra R. Schoenberg Charles & M. R. Shapiro Foundation, Inc. Ben & Norma Shapiro Joan & James Shapiro Foundation SHIFT Alan Sieroty Peter J. Silverman & Janet Heettner Bruce, Steven, Gerald & Diane Solomon Fund The Herbert J. & Elene Solomon Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego

Sparkplug Foundation Jim & Debby Stein Sharpe Henry Steiner Susan R. Stockel Mr. & Mrs. Edward Streim Sun Hill Foundation Thomases Family Endowment of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation Tides Foundation Janet Traub Karen Tucker & Jerry Avorn Uncle Mike Foundation United Jewish Endowment Fund Emily & Frank Vogl Paul & Dorothy Wachter Bernard & Jack Weingarten John Weinstein & Heidi Stewart Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Weisberg Whizin Philanthropic Fund Amos & Ruth Wilnai Winter Cove Foundation Frances A. Wolgin Otto & Marianne Wolman Foundation Genevieve & Justin Wyner Gail Bates Yessne & Peter Yessne Marcie & Howard Zelikow

$5,000-$9,999 Anoymous (29) A Wider Bridge Walter & Alice Abrams Family Fund Karen Adler & Larry Greenwald Alpern Family Foundation Amcha For Tsedakah Anonymous 13 Evan Aptaker Deena Aranoff & Adam Berman Noah & Tamara Arnow Aronson Foundation, Inc.


Seven gifts of $10,000 funded legal and D O N O R I M PA C T advocacy efforts to end gender segregation and to promote freedom of marriage.

William & Donna Barrows Nan Bases Patricia & Allan Becker Froma & Andrew Benerofe Bernard & Vivian Benn Sandra J. Berbeco Julie & Jeffrey Bercow Jessica Bernhardt & Theodore Goldstein Nancy Bernstein & Robert Schoen J.B. Margaret Blaugrund Foundation Harvey Bock Ernest & Rita Bogen Hon. Minna Buck Beth Burnam Robert & Ann Buxbaum Chicago Mercantile Exchange Alan Cohen & Robert Bank Marshall & Shirley Cohen The Silver Tie Fund Peter & Barbara Cohen Saul & Miriam Cohen Barrett & Tria Cohn Yehudah B. Cohn Congregation Beth El Tzedakah Hevra Michael & Rhoda Danziger Reuben & Rivka Dori Edward & Rose Dreyer Peter Edelman Catherine S. England Fabrangen Tzedakah Collective Jerome & Nancy Falk Robert & Marjorie Feder Concepción & Irwin Federman Benjamin Feingold Robert L. & Cynthia Feldman Philanthropic Fund of the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

William Forbath Lois Frank Frankel Family Foundation Naomi C. Franklin David Friedman & Paulette Meyer Robert & Janine Frier The Fund for Reconciliation Tolerance & Peace Funding Exchange The Generations Fund David Glaser & Leslie Ann Elton Stanley & Ilene Gold Judith F. Goldberg Frances E. Goldman Marcia & John Goldman The Marvin Naiman & Margery Goldman Family Foundation Robert & Ruth Goldston Robert & Doris Gordon David & Rita Gottlieb Alexander Greenbaum Steven Greenberg & Avra Goldman Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund The Louis J. & Ruth G. Herr Foundation Herst Family Foundation of the Jewish Community Endowment Fund Nehama Hillman Anita Hirsh Susan Huntting Harry Hutzler Martin Indyk Dr. Sherry Israel Howard G. & Samita B. Jacobs Rabbi Richard J. Jacobs & Ms. Susan K. Freedman Liz & Alan Jaffe Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Jewish Women Foundation of New York Alan & Carol Kaplan Charles & Joann Kaplan Emile Karafiol Karsten Family Foundation Gerri Kay Dennis & Barbara Kessler Stella & Leonard Kleinrock Lauren Kogod & David Smiley Leslie S. Kogod Margaret Kohn Robin Kosberg Harry Kramer Memorial Fund Charles & Naomie Kremer Louis Krupp Jed Kwartler & Carol Barash Edward Labaton Sheldon L. & Pearl R. Leibowitz Foundation The Renaissance Foundation, Irving Levin & Stephanie Fowler Joshua Levin & Debra Fried Levin Robert & Bonita Levin Lisa J. Lieberman Robert B. Lifton & Carol Rosofsky Susan Liss Lois & Irving Blum Foundation Daniel & Lenore Mass Henry Massie Charles & Nola Miller William Mindlin Morse Family Foundation The Matching Gifts Program of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Judy W. & Jay A. Nadel Jonathan M. Nadler

Anita Navon Jeffrey Newman Oreg Foundation Lisa Orlick-Salka & Corey Salka Beth & Ronald Ostrow David Pesikoff & Sarah Pesikoff Justin Pollack The Honorable Stuart & Lee Pollak Marc B. Porter TUW Posnack Foundation Jill J. Prosky & James R. Posner Daniel C. & Lisa R. Price Elsbeth Reisen & Mark Dyen Robert S. Rifkind David Roberts & Sue Fischlowitz Shai & Judy Robkin June & Marvin Rogul Aaron Roland & Annelise Goldberg Samuel I. ‘Sandy’ Rosenberg Fund Seymour & Sylvia Rothchild Family 2004 Charitable Foundation Norman Rothfield Phyllis & David Rothman Estate of Ruth M. Rothstein Anita Rotman The Robert Russell Memorial Foundation David Salem & Laurie Aloisio Renee Samson Steven J. Samuel Lela & Gerard Sarnat Donald Schapiro Senator Elliot Schewel & Rosel Schewel Mark & Isabel Schiffer Harriet & Leonard Schley Stanley & Kay Schlozman Renata & Jack Schwebel Joshua Segal & Jennifer Geetter Randee Seiger Deborah Shapira & Barry Stern Jonathan B. Sheffer Norman Shulevitz Foundation


2013 NIF Annual Report

2013 International Council

Amb. Daniel Kurtzer Co-Chair Talia Sasson Co-Chair Michel Abitbol Susan Adelman Karen Adler Sari Agatston Arieh Arnon Adeeb Awad Avner Azulay Zouheir Bahloul Mark Baker Eliyahu Bareket Maya Bar-Hillel Mordechai (Morale) Bar-On Uri Bar-Yosef Illan Baruch Yossef Beinart Oz Benamram Haim Ben Shachar Michael Ben-Yair Melissa Berman Mindy Berman David Bernstein Michael Bien Avrum Burg Sara Cannon Ruth Cheshin Aaron Ciechanover Alan Cohen Jonathan Cohen Shlomo Cohen Yehudah Cohn Rachel Cowan James Cummings Ellen Dahrendorf Jerome Davidson Avner De-Shalit Reuben Dori Omri Dotan Isser Dubinsky Sara Ehrman Rachel Elior Amal Elsana Alh’jooj Lawrence Englander Uzi Even Sidra Ezrahi Leonard (Leibel) Fein (z”l) Lois Frank Ellie Friedman Aviva Futorian Barry Gaberman Lily Galili


Linda Gallanter Sanford (Sandy) Gallanter Joan Garson Judith Gelman Benny Gidron Susie Gilbert David Goldberg Mark Goldberg Bruce Goldberger Amiram Goldblum Frances Goldman Phyllis Goldman Sally Gottesman David Gottlieb Barbara Green Jeffrey Green Sherri Greenbach Liz Greenstein Lois Gunther Richard Gunther Hanoch Gutfreund Yisca Harani David Har’el Gilad Harish Dorothy Harman Tova Hartman Roni Hefetz Jackie Heller Shira Herzog (z”l) Nehama Hillman Michael Hirschhorn Avraham Infeld Marvin Israelow Haim Izraeli June Jacobs Daniel Kahneman Arlene Kanter Emile Karafiol Judith Karp Jane Katcher Yadin Kaufman Leslie Kimerling Sara Klein Jonathan Klein Yehoshua Kolodny Jim Koshland Joan Kuriansky Luis Lainer Betsy Landis Donald Landis Paul Lehman Terry Lenzner Shelley Levine Judith Lichtman

Planned Giving

Jan Liff Robert (Bud) Lifton Russell Linden Bryna Linett Nati Linial Barbara Lipman David Lipman Susan Liss Sara Litt Pierre Loeb Jonathan Lopatin Robin Margo J. Rolando (Roly) Matalon Aviva Meyer Sami Michael Cindy Miller Dale Mnookin Robert Mnookin David Myers Jacob Ner David Raquel H. Newman Louis Newman Craig Newmark Lisa Orlick-Salka Bonnie Orlin Israela Oron Amos Oz Sarah Ozacky-Lazar Aaron Panken Ilan Paz Kathleen Peratis Alon Piltz Barak Platt Stuart Pollak Daniel Price Uriel Procaccia Ron Pundak (z”l) Paula Rackoff Frances Raday Claude Rakovsky Elaine Reuben Robert Rifkind June Rogul Irwin Rosenblum Noreen Sablotsky Moshe Safdie Bettylu Saltzman David Saperstein Itzik Saporta Gerard Sarnat Lela Sarnat Orna Sasson-Levy Rick Schaffer Harriet Schley

Joshua Schoffman Lawrence (Larry) Schwartz Nancy Schwartz Sternoff Amnon Sella Hannan Serphos Alla Shainskaya Alice Shalvi Shimon Shamir Joan Shapiro Aliza Shenhar Ruth Sheshinski Varda Shiffer Jonathan Shimshoni Avraham Beiga Shochat Gabrielle (Gay) Sigel Marsha Soffer Howard Sohn Ronny Someck Shaanan Streett Gideon Stein Simone Susskind Ingrid Tauber Bonnie Tenenbaum Gordon Tucker Karen Tucker David Umansky Sanford (Sandy) Ungar Frank Vogl Al Vorspan Paul Wachter Michael Walzer Denis Weil Ami Weinstein Sharon Weintraub Diane Wexler Carol Winograd Terry Winograd Ruth Wolman Vincent Worms Menachem Ya’ari Dan Yakir Alex Yoffe Carole Zabar Marcie Zelikow Fred Zemans Dina Zisserman Neta Ziv

The following individuals have generously provided for the future of the New Israel Fund by naming NIF the beneficiary of a will, life insurance policy, retirement plan or by establishing a charitable gift annuity or trust.

Endowed Funds & Planned Gifts Anonymous (8) Ralph Alpert John & Betty Ann Altman Robert & Judith Appelbaum Maurice & Flora Atkin Ruth Auslander Diane & Jean-Loup Baer Joan I. Berger Howard & Dorothy Berger David W. Berkowitz Michael Bien & Jane Kahn Deborah Blank Dr. Ellen Borenfreund Martin & Geraldine Brownstein Norman L. Cantor Natalie Caplin Claudia I. Chaves Max Cohen (z”l) Mary I. Coombs John W. Cotton Ilana d’Ancona Stephanie Davis Shulamit Decktor Stanley & Beverly Diamond Douglas E. Duckett Audrey Eisenstadt Roberta Elliott William & Barbara Fairman Eugene I. Fischer Sylvia Fischer Glenn R. Fleischman Gail A. Foorman John A. Franken Henry N. Friedel Sonia Fuentes Sanford & Linda Gallanter Leonore B. Gerstein Ghita D. Ginberg Zelia K. Goldberg Marjory Goldman Sylvia Goldstein Rena G. Golub Frank & Bette Gruskay Lois & Richard Gunther Helen Mayer Hacker Gerald & Carol Halpern Ellis and Ellen Harris Tzvee & Shoshana Harris Ruth Harrison Sheldon Hearst Shirley Heiman Dr. Gabor T. Herman Juliane M. Heyman Suzanne R. Hirsch

David Hochberg Foundation Nathaniel & Lotte Hoffman Donald & Mary Ann Horenstein Judith S. Hozore Miriam E. Jencks Linda Kacser Karen Kalish Michael Kaplan Ms. Yahara Katzeff Sharon Kleinbaum Alyse Laemmle Henry A. Landsberger William E. Leavitt Allen Leboff Pauline W. Ledeen Ruth Lederman Emanuel & Pauline Lerner Jan Abby Liff Margit Lowenstein Inbar Telem & Martin Lowenstein Ruth B. Lurie Mitra Makbuleh, Ph.D. Bernard & Roberta Marcus Daniel & Noémi Mattis The Purple Lady/Barbara J. Meislin Fund Shirley & Mitchell Miller Linda B. Miller Patricia A. Miller Theodore & Marylyn Miller Anne P. Mintz Harriet Mouchly-Weiss & Charles Weiss Leila Mustachi Jamie Natelson Louis Newman & Rabbi Amy Eilberg Barry L. Nobel Roberta R. Oliff Henry & Sophie Olshin Rachel Oriel Berg, Ph.D. Estelle Nachimoff Padawer Allan & Jane Paulson Arthur Peck Doris Pfeffer Dan M. Pulcrano Laurayne Ratner A. David & Esther Redding Leon Reinharth & Francoise Rothman Irwin J. Robinson William Rosen Marcus M. Rosenblum Molly Rosenthal Howard & Kathy Rosof Lori A. Roth Jane Rubin

David M. Saperstein Lela & Gerard Sarnat Daniel D. Schechter Hanna Schepps Senator Elliot Schewel & Rosel Schewel Mark Schleisner & Vivien Hoexter Theodor Schuchat Mildred A. Schwartz Harold Shames Joanne Shapiro Rose L. Shure Emily Skolnick David & Lea Soifer Ellen Soren Beda Hilde Staniulis Elizabeth Stein Anita Steiner Steve Teichner Bruce Temkin Bob & Sandy Temkin Elizabeth Vorenberg Paul & Dorothy Wachter Benjamin Ward Kayla M. Weiner, Ph.D. Marilyn & Raymond Weisberg Ginia D. Wexler Stephen S. Winter Peter & Gail Bates Yessne Margot & Paul Zimmerman Janet Zobel

Estates & Trusts In 2013 NIF received the following estates

Estate of Edith Atkin Estate of Ellen Blair Leonie J. Darwin Estate of Lotte Fields Estate of Martin Hamburger Earl Harris Fifteen-Year Charitable Lead Annuity Trust Joel H. Hawtof Adeline Horwitz Gabriel Isakson Survivors Trust Lee Mautner Estate of Helen Rehr Estate of Ruth M. Rothstein The Edward R. Stolman Trust Estate of Beverly Wolfe

Endowments, Philanthropic & Memorial Trusts NIF is grateful to many individuals & foundations for establishing endowments, family endowments & memorial funds. These funds honor or memorialize individuals whose lives & values are reflected in the work of the New Israel Fund.

Rosalyn Amdur Baker Endowment Fund Moshe & Tzippora Ayalon Fund Edith S. Coliver Human Rights Fund The Mitchell & Esther Fisher Law Fellowship Ford Foundation ACRI Fund Ford Foundation Endowment Fund Ford Foundation Sha til Fund Phyllis K. & Howard A. Friedman Fund Dafna Izraeli Fund Gallanter Family Philanthropic Fund Herbert Z. & Rita Gold Fund The A. Hiatt Fund Toby & Nathan Jelinski Fund Kahal Foundation Special Fund The Karsten Family Fund Naomi Kies Endowment Fund Miriam Fligelman Levy CrossCultural Prize Yaffa London Fund Linda B. Miller Endowment Raquel Newman Fund for Professional Development Josephine Bay Paul Endowment for the Center for Law & the Child The Pomegranate B Fund The Hirsch & Braine Raskin Endowment for Youth & Education Radov Family Philanthropic Fund Esther Leah Ritz Fund Elizabeth Selig Fund Clara Spitzer Lauder (Tanaka) Fund Wendy Weiker-Gordon Memorial Fund Marianne Wolman Endowment Fund Rudolph & Sarah Wyner Fund

5 2013 NIF Annual Report

Financial Statements New Israel Fund Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Activities and Change in Net Assets

As of December 31, 2013 and 2012

For the year ended December 31, 2013 with summarized financial information for 2012

ASSETS 2013 2012

2013 2012 Temporarily Permanently


Unrestricted Restricted Restricted

Cash and cash equivalents








Pledges receivable, current portion, net of allowance for doubtful accounts of $81,713 and $263,324 in 2013 and 2012, respectively

Bequest receivable

2,912,727 2,400,000












Special events







Other revenue



















Prepaid expenses




Net assets released from donor restrictions TOTAL REVENUES




Furniture, Equipment and Leasehold Improvements, NET




Grants and Shatil


Pledges receivable, net of current portion








Total other assets TOTAL ASSETS


Other programs


Total program services




Management and general Total supporting services






Grants payable



Annuity payable, current portion



Deferred rent abatement



Change in net assets before other item

Deferred rent abatement



Annuity payable



Total long-term liabilities



Total liabilities







Temporarily restricted










Total net assets

Transfer of assets







































Change in net assets






Net assets at beginning of year












Program and Support Services Expenditures Grants and Shatil



Other programs

3,607,601 11%

Management and general

3,817,101 12%


Please note that the decrease in NIF’s net assets from 2012 took place almost entirely in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets category. This was a result of releases from restriction of funds received prior to 2013. NIF’s Unrestricted Net Assets – our reserve funds – saw an increase of over $1.4 million in 2013.




Total current liabilities 6,055,690 7,471,957 LONG-TERM LIABILITIES






Accounts payable and accrued liabilities



Accounts receivable

Total current assets







32,228,849 100%


The statement of financial position of New Israel Fund as of December 31, 2013 and 2012 and related statements of activities and changes in net assets for the years there ended have been derived from the audited financial statements. Copies of the audit reports and the complete financial statements are available upon request to Anthony Fullington, Chief Financial Officer at 330 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001.

3 2013 NIF Annual Report

Dear Friends

How You Can Help The New Israel Fund is a powerful engine for democratic change in Israel. NIF believes that Israel is strengthened by its diversity, and

As we write this letter, the conflict between Israel and Hamas is raging on.


By the time you receive it, we hope it is finished. The casualty counts are shocking. The

the human rights groups the New Israel Fund supports are once again under attack. No matter

bitter battle has exacerbated divisions in Israeli society. Palestinian Israelis, peace activists and how this war ends, it portends more suffering and conflict in the Israel we love.

by fulfilling its promise of equality and dignity to

Go behind the headlines and sound bites to examine

all of its citizens. It is also a network of people

the realities of contemporary Israeli life. Meet the

around the globe who work together in common

leaders of Israel’s dynamic social change movement.

purpose. When you join together with NIF — as

Learn about key challenges facing Israel as a Jewish

a donor, volunteer, advocate, or activist — you

and democratic state and the steps Israelis are taking

help make change possible.

they have (along with Palestinian extremists) unquestionably helped move Israel into a place of

to meet these challenges.

perpetual conflict, inside and outside its borders.

Tour participants come back energized partners in

This Annual Report, then, is something more. It tells you about what we call, in shorthand, or


the joint effort to build a more just society in Israel.


Make a recurring monthly gift

Stay informed about what is happening in Israel and

Honor a friend or loved one with a tribute gift,

what you can do to help. Join us for educational

or give in memory of a loved one

events, sign up for our bi-weekly e-newsletter, receive


Donate appreciated stock


Leave a lasting legacy through planned giving

Mail your contribution to: New Israel Fund PO Box 96712 Washington, DC 20090-6712

Israel. Although polling shows that those advocating racism, war and exclusion are in the minority,

NIFD – NIF’s New Initiatives For Democracy. This is an ambitious new effort to change the public discourse, mobilize support for progressive values and defend Israeli liberal democracy. With your

In the last 35 years, NIF has nurtured progressive civil society in Israel. That is work we will

Ask your company about a matching gift

extremists supported by a well-funded network have dominated the public and social discourse in


Make a contribution


more about the profoundly frightening trends in Israeli society. For too long, ultra-nationalist

support, we will seed-fund and partner with new institutions and initiatives with the long-term



Long before this latest war, we knew that we, the leaders of the New Israel Fund, had to do

action alerts, lead study sessions, and join us on

goal of re-invigorating Israel’s commitment to justice, democracy and the ideals of its founders.

continue to do, and we are aligning it carefully and strategically with the NIFD. Please take a look at the new programs and projects we are funding, and know that even when some of our strategies change, our core programs, as well as our fundamental values, remain constant. We have always believed in a democratic and just Israel, at peace with itself and its neighbors. Now, more than ever, we must do all we can to make that dream a reality.

Facebook and Twitter. Sincerely, NIF can work with you to tailor your giving to your philanthropic interests. Whether it is an unrestricted gift for NIF, a gift underwriting an area of work or a project, or a donor advised gift to a specific organization, a gift to NIF is a potent way to express your commitment to building a better Israel.

Brian Lurie President

Daniel Sokatch

Chief Executive Officer

Rachel Liel

Executive Director in Israel

2013 Annual Report

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