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The right ring

an introduction to diamond alternatives

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Officiants: a brief guide

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Registries give back

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Get the most from your dress fitting

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Selecting a comfortable wedding dress

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Together, whatever the weather

surviving wedding day rain, wind and more

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Get schooled on wedding terminology

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How to create a wedding day schedule

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Southern Vermont Bridal Guide

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Southern Vermont Bridal Guide Saturday, January 26, 2019 |


Late one night in 1947, copywriter Frances Gerety jotted down four words that would redefine the modern wedding proposal for decades to come: “A Diamond is Forever.” The slogan, created for diamond-mining behemoth De Beers, reinvented the entire tradition of proposing to revolve around one tiny stone. While the first recorded use of a diamond engagement ring dates back to 15th-century Europe, the concept didn’t begin to catch on until the Victorian era, when newly-discovered diamond mines in Africa made the stones cheaper and more accessible. Even then, diamond engagement rings were regarded as an aristocratic luxury. The financial hardships of World War I severely diminished demand; the American Great Depression did even more damage. By 1940, only 10% of first-time brides in the U.S. wore a diamond wedding band, according to De Beers’ own research. Half a century later, thanks to one of the most successful marketing campaigns in American history, that number was 90%. Diamonds are still the engage-


Mohs scale hardness: 9.5


Color: Colorless (lab-created colored versions are available) First discovered in a meteorite in Arizona by Henri Moissan, moissanites are made up of silicon carbide grains most often originating from asymptotic giant branch stars — in other words, they are literally made of stardust. Naturally-occurring moissanite is incredibly rare, so most stones

ment ring stone of choice for the majority of American couples. The Knot’s 2017 Jewelry and Engagement Study found 89% of brides said “yes” to a diamond ring, but the percentage opting for alternative stones seems to be growing. Online fine jewelry retailer Brilliant Earth reported that only 66% of those surveyed preferred a diamond as the center stone on their engagement ring. Couples are turning to nondiamond engagement stones for a number of reasons. Gemstones are generally cheaper than diamonds, which appeals to young couples with limited disposable income. Others are wary of the diamond industry’s violent history, while still others are simply looking for a ring that better expresses their own personality. Whatever the reason, gemstone options are more plentiful than ever. Not all gems are created equal, however, and couples should carefully consider their lifestyle and willingness to keep up with regular maintenance before choosing a stone. Diamond is the hardest naturally-occurring substance known to man, capable of withstanding the bumps and scrapes

of everyday life without any visible damage. Other gems vary widely in strength, and many are prone to scratches and other wear if not carefully handled. Checking the gem’s strength on the Mohs hardness scale gives a good sense of durability. Most jewelers recommend a hardness of at least seven on the Mohs scale if the ring is going to be worn daily. It’s also important to know if the gem has been treated in any way to enhance color, as some treatments can cause fading under extreme heat or sun exposure. An experience jeweler will be able to help you choose the right stone for your needs. Buyers should also avoid ruling out diamonds altogether. Companies have begun using blockchain technology (the same system that powers Bitcoin and other virtual currencies) to track a diamond’s

on the market are lab-made, but the stellar origin story is worth retelling. Moissanite is most often sold as a direct diamond substitute; it is just half a point down from diamond on the Mohs scale, and actually outperforms diamond in some visual tests.

significantly softer than a diamond, but a bezel setting or diamond halo can help protect the edges from chipping. The stone is also prone to clouding, which can be kept at bay with regular cleaning.

Looking to ditch the diamond? Here’s what you need to know about gemstone alternatives.

MORGANITE Mohs scale hardness: 7.5 Color: Pale peach to bright purplish pink

Morganite is a member of the beryl family (also containing emerald and aquamarine) named after noted gem aficionado J.P. Morgan. The peachy tone is unique but subtle, and looks especially good in a rose gold setting. At a 7.5 on the Mohs scale, it is

SAPPHIRE Mohs scale hardness: 9 Color: Deep blue is typical, but a

variety of other colors are available Sapphires are the most common non-diamond engagement stone,

conflict-free status from mine to jewelry counter, providing an extra level of assurance that the stone was ethically sourced. Labgrown diamonds are another option for socially- or budget-minded shoppers, as are imperfect “salt and pepper” diamonds, which are both inexpensive and unique. Below, check out ten alternative gem options worth visiting your local jeweler to meet in person.

and for good reason. They are nearly as hard as diamonds, and come in a wide range of colors beyond the typical blue, including a particularly striking and sought-after pinkorange tone known as padparadscha. The sapphire engagement ring saw a spike in popularity in 1981, when Prince Charles proposed to then-Lady Diana Spencer with a 12-carat sapphire ring, and again in 2010, when Diana’s son, Prince William, offered the ring in his proposal to Kate Middleton.

Mohs scale hardness: 7.5-8 Color: Pale to deep green

RUBY Mohs scale hardness: 9 Color: Red Ruby, like sapphire, is a variety corundum distinguished by its red color.

CITRINE Mohs scale hardness: 7 Color: Light yellow to amber

A striking but inexpensive variety of quartz, lemon-toned citrine is a popular alternative to much pricier yellow diamonds. The vibrant golden color, traditionally associated with wealth and good fortune, is perfect for the fashion-forward bride looking to make a statement.

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Mohs scale hardness: 6.5-7 Color: Olive green Olive-tone peridot has a retro charm that pairs well with rich gold settings and geometric designs. At a 6.5-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, however, peridot is more delicate than some gems, and is best suited for brides looking to sport their engagement ring for special occasions only.

TOURMALINE Mohs scale hardness: 7 Color: Varied Tourmaline is steadily increasing in popularity, due in large part to its spectacular color range. While black and brown stones

are most commonly found in nature, the gem is also available in shades from pale pink to bright yellow and dark green. Two-toned varieties are also popular, particularly the “watermelon” type: a stone with distinct bands of hot pink and green. Tourmalines are fairly soft, so are best suited for occasional or gentle wear.

GARNET Mohs scale hardness: 6.5-7.5 Color: Most often dark red, but other colors do exist Garnet’s deep red hue makes it a darker, moodier alternative to rubies. While the stone is less durable than rubies and sapphires, it is also significantly cheaper, making it easier to replace should it be damaged. Garnet was particularly popular in Victorian times, and makes a sophisticated, timeless match for antique gold settings.

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| Saturday, January 26, 2019

The most well-known of the beryl varieties, emerald is less durable than sapphires and rubies but can still make a striking engagement stone with the right setting and care. Emeralds were considered symbols of love and fertility by many cultures throughout history, including the ancient Eqyptians and Romans. In more recent history, thenSenator John F. Kennedy and fiance Jacqueline Bouvier chose an emerald and diamond Art-Deco design for what would become one of the century’s most iconic engagement rings.

Tones can range from light pink to dark crimson, though in the U.S. any gem under a certain saturation level is considered a pink sapphire. Rubies share sapphire’s durability, and the red color is popular for its traditional association with love and passion.

Southern Vermont Bridal Guide



Southern Vermont Bridal Guide Saturday, January 26, 2019 |

ALEXANDRITE Mohs scale hardness: 8.5 Color: Dark green or reddish-puple, depending on light Sometimes referred to as “emerald by day, ruby by night,” alexandrite is the grown-up version of a dollar-store mood ring. Thanks to a unique crystal structure and a quirk of human vision, the gem appears deep blue-green in daylight but purplish-red under an incandescent bulb. That novelty does come with a price, however. Alexandrite is incredibly rare, with most cut gems weighing in at less than one carat. Currently, alexandrite is comparable to diamond in cost-percarat, with price expected to rise as new stones become even harder to find.

Officiants: a brief guide Many people play a role in a wedding. The bride and groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, ring bearers, and flower girls are front and center on the day a couple ties the knot. Another central, and very important, figure on a couple's wedding day is the officiant. Officiants perform the wedding ceremony and are the first to introduce the newlyweds to their guests as an officially married couple. Various types of officiants can officiate a wedding, and understanding each type can help couples find the right one for them.

Religious officiant:

Couples who want traditional religious ceremonies often choose a religious officiant, such as a parish priest or rabbi, with whom they're familiar. For example, couples who grew up attending a particular church might choose

the priest who's been preaching to them since they were children, while others might choose the priest at their current place of worship. Religious officiants may be governed by certain rules that restrict them to performing ceremonies in a house of worship, which might rule them out for couples who want outdoor or destination weddings. Couples should inquire about such restrictions as early as possible in the planning process so they aren't caught off guard.

Civil officiant:

Civil officiants are officers of the court, such as a judge or justice of the peace. Many couples who are planning destination weddings abroad still choose to have a civil officiant perform a wedding ceremony at home. This is because some overseas officiants may not be authorized to marry couples in their home countries, meaning their marriages won't be recognized once they return home. Civil officiants make sure marriages are legal, and they also make great options for couples who just want

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to get hitched without a grand ceremony.

Professional officiant:

Professional officiants are not affiliated with a particular religious organization. That makes them great choices for couples who aren't religious as well as those who come from different religious backgrounds and won't be converting to the same faith. Professional officiants typically meet with a couple once or twice to get to know them before writing the speech they will give during the ceremony. Many will share the speech with the couple in advance of the big day, and some even allow couples to write the speech.

Loved ones: Many couples ask a friend or family member to officiate their weddings, which can add a fun and very personal component to the ceremony. Couples who want to take this route should research local laws to determine the steps loved ones must take to become ordained ministers who will be recognized by the state or country where the ceremony will take place.


fund charitable causes. In just one year, the number of couples asking for charitable donations on their registry rose 233% according to The Knot, with a full 10% of couples offering guests at least one option to give. Multiple services have popped up to streamline the donation process, many providing wedding-specific designs to make the process as smooth and elegant as possible.

Couples should be careful to read the fine print before signing up, however, as most services subtract a small percentage to cover credit card fees and other administrative costs. The amount of money that is actually passed on to the charity varies, so a little research is in order to find the best option. Many charities already have the infrastructure in place to

receive online donations, so couples should also reach out to see if donations can be made directly to the organization. Services to check out: • Custom registries designed just for weddings. 89% of donations go to charity. • Fees vary by donation amount, but donors have the option to cover the small administrative fee so 100% of their actual donation goes to the charity. • Offers a curated list of charitable causes. Donors can choose pre-selected gifts from each cause’s wishlist, like books, building materials and school tuition.

| Saturday, January 26, 2019

Traditionally, wedding registries were a way for young couples, just striking out on their own, to outfit their first home. However, today’s engaged couples tend to be older, more financially stable and more likely to have lived together than in previous generations, and therefore less likely to need registry staples like serving platters and hand towels. 88% of couples established a wedding registry in 2017, according to The Knot’s most recent Wedding Registry Study, but the contents of their wishlists have changed dramatically over the past few years. Cash registries, once frowned upon, are now popular, up 50% in popularity in a single year. Couples ask guests to donate toward a large financial goal, like buying a house or furthering education, or towards honeymoons and other experiences. Established couples are also using the registry tradition as a way to

Southern Vermont Bridal Guide

Registries give back

• to non-profits based in the U.S. and some European countries are fee-free. PIXABAY

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Southern Vermont Bridal Guide

Green is the new black (tie) |



Today’s wedding menus are low-key and low-impact.

Modern weddings have a reputation for excess, from big rings and big dresses to big parties with even bigger price tags. With issues like climate change and waste reduction looming large in the public consciousness, however, couples are increasingly planning weddings with an eye on ethical consumption. Current catering trends reflect the desire for a greener reception, with a focus on sourcing food locally and cutting down waste. Weddings are an ideal target for the farm-to-table movement, which advocates for purchasing food directly from local producers. The benefits are numerous: shorter delivery distances cut down on fuel consumption and provide fresher product; profit is funnelled directly back into the community rather than being spread out over a long chain of suppliers; and smaller, organic farms offer higher quality produce and more humane treatment for livestock than

Fun-dining While couples may be getting serious about the environment, they’re taking the fun and informal approach on just about everything else. For instance, ideagathering social media platform Pinterest reported a 120% jump in posts about wedding pizzas in 2018, and a 343% increase for pretzel bars.

| Saturday, January 26, 2019

Chewing the scenery

their factory-scale counterparts. Southern Vermont is an ideal location for a farm-to-table wedding. Thanks to the region’s lively agricultural scene, fresh, locallysourced ingredients are readily available. The wealth of craft breweries and distilleries in the area give plenty of options for a thoughtfully-stocked bar. What goes into the meal is important, but so is what comes out of it. Couples looking to cut down on waste from their event have a variety of tactics to choose from. Many opt for plated meals rather than a buffet, to limit uneaten food. Recyclable plates and utensils are also a popular option.

Southern Vermont Bridal Guide


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Southern Vermont Bridal Guide

From create-your-own-cocktail tables to dessert bars, doughnut walls and late-night snack trays, couples are breaking food traditions to get guests up out of their seats and keep the party going all night long.

Saturday, January 26, 2019 |

72% of couples believe it’s very important that guests are entertained by the wedding festivities, according to The Knot Real Weddings Study, and many have opted to keep guests engaged with interactive food and drink stations.

Breakfast for dinner: Offer guests a choice of waffles or pancakes with eggs, bacon and sausage on the side. Fresh, local fruit toppings keep it classy, and don’t forget the Vermont-made maple syrup! Gourmet taco bar: Let guests assemble their own tortilla-based masterpiece with a range of meats, in-season vegetables, cheese and sauces. Ice cream sandwich station: Cool down a hot party with custom ice cream sandwiches, featuring mix-and-match options of ice cream and fresh-baked cookies. |



More tasty trends

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Carnival food cart: Popcorn, candied apples, fried dough and corn dogs are finger-friendly treats with a hint of nostalgia. For a personalized twist, try cotton candy in your wedding colors.

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Southern Vermont Bridal Guide

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Portable cafe: Provide guests with a tasty refueling station in the form of a barista bar, serving up fancy espresso beverages and gourmet teas. Endless cocktail hour: Skip the dinner altogether, and instead offer up a full night of samplers and bite-size goodies. Just make sure there is still plenty of seating for guests to take an occasional break from the action.

Family-style dining: Encourage conversation by serving dinner in group-sized portions designed to be shared.

Anything-but-cake wedding cake: Swap out the traditional wedding cake with a more personal choice of dessert. From elegantly-arranged pies amd brownie towers to cupcake platters and stacked wheels of cheese, the possibilities are endless.

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Southern Vermont Bridal Guide

Open communication with a seamstress and bridal shop can ensure brides-to-be get a dress that fits like a glove. Because fashion preferences were once ornate and dependent on precise fits, ready-to-wear clothing really did not become widely available until the early 20th century. Such attire is now available in just about any retail store. Because ready-to-wear clothing is so readily available, the average person may be unfamiliar with cus-

tom-made or tailored items. In fact, a couples' wedding may be the only instance in their lives when they require the services of a seamstress or tailor. Fittings are a part of wedding planning, and here's how brides-tobe can navigate the process of finding and being fitted for a dress. |

Saturday, January 26, 2019 |

Get the most from your dress fitting



Bring shoes and undergarments. Remember to bring along the exact shoes and undergarments you will wear with your gown. A change in shoes or bra/corset can result in the alterations fitting poorly the next time. Bring these items along to all subsequent fittings.

Speak up. Martha Stewart Weddings suggests speaking up at fittings if anything is uncomfortable or needs tweaking. Seamstresses are masters at their crafts, but only if they understand the desires of the bride.

Schedule the first fitting.

Check the details.

The first fitting should be anywhere from eight to 12 weeks before the wedding date, according to experts at WeddingWire, an online wedding information provider. This is the time it takes to complete most standard alterations. Complex customizations can take even longer. Brides should also budget a minimum of $500 for alterations, which may or may not be included in the price of the dress.

The second fitting is designed to check that all issues from the first fitting have been addressed, the gown is comfortable and you can move freely. At the last fitting, ask the maid of honor to come along so that she understands how to bustle or help you handle complicated straps or closures.


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| Saturday, January 26, 2019

The first step is to make your rounds to various gown shops and try on the samples they have available. Most sample sizes will not be the size you wear every day, so expect them to be ill-fitting. Do not be discouraged. Once a gown is chosen, the dress shop will take your measurements and order the gown according to the manufacturer's sizing guide. Again, this can be shocking, since the size will likely be larger than what you wear in street clothes. Some shops will also order a little larger to allow for adequate tailoring.

Southern Vermont Bridal Guide

Try on sample gowns.


Selecting a comfortable wedding gown | Saturday, January 26,2019 I Southern Vermont Bridal Guide

Wedding gowns can be both beautiful and comfortable for those who know how to shop.


Many brides-to-be visit bridal shops with specific goals in mind regarding the style of their wed­ ding gowns. Some women come equipped with magazine tear-outs or pull up ideas on their mobile phones. Others may have an en­ tire scrapbook filled with various ideas they've been compiling for years. Much consideration is given to wedding gowns. The cost and sil­ houette of the dress may garner the bulk of that consideration, but brides might want to spend more time considering comfort. Depending on the time of day their weddings take place, brides can spend 12 hours or more in their wedding gowns on their wed­ ding day. However, when shop­

ping for their gowns, brides may prioritize beauty over comfort, even though it's entirely possible to find a gown that's both stunning and comfortable. When staff and friends or family who have come along to offer advice start to blush over wedding gowns, brides-to-be may feel pressured to downplay any discomfort they feel. To make sure brides look flaw­ less and elegant but are still com­ fortable in their wedding gowns, consider the following tips.

Know what to highlight and what to cover up. No two body types are the same, and many women feel certain parts of their bodies are their best assets while they want to down-


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Wedding play others. Try on gowns that play up your best features. If you have shapely legs, consider a dramatic gown with a slit to show them off. Certain gowns can enhance the decollete or show off an hourglass shape. Remember, many gowns can be modified so that you feel secure and confident. Sleeves can be added or fabric placed to cover up any perceived flaws. Confidence and pride are important parts of the comfort factor.

Get sized correctly. Bridal gown sizes do not coincide with street sizes. Depending on the manufacturer, brides may have to select gowns that are several sizes larger than they would normally wear. This should not be a cause for alarm. Brides should go by their measurements. Attempting to squeeze into a dress that is too small will only lead to discomfort on the wedding day. Brides should not just stand

Purchase the right undergarments. Improperly fitting bras, shapewear and other undergarments can lead to discomfort as well. Some seamstresses can sew in supportive cups to remove the need for separate bras. Brides can explore various options to reduce the visibility of certain accoutrements.

Try different options. The gown brides have in mind may not be the one they ultimately go home with. Explore different styles and materials. Choose cooler, breezier fabrics and lightweight gowns, like crêpe, georgette or organza, for summer weddings. Heavier fabrics, such as brocade, may be more comfortable in the winter.

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Move around in the gown.

in front of the mirror and smile when trying on gowns. Put them through their paces. Try sitting, bending and even a little dancing. Make sure the dress is comfortable to move around in.

Tents of All Sizes

| Saturday, January 26, 2019


Southern Vermont Bridal Guide

& Party Source Southwest Vermont’s Local


Southern Vermont Bridal Guide Saturday, January 26, 2019 |


Together, whatever the weather |

What to do when nature crashes the party


Summer approaches with the promise of warm temperatures. Weather is one reason why summer is such a popular season to tie the knot. But just because sunny skies and rising mercury are par for the course, that does not mean Mother Nature won't invite herself to the festivities - and attempt to upstage happy couples in the process. Some feel it's good luck for couples to get rain on their wedding days, but many couples would trade in a little of that luck for clear skies. However, weather can be fickle, and couples who build contingency plans into their wedding festivities are much more likely to overcome inclement weather than couples without such plans.

Have solutions for sun and heat. Couples don't want their wedding guests or bridal party members passing out due to heat exhaustion. Make sure to offer shade if the ceremony or reception is outside. Stock the area with cold bottles of water or a chilled lemonade stand. Have fans and umbrellas available just in case guests need a way to protect themselves from the sun.

Strong storms. Over the course of hot and humid days, storm clouds can develop and roll in. Afternoon thunderstorms are quite common on summer days. Accommodate for sudden downpours by hosting early luncheon receptions or ensure there is a plan B that includes a covered area. Couples can stash

spare shoes or even rain slickers in a car to keep their wedding attire protected against rain as they dash between venues or take photos.

Embrace the rain. Vivid skies with lightning or overcast days can make for unique and striking wedding photography. Couples needn't look at the downside of rain, but rather they should see the opportunities for one-of-a-kind memories.

Keep a generator on standby. Storms may knock out power. Some reception halls or banquet facilities may have their own backup power, but be sure to address how power outages are handled. If need be, bring in a portable generator to keep the reception room cooled by fans.

Plan for wind. Coastal outdoor weddings present beautiful backdrops for weddings. But being near the shore may mean accepting windy conditions. Tie down tents and use weights to keep wedding programs or other papers from catching a current. The bride and her wedding party should opt for freeflowing tresses so they needn't worry about intricate updos coming undone.

Maintain a sense of humor. It's impossible to predict wedding day weather, but staying calm, going with the flow and laughing at things they can't control can help couples make memories that last a lifetime.

Southern Vermont Bridal Guide

Ease worries with wedding insurance Protecting wedding expenditures with insurance policies can provide couples with added peace of mind on their big days. so couples may not have to overlap there. However, for those who desire extra protection for vendor mishaps, it is wise to speak with an insurance professional about special wedding coverage. Prices for wedding insurance policies can start at around $100 to $200 for minimum coverage and reach $1,000 for more expensive ceremonies, according to the ďŹ nancial advisement website NerdWallet. Speak with an insurance agent and read policies carefully before purchasing one. Noncovered issues typically include theft or loss of an engagement ring; rainy days that do not classify as extreme weather; switching vendors after a deposit is made; and risky entertainment, such as ďŹ reworks or live animals.

| Saturday, January 26, 2019

Couples spend thousands of dollars on their wedding ceremony and celebrations. The cost of a wedding varies depending on geographic location, but according to the business and ďŹ nancial resource Business Insider and The Knot 2017 Real Weddings Study, the average wedding in the United States costs $31,391. Insurance policies can help couples protect their wedding investment. Special event insurance provides coverage for various scenarios, including extreme weather, damaged gifts, lost jewelry, vendor cancellations or no-shows, venues closing before the wedding, and canceled weddings, according to Travelers Insurance. Insurance also may cover other unforseen scenarios, such as unexpected expenses from injuries during the wedding or spoiled food. Policies will pay directly for any damage or injuries that occur, or reimburse the couple if the wedding is postponed or canceled. If weddings occur at home, some people's home insurance or umbrella policies may cover certain wedding liabilities. Most wedding venues carry their own liabil- ity insurance,

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Southern Vermont Bridal Guide

Get schooled on wedding terminology

Saturday, January 26, 2019 |

Couples about to embark on their wedding journeys will likely learn a thing or two about party planning once their engagements are over and they are newly married. Wedding planning can seem overwhelming and a tad confusing at times, but a crash course in wedding terminology can help couples make more informed choices along the way.


Cocktail hour

Blusher A short, single-layer veil that covers the bride's face before the ceremony.

Corkage fee


A fee some establishments charge to allow guests to bring their own wine.

A single flower bud worn by the men in the bridal party.



A podium or platform raised from the floor where the bride and groom are seated.

Bite-sized appetizers served during the cocktail hour of a reception.



A marriage ceremony conducted by a council official or justice of the peace at a municipal location rather than in a house of worship.

Typically an hour-long interlude between the wedding ceremony and the main dinner of the reception. Guests have time to arrive and mingle before being seated.



Civil ceremony


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Master of ceremonies

A percentage of the total cost of service given to a vendor to secure a date for their services.

An individual who will work with the DJ or band to announce the various components of the wedding reception.



Round, small edible balls of sugar that appear on wedding cakes.

Escort (seating) cards

A small bouquet or ower arrangement typically given to the mothers of the bride and groom before the ceremony.

Printed cards that direct reception guests to their seats.



Musical pieces that mark the entrance and exit from the wedding ceremony.

Handle wrap Ribbon or fabric that wraps around the stems of a bouquet the bride and wedding party carries.

Maid/matron of honor The title given to the woman who assists the bride and stands closest to her at the altar. "Maids" are those who are unmarried, while "matrons" are women who are.

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A sweet, plyable product used to decoratively cover layered cakes. It can be used in lieu of straight buttercream.

Receiving line A line of the key people in the wedding who welcome and greet guests.

Stationery All of the paper products used at the wedding, including invitations, programs and enclosures.


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A word that describes the multiple components of centerpiece designs.

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How to create a wedding day schedule Wedding days can be hectic. In fact, many couples note after tying the knot that their wedding days were so busy that the ceremonies and receptions were over before they knew it. Creating a wedding day schedule can seem like a daunting task. Couples tend to have lots of things to do before saying "I do," and organizing everything so ceremonies begin on time can seem as puzzling as a brain teaser. But certain scheduling strategies can help couples ensure they look their best and make it to the altar on time.


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Start with the ceremony. Couples can establish a framework for their wedding day schedule by working back from the ceremony. Once the ceremony time is set, couples who plan to take photos before their ceremonies can then work with their photographers to determine how much time they will need for photos and where they want to take the pho-

tos. Bridal parties may need transportation to the photo session, so determining when and where to take photos before the ceremony gives couples an idea of when to arrange for pickup.

Confirm when the venue is open to the wedding party. Before booking hair and makeup appointments, couples should

confirm when they will be able to access their wedding venue. Brides may want to get their hair and makeup done at the ceremony sight, but that may only be possible if the venue opens early for the wedding party. If it does not, then brides must account for transportation time to the ceremony sight when making their wedding day schedules.

Lake Bomoseen’s Beautiful, Full Service, Water-Side Wedding Venue

Determine how much time is needed for hair and makeup. Weddings that feature large bridal parties will require more time for hair and makeup than ceremonies with small bridal parties. Grooms and groomsmen often take care of their own hair, though some grooms might want to schedule hot shaves for themselves and their groomsmen. Grooms should

Your Vermont Wedding Day Dream Come True! Lake Bomoseen Lodge offers a brand new & spacious event loft space with amazing lake views, a newly designed & completely renovated restaurant & bar, and newly renovated & decorated guest rooms & cottages - all amidst one of Vermont’s most beautiful lake-side ceremony & reception sites.

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ask groomsmen if they want a hot shave and then work with their barbers to determine how much time it will take to tend to all participants. Brides with large bridal parties may need to book more than two hair and makeup artists so everyone can get done on time. Wedding hair and makeup sessions can last several hours for large bridal parties, so brides should schedule their sessions

early if their parties are big.

Make lunch arrangements. Some couples choose to tie the knot and host their receptions at the same venue. In such instances, if brides are getting their hair and makeup done at the venue, ask the venue representative if lunch can be provided to the bridal party. Some venues may include small lunch buffets in their reception

costs, while others might charge extra. ConďŹ rm the availability and costs, and if it's unavailable or too expensive, then arrange for lunch to be delivered. Either way, couples should not skip lunch, as it may be their only chance to eat until after the ceremony.

Distribute your schedule to one another and the bridal party. Once the wedding day schedule

has been devised, couples should share it with each other and their wedding parties. Grooms' wedding day to-do lists might not be as extensive as brides', but grooms should still be kept in the loop regarding the schedule so they can help if anyone has questions or if something goes awry. Sharing the schedule with the wedding party decreases the chances of someone being late or missing an appointment.

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