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Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty

When we began this celebratory event five years ago, we wanted to recognize the outstanding young leaders who are movers and shakers in our community and leading us into the future. Year after year, what our awardees accomplish at their profession and in our community is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and this year’s class is no exception. Selected from more than 235 nominations, this year’s 40 Under Forty class consists of an array of roles and industries—from entrepreneurs to educators, public servants to small business owners. While their professions and pursuits vary, they are all working towards a shared goal: improving the quality of life for those living and working in the Berkshires.

We are able to honor these exceptional individuals thanks in part to our sponsors—LENCO Armored Vehicles, Berkshire Bank, General Dynamics Mission Systems and Greylock Federal Credit Union, and the many judges, sponsors, supporters and advertisers. A special thank you goes to the Holiday Inn and Suites-Berkshires for hosting the soiree where we honor these leaders and innovators, and to 1Berkshire and the Berkshire Eagle for being our partners in honoring rising business and community leaders

In the following pages, our awardees share—in their words—how they are making a positive impact on our community. I know their profiles will enlighten, educate, and inspire you, as they did for me. There is no doubt that our region is in good hands as we look to the future.

Ellen Kennedy K ll President, Berkshire Community C College

Jennifer Connor-Shumsky Greylock Federal Credit Union

Danielle Gonzalez* Williams College

Tess Sorren!no* Adams Community Bank

Hannah DeLisle Stall* Collins Aerospace

Jay Green* Adams Town Administrator

Natalia DeRuzzio* Volunteers in Medicine

Michael Obasohan* MCLA

Darcie Sosa* Miss Hall’s

Jerome Edgerton* Real Sessions

Steve Rogers* Pi!sfield Coopera#ve Bank

Thasia Giles* Jacob’s Pillow

Jenn Smith* The Berkshire Eagle

Timothy Weisman* Zion Lutheran Church Bre" Westbrook* Childcare of the Berkshires *Past 40 Under Forty Award recipient



PRESENTING SPONSORS Berkshire Bank Foundation General Dynamics Mission Systems Greylock Federal Credit Union

UNDERWRITING SPONSORS Dulye Leadership Experience Lee Bank MountainOne October Mountain Financial Advisors Salisbury Bank and Trust Company

SUPPORTING SPONSORSHIP Adams Community Bank BBE Office Interiors Community Access to the Arts Country Club of Pittsfield Diplacon Builders Ellen Kennedy and Mark Gold Fenton Quinn PC Hillcrest Educational Centers Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts Mill Town Capital Smith Green & Gold, LLP Williams College Willow-Investments for Loving Change SPECIAL THANKS Berkshire Interfaith Organizing Berkshire Mirror Moments Devanny-Condron Funeral Home Holiday Inn & Suites - Berkshires


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40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020

With a combination of compassion, commitment to the community, and a drive to excel in the workplace, I am excited to introduce to you this year’s 40 Under Forty awardees.


Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty


The Berkshire Community College Foundation currently manages over 100 endowed and more than 50 non-endowed scholarships. In the past 15 years the BCC Foundation has awarded in excess of $2.5 million in scholarships to more than 2,200 students.

The vast majority of donations to support BCC are managed by the Foundation and are therefore tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

For more information about how you may support BCC or to discuss including BCC in your estate plan, please contact Shela Levante at 413.236.3070 or slevante@berkshirecc.edu. www.berkshirecc.edu/foundation

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celebrate with us


Join us as we honor this year’s 40 Under Forty winners with a special reception at the Holiday Inn and Suites in Pittsfield.

Thursday, March 26, 2020 5:00pm Reception 6:00pm Ceremony

Holiday Inn and Suites

1 West Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201 (Formerly Crowne Plaza Hotel)

Tickets: $65/person

Includes reception with heavy hors d’oeuvres and cash bar. Purchase at 413-236-2185 or www.berkshirecc.edu/40underforty.


_b;= Š;1Â†ŕŚžÂˆ; L1;uġ o†m|u‹ Ѵ†0 o= b‚vC;Ń´7ġ b‚vC;Ń´7ġ

Assistant Vice President, Willow Investments for Loving Change, b‚vC;Ń´7ġ

HOMETOWN: bmv7-Ѵ;ġ RESIDENCE: -Ѵ|omġ EDUCATION: & "" l_;uv|ġ

ĺ"ĺ =uol |_; v;m0;u] "1_ooѴ o= -m-];l;m| ‰b|_ - l-fou bm ovrb|-Ѵb|‹ -m7 $o†ubvl

HOMETOWN: Arlington, TX RESIDENCE: u;-| -uubm]|omġ EDUCATION: One Spirit Interfaith ";lbm-u‹ĸ -1; &mbˆ;uvb|‹ġ Äş"ĺĸ $_; &mbˆ;uvb|‹ o= $;Š-v -| †vাmġ Äş"Äş

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: v|-u|;7 -| |_; o†m|u‹ Ѵ†0 o= b‚vC;Ń´7 bm Ć‘Ć?Ć?Ć•Äş $_uo†]_o†| l‹ ‹;-uvġ Ä˝Âˆ; _;Ń´7 ˆ-ubo†v rovbাomvÄş [;u - m-াom‰b7; v;-u1_ bm Ć‘Ć?Ć?Ѿġ ‰-v v;Ń´;1|;7 |o 0; |_; ;m;u-Ń´ -m-];uÄş m Ć‘Ć?Ć?ќġ ‰-v ruolo|;7 |o _b;= Š;1Â†ŕŚžÂˆ; L1;u o= |_; ou]-mbÂŒ-াomÄş

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: 1| Äš m]bm;;u -| ou|†m; Ć?Ć?Ć? 1olr-mb;vÄş 1| Äš ;[ corporate world to encourage more girls to become engineers and realize their enormous power to impact the world. Act III: Now working to encourage all people, investors, leaders and companies to realize their enormous power to impact the world.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: $o†ubvl ollbvvbom =ou |_; b|‹ o= b‚vC;Ń´7ĸ !;-7 1uovv l;ub1-ĸ Äž$_-mhvÄż]bˆbm] o-| ubˆ; -m7 (;|;u-mÄ˝v rru;1b-াom -‹ĸ -u|m;u ‰b|_ ;uhv_bu; )ouh=ou1; o-u7Äş

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: omruoC| ;m|;u o= |_; ;uhv_bu;v o-u7 u;vb7;m|ĸ ) ! ;uhv_bu; oll†mb|‹ !-7bo o-u7 ;l0;uĸ "|-u|†r );;h;m7 ;uhv_bu;v oou7bm-াom $;-l -m7 l1;;ĸ m|u‹ |o m|u;ru;m;†uv_br ;m|ouĸ !-bŃ´uo-7 "|u;;| +o†|_ uof;1| ;m|ouĸ $-m]Ń´;‰oo7 bm |_; b|‹ l1;;ĸ ;uhv_bu; &mb|;7 )-‹ ;-Ń´|_1-u; Idea Jam Emcee.

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: ‹ ]o-Ń´ bv |o voŃ´b7b=‹ |_; Ѵ†0Ä˝v ru;v;m1; =ou |_; =†|†u; 0‹ †r]u-7bm] -m7 -77bm] m;‰ -l;mbা;v |o -‚u-1| -m7 u;|-bm l;l0;uv_brġ ‰_bŃ´; Ń´;-7bm] - |;-l ‰_o ruoˆb7; ;Š1;rাom-Ń´ v;uˆb1;Äş INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: -7lbu; 1omC7;m|ġ v|uom] -m7 7;|;ulbm;7 bm7bˆb7†-Ń´v ‰_o -u; †m‰bŃ´Ń´bm] |o Ń´;| -m‹om; ou -m‹|_bm] v|-m7 bm |_; ‰-‹ o= |_;bu 7u;-lvÄş FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: $-hbm] l‹ 1_bŃ´7u;m v‰bllbm] -| ou;‰oo7 -h;Äş

40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020


ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o †v; l‹ Ń´;-7;uv_br -m7 ˆob1; |o bmvrbu;ġ ;m1o†u-]; -m7 ;lro‰;u l‹v;Ń´= -m7 o|_;uv |o o†u _b]_;v| ˆb0u-াom -m7 o†u lov| Ń´oˆbm]ġ ro‰;u=†Ѵġ 1omm;1|;7ġ ;Šr-mvbˆ; ro|;mা-Ń´Äş INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: +o†ĺ +;vġ ‹o† u;-7bm] |_bvÄş -7lbu; ‹o† =ou ‹o†u 1o†u-]; |o v_o‰ †r bm |_; ‰ouŃ´7 ;ˆ;u‹ 7-‹ĺ ou 1_oovbm] Ń´oˆ; ;ˆ;m ‰_;m b|Ä˝v _-u7Äş ou ;-1_ vlbŃ´; ‹o† v_-u; |_-| 0ub]_|;mv - 7-‹ -m7 ‹o†u o‰mÄş $_-mhvÄş HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: _-ˆ; ;Š-1|Ѵ‹ om; r-u|‹ |ub1hÄš bl -uu;‹ blru;vvbomvÄş $_; v-l; om;vÄş m u;r;-|Äş "bm1; Ć?Ć–Ć–Ć“Äş Ń´Ń´Ń´ub]_|‹ |_;mÄş FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: bhbm] om†l;m| o†m|-bm Ĺ&#x; (;]-m -u; -| Ń´bŠbu Äş

Congratulations to all the nominees and to our very CEO at the Country Club


of Pittsfield for being recognized as one of this

Erika Allison

year's 40 under Forty!


639 SOUTH STREET PITTSFIELD, MA 01201 413.447.8500


"Be The Change That You Wish To See In The World" -Gandhi


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-uh;เฆ m] -m-];uฤท ;; -mhฤท ;;ฤท MA

bu;1|ou o= ัดย lmb !;ัด-เฆ omvฤท ;uhv_bu; ollย mb|ย oัดัด;];ฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท HOMETOWN: --uv|ฤท ;ul-mย RESIDENCE: bย vC;ัด7ฤท EDUCATION: ;ul-m brัดol- ล -v|;uฤฝv ;tย bย -ัด;m| 7;]u;;ล bm ollย mb1-เฆ om ;vb]mฤท &mbย ;uvb|ย =ou rrัดb;7 "1b;m1;v o= ou|lย m7ฤท ;ul-mย ฤธ ย uu;m| ฤบ ฤบ v|ย 7;m|ฤน -m-];l;m| o= omruoC|v -m7 ย ัด|ย u-ัด u]-mbย -เฆ omvฤท $;1_mb1-ัด &mbย ;uvb|ย o= -bv;uvัด-ย |;umฤท ;ul-mย

HOMETOWN: ;moย ฤท RESIDENCE: ;moย ฤท EDUCATION: &mbย ;uvb|ย o= ubเฆ v_ oัดย l0b-ฤท u-7ย -|; "|ย 7b;vล ;7b1-ัด ;m;เฆ 1vฤธ 1 bัดัด &mbย ;uvb|ย ฤท ฤบ"ฤบล _ย vboัดo]ย ล vย 1_oัดo]ย

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: [;u vr;m7bm] m;-uัดย - 7;1-7; bm |_; u;v|-ย u-m| bm7ย v|uย bm + ฤท u;|ย um;7 |o |_; ;uhv_bu;v -m7 =oย m7 lย _ol; -| ;; -mhฤบ ัดoย ; ย ouhbm] =ou -m ou]-mbย -เฆ om |_-| bv 7;7b1-|;7 |o bmย ;vเฆ m] bm oย u 1ollย mb|ย ฤบ )bmmbm] - $u;m7v;ย ;u ย -u7 =ou mmoย -เฆ ย ; -uh;เฆ m] -lr-b]m ย -v ru;ย ย 1ooัดฤท |ooฤด

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Working at a community college means becoming part of -m ou]-mbย -เฆ om |_-| 1_-m];v ัดbย ;vฤบ _-ย ; |_; orrou|ย mb|ย |o ัดbv|;m |o |_; bm1u;7b0ัด; v|oub;v o= r;orัด; ย b|_ 7bย ;uv; r;uvr;1เฆ ย ;v -m7 0-1h]uoย m7vฤท ย b|_ |_; u;vromvb0bัดb|ย o= v_-ubm] |_;bu ;ย r;ub;m1;v ย b|_ |_; u;vr;1| |_;ย 7;v;uย ;ฤบ

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: bmh |o b0u-ub;v (oัดย m|;;u !;-7;u -| om|; ollย mb|ย "1_ooัดฤธ u|v1-r; ollbย ;; ;l0;uฤธ ;moย ย vbm;vv -u|m;uv ollbย ;; ;l0;uฤธ ย ัดย ; ;-7;uv_br ย r;ub;m1; ;m oย !;|u;-| bm-ัดbv|ฤธ ;uhv_bu; ย vbm;vv ล uo=;vvbom-ัด )ol;m ;l0;uฤธ ;ย m]ัด-m7 bm-m1b-ัด -uh;เฆ m] vvo1b-เฆ om o-u7 ;l0;uฤบ

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: ) $_;-|u; o-u7 o= bu;1|ouvฤธ "" o ollย mb|ย 7ย bvouย o-u7ฤธ oย u u;;7olv o-ัดbเฆ omฤท "|;;ubm] ollbย ;;ฤธ ;uhv_bu; u-m1_ล u;;7ol ย m7 ย -u7v bmm;u ollbย ;;ฤธ lr-1| oย m1bัด o= ;uhv_bu; oย m|ย ;-7;uv_brล llb]u-m| ";1|ou ;-7;uฤบ

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o 1omเฆ mย ; ]uoย bm] -m7 ;ย oัดย bm] ย b|_bm -m ou]-mbย -เฆ om |_-| bv 1ollbย ;7 |o l-hbm] ;uhv_bu; oย m|ย - ย ;ัด1olbm] -m7 ;m]-];7 1ollย mb|ย ฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ฤฝl =ou|ย m-|; |o hmoย l-mย -7lbu-0ัด; _ย l-mvฤท 0ย | b= _-ย ; |o 1_oov; om;ฤท b| ย oย ัด7 0; lย =-ย oub|; vbv|;uฤท -1 ;mย b;ฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: ฤฝl lou; 1u-[ย ล 7;1oย r-];ล |_-m -u|vย ฤบ ฤฝย ; ย om - ัดo| o= _ouv;0-1h ub7bm] ub00omvฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: ;mfoย =-ul;uv l-uh;|v -m7 vย bllbm] bm ubย ;uvฤบ

40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020


ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: ); _-ย ; |o =o1ย v oย u ;@ou|v om ย rัดb[bm] -m7 ;lroย ;ubm] |_ov; |_-| _-ย ; |u-7bเฆ om-ัดัดย 0;;m ย m7;u_;-u7ฤบ ย ]o-ัด bv |o 0;1ol; - v|uom];u -7ย o1-|; bm oย u 1ollย mb|ย |o vย rrou| |_ov; bm m;;7ฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย lolฤท ;b7bฤท -ัดย -ย v |oัด7 l; |o 7o ;ย ;uย |_bm] |_-| l-h;v l; _-rrย -v ัดom] -v 7omฤฝ| _ย u| -mย om;ฤบ "_; ]-ย ; l; |_; 1omC7;m1; -m7 ัดoย ; |_-| ;m-0ัด;7 l; |o ubv; ย rฤท ัดbv|;mฤท -m7 l-h; lย v;ัด= _;-u7ฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: ัดoย ; v;ย bm] lย oย m 1ัดo|_;vฤบ -ัดvo ย v;7 |o |u-ย ;ัด |o v|-|; 1olr;เฆ เฆ omv om lย _ol;|oย mฤฝv _;vv |;-l ย _;m ย -v -uoย m7 |;m ย ;-uv oัด7ล o|_;u hb7v ย ;u; -=u-b7 o= lย l;-m 1_;vv ]-l;ฤด FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: ัด;m7-ัด; -ัดัดv -m7 u;-l ย -ย o7]; ย b|_ lย _ย v0-m7ฤท );vฤบ

C O N G R AT U L AT I O N S Alison Brigham

outstanding young professional award recipient LEEBANK.COM



BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu

Lee Bankโ s โ 40 Under Fortyโ


Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty


RESIDENCE: bย vC;ัด7ฤท

HOMETOWN: Bogota, Colombia

EDUCATION: ;m|ัด;ย &mbย ;uvb|ย ฤท

RESIDENCE: Boston & Stockbridge,

ฤบ ฤบ ฤบฤท )-ัด|_-lฤท ฤธ ;m|ัด;ย College, B.S. Corporate Finance ล 11oย mเฆ m]ฤท )-ัด|_-lฤท ฤธ "|ฤบ ov;r_ฤฝv ;m|u-ัด b]_ "1_ooัดฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท


EDUCATION: UMass Amherst M.S. and B.A.; Berkshire Community College A.A.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Being a part of great teams. The Financial Leadership Program -| &mb|;7 $;1_moัดo]b;vฤธ 1ourou-|; Cm-m1; ]uoย rv -| ย -ย -m7 bo];mฤธ -m7 oย u |;-l -| bัดัด $oย mฤบ ovbเฆ ย ;ัดย blr-1เฆ m] oย u 1ollย mb|ย -ัดom]vb7; - ]uoย r o= r;orัด; ย _o -u; r-vvbom-|; -0oย | oย u ย ouh bv - ]u;-| rovbเฆ om |o 0; bmฤบ

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: v - v;mbou bm om; o= |_; ัด-u];v| ruo=;vvbom-ัด v;uย b1;v Culv bm |_; ย ouัด7ฤท _-ย ; ]-bm;7 ย -ัดย -0ัด; ;ย r;ub;m1; _;ัดrbm] 7b@;u;m| 1ัดb;m|v -1uovv ย -uboย v bm7ย v|ub;vฤบ ฤฝl -ัดvo -m -7ย o1-|; =ou 7bย ;uvb|ย -m7 bm1ัดย vbย ;m;vv bm |_; ย ouhrัด-1; =o1ย vbm] om u;1uย bเฆ m] -m7 u;|-bmbm] ย m7;uu;ru;v;m|;7 1-m7b7-|;vฤบ

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: $uย v|;; o= ;uhv_bu; ;-ัด|_ "ย v|;lvฤธ l;l0;u o= |_; o-u7 o= bu;1|ouv o= $_; ub;m ;m|;uฤท ฦ ัถ ;]u;;v ล =oul;uัดย ;uhv_bu; _bัด7u;m -m7 -lbัดb;vล ฤท -m7 oย m|oย m bย vC;ัด7 m1ฤบ oul;u o-u7 bu;1|ou o= |_; + -m7 |_; ;uhv_bu; -lbัดย + ฤบ

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: ฤฝl r-vvbom-|; -0oย | ;7ย 1-เฆ om -m7 7bย ;uvb|ย ฤท -m7 |_; roย ;u=ย ัด blr-1| |_-| |_;ย 1-m 0ubm] |o |_; 1ollย mb|ย ฤบ ;1-ย v; o= |_-|ฤท v;uย ; -v rrobm|;7 ัดย lmb o-u7 ;l0;uฤธ oัดัด;]; l;m|ou =ou _b]_ v1_ooัด v|ย 7;m|vฤธ 1ollย mb|ย bm|;uru;|;uฤธ -m7 + -เฆ mย uo=;vvbom-ัด ;|ย ouh o-u7ฤบ

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o 7ubย ; |u-mv=oul-เฆ ย ; 1_-m]; bm oย u u;]bom |_uoย ]_ oย u ย ouhฤบ $_uoย ]_ |_-| ;@ou| -m7 oย u ัด;-umbm]v om |_; foย um;ย ฤท ย ; 1-m _;ัดr |_; ;uhv_bu;v -m7 ro|;mเฆ -ัดัดย o|_;u -u;-v u;-ัดbย ; |_;bu ro|;mเฆ -ัดฤบ

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: [;u - =;ย lou; ย ;-uv bm rย 0ัดb1 -11oย mเฆ m]ฤท ย bv_ |o or;m lย oย m 0ย vbm;vvฤบ ย ]o-ัด bv |o 0ย bัด7 b| om |_; vย 11;vv o= lย ;lrัดoย ;;v -m7 |_;bu 7bย ;uv; r;uvr;1เฆ ย ;vฤบ

INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย ย b=;ล v_; rย |v ;ย ;uย om;ฤฝv m;;7v 0;=ou; _;u own.

INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย r-u;m|vฤท 0;1-ย v; ย b|_oย | |_;bu vย rrou| -m7 _-u7 ย ouhฤท b| ย oย ัด7 _-ย ; 0;;m ย ;uย _-u7 |o 0;1ol; ย _o -l |o7-ย ฤบ $_;ย -u; lย uo1h -m7 v|u;m]|_ -m7 ย ; _-ย ; oย ;u1ol; l-mย 1_-ัดัด;m];v |o];|_;u -v - =-lbัดย ฤบ

FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: $-m]ัด;ย oo7ฤท oเฆฎ;ฤฝvฤท -m7 lย 0-1hย -u7ฤบ

BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu

Senior Tax Accountant, Ernst and Young, Boston, MA

HOMETOWN: bย vC;ัด7ฤท

HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: ัดbh; |o |_bmh -l - 7;1;m| 1oohฤท 0ย | o|_;uv v_oย ัด7 ย -ัดb7-|; |_-|ฤบฤบฤบ



CEO & Managing Director, Mill $oย m -rb|-ัดฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท

HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: )_;m ย -v ฦ ฦ ฤท ัด;-um;7 _oย |o rัด-m| -m7 h;;r ]-u7;mv -m7 vเฆ ัดัด ัดoย ; l-hbm] 0;-ย เฆ =ย ัด ]-u7;mvฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: $_; |or o= omย l;m| oย m|-bm during the fall.

!"" #$%&

A platform for community revitalization

40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Berkshire Eagle congratulates this year’s 40 Under Forty honorees. Thank you for all you do for our community.

BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu

www.berkshireeagle.com | (413) 447-7311


Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty

We salute

Lindsay Codwise for being recognized as a 40 Under Forty Honoree

Lindsay is highly regarded for her leadership, hard work and dedication to the community.

BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu

Lindsay Codwise Foundation Program Manager


berkshirebank.com • 800.773.5601 Banking products are provided by Berkshire Bank. Member FDIC.

Rev. 2/20

oย m7-เฆ om uo]u-l -m-];uฤท ;uhv_bu; -mhฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท HOMETOWN: "|o1h0ub7];ฤท RESIDENCE: bย vC;ัด7ฤท EDUCATION: )_;-|om oัดัด;];ฤท ou|omฤท ฤท ฤบ ฤบ

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: I am very lucky to work at a place where giving back is - 7;Cmbm] r-u| o= 0o|_ lย uoัด; -m7 oย u 1ย ัด|ย u; -v - 1olr-mย ฤบ -1_ 7-ย _-ย ; |_; orrou|ย mb|ย |o Cm7 m;ย -m7 1u;-เฆ ย ; ย -ย v |o blruoย ; |_; ;lrัดoย ;; ;ย r;ub;m1; -m7 blr-1| oย u ัดo1-ัด 1ollย mbเฆ ;v |_uoย ]_ ย oัดย m|;;ubvl -m7 o|_;u ;m]-];l;m| ;@ou|vฤบ COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: ย mbou ;-]ย ; o= ;uhv_bu; oย m|ย ฤธ !oo|v !bvbm] ;ย ;ัดorl;m| ollbย ;;ฤธ ;uhv_bu; u| vvo1b-เฆ om o-u7ฤธ ;uhv_bu; ;-7;uv_br uo]u-l "|;;ubm] ollbย ;;ฤธ ัด-vv o= ฦ ฦ ฦ ัถฤบ ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: ย ย ัดเฆ l-|; ]o-ัด bv |o =ov|;u - 1oัดัด-0ou-เฆ ย ; -m7 vo1b-ัดัดย u;vromvb0ัด; 1olr-mย |_-| -ัดb]mv oย u 1ย ัด|ย u; o= -ย -u;m;vvฤท 0;ัดom]bm]ฤท bm1ัดย vbomฤท v;uย b1;ฤท -m7 |;-lย ouh ย b|_ oย u ;lrัดoย ;; -m7 1ollย mb|ย m;;7vฤบ

67:F9:7: 87,I:==9,JHB >:-:B,8F:J; ;, H>-HJE: 79=9J? B:H>:7= K :E,J,F9E -9;HB9;D 9J ;L: M:7N=L97:= K G:D,J>

:B:G7H;:= !C7 Shining Stars

40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020


INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: $_; o|ouboย v ! ฤด ฤฝl -ัดvo bmvrbu;7 0ย =ub;m7v -m7 =-lbัดย ล ;vr;1b-ัดัดย lย =oย u m;r_;ย vฤท ย _o -ัดย -ย v u;lbm7 l; |o v|-ย ]uoย m7;7 -m7 ;mfoย |_; ัดbย ัด; |_bm]v bm ัดb=; ล ัดbh; rัด-ย bm] ย b|_ ;]ov -m7 1-uvล ฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: uovvล vเฆ |1_bm]ฤท vr;ัดัดbm]ฤท vh;|1_bm]ฤท -m7 -ัดัดb|;u-เฆ omฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: $_bv|ัด; ล bu|_ฤท -m7 o-7 oย l-mฤฝv ];m;uovb|ย ฤบ

MICHELLE CUEVAS Childrenโ s Book Author HOMETOWN: Lee, MA RESIDENCE: Great Barrington, MA EDUCATION: University of Virginia, ฤบ ฤบ ฤบ bm b1เฆ om )ubเฆ m]ฤธ )bัดัดb-lv College, B.A. in English

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: "1_ooัด ru;v;m|-เฆ omv |_uoย ]_oย | |_; u;]bomฤท =u;; rย 0ัดb1 u;-7bm]v -| ัดb0u-ub;vฤท v_orvฤท -m7 =ย m7u-bv;uvฤท vb]m;7 0ooh 7om-เฆ omvฤท m; ooh m; "1_ooัด ruo]u-lฤบ ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: ย mย l0;u om; ]o-ัด bv |o r;u=oul ย b|_ |_; ย rr;|vฤบ |_;u |_-m |_-|ฤท _or; 1-m h;;r 1omm;1เฆ m] ย b|_ u;-7;uv -m7 rย เฆฎm] vol;|_bm] oub]bm-ัดฤท ล -m7 _or;=ย ัดัดย 0;-ย เฆ =ย ัดล ฤท bm|o |_; ย ouัด7ฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: !oย ัดbm]ฤท bl ;mvomฤท _-uัดoย ; =uol _-uัฒoย ;ฤปv );0ฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: )-|;u1oัดouvฤท =-ัด1omuย ฤท ;ัด-0ou-|; l;|-r_ouvฤท -ัด|o v-ย or_om;ฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: $_; oohัดo[ -m7 $-m]ัด;ย oo7 ย m7;u |_; v|-uvฤบ

!"#$% &'#( )*++


$,-. /012 3434 5 67,879:;,7<= +,>?: +@*A$ "!A@ >B:.>CBD:.E,F

#JJ,-H;9-: B:H7J9J? K J:;Q,7N9J? ;, ;HN: D,C7 EH7::7 K B9I: ;, ;L: J:R; B:-:B

BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Author of seven novels and picture books published by ;m]ย bm !-m7ol oย v;ฤธ -vv-1_ย v;ย v ooh ย -u7 =ou The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Holeฤธ -เฆ om-ัด ;v|v;ัดัด;uฤท $_; &m1ouh;u o= 1;-m oย ัฒ;v; books translated into |ย ;m|ย ัด-m]ย -];vฤธ |ย o moย ;ัดv bm ruo7ย 1เฆ om -v Cัดlv -| oย mbl-เฆ omฤบ

O+@ *BCFJ9P +9J>=HD ,>Q9=:2 (LHJJ,J *=LE7,I;2 *B9=,J M79?LHF2 *GGD 6,Q:7=


Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty



rowth is the great separator between those who succeed and those who do not. When I see a person beginning to separate themselves from the pack, it’s almost always due to personal growth.� - John Maxell

Supply Chain Manager, Lenco ulou;7 (;_b1Ń´;vġ b‚vC;Ń´7ġ HOMETOWN: b‚vC;Ń´7ġ RESIDENCE: b‚vC;Ń´7ġ EDUCATION: Taconic High School Graduate; The Sage College’s Albany, B.A. in Business 7lbmbv|u-াom

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: I understood the value of customer focus from lessons learned in my career at General Dynamics (GD). I later chose to expand my career by fobmbm] |_; "†rrѴ‹ _-bm vb7; o= Äş $o7-‹ġ l‹ ]o-Ń´ bv |o _;Ń´r ;m1o |o 1omাm†; |o prosper and grow. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: My late mother, Judy M. DiCicco, taught me and my sisters, Casey and Courtney, to become “change makers.â€? We established the ;loub-Ń´ †m7 |o v†rrou| ‹o†|_ -|_Ń´;া1vġ v1_oŃ´-uv_brv -m7 |_; 1oll†mb|‹ -v - whole. We learned so much from her about the importance of giving back. ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: Lenco is a world-renowned manufacturer and leading employer in our community since 1981. I am honored to assist in its next big growth vr†u| -v |_; b]_| =-lbѴ‹ u;l-bmv 1ollb‚;7 |o b‚vC;Ń´7Äş INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: My mother, Judy. At the young age of 41, she r-vv;7 -‰-‹ =uol - 0-‚Ѵ; ‰b|_ 1-m1;uÄş †ubm] _;u v_ou| াl; ‰b|_ †vġ v_; bmvাѴѴ;7 - strong work ethic and inspired our commitment to giving back. HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: Basketball player & coach, golfer, car enthusiast. FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: o-াm] om mo|- -h;Äş

PAUL DALTON Business Director - Combat and Autonomous Systems, General Dynamics bvvbom "‹v|;lvġ b‚vC;Ń´7ġ HOMETOWN: Newark Valley, NY RESIDENCE: b‚vC;Ń´7ġ

BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu

EDUCATION: M.S. Industrial and "‹v|;lv m]bm;;ubm]ġ ;ou]b- mvা|†|; of Technology; M.B.A Isenberg School of Management, University of -vv-1_†v;‚vġ l_;uv|ĸ Äş"Äş m7†v|ub-Ń´ and Management Engineering, !;mvv;Ń´-;u oѴ‹|;1_mb1 mvা|†|;


Sheri L. Quinn, CPA 4 Second Street Pittsfield, MA 01201 Phone: (413) 443-7366 Email: sheri@fpco.com

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: I have been fortunate to be part of a rapidly growing |;-l -| ;m;u-Ń´ ‹m-lb1v bm b‚vC;Ń´7 =ou |_; r-v| C[;;m ‹;-uvġ v|-uাm] ‰b|_ |_;bu Manufacturing Leadership Program and growing my role to now manage a business ruoˆb7bm] ;Š1bাm] -m7 1†মm] ;7]; 1-r-0bŃ´bা;v |_-| ;mv†u; |_; v-=;|‹ o= o†u m-াomÄş COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: b‚vC;Ń´7 1omolb1 ;ˆ;Ń´orl;m| †|_oub|‹ĸ ;uhv_bu; mmoˆ-াom ;m|;uĸ "$ 1ŕŚžÂˆbা;v -| b‚vC;Ń´7Ä˝v Ć’u7 $_†uv7-‹ĺ ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o 1omাm†; |o 0†bŃ´7 - v|uom] -m7 ˆb0u-m| |;1_moŃ´o]‹ 0†vbm;vvġ r-u|m;ubm] ‰b|_ o†u Ń´o1-Ń´ 1oll†mb|‹ |o 7;ˆ;Ń´or -m ;mˆbuoml;m| -m7 1†Ѵ|†u; |_-| -‚u-1|v m;‰ ];m;u-াomv o= bmmoˆ-|ouv |o |_; ;uhv_bu;vÄş INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ‹ r-u;m|vġ $bl -m7 mm -Ń´|omġ =ou -Ѵ‰-‹v 0;bm] |_;u; =ou l; -m7 v;মm] - v|uom] ;Š-lrŃ´; -v v†rrouŕŚžÂˆ; r-u;m|vġ vro†v;vġ =-lbѴ‹ -m7 1oll†mb|‹ l;l0;uv -m7 mo‰ ]u-m7r-u;m|vÄş FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: Overlook at Kennedy Park / Park "t†-u; -| _ubv|l-vÄş

40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020

BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu


Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty



Senior Case Worker, Berkshire llb]u-m| ;m|;u Ĺ? Ĺ‘ġ b‚vC;Ń´7ġ MA

Program Manager, Community Access to the Arts (CATA), Great Barrington, MA

HOMETOWN: ;ub7-ġ (;m;Π;Ń´-

HOMETOWN: Templeton, MA

RESIDENCE: );v| "|o1h0ub7];ġ


EDUCATION: Äş"Äş †l-m !b]_|vġ &mbˆ;uvb|‹ oŃ´Ń´;]; †0Ń´bmġ †0Ń´bmġ u;Ń´-m7; Äş Äş bm oŃ´bা1-Ń´ "1b;m1;ġ &mbˆ;uvb|‹ o= ov m7;vġ ;ub7-ġ (;m;Π;Ń´-Äş

EDUCATION: Lesley University, Äş 7ĺĸ -vv-1_†v;‚v oŃ´Ń´;]; o= Liberal Arts, B.A.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: It has always been my goal to serve and help those in need. m l‹ uoŃ´; -| ġ =;;Ń´ =†ѴCŃ´Ń´;7Äş -vvbv| vol; o= |_; m;‰;v| ĹŠ -m7 -| াl;v ĹŠ ÂˆÂ†Ń´m;u-0Ń´; u;vb7;m|v o= |_; ;uhv_bu;v bm |_;bu ;@ou|v |o m-ˆb]-|; |_; bllb]u-াom v‹v|;lÄş ); _;Ń´r new and old clients secure their future here every day.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: I consider myself incredibly lucky to have mission-driven work that aligns with my personal values of mutual respect and empathy for others. My r-vvbom =ou -u|ġ ;7†1-াomġ -m7 _†l-m ub]_|v _-v Ń´;7 l; |o - 7;;rѴ‹ l;-mbm]=†Ѵ 1-u;;u path where I have grown both personally and professionally.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: _-ˆ; _-7 |_; ]u;-| rŃ´;-v†u; o= 1oŃ´Ń´-0ou-াm] ‰b|_ l-m‹ -l-ÂŒbm] ou]-mbÂŒ-াomv bm ;uhv_bu; o†m|‹ĺ $_;‹ _-ˆ; -ѴѴġ -Ń´om] ‰b|_ ġ ‰ouh;7 াu;Ń´;vvѴ‹ |o ;lro‰;u |_; bllb]u-m| 1oll†mb|‹ĺ -Ń´vo v;uˆ; bm |_; ;uhv_bu; ol;vা1 Ĺ&#x; ";Š†-Ń´ (boŃ´;m1; $-vh ou1; 1u;-|;7 0‹ |_; L1; o= |_; bv|ub1| ‚oum;‹ĺ

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: †l;uo†v ruo=;vvbom-Ń´ 1oŃ´Ń´-0ou-াomv -1uovv Berkshire County, including public schools, social service agencies, nursing homes, and community centers; Downtown Great Barrington Cultural District Steering ollb‚;; ;l0;uÄş

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: I am working for a future of inclusivity and acceptance of our immigrant community. Regardless of where you have come from, my goal is to l-h; |_; ;uhv_bu;v -11;rাm]ĺ

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: Believing deeply in the power of art and culture to ;7†1-|; -m7 1omm;1| †vġ _or; |o 1omাm†; ‰ouhbm] 1u;-ŕŚžÂˆ;Ѵ‹ ‰b|_ r;orŃ´; -m7 r;uvr;1ŕŚžÂˆ;v |_-| 1_-Ń´Ń´;m]; l‹ -vv†lrাomv -m7 =†;Ń´ l‹ 1†ubovb|‹ĺ

INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ‹ r-u;m|vÄş ); ‰;u; u-bv;7 7†ubm] - 7bL1†Ѵ| াl; bm (;m;Π;Ń´-Äş ;bm] |-†]_| |_-| _-u7 ‰ouh -m7 v;uˆb1; ‰-v mo| f†v| rovvb0Ń´; 0†| r-u| o= o†u 7Â†ŕŚž;vÄş -l ]u-|;=†Ѵ =ou |_; ˆ-Ѵ†;v |_;‹ bmvাѴѴ;7 bm l;Äş

INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: There are countless people who inspire and support me. Those I admire most are hardworking, open-minded, and have a knack for Cm7bm] |_; ]oo7 bm ;ˆ;u‹ vb|†-াomÄş

HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: I can play the drums and violin! I also have the ability to 1omvbv|;m|Ѵ‹ rb1h Yb]_|v |_-| ‰bѴѴ 0; 7;Ѵ-‹;7 ou 1-m1;ѴѴ;7ĺ

HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: Remaining totally laid back if called by the wrong name, ]bˆbm] ;Š1;Ń´Ń´;m| 7ubˆbm] 7bu;1াomvÄş


FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: Umpachene Falls, Mass MoCA, and Dream Away Lodge.

CATA congratulates our own

Je Gagnon Thank you for your dedication to CATA artists and to CATA’s mission of art and inclusion!

Come see the brand new

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Holiday Inn & Suites


located in Downtown Pittsfield! VISIT US AT: WWW.HIBERKSHIRES.COM ONE WEST STREET, PITTSFIELD, MA 01201 | 413-499-2000


Commercial Lender, Salisbury Bank and Trust Company, Great Barrington, MA

6th Grade History Teacher & Cross Country Coach, BART Charter Public School, Adams, MA





EDUCATION: B.A. in Business from Southern New Hampshire University (Cum Laude Graduate)

EDUCATION: The College of Saint Rose, B.A. & M.S. in History and 7oŃ´;v1;m| 7†1-াom

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: I have called the Southern Berkshires home for most of l‹ Ń´b=; -m7 mo‰ _-ˆ; |_; orrou|†mb|‹ |o _;Ń´r |_; 1oll†mb|‹ ]uo‰ 0‹ -vvbvাm] Ń´o1-Ń´ 0†vbm;vv;v ‰b|_ |_;bu Cm-m1bm] m;;7vÄş v - oll;u1b-Ń´ ;m7;uġ =;;Ń´ |_-| b| bv blr;u-ŕŚžÂˆ; |_-| |_; blr-1| om |_; 1oll†mb|‹ 0; -m bm|;]u-Ń´ r-u| o= ‰_-| 7oÄş

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: In 10 years, I have had the honor to teach and coach hundreds of our county’s youth. I teach empathy, compassion, respect, and grit. Our students are tomorrow’s leaders. My runners are community leaders both in the school and community. If you give them the tools to succeed, they will surprise you!

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: oĹŠ1_-bu o= |_; -buˆb;‰ ovrb|-Ń´ oŃ´= $o†um-l;m|ġ (-uvb|‹ o1h;‹ ;-7 o-1_ =ou |Äş ˆ;u;‚ Ĺ? oĹŠor ruo]u-l ‰b|_ ;;ġ ;moŠġ Ĺ&#x; om†l;m|Ĺ‘ġ -m7 o-u7 ;l0;u -| )‹-m|;m†1h o†m|u‹ Ѵ†0Äş oll†mb|‹ ou]-mbÂŒ-াomv -u; |_; Ń´b=;0Ń´oo7 o= o†u 1o†m|‹ -m7 _;Ń´r |o 1-uu‹ om |_; Ń´;]-1‹ o= |_; ;uhv_bu;vÄş

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: I have coached BART cross country for 10 years. I am a founding member of Berkshire Ultra Running Community for Service (BURCS). 7bu;1| - u-1; v;ub;v |_-| 7om-|;v ruoC|v |o o†bvom o†v;ġ ol;m|v o†v;ġ -mbl-Ń´ sanctuaries, and Free to Run. I believe in leading by example to help our neighbors!

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: Ä˝l ;Š1b|;7 |o v;; ‰_;u; l‹ 0-mhbm] 1-u;;u |-h;v l;ġ ‰_;|_;u b| 0; -v - u;]bom-Ń´ |;-l Ń´;-7;u ou - _b;= ;m7bm] L1;uġ |_; m†l0;u o= 0†vbm;vv;v -m7 r;orŃ´; |_-| 1-m _;Ń´r ‰bŃ´Ń´ bm1u;-v; oˆ;u াl;Äş INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ‹ -u;m|vġ Ń´vb; Ĺ&#x; o_m bŃ´Ń´b]-mÄş -l ruo†7 |o 1-uu‹ om vol; o= |_; |u-b|v |_-| |_;‹ _-ˆ; bmvাѴѴ;7 bm l; -m7 hmo‰ |_-| ‰o†Ѵ7 mo| 0; ‰_;u; -l |o7-‹ ‰b|_o†| |_;bu v†rrou|Äş FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: bv_bm] om bŃ´Ń´ om7 ‰b|_ l‹ =-lbѴ‹ĺ

40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020


ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: 0;Ń´b;ˆ; bm loŕŚžÂˆ-াm] o|_;uv |o |-r bm|o |_;bu |u†; ro|;mা-Ń´Äş ‰bv_ |o 1omাm†; |;-1_bm] -m7 1o-1_bm] o|_;uv |o 0; |_; l;m|ouv -m7 uoŃ´; models our youth need. Any goal is achievable. INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ‹ 7-7 bv - u;াu;7 ;7†1-|ou o= Ć“Ć‘Ćł ‹;-uvÄş ‹ lol u-bv;7 Ć“ hb7v -m7 1-l; =uol roˆ;u|‹ĺ ‹ r-u;m|v |-†]_| l; ‹o†m] |_-| b|Ä˝v mo| -0o†| l-|;ub-Ń´ ]oo7vÄş |Ä˝v -0o†| u;Ń´-াomv_br -m7 1omm;1াomÄş ; _†l0Ń´;Äş HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: oˆ; 1oohbm] ˆ;]-m l-v|;urb;1;vĸ !†mmbm] Ć?Ć?Ć?Ćł l-u-|_omvĸ )ubাm]ĸ Ćł) _o|o]u-r_‹ĸ $u;-7lbŃ´Ń´ bm] FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: Ń´bˆb-Ä˝v ˆ;uŃ´oohġ o†v; o= m7b-ġ Elizabeth’s.

s n o i t a l u t a r g n co Connecticut 860.435.9801

Member FDIC

Massachusetts 413.528.1201

New York 845.877.9850

ŠSalisbury Bank and Trust Company

Aidan Gilligan Commercial Lender

Equal Housing Lender

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to our own Aidan Gilligan and all 40 under Forty award recipients


16 BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu



Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty

40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020

BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu



Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty

KAYLA HOLLINS Director of Admission, -vv-1_ย v;ย v oัดัด;]; o= b0;u-ัด u|v ล ล ฤท ou|_ 7-lvฤท

Congratulations to

Allyson Holmes

and all of this yearโ s honorees from your friends and colleagues at:

HOMETOWN: ย ;;mvฤท + RESIDENCE: ou|_ 7-lvฤท EDUCATION: Bay Path University, " bm b]_;u 7ย 1-เฆ om 7lbmbv|u-เฆ omฤธ !ย @-ัดo o;ัด ;ย b|ย ;uเฆ C1-|; bm muoัดัดl;m| -m-];l;m|ฤธ ฤบ ฤบ CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: [;u ]u-7ย -เฆ m]ฤท 7;1b7;7 |o v|-ย bm |_; ;uhv_bu;vฤท -m7 vr;1bC1-ัดัดย -| ฤท 0;1-ย v; ย -m|;7 |o ]bย ; 0-1h |o - 1ollย mb|ย |_-| -ัดัดoย ;7 l; |o ]uoย -m7 |_ubย ; ย b|_oย | fย 7];l;m|ฤท 1olr;เฆ เฆ omฤท ou ย u];m1ย ฤบ m lย 1ย uu;m| uoัด;ฤท -bl |o ruoย b7; |_;v; v-l; ;ย r;ub;m1;vล -m7 lou;ล =ou -ัดัด v|ย 7;m|vฤบ COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: ou|_ 7-lv ัด-mmbm] o-u7ฤธ 7ย v & 1u;ย ฤท oล oย m7;uฤท _ou;o]u-r_;u -m7 -m1;uฤธ ;uhv_bu; -m1; $_;-|u;ฤท mv|uย 1|ouฤธ $_; "-=; ,om; uof;1|ฤท $u-bm;uฤธ 7ย bvou |o lย ัดเฆ rัด; ou]-mbย -เฆ omv bm1ัดย 7bm] |_; )ol;m o= oัดou mbเฆ -เฆ ย ;ฤท -v_bom "|ย 7;m| u]-mbย -เฆ omฤท -m7 -m1; olr-mย ฤบ ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: | ฦ ฦ ฤท lย Cuv| fo0 ย -v bm "|ย 7;m| b=; -| - ย -u7b- oll oัดัด;];ฤบ "oฤท ย -v 7;vเฆ m;7 |o ย ouh bm _b]_;u ;7ฤบ ย ]o-ัด bv |o 0; |_; ย ัดเฆ l-|; -7ย o1-|;ฤน - 1oัดัด;]; ru;vb7;m|ล roัดb1ย l-h;u bm rย 0ัดb1 ;7ย 1-เฆ omฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย ย oย m];u vbv|;uฤด | omัดย ฦ ฦ ฤท v_; _-v vr;m| |_; ัด-v| =oย u ย ;-uv -v -m ;ัด;l;m|-uย v1_ooัด |;-1_;u bm uoohัดย mฤบ "_; bv |_; orbmbom-|;7 ubvh |-h;u o= |_; =-lbัดย ล bv |;-1_bm] _;u v|ย 7;m|v |o 7o |_; v-l;ฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: oohbm] ย b|_oย | - u;1br;ล l;-vย ubm] ย |;mvbัดv -m7 7-m1bm]ล 1_ou;o]u-r_bm]ฤบ "ol;เฆ l;v -| |_; v-l; เฆ l;ฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: -v ย ;ัดัด -v 0ัด-1h0;uuย l-u]-ub|-v =uol oย o|; ัด-1oฤบ

ALLYSON HOLMES vvo1b-|; ย oum;ย ฤท "lb|_ u;;m ล oัด7ฤท ฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท HOMETOWN: ou|_ 7-lvฤท RESIDENCE: bย vC;ัด7ฤท EDUCATION: "ย @oัดh &mbย ;uvb|ย -ย "1_ooัดฤท ฤบ ฤบฤธ )bัดัดb-lv oัดัด;];ฤท ฤบ ฤบ bm _bv|ouย -m7 roัดbเฆ 1-ัด v1b;m1;

BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu




CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: I lived in Boston for nine years and worked at the State oย v; -m7 b|ย o= ov|omฤบ loย ;7 0-1h bm ฦ ฦ ฦ ัต -m7 v|-u|;7 lย 1ย uu;m| rovbเฆ om ย _;u; ru;r-u; ;v|-|; rัด-mmbm] 7o1ย l;m|vฤท u;ru;v;m| 1ัดb;m|v bm u;vb7;mเฆ -ัด u;-ัด ;v|-|; l-ย ;uvฤท -m7 -vvbv| =-lbัดb;v ย b|_ -ัดัด -vr;1|v o= ;v|-|; -7lbmbv|u-เฆ omฤบ COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Clerk, Board of Directors at Community Health uo]u-lv ล ฦ ฦ ฦ ัตล ru;v;m|ล ฤธ "|;;ubm] ollbย ;;ฤท ;uhv_bu; ;-7;uv_br uo]u-l ล ล ล ฦ ฦ ฦ ัถล ru;v;m|ล ฤธ 1oล =oย m7;uฤท ;ย -ย ย ;uv ";1เฆ om o= |_; ;uhv_bu; -u vvo1b-เฆ om ล ฦ ฦ ฦ ฦ ล ru;v;m|ล ฤธ ัด-vv o= ฦ ฦ ฦ ฦ ฤธ ;l0;uฤท ou|_ 7-lv ัด-mmbm] o-u7 ล ฦ ฦ ฦ ัตล ฦ ฦ ฦ ัถล ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o 0;1ol; - r-u|m;u -| "lb|_ฤท u;;m ล oัด7ฤท -m7 |o ;ย ;m|ย -ัดัดย ;-um |_; u;rย |-เฆ om o= |uย v| -m7 ;ย 1;ัดัด;m1; |_; Cul bv hmoย m =ou throughout the region. INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย ]u-m7r-u;m|vฤบ -l =ou|ย m-|; |_-| |_;ย rัด-ย ;7 -m bm|;]u-ัด uoัด; bm lย ย r0ubm]bm] -m7 ]u;-|ัดย bmYย ;m1;7 |_; r;uvom |_-| _-ย ; become. HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: I played the french horn for many years and made a CD u;1ou7bm] o= - vom-|- |o vย 0lb| ย b|_ lย 1oัดัด;]; -rrัดb1-เฆ omvฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: South Street Pizza House.

The first Community College in Massachusetts is turning 60 and we want to celebrate with all of you. Join us for a story exhibit in June and a community festival in September. We are going back to our roots and where it all began, at the Pittsfield Common.


40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020


JUNE 18, 6–9PM, FRAMEWORK, PITTSFIELD Dress like the 1960’s and enjoy live music, drinks and good times with old friends! Read the stories of BCC alumni and friends from 1960 until today. Let us all come together, share our stories about the first community college in Massachusetts and celebrate our 60th anniversary!

BCC AT THE COMMON: 60 YEARS OF “BRINGING COLLEGE TO THE PEOPLE” SEPTEMBER 12, 12–4PM, FIRST STREET COMMON, PITTSFIELD BCC will be celebrating its 60th anniversary with the whole Berkshire Community, showcasing our academic programs, student clubs and support services through engaging and entertaining activities and performances – where it all began: Outside of BCC’s first location at the Common in Pittsfield. Join us for a day full of fun with friends, family and community.


BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu

If you are a person with a disability and need accommodations, please contact Toni Buckley at (413) 236-3075 or alumni@berkshirecc.edu.


20 BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty

MARISSA KIRCHNER ( ;l0;u ";uย b1; r;u-เฆ omvฤท u;ย ัดo1h ;7;u-ัด u;7b| &mbomฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท

HOMETOWN: ;7bm-ฤท RESIDENCE: bย vC;ัด7ฤท EDUCATION: ฤบ"ฤบ ล ฤบ ฤบ ;ย

+ouh &mbย ;uvb|ย

HOMETOWN: 7-lvฤท RESIDENCE: _;v_bu;ฤท EDUCATION: -m7 rย uvย ;v -1-7;lb1 -m7 ruo=;vvbom-ัด orrou|ย mbเฆ ;v -v - ัดb=;ัดom] ัด;-um;u

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: ou oย ;u ฦ ฦ ย ;-uvฤท ฤฝย ; 0;;m _omou;7 |o 7bv1oย ;u ]u;-| -uเฆ v|v and theatrical works. I am their champion, promoter, collaborator, defender, conjoler, friend, and producer so their voices and stories can be heard...100+ projects in and it vเฆ ัดัด ]bย ;v l; - uย v_ฤด

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Everyday Iโ m learning something new or helping someone ัด;-um vol;|_bm] m;ย ฤบ [;u v|-uเฆ m] bm ฦ ฦ ฦ ฦ bm ;l0;u ";uย b1;vฤท ย ouh;7 lย ย -ย ย r -m7 0;1-l; - u-m1_ -m-];uฤท |_;m ;ย ;m|ย -ัดัดย loย ;7 bm|o |_; rovbเฆ om _-ย ; moย ย _;u; oย ;uv;; -ัดัด o= |_; ;l0;u ";uย b1; r;u-เฆ omv =ou -ัดัด o= oย u ัดo1-เฆ omvฤบ

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: ย ;1ย เฆ ย ; ollbย ;; -m7 ย -ัดb|ย o= b=; ollbย ;; oล _-buฤท oย m|oย m bย vC;ัด7 m1ฤบ ;l0;uฤท !o|-uย o= bย vC;ัด7

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: !;ัด-ย ou b=; bm-m1; ollbย ;;ฤท ัดbย -0;|_ u;;l-m ;m|;u ) (oัดย m|;;uฤท ;m|u-ัด ;uhv_bu; -0b|-| (oัดย m|;;uฤท m|;um-เฆ om-ัด )ol;mฤฝv -ย (oัดย m|;;uฤท ;uhv_bu; &mb|;7 )-ย )ouhrัด-1; -lr-b]m ย ;1ย เฆ ย ;ฤบ

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o uย m - |_;-|u; |_-| vย rrou|v m;ย ย ouhv -m7 -uเฆ v|v |_-| loย ;v |_; 1omย ;uv-เฆ om =ouย -u7 bm b|v 1ollย mbเฆ ;v ล 0b] -m7 vl-ัดัดฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: Too many to count but I admire leaders who are hbm7ฤท 1oัดัด-0ou-เฆ ย ;ฤท -m7 1-u; -0oย | |_; ย ouัด7 -m7 r;orัด; -uoย m7 |_;lฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: ฤฝl - ย -ัดhbm] ล o= hmoย bm] -1|ouv -m7 -1|u;vv;v ล vย r;u _-m7ย =ou |ubย b-ฤด FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: ย u _oย v; bm bย vC;ัด7 ล oย u Cuv|ฤด

40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020

BRANDEN HULDEEN uเฆ vเฆ 1 uo7ย 1;uฤท -uubm]|om "|-]; oฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: ย oย ัด7 ัดoย ; |o 0; -0ัด; |o 0ubm] |_; 0u-m1_ ;ย r;ub;m1; |o l;l0;uv ย _o 1-mฤฝ| 1ol; |o ย vฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย vom ล _; ย -h;v ย r ;ย ;uย 7-ย ย b|_ vย 1_ - ย b0u-m| -เฆฎ|ย 7; -m7 rovbเฆ ย ; oย |ัดooh -0oย | ;ย ;uย |_bm] -m7 bv vo =ย ัดัด o= ;m;u]ย ฤบ ; u;lbm7v l; |_-| -mย |_bm] bv rovvb0ัด;ฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: o1hbm] - 0o-|ฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: The Airport Rooms.

MELISSA LETALIEN Claims Specialist, Guardian Life mvย u-m1; olr-mย ฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท HOMETOWN: bย vC;ัด7ฤท RESIDENCE: bย vC;ัด7ฤท EDUCATION: 2002 graduate of Taconic High school and 2004 graduate of Berkshire Community College

Berkshire Mirror Moments would like to congratulate all of this yearโ s 40 under Forty honorees! Thank you for all you do!

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: [;u 1-m1;u -@;1|;7 lย =-lbัดย ฤท bm ฦ ฦ ฦ ฦ 0;1-l; - !;ัด-ย =ou b=; o= ;uhv_bu; oย m|ย |;-l 1-r|-bmฤบ m ฦ ฦ ฦ ฦ ฤท 7oย 0ัด;7 lย =ย m7u-bv;uvฤท 0;bm] m-l;7 - |or Cย ; =ย m7u-bvbm] r-uเฆ 1br-m|ฤบ "ย 0v;tย ;m|ัดย ฤท ย -v _omou;7 -v - ย oัดย m|;;u o= |_; ย ;-u 0ย ย -u7b-m -m7 ย -v -vh;7 |o fobm |_; !;ัด-ย ัด;-7;uv_br |;-lฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: o|_ o= lย r-u;m|v _-ย ; 0;;m - voย u1; o= ัดoย ;ฤท vย rrou|ฤท -m7 v|u;m]|_ =ou lย ;mเฆ u; ัดb=;ฤบ $_;bu ย ouh ;|_b1v -m7 lou-ัดv v_-r;7 l; bm|o |_; ย ol-m -m7 lo|_;u -l |o7-ย ฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: -m1bm] vbm1; ย -v |_u;;ฤท 1omเฆ mย ; |o 7-m1; -| ,ย l0- ล ou bm lย hb|1_;m ย b|_ lย hb7vล -v o[;m -v 1-mฤบ -ัดvo ;mfoย l-hbm] ]b[ 0-vh;|v -ัดัด ย ;-u ัดom] =ou !;ัด-ย =ย m7u-bv;uvฤท 0bu|_7-ย vฤท v_oย ;uv ;|1ฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: ,ย l0- -| ;uhv_bu; +o]- -m1; -m7 b|m;vvฤบ

BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: ll;7b-|;ัดย -[;u ]u-7ย -เฆ m] =uol oัดัด;];ฤท ย -v _bu;7 -| ;uhv_bu; b=;ล ย -u7b-m bm |_; ัด-blv ;r-u|l;m|ฤบ _-ย ; ]uoย m ย b|_bm |_; 7;r-u|l;m| oย ;u |_; ัด-v| ฦ ฦ ย ;-uvฤบ ย ubm] lย เฆ l; -| ย -u7b-mฤท 1omเฆ mย ;7 lย ;7ย 1-เฆ om -m7 ;-um;7 lย ัดเฆ rัด; 1u;7;mเฆ -ัดv bm1ัดย 7bm]ฤท "ฤท -m7 ฤบ


Commissioner of Public Services -m7 &เฆ ัดbเฆ ;vฤท b|ย o= bย vC;ัด7ฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท HOMETOWN: "-m ย -mฤท ย ;u|o


RESIDENCE: bย vC;ัด7ฤท


EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science

bm bย bัด m]bm;;ubm]ฤท oัดย |;1_mb1 &mbย ;uvb|ย o= ย ;u|o !b1o

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: "|-u|;7 bm 1omv|uย 1เฆ om l-m-];l;m| 1olrัด;เฆ m] ruof;1|v ัดbh; |_; )bัดัดb-lv oัดัด;]; "-ย ย ;u b0u-uย -m7 |_; "oย |_ "1b;m1; ;m|;u -lom] o|_;uvฤท 0;=ou; rbย oเฆ m] |oย -u7v rย 0ัดb1 v;uย b1; 0ย fobmbm] |_; b|ย o= bย vC;ัด7 -v |_; b|ย m]bm;;u -m7 lov| u;1;m|ัดย 0;bm] -rrobm|;7 -v |_; ollbvvbom;u =ou |_; 7;r-u|l;m|ฤบ COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: (b1;ล 1_-bu o= ฦ ;uhv_bu;ฤฝv ;uhv_bu; ;-7;uv_br uo]u-l -v ย ;ัดัด -v - l;l0;u om |_; ! ;|uoroัดb|-m ัด-mmbm] u]-mbย -เฆ om -m7 |_; $u-mvrou|-เฆ om 7ย bvouย ollbย ;;ฤบ ัดvo v;uย ; om |_; o-u7 o= bu;1|ouv o= oย m|oย m bย vC;ัด7 m1ฤบ -m7 bm bย vC;ัด7ฤฝv $u-L1 ollbvvbom -v -m -7ย bvouย l;l0;uฤบ ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o 1u;-|; - ย ouhrัด-1; ;mย buoml;m| |_-| =ov|;uv |-ัด;m| -m7 7;ย ;ัดorv vhbัดัดv ย _bัด; |-hbm] - ruo-1เฆ ย ; ัด;-7;uv_br uoัด; bm |_; 1ollย mb|ย ฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย ย b=; ;ัดbvv-ฤท bmvrbu;v l; ย b|_ _;u 7;ย oเฆ om |o oย u =-lbัดย ฤท oย u hb7v -เฆ -m7 b1oฤท -m7 =ou _;u 7;7b1-เฆ om |o - vย 11;vv=ย ัด ruo=;vvbom-ัด 1-u;;uฤบ ย r-u;m|v =ou bmvเฆ ัดัดbm] bm l; u;vbัดb;m1ย -m7 ัดoย ;ฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: -v| ย ;-u ัด;-um;7 |o voัดย ; |_; !ย 0bhฤฝv 1ย 0; bm ฦ 7-ย v -m7 moย 1-m 7o b| b| bm ย m7;u |ย o lbmย |;vฤด FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: "r;m7bm] -m ;ย ;mbm] ย b|_ lย ย b=; -| bvvbom -uฤบ

MATTHEW Mร LLER Associate Professor of English; Berkshire Community College; bย vC;ัด7ฤท HOMETOWN: o1_ย lฤท ;ul-mย RESIDENCE: ;moย -ัด;ฤท EDUCATION: ฤบ ฤบ ฤบฤท )-uu;m )bัดvom oัดัด;];ฤธ ฤบ ฤบฤท l;uvom College

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: ย 1ollย mb|ย bmย oัดย ;l;m| _-v 0;;m -ัดัด -0oย | 0ubm]bm] ัดb|;u-|ย u; bm|o |_; ย b7;u 1ollย mb|ย ฤท 0; b| |_uoย ]_ |_; m_-m1bm] -lbัดย $_uoย ]_ b|;u-|ย u; uo]u-lฤท |_; v|ย 7;m|v ฤฝย ; vย rrou|;7 |_uoย ]_ ";uย b1; ;-umbm] -| ฤท ou fย 7]bm] |_; o;|uย ย |ัดoย 7 olr;เฆ เฆ om -| omย l;m| |ฤบ b]_ "1_ooัดฤบ ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: m vo l-mย ย -ย v -l ัดbย bm] |_; 1-u;;u ]o-ัดv v;| oย | =ou lย v;ัด=ฤน |;-1_bm] ัดb|;u-|ย u; -m7 1u;-เฆ ย ; ย ubเฆ m]ฤท ย ouhbm] |o 0ubm] ัดb|;u-1ย bm|o |_; 1ollย mb|ย ฤท -m7 ย ubเฆ m] 0oohvฤธ b|ฤฝv 0;;m - rubย bัด;];ฤบ

40 under forty



Berkshire Community College congratulates Toni Buckley, Karen Ruiz Leรณn, & Matthew Mรผller on winning the 40 Under Forty award berkshirecc.edu/40underforty

INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: _-ย ; ัด;-um;7 vo lย 1_ =uol lย 1oัดัด;-]ย ;v -| ฤท |_; l-mย |;-1_;uv bm lย =-lbัดย ย _o _-ย ; 0;;m uoัด; lo7;ัดvฤท -m7 lย r-u|m;uv -| m_-m1bm] -lbัดb;v |_uoย ]_ b|;u-|ย u;ฤบ $_;bu 7;7b1-เฆ om bv bmvrbubm]ฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: "-ย bm] ย ou7v 0-1hย -u7vฤท l-hbm] ;rb1 0u;-h=-v|vฤท lbvvbm] =-buย -ย vฤท -m7 u;-7bm] 0oohv ย -ย |oo vัดoย ัดย ฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: $_; ]u;-| _bhbm] |u-bัดv -m7 1ย ัด|ย u-ัด o@;ubm]vฤด


BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: _-v 0;;m -m bm1u;7b0ัด; bm1ย 0-|ou o= bmmoย -เฆ omฤบ ฤฝย ; 0;;m bmย oัดย ;7 bm v|-uเฆ m] - )ubเฆ m] ;m|;u om 1-lrย vฤท -m &m7;u]u-7ย -|; "1_oัด-uv om=;u;m1;ฤท -m7 |_; m_-m1bm] -lbัดb;v |_uoย ]_ b|;u-|ย u; uo]u-l ย b|_ |_; -lbัดย oย u|ฤบ $-hbm] oย ;u |_; omouv uo]u-l -| _-v -ัดvo 0;;mฤท ย ;ัดัดฤท -m _omouฤบ

40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020



Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty



ollย mb|ย -mhbm] L1;uฤท oย m|-bm m; -mhฤท )bัดัดb-lv|oย mฤท MA

Member Services Coordinator, ฦ ;uhv_bu;ฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท HOMETOWN: bย vC;ัด7ฤท

HOMETOWN: )bัดัดb-lv|oย mฤท

RESIDENCE: bย vC;ัด7ฤท

RESIDENCE: )bัดัดb-lv|oย mฤท

EDUCATION: ฤท ฤบ ฤบ ฤบฤธ );v|C;ัด7 "|-|; &mbย ;uvb|ย ฤท ฤบ ฤบ

EDUCATION: )ou1;v|;u "|-|;

&mbย ;uvb|ย ฤท ฤบ"ฤบ ย vbm;vv -m-];l;m|

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: ;1olbm] |_; ollย mb|ย -mhbm] L1;u bm oย m|-bm m;ฤฝv )bัดัดb-lv|oย m 0u-m1_ฤบ $_bv _-v ]bย ;m l; -m orrou|ย mb|ย |o ย v; |_; hmoย ัด;7]; -m7 vhbัดัดv ฤฝย ; ัด;-um;7 -v - v|ย 7;m| -m7 |_uoย ]_oย | lย 1-u;;u |o -vvbv| l;l0;uv o= |_; 1ollย mb|ย ย b|_ l;;เฆ m] |_;bu Cm-m1b-ัด ]o-ัดvฤบ

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Established a premier summer program for young adults with -ย เฆ vl -m7 ัด;-umbm] 7b@;u;m1;v |_-| |-ย ]_| |_;l vhbัดัดv |o vย 11;vv=ย ัดัดย |u-mvbเฆ om |o 1oัดัด;];ฤบ oย |-hbm] |_ov; vhbัดัดv -m7 -rrัดย bm] |_;l |o 7;ย ;ัดor ruo]u-llbm] =ou |_; ัดo1-ัด 1ollย mb|ย ฤบ

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: )bัดัดb-lv|oย m _-l0;u o= oll;u1;ฤท )bัดัดb-lv|oย m oัดb7-ย )-ัดh "oย r;u oย ัด ย m7u-bv;uฤท bm-m1b-ัด b|;u-1ย 1oย uv;v -| -u;- v1_ooัดvฤท -เฆ om-ัด !;-7 1uovv l;ub1- -ย -| _bัด7 -u; o= |_; ;uhv_bu;vฤท (oัดย m|;;u vvbv|-m| o-1_ ย b|_ |ฤบ u;ย ัดo1h oo|0-ัดัดฤบ

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: u|v1-r; ollbย ;; _-bur;uvomฤท ย เฆ vl oัดัด-0ou-เฆ ย ; o= ;uhv_bu; oย m|ย ฤท ;uhv_bu; ;-7;uv_br uo]u-lฤท ย ัดย ; ;-7;uv_br ย r;ub;m1; 7ย bvouย o-u7ฤบ

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o 1omเฆ mย ; ัด;-umbm] -0oย | |_; Cm-m1b-ัด bm7ย v|uย -v lย 1_ -v rovvb0ัด; vo |_-| 1-m v_-u; |_; hmoย ัด;7]; ]-bm ย b|_ lย 1ย v|ol;uv -v ย ;ัดัด -v |_; ou]-mbย -เฆ omv -m7 1ollย mbเฆ ;v |_-| v;uย ;ฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย lo|_;uฤท ;ัดัดย ฤท -ัดย -ย v rย |v |_; m;;7v o= o|_;uv bm =uom| o= _;u oย m m;;7vฤบ $_; v;ัดY;vvm;vv v_; _-v v_oย m ย _bัด; 1-ubm] =ou vb1h =-lbัดย l;l0;uv -m7 1ัดov; =-lbัดย =ub;m7v _-v 0;;m ย ;uย bmvrbubm]ฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: ัด-ย bm] ]oัด= -| om; o= |_; ]u;-| 1oย uv;v ัดo1-ัดัดย ฤบ

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o ;ย r-m7 lย bmย oัดย ;l;m| bm ruo]u-llbm] -m7 bmbเฆ -เฆ ย ;v |_-| _-ย ; - rovbเฆ ย ; blr-1| om |_; =ย |ย u; o= |_; ;uhv_bu;vฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: I admire the strong female leaders in our 1ollย mb|ย ฤท ;vr;1b-ัดัดย ย ouhbm] lo|_;uvฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: ฤฝl hmoย m =ou 0;bm] ]u;-| -| Cm7bm] |_bm]vฤน ัดov| b|;lvฤท bm=oul-เฆ om om oo]ัด; ล |_; lou; u-m7ol |_; 0;ย ;uฤด FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: The late summer sunsets on om|oovย 1 -h;ฤบ

Celebrating the future of the Berkshires

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MountainOne congratulates all 40 Under Forty Honorees, including our own Jacob Phillips, Community Banking Officer


North Adams | Pittsfield | Williamstown

mountainone.com MountainOne e Bank is: Me Member FDIC | Member DIF The financial advisors of MountainOne Investments offer securities and advisory services through Commonwealth Financial Networkยฎ, member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Fixe ed insurance products and services offered through CES Insurance Agency or MountainOne Investments. MountainOne Bank is not a registered brokerdealer or Registered Inv vestment Adviser. MountainOne Bank and MountainOne Insurance are not affiliated with Commonwealth. MountainOne Investmentsโ main office is located at 85 Main Stre eet, Suite 100, North Adams, MA 01247. (413) 664-4025 Insurance and Investme ents are not insured by the FDIC and are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by, any depository institution. Funds are subject to investment risks, including g possible loss of principal investment.

40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020




DEVELOPING LE ADERS BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu 25

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty



u;vb7;m|ฤท L1; m|;ubouvฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท

Community Outreach Counselor, Berkshire Community College, bย vC;ัด7ฤท

HOMETOWN: bย vC;ัด7ฤท

HOMETOWN: ย -ย -tย bัดฤท 1ย -7ou

RESIDENCE: bย vC;ัด7ฤท


EDUCATION: -vv-1_ย v;ย v

EDUCATION: &mbย ;uvb7-7 7; vr;1b-ัดb7-7;v vrเค ub|ย "-m|oฤท ย -ย -tย bัดฤท 1ย -7ou

oัดัด;]; o= b0;u-ัด u|v ัด-vvฤท ฤบ ฤบฤท ย vbm;vv 7lbmbv|u-เฆ om

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: -l ruoย 7 |o 0; - |_bu7 ];m;u-เฆ om oย m;u o= - 0ย vbm;vv ย b|_ 7;;r uoo|v bm ;uhv_bu; oย m|ย ฤบ oย ; |_; vย 11;vv o= lย 1olr-mย |o |_; |-ัด;m|;7 v|-@ |_-| ย ouh ย b|_ l;ฤท -v ย ;ัดัด -v |_; ัดoย -ัด 1ย v|ol;uv bm ;uhv_bu; oย m|ย -m7 0;ย om7 |_-| rย | |_;bu |uย v| bm |o 7;vb]m 0;-ย เฆ =ย ัด -m7 =ย m1เฆ om-ัด vr-1;vฤบ COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: o-u7 u;vb7;m|ฤท & o= );v|;um ฤท ;7b1-|;7 |o v;uย bm] r;orัด; ย b|_ 7bv-0bัดbเฆ ;v -m7 |o ruoย b7bm] |_;l - ัดb=; ย b|_oย | ัดblb|vฤบ ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o 1u;-|; - 1olr-mย -m7 0u-m7 bm L1; m|;ubouv |_-| bv u;ัด;ย -m| -m7 -ย u-1|v -m7 l-bm|-bmv m;ย |-ัด;m| =ou 7;1-7;v |o 1ol;ฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย 7-7 =ou |;-1_bm] l; ;ย ;uย |_bm] hmoย -0oย | uย mmbm] - vย 11;vv=ย ัด vl-ัดัด 0ย vbm;vvฤท -m7 ;m1oย u-]bm] lย bmย oัดย ;l;m| bm |_; 1ollย mb|ย |o l-h; |_; ;uhv_bu;v - 0;ย ;u rัด-1; |o ัดbย ;ฤท ย ouh -m7 rัด-ย ฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: -ัด7;u7-v_ ;ัดัด-uvฤบ

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Using my voice to advocate for those who are voiceless. I love 0ย bัด7bm] u;ัด-เฆ omv_brvฤท 1u;-เฆ m] -m ;tย b|-0ัด; -m7 vo1b-ัดัดย ล fย v| ;mย buoml;m| =ou ;ย ;uย om;ฤท ;vr;1b-ัดัดย =ou r;orัด; o= 1oัดou bm $_; ;uhv_bu;v ย _;u; |_;ย 1-m 0; v-=; -m7 ย ;ัด1ol;ฤบ COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: !b|;v o= -vv-]; -m7 lroย ;ul;m| uo]u-lฤธ ฦ ;uhv_bu; +oย |_ ;-7;uv_br uo]u-lฤธ ;uhv_bu; llb]u-m| "|oub;vฤธ "" o ollย mb|ย 7ย bvouย o-u7ฤธ ;uhv_bu; olr-1|ฤบ oul;uัดย ฤน ฤฝv bย ;uvb|ย ฤท tย b|ย ฤท -m7 m1ัดย vbom $-vh ou1;ฤธ ! $" +oย |_ ;m|;uฤธ bย ; ย | oย 7 ollย mb|ย om=;u;m1;ฤธ " $;-1_;uฤบ ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: v -m bllb]u-m| -m7 - ย ol-m o= 1oัดouฤท b| bv blrou|-m| =ou l; |o l-h; ;ย ;uย om; bm|;u-1| ย b|_ hmoย |_-| |_;ย l-ย ;uฤท |_;ย 0;ัดom]ฤท -m7 lov| blrou|-m|ัดย |_-| |_;ย -u; ;moย ]_ฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย r-u;m|v -m7 =-lbัดย ฤท lย oัดou-7o -m7 -vv-1_ย v;ย v =-lbัดย ฤท ;ย ;uย vbm]ัด; om; o= lย v|ย 7;m|v ย _o _-ย ; |-ย ]_| l; lou; |_-m |_;ย ฤฝัดัด ;ย ;u hmoย ฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: mย om; ย _o hmoย v l; ย bัดัด |;ัดัด ย oย |_-| -l -ัดย -ย v _ย m]uย -m7 |_;u; bv -ัดย -ย v vr-1; =ou -mo|_;u |-1oฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: ัตฦ ัด7 _;v_bu; !o-7 bm -m;v0ouoย ]_ฤบ



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Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty

DANA SCHILDKRAUT ;uhv_bu; !;]bom-ัด u|v m|;]u-เฆ om Network (BRAINworks) Content oou7bm-|ouฤท -vv-1_ย v;ย v oัดัด;]; of Liberal Arts, North Adams, MA





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HOMETOWN: Sidney, NY RESIDENCE: Bennington, VT EDUCATION: -m_-ย -mย bัดัด; College, BFA and MAT

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: $_; ;uhv_bu;vฤฝ ;7ย 1-|ouv -u; 7;;rัดย 7;7b1-|;7 |o blr-1เฆ m] v|ย 7;m|vฤฝ ัดbย ;vฤบ -l ]u-|;=ย ัด |o ย ouh ย b|_ |_;lฤบ ;bm] r-u| o= - vย rrouเฆ ย ; |;-l -| -m7 " v_oย v l; |_; blrou|-m1; o= -ัดb]mbm] -uoย m7 - ]o-ัดฤน 1ย ัดเฆ ย -เฆ m] 1u;-เฆ ย b|ย bm ย oย m] r;orัด;ฤบ COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: ;-7;u o= -u|v bm|;]u-เฆ om ruo=;vvbom-ัด 7;ย ;ัดorl;m| -1เฆ ย bเฆ ;vฤธ "$ o-1_ฤธ -1bัดb|-|ou o= "|-u -0 lo0bัด; rัด-m;|-ubย lฤธ 7ย bvouย o-u7 ;l0;u =ou u;-เฆ ย ; olr-1| =ou oัดัด;1เฆ ย ; lr-1|ฤบ ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: u;-เฆ m] -u| -m7 =-1bัดb|-เฆ m] 1omm;1เฆ omv |_uoย ]_ |_; -u|vฤบ ollย mbเฆ ;v -u; ย rัดb[;7 |_uoย ]_ |_; roย ;u o= ;7ย 1-เฆ omฤธ ย -m| |o vย rrou| r;orัด; bm 0ย bัด7bm] |_;bu lov| vย 11;vv=ย ัด =ย |ย u;vฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย _ย v0-m7ฤท ;|;u oย ฤท _-v ]u;-| r;uv;ย ;u-m1;ฤบ ";ย ;u-ัด ย ;-uv -]oฤท _; |_uย ล _bh;7 |_; rr-ัด-1_b-m $u-bัดฤบ $_bv bv |uย ัดย bmvrbu-เฆ om-ัด -m7 -7lbu-0ัด; |o l;ฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: ฤฝัดัด 7-m1; ย r - v|oul -| -mย ย ;77bm] -ย ;m7ฤบ ัดoย ; |o 1ooh ย ;];|-ub-m l;-ัดvฤท -m7 _-ย ; - =;ย |ub;7ล -m7ล |uย ; u;1br;v =ou 0ัด-1h 0;-m 0uoย mb;vฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: $_; ย b;ย o= $_; orr;uฤน ย _-| - r-mou-l-ฤด

BRENDAN SHERAN Vice Principal of Teaching and ;-umbm]ฤท bย vC;ัด7 b]_ "1_ooัดล bย vC;ัด7 ย 0ัดb1 "1_ooัดvฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท HOMETOWN: bย vC;ัด7ฤท RESIDENCE: bย vC;ัด7ฤท EDUCATION: -vv-1_ย v;ย v oัดัด;]; o= b0;u-ัด u|vฤท ฤบ 7 -m7 " 7 ;-7;uv_br -m7 7lbmbv|u-เฆ omฤธ &mbย ;uvb|ย o= -vv-1_ย v;ย v l_;uv|ฤท bv|ouย ฤธ ;uhv_bu; ollย mb|ย oัดัด;];ฤท b0;u-ัด u|v CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: ;-7bm] -m7 v;uย bm] |o blruoย ; rย 0ัดb1 ;7ย 1-เฆ omฤบ 1_b;ย bm] -เฆ om-ัด o-u7 ;uเฆ C1-เฆ om -v - "o1b-ัด "|ย 7b;v |;-1_;uฤบ )ouhbm] ย b|_ |_; |-ัด;m|;7 v|ย 7;m|v -m7 =-1ย ัด|ย o= bย vC;ัด7 b]_ "1_ooัดฤบ ;bm] -m -1เฆ ย bv| -m7 ou]-mbย ;u bm |_; loย ;l;m| |o Cย |_; v|-|; ;7ย 1-เฆ om =ย m7bm] =oulย ัด- bm -vv-1_ย v;ย vฤบ COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: bย vC;ัด7 ย 0ัดb1 lrัดoย ;; ollbย ;;ฤท $ o-u7 o= bu;1|ouvฤท ;uhv_bu; 7ย 1-|ouv 1เฆ om ;|ย ouhฤท $_; bย vC;ัด7 b]_ "1_ooัด ัดย lmb vvo1b-เฆ omฤท ou|u-b| o= - ;uhv_bu; u-7ย -|;ฤท bย vC;ัด7 "1_ooัด ย bัด7bm] ;;7v ollbvvbomฤบ ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: ย ]o-ัด bv -ัดย -ย v |o |_bmh 1u;-เฆ ย ;ัดย |o Cm7 voัดย เฆ omv |o v_-u;7 1_-ัดัด;m];vฤบ ย -m| |o 1omเฆ mย ; 1oัดัด-0ou-เฆ m] ย b|_ ;7ย 1-|ouv -m7 v|ย 7;m|v |o 7;ย ;ัดor |_; 0;v| ;7ย 1-เฆ om-ัด vย v|;l =ou oย u 1ollย mb|ย ฤบ INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ย lo|_;u ย _o 7;lomv|u-|;v ;mouloย v r-เฆ ;m1; -m7 1olr-vvbom 0o|_ bm ัดb=; -m7 bm ฦ ฦ ย ;-uv -v -m ;ัด;l;m|-uย ;7ย 1-|ouฤบ HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: -m -vv;l0ัด; tย -ัดb|ย l;-ัดv =uol - r-m|uย -m7 u;=ub];u-|ou o= u-m7ol bm]u;7b;m|vฤบ FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: mo|- -h;ฤบ


Williams College Center for Learning bm 1াomÄš 7ˆ;m|†u;v bm ;-umbm] oou7bm-|ou -m7 m|;ubl )bŃ´Ń´b-lv|o‰m Ń´;l;m|-u‹ "1_ooŃ´ oou7bm-|ou =ou Williams College, Williams College, )bŃ´Ń´b-lv|o‰mġ

‰m;uġ bŃ´-|;v b|ġ b‚vC;Ń´7ġ

HOMETOWN: "o†|_ u-m];ġ RESIDENCE: )bŃ´Ń´b-lv|o‰mġ EDUCATION: Äş 7Äş ;Ń´;l;m|-u‹ ;7†1-াom †m|;u oŃ´Ń´;];ĸ Äş ĺņ Äş"Äş )bŃ´Ń´b-lv oŃ´Ń´;];ġ ;7b1-Ń´ ;]u;; o†m| "bm-b "1_ooŃ´ o= ;7b1bm;

HOMETOWN: -Ń´|omġ RESIDENCE: b‚vC;Ń´7ġ EDUCATION: The Sage Colleges, Äş Äş$ĺĸ );v|C;Ń´7 "|-|; &mbˆ;uvb|‹ġ Äş"ĺĸ "$ $$ bŃ´-|;v ;uাC;7 Instructor.

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: I know how important mindfulness and mental and physical wellbeing are in our development. Combining my backgrounds in psychiatry, medicine, -m7 ;7†1-াomġ Ä˝l r-vvbom-|; -0o†| bm|uo7†1bm] ‹o]- -m7 lbm7=†Ѵm;vv |o r;orŃ´; o= -Ń´Ń´ -];vġ r-uা1†Ѵ-uѴ‹ |_ov; ‰b|_ _bv|oub;v o= |u-†l- ou vr;1b-Ń´ m;;7vÄş

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: Šr;u| bm bŃ´-|;v bmv|u†1াomÄş r;m;7 bŃ´-|;v b| bm Ć‘Ć?Ć?Ć? ‰b|_ -m ;Šr-mvbom o= |_; 0†vbm;vv bm Ć‘Ć?Ć?Ć•Äş m |_bv 1-r-1b|‹ _-ˆ; 0;;m -0Ń´; |o 1u;-|; fo0v bm |_; ;uhv_bu;v -Ń´om] ‰b|_ bm|uo7†1bm] 1Ń´b;m|v |o -mo|_;u =oul o= C|m;vv |_-| ruolo|;v ‰;Ń´Ń´m;vvġ v|u;m]|_ -m7 0-Ń´-m1;Äş

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Adventures in Learning Coordinator–provide enrichment classes to Williamstown Elementary; Yogaforourlives–founder of ou]-mbÂŒ-াom 1ollb‚;7 |o 7;ˆ;Ń´orbm] - lbm7=†Ѵm;vv 1†uub1†Ѵ†l bm v1_ooŃ´vĸ "l-Ń´Ń´|o‰m Yoga–free community classes to toddlers; teach yoga to kids at local elementary schools.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: ! o-u7 o= bu;1|ouvġ bŃ´-|;v b| "1_oŃ´-uv_brġ "†rrou| )bŃ´Ń´b-lv Ń´;l;m|-u‹ġ b‚vC;Ń´7 b‚Ѵ; ;-]†;ġ ġ ollb‚;; l;l0;u -‹ -‹ !-1;v Ĺ&#x; b00 b‚u;7]; †1াomÄş

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o 1omাm†; |o u;v;-u1_ -m7 blrŃ´;l;m| 7b@;u;m| lbm7=†Ѵm;vv -m7 ‹o]- ru-1া1;v |-u];াm] -| ubvh ‹o†|_ -m7 v†uˆbˆouv o= -7ˆ;uv; 1_bŃ´7_oo7 ;Šr;ub;m1;v ou |_ov; 1†uu;m|Ѵ‹ bm |u-†l-া1 vb|†-াomvÄş INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: ‹ _†v0-m7ġ ;m "ovm;Äş ); _-ˆ; 0;;m |_uo†]_ tragedies, successes, and the greatest honor of all, becoming parents. He is the most loving and dedicated husband, father, and member of the community. HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: "r;;7 hmbমm]ġ m-l; |_-| |†m; Ĺ?ŃśĆ?v ror ;7bাomĹ‘ġ themed children birthday cakes. FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: Pine Cobble Trail in Williamstown.

Proud to be part of the vibrant Berkshires

ULTIMATE CAREER GOAL: $o r-‹ =ou‰-u7 |_; ‰ouh o= l‹ l-m‹ -†|_;mা1 -m7 rovbŕŚžÂˆ; l;m|ouv bm ou7;u |o _;Ń´r -vrbubm] |-Ń´;m| 7;ˆ;Ń´or vhbŃ´Ń´v -m7 1omC7;m1; |o 0;1ol; v†11;vv=†Ѵ bm |_;bu o‰m 1-u;;u r-|_Äş INDIVIDUAL YOU ADMIRE MOST: $_; v;Ń´Y;vv _;-u|v o= l‹ r-u;m|vÄş $_; †m1om7bাom-Ń´ Ń´oˆ; -m7 v†rrou| o= l‹ vb]mbC1-m| o|_;uÄş $_; hbm7 l;m -m7 ‰ol;m Ä˝Âˆ; _-7 |_; rubˆbŃ´;]; |o ‰ouh ‰b|_ -| |_; v|†7boÄş HIDDEN/UNIQUE TALENTS: m |_; ruo1;vv o= ‰ubাm] - 1_bŃ´7u;mÄ˝v 0oohġ 1-h; 7;1ou-|ouġ ru;ĹŠv1_ooŃ´ -u| ruof;1|vÄş FAVORITE BERKSHIRE PERSON/PLACE/THING: "hbbm] -| o†vt†;| ‰b|_ l‹ |‰o -m7 Cˆ; ‹;-u oŃ´7vÄş

Proud to Support and encourage the next generation of leaders in our Community

Michael C. DiCicco Especially our very own:

Very proud of You! John W. Bresnahan, Director

A proud AďŹƒliate of Carriage Services, 413-445-5988

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40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020



Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty



bu;1|ou o= rเฆ 1-ัดฤท ;uhv_bu; ย ; ;m|;uฤท bย vC;ัด7ฤท

ou oัดbo -m-];uฤท 1|o0;u oย m|-bm bm-m1b-ัด 7ย bvouvฤท ;;

HOMETOWN: _;v_bu;ฤท

HOMETOWN: !b1_lom7ฤท

RESIDENCE: uย mvย b1hฤท +

RESIDENCE: bย vC;ัด7ฤท

EDUCATION: oov-1 (-ัดัด;ย b]_

EDUCATION: oย 7obm oัดัด;];ฤท _-u|;u;7 bm-m1b-ัด m-ัดย v| ;vb]m-เฆ om


CAREER HIGHLIGHTS: ฤฝย ; 7;ย ;ัดor;7 bm|o - 0;ย ;u ัด;-7;u ย _bัด; ย ouhbm] =ou - 1olr-mย |_-| rย |v oย u 1ollย mb|ย -m7 oย u r-เฆ ;m|v 0;=ou; -ัดัด ;ัดv;ฤบ 0;ัดb;ย ; |_-| 0ย _-ย bm] - rovbเฆ ย ; lbvvbomฤท b| _-v -ัดัดoย ;7 oย u 1olr-mย ฤท -m7 oย u v|-@ฤท |o 1omเฆ mย ; |o ]uoย -m7 7o ]u;-| |_bm]v =ou ;uhv_bu; oย m|ย -m7 0;ย om7ฤบ

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MAY 12

40 Under Forty | Wednesday, March 11, 2020


Register online to save a seat: mywomensfund.org/event/salary-negotiation-at-bcc-south/

Berkshire Community College South County Campus

BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu



Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 40 Under Forty



REGISTER NOW BerkshireEagle.com | berkshirecc.edu



8:30 am – 3:00 pm • Berkshire Community College


REGISTER ONLINE — liveoutloudberkshires.org

Day to include keynote speaker, workshops, lunch (free!), plenary session on LGBTQIA+ visibility with community leaders, and more.

Ann Northrop


Northrop, an educator on AIDS and homosexuality to teens, got deeply involved in ACT UP, getting arrested for a demonstration inside New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral. She is the co-host of the weekly TV news show “Gay USA.”