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Xbox delivers blockbusters in European charm oensive

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Xbox: We have a killer game for every region in Europe EMEA chief Neil Thompson says Xbox player base has never been bigger by Christopher Dring XBOX boasts that it has a game to suit every European territory. EMEA boss Neil Thompson stopped short of saying the company could take the No.1 position from PlayStation, which is currently dominating sales across the territory. But he did tell MCV @ Gamescom that the line-up for Christmas 2015 will allow Microsoft to at least regain market share, and win over the millions of Xbox 360 owners that have yet to upgrade to the Xbox One. “It is textured across Europe,” he said. “In some markets we are very happy with how we are trending, but there are some markets where we want to make more ground. “The overarching feeling is that, fundamentally, we have never had more people playing the Xbox platforms as we do today. But what we obviously want to do is get more people playing on Xbox One. And part of that has been all

of the content that we unveiled at E3, and what we talked about here today. “We absolutely want to win share in Europe. And we think the games line-up we have got, the backwards compatibility, the DVR elements and so on – all of this will help us build moreand-more momentum and success for Xbox One. He added: “I have a genre triple-A killer title for every market in Europe. Northern Europe tends to be shooter and racing territories, in midEurope you tend to have fans of football and strategy games, and if you go to the South it is all about social

games and soccer. If you look at what we are offering with FIFA, if you look at our firstparty shooters and racing games, plus our strategy titles, we have it covered.” Xbox ran a major press conference on Tuesday at Gamescom “to demonstrate that we are supporting Europe,” said Thompson. The firm showcased a strong lineup of exclusive Europeandeveloped software, including Fable Legends, Quantum Break, Halo Wars 2 and Crackdown 3. The big focus at Gamescom has been on Christmas and the overused marketing slogan of ‘the

XBOX AT GAMESCOM: THE HEADLINES Creative Assembly building Halo Wars 2

Remedy’s Quantum Break out in April

The real-time strategy sequel has a new developer in UK-based Creative Assembly, famous for the Total War series. The game is due late next year on Windows 10 and Xbox One.

The ambitious time-bending action game from Alan Wake studio Remedy is out April 5th 2016, and features an A-list cast such as Lost’s Dominic Monaghan and The Wire’s Lance Reddick.


Thursday, August 5th 2015


Xbox put a big focus on European-made games during its conference

“When you add all these elements together it can feel overwhelming, like it is a new console,” he said. “When I was interviewed about Xbox 360, I would say the 360 today is different to the one you bought a year ago. It is exactly the same in this generation and, if anything, the pace is accelerating.”

greatest line-up in Xbox history’ – with titles such as Forza 6, Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider still to arrive before December. It’s not just about the games, Thompson added, pointing to backwards compatibility, a new controller and a Windows 10 user interface, which will all hit Xbox One this year.

Two FIFA 16 bundles coming this September

First-ever Halo eSports tournament announced

Xbox One gets DVR functionality

The SKUs will land with the title in September, and include the game, 500GB or 1TB of storage, a one- or 12-month subscription to EA Access and three FIFA Ultimate Team loan legends.

Xbox has revealed the inaugural Halo World Championships, which will be backed by its biggest-ever investment in the pro-gaming space. $1m in prize funds is up for grabs later this year.

Support for DVR is coming to Xbox One in Europe. The subscription-free service is due in 2016. It lets users rewind, pause and record live TV, much in the same way as a Sky+ box.

Thursday, August 5th 2015



Mental illness, racism, disability and more... devs must learn to tackle serious issues, says Ninja Theory ‘You can’t say movies and books have a free pass to tackle difficult issues but games don’t’ by James Batchelor NINJA THEORY says games companies need to tackle difficult topics if the industry wants to be held in the same regard as other forms of entertainment. The UK developer is currently working on Hellblade, the story of a warrior traumatised by Viking attacks on her homeland. The game will explore the effects of mental illness throughout her journey as she explores a landscape formed by her own troubled mind. It’s an unusually serious topic for video games, but it is one of many that are vital for the industry to cover, says the studio’s creative boss Tameem Antoniades. “You can’t say movies and books have a free pass to tackle difficult issues but games don’t,” he told MCV @ Gamescom. “If you’re serious about games being a medium, there is no defendable argument that we shouldn’t be doing this. “That doesn’t mean all games should, but we as an

Hellblade addresses the issue of mental illness

industry need to have the diversity to tackle any subject.” Hellblade is being developed with support from The Wellcome Trust, and in collaboration with a 06

leading psychiatrist and real patients to ensure the issue is sensitively handled. “We’re not out to hurt people,” said Antoniades. “I don’t think this is a subject that has been treated right in films and games. “A lot of mental illness’ stigma comes from the portrayal of things like schizophrenia, which has been extremely negative in some games. “I’m comfortable that Hellblade won’t be as damaging as those things.” Thursday, August 6th 2015


Vita and 3DS have ‘two to three years left’ in the West Publisher NISA warns publishers looking to move on from current handhelds by Matthew Jarvis THE current generation of handheld games consoles will persist for up to another three years in Europe and the US, publisher NISA has predicted. Takuro Yamashita, president and CEO of NIS America, told MCV @ Gamescom that while publishers should be looking to transition from PS3 and Xbox 360 to PS4 and Xbox One in the home console space, they shouldn’t abandon dedicated handheld games devices just yet. The first in Nintendo’s 3DS range was launched in Europe in early 2011, with Sony’s PlayStation Vita following one year later. “Generally speaking about the West, I think the right time has come for major game publishers to shift their line-ups to PS4 and Xbox One,” Yamashita observed. “Talking about the handheld devices in the West, PlayStation Vita and 3DS will fade out in the next two to three years.” Thursday, August 6th 2015

It’s still worthwhile to release games like Persona Q on Vita and 3DS, says NISA’s Yamashita

Small publishers can benefit without strong competition if they continue to publish games for Vita and 3DS. Takuro Yamashita, NISA


Yamashita added that smaller publishers could take advantage of the increased concentration of triple-A firms on the home consoles, with fewer big games coming out in the handheld space to compete with. “There is still a chance for Vita or 3DS games in the West,” he continued. “I bet you that the small publishers can benefit without having strong competition if they continue to publish games for Vita and 3DS.”


Mad Catz targets European growth for Rock Band 4 Developer Harmonix praises ‘healthy’ differences to Guitar Hero Live by Matthew Jarvis ROCK Band will finally crack Europe this year, publisher Mad Catz has told MCV @ Gamescom. The Harmonix-developed series is a huge seller, but has struggled to compete with Guitar Hero outside of the US market. “We think Rock Band has the potential to find a far bigger audience in Europe than previously enjoyed with Rock Band 4,” said Alex Verrey, global PR and communications director at Mad Catz. “With both music franchises launching anew in this generation, we feel that a ‘reset’ button has been hit and that Rock Band can grow market share significantly.” Rock Band 4 and Guitar Hero Live will launch later this year, five years after their respective predecessors Rock Band 3 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. While Rock Band 4 is focusing on a local multiplayer ‘band’ experience, Guitar Hero Live is a new take on Activision’s

series, concentrating on just the guitar instrument and utilising live-action videos. Daniel Sussman, project manager at Rock Band developer Harmonix, added that the variations between the titles meant that there is no ill-will between the two competing franchises. “I applaud them for doing what they’re doing, yet I’m

very confident in what we’re doing,” he told MCV @ Gamescom. “There are a lot of differences between our approach and theirs, and that’s really healthy.” Mad Catz is banking a lot on Rock Band 4, after the firm had to borrow additional money for its launch.

The five-year gap since Rock Band 3 has ‘reset’ the market, says Mad Catz’s Verrey (top); Harmonix’s Sussman (above)


Thursday, August 6th 2015


The automation of wholesale games CodesWholesale.com’s CMO Fatih Parlayan explains how the firm’s online retail portal works SALES automation systems are becoming increasingly popular. Millions of people around the world make purchases via the internet every day, without the need to contact the seller. Among B2B sales this model is rarely used. CodesWholesale.com (pictured left) was created to make a change in this. We have been a part of the games industry for many years and are aware of all the challanges that may lie ahead of the companies in this market. The platform is a solution – a tool they need to catch up with the development and innovations. PLAYING THE SYSTEM From the user’s point of view, our platform looks as follows: A seller logged into CodesWholesale uploads codes to the system and sets the price at which they want to sell them. Keys can be added in bulk, in form of a text or an image. The whole process is easy and allows you to add thousands of keys in just a few minutes. Adding the keys to the system, the Thursday, August 6th 2015

vendor provides its offer for over 6,000 users from all around the world. From that moment, the user can sell their keys 24/7. Sold keys are sent to the buyer and the money goes to your account.

No minimum order is required – great for resellers who do not want to buy huge quantities. After logging into the system, the buyer receives access to a list of more than 900 digital games. Purchased keys are immediately available for download. There is no 09

required minimum order. This is a huge convenience for resellers who do not want to buy big quantities in advance. And from July 20th, CodesWholesale is going to provide the White Label option. Each vendor can become an owner of their own wholesale platform for selling games. It is based on an already-proven system, which retains all of the advantages of traditional sales where the vendor has total control over prices and to whom the codes are going to be sold. The owner may invite all their customers to sign up, so that each and every one of them will have permanent access to the current product range and prices.


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Thursday, August 6 2015

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Territory Report: Italy Italy’s games market is in rude health, and 2015 is tracking ahead of 2014 so far. Alex Calvin reports

Population 60,795,612 Capital City Rome Currency Euro

ITALY continues to be a valuable games market within Europe. In 2014, the region’s games sector turned over €900m (£623.5m), according to the Italy trade body, AESVI. This was largely driven by physical software, which brought in €346.5m (£243.4m) and accounted for 39 per cent of the market, while digital sales generated €180m (£126.5m). Meanwhile, hardware represented 31 per cent of the market, with a turnover of €276.3m (£194.1m). That’s on top of the €90.5m (£63.5m) generated by the accessories market driven by the growth of toys-to-life.

Thursday, August 6th 2015


And so far in 2015, the market is performing well. According to AESVI in a report in May, Italy’s games market was tracking 3.8 per cent ahead of the year before. The growth in the sector is down to the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, which have stimulated interest, and resulted in a 1.2 per cent increase in hardware sales. Meanwhile, accessory figures grew 6.8 per cent year-on-year. But it’s digital that has grown the most, with sales of digital software shooting up 20 per cent year-on-year. The flip side of this is that boxed games have declined. By May 2015, physical software on console had dropped 2.9 per cent, while boxed PC titles fell 14.3 per cent. Nevertheless, the number of people in Italy playing games is on the rise. In 2011, 22.2m Italians played games, but today that number is estimated to be 29.3m. Meanwhile, the number of female gamers has also grown thanks to social gaming (49 per cent of gamers were women in 2015, versus 45 per cent in 2011).


Some of MOBA’s biggest names (left to right): Super Evil Mega Corp’s Segerstrale, Edge Case’s Bennett and Hi-Rez’s Todd


They think it’s all MOBA Thanks to the success of DOTA 2 and League of Legends, the MOBA space is booming in popularity. But is the genre struggling to innovate? And is there danger of the bubble bursting? Alex Calvin talks to the experts


Thursday, August 6th 2015



uch ink has been spent on the growing MOBA market. Within a few short years, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games have become some of the biggest and most prosperous sectors within the industry, driven by the success of Riot’s League of Legends and Valve’s DOTA 2. The former is played by over 67m people each month, while the latter’s community exceeds 40m players. “Out of the 700 to 800m game-capable PCs in the world, close to 100m are used to play a MOBA in any given month,” says COO and executive director of mobile MOBA developer Super Evil Mega Corp Kristian Segerstrale. “But the genre has room to evolve and grow through being available on a broader set of Thursday, August 6th 2015

devices and being more intuitive to control.” Sam Bennett, community director at Fractured Space dev Edge Case adds: “MOBAs are more buoyant than ever. Vainglory, Smite and Heroes of the Storm have demonstrated that by refining gameplay it is still possible to make a viable entry into a marketplace dominated by giants. As more players experience MOBAs for the first time there will be an increase in the market size along with greater viewership of eSports events. “That the player numbers associated with MOBAs continue to grow at an impressive rate means there won’t be a shortage of devs itching for a crack at the title.” But despite this growth, the genre itself has not evolved a great deal. 17

Hi-Rez’s Smite changes up the MOBA ‘formula’ by using a third-person perspective

MOBA INVESTIGATION The formula popularised by the likes of League of Legends and DOTA 2 – three lanes, five players, two sides, top-down perspective – is still dominant. Which begs the question – is the MOBA a genre or simply a game mode? “The way in which people talk about the MOBA makes it a genre,” Bennett says. “But fundamentally, it is the players who have decided, and right now heroes and minions, lane controlling, tower pushing, base conquering gameplay is the definition of a MOBA.” Segerstrale adds: “It is largely semantics we feel. You will likely see a lot more innovation in MOBAs making them feel more like a genre than a game type.” One MOBA that has tried something different is Smite by Hi-Rez – a title that uses a third person perspective rather than the traditional top-down view. “We’re seeing the redefinition of MOBA from being just one game, or one very specific mechanic set, to now having innovations and actually growing as a genre,” says Hi-Rez’s COO Todd Harris. “It’s a genre that’s a little hard to even define right now, because of all the experimentation. “Of course it started with DOTA, and League of Legends put some variations on that. But the choices we made with Smite was to innovate really around the camera angle. And over the next year we’re going to see other developers make 18

other choices that broaden it as a genre. So it won’t always just be a three-lane map with two primary objectives, two team objectives and jungling. Those things that people use to define MOBAs will start to be less important and we’re going to see team-based objective games that can be played competitively and as eSports. “That’s what’s going to grow over the next few years. And I think we’re really done with games that just try to take the same exact DOTA formula and apply different graphics and different IP.” GAME OVER As stated throughout this article, the success of the MOBA has been huge. But last year, it seemed that the genre was in danger. A number of MOBAs from big companies were dropped, including EA’s Dawngate and Jagex’s Transformers Universe. With MOBAs proving to be a success for many, why are some dropping out of the sector? “With player numbers on this scale, MOBAs are a tantalising proposition,” Bennett explains. “The challenge comes from finding an evolutionary step in the genre that proves to be a hit with players, and the number of games that have fallen by the wayside is testimony to just how difficult that is. “Players don’t want to play League of Legends with a new roster of heroes or play DOTA 2 in space. A new game really needs to offer a compelling reason for Thursday, August 6th 2015


players to want to invest the time needed to master it.”

The number of games that have fallen by the wayside is testimony to how difficult evolving the MOBA is. Sam Bennett, Edge Case Games

But despite these failures Bennett is confident the MOBA is not a bubble that’s about to burst. “MOBAs are here to stay and putting aside a Gerald Ratner Thursday, August 6th 2015

moment, where a single incident undermines consumer faith in the product overnight, we’ll still be talking about League of Legends and DOTA 2 in a decade,” he says. “They may no longer be the dominant games in the MOBA field, but they’ll at least have an audience in the same way as trailblazing MMOs like Ultima Online and Everquest still have an audience. “What is more likely than a bubble bursting is that there will be a radical new take on MOBA gameplay that reaches a much bigger audience. We’ve not yet had the Farmville, World of Warcraft or Call of Duty moment in MOBAs, where the status quo is rocked by the entry of a goliath. “But it’ll happen.” 19

Edge Cases’ Fractured Space is a five vs five space combat MOBA


Racing into Pole position MCV @ Gamescom speaks to Pole To Win COO Deborah Kirkham about the challenges facing QA and localisation Tell us about Pole to Win. Pole To Win is a global development lifecycle support company with 4,000-plus team members across 23 offices worldwide. We have delivery centres in the US, UK, India, Singapore, Shanghai, Korea and Japan. We offer QA, quality engineering and automation, localisation, and customer support to game developers and publishers. What are the biggest challenges facing the QA and localisation sector? The industry is fast-changing, with new genres and platforms emerging every year. We work with MMO and triple-A developers, as well as indie studios, and social or mobile publishers that operate at a slightly more frantic pace. Providing a large core team - with a flex team perhaps for spikes – to support yearly or bi-yearly releases, is much easier than scheduling a small team for just a few hours each month, or supporting a release schedule that publishes new content on a daily, or

even hourly, basis. Providing translation for a 12-month, million-plus word, multilanguage project is complex, but so is turning around 50 words in 20 languages overnight.

To avoid problems with your game, test early and test often. Last year many games launched with crippling errors and bugs. What is your advice for publishers to avoid this happening? How do you define quality?


What is a bug? Is it a defect with the product implementation, or a defect with the product’s design? You did build the right product, right? Sometimes, bugs can be both. To avoid these, test early and test often. Build quality into your product from its inception. Know your playerbase. Involve your community in driving future incarnations of your product. If you release a product that isn’t bug-free, create a feedback loop between your community, customer support, quality assurance and development teams, to make sure you address the most critical issues first.

Thursday, August 6th 2015


Small but mighty PQube CEO David Pain tells MCV why the publisher has set its sights on the niche market – rather than taking on the giants of the industry PQube mainly publishes niche and cult games. Why? When you have very strong knowledge in specialist areas you can accurately predict the size of those markets, excite those audiences and then use that enthusiasm to push those titles out to a broader audience. We’re not about trying to out-muscle the larger, more mainstream publishers – we’re more about how we can tap into these genres, generate great sales and build franchises for the longterm. It’s a philosophy that’s allowed us to turn titles like BlazBlue, Ride, MXGP and Senran Kagura from unknown new IP into long–term retail successes and franchises that our development partners can now build on.

Steins;Gate, it’s a sector that’s undoubtedly growing and has huge potential. While digital is important, 90 to 95 per cent of our sales come from physical copies. Steins;Gate,

While digital is important, 90 to 95 per cent of our sales come from physical copies. Dave Pain, PQube

You also bring a lot of Japanese titles to Europe. How is that going? Anime, manga and otaku culture is very much on the rise in Europe. Whether it’s best-selling fighters like BlazBlue or sleeperhits like Thursday, August 6th 2015


for example, has sold significantly more physical copies than it has digitally – it is currently tracking to be the most successful visual novel ever released in the West. PQube has doubled-down on its publishing efforts recently. How has the company changed over the last year? Having achieved a string of Top Ten releases over the last two years we’re proving to be an attractive option, either for developers looking for a European and US publishing solution, or publishers looking for strong UK distribution. Rather than seeing marketing wastage by employing agencies who don’t have the right product knowledge, we’ve brought everything in-house – which means we can be extremely focused in how we communicate our games. It means that the care and attention we give to our games is second to none and our partners enjoy a huge amount of free marketing.





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PEUGEOUT 405 T16 PP 20 Km gravel Pikes Pea k ‘88




Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO © 2015 Published and Developed by Milestone S.r.l. All rights reserved. All manufacturers, accessory suppliers, names, tracks, sponsors, brands and associated imagery featured in this game are trademarks and/or copyrighted materials of their respective owners


Fallout 4 is ‘most talked-about game’ on Facebook Facebook unveils its new plans to track online chatter around upcoming blockbusters, online games and indie titles, and details its June findings FALLOUT 4 was the most talked about upcoming console game on Facebook last month, according to new insights unveiled by the social network giant yesterday. At a reception held last night at Cologne’s Rheinterrassen for Facebook’s key gaming clients, the company shared with its clients the most talked about upcoming, new IP and indie console games over the last month. By aggregating mentions of upcoming titles in comments and posts made on the social network since E3 in June, Facebook compiled a snapshot of the titles being discussed amongst its considerable consumer base. Bethesda’s postapocalyptic RPG Fallout 4 was the most talked about game overall, with EA’s perennial favourite FIFA 16 trailing closely behind. EA had even more reason to smile, with Facebook also reporting a lot of buzz around DICE’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Star Wars Battlefront. The social network also unveiled Ubisoft’s hotly Thursday, August 6th 2015

anticipated The Division as the most talked about upcoming new IP, while Hello Games’ procedurallygenerated No Man’s Sky was the most talked-about independent title.

No Man’s Sky has been the most talked-about indie title since E3. Facebook will be looking to build on these valuable insights in the coming months. Speaking on stage at the event, Facebook’s Head of EMEA Gaming Sales Tarquin Henderson emphasised the large and 23

still rapidly growing console and PC gaming audience on the platform with 31 million Facebook players connected to PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, and a new PlayStation 4 being connected to the platform every 10 seconds. Henderson also underlined the value of such datadriven insights to publishers. Speaking to MCV, he said: “Our partners are always looking to understand their mindshare amongst the gaming audience and, while there’s no shortage of opinions out there, the most important measure of a title’s success is how much the game is being discussed by the players themselves.” themselves,” he says.

Games Partner with Facebook to reach a global gaming audience

Reach 445 million gamers worldwide Drive awareness & engagement with 4 billion video views daily Target gamers with custom Console, PC and esports solutions Find new players, with 1 new PS4 connected to Facebook every 10 seconds

Over the past 2 months we’ve been tracking the chatter on unreleased games. Here’s a sneak peak at the most talked about unreleased games in the run up to Gamescom:

Most Talked About Upcoming Game: Fallout 4 Most Talked About New IP: The Division Most Talked About Indie Game: No Man’s Sky

* Chatter results from June 2015 to July 2015

To find out more about our ad solutions, go to:



WHO’S WHERE? There are a huge number of companies at this year’s show. MCV @ Gamescom has compiled a guide on where to find everyone this year


THE layout of this year’s show is a bit different as the business areas have moved from Halls 4 and 5 to Halls 2, 3 and 4. You can find the maps for these halls on the below pages: Page 26, 27......................................Hall 2.1 and 2.2 Page 32, 33.....................................................Hall 3.2 Page 36................................................................Hall 4.1 Page 38..............................................................Hall 4.2

VIDEO GAMES LIVE @ gamescom Hall 11.3 7.-8.8.2015: Einlass 18:30, Beginn 20:00 entrance 18:30, start 20:00 9.8.2015: Einlass 16:30, Beginn 18:00 entrance 16:30, start 18:00

entertainment area · entertainment area fanshop arena, table top family & friends event level · event level business area · business area

COMPANY 10Tons Ltd. 2Awesome Studio 4-Real Intermedia GmbH 5d lab GmbH 6waves Limited Abbey Games B.V. Abrakam SA Acronis Germany GmbH Activision Blizzard GmbH Ad2games GmbH Adcash OÜ Adia Entertainment Ltd. admitad GmbH Adobe Systems GmbH Advanced Micro Devices Gmbh AMD GmbH Adyen B.V.

Thursday, August 6th 2015

HALL BOOTH NO. 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 2.2 2.2 3.2 2.1 4.1 2.2 2.2 2.1 2.1 2.1 2.2 2.2


A015g B010g/C011g C030g B020g/C021g D025g A086 D010g A015g B010 D080 D012 D016g D052 A015g B010a D041

Aeria Games Europe GmbH Aerosoft GmbH AESVI Afeel Aktronic Software & Service GmbH Akamai Alienware Corp. Allbrary Alpha Studois Software Altagram GmbH Amiqus Limited Amplitude Studios AMS Neue Medien GmbH Anthony Stark Merchandising GmbH Anuman Interactive SA Apelab sàrl


HALL BOOTH NO. 2.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 2.1 4.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 2.1 2.1 2.1 3.2 3.2

C050 C030g A036g D031a/C030a B015/C016 C020a B071/A070 D021b B010g/C011g B020g/C021g D011g/C010g A014 A015g D035a C024/C024a D035g/C034g



Thursday, August 6th 2015


Thursday, August 6th 2015


EXHIBITOR GUIDE COMPANY App Annie Europe Ltd. AppLift GmbH Ar-Fer arte ferro s.r.l. Areson Technology Corp. Konsulat der Republik Argentinien Artefacts Studio Artik Games Application Systems Heidelberg Software GmbH Astragon Entertainment GmbH Ateo GmbH Avanquest Deutschland GmbH Bad Jokes Studio Srls Bad Seed SRL Badland Games SL Ballistix - Micron Consumer Products Group Bandai Namco Entertainment Germany GmbH Be2Bill Rentabiliweb Europe Bee7000 Limited Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce Beijing Pixel Software Technology Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. Beiten Burkhardt Rechtsanwaltgesellschaft mbH Beta Service GmbH Bethesda Zenimax Germany GmbH Bigkazan Dyun Satis VE Dazarlama A.S. Bigpoint GmbH BitHuffel (sole proprietorhip) BIU Black Forest Games GmbH Blazin Griffin Blindflug Studios AG BlitWorks, S.L. BoaCompra UOL Boku, Inc. BoosterMedia BV Boyaa Interactive Braun Handels GmbH British Embassy Germany Laboratories Bug-Tracker Inc. Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency Busch Entertainment Media GmbH Busidol Business France BVBA Sileni Studios



2.1 A040 2.2 D080 2.1 C043 3.2 B039g 3.2 D014 3.2 D021d 3.2 D014g 3.2 B020g/C021g 2.1 B030 3.2 D035g/C034g 2.1 A013 3.2 A036g 3.2 A036g 3.2 B037g 2.1 B033 .2 B020/C021 2.2 D033 2.1 D055 3.2 D043g/C042g 2.1 A045g 2.2 B008 2.2 D013 2.2 C041/B040 3.2 D043g/B040g 2.1 B041/C040 3.2 B010g/C011g 2.1 A010/B013/C014 3.2 B020g/C021g 3.2 D011g/C010g 3.2 D035g/C034g 3.2 B037g 2.1 A032 2.1 C010 3.2 B010g/C011g 3.2 D043g/C042g 2.1 A015g 3.2 D011g/C010g 3.2 B036g/C041g 3.2 D031a/C030a 3.2 D030 3.2 D031a/C030a 3.2 C026/D023/C022 3.2 D010g

3.2 3.2 2.1 2.2 2.1 3.2 2.2 3.2 2.2 2.1 2.1 3.2 3.2 2.2 2.1

B036gC041g D031a/C030a D015 B020g/C021g A015g A015g A088 D043g/C042g A050 B034 B010 D032a D032a D082 A011

CODEWHOLESALE HALL 2.1 BOOTH N0. A011 Do you sell games? You should automate your sales and purchases. With us, you don’t have to waste your time searching for distributors and wholesale customers. You can find all you need on CodesWholesale.com. It doesn’t matter whether you are a publisher, a wholesaler or an online store. We will make trading a simple pleasure for you. Sell and buy game keys and prepaid cards in a much easier way. 24/7. Come to our stand and ask us how to get to a higher level of sales. Computec Media GmbH Corsair Cosmocover SARL Cowana GmbH Crazy Monkey Studios bvba Creative Distribution Ltd. Reef Entertainment Ltd. Croatian Chamber of Economy Crobo GmbH Crytek GmbH CtrlMovie AG Cubic Motion Ltd Curse, Inc. Cursor Oy/Playa Curve Digital Cyberith GmbH CyberLink Corp. DAE Studios NV Daedalic Entertainment GmbH Daegu Digital Industry Promotion Agency Dailymotion Daniel Kondermann DaoPay GmbH Datascope Recruitment Ltd Dataspelbrancshen Dau-up Deck13 Interactive GmbH Deep Silver



Canadian Consulate Munich Carrot Caseking GmbH Cash Payment Solutions GmbH CCP hf Character Publishing & Localization Ltd c/o Kontoret Charlie Oscar Lima Tango Interactive Entertainment UAB Chengdu B-Ray Dreamwork Net Info. Co.,Ltd. CI Games S.A. CLD Distribution NV Click Entertainment Ltd Cliffhanger Productions Clockstone Softwareentwicklung GmbH Cloud Imperium Games UK Ltd. Codeswholesale.com (Gamedia)

Wholesaler and distributor of video games, consoles and accessories

Click Entertainment is a leading worldwide distributor of video games, consoles and accessories. Founded in 2009, we have rapidly grown year-onyear, and have been an MCV Award finalist in 2013, 2014 and 2015. We hold over 300,000 pieces in stock at all times and cover all major manufacturers and publishers. We are always looking for new partners – suppliers and customers. Please contact us to arrange a meeting, or visit our booth.


2.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 2.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 2.1 4.2

B008 B010a D072 C031g/B030g D010g D013 A013 C030 D061/C060 D035g/C034g D011g/C010g A042 A015g D011g/C010g D050 B039g D010g C030g D031a/C030a B010a B020g/C021g D032a D011g/C010g A015g A043 C030g A040/B041

Thursday, August 6th 2015



EXHIBITOR GUIDE COMPANY Delasocial GmbH deltaDNA Digital River UK Ltd. The Walt Disney Company GmbH DOGED (Digital Game Developers Association) Dovetail Games

HALL BOOTH NO. 2.1 3.2 2.1 2.1 3.2 2.1


A015g D011g/C010g D040 A015g D043g/B040g A041


Exit Games GmbH Experimental Game GmbH EZ Games Distribution, Inc. F+F Distribution and Publishing GmbH

3.2 2.2 2.1 3.2

A030g/B031g B020g/C021g C051 A010g/B011g



Facebook works with console, PC, social and mobile game developers and publishers worldwide to help them get the most out of their Facebook and Instagram activities. Whether they’re collaborating on cross–channel media plans, running creative workshops or simply helping to promote a trailer, the team is focused on assisting publishers with delivering their messages to the 445 million people playing games that are connected with Facebook every month.

Dovetail Games is a multi award-winning publisher and developer of a range of simulation games. Based in Chatham, Kent, Dovetail was established in 2009 and has since created the Train Simulator series, published Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition and is currently developing Dovetail Games Fishing, which will launch later in 2015. The team at Dovetail is also working on the development of a brand new flight simulation product for 2016. Drinkbox Studios Inc. Dryadgames.Co. Dutch Games Association Easars Digital GmbH eco Verband der deutschen Internetwirtschaft e.V. Edge Case Games, Ltd. EA GmbH Elektraglide Ltd Elgato Systems GmbH Enarxis Dynamic Media Limited EntryMedia Sp z.o.o. SK Epay (transact Elektronische Zahlungssysteme GmbH) EpicGear ESET Deutschland GmbH Etter Studio European Games Group AG EuroVideo Medien GmbH EVGA Exiin

Fabulous Clan Brand Hohhot Songtop Culture Media Fat Pebble Ltd First Wise Media GmbH Fishing Cactus Fix Games Flaregames GmbH Flashpoint AG Flazm Interactive Entertainment UAB Focus Home Interactive Focus Multimedia Ltd (Bundle Stars) Foofa Studios s.n.c. Forge Reply SRL Forgame International Co., Ltd. Fortumo Limited Franzis Verlag GmbH Freaks4U Gaming Frigatebird Co., Ltd. Frontier Developments plc Funship Entertainment Ltd Fyber GmbH G2A.com Limited G4M3 STUDIOS Gaijun Network Ltd. GAME (Bundesverband der deutschen Games-Branche) Game Outlet Europe AB Game-Hosting GH AB Gameberry Inc. GameForge 4D GmbH GameGenetics GmbH Gamemag Interactive Inc. Gamepires (Pandora Studio d.o.o.) Gamer Network Limited GameRefinery Ltd. Games Academy GmbH Games Bavaria Werk1.Bayern GmbH Games Capital Berlin-Brandeburg GameSessions Gamesparks technologies Ltd. Gamespipe GmbH

3.2 B036g/C041g 3.2 D031a/C030a 3.2 B010/C011 2.1 B055g 2.1 C030g 3.2 D011g/C010g 4.1 A010/A010a/A010d 3.2 D011g/C010g 3.2 A010g/B011g 2.1 C011 2.1 A012 2.2 D051a 2.2 B010a 2.1 A015g 3.2 D035g/C034g 3.2 A010g/B011g 2.1 B040 4.2 C020a 3.2 D010g


Exequo is a multilingual localisation services provider for the games industry. We have contributed to the success of more than 1,800 titles, including Mass Effect, Halo, Batman and LEGO games. With offices and production sites in Paris, Berlin, Seattle, Tokyo and Taipei, we support up to 30 languages. Whether you need translation, voice recording, or localisation testing, we can provide proven services. Want to meet us? We will come to you. If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with Gabriel at gkarandysovsky@exequo.com/+33 695484283 or Irene at isantulli@anakan.de/+49 17699837049.


3.2 D043g/C042g 3.2 D011g/C010g 2.2 B071/A070 3.2 D010g 3.2 D031a/C030a 2.1 C030g 4.2 B030/C031/C031x 2.2 A088g 3.2 D023g 3.2 D011g/C010g 3.2 A036g 3.2 A036g 3.2 B039g 2.2 D009 2.1 A015g 2.2 B010a 3.2 D031a/C030a 2.2 C031g/B030g 3.2 D043g/C042g 2.2 D006 2.1 A030 3.2 B037g 2.2 B071/A070 2.1 C030 C030g 2.1 A043 3.2 A015g 3.2 D031a/C030a 2.1 C014g/B013g 2.2 B020g/C021g 3.2 B039g 3.2 A013g 2.1 A021 3.2 A015g 2.2 B020g/C021g 3.2 A010/B011 2.2 B020g/C021g 3.2 D011g/C010g 3.2 D011g/C010g 3.2 A030g/B031g

Thursday, August 6th 2015



GameUS Inc. Gamewave Group Gamigo Advertising GmbH Gamious B.V. Garlic Games Media UG Gaya Entertainment GmbH Gbanga Millform AG Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD - Genève) GIGA Digital AG GL Events Fuarcilik A.S Global Collect Services B.V. GlobalStep LLC GOG LTD Golden Child Good Team Studio Goodgame Studios Google Inc. Gothia Innovation AB Green Man Gaming Ltd. Greener Grass Ltd. Grey Box GSTAR Organization Committee Guillemot GmbH Gyeonggi Content Agency H2 Interactive Co., Ltd. Hamburg@work GFM mbh gamecity: Hamburg Harbin Polarlights Culture Communication Co.,Ltd Haunted Tie Headup Games GmbH & Co. KG Hidden Armada HiPay Hitbox Hori (UK) Limited Hoshin Gigamedia Center HTC Germany GmbH HyperX Ice Iceberg Interactive BV Ico Partners Ltd Iconpeak - Fibermobi PMS GmbH Idiocracy, inc iFunFactory Inc. iLogos Europe UG Image & Form Ltd. Imc Information Multimedia Communication AG IME - Interactive Media & Entertainment GmbH Imperia Mobile Imperia Online Ltd Incomm Europe Indiegala s.r.l. InMobi Pte Ltd Inner Mongolia Jangar Cultural Communications Limited InnoGames GmbH inSocial Media GmbH Intercorona d.o.o. International Business Media Pte.Ltd International Game Developers Association (IGDA) InternetQ Iran National Foundation of Computer Games Ironward Iron Ward j.d.o.o. itreeworks

Thursday, August 6th 2015

3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 4.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 4.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 2.2 2.1 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 3.2 4.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 2.1 2.1 2.1 2.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 2.1 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2


D031a/C030a D041g/C040g A030g/B031g B010g/C011g A032g C010 D035g/C034g D035g/C034g C031g/B030g D043g/B040g A044 D011g/C010g A090 D031a/C030a D043g/C042g C014g/B013g C040 C015 D011g/C010g A015g A045 A040 C031g/B030g D031a/C030a D031a/C030a A020/A030/B031 D043g/C042g D010g C030g D011g/C010g D031 B010a A080 B039g C042/C042a B010a A036 B010g/C011g D011g/C010g D015 D031a/C030a D031a/C030a D021 A015g D017 A030g/B031g D029 D029 B022 D023 C042 D043g/C042g A030g/B031g A030g/B031g A013g B010/B023 D023 D011 D037/C036 A013g D031a/C030a


Jeonbuk Digital Industry Agency Jietronics Technology Ltd. JSC Games Co., Ltd. Jujubee S.A. K3 Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaftsbüro Stadt Karlsruhe Kalypso Media Group GmbH Kenshoo Kimia Solutions, S.L. Kingstill International Software Services Ltd (Kiss Ltd.) Kinguin.net KKBOX Technologies Limited Koelnmesse, Inc Koelnmesse, Inc Kokonut Studio S. de R.L. de C.V. Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. Koolhaus Games Inc. Korea Creative Content Agency Korea Pavillion Kount Inc. L&K Logic Korea Co., Ltd. La Marque Rose Lab42 Ltd Lager Network Technologies INC. Latis Global Communications, Inc. Latitude 22 LTD GameJam LTD (dba Lazy Bear Games) Leap Leaf Interactive Ltd. LeaseWeb Level 3 Communications GmbH Level9 Inc. Link Distribution (UK) Ltd Lionbridge Technologies Inc. LKA.it di Luca Dalco LocalizeDirect Ltd Logitech GmbH Ludomotion VOF M.I.T. Media Info Transfer GmbH/ payxpert Mad Catz GmbH Magix GmbH Marchsreiter Communications GmbH Marketpoint GmbH Marmalade Technologies Ltd Masangsoft, Inc. Mastertronic Group Ltd MBG International Premium Brands GmbH MCV Media.net berlinbrandenburg e.V. Medialounge GmbH Mediatonic Ltd. Mediencluster NRW GmbH Medion AG/LifeXpress Mental Moustache Oy MFG Innovationsagentur Medien- und Kreativwirtschaft Mgame Corporation Mh Soft Mht Game Co Ltd MianYang Wudao Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. Michael Hartinger Microsoft Mindfield Games Mionix AB


3.2 D031a/C030a 2.1 D036g 3.2 D031a/C030a 2.1 D036a 3.2 B020g/C021g 2.1 C013/D014 2.1 C050 3.2 B037g 3.2 D011g/C010g 2.2 D070 3.2 B039g 2.2 A047/B051/B041 3.2 C041/B036 3.2 B033g 4.2 A010/B011 3.2 B036g/C041g 3.2 D031a/C030a 3.2 C030/C032/D031 2.1 D025 3.2 D031a/C030a 3.2 D021g 3.2 D011g/C010g 3.2 B039g 3.2 D031a/C030a 2.1 A016 2.2 A088g 3.2 B039g 3.2 B010g/C011g 2.1 C030g 3.2 D031a/C030a 2.1 C023/D024 2.1 C053 3.2 A036g 3.2 D011g/C010g 2.1 A015g 3.2 B010g/C011g 3.2 A030g/B031g 2.2 C031g/B030g 2.2 B020g/C021g 2.1 C030g 2.1 A015/B016 3.2 D011g/C010g 3.2 D033a/C032a 3.2 D011g/C010g 8.1 B011/C010 2.2 D008 2.2 C021/B020 2.2 B030a/C031/B030 3.2 D011g/C010g 3.2 B030/C031 2.1 D059 3.2 A015g 3.2 B020/C021 3.2 D033a/C032a 3.2 D033a/C032a 3.2 D043g/C042g 3.2 D043g/C042g 3.2 D032a 4.2 A021/A031/B031 3.2 A015g 2.2 B010a



Thursday, August 6th 2015


Thursday, August 6th 2015


EXHIBITOR GUIDE COMPANY Mixamo, Inc MixedBag Srl Moazio MobileBits GmbH MobUpps Mode4 MoGi SA Mokylin Group Monogon BV Monster Smile Inc. Moregeek Entertainment, Inc. Mothership-free2play Agency GmbH Motiga, Inc. Mr. Whale’s Game Service mSeed Co., Ltd. N-Dream AG N3Game inc. N3XT Technology GmbH NadiaSoft Inc. Native Prime NBG EDV Handels- und Verlags GmbH nDreams Ltd. Neo Legend SARL NeocoreGames Neodau GmbH & Co. KG Neogames Finland Association Nordic Pavillion Nero AG NetEase (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. Netsize, a Gemalto Company AB Neurodigital Technologies SL New Planet Group Distribution GmbH NGD Studios S.A. Ngelgames Co., Ltd. Nineis Nintendo of Europe GmbH Nordic Game Institute (NGI) Nordic Game Supply GmbH Nordic Games GmbH Nordmedia Northern Ireland Screen Novobox France Proficient City Ltd. NVIDIA GmbH NXP Semiconductors Germany GmbH Oasis Games Limited Oculus VR Inc. Odtü Teknokent Yönetim A.S. Okam Studio Okta, UAB Old Skull Games Omnyex E Commerce DMCC Onebip Online Fussballmanager GmbH Ontario International Marketing Centre OPM Response Ltd Opqam Overwolf Ltd. OysterWorld Ltd. Packagemedia ild PagBrasil Pagamentos Electrónicos Ltda. Paladin Studios

HALL BOOTH NO. 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 2.1 2.1 2.2 3.2 2.1 2.1 2.1 3.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 3.2 4.2 3.2 2.1 2.1 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 4.2 3.2 2.1 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 2.1 2.1 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2


D035 A036g D033a/C032a A032g D034 D010g A084 D043g/C042g B010g/C011g D033a/C032a B039g B020g/C021g D074 D035g/C034g D033a/C032a D035g/C034g D033a/C032a B020g/C021g D033a/C032a D021f A015g D011g/C010g D021 D011 C031g/B030g A015g A015g D049 A015g B037g B032 D014g D033a/C032a D033a/C032a A050/A051 A015 A015g B040 A032 D011g/C010g D021j C041 C020a A020g/B021g D018g A060/B061 C043/B040 D014g D037 D021c B053 B051 C031g/B030g B036g/C041g D011g/C010g D014g B010a D011g/C010g A015g D029 B010g/C011g


PaybyMe, Klon Ödeme ve Iletisim Tek. A.S Paymentwall, Inc. Paysafecard.com Wertkarten GmbH Perfect World Co. Ltd. Perfect World Europe B.V. Persona.ly Ltd. Pinewood Games Pipette Inc. S.P.R.L Planetlan GmbH Play 3arabi LLC PlayFab Inc Playfull Oasis (einfache Gesellschaft) Plug In Digital PlusServer AG Pole To Win Glasgow Europe

3.2 2.2 2.2 3.2 2.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 2.1 2.1 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2

D043g/B040g A020 C013 D041g/C040g B010a A036 D011g/C010g D010g C030g C030g D011g/C010g D035g/C034g D021i D060 D011g/C010g

POLE TO WIN HALL 3.2 BOOTH N0. D011G/C010G Since 1994, Pole To Win has modernised with the ever-changing technology market. Supported by a talented workforce of over 4,000 innovators, we are a global leader in product lifecycle support. Our inclusive approach to support revolves around: QA, Quality Engineering and Automation, Customer Experience, Localisation and Translation. Our 23 studios globally span the US, UK, India, Singapore, Korea, China and Japan. Our team has established us as the number one provider of services offering flexible solutions that deliver unmatched results in a timely and cost-effective manner. Polk Audio Sound United PreviewLabs bvba Producentforeningen Produsentforeningen Norway Promexico Public enterprise Invest in Lithuania Purplebeard Ltd PuttoEntertainment Co., Ltd., Pyralis SPRL QB9 S.A. Qlab Quantumfrog GmbH Ram Rom Games S.L. Rarebyte OG Raw Fury Ltd. Razer (Europe) GmbH Red Meat Games Inc. ReignBros Ltd. Remote Control Productions GmbH Revolution Software Ltd. Rimlight Studios srl Ripstone Ltd. Robo Pixel Games Ltd Roccat GmbH Rondomedia Marketing & Vertriebs GmbH SAD GmbH


2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 4.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 2.1 2.1

D004 D010g A015g A015g B033 A088g D011g/C010g D033a/C032a D010g D014g D033a/C032a A032g D010 D032a A015g C020a B036g/C041g A015g C030g D011g/C010g A036g D011g/C010g D011g/C010g A075/B071/A070 B030 C030g

Thursday, August 6th 2015

e ic F Li und v G e in Pi am -st g a Ex tch es ag nd po m sh e & in ee ow c ve tin ca on stm gs se fer e en nt ce ad v

The UK’s only interactive content marketplace is back






Thursday, August 6th 2015

EXHIBITOR GUIDE COMPANY SafeCharge Technologies LTD Sandbox Interactive GmbH SassyBot Studio Saturn Techno-Electro Handelsges. mbH Seasun Holdings Ltd Sega Europe Senscape S.R.L. Seoul Business Agency Septeni Europe Noriyuki Suenaga Serienjunkies GmbH & Co. KG Serious Games Solutions GmbH Seti Media SevenGames Network GmbH Shanda Games Limited Shanghai Greenshore Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai The9 Information Technology Co., Ltd. Shanghai Uzone Network Technology Co., Ltd. Shanxi Bough Animation Company Shanxi sunshine three pole technology company Shenzhen New Lemon Science&Technology Co., LTD Shenzhen Soulgame Technologies Co., Ltd ShenZhen The Seventh Road Technology Co., Ltd. Skrill Services GmbH Smartions AG Smilegate Europe GmbH Smilegate Holdings SNSPlus Inc. Soedesco B.V. Sofort GmbH Softon Entertainment Sold Out Sales and Marketing Limited Sony Computer Entertainment Deutschland GmbH Soulpix Spain ICEX Spain Trade and Investment Sparpweed VOF Speelbaars VOF Split Polygon Sproing Interactive Media GmbH Startups.be Steel Media Ltd SteelSeries ApS Stillfront Group / DOG Bytro, Coldwood Stompy Bot Productions, inc. Streamline Media Group, Inc. Studio DOMA Studio Evil S.R.L. Sunset International BV (Bioworld Europe) Supersonic Inc. SwissGames - Pro Helvetia Swrve Inc Synthesis Deutschland GmbH Tag Games Limited TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council) Take-Two Interactive GmbH Takeoff Taleworlds Entertainment LTD Tapjoy Limited Target Media Ltd Taylor Wessing Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB Taipei Computer Association Team 17 Digital Ltd.

Thursday, August 6th 2015

HALL BOOTH NO. 2.2 2.2 3.2 F3 2.1 4.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 2.2 2.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 2.2 2.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 4.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 2.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 4.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.1


C020 B020g/C021g B010g/C011g D020 D022g A040/B041 D014g D033a/C032a D007 C031g/B030g B020g/C021g D043g/B040g C050 D041g/C040g D041g/C040g D041g/C040g D041g/C040g D043g/C042g D043g/C042g D043g/C042g D043g/C042g D043g/C042g D019 B020g/C021g B020g/C021g A039 A038g B010g/C011g A071 D033a/C032a D011g/C010g A041 A032g B037 B010g/C011g B010g/C011g B010g/C011g D032a D010 D011g/C010g B010a A015g B036g/C041g B023a D033a/C032a A036g D050 B012 D035/C034 C040 A020g/B021g D011g/C010g A038/B039 A020/B021 D021e D043g/B040g B020 D011g/C010g A030g/B031g A038g D035

TeamSpeak Systems GmbH Techland Sp z o.o. Tecmo Koei Europe Ltd. TEGAsoft Texyon Games S.L. The Farm 51 Group SA The Sidekicks Tilmann Hars & Georg Hobmeier Causa Creations GbR Timecity Tingly Games B.V. Tiny Bull Studios s.r.l. Tivola Publishing GmbH Tobii Technology AB toorock Tourmaline Tower Offense Toy’s Myth Inc. Travian Games GmbH Tripeaks Tritonesoft Inc. TS Information Technology Ltd TU Dortmund TUNE, Inc. Turtle Beach UK Twin Tech Ubisoft GmbH UKIE Umbra Software Oy Unalis Tech Co., Ltd. UNAmedia di Benegiamo Daniele Unity Technologies ApS Universally Speaking Ltd Epic Games Inc. Untref Media Upjers GmbH UzBrainNet Inc. Vae Victis SRL Velia.net Internetdienste GmbH Verein FH Technikum Wien Versus Evil LLC Vertigo Games B.V. Vinyl Lab Virtualni koncepti d.o.o. Vivid Games S.A. Vivoxie S. de R.L. de C.V. Wald (Shenzhen) Technology Incorporate Wargaming Europe S.A.S Warner Bros Warning Up Web Media Publishing AG WebZen Inc. WeGames Corporation Werkmeister & Company West Coast Software Limited White Laser Games SA Wing Racers Sportgames GmbH Winking Tree Entertainment Corporation Wipl Games Inc. Wirecard Technologies GmbH Wired Productions Wirtschaftskammer Österreich Wispfire VOF


HALL BOOTH NO. 3.2 2.2 4.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 2.1 3.2 4.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 4.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2 3.2 2.1 3.2 3.2 3.2

A010g/B011g D076 A040/B041 D033a/C032a B037g A042 D021h B020g/C021g D027 B010g/C011g A036g A020g/B021g D032 D033a/C032a D035g/C034g D035g/C034g D033a/C032a A010g/B011g D033a/C032a D033a/C032a D011g/C010g A047a A015g D033a/C032a C051 D011g/D012/C010g D033 A038g A036g B031/A030 D011g/C010g B051a D014g C014g/B013g D033a/C032a A036g B020g/C021g D032a B041g B010g/C011g D033a/C032a A013g D084 B033g D043g/C042g D071/C070 B040/C041 D021a C031g/B030g D033a/C032a A038g C031g/B030g D011g/C010g D010g C031g/B030g A038g D033a/C032a D017 D011g/C010g D032 B010g/C011g


COMPANY Wolff Interactive GmbH Woobi (registered “Social Tokens Ltd.) Wooga GmbH Xform v.o.f. XMG Schenker Technologies GmbH XPEC Entertainment Inc.

HALL BOOTH NO. 3.2 2.1 2.1 3.2 2.1 3.2


A032g B037 C014g/B013g B010g/C011g B033 A038g

Xsolla Inc. Youcanstar Zeroweb Zoink Ltd Zotac International (MCO) Ltd. Zurich University of the Arts


HALL BOOTH NO. 2.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 2.2 3.2

A040g D033a/C032a D033a/C032a A015g B010a D035g/C034g

Thursday, August 6th 2015

Meet us at Gamescom, Hall 2.1, B-010 5th–7th August 2015


Dovetail Games Fishing The team behind the hit Train Simulator franchise has built an Unreal Engine-powered fishing game. MCV @ Gamescom investigates

DOVETAIL Games has a dream of becoming the best simulation company in the world. It’s already a big player in the world of trains, and has bold ambitions for flight sims, too. But one of the firm’s more interesting investment areas is fishing. Dovetail Games Fishing is already available via Steam Early Access, but is imminently coming to PC as a full launch, and will arrive on Xbox One in 2016. Early Access was chosen by Dovetail in order to attract an audience of players willing to provide feedback, so it can hone the game before its full release. The title has been built on Unreal Engine 4, with the aim of making it the ‘greatest fishing game ever’. Realism is obviously the corner-stone of any sim title, and Dovetail Games Fishing has partnered with carp angling experts Korda and Linear Fisheries, with the intention of delivering an authentic experience. Thursday, August 6th 2015

The title has been built using Unreal Engine 4 with the aim of making it ‘the greatest fishing game ever.’ As well as real fishing rods, rigs and baits, the game boasts an AI system to ensure fish behave like their aquatic counterparts. The title also includes a range of venues to explore, including popular real-life locations such as St John’s, Linear, which has been recreated in impressive detail. Fishing can be a lonely sport, but it’s also something to enjoy with friends, and that’s true of the game, too. There is a variety of online options where players can play co-operatively or competitively. 41


Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo Joining Project CARS, DriveClub and The Crew on the grid of new racing IP is Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo. MCV looks under the hood

IN the slipstream of the myriad racing titles released over the last six months comes a new contender – Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo. A fresh IP from racing veteran Milestone, Séb Loeb is a driving game dedicated to a realistic portrayal of rallying. Players will be able to race more than 60 cars – from 1960s vehicles to today’s top models. “Sébastien Loeb is designed to be the definitive game for anyone who loves rally,” enthuses Milestone VP Luisa Bixio. “It recreates the experiences lived by real rally drivers with incredible fidelity. “With more than 300 kilometres of track and a new depth of gameplay, players will feel the dirt getting into their clothing.” The game is skipping PS3 and Xbox 360, coming to just PC, PS4 and Xbox One – a decision Bixio says is down to quality. “We made the decision to favour the qualitative level we were able to express

Sébastien Loeb is designed to be the definitive game for anyone who loves rally. Luisa Bixio, Milestone

with a title exclusive to the new platforms,” she says. “We have a level of detail that just wasn’t feasible before. We can work on more polygons, with better lighting effects and light refraction. Vegetation and environments have also been drastically improved.” With titles like Project CARS and F1 2015 proving there remains a fervent following for simulation racing titles, Séb Loeb could be the next big franchise to take pole position. “If there are a lot of us pushing, the market will just get bigger,” says Bixio. 42

Thursday, August 6th 2015


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate One of games’ biggest IPs finds itself facing a hostile audience this year. James Batchelor sees if a trip to Victorian London will calm the crowds

Syndicate is the first Assassin’s Creed with two main characters – and one is female

take more responsibility,” Côté tells MCV @ Gamescom. “Now we are in the lead position, it’s our time to do things our way.”

THE first Assassin’s Creed put players in the role of a disgraced assassin, tasked with re-establishing respect among his peers. Eight years later, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate finds itself in much the same position. The problems of 2014’s Unity are welldocumented, from the controversial absence of playable females to the meme-inducing launch bugs. It falls to Syndicate to repair the series’ reputation. Fortunately, like its cane-wielding hero, the game has plenty of tricks up its sleeves to accomplish its goal. To start with, there’s a new development team behind the wheel. Syndicate will be the first main entry in the series to be developed by Ubisoft Quebec, rather than Montreal – a challenge creative director Marc-Alexis Côté has embraced. “Having previously worked on the franchise since Brotherhood, the team at Quebec was hungry to do more and

LONDON CALLING Syndicate is set in Victorian London, an openworld city playground that Côté promises will be the franchise’s biggest to date. The new setting isn’t the only change. Gone are the swords of the past in favour of hand-to-hand combat, while carriages and trains offer an alternative way to explore. In a series first, players take on the role of not one, but two protagonists: twins Jacob and Evie Frye, each with a unique play style. The duo might seem to lend themselves to a co-op mode, but Côté says the team has decided to focus on a single-player experience. Having been in development for over two years, Syndicate is shaping up to be a return to form for the best-selling series. 44

Thursday, August 6th 2015


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Hideo Kojima’s swansong for his iconic stealth series looks set to be the most prodigious Metal Gear Solid yet. Matthew Jarvis sneaks a peek THERE are few game series as seminal and groundbreaking as Konami’s Metal Gear Solid. This year sees the complex anti-war narrative started by series creator Hideo Kojima in 1998 come to a close, with a prequel-sequel (taking place after MGS3, handheld entry Peace Walker and bitesized release Ground Zeroes, but before the original MGS, MGS2 and MGS4) set in 1984. Unlike the narrow corridors of the first two games, or the tightly-wound trees of MGS3, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain takes place in the vast open environments of Afghanistan and Africa, allowing players the freedom to approach scenarios in any way they like. Utilising an array of gadgets and weapons – including a drivable robot and a set of AI helpers – hero Venom Snake can go in guns blazing, or creep in unnoticed. The world is powered by the Fox Engine graphics framework, which enables completely new gameplay mechanics, as well as offering sharp visuals and an in-game day-and-night time cycle.

MGS5 features online multiplayer in the form of Metal Gear Online. Players can upgrade their home ‘Mother Base’, researching useful items and unlocking alternative ways to play the title. Much like PS3 exclusive MGS4, The Phantom Pain also features online multiplayer, in the form of Metal Gear Online. Snake is voiced by film and TV star Kiefer Sutherland, replacing series staple David Hayter. This isn’t the only big change for the franchise – Phantom Pain is also the first numbered MGS title since 2001’s MGS2 to come to PC, via Steam. There are bound to be plenty of surprises still in store for Metal Gear fans, but one thing’s for sure – Kojima’s beloved series is going to go out with a bang.

Snake can employ the help of AI companions – including D-Horse and Diamond Dog Thursday, August 6th 2015



Super Mario Maker Nintendo’s create-your-own Mario level video game might prove to be the Wii U’s biggest killer app. Christopher Dring reports

Super Mario Maker is shaping up to be a Wii U system seller

up anywhere. These levels can be shared online – but only if the creator managed to complete it first, impossible-to-complete creations are not allowed. One of the nicest touches - which ties in with the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros – is that gamers can switch between Mario game designs. With just the touch of a button, players can turn a New Super Mario Bros level into a Super Mario World one, including all the iconography that goes with it. It’s shaping up to be the system seller Nintendo wants it to be. “With so many games unveiled at E3 this year, there is actually plenty of choice but we are focusing a lot of efforts on Super Mario Maker,” said Nintendo UK marketing manager James Honeywell. “It’s fitting that for Mario 30th anniversary we have a new Mario title that breaks the rules and offers infinite possibilities.”

WHEN MCV went to play Mario Maker at E3 2014 we were somewhat underwhelmed. Slow-paced, somewhat cumbersome and lacking fun touches, it felt more like a basic tech demo than a full game. What a difference 12 months make. Mario Maker - now aptly titled Super Mario Maker - is shaping up significantly better after we managed to get hands on it this week. When users first turn it on they’re invited to play with some clever little levels created by the game’s testers – including one where fans just need to follow the P block around, and one where gamers don’t need to touch the controller at all. Meanwhile, the game’s builda-level mode is intuitive, with gamers able to try out their creation on the fly. You can even break the rules of Mario, introducing rogue elements and combining things together - every enemy can be given wings, for example, and Bowser can rock 46

Thursday, August 6th 2015


FIFA 16 This year’s FIFA has made some huge changes to the series formula. MCV @ Gamescom speaks to EA’s Nick Channon to find out more be happier with how we ended up bringing women to our game this year.” And that’s not the only big addition – EA has introduced a dedicated Training Mode mode that explains FIFA’s systems to everyone, from novices to high-level players. “What we really wanted to try and do is give players an experience where it felt like someone who knew how to play the game was sitting next to you,” Channon explains. “It’s a contextual overlay system that teaches players the core game, simple controls for passing, shooting, and as you get better and more proficient at the game, we start to teach you more. People get much more out of the game when they understand it better, so we thought it was a really good way of teaching you while you are playing. FPSs do a very good job of that first level, which absorbs you into the experience and the controls and how the game works. We didn’t feel we had that until now.”

FOR 22 years now, EA has been making its digital version of the beautiful game. Each iteration comes with its round of improvements – work done to the physics and the feel of the game, for example. But this year, EA has made one of its biggest introductions to the franchise ever – female players. “It’s one of the most important additions we’ve ever made to the game, certainly during my time on FIFA,” FIFA senior producer Nick Channon says. “If we want to be the most authentic football game around, then women need to be part of that. We’ve been wanting to do this for quite a while, but we wanted to make sure that they played authentically. We needed to get the body scaling right to make them look real. We also wanted the best players, which is why we went with international teams, and fundamentally we’re going to let the game speak for itself. Personally, I couldn’t

EA has added a Training Mode to FIFA 16 to make the game accessible Thursday, August 6th 2015



WHAT’S ON AT GAMESCOM? Feeling a bit overwhelmed and lost this Thursday? Here is MCV @ Gamescom’s handy guide to some of the events going on today ESL ONE E BA ATTLEFIELD 4 SUMMER 2015 5 FIN NALS S 08:3 30 - 19:0 00, Hall 9.1, Beta Stage Playe ers frrom around Europe will be competing to se ee wh ho will make it through to the semifinalss of th he Battlefield 4 Summer Finals.

games market will be discussing the issues facing the industry all day at Gamescom Congress TEAM17 CONFERENCE 11:45 -12:45 Hall 3.2, D-012 The popular indie label will be taking to the stage at UKIE’s Royal Box with the latest game reveals and announcements.

GAM MESC COM M CONGRESS 10:30 0, Ko onrad-Adenauer-Saal 140 high--pro ofile speakers from around the


There were big titles, but a host of indie games got time on stage, too. A particularly highlight was Castlevania veteran Koji Igarashi taking to the stage in a cowboy hat with... a whip.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer kicked off the firm’s Gamescom press conference this year. Many games personalities were on stage, as well as Shawn Ashmore of X-Men fame.


Thursday, August 6th 2016



INVESTMENT SEMINAR 16:45 - 17:45, Hall 3.2, D-012 Alan Moss of Harbottle & Lewis and BFI’s Christopher Halliday will be explaining the opportunities for UK tax credits on UKIE’s stage.


WORLD OF WARCRAFT ANNOUNCEMENT 18:00 Hall 7 Blizzard is revealing its latest addition to the hugely popular World of Warcraft MMO.









19.00 Forza 6 was of course on stage at Gamescom. And so that means the obligatory new car was around for people to take photos of, and even The Stig took a look.

Thursday, August 6th 2016





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I enjoy them. I don’t believe they are the cash grabs that people claim. They put a lot of love and effort into them.

These games have been around since before 2015. The MOBA expansion isn’t something new.

Darren Conway @DcRising

Never had any interest in the genre. Looks like it’s here to stay though.

H2oGatesy @H2oGatesy Zachary Stauffer @Kalinus90

They seem like a cheap way to make microtransaction cash. No thanks.

Hell no, no more MOBAs. Make new IPs, don’t simply continue to copy the current shit already out.

Tweet tweet

Robin BergstrĂśm Twice



Tower Defence, MOBA, isn’t it time the Warcraft 3 modding community gave us another genre..?

COME SAY HI! Visit the UK Industry Stand #C010 - D011, Hall 3.2

If all these MOBAs were $60 and heroes, stages, different modes, were all DLC you had to buy, they wouldn’t be so popular.

Chris Smith

Damian Spite



Growing a genre is great, making a new genre is HYHQ EHWWHU 02%$V DUH Âż QH but I want fresh ideas, not cash grabs.

Companies would be mad to not try to get some of the cash Dota and LoL make. But I hope not. No Call of Duty syndrome please Pilaf

Stephen Smith




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