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Forward facing tech

ISE 2019 is awash with unique and engaging displays, such as this striking LED display from Ledeca on Stand E-8120 which has been a popular highlight of Hall 8’s many digital signage and DOOH exhibits.

Digital signage: a market to watch

Rotberg: ‘Many other industries would love to have figures like this’

Yesterday’s Digital Signage Summit, part of the new ISE at the Okura programme, painted a rosy picture of the state of the digital signage industry, with global sales of largeformat commercial displays reaching 5.6 million last year, a 21 per cent increase on 2017. Market value now stands at $14.6bn, an increase of 18 per cent year on year. Every market across EMEA recorded growth. Even the UK and Ireland, where many large projects have been put on hold due to the uncertainties raised by Brexit, recorded a three per cent growth. Germany, Austria, Switzerland remained the largest market in EMEA, showing growth of 13 per cent compared with 2017. Florian Rotberg, managing director of invidis consulting, said: “It’s positive news; many other industries would love to have figures like this.” The sector is experiencing significant disruption with changing consumer behaviours and expectations driven by the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google. Stefan

Schieker, managing partner at Result MC, explained: “These companies taught consumers to use touch, now they’re trying to teach us to use voice and not to care about owning things, but to share it. That’s having a deep impact on the retail industry and how we use signage.” Jose Avalos, VP, Internet of Things group and global director, visual retail and digital signage at Intel, pointed out that it’s not just in retail where digital signage is having an impact. “Visual solutions are impacting brands, retailers and consumers across many industries,” he said. Some 80 per cent of brands experienced an increase of up to 33 per cent in sales using digital signage. In addition, visual aids have been shown to improve classroom learning by up to 400 per cent, quick service restaurants report a 30 per cent increase in order value when customers use smart vending, and 52 per cent of travellers are more likely to visit a hotel that offers self-check in.

Leap into the Future of Display Solutions BenQ, Global Leader in Business Display

Visit us at stand 1-N10

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Is the future workplace standardised? The issue of standardising meeting rooms sparked lively debate on the ISE Main Stage yesterday. The AV Magazinehosted session ‘The Future of AV in the Workplace’ welcomed speakers including Gary Keene, audio visual manager, Google, and Farooq Khader, technical lead, EMEA, Uber, who promoted the virtues of having a well thought-out, well-designed standardised product set. Keene explained: “We’re now supporting 17,000 videoconferencing rooms globally across 160 offices in over 40 countries, and we do that with a team of less than 100. One of the ways in which we can run such a big estate with such a small team is by offering our users a standardised experience.” Not only does this help to simplify the design and build of new facilities, it also benefits the end user who enjoys a consistent experience in every room they use, regardless of its location. Khader agreed, adding: “Uber is a young company, so we’re still on a learning curve. What we’ve learnt so far is that giving freedom to employees is the most important thing we can do as an AV team. This means mobile devices that integrate with IT security and other aspects of the building. Having a solid standard of implementing a room and a solution across the globe has also been a key element of user satisfaction.” Jenny Hicks, group head of technology at Midwich, voiced a note of caution, however: “Standardisation is wonderful if you’ve got employees that are of the same cognitive behaviours and they want the same things, but it feels like at the moment we have the widest generational gap that we’re likely to experience.

Future gazers (L-R): Clive Couldwell, editor, AV Magazine; Farooq Khader, technical lead, EMEA, Uber; Jenny Hicks, group head of technology, Midwich; Gary Keene, audio visual manager, Google; Christopher Jaynes, founder & CTO, Mersive Technologies

“The younger generations are less concerned about the quality and performance of their product than the older generations, but they expect functionality to be high.

Matching up those two can be a struggle.” All Main Stage sessions are being live streamed to the ISE website at

Focus on function, not form With many organisations still failing to get the basics right when it comes to meeting room design, yesterday’s What’s Next… Enterprise AV Integrated Experience conference, organised by AVIXA, focused on the environmental aspects of meeting room design, rather than the technology within these spaces. With panel members and attendees sharing numerous tales of rooms that have failed to meet expectations, and in some case failed entirely, it’s clear that this is a topic that needs careful consideration. When it comes to the meeting room environment, there are a number of key aspects that need to be considered, including room layout, lighting, ventilation and furniture. Greg Jeffreys, director and consultant at Visual Displays Limited, said: “Technology can’t fix a poor layout. Room design is about thinking about what people want and what they need, however items such as furniture are o#en chosen for their aesthetic appeal rather than for their ability to carry out the function they’re supposed to.”

Meeting makers (L-R): Martin Kemp, room experience engineering at Google; Neil Martin, video development manager at Fidelity Investments; Lisa Perrine, CEO at Cibola Systems; Owen Ellis, chairman of AV User Group; Greg Jeffreys, director and consultant at Visual Displays Limited

This can cause disappointment and frustration among users, something which AV teams are likely to bear the brunt of. To avoid this, Martin Kemp, room experience engineer at Google, spoke about his experience of taking a humancentred approach to room design: “We’re trying to tie back

every decision we make to some kind of user experience research. This includes talking to various people from across the firm to capture that information. We also carry out co-design sessions with UX engineers who can respond to what the users are saying. As we do this we get a more crystallised vision of what people need to do in spaces.”

Explore DisplayPort 1.2 uncompressed 4K extension over fiber WWW.OPTICIS.COM WWW WW .OPTICIS.COM


Support DisplayPort 1.2 standard

Support DisplayPort 1.2 standard

Extends up to 4K (4096x 2160) at 60Hz (RGB & YCbCr : 4:4:4)

Extends up to 4K (4096x 2160) at 60Hz (RGB & YCbCr : 4:4:4)

Offers total data rate 21.6Gbps

Offers total data rate 21.6Gbps

Transmits DisplayPort 1.2 data up to 200m(656ft) over one LC multi-mode fiber (OM3)

Transmits DisplayPort 1.2 data up to 1,500m(4,921ft) over one duplex LC single-mode fiber

Supports Dual-mode DP (DP++) MST (Multi-stream Transport)

Provides DisplayPort and HDMI outputs with Dual-mode DP feature

Offers RS-232 and analog audio feature DisplayPort 1.2 One(1) Fiber Extender DPFX-300-TR DisplayPort 1.2 Multi-media Fiber Extender #4-U20 OPTICIS HQ 7F, 166, Jeongjail-ro, DPFX-400-TR Bundang-gu, Sungnam-si, Gyunggi-do, 13558 South Korea Tel: +82 31 719-8033 Fax: 031-791-8032 Email:


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Digital Cinema Summit: New technology, events and emerging markets will reverse decline in cinema admissions Devastating figures at the German box office last year saw cinema admissions drop 15 per cent, and the big question opening Wednesday a"ernoon’s Digital Cinema Summit was whether streaming services are causing cinema attendance to fall off a cliff. According to keynote speaker David Hancock, director of research and analysis for cinema and home entertainment, IHS Markit fluctuations in mature Western European markets such as Germany have to be balanced out with what is happening globally. “Germany has gone through a few years of decline, but if you look around the world, what I see is a very healthy picture,” he said. “While there’s the obvious dichotomy with some of the more mature territories in Western Europe, box office takings globally have increased to $41bn, compared to decade ago when it was around $20bn.” Growth markets include China, which has experienced a 21 per cent growth over a five-year period, and in an IHS analysis of 60 countries over the same period, only 18 have experienced negative decline (mainly in Western Europe and the US). Even though mature markets are experiencing admissions decline, Hancock stresses that this decline is “quite modest” and he pointed out that studios are successfully reversing this by releasing fewer but bigger blockbusters in a bid to increase global market share. Recent ‘mega franchises’ such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars have seen studios take 67 per cent of

global box office in 2018, compared to 62 per cent in 2012. “The development of the mega franchise idea has really helped the studios and has been a conscious development to increase market share – films have got bigger and bigger,” Hancock said. This trend is reflected in a breakdown of the revenues generated by the top 100 films at the UK box office, which show that the top 100 films generated 91 per cent of box office revenue while the top 50 films took 80 per cent. According to fellow keynote speaker Jan Runge, who heads up the International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA), another potential growth area is event cinema, where cinemas are used to screen live theatre performances, music one-offs and sporting events. Event cinema currently accounts for three per cent of box office takings in the UK – a figure that Runge thinks will grow. “Marketing and engaging audiences for event cinema is something I’m excited about,” he said, acknowledging that the market was more vibrant in Europe than the US and the challenges would be “creating new markets for different types of content”. With the average person in Europe visiting the cinema 2.1 times a year and a range of other entertainment options competing for their time, cinema outlets are also having to work harder to get people through their doors. Runge acknowledged that many outlets also face structural issues: “A lot of cinemas were built in the 1990s and still look that way. Many are trying to innovate and make a trip to the

Jan Runge (L) and David Hancock takes questions from the audience

cinema a more premium experience by refurbishing seating and introducing new technologies,” he said. Measures have included introducing HDR and Dolby Atmos into cinemas, optimising CIM systems and enhancing data analytics so that films can be marketed better. The introduction of projector-less LED has also helped to redefine the cinematic experience. All this activity is proof, Hancock argued, that cinema attendance is not at risk. “While there’s stagnation and maturity in the market, there’s also a lot of innovation taking place which will make cinemas more attractive places to be, better marketed and more sociable – and we’re only at the beginning of this journey.”

Innovative isolator helping to maintain Metro line safety 4EVAC Stand: 7-T194

4EVAC division manager Albert van der Hout with the LoopDrive, which is being used on Amsterdam’s new North-South Metro line

AVIXA Stand: 12-N110, 13-N110 Delegates from Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) went on a tour of the ISE show floor yesterday afternoon, led by AVIXA’s Scott Wills (far left). The tour highlighted solutions with specific relevance to the hotel industry. HTNG is hosting the new Hospitality Tech Summit at the Hotel Okura today. “I am very excited to be bringing hospitality into the audio-visual experience,” said Michael Blake, CEO of HTNG (fourth from right). “It was fantastic to be able to walk around and see some of the offerings that many of the vendors had. There was an extraordinary display of technology and innovation.”

TIG to raise Mezzanine awareness OBLONG INDUSTRIES Stand: 11-B140 A strategic sales partnership with Technological Innovation Group is expected to boost the Oblong business in EMEA. Headed up by Creston’s Robin van Meeuwen, TIG will extend its services to Oblong’s flagship collaboration platform Mezzanine. Through this strategic partnership, TIG will increase awareness of the Mezzanine platform by engaging customers including integrators, resellers, specifiers and design agencies. TIG expects to improve the way firms engage their audiences, make critical business decisions, and get work done with Mezzanine. Oblong will continue to


work directly with its current customers and resellers in EMEA, while the TIG partnership will assist in developing a greater number of opportunities for resellers to pursue, and will better address areas that are underserved. Mary Ann de Lares Norris, VP EMEA, Oblong, said: “We’re always innovating with Mezzanine and with the way we service our customers. It’s gratifying that industry experts at TIG recognise the value of our continued commitment to innovation, and what it means for their customers. I think I speak for all of us at Oblong when I say we couldn’t be more delighted to have the team at TIG in our corner.”

ISE 2019 visitors needing to travel across Amsterdam to the RAI each day may well have noted with satisfaction the completion of the long-awaited North-South Metro line. In the works for many years, the new line allows passengers to travel from north to south in a mere 15 minutes, passing thrOugh seven new stations designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects – including Europaplein, which is adjacent to the entrance of the RAI. Among the project’s many suppliers is PA/VA specialist 4EVAC, which has provided around 1,500 units of its LoopDrive Fault Isolator Module (FIM). LoopDrive was created to automatically detect any problems or failures on a loudspeaker line and isolate that section while ensuring that messages are still broadcast on the rest of the system. Designed for ease of installation, LoopDrive is a modular plug-and-play system that can be configured in a variety of different ways. It is fully compliant and certified to both EN54-16 and EN54-17 regulations. Albert van der Hout, division manager at 4EVAC, said: “This was a great project with which to have been involved, and we are delighted that our LoopDrive has been used so extensively on the new North-South line.”

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Northern collaborators share vision on winning integrated home project Two integrators based in the North West of England took to the ISE Main Stage in Hall 8 yesterday to discuss their CEDIA Award-winning collaboration and Crestron smart home renovation project, Edge Cottage. Stephen Nevison, director of Liverpool-based Intuitive Homes, and Oliver Hall, managing director of Manchester-based Ultamation, told CEDIA’s content director Ed Wenck how the project, which won Best Integrated Home in the £120,000 - £230,000 category, was just one of several collaborations between the two companies. “We first met when Stephen’s company was brought in on another Crestron job and we realised that we shared a similar ethos in terms of what we wanted to deliver for clients,” said Hall. “Oliver’s programming is better than anything we could ever achieve, so it was a good match. Between us we do the design, scheduling and project management. One person deals with the client, which is why most of the time, clients never question why there are two companies working on a project,” Nevison added. The pair revealed how they have formed good working relationships with interior architects, allowing one firm to use their dry showroom to demonstrate their work. They tend to use the same AV suppliers, so they have a good idea of what things are going to look like. The Edge Cottage renovation took place in a new build

Think it. See it YES TECH Stand: 8-G200

Oliver Hall, on stage centre right, and Steven Nevison far right, discuss their CEDIA Award winning Edge Cottage project with CEDIA’s Ed Wenck

entertainment extension within a 200-year old property, with the client, a family with three children, requiring ‘a lifestyle enhancement’. “The first thing we did was sit down with them and discuss how they all used their media, so we could make them all happy, put it together and provide them with a solution where they can just walk into one room and press one button to get what they want,” Nevison explained. Hall stated that a big impact on this type of integration has been the migration of consumers towards

streaming services such as Spotify; the client’s audio requirements involved streaming outputs for each family member. The duo also won CEDIA’s global trophy in the same category for their project, something that Nevison believes they achieved by ensuring that they made every penny count on the project. “We spent the money as if it were our own,” he said. “We didn’t always choose the most expensive products, but we wanted to make sure clients would look back and see the value in what they had spent their money on.”

Bright and clear reception NOVASTAR Stand: 8-G160

A8 receiving cards deliver 1000 nits to a 2.6m pixel pitch 192 x 192 pixels LED on the NovaStar stand

Ziyu Zeng: ‘the limit is your own imagination’

If you can think it, we can build it. That’s the message from LED specialist Yes Tech at ISE 2019. The Chinese developer has a wonderfully eye-popping stand which make a virtue of its unique selling point: the ability to bend. Zoey Ziyu Zeng, spokesperson for Yes Tech, said: “We can design LED in all sorts of different shapes and structures – diamonds, triangles, circles, hearts, curves – you name it, you imagine it and we will create if for you.” The company is also presenting its Magic Stage LED display and multi-function mounting frame.

Flying visit: head over to the Drone Zone in Hall 14 for a chance to win a flying machine of your own. Attendees can drop their business cards into the raffle drum on Stand 14-A100 to enter the prize draw. Prizes are given out at 13:00 every day. Erik Dahms, pictured, was yesterday’s winner.


With the entire LED industry focused on more and better pixels, receiving cards in displays are expected to have an increasingly higher loading capacity (in order to provide the amount required). Only if a receiving card has a high loading capacity and small size is it able to meet the needs of clients, helping keep costs low. Enter NovaStar, the Chinese LED display solutions provider, which comes to ISE showing the capability of

its A8 and A10 receiving cards. The addition of 18bit+ ‘drastically improves’ greyscale in conditions with low brightness, according to the company. To boost overall clarity, new ClearView support monitors and adjusts the image in real time, on a pixel-by-pixel basis. What’s more, the A8s and A10s both support HDR10. Taken together, NovaStar claims these attributes can help its cards meet the needs of a variety of scenarios from museums and conference centres to meeting rooms.

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New Models

Mini Converter UpDownCross HD Full standards conversion from any SD/HD format to any SD/HD format! > Great for connecting HDMI computers to SDI > Up, Down, Cross and Standards conversions > Both 3G-SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs > Works with all formats up to 1080p60


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Micro Converter BiDirectional SDI/HDMI

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Simultaneously convert SDI to HDMI and HDMI to SDI in SD or HD formats all at the same time! > > > >

Automatically detects all SD and HD formats! 3G-SDI works in all formats up to 1080p60 Convert in both directions independently Powers from any USB source

Available now from 59€* With over 40 different models available, there are Blackmagic Converters with analog, SDI, and HDMI conversions that let you work with virtually all SD, HD and Ultra HD equipment!

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2019 Stand Design Awards finalists announced Ahead of the presentation of the 2019 Stand Design Awards later today, organiser EXHIBITOR magazine has announced the shortlist of finalists in each of the four categories. Travis Stanton, editor of EXHIBITOR magazine, told the ISE Daily : “This year’s group of finalists at ISE is particularly competitive, especially in the small and medium stand

categories. There were so many strong exhibits among them that just missed out on making the finals; the finalists in those categories really had to bring their A game to make the cut.” The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at 16:30 on the ISE Main Stage (8-E400).



Echo free for eco folk VICOUSTIC Stand: 14-B129

João Ferreira (L) and Lucio Vieira in front of their allergy-friendly, mineral wool-free acoustic panels

Mood Media UK Holdings’ stand in Hall 8 (8-E240) has made it on to the shortlist in the Best Small Stand category, alongside Aluvision (8-E355); Astel LED Akran Cozumleri (12-A10); Avocor (13-C110); beMatrix (12-P60); Clevertouch (13-D155); InventDesign (10-H120); and Moobo (8-P400)

Wave&Co (8-C125) has made the shortlist in the Best Medium Stand category, together with Also (11-B175); Aluvision (8-K315); Basalte (5-R120); Beabloo (8-C440); Dataton (12-E90); Genelec (3-C95); Lindy (8-K140); Powersoft (7-X194, 7-W195, 7-Y195); and Shenzhen Nexnovo Technology Co, Ltd. (8-C160, 8-A160)


BEST XL STAND 400sqm, or more

A new generation of green and sustainable acoustic products is being presented on the Vicoustic stand. VicWallpaper and Flat Panel VMT acoustic panels are made of 60% recycled plastic bottles. The company turned 84 tons of plastic into acoustic panels, according to acoustic consultant João Ferreira. VicWallpaper is an acoustic panel covered with premium fabrics, specially developed for commercial spaces. Flat Panel VMT, meanwhile, has an innovative dyeing technology which can simulate concrete, marble, wood and other materials, achieving a realistic look in a range of settings. Both products are easy to install and maintain. “We are really concerned with the design, effectiveness and the ease of installation of our products,” said Ferreira. “Our Flat Panel VMT delivers a great design that can be customised, provides great acoustic performance, and can be cut in order to integrate lighting and speakers.”

Mini-LED makes light work of display tech UNILUMIN Stand: 12-F60

Mini-LED is making an impact on the Unilumin stand

BenQ Europe (1-N10) is in today’s running for an award in the Best Large Stand category, alongside Absen (12-C60); Lang (1-H50); Philips Professional Display Solutions (10-K170); Shure Distribution (3-B110); and Vestel (10-P150).

Finally, Harman Professional (1-F10) has made the cut in the Best XL Stand category, in the company of Christie (1-H70); Epson Europe (1-H90); LG Electronics (12-K90); NEC Display Solutions (5-R20); Panasonic Marketing Europe (1-H20); Samsung (4-S100); and Sony Europe (1-N20).

No PhD required ARX SYSTEMS Stand: 5-Z120 Australian pro-audio manufacturer ARX Systems is at ISE to showcase the depth and breadth of its product range. Colin Park, managing director, ARX Systems, said: “By far the most popular comments from ARX first time users are ‘it’s so easy to install and set up’ and ‘it does exactly what it says it does’. That’s good, because we try and design things that way. To borrow a buzz phrase from the computer industry, the products are ‘userfriendly’. We believe you shouldn’t need a PhD to use any of our products – just a pair of ears and some common sense.”


Launching at the show is the new AV DI Plus, a stereo Audio Visual Active Direct box that features industry standard dual 6.5mm, RCA and Amphenol stereo mini jack inputs and dual balanced Amphenol XLR outputs. Designed for interfacing computer sound cards, smart phones, iPads and similar devices with professional sound systems, the AV DI Plus provides a straightforward solution to the increasingly familiar problem of having to deal with a number of different types of analogue audio connectors when connecting to consumer level devices.

These days, everyone is talking about making evernarrower pixel pitch. Now Unilumin has developed an innovative way of stamping the LEDs directly onto the circuit board. Vice president Steve Scorse told the ISE Daily: “We’re launching the 0.9mm pixel pitch screens at ISE thanks to customer demand. Customers want to use them in bars and restaurants and even as touchscreens, yet previous manufacturing processes just weren’t robust enough.” Unilumin’s ability to mass produce Mini-LED resolves previous technical barriers and addresses the issue of the high cost of traditional SMD (surface-mounted device) display. With its ultra-high protection and resolution features, Mini-LED will create more possibilities. Utilising the company’s ultra-low reflection black technology, Unilumin MP Mini-LED provides a high contrast ratio, bringing a bright visual experience even when viewed at up to 175º. Also on the stand, visitors can see the company’s flagship products Unano, Upanel, UpanelS, UTVⅢ, UpadⅢ H, GslimS and UsurfaceⅢ in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and resolutions. In brief, Unilumin claims it can provide a customised solution for any project.

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DOOH transformed by cloud management


Hastings: “Transforming provisioning and set-up”

BRIGHTSIGN Stand: 8-C165 A cloud management platform launched at ISE is all set to simplify the management of extensive digital signage networks for integrators, network managers and DOOH operators. The player management platform, driven by BrightSign’s OS 8.0, is also significant for the openness of its platform; it has already enticed multiple partners to join. Jeff Hastings, CEO of Brightsign, said: “This will transform provisioning and set-up. We are enabling robust, real-time management of networks via the cloud for systems anywhere in the world. No-one else is doing what we are doing.” The platform consists of three parts – Control Cloud, Management Cloud and Content Cloud – and is to be provided with every BrightSign player shipped this year. The Content Cloud offers a media library, content feeds, schedules, presentation management and content distribution tools to act as its own CMS system or for integration via API with a third-party CMS. Customers can use the Control Cloud’s B-Deploy feature to configure players remotely, which helps reduce installation times. For smaller deployments, users can simply use a QR code on the display to set up the media player via mobile phone. This is being

Emiliano Boniotto: “We create bespoke solutions and tailored audio products for any kind of problem”

demoed on the BrightSign stand. The Management Cloud provides a variety of network management tools for the end user, such as data about performance measures. Numerous CMS so"ware and integration companies – among them Appspace, Carousel Digital Signage, Creative Realities, Diversified, Four Winds Interactive, Mvix, Reflect Systems and Signagelive – are hooking their so"ware into the The Control Cloud part is a free subscription with every BrightSign player. There is a fee for the Management and Content elements – divided into Management-only and Management and Content Clouds, per player, per year. “As it becomes increasingly common and more desirable to connect all kinds of devices to the cloud, digital signage for the vast majority will exist as connected networks,” said Hastings. “With digital signage you want to remove complexity from the operating system, which is one of the key attractions for working with BrightSign.” Hastings added that ISE 2019 is a transformational event for BrightSign’s business, as the company is also completing the launch of its series 4 player family, launching BrightSign OS 8.0 and presenting joint demonstrations with industry partners.

Audio all around SAFE S.R.L. Stand: 14-C130 Loudspeaker manufacturer 12dodicifacce is offering demonstrations of its omnidirectional loudspeakers. The company, part of the Safe S.R.L. family, claims the DF01 and DF02 offer an immersive experience, with their 12 speakers providing 1200W of clear sound. The company has also launched two new complete systems for environmental monitoring. The first is an indoor acoustic measurement kit featuring a lightweight and omnidirectional sound source, in the form of a portable power amplifier completely controlled via Bluetooth. The second is a cloud-based noise monitoring station. Emiliano Boniotto, company engineer, told the ISE Daily: “Our team doesn’t produce standard acoustic solutions; instead we create bespoke solutions and tailored audio products for any kind of problem.” 12dodicifacce is offering visitors a USB stick with tones and audio files to test and calibrate every kind of acoustic system.

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The physical challenges of creating a virtual world Firms offering VR training solutions to schools and businesses voiced the challenges of integrating digital experiences into physical environments during Tuesday a"ernoon’s XR Summit. For Pixeltek chief executive and founder Vitek Goyel, one key design challenge is tailoring VR training packages for enterprises operating in territories restricted by physical space. “India is a big country, for example, but short on space,” he said. “As developers we have to find intuitive solutions that work within smaller spaces. Space is important, but what is more important is building an experience within that space.” Another challenge, Goyel added, is dealing with sensory aspects of the physical world, which may not have been accounted for in the virtual world. His company supplies a VR-based training tool that teaches automotive spray paint training techniques, and while he claims this has led to a 60% increase in efficiency at one car manufacturer, he admits that there were some aspects of the physical process that he had not considered during the tool’s design. “When the workers went onto the factory floor they started to act really cautiously; they weren’t used to the smell of the paint. They’d been training for hours in a virtual environment without being exposed to

Finding your way

(L-R) Amelia Kallman, moderator; Vitek Goyel, Pixeltek; Neil Evely, Rewind; Amy Hedrick, Cleanbox Technology; David Wilson, Engage Works

the materials they were using. Those are the things you don’t think about when you are designing an experience,” he said. According to Goyel, the real innovation happens when experts in their field are given a demo of the kit for the first time. “It’s at this point they start to think about how they can use it to solve problems that I would never have identified.” Fellow XR panellist Neil Evely, head of business at UKbased VR content agency Rewind, said that in education

the biggest barrier to take up of virtually based learning experiences is budget. “Schools get put off by the outlay or the technical requirements, but you just have to look at the low end, and what Google did with Google Expeditions. “Google used low-cost tech to take pupils through engaging 360° content that was narratively driven – and the retention of knowledge just skyrockets. So, schools shouldn’t be put off by cost, there’s loads of scope.”

Wayfinders (L-R): Daniela Solano, Erkan Cigdem and Florian Brosius of 3d-berlin, with a totem from eKiosk

3D-BERLIN / EKIOSK Stand: 8-M355 Lost at ISE 2019? Get back on track at a wayfinding totem, one of twelve dotted around the RAI and ready to point you in the right direction. These digital signposts come courtesy of eKiosk, one of the leading providers for digital signage applications in Europe, and interactive wayfinding solutions provider 3d-berlin. Florian Brosius, project manager, 3d-berlin, said: “A wayfinding system at a big international trade fair is a great example for showing new customers what we can do.” The company is creator and owner of the patent for 3D indoor navigation in Germany. It has solutions for multiple devices including mobile, print, web and kiosk. eKiosk is described as a full-service provider for digital kiosk systems and professional digital signage hardware and so"ware. It produces terminal solutions for indoor and outdoor in Germany. Next to the development, the construction, the production, the project management and the roll-out organisation, it also takes care of long-term service a"er installation.

“Wayfinding and other complex solutions are a challenge for digital signage integrators,” Brosius added. “Customers nowadays are more likely to want solutions from a single source. They need professional leaders to help them find the best individual solution for their own special use case.”

Bringing comms brands together PATTON Stand: 7-T215 Two years a"er the acquisition of secure digital communications specialist Fiberplex Technologies by communications technology company Patton, the latter’s VP of business development, Buddy Oliver, told the ISE Daily that “leveraging the reputation and product ranges” of both brands is a key priority. Fiberplex now operates as a brand of Patton, with both names typically appearing in the messaging for new and existing products. With this in mind, the company is showcasing several of its latest items at ISE 2019, including the WDM16 active wavelength division multiplexer. The device allows the user to combine up to 16 sources of data on a single fibre pair. Each channel can be linked via fibre with selected FiberPlex POM, FOI or TD Series fibre modules, FiberPlex LightViper, or virtually any third-party fibre optic equipment. Data rates supported range from 155Mb to 3Gb per channel, for a possible maximum aggregate data rate of 48Gbps.


Buddy Oliver, VP of business development at Patton, with the new FiberPlex TD-OADM add/ drop mux

Patton is also highlighting the TD-OADM, an optical add/drop mux device used in wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) systems. It can multiplex and route different channels of light into or out of a single mode fibre.

Innovation by design: Bart Kresa stands proudly before his Sviatovid sculpture. ISE 2019 marks the world premiere for the projection mapping showpiece, which will make its way to the new Bart Kresa Academy of Projection Design following the conclusion of the show. Sviatovid is on display outside Entrance C of the RAI Amsterdam, and attendees can see it every evening this week.

ISE Daily 2019

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06/02/2019 16:25



Virtual helpdesk with video calling on demand TELEPORTIVITY Stand: 14-K145 A brand-new live video support system for AV integrators by Teleportivity is set to hugely improve the customer helpdesk experience. The company has placed a number of screens around the ISE show, and visitors can touch them to be directly connected to a helpdesk; in this case, two people on the company’s stand. From there, they can be offered all kinds of support or information, such as wayfinding. Founder and CEO Adam Gottlieb told the ISE Daily that the systems are already proving popular with large companies wanting to streamline their helpdesk access, since support teams will be able to connect directly

to their system to help diagnose issues. “Your human support team can now be available onsite, on demand, instantly,” he continued. “One scenario in which the system can be used is by placing a QR code on every electronic device in a corporate environment. When a user needs help, they can use their phone to scan the code, and support staff on the other end can see which device they scanned and where they are, as well as diagnostic information. They can even ask to utilise the customer’s phone camera, so they can see, for example, if cables in the rear of the device are properly connected.”

Teleportivity CEO and founder Adam Gottlieb beside one of his company’s helpful support screens

Zen masters silence TEMPEST Stand: 15-K225 Specialist projector and lighting enclosures specialist Tempest is showcasing a number of products in Hall 15, including its new standalone hush enclosures under the Zen brand. According to Tempest president Tim Burnham, such products are in demand because of the growing interest in point projection in theatres, opera houses and concert halls in Europe. Projectors have to be kept very quiet in such environments. Furthermore, many of these buildings are historic venues where installing new ductwork is not allowed. Zen is a family of three standalone landscape hush enclosures, for projectors between 10,000 and 30,000 lumens. They require no ducts, are easy to install and have average attenuation values of around 25dBA.

Tempest’s Tim Burnham has a Zen moment


Introducing the ControlCenter-IP: the outstanding flexibility of KVM-over-IPTM with the renowned functionality and reliability of the G&D matrix.

It’s a combination that has no competition. We’ve taken the features of our classic ControlCenter series and integrated them into the KVMover-IP™ matrix to achieve new levels of flexibility. With the ControlCenter-IP, you can operate even the largest installations since it uses standard IP structures instead of dedicated cabling. It supports all common video signals up to 4K@60Hz, using our own lossless video compression for maximum compatibility.

Experience complete peace of mind with the KVM experts.

And of course the ControlCenter-IP offers the peerless levels of usability, safety and reliability you would expect from G&D. The most comprehensive and complete KVM product range in the industry just stretched even further.

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16.01.2019 09:24:14

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06/02/2019 14:44



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Sweet curves and corners ALUVISION Stand: 8-R350, 8-E355 Contemporary building systems with a unique look designed for the worldwide exhibition industry are the hallmark of Belgian manufacturer Aluvision. It has chosen ISE to unveil a brand-new curved design in its Hi-LED range. The Hi-LED R437 convex and concave units, for example, can be formed into a wave, or a circle (each unit is a quarter-circle). There are also show outings for the Hi-LED 3D corner and Hi-LED 90° corner, as well as a cube design which look fantastic for novelty exhibits and smart eye-catching designs. Jan Dumont, product manager for Aluvision, said: “Boost your trade show presence by blending in the Hi-LED 55 into any setup you can think of. Choose wall, display, ceiling, floor, hanging and concave (5°, 7.5°, 10°) constructions to bring your creative ideas to life. Finish the rear side of the tile with panel or SEG-fabric infill. The Hi-LED offers quick, tool-less installation and a brilliant visual experience.” Aluvision’s stand has been shortlisted for this year’s Stand Design Awards, awarded on Thursday at 16:30 on the ISE Main Stage.

Smart and colourful (L-R): Nathalie Vandeweerdt, sales director; Jan Dumont, product manager; and Marilyn Mahieu, international sales manager

Extra Bright PDX digital signage VESTEL Stand: 10-P150

The displays are built to ensure that any uploaded content always displays instantly and runs without interruption


With the launch of its Extra Bright PDX digital signage, Vestel is aiming to overcome the challenges presented by on-site lighting. The series offers 55in and 75in full HD displays with a brightness level of 2,500 nits, as well as a 75in PDX1000 UHD display with 1,000 nits. The displays can be installed in landscape or portrait mode, to suit requirements. They also ensure 24/7 operation and offer native contrast ratios of up to 5,000:1 in the case of the 55in display. With QuadCore SoC technology, the series allows users to access content-based management systems, online as well as offline. Offering LAN or RS-232 control, the displays also enable users to set a core range of scheduling functionality from any location. This system-on-chip technology also supports API, so users have the option of developing their own applications. Thanks to their OPS compatibility with Windows and Android PC modules, all three of the PDX displays can provide a scalable and future-proof solution that is compatible with most so#ware. The 1,000 nit display also comes with the option of an infrared touch screen overlay. Pixel shi#ing technology helps to reduce the risk of residual image burn-in, while the series also features a secure USB socket and USB auto-launch features.

Sub-1mm display sees the light DAKTRONICS Stand: 8-K245 The Optica Series of HD and 4K displays has been launched at ISE 2019, including a sub-1mm display with outdoor brightness levels that the company claims is an industry first. The range features a modular canvas video display option with 0.9mm line spacing. The technology offers more energy efficiency and better brightness compared to LCD, claims Daktronics. The product is designed for retail applications, corporate offices, and other close viewing applications. Pete Egart, VP EMEA, Daktronics, said: “Our new Optica product is fully capable of HD and 4K resolution to provide amazing image quality. We encourage attendees to stop by our stand to take a closer look and talk with us about our other product offerings.” Daktronics’ latest hanging digital banner product, also on show at its stand, is a double-sided offering which is 64% thinner and 40% lighter than the previous generation of the product. Egart added: “It’s more appealing in shopping


New member signing boosts AVnu Alliance Audio Video Bridging (AVB) advocate AVnu Alliance has confirmed a new member in the form of Adamson Systems Engineering. Adamson joins the Alliance’s pro AV segment, directly supporting the segment’s Milan initiative, which was first announced at InfoComm 2018. Milan is a standards-based, user-driven deterministic network protocol based on AVB for professional media that assures devices will work together conveniently, reliably and with great functionality. Meanwhile, Adamson has also announced its first AVB product, the CS7p point source enclosure. The new CS-Series family of products features onboard Class D amplification, DSP and Milan-ready AVB network endpoints. Morten Lave, network architect for Adamson, said: “Adamson is excited to be among the first AVnu members to develop product that are Milan-ready. We strongly support the mission of the Avnu Alliance and the Milan protocol. The organisation’s commitment to developing solutions that support network interoperability and directly address market-required needs are in line with the work we are also trying to achieve here at Adamson. [We are] creating networked audio products that are fully redundant and easily manageable. We believe that Adamson and AVnu will be successful collaborative partners for our market.”

PlugnCast scales up INNES Stand: 8-G272

Daktronics’ Pete Egart shows new Optica Series

centres and gathering areas with better aesthetics.” Daktronics has exhibited at every ISE, making this its 16th appearance at the show.

Managing a corporate screen network could become easier with the PlugnCast CMS. The web user interface of the CMS integrates a digital signage viewer, and it is possible to open a PowerPoint document without plugin installation or conversion. PlugnCast can publish its playout to many OS targets, such as Gekkota Innes embedded in the Innes Media players, WebOS embedded in LG smart screens, Tizen embedded in Samsung smart screens, as well as Windows. Innes has now scaled PlugnCast for a big volume deployment with the ability to handle thousands of players. With an open API, it can be readily integrated into monitoring tools such as PowerShell and Curl.

ISE Daily 2019

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ISE’s stunning backdrop

Storyteller: the evolving story of ISE 2019 is being writ large on the façade of the nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel every evening this week. Bespoke content including video from the show is being projected onto the hotel’s own evolving exterior in a dramatic showcase of the industry’s projection mapping expertise. It is a collaborative tour de force led by ISE and RAI Amsterdam and delivered by Technology Partners Green Hippo, LANG AG, Panasonic, and ProDisplay. The nhow Amsterdam RAI hotel is adjacent to the exhibition centre.

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You can touch this SELOY LIVE Stand: 8-A380 Fast food fans may recall with horror an investigation late last year that found traces of faeces on McDonald’s touchscreens. It’s unlikely to be an issue confined to this fast food chain only, or indeed just touchscreens in QSRs. For absent personal hygiene, there are answers, and Seloy Live has brought its own solution to ISE 2019. The Finnish manufacturer has announced that its Sense glass product range is now protected against bacteria and other germs, thanks to the addition of Fineko’s Total Protect film coating. Henri Kiuru, CEO of Seloy Live, told the ISE Daily: “Fineko Total Protect products have a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effect, so destroying bacteria, viruses and fungi. The scientifically proven protection provided is long-lasting and can only be removed mechanically, meaning there is less need for surface disinfection.” The active ingredients’ duration of action is lengthened by low evaporation, and eventually an antimicrobial film forms on the surface. This improves hygiene safety for people working in and visiting public spaces. Kiuru added: “Attendees at ISE 2019 will be able to experience the coating first-hand – although they won’t be able to note any difference to performance! What they should be more confident of is that our display solutions won’t be the ones at the exhibition passing on germs.” With interactivity secure within the glass, and able to be customised to work across some or all of the total available area, the Sense glass itself is protected from vandalism and weather. It can be washed just like a regular window. Normally, cleaning a surface coated with Total Protect two or three times with regular detergents would mean that the surface would have to be treated again. However, Seloy Live says it has developed a bespoke solution that also includes alcohol-based cleaning, renewing the antibacterial effect each time the Sense display is cleaned. Asked if McDonald’s had placed an order, Alexander von Reuterhorn, CEO, Fineko Total replied, “It’s on its way…”

Fighting screen bacteria: Alexander von Reuterhorn, CEO, Fineko (leſt) and Henri Kiuru, CEO, Seloy Live

Diversity is now an established and serious discussion throughout the AV market, and ISE is once again providing a professional platform for the industry to further explore the opportunities and challenges in continuing to improve the market’s understanding and engagement. Tuesday’s ISE Main Stage panel debate on diversity was chaired by AV Magazine’s Clive Couldwell (far leſt), and included (L-R) Amanda Eberle Boyer, AVIXA; Denise Nemchev, tvONE; and Sanj Surati, Tiger Heart. Following the session, attendees were welcomed to the Women in AV drinks reception hosted by Toni Moss, MD at CDEC, and Sadie Groom, MD of Bubble Communications. ISE Main Stage sessions continue today from 10:00 in Hall 8, Stand E-400.


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Sponsorship In Information

• Full-day conference programme • Organised by Integrated Systems Events and Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) • The event will discuss current issues and cutting-edge research findings from the world of hotel and hospitality technology

7 February 2019 9:00 – 17:00


Hotel Okura Amsterdam

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CHAINZONE Stand: 8-K270 Refining indoor fine-pitch: the Imposa Lite XL indoor LED solution makes a bold statement to visitors entering Hall 8. The centrepiece of Chainzone’s exhibit is a 16:9 ratio screen capable of outputting standard FHD, 2K, 4K or 8K resolution directly without any scaling. Chainzone claims it has the thinnest cabinet in the industry; the thickness is 38.5mm, built of precision CNC aluminium with joint seams under 0.1mm.

Celebrating innovation in switchers ATEN Stand: 8-K200 It’s congratulations to ATEN at ISE 2019 as the KVM and pro AV hardware specialist marks 40 years in business. All ISE visitors are welcome to share a drink and a chat with the group at its stand every day of the show. The brand is presenting its five most popular scenarios in dedicated training and demo sessions each day. Scenario 1 focuses on the control room and shows how it only requires one click to push and pull video between workstations and videowalls with ATEN’s KVM-over-IP extenders (KE6900) and central hardware control system (VK2100). The soon-to-be-launched KE9900-series provides DisplayPort connectivity that supports 4K-over-IP transmission.

6 - N1 H T O O

For central and remote IT management, ATEN’s KVM-over-IP switches and rack-mountable LCD series are being shown in operation, requiring just one switch to manage 32 servers. In the conference and meeting area, a single presentation switch connects a team – no matter their current location – with ATEN’s presentation switches and central hardware control system. The firm’s AV-over-IP extenders, matrix switches, and long-distance extenders enable 4K digital signage with unlimited displays. ATEN VE1832 HDBaseT extender is the latest in its True 4K range. The fi!h scenario being demoed here at ISE is the multipurpose area. Using ATEN’s central hardware control system, operators can change the setting from a museum to a party area with just a single touch.

Celebrating four decades of KVM and pro AV excellence at ATEN (L-R): Ines Kefel, Victor Ramirex Cubero, Inne Goosens

The company is also celebrating the impending opening of a new demo and training centre in the heart of Paris to serve systems integrators and resellers in France. This follows the launch of centres in Milan and Madrid.









etherCON® TOP powerCON® TRUE1 TOP

Neutrik’s new range of TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTION products for demanding outdoor applications is setting standards. UL50E certified for outdoor use, UV resistant and IP65 rated. For more information visit

ISE Daily 2019

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21/01/2019 13:47

ShowEvents Today


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Enhancing live sport experiences Today’s AGORA conference looks at the role of AV technology in sporting venues Presented by MONDO | STADIA, AGORA is a brand new conference for ISE 2019 offering sporting venue managers and event organisers the chance to learn how the application of the latest technology is impacting sporting venues around the world, new and old. Case studies in today’s sessions will include the Stade de France in Paris, and Real Sociedad’s Anoeta Stadium. Ranging from enhancing the fan experience and creating a new and future proof stadium infrastructure, through to the planning of ceremonies and events, AGORA is set to provide valuable insight to help increase knowledge and performance for stadium and sporting venue projects, and give sports venue managers the chance to network with technology specialists and industry experts. Among the keynote speakers will be Scott Willsallen [interview overleaf], an Emmy Award-winning director of Sydney-based consultancy Auditoria, and an expert in sound design for major international events, including multiple Olympic and Commonwealth Games Ceremonies. Joining him will be AVIXA’s Sean Wargo who will provide market intelligence on the sporting venue sector. AGORA will be held today from 09:30-16:00 in Room E102. For more details and tickets go to

Whose exhibit space stands up to scrutiny? The 2019 ISE Stand Design Awards winners are announced today A judging panel of expert designers and marketers have been hot-footing their way around the RAI weighing up the shortlisted entries for this year’s Stand Design Awards which will be presented this a!ernoon. EXHIBITOR editor Tarvis Stanton, along with senior writer and awards-programme manager Linda Armstrong, carried out an initial round of judging on site to select the finalists in four categories: 49sqm or less; 50-199sqm; 200-399sqm; and 400sqm or more. Scores are based on eight different assessment criteria points, including strength of communications, integration of technology, impact and effective use of space. “We have been consistently impressed with the calibre of exhibitry on display at ISE,” said Stanton. “We appreciate the opportunity to honour the hard work,

dedication and creativity that ISE exhibitors invest into their face-to-face marketing campaigns which, in turn, keeps the exhibit hall buzzing with excitement year a!er year.” This year’s judges include: • Heide Agne, strategy director, Hypsos, Soesterberg, Netherlands • Andrea Fiorito, art director of brand events, Simmetrico Srl, Milan • Dick de Jong, manager of presentations and collections, NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdam • Joe Kinze, managing director, Plan J GmbH, Frankfurt • Thomas Zettlitz, creative director, Atelier Damböck Messebau GmbH, Munich The Awards ceremony takes place today at 16:30 on the ISE Main Stage in Hall 8 (8-E400)

New for 2019: Hospitality Tech Summit The Hospitality Tech Summit will feature sessions and discussions on the latest trends, including AV installations, arrival experiences and more The brand new Hospitality Tech Summit, taking place today at the Hotel Okura, is hosted by the global trade association Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG), which dedicates its services to advancing business through the collaborative development of open standards and technology solutions in the hospitality industry. As the ISE Daily reported yesterday, the global pro-AV industry is expected to increase 4.7 per cent annually to generate around £230 billion in value by 2022. Hospitality is forecast to make up a sizeable chunk of that growth, as companies look to leverage technology (and IT) to deliver new and innovative experiences for hotel and resort guests. Today’s event will help to provide attendees with education on the latest trends – including AV installations and arrival experiences, amongst others – plus networking opportunities for hoteliers, consultants, integrators, architects and more to share and discuss their own deployments. The Hospitality Tech Summit by HTNG takes place today at 09:00-17:00 at the Hotel Okura, a short walk from the RAI. For details and tickets, visit


ISE Daily 2019

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The evolution continues OS 2 delivered the foundation OS 3 perfects the experience

A simpler, smarter, more sophisticated user experience. Fast deployment for any size home project. And the best hardware in the business. No one brings it home like Crestron Home powered by OS3.

Introducing Crestron Home, powered by OS 3

HALL 2, STAND C20 All brand names, product names, and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Certain trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Crestron disclaims any proprietary interest in the marks and names of others. Crestron is not responsible for errors in typography or photography. Š2019 Crestron Electronics, Inc.

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18/01/2019 12:54 1/3/19 5:20 PM

Today’s Featured Speaker


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IMMERSIVE AUDIO ON THE RADAR Ahead of ISE 2019, David Davies spoke to Scott Willsallen, director at Auditoria, about his keynote at today’s AGORA stadium and sports venue technology conference

‘Immersive audio has started to show incredible progress’ Scott Willsallen will present today’s keynote address at the AGORA stadium and sports venue technology conference, presented by MONDO | STADIA. One of the world’s most acclaimed sound and AV consultancies, Auditoria has designed and delivered audio and other performance technologies for four Olympic Games, two Commonwealth Games, two Rugby World Cup tournaments and countless other major international events. What is the main focus of your keynote? The emphasis will be on audio/visual technologies and their role in pre-game and half-time entertainment. [A few years ago] many stadiums were less about fan engagement and more about displaying the scores and providing somewhere to sit and watch the game. But more recently there have been great technological changes regarding sports presentation at the top-end, and the kind of developments that we first saw in 2012 [at the Olympic Games in London] are now trickling down and being seen in sports presentations all over the world. So I will be looking at these changes and drawing on some of the projects with which I have been involved, including London 2012, Sochi 2014 and Baku 2015.


I will also discuss some venue projects, including Sydney’s ANZ Stadium and the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which is undergoing refurbishment at the moment. To what extent to do you think that immersive audio, including the incorporation of on-site PA and ambience into sports broadcast coverage, is now informing the development of entertainment venues? It is definitely coming onto the radar more and more. The video side has managed to move along quite a bit quicker than audio in terms of delivering what we would describe as an immersive experience, but lately immersive audio has started to show incredible progress, thanks in part to specific manufacturers. I think one thing that has led to the change is the recognition that creating the kind of audience experiences in stadiums that you would previously have had at motor shows, for example, can be pretty powerful. We just worked on a project in Abu Dhabi where enormous projection screens combined with a live orchestra and multiple loudspeaker arrays wrapping around the audience. That kind of immersive experience is something

event producers want more of, while stadiums know that [the ability to offer] it can be seen as a differentiator. Day-to-day what would you say is the cause of the most headaches for you as an AV professional? Probably spectrum. So many countries have different ways of dealing with spectrum licensing, both on a long-term basis and temporarily for events. If you are working on a large-scale event such as the Olympics you are going to get whatever you need, and you will be looked a"er by the regulator. But at the next tier down you can find that wireless users are thrown into one bucket of ‘it will probably be alright’. It does feel a bit haphazard when you consider what some of those links are being used for. What are the technology areas that you are most excited about exploring further at ISE 2019? Immersive audio control platforms and projection mapping, in particular the whole replay side. We are doing a lot of work with various companies to develop a more sophisticated way of linking audio, video and lighting tracking in three dimensions, making it possible for the three elements to work in unison [more effectively].

ISE Daily 2019

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ShowEvents Friday


AV is the key theme for visitor attractions blooloop returns to ISE tomorrow with attractionsTECH: a half-day conference exploring the key developments in the attractions industry

Following on from the success of its blooloopLIVE event at ISE 2018, blooloop, the world’s leading online resource for professionals working in the visitor attractions sector, makes a welcome return to this year’s show with attractionsTECH. Tomorrow’s half-day conference at the Hotel Okura will explore the ways in which AV technology is being used to transform the user experience in the theme park and attractions sector. The event will analyse the latest technologies, solutions and business strategies for the sector, with the aim of raising visitor numbers, visit duration and venue profitability. Speakers for tomorrow’s event include Matt Barton, CEO, 7thSense Design; Laurence Beckers, creative

director, Alterface; Raphaël de Borman, entrepreneur and co-founder of Eventattitude; Martin Howe, member of the board of directors of the GSCA (Giant Screen Cinema Association) and the DIGSS (Digital Immersive Giant Screen Specifications) Task Force; Chris Lange, creative director and head of Mack Solutions; and Dermot Quinn, COO, Digital Projection Limited. Part of tomorrow’s sessions will include a series of case studies from leading technology companies on the success of selected rides, exhibits and attractions, and how they are developing increasingly sophisticated and immersive experiences – such as through the use of virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality – to create richer guest experiences.

Topics include: • How cutting-edge and future tech could be utilised to transform visitor attractions of the future • How to engage visitors with interactive technology • How image capture technology is helping visitors to record and share their experiences • The future of projection technology • The evolution of VR in visitor experiences • The challenges of introducing the latest technologies in real world applications • A view of the future from Europa Park AttractionsTECH by blooloop takes place tomorrow from 09:00-13:00 at the Hotel Okura. To book your place, go to


can enable microsecond-latency processing and lossless quality over cost-effective IP networks. DISCOVER our new low complexity processing & compression IP-cores and CPU/GPU software toolkits. 10GbE, 25GbE NETWORK

1GbE, 2.5GbE (CAT 5e) NETWORK High level of quality



Manage more pixels


High cable & infrastructure costs


Power and cost saving HD


IPX ANN ISE19_228*80_only_01_19_def.indd 1

21 ISE D3 2019 v1JRJMcKPB.indd 1



Booth 10-N199 AND on Xilinx booth 433MR







High power consumption



12/01/19 07:14

ISE Daily 2019

24/01/2019 11:11



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Stand: 12-N110, 13-N110

Be inspired: What lies ahead for the pro-AV industry? Sean Wargo, senior director of market intelligence at AVIXA, is a busy man this week as he will be highlighting future business opportunities and trends for the audiovisual industry at several conferences and seminars every day at ISE. Here he gives us a sneak peek into his findings… Sean Wargo, senior director of market intelligence, AVIXA

the US economy from fiscal stimulus and strengthening business investments. TRENDING TECHNOLOGIES According to the IOTA report, there are five key technology trends driving growth in pro-AV: • Advances in audio are being fuelled by voice assistant integration, IP connectivity and artificial intelligence. • Display technologies, which include direct-view LED video, LCD, OLED and Micro LED, are poised to impact different markets. For example, the cinema pro-AV market, which is projected to grow 8.6 per cent over the next five years, is ready for a technology upgrade. For cinema, direct-view LED technology offers a disruptive alternative to traditional projection, with several notable advantages, though at a currently high cost. • IT and cloud investments are increasing as buyers outsource infrastructure to take advantage of greater flexibility, agility and potential cost savings of cloud deployments. Cloud videoconferencing service revenue grew from $351 million in 2016 to $422 million in 2017. • Smart buildings are expanding opportunities for the pro-AV industry to provide efficiency and cost savings by integrating multiple networked devices, from lighting to video surveillance. • Artificial intelligence is increasingly being implemented into pro-AV solutions to connect users and their environments. AI may be most applicable to conferencing and collaboration for initiating meetings, making video calls and sharing real-time data through intuitive voice commands.

No one knows the AV industry better than we do and AVIXA Market Intelligence can help businesses gain a competitive edge and stay abreast of industry trends. We work with leading global research firms to collect, analyse and report on emerging markets, current and future product sales, end-user buying habits and the macro-trends impacting the pro-AV industry. Below are some highlights from AVIXA’s latest research: OVERALL AV INDUSTRY FORECAST The pro-AV industry will grow from $186 billion in 2018 to $230 billion by 2023 globally, according to AVIXA’s 2018 AV Industry Outlook and Trends Analysis (IOTA). We’re expecting compound annual growth to be 4.3 per cent from 2018 to 2023, which is in-line with our previous estimates and is consistent with GDP growth


estimates. Regions around the world are growing, with Asia poised to take the lead as the largest market, capturing 36 per cent of the pro-AV market by 2023. We’re estimating 2.6 per cent CAGR for Europe ( MACROECONOMIC FACTORS While industries and economies are generally flourishing, trade policies and protectionist views are acting somewhat as headwinds, according to the IOTA. Uncertainties related to Brexit, Brazil’s recent election, low oil revenues and fiscal deficit put downward pressure on the pro-AV industry. Factors leading to growth include Europe’s real GDP increasing from 1.9 per cent in 2016 to 4 per cent in 2017, new manufacturing hubs emerging in Southeast Asia and South Asia, and improvement in

THE IMPORTANCE OF SOLUTIONS According to the IOTA report, the top solutions include conferencing and collaboration, learning, live events, digital signage, security and surveillance, and performance and entertainment. Conferencing and collaboration lead the pro-AV industry, generating $30.8 billion in global revenue in 2018, while learning follows closely behind ($25.8 billion) as digital and connected learning is widely implemented. Video displays continue to drive learning solutions. The integration of technologies is what differentiates the pro-AV industry from others. Many of the technologies, products, and services for audio and video capture, processing, storage and displays are similar across different applications, but combined, they meet different needs and business outcomes. To learn more about AVIXA’s market intelligence, visit

ISE Daily 2019

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24/01/2019 11:12

your plan,

our focus.


Planning interior is both an art and a science and you are the orchestrator of it all. No matter if you design a hotel lobby, a conference room, a night club or a chapel, the functional and aesthetical interaction between light and sound will always be essential. It is like color on your canvas or the x in your formula. Our focus lies on turning your visions into realities, right from the planning stage up to the successful completion of your installation – and long thereafter. As a German one-stop supplier of install products, we provide solutions for all your demands. From smart and elegant audio and LED lighting installations all the way down to the mounting hardware, wires and connectors. Enjoy our support including individual consultation and comprehensive service. Let’s turn your plans into realities together. For more information, please visit and discover what our full-scale solutions can do for you!


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Stand: 1-E10

CEDIA overhauls education platform The Association is also adding to its course portfolio

By Jo Ruddock CEDIA is launching a new online learning platform and additional courses to create a more relevant and intuitive training experience for professionals in any career stage. The learning management system (LMS) and course offerings are part of the organisation’s global strategy to boost industry professionalism and skill up the workforce, while creating clear pathways towards CEDIA certification. “CEDIA is aggressively focused on raising the bar for industry training, and the new LMS and courses are key to these efforts,” says senior vice president of education and certification at CEDIA, Tom Darling. “We’re making educational opportunities more accessible than ever before to help build a pipeline of qualified talent.” The new LMS includes tools to customise course selection based on occupation and experience level. According to Darling, the platform is different and better in several ways, including offering virtual instructor-led training where participants learn from qualified instructors anywhere in the world. In addition, the LMS supports 58 different languages enabling CEDIA to translate its content for a more global audience and is optimised for laptops,


tablets or smartphones. “Industry veterans will receive an experience more tailored to their needs and professionals new to the CEDIA channel will find educational and career pathways clearly outlined so they know what their training path should look like to move to the next level,” Darling explains. Launching first are new entry-level courses including: Jobsite Basics, Introduction to Home Theatre, Basic Networking and Systems Control, Introduction to Audio, Introduction to Video, Introduction to Wiring and Cabling, Introduction to Sales and Marketing, Finance for the Non-Financial Manager, Building Your Brand, Mastering Cash Flow, Increasing Productivity Through Efficiency, Introduction to Project Management and Hiring the Right People. Darling adds that the courses will avoid what he calls the “death by PowerPoint” style typical of online education layouts by engaging learners in formats that read more like web pages or social media feeds. The content, written and reviewed by industry leaders, aims to engage participants in their career fields – think technician, owner, salesperson, or project manager – and offers “clearly delineated” options to ensure relevance for the user.

One year ago, CEDIA unveiled its three-year strategic plan, and education and workforce-building initiatives are key. The online training platform and new course offerings will complement initiatives such as a 12-week training programme in the US for entry-level students seeking to become home technology integration professionals, and a programme in the EMEA region built on the Smart Home Technician Apprenticeship standard that recently received approval from the Institute of Apprenticeships. “It is essential for our industry that we continue to load and grow the pipeline of talent,” Darling says. “CEDIA’s emphasis on training, continuing education, certification and workforce development demonstrates our commitment to our members as the need for highly skilled integrators, tech designers and trade supplier professionals expands throughout the world. Our new resources will provide tremendous value for seasoned or prospective pros at all levels and in any area of the industry.” The first slate of new courses is due to be rolled out in the coming weeks and dozens more will debut monthly with a full 70 courses available by the end of 2019.

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Partnership with Domotz celebrated

Architectural sound

WYRESTORM Stand: 1-N100

SONOS Stand: 1-N137

A topic of discussion on the WyreStorm stand is the company’s announcement that it has joined forces with Domotz, utilising its remote network monitoring and management solution. Using the powerful network analysis tools, WyreStorm says that the new WyreStorm Tile within the Domotz management platform allows immediate status updates and remote monitoring of the NetworkHD AV-over-IP product line. This, it notes, will reduce truck rolls and increase integrator profits through managed service agreements. The Tile provides dealers with detailed information about WyreStorm products allowing either a problem

to be resolved remotely or the dealer to be properly prepared when arriving on site. Beyond this, the notifications feature allows an integrator to be immediately informed when an event occurs, which can be useful for logging or fault-finding purposes. J.B. Fowler, chief revenue officer at Domotz, said: “Domotz is the premier remote monitoring and management tool used by professionals to help bring excellent customer service and at the same time lower the cost of operations. Domotz is excited to be working closely with WyreStorm to enable integrators to remotely understand what is happening in the systems they are deploying.”

The Domotz management platform allows immediate status updates of NetworkHD AV-over-IP products

The Sonos Amp home audio amplifier is the result of teams collaborating from all over the world, incorporating the feedback of over 90 custom home audio integrators into the product’s development. The result is an amp that has 125W per channel, drives high-fidelity sound and supports TV audio, AirPlay 2, plus a growing number of developer APIs that allow it to power the smart home of the future. Benji Rappoport, product manager at Sonos, said: “When we asked the professional integrator community why they used Sonos, everyone responded, ‘it’s easy and reliable’. So, we knew we needed to make Amp not only powerful but simple and flexible.” At ISE, visitors can get an update on the latest news and experience an immersive listening demo. Sonos is also showcasing its architectural speakers in partnership with Sonance alongside new control APIs for developers.

The ‘powerful, easy and versatile’ Sonos Amp


When it comes to business-critical conference calls, failure isn’t an option. But 75% of business users say the number one barrier to having a productive meeting is poor audio quality. So why put your trust in tech that can’t be relied on? The solution is the Shure Microflex® AdvanceTM MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone and IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor. With the ceilingmounted MXA910 microphone, lobes with Steerable CoverageTM technology capture conversation from above. While our IntelliMix DSP is optimized for audio conferencing—helping make set-up faster and easier. So less time on-site for integrators. And more consistent sounding rooms for users. Experience the difference for yourself. Visit us at Stand 3-B110 for a demo of the MXA910+P300.

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Presenting Show Partner News

Stand: 9-F120


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The new era of IoT

Ask any system integrator about the most common problems they encounter in home or building automation and 99% of the time you will hear: sub systems not integrating. Regardless of how fantastic a single system is, if it does not communicate with other systems, you will end up with redundant installations that cost a fortune. THIS NUMBER ONE FRUSTRATION NO LONGER EXISTS WHEN YOU USE KNX The unique outstanding benefit of KNX is its ability to interoperate across an offering of more than 400 companies, with the possibility of bringing all the different devices into one solution by using just one single so"ware tool, the ETS. As such, the options for both system integrators and end customers are endless. No limits, only possibilities. Customers are becoming increasingly aware of the tremendous benefits that a wellorganised technical environment can bring to their homes and buildings, so it comes as no surprise that there is a double-digit annual growth rate in the KNX market. Much of this expansion is due to the fact that the smart home is becoming a reality, but the light commercial market segment is also growing rapidly. For the past 28 years, KNX has been delivering reliable, secure, interoperable and extendable ‘single-use’ applications, such as local or remote control of room temperature, lighting and/or door entry, for example.

fault tolerance; support for IP devices, such as cloud services and mobile devices, that are not standardised by KNX but which offer IP communication; support for ‘classic’ KNX TP and RF devices through gateways; and support for newly emerging physical media that provide more cost-effective and less power-consuming IP networks. To prepare for the world of IoT, KNX is co-operating with Thread and Fairhair through common working groups together with other companies. The Thread Group has developed a self-healing wireless mesh network which is ideal for extending classic KNX installations and functionally constrained devices into the IoT world via the Thread border router. The Fairhair Alliance is developing a set of IEEE/IETF specifications to allow IP-based building automation products to share a common secure IPv6-compliant structure. The intention is to come together to reach a common standardisation for IoT, especially for the home and building control market by keeping the KNX-specific application field. This is still work in progress, but KNX has the advantage of a large base of KNX installations, so it can draw on a wealth of experience. If it can open the current KNX ecosystem to non-KNX IT specialists through ‘out-of-the-box’ operation, it will be well on its way.

KNX DEMONSTRATED ITS ADVANTAGES WITH ITS CLASSIC INSTALLATIONS, WILL IT REMAIN COMPETITIVE IN THE IOT WORLD? The answer is positive. Since 2016 when KNX IoT came in the picture, it has been developing steadily. At ISE 2018, the new developments were shown at the KNX booth; at ISE 2019 it is one of the most emphasised topics again. The next aim of KNX IoT will be extending the KNX application field to cover all IoT-based functions. A very important fact of KNX IoT is that it will not substitute today’s KNX protocols based on TP or RF. Rather, KNX IoT will extend the offering into a broader field of applications with much better integration in the internet world, so the main advantages of KNX such as interoperability, stability, security and scalability will remain.

ARE THERE CHALLENGES IN THE TRANSITION? ABSOLUTELY These are early days for IoT, but as it takes shape users will expect increasing levels of automation across a diverse range of products, services, and things. As more things are expected to communicate with any number of other things in any number of ways, huge amounts of data will be generated, and they will have to be processed in a meaningful way. The challenge now is to bring the advantages of KNX to higher-level IoT systems. There are a number of key areas which have to be addressed, namely the semantics that will enable devices to understand each other, and enable humans to understand what a device or service offers; the backbone IoT network which must provide flexibility, data consistency and


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Saber rattling up new products in its series ANGEKIS TECHNOLOGY Stand: 15-C265

Sharp focus: Saber 4K can store up to 10 pan-tilt-zoom presets

Death of the matrix PURELINK Stand: 14-H200 With the introduction of the 10G Ethernet switch, AVover-IP can finally make its superiority over the matrix a reality, according to PureLink. Being demonstrated on the company’s stand, the PureLink IPAV Pro series is designed to replace every aspect of the matrix. Features across the range include what the company claims are zero frame latency, seamless switching, broadcast quality scaling and independently routable video/ audio /IR/ RS232. The IPAV 1200 Series is a rack mountable card system designed specifically for high density I/O. According to the company, being able to densely pack I/O ports into a rack-mountable chassis is the one last stronghold of the matrix that IP technology is yet to challenge. The new 1200 series cards use broadcast standard infrastructure, in the form of the OpenGear OGX frame, to achieve an I/O density of 10 ports per 2U. This, the company claims, outperforms the compact I/O performance of the fixed matrix frame, but with the flexibility of SDVoE technology.

Camera specialist Angekis Technology is showcasing a number of new products in Hall 15, including its recently launched camera called the Saber 4K PTZ IP. The Saber 4K is designed for high-end video conferencing as well as broadcasting, allowing simultaneous output via IP, HDMI, SDI and USB 3.0. It is also able to store up to 10 pan-tilt-zoom presets and comes with a 12x optical zoom and a 72.5º field of view. A second camera on show is the Angekis IP-20FHD60, branded the Saver IP20x, which supports IP, HDMI, 3G-SDI and USB3.0 outputs and is suitable for broadcasting, high-end video conferencing and video surveillance. The camera has recently adopted HTML5 to support additional browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Making its debut at ISE 2019 is the BLADE 4K, which has a zoom capability of 5x 4K over USB 3.0 and 15x HD zoom over IP and USB 3.0; it supports IP, USB 3.0, RS232 and DC12v outputs. Finally, the Saber Light offers the ability to be powered by a single USB 3.0 cable, and comes with a 5x zoom and USB 3.0 and RS232 outputs.

The PureLink IPAV Pro series is designed to replace every aspect of the matrix

YOU’LL HEAR THINGS YOU NEVER HEARD BEFORE... “Nice job” “Wow, that was fast” “Sounded perfect” From client accolades to pure audio, Shure Microflex® Complete Wireless (MXCW) offers you everything you demand in a wireless conferencing system. No wires. Flexibility to match room size and configuration. And engineered to detect and avoid interference— helping ensure every word is heard loud and clear. Want to hear more? Visit us at Stand 3-B110

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for a demonstration.

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What do you see as the most significant developments in the pro-audio landscape? Benjamin Lampert head of R&D, Adam Hall Group In recent years, such developments as DSP and A-D/D-A conversion technologies have evolved to a very high level, making digital signal processing standard in most pro-audio products. Users can leverage the flexibility of the DSPs while benefiting from the small footprint, weight and price of the devices. And when you add to that the network capability and the networked transport of digital audio signals, such a range of functionality goes without saying today – but only a few years ago this was unimaginable. I believe we will continue to see more significant developments in this area in the future.

Stand: 7-W200

Silent decoder keeping the peace

Traditional meets modern VC ASHTON BENTLEY Stand: 14-N100 It is now possible for meeting space systems to have both ‘traditional’ hardware codecs and BYOD laptops with so! codecs, installed and operational alongside each other. This includes integration (in Ashton Bentley tables) of the Shure Intellimix P300 Audio Conferencing Processor and MXA310/MXA910 microphones. Users connect their laptop to Ashton Bentley and rather than use the laptop audio/camera, they automatically utilise the room audio and VC camera to provide a simple yet effective interface into Skype for Business, Teams, or another so! conferencing platform installed on their laptop, creating the best of both traditional videoconferencing and laptop-based BYOD capabilities. Ashton Bentley is demonstrating this with Cisco and Skype for Business integrated into the same dual 75in room system with a 10-seat table. Also highlighted is the user-friendly integration of the Cisco Touch 10 control panel into the Ashton Bentley meeting space. With Cisco’s latest release of In Room Control, the Touch 10 panel is automatically populated with laptop/auxiliary input selection buttons allowing complete room control without custom programming or additional control processors. Presenting and sharing is simple and intuitive, allowing users to only select laptops and auxiliary inputs that are connected and ready to share.

ZEEVEE Stand: 10-S130 The ZyPer4K Silent decoder is making its ISE debut. ZyPer4K SDVoE encoders and decoders are deployed at thousands of endpoints globally, delivering uncompressed 4K content with sub-1ms latency to an unlimited number of displays directly through off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet switches. The ZyPer4K Silent Decoder extends the reach of the company’s line into applications in a wide array of sound sensitive environments, including classrooms, boardrooms, screening rooms, state government, military command and control, luxury yachts and more. The decoder has a fanless design that reduces noise in locations where the hum of a fan is problematic. In addition, it eliminates a source of electrical noise that can affect the performance of connected video displays. An oversized heat sink keeps the unit cool during operation. Like all ZyPer4K encoders and decoders, the ZyPer4K Silent has a 10GB Ethernet connection, as well as a 1GB network port, that enables it to be used for any IP network device such as digital signage media players, IP cameras, video/audio conferencing equipment and even WiFi network

equipment without extra cabling. ZyPer4K’s sophisticated scaling algorithms and ZyPer4K Management Platform combine to allow for the seamless creation and management of video walls of up to 25 screens and provide a robust API that any third-party controller can use. The ZyPer4K Silent is the newest addition to ZeeVee’s family of ZyPer4K AVoIP decoders and encoders

Integration with Cisco and Shure Intellimix is now possible

From speakers to control systems LDA AUDIO TECH Stand: 7-M220

Panels get smart with app-driven interfaces RIEDEL COMMUNICATIONS Stand: 6-K140 At ISE 2019, Riedel Communications is showcasing its latest developments in real-time signal distribution and intercom technology, designed for productions in demanding environments such as multi-campus installations, stadiums, cruise ships, or parliaments. Visitors are experiencing first-hand Riedel’s new 1200 Series SmartPanels. The RSP-1232HL panel features multiple full-colour multitouch displays, 32 hybrid-lever keys, the ability to leverage apps for multifunctionality, and easy adaptability to various workflows. Two fibre SFPs and two RJ45 connections provide AES67 connectivity. Riedel’s Bolero wireless intercom system is also being presented in both integrated and standalone deployments. The new Bolero Standalone Application is a licence-based upgrade for Bolero systems that the company says delivers several performance


The RSP-1232HL panel features multiple full-colour multitouch displays

enhancements along with standalone capabilities. In standalone installations, up to 100 Bolero antennae and 100 beltpacks can be integrated into a single system. Also on display is the MediorNet MicroN, a so!wareenabled, app-based 80G media distribution network device for MediorNet networks. With a total of five apps available for MicroN, the device can be a throwdown signal processor, a simple point-to-point link, or part of a decentralised router – but it can also serve as a multiviewer or a bridge between MediorNet networks and IP networks.

New multipurpose speakers and system management so!ware are among the products being shown by Spanish pro-audio company LDA Audio Tech at ISE 2019. A number of new EN54-24 certified speakers are on display ranging from sound projectors and surface speakers to ceiling speakers with fire dome. As with other LDA speakers, these products have been designed to offer maximum power and intelligibility in any situation. Also under the spotlight is Neo Control, which is an auto-install so!ware to manage Neo systems remotely. Without the need to configure databases, Neo Control can add the installation drawing plans and manage the system from top to bottom: volume control, audio routing, failure supervision, evacuation mode and so on. Finally, LDA is also highlighting the integration capabilities that it offers with AES67 and Audinate’s Dante networking technologies. In order to offer maximum compatibility for any kind of installation, all LDA systems work smoothly with third-party technologies such as Ethernet, AoIP and CobraNet.

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Audio over IP - PART 2 -




· As a standalone solution or integrated in digital matrix intercom systems · Up to 100 Beltpacks, 100 Antennas · 12 Partylines and unlimited point-to-point connections · Advanced DECT with seamless handover · Simple registration via OTA (Over The Air) and NFC (Near Field Communication) · Integrated web server for easy setup · Daisy chain or redundant ring antenna network · Redundant antenna power · Up to 300m CAT5 cable between Antennas · External 4-Wire and GPIO Interface box ISE Template DAILY FP.indd 1

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Hangouts Meet takes on the enterprise GOOGLE CLOUD / PEXIP Google Cloud, Stand: 15-U265 / Pexip, Stand: 11-C150 With Google Hangouts Meet, G Suite directly addresses the stringent requirements of enterprise video communication and collaboration. The introduction of so"ware-based solutions for meeting rooms, desktop and mobile has changed how people communicate. Businesses now are used to instant messaging as well as ad-hoc and scheduled video calls in a way that was unthinkable just a few years ago. With Hangouts Meet, businesses can take advantage of a video conferencing solution optimised to meet their needs. Hangouts Meet comes with dedicated apps for use on web and mobile devices and the recently introduced Hangouts Meet hardware kit enables organisations to equip large numbers of meeting rooms with affordable high-quality video conferencing. Many corporations have invested significant amounts in traditional video conferencing solutions over several years and consider it a fundamental requirement to be able to continue to use these systems with any new collaboration solutions. To that end, through a partnership with Pexip, organisations that have invested

A meeting of minds: Google Cloud and Pexip partner to enhance VC interoperability

To efficiently reach business outcomes, companies need to create a culture of innovation, one where creative thinking and problem solving are valued. AVI-SPL’s Smart Spaces lays the foundation for that culture by empowering people to work with one another on demand using the latest in proven collaboration technology. Smart Spaces is AVI-SPL’s AV-as-a-Service system for the quick deployment of collaboration spaces that are equipped with AV and UC technology. AVI-SPL has based each of these spaces – including huddle rooms, conference rooms, boardrooms and training rooms – on proven technology standards so they are easy to use and manage. To assist companies that want to quickly reach the goal of better collaboration, AVI-SPL designed a subset of Smart Spaces called Rapid Rooms, which is a catalogue of ready-to-order bundles that feature AV and UC hardware and so"ware from highly regarded manufacturers. Rapid Rooms offers spaces that have been pre-configured for deployment in 45 days or less. They include design, installation, programming services and a managed services contract, as well as planned refresh cycles to address technology obsolescence. Prior to deployment, Rapid Rooms offers quick quoting

in traditional video conferencing solutions (such as those from Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize) can use these systems to join Hangouts Meet video calls. Moreover, Skype for Business users can participate in the same meetings without having to deviate from their standard workflow or download additional so"ware. Many international corporations, including Spotify, have successfully taken advantage of this interoperability through Pexip and integrated their video conferencing solutions with Hangouts Meet.

AVaaS system enables quick deployment of collaboration spaces

for standard room configurations and a functional drawings tool to help customers visualise their collaboration spaces. According to AVI-SPL, with Smart Spaces, companies can attract and keep the right talent by supporting a variety of work styles. When organisations have the digital workplace systems that inspire and create meaningful workplace experiences, they create a better culture that leads to cost savings and increased productivity value.

Opus matrix switchers make global debut ATLONA Stand: 5-U120 The Opus series of three HDMI-to-HDBaseT matrix switchers and one receiver from Atlona is making its international debut at ISE. Designed for high-performance 4K HDR signal distribution and extension, Atlona says Opus products are engineered with a comprehensive range of control system integration and audio matrixing features, intended for small to medium-sized commercial and residential applications requiring multi-zone AV distribution. The Opus Series includes the AT-OPUS-46M (4x6); AT-OPUS-68M (6x8); and AT-OPUS-810M (8x10) matrix switchers, all of which feature HDBaseT outputs for transmission of HDMI, Ethernet pass through, bidirectional IR and RS-232 control signals up to 100m. Each Opus model enables routing to HDBaseT outputs plus two additional HDMI outputs. A companion receiver, the


BOSE PROFESSIONAL Stand: 7-C200 Products on show include DesignMax loudspeakers, PowerSpace amplifiers and ControlCenter controllers

Smart spaces drive digital workplace transformation AVI-SPL Stand: 11-C155

Business Music Systems portfolio expanded

Opus is designed for high-performance 4K HDR signal distribution and extension

Redesigned loudspeakers, amplifiers, DSPs, controllers and so"ware products have been added to Bose Professional’s Business Music Systems portfolio. Debuting at ISE 2019 are the following products: 12 models of new easy-to-install DesignMax loudspeakers in a range of sizes (ceiling and surface models, black and white, with subwoofer options); five new cost-effective PowerSpace amplifiers (two with onboard DSP); two Commercial Sound Processors with a simplified configuration tool; three new digital ControlCenter controllers; and an upgraded Business Music System Designer so"ware tool to facilitate quicker and better system designs. Adam Shulman, market category lead at Bose Professional, said: “We listened to our partners and every aspect of our new solutions has been designed directly from their feedback. These products were engineered to better meet the needs of a wide range of installation projects – from small to large, simple to complex. They reflect our latest advancements in terms of audio technology and design aesthetics, while also focusing on our customers’ everyday needs with greater ease of design, configuration and installation.”

Feedback pods get update OMBEA Stand: 13-F100 An updated range of ExpressPod customer feedback terminals has been unveiled by Ombea. The latest ExpressPods can be customised to match any brand identity and, due to their smaller size than the previous generation, can fit at more physical touchpoints than before. For years organisations have used surveys to assess their customer and employee experience, but the biggest drawback of such a method is a lack of actionable real-time feedback. Ombea claims its original ExpressPods captured four times more feedback than even the most well-designed traditional surveys. The latest ExpressPods can be customised to match brand identities

AT-OPUS-RX, is purpose-built for the Opus matrix switchers. Joshua Castro, product manager, Atlona, said: “With new HDR TVs on the market, integrators are facing demands for AV systems that support these formats, or for their current systems to be upgraded to HDR capability. The Opus Series is the next stage in the evolution of our HDMIto-HDBaseT matrix switcher product line.”

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CUTTING EDGE AV Distribution DisplayNet delivers superior performance: • Independent Multi-Layer AV Switching • Zero Frame Latency and Fast Switching • Unlimited Scalability using copper and optical media • Cross-vendor interoperability with other SDVoE products • Advanced Video Wall functionality – supports up to 8x8 arrays • MultiViewer – create custom layouts for up to 32 sources on a single display • Supports the latest HDMI / DisplayPort formats: 4K/60 4:4:4, HDR and HDCP 2.2


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CHRIS AXFORD INTERNATIONAL SALES AND MARKETING DIRECTOR, DIGITAL PROJECTION Stand: 1-F70 In your opinion, what is the best thing about the ISE show? ISE is truly unique in its near-perfectly balanced appeal to both exhibitors and visitors alike. Other shows claim to have cracked this formula, but few can prove it through year-on-year growth from day one. The secret of this bilateral success is continuous reinvention, ensuring that the right themes connect the best visitors with the most exciting manufacturers year a!er year. No other event offers the same quality or quantity of meeting possibilities. What do you perceive to be the key developments in, or threats to, your market sector at the current time? Solid state illumination will continue to grow with projectors getting brighter and more cost effective, especially in the

single chip DLP market. Our 21,000 lumen M-Vision Laser is an example of this, where the brightness and colour performance are at a point that was unimaginable only a few years ago. We will also see a growing demand for ultra high frame rates in certain markets, which will drive the demand for 360fps and above. Why should attendees visit your stand at ISE 2019? Our booth will showcase all of the above, super bright one-chip and three-chip DLP projectors in compact, integrated chassis, as well as the world’s first 8K resolution DLP laser projector. Add to this ultra high frame rate models, and the Digital Projection booth will show everything from entry-level projectors right up to high-end specialist units.

Next-generation video over IP BLUSTREAM Stand: 5-S140

Boasting a host of new hardware and so!ware features, the IP200UHD extenders and ACM200 control module combination promises to deliver an unrivalled installation and consumer experience. Toby Leader, product manager at Blustream, said: “The new IP200UHD hardware includes some great additional features, including audio breakout on the transmitter and KVM connectivity. The KVM feature in particular adds significant value to the Blustream proposition in any commercial environment where PC control or distribution is required. The real next-generation stuff is in the ACM200 control module. Our latest control

The IP200UHD extenders boast new features

and configuration so!ware includes auto detection and assignment of extenders, independent audio, RS-232 and IR routing, interactive switching using Drag and Drop TV and a host of advanced videowall configuration settings. In addition, all of this can now be achieved without even touching a laptop. The ACM200 hosts the latest so!ware and all the configuration settings so the system can be configured and controlled from any mobile device.” The IP200UHD and ACM200 are both in stock and already being installed throughout the world. Detailed product demonstrations are taking place on the Blustream stand.

Active customer intelligence on show BEABLOO Stand: 8-C440 The Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS), a package of integrated digital solutions for online and offline retail marketing campaigns, is being showcased in a series of demos in Hall 8. Beabloo says ISE visitors will thus be better able to understand the three-stage customer journey facilitated by ACIS. In the first stage is Advantech, a dynamic signage tech in partnership with Mirror Screen. Stage two features ACIS solutions that measure in-store and passer-by footfalls as well as the proportions of new and loyal customers that visit a given location during a selected period. The ISE demo includes a people counter and explanatory video. Another solution for digital signage achieves targeted instore advertising and narrows campaign focus with a demo showing airport, hospitality and retail content targeted by gender and age range. With its Kiosk Information Systems, Beablo is showcasing retail content personalised by gender, including the relevant analytics dashboards. The third stage is customer experience. Minerva is the developer’s AI-powered digital marketing solution that provides stores with an ‘intelligent’ digital signage platform. It can be integrated with ERP solutions to link stock management with sales, in order to optimise and personalise digital signage campaign planning.


Halo is a voice assistant bot that combines AI with conversational and visual functionalities, including natural language processing, voice control, computer vision and digital signage. Visitors can see an interactive product display of signage equipped with barcode, RFID and Li! & Learn technology, as well as a solution measuring customer product or service experiences enriched with participants’ demographics (through face detection). Join the customer journey facilitated by ACIS in Hall 8

Installation mixing amps go industrial ADAM HALL GROUP Stand: 7-W200 New from Adam Hall Group brand LD Systems is the IMA30, billed as the first member of the new IMA series of installation mixing amplifiers for use in fixed installation. With various input and output options and multi-stage priority switching, the IMA30 enables flexible integration into commercial and industrial applications. On a 9.5in chassis and 2RU, the IMA30 offers two mic/line inputs with +24VDC phantom selector, two stereo line inputs, an integrated Bluetooth wireless signal input for connecting music sources, and a priority input for emergency paging. Outputs include a powered 30W @ 4 Ohms output, plus a 70/100V tap and bass and treble tone controls. Meanwhile, a Low-Z/High-Z selector separates the output signal completely from the output transformer in order to achieve the best frequency response for low impedance applications. The IMA30 can also be used in conjunction with external amplifiers, subwoofers or music-on-hold systems via the separate aux line output. The music mix selector can be used to determine whether the entire mix or only the selected music source is channelled to the output. The product offers four priority levels for emergency calls, mic/line inputs and connected music sources, as well as a selectable automatic standby mode for Energy Star certification. In order to enable not only integrators and installation service providers but also end-users to easily operate the IMA series in daily practice, the unit incorporates a user-friendly front- and rearpanel design.

The LD Systems IMA30 is the first model in the new IMA series of installation mixing amplifiers

Step into streaming with all-in-one system MARANTZ PROFESSIONAL Stand: 7-E190 The AVS all-in-one freestanding streaming/broadcasting system from Marantz Professional features a full HD webcam with H.264 video compression and high-quality 48kHz/16-bit USB condenser boundary microphone. Intended for streaming/podcasting, video calling and gaming, the AVS offers a dimmable LED light ring daylightbalanced with cool, warm and diffusion filter accessories. It sports a high-speed USB-C output for low latency and an internal USB hub. There is also an onboard headphone amplifier for audio monitoring. Paul Jenkins, VP of sales for Marantz Professional, said: “A!er the runaway success of the Turret podcasting/video calling system, people were clamouring for something that had nearly all the performance and features, but was a little more affordable. The AVS hits the nail on the head. The original Turret is still perfect for people who want it all and the AVS is going to be just right for consumers looking to step into their first podcasting system.”

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Away from your own stand, what are you most looking forward to seeing at ISE 2019? Keith Dutch Managing director, EMEA, Peerless-AV Walking the show floor is such an important element of the week to learn about the latest technology developments. A few years ago, aesthetics was becoming a major trend for kiosks, for example, and our curved kiosk was born from this. This year integration of cameras, proximity sensors and other components will be prolific around the show. Another key growth area is LED and every year we see this technology advance to new and exciting heights, shapes and sizes. As a manufacturer of mounting solutions for NPP LED displays, it’s imperative that we plan ahead with the LED brands and stay ahead of the game.

Stand: 12-H90

Finding the Solutions4AV you need LANG AG Stand: 1-H50 HMS X, the successor to the HMS media server, is being launched by LANG brand SOLUTIONS4AV. The new HMS X is significantly more powerful than its predecessors. The media server is open platform and is compatible with AV Stumpfl’s new generation Pixera so!ware. LANG can thus offer users a complete infrastructure consisting of powerful hardware and flexible, intuitive so!ware. Models from the new EVO frame series can also be found at the LANG stand – built in and standalone. The frames have been completely rethought and redesigned to stand out from previously known frame models and to be a few steps ahead of them. The series has reached the highest level of frame development to date. Due to the possibility of tool-free conversion, the upper ring of the frame can be removed in a few simple steps. This allows the problem-free and spontaneous use of short-throw optics. Thanks to the built-in galvanic isolation between the base plate and the raw sheet construction, no additional plastic rings are required between the projector and the frame, which considerably


Bringing the X factor to ISE 2019

In control with ReAX AURORA MULTIMEDIA Stand: 5-S85

Expecting a great reaction

The name ReAX represents action/reaction, which is the essence of control automation. ReAX is an award-winning control platform that is unique since it is not limited to a single manufacturer but to all who qualify. This is the first time that interoperability of not just protocols and structure, but the actual code itself. is possible. It is not limited as IR libraries, macros and more can all be shared and organised through a single portal. The ReAX hardware includes the IPE-REAX-1, a small control processor that can be docked to Aurora’s IPX and VLX series AV-over-IP products, as well as the HT series HDBaseT products to provide full-fledged control processing. This hardware is also available to other qualified manufacturers to be utilised for fast deployment in their products.

Storytelling gets a makeover SYCOMORE Stand: 15-S329 Audio guide developer Sycomore is demonstrating how its new Soundguide product supports cultural sightseeing by helping visitors to navigate their way round museums, art galleries and more. The company says it wants to provide visitors with an extremely user-friendly audio headphone with Beacon technology to allow automatic comment triggering. The product also uses infrared technology to ensure the synchronisation of audio and video and is based on materials that meet conventional hygiene criteria. Soundguide provides an audio experience for those who want to experience culture

simplifies the installation of the projector. In addition, the EVO frame is stacking-compatible with all frames. In addition to solutions that directly affect the industry, the SOLUTIONS4AV brand is also intensively involved in technological progress in general and adapts groundbreaking technologies to the AV industry. In order to arouse visual stimuli and the interest of each individual viewer, it is advisable to inspire with something previously unknown. The use of rechargeable batteries enables creative applications without disturbing cables, meaning the distance from the devices to the power network is irrelevant.

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ISE Daily 2019

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ISE Daily 2019

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Crestron brings it home CRESTRON Stand: 2-C20

Faster deployment for integrators and more features for users

New Crestron Home, powered by OS 3, unlocks the full potential of the Crestron smart home. Suitable for any sized smart home project, it offers a simpler, smarter user experience on mobile devices and TSW touchscreens alongside fast deployment for integrators. Available in early 2019, OS 3 will deliver sophisticated new page designs, exceptional dynamic room controls and icons, and powerful new features including support for multiple homes. Complete projects can be set up and deployed on any scale in a fraction of the time of traditional methods, with no programming needed. Key new features include: support for multiple

homes; stylish, responsive, smooth performance; easy creation and editing of scenes and new icons to save favourites – providing intuitive custom access and experience. A refined layout enables easy access to the most commonly used functions while the ability to personalise the UI using photos of the home to represent rooms has been introduced. Other features include dynamic, intuitive display features, enforced end-to-end encryption for secure communications and simple remote onboarding of end users via a custom URL.

Flexibility to collaborate the way you want INTEL Stand: 8-C240 Employees and businesses want choices. Choices give the flexibility to work the way you want, when you want and where you want. Today’s businesses need to enhance digital workplace initiatives, support mixed environments and meet demands for an easy, productive experience. There is no need to design your workspaces around only one UC when people want options to work flexibly. The Intel Unite solution offers a foundation for unconstrained communication for digital business, delivering a collaboration experience that drives meaningful outcomes for employees and IT based on the critical areas they care about. The platform brings the flexibility to grow


and adapt as environments and workflows change. One key advantage is the solution’s openness – it works across most operating systems and devices, whether Apple, Microso", Android, or Linux. The solution can be easily integrated with existing meeting room hardware and peripherals, so it is possible to modernise without a rip and replace. Plug-ins available in the Intel Unite App Showcase let users add the tools they already use, as well as powerful new ones, to collaboration spaces simply – from conferencing, to whiteboarding, to guest access, to in-room controls and more. Intel is showing its ecosystem of plug-ins from Bluescape, Daintree, Meeting Machine, AgilQuest, AirServer, Jabra, Nureva, Huddly, Yamaha, AVer, Logitech and Hovercam.


Stand: 15-R267


Intel Unite makes collaboration easier


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Versatile professional touchscreens IIYAMA Stand: 8-G120 The iiyama professional touch monitor range in projective capacitive technology offers a broad selection of touchscreens in sizes ranging from 10 to 65in. The screens can be used in a wide variety of situations, set-ups and environments, allowing users to choose the solution most suitable for their business needs. The iiyama ProLite TFxx15MC-B1 series offers 10-point touch support, making it a great choice for kiosk integrators. Thanks to a scratch-resistant glass overlay, these screens guarantee high durability, making them perfect for high use public-facing applications. Equipped with a foam seal finish, these open frame solutions support seamless integration, and to make life easier the mounting brackets are provided together with the screens in the box. Available in 10, 15, 22 and 24in, the displays are IP65 rated which means they are dust and water resistant from the front side. Also on show is the iiyama ProLite 38-series Open Frame PCAP touch displays.

The displays are available in a range of sizes from 10 to 65in

These eye-catching touchscreens feature an edge-to-edge glass design and carefully finished metal structure for aesthetically demanding environments such as retail and hotels. Built to last with a scratchresistant glass front and guaranteeing a clear view thanks to the anti-glare coating, the displays can be installed in landscape, portrait or face-up orientation in a table or desk for maximum flexibility. They are available in 32, 43, 49, 55 and 65in and offer 24/7 operating time.

The mis-use case of the big conference room LIFESIZE Stand: 11-D150 Large conference rooms end up being used for small meetings far too o"en, resulting in a misfit between the user needs and the technology. In fact, more than 75% of all meetings in large conference rooms are among just three to four people, making the rest of those empty chairs just a waste of space. To make matters worse, while small teams reserve all the big conference rooms, large teams are le" with nowhere to meet at all. One way in which companies have tried to combat this issue is by creating rules and policies that require bigger meeting spaces to be reserved for bigger meetings. But with only 2% of the approximately 32 million small meeting rooms around the world being videoenabled, the low ratio of video meeting rooms to employees is o"en the root

cause of large conference room misuse. As open-plan offices and an increasingly remote workforce drive the demand for additional small meeting rooms that are equipped with high-quality video, businesses are finding ways to adopt a video-first work culture in an affordable way. A solution like Lifesize Dash lets users have those meaningful face-toface conversations easily, smoothly and more cost-effectively than ever. Lifesize Dash is a so"ware-based meeting room solution that runs on an inexpensive Chromebox and lets users repurpose their existing webcam and audio devices by turning them into full video room solutions. It also gives an easy ROI, especially when it comes to breathing new life into the wasted real estate gathering dust all around your office.

Going video first in a cost-effective way

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Uncertain times pushing audio manufacturers to new creative heights Financial pressures and the need to stand out from the crowd mean that live venues’ expectations of their audio systems are growing all the time. Fortunately, says David Davies, suppliers are more than up to the challenge, and are also helping many venues to step into the brave new world of immersive audio A!er what was by any standards a bumper decade for live music across the continent, the past few years have evinced the first signs of a slowdown. A number of festivals have called it a day, while gentrification, property development, planning, noise issues and increases in rent have laid waste to a troubling number of smaller venues. The situation is particularly acute in the UK, where the Music Venue Trust recently reported that one-third of smaller gig spaces have closed in the past decade. In this context it is hardly surprising that venue owners and operators are tending to scrutinise any new investments extremely carefully, not least with regard to audio upgrades. So it’s cheering to be able to report that vendors have been increasingly adept at offering versatile solutions at competitive price points – an observation underlined repeatedly at ISE over the past few years. Although arguably most apparent in terms of consoles – where powerful desks with small footprints enable space to be maximised for patrons – the trend is also evident with regard to loudspeakers and amplifiers. For example, the latest generation of point source, line array and hybrid systems are o!en highly multifunctional, allowing them to complement different event types and configurations. Similarly, the number of amp racks required has typically declined in recent years as more

venues have found higher-powered amplifier models to be within the scope of their budgets. If these tend to be the ‘must have’ elements of any major audio overhaul, then an increasing number of venues are also thinking about the longer-term future. The implementation of IP-based network infrastructures – which enable the greatest possible flexibility of design and deployment, and make it a good deal easier to monitor the health of the system and troubleshoot any problems early on – is an obvious example. But many venues are also now giving thought to adding immersive, object-based audio technologies to their infrastructures. For gig-goers, the appeal of spatialised audio – whereby a powerful, enveloping experience can be delivered to every seat in the house – hardly needs unpacking. For venues it holds the promise of powerful differentiation and increased competitiveness, something that will be especially attractive towards the upper reaches of the live market, where heritage acts are proving to be particularly enamoured of immersive audio’s creative possibilities. With a record number of immersive audio solutions on display at ISE 2019, the momentum behind this area of development is set to intensify, making it even more important to a pro-audio community that remains impressively dynamic and creative.

HDMI 2.0 trust issues? We’ve got you covered!

Easy install, proven reliability, end-to-end 4K60 solutions.

Booth 1-M140

Untitled-1 1


20/01/2019 17:30

ISE Daily 2019

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live demo at stand 7-R200

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Š2019 QSC, LLC, all rights reserved. The QSC logo, is a registered trademarks of QSC, LLC, in the US and other countries.

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Projectors make light work of 4K

Putting the homeowner in control

PANASONIC Stand: 1-H20

FX LUMINAIRE Stand: 9-A120

Making their debut at ISE on the Panasonic stand are the VMZ60 and VMZ50 portable series of projectors, featuring five models with either WUXGA or WXGA resolution and weighing 7.2kg. All projectors also support 4K and 30p signal input. According to the company, the lightweight, compact design makes the projectors well suited for transportation between collaborative environments in corporate and education spaces. Aimed at those looking to affordably transition from lamp to laser with simple screen projection settings, the range features 4,500-6,000 lumens brightness. Both series promise 20,000 hours of maintenance free operation due to new cooling technology, refined from Panasonic’s higher brightness range. The projectors feature a 1.6x zoom lens for short throw-distances, as well as a wide V/H lens-shi". This makes them suitable for use in small classrooms, meeting rooms and limited spaces. Four models are compatible with DIGITAL LINK for the simultaneous transmission of video, audio and control signals through a single LAN cable across distances of up to 150m. Other features include a USB Memory Viewer function, and the potential for users to bring their own device when opting for the projector’s wireless module. This feature allows visitors to connect to the projector via an app and share information and documents regardless of seating location. The VMZ60 and VMZ50 series of lightweight projectors are making their debut

Indoor and outdoor lamps and devices can be controlled by Luxor

The new Luxor controller is claimed to be “the most advanced and flexible” low-voltage landscape lighting controller on the market. In addition to incorporating zoning, dimming and colour into a single controller, Luxor can create up to 40 distinct themes, and comes complete with convenient calendar-based programming, timed sunrise and sunset offsets, and dual 15V outputs. As FX Luminaire’s premium lighting control option, Luxor is compatible with a range of accessories that transform it into a complete outdoor living space control system, including the Luxor Cube and Luxor Satellite. The Luxor Cube allows for automatic control of water feature pumps, automatic gates and other items with a relay input, while the Luxor Satellite permits easy management of multiple sites with a single point of control. The Luxor controller is compatible with Crestron, Lutron, Control4 and Savant smart home systems, providing homeowners with maximum control and convenience by allowing them to combine their indoor control system with their outdoor lighting. The new Luxor app provides the ability to set schedules directly from a smartphone, eliminating the need to interact directly with the controller to make changes. Optional wireless control is available with the use of the add-on WiFi module or pre-installed LAN module.

Preamps ready to mix in multiple output zones AUDAC Stand: 7-M190 PVS brand Audac has announced the release of the PRE2xx series of preamplifiers, designed to offer solutions for applications where a larger number of microphones or other mono balanced audio inputs need to be mixed in two- or four-output zones. The multi-functional stereo design with a total of 10 inputs facilitates connection for any type of audio source such as microphones, Bluetooth devices or line level audio sources. Inputs one to eight are balanced, allowing the connection of microphones or line level audio sources with the ability to enable 48V phantom power to each input. They feature three-band tone control and talk-over for priority


announcements. The other two (nine and 10) inputs are unbalanced stereo line inputs. An integrated Bluetooth receiver and a 3.5mm jack on the front panel offer wired or wireless connection possibilities for mobile and portable devices such as laptops and smartphones. The front panel includes a master volume control with two-band tone control and LED VU bar for each output. Each input section is accommodated with input mixing dials and output selection switches. A priority mute for each zone output suppresses all (non-priority) music sources in case of contact closure, allowing the linking of autonomous alarm systems. The PRE220 two-zone preamplifier is part of Audac’s new PRE2xx series

Gaël Rouvroy CEO and director of technology, intoPIX

True 4K over IP with Cat5e and smart imaging technologies New video formats and properties such as 4K, 8K, and HDR are on a rapid rise and networks quickly reach their bandwidth limitations. As a result, the cost advantages that have previously been gained by the move to IP and using already existing networks, can quickly diminish, when forced to re-install new fibre or new Cat6 cables to transport 4K video. But there is a solution. Innovative image processing algorithms make it possible to reduce bandwidth significantly. Most importantly, there are technologies that realise this without losing quality or inducing latency; two properties that put them in a position where they practically replace the need of uncompressed video. Additionally, technologies like TICO and TICO-XS (the new JPEG XS standard) have a very low complexity (fast in so"ware, tiny in hardware), thus eliminating high implementation costs and power consumption. It is therefore possible to support UHD quality far below HD bitrates, making a simple Cat5e enough to deliver compelling quality. Crestron’s DM NVX is a great example for this. By implementing intoPIX’s image processing the company has created an outstanding solution. A reliable, high-performance AV-over-IP ecosystem that transports true 4K60 4:4:4 video over standard Gigabit Ethernet with no latency or loss of quality. Across the show floor, several exhibitors will be showcasing new products that leverage intoPIX’s TICO and JPEG 2000 technologies, and with the arrival of the new JPEG XS standard, intoPIX is further broadening its portfolio. Come to meet our experts in Hall 10 and find out how to create simple, high-quality AV networks.

Stand: 10-N199


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Home smart home CONTROL4 Stand: 10-N130

Bright and beautiful A Control4 KNX lighting set-up shown in a kitchen

The Control4 KNX solutions line for smart home automation is making its international debut at ISE 2019 in Hall 10. The Control4 KNX Network driver introduces more than 100 new products including lighting, HVAC, blinds and rollers, keypads, frames and bus management products using the KNX standard. The line natively interoperates with over 12,500 thirdparty devices within the Control4 ecosystem for control using keypads, remotes, the smartphone app, touchscreen and voice command. Homeowners also now have the ability to fine-tune their home automation using ‘When >> Then’ personalisation, a feature Control4 says is unavailable in most KNX systems. Control4’s KNX line can be installed and programmed using existing ETS tools and also includes an automatic import into Control4 projects. This integration lets users tie programming, such as streaming audio, to a KNX keypad button-press or add Amazon Alexa voice control to lighting scenes where available. The KNX line is available to Control4 dealers in Australia, China, Germany, Singapore and the UK.

On the right path to processing power DATAPATH Stand: 12-H80 Video management and control technology supplier Datapath is unveiling a dual 4K capture card and a video wall controller at ISE. Datapath’s new Vision SC-UHD2 provides two HDMI 2.0 capture channels with HDCP 2.2 at 4K 60p and full 4:4:4 chroma sampling. This latest high-end card complements Datapath’s Vision SC capture card family and offers powerful frame grabber technology. Also being shown for the first time on Datapath’s stand is the next-generation VSN1192 – claimed by the company to be “the most powerful video wall processor available to the market”, equipped with dual Intel E5 processors. Datapath’s VSN systems are used by governments and organisations around the world, in industries ranging from defence and network security to utility and blue-light services. The addition of dual Intel Xeon E5 processors now gives a clock speed of 2.3GHz, eight cores and a 20MB cache.

A range of face recognition terminals have been launched by Hikvision. These are embedded with deep-learning algorithms for access control and office scenarios for improving building operations, workforce management and safety operations. The success rate of the face-capture can hit 99% accuracy at less than 0.5 seconds, the company claims. Three face recognition terminal models are available: Wall-Mounted (DS-K1T604MF and DS-K1T606MF) suited for quick access at an entrance; Base- or Wall-Mounted (DS-K1T605MF) for convenient vertical surfaces or on the front desk; and Face Recognition Component (DS-K5603-Z) designed for use in conjunction with access turnstiles. Hikvision’s face recognition terminals support 1:1 or 1:N matching modes, authentication via Mifare cards, and TCP/IP or RS-485 connectivity. Also new from the Chinese developer is a range of alarm solutions to supply pro installers with a combined intrusion and surveillance technology enabling end users to arm, disarm, view, record and interact with their security via one platform. The cloud-connected solutions are designed to be stylish and discreet and to support residential, commercial and industrial applications.


Display manufacturer DynaScan is unveiling new models across all of its product lines at ISE and showcasing new data analytics solutions powered by artificial intelligence. Joining the DynaScan Ultra High Brightness product line, the DS752LR4 is a 75in sunlight readable LCD producing a 3,500-nit image. Featuring UHD 4K resolution, the display is designed for high ambient light locations such as storefront windows and outdoor kiosks. With an ultra-wide 32:9 aspect ratio, meanwhile, the company’s new 88in stretch LCD screen can be installed in stand-alone, dual-sided and triple-sided arrangements. The screen features a bright 1,000-nit image and TrueColor calibration. Alan Kaufman, president, DynaScan, said: “There is a reason why ISE is the most important yearly event for our company. It is when we introduce new models and give our channel partners and clients a taste of the latest technologies.” DynaScan is also unveiling its own artificial data analytics solutions for retail, smart city and transportation applications.

The new Vision SC-UHD2 is the most powerful capture card in Datapath’s portfolio

DynaScan’s screens are designed for bright locations such as storefront windows

Just OS firmware ecosystem demoed There will also be demonstrations of Datapath’s latest WallControl so"ware, which is now available as a plug-in to work in tandem with VMS security so"ware.

Face recognition to speed access control HIKVISION Stand: 8-P280


Turnstiles equipped with the DS-K5603-Z can pass up to 40 persons per minute

Jiang Feng Zhi, head of the alarm division at Hikvision, said: “By delivering one-platform systems via our iVMS (Intruder Verification as a Service) and Hik-Connect smart device application, we are maximising the value and effectiveness of security systems to both installers and end users, through feature-rich and innovative products. Comprising both wireless and wired systems, the range supports multiple communication paths and can be fitted with Hikvision peripherals, to deliver security and life safety solutions across multiple markets.”

JUST ADD POWER Stand: 1-N110 ISE 2019 sees Just Add Power (J+P) demonstrating its new Just OS firmware ecosystem. The ecosystem comprises popular J+P solutions such as Plug-Play-Present (PPP) logic control, the Switch Please web application, and the latest switching capability from the company, Every Switch Supported (ESS). The new ESS firmware is said to give integrators a solution to the problem of building complex 4K video matrixes on an unsegregated network. Using ESS, integrators can now build any size of matrix on the existing network, without changing switches to accommodate the added use of resources – saving build time and keeping down costs, J+P says. PPP logic control is designed to enable intuitive and reliable connection and switching of sources. Users simply connect any source to any HDMI or VGA transmitter, and the transmitter does all the work. The device allows integrators to create a scene based on the video being present. It can power devices on and off and communicate with network devices. The transmitter can send CEC, IR, IP, or RS-232 commands to a single screen, multiple screens, or the network switch without the additional expense of an outboard control system.

A host of innovations will be launched on the J+P stand

ISE Daily 2019

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24/01/2019 12:01

the CEDIA Designer

Built by Home Theater Designers for Home Theater Designers Experience The CEDIA Designer (formerly The Cinema Designer), the world’s most powerful home theater and media room design software. Just enter your design information and the software will create a technically perfect home cinema or media room design with full documentation, a scale rendering of the finished theater, and a 3D CAD model. The CEDIA Designer calculates in minutes what would typically take an experienced designer weeks, and produces a design proposal that is client-ready. The product database includes the finest manufacturers so you can specify the lines you currently carry. CEDIA members have free access to the CEDIA Media Room Designer and discounts on the full software. Join us for a webinar demo and learn more.

Thursday 7 February 3 p.m. | D301 Friday 8 February 11 a.m. | D301 Š 2019 CEDIA. All rights reserved.

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Get on board with display for public transport SQUADRAT Stand: 8-A100 The two highlights for Squadrat at the show are the EMC class B display and the latest generation of its fine pitch series. The EMC class B display was developed for public transportation with particularly high EMC requirements and is unique so far, the developer claims. The first two airport displays were recently put into operation at Stockholm’s airport. According to Squadrat, the display fulfils the stricter EMC requirements of EN55032 Class B, the European product standards for multimedia equipment. The control is carried out by Squadrat’s own controlling system. The latest generation of Squadrat’s fine pitch series is lighter, thinner and more flexible. The single LED modules can be installed as individual LED display systems. What is new are pre-configured HD displays with a minimum pixel pitch of 1.2mm. There is a standard solution with a HD resolution for each pixel pitch, either

EMC class B display was developed for public transportation

as wall-mount or free-standing with an elegant stand. Since Squadrat has become a subsidiary of NEC Display Solutions Europe, the NEC stand is presenting several of its LED systems.

Full Atmos 7.4.1 configuration showcased AUREA SPEAKERS Stand: 5-X60 The Aurea residential range is being showcased in a full Atmos 7.4.1 configuration in a 25sqm demonstration facility – substantially larger than Aurea’s stand at ISE last year. The room features a selection of the Spanish company’s products, with three Aurea 15 DSP for the screen channels; two Aurea 18 DSP as subwoofers; four Aurea In-Wall 6+6 for surround channels; and four Aurea Coaxial 6 as ceiling surrounds. Power is delivered by the company’s specialised 8-channel amplifier, the Aurea Kino8 2K7. Also on show are the Aurea 26 DSP screen system and the company’s Aurea 21 DSP subwoofer, as well as Aurea Speakers’ new range of EU-manufactured Aurea Kino digital amplifiers – available as two, four or eight channels. The company says these are specifically designed to work in perfect harmony with its Aurea loudspeakers in bespoke immersive sound installations.

The Aurea range owes much to the company’s background in cinema sound systems

A new shared playlist to make managing content in multiple playlists or channels more efficient is part of an update to Onelan’s CMS, being demonstrated at ISE 2019. Targeting the enterprise or universities with multiple sites or departments, the shared playlist feature provides network administrators with a single interface to update content across the network in multiple layouts or channels. In addition, wherever the shared playlist is added, users have more flexibility over enabling or disabling playback. Content creation teams can make content available in bulk, and local departments can choose what to include for playback on their own signage, for greater autonomy. As standard storage on SoC screens is typically limited to just 4GB of free storage, the updated CMS also introduces a much-needed selective channel download feature to reduce local storage requirements and network bandwidth usage when publishing. Furthermore, the CMS includes support for the latest generation LG webOS 4.0 plus additional enhancements to SoC functionality. This includes streamlining the so#ware mechanism so updates can be rolled out on mass to multiple players, making management of large networks more efficient. For security, the system is hardened to a broader range of vulnerabilities such as brute force password attempts with the introduction of additional security protocols. Further features to enhance the user experience include a new


UNIVOX BY EDIN Stand: 7-T196

The versatile IR assistive listening system, pictured here with neck loop

Univox by Edin has announced the introduction of the Univox IR System for wireless, secure assistive listening in environments such as boardrooms, houses of worship, cinema theatres, courtrooms, nursing homes, auditoriums and classrooms. Univox infrared systems offer high-quality audio with two mono channels or single-channel stereo operation. The transmitter features 72 IR diodes for secure coverage and high performance in small to medium-sized rooms. The personal receivers weigh 58g and can be used both with neck loops for hearing aid users and earphones for non-hearing aid users. The IR assistive listening system is designed to be quick and easy to install. It is suitable for applications where information security and overspill control are of importance and where hearing loops cannot be installed.

LED there be light STEINIGKE SHOWTECHNIC Stand: 15-Q265

More efficient content management ONELAN Stand: 8-C282

IR system for assistive listening

The update provides network administrators with a single interface to update content

channel preview button, ad-hoc table editing and for SoC, change layout playlist item and, publish now, activate later Hugh Coghill-Smith, chief commercial officer at Onelan, said: “We’re delighted to release these updates which are part of Onelan’s global strategy to invest significantly in the ongoing development of our CMS, ensuring it remains at the forefront of digital signage so#ware technology.”

Event technology wholesaler Steinigke Showtechnic is presenting Futurelight’s DMH-300 LED moving head spotlight in Hall 15 this week. According to Steinigke, the DMH-300 is Futurelight’s largest LED spotlight to date. It features a very bright 270W LED bulb, while colour mixing is achieved by a CMY module. The CMY module comprises three stepless colour wheels displaying cyan, magenta and yellow. Each of the three colours can be added to the colour mixture at any level of intensity required. Furthermore, the devices provide a fourth stepless colour wheel with a CTO filter, a conventional colour wheel, as well as two gobo (pattern) wheels with easily exchangeable gobos. The DMH-300 is particularly suitable for show and theatre stages in professional environments. Thanks to its huge zoom range, it can also be used as a beam spotlight as well as for large-screen projections.

The DMH-300 is Futurelight’s largest LED spotlight to date

ISE Daily 2019

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24/01/2019 12:02

BACK AT Hilton Munich Airport, Germany

Europe’s leading strategy conference for the Digital Signage and Digital out of Home (DooH) industry


Customer Centricity in the Age of Personalization and AI

• NETWORKING • WORKSHOPS • EXHIBITION • AWARDS 3-4 July 2019 Hilton Munich Airport, Germany Tickets and further information: A JOINT VENTURE OF:

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18/01/2019 13:55



Fashion sense TOTEM OF DESIGN Stand: 15-G120 Luxury multimedia design specialist Totem of Design is launching a dedicated version of the Monnalisa totem for fashion retail, designed specifically for jewellery retailers. The 39in full HD vertical display shows images and videos of the products and is combined with display shelving to create a single structure for jewellery display. Special ultra-transparent glass is used to provide the best vision of the items exposed, keeping them protected and safe at the same time. Totem of Design is based in Italy and is a brand of the Nemes group.

The Monnalisa totem provides a single, dedicated display solution for jewellery retailers

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New solutions for one-way comms LISTEN TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 7-C192 Corporate and college tours are among the suitable applications for Listen Technologies’ latest ListenTalk receivers

Listen Technologies has added two one-way communications systems, the LKR-11 and LKR-12 receivers, to its ListenTalk family. For an effective tour or event, a mobile two-way communication is generally the best solution, but for those instances where collaboration isn’t required a oneway system can still provide a great customer experience. Accordingly, Listen Technologies has added these new receivers, which it claims provide clean, highly intelligible audio for any budget, for when a two-way collaboration system is not required. The new receivers are suitable for college tours, corporate tours, factory tours, assistive listening and educational environments, among other applications. The ListenTalk range also includes the existing LK-1 transceiver product for situations where two-way communication is required.

Lossless 4K to 200m OPTICIS Stand: 5-S82 Fibre-optic video connectivity solution provider Opticis has introduced a HDMI 2.0 fibre optic extender, the HDFX500-TR. It supports the HDMI 2.0 standard and also provides a maximum data rate of 18Gbps (6Gbps per lane). It extends 4K resolution at 60Hz (RGB and YCbCr: 4:4:4) up to 200m over one LC multi-mode fibre (OM3) without any ‘tricks’ such as scaling or data compression to lessen the burden of data transmission. Opticis notes that, with its compact size, the HDFX500-TR can be deployed into a range of installation environments. Beyond this, it uses a high-retention HDMI connector to prevent accidental disconnection if the fibre optic cable is subject to any vibration or movement. The HDFX-500-TR supports 3D content transmission and complies with CEC, EDID and HDCP 2.2. Opticis HDMI 2.0 extenders support HDR at 10- or 12-bit speeds within its maximum bandwidth of 18Gbps. The HDFX-500-TR extends 4K resolution at 60Hz up to 200m over one LC multi-mode fibre

Expand your horizon. Sennheiser Business Solutions Integrated Systems Europe | Amsterdam 5–8 February 2019 Hall 2 Booth B-50

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Magnetic attraction for iPad BASALTE Stand: 5-R120 On show on the Basalte stand is the company’s new iPad docking station which features the same minimalist design as its fixed Eve mounts for the iPad and iPod Touch. Eve Plus enables an iPad to be magnetically docked on a wall or table in any orientation, while keeping it permanently charged. According to the

company, it features its slimmest sleeve and the smallest wall base ever. Eve Plus sleeves are available in satin white, brushed black and brushed aluminium finishes. They are also available in brass, bronze, copper and other finishes to match other Basalte switches and sockets, with which they have the same form and dimensions.

Would you believe it: iPads can be magnetically docked on a wall or table in any orientation

Bantam weighs in for compact computing G2 DIGITAL Stand: 5-W114 First time ISE exhibitor G2 Digital is showing off its recently announced addition to the company’s range of rackmount and mini PCs. Measuring 224mm x 44mm x 240mm, two Bantam PCs can be rackmounted side-by-side in a 1U space. Alternatively, wall-mounting and VESA mounting are possible. Their small size and flexible mounting options are said to make them ideal for AV and digital media applications. The Bantam PC features a range of CPU options – from fanless to Core i7 together with two SSD/HDD 2.5in drive bays. Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports are also provided.

Chris Hollidge, director of G2 Digital, explained: “We’re always looking to move our units forward so that they’re continually able to cater for our customers’ evolving needs, and the Bantam is a perfect example of that. We’ve designed it so that customers can enjoy all the benefits of a rackmountable PC within a small formfactor, condensing rackspace and maximising compute.” The Bantam also includes an internal 90W AC/DC power supply, which the company says helps comms cabinets remain tidy when the PC is mounted. RS232 and WiFi options are available.

Enjoy all the benefits of a rack-mountable PC in a small form factor

One-stop digital signage SHENZHEN RCSTARS TECHNOLOGY Stand: 8-A270 Shenzhen-based Rcstars Technology has a singular mission to drive customer growth, innovation and improve the manufacture of all kinds of LCD digital signage displays. The company is at ISE showcasing a number of applications for indoor and outdoor display in sizes ranging from 10in to 98in.

Wall mounted or free-standing LCD displays are on show, variously featuring Android and Windows OS support and plug and play features, as well as infrared touch, PCAP Touch and high brightness displays with printers, cameras or card reader accessories.

Rcstars designs and makes LCD displays in sizes ranging from 10in to 98in

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Make way for MAWi MONITORS ANYWHERE Stand: 8-N280

The web-based dashboard offers remote control for Connect digital signage

MONACOR is a brand of the company group MONACOR INTERNATIONAL. Audinate®, the Audinate logo and Dante® are trademarks of Audinate Pty Ltd.

MAWi is a new web-based control dashboard for Monitors AnyWhere Connect digital signage. Unveiled at ISE 2019, the dashboard gives companies remote control over PCs running video walls and digital signage screens. Because each screen is connected to a local PC over LAN or USB, MAWi can interface with these PCs using a web browser and secure authentication. Authorised users can control what will be shown on every screen or video wall. Benefits include local or global control for installing on-premise over an organisation’s WAN, or to be usable over the internet. MAWi offers a two-tiered user system. Company admins can control all screens and users, while editors (defined by the admin) can control only the screens that are assigned to them. As it’s web-based and requires no so"ware, MAWi can be used on any laptop, smartphone or tablet.


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Multiroom music over WiFi and Bluetooth RAKOIT TECHNOLOGY Stand: 5-U56 On show from first-time ISE exhibitor Rakoit Technology is the 1-SA100, a WiFi and Bluetooth multiroom amplifier. It supports AirPlay, DLNA and popular streaming services such as Spotify, HeartRadio, Tidal, TuneIn, Napster and QQmusic. Users can play music from local storage such as NAS, from an iOS or Android device, or Mac or Windows PC, with the same music to all zones or different music to different zones (up to 10 rooms). It can decode up to 24-bit/192kHz, and supports a range of formats including MP3, AAC, AAC+, ALAC, APE and WAV. The 1-SA100 supports 802.11b/g/n 2.4G WiFi Bluetooth 4.2 and LAN Ethernet. It features an RCA analogue input, USB input, RCA analogue output, S/PDIF input and subwoofer output. Treble and bass controls are also provided. A free application is available in more than 10 languages, and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The 1-SA100 supports AirPlay, DLNA and popular streaming services

MONACOR-DT, shaping up for the future ... Our Audio over IP solution WALL-05DT perfectly combines innovative German engineering expertise and more than 50 years of experience in developing PA solutions.

Take a look at our Audio over IP solutions for business, shopping and leisure.

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OPUS TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 7-V245 Newly available from the Audiofils distribution subsidiary of Opus Technologies is the latest generation of autonomous full duplex digital intercom systems. Intended to be cost-efficient and easy to implement, Bicom EZ-TOK is suitable for communication requirements in fields as varied as entertainment, broadcast, events, sports and security. Offering up to 500m range and 10 hours of autonomous operation, the system allows up to six people to communicate in real time and full duplex. Features include the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone or the presence of a noise filter to optimise the quality of communication in a noisy environment. Bicom EZ-TOK is available individually or in kits of between two and six units, including transmitter/receiver, multiple charger, professional monaural headset and waterproof case.

Bicom EZ-TOK is Opus Technologies’ latest generation of full duplex digital intercoms


Real-time comms made more flexible


Visit us at ISE: Stand E-230 | Hall 7 15.01.2019 13:21:39

24/01/2019 12:05



Coriomaster gets upgrade TVONE Stand: 1-M140


Coriomaster now benefits from a new and extended AVIP support module

ISE 2019 sees the launch by tvONE of an enhanced version of its Coriomaster videowall processor. The company’s Corioview, a new Matrix Switcher Series, an ultra-thin auto switcher and a new line of active optical cables are also featured on the stand. The upgraded version of Coriomaster includes a large increase in capability and the addition of a new audio module and a new extended AVIP support module. The latter supports up to four separate video display systems and projector edge-blends with up to 14 windows depending on the source resolution, frame rate and size of windows – offering 56 displays from a single chassis. It is compatible with the Coriomaster

Single-minded building control

C3-540 only. Both modules are shipping. Further enhancements include a secure networking suite with full REST compatibility and multiple points of control. The IP streaming now accepts both H.264 and H.265 for higher quality and bandwidths, and when paired with a Magenta Encoder-100, can offer what the company claims is leading ‘glass-to-glass’ latency performance. tvONE is also showcasing its new line of active optical cables, featuring DisplayPort 1.4 active optical cables and HDMI 2.0 active optical cables. The cables are said to provide a simple yet powerful solution for extending ultra-high resolution over long distances.

Modern building automation systems are distributed systems where the control functionality is spread across a network. But due to the differing requirements of these systems, there is no single technology that can be used to satisfy all needs, resulting in them being extremely heterogeneous where many different network technologies and communication standards are used. The aim of the NETx BMS Platform, which is on show on the company’s ISE stand, is to solve the problems that can occur. The NETx BMS Platform is able to collect data and information from the building automation system using different technologies, protocols and systems, making management easier and simpler. The NETx BMS Platform supports a variety of open protocols and standards, including KNX, BACnet, Modbus, SNMP, OPC and oBIX. Application-specific technologies such as hotel management systems as well as various door lock systems (VingCard, Salto, Kaba) are also covered. Integrating HTTP gateways or other web services for interfacing to the Internet of Things are provided too. The platform, which is based on open and standardised protocols and technologies, provides an open interface to third-party clients and applications such as OPC, BACnet, oBIX and other web service protocols.

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Triple 4K on display GIADA Stand: 8-C460 Digital menu boards have become a necessity for retailers to engage customers but in order to reach the next level, retailers arguably need a dynamic digital menu board – one that plays videos promoting brand and products and instantly updates content to account for last-minute changes. The G367 player from Giada not only does this but by packing an Intel Core i3/i5 together with an NVIDIA GT730 GPU, it enables smooth 4K video output. In fact, the company claims the G367 can support smooth 4K video display on up to three independent displays. The appliance supports Windows 10 (64-bit) and Linux. It is 28mm in height for ‘unobtrusive’ installation, says the company, which is a core ODM partner of Intel in China.

The G367 combines high processing and graphics performance with expansion flexibility

Solar powered digital signage PRISMAFLEX INTERNATIONAL Stand: 8-A230 An ‘energy autonomous’ static backlit sign is among the innovations presented by Prismaflex. Advantages of the 2sqm Blue Tech sign include no hook-up costs, zero power consumption – it’s solar powered – and no foundation work and earthing required. Integrated photovoltaic cells in the upper section of the sign provide the power for the scrolling and backlight mechanisms. On the front are three scrolling backlit posters, while on the back, a campaign printed on an optical substrate hides more photovoltaic cells. The sign is compliant with the French Grenelle II Environment Act in terms of lighting pollution. The company is also showcasing more of its latest LED displays at ISE, such as the C14. This comes in a framed or free-standing version for single or double-sided displays up to 18sqm, a large-format free-standing display and a retrofit version designed exclusively to fit into existing signs. The firm claims its Prismatronic LED display is the only one of its kind on the market to be designed in France. Produced at its production site in China then assembled in French and German plants, these displays have a modular structure and can be free-standing up to 18sqm.

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Streaming from a suitcase DATAVIDEO TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 7-C193

Datavideo’s HS-1600T is a video production station geared towards rapid deployment

The HS-1600T from Datavideo is a ‘complete video production station’ in the shape of a small suitcase. This simple system and accompanying cameras are designed to be easy to set up, easy to use, and go live on any streaming platform in seconds. At just over 8kg the station takes up little room when stored. The reinforced case is designed to be fool proof, while underneath the rigid bonnet a crisp and clear colour-graded video production monitor is found. The unit is easily connected to the cameras via a single network cable that also powers the separate cameras. The PTC-140T models are spherical moving (PTZ), single-wire HD cameras that are connected by a single wire that transports camera signal, camera power, control data and tally signals. With 20x zoom lenses and a broadcast-quality sensor this camera is intended to facilitate the creation of professional-quality video. The HS-1600T has scope to connect up to three cameras, a laptop via HDMI for presentations, and separate audio coming from a microphone. Recording is undertaken with the built-in SD card recorder, while streaming is straightforward with the built-in encoder, compatible with all major streaming platforms.

Spatial audio software for show control TIMAX OUTBOARD Stand: 7-S197

The software offers flexibility in immersive spatial audio rendering and show programming workflows

Immersive audio and show control specialist TiMax OutBoard is demoing the TiMax 500-series so!ware at ISE 2019. The so!ware is designed to support immersive spatial audio rendering and show programming workflows in live, presentation and experience applications, with selectable skins that are optimised for outdoor and show conditions. Based on detailed input from leading sound design associates, the new TiMax StageSpace allows autocalculation of dynamic delay-matrix spatialisation objects directly from a map of the venue, speakers and audience/guest spaces. TiMax spatial objects can be quickly auto-rendered and adapted for different shapes and sizes of presentation and experiential spaces, or stage, audience and audio system configurations. Objects can be fine-tuned by the user, because as OutBoard asserts, “experienced sound designers will tell you it’s the last few milliseconds or dB of adjustment

that make the imaging work”. TiMax OutBoard is also demoing the new bespoke FPGA DSP core, which is intended to “break the mould for immersive spatial reinforcement techniques and unparalleled acoustic enhancement”, according to the company.

Broadcasters on the line GLENSOUND Stand: 7-V250 A mobile phone interface for broadcasters, the recently announced GS-MPI005HD MKII, is being showcased by Glensound. The company says it invented the ‘broadcaster’s mobile phone’ and its GS-MPI005 and GS-MPI005HD mobile phone racks have been widely deployed in outside broadcast trucks and studios around the world. The completely updated GS-MPI005HD MKII is a mainspowered 1RU subrack that can be fitted with up to two mobile phones featuring professional audio interfaces for connecting professional audio devices to cell phone networks.

The new unit has touchscreen colour displays for each phone module fitted. A traditional telephone handset interface is also now provided to allow an operator to communicate off-air before handing the call over to broadcast. The handset interface can also dial and answer calls if needed. According to Glensound, no new modern piece of professional audio equipment is complete without an AoIP interface, so the new GS-MPI005HD MKII sports an optional Dante/AES67 card. The GS-MPI005HD MKII’s predecessor has been widely deployed by broadcasters

Integrated photovoltaic cells mean the static backlit sign draws no external power


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W W W. I S E U R O P E . O R G

11-14 FEB



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The classroom is dead! Long live the classroom! Education technologies are reconfiguring school buildings and enabling new virtual, online experiences everywhere else, which makes true learning anytime and anywhere a tantalising possibility. It will be up to AV integrators to turn those potentials into reality, writes Kevin Hogan The edtech revolution is real. And it is global; from elementary schools in Ghana to university lecture halls in California right out to the ever-growing number of devices in student backpacks and pockets worldwide. The financing dollars prove it. According to a January report from research firm Metaari*, international investments in learning technology companies blasted previous records with $16.34 billion spent in 2018. More than 1,000 edtech firms across the planet received this funding, up from 813 in 2017. Of course none of these innovations will succeed without proper AV infrastructure. This means creating new physical learning environments, where huddle spaces replace rows of desks; where multiple mobiles, laptops and tablets interact seamlessly and simultaneously with all sorts of digital surfaces, projectors and displays; and where sophisticated IT, once the domain of corporate enterprise systems, now manages and protects student data. These needs stretch out beyond just the traditional classroom to involve the wider school campus and beyond. Leading-edge AV integrators will also have to understand and empower emerging technologies that require infinite bandwidth and solid state wireless support. Some students already strap on headsets for virtual field trips through the Vatican, the Amazon

Breakthrough display on show AVOCOR Stand: 13-C110

The 65in Avocor WCD display is Skype for Business certified

and the London Transport Museum with services such as Google+ Connected Classroom and Discovery Education. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), free online curricula from the world’s top universities, are available for anyone to enroll right now. MOOCs provide an affordable and flexible way for students to receive instructions and collaborate with peers. They also require AV that can handle live streaming, audio and video conferencing, and cloud-based learning management systems. The influx of gaming as a legitimate instructional tool has also disrupted education, for better or worse, which means integrating multiple platforms, applications and screens into effective surroundings. These set-ups are not reserved for the traditional primary, secondary and higher education sectors either. Corporate training centres, government and military installations, professional development services, libraries and museums are quickly adopting these techniques into their business as well. Almost 150 different exhibitors have identified themselves as education technology providers this year at ISE. Be sure to visit the Education Technology Zone (Hall 13) to dig deeper into these possibilities. Kevin Hogan is editor of education technology title, Tech&Learning. *

Flex gets more flex DELTACAST Stand: 8-M365 A"er surprising at ISE 2018 with the introduction of its Flex video interfacing solution, Deltacast is showing visitors to Hall 8 its latest incarnation, a four-output 3G-SDI module. Flex-3G 04 can simultaneously handle four 1080p60 playout channels. Combining four outputs together, the module is able to output a 2160p60 feed – in quadrants or 2SI – without any compromise, it is claimed. Connecting eight of these modules to a Delta-GWY 316-8 gateway card, the solution reaches a massive density of 32 output channels, making it ideal for multichannel applications such as playout servers, control room monitoring solutions, video walls and multi-projector DLP installations, cloud edge devices and other use cases. Delatcast’s Flex concept is built to handle a large quantity of video inputs and outputs while appliance form factor and mechanical constraints continue to limit the amount of hosted interface cards. The design allows SDI, DisplayPort and HDMI interface modules to be added, removed and switched on the go, while the appliance hosting the gateway card remains untouched.

What it claims is the world’s first collaboration display created in partnership with Microso" is being shown by Avocor at ISE 2019. The 65in Avocor WCD includes an integrated microphone array, built-in speakers and camera and is claimed to be the first display in the world to be Skype for Business certified. A single-cable solution enables immediate connection between a Windows PC and the WCD display, providing instant control of the camera and microphone as well as providing hard-wired Ethernet connectivity, power and USB touch, back to the laptop. As with all Avocor displays, the WCD combines 4K resolution with multiple touch points to deliver a responsive touch experience. Avocor’s Windows collaboration displays – some of which are still in development – feature a single USB-C cable connection for quick laptop pairing. They include Azure Digital Twins sensors that monitor environmental data, such as room presence and temperature, and are fully compatible with Microso" Windows 10.

Stellar touch experience GLORY STAR Stand: 8-C450 Vega is an Android-based automation console designed to be embedded into walls for a touch experience. Glory Star’s modular circuit design allows the Vega to be compatible with mainstream automation protocols such as KNX, Zigbee, Z-Wave and WiFi. The vendor claims it solves the compatibility concerns of smart home, smart intercom and smart doorbells, and allows a one-touch control platform for buildings and apartments.


The company also has a tablet design for kiosks called Nebula. This includes options for magnetic card swipe, RFID readers and barcodes suitable for self-service applications in retail, restaurants and hotels. Nebula comes with a five-year support contract, a kiosk lockdown app and Starcontrol so"ware for remotely managing the unit. Stand visitors can also take a look at Ultron, a Windows tablet series designed for All-in-One kiosks with VESA mounting holes on its back for easy installation.

More inputs, less rack space, with Flex-3G 04

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Thursday 20th June 2019 | Millennium Gloucester, London

From manufacturers to end users and everything in between Celebrating the achievements of the AV industry

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT: INTERESTED IN SPONSORING THE AV TECHNOLOGY AWARDS? For information about sponsorship opportunities please contact


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Speaker range finds its voice ELECTRO-VOICE Stand: 3-B100 The latest addition to the EV-Innovation family of installation-dedicated loudspeaker systems is the compact EVC series. The range has five base models, available in black and white, with coverage patterns suitable for a wide range of indoor/outdoor sound reinforcement scenarios. All models include Automatic Saturation Compensation and the line-up includes a Variable Intensity (VI) model. They are said to have similar voicing and looks, matching mounting and input panel accessories to the rest of the EV-Innovation family. Electro-Voice is also showcasing its EVID-S commercial loudspeakers with easy wall-mount system. The EVID-S series was designed with the contractor in mind for fixed installations.

The EVID-S loudspeaker range features 4in, 5.25in and 8in two-way models

It includes 4in, 5.25in and 8in two-way models with matching dual 10in and single 12in subwoofers. Designed for either indoor or outdoor use, all of the EVID-S models are weather resistant and an IP65 weatherproof version is available for the 5.25in speaker and the dual 10in subwoofers.

Evolution for Dante audio interface FOCUSRITE PRO Stand: 6-E160

The X2P can be simply integrated into Dante-enabled AoIP workflows

Demonstrating its Rednet X2P 2x2 Dante audio interface at ISE is Focusrite. Described as compact and robust, the RedNet X2P features two Red Evolution mic preamps, balanced line outputs and a stereo headphone amp. It is designed to provide a highperformance remote I/O solution for Focusrite RedNet or other Dante AoIP networks. The company claims the X2P can be simply and quickly integrated into Dante-enabled broadcast, post production and music workflows, since power, audio and remote control are supplied using a single Ethernet cable. For on-air productions requiring additional remote mic preamps, Focusrite claims that the X2P provides a quick, modular one-cable solution. The two digitally controlled Red Evolution mic preamps are said to provide plenty of ultra-clean gain along with stereo linking, individually selectable phantom power, a high-pass filter and phase reverse. Additionally, they

include Air mode, emulating the sound of Focusrite’s transformer-based mic preamps. The RedNet X2P provides audio conversion with over 118dB dynamic range. The company says these converters have been expertly selected and calibrated to provide the best balance of sound quality, dynamic range and conversion latency.

30,000 lumen projector previewed EPSON Stand: 1-H90

The EB-L30000U is being showcased ahead of its official launch in 2020

Ahead of its official launch in 2020, Epson is showcasing its EB-L30000U 30,000 lumen laser projector. It is targeted at rental and staging companies, hospitality markets and visitor attractions. Also being introduced at ISE is the EB-U50, which Epson describes as a stylish and tough signage projector with a low total cost of ownership. Designed to be capable of illuminating and projecting on virtually any surface, the EB-U50 is said to be space-friendly and unobtrusive. It can be used as a projector or a spotlight, and is, says the company, ideal for shop window displays, retail showrooms, dynamic or experiential content for digital art, commercial signage, décor, education or corporate presentations. Neil Colquhoun, vice president, CISMEA and professional displays, Epson Europe, said: “This is our strongest AV line-up to date, from the very high-end 30,000 lumens EB-L30000U to the compact, signage projector, the EB-U50. We’ve completed our impressive line-up of installation projectors to meet the most demanding environments.”

VC system debuts RTI Stand: 1-N85

McConaghay: ‘Our presence in the commercial space only continues to grow’

Revoiced speakers and new streamers RUSSOUND Stand: 1-M130 The new MBX-PRE streamer show, a#er undergoing a from Russound includes a high complete re-engineering performance amp while the MBXand re-voicing in 2018. PRE is a pre-amplifier version. Within the IC-Series, the Both these streamers are new 10-Series speakers claimed to be ideal additions to any are said to be ideal for TV, wirelessly delivering a wide background music, while array of sources. The MBX-PRE and Russound says that the the MBX-AMP front panel controls new 20-Series is perfect allow customers to control volume, for more listening areas in play/pause and have a new feature the home or business. The called ‘favourites’. This enables top of the line for the new MBX-PRE or MBX-AMP to play not IC-Series is the 30-Series, only the customers’ favourites, designed for rooms where but also provides immediate audio is of primary concern. access to the last selection that Charlie Porritt, Russound the customer was playing. Built CEO, said: “These new on what Russound describes as IC-Series loudspeakers a fast next-gen processor, the The 30-Series is designed for rooms where audio is of primary concern perform beautifully, are MBX-PRE and MBX-AMP are said built to last, and the upper to provide ultra-fast response two levels of speakers with tasks like album art-based menu browsing and feature a slick, new installation system that saves hassle-free synching and grouping among any rooms. installers a great deal of time and results in a strong, The company’s architectural speaker line-up is also on secure mounting – with one hand.”


Making its debut at ISE 2019, the VXU-SC video conferencing system from RTI is said to enable simple and cost-effective collaboration, allowing multiple users to easily interact with so#ware-based conferencing solutions such as Microso# Skype, Cisco WebEx and Citrix GoToMeetings. In addition to support for video content from a wide range of devices, USB sharing also enables control from any connected PC, laptop and interactive display, and allows inexpensive webcams and microphones to be utilised. Additional commercial solutions on display include the VMS-741 MultiViewer, which features seven video inputs, 4K video output and can be configured for viewing up to four sources simultaneously on one display. Ed McConaghay, CEO of RTI, said: “Last year at ISE, we introduced a line of AV products to give dealers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for automating commercial environments. In the year since, we’ve taken that momentum and channelled it into developing an array of powerful new solutions for collaboration, AV distribution and monitoring.”

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GLOBAL AWARDS 2018-19 visit for the winners

EISA is the unique collaboration of 55 member magazines and websites from 27 countries, specialising in all aspects of consumer electronics from mobile devices, home theatre display and audio products, photography, hi-fi and in-car entertainment. Now truly international with members in Australia, India, Canada, the Far East and USA, and still growing, the EISA Awards and official logo are your guide to the best in global consumer technology!


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New cabinet range has something for everyone LYNX PRO AUDIO Stand: 7-H195 The new BS series from Lynx Pro Audio features cabinets to suit a wide range of applications, including fixed install, front-fill and stage monitoring. The range comprises four two-way, passive full-range cabinets, as well as two subwoofer cabinets designed to extend low frequency support to the four BS series full-range cabinets. The driver in the new cabinets offers high power handling and high sensitivity with low harmonic distortion and linear response. The cone in each cabinet is waterproof and has been treated on both sides, with the BS-112 and BS-118 optimised for direct radiation subwoofer applications. Constructed from premium birch plywood and coated in high-resistance polyurea coating, the enclosures also offer a screw-free grille together with a number of dedicated accessories.

Unified remote management SIXEYE Stand: 9-E125

Lynx Pro Audio is debuting its BS series of cabinets for install and stage applications

Although these cabinets can be used without a processor, it is strongly recommended by Lynx Pro Audio that the cabinet presets are applied for maximum optimisation and performance.

Clear view JINHE OPTOELECTRONICS TECHNOLOGY Stand: 15-W335 The long strip-bar design provides for ultra-lightweight and thin units

Visitors to the SixEye stand are being offered a full demo of a live cloud solution, as well the opportunity to discuss how SixEye solutions can be put to work on their future projects. The SixEye solution for integrators provides simple, unified remote management for all types of control devices. It is free for manufacturers to integrate their products natively using the company’s SDK, allowing them to achieve simple, secure remote status, firmware reload, configuration upload and logging with none of the cost. Jack Neill, customer support manager at SixEye, said: “With SixEye, multiple devices from multiple manufacturers are managed in the same web application; on desktop, tablet and mobile. No more switching between different manufacturers’ proprietary remote management systems or switching in and out of remote desktop sessions just to check basic project status.”

Multiple devices from multiple manufacturers can be managed in the same web application

Indoor and outdoor LED display specialist Jinhe Optoelectronics Technology is showcasing a number of new and upgraded products in Hall 15 this week. For example, it is presenting its latest ‘small pitch’ series with a screen that gives a clear effect even from various viewing distances. The refresh rate is up to 300Hz, and the picture is stable without any wave and black screen effect. Also on show is its transparent series of screens that provide optional choices for indoor and semi-outdoor installations.

Meeting of minds QBIC TECHNOLOGY Stand: 15-K222 Computer specialist Qbic Technology is unveiling the TD-1050 PRO computer for meeting room management, building on the existing TD-1050 product. The new form factor is designed to improve collaboration during meetings and includes features such as high-quality speakers, front- and backfacing noise reduction microphones and an ultra-fast autofocus camera. It also provides LED status lights and comes embedded with nearfield communications (NFC) technology. Qbic is also showcasing the TD-0350, which is a 3.5in smart booking panel PC with touchscreen and embedded NFC, allowing instant check-in and out of hotels as well as in hot-desking environments.



TD-1050 PRO is designed to smooth the collaborative process during meetings

Andy Fliss vice president of sales and marketing, tvONE

Adding to the excitement of displays ISE 2019 is graced by the presence of the largest and highest performance displays that the industry has ever seen. Walking around the halls, you cannot fail to be impressed by the quality and size of the images presented. So many of these presentations rely purely on the display itself for impact. The industry has forgotten that there’s more to engaging the viewer. That viewer may see the same display daily, and it will become wallpaper unless the presentation is creative and dynamic. Installers need re-educating on the value of a capable video processor: adding, moving and resizing windows, zooming in and out, rotating and other special effects. Blending the outputs of multiple sources creatively. Creating exciting and unexpected transitions. Even the display manufacturers themselves o"en don’t make the most of their extremely impressive products when they design their ISE presence. O"en, adding a video processor can breathe new life into a tired installation, allowing additional sources to be added to the same screen, for example. If it is a big, high-resolution display, have three, four or more windows all at the same time presenting complementary messages. Combine them to create a dramatic finale. Allow store staff or even customers to select the content they want to see instantly using an app. The possibilities are endless.Displays have got bigger and better every year I’ve been coming to ISE. Size isn’t everything in displays – it is how you use it.

Stand: 1-M140

Making the most of app control GUANGZHOU HARMAN AV TECHNOLOGY Stand: 9-B112 Annoyed by an armful of remote controllers? If so, Guangzhou Harman AV Technology’s products should hit the spot. The company is presenting its latest smart home control series in Hall 9. By clicking on an app, it’s possible to control household appliances such as lights, AC, heater, air purifier and the TV. According to the company a smart security system provides powerful protection to the home. It involves antithe" functions and firefighting devices, including fingerprint lock, gas sensor, smoke detector and PIR sensor. Any unusual conditions will trigger the flash alarm and instantly inform you on the app, allowing users to take real-time measures.

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New firmware for CrewCom PLIANT TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 7-V228

A decentralised network platform ensures CrewCom can offer dependable RF coverage

The latest updates to Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom wireless intercom system are on display for the first time internationally at ISE 2019. The newest version firmware incorporates general system improvements as well as new Oceania 900MHz models. Pliant Technologies is also showcasing the system’s new Fiber Hub (CHB-8F) for a more efficient system deployment. The Fiber Hub expands system capabilities by allowing up to eight fibre connections using standard SFP-based single mode fibre ports, along with a single RJ-45 copper port to interface to existing CrewNet connections. Unlike a matrix-based architecture, CrewCom is based on a decentralised network platform. CrewCom wireless products give the ability to put dependable RF coverage where needed, while employing a consistent user interface throughout the system. This enables the system to easily adapt to the RF challenges facing productions. CrewCom’s CrewNet proprietary network co-ordinates and transports all system timing, audio conferences,

signalling and control. CrewNet can operate over standard Cat5e (or above) and single mode fibre lines. Graphical user interface so"ware CrewWare is also being demonstrated at ISE 2019. It provides comprehensive offline configuration, online control and real-time monitoring of all system components, further enhancing the overall CrewCom system’s ease-of-use and flexibility for productions of any size.

Audio solution enables venue expansion DIGICO Stand: 7-K200 ISE 2019 sees DiGiCo give show visitors another opportunity to get up close and personal with its 4REA4 installed audio solution, as well as find out more about its SD Range and S Series digital mixing consoles. 4REA4 is designed to meet the expanding performance requirements of large entertainment venues, houses of worship, theatres and shared stages at festivals and music venues. At the heart of the system is the 4REA4 processing engine with DiGiCo connectivity options and 4REA4 control so"ware, providing routing, processing and mix control that allows performance areas to expand across an installation. The 4REA4 processing engine rack offers four dedicated mix areas or zones, each with its own stereo master output, CGs and allocated FX. A total of 128 input channel and 48 bus output processing strips allow independently allocated processing to whichever area is required. Managing the mixing and routing of each individual local performance area are a range of premium designed hardware control panels and external I/O units that work in conjunction with the 4REA4 processing engine and control so"ware. Ethernet-connected controller options

include the wall-mounted single rotary Acontrol1 with a TFT display for small area performance management, and the Acontrol8 with eight 100m faders for more complex mix and function control. Local I/O boxes are managed via proprietary Ethernet or Dante connectivity for extended reach across a facility, with options including the new A168 Stage floor rack and the A164 Wall LCD box. Both provide mic and line level connectivity to ensure a 96kHz audio experience across the most demanding performance venues. 4REA4 allows venues to keep pace with growing performance needs

Get in lane for fast transmission LWL-SACHSENKABEL Stand: 14-A160 Fibre optic cabling system manufacturer LWL-Sachsenkabel is presenting its portfolio for broadcast, event technology and content delivery under the brand name fast.LANE at ISE. The fast.LANE portfolio comprises tailor-made fibre optic solutions that ensure reliable transmission indoors and outdoors, claims the company. One of the presentations shows the 12-fold Expanded-Beam connector Eurolens that was specially developed for harsh environments (protection class IP67). The company is also demonstrating its Sachsenkabel pulse smart service platform at ISE. The newly developed web interface creates advantages in cabling and provides access to the digital representation of all Sachsen cables. Visitors to the stand can have a hands-on experience with the new platform: using a barcode or serial number, comprehensive data about the cables (product data, measuring values, test protocols) is available for individual cables. There is also the possibility to try the platform’s bonus features, such as individual configuration and ordering of finished cable links. Stand staff are also available to offer information about the proper handling of fibre optic cabling. The new tailor-made fibre optic solutions aim to ensure reliability indoors and outdoors

Three-way Zen VIVALDI Stand: 15-C110

Zen 980 sports a two-way coaxial speaker and push-pull dual subwoofer

Professional audio specialist Vivaldi has unveiled the Zen 980, a new three-way outdoor speaker concept that it describes as “100% made in Italy”. The Zen 980 features a push-pull dual subwoofer and a two-way coaxial speaker developed specifically for this model. It is available in passive or active version and is capable of releasing up to 600W RMS.

Clever cameras AMARYLLO INTERNATIONAL Stand: 9-A180 Powered by advanced AI, Soteria Enterprise collects actionable data, offering security protection and business analytics for smart buildings, cities, retailers and warehouses worldwide. The smart retail analysis service, which does not require any PCs or servers, is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses increase sales conversion rates and profits. On the ISE stand are host demonstrations of the standalone robotic cameras in action, alongside real-time analytics from Soteria’s dashboard. Using highly secured encryption, the company offers unlimited data and cloud storage, regardless of resolution and file size.

Amaryllo AI camera robots conduct fast facial recognition

The system is, according the company, easy to set up, and there are no requirements for additional hardware or so"ware. The cloud-based solution, which is available for demonstration on the Amaryllo stand, joins Amaryllo AI

camera robots, which conduct fast facial recognition and offer human or object detection. The robotic camera solutions transform CCTVs into cutting-edge systems, with military grade 256-bit encrypted P2P networks, intelligent cloud analytics and flexible cloud storage.

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Mezzanine app takes to the floor OBLONG INDUSTRIES Stand: 11-B140 The Mezzanine app for content sharing and layout control has been unveiled by Oblong for its Mezzanine Room Series of collaboration solutions. The app was developed by uniting the features and functions of the company’s Mezzanine Screencast app for screen sharing with the Mezzanine web interface for room, participant and content control. The Mezzanine app has three distinct views based on the user’s need for sharing content and controlling the meeting experience. The Mini View is a compact window focused on meeting and content-sharing functions. The Layout View is a WYSIWYG user interface that lets users present, dismiss and change the location and scale of shared streams and images on screens via click and drag controls. Focus View provides the means to single out a particular content or conferencing stream in a larger window for a closer look; this is useful for meeting participants who are working remotely on a laptop. Mezzanine allows up to 10 separate streams per room simultaneously, providing meeting participants with the opportunity to see and share important information side by side. The Mezzanine app is now available for download to Mac and PC. The Mezzanine app has views dedicated to sharing content and controlling the meeting experience

Four-channel amps make their debut DENON PRO Stand: 7-E190 Denon Professional – which is part of the inMUSIC family – has announced the introduction of its new DN-470A and DN-474A four-channel amplifiers, designed for 70/100V commercial installations. These are one-rack space, high-powered amplifiers with built-in short-circuit protection and front-panel LED indicators for signal present, clipping status and thermal interruption. The DN-470A is engineered specifically for use with multiple 70V/100V speaker systems over long cable runs (such as in-ceiling speakers, surface-mount speakers and paging horns) and it delivers high power (120W x 4) and convenient input/output connection facilities. The DN-474A is similar but is a 2 x 2-channel dualimpedance amplifier where two of the channels handle conventional low-impedance loads (4/8 Ohms), while the other two channels handle the 70/100V speaker runs. The two 70/100V channels are 120W each and the 4/8-Ohm channels are 150/90W, respectively. To ensure audio performance the amplifiers boast a total harmonic distortion (THD) specification of <.1% at rated power, a signal-to-noise ratio of >95dB and channel separation of >70dB. Along with its short-circuit and open-circuit protection design, the installer can be assured that each amplifier will deliver clean, reliable power that meets many commercial audio amplification requirements.


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Digital signage spo-books SPO-COMM Stand: 8-G470 The hardware manufacturer from Nuremberg is presenting brand new systems with powerful Nvidia graphics cards, multimonitor capability, passive cooling and more exciting features. One of the newcomers is the spo-book Quadro P1000. Thanks to its namesake graphics card and the Intel Core i5-7300U CPU it can display four times 4K@60Hz. For Cuda developers spo-comm offers the fanless spo-book Tegra 2. It is based on an SoC-chip developed by Nvidia and uses an adjusted Linux version named Vibrante. Besides digital signage, the Tegra scores in the fields of deep learning, KI and automation drive. The spo-book Rugged GTX 1050 Ti ships with a high-end Nvidia 1050 Ti graphics card. Thanks to its fanless cooling, a wide range DC input and a wide temperature range the Mini-PC is intended for outdoor digital signage and vehicle computing.

The spo-book with Nvidia 1050 Ti graphics card for OOH or vehicles

Besides its long runners spo-book Windbox III EVO, powered by MSI IPC MS-9A95, and spo-book Kumo IV, equipped with a Nvidia GTX1060, spo-comm is also presenting a brand new Kumo model based on AMD Ryzen and the successor to spo-book Core: a new ultracompact Mini-PC with a Kaby Lake i5 CPU.

Three new amplifiers announced AUDIOCONTROL Stand: 5-R96 Three new amplifiers are being announced at ISE, claimed by AudioControl to be unique in the realm of 70/100V options because they offer the DSP control and signal matrixing capabilities developed by the company for its Director Series. The first model in the series to become available will be the four-channel CM4-750, followed shortly therea"er by two-channel and three-channel versions. The dual-mode capability of the CM4-750 is, according to the company, a vital feature, offering high power levels in 70/100V and standard speaker impedance systems, delivering 750W in 70/100V modes, 500W at 8 Ohms (stereo or mono output) and 750W at 2 and 4 Ohms. These modes can be used simultaneously to optimise speaker performance for each application. The amplifier also offers eight balanced inputs – plus four digital inputs – digital coax and optical. The four outputs can be controlled individually or as two stereo pairs, giving

The CM4-750 offers eight balanced inputs plus four digital inputs

commercial integrators the system configuration flexibility they need to accommodate any system architecture. For maximum efficiency, system setup and diagnostics can be managed remotely via an IP web-based browser or app for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, facilitating control of the amplifier via IP and/or RS232.

Fashionable fixed frames SHENZHEN COMTE INTELLEGENCE TECH CORP Stand: 14-M125 The Zero Edge Fixed Screen, which is on show on the Shenzhen Comte Intellegence Tech Corp stand, has ‘redefined the concept of fixed frame screens’, according to the company. With a 10mm bezel, its borderless design resembles a giant flat panel TV display, which can go up to 350in (889cm). Built with LED backlights, the glowing frame makes the projection eye-catching, while a higher density of LEDs produce an aura which is larger, smoother and much higher quality than many other manufacturers, claims the company. Also on the ISE stand is the ECO5D screen, allowing home cinema to be enjoyed even during the day without

the need for the curtains to be closed. The ECO5D’s screen surface is a reflective front projection material designed to reject ambient light in a daylight environment while ‘maintaining superb picture quality’, says the company. Promoting ‘invisible integration’ features, the company is also showing a 4K in-ceiling tab tensioned screen, which integrates into any home theatre or office system, providing a concealed screen solution. “The patented tab-tension system provides a perfectly flat surface, and the 4K material ensures no hot spotting or texturing, delivering the ultimate picture quality. Close it when it’s not in use, and it will disappear in a snap,” a spokesperson told the ISE Daily. The Zero Edge Fixed Screen, built with LED backlights in a borderless design

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Experience Hybrid Touch ZYTRONIC Stand: 8-G351 ISE 2019 visitors can get their hands on a 55in touch table and play a classic board game at Zytronic. This is a first-time preview of a new Hybrid Touch technology that enables full integration of physical controls within an active touchscreen. The technology allows mechanical buttons and dials to be incorporated in the active area of projected capacitive touchscreens which can be used in videowalls, touch tables and kiosks. This gives designers the best of both worlds: the flexibility of touch sensors and the tactile feel of mechanical controls without the need to incorporate a separate button deck underneath or alongside the screen Ian Crosby, sales and marketing director at Zytronic, said: “Using Hybrid Touch on the new ZXY500 controller has allowed us to design a fun yet functional table that combines the two most utilised control technologies in the world. Our proprietary Hybrid Touch technology adds a further dimension to our capabilities and the flexibility of design options we offer. This is the debut appearance for this technology at ISE and we are looking forward to sharing the experience with visitors. “Physical buttons and dials can be connected invisibly through the viewable area of the screen,” Crosby added. “It is the first time that the two most used control technologies in the world have been closely integrated in this way.”

Mechanical buttons in a touchscreen

Signage gets social VOOME NETWORKS Stand: 8-C322 Digital signage is constantly evolving so it’s up to vendors to stay one step ahead in anticipation of customer’s needs. This strategy lies behind the new release of Jade, the content management system from Voome that aims to make using CMS for digital signage as easy as using a social network. The company says the release 5.6.6 of Voome Jade allows greater enrichment of the graphic interface with customisable icon sets, such as weather, fonts and directional arrows for wayfinding. Other new features make it possible to deliver a more contextual and responsive experience in retail, corporate,

The I-Motion Expert-T III system controller is now available from Movecat and – in combination with the I-Motion and V-Motion power controllers – offers an effective solution for complex scenic kinetic applications in the trade fair, events, studio and touring sectors. Multiple features of a prototype shown at recent trade events – such as the daylight and outdoor PCAP display in 24in format, extended hot-key keyboard level, and so"ware features at the operating and object level – subsequently found their way into the final, production model. The controller was designed for the systematic control of fixed or variable-speed kinetic drives in the context of larger or complex projects involving up to 240 drives in conformity with the DGUV V 54 (BGV D8), D8-Plus and DGUV V 17 (BGV C1) standards. In addition, the control of different types of drives in mixed operation as well as the integration of existing drives and items of stage machinery into a new set-up are possible. The controller corresponds in its basic configuration to the DGUV V 17 (BGV C1) and EN 61508 SIL 3 standards and is therefore equipped for overhead scenic runs. The Expert-T III System Controller controls and supervises via the I-Motion network the Movecat MPC-4ID8/C1 and V-Motion Power Controller, and a closed safety network with them.

educational or hospitality. For example, it’s now possible to upload all the selected media with one click, import external projects easily, select more than one player at a time while scheduling projects and to publish directly by ‘Branches & Zones’. The so"ware is available as a cloud service or onpremises and comes in three different editions: Standard, Retail and Corporate. Voome Jade Corporate Edition, for example, has several functionalities such as meeting rooms scheduler, industry KPI statistics, and real-time information. Content can be managed almost automatically, relieving staff from programming tasks. Administration is typically done through web browser and it allows non-technical users to make changes with little or no training.

Making streaming easy MAGEWELL Stand: 8-G430 The use of video streaming is growing across almost every industry, but not everyone who wants to create high-quality streams has the technical knowledge to do so. Magewell is showing its solution to this challenge at ISE, bringing its ‘easy-to-use’ Ultra Stream HDMI standalone streaming encoder to the show for the first time. Nick Ma, CEO and CTO at Magewell, said: “Making live streaming remarkably simple even for non-professional users, the Ultra Stream HDMI lets them record or stream high-quality video with one click using on-device buttons or an intuitive smartphone app. Simple enough for users with little or no technical background, the encoder is ideal for everyone from church

volunteers and teachers to corporate marketers and live event producers.” Users can stream to YouTube, Facebook Live or Twitch or to a custom-specified server. In addition, the appliance can record video as files to a directly-connected USB drive or the associated smartphone. It supports H.264 video compression and AAC audio, and two distinct combinations of resolution, frame rate and bitrate can be specified for simultaneous recording and streaming with different parameters. The Ultra Stream HDMI captures, encodes and streams video up to 1080p60 via an HDMI input interface. The encoder also supports 4K HDMI inputs at 60fps, down-converting them automatically to HD for recording and streaming. Embedded HDMI audio is complemented by an analogue microphone input and a headphone output for monitoring, while HDMI loop-through connectivity simplifies workflows by enabling source signals to be simultaneously sent to a monitor or projector without needing an HDMI splitter. The Ultra Stream captures, encodes and streams The unit measures 94.2sq mm with a video up to 1080p60 via an HDMI input interface height of 28.5 mm and offers built-in WiFi as well as an RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet port.

New system controller rides out MOVECAT Stand: 7-T210


The presentation game EZCAST Stand: 13-B160

Movecat introduces a new system controller for complex kinetic applications

The new Pro II Dongles combine with the ProCast app to provide EZCast’s latest multi-screen wireless presentation solution. Instead of using HDMI and VGA cables to set up a multiple screen presentation, users can install an EZCast Pro II Dongle to each monitor or projector and then use ProCast to stream wireless media to each screen in real time. The Pro II Dongle supports screen and video resolutions up to 4K. New 802.11ac 5GHz support improves the wireless signal stability over the traditional 2.4GHz interface, resulting in faster and better pictures and videos. EZCast Pro app support continues to make Pro II Dongles a cross-platform wireless display receiver, meaning users can make wireless presentations from Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS smart devices. Users can broadcast wireless presentations to multiple screens via EZCast’s solutions

If any of the devices malfunctions, a central evaluation with visualisation is performed and – depending upon the system configuration – the drive or hoist affected, the group to which it belongs, or the entire system, is shut down safely.

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Know your screens inside out ALLSEE TECHNOLOGIES Stand: 8-C166 Ahead of the official launch later this year, ISE 2019 visitors are being treated to an exclusive showcase of new Hanging Double-Sided Window Displays. Allsee’s outward facing sunlight readable screen is poised to grab the attention of passers-by. And, once customers are inside a building, the inward-facing screen reinforces your message further. The screen has a brightness of 700cd/sqm and is claimed to be “ultra-resistant” to LCD blackening defects (up to 110°C). With a profile of 23mm and integrated ceiling mounting, the screen targets windows in retail stores, banking, restaurants and more. Available in 43in and 55in models the screen uses the firm’s Queen’s Award-winning digital signage so"ware. Thomas Fraser-Bacon, marketing director at Allsee Technologies, said: “At ISE 2019 visitors will be able to get the full 360° experience from this extraordinary innovation and see for themselves the remarkable depth of just 23mm – thinner than most single-sided displays.”

The display can be updated via USB plug and play for applications where there are budget constraints. It can also be upgraded using Allsee’s online CMS portal, unlocking features including the ability to remotely update and manage content, use multiple media zones and schedule content to play at different times.

Allsee grants ISE visitors a preview of its Double-Sided Window Displays ahead of launch

Palladio lines up immersive experience SONUS FABER Stand: 14-C150 Exhibiting for the first time at ISE this year, Sonus faber is showing the Palladio custom installation speaker collection – a complete line of in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers. The Palladio collection features two lines and 13 models, with an additional subwoofer that fits both lines. Each line has two angled models to respond to the challenge of mounting front speakers on the wall. Silk dome tweeters offer Damped Apex Dome technology, and mid-ranges and mid-woofers are equipped with natural fibre and cellulose pulp diaphragms. All models are equipped with a magnetic metal mask designed to make each model as discreet as


Ampetronic C Series hearing loop drivers offer DSP and networking capabilities

WEINZIERL ENGINEERING Stand: 9-F120 possible; but for one, an extra option is offered – the models PL-664 and PW-662 also sport classic elastic grille masks, in a tribute to stringed musical instruments that have, the company says, “guided the fortune of the brand”.

streaming. It features network audio matrix support with up to 60 audio streams routing at the same time. It also comes with a PC-based management system and IP audio terminals. The Chinese manufacturer, from Guangzhou, shares a stand with the Like Audio and Spirit brands.

Launch for Series 4 players Launching here at ISE are new BrightSign HD4 and LS4 models. They feature upgraded player hardware and run the latest version of BrightSign’s dedicated operating system (v8.0), making them “exceptionally powerful”, claims the company, but are pegged at the same price as their predecessors. Both players feature major updates to the HTML rendering engine, with the HD4 now offering 4K native decode supporting HDMI 2.1 and HDR10.

The new C Series hearing loop drivers from Ampetronic provide digital signal processing and networking functionality, as well as enabling fast, accurate setup and adjustment via a simple and easy-to-use digital interface. According to Ampetronic, the C Series has been engineered to deliver the high-end performance, consistency and certainty usually associated with top-of-the-range hearing loop drivers, all for the price of a mid-range amplifier. Class D drivers built into the C Series also ensure low running costs and reduced carbon footprint. The C Series has the benefit of networking capability, enabling installers, technicians and facilities managers to remotely control the driver and monitor its status, along with resistance and induction measurements. Email condition alerts provide reassurance that, regardless of location, an operator will be informed of any issues with performance delivery. Networking also provides the opportunity for future integration with Loopworks Measure for automated commissioning.

Safe and secure

LUCKY TONE Stand: 15-G125

BRIGHTSIGN Stand: 8-C165

AMPETRONIC Stand: 7-C192

The Palladio speakers are designed for in-wall and in-ceiling installation

New PA system setting the right tone PA, conference and professional audio system provider Lucky Tone is presenting its new ECO network PA system based on the IP/SIP protocol. The system has adopted the standard TCP/IP platform and voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology for extension and audio

New hearing loop drivers designed for easy set-up

Both the HD4 and LS4 boast higher power efficiency than their Series 3 counterparts. BrightSign is also exhibiting its more advanced XD4 and XT4 players at ISE 2019. The XD234 and XD1034 support Dolby Vision as well as 4K video. The XT244 and XT1144 offer PoE+, dual 4K video decode and 4K graphics. Additionally, XT1144 supports HDMI In to deliver live TV to end-points either via an HDMI cable or streaming over a network. This is the first time the full Series 4 player line-up has been shown anywhere.

Weinzierl Engineering is introducing two compact devices supporting KNX IP Security at ISE. The IP Interface 732 secure and the IP Router 752 secure are both powered by the KNX bus and are the smallest KNX devices on the market supporting KNX IP Security. The KNX IP Interface 732 secure serves as a secure interface between a LAN (IP, Ethernet) and KNX and can be used as a programming interface for the ETS. As a KNX Secure Interface (tunnelling), the device prevents unauthorised access to the system. The connection between PC and interface is encrypted, and the security option can be activated or deactivated in the ETS. The KNX IP Router 752 enables secure forwarding (routing) between different lines over a LAN (IP, Ethernet) as a fast backbone. As a secure router, the device enables the connection of unsecured communications on a KNX TP line with a secure IP backbone.

Technical integrations by BrightSign partners demoed on the BrightSign stand throughout ISE include a new line of displays from Mimo Monitors featuring the first 4K display powered by the Series 4 BrightSign Built-In SoC. Visitors can also see Comm-Tec’s Zygnage LCD poster screens powered by BrightSign, and BlueFox real-time mobile phone sensing technology in BrightSign players. A demonstration of Nexmosphere’s ‘elements for experience’ is shining a light on many different types of experiential controls that integrate with BrightSign players for engaging retail installations. The Series 4 portfolio is expanded with the ISE debut of HD and LS Media Players

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Huddler responds to USB-C growth

Repairs on the go GO AUDIO VISUAL Stand: 13-B90 The specialist AV support services company Go Audio Visual is highlighting the opening of its cleanroom equipment repair facility. The BS EN ISO accredited facility – situated in Northampton, England – enables repairs to clients equipment to be undertaken in a controlled environment. The cleanroom is the latest addition to Go Audio Visual’s portfolio of services that are supplied to equipment manufacturers, OEMs, distributors and resellers. Barry Rimmer, managing director of Go AV, explained: “One of our key divisions is the provision of on-site warranty swap out services whereby, if a piece of equipment is deemed faulty, we take a replacement to site and swap it with the faulty one. The cleanroom now means that the faulty equipment can be returned to our facility and repaired in-house, saving the client the cost of shipping it to be repaired, o!en in another country.”

Go AV technicians repair equipment in the company’s cleanroom

KANEXPRO Stand: 1-N15

The Huddler auto-switches between two devices with simultaneous audio output

The connectivity solutions provider is debuting its Huddler, a 2 x 1 USB-C and HDMI switcher designed to seamlessly switch between HDMI and USB-C. Designed in response to the ever-increasing need to connect USB-C based laptops, tablets and other devices for conferencing, the Huddler auto-switches between two devices with simultaneous audio output and de-embeds to a balanced analogue audio output, which KanexPro says is perfect for ceiling speakers. The Huddler supports resolutions up to 4Kx2K@60Hz, 4:4:4, 8-bit and 1080p/60. It also supports device extension by providing one type-B USB 3.0 port for host connection to a PC and two type-A USB ports for HID devices, such as a videoconferencing camera, microphone, or keyboard. The Huddler provides charging on USB-C ports up to 60W, making it appropriate for use with MacBooks and iPads. The Huddler features multiple methods of control. In Auto Mode, it will automatically switch to the first detected source device. If the active source is removed, it will transition to the lowest numbered output. The Huddler can be manually controlled with the front panel buttons, RS-232 command or any third-party control systems.

Slim signage SAUBAG Stand: 8-C475 Slim is Saubag’s best-selling indoor digital signage solution – described as a durable freestanding interactive multimedia totem for indoor advertising and/or public information. It’s for placing in locations with intensive pedestrian flow such as shopping malls, hotel lobbies, tourism information centres, railway station halls and so on, and is mostly used for running interactive multimedia applications in combination with digital advertisement content. The solution’s screen comes in a welded steel case with resistant screen/touchscreen protection glass and active cooling and dust protection system. This secures the hardware from overheating, dust, the! and vandalism risks. Customisation options include optional WiFi antenna, camera, card readers, NFC, printers and other peripherals on request.

Not shady: Slim indoor signage on display

Installed Sound

from the smallest up to the largest venues

Apart Audio solutions used in Alexander The Great Hotel - Paphos, Cyprus

Community Professional Loudspeakers solutions used in The Hippodrome Casino - London, UK

Visit Apart Audio & Community Professional Loudspeakers at ISE in Hall 1 Stand H140 Apart Audio & Community Professional Loudspeakers are brands of Audioprof Group International NV

Audioprof G R O U P


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FLASHTRACKS AVIXA FlashTracks are free 20-minute education sessions held on stand 13-N110. FlashTrack education is designed for AV professionals of all experience levels and focus on key industry topics

FlashTracks are for AVIXA members only. You can sign up for free at Download the app and log in to show your proof of membership

AVIXA Workshops are organised into four tracks. To help you choose your sessions, use the key below to identify the topics of most interest to you






Twenty-minute design school: designing for user experience

Designing a network for AV over IT

User experience: the new catalyst for technology

Speaker: Lee Nicholson, Crestron The transition to network-based AV technology has happened. This session will present a high-level overview of the requirements for the distribution of AV over a network infrastructure. Network Topology Unicast vs. Multicast Network Security.

Speaker: Chuck Espinoza, CTS-D, CTS-I, AVIXA “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works,” - Steve Jobs. This session will touch on what user centered design is about and some of the principles involved in making a good user experience.

Speaker: Melody Craigmyle, committee member, Leadership Search Committee, AVIXA Many integrators are missing a big opportunity by not leveraging public relations in their local markets and the trade media. This session will explore seven ways integrators can leverage PR to promote their business, cra! a company image and build trust among audiences that can help fuel their business. In this session, delegates will: 1) Learn how to start cra!ing your PR strategy 2) Simple-to-implement tactics to get started 3) Learn what’s news and not newsworthy to keep audiences engaged.


Twenty-minute tech manager school: creating an SOP Speaker: Chuck Espinoza, CTS-D, CTS-I, AVIXA Procedures make success repeatable. Repeatable procedures produce metrics, and metrics produce better procedures. This session will explore what makes a good SOP, and when SOPs should be implemented.



Seven ways public relations can fuel your company image

Presenting and sharing across competing wireless technology platforms

Speaker: Per Persson, Williams AV As meeting spaces become more complicated, technology risks becoming a hurdle rather than an asset with learning curves growing steeper. This presentation will discuss common wireless platforms and challenges for engaging users working with different technologies. Meeting participants prefer to use their own device, which could be an iPad or an iPhone, a PC or an Android tablet or phone. The challenge is that each of those platforms operates with different wireless technologies – in addition to WiFi and Bluetooth, Google/Chromecast and Miracast are common, noncompatible platforms. This session will cover the trade-offs between the different technologies and the cost/benefit of accommodating them.





User Experience

Emerging Trends

Speaker: David Margolin, Kramer Electronics Ltd User experience is much larger than how we interact with an interface. It’s no longer only about the ease of using specific technology. In a meeting room, the user experience begins as soon as we step inside, and sometimes even earlier. For example, is the room’s schedule with my upcoming booking visible? Is the room’s climate good for me? Has the projector warmed up? Are the lights on? If time is wasted until meetings begin due to technology, the user experience of that technology is terrible. Similarly, a difficult to install product/solution is perceived as a ‘bad experience’ and an easily managed product/solution, as a ‘good experience’. User experience is fast becoming the deciding factor when selecting new technologies and the main driver when it comes to technological preference. A classroom with great technology and average user experience no longer prevails over one offering great user experience, even if the technology is only average. To provide real value to users, every aspect of every product in an AV environment needs to be scrutinised through the prism of user experience. Companies that manage to harness the true nature of user experience will lead the industry going forward.


Integrating IoT into AV systems

Speaker: Patrick Murray, Controlhaus Systems Design IoT may seem like just another buzzword to AV professionals. A!er all, we’ve been creating networks of “things” for decades. Introducing internet connectivity into AV/IT systems brings a whole new set of concerns, risks, benefits and opportunity.

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27/01/2019 21:10




Open source AV: working with strangers from the internet

Audio enhancing the user experience


Twenty-minute navs: network analysis – packet capture using Wireshark Speaker: Stuart Willcocks, CTS-D, CTS-I, Google Wireshark is a free and open-source tool for inspecting packets as they pass through the network. It’s a great way to learn about network technologies, and an indispensable tool for anyone working with AV control systems. In this session delegates will be given a tour of the Wireshark so!ware, look at a variety of use cases where packet analysis might be useful, and finally use Wireshark to observe what happens on the wire when we send a seemingly straightforward AV control message.


Speaker: Kim Burgess, ACA Projects A gentle introduction to open source within the AV industry. This session will give a non-technical overview on why anyone would give so!ware away, how to become involved in the open source community, and common tools and resources for collaboration.



Speaker: Andrew Francis, Shure Inc. This session will cover the growing importance of audio for video conferencing and its role in the modern workplace, including UX strategies and the future of collaboration, focusing on the end-user experience to highlight challenges and common pain points. Discussions will look at the crucial role of audio in the user experience, backed by current research and tips to help your colleagues put on successful video conferences. Delegates will attend this session to explore new ways for AV and IT to collaborate and ensure the highest quality of service.


HDCP Pro 2.2: understand copy protection in its latest reincarnation

Speaker: Brian Davies, Biamp High-bandwidth digital content protection provides safety against unauthorised copying or distribution of encrypted material. HDCP Version 1 has been around for some time, but imposes severe restrictions that o!en make its use in AV context extremely difficult, if not impossible. HDCP Pro offers alternatives, while providing new responsibilities through its licensing model. This talk is intended to clarify the differences between HDCP 1.x, 2.2 (consumer) and Pro 2.2, and explain what changes the AV installer can expect. In this session, delegates will: 1. Understand the differences between HDCP v1 and 2.x; and Pro 2. Review the new capabilities of HDCP 2.2 Pro 3. Analyse the new licensing model and responsibilities of the AV installer.



09:30-12:30: Room D202

09:30-12:00: Room D301

Advanced lighting design for cinema designers

Designing Ethernet and wireless networks

Speakers: Guy Singleton, owner, The CEDIA Designer; Sam Woodward,customer education leader EA, Lutron When most people think about engineering a Home Cinema, discussions revolve around speakers, screens, immersive audio codecs and room EQ. While all critical, these elements pale into relative insignificance compared to engineering the actual room itself correctly. In the room design, lighting is a critical element as it will contribute towards aesthetics, safety, image contrast, image colour uniformity and creating a more social space when required to share in more casual viewing such as sports or TV. This course is a deep dive into how to correctly design lighting in highperformance AV spaces to maximise all of the above elements.

09:30-12:30: Room D204

AV-over-IP methods, formats and system design

Speaker: David Meyer, director of technical curriculum, CEDIA Distributing video over an IP network is fast gaining preference over matrix- or splitter-based distribution systems, from professional post-production through to commercial and residential applications. This all-new course is CEDIA’s deepest ever dive into the workings of AV-over-IP, preparing the learner with knowledge about current and emerging compression codes and standards, network speed and latency implications, maintaining video features such as HDR, and best practices in infrastructure and system design. It includes an interactive demonstration workshop with HDMI-based solutions for small or large residential and commercial installations.



Half-day sessions cost €155 for CEDIA members (€220 for non-members); 90-minute sessions are €89 (€119). All sessions are included in the CEDIA ALL ACCESS Pass

Speaker: Geoff Meads, managing director, Presto AV The IP network is the backbone of every modern custom installation and the number of connected devices is ever growing. With this in mind it is now crucial that the fundamental design of any home network is robust and well conceived. It is no longer good enough to just ‘plug it in to any available socket’ come install time. This course will explore all aspects of modern network topology, including traffic flow, infrastructure planning, connectivity options and planned redundancy. During the session students will work in groups to develop a robust network that will be stable for an initial and developing list of connected host devices. Wired and wireless connectivity will be included as well as host devices from the AV, computing and mobile world.

09:30-11:00: Room D203

Wellness is the new luxury

Speaker: Julie Jacobson, founding editor, CE Pro Imagine waking up to a virtual sunrise created by ambient lighting, along with nature scenes projected onto the wall, crickets chirping from the speakers, warm air circulating and the ‘fresh smell of morning’ dispensed through scent diffusors – just like the cavemen had. The science is real, and the business opportunities are immense. Wellness research abounds these days, showing that properly designed indoor spaces can improve productivity, focus, memory, sleep, moods and overall mental and physical health. This presentation addresses the compelling research behind ‘well building’ initiatives, the huge business case for wellness design and the big opportunity for home technologists. There are now certifications for ‘well building’ design, a booming market for ‘wellness travel’ and a worldwide movement towards ‘well-work’ offices and ‘well-stay’ hotels.

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27/01/2019 21:10



11:30-13:00: Room D203

14:00-17:00: Room D201

5G: everything you need to know

KNX 101: System design and ETS programming

Speaker: Mark Warburton, technical director, Ivory Egg During this course you will discover the basics of KNX system design, wiring topology and installation followed by a chance to do some basic KNX programming using the ETS so!ware.

Speaker: Michael Heiss, principal consultant, M Heiss Consulting 5G is more than just the next version of mobile phone communication. It is a truly transformative technology enabler that means more than just greatly increased data speed and very low latency. With the potential to make everything talk to everything else the application impact will touch VR/AR, autonomous vehicles, industrial and medical devices and much more. The initial rollout of 5G will raise as many questions as it provides answers and solutions, and in this comprehensive course CEDIA Fellow Michael Heiss will give you the background you need to prepare for 5G, and what you need to know to include it in your networking and device tool kit.

14:00-15:30: Room D202

Making multi-room audio a better profit stream for your business

Technology, consumer trends and business strategy workshop

Speaker: Peter Aylett, technical director, Archimedia Driven by the CEDIA Tech Council, this intensive session explores how both consumer and technology trends will affect attendees and their businesses within the next five years. Suitable for both suppliers and installation companies, the session will start with a lively debate on top technology and market trend predictions. Following this, the group will work to develop actionable strategies to embrace opportunities and mitigate threats. Participants can expect to leave well equipped to plan for a strong future in a time of industry change.

14:00-17:00: Room D201

Home theatre audio and acoustics, part III

Speaker: Anthony Grimani, president and lead consultant, Performance Media Industries This is part three of a comprehensive series that teaches participants how to deliver the best results in surround-sound system designs. Applying the knowledge gained from home theatre audio and acoustics, part I and part II, this session helps students ensure theatre surround systems work in the real world. Learn best practices on proper speaker and subwoofer selection and placement.


14:00-17:30: Room D203


For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2019

Speaker: Hugo Fitzjohn, education manager, Meridian Audio On-demand streaming services now account for more than 50% of our total audio consumption and provide a great opportunity for installers to significantly improve the experience for their customers while increasing profitability. As an industry we should embrace how consumers choose to listen to music and move away from the more rigid, inflexible methods and set ups. We’ll look at the size and shape of the market space and investigate common service providers and the options to integrate these services into multi-room systems.

15:00-16:00: Room D301

The CEDIA Designer Workshop (free to attend)

Speaker: Guy Singleton, owner, The CEDIA Designer Join founder Guy Singleton as he demonstrates the world’s first home cinema and media room design so!ware that was built by home cinema designers for home cinema designers. Enter your design information and the so!ware will create a technically perfect home cinema or media room with full documentation, rendered to-scale visuals of the finished cinema, and a 3D CAD model. Technically correct designs include the latest in immersive audio and the product database includes products from the finest manufacturers.

16:00-17:30: Room D202

Upselling fibre optic installations

Speaker: Cameron Smith, CEO, Techlogix Fibre has become a necessary part of audio-visual installations thanks to 4K HDR, 8K and ever-increasing network bandwidths. But how do you convince your customer that paying more for fibre is in their best long-term interest? This course will explore why fibre is necessary and how to cra! an effective selling strategy that will improve your customer’s AV experience while increasing your profitability.


CEDIA Talks are 20-minute sessions presented by industry thought leaders, and are free to attend with no registration necessary

11:00 Cinema grades, CEB22, CEB23, designer facts An overview of CEDIA’s plans and potential opportunities for CEDIA members to get involved in this exciting industry defining work Speakers: Peter Aylett 14:00 Mass sensorization A brief human perspective on daily interactions with ‘harmless’ technology, the constant grapple for subconscious control of our information, our wallets and our lives Speakers: Christiaan Beukes 16:00 WI-FI 6... The answer to your Wi-Fi woes? Insight into data speeds, radio bands and device availability, and the new language of WiFi standards Speaker: Geoff Meads


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Connect with Europe’s first and only AV brand dedicated to end users



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Telephone +44 (0)207 354 6047

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For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2019


New for ISE 2019, the Main Stage hosts a broad range of educational and thought leadership presentations, produced by AVIXA, CEDIA, ISE and AV Magazine. It is located in a central position in Hall 8 (8-E400) and features a bespoke design from ISE partner improve. Sessions are free to attend and no advance booking is required

Artist Impression ISE 2019 Main Stage - Plenary session 10:00-10:30

Success with CTS

Alex Sanfilippo, Kra!werk Living Technologies; Ann Brigida, senior director of standards, AVIXA; Brad Grimes, senior director of communications, AVIXA


Raising the bar with standards

Ann Brigida, senior director of standards, AVIXA


CEDIA Award Winner: Polo Home Cinema

Alex Camara, CEO, AudioControl; Shereen Edward, regional head of engineering and design, Archimedia


World War One Remembered: Passchendaele Centenary event Kate Dawkins, Kate Dawkins Studio


The tallest statue in the world: A mapping extravaganza

Ajay Parwaney, managing director, Pyramid Technologies; Aarti Parwaney, director business development, Pyramid Technologies


eSports: A new arena for event technology Rafal Mrzyglocki, CEO, Aram


CEDIA Award winner: La Maison

Michael Sherman, directeur général, HENRI; Thierry Forin, country manager, France, Lutron


AR/VR/MR: Challenges and practical applications Ibrahim Bakhrani, co-founder and CTO, DigiComm


Panel debate: Creating immersive experiences

Ross Magri, managing director, Sarner International; David Willrich, managing director, DJW (DJ Willrich Ltd); Blair Parkin, principal, Teecom; Bart Kresa, BARTKRESA



Stand Design Awards

See article on page 18 of this issue for more details

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Room D501/D502/D504

09:30-17:30 (D504)

Simulation & fixed install projector demos 09:30-17:30 (D502)

VR projector demos

Room F002

What’s new about ClickShare

Digital Signage Organisation launch Room G102

Focus on XMS-110

10:40-11:05 , 14:40-15:05 (D501)

wePresent 2100 in the classroom 11:15-11:40, 15:15-15:40 (D501)

ClickShare IT-friendly new features ClickShare vision roadmap



Connecting people, space and tech 13:45-14:45

Designing with Crestron Pyng OS2

The d&b news session

Martin Audio

Room E104

Loudspeaker demonstration Void Acoustics

The d&b Soundscape




The d&b product listening session

What is so special about HDMI 2.0 matrix switchers and extenders, you ask? Well, quite a lot if you look under the hood.

11:00-12:00, 13:00-14:00, 15:00-16:00, 17:00-18:00


12:00-12:45, 16:00-16:45

Room G110

Everything you need for HDMI 2.0

Virtual control that works

UC – solutions for every spce


L-Acoustics looks forward to presenting the company’s latest addition to its installation product range for the first time at ISE 2019.


15:00-16:00 Room E105/106

L-ISA presentation

Lightware Visual Engineering

The evolution of AVoIP: DM NVX2.0

11:50-12:15, 15:50-16:15 (D501)

Room E103


Preparing for the network generation

10:05-10:30, 14:05-14:30 (D501)


10:00-11:00, 12:00-13:00, 14:00-15:00, 16:00-17:00



09:30-09:55, 13:30-13:55 (D501)

d&b audiotechnik


Room G104

Kramer Control Certification

Room E108

10:00-11:00, 12:00-13:00, 14:00-15:00, 16:00-17:00

Audio demonstration

Audio demonstrations including products from the Arcline, Air, Venu, Cyclone and Nexus series.

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ISE Daily 2019


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Don’t fight for screen time LINDY Stand: 8-K140 The Lindy 4 Port HDMI 2.0 and USB Quad View KVM Switch has been announced, allowing the display of up to four devices on the same screen, either independently or at the same time. This latest addition to Lindy’s display switch range offers ‘seamless’ switching between the sources and scales all outputs up to 4K 3840x2160@60Hz 4:4:4 8bit. As well as HDMI 2.0, its new interface supports HDCP 1.4. Source selection is via buttons on the module or, if built into a workstation, an optional IR sensor and remote

control are available for remote switching. Users can also continue working on each of the connected PCs by connecting a USB keyboard and mouse. In Quad View, the mouse cursor can cross from one window to the other freely by moving the mouse, without needing to select the source via the front panel buttons. If audio is required this is also catered for, with Stereo LPCM and Multichannel Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD (HDMI Embedded) signals all compatible and switchable.

Hidden audio suspense REVOLUTION ACOUSTICS Stand: 7-V180 A new product from Revolution Acoustics makes it possible for system integrators to install completely hidden audio sources in suspended ceilings. The patent-pending Ubiqui-T360 is a ceiling tile mounting system for the SSP6 Multiducer, bringing the company’s constant-SPL planar wave audio technology to any drop ceiling without any change in the visible appearance of the ceiling. The Ubiqui-T360 mount does not require any tools for installation and attaches in under two minutes to an existing ceiling tile, a"er which an SSP6 Multiducer unit is screwed into place. Once installed each speaker provides 360° coverage of up to around 110sqm, with power handling of up to 150W (400W instantaneous peak). Applications for the Ubiqui-T360 include corporate sound masking, background music in medical offices, instructional audio and paging in schools, and music/paging in other locations where suspended ceilings are commonplace. The Ubiqui-T360 allows system integrators to install completely hidden audio sources in suspended ceilings

Why view one source when you can view four – on the same display

New support for HDMI 2.1 XILINX Stand: 15-D240

Xilinx is demonstrating a new intellectual property core for the HDMI 2.1 interface

So"ware developer Xilinx is announcing its support for HDMI 2.1 during ISE 2019, and is demonstrating a new intellectual property core for the HDMI 2.1 interface to support 8K UHD video transmission and reception. Xilinx says it offers an adaptable silicon and so"ware platform that can integrate AV and IP transport connectivity, compression and processing in a single device. The company is aiming to meet the growing demand in the professional AV market for higher resolution, higher frame rates and high dynamic range. The addition of HDMI 2.1 support enables manufacturers of all kinds of equipment and applications, from cameras and streaming media players, to monitors, LED walls and projectors. Devices can receive and present HDMI-compliant streams with additional flexibility to tailor the design to exact system requirements, implement multiple channels in a single Xilinx device, and to differentiate through features, so"ware usability and video quality improvements.

Tasks sought for AV workhorses TASCAM Stand: 14-C120

Xilinx and its alliance programme partners are also demonstrating a range of other cores for compression, video processing and digital signage analytics.

Signage of the times CABLETIME Stand: 10-P130 The latest updates in its range of customisable IPTV and digital signage products are being demoed throughout ISE 2019 by Cabletime. Heading up the product roster are two MediaStar Transcoders – the 700-482 and 700-485 – which process, regulate the stream rate and transcode multiple live video and audio IPTV streams to enable their controlled re-transmission onto an IP network. This allows each processed stream to meet specific network data rate limits or be modified to play out on

other platforms. Being shown for the first time are the new MediaStar 798 HDMI encoder and the 799 IP-caster, which deliver lower latency and recasting across virtual private networks and the internet to offices or other locations enabled with the two solutions. Cabletime is also showing its latest so"ware updates for MediaStar Media Manager and Creator, for the creation and distribution of visual communications, signage and live streaming.

A new range of innovative AV products for system integrators and installers – aimed at education, corporate/industrial users and governmental institutions – is on show on the Tascam stand this year. Chris Wright, vice president of business development EMEA, said: “Tascam’s move into fully AV-enabled solutions builds on the solid, ultra-reliable workhorse products for professionals that the company is known for. The company’s focus is on providing solutions rather than just products, and at ISE 2019 we are inviting AV integrators, distributors and consultants to meet our team on the stand to discover why they should be working with Tascam AV solutions.” The company is also showing several key products from its existing range, including audio interfaces, zone mixers and the Dante/AES67-enabled stereo SS-R250N and 64-channel DA-6400 audio recorder/players. “Tascam has a modern, fresh approach,” continued Wright. “Unlike many of our competitors, we are not weighed down by having to support legacy systems, legacy AV network protocols and legacy formats.”

The MediaStar 700-485 transcoder

Tascam is showing several key products from its range

ISE Daily 2019 73 ISE D3 2019 v1JRPB.indd 1


27/01/2019 21:15



Product Spotlight at ISE Sponsored content

Fibre 24Gbps HDMI cables with detachable headshell METRA HOME THEATER GROUP Stand: 1-Q80 A removable headshell with a small connector cover and hook makes pulling these cables through conduit easy. The hybrid active optical fibre technology supports up to 24Gbps bandwidth for 4K@60Hz and HDR, compatible with ARC, eARC and all of the current HDMI specifications. Available from 9 to 79m.

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2019

8K projector now delivers 36,000 lumens DIGITAL PROJECTION Stand: 1-F70 Last year at ISE, Digital Projection unveiled what it claimed was the world’s first 8K resolution projector to feature laser illumination and DLP technology. The company returns this year with an upgrade to the Insight Laser 8K, which now features 36,000 lumens of brightness. It uses three 1.38in DarkChip DMD chips and Digital Projection’s ColorMax for optimum colour accuracy and black levels. Target applications for the projector include medical, scientific and immersive visualisation and large venue applications. In addition to the resolution and lumen performance, The company is also using ISE to

provide a preview of its Insight 4K HFR Multi-View 3D projector. Multi-View 3D projection, the company says, is made possible by ultra-fast frame rates and high resolution. The technology allows a single projector to accommodate multiple viewers, each being tracked and each having a view of the image that remains appropriate to where they are. Beyond visualisation applications and virtual rides in theme parks, museums are another sector Digital Projection sees the technology used. The company suggests museums could offer a virtual tour of an ancient building, or a lifelike experience of an invaluable object.

ZyPerMX4 ZEEVEE Stand: 10-S130 Designed for flexible multi-channel encoding, the ZyPerMX4 delivers four channels of H.264 video up to 1080p via per channel. Delivers content to a wide variety of devices, including televisions/displays, computers, and smart devices via unicast, multicast or HLS.

The INSIGHT Laser 8K uses three 1.38in DarkChip DMD chips

Power and cable glory ARGOSY Stand: 10-K165

DynaScan dual-sided high brightness LCD – DS551DR4 DYNASCAN TECHNOLOGY Stand: 12-K50 & 12-K30 DynaScan introduces a revolutionary leap for in-window display technology. The DS551DR4 is a dual-sided professional ultra-high brightness LCD in a single, ultra-slim form factor. With a sunlight viewable 3,000 nit side and a 1,000 nit brightness side on the reverse, this all-in-one solution is an ideal fit for in-window applications.

Among the highlights of the Argosy stand is the EMU line-up of mains distribution units made by IPE. They are available in a single configuration, which will auto configure as either a master or a slave in standard ‘intelligent’ mode, or the Automatic Change Over (ACO) model. All of the AMU-3 and AMU-3-ACO units come with an embedded web server that enables continuous remote control and monitoring. They can be daisy-chained to other EMU3 units to provide up to 48 outputs via a single IP connection. Embedded intelligence in the EMU3-ACO Mark II unit can provide scalable power management with a low source outlay, claims the company. The userfriendly web interface provides rapid

access to control and configuration facilities. The health status of racks and every connected output can e monitored, and email alerting helps to deliver extensive reporting back to system admins and engineering teams. Argosy is also showing a range of Belden structured cabling technology, including CAT5e and CAT6 cabling in LSOH and PVC options. The company says the robust cables allow for critical and non-critical equipment to be connected to any facility’s network and carry high bandwidth signals, such as HD video streaming. The Barnfind BarnMini range of plug and play fibre converters is also on show. Argosy was recently the subject of a management buyout and the company has subsequently broadened its remit to include the pro audio recording and commercial pro AV markets.

The EMU-3-ECO IP-based mains distribution unit made by IPE


ISE Daily 2019

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Meet an interactive door sign At-a-glance view of meeting room availability

ADD-ON PRODUCTS Stand: 8-C450 According to Add-On Products, its digital signs provide an at-a-glance view of a meeting room’s availability. Using the touchscreen, you can book, start, end, or cancel meetings right on the meeting room sign. The company’s digital signage so!ware also prevents no-shows. Meetings are automatically cancelled if the host doesn’t confirm the start of the meeting on the meeting room sign, thus freeing up the room for others to use. The so!ware includes templates with various layouts for customising to fit a company’s visual identity. Users can dress up the template with a corporate logo, colours, and branding, or even call on the Add-On Products team to do the customisations for you. It’s compatible with iPad, Android, and Windows hardware and is compatible with Microso! Exchange On-Premises and Exchange Online (Office365).


Lower MOQs are distributor-friendly GREEN AUDIO MANUFACTURING Stand: 5.S45

The ICS 6.1 speaker is available within Green Audio’s own label programme

Line arrays for low visual impact K-ARRAY Stand: 7-X223, 7-Y195 Even though it’s the largest system in K-array’s most discreet line, the Azimut-KAMUT2V25 – which is on show at ISE 2019 – has been designed for minimal visual impact. Designed for applications where more power and a longer throw is required from an invisible profile, the system is composed of two 25cm-long Vyper-KV25 loudspeakers, an ultra-compact Truffle-KTR26 subwoofer, the Kommander-KA02 amplifier with a four-channel Class D module, and a covert remote control. In addition to balanced analogue inputs and fibre optical input, the KAMUT2V25 boasts plug and play capabilities with Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports and mini jack input. Onboard Spotify and web radio streaming is available. The Azimut app connects over WiFi to manage all the functions of the amplifier, from sound source selection and playlist management to graphic equalisation and multi-room network set-up. A wired remote control allows volume control and Bluetooth management. The two Vyper-KV25 line array speakers contain four 1in cone drivers featuring Pure Array Technology. The high-efficiency drivers have a neodymium magnet and suspensions engineered for maximum linear excursion and minimum residual transducer noise.

The Azimut-KAMUT2V25 mini line array is the largest in the range

The rest of the system was designed to remain hidden from view. The Truffle-KTR26 subwoofer has a 12in-long cylindrical speaker box with two 6in speakers on each side, making it easy to hide on shelves or under tables. The Kommander-KA02 amplifier can extend a configuration to up to two additional Vyper-KV25 loudspeakers, and when more rooms are equipped with the Azimut system, a LAN network can be created to control them all at once by selecting one system as master and the others as slaves.

Strong and stable cable TTL NETWORK Stand: 7-C185 The inclusion of a stable moulding for the RJ45 plug and cable boot in order to provide maximum contact reliability – even under heavy mechanical stress – is among the strengths of the new TTLan HDBaseT 5Play UltraFlex Patch Cable from TTL Network. In addition, the fact that the patchcords are UL listed makes the product suitable for demanding industrial HDBaseT applications, says TTL Network. Through the moulding, the cable is firmly connected to the RJ45 plug and the cable boot, thereby ensuring the highest level of contact safety. In addition, the RJ45 connector features specially designed triple-blade contacts, which in combination with the rigid inner conductor of the AWG23/1 cable provide a reliable connection. Every single patch cable is tested for performance (Cat.6A), and the relevant test protocol is enclosed with the cable. Lengths are available in 0.5m, 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m, 7.5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 25m and 30m from stock.

Simply LED INVENTDESIGN Stand: 10-H120 Innovative LED lighting products and solutions are on show by Dutch company InventDesign in Hall 10. One of the key products is the multi-functional DiGidot C4 LED pixel controller, which comes in two different versions. The C4 Live is designed for live control applications like concerts, festivals, clubs, TV studios and architectural projects. The C4 Extended version offers the same features as the Live version, but can also record, playback and trigger scenes. The Extended version is therefore also suited for integration in building management systems, show control systems, theme parks and other automated applications. InventDesign is also showcasing its E series LED modules, which, thanks to built-in electronics, allow for every module to be controlled individually. The modules are widely used in architectural and entertainment industries for facades, stages and other creative objects

First-time exhibitor Green Audio Manufacturing is at ISE to promote its ability to help distributors and integrators to develop own-brand products. Traditionally, Green Audio says, factory-direct minimum order quantities (MOQs) are 500 to 1,000 units – putting private labels out of reach of most companies. However, with Green Audio’s new private label program, distributors and integrators gain access to custom-branded products starting as low as 48 units. Based on the company’s ICS 6.1 entry-level 6.5in in-ceiling model, Green Audio offers three levels of customisation depending on customer needs, including brand development, logo creation, and graphic design. Speakers are packed four per box using Green Audio’s minimal packaging. Barry Wosk, president of Green Audio, said: “We created the private label speaker programme based on market demand from our North American dealers. Internationally, we see tremendous opportunity for channel management by offering an infinite array of brands with very small MOQs giving distributors and dealers alike ultimate control in their markets.” Wosk added that end users can also feel good knowing the production, transportation, and disposal offers a reduced environmental footprint.

The DiGidot C4 LED pixel controller comes in two versions

you might need pixel lighting for. There are three different modules – the DiGi E3 Module 12V is equipped with three RGB LEDs, the E6 module 24V has six RGB LEDs and the E12 module 24V offers twelve RGB LEDs. InventDesign’s LED technologies feature in high profile buildings around the world, including the A’DAM tower in central Amsterdam and the Crown Plaza Hotel in Macau.

TTL Network’s new cable is designed to suit highly demanding industrial environments

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New storage system launched UNICOL Stand: 1-N120 Launching on the Unicol stand is the Vertislide Serviceable Cassette Mount. It is designed so that users can securely and tidily store their devices behind a screen in a swap-in-swap-out cassette tray. Utilising the lockable drop down tray, users can efficiently and discreetly change, replace or upgrade old/broken devices without having to take the screen off the wall. Expanding on the Obelisk Digital Signage System (ODSS), Unicol is additionally showing a range of bespoke and custom dual column kiosk/ totem variations including the 1 x 3 multi-screen Roller Trak, with illuminated branding and double-sided ticketing capabilities. Available in a broad range of configurations and colours, the core H-frame – consistent throughout the range – is said to allow for simple and rapid installation regardless of the style. Alternative mounting solutions are also making an appearance on the Unicol stand. These include the Rhobus Huddle, with a smooth motorised desktop allowing for seated or standing The Obelisk kiosk/totem meetings; and a variety of is available in a broad standard ceiling and wall mounts, range of configurations menu boards and more. and colours

New pro speaker brand makes ISE debut

AARON B Stand: 7-P185

Following on from the 2018 launch of new UK-based professional speaker brand Aaron B, the company is showing a number of its current products at ISE 2019. Aaron B is named a#er its director, Aaron Boothe, who has been developing speakers since the age of 13. Twenty years on he is channelling this experience into the Vision and Pure professional speaker series. Boothe draws on many years of experience as a professional sound engineer for major artists such as Billy Ocean, Gabrielle, Olly Murs and Tinie Tempah, as well as with companies including Wigwam Acoustics and dbnAudile. His hands-on experience of managing professional audio installations for venues across the UK has also helped to inform the development of the Aaron B products. Having carefully studied every area of the market, Boothe has considered multiple key elements – ranging from product performance to ongoing technical support – to derive speaker packages that ensure the new brand will “stand out from the crowd”. The Aaron B loudspeaker brand is the brainchild of designer Aaron Boothe

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2019

Knight moves and cube displays VISS DISPLAY Stand: 12-A64

The Viss EL3.9mm is cut at 45º so that cubes can be constructed

Big screen manufacturer Viss Display is launching the Black Knight 3.9mm pure black SMD outdoor screen at ISE. The 16-bit screen offers over 4,000 nits of brightness and gives users the option to have one single screen for both indoor and outdoor applications. In 500 x 1,000mm or 500 x 500mm bendable, lightweight, high contrast tiles, the company claims that the product “gives you almost all you can ask for in corporate events”. An auto lock mechanism eases construction.

Also on the Viss stand is the outdoor EL3.9mm, which features a 45º cut on both sides, so that cubes can be constructed. It weighs in at 10.5kg per tile and comes complete with professional touring frames and dollies. The signature mesh screen from Viss – the SE series – is the company’s hero product on the stand. It was recently used on a 1,700sqm ceiling project by Genting Casino in Malaysia, and product upgrades have seen it gain data back-up and IP65 protection.

Digital signage with teeth DATA MODUL Stand: 15-P265

Display technology provider Data Modul is presenting the Alligator solution for use in digital signage and point of sale/point of information (POS/POI) applications. The system promises advantages over conventional poster displays since content feeds may be customised and automated via the local access network as well as by wireless LAN. Both Data Modul and system integrator xplace have been involved in building Alligator, which comes with a content management system called Beeceen.

Cynap portfolio extended WOLFVISION Stand: 1-M20

The Cynap Pure wireless presentation system is being launched at ISE

A major extension to its Cynap system portfolio is being launched by WolfVision. Cynap Pure is designed to transform meeting rooms, huddle spaces, and classrooms of all sizes, into high performance wireless presentation environments, using WolfVision’s wireless presentation technology. Enterprise grade security encryption is combined with a range of installation options and remote management tools to provide a highly configurable BYOD wireless presentation solution. Cynap Pure focuses on comprehensive BYOD screen mirroring capability, providing wireless screen sharing for all iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook devices onto a central shared display screen. Connection is claimed to be quick and easy, and support for AirPlay, Chromecast, and Miracast mirroring protocols means that no so#ware, apps or dongles are needed when sharing content on-screen from smartphones, tablets or laptops. Other key system features include 4K output resolution, up to four window

simultaneous on-screen display, touchscreen compatibility, plus ‘touchback’ functionality which enables remote control of laptops while working at a shared multi-touch screen. Units can be managed and updated remotely using WolfVision administration tools. Both customisable and prepared API modules are also available, enabling easy room control system integration.

Making conferences make sense ABLIO Stand: 14-C122 Ablioconference is being launched, a simultaneous translation system for live conferences and events. Ablio says it allows event planners and organisers to directly manage the entire service flow, with full control of configuration, setup, rehearsal and go-live operations. Interpreters operate locally or by remote through their web-based dashboards, while event participants listen to the translation channels on their personal mobile devices, delivered by Ablioconference through its own WiFi networks. The entire setting of an event is recreated on the company’s ISE stand, where visitors can


Alligator provides a customised solution for digital signage and POS/POI applications.

see Ablioconference at work. The system is available through simple pay-per-use options and can be used for any kind of event regardless of size or location, and for any number of language channels or combinations. Marzia De Pietro, marketing manager at Ablio, said: “Ablioconference removes the need to rent and install traditional infrared radio proprietary systems. Using standard personal computers and wireless WiFi equipment, users can now deploy and run a simultaneous translation service at a fraction of previous setup and management costs.”

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Connect with Europe’s leading title dedicated to the AV channel

Issue 215 /October 2018


Beware the AVoIP hype

Without due thought, AV over IP solutions can falter

Right place, right time

Holovis is well placed for the experience-creation era

Common thread

Broadcast and AV - is convergence on the horizon?


Concert venue operators look to get more for less

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Shots from the show


“We come to ISE to find out about the new technologies, trends and new perspectives in terms of AV. It’s also a platform to learn from the training initiatives which help our business in systems integration and design for museums and stage.” Ints Berzins, Founder, Solavi

For the latest show news and updates follow #ISE2019

Tech Tours On yesterday’s ISE Tech Tour to the Anatomical Theatre of Wonder at Rijksmuseumboerhaave in Leiden, Tinker Imagineers took visitors through six centuries of science in just six minutes.

“Half of my team of 40 visit ISE to check out and discover the real novelties for experience design. We visit every year.” Stan Boshouwers, founder and partner, Tinker Imagineers, Netherlands

“I’ve heard so much about ISE and this year I signed up to attend the Smart Building Conference. I love communications and media and I’m quite impressed that the Sustainable Development Goals created by the United Nations has made its way through to the messaging of some ISE exhibitors.” Jenny Wase, mobile access systems planner, Netherlands


Ints Berzins, founder (L) and Anda Zemite, marketing director, Solavi, Latvia


“This is not just about digital projection. It is about digital art. If I take one nanosecond of every image, and I take a print out, every print is a work of art. It is millions of artistic images. When anyone sees it, they feel a part of it, because it brings Africa out, it brings Asia, it brings modern art, it brings everything out, and that is what so satisfying. This is technology art. This is the future.” - Anil Chopra (centre)

“Mindboggling display technologies have really been the eye candy of the show. This sculpture sums up ISE 2019 perfectly.” - Fabian Monn, first-time attendee at ISE

“Whether it is telecom internet technology, OTT broadcast technologies or audio networking technologies, it all happens here. And that’s the reason ISE is growing exponentially every year.” - Sven Lueken, first-time attendee at ISE

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