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NEWS in REVIEW By Karolina Rivas

INTERNATIONAL PLANE CRASH IN NEPAL At least 49 people are dead after a plane crashed upon landing in Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital, on Monday. Around 22 people remain in the hospital being treated for injuries. The cause of the crash remains unknown but the airport has reported that the plane approached from the wrong direction. “The aircraft was permitted to land from the southern side of the runway flying over Koteshwor, but it landed from the northern side,” Sanjiv Gautam, director general of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, told the Kathmandu Post. According to a recording obtained by the BBC, the conversation between the pilot and air traffic control minutes before the plane crashed suggests there was a misunderstanding over which end of the runway the plane was allowed to land on. Moments before the crash one can hear LiveATC telling the pilot: “I say again, turn!” Despite the recording, USBangla Airlines chief executive Imran Asif blamed the air traffic control.

NATIONAL AUSTIN POLICE SAY PACKAGE EXPLOSIONS ARE CONNECTED Authorities in Austin, Texas claim that three package explosions that were delivered to residents within the past 10 days are related. On March 2, a 39-year-old man was killed after opening a package that was delivered to his door overnight, according to police. Ten days later, officials reported that a 17-year-old boy died after a similar package exploded in his kitchen Monday morning. A woman was also injured in the explosion. Later that same evening, a 75-yearold Latino woman suffered life-threatening injuries when another hand-delivered package exploded as she opened it. “I want to assure all Texans, and especially those in Austin, that local, state and federal law enforcement officials are working diligently to find those responsible for these heinous crimes,” Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said in a statement. “As the investigation continues, the State of Texas will provide any resources necessary to ensure the safety of our citizens, and quickly bring those guilty to justice.”

LOCAL RENO LOCAL DIES IN NYC HELICOPTER CRASH A Reno native and graduate of Galena High School, Tristan Hill, was identified as one of the passengers that was killed in a helicopter crash in New York on Sunday. All five passengers aboard died with the pilot being the only survivor. Hill, 29, was the former director of Northern Nevada Blue Chip Basketball Camp based in Reno, the RenoGazette-Journal reports. According to CNN, this is the third crash to occur in the past 11 years for Liberty Helicopters. U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York has asked the Federal Aviation Administration to suspend the helicopter agency’s certificate until an assessment of the company’s safety record is completed. “Three (crashes) is too many,” Schumer told CNN. “There are too many allegations. No one knows what’s happened. I don’t think Liberty should be flying until we get to the bottom of this.” Karolina Rivas can be reached at karolinar@sagebrush.unr. edu and on Twitter @karolinarrivas.



New legislation aims to stop underreported harassment incidents

SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE 25% to 85% of women reported having experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.


Formal reporting is the least common response to a sexual harassment incident

of employees who spoke out against workplace mistreatment faced some form of retaliation 200

Unwanted physical touching was formally reported as 8%


150 100



One in four people people are affected by workplace sexual harassment


Decreased Workgroup Activity

Decreased Individual Activity

Sexually coercive behavior was reported by 30% $14.9 Sick Leave

$24.7 Job Turnover

The Effects of Sexual Harassment Design by Nicole Skarlatos

Statistics representing harassment in the workplace gathered from a 2016 study conducted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of Workplace Harassment in the United States.

By Karolina Rivas The #MeToo movement sparked an unprecedented level of action on sexual harassment in the workplace from public figures such as actors, athletes, employers and now, Capitol Hill. Congresswoman Jacky Rosen of Nevada introduced the Sunlight in Workplace Harassment Act on Feb. 27, in an effort to pass a bill that would require companies to disclose information on how complaints are handled and protect victims of harassment in the workplace. “Sexual harassment in the workplace is not a partisan issue, and I am thrilled to have Republican Congressman Walter B. Jones of North Carolina joining us as a co-sponsor on this important bill to shine a spotlight on this

problem,” Rep. Rosen said. “Having bipartisan support will be key to ensuring this legislation moves out of committee and onto the House floor for a vote.” According to a 2016 study conducted by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of Workplace Harassment in the United States around 25 percent to 85 percent of women reported experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace and predict that one in four people are affected by workplace sexual harassment. Rosen’s proposed measure would require publicly-traded companies to disclose a number of things, such as the number and monetary value of settlements paid out as a result of sexual harassment and other discrimination claims against corporate officers to the Securities and

UNR hosts diversity, inclusion summit By Alejandra Horwitz Students at the University of Nevada, Reno, will have the chance to participate in panel discussions about college diversity and inclusion at the 2018 Northern Nevada Diversity Summit on Thursday, April 12, at the Joe Crowley Student Union. The event, hosted annually by UNR’s Cultural Diversity Committee, aims to present the challenges associated with diversity on college campuses and within surrounding communities, and propose potential changes and solutions. The summit will serve as a forum for students and community members to engage in workshops and panels on such matters as gender, medical treatment across ethnicities and the challenges associated with being ‘non-white’. Presenters, selected based on proposals they submitted over the course of the last several months, were recently announced along with a detailed schedule of events, and are available on the Cultural Diversity Committee’s page of the UNR website. According to event organizer Matthew Aguirre, the summit centers around a different theme every year. He says this year’s theme of diversity, equity and inclusion was heavily influenced by the current political climate. “We always look at what is going on it the community and the country, and determine our theme based on that,” Aguirre said.


Exchange Commission. A report of the average length of time it takes to resolve harassment complaints and detail information on their efforts to prevent the perpetration of harassment, discrimination, and abuse by their employees would also be required, though the act will prohibit the SEC from disclosing the names of accusers and provide accusers with the option of limiting the extent to which details of their settlements are disclosed to the public. “The #MeToo movement has helped shed light on the onceinvisible struggles of countless women who have dealt with sexual misconduct in the workplace,” Rosen said. “For too long, we’ve seen those who have had the courage to speak out against their abusers lose their jobs and

even their careers just for sharing their story. It’s past time we end this culture of abuse by those in power, and I am committed to doing my part to solve this very real problem for workers in Nevada and across the country.” Although the act is placing tougher guidelines on how harassment cases are handled by companies, others believe that the bill should only have to do with the sexual harassment case itself rather than the company. “I have mixed feelings about this Bill. On the one hand, bringing sexual harassment issues out in the open is a very good idea,” said Mark Mausert, a civil rights lawyer representing the women involved in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the City of Reno. “On the other hand, many companies make reasonable efforts

Car burglaries on rise in Reno, police warn By Ryan Suppe

to prevent sexual harassment and to remediate it when it happens. When a settlement occurs, those companies are paying to ensure privacy, to avoid public scrutiny and being stigmatized.” Rosen says that the disclosure of information is needed of publicly-traded companies because it will help diminish powerful companies that are causing victims to suffer financially. In 1994, the Merit Systems Protection Board reported that as a result of sexual harassment, federal agencies faced a multitude of costs. Such costs included job turnover ($24.7 million), sick leave ($14.9 million) and productivity ($193.8 million), costing the government a total of $327.1 million. The

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Unrecognized fraternities feed Reno homeless By Olivia Ali

See CARS page A2 File Photo/Nevada Sagebrush

Cars as they are parked in the West Stadium parking garage in 2017. Vehicular crimes are increasing around Reno and on campus, according to police.

Unrecognized fraternities at the university spent the morning of Saturday, March 10, handing out sandwiches to Reno’s homeless population to show their support for the community. The event took place at the same time the university’s recognized Greek organizations participated in community service as part of Greek Week. Theta Chi, Zeta Psi, Kappa Sigma and Kappa Alpha took to the streets of the downtown Reno area near Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission to distribute peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to the homeless people in the area. The fraternities planned this community service event to show their support for the community’s wellbeing, even though they are not recognized organizations by the university. The members of the fraternities made approximately 500 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Saturday morning to distribute. They handed them out to Reno residents in front of the Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission, as well as down Fourth Street and Evans Avenue by the bus station. Any remaining sandwiches were given to the Gospel Mission. According to Theta Chi’s Media Relations Chairman, Michael Bradley, the idea came about after members of Theta Chi learned about the community service events of Theta Chi’s chapter at San Diego State University at a leadership conference.




Student voice of the University of Nevada, Reno, since 1893.

Volume 124 • Issue 24 Editor-in-Chief • Jacob Solis

News Editor • Madeline Purdue

Asst. News Editor • Karolina Rivas

Sports Editor • Brandon Cruz

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Continued from page A1 alleging harassment solely for the pre-litigation process that is paid through the Commission’s administrative enforcement. “Workplace harassment has a very real economic and personal cost for millions of women across America, and it’s on us to help put an end to this abuse of

power that pushes people out of their jobs and harms their careers,” Rosen said. “The current system allows corporate executives to sweep inappropriate behavior under the rug, and these reporting requirements will ensure a new level of accountability, transparency, and a path forward on how to end this systemic abuse that has permeated every corner of our society from Hollywood to Washington, to the Las Vegas strip.”



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Opinion Editor • Ryan Suppe

Ryan Suppe can be reached at and on Twitter @salsuppe.

not lesser beings for doing so.” The bill has since been endorsed by various organizations such as the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Arc of the United States, and Human Rights Campaign, and is being accompanied by a companion bill that was introduced by Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Karolina Rivas can be reached at and on Twitter @karolinarrivas.

is limited,” Siridachanon said. Siridachanon says that some students’ exposure to American culture has been limited to what they have seen of President Donald Trump, and expressed concern over how they would be received by students, who they assumed would hold similar views. “I do my best to encourage American students to talk to international students. It can be hard for them to feel welcome otherwise,” Siridachanon said. Keeping with its commitment to promote campus-wide inclusion, the summit’s discussions will address the subject of faculty diversity, in addition to student diversity. Esam Salem, originally from Libya, spent several years teaching Arabic at

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It’s a terrible feeling when you walk outside your home or get back to your car after A&E Editor • Joey Thyne classes and find that your car window has been smashed and everything inside has disappeared, or, for some reason, your license Design Editor • Nicole Skarlatos plate is gone. And now, police say, these thefts are on the rise. Photo Editor • Andrea Wilkinson Todd Renwick, assistant director for the University of Nevada, Reno’s Police Services, said reports of car burglaries are on track Copy Editor • Robert Roth this year to reach roughly the same numbers as last year. After two months in 2018, there Copy Editor • Clay Temme have been four car burglaries reported on campus. In 2017 the total was 27 burglaries. However, reports of car burglaries outside Multimedia Editor • Bailey MeCey the university have increased this year, cording to Tim Broadway, public information officer at the Reno Police Department. Web Manager • Willis Allstead “It’s an ongoing problem for not just our agency but others in the area,” Broadway Illustrator • Zak Brady said. Car burglaries are often the result of valuSocial Media Manager • Jessie Schirrick ables left in plain sight, police said. If thieves can look through your windows and see something possibly valuable, they’ll break Distribution • Zacary Brown a window and take what they can see, and feelings about what’s considered valuable can vary. Staff Writer • Emily Fisher “We’ve seen a window smashed for the change in the ash tray,” Renwick said. Media Adviser • Nichole Collins Even if you don’t have any valuables stolen, the cost to get a window repaired could set CONTRIBUTING STAFFERS you back $130 or more, depending on your Olivia Ali, Anisha Chedi, Alejandra car. And if auto glass repair shops are booked, you could be without a window for some Horwitz, Will Keys, Darion Strugs time. DISCLAIMER Broadway said the most common areas for car burglaries are shopping malls, residential The Nevada Sagebrush is a areas, near apartments and on streets with newspaper operated by and for congested parking. the students of the University “[People] might live in an affluent area, but of Nevada, Reno. The contents it’s not necessarily safe to leave valuables in of this newspaper do not vehicles,” Broadway said. necessarily reflect those opinions Police provided a few tips for keeping your of the university or its students. valuables safe. First, don’t leave them in your It is published by the students of car. But, if you must, make sure they are hidthe University of Nevada, Reno, den from sight. Lock your doors, park in busy and printed by the Sierra Nevada and well-lit areas and maybe think about installing a car alarm. Media Group. According to Renwick, catching thieves ADVERTISING can happen a few different ways: in the act of breaking into a car (which usually happens For information about display advertising and rates, please call in a matter of seconds), if they use your stolen credit card or try to pawn your valuables. the Advertising Department at On campus, security in parking garages is 775-784-7773 or email limited. Of the university’s three parking structures, only the Sierra Street garage near LETTERS TO THE EDITOR the residence halls has cameras. Keeping your valuables safe on the inside Letters can be submitted of your car is one challenge, but what about via email at valuables on the outside? License plates are also a common target for thieves. “It seems kind of silly, but stealing a license CORRECTIONS plate is only a misdemeanor,” Broadway said. “It’s silly because the theft is usually a result On March 6 in the article titled of something more sinister. “Students demonstrate in KC”, Often, license plates are stolen to replace The Nevada Sagebrush referred “hot” plates on a stolen vehicle. That’s what to minority students as “colored happened to Caroline Ackerman, a senior students”. This error was not journalism student at UNR. intentional and we sincerely Her car was parked at an apartment complex on Seventh Street across from Wal-Mart apologize to everyone. when she noticed Virginia City license plates on the front and back of her car. The plates SOCIAL MEDIA weren’t hers. “I thought it wasn’t my car,” she said. The Nevada Sagebrush She took the plates to the police who said they were from a stolen car, and Ackerman @NevadaSagebrush was forced to take a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles for new ones. At the DMV — a “five hour ordeal” — Ack@SagebrushSports erman paid $14 for replacements, and employees told her to look into anti-theft screws for her new plates. Police recommended the Nevada Sagebrush same thing. An anti-theft license plate kit costs about nvsagebrush $15 dollars on Amazon. It might save you the cost of replacements and a long day at the DMV.

Mausert says that the way to prevent harassment in the workplace comes down to educating and instilling emotional intelligence. “People need to learn to impose boundaries and to be strong enough to understand and empathize,” Mausert said. “Employees, including men, need to understand it is not only acceptable but mandatory, to intervene when becoming aware of sexual harassment. They are

The summit’s commitment to inclusion and related initiatives is shared by several on-campus groups. The Intensive English Language Center works with international students in order to facilitate their integration into the student body. Veeraporn Siridachanon is a student volunteer with the Center. She says limited diversity on campus can make it difficult for international students to find their place and discourages them from interacting with noninternational students. “Being more open and inclusive helps the students feel more like they belong here, even in situations where diversity

Karolina Rivas /Nevada Sagebrush

A woman holds signs that says solidarity in Spanish at the UNR Black Lives Matter rally on August 27, 2017. The university is hosting diversity summit to combat issues on campus.

Fraternity Continued from page A1 “This idea came about after many of our brothers went to Theta Chi U where we learned our chapter at San Diego State has been doing this event for a year now,” Bradley said. “Our Vice President Anthony Carini and our Community Service Chair Brad Davis worked together to plan this event and felt that it could be a huge benefit to the community.” The fraternities involved in the community service event, along with several others, have recently lost recognition from the university due to declining to agree to new regulations the university sent them. The Greek life organizations had until Monday, Jan. 22, to agree to the new regulations. After choosing to not sign, they lost recognition as a university organization and have been removed from the Greek life website. The fraternities that chose to not sign the university’s new regulations —Theta Chi,

Zeta Psi, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma and Alpha Tau Omega — released a joint statement explaining their opinions on the clause of the regulations. The clause at hand requires the fraternities to report the individual conduct decision making made through the organization’s internal judicial processes. According to the joint statement, the chapters feel this may have an adverse effect, rather than what the university thinks it will have. “Our chapters’ internal judicial processes are the way in which we hold brothers accountable to our fraternal values and expectations,” the statement said. “If the university mandates reporting of individual conduct concerns mediated through this peerto-peer processes, we fear it will have a chilling effect on members stepping up to hold one another accountable. Instead of improving the safety and responsibility in our community, it could do just the opposite. We value our relationship with the UNR ad-

George Mason University in Washington, D.C. before coming to UNR. He says that the lack of diversity at UNR has more to do with the population that feeds into it than any fault on the part of the university itself. Salem said the students he taught at George Mason came from around the country, representing a greater variety of states, religions and cultures. Most of his students at UNR are locals of similar cultural backgrounds. According to Salem, the university holds regular events within the Department of Language and Literature in order to celebrate diversity and inclusion among the faculty. He is unaware of any similar events held for students. “On-campus diversity is very important for students, it gives them the opportunity to learn about races, cultures and countries other than their own,” Salem said. Salem is familiar with the negative attitudes toward Middle Easterners, which he has encountered several times off-campus since arriving in the United States in 2010. However, he says he never experienced anything similar on-campus, and that the dynamic of his classes was never significantly impacted by the political situation. “My students and I made the election and debates a good occasion for discussion and to know more about our own views and analyze what is going on in the world around us,” Salem said. Alejandra Horwitz can be reached at and on Twitter @NevadaSagebrush. ministration, and urge them to reconsider their position on this issue.” According to the fraternity members, it is important to show their continued support for the community even though the university is no longer recognizing them as an official organization. “We want to show the university, the Fraternity and Sorority Life Office, and the Reno community that even though we aren’t a recognized club for the calendar year that we will continue to make a difference and show support for the city that has given us so much.” Bradley said. “We are more than just a liability to this university.” This is not the first community service event these fraternities have planned as Theta Chi has a partnership with Rancho San Rafeal Park and helps ensure their park is clean for certain events. Olivia Ali can be reached at mpurdue@sagebrush. and on Twitter @ NevadaSagebrush.

SENATE RECAP MARCH. 7 By Madeline Purdue

PUBLIC COMMENT SOCIAL SERVICES THANKS SENATE FOR UNDOCUWEEK Jahahi Mazariego, the social services coordinator at the university, came to the meeting to thank the Senate for giving the resources to her department and for helping organize UndocuWeek. She said students told her after the week that they felt represented. “It makes a difference when we show support for our undocumented community,” Mazariego said.


Dr. James Beattie, advisor of the Senate, reminded senators that elections for the 86th session start on Wednesday, March 14 and end the next day. Results will be announced Thursday night at 9 p.m. in the Knowledge Center. Students can vote online through their Canvas account or in person at the Joe Crowley Student Union. Information about the candidates for each college can be found on the ASUN website.

LEGISLATION ASUN VOTES TO INSTALL CONDOM VENDING MACHINES The Senate voted to install a condom vending machine on the first floor of the Knowledge Center and other vending machines controlled by ASUN and the Wolf Shop to make condoms more accessible to students. The bill passed unanimously.


Sen. Michael Se of the College of Engineering was censured by the Senate on Wednesday, Feb. 28. Se said he accumulated the points toward his censure because of scheduling conflicts and misunderstanding of office hour rules. The full letter of apology is below. To the students of the University of Nevada, It is with great regret that I inform you of my censure. When I accepted the position as your representative, I took an oath to hold myself to a high standard, worthy of the expectations you had for when you voted me into office. However, due to my own incompetence and miscommunication, as well as a failure to track office hours, I have failed to uphold these responsibilities. As a result of a certain class ending later than normal, miscommunication, and a miscalculation of travel time, I was late to a few meetings. This, on top of other responsibilities and a failure to record office hours at the beginning of my term, due in part to a lack of understanding of the rules of Senate, has resulted in the accumulation of enough points for censure. These reasons are, in no way, an acceptable excuse for my failures and I have no one, but myself, to blame. I would, therefore, like to apologize to all of my constituents for my poor behavior. I humbly acknowledge my faults and shortcomings and will do my best to learn from them and serve you all to the utmost of my ability. Sincerely, Michael Se Senator for the College of Engineering Madeline Purdue can be reached at and on Twitter @madelinepurdue.

University celebrates International Women’s Day with walk By Madeline Purdue

Molly Adams via Flickr

Women hold signs at the International Women’s March in Los Angeles in 2017. The university hosted a walk around the Quad in celebration of International Women’s Day.

The world celebrated International Women’s Day on Thursday, March 8, and the University of Nevada, Reno, was no exception. About 100 people showed up at 7 a.m. to walk around the Quad on the south end of the university’s campus on Thursday to celebrate and show support for women at the university and around Reno. Mary Dugan, general counsel for the university, has organized this event for the last two years. “In spring 2016, I realized too late that International Women’s Day, always on March 8, was coming and I knew of no planned celebrations at the university or in the greater Reno community,” Dugan wrote in an article for Nevada Today. “I resolved then to make sure there would be a celebration to attend in 2017.” Dugan said she picked the Quad because it is a historical location at the university. She also said she wanted every person at the university and in the com-

munity to be able to attend the event, which is why she set the time early in the morning. “If the event were held before most people’s work day started, however, more of us would be able to attend,” Dugan wrote. “And because the Quad is the perfect setting, a brisk morning walk of as few as a couple minutes long or as many as 60 minutes long would be just the ticket.” Dugan said the walk was a hit and everyone who participated enjoyed it. She plans on holding the event on every International Women’s Day. “Next year we hope to involve more students and more community members – even one lap counts!” Dugan said. The first Women’s Day was celebrated in the United States in 1909 and was held on Feb. 28. It was held exactly a year after women took to the streets in New York City to protest subpar working conditions and demand equal rights. European women joined the

movement in the years following, but it wasn’t until Russian women began protesting World War I on March 8, 1914, that the date for International Women’s Day was secured. Women in Russia were granted the right to vote after the protest. The United Nations didn’t recognize the day as International Women’s Day until 1975. March is also recognized in the U.S. as Women’s History Month. This started in 1987 and grew from a movement in California. The school district in Sonoma held a week-long celebration in recognition of women’s contributions to society, history and culture. The districts around Sonoma, and eventually other states caught on to the idea and started celebrating the week. In 1980, President Jimmy Carter officially made the week a countrywide celebration, and in 1987, it was expanded to the whole month of March. Madeline Purdue can be reached at and on Twitter @madelinepurdue.



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How to build credit as a college student By Emily Fisher Money makes our world go ‘round, and while college students seem to have less of it than the rest of the population, it is just as important. Between paying bills, buying groceries and gas, we never seem to have enough. To many college students, the idea of building credit is stressful and mysterious. What even is credit? How do you build credit? When do you start? “It’s very important to start building credit as early as possible,” said Jacob Lunduski, the director of community outreach at Credit Card Insider. “Your credit history has a big impact on your future. That is, as long as you are building your credit, not destroying it!” If you’re wondering how you can start building your credit now, you’ve come to the right place.

This is News You Can Use with a guide to credit cards. DO I NEED A CREDIT CARD? Many students are under the impression that avoiding credit cards at all costs is the best thing you can do to stay out of trouble. If you know you have bad spending habits this may be true, but the majority of students are losing valuable time that they could use building credit. Credit history is not only important for getting approved for credit cards, but also loans, and even phone plans. It also has an influence on renting an apartment, getting insurance, and even a job! “By building credit responsibly at a young age, you’ll also learn how your credit reports and scores work. This creates great financial habits, which builds the success for your financial

future,” said Lunduski. Credit cards also have other benefits to students that simply paying with cash doesn’t. This includes points toward other purchases, a percentage of cash back, or miles every time you use the credit card. Using a credit card to make purchases can also increase security of your purchases and provide services like extended warranties and insurance on traveling costs.

WHICH CARD SHOULD I GET? The benefits of having and using a credit card are obvious, but deciding which one to apply for is more challenging. With what seems like millions of credit card options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which one is the best fit for you. Credit card companies actually offer student credit cards designed specifically to fit the lifestyle of most students. Most student cards are designed for individuals with little to no established credit, and have no annual fees, so they’re free to own. Credit Card Insider recommends credit cards like Discover It, Bank of America Cash Rewards™ for Students Card, and Deserve Edu Mastercard. It’s best to choose a card with benefits that fit your specific lifestyle.

HOW DO I BUILD CREDIT? To understand what building credit means, you need to understand the credit score. A credit score is a number that indicates your risk as a borrower and the likelihood that you will pay your bills. Each time you pay a bill on time, whether it be for energy, your phone, or a credit card statement, your credit score will remain positive. Building your credit score means you are showing borrowers that you pay your bills off on time. The higher your score is, the higher confidence the borrower has in your ability to pay off your bills. Credit Card Insider stresses the importance of paying off your new

Design by Nicole Skarlatos

credit card balance in full each month by the due date. It is also important to consider a credit card purchase as the same as being made with money that you have in your possession right now. It is very easy to spend more than you can pay off, which leads to debt and high interest costs.

RESOURCES Credit Card Insider is a great online source of thorough information about responsibly using credit cards. Along

Joining the sagebrush Joining theis just sagebrush is just one click away. one You knowclick you wantaway. to. You know you want to.

with in-depth reviews of cards, they explain how you can make the most out of each card, and even have a chat feature to answer any question or help direct you in the right direction. The University of Nevada, Reno, also has a great resource for students called Nevada Money Mentors. The program, sponsored by Greater Nevada Credit Union, hosts workshops, presentations and in-class sessions to help students gain financial knowledge and resources. The NV Money Mentors

even offer one-on-one advising to help students make personalized budgets, answer questions, and guide them through the process of building credit. “It’s a fast transition through college and into the real world, which I can attest to,” said Lunduski. “Having this knowledge as early as possible can be a great asset.” Emily Fisher can be reached at efisher@sagebrush.unr and on Twitter @NevadaSagebrush.



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The Regrettes to perform in Reno By Joey Thyne


UNR DRAG RACE DATE: Wednesday TIME: 7 p.m. LOCATION: Glick Ballrooms INFO: Come watch UNR’s fiercest queens battle for the crown. Trixie Mattel hosts. This event is free to students, but students have to pick up a ticket from the front desk of the ASUN with a WolfCard. Then students have to present their ticket and their WolfCardfor admission into the Drag Show. Bureaucracy at its finest ladies and gentlemen. Viva la revolution!

THE DISASTER ARITST DATE: Thursday TIME: 6 p.m. LOCATION: JCSU Theatre INFO: James Franco (and

his little brother for some reason) star in this movie retelling the making of “The Room,” famously the worst movie ever made. You can take your really funny friend who always does his really funny impression of Tommy Wiseau. “Oh haiii mark.” Remember that? Remember when he said that? Wild. This event is FREE to students.


INFO: Get back at your problematic roommate who wears a sombrero and shoots off fake guns on Cinco de Mayo by wearing a green hat, a red beard, carrying a pot of gold, acting like an alcoholic, eating only raw potatoes and having an irresponsible amount of children for the Leprechaun Crawl! And no, someone’s lack of green clothing is not an excuse to touch strangers, Jason. Cups cost $5.

BOYZ II MEN DATE: Saturday TIME: 8 p.m. LOCATION: Grand Sierra

Resort INFO: I’ll make love to you!

If you want me to! Nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like a Boyz II Men concert. Watch out: a bunch of middle aged couples are totally gonna bang after this. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $74. Just a head’s up: If you haven’t seen Boyz I Men yet, you might be a little lost.


Legacy INFO: It’s your thing,

do what you wanna do! I can’t tell you, who to sock it to! Reno is great at nabbing artists 50 years after their prime. These dudes still got it though. Tickets cost $55. You might be torn whether to go to Boyz II Men or the Isley Brothers. You could always do what I do: never leave the house. Joey Thyne can be reached and on Twitter @joey_thyne

If you are hanging around Reno for spring break, bummed out as you look at your friends’ Instagram posts from Cabo and Panama City Beach, go out and see an awesome show. The Regrettes play at the Holland Project on March 18. The Regrettes turned the punk world on its head last year with their debut “Feel Your Feelings Fool!” The album featured killer riffs and motown pop sensibilities, garnering millions of streams on Spotify. The band also released an EP this year entitled “Attention Seeker,” featuring hit single “Come Through.” I was able to speak with frontwoman Lydia Night before they headed out on their west coast tour.

WHAT SORT OF PREPARATION GOES INTO STARTING A TOUR? This one is really easy because it’s just a 10 or 11 day west coast tour. I’m bad; I don’t really prepare at all ... Before, when I was in school — I just graduated high school — I had to plan with my teachers exactly what I had to bring with me and how much work I needed to get done on the road. But now it’s a lot easier.


DO YOU HAVE ANY PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS ABOUT IT? No, I honestly know nothing about Reno. Do you have any suggestions of places to go or things to avoid?

DO YOU LIKE TO GAMBLE? I don’t. I can’t. I’m too young.

HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT PLAYING AT COACHELLA THIS YEAR? I’m very, very excited. I think it’s cool because a lot of these festivals lack female artists or bands. So, I’m excited to be one of these people apart of a female-fronted band that can start changing that.

IS THERE ANYONE YOU’RE PARTICULARLY EXCITED TO SEE THIS YEAR? I’m very excited for Beyonce and Cardi B. I love both of them. I think they’re fucking badass. Also SZA, I love SZA. I’m really excited for Angel Olsen and St. Vincent. I love them. I’m also excited for Portugal. The Man. They’re really good live.

CAN YOU RAP ANY CARDI B? Yeah, but not now (laughs). In the privacy of my shower.


Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Music.

Lydia Night of the Regrettes engages fans in a live performance. The Regrettes perform at the Holland Project on March 18.

WRITING AND RECORDING OF YOUR NEW EP ATTENTION SEEKER? “Red Light” was the song that was first written. That just kind of happened naturally in a rehearsal one day with the full band. We were messing around with this guitar riff. Then a couple months later, I was in the studio hanging out with Mike our producer and I was ranting about this guy and he came up with this riff and we wrote a song and it turned into “Come Through.” And it’s funny because they’re actually about the same person, but two very different times.

SO IF YOU’RE DATING SOMEONE AND YOU WRITE A SONG ABOUT THEM, ARE THEY FLATTERED? UPSET? I usually make it pretty hard to tell. I’m not trying to make it too obvious, because I don’t want to put someone on blast like that. Unless I do want to put someone on blast and I will make it a little obvious. I’m not the type of person who writes a song and is

like “Hey I wrote this about you.” I think that’s a little weird. So I just write and put it out, and sometimes people figure out what’s it about and sometimes they don’t.

DOES BEING IN A POPULAR BAND WHICH TOURS HAVE A STRAIN ON YOUR RELATIONSHIPS? Yeah it does for sure. It’s hard in all kinds of relationships. It’s hard with friendships because a huge part of being someone’s close friend is being there for them and when you’re physically not there half your year, it’s hard to do that. I’ve gotten a lot better about balancing out that stuff. My friends have gotten used to it. With dating, it’s really hard. I’m kind of in a place where I’m not wanting to date at all for a long time because it’s really hard finding a balance with someone who isn’t too clingy and can’t handle me being independent and being gone a lot. But then also you don’t want someone who doesn’t care at all about that. So it’s tricky finding a balance.

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT THE SONG A TEENAGER IN LOVE? “A Teenager in Love” is a classic Dion & the Belmonts song. It’s a song I actually used to cover back when I had a band when I was like seven. I love that song. It’s the song I never get sick of, which is rare for me. I get sick of music pretty fast. It’s just a timeless song. It felt kind of fitting, because I’m a teenager and it made sense to me.

WHAT’S THE LAST SONG YOU GOT OBSESSED WITH? Probably “The Way I Feel Inside” by the Zombies. Now I’ve gotten better at it and I’ve learned to pace myself. This band Calpurnia released their first single and it’s actually so good and it’s called “City Boy.”

Beat, they’re really good. And the Jam.

WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO RELEASE ACOUSTIC VERSIONS OF HEY NOW AND A LIVING HUMAN GIRL? I just always enjoy when a band puts out an acoustic version of a single ... It’s a totally different mood and it really accentuates a lot of things you don’t hear in the regular recording. So I thought it would be nice to give that to our fans and listeners.

WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FORWARD TO? Just continuing to tour in new places and also visit places that we’ve been touring in and watch the audiences grow and meet more people. And just experience new things.

WHAT ELSE HAVE YOU Tickets for the show cost $8.50. BEEN LISTENING TO LATELY? Mt. Eddy and Basha will open. I’ve been listening to a lot of Exploding Hearts. I’ve actually been going back and listening to a shit ton of Fleetwood Mac. A lot Blondie. A lot of this band the

Doors open at 7 p.m. Joey Thyne can be reached at and on Twitter @joey_thyne.

hulu’s ‘looming tower’ sheds new light on 9/11 By Will Keys The story of September 11 is one that has been seared into the collective American unconscious through a number of mediums: our own memory (if you’re of a certain age), the raw news footage of the planes disappearing into the towers, countless movies and documentaries that recount the horror and even living monuments like the Freedom Tower, which stands where the World Trade Center once did. And yet, while we’re almost all familiar with the sequence of events and how they unfolded on that one day over 16 years ago, the prologue to 9/11 has remained largely unexplored within the mainstream. Hulu’s new ten-episode miniseries “The Looming Tower”, adapted from Lawrence Wright’s book of the same name, seeks to shine a light on the several-years-long game of cat and mouse between United States intelligence and al-Qaeda, which culminated in America’s new Day of Infamy. More immediate than the

battle of wits between Osama bin Laden and the U.S. government is the domestic conflict between the CIA and the FBI. Jeff Daniels plays John O’Neill, the Bureau’s Special Agent in Charge of counter-terrorism, whose main adversary is Peter Sarsgaard’s Martin Schmidt, who serves as a composite for a number of CIA higher-ups. The character of O’Neill highlights the human side of intelligence — he drinks, has mistresses, and is engulfed in a crisis of faith. These flaws, however, are what make him ultimately wiser than his CIA counterpart. Schmidt, who Sarsgaard gives a smug sense of erudition and arrogance, provides a triggerhappy antithesis to O’Neill’s cautious approach. Whereas Schmidt will have eyes on bin Laden and seek immediate authorization to take him out, O’Neill warns of the effects martyrdom will have on alQaeda recruitment. The series’ first four episodes primarily chronicle bin Laden’s 1998 fatwa against the United States, bin Laden’s interview with John Miller on ABC and

the subsequent bombing of the U.S. embassy in Kenya the same year. It unfolds a gradual history that with each passing episode helps you to understand (from a distance) the psychology and motivation behind the most heinous attack in recent American history. One of the series’ greatest achievements is that it’s able to draw a distinction between Islam and the militant fundamentalism that spread like wildfire following the 1979 Revolution in Iran, the SovietAfghan War and the Gulf War. O’Neill’s right-hand man is a young, Lebanese-born agent named Ali Soufan, played by Tahar Rahim. It’s no easy task to walk that tightrope, but “The Looming Tower” pulls it off by juxtaposing al-Qaeda’s extremism with Soufan’s disgust for the twisted ideology of those he’s trying to apprehend, at one point telling an al-Qaeda agent in London to “shut the fuck up” in Arabic after hearing the agent mutter something in his native language. Just as importantly, the show is not afraid to portray U.S.

intelligence, particularly the CIA, in a negative light. The CIA has long been sensitive to their depiction in films like “Zero Dark Thirty”, which highlighted some of their ruthless interrogation tactics, and “The Looming Tower” certainly doesn’t take it easy on them. In some ways, it’s painted as opportunist, using the Monica Lewinski scandal as cover for the bombing of an al-Qaeda training camp that included plenty of collateral damage. It’s a harsh, but fair look at counter-terrorism in the modern age. Unlike the way most streaming services release new programs, Hulu has been releasing one episode of “The Looming Tower” per week, making each new installment available to watch every Wednesday at 9 p.m. It’s a bit frustrating since we’ve been conditioned toward instant TV gratification in the Netflix age, but it’s almost refreshing to step back after every new episode, reflect on what you saw, and wonder what happens next. Let “The Looming Tower” fill you in on

some crucial details surrounding 9/11 that every American should familiarize themselves with. Will Keys can be reached at on Twitter @ willkeys6

TV Review ‘LOOMING TOWER’ Release Date: Feb. 28 Genre: Drama


A&E | A5

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Lil Boat 2 Lil Yachty Rap


Lil Yachty grows up for the worse on ‘Lil Boat 2’ SPRING 2018


3/8 3/25







When I saw Lil’ Yachty during the 2016 XXL Freshmen Cypher, I watched this suburban 18-year-old goofball with bright red braids stumble through his practiced freestyle, and I thought for the first time: maybe Donald Trump can win the election. Things had gotten too strange. A big reaction loomed on the horizon. The first “Lil Boat,” (or the unexpected virtue of naivete) a project made by some kids in a garage, succeeded because it sounded like a project made by some kids in a garage. It had a raw, fearless quality. His pal TheGoodPerry (formerly Burberry Perry) produced most of the tracks. The trappy-go-lucky sound on songs like “Minnesota” and “Wanna Be Us” had a wonderful surrealist quality. It seemed like overnight Yachty became the most polarizing figure in rap. Older hip-hop purists saw him as the leader of the new era of SoundCloud mumble rap. Charlamagne on the Breakfast Club called him the “poster boy for wack rappers.” Hot 97’s Ebro said “Another high school ass rapper is offended”...“Get your bars up. I ain’t here to be your friend.” Joe Budden on Everyday Struggle called him too happy. Then things got stranger. He got a Sprite sponsorship. He signed to Quality Control and everything fell apart.

Yes-men surrounded him. It was like “The Emperor’s New Clothes:” no one cared to tell him the music wasn’t very good or that you don’t blow on a cello. On “Teenage Emotions,” he shilled to pop sonics. The album spanned 21 songs and was practically unlistenable. “Lil Boat 2” returns to a more low-fi sound. The drums are muffled and the bass is distorted. The beats are dry and minimalistic. Yachty drops the autotune in favor of a more monotone cadence. Say what you want about autotune, but it allows artists to deliver more experimental vocals. I don’t know who the intended audience for this project is. He doesn’t have the aesthetics or bars for hardcore underground trap fans, and the dark, nihilistic sound will probably turn off his wide-eyed teen fans. “SELF MADE,” “she ready,” “love me forever” and “66” are melodic and colorful, but they are also few and far between. The features on the album include K$upreme, Jban$2turnt and YoungBoy Never Broke Again. Yes, those are real. 2 Chainz, who shows up on “OOPS,” has been killing it ever since “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music,” one of the most underrated projects of last year. His Quality Control cohorts Offset and Quavo make appearances. Offset resolidifies himself as the best Migo with stupendous

features on “MICKEY” and “BABY DADDY.” Alternatively, it sounds like someone invented a computer software which generates Quavo features. I suppose the man can’t be everywhere all the time. I wonder if Ugly God will ever make anything interesting or if he will remain in meme purgatory forever. I hope he does, but there isn’t much evidence to support it. What follows is a collection of the most cringe-worthy lyrics about sex on “Lil Boat 2”: On “GET MONEY BROS” Yachty raps “That pussy pretty but I still gotta sniff it.” On “DAS CAP,” he raps “Shorty blow dick like Newport.” On “POP OUT” he raps “Hairy pussy give me allergies.” On “FWM” he raps “Make her suck dick till her lip get a blister.” On “COUNT ME IN” he raps “She eat nut like a burger.” Yachty no longer seems so optimistic. Maybe fame has made him jaded. Maybe all these critics have bled him of his innocence. On “Lil Boat 2” he sounds pissed, trying to prove to the “haters” that he’s a serious artist. He forgets that his light-hearted sensibility is the reason people liked him in the first place. Without the personality and the fun to distract the listener, it begs the question: Can Lil Yachty even rap? Joey Thyne can be reached at and on Twitter @joey_thyne.





















CARGO (21+)



CARGO (18+)

TOUR 5/12


CARGO (18+)








By Joey Thyne




Starring: Trixie MAttel Wednesday, March 14, 2018 Glick Ballrooms, the Joe 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


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Why you should take the time to vote in the ASUN election


here's no getting around it: student government just isn't that interesting. Now, this isn't the fault of student government, as all governments are inherently uninteresting to most people most of the time (with some exceptions, see: the 2016 presidential election). However, just like the local, state and federal government, the Associated Students of the University of Nevada has the power to change the way you live your life (or at least the quality of your time here at the University of Nevada, Reno). So we're going to tell why you should take the time to log into canvas and vote for your ASUN representatives (voting opens this Wednesday, 8 a.m. and runs until Thursday, 5 p.m.). 1. Whether you know it or not, you're funding ASUN Bundled into your tuition and fees is a $5 per credit hour fee for

ASUN. It means a student enrolled in 15 credits per semester is paying $150 per year, and somewhere around $600 over the course of their enrollment at UNR to the Associated Students. Add that up and you get a yearly budget north of $2.9 million. That money goes to all sorts of things, from the stipends that pay your representatives to the regular concerts and events that take place over the course of the year. It funds the clubs you're a part of, and — barring The Sagebrush, which does not receive direct funding from ASUN — the publications you read. And the people in control of all this money are the senators and executive officers you will elect later this week. Indeed, it's the president's job to submit a budget to the senate's Budget and Finance Committee, who in turn pass it on to the senate writ large for final approval. It's a process that involves just a few dozen people, but in many ways, it

impacts every single undergraduate on this campus. 2. ASUN officials represent your interests out in the world Elected representatives are the faces of the student body in the community, and they make policies based on students’ best interests. In the past they’ve passed legislation supporting a tobacco free campus. They agreed to raise student fees for a new gym. They’ve raised the wages of professional staff. Campus groups go to ASUN for an idea about students’ interests. If you want a representative that reflects your interests, you have to vote for that individual. Senators and the executive board members go to Carson City during the state legislative session when a student-related issue has a hearing. Next year the Nevada State Assembly and Senate will convene. The ASUN representatives elected this week will be our representatives for those bodies.

3. ASUN provides some important services Ever used Campus Escort? Ever needed a lawyer to help with your MIC charge? Ever needed a six foot sub or sick speakers for a club event? ASUN provides these services to students (and students pay for them). Get your money’s worth, and make sure your investment is handled by the best possible people. 4. Voting isn't hard All you have to do is log in to Canvas (or WebCampus or whatever we're calling it these days) and check a few boxes. It would take longer to make that bowl of instant ramen than it would to sign in and vote. So tell Siri to make a reminder or make an event in Google Calendar: it's time to vote. The editorial board can be reached at and on Twitter @NevadaSagebrush.

Trump is using video games as a scapegoat in gun debate

Photo via Public Domain

An Xbox One controller rests atop an Xbox One console. President Donald Trump, in the wake of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, has taken to scapegoating violent video games as a causal factor in mass shootings.


nstead of going after real guns, President Trump is going after fake ones. Last Week, Trump hosted video game company CEOs and representatives for a round-table discussion about possible links between violence in video games and violence in real life. This is a debate that has cropped up often in the past. In the wake of the school massacre Ryan at Marjory Suppe Stoneman Soup of the Douglas Day High School where 17 people were killed, Trump reignited the issue, saying “We have to look at the internet because a lot of bad things are happening to young kids and young minds and their minds are being formed. And also video games. I'm hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is really shaping young people's thoughts." One can begin with the simple question: Are video games violent? And the answer is ab-


solutely a yes. There is no doubt that they are violent. And not just violent but graphic, brutal and amazingly realistic. One of the most popular online games, Call of Duty, involves competing as a military man with a full arsenal of realistic weapons as you attempt to kill your opponents. The killing involves automatic weapons, grenades and knives, and your targets are computer generated human beings. Other games are even more violent, like Gears of War, a game in which your character has a chainsaw attached to his gun that he uses to slice his reptilian foes in half. However, the enemies that you brutally murder in that game are more alien/ monster than human. Probably the toughest game to grapple with, especially with regard to its blatant violence, is Grand Theft Auto. This is the game I had to hide from my parents when I was younger. Whenever I heard them coming up the stairs, I quickly changed the input on the TV back to the Disney Channel, and I kicked the game’s case under the couch. I didn’t want my parents to know I was playing a game that involved gang violence, cop-killing and drugs. The fifth and most recent

installment of GTA became one of the best-selling video games of all time with nearly 100 million copies sold worldwide. So, is it just violence that makes these games so popular or is it something else? I think the violence is certainly a factor. You don’t know how satisfying it is to chainsaw a computer-generated alien until you’ve tried it. But, there’s a lot more involved in the cathartic ritual of video games than just violence for the sake of violence. Online gamers play for a sense of personal achievement. Video games can be very difficult, and becoming a good player online (competing against everyone in the world with the same system and an internet connection) takes time and hard work. But games aren’t just about beating your friends and feeling good about yourself, either. The game allows you to play a role, whether that role involves the player making personal complex moral decisions with real time consequences like the Walking Dead games or the gamer simply completes the objectives that their character must fulfill. Video games are a vehicle for storytelling. Grand Theft Auto isn’t a game about rampaging and running over innocent civilians with your

car. It’s a structured narrative with deep and well-developed characters. The characters you manipulate do bad things, but they live in a fictional world where everyone is bad. The narrative is a black comedy. It’s a satirical portrayal of modern American life where everyone’s crimes are magnified from corrupt government institutions to self-indulgent reality television stars to lazy kids who play video games all day. The game’s characters — whose strings the gamer pulls — are sometimes vile and difficult to watch, but we root for them the same way we root for Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm. He’s a total jerk, but we love the hilarious situations he gets himself into. We root for him because he’s entertaining, not because we want to be like him. Violent video games are no worse than Tom and Jerry. At least the characters in the games have some sort of motivation. Tom and Jerry fight each other for no reason. Games that are over-the-top violent (which Grand Theft Auto is) should not be played by children. That’s why games are rated, and kids under 17 can’t buy them without a parent. Adults understand it’s a game, where children might not.

Research says games don’t make people commit crimes. Bank robbers don’t warm up on Grand Theft Auto before robbing a real bank. The United States Marines don’t practice shooting their rifles with Call of Duty. After the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, NRA leader Wayne LaPierre said, "Guns don't kill people. Video games, the media and Obama's budget kill people." The NRA is notorious for deflecting gun violence blame from guns themselves to media portrayals of guns. A new NRA campaign attacks the media and “Hollywood phonies,” telling them “time is running out” on their “abuses of power.” Trump’s decision to reignite the video game debate is probably a conscious perpetuation of this idea. Whatever his motives, the fact is he’s using fictionalized games as a scapegoat for dealing with the real issues.

Opinions expressed in The Nevada Sagebrush are solely those of the author and do not necessarily express the views of The Sagebrush or of its staff. Ryan Suppe studies journalism and philosophy. He can be reached at and on Twitter @salsuppe


ear Editor, I believe that most of us Americans have been victims of bullying and/or some form of abuse at some time in our lives. As a former counselor and therapist, I worked with and tried to help many victims of everyday bullying, as well as various other forms of abuse. I found that the biggest problem, issue, and challenge that they dealt with was that they did not stand up to their bullies and abusers. The best question that I have ever heard a counselor or therapist ask their clients relative to this was the following: "What parts of yourself don't you love that allows you to let this bully or abuser to continue to mistreat and abuse you?" This question prompted many people to finally make some serious changes in their lives and to walk away from and leave their abusers. Sincerely, Stewart B. Epstein Rochester, New York

“FAKE NEWS” IN REVIEW By Ryan Suppe and Joey Thyne

LOCAL LOCAL BEER PONG GAME GOES INTO DAY THREE OF COMPETITION A beer pong game at the Highlands is heading into its third day of competition as neither team can make the final cup. Undeclared junior Steven Haines just wanted to throw “a chill kickback” with some “bros and a couple baddies” Saturday night. What seemed at first like an innocuous game of beer pong quickly spiralled out of control as after hours, then days, a winner has yet to be crowned. Both teams are foregoing sleep and class out of sheer spite. Beer was replaced with Four Lokos so players could stay awake. The game has seen many close calls. An end seemed in sight when Haines sank the last cup. Unfortunately, his opponent Nick Coltrane hit the redemption shot. Then another winning shot was called back as an instant replay showed that Jessica Fryman’s elbow was over the line. A nearly guaranteed victory was blown out by Nicole Dion, as the ball spun around the inside of the red solo cup. “I didn’t really want to play in the first place,” Fryman said. “But now I have to win.” “Fake News” field reporter Kenneth Lowe was on the scene at the Highlands. Lowe called “next game” before the historic three day game began. While live tweeting the event he admitted he wasn’t sure why he was still there but thought it had something to do with “an insane dab that also made history that day.” Lowe is scheduled to participate in a mandatory drug screening by the “Fake News” editorial staff. If you see him, please let us know. Anyway, Brianna McClatchey is providing coverage of the game through her Snapchat story. During a vomiting break on the afternoon of competition day two, McClatchey talked to competitors about how they were feeling. “F--- this, I don’t even give a f--- anymore,” said Coltrane, who hopes his roommates have been feeding his cat the last couple days. “I just want to go home, but I can’t walk

“I didn't really want to play in the first place. But now I have to win.” -Jessica Fryman Beer pong player

away from a game like this.” A Twitter photo posted by @KennethLowe with the caption “These dudes brought a cat to a party. It’s so high I bet it could fly #dabnation” revealed that Coltrane’s roommates were still at the party on the morning of match day three. “I’ve already missed two midterms,” Dion said. “I’m not gonna lose to Nick, though. He’s such a bitch. Did you see he pushed Kenneth to the ground when he went for a rebound? By the way, have you seen that Kenneth guy? I heard someone say he was climbing to the roof.” The police have reportedly been called by neighbors, attempting to get the party shut down, since Sunday, but cops haven’t responded to calls at the Highlands since a game of flip cup turned into rioting in 2007. Ryan Suppe and Joey Thyne study astrology. They can be reached at and on Twitter @salsuppe and @Joey_Thyne.

Editor’s Note “Fake news” is not real news and should not be interpreted as such. Interested in real news? Check out the news section. Resemblance of any names to real persons is unintentional.



March Madness SOUTH REGION (1)Virginia VS (16) UMBC (8) Creighton VS (9) Kansas St.


@SagebrushSports |

Wolf Pack men’s basketball still hopeful despite thrashing

(5) Kentucky VS (12) Davidson (4) Arizona VS (13) Buffalo (6) Miami VS (11) Loyola Chicago (3) Tennessee VS (14) Wright State (7) Nevada VS (10) Texas (2) Cincinnati VS (15) Georgia St.

EAST REGION (1) Villanova VS LIUB/ RAD (8)Virginia Tech VS (9) Alabama State (4) Wichita State VS (13) Marshall

(6) Florida VS SBU/ UCLA (3) Texas Tech VS (14) SFA (7) Arkansas VS (10) Butler (2) Purdue VS (15) CSU Fullerton

WEST REGION (1) Xavier VS NCC/TSU (8) Missouri VS (9) Florida State (5) Ohio State VS (12) South Dakota St. (4) Gonzaga VS (13) UNCG (6) Houston VS San Diego State (3) Michigan VS (14) Montana (7) Texas A&M VS (10) Providence (2) North Carolina VS (15) Lipscomb

MIDWEST REGION (1) Kansas VS (16) Penn (8) Seton Hall VS (9) NC State (5) Clemson VS (12) New Mexico St. (4) Auburn VS (13) Charleston (6) TCU VS ASU/ SYR (3) Michigan St. VS (14) Bucknell (7) Rhode Island VS (10) Oklahoma (2) Duke VS (15) Iona Brandon Cruz can be reached at bcruz@sagebrush.unr and on Twitter @SagebrushSports.

Andrea Wilkinson/Nevada Sagebrush

Josh Hall fends off Shakur Juiston in the game against UNLV on Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2018 at the Lawlor Events Center. The Wolf Pack will take on Texas on Friday in the Round of 64 of the NCAA Tournament.

By Darion Strugs Last week, the Mountain West Tournament took place in Las Vegas, and both men’s and women’s basketball would look to cement an entrance into the coming NCAA tourney. Of the two, the men of Nevada Basketball had a shorter trip. As the top seed, the Wolf Pack earned a first-round bye and would wait to play the winner of UNLV vs. Air Force. The Rebels won and just like the women — who would eventually make it to the championship game before falling — the two teams would have a third and final game

as a tiebreaker for the season series. Nevada struggled in the first half. The Martin twins had trouble finding the bottom of the net going a combined 3 of 13 from the field. Both Jordan Caroline and Kendall Stephens went 2 of 8 shooting in the first half. The Pack countered their bad shooting with active defense as the Rebels only had an eightpoint lead going into the half. The second half went as planned as Nevada’s shooting improved immensely and Nevada frustrated UNLV’s top guards, Jordan Johnson and Jovan Mooring, as both entered foul trouble throughout

the second half. Nevada won 79-74 and awaited the winner of San Diego State vs. Fresno State. On just over 24 hours of rest, the seven-man Nevada rotation was set to play the Aztecs of San Diego State, a team that had won their last seven games. Early on it was clear it was not going to be Nevada’s game as San Diego State literally could not miss. The Aztecs made their first seven two-point field goal attempts. With a 30-point lead at halftime, Nevada eventually cut the lead to within 20 points, but only with high, unnecessary minutes from Jordan Caroline and Caleb

Martin. The 17-point loss was Nevada’s largest, as the Wolf Pack was nearly outscored by more than every other loss combined (26 points across six games). The loss did not hurt Nevada’s NCAA tournament hopes, however, as Nevada was projected by multiple media outlets as a number seven seed in the tournament as an at-large team. On Sunday, those projections were confirmed when it was announced that Nevada would play Texas in the NCAA Tournament in the Round of 64. That game is Friday, March 16, in Nashville, Tennessee. The Wolf Pack will have a

tough matchup ahead against the Longhorns who play a completely different type of game. Texas relies heavily on its two big men, Mo Bamba and Dylan Osetkowski. They have a play style that is similar to the style of San Diego State, who also has two big men in Malik Pope and Kameron Rooks. Nevada will have to rebound as a group to have a hope of winning and play the type of defense it played all season to advance to the next round. Brandon Cruz can be reached at bcruz@sagebrush.unr and on Twitter @SagebrushSports.

Women’s basketball shocks Mountain West, falls short in championship By Anisha Chedi Nevada Women’s Basketball came into the 2017-18 season with motivation and grit, stacked with experienced veteran players and promising rookies. Led by senior T Moe, the women put up a dominating 11-5 home record. With a 14-11 regular season record, they went into the Mountain West Tournament as the seventh seed. In a thrilling opening round of the Mountain West Tournament, Nevada Women’s Basketball overcame a deficit in the fourth quarter against 10th seeded San Diego State Aztecs. In the fourth quarter, Wolf Pack veteran T Moe hit a collegiate milestone becoming only the 13th player in program history to surpass 1,000 points. With the game heating up, this didn’t slow Moe down. She knocked down a careerhigh 29 points, draining 7-15 from the field and 3-5 from downtown. Moe had help from the rest of the Pack, with four

other players shooting in the double digits. Teige Zeller had 17, AJ Cephas had 12, and Jade Redmon and Camariah King both had 10. The game went into OT where Nevada pulled away from the Aztecs, outscoring their opponent 17-6. The final score was 95-84 to move onto the next round against a long-time instate rival. Nevada took on the 2nd seeded UNLV Rebels in the quarterfinals of the tournament. If you thought opening round OT was exciting, no one was prepared for this double OT contest on March 6. Nevada grinded in regulation to tie the Rebels in the fouth quarter. Nevada put up 21 points in the fourth to send the game to OT, shooting at a phenomenal 57.1 percent from the field. Both teams put seven on the scoreboard to continue into 2OT. After quick fouls by UNLV, Nevada was sent to the line making every free throw. To end the game, Terae Briggs shot two free throws with five seconds left. Nevada

accomplished a huge upset for the first time against UNLV. Nothing beats winning against UNLV twice in one season. The women moved on to the semifinals against a tough third seeded Wyoming team. Nevada put on a dominating performance, outscoring Wyoming in every quarter except the fourth quarter by a margin of two points. T Moe posted for 17, Teige Zeller for 16, and Camariah King for 11 to lead the team. As the final seconds of the clock winded down, Nevada’s bench went crazy. This win would be their fifth in a row. Nevada led the majority of the game to advance to the Mountain West Championship game for the first time in the history of the program. If you knock out the second and third seed, why not go for the first too? In the championship game against Boise on March 9, Nevada Fell 62-60 from a buzzerbeating layup. In the finish, Nevada women played strong and hard each minute until the last second. Star players

Zeller, R e d m o n and Moe all scored in the double digits. In the heartbreaking loss, Nevada will now wait to see if they qualify for the NCAA tournament in the next couple of days. Although Nevada women did not win the title, they played an incredible and tough season, becoming the first team to make an appearance at the Mountain West Championship game. Vets and rookies came together to play the best basketball since the 2013-14 team to finish the season with a 17-16 record with 11 wins at Lawlor Events Center. Anisha Chedi can be reached at bcruz@sagebrush.unr and on Twitter @SagebrushSports.

Andrea Wilkinson/Nevada Sagebrush

MorningRose Tobey surveys the defense in the Nevada Women’s Basketball game against the Connecticut Huskies on Tuesday, Nov. 28, 2017. The women’s basketball team fell short of an NCAA Tournament bid with a loss to Boise State.

Court Report


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90- 73


W 92-83

W 101-75

L 74-79

at Mountain West Tournament W 79-74

at Mountain West Tournament L 90-73

MOUNTAIN WEST STANDINGS Standings Conference Overall


SDSU 55 35 90 NEV 25 48 73 AP TOP 25

1. Virginia 2. Villanova 3. Xavier 4.Kansas 5. Michigan State

31-2 30-4 28-5 27-7 29-4

6. Cincinnati 7. Michigan 8. Gonzaga 9. Duke 10. North Carolina

30-4 28-7 30-4 26-7 25-10

11. Purdue 12.Arizona 13. Tennessee 14. Texas Tech 15. West Virginia

28-6 27-7 25-8 24-9 24-10

16. Wichita State 17. Ohio State 18. Kentucky 19. Auburn 20. Clemson

25-7 24-8 24-10 25-7 23-9

21. Houston 22. Miami 23. Florida 24. Nevada 25. Saint Mary’s

26-7 22-9 20-12 27-7 28-5


Boise State



New Mexico






Fresno State









Utah State



Air Force



Colorado State



San Jose State



NEVADA’S 2017-2018 SCHEDULE Opponent


Nov. 10


W, 88-64

Nov. 13

Rhode Island

W ,88-81

Nov. 15

at Santa Clara

W, 93-63

Nov. 18

at Pacific

W, 89-74

Nov. 21


W, 81-68

Nov. 24

at Hawaii

W, 67-54


The Nevada Wolf Pack advanced as far as the semifinals of the Mountain West Conference Tournament last week following a victory against UNLV and a wire-to-wire blowout loss against San Diego State. In the quarterfinal matchup against UNLV, the Rebels ended the first half with a 9-3 run off three-point field goals by Brandon McCoy, Jovan Mooring, and Tervell Beck to carry an eight-point lead into halftime. The Rebel lead ballooned to 12 after back-to-back scores to begin the second half. However, Nevada was able to rally behind consecutive three-point baskets by Kendall Stephens. He converted five total threes en route to 15 total points on the night. After his personal 6-0 run, the Wolf Pack offense was ignited and continued the 24-6 run to respond


NEVADA (27-7, 15-3 MWC) 10, forward, Caleb Martin Junior, 6-foot-7 19.4 ppg, 5.1 rpg 11, forward, Cody Martin Junior, 6-foot-7 13.6 ppg, 6.5 rpg 13, guard, Hallice Cooke Senior, 6-foot-3, 4.8 ppg, 2.1 rpg 24, guard, Jordan Caroline Junior, 6-foot-7 17.1 ppg , 8.9 rpg

Despite the loss, the Wolf Pack were still selected in last weekend’s Selection Sunday for the NCAA Tournament. The Wolf Pack will be a seven seed in the Big Dance. While the Wolf Pack lost its game against San Diego State, they were still slotted favorably in the South Regional Bracket. “We thought we were in but you never think until you get your name called,” Nevada head coach Eric Musselman said. On Friday, they will face their third Big-XII team of the season in the Texas Longhorns. The Longhorns will be led by their

21, guard, Kendall Stephens

Senior, 6-foot-7 13.6 ppg, 2 rpg

TEXAS (19-14, 8-10 Big 12) 4, forward, Mohamed Bamba Freshman, 6-foot-11 12.9 ppg, 10.4 rpg 21, forward,Dylan Osetkowski Junior, 6-foot-9 13.6 ppg, 7.1 rpg 12, guard, Kerwin Roach II Junior, 6-foot-4 11.9 ppg, 3.7 rpg 2, guard, Matt Coleman Freshman, 6-foot-2 9.7 ppg , 2.5 rpg

first-year head coach Shaka Smart who is most known for his role in bringing the Virginia Commonwealth University Rams into national prominence. “It’s just a little bit different than last year because when you win the automatic berth, you know and you’re just sitting there. Obviously, there’s a lot of quality teams that’s sitting in this tournament, tournament teams

1, guard, Andrew Jones

Senior, 6-foot-7 13.5 ppg, 2.4 rpg Javier Hernandez can be reached at bcruz@sagebrush.unr and on Twitter @SagebrushSports.



Nevada Basketball loses to San Diego State in MWC semifinal, to face Texas on Friday

Final 2





vs. CSU

after getting down. Nevada was able to ride its huge offensive spurt to rally against the Rebels and advance to the semifinals against the San Diego State Aztecs. However, the Aztecs, who were riding an eight-game winning streak heading into the matchup against the Wolf Pack, routed the Wolf Pack in the semifinals. The Aztecs ran the Wolf Pack out of the game as Jalen Mcdaniels, Malik Pope, and Devin Watson combined for 50 of the Aztecs’ 90 total points. The Aztecs shot an extremely efficient 51.9 percent from the field. It was an off night for the Wolf Pack as only Jordan Caroline, Caleb Martin and Hallice Cooke were able to eclipse double digits from the field. As a team, the Wolf Pack only shot 39.7 percent from the field.

Nov. 29 vs. Illinois State

W, 98-68

Dec. 2

at UC Irvine

W, 76-65

Dec. 5

Texas Tech

L, 76-82

Dec. 8

vs TCU

L, 80-84

Dec. 17


W, 77-62

Dec. 19

UC Davis

W, 88-73

Dec. 22 Southern Illinois Dec. 23

W, 86-64

San Fransisco

L, 64-66

Dec. 27 at Fresno State

W, 80-65

New Mexico

W, 77-74

Jan. 3


W, 92-83

Jan. 6

at Air Force

W, 83-57

Dec. 30

Jan. 17 at San Jose State

that have had unbelievable years, power conference teams,” Musselman said. “It’s really hard for a mid-major to get an at-large bid. I couldn’t be prouder of our team. The selection committee gave us a lot of respect as a seven seed and we’re excited.” The Longhorns play a quick pace in addition to their size on the interior, headlined by star freshman center Mo Bamba. Given the Wolf Pack’s relative success with defending big men by using their length and athleticism, it should be an interesting stylistic matchup. “I think that playing two teams in the conference is really unique and to now be playing a third team in what’s arguably the best conference in college basketball,” Musselman said. “They’ve got great size with Bamba inside and Roach can shoot the ball and is a really good athlete. Their transfer is their leading scorer and can really score the ball and is crafty. Shaka does a great job coaching them. It’ll be a big challenge for sure.”(San Diego).

W, 71-54

Jan. 20

Boise State

W, 74-68

Jan. 24

at Wyoming

L, 103-104

Feb. 3

at Colorado State

W, 76-67

Feb. 7


L, 78-86

Feb. 14

at Boise State

W, 77-72

Feb. 17

at Utah State

W, 93-87

Feb. 21

San Jose State

W, 80-67

Feb. 25

Colorado State

W, 92-83

Feb. 28


W, 101-75

Mar. 3 at San Diego State

L, 74-79


THIS WEEK’S GAMES Nevada (7) V.S. Texas (10) When: Friday , March 16 Where: Bridgestona Arena Nashville, TN.

If you take away the fact “ that I’m tone deaf and can’t

Javier Hernandez can be reached at bcruz@sagebrush. unr and on Twitter @SagebrushSports.

dance, I’m a better performer than Beyonce

Andrea Wilkinson/Nevada Sagebrush

Cody Martin slides past a UNLV player for a finger roll layup in Nevada’s 86-78 loss to UNLV at Lawlor Events Center on Feb. 7, 2018. Nevada will head to Nashville on Friday to play the Texas Longhorns.

- @DanyelleSargent (Tweet in response to Paul Weir’s comment regarding NV Basketball)




The Wolf Pack were slotted as a seven seed in the upcoming NCAA Tournament. They will be facing a very solid Texas Longhorns squad which features a fast-paced offense and a suffocating defense. Under head coach Shaka Smart, who has brought principles of the Havoc Defense to Texas, the Longhorns should present matchup problems in the interior. However, Nevada has fared well against big men throughout the season, most notably against UNLV’s five-star center Brandon McCoy. Look for Nevada’s length and athleticism to help them squeak past a talented Texas squad.

The Ohio State Buckeyes have been the surprise story out of the Big Ten Conference. With the firing of long-time head coach Thad Matta, most thought that this would be a rebuilding season. However, with the emergence of Keita BatesDiop, the Buckeyes have been able to be one of the better teams in the conference. On the other end, South Dakota State is an experienced team led by two star players in Mike Daum and David Jenkins Jr. If you’re looking for the annual 12 seed upset, this is the most likely one.

69-62 NEV

63-55 SDSU

SDSU vs HOU The San Diego State Aztecs were predicted to be one of the top teams in the Mountain West Conference in the preseason. However, they have had their struggles throughout the season. They have since caught lightning in a bottle as of late as they have won nine straight games, winning the Mountain West Conference Tournament. Trey Kell and Malik Pope are dynamic players that could present problems for the Cougars. Look for the Mountain West to have one of its teams make it to the second weekend. San Diego State could be that team.

65-52 SDSU

PUR vs CSF Purdue is my pick to win the whole NCAA Tournament. They have a star in Isaac Haas who is borderline unstoppable in the post whenever he gets into a groove. They are an excellent three-point shooting team and an extremely athletic defensive team. This should be a blowout in all facets of the game. While it may not be a hot take, my bold prediction is to ride the Boilermakers all the way to the championship. Look for Isaac Haas to assert himself early on and then find his shooters once CSF sends help defenders.

75-63 PUR

Issue 24 03/13/2018  
Issue 24 03/13/2018